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It’s Nice to Meet You.

If you don’t already bank at Piedmont Federal, you might not recognize us. Perhaps because we recently updated our branding.

Whether you’re an old friend or a new one, our commitment to serving this community is time-tested and unwavering. Now we’re just better dressed for the occasion.

Let’s look forward together.

With limited inventory remaining, don’t miss out on this chance to experience premium maintenance-free living. Enjoy exclusive amenities like our indoor swimming pool, dining venues, fitness center, salon/barber, library, and more. Located in the heart of Winston-Salem on a 46-acre wooded campus, residents of our Life Plan Community enjoy a world of opportunities. Act now and take advantage of this incredible value!

Apartment Homes at Brookridge Limited Availability. Secure your spot today! JOIN OUR ADVANTAGE CLUB! As a member, you receive priority placement and notification of when the residence of your choice is available. The $1,000 deposit is completely refundable. Once you move in the $1,000 is applied toward your entrance fee. As a member you also receive invitations to Brookridge’s community events and special programs. CALL US AT (336) 759 - 1044
Your Laurel One-Bedroom Apartment Home
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the publisher perspective

March is a BIG month in the Forsyth Woman world! First and foremost, March is Women’s History Month – the month where we celebrate all the incredible contributions women have made in our country’s history. As Laurel Thatcher Ulrich famously said, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” I think about this quote often, and it encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone and reminds me to have big dreams. You know what they say, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

On Monday, March 25th, we’ll be gathering at WinMock at Kinderton for our third annual Women on the Move Leadership Conference. This was a BIG dream of mine, and it feels surreal to see it come to life each year. For the third year in a row, the conference is sold out! If you missed out on a ticket this year, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter so you can be the first to know when tickets go on sale for our 2025 conference. Simply go to forsythwoman.com and type in your email address in the box that pops up. Stay tuned to the @forsythmags social media platforms to see photos and videos from this incredibly inspiring day!

Our Girls’ Night Out this month is an extra special one! But, before I dive into that, I want to shout out Robert Hall for throwing an incredible Galentine’s GNO event on February 13th. We had 100+ ladies in attendance, and it’s safe to say we all had a BLAST. Check out photos from the event on page 36

On Tuesday, March 5th, be sure to join us at Second Harvest Food Bank for our next Girls’ Night Out event! You know we love a good theme, and the crew at Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC has deemed the theme for this one “Celebrating the ‘herstory’ of the cocktail.” Learn more on page 37.

Other dates to note:

April 9th – Girls’ Night Out at Jeffrey Adams on Fourth

April 27th – LKN Magazine’s Boutique Crawl (learn more and purchase tickets at tinyurl.com/LKNMagBoutiqueCrawl24)

Additional highlights in this issue…

- To continue with our women’s history theme, Taryn put together an article on the history of Barbie. Check it out on page 16.

- The Forsyth Mags Foodie Review team headed to Sage & Salt Bistro this month! They let me tag along and let me tell you, the tuna tower was nothing short of a masterpiece. The atmosphere at this place is incredible. I already can’t wait for dinners on their beautiful porch this summer! Read the full review on page 35.

- Our cover this month features Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging. While mammograms may be the first important screening that comes to mind, it’s certainly not the only one women should be getting! Learn more beginning on page 48.

- Our Women on the Move column this month features all the incoming board members of LEAD Girls of NC. This non-profit is near and dear to my heart. If you aren’t familiar (and even if you are!) head to page 60 to learn more about this phenomenal organization.

- On page 72, we’re featuring the 2024 #EmpowerHer Champions! This is a fundraising campaign for Dress for Success. While you may think of Dress for Success as “only” a clothing closet – it is SO much more! This organization believes in empowering women to improve their lives and move toward economic independence. I can’t think of a better mission.

From our team to you, we genuinely hope you enjoy reading through this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Our tagline is “celebrating the lives of women,” and we strive for every issue to do just that.

Wishing you a month filled with health and happiness!

All my best,

Brooke Eagle, @brooke__eagle Publisher

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Core values are those things that are most important to you in the way you live and work. They should determine your priorities and are likely the measure that you use to determine if your life is going well. When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, you probably feel satisfied and content. When these don’t align with your core values, things will often feel off or wrong.

Understanding what your core values are can result in making your life easier and better. You can make plans and decisions that honor them resulting in a better, more satisfying life. They will help you answer questions like:

• What job should I take?

• Should I start my own business?

• Should I have children?

• Should I relocate?

So, how do you know what your core values are? Take these steps to determine yours:

1. Write down the values that most resonate with you – Pick from the list below of common personal values and add any that are missing.

• Personal growth

• Religion/spirituality

• Achievement of goals/recognition/rewards

• Caring for others

• Integrity

• Good health

• Relationships

• Wealth

• Trust

• Wisdom

• Truth

• Tradition

• Open-mindedness

• Status

• Stability

• Sobriety

• Simplicity

• Safety – freedom from risk or danger

• Resourcefulness

• Dependability

• Success

• Influence over people, places, things

• Perfection

• Peace/Tranquility

• Loyalty

• Knowledge

• Generosity

• Independence

• Honesty

• Harmony

• Happiness

• Fun

• Freedom

• Financial well-being

• Family

• Respect

• Fairness

• Excellence – meeting high standards

• Effectiveness

• Discipline

• Decisiveness

• Creativity

• Courage

• Risk-taking

• Cooperation

• Competition

• Compassion

• Communication

• Commitment

• Learning

• Personal development

• Change

• Humility

• Beauty

• Service to others

• Authority

• Adventure

2. Note the values of people that you admire – Generally, when we admire a quality in someone else, it’s because it’s something we value ourselves. Write down five to seven people you admire who are role models or valued connections for you. Try to identify their values and add them to your list.

3. Consider your experiences – Think back to key moments in your life (good and difficult). Consider what these experiences reveal about your core values. For example, maybe a difficult experience has taught you that empathy is important to you.

4. Categorize your values – Now that you have created a master list of values, review it and try to group the values into categories. Perhaps you have written down compassion, service to others and generosity. These values are all related and could be put in one category. Then, choose a word that identifies the central theme.

5. Identify your top five core values – Rank your top values in order of importance. The number of core values can vary, but I generally recommend about five.

12 | ForsythWoman.com

Over the course of her 40+ year career, Marisa Faircloth, PA-C has developed a reputation as the best in the region. Let Marisa and her team of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Aestheticians restore the youthful appearance to your face, neck, jawline, or body without major surgery. Her team will know exactly what to do to bring out your inner glow and to restore your youthful appearance.

Call today for your complimentary consultation.

336.999.8295 RestorationMedSpa.com Winston-Salem | Greensboro
Marisa Faircloth, PA-C Physician Assistant Founder, Owner Ashley
Minton, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner
Empowered by Beauty
Anna Calhoun, PA-C Physician Assistant

Keeping It Real


Patience…it’s not my virtue. I’ve worked on it for years, and STILL, my tank runs dry in this department.

Given that reality, on this early morning, I’m just about to come out of my chair as I consider the ridiculously extravagant measure of patience God lavishes upon us, upon ME!

Come with me. I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version.

In the book of Numbers, God’s People have just taken the initial part of the Promised Land. Naturally, the occupying enemy could have obliterated them. But by God, they conquered when provoked!

This miracle should have fueled their faith to believe even more emphatically about conquering what stood before them. After all, they eye-witnessed God’s Provision and Protection for FORTY YEARS in a desert. IN A DESERT! He provided everything they needed when they needed it. (NOBODY survives that barren place without food and water, but God essentially sent DoorDash daily!)

How many times has God moved so emphatically in my life that nobody can take the credit but Him?

How many times has He provided for me and protected me through situations that should have taken me out?

When Edom (a quarreling cousin) refused to let the Israelites cross their domain on the way toward the Promised Land, Moses led God’s People through a more challenging route to avoid more war. (Almost always, we must go through some hard things to get where God has called us!)

“The people became irritable and cross as they traveled. They spoke out against God and Moses: “Why did you drag us out of Egypt to die in this godforsaken country? No decent food; no water – we can’t stomach this stuff any longer.” (Numbers 21:4-5 MSG)

Immediately, these folks start complaining THE SAME WAY they did 40 years ago! FOR REAL! It’s like they learned nothing! UNBELIEVABLE!

To assume the worst of God at this point was scandalous; SCANDALOUS, I TELL YOU! I got all riled up in my chair about these thankless, fickle folks…until I ever-so-gradually began seeing myself in them. What a dagger to my self-righteous soul. I have been them. Sometimes I still am them!

He’s steadily and surely kept me through so many barren seasons. In fact, God kept me so well that I actually emerged better than before! STILL, when I hit a really rough patch, selective amnesia overtakes me. I forget all the Lover of my soul has lavished upon me. I start rehearsing the unfairness of my plight and how God should be doing more…NOW! I revert to the person I was when I first began journeying with this Good Father, like I know no better. But, the problem is, I DO!

I DO know my God is good and always seeks my good. I know that whatever I need, whenever I need it, He’s good for it. He’s not holding out on me! He can be trusted with every ounce of my constitution both now and forever!

I don’t know what has you feeling like you’re standing out in the desert with nothing you need to make it, but I’ve come by to remind the deepest parts of you that God has not forgotten you. He has not left your side. He’s as close as the mention of His name. Whatever you need, He’s good for it!

We may have to wait a hot minute. But, the Lord is teaching me all over again today to be patient with the One who is so endlessly patient with me.

For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at PastorDebbie@HopeCommunityChurch.tv.

14 | ForsythWoman.com

The History

Pretty, Pink & Smashing the Patriarchy : of

When you hear “Barbie,” you might think of the iconic plastic doll from your youth, symbolizing beauty standards, both revered and questioned, or perhaps the recent movie that catapulted a real life Barbie into pop culture sensation overnight.


2023 brought us the Barbie movie ranking the largest opening weekend of a film in 2023 as well as coming in as the most successful global release in Warner Brothers history hauling in a whopping $1.4 billion worldwide. Additionally, it is the highestgrossing global opening for a female directed movie ever. From the novelty of girlhood nostalgia to the ever present theme of empowering womanhood, the world embraced the Barbie movie in record breaking ways.

You might be wondering what it is that makes the Barbie movie so special? How could one film inspired by a silly plastic doll from 1959 possibly capture this level of response across generations of cinema lovers?

The answer isn’t simple, but then again, neither is Barbie herself.


From her inception in 1959 to her “real life” debut as a living, breathing character on the big screen, Barbie brings something to the table that begs to be both admired and celebrated for its cultural impact on feminism.

Barbie has always been a reminder that we, as women, truly can do anything. Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has pursued more than 250 careers across various fields, ranging from fashion and web design to becoming an Olympic athlete and astronaut. Her impeccable sense of style effortlessly transitions from daytime chic to evening glamor, establishing her as a fashion icon capable of conquering any occasion. Additionally, Barbie exemplifies the importance of family, cherishing her relationships with her younger sister, Skipper, and her enduring connection with her onagain, off-again boyfriend, Ken.

Ruth Marianna Handler, an American businesswoman and inventor, revolutionized

the world of toys in 1959 but didn’t realize the impact her doll would make for generations. In her memoir, “Dream Doll: The Ruth Handler Story,” she wrote: “I named the doll Barbie after my daughter Barbara. I wanted to create a doll that would allow girls to dream of their futures as adult women.” While Barbie herself hasn’t become a mother, Barbie Director Greta Gerwig has shared with numerous sources that, “A Barbie movie is only ever going to be a mother-daughter movie on so many levels because it was Ruth Handler and Barbara – that was the relationship.”

The film has the ability to make you laugh, cry and question your immortality all within a single scene at some moments. I believe the dichotomy of the Barbie movie echoes the dichotomy of our lives as women; the mountaintop joys and emotions alongside the valleys of inequality and enoughness.


Learn some fun facts about the icon’s creation and journey and how her influential role has shaped modern society in ways that are much bigger than Barbie.

Mattel’s principal architect of the doll’s campaign, Ruth Handler, creates a revolutionary idea and design, giving the world “Barbie.”



British model and fashion icon, Twiggy, becomes the kickoff of Barbie’s celebrity dolls.

Barbie starts “going steady” with her plastic beau, Ken, named after Kenneth Handler, son of Barbie creator/ inventor Ruth Handler.



Barbie first premieres at the annual Toy Fair in New York! 300,000 Barbie dolls were sold in the first year!

The boardroom welcomes “CEO Barbie” and launches the “We Girls Can Do Anything” ad campaign, encouraging girls to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Barbie becomes an “antifeminist” role model and the Women’s Strike for Equality march in New York chants “I am not a Barbie doll.”




Mattel introduces their first black doll, Christie, arriving just as the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (making racial discrimination illegal).

The very first dreamhouse was offered complete with mid-century modern furniture and decor.


Time Magazine invites Barbie on the cover as the world meets Barbie’s new body types; curvy, petite and tall.

The first wheelchair user Barbie doll is added, “Becky,” adding disabled representation to the collection.





Barbie prepares for the presidency unveiling a President Barbie doll in an American-themed dress and a red suit.

Mattel produces its first black Barbie with a whole new wardrobe of choices, designed by Kitty Black Perkins.

The Barbie movie premieres, capturing audiences around the world and paving a new path for Barbie’s impact.




Mattel answers requests for more inclusivity by adding a range of Barbie dolls with prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, etc.

New York Fashion Week sees Barbie strut her stuff for her 50th birthday celebration showcasing iconic looks from years past.

We are so excited to finally announce Elizabeth Boles Blankenship, MMS, PA-C is now a part of the Alkali Beauty Lab's team! After graduating from Wake Forest University in 2004, Elizabeth earned her Master’s degree in medical science from Wake’s Physician Assistant program in 2006.

She brings with her more than 10 years of experience working in plastic & reconstructive surgery and aesthetics. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. Her must-have skincare product is Skin Medica's TNS. She will begin seeing patients for Botox, Juvederm, and RF Microneedling.

336.724.1453 407 West End Blvd, Winston-Salem studioalkali.com
Elizabeth Boles Blankenship, PA-C

The Winston-Salem Symphony

Filled with excitement and creative energy, the Winston-Salem Symphony promises a spring season to remember, and Music Director Michelle Merrill couldn’t be more proud.

“My first season as Music Director will conclude with an array of musical experiences ranging in genres that will surely capture our audience’s hearts,” said Michelle, who is also the symphony’s first female conductor.

“We will feature the timeless melodies of Fleetwood Mac, the majestic triumph of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy,’ enchanting Arabian tales woven together in Scheherazade on the same concert as the local premiere of a new work co-commissioned

by our orchestra and, finally, an evening featuring our multitalented local celebrity and 2019 Miss America, Nia Imani Franklin. This lineup promises to be a diverse mix of excitement and celebration with something for everyone, and we can’t wait for you to join us!” she adds.

All concerts will be held at Reynolds Auditorium, 301 N. Hawthorne Road, with the exception of the Beethoven concert in April, which will be held at Wait Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University. This extraordinary concert will commemorate the 200th anniversary of that work’s debut. In 1824, audiences experienced Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony for the first time, and the world of music was forever transformed.

18 | ForsythWoman.com


Saturday, April 6, 2024, at 7:30 p.m.

The Winston-Salem Symphony, guest vocalists and the fan-favorite Jeans ‘n Classics band come together to celebrate the supergroup’s decades of hits, including “Rhiannon,” “Say You Love Me,” “Little Lies,” “Landslide” and more.

BEETHOVEN’S NINTH – Classics Series

Saturday, April 13, 2024, at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 14, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.

Michelle Merrill, Conductor

Christopher Gilliam, Chorus Director

Winston-Salem Symphony Chorus

Ludwig van Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 3

Ludwig van Beethoven - “Mir ist so wunderbar” from Fidelio

Carlos Simon - Fate Now Conquers

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9

Join us in commemorating the 200th anniversary of this iconic masterpiece as the orchestra and chorus bring the glorious “Ode to Joy” to life. Immerse yourself in the transcendent beauty and message of unity in this immortal work as we explore why Beethoven’s music continues to resonate with music lovers worldwide.

Preceding this masterwork are two others by Beethoven, both with roots in his opera Fidelio – plus a recent work by composer Carlos Simon that uses the beloved Allegretto of Beethoven’s seventh symphony as a canvas.

SCHEHERAZADE – Classics Series

Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, May 5, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.

Joseph Bologne - L’amant anonyme

Matthew Aucoin - Eurydice Suite

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade

Prepare to be transported to enchanting realms of romance and legend in this captivating finale to the 2023-24 Classics Series. The journey begins with the Chevalier’s evocative melodies from L’amant anonyme (The Anonymous Lover), the only surviving opera by Joseph Bologne. You are then invited to take a tragic tour of the underworld in Matthew Aucoin’s Eurydice Suite, born of his surreal and heartbreaking opera, and the concert reaches its magical conclusion with Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade. Immerse yourself in the sensory pleasure of the orchestra’s sound, and let the imaginative melodies take you away as they animate the tales from The One Thousand and One Nights. Matthew Aucoin’s Eurydice Suite was co-commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Winston-Salem Symphony and the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra.


Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 7:30 p.m.

Following a wildly popular Symphony Unbound concert for which she was curator, conductor, featured composer and vocalist, Nia Imani Franklin makes her subscription series debut in a program that includes favorites from the Great American Songbook and highlights two of her passions – gospel and rhythm & blues. Winston-Salem’s own – and Miss America 2019 – Nia Imani Franklin is a thrilling performer and one you won’t want to miss!

Purchase tickets for the Winston-Salem Symphony at wssymphony. org or call the box office at 336.464.0145. Box office hours are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Ticket sales and willcall are available at the venue one hour prior to each performance.

March 2024 | 19

I Can Live Without You, Yes I Can

Allow me to clarify: the title that drew you in does not refer to people or relationships. That would be a different article! Instead, this is about the THINGS in your life and in your space. You’ve probably already done some decluttering and simplifying. And, while you feel good about the progress you’ve made, you know in your gut that you can still lighten the load. If you need that extra push, remind yourself why you are unloading in the first place. You may want:

• a more streamlined home

• less to take care of

• less excess

• less obsolescence,

• more time for other things, or,

you may simply need a change

These are all very good reasons to choose to break up with some of your things. And yes, we all know from first-hand experience that breaking up is hard to do. I was recently inspired by a story about a woman who moved into a 200-square-foot cottage. The problem, she quickly discovered, was that there was no way that all of her things could be squeezed – much less, happily organized – into that small space. She then embarked on a major home edit that left her feeling lighter, less encumbered and “clearer” about what she needed and wanted in her here and now life.

Many of us wait for a major life change – a relocation, a relationship breakup, a newly emptied nest or even the loss of a loved one to consider what we really want and need in that special place we call home. But, why wait until later? Why not surround yourself with the things you really want and need and kiss the rest goodbye, bless it on its way? As always, consider consigning, selling, donating, gifting or trashing. It’s your choice.

Things You May Be Able to Live Without

Hummel figurines and other collectibles. My neighbor rues the day she decided to ship her in-law’s Hummel collection from the Midwest to take up space in her already “well-collected” home.

Extraneous kitchen appliances. Unless you are a true chef or have a mad passion for a particular gadget, most of us rarely use, and therefore, don’t need all of those space mongers taunting us.

Stacks of magazines you’ll never go back to. I once said goodbye to four years of issues from one of my favorite magazines. Now, I only keep the current year’s issues, scan through them in January, and then let them go.

Email subscriptions that totally suck up time. Even if you no longer work, you may find yourself drowning in emails from blogs,

magazines, shopping sites, foodie sites, political sites, well-being sites, and on and on. Retain only a few as you befriend that “Unsubscribe” option so that you can get off your you-know-what more often!

Clothes and shoes you can only look at. If the magazines were hard for me, this one is even more difficult. I have found that selfacceptance – really making peace with where I am now in my life and in my lifestyle – makes letting these beauties go much easier.

Piles of fancy shopping bags because they’re so cute. I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you are a shopper like me, you know how enticing it is to hold onto these lovelies. My strategy is to keep a handful in the drawer where I store my wrapping paper and actually use them to haul gifts or corral ribbons.

Garden pots from when you first started gardening. Speaking of corralling, who needs 20 clay pots when five or six on standby will do?

Do-dads from previous chapters in your life. For me, this mostly goes back to clothes, shoes and books. For you, it may be materials from sports activities, hobbies or crafts projects you lost interest in long ago. Or something else. I have found that it feels really good to break up with these by donating them to my local thrift shop, knowing they will bring meaning and joy to someone else.

20 | ForsythWoman.com
home. Contact
If home is where your heart is, stay there with Navigation
proactive solution for adults 62+ enables you to protect your assets and maintain your self-driven lifestyle at home. And because Navigation at Home is part of Salemtowne, you always have the option of joining a vibrant Life Plan Community. Age at home. Age in community. Age your way. Plan ahead
live your best life, wherever you call
us at 336.714.6848 or NavigationatHome.org.

Spring Beauty Picks

Four Plastic Surgeons reveal their top beauty picks for spring 2024

Warm weather, clear skies, bright sunlight … Spring, we are so glad you’re here! And the shift in seasons means it’s a great time to shift your beauty focus as well. So what would the boardcertified plastic surgeons at the Triad’s leading plastic surgery center choose as their top picks for Spring Beauty 2024? Well, here’s what they had to say.

Dr. Andy Schneider, one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, says, “Spring is all about healthy, naturallooking skin. And right now my patients are really interested in getting the ‘glowy’ fresh look they’re seeing on places like Instagram and in magazines. And with the right effort, that is definitely achievable.” Dr. Schneider explains that for most patients it’s about keeping skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated. He says, “Gina and Kinsley, our aestheticians, can help you choose products packed with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that will give you that hydrated, fresh look.” Dr. Schneider also notes, “This time of year I recommend patients opt in for treatments that promote elastin and collagen growth through a variety of methods whether through peels, lasers, SkinVive or RF micro needling.” Dr. Schneider notes, “The people you see with ‘glowy skin’ are taking proactive measures on their skin. So there’s no shortcuts here.”


1. A DiamondGlow facial to remove dead skin cells from the dry winter and infuse some moisture into the skin

2. A simple Botox treatment to smooth facial lines

3. SkinVive treatment (injects hyaluronic acid under the skin to make it glow)

4. Skincare products with Vitamin C, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid

5. Peel, laser treatment or RF micro-needling treatments for collagen and elastin growth

Dr. Gil Kingman, another surgeon at the practice, says “Spring is the perfect time to consider some body contouring work. With spring break coming up this is a good time to think about CoolSculpting for small areas of fat. It takes a few weeks for those to dissolve, so this might be a good time to get started on your treatment.” Dr. Kingman also notes, “One of our most popular treatments is CoolTone. This treatment strengthens muscles and tones with magnetic muscle stimulation so you can show off a 6-pack on the beach.”

Dr. Kingman also says, “Botox is a great treatment for spring and it can really help erase fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead area. It’s a very quick procedure and it lasts for several months.”


1. Botox treatment

2. CoolSculpting to freeze stubborn fat

3. CoolTone treatment to tone muscles

Dr. George Lawson III, another plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “Spring is when people really start thinking about their bodies and how to get ready for bathing suit season. Many of my patients are moms who have finished having kids and they’re just ready to get their bodies back to pre-pregnancy shape. For those patients, procedures like a tummy tuck or breast lift can really help.” Dr. Lawson says, “I love it when my patients have healed from their surgery and they say I just feel more like myself again.”


1. Tummy tuck

2. Breast lift

Dr. Leslie Branch, another board-certified plastic surgeon says, “March is still laser season. So something like a laser hair removal treatment is a great choice. Our aestheticians do a lot of this work — especially on local college students and professional business women who love not having to worry about shaving. Now it can take several sessions, but my patients love this treatment.”

Dr. Branch also says, “During the spring we’re all outside so much more. It’s so important to have medical-grade sun protection and moisturizers to protect and rehydrate the skin. Personally I use EltaMD UV Clear for my sunscreen. It’s light, smells nice and it works.”

Dr. Branch notes, “During the spring and summer if you’re in and out of the pool — especially with children — it’s nice not to have to worry about makeup. I love products like Obagi’s Nu-Cil products for brows and lashes. You’ll be able to skip mascara and your eyebrow pencil.”

On the surgical side, Dr. Branch recommends an upper eyelid lift this time of year. She says, “It’s a quick, easy procedure with long lasting results. And it can really improve how makeup looks. She also loves a facelift and notes, “You can take ten years off your natural face with a quick recovery. It’s very safe and you’ll look refreshed in time for summer.”


1. Laser Hair Removal

2. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen

3. Obagi Nu-Cil Products

4. Upper eyelid lift

5. Facelift

To book an appointment at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, call 336-765-8620.

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Schedule your free consultation at home or work!

• Blinds

• Shutters

• Shades

• Drapes

• Home Automation

• Window Film

If you have kids at home, you know how important it is to keep them safe from any hazards — especially when it comes to your windows. That’s why you need the expert guidance of Budget Blinds of North Winston Salem, Mt Airy, Boone & the High Country. Our Design Consultant will show you the best options for child (and pet, senior, & special needs) safety in window coverings. You’ll love how our products combine beauty, functionality, and safety for your home.

Now offering a pay over time option with Affirm.

Budget Blinds of North Winston Salem, Mt Airy, Boone, and the High Country proudly serves Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Yadkin, Alleghany, Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes, and surrounding counties.


• BudgetBlinds.com/NorthWinstonSalem
Style and service for every budget.® North Winston-Salem, Mt Airy, Boone and The High Country

Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m a freelance writer and a food blogger with a passion for food that tastes good and is good for you! Stay tuned each month to find everything from achievable dessert ideas to healthy, quick dinners that’ll happily feed the family.

Rustic French Baguettes

at Home

These baguettes have a crisp crust and an airy inside with small holes for a light texture and flavor! Who says you need to travel to France for a taste of the culture?

Servings: 3 large baguettes Rest Time: Overnight (8-12 hours)

Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 9 hours


4 cups all purpose flour

1 ½ cups water, room temperature

1 ¾ tsp. salt

1 tsp. instant yeast

1 T honey


1. To Make the Dough: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Use your hands to mix together until all flour is absorbed. Cover and rest at room temperature for 15 minutes.

2. Stretch & Fold: Over the next 1 1/2 hours, you’ll do three “stretch and folds.” To do this, gently scoop up one side of the dough, stretch it up as high as it’ll go without breaking, then fold over into the center of the dough. Twist the bowl 45 degrees and repeat. Repeat the stretch and fold four times, acting as if there are four corners of the dough. Cover and rest for 30 minutes. Repeat two times for a total of three “stretch and folds.”

3. After the Final Knead: After the third resting period, transfer the covered dough to the fridge to rest overnight (8-12 hours).

4. The Next Morning: Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface. Divide into three equal parts. Gently stretch out each part to a rectangle-like shape. Cover with a tea towel and rest for 45-60 minutes.

5. To Shape the Baguettes: Gently stretch out each rectangle to about 10”, then fold the outsides inward to create a cylinder like shape (looks like a baguette now). Stretch out the dough to be 14-15” long.

6. The Last Proofing Period: On a large baking sheet or on your countertops, cover with a tea towel. Dust generously with flour. Place the shaped baguettes on the tea towel seam-side up, and cover to rest for 30-60 minutes.

7. To Bake: Preheat oven to 500F. Place an oven-safe pan filled with hot water on the bottom rack.

8. Place the proofed baguettes seam-side down on a large parchment paper line baking pan.

9. Dust off any excess flour and use a sharp knife or scoring blade to make three scores on each baguette. Try to score swift and firm for three deep and clean cuts.

10. Place the baguettes in the oven. Reduce temperature to 475F. Bake for 15 minutes.

11. Remove the water pan, rotate the baking pan, then reduce temperature to 450F.

12. Bake 10-15 more minutes, until deep golden brown.

24 | ForsythWoman.com

Jennifer Willard | Art Educator and Mixed Media

This month’s featured creator, Jennifer Willard, is a passionate educator and artist. With an authentic spirit and undeniable talent, Jennifer advocates for the integration of art into everyone’s life, making creativity an essential part of our human journey.

How would you describe your work?

I am an art educator first, and I am so lucky that I get to create art using all kinds of media in my classroom. I love creating art with acrylic paint and colored pencils and enjoy making portraits of people and their pets. Most of my commissions are portraits from people who want to create a memory or to celebrate an event or a life. When I am not working on commissions or making project examples with my classes, I frequently experiment in my sketchbook or create visual journals.

What influences your art?

Most of my art is influenced by moments in my life and my family, though I find inspiration in everyday moments. If I am working on my visual journal, the page can be inspired by a magazine image, an old card or product packaging. I’m also influenced as I’m creating projects with my students and discussing our ideas together. I get to see their creative process, and I think it is good for them to see mine as well as we all learn from one another.

How have you evolved, personally, as an artist?

I have realized that you can’t create alone. You need a community to support you, like an art family. Through the process of developing my AP Art curriculum, I’ve grown immensely as I’ve found new ways to grow alongside my students. It’s been really rewarding to watch them connect with each other while simultaneously connecting their art to the real world. I have enjoyed bringing in artists from the community to work with my students and giving them a platform for their voices, both of which have broadened the impact that art can have in the community.

Tell us about your passion for teaching art?

Did you always want to teach?

I have wanted to be an art teacher since elementary school. This is my 17th year teaching in WSFCS with additional educator roles within the youth programs at Sawtooth School for Visual Arts and several private art students of all ages. Over the years, I’ve hosted art-making events and paint nights with my friends and colleagues simply because I’m addicted to that feeling of hearing someone share how proud they are of what they made. Last year, I began an Advanced Placement (AP) 2D Art class at my school, and the 14 students had a 100% pass rate.

We created this little community of support where amazing work was being made, and everyone grew as an artist and as a person. I feel this has been one of my biggest accomplishments as a teacher. I love my job and I always tell my students, if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, BE an art teacher! I feel so lucky that I have this life. My next education goal is to obtain my national board certification.

As a mother and teacher, how do you carve out time for yourself to be creative?

Since becoming a mom, finding time for my own art has been a challenge, but that fight for creative time for myself has actually helped me grow. My intention for 2024 is to carve out more time for my personal art. In the past, I only created during my work hours at school, but now I’m adding in time after I put the kids to bed and on the weekends during their naps to work in my home studio. My goal is to work on my art for 40 minutes a day, and I am trying to post more on Instagram. I believe there’s power in sharing our art because you never know who needs it.

Do you have a favorite story behind one of your pieces?

I honestly love drawing my family. I treasure those works because it is my creative way to keep a record of how fast my kids are growing and a lot of the fun things we get into. I always enjoy the commissions that I make because of how happy it makes my clients to get the artwork of their loved one or their pet. It’s the best when my client sends me videos of the special moment of giving the art to a loved one. The joy that art brings to them creates an indescribable feeling for me and lets me know it’s what I’m meant to do!

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with fellow artists, especially those at the start of their careers?

Just make the art! You are in control; don’t let doubt beat you. Just try. My biggest hope for my students is always that they find their paths in the arts and will develop practices that stay with them no matter their day jobs. Every one of us will always need art.

If you are interested in learning more about this month’s artist, Jennifer, you can follow her on Instagram @jenrwillard.

A monthly column that keeps its finger on the pulse of Forsyth’s artists and their inspiring stories!
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Explore our mouthwatering flavors and embrace our warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Our family-friendly restaurant is your go-to destination for scratch made desserts, plus a wide variety of breakfast-all day, lunch, and dinner options. Dine in or order take out, and let us create an extraordinary experience that will leave you craving for more!

151 S. Stratford Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27104 | 336.724.9800 | MidtownCafeWS.com

Beginner’s Guide to Embracing a Gluten-Free Lifestyle


Gluten, a protein complex, is primarily found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. It’s infamous for causing health issues in individuals with gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease. For these people, avoiding gluten isn’t a lifestyle choice; it’s a necessity. While gluten in wheat, barley and rye is widely acknowledged as harmful to these individuals, the debate continues over gluten-like proteins in other grains, such as corn and oats. This has led some to advocate for a completely grain-free diet as the safest option.


Contrary to popular belief, gluten can cause issues for everyone, not just those with a diagnosed sensitivity. It promotes increased gut permeability which can trigger an immune response. Once the body starts producing antibodies against gluten, a sensitivity develops.

At one end of the spectrum is Celiac Disease, an autoimmune reaction leading to intestinal damage. On the other end is non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) which may cause various symptoms without intestinal damage. Gluten’s effects can range from neurological issues to autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

A comprehensive review in The New England Journal of Medicine even linked gluten to more than 50 health conditions including osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders like migraines, anxiety and depression.


Gluten sensitivity can manifest in many ways, not just gastrointestinal problems. Common symptoms include: digestive issues (gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea), skin rashes/eczema, headaches/ migraines, brain fog, poor cognitive function, fatigue, anxiety/depression, mood changes/irritability, hyperactivity, numbness in extremities, joint pain, neurological symptoms (neuropathy, migraines, dementia, schizophrenia).


The best approach is a diet rich in whole, naturally gluten-free foods like meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Remember, even a tiny amount of gluten can trigger an immune response lasting several months, so vigilance is key. I advise clients to strictly eliminate gluten from their diets for a minimum of 28 days. If you choose to reintroduce, monitor for any symptoms.


Gluten hides in many everyday products, from soups and sauces to personal care items. It’s important to read labels and be aware of potential crosscontamination, like mushrooms grown on gluten-containing grains or shared fryers in restaurants. Even non-food items like Play-Doh and pet food can be sources of gluten.


The best thing you can do is opt for naturally gluten-free foods like meat, vegetables and fruits. When it comes to grains, choose gluten-free options

like amaranth, buckwheat, nut flours and quinoa. Be wary of all wheat varieties and grains like barley, rye and non-certified gluten-free oats which are high in gluten.


Exploring gluten-free alternatives can be an adventure. Most packaged foods labeled “gluten-free” are still highly processed with no real nutritional value. Here are some top choices:

• Bread: Bfree GF Wraps, Siete Almond Flour Wraps

• Pasta: Banza Chickpea Pasta, Hearts of Palm Pasta

• Crackers: Mary’s Gone Crackers, Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

• Condiments and Dressings: Primal Kitchen, Noble Made


Eating out when you’re gluten-free can be challenging but manageable. Start by researching restaurants and their menus, and don’t hesitate to call ahead. When dining, communicate your needs clearly to the server, asking specific questions about preparation and ingredients to avoid crosscontamination.

Adopting a gluten-free lifestyle requires diligence and education, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyable meals, whether at home or dining out. With the right knowledge and precautions, you can maintain a healthy, gluten-free diet without stress. Bon appétit!

A little about me:

My name is Jane Burnette, and I’m passionate about health and wellness. As a holistic health coach with a degree from UNC Chapel Hill and numerous certifications, I specialize in lifestyle changes that empower people to achieve their health goals.

My mission is simple – guide clients to optimize their daily habits, so their bodies’ natural healing processes can kick in. Rather than focus on diets or quick fixes, I teach sustainable strategies for nutrition, exercise, stress relief and more.

28 | ForsythWoman.com

Provider Spotlight

Erik C. Usher, D.O.

A native of Asheville, N.C., Dr. Usher joined Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates in 2024 following completion of his residency at Wake Forest University. Prior to moving to Winston-Salem, Dr. Usher received academic scholarships to complete both a B.S. in Biology from The Citadel Honors Program and his D.O. from Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Understanding the importance of peer scholarship, Dr. Usher was hand selected by Wake Forest University medical students for the resident teacher award in his final year of training.

Professionally, Dr. Usher’s special interests include high risk obstetrics, challenging hysteroscopy, complex laparoscopy, open abdominal surgery, vaginal surgery, and obstetric ultrasound. He also enjoys routine patient care and prides himself on staying up to date on current medical literature.

Outside of the workplace, Dr. Usher enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife Lindsay, twin children Bobby and Ellis, and the family’s two dogs. Always up for an adventure, Dr. Usher can often be found hiking, fishing, hunting, and running throughout the Southeast.

We are in the Novant & Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Networks. lyndhurstgyn.com
111 Hanestown Court, Suite 151 | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.765.9350 Now Seeing Patients in Winston-Salem
Contact us to schedule with Dr. Usher!



I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind. Growing up, my family was what some might call “unconventional.” That had a big influence on how I saw the world. Nearing 30, I began to wonder what my “next act” would be. I started creating products like hand-dipped incense as a hobby. One day, I posted on TikTok showing folks how to make incense and shared a little bit about myself. It went viral overnight with two million views. I tapped into a large community of like-minded folks. My mission became to help these people feel safe, seen and represented in the face of growing up in communities that may not always support their lifestyle or political choices.


This isn’t my first go with business ownership. I once owned Wild Rituals Soap Company. It was pretty successful with features in both Reader’s Digest and Urban Outfitters. I showed myself early on that I could do anything I put my mind to.

The name of my business, Kin & Cottage, emphasizes the importance of “kin” or a sense of familiarity whether it be actual family or the community around us. “Cottage” is deeply reminiscent of the idea of “home.” I believe activism starts within the home and our local community.


I was born and spent my early childhood in Northern Florida swimming with manatees in a creek. When I was 10, our family relocated to North Carolina where I lived until I was 26. As an adult, I’ve danced in the streets of New Orleans as a local and also lived in Augusta, Georgia. Growing up, I often had a hard time fitting in because of my deep sensitivity to the world and people around me. I have always been a deep thinker and listener who wanted to understand as much about the world as possible.

In all these different southern regions, I learned something from the folks and culture of each place. To me, home is where we feel welcome, safe and find a deep sense of belonging. It’s where we can share culture and celebrate our differences.


With my first business, I burnt myself out trying to be something I wasn’t. It required me to exhaustively chase trends. A light bulb moment was when I realized a business would only be sustainable for me if it was deeply authentic to who I am. What I offer now are candles, incense and other items for your home that invoke good memories and maybe help rewrite some not-so-good ones through our inclusive and supportive space. I want people to see that my business is all about sharing commonality and solidarity with people from all walks of local life.


I have found the city to be so supportive of small businesses. I love that Winston-Salem is pretty progressive. It’s full of folks who love the city enough to help it continue to grow in the right direction. I’m proud to be one of those people. I feel that Winston-Salem is the perfect place for the home of Kin & Cottage. It’s very much based on community and tradition while simultaneously focusing on innovation and always moving forward. It’s a place that pays homage to what was and celebrates what will be.


I refer to my business as “Southern Inspired. Forward Thinking.” I wanted Kin & Cottage to be a “reimagined country store.” A place where folks can come indulge in nostalgic scents in a safe and welcoming environment that celebrates our differences. This business is deeply personal to me. It’s an extension of my heart. Our mission is to see the south move forward in acceptance and inclusivity. I support that mission by donating 10% of the business’ profits to progressive southernbased organizations every month.


I’d like to nominate Jess Mathews. I met Jess in my early 20s, and she’s been an inspiration to me since. Jess owns The Cosmic Circle Vintage, an upcycled vintage shop, online and around downtown Winston-Salem. Her business is focused on reducing the negative effects fast fashion has on the environment. She’s truly so talented at what she does and has inspired many to join her efforts.

Kin and Cottage

608-A Trade Street

Winston-Salem, NC kinandcottage.com

30 | ForsythWoman.com
336-661-8400 | thebarnoncountryclub.com 4886 Country Club Road Winston-Salem | Closed Monday, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 1-5pm Winston-Salem’s Best Kept Secret! Home Decor | Artwork Custom Built Tables, Benches & Much More! The BARN On Country Club The BARN On Country Club ANTIQUE/VINTAGE FURNITURE & HOME DECOR ANTIQUE/VINTAGE FURNITURE & HOME DECOR


in Leadership, Love and Loss

It was early May 2019 when I texted my sister in Connecticut: I’ll be flying in next month! What?

Yeah, there’s a mini work conference I was just asked to attend. I arrived on a beautiful early summer day in my spray-tanned legs, my newly highlighted hair and my heartfelt enthusiasm for seeing my co-workers again. We were a small team, and a handful of us worked remotely, so it had the best makings of a joyful reunion. As I entered the lobby of the hotel in advance of the opening session, I noticed “T” at the far end of the room. “JEAN MARIE,” his voice boomed. The next thing I knew, I was encased in his signature bear hug and twirled off of my feet by this big-hearted man. It felt so good to be back with the wise and warm community that this leader, T, had nurtured!

I didn’t know then that this would be the last time I’d see T in person, or even observe him standing on his own two feet. Within about a year, a Zoom call and a company changeof-hands would confirm that T had entered the devastating mystery that is ALS.

I couldn’t attend the funeral, a few short years later, but I did watch it online, blurry eyed with a river of tears stimulated by fond remembrance. I wrote a long letter to his grieving and loyal wife of 37 years, and then sat with my own grief and gratitude for the years I spent observing, learning with and learning from this incredible man.

T was many things in this life – a husband, father, grandfather, company president, university professor, church leader and friend. But working with him and having the honor of being his primary ghostwriter, I also knew that T was a humble and devout seeker of divine wisdom. He didn’t talk about it. He never preached. He simply lived a principled life. A life from which I have culled these leadership lessons:


Lead yourself. You have the gift and the burden of personal responsibility. So, have that talk in the mirror, grapple with your values and establish your grounding for who and how you will be in this life.

2 Live every moment with intention and heart. Work on not allowing your “stuff” to get in your way. Be the living example of what is best in you and bring that to everyone, in everything.

3 Hold yourself and others accountable...while withholding judgment. Know that you will falter, you will fall short of your best self now and then. Own it, learn from it, move on from it. Extend the same grace to others.

4 Mind your words, mind your words, mind your words. Your words have the power to wound and to heal, and their impact can be profound. They can represent or misrepresent what is best in you. Master the discipline of intentional, thoughtful speech –regardless of the medium.

5 Listen from the depths of your being. There is no greater gift than to bear witness to another human being; doing so creates a space for mutual vulnerability, authenticity and deep connection. Bearing witness is both rare and sacred.

6 Discover what is best in others. Everyone has a persona that helps them get by, so don’t take them at face value. Look for their best, shine a light on it and be generous in your appreciation.

7 Relationships matter more than ANYTHING else. You will never regret words or actions expressed in the spirit of compassion, generosity and love because they’re the symbolic bear hug that creates the human covenant, the one that sustains each of us, on every step of this human journey.

Thank you, T, for being a shining light for so many, for humbly demonstrating that to lead is to live by example. You live on in the lessons you’ve left us. Peace be with you, my friend.

32 | ForsythWoman.com
336-766-7440 | FraleighsBoutiqueNC.com Monday-Friday 10am-5pm | Saturday 10am-4pm | 2626 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd. Clemmons, NC 27012 Let Fraleigh’s help you look and feel your best!


by AMY HILL, photos by SAIL OFF PHOTOGRAPHY 34 | ForsythWoman.com

Sage & Salt Bistro

In January, the ladies of Forsyth Woman and I decided to treat ourselves to a high-end lunch at none other than newly opened Sage & Salt Bistro. As a matter of fact, plenty of other Winston-Salem locals chose to take their lunch break at Sage & Salt that day – and who could blame them? In the daytime, the atmosphere is bright and airy with a lively kitchen and glistening bar that serves as the perfect midday distraction. To top it off, the lunch menu’s soups, salads and sandwiches are some of the best selections in the Triad.

We opted for selections off the dinner menu, since we had more than an hour to spare and wanted to take in the entire Sage & Salt experience. Our meal commenced with the Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta appetizer, which was truly remarkable for such a simple dish. The seasoned tomatoes were fresh and bursting with flavor, which perfectly complemented the accompanying toasted baguette. I’ve had many bruschetta appetizers in my day, but none of them have ever blown me away quite like this. In fact, the four of us finished the dish entirely as we waited for our next course.

What came next was nothing short of stunning. The Yellowfin Tuna Tower is a sturdy stack of yellowfin tuna, avocado, daikon, compressed cucumber, puffed rice

and sesame, making it perfect for sharing among the four of us. The tuna was light, mild and perfectly seared; however, the true show stopper was the plating. Being one of the most picturesque dishes of the day, even some not-so-fish-friendly members of our dining party were taken by surprise.

Since we were dining during lunchtime hours, we opted for the “Non-Social,” a non-alcoholic combination of hibiscus tea, mint, simple syrup and egg white, as our beverage of choice. Sage & Salt has an excellent selection of wine, beer, cocktails and even “Dry Nine” mocktails encompassing Delta 9 THC. The restaurant will also be integrating a digital wine list for customers to browse wine options via tablet at their table on their own time.

As a precursor to the main courses, we ordered the wedge salad with bacon lardons, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, pickled red onion and hard-boiled egg drizzled with buttermilk ranch dressing. I’m a sucker for a wedge salad, and the crunchiness of the iceberg lettuce presented was on par with my high hopes. Bleu cheese can be a polarizing taste to some, but can easily be omitted from the salad to please any palette.

Our first entree was the 10-ounce Sage & Salt Burger cooked medium-well and topped with lettuce, tomato, Duke’s mayonnaise and pickles served alongside crispy, savory frites. The frites were addictive, to say the least and, had we not had another entree coming up, the ladies and I may have continued snacking away.

Our final plate was an off-menu specialty pasta, which was music to my Italian-loving ears. Perfect for the winter-time, and a WinstonSalem rarity, truffles were the shining star of the pasta. The tender pappardelle pasta was enmeshed with a braised short rib ragu, with the truffles taking it to the next level. I can only liken the dish to similar flavor combinations I’ve had in Italy, which means the Sage & Salt chefs truly outdid themselves. Had we not had to return to work following the meal, I would have loved to take advantage of the cocktail menu or choose a glass of wine to stay longer and unwind.

Browse Sage & Salt’s menu online, book a reservation, view career opportunities and learn about upcoming events at sageandsaltbistro. com. For information about weekly specials, be sure to follow Sage & Salt Bistro on Facebook and Instagram at @sageandsaltbistro. Visit inperson at 300 S Liberty Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, or place a to-go order by calling 336.829.5007.

March 2024 | 35

Galentine’s Girls’ Night Out

VENUE | Robert Hall @roberthallwsnc FOOD | 1618 On Location @1618onlocation DRINKS | Thirsty Buffalo @thirsty.buffalo DJ | DJ Diesel @iamdjdiesel PHOTO BOOTH |Photo Ramit Productions @photoramitproductions PHOTOGRAPHER | Sail Off Photography @sailoff_photo EVENT SPONSOR | Sugar Mamas Movement @sugarmamasmovement
Thanks to the 150 ladies that sold out this event and joined us for an EPIC evening! HUGE THANKS to Robert Hall for partnering with us and helping create such a beautiful evening with the best vendors, decor and staff!



5:00 - 7:00PM



$20 | RSVP by February 28



TREATING PATIENTS with Compassionate Care

Dr. Susanna Ringeman is proud of her private practice, Forsyth Eye Health and Surgery. First opened in August of 2019, Forsyth Eye Health and Surgery is an ophthalmology practice offering medical and surgical care for a range of eye conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eye, blepharitis, thyroid eye disease, diabetic eye care, allergic conjunctivitis and many other systemic conditions that affect the eyes.

Dr. Ringeman and her staff are very attentive to each and every patient. “We strive to maintain long-lasting relationships while offering high-quality, personalized, state-of-the-art eye care. We are a small, private practice intent on treating patients and their families as individuals,” she said. “Due to the complexity of our healthcare system today, getting personalized medical care can be a daunting process to navigate. Patients often feel like a number. Our goal at Forsyth Eye is for patients to feel like they can get in touch with us directly and be able to get the care they need, right when they need it. Our staff prioritizes each patient by providing a prompt response to address their specific concerns right away.” Additionally, Forsyth Eye Health and Surgery strives for optimized scheduling efficiency and minimal wait times. Her focus is on her patients. Dr. Ringeman’s website says it all: “Experienced, Compassionate, Eye Care.”

“I opened the practice in 2019 to be able to provide a setting where people felt like their voice and medical needs were heard, while still getting the most up-to-date care. I also wanted to be able to have flexibility to raise my young family,” she adds.

Originally from Covington, Louisiana, Dr. Ringeman completed medical school at LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2007. She stayed in Shreveport to complete her ophthalmology residency and graduated in 2011. Since moving to Winston-Salem in 2012, she’s worked in both private practice and as an assistant professor at Wake Forest Ophthalmology.

Dr. Ringeman is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and a member of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons.

“Ophthalmology is a fascinating field because there are so many health conditions that involve the eyes, which often are first detected during a routine eye exam,” said Dr. Ringeman. “Screening for glaucoma and macular degeneration are especially important because there are often no symptoms, yet with preventative care, we can slow – and at times prevent –devastating vision loss.”

It’s important for everyone over the age of 40 to have a dilated eye exam every one to two years to screen for these conditions. The dilated exam is an important tool whereby the entire visual system is evaluated. Even though having your eyes dilated is time consuming, it may help prevent vision loss down the road.

Within her field, Dr. Ringeman has a passion for performing cataract surgery and working with patients to optimize their vision and maintain their quality of life. “We primarily see adults and the elderly population and for many patients this means cataract surgery to maintain vision. Cataract surgery helps maintain independence, quality of life and can also help slow the progression of dementia.”

Cataract surgery involves removing the native, cloudy lens and replacing it with a lens implant. There are a variety of lenses and tools, including laser-assisted cataract surgery, which help achieve optimal vision.

“Our goal is customized vision so that patients can continue living their lives independently and to the fullest. It’s gratifying to know we are able to make a

direct impact by helping patients enjoy life in their later years, with better vision,” said Dr. Ringeman.

In addition to Dr. Ringeman and an amazing support staff of six women, Dr. Carol Ziel joined the team last October, and specializes in medical Ophthalmology and glaucoma care. After a long and successful career in the Winston-Salem area, Dr. Ziel retired in 2021. More recently, she realized she missed Ophthalmology and direct patient care. She says “I am excited to be back working in Ophthalmology. Dr. Ringeman’s practice is a good fit for my return to the field I so enjoy.”

Dr. Ziel received her doctorate of medicine and completed her Ophthalmology residency at the University of Kentucky. She also completed a fellowship in glaucoma in Seattle and is a frequent speaker at Ophthalmology meetings across the country.

Forsyth Eye Health & Surgery is located at 2827 Lyndhurst Avenue, Suite 204, Winston-Salem, NC, (336) 842-5477. Visit them online at forsytheyehealth.com for more information on their services, or to schedule your first consultation!

Dr. Susanna Ringeman Dr. Carol Ziel

Closes on New Downtown Building The

The Dream Center of Forsyth County has purchased the former Rominger’s Southern Furniture Building at 1201 N. Liberty Street in downtown Winston- Salem. It is 19,710 square feet and 35 percent larger than the Center’s current headquarters on Patterson Avenue.

“For 20 years, our nonprofit has worked with individuals to break the cycle of poverty,” said Pastor Chris Leab, Executive Director of The Dream Center. “We continue to see an increased need for our services in our community, and it’s important that we meet these needs now.”

In 2023, the Center served 25,000 low-income individuals and their families through its Care and Share Food Pantry, ReDress Clothing Boutique, Outreach Alliance for Babies, and Family Life Counseling. It serves east Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. In 2024, new collaborations are planned along with the launch of an adult mentoring pilot program named “Evolve.” The Center’s goal is to expand outreach to 33,000 people by 2025.

The Dream Center will begin upfitting the building this Spring with plans to move in during the second half of 2024. Initial costs include demolition, security, architecture plans, and a new refrigerator system. Long term, new utilities and a sprinkler system, along with furniture and technology will be necessary. The Center will need to raise $600,000 to help with these costs.

The Dream Center announced the planned move this past fall, seeking additional support from donors, businesses, and foundations to raise the initial $160,000 for the down payment on the building. In November, prior to the closing, the building was damaged and burglarized with the copper lines off the two HVAC systems and the boiler stolen.

Thanks to the early support of the community, and a $100,000 grant from the Reynolds American Foundation, the Dream Center closed on the property in late December.

“We are so grateful to Reynolds American and many others in the community for believing, and investing, in our work,” Leab said. “This initial support is a game changer for our organization and is helping us to fulfill and expand on our mission.”

The Dream Center’s mission is to empower individuals by providing resources to self-sufficiency. It works to build equity for future generations by providing services that support immediate, tangible needs like food, clothing, and necessities for newborns. It also offers transformational, long-term guidance through counseling, group meetings, and one-on-one mentorships.

The nonprofit traces its roots to 1985, when Agape Faith Church started the Care and Share Pantry. The Dream Center of Forsyth County, a 501(c)(3), was formed in 2000 to oversee the church’s food distribution program. In 2011, the center launched its Redress Boutique to provide gently used clothes and accessories to families.

In 2015, the Outreach Alliance for Babies, which works to decrease the infant mortality rate, was absorbed by The Dream Center. In 2020, Family Life Counseling began at the Center emphasizing substance abuse, grief, and behavioral counseling.

Fundraising continues for the expansion as the startup costs and needs are currently underfunded. To donate and learn more, visit: https:// dreamcenterforsyth.com/capital-campaign/


Reynolds American Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the global BAT Group. The Foundation has donated over $47 million in the past ten years. To learn more, visit reynoldsamerican.com/reynolds-foundation


The Dream Center’s empowers individuals by providing them with transformative resources and a path to self-sufficiency. It helps at-risk populations break the cycle of poverty and build better futures, one dream at a time. To learn more, visit dreamcenterforsyth.com.

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Celebrate March

March is here, and we are fortunate to begin the spring season with the promise of good weather. We are always inspired to create new looks for our clients to enhance the joy of spending time with family and friends. We suggest you contact our design team early in the season to start your remodel projects whether it is a kitchen or outdoor living space. When it comes to home remodeling, communal areas like kitchens and living areas tend to be top of mind.

June DeLugas Interiors is ready to introduce fresh ideas for your remodeling projects. Our team recently worked with a client to redesign her kitchen for the enjoyment of cooking and gathering with family. She said the kitchen is where she spends a great deal of her time. With a spark of inspiration, we began to reimagine the kitchen and dining area with a fresh perspective on traditional. Through a collaborative design process, we designed a beautiful, timeless space with a mix of colors and patterns that celebrate the client’s personal style. We are happy to help new clients explore their styles, as well and customize environments with new furnishings, lighting, window treatments and more.

For this or any project, large or small, we begin by creating a layout of the project at hand, whether indoors or planning for an outdoor living space. The layout plan is the road map for the entire project. It helps us evaluate the needs of the client. Our design team works two-fold, design build (design and construction of the project). We can also work solely on the design of a home if our client has already partnered with a contractor. We always love furnishing any space, whether remodeling or not.

Some clients contact us after their project is finished, whether inside or outside, when they have lived in their homes a while and discover that they are not quite finished with their wish list. We love finishing wish lists.

God Bless,


2018, 2017, 2016, 2016, 2013
North Carolina’s Premier Remodeling and Interior Design Firm | 2575 Old Glory Road, Clemmons | 336-778-1030 Fresh Remodels for Spring FROM START TO FINISH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! LIGHTING • FLOORING • FURNITURE • WINDOW TREATMENTS • TURNKEY REMODEL

When I think about the last several years, undoubtedly, I think about the significant stress our society has experienced. We are all very aware of the negative impacts stemming from the global pandemic. However, the increase in awareness of mental health needs and support available were instrumental in breaking barriers. Though our experiences were unique, we were collectively impacted by the pandemic. This shared experience, it seemed, allowed us to all acknowledge the increase in stress and begin talking more freely about the need for mental health support, and even the permission to explore it. We saw many first-time therapy clients emerge. The normalization of telehealth, improved access to those living in rural areas or facing other obstacles to seeking services.

As a therapist, I am aware of the benefits of mental health therapy. I see first-hand the improvements that can happen in someone’s life when he or she has an outside, neutral person to provide emotional support. Before college though, I did not have the awareness or first-hand experience to attest to the benefits. As a child, my understanding of therapy was largely attributed to the stereotypical depictions from the media. Having my own experience with therapy (yes, therapists see therapists, too) has also helped me experience the benefits of therapy from the other side of the couch.


This may seem like an odd concept if you’ve never been to therapy before. How can it be comfortable to talk so intimately with someone who is a stranger? Just because therapists are not your friends does not mean they aren’t friendly or you don’t have rapport with them. The important difference is a therapist’s primary role which is to provide emotional support to YOU.

The therapeutic relationship is a bit one sided. It is a different dynamic from a friendship – you do not have to feel guilty for focusing only on what you need from them during your session. It is the main focus of the hour! This dynamic would not work well in a friendship relationship, and that’s exactly what makes it work in a therapeutic relationship. Your therapist is a neutral and objective person, whereas a friend has emotional ties to you and likely has an opinion about how you should respond. A therapist can help clear away distractions and help you discover your own voice.


The therapy hour allows for a focused time to reflect. We are all very busy with our lives, we move from task to task, distractions and to-do lists abound. It can be hard to find time to do less and observe more. Many times, I have had a client sit in front of me and say, “Wow, I didn’t realize I felt that way until I said it out loud.” When talking to a therapist, it is necessary to explain experiences and relationships in greater detail because they do not know you outside of their office. Talking to a neutral person forces us to take a step back and reflect on our interpretation of an event, person, life change, etc. It allows us to be more curious about ourselves, improving our understanding of our thoughts and emotions.


When we are experiencing a stressful situation, it can be very hard for us to take a different perspective than the one we have initially. Our intense emotions can act as blockers to our logical thinking. A therapist outside of your situation, can see the issue from a “bird’s eye view.” The therapist can take different vantage points and consider other factors in your life that might be affecting your current perspective. This can be very helpful in reducing the intensity of your emotions and assisting you with understanding your response to the situation. A therapist can help provide clarity to what can feel like mental chaos.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means as to the benefits of seeing a therapist. However, I hope this is helpful when considering if now is the time to begin your therapy journey. I’d encourage you to explore your options – the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Purpose Push:

Streamlining Your Business for Success

You can’t do it alone! There, I said it, and that’s a fact. The sooner we ingrain this in our mindset, the sooner we can see the success for which we strive. We’ve heard wise people say that allowing others to help in our journey to success is effective, but do our actions complement the knowledge we attain? The popular saying that “knowledge is power” was debunked in a book I read recently because it’s the implementation of knowledge that is power. So, I want to share some knowledge that is a little new to me but has been improving my productivity dramatically.

Let’s start with a story of how I approached accounting in my business. I’ve been in business since 2019 and have acquired knowledge and finally accepted that it is important to stay on top of your transactions and know where your money is coming from and going. I found consistency in tasks like saving receipts, tracking business miles and recording sales from craft markets. However, when I started working with my bookkeeper, it was clear early on that I was only scratching the surface of what was needed. We did a deep dive into my transactions, and there were so many things I missed! For one, categorizing my expenses and income provides a clearer picture of the business’ financial health. But, how could I have known all of that or implemented it accurately? I am one person – God gave me the talent of creating jewelry, not being a bookkeeper.

So, now that I know I need a bookkeeper, why would I continue to figure it out independently? That’s a waste of time and money. Some people believe doing it themselves will save money, but when you consider the time needed to figure it out, it’s not profitable. Truth be told, you slip into self-righteousness by withholding money from people who are blessed to help you in specific areas. One benefit of making money in your business is that it allows you to streamline your growth.

My bookkeeper streamlines my accounting. The influencers I work with streamline my content creation. The interns I hire streamline

Sheridan C. Watkins is a journalist and the owner of Perennial Peaces, a jewelry and gifts brand focused on transcending self-worth to all women. Her true work began after climbing out of a dark place with the help of God and therapy and her life mission is to provide tangible peace through her Divine gifts to help women heal and transform their life. Follow the mission on Instagram and Facebook: @perennialpeaces

my production. My photographer streamlines my brand presence. There are and will be more streamliners as my business continues to grow, and it’s essential to hold onto scriptures like Philippians 4:19, Matthew 6:32, Psalm 145:16 and Luke 12:24 for the assurance that God will provide the resources to pay for the help.

Remember, a God-led business involves you and others to uplift the mission of the Kingdom first, and trusting Him to find the right people for the skills we need for success

is the benefit faith provides. If you think about it, we get an easier business journey this way because we simply do what we’re told and give the rest to God. And, if you’ve been walking with Him for any amount of time, I’m sure you have a testimony of how He made a way out of no way.

As you continue to grow in business and life, I encourage you to think about small ways to streamline the great things you already have going and don’t be shy to reach out to your network for help. I have faith in you.

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NEUROPATHY Get Help Before It Gets Worse

“Years ago I suddenly got to where I could not walk barefoot

results I read about this clinic in a magazine and thought,

• Numbness • Burning or Tingling
Difficulty Sleeping
Sensitivity to touch
Pain when walking
Sharp electric-like pain
Diabetic nerve pain
Loss of balance
medication for a few weeks with no
‘What do I have
to lose?’ After just three days of
on my
for balance. I had been
look into what Aligned has to offer.”
765 Highland Oaks Drive, Suite 200 Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 (336) 930-0063 www.alignednc.com CALL US NOW GET YOUR CONSULTATION, EXAMINATION, DOCTOR’S REPORT OF FINDINGS AND FIRST TREATMENT ALL FOR $49 ($250 VALUE) for Forsyth Woman Magazine readers Patient Testimonial is a Progressive, Debilitating Condition You May Have Neuropathy If You Are Experiencing: Dr. Joshua Katz, D.C. and Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C.
on tile floors without difficulty, and then developed balance issues, all of which I assumed was because of old age. After taking some prescribed
treatment, the feeling in my feet returned. By the second week I was no longer relying
told by a previous doctor that a wheelchair was next for me. I would certainly
- Fred
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Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging Screenings for Life

While most women long for more time to spend on a self-care routine, that time is not solely about soaks in the bathtub or an afternoon of shopping. Caring for yourself is always the most important task on your to-do list – and it’s sometimes easy to forget that your actions set the tone for your entire family.

A good health care routine is the key to longevity. While scheduling your own recommended yearly screenings, you’ll be encouraging everyone else at home – even husbands and dads – to stay up-to-date.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging turns the spotlight this month on three vital screenings you should definitely have scheduled on your calendar. While a mammogram may be the first screening process that comes to mind, women should also schedule a bone density test and a CT lung screening.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging partners with the expert radiologists of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, who are boardcertified in diagnostic interpretation, along with providing the benefits of the latest technology. The outpatient facility offers affordable pricing for both insured and uninsured patients, along with the highest quality, patient-centric care and a staff dedicated to your comfort and convenience.


Research shows that adding mammography into a regular wellness routine has helped reduce breast cancer mortality rates by 40%. While a large percentage of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history, having a mother, sister or daughter who has been diagnosed does increase your own chances.

Mammograms can be scheduled online at Wakehealth.edu/mammogram, with convenient appointment times to align with even the busiest

March 2024 | 49

schedules, at both the Winston-Salem and Kernersville locations. Appointments for 3D mammography are available all week, including evenings and weekends. Most guidelines suggest that women with an average risk of breast cancer should start getting mammograms at around age 40.

“Getting annual screening mammograms is one of the most important things women can do for their health,” shares Dr. Kelly Cronin, Mammography Radiologist. “While the majority of screening mammograms are good news exams, it allows us to find breast cancers at their earliest stages, giving patients the best possible outcomes.”


We also know strong women (and that’s all of us!) need strong bones to live our best lives. Bone strength is equal to both bone density and bone quality. If you’re not familiar with a DEXA, also known as a bone density scan, Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is an imaging technology that uses a very low amount of X-ray energy to detect the presence of osteoporosis – a disease that gradually weakens bones, leading to bone fragility and an increased chance of fractures to the spine, hips and wrists. Weakening of the bones can be due to aging or caused by other risk factors that combine with age. Often labeled the “silent disease,” osteoporosis rarely shows symptoms until a good amount of bone mass has been lost. In fact, one out of every two females will have an osteoporotic or fragile bone fracture over the age of 50.

The most obvious symptom may include loss of height along with curvature of the upper back. DEXA scanning can identify low bone density in patients at an early stage, enabling doctors to prescribe

50 | ForsythWoman.com

treatment before the condition worsens. Images of the lower spine and hips are most often used in checking for osteoporosis, and test results are interpreted by radiologists who sub-specialize in musculoskeletal radiology or providers who are certified as clinical densitometrist. Our scanners include advanced technology known as Trabecular Bone Scoring (TBS) that allows us to evaluate bone quality in the spine, as well as bone mineralization.

Twenty-two million American women are affected by osteoporosis. Plus, in the first five years after menopause, women lose estrogen, a hormone that helps protect them against bone loss. Keep in touch with your healthcare provider to monitor your bone health on a regular basis, and make it easy on yourself by scheduling a bone density exam right along with your mammogram appointment.

“A bone density exam is vital for monitoring good bone health and seeing subtle changes in bone loss,” says Anne Lake, DNP, of the Bone Health Clinic/Fracture Prevention Clinic with Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Orthopedic clinic. “It identifies a patient’s risk for fractures and it’s important to remember that the consequences of osteoporosis, like breaking bones, can be prevented. We encourage early screening and routine screenings as well as starting treatment when needed.”

There are mixed recommendations about the timing for bone density screenings, but the guidelines followed at Outpatient Imaging are based on recommendations from the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF), the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and the International Society of Clinical Densitometry (ISCD), that include screening patients in the first one or two years after menopause, or those over age 49 who have had a fracture or have other medical conditions with treatments that are known to compromise bone strength and warrant the medical necessity of screening. If you have concerns about your bone health, talk to your healthcare provider or call our Fracture Prevention Clinic at 336.716.8092.


Rounding out the trio of vital screenings is Low-Dose CT Lung Screening – one of the newest tools available for finding early stage lung cancer when it’s most treatable. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging offers a Lung Cancer Screening Program for patients who are at high risk, and connects them to advanced care if concerning findings are seen. Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in the United States for both men and women, and its symptoms often don’t develop until the cancer reaches an advanced stage. Once it spreads to other parts of the body, it is difficult to cure; therefore, screening before symptoms develop is very important.

“Lung screening is a simple CT scan capable of detecting lung cancer early when it can be cured,” explains Christina Bellinger, MD, Associate Professor and Director of the Interventional Pulmonary program at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

For patients over age 50 with smoking risk factors, commercial insurance typically covers annual screenings – but check your individual policy to confirm coverage. Annual CT Lung Screenings are suggested for adults ages 50 to 80, who have a 20-pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging is located at 861 Old Winston Road, Kernersville, and in Winston-Salem, at 265 Executive Park Boulevard. Call 336.765.5722 to schedule an appointment, and visit WakeHealth.edu/imaging for more information on services offered at both locations. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Mammography, bone density and CT lung screenings are available at both the Winston-Salem and Kernersville locations.

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Making Dollars, Making $ense

Answering Your

Kids Toughest Money Questions

Kids ask tough questions about money. It’s how they learn. As a parent, these are teachable moments that offer a chance to impart some financial wisdom to them.

Start by asking them questions for clarification. After all, “Why does a lawyer always answer a question with a question?” Answer: “Why shouldn’t a lawyer answer a question with a question?”

While you want to be forthright with them, you both learn more by asking questions. This gives you perspective on why they are asking and helps them develop critical thinking abilities. Consider these types of clarifying questions:

• Why do you ask?

• What do you mean by that?

• What does “rich” mean to you?

• What do you think you’ll do for work when you get older?

• How do your friends spend their money?

Even with the best questions, you’ll still want to be prepared with some answers of your own. Think of answering honestly, but ageappropriately. Here are some of the more common questions we hear:

Are we rich?

Explain that being “rich” means different things to different people and that you are very fortunate to have the resources that you do. This is also a great time to remind them that wealth is not the only indicator of happiness or success and that you value many other things in life such as our relationships, experiences and personal growth.

Can I have (expensive item)?

Explain that even wealthy families have budgets and that not all expenses are justifiable. You can also use this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of making wise financial decisions and understanding the true value of money.

How much money do you make?

“None of your business” is a possible response, but not the appropriate one. Disclosing a number isn’t usually wise either.

Explain that most adults don’t share how much money they make. Use this as an opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of a healthy relationship with money. Understanding its role in our lives can help them make wise decisions as they grow up.

Why can’t we go on a big vacation like my friend’s family?

Explain that different families have different priorities and financial situations. While it may not be possible to go on a big vacation at the moment, you can focus on making other fun memories and experiences together as a family.

How much does our house cost?

It’s not necessary to disclose the specific cost of your home. You can explain that owning a home is an important investment and that you are working hard to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for your family to live.

Can I have an allowance?

If you decide to give your child an allowance, explain that it’s important to use it wisely and to save some of it for future goals. You can also talk about ways they can earn extra money by doing chores or other tasks around the house.

What would happen if you lost your job?

It’s important to reassure your child that even if a challenging situation were to arise, you would find a way to get through it together as a family. Additionally, it can be helpful to use this as an opportunity to teach your child about the importance of saving money and having an emergency fund, as well as the value of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Remember that the key to answering tough money questions is to be honest, open and sensitive to your child’s age and maturity level. By having these conversations early and often, you can help your children develop a healthy and positive relationship with money that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Marzano Capital Group is an other business name of Independent Advisor Alliance, LLC. All investment advice is offered through Independent Advisor Alliance LLC, a registered investment advisor. Independent Advisor Alliance is a separate entity from LPL Financial.
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The for Women


The Legacy Foundation for Women is gearing up for International Women’s Month, and we are making history again with Women in the City and the International Women’s Legacy Parade.

Women have made an impact on our local community for decades. These contributions have been seen throughout the medical field, education, community services, business, ministry, media and many more. Women have long played a vital role in the history of our communities.

For some years, the Legacy Foundation for Women, a grassroots 501c3 philanthropic organization, has served as an organization that is dedicated to telling the stories and recognizing pioneering and trailblazing women that are leaving a legacy in the community.

Although the foundation’s mission is to celebrate women and girls of color, during the month of March, our initiative expands beyond women of color. Each March, our foundation hosts its International Women’s Campaign, “Women in the City,” in celebration of all women for International Women’s Month.

During the month of March, the foundation invites women of all races and cultures to stand in celebration of the triumphs that women have made. The month-long celebration challenges women to show acts of kindness to other women throughout the month with its kickoff salute on Tuesday, March 8th, International Women’s Day. On that day, the foundation invites all women to pause for a moment of silence at 9:00am in salute to women throughout history that have made an impact on others. Saturday, March 9th at 1:00pm is the International Women’s Legacy Parade of the Triad, held in downtown Winston-Salem ending at Corpening Plaza. The purpose of the celebration is to empower and highlight the development of women in many capacities. The 2024 Grand Marshal is Councilmember Barbara Burke. This parade is supported and sponsored by several local businesses and organizations such as the City of Winston-Salem, Truliant Federal Credit Union, Novant Health, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Piedmont Federal Saving Banking, Caudill’s Electric, Girl on the Roof, Flow Mini and Flow Automotive.

“The Legacy Foundation for Women is proud to host and empower women and girls in the community,” said Dr. Alicia Bailey, founder of the organization. “We hope that little girls all over our community will attend the parade to see women doing amazing things in many different capacities. It’s going to be great!” For more information on the International Women’s Legacy Parade of the Triad and Legacy Foundation for Women, please visit legacyfoundationforwomen.com.

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Join us for a free vein consultation. RSVP required.

With a simple, painless vein check, our doctors can

experiencing any of the leg symptoms below, Novant Health Vein Specialists can help.

If you experience:

• Swelling in your legs

• Leg pain and discomfort

• Tired or heavy legs

• Bulging veins

• Spider veins

• Skin discoloration

your way to healthy, great looking legs this year


3250 Homestead Club Drive • Winston-Salem, NC (336) 770-2024 • Homestead-Hills.com Independent Living • Assisted Living Memory Care • Skilled Nursing • Rehab The PERFECT RETIREMENT
Free vein
Kernersville and High Point
March 2024 | 55


While I don’t often indulge in pork chops, I saw some beautiful bone-in/porterhouse chops at the store and decided to give them a go. Anytime you can choose between boneless and bone-in, I have to go with the bone-in for that extra flavor. The combo of the flavorful marinade and the tangy sauce really complements each other well, and it’s definitely something I’ll be making again!


• 2 porterhouse/bone-in pork chops

• Cackalacky pepper powder seasoning

• 1/2 cup yellow mustard

• 3 T white vinegar

• Juice from 1 lemon

• 2 T minced garlic

• 1 tsp. cayenne pepper

• 1 tsp. chopped cilantro

Sauce (to top with after cooking) ingredients:

• ¾ cup yellow mustard

• ½ cup honey

• ½ cup apple cider vinegar

• ¼ cup brown sugar

• 2 T ketchup

• 2 tsp. Worcestershire

• 1 tsp. garlic powder

• ½ tsp. salt

• Few dashes of Texas Pete (or any kind) hot sauce


1. Season the pork chops generously with Cackalacky pepper powder or any kind of BBQ seasoning.

2. In a bowl, mix yellow mustard, white vinegar, lemon juice, minced garlic, cayenne pepper and chopped cilantro.

3. Coat the pork chops evenly with the marinade mixture, and let them rest in the fridge for a few hours, allowing the flavors to infuse.

Cooking Process:

1. Preheat your smoker or oven to 250°F.

2. Smoke the pork chops for approximately 35-40 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 135°F.

3. While the chops are smoking, prepare the searing station by firing up a charcoal or regular grill or a hot cast iron pan until it reaches a temperature in the 650-700° range.

4. Once the chops are done cooking in the first part, transfer them to the hot grill for a quick sear, about 2 minutes per side, until they develop a beautiful crust and reach an internal temperature of 145-150°F.

5. Lastly, you’ll let them rest for 5-7 minutes while you prepare the sauce to put on top after you slice them up!


1. In a saucepan, combine yellow mustard, honey, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt and a dash (or 2-3) of hot sauce.

2. Simmer the sauce over low heat until it thickens slightly, stirring occasionally.

For more recipes and demos, follow Tanner on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook @919backyardbbq

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Celebrating the centennial year of the American Heart Association Platinum Sponsor: Signature Sponsor: Live Fierce Life is Why Sponsor: Legacy Stables and Events 4151 Thomasville Road Winston-Salem, NC Get your tickets for the TRIAD HEART BALL April 26, 2024 6:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Scan to purchase tickets or visit! www.heart.org/triadheartball

Winston-Salem has a rich history rooted in tobacco. The tobacco plant was first introduced to the Tar Heel State when settlers moved from Virginia to North Carolina in 1663. Due to our region’s climate and soil, other crops struggled to grow. Thanks to our dry and sandy soil, tobacco flourished. As the years passed, the demand for the plant grew in North Carolina and colonial opportunists quickly saw tobacco as their entry into the European tobacco market. During this time, European colonists viewed tobacco as a luxury from Spain. Now, settlers in North Carolina were able to use their newly-grown crop as a way to make money. The boom of the tobacco business soon became simultaneous with North Carolina, our economy and culture and spread throughout all parts of our state. James B. Duke founded the American Tobacco Company in Durham, and R.J. Reynolds created the well-known tobacco company under his own name in Winston-Salem, and that is where our story starts.

A Look Inside the Life and Mysterious Ending of Zachary Smith Reynolds

biggest achievement in 1931. From December 1931 to April 1932, Reynolds accomplished the longest point-to-point solo circumnavigational trip at that time. He traveled from London to Hong Kong, while visiting the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Syrian Desert and India in between. But, this success was also met with challenges. Reynolds couldn’t complete the last 270 miles and had to throw supplies off the plane in order for it to take off. Engine damage occurred, and he actually arrived in Hong Kong on an oil ship, rather than in his plane. Nevertheless, the trek was worth noting.

Richard Joshua Reynolds (R.J. Reynolds) founded the second-largest tobacco company, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, in 1875. As the son of a tobacco farmer, R.J. Reynolds built a legendary company and factory, producing the first national popular cigarette, Camel cigarettes. Today, the company still exists. Along with creating a long-lasting business, Reynolds married Katharine Smith in 1905 and had four children: Richard Joshua, Jr., Nancy Susan, Mary Katharine and Zachary Smith. All of their children lived fulfilling and interesting lives. Yet, the short life of Zachary Smith Reynolds is one that intrigues many people.

Born on November 5, 1911, Zachary Smith, commonly referred to as Z. Smith or just Smith, was the youngest son of R.J. and Katharine Reynolds. While Smith is recognized for his skills as an amateur aviator, many people connect his name to the mystery surrounding his death on July 6, 1932. Growing up, Smith first lived in the family’s home on West Fifth Street before moving permanently to their country estate, the current Reynolda House. On July 29, 1918, his father, R.J. Reynolds passed away and, in 1924, his mother, Katharine, passed away. Now, being raised by his stepfather, John Edward Johnston, and his uncle, William Neal Reynolds, Smith spent a summer visiting Europe and South America, and the school years at Woodberry Forest, a male boarding school in Virginia before switching to Reynolds High School and eventually dropping out at the age of 15 to work at Reynolds Aviation. In 1928, Reynolds obtained his private pilot’s license, and his love for flying continued to grow when he received his transport pilot’s license and Airframe and Engine mechanic’s license just a year later. He became the youngest person in the United States to hold a transport pilot’s license at only the age of 17. Yet, greater success came with his

In addition to his triumphs in aviation, Reynolds first married Anne Ludlow Cannon in 1929. This marriage resulted in divorce only two years later and produced one daughter. Later, in 1931, Reynolds married Libby Holman. The marriage between Reynolds and Holman was troublesome and only lasted a year. After a night of partying, the sound of gunshots rang through the Reynolda House estate during the early morning hours of July 6, 1932. Reynolds was found with a gunshot wound to his head on the east sleeping porch of the house and soon died.

Prior to the shooting, a 21st birthday party had been held in honor of Reynolds’ friend at the Lake Katharine boathouse on the estate. Guests included Reynolds, Holman and their friend Albert “AB” Bailey Walker, who was a childhood friend and personal assistant. Supposedly, Holman and Walker were having an affair and killed Reynolds together. At first, the death was ruled as a suicide by the Forsyth County coroner. However, the investigation showed that the bullet was fired by a person or unknown persons, suggesting that Reynolds was murdered instead. Walker and Holman, being two of the few guests remaining at the house at that time, were considered suspects and were indicted on first-degree murder charges with Holman as the murderer and Walker an accomplice.

No one ever found out about how Reynolds’ life truly ended. Was it murder or suicide? His uncle, William Neal Reynolds, fought the district attorney to close the case by stating that it was a suicide and to drop the charges. Eventually, the prosecutor did so, also in part due to the lack of evidence. No trial was ever held and neither Holman or Walker were officially charged. In 1971, Holman committed suicide after years of living with the trauma of this event. Walker passed away in 1954 from lung cancer.

After his death, Reynolds’ siblings formed the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and, in 1942, the Miller Municipal Airport was renamed the Smith Reynolds Airport. Still to this day, no one knows what happened the night of July 6, 1932, and no one ever will. The mysterious ending of the life of an heir to a tobacco fortune will also remain just that, a mystery.

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LEAD Girls of NC, a non-profit organization based in Winston-Salem for at-risk middle-school girls, announces five new appointments to its Board of Directors. “At LEAD, we focus on providing young girls in Forsyth County with the tools and resources they need to become productive citizens and active leaders in their communities,” said Joy Nelson Thomas, founder and executive director of LEAD Girls. “Through their own professional and community experiences, our board members are a dynamic expression of leadership at work. We are so grateful that they are choosing to invest their time, talents and energy in our organization.”



Jasmine Pitt is an attorney with Akerman LLP specializing in commercial litigation in state and federal courts. She is the Vice President of the Forsyth County Bar Association/31st Judicial Bar and serves on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys. Jasmine also is on the Board of Directors for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Piedmont Triad and the Rose Council at Wake Forest School of Law, her alma mater. Jasmine is a Winston-Salem native and West Forsyth High School graduate. “I enjoy serving my community and actively engaging and participating in leadership development programs,” said Pitt. “I’m excited to join the Board of Directors for LEAD Girls and support the impressive work they do for young girls in Forsyth County.”

Lucia Higgins is the Director, Philanthropy and Public Relations for Family Services, Inc. Prior to joining Family Services, she worked for 17 years in the Admissions Office of Salem Academy. Higgins serves on the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Triad Chapter and has been a volunteer with LEAD for several years. “I began my volunteer work with LEAD through the Marketing Committee and event planning for LEAD’s annual Soiree event,” she said. “I look forward to being more involved with the mission and work of LEAD through the Board of Directors.”


Camille Davenport is a Regional HR Business Partner for CompassOne Healthcare providing strategic HR support for the organization’s more than 7,500 associates across 18 states. Davenport has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources and leadership development. “I look forward to supporting the work of LEAD Girls as a board member and ensuring that girls of all ages come to know who they are and to discover the beauty and power that they possess,” she said.

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Masonne Sawyer is Vice President of College & Career Readiness & Holistic Success Services at Forsyth Technical Community College with a focus on developing and implementing programs that directly relate to improving student success, persistence and retention. Sawyer completed her college transfer degree at Forsyth Tech before obtaining her bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Gardner-Webb University and her Master of Science in Psychology from Capella University. Her community volunteer work includes serving on the Board of Directors for Experiment in Self- Reliance, The Trinity Center and the North Carolina American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network. She is Chair of the Education Day Committee for Leadership Winston-Salem and very involved with her church. “I look forward to being more involved with LEAD Girls of NC,” she said. “Through my professional work and volunteer service, I’ve always been strongly committed to mentoring and coaching young women to be strong, bold and courageous leaders.”


Dr. Victoria Burgos serves as a Talent and Development Consultant to Forsyth County focusing on professional growth and organizational excellence. Previously, she was Dean of Students of her alma mater, Salem College. Previously, she was Dean of Students of her alma mater, Salem College. Dr. Burgos received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the College of St. Mary in Omaha. Her lived experiences as a daughter of immigrants and first-generation college student have infused her professional pursuits with a passion for flattening barriers to educational access. “Throughout my professional life and volunteer work, I’ve had the opportunity to serve students in a variety of settings and age groups from kindergarten to adulthood,” said Dr. Burgos. “I’m excited to support the impactful work of LEAD Girls in our community as a member of its board.”

Founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 2015, LEAD Girls of NC is dedicated to providing the tools and resources that low-income/at-risk preteen girls must have to become productive citizens and active leaders in their communities. LEAD (Learning Everyday Accomplishing Dreams) uses an evidence-based curriculum in partnership with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and through community-based programs to encourage and mentor girls to aspire and achieve greatness academically, emotionally and creatively. LEAD envisions a world where every girl has the confidence, social skills and leadership ability she needs to become an independent, financially stable woman. Change a girl. Change a community. Change the world.

Learn more at Leadgirls.org.

submit yourself or someone you know to be featured! Tinyurl.com/ forsythwomanwom

Hustle & Heart

Unleashing the Power of Hyper-Local Collaborations

This column is meant to serve as a resource for readers who seek inspiration and knowledge for building their own small business brands. Through actionable advice, find the encouragement to help you keep living your life with hustle and heart.

It’s no surprise that online relationships and virtual networking have become a staple in redefining collaborations for small business owners. While this is a great growth strategy, if you’re only leaning into online partnerships, you’re missing out on the power of hyper-local collaborations within your own community!

Building strong connections with fellow entrepreneurs and local brands not only fosters a sense of unity but can open doors to unique opportunities that transcend virtual online collaborations, as well. This month, I’m sharing how to explore hyper-local strategies to help cultivate newfound support, sales and a devoted local following regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar or online business.


The very first thing you need to do in your business is take time to identify potential partners within your community. You want to look for businesses that complement rather than compete with your own. For example, a boutique owner may consider collaborating with a local jewelry designer or a nearby coffee shop for a joint event or promotion rather than another boutique. Take some time to get intentional and think about your customers, how you serve them with your offers and what they find valuable. What local service providers, artists, culinary businesses, nonprofits, etc. would make for excellent candidates for partnerships that can enrich both your business and the community? Think about which ones align well with your own customer base and offering.


Once you’ve identified potential collaborators, the next step is initiating contact with them! Get excited to reach out personally, and make them feel like your outreach is truly a meaningful connection. If you want to take it a step further, make time to attend local networking events, workshops and community gatherings to meet potential collaborators in person. You never know when you might “click” instantly and can create a next step together right then and there. Alternatively, you can leverage social media platforms to express your interest in collaborating with specific businesses. Feel free to slide into their DMs with a warm, personalized message explaining who you are, why you’re reaching out, the potential mutual benefits and, of course, a next step such as a Zoom coffee date.



Truly successful collaborations hinge on aligning goals and values! The last thing you want to do is create a partnership that feels inauthentic to who you are and what beliefs your business is built upon. Before committing to collaborate for anything, think about both of your customer bases to see if there’s alignment. For example, if sustainability is a key

value for both businesses, a collaborative event centered around eco-friendly practices could be a powerful way to connect with the community. Maybe you’re big on body positivity as a personal trainer and partner with a local clothing brand that’s all about promoting healthy living and supporting women at every size.


When you think about hyper-local collaborations, one of the most effective ways to create a long lasting impact is through hosting events and creating memorable experiences. When you can get people in a room, the ability to create trust and connection can happen much faster than virtual experiences. Collaborative events with other local businesses can attract a diverse audience and generate buzz around your brand, offer or launch. Consider organizing something together like a workshop, pop-up shopping event or themed gathering that showcases the unique offerings of each collaborator. This not only fosters community engagement but also leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

Remember, building hyper-local collaborations can create authentic relationships in your business that can help fuel new customer relationships, build trust and connection, bring in increased sales and feel incredibly fulfilling.


This month, get offline and reach out to a few local business owners in your community that feel right! Think about how you could envision partnering together and what would feel both exciting and lucrative. Send an invitation for a coffee date, Zoom meeting or whatever feels right to kickoff your collaboration!

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The Big Splash & the Ripples that Follow

It’s a rite of passage. The bravest and most daring feat a kid in the summertime of life can conquer. Slightly queasy, you sway a little as you peek over the edge. Your first time off the diving board into The Deep End. You curl your toes and hold your breath in anticipation. It’s your turn. This is your moment, everyone’s watching. The lifeguard gives you a nod and before you can rethink this momentous decision, you’re racing down the diving board, the scratchy surface tickling your feet as you run. A joyful “Yahoo?!” breaks free from your mouth as you jump, plunging into the cool depths of your neighborhood pool. Waves erupt, ripples flutter outward. The smell of sweet victory and chlorine burns your nose as you surface to see friends rejoicing in your achievement, your bravery. You’re a kid and you just jumped.

Throughout life we make leaps. Many that are, admittedly, more impactful than braving the diving board, but they still make you queasy at the prospect. Decision made: a splash, and ripples follow, expanding and affecting the state and actions of others long after our initial jump. As we live our lives, we begin to realize how much our decisions affect others in the long and short term, so our leaps become more calculated and are sometimes merely a toe in the water, causing minimal disturbance.

When planning for retirement, decisions seem to never end. Every turn leads to another pivotal moment that will affect the future. “Should we downsize?”, “Should we move closer to the kids?”, “Does my spouse need additional care?”. As these important decisions knock on the door and peep through the mail slot, we again remember the splash and the ripples that follow.

At Homestead Hills, a 55+ Community thriving in Winston-Salem, we celebrate the ones that make the calculated leaps. When you move into this vibrant community, you’ve made one giant splash from which ripples still expand and touch the main characters of your life, be they your spouse, children, grandchildren, or friends.

With one decision: to choose Homestead Hills as your home, countless future decisions have been cleared from your schedule, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your big splash. Whether it be decisions about home maintenance, housekeeping, or cooking, your Homestead Hills Team is up to the task.

With a full array of Care Services available onsite, thoughts of you or your spouse’s future care needs are met with comfort and security rather than worry. Family and friends are resting easy in knowing you are enjoying the safety and security of a community where a helping hand is available 24/7. Instead of fretting about your well-being they are joining you for a game of pickleball, golf, or just a quiet family dinner in your cozy cottage or villa apartment.

Leaping is not just for the kid conquering their fears at the edge of a diving board. Adults must leap, too, and conquer their fear with retirement decisions. When you choose Homestead Hills, you can be sure you will be cheered on and your big splash and the ripples that follow will bring comfort and joy to you and your loved ones. Call the Lifestyle Advisors at (336) 770-2024. They are ready to answer your questions and be there as you leap.

Visit Homestead-Hills.com for more information 64 | ForsythWoman.com
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Stop Folding Your Underwear


How many times have you been told that it would be a good idea to lower your stress? Typically, those words are coming out of the mouths of your doctors, spouse or a good friend.

Now, after hearing this piece of advice, how many times have you thought to yourself “easier said than done?” I’m guessing it’s been more than a dozen times.

We’ve all heard a plethora of ways to reduce stress. A relaxing bath, a massage, “me time” with a good book and even the newer “Netflix and chill” therapy. These are all great ideas but not always convenient to implement on a regular basis to possibly help you bring your stress levels down a notch or two on a more long-term basis.

Something you might want to consider trying is eliminating small daily annoyances that might be building up and contributing to your stress levels. I’d like to share some out-of-the-box ideas you may not have thought of that might help you along the way.

• Does keeping a clean home stress you out? Keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom so it’s easier to give the mirror a quick wipe down. Reduce kitchen clutter by getting rid of superfluous items. (I’m looking at you, coffee mugs and large, trendy, insulated drink containers!)

• Make your bed every morning. Assigning yourself a chore to do first thing when you are waking up may not sound ideal, but the effort will more than pay off when you are headed to a welcoming, cozy bed after a long day.

• Getting a manicure? Consider using clear polish or keeping the color neutral. This way, minor chips won’t be as noticeable and you won’t feel the urgency to take care of it ASAP.

• If you have kids, encourage them to help with age-appropriate chores. Imagine not having to empty the dishwasher, take out the trash or vacuum on a daily basis. It may take some time for them to develop a new habit, but giving them a way to contribute to taking care of the family home is always a positive!

• When putting away laundry, don’t fold your underwear. I get that some people like to be organized and keep things neat. Wrinkles don’t matter with this piece of clothing. Just throw it in the designated drawer. Done. Bonus: This will also save you a decent amount of time which you can bank towards other to-do items. Do the math; it will surprise you!

• Try to stop automatically assuming that others have negative or bad intentions. It seems lately that most people are hardwired to assume the worst. Don’t take offense when you know deep down that it wasn’t intended. It’s best to keep that weight off your shoulders.

• Politely decline when you are asked to do things that you have no time for or interest in. In the pilot episode of Friends. Joey and Chandler are helping Ross get settled in his new apartment. Joey asks Phoebe if she wants to help and she replies “Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to.” Ok, that response is not exactly polite, but you get the picture. Freeing yourself of unnecessary obligations can be, well, freeing!

Did any of the tips inspire you to make a change or encourage you to come up with some easy ideas on your own? We’d love to hear about it in our Facebook group!

Disclaimer: Author is not a medical professional and this is not intended to be medical advice. Always seek the help of your physician when considering new ways to control your stress.

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What’s TRUST Got To Do With It?

The answer is everything! Trust is the foundation of positive relationships at work and in life. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have much.

When you think about people you don’t trust, what traits and behaviors do they exhibit? Some things that come to mind for me are people who:

• Are disrespectful to others.

• Are not very authentic and shapeshift depending on the group they are with.

• Don’t tell the truth.

• Throw others under the bus.

• Blame others or circumstances.

• Gossip.

• Take credit for the work of others.

On the flip side, when you think about people you trust, what traits and behaviors do they exhibit? Probably mostly the opposite of the above.


Below are five behaviors to promote trust at work and in life:


Show respect – Respect is defined as treating people in a way that shows you care about their well-being and consider them to be people of worth. Disrespectful behaviors include gossiping, bullying, not listening, being close-minded, not keeping your word, withholding information and acting like you are superior. Remember the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

2 Be authentic – This means living your life according to your own values and goals, rather than those of other people. It is being true to yourself, regardless of the pressure you are under to act otherwise.

3 Demonstrate integrity – C.S. Lewis defines integrity as doing the right thing for the right reason, even when no one is looking. The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer meaning whole or complete. It is an inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistent character. Integrity includes a sense of honesty, dependability and consistency of character. People with integrity adhere to company policies. They own up to their mistakes. They are honest and don’t tell untruths. They are true to their values. They are trustworthy and dependable.

4 Demonstrate humility – Humility is an important quality that doesn’t get a lot of press because it is sometimes linked with weakness or being subservient. C.S. Lewis says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” Humble people put others’ needs before their own. They understand that they are not the smartest person in every room and realize that they don’t need to be. They encourage people to speak up, respect differences of opinion and try to see things from the others’ perspectives. When things go wrong, they admit their mistakes and take responsibility. When things go right, they pass the credit to others.

5 Extend trust to others – This involves giving others the benefit of the doubt and trusting them. Keep in mind that no one likes to be micromanaged at work or personally – and you don’t have to be a manager or a parent to micromanage. Micromanaging is being overly involved in others’ work or what they are doing in their lives.

In conclusion, trust has everything to do with it! Take inventory of how you are doing in these five behavior areas and make adjustments where needed to improve your relationships and your life.

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Shopping with a Purpose at Pinwheels Thrift Store and Family Center

Can a thrift store be a boutique?

Can Michael Kors clothes or Coach bags be cheap? Can you really find anything good for $1 these days?

Winston Salem’s newest family store is answering “yes” to all this! Pinwheels Thrift Store and Family Center opened its doors to the public November 1, 2023, but its founding agency has been caring for families in the Triad for 40+ years.

The Parenting PATH, formerly Exchange Club/SCAN, has been supporting families and preventing child abuse since 1981. While the agency’s core mission is to prevent child abuse, our 18 programs and services encompass more than that. We teach new parents about child safety, child development and how to strengthen their growing family. We help teens and parents rebuild strained relationships after delinquency, truancy and social pressures. We provide counseling services to children that have already endured trauma or abuse. And, we help connect all families to resources throughout the area so that, even when they finish a program with us, they still feel supported.

Elizabeth Miller, CEO of The Parenting PATH, sees Pinwheels as an extension of this support. “We wanted to expand both what we provide for our client families and reach the community as a whole,” said Miller. “It’s a way to incorporate our mission and serve even more families in Winston-Salem.”


Just like our founding agency, we serve families with children ages 0-18. Baby equipment including high chairs, pack-n-plays, swings and more. Nursing and feeding items such as cover-ups, new-in-the-box feeding supplies and even baby food makers have all crossed the checkout counter at Pinwheels. Toys are always a hit, and brands like Lovevery, Lego, and Melissa and Doug go fast from inventory.

“The best way to get the good stuff is to follow us on our social media pages,” said Store Manager Jennifer Perkins. “We always showcase the really popular toys and baby items, and those always sell the fastest.”

Women’s clothes and accessories are also big sellers. “We get some amazing donations,” she continues. “Parents come in all the time for the kids’ clothes and then see our adults’ clothes and accessories!”


Pinwheels is the place for you, too! If you like to dig for name brand labels and good deals, you’ll find them here, too. Brands like White House Black Market, Lilly Pulitzer and Brooks Brothers are all on the sweater rack. Need matching Jack Rogers sandals for your baby girl? Check the display case to the right. There’s a pair of Adidas sneakers with the tag still on them on the wall. The list goes on!


There’s too much to brag about! But, even if you’re just strolling through, grab a book or two for your kiddos while you’re here. “Books are always free,” said Elizabeth Miller. “We know that putting books into kids’ hands makes a difference. This is a policy we have been able to support in our agency, and we wanted to extend that to customers at Pinwheels.”


If you love shopping and have a heart for kids, come on in! If you can’t make it to the shop, follow and share us on social media. Donate! It’s better to donate than to accumulate, and we love sharing your used toys, clothes and baby equipment with others.

For more information about Pinwheels missions, donation needs and volunteer opportunities visit PinwheelsWS.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Pinwheels and The Parenting PATH are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Books are always free at our store because we know literacy skills start early and have lasting impacts on kids' futures in school. Pinwheels Thrift Store and Family Center officially opened its doors to the community on November 1, 2023.

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It s Time to ’

These are the faces of Empowered Women!

On March 1, these women will kick off the 3rd Annual #EmpowerHer fundraising campaign for Dress for Success Winston-Salem.

You may think of Dress for Success as a clothing closet, but it’s so much more. It’s an organization that believes deeply in empowering women to improve their lives and move toward economic independence.

Yes, it’s also a place to find that perfect outfit that will build your confidence for a job interview and help build your wardrobe for a new career. Did you know it’s also a place to come to talk to a coach before an interview, to connect with a mentor, and learn new computer skills? Our doors are always open for support and a boost of confidence. Dress for Success is a place every woman is welcomed, and leaves feeling a little more powerful.

We are thrilled to introduce our “EmpowerHer Champions” who will rally allies throughout the community to join this movement. Champions

were selected because they inspire hope, confidence, and resilience among women.

“We are honored to have these #EmpowerHer Champions. They know that when we all help a little – the outcome is enormous,” says Robin Ervin, executive director. “We want everyone to be a part of this. It doesn’t matter how much you give. What matters is that you believe in empowering women.”


• Studies show that when a woman is employed, as many as six individuals in her household may follow out of poverty.

• 25% of women who participate in a mentoring program receive pay increases, compared to only 5% without mentors.

• Dress for Success’ critical work helps women gain and sustain employment and develop support systems.

“Women like me are really trying to get ahead in life. I needed a little help and encouragement — and that’s what I received at Dress for Success!”



Chelsea Cullen

Communications Director, Artera Services South Gas Division

“As I progress in my own personal and professional journey, I am so grateful to all the women who have supported me along the way. Every woman should have the opportunity to feel confident and capable in pursuing her goals.”

Denise (DD) Adams

Mayor Pro Tempore

“Empowering women to overcome the effects of bias, poverty, and poor health, they can and will live full and productive lives – for themselves, their children, families, and communities. I will always use my voice and my influence to advocate for laws and resources that ensure their needs are met.”

72 | ForsythWoman.com


Amy Taylor North Candidate for NC House

“As an advocate for women in this community for 20 years, I know that women are often underestimated and overlooked. It’s crucial that women support one another at every stage in life, business, and all economic situations. I grew up in a working-class family where women then and women now have lifted me up, and I’m thrilled to be part of this group of women helping women.”

Minnie Ervin

Business Owner, Ervins Beauty Services

“Nothing is about me but about helping other women. The collective value of women hasn’t been fully reached but when it is, that will be powerful! I have a great granddaughter. I want her to be strong, confident — to be a living example. That’s what I hope my legacy and the legacy of all women will be.”

Martha Albertson

Community Connector & Educator

“Sometimes it takes a while to realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. As an educator, I’ve seen how valuable education and encouragement can be in helping people realize their worth and excel. I love this mission of empowering women and I’m excited to be a Champion for #EmpowerHer.”

Mary Jamis

President, M Creative

“It’s always been a priority for me in my personal and professional life to lift up other women— to do what I can to encourage and cheer women on. That’s why Empower Her is so important to me. It’s yet one more opportunity to demonstrate the power of women supporting each other.”

Hannah Albertson

Sr. VP – Financial Crimes, Truist

I am passionate about Dress for Success because it speaks to my heart deeply. When we allow women to envision more for their future, we open a world of possibilities that positively impact her family and community. Empowerment is everything!

Raven Scott Consultant/Coach

“I am a Dress for Success Winston-Salem board member because I believe in the power of women. I know that empowered women can change not only their lives for the better but the lives of their entire families and communities.”

Nancy Young

Retired Executive, HanesBrands

“I was fortunate to have a mother who, at age 48 and widowed, began a journey towards her life-long dream of becoming a nurse. Her courage and determination taught me a lot. I also learned lessons watching women who rallied, encouraged and supported her. Empowered women can change the world, their communities, and their homes.”

Marni Eisner Consultant

“It is important to me to empower women because when women have the support and resources to succeed, they can contribute fully to society, drive innovation, and serve as powerful agents of positive change, benefiting everyone in the process.”

March 2024 | 73

An Evening of inspiration in the Twin City

In the heart of Winston-Salem, where compassion meets action, stands The Salvation Army, a beacon of hope that has illuminated the lives of countless individuals for over a century.

In 2023, it welcomed 105 Boys & Girls Club members, supplied 15,000 nights of shelter for unhoused children and families, served 223,000 hot, nutritious meals, and sponsored more than 1,200 children under the Angel Tree program.

Now, The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem is aiming higher with a new $500,000 project—a teen center at the Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club, fostering the growth of young adults. This initiative represents a commitment to the future, a pledge to empower the next generation and shape leaders who will continue to make a positive impact.

The Salvation Army cordially invites the community to support the new endeavor and its other programs at the fifth annual Hands and Hearts Dinner on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 6 p.m., at the Boys & Girls Club in Winston-Salem.

It is promised to be an extraordinary event! Brace yourself for engaging tours, artwork by the renowned Leo Rucker, an enchanting silent auction, and a delectable meal from Village Tavern—all hosted by 102 JAMZ, 98.7 SIMON, and 97.1 QMG.

Don’t miss the opportunity to Do The Most Good by becoming a sponsor at this year’s event. Your sponsorship at various levels ensures their mission thrives while offering benefits like branding visibility, event tickets, social media shoutouts, and signature gifts. It’s more than just an investment in a singular event; it‘s an investment in the well-being and future of our community.

scan to buy a ticket or become a sponsor today

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My Favorite City:

How the ancient city of Matera has flown under travelers’ radars for so many years is a foreign concept to me, as I have found it to be one of the most fascinating and stunning cities imaginable. Matera is so beautiful and packed with so much history that it became the location for the filming of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. While you won’t find a McDonald’s in town, and those with limited mobility may find navigating the hills and cobblestones surrounding the city’s cave dwellings troublesome, simply sipping a glass of local wine on a terrace overlooking the ravine in the old town is well worth the trek.

Although I am no history expert, I researched much of Matera prior to my first visit in November 2021. Believed to be the third oldest city in the world, Matera’s past is likely to surprise most tourists. Formerly known as “the shame of Italy,” Matera sat in Italy’s poorer region of Basilicata, having been destitute and ridden with malaria and poverty. Famished families were living alongside malnourished cattle in cave dwellings, and quality doctors were few and far between. Carlo Levi wrote the famous novel “Christ Stopped at Eboli” to recount his eye-opening experience as a resident of Matera and seeing the city’s squalor firsthand. After speaking out about his concerns regarding the fascist regime in Italy during the dictatorships of Hitler and Mussolini, Levi was exiled from the northern part of Italy to Matera in 1935. Without Levi’s book gaining so much traction and drawing attention to the horrendous conditions in the town, it is unlikely that Matera would be the beauty it is today. In 1952, the Italian government forced an evacuation of the city as the inhumane conditions failed to improve. While flying under the radar and essentially abandoned for years, families of its former residents eventually revisited the ghost town and succeeded in reestablishing their roots. In 1993, Matera’s cave city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is only gaining popularity with the rise of social media.

In order to preserve its ancient beauty, it is imperative that modern creature comforts such as convenient parking and highways never infiltrate the beloved city. My advice? Ditch the car altogether. On my first visit, I took a bus ride from Bari to a bus station within a 30-minute walk of the old town, where my Airbnb was located. I made the hike with my backpack at night, walking through the more modern parts of the city until stumbling upon my stay, where I was greeted by a friendly man and two cats to unlock the guest house for me. Navigating Matera without Google Maps would be virtually impossible for a first-timer, and even Google Maps doesn’t always prevail within the city’s old cobblestone streets. Be prepared to walk up many steps and hills, and be mindful of slippery stones with rain – I almost took a tumble or two myself.

There is also an option to get to the city via train, however, this is a trickier option for non-locals. On my second visit, I took the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane train line from Bari Central Station into Matera Central Station; however, the ride wasn’t without hiccups. I was not aware or informed that there would be a transfer, as I was almost positive I had purchased a direct ticket. I missed my

transfer (of course) and ended up in the tiny rural city of Gravina in Puglia for an hour until I was able to catch the next train to Matera. As it turns out, Gravina in Puglia is also a stunning town and also the film site of James Bond 007.

There is nowhere quite as quiet as Matera at dusk; it truly cannot be described until you experience the piercing silence at night yourself. Cats roam around freely and frequently, while hikers in the ravine can be spotted from many restaurant terraces while enjoying an afternoon espresso. On my first visit, I successfully hiked across the recently renovated bridge towering over the river to get to the other side of the ravine. After a relatively short and steep hike, I was able to explore the cave dwellings and see an unmatched view of Matera from the top.

Matera is well-known for its tasty bread with a crisp crust. Most of the restaurants I found in Matera were top-notch, including Tierra, where I was fortunate enough to feast on unique entrees incorporating horse meat, quail and truffle-based dishes. Another one of my favorite spots, La Grotta nei Sassi, serves up some of the best veal I have ever tasted with a fantastic pear and ricotta cheesecake to finish off the meal. After dinner, head to Roger the Club for a cocktail or two and exceptional customer service from a staff who treats each other and its customers like family.

Although I know there are more places I need to explore, each year, I feel a tug in my heart to return to Matera. I haven’t decided exactly when or if I will return for a third time, but Matera is never far from my mind.

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Ann Garner Riddle

GIFTING... and Letting Go

It’s March, and if you’re reading this on a cold, wet, windy day, you may be feeling a bit antsy, eager to shed the layers and to throw yourself into the promising season ahead. I knew once February passed that I’d have to counter these familiar pangs of restless anticipation in a productive way. So, I decided to shift gears by thinking about how I’d made my life better over the past few months and landed on a few predictable things: I’d gotten back on track with eating right and getting in my exercise. And, I’d acquired a luscious, diverse stack of books to devour over the next few months, along with several new recipes to try. Pretty good! But, there is one rather unexpected way that I’d improved my life – and it all started back in early December.

As our family and closest friends live hither and yon, we spend a good deal of time at the post office mailing letters, gifts and personalized packages of all sorts. But this holiday, my husband, Dean, decided that rather than go the predictable, easy online shopping route, he would begin letting go of treasured items by giving them to loved ones now. A beautiful pencil drawing he had sketched up in Cape Cod nearly 20 years ago came off our wall to be carefully packaged and shipped. So went an antique beer tankard and even a couple of large-scale floral paintings. All I could think of was

“WOW!” It wasn’t at all lost on me that these weren’t things bound for Goodwill; they were precious in some unique way.

Moved by Dean’s act of meaningful generosity, I began to consider the treasures that I wanted others to enjoy. Yes, it’s customary to bequeath “the good stuff” upon one’s passing, but “why not let go and gift what I have right now?” I quickly observed that Dean’s unexpected generosity was deeply felt by those on the receiving end of his unexpected gifting.

As usual, when moved by fresh insight and stirred to action, I called my sister:

“You know that garnet ring I bought at the Czech center in Cedar Rapids way back when?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I want to give it to Megan.” (My sister’s daughter)

“Aww, that’s sweet.”

“No, I mean that I want to give it to her now, surprise her. And, if it doesn’t fit, she can give it to Holly.” (My sister’s granddaughter)

“Wow. That is really cool. She will be so surprised.”

Okay, so you may be thinking that this “strategy” is just another spin on decluttering. Well, yes, in a purely practical way, it is. But there’s a difference: when you let go of something that has emotional resonance for you, that has a story behind it, you gift a piece of your heart.

As we grapple with our abundance –maybe even our embarrassment of riches – against the backdrop of life with an expiration date, we can choose letting go instead of holding on. It’s why an antique necklace found its way to a friend who had admired it, as did those brocade Prada platform shoes that can be enjoyed by my niece in the here and now, instead of wistfully gathering dust in the museum of yesterday’s shoe closet.

I know I’ll make several new choices in 2024 that will contribute to making my life better. Near the top of the list will be gifting...and letting go.

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Empowering Ourselves Through This March

With the harshest winter months behind us, March is the perfect month to set aside time for self-care. This is primarily why this month is National Self-Care Month – a whole month dedicated to encouraging individuals to develop and strengthen obtainable self-care goals. Whether it be altering a diet to become healthier or beginning a gratitude journal at night to become more mindful, there are countless ways you can feel more fulfilled by taking care of yourself.

Self-care is a positive way to uplift our bodies, minds and souls through enriching ourselves. However, it can be hard to stop everything; to take time to better oneself. With the constant pressure from social media, which presents individuals in their best light, we all feel the pressure to be doing more. All this said, our bodies can sense this stress and, if not addressed, the stress will manifest itself in health or emotional problems. Do not let this be the case. Let March be the month that you take charge of taking care of yourself. Keep reading for five self-care ideas to kick start your self-care journey, not only for this month, but for the entire year!

Self-Care Idea #1

Decide on one self-care category to focus on.

According to an article from Peaceful Living Counseling and Professional Services, there are five categories of self-care.

First, up is Physical Self-Care, which deals with nutrition, sleep, exercise, water intake, medication, supplements and breathing. Secondly, there is Lifestyle Self-Care. This aspect deals with structure/routine, goal setting, time in nature and pressure. Thirdly, is Mental/Emotional Self-Care, which deals with positive self-talk/beliefs, journaling, working through grief, psychotherapy and collaborating with a therapist.

Fourth, is People/Support Self-Care, which deals with family, friends, psychiatrist/therapist, minister/rabbi, support group, day treatment and community service. Finally, there is Spiritual Self-Care, which deals with prayer, meditation, spiritual community, forgiveness and finding purpose/ meaning. Consider your life and what area you feel needs the most support, then pick this as the category to focus on.

Self-Care Idea #2

Make a gratitude list.

While this can be a list of things you are grateful for, try making this a list of people for whom you are grateful. After finishing the list, take a step further by deciding how you want to show them your gratitude. From there, write them a handwritten card, send them a funny email, drop them a small gift in the mail, etc. Simply the act of saying “thank you” will make both parties feel amazing.

Self Care

Self-Care Idea #3

Check your finances.

While this self-care idea may not sound like the most fun, it is important to realize where exactly your paycheck is going. While writing down every monthly expense is one method to analyze your spending, there are also a host of different apps tailored to helping individuals discover where they are spending the most. You would be surprised at how you will look at your daily Starbucks runs, or nightly Amazon shopping, afterwards!

Self-Care Idea #4

Clean out the closets!

While the KonMari technique – where you “keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy” – may not be for everyone, there is a deep sense of relief when we can get rid of things we no longer need. You will feel much better knowing your items are helping someone in need, rather than sitting in your closet collecting dust. Cleaning out will not only help get rid of clutter, it will declutter your mind, as well. Consider how pleasant your closet will appear neat and tidy, versus the opposite.

Self-Care Idea #5

Instead of making a vision board, make an achievement one.

While vision boards are great, it is also important to take time to celebrate the items you have already accomplished. For this easy self-care idea, simply take time one day to write down everything you have done of which you are proud. This could be anything from getting your master’s degree, to winning the third grade spelling bee – that is still an achievement to celebrate! Place your list where you can see it, like a mirror where you brush your teeth, on your car dashboard or at work on your desk bulletin board. This is an effortless way to remind you of what an amazing warrior you already are!

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If you are wondering how we do it— it’s because of these folks! These magazines wouldn’t be possible without all of these people (as well as several more not pictured). We bring the saying “it takes a village” to life each month with our incredible team of photographers, writers, designers, account executives, distributors, an event specialist, a social media manager and MORE. We couldn’t be prouder of our team.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, for your dedication each month to make these magazines a valuable resource for our community.

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It’s back! After a four-year hiatus, the Clemmons Rotary Club’s Spring Banquet and Reverse Cash Raffle is making its big return to our community, promising a fun-filled evening with music, dancing, delectable dining and the chance to win incredible prizes – all while supporting vital charitable projects. This much-awaited event promises not only an evening of revelry but also serves as a cornerstone for the Rotary Club’s commitment to charitable activities within our community and beyond.

With a St. Patrick’s Day theme, the evening banquet on Saturday, March 9, 2024, is an invitation to fun and fellowship that has been missing from the area for the last few years. Rotary Club President Charlie Rowe is particularly excited about bringing the Reverse Raffle back.

“The cash raffle is a great evening,” said Rowe. “It’s a fun event and raises a lot of money all at the same time. It’s not only a great social event, it allows us to raise money that goes right back into the community and to benefit our community organizations, as well. The funds we raise at the event are going to allow us to not only maintain the same scholarships we have had at West Forsyth High School but also increase them this year. If we have a successful cash raffle, we’ll also be able to provide additional support to the Jerry Long YMCA this year.”


Throughout the evening, the air will be charged with excitement as guests vie for a chance to win coveted prizes in the Reverse Raffle. In a typical raffle, one ticket is drawn and is called the winner. In the Rotary’s Reverse Raffle, everyone is hoping to be the last ticket drawn. Unlike in other raffles, the last ticket pulled is the $10,000 grand prize winner. To keep things exciting, there are prizes given at intervals along the way as each of the 300 tickets are drawn. As each ticket leaves the barrel, the excitement builds and builds, until the winner of the grand prize is called, a moment that is always electrifying.


Beyond the fun and festivities, the Banquet and Reverse Cash Raffle holds a deeper purpose. As one of the major fundraisers for the Rotary

Club of Clemmons, proceeds from this event play a crucial role in funding the charitable initiatives that benefit various organizations in our community and internationally.

“As a nonprofit executive, I wanted to join a club that was heavily involved in community service,” said Tara O’Brien, CEO of Cancer Services Inc. “After becoming a member of Clemmons Rotary, I was thrilled with just how engaged Rotarians are in making a difference every day. Ultimately, we also receive contributions that help us provide direct services to individuals facing any type of cancer in our community.”

Cancer Services is just one of the many organizations and activities that the Rotary Club of Clemmons supports. Other organizations include the Boy Scouts of America, the Clemmons Food Pantry, Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries, Alzheimer’s Association, Parents of Addicted Loved Ones and Sister to Sister International. The club also provides scholarships to high school seniors from West Forsyth High School and to YMCA Camp Hanes for underprivileged children.

“Speaking as a Rotarian and co-chair for the event,” said Bradley Taylor,” the Banquet and Reverse Raffle is one of our four major annual fundraisers, and all of our fundraisers go to support well over a dozen local community, state and international charitable causes. The impact of the raffle is going to be significant, not just supporting one or two local organizations, but truly impacting thousands of individuals. So, please keep that in mind as we work together to support the mission of Rotary, the mission of the Rotary Club of Clemmons and, of course, furthering the missions of these organizations in our communities.”


Don’t miss your chance to be part of the return of this extraordinary event and make a meaningful impact in our community. Gather your friends and family and get your tickets today. Whether you’re a longtime supporter or attending for the first time, your presence makes a difference.

For more information on the event or to purchase a ticket, speak to a Clemmons Rotarian or visit rotaryclubofclemmons.com/spring2024.

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Music of Simon & Beethoven

Winston-Salem Symphony

Symphony Chorus

WSSU Singing Rams

Wake Forest University Choir

Kathryn Mueller Soprano

Laurel Semerdjian Mezzo

Scott Ramsay Tenor

Jason McKinney Bass

Michelle Merrill Conductor

Chris Gilliam Chorus Director

13 & 14
Chapel | WFU
BREAK THE CHAIN | THE MUSIC OF FLEETWOOD MAC APR 6 | 7:30PM Tickets and more: wssymphony.org Experience Music in a New Way. CHRIS & MIKE MORYKWAS THE NINTH Reynolds Auditorium Gospel and R&B Favorites: NIA IMANI FRANKLIN MAY 11 | 7:30PM Reynolds Auditorium March 2024 | 85

World Compliment Day

I’ll bet that you probably have thoughts like these many times a day:

Wow, she has great hair.

I admire how he manages to get to the gym so often.

Mrs. Kane is just the nicest teacher!

Trish is such a thoughtful friend.

I know that I do. But, we humans tend to keep our kind, appreciative thoughts about others to ourselves. They’re just part of that ongoing chatter in our brains that resides with millions of other daily thoughts. And yet, the impact of our compliments can be quite profound. If you’ve ever received an out-of-the-blue email or a letter in the mail from someone telling you how much a quality of yours, or an action you took impacted them, you know exactly the feeling. It’s one of those “Wow, I never knew how much that meant to her” moments. Or, in the workplace, if you’ve engaged in a teambuilding activity where you anonymously write down something you admire and respect about each of your co-workers, you know how powerful that type of feedback is.

When we take those few seconds to put into words what we notice and value about someone, we:

• Remind them that they are both recognized and appreciated – they’re not “invisible”

• Hold up a positive mirror for them – which impacts self-esteem and self-worth

• Reinforce the expression of the quality or behavior you admire

• Counter some of the “negative” things they may believe about themselves

• Spread good energy and a little more “happy” into their day

• Enhance the bond that we have with them

• Increase the tendency to cooperate and collaborate with one another

And how about the fact that when we compliment someone, it makes both of us feel so darn good?

March 1st 2024

We all share the basic human need to feel appreciated, and we can learn to take those random, appreciative thoughts and turn them into compliments. Here’s how:

1. Look for the good. Challenge yourself to shift from noticing the negatives by actively and attentively looking for the positives in others.

2. Pay heed to those random thoughts. When that reel of compliments starts to play in your brain, take action!

3. Be specific with your words. Tell that person what it is that you appreciate or admire about them. Don’t leave it at “That was awesome.” Make it “Your support was awesome. Thank you!”

4. Ditch the fake compliments. Most of us can sniff out the phony, so don’t demean yourself or waste your breath.

While healthy relationships thrive on mutual appreciation, we can sometimes fall into the habit of nitpicking the negative with those closest to us. You know what I mean. When that’s the case, we unintentionally chip away at the good in them and in the connection we share. We can turn that negative trend around by noticing, then expressing, three sincere compliments a day. For example, I might say to my dear husband:

You did such a good job cleaning that roller on the vacuum. Thanks! I really appreciated that bowl of popcorn you brought me last night. I admire the fact that you don’t complain about taking all of those medications.

Gratitude, appreciation, admiration...all sincere!

World Compliment Day is March 1st. Why not commit to complimenting at least three people that day, then see how many subsequent days you can do the same? Personally, when I’m feeling a little down, complimenting others reminds me that there is so much to celebrate about our fellow humans and plenty of good that I can reflect back to them. Here’s one:

A shout out to the entire staff of Forsyth Magazines who generously express their appreciation for writers like me. Your inspiration keeps my fingers on the keyboard each month!

Scientists have found that being paid a compliment “actually lights up the same parts of your brain that get activated when you get paid a monetary award.”
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Wehear it and see it all the time – people not putting themselves first when needed. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of our own well-being and needs. We get caught up in individual responsibilities, work demands, fulfilling the needs of others and a cycle of just surviving the day without achieving any of our own successes or wants in our lives. We often neglect our own goals and boundaries, thinking we always have to be there for other people. However, embracing the concept of choosing yourself, setting healthy boundaries and moving your life from just surviving to thriving can be impactful.

This concept relates to finding your worth and prioritizing your needs, goals and happiness. It involves making decisions that accomplish your values and passions rather than always catering to others and societal expectations. Choosing yourself doesn’t mean neglecting your responsibilities or ignoring the needs of others. Instead, it’s about finding a balance that creates your happiness and moves you into a thriving time period in your life. This mindset shift can lead to increased self-

confidence, improved mental health and a more satisfying life overall, but it starts with practicing self-awareness.

First, reflect on your values, interests and long-term goals. What brings you joy and fulfillment? What are your priorities in life? Understanding yourself is the first step towards making choices that fulfill your dreams and goals.

Next, set boundaries to define the limits of what you are willing to accept in the various parts of your life including relationships, work and “you” time. Once these boundaries are established, it is important to maintain and commit yourself to them. However, give yourself grace if there are times the boundaries slip.

Moving from surviving to thriving is more than just creating goals and boundaries. It is a well-being approach that requires making changes for your physical, emotional and mental health.

After doing the first two steps, work on prioritizing your selfcare. Incorporate regular self-care practices into your daily routine,

How to Move from Surviving to Thriving Choose You

even if it is just for five minutes. This can include activities such as exercise, napping, meditation, journaling or spending time in nature. It is essential to think of self-care as not a luxury. The lack of self-care is usually what “gets” people. We feel guilty for taking time for ourselves, but it is a necessity for maintaining balance and thriving in life. From there, turn your self-care time into positive habits. Build upon those small moments. For example, turn a daily nap into getting enough sleep at night. These small habits will have huge impacts in the long run.

Invest in personal growth by continuously seeking opportunities for personal and professional development. This could mean pursuing education, learning new skills or exploring hobbies that ignite your passions and build a sense of purpose and fulfillment – one that peoplepleasers can often lack.

Personal growth and cultivating supportive relationships go hand in hand. Find the time to build and nurture relationships that uplift, support you and encourage your growth. These relationships can come from church groups, work, friend

groups and loved ones. Surround yourself with people who respect your boundaries and share your values. These healthy connections contribute to the thriving aspect of your life.

Lastly, embrace the challenges. Instead of merely surviving the challenges thrown your way, view them as opportunities for growth. Develop a mindset that sees adversity as a chance to learn, adapt and become stronger. This shift can empower you to navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience and confidence.

The year is still new. Now is the time to make 2024 a year of thriving, not only surviving. Choose yourself, your goals and your passions. By prioritizing your boundaries, communicating your needs and focusing on personal growth, you are on your way to creating a life that truly represents your authentic self and whom you have always wanted to be. Choosing yourself is a daily, minute-by-minute decision that brings you a life of joy, fulfillment and sense of purpose. Always, remember to choose you!

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Davie Craft Association March 23rd 10am - 4pm presents their Annual Spring Fling Davie Parks and Recreation Gym (old Davie County High School) 151 Southwood Drive Mocksville, NC Local Artisans $1.00 Admission collected at the door to support local Davie County charities Food Trucks available on site! 6255 TownCenter Drive, Clemmons (Located behind First Watch) 336-712-0505 • Fax • B&W & Color Copies • • Mailbox Rentals • Shipping Supplies • • Greeting Cards • Notary Public • • Stamps • Passport Photos • FedEx | DHL | US Postal | UPS March 2024 | 89

Reynolda Rotary Celebrates 40 Years of Service

WINSTON-SALEM – Leaders of Reynolda Rotary Club reflected on four decades of community service during a gala 40th Anniversary Luncheon held at Old Town Club.

Past president Shana Hurt presided, district governor Van Lankford traveled from Mount Airy to participate in the festivities, and 16 former club presidents attended the event.

Gayle Anderson led a memorable segment on “Our Proud History”, during which the names of charter members and past presidents were read aloud by Sara Smith and Taylor Shipley.

Of the 30 original members, three are still active, and Gerald Chrisco, Larry Robbs, and Paul Sinal gave a program that combined humor and history.

Representing the Spirit of Rotary Committee, Darryl Head announced a new award, the Crotts – Burr Award. It honors the “life and legacy” of two Rotarians who were instrumental in starting a new club in 1984, engineer Marcus Crotts and minister David Burr. Head said the committee wanted to honor a man and woman who had made extraordinary contributions during the club’s

first 40 years: he then announced the winners were Warren Steen and Lynn Ebert.

During Steen’s term as president, the club established its 20-year partnership with Cook School. This led to book fairs, tutoring sessions, and the Reynolda Rotary – Big House Gaines Scholarship at WinstonSalem State University and Forsyth Tech Community College. In addition, he has been the local leader in the drive to eradicate polio, serving as chairman of the David Richards Memorial Polio Campaign which provided immunizations for 37,000 children.

Ebert is the club’s long-time executive secretary who has worked with 35 presidents, from Jim Clapper to Michael Clements. Her duties include editing the newsletter, promoting meetings and special events, and serving as liaison with Rotary International. In a surprise announcement, she was named an honorary member of the club.

In true Rotary fashion, attendees brought a huge quantity of food items to the luncheon as part of a one-day community service project. Lloyd Barnhardt took the items to Second Harvest Food Bank, which will coordinate the distribution to needy families throughout Northwest North Carolina.

90 | ForsythWoman.com
Club leaders discussed the impact of the Reynolda Rotary – Big House Gaines Scholarship. Shown are (from left): Gayle Anderson, Greg Brewer, Lynn Ebert, Darryl Head, and Warren Steen.
6301 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC 27023 | 336.946.9128 | FarragoNC.com Uncover the Exceptional: Unique Creations from Local Artists! (336) 409-1133 | yourfirstclasscleaning@gmail.com | @Yourfirstclasscleaning Mom Owned Business • Residential, Commercial, & New Construction One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Options Bonded & Insured Tickets & Information PiedmontJazzAlliance.com SHERYL BAILEY April 13, 2024 BATUQUE TRIO May 17, 2024 experience the VIBE March 2024 | 91

Harnessing Emotional Power, Entrepreneurship, Confidence, and Relationships

As we enter the month of March, the world comes together to honor and celebrate Women’s History Month. This dedicated time allows us to reflect on the incredible achievements, contributions, and progress made by women throughout history. This year, let’s delve into the powerful themes of emotional strength, entrepreneurship, confidence, and the significance of relationships in shaping the narrative of women’s history.


Women have long been recognized for their emotional intelligence, resilience, and ability to navigate complex situations with empathy. Women’s History Month is an opportune time to celebrate the emotional power that has fueled countless advancements. It’s a testament to the strength and grace displayed by women in the face of adversity.

One notable aspect of emotional power is the capacity to create positive change. Throughout history, women have harnessed their emotions to drive social and cultural transformations. From suffragettes fighting for voting rights to activists advocating for gender equality, emotional intelligence has been a driving force behind these movements.

In contemporary society, emotional power is evident in women’s leadership roles across various fields. From politics to business, women are breaking barriers and leveraging their emotional intelligence to foster inclusive environments and sustainable progress.


Women’s entrepreneurship has been on the rise, marking a significant shift in economic landscapes globally. Women-owned

businesses contribute not only to the economy but also bring diversity and innovation to industries. Women’s History Month is an ideal time to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that has empowered women to pursue their passions and make a lasting impact.

The stories of women entrepreneurs serve as inspiration for aspiring business leaders. From tech innovators to sustainable fashion pioneers, these women showcase the power of determination, creativity, and resilience. Their entrepreneurial journeys contribute to a more inclusive and dynamic business world.

By highlighting the achievements of women entrepreneurs, Women’s History Month encourages the support and recognition of female-led businesses. It reinforces the importance of equal opportunities and representation in entrepreneurial endeavors.


Confidence is a key element in the journey of empowerment for women. Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to celebrate the strides made in building confidence and self-esteem. The recognition of women’s accomplishments, both past and present, contributes to a positive shift in societal perceptions.

Throughout history, women have defied expectations and overcome barriers with unwavering confidence. From challenging societal norms to entering male-dominated fields, confident women have paved the way for future generations. Women’s History Month serves as a reminder to nurture and celebrate confidence in all its forms. Building confidence in women is a collective effort that involves challenging stereotypes,

providing mentorship, and fostering a supportive environment. Recognizing and appreciating the confidence of women in various spheres of life contributes to a more equitable and inclusive society.


At the heart of women’s history lies the strength derived from relationships –connections that have fueled movements, sparked change, and forged paths toward equality. Women’s History Month acknowledges the importance of these relationships, whether they be familial, professional, or community-based.

The interconnectedness of women is evident in their collaborative efforts to bring about positive change. From mentorship programs to grassroots movements, women have historically supported each other, creating a network of strength that transcends generations. Celebrating women’s relationships underscores the power of unity and solidarity.

As we commemorate Women’s History Month, let us not only honor the individual achievements but also recognize the collective power that has shaped the narrative of women’s history. Embracing emotional strength, entrepreneurship, confidence, and relationships propels us forward in the ongoing journey toward gender equality and empowerment.

In the words of influential women throughout history, “Empowered women empower women.” Let this mantra guide us as we celebrate and amplify the voices and stories of women during this Women’s History Month and beyond.

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The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem




MAR 2-3


Ages 16+ get musical theatre ready. In this workshop, students will go over the basics of dance moves and techniques used in musical theatre. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn, or you want a brush up, this four-week workshop will get your comfortable and ready for audition season.


Trained and certified AARP Tax Aide volunteers will assist in preparing and e-filing your 2023 Federal and State personal income tax returns. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or income. Clients do not need to be a member of AARP. Available at the following locations: Reynolda Branch Library: 2839 Fairlawn Drive, Winston-Salem (Monday & Tuesday); Central Branch Library: 600 W. 5th. St.,Winston-Salem (Wednesday & Thursday); Clemmons Branch Library: 6365 James St, Clemmons (Friday); Beginning March 13th: Southside Branch Library: 3185 Buchanan St., Winston-Salem (Wednesday & Thursday). To get started, visit wstaxaide.com or call 336.777.6189 to schedule an appointment.


St. John’s Lutheran Church and School


For dads (grandfathers, uncles and special friends) and daughters of all ages. Join us for a night of food, photos, fun and great memory making. Don’t miss the chance to show her how special she is!


WinMock at Kinderton


A movie prom is aperture’s signature annual gala. The event occurs Saturday, March 2, 7 pm-11 pm at the WinMock. Music by The Vagabond Saints’ Society Dancing, Drinks & Delectables. A silent auction with some amazing trips and other fun/fitting items to bid on! Prom or space-age-inspired dressy is encouraged!


Reynolds Auditorium

A fun work by composer Jessie Montgomery opens a concert featuring virtuoso bassist Edgar Meyer and Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Tickets and more at wssymphony.org.


a/perture cinema



A Still Small Voice follows Mati, a chaplain completing a year-long residency at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, as she learns to provide spiritual care to people confronting profound life changes.


a/perture cinema






Mountcastle Forum, 251 North Spruce Street in W-S Young Americans Zack and Abby move to Paris to start their new, perfect life full of big dreams. But soon, the foundations of their stable marriage begin to crumble when Abby finds Zack at home during an afternoon he’s supposed to be at work. She questions her husband’s fidelity, determined to find the answers no matter how dangerous the mission, and the answers that follow might destroy their beautiful, perfect life.

Dog lives in Manhattan, and he’s tired of being alone. One day, he decides to build himself a robot, a companion. Their friendship blossoms, until they become inseparable, to the rhythm of 80s NYC. One summer night, Dog, with great sadness, is forced to abandon Robot at the beach. Will they ever meet again? 94 | ForsythWoman.com





WinMock at Kinderton

Calling all sugar mamas! This unforgettable shopping experience is curated just for YOU! Enjoy an all-day event where you can indulge, unwind and celebrate yourself, unapologetically, at the beautiful WinMock at Kinderton! There are two ticket options –general admission tickets are free! You must register in order to attend the event. VIP tickets are $30 and include one-hour early admission into the event, a swag bag, a complimentary mimosa voucher and exclusive discounts from vendors.


Downtown Winston-Salem

The purpose of the parade is to promote the economic development of local women-owned businesses/organizations in our city and to encourage others to support women-owned businesses and organizations in our community. The parade route starts at the intersection of Fourth Street and Broad Street and continues down Fourth Street. The parade turns left on Liberty Street and ends at Corpening Plaza Park. There is an entry and registration fee for those that would like to be in the parade. Free for spectators.


MAR 12

MAR 14


1531 Hanes Mall Boulevard

Come join the Curvy Sisters, as we join together for a night of fun painting a spring wood item! There are five designs to pick from; prices ranging from $22-$37.


a/perture cinema

MAR 15

MAR 15

MAR 16

MAR 27



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a remarkably talented young Viennese composer who unwittingly finds a fierce rival in the disciplined and determined Antonio Salieri. Resenting Mozart for both his hedonistic lifestyle and his undeniable talent, the highly religious Salieri is gradually consumed by his jealousy and becomes obsessed with Mozart’s downfall, leading to a devious scheme that has dire consequences for both men.


Love+Well Boutique



Who doesn’t love popcorn?! Pop into Love+Well for Popcorn & Playful Toppings! Enjoy the fun treat, and let our stylists help you shop!


The Little Theatre of W-S, 209 Spruce Street in W-S

In this enchanting tale about the power of friendship and love, three aspiring writers will confront the secrets they kept from each other while exploring the vibrant city of New York in the summer. Escaping Dreamland is a beautifully crafted play and an ode to the children’s books of our past, New York City, and the strength of friendships. intothearts.org/hanesbrands-theatre




4916 Old Country Club Road in the Harper Hill Commons Shopping Center on Country Club Road in W-S We are a children’s boutique offering a variety of everyday durable, comfy clothing, sizes NB - Youth 16 in both boys and girls. We also carry women’s leggings, bath products, local handmade candles, handmade bows, washable stuffies, never-full bags for moms, adorable bamboo blankets in various sizes and prints, lots of accessories, gift ideas and more. gretchenstreasurechest.com


a/perture cinema

Beautifully layered and expressionistic, After Sherman is a story about inheritance and the tension that defines our collective American history, especially black history. The filmmaker follows his father, a minister, in the aftermath of a mass shooting at his church in Charleston, South Carolina to understand how communities of descendants of enslaved Africans use their unique faith as a form of survival as they continue to fight for America to live up to its many unfulfilled promises to black Americans.


*Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*





APR 3-5


a/perture cinema

The Cherokee language is deeply tied to Cherokee identity; yet generations of assimilation efforts by the U.S. government and anti-Indigenous stigmas have forced the Tri-Council of Cherokee tribes to declare a State of Emergency for the language in 2019. This feature-length documentary was shot on-location in Oklahoma and North Carolina throughout 2019-2022; through intimate interviews, vérité footage of community gatherings and extensive archival materials, the film explores the nuanced ways the Cherokee language is vital to maintaining a unique cultural identity and relationship with the world.


Benton Convention Center

Sheroes In Action is committed to empowering women in law enforcement and first response by fostering a resilient and growth-oriented mindset, equipping them with tools and support to thrive in personally and professionally. This groundbreaking event promises to be an incredible opportunity for empowerment, education and excellence through knowledge sharing and professional development. Visit sheroesinaction.com for more information.




Historic Bethabara Park



APR 13

APR 13



Celebrate spring and the opening of the Park’s 2024 season by creating sun prints and sun catchers; playing Colonial games; hand plowing a row in the garden; planting seeds and taking them home to grow; making a spring sachet; petting a sheep or two; exploring a wooded trail; participating in a scavenger hunt; interacting with a number of 18th-century craftsmen; and enjoying Moravian music in the 1788 Gemeinhaus. Admission is free!


120 Kinderton Boulevard in Bermuda Run


$5 per brown grocery bag or equivalent size box. Cash only. Rain or shine. Proceeds go to various Davie County community organizations supported by the Garden Club. Contact Marie at 336.650.5518 with questions.


Körner’s Folly


Join us for a day of exploration of history, art and theater at Körner’s Folly Historic House Museum! This event is open to all Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders and their parent chaperones of the Peaks to Piedmont Council. Scouts will tour the 22-room house with a special scavenger hunt, complete hands-on activities and play historic yard games to earn the Körner’s Folly Patch. Sign up with your troop or individually! Admission is $6 and includes the Körner’s Folly Patch.


Lam Museum of Anthropology


Join us as we celebrate the diversity of African music and culture through live music, dance, crafts and activities for all ages. Visitors will also be able to explore exhibits about African music, status and power in Africa, and the art of the Ivory Coast. Admission is free. 96 | ForsythWoman.com

APR 13

APR 18


Piedmont Jazz Alliance

Experience the vibe! Tickets and information available at piedmontjazzalliance.com.


APR 19

APR 19-21

APR 20

APR 20

APR 27

MAY 3-4


Pinnacle Access Area, 1580 River Highway (Highway 150) in Mooresville (Rain or shine). Food, beverages, prizes! A great day of fellowship. All festivals are free to wounded warriors/DVets and approved caregivers. You can show your support by registering to serve as a host boater; food, beverages, prizes and/or financial contributions are also needed. Email mailbox@operationnorthstate.com for more information or call 336.406.3459.


Legacy Stables & Events

MAY 17


Enjoy cocktails, appetizers, a silent and live auction with incredible items, dinner and, of course, your favorite casino games! Plus, win amazing prizes! Tickets can be purchased at onecau.se/tccn24. Pretty In Pink Foundation’s mission is to provide uninsured and under-insured breast cancer patients in North Carolina with financial assistance for quality, life-saving medical treatment.


Historic Downtown Mocksville

A weekend of all things cycling – the first annual NC Cycling Festival is a weekend long celebration of bicycles and cyclists. But, it also has lots to offer the non-cyclist as well! Live music on Friday night and all afternoon and evening on Saturday, beer and wine available to purchase in the social area, a vendor fair with artisans and exhibitors, a vintage bike show, food trucks, shopping, kid’s activities, something for everyone! Don’t miss this festival that will put Mocksville on the map as a hub for cycling!


Körner’s Folly


Featuring the best of local, handmade and vintage items for sale from 35+ vendors, this outdoor market will feature something for everyone. On the lush grounds of Historic Körner’s Folly, shoppers can meet and chat with the artisans and craftspeople who create one-of-a-kind treasures, while supporting the local businesses that make our community great. Market is free and open to the public. Pair your shopping experience with a tour of Historic Körner’s Folly – tickets available for purchase online or on-site inside Aunt Dealy’s House.


Winston-Salem Fairgrounds

Piedmont Earth Day Fair is the largest Earth Day event in the state, drawing crowds of more than 8,000 people! This event is free to the public and held yearly at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. There will be local business and organization exhibitors, food, music and sustainability/science attractions. We also have a Kid Zone.


This is a one-day, self-guided crawl to boutiques around the Lake Norman area! There will be 10+ participating stores ready to roll out the red carpet for you and your crew! Your general admission ticket is your all-access pass to exclusive discounts, specials and refreshments at all participating boutiques! There will also be gift card giveaways, door prizes at every stop and a grand prize giveaway! But wait, there’s more! Start the day at our pre-game party where we will have sponsor booths, music, photo ops, and coffee + treats to get you energized before you head out for the crawl! tinyurl.com/LKNMagBoutiqueCrawl24


The Arboretum at Tanglewood Park

Enjoy the beauty of the gardens while making your way to one of Forsyth County’s premier plant sales. Selections include herbaceous perennials, flowering shrubs and trees, native plants, milkweed, annuals, herbs and more. Shop early for best selection. Sales are cash or check only. For additional information, call 336.703.2850.


Piedmont Jazz Alliance

Experience the vibe! Tickets and information available at piedmontjazzalliance.com.



*Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*

Conversation with Your BFF

“How Can I Reconcile That the Time to Move On is Now?”

Moving on from a relationship of any kind is one of the hardest things to do in life, even when we see the red flags and all the signs that the time has come to walk away. But, if you are anything like me and my BFFs, a checklist on what to do to move on may help you in making the decision. So, “how can I know that a relationship has run its course?” I am so glad you asked!


No matter how much you wish you could, you cannot control how another person feels and loves. Just because someone fails to see your worth as a person, as a friend or as a romantic partner, it doesn’t make them a bad person and it doesn’t point to you being unlovable. It simply means, longterm, they are not meant for you.


Only you have the power to make yourself happy. If you need to, repeat that several times as you look in the mirror. You know what you can and cannot put up with, and you’re only hurting yourself in the long run by putting up with the things that are tearing you down emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You deserve better and, deep down, you know it!


Growing goes on throughout our lives, and it can be uncomfortable, but you have to go forward, even if you only take baby steps.

You can’t carry everyone and everything into your next chapter; if you could, it really wouldn’t be the next chapter of your life and story.


If we didn’t know and recognize what failure looked like, would we really be able to appreciate success and evolve as a person? The answer is no. Too many people look at divorce as a failure, when it can really be coming to know yourself better, realizing that your needs aren’t being met and that that person is not meant to go your entire journey by your side.


Unfortunately, that elusive thing we call “closure” doesn’t always come when we want or expect it. Closure is one of those things we search for, yet it usually comes when we least expect it or aren’t even looking for it. I have found that sometimes closure finds you simply in the way you decide to move forward; getting all the answers to your questions of why a relationship ended may never come and you can’t put your life on hold for answers.


From an early age, we tend to shape our vision of ourselves around how others see us. It’s just how we are and it may take many years to let go of letting others dictate how we see ourselves. Look inward for the love and validation you need to see your worth. Not everyone sees you for the valuable person you are in a relationship.

I’ve had to focus on the fact that just because I let someone go, that doesn’t mean I don’t love them or my feelings are gone for them; it does mean that I love myself enough to know I want to become the better version of myself, and being without them is part of that process.

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