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More than quality sealers. We are your go-to source for it all. Pavement Products | Signs | Stencils | Safety Items Equipment | Rentals | Financing | Delivery › › ›



529 gemsealproducts.comBooth • 866-264-8273 Superior Products & Equipment for more than 60 Years Pavement is Our Passion!®

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What’s Inside December 2019





Sweeping & Surface Cleaning Parking lot and street sweeping equipment, blowers and brooms.






Sealcoating equipment, sealers, additives and tools.

Pavement marking equipment, materials, marking removal and tools.




Pavement Repair

Pavers, materials, tack units, risers and tools.

Pavement repair equipment, infrared machines, patching materials, and tools.



Classified Ads


Pavement Preservation Microsurfacing, milling equipment, recyclers, rejuvenators and materials.

34 Pavement

Profit Center

45 Compaction

Vibrating, static, pneumatic rollers and walk-behind compaction equipment.


Cracksealing & Joint Sealing Melters, applicators, materials, lances and tools.


Site Prep & Earthmoving Skid steers and graders.


Traffic Control & Worksite Safety Lighting, cones and arrowboards.


Snow Removal



Plows, spreaders and pushers.

64 Technology

Mobile apps, management software, paving control and more.



ON THE COVER The annual Pavement

Maintenance & Reconstruction Product Showcase features more than 300 workhorse, new and upgraded pieces of equipment, tools and materials to help contractors complete their jobs faster, easier, better and more profitably.

Vol. 32, No. 8 December 2019

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Subscription policy: Individual subscriptions are available without charge in the U.S. only to pavement maintenance contractors, producers and government employees involved in paving or pavement maintenance; dealers, and distributors of pavement maintenance equipment or materials; and others with similar business activities. Complete the subscription form at www. or use your company letterhead giving all the information requested. Publisher reserves the right to reject nonqualified subscribers. One year subscriptions for nonqualified individuals: $35.00 U.S.A., $60.00 Canada and Mexico, and $85.00 all other countries (payable in U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. bank). Single copies available (prepaid only) $10.00 each (U.S., Canada & Mexico), $15.00 each (International). Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction (ISSN 1098-5875), is published eight times per year: January, February, March/April, May, June/July, August/ September, October/November, December by AC Business Media, 201 N. Main St., Fifth Floor, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538. Periodicals postage paid at Fort Atkinson, WI and additional entry offices. POSTMASTER: Please send change of address to Pavement, PO Box 3605, Northbrook, IL 60065-3605. Printed in the USA.

273 ars n!®

PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE & RECONSTRUCTION is proudly supported by these associations: • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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Allan Heydorn, Editor

Matchmaking THERE’S NO QUESTION that equipment improves crew productivity, which directly impacts not only bottom-line performance but potential company growth. A look at the results of Pavement’s 2019 Top Contractor Survey finds that 40% of the companies responding say it would cost more than $2 million to replace their equipment; 20% report it would take between $1 and $2 million; 22% report it would cost between $500,000 and $1 million. What’s probably as

important than owning equipment is adding the right equipment and adding it at the right time to give you the results you want. That’s where this annual Showcase Issue comes in. We all know stories of contractors who have made purchasing mistakes – buying a paver or sealcoater that’s too large (or too small), for example. As you reflect on the 2019 season and begin planning for 2020, you’ll undoubtedly consider replacing

workhorse equipment, upgrading to cutting-edge models, or even adding a service that will require equipment you don’t currently own. In this issue you’ll find a wide range of machines for everything from cracksealing, paving, and sealcoating to striping, sweeping – and way more. Examining the options included here will help you match equipment to your company’s needs. So, while you work your way through this issue, keep in mind exactly what

you want new equipment to accomplish. Then continue your research at www. where you can discover more details about these products and additional options from these and other companies. It’s always nice to have new equipment, but it’s more important to have the right new equipment – and you can start making that match right here.

C Excellent durability! Spectrum, based on 100% acrylics, is an excellent alternative to traditional asphalt preservation products.



Magnificent color! Vibrant color that protects asphalt and concrete from weathering and deterioration.

Our Sealcoatings Will Perform To The Standards You Have Come To Expect And Trust From STAR Branded Products!

WWW.STARSEAL.COM 800-759-1912

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Thank You For A Great Year!


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SR-850 Extreme Trailer Shown w/ Optional Tools

SR-550 Skid

SR-700 Trailer

SR-1,000 Skid

Contact us for all of your sealcoating needs! NPE Booth #1211 Order online 24/7! Free shipping on parts orders over $50!* *See our website for details and restrictions

! | 573-387-4491

1374 State Road M | Auxvasse, MO 65231 |

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Striping Permanent Symbols & Markings Traffic Markings Durable pre-cut markings have pressure-sensitive adhesive for quick application. •• Open to traffic immediately •• Made from 180, 300 and 400 series durable tape grades •• Symbols maintain a secure, permanent bond in high-traffic areas through hot and cold


Fast Dry Traffic Paint

NLB Corporation StripeJet removes pavement markings without damage to asphalt or concrete. •• Rotating water jets mounted to compact vehicle with tight turning radius •• Vacuum recovery •• Five cleaning head options •• Hydraulic nozzle rotation and positioning •• 40,000 psi pump

Ennis-Flint Inc. Fast Dry waterborne traffic paint offers all of the benefits of a water reducible paint; dries to a no track condition in 30 minutes or less. •• Proven waterborne acrylic durability •• Minimizes traffic control when restriping •• Dries to “no track” in 2 minutes or less under standard conditions at 15 wet mils (vs. 25 min. std.)

TLR-7 Line Remover EDCO Equipment Development Co. TLR-7 Traffic Line Remover from EDCO removes traffic lines from asphalt and can be pushed or pulled by one person in congested or limited access areas such as streets, crosswalks, school safety zones. •• Removes paints, thermoplastic, and epoxy •• 7-in. grinding width and 24-in. working width when unit is moved from side to side, forward or reverse operation •• Feathered-edge pattern weathers quickly and blends with road surface

Th FAS traf •• D •• E


20 St

Pavement Stencils

Pre-marked Layout Tape

Parking Lot Planet •• Paint peels off - reusable over and over •• In stock or custom - quick shipping •• Words, Numbers, Arrows, Alphabet •• Federal Spec. and Wal Mart, Walgreens, McDonald's

Pavement Tool Mfg. Inc. 300-ft. fiberglass tape shows snapping point for the chalk line and the trigger point to start or stop your line in one step. •• Five pre-marked layouts include 8-ft. 6-in., 9-ft., 10-ft. straight in parking

Ke 20 for spr mo pic •• P •• O •• T •• T


ForConstructionPros. com/10086830

Sure Stripe 6050 Airlessco The Sure Stripe 6050 features 1.7 gpm power and sturdy chrome steel tube handlebars can be rotated to match user preference for height and angle. •• Chassis designed for optimal balance and easy rolling •• Dual swivel front wheels make for smooth transitions from straight to curved lines •• Moveable gun mount arm

PolyTough Stencils Newstripe Inc. PolyTough Stencils are designed to keep parking lots, factories, wearhouses, or athletic fields clearly marked. •• Precision cut for crisp, accurate markings •• Stencils lay flat, paint dries and flakes off •• Standard or custom stencils

Paint Hog PH8000 Hog Technologies Atomized air paint truck can apply yellow or white road markings either individually or simultaneously. •• Available as an airless paint truck

Marking Removal Hog Technologies The Stripe Hog SH8000 claims the fastest marking and rubber removal rates in the roadway and airport industries. •• Remove roadway markings and runway rubber •• Use for surface cleaning

Pavement Marking Stencils Upstate CNC Service, Inc. High quality pavement marking stencils of light weight 1/8-in. polyethylene. •• Custom CNC cut to your design or standard stencils

Truck-mounted Traffic Paint Stripers MRL Equipment Company Apply waterborne or solvent-based paint using air-atomized or airless spray systems; simultaneous application of centerline and edgeline markings. •• Thermostatically controlled material heating system •• High-speed vacuum bead loading system •• Color video guidance system with flat screen monitor

Stock and Custom Stencils American Stencyl Complete line of stock and custom stencils. •• For industrial floor marking, machinery labeling, athletic fields, airports •• Designed to meet D.O.T. specs nationwide •• 100% virgin polymers with thicknesses of 1/8-in. and 1/16in. thicknesses •• Paint easily peels from polymer when dry

Lazy Liner 3 Scout Fine Line Industries Inc. Lazy Liner 3 Scout has a singlewheel design with the length of 44 in. and weight of 120 lbs. It has a Robins/ Subaru EX13 OVH engine, and it goes 12 mph forward and 7 mph reverse speeds.



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Di Co rem


12  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Get fast, relevant product information in the Buyers Guide at FASTRACK Technology for Traffic Paint

RoadLazer RoadPak

The Dow Chemical Company FASTRACK Quick-Set Technology accelerates the dry time of waterborne traffic paint, offering faster drying and faster return to service. • Dries in low temperatures, high humidity and low air movement • Enhanced nighttime road safety in its retro-reflectivity capabilities

Graco Inc. The RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System hauls paint and beads in the truck during the striping season, truck independence in the off-season. • 4 ready-to-stripe modular systems • 1- or 2-pump RoadPak

2000 Series Palletized Striper Kelly-Creswell Company Inc. 2000 Series Palletized Striper for conventional or airless spray designed for flatbed mounting; also fits in standard pickup bed • Pressurized beads and electronic skip system • One- or two-person operation • Tank or drum setup • Two 60-gal., zero-pressure paint tanks

Locking Mechanism Autoloc Transport Systems The locking mechanism from Autoloc Transport Systems is designed to instantly release a LineLazer from a lock-down position on a truck or trailer. • After striping, push or drive the striper to the Autoloc • A slight bump into Autoloc will lock the striper to a truck or trailer • Eliminates need for tie-downs

EZOFF Pavement Marking Removal System Smith Manufacturing Co. Helps contractors take off pavement markings two times faster. • Up-cut carriage with a Smith Sulky Power Sit-down Driver • 10 styles of cutter removal tools for every type of finish • Most power and up-cut tracking control when scarifying, grinding, shaving or preparing concrete or asphalt surfaces

Utility Mount Air Compressors up to 260 CFM and 150 PSI Ideal for Road Marking Meets all Tier 4-Final requirements • 185, 210, and 260 CFM models

• No maintenance on catalytic converter • Narrow footprint to reduce truck space requirements • Curbside maintenance panel for convenient and safe serviceability • Easy access, internally mounted engine diagnostic port and ECU • 210 and 260 system available with SAE A flange PTO for additional equipment • Made in the USA

Pavement Markings Direct Traffic Control Complete line of multi-polymer, thermoplastic and removable pavement markings.

Vanair’s There >> 800.526.8817 • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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Striping Setfast Low-VOC Alkyd Traffic Paint

Optical Sight

Sherwin-Williams Company Setfast Low-VOC Alkyd Traffic Paint is compatible with solventbased systems. • TM5608 - white; TM5609 - yellow; TM5611 - lead-free yellow • Designed for parking lots • Available in highway striping version

M-B Companies Inc. M-B's Optical Sight gives drivers a safe way to align the road striping unit with either the centerline or edge line of the road. • Illuminated crosshair of variable intensity projects on an HUD • Mount on windshield • Control box located within easy access of driver • Fully adjustable

MMA Striper

Ride-on Striper

Dispensing Technology Corporation The KoldSpray Model MMA 982WB walk-behind line striper sprays methyl methacrylate pavement marking materials at a fixed ratio of 98 parts resin to 2 parts catalyst. • Available with single or dual striping guns • Stripe lines from 2 to 12 in. wide per gun • Guns operate manually or automatically using built-in layout and skip-timer functions

EZ-Liner Industries EZ-Liner Ride-on Stripers are available in capacities from 20 to 75 gal. or more. • Various chassis available • Same paint and bead guns as longline striper units • Varied gun configurations, skipline controller and material capacity options available

TKO-2513 Scarifier/Planer Attachment Kut-Rite Manufacturing The TKO-2513 Scarifier/Planer Attachment is used in combination with a skid steer for fast surface preparation, heavy removal of asphalt, thermoplastic lines, paints, coatings, concrete and more. • Quad-spring suspension for constant ground contact • Precision depth control remembers cutting depth until your change it

GL1000 Walk-behind Guidance Laser Laserline Mfg. Inc. The GL1000 was specifically designed for walk-behind striping machines. It's compact, durable, faster, straighter and easy to use. • Select laser line generator or laser spot • Universal mounting to adapt to virtually all walk behinds • Eliminates pulling string lines and chalk lines

Advanced Striping Equipment Hand-propelled thermoplastic applicator has 250 lb. material capacity. • Rear swivel wheel • Adjustable dual front brakes • 1-in. mineral wool insulation • Modular (bolt together) assembly


Geveko Marking, Inc AquaRoute waterborne paint is environmentally friendly and ideal in relation to safety issues such as labor, health, transport, fire and explosion danger • For center lines and edge lines on country roads, national roads and state roads • Use on concrete and asphalt

Hydrophast Traffic Paint Franklin Paint Company Inc. Hydrophast traffic paint is a lead-free, VOC-compliant, fast drying, 100% acrylic waterborne traffic paint. • Conforms to Federal Specification TT-P-1952E Type I & II as well as most state and federal specifications • For use on bituminous, Portland-cement and concrete pavements, as well as various sealcoat applications

Radius Tool & Chain Gang Big Foot Layout Tools • Works with The Big Foot • Unique tool for radius, curved parking layouts and circles • One person operation • A bag for transportation, instructions w/ pictures ForConstructionPros. com/10147574

Heavy Duty Thermoplastic Advanced Striping EquipmentMidsize ride-on 1500D applicator features 1,500-lb. kettle with 100-gal. capacity. • Rear axle drive motors • Heavy-duty front axles • 13-in. tire and rims • Single and double application by screed, ribbon, or profile extrude die

HPS-8 Multipolymer Thermoplastic System Ennis-Flint Inc. HPS8 is a unique binder system made up of multiple polymers to give it very high durability, longterm retroreflectivity, and fast cure, yet can be applied with standard thermoplastic equipment. • HPS8 is applied using the extrude method at thicknesses ranging from 60 to 120 mil

Spray Gun Elevator Dispensing Technology Corporation The EasyRiser Spray Gun Elevator facilitates quick and easy “on the fly” adjustment of stri[ping line width. Attach using quickmount bracket, connects to onboard or optional 12V battery. • Vertical adjustment range 0 to 5.9 in. • Adjust using handlebar-mounted toggle switch either up or down • Fits most commercially available line stripers without any modification

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Auto-Layout System Graco Inc. On-board technologies allow a contractor to automatically place dots at predetermined intervals for perfect parking stall layout.


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Thermo Mark II Handliner

AquaRoute Waterborne Paint

11/21/19 11:54 AM







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Marker Adhesive System

Paintmark Digimark Products Paintmark is a paint-based, flexible, adhesivebacked road marking solution that requires no heat for application. • Open roads to traffic more quickly than with traditional paint • Added safety because it integrates reflective particles • Peel-n-Stick technology, is lighter than thermoplastic, and can be made up to 20 mil. thick

Mini Mac Thermoplastic Striper MRL Equipment Company Compact, productive design enables quick application of detail thermoplastic markings. • Simple controls speed operator training • Durable material pump is integral to oil jacketed material tank • Easily adjustable thermoplastic extrusion dies enable quick stripe width changes; single and double drop bead systems available • LED night lights illuminate work area

Road Pro 6200 HD

PowrLiner 6955

Dickson Industries Inc The Road Pro 6200 HD features the Impacts S1200 shotblasting head, which produces a 47-in. blast width. • Highcapacity, integrated dust collection system • 12 forward, 4 reverse speeds • One-person operation

Titan Tool The PL6955 is recommended for large scale parking lots, airports, roads/ streets, athletic fields, more. • Hydraulic paint pump • 12-volt auxiliary port for charging cell phones and playing iPods • 2.25 gpm, 3,300 psi

Crafco, Inc. Hot-applied Flexible Pavement marker Adhesive is a thermoplastic bituminous material; Hotapplied Bituminous Marker Adhesive is a bituminous material which contains no rubber polymers • Both singlecomponent adhesives bond markers and reflectors to asphalt and concrete, and remain flexible

Arrow Striping & Manufacturing Palletized and truck stripers feature cab and chassis with dual steering; single-operator versatility available. • 6-speed Alison automatic trans • (2) Epoxy-lined 340-gal. paint tanks with stainless steel hydraulically driven agitators • 4,400-lb. glass bead tank w/ vacuum load system • 90-gal. black paint tank • Stainless steel 20-gal. water tank

Marksman 1.65 Line Striper Prodigy Mfg. Patented design claims to be the lightest walkbehind striping machine in its class. • Ergonomically designed to eliminate fatigue and increase safety • "Dynamic Leverage Design" for maneuverability • Precision Spray Pattern Technology for straight lines, no hour-glassing • One-time gun setup; output at 1.65 gpm

Preformed Thermoplastic Rolls & Flat Lines RAE Products & Chemicals Corp RAE's Preformed Thermoplastic is a durable pavement marking system where lane lines, legends and symbols are supplied precut and can be easily installed without specialized equipment. • Preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material combines the convenience of pre-cut markings with the performance qualities of hot applied thermoplastic

Paint-Tainer Transport Tank Snyder Industries, Inc. The Paint-Tainer is wide-mouth, square and stackable for the transportation of traffic marking and line striping paints. • 1/2-in. HDPE wall thickness is reusable hundreds of trips • Easy to clean with 18-in. lid opening, full access to container interior • Faster, more complete drainage with 2-in. full port valve and fully sloped bottom • Top design protects fill/vent ports

Paint Truck

Thermoplastic Pre Melter

Line-Site Laser Guidance

M-B Companies Pre-melting kettles are available in an air-jacketed or oil-jacketed design. • Single, Twin, Triple, or Quad configuration for 500 lbs. up to 4,000 lbs. each kettle • Skid-mounted, Truck-mounted, or Trailer-mounted • High output burners for propane or diesel

Titan Tool Improves start/stops, line quality, curb striping, training new employees, and overall performance. • High-intensity, military-grade green laser dots that are easy to see on a sunny day • Compatible with most walkbehind line-stripers • Includes two lasers, mounting kit, rechargeable battery pack

Twin Laser Kit LaserPoint Lasers The Twin Laser Kit will easily install onto your Titan, Graco or other striping machine. • The Twin features multiple points of adjustment, enabling your laser placement to be as accurate as you want it to be

Battery-powered Striper Graco Inc. The LineDriver ES and LineLazer V ES 2000 Line Striper represent the industry’s first electric, battery-powered, ride-on striping system. • High-efficiency electric replace gasoline-powered engines • Fume-free, noise-free and vibration-free performance • 60 gal. on a single charge • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 11:54 AM

Paving Catch Basin Riser

Fabric Roll Pullers

TP 44 Track Paver

American Highway Products Inlet/Catch Basin/ Monument Box Risers save time, lower cost, eliminate traffic control and/or liability of manual adjustments. Custom designs available to meet job specifications. • Type 1 and Type 2 (Heavy Duty) Catch Basin Risers • Risers heights start at ¾-in. rise, increase in ¼-in. increments

Geotextile Apparatus Co. Models RP4XL and RP3XL roll pullers make pulling rolls of geotextile and other synthetics from trucks, vans and containers easier and safer. RP4XL is 4 in. longer and has a new patent-pending notched tooth design that bunches up the cardboard together adding considerable strength when pulling three banded rolls together. • RP4XL for cores from 3.75 in. to 4.5-in. • RP3XL pulls rolls with cores from 2.75 in. to 3.25 in.

Salsco Inc The TP44 Track Paver is suited for paving sidewalks, cart paths, hiking and biking trails, trench work and any areas that are 2 to 6 ft. wide. • Hydraulic tilt hopper easily bolts together, allowing for the complete raising of the hopper for easy maintenance • Hydraulic end-gates move in and out, and have rulers on the top of the end-gate to see where they are • All controls located on the rear of the machine including the key switch and throttle

Easy-Riser Manhole System Utility Cover Systems The Easy-Riser system allows for adjusting a manhole to grade in less than 10 minutes. • Patented system provides a watertight seal on top of and around the manhole • Still allows access to manhole, valve or other utilty structure • Recycled rubber surface wears with asphalt for a life equal to asphalt

Seam Heater

Hot Tacker


Asphalt Reheat Systems The Seam Heater EXT fits directly on various pavers to either side. • Heats an area of 1-ft. wide by 16-ft. long when opened to its operating position • Four separate, 4-ft. heating sections that can be turned on and off independent from one another • Attach on a variety of pavers on either side

N.I. Wilson Mfg. Co. The Hot Tracker comes in 130- to 300-gal. capacities. • 5-hp Honda Electric Start Engine • 1.5-in. Viking Pump • 4-in. Heating Tube • Diesel clean-out tank • Adjustable tow height

EJ EJ's Infra-Riser multi-purpose rubber composite adjustment risers enable the cast iron frame and lid components of manhole and catch basin structures to be easily adjusted to the surrounding road surface. • Capable of dampening traffic loads, dissipating vibrations, and reducing water infiltration. • Made of 100% recycled raw materials • Available in round, square, and rectangular designs with flat and tapered risers

Wire Rope Patterns Thermotrack • For stamping asphalt • The look of real brick or stone in asphalt • Large selection of designs available inclduing custom logos

Easy-walkers Mesabi Tools Co. Mesabi Easy-Walkers have a flexible metal frame with felt sole and fully adjustable quick fasten nylon straps. • Heel cup • Quick connect adjustable straps


P385B Asphalt Paver Weiler The P385B paver features a 3,000-lb. screed with a paving range of 8 ft. to 15 ft. 8 in. and thermostatically controlled electric heat. • Three operating positions allow for greater visibility and control with the adjustable, magneticresistance steering system • Optional screed-mounted control panels give additional function control from screed level • Highway class chains, conveyor and auger bearings provide long-term reliability and extended wear life

DR-659 Tilt Hopper Paver Ditch Runner The Ditch Runner DR-659 tilt hopper asphalt paver will pave 9- to 14-ft. widths. • Direct-drive track system with automatic track adjustment • 6-ton, heavy-duty, steelreinforced asphalt receiving hopper, duallever controls • Vibratory exhaust-heated screed with continuous screed extensions • 9-in. augers mounted on asphalt cutoff doors

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:07 AM













PVM1219_16-21_Pavings_AH2.indd 17

11/21/19 10:07 AM

Paving Notched Wedge Joint Maker

Joint Heating System

TransTech Systems Inc. TransTech's Notched Wedge Joint Maker provides notch and wedge joint shaping for increased density of the joint. •• Provides safety ramp off the mat during construction •• Fits any mainline paver screed •• Easy to install, easy to adjust •• Thin lift produces two different ramp width sizes 12 and 5.75 in.

Ray-Tech Infrared Corp. Ray-Tech's Joint Heating System offers complete control of density and bond at the asphalt joint. It is operated at normal paving speeds and is totally automatic with independent systems for ease of operation.

Stamped Asphalt Coating Pattern Paving Products Stamped Asphalt Surfacing System consists of stamping a template into freshly placed or reheated asphalt followed by the application of a polymer modified coating. •• High-friction surface coating •• High-build, non-cementitious coating performs well on crosswalks •• Fast setting, quick to traffic

BF 300 Commercial Class Paver

Cushotrac Track Pads

BOMAG Americas Inc. The BF 300 offers hydraulically variable paving widths from 5.6 ft. to 11.2 ft. with screed extensions available in 13.8 and 19.7 in. widths. •• Paves mats up to 10-in. thick •• Magmalife technology heats screed plates to paving temperatures in 20 minutes •• Load Control System enables operator to securely lock the screed into position for a set duration after paver restart to eliminate bumps in the mat

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. •• Available in high grade (95A durometer) polyurethane, wire-impregnated rubber,and natural rubber •• 5 mounting designs •• Track pads for all road construction equipment including asphalt milling machines, asphalt pavers

1350-C Commercial Paver Mauldin Paving Products The 1350-C Commercial Paver has a small footprint and low clearance that makes it suited for applications ranging from road shoulder to utility trenches to small paths. •• Standard working width of 4 to 8 ft. •• 2,000-lb. screed comes standard with thermostatically controlled electric heat and sonic sensors to control the flow of material •• 6-ton hopper independently controlled and can be completely opened up to allow for 180° of material loading

Maximizer II Asphalt Distributor Rosco - A LeeBoy Company The Maximizer II asphalt distributor is engineered to deliver accurate, uniform and economical applications of liquid asphalt. •• Automatic controls, a full circulating spraybar, and a Viking asphalt pump •• Environmentally friendly and efficient Enviro-Flush cleanout system and straight-line start and stop •• Automatic In-Cab Controls •• Internal Spraybar Valves •• 12-ft Spraybar

Asphalt Pavers Ammann America Inc. Line of asphalt pavers has 17 models with tracked and wheeled versions available in four size groups. •• AFW 150-2 mini paver offers paving widths as narrow as .82 ft. •• Compact pavers have production capacities of 300 tph and max paving widths of 10 ft. •• 4 city pavers can place 350 tph with max widths of 15 ft. •• Large pavers can reach 1,100 tph with max widths of 46 ft.

Speed Bump Lute Slip Industries Inc Speed Bump Asphalt Lute helps smooth speed bumps during paving. •• 24 in. diameter •• 3-1/2 in. crown •• 30 in. diameter •• 5 in. crown after final rolling, should be about 4 in. bump across center of 30 in. diameter


Tacksolv Anti-Tack Solution

Liberty Manufacturing Supply Aluminum lute rakes available from 36-in. to 40-in. •• Replacement parts also available

Soysolv Biosolvents, LLC Tacksolv is a new unique, premium anti-tack solution for use in the asphalt industry to provide premium anti-tack against equipment, dump beds and wheels during application. •• Can be applied directly to wheels •• Safe on metals •• Product is to be diluted 10:1 for optimum performance in water

Asphalt Lute


18  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_16-21_Pavings_AH2.indd 18

11/21/19 10:08 AM

e lity




ft. 00 ft.



Engineered for the demands of the commercial paving market. • • • • • •

Highway class conveyor chains, slats and bearings for extended life Screed mounted control panels provide convenient controls for screed operators 100 HP Cat® C3.4 Tier 4 engine provides clean, quiet power Thermostatically controlled screed heat for optimal mat quality Durable undercarriage delivers traction, stability and long-life performance Cat® dealer sales, service and support

PVM1219_16-21_Pavings_AH2.indd 19

11/21/19 10:08 AM

Paving UltraFuse Bond Coat Blacklidge Emulsions Inc. UltraFuse is a specially formulated nontracking polymer modified tack coat. • Forms monolithic bond between an existing layer and a new hot mix asphalt layer • Extends pavement 10% • Applied hot and cures to nontracking in seconds

Mini Line Automatic Joint Matcher MultiFit LLC The Mini Line Joint Matcher can help contractors stop eyeballing and start controlling joints and material thickness. • Automatic Joint Matcher automatically maintains the desired asphalt depth with precision • For paving machines with hydraulic or electric tow points

Grizzly 600TH Oil Truck Mount System Geotextile Apparatus Co. Oil Truck Mount System utilizes the Grizzly 600TH hydraulic telescoping model and a special patent-pending truck mount. • Spreads oil and places the fabric in one operation • Eliminates the tractor, operator and move-in costs • Can be removed and mounted to a tractor replacing the bucket or clamps on the bucket or optionally mount both ways

Tack Tank Trailers Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment Falcon’s trailer- or skid-mounted diesel tack tanks are available in two sizes, the 150G (150 gallon tank) and the 250G (250 gallon tank). • Automatic thermostatically controlled heat system • Stainless steel flue • Diesel power • Large clean-out port • An insulated tank

F800T Tracked Paver Dynapac North America F800T 10-ft. tracked paver features a Carlson EZIV08-15 front-mounted electrical screed offering 8- to 19-ft. working widths and a mat as high as 1 ft. • 173-hp Cummins sixcylinder, Tier 4 Final diesel engine • Feed control system uses four ultrasonic sensors and a 6-in.-wide center chain box auger system

Tack Applicator Tack Master Tack Master applies tack coat in an efficient manner, saving time and material. • Unlike in the past, which entailed using a coffee cup to pour tack, or dipping a whisk broom in a 5-gal. bucket of tack, both of which were tedious and extremely messy, the Tack Master uses a kettle and brush to distribute tack cleanly.

Dash 3 Paver Super 2100-3i Paver


Vogele Pavers The Super 2100-3i paver in the new ”Dash 3“ generation from Vogele is equipped with an AB 600 extending screed in the TP2 Plus version for high compaction. • EcoPlus low-emissions package combines a number of individual measures distinctly reducing the fuel consumption and noise of the paver • PaveDock Assistant facilitates communication between the paver operator and the driver of the feed truck and ensures that the material is supplied to the paver safely and without jolts • High Compaction Technology based on pressure bar(s) driven by pulsed flow hydraulics

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BF 200 Cart Path Paver Bomag Americas Inc. The Bomag BF 200 cart path and small construction site paver weighs just 13,228 lbs. and has a transport width of 51 in., allowing this compact and nimble paver to be transported to jobsites on a trailer. • Narrow 44-in. track width fits in the cut of a 4-ft. cold planer to boost efficiency of milland-fill applications • Hydraulically extendible electric screed offers base paving widths ranging from 3.6 ft. to 6.6 ft. • 5-ton hopper capacity

RP-170e Paver Roadtec Inc. - Astec Industries The 174-hp RP-170e rubbertire 8-ft. highway class paver features a 6-ft., 4-in. wheelbase designed to offer greater maneuverability without sacrificing traction or pushing power. • 10-ft., 5-in. hopper width with a 11.5-ton capacity • Tight turning radius of 30 in. • Anti-segregation design with 16-in.-diameter augers that can be hydraulically raised, lowered or tilted

CP100 II Asphalt Paver Carlson Paving Products Astec Industries The CP100 II paver has a 9.5-ton hopper capacity and has travel speeds up to 255 fpm. • Flip-up apron, high hopper lift angles and between-thetracks conveyors simplify hopper cleanout • Horizontally sliding damper doors • Highway class chains and slats, fully replaceable Hardox floor plates, 13-in. replaceable auger flights and sealed highway class auger bearings.

Safety Edge Willow Designs, L.L.C. The Safety Edge System offers a narrower screed to accomplish the 30° standard wedge. • Gives power to the slope function that creates the angle of the safety edge • Plugs into the on-board generator • Offered in standard or vibratory units • Use the same mounts as the Notch-Wedge Systems so no extra modifications to the paver are required


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Manhole Riser Rings

AP300F/AP355F Asphalt Pavers

F.J. Turner Manhole Risers Manhole riser rings raise manhole castings to grade quickly and inexpensively, yet permanently. •• Can be installed in under a minute and have saved our customers millions of dollars, thousands of work and crew hours and solved noise complaints from rattling manhole lids •• Fabricated by injecting a polypropylene and fiberglass mixture into a mold under great pressure •• The mold is made of carbon steel that is machined to the exact dimension of your manhole casting

Caterpillar - Cat The AP300F (wheel-type) and AP355F (rubber track-type) models are designed specifically for efficient production in mid-sized applications, including parking lots, urban streets, cycling and walking paths, trenches, and narrow shoulders. •• Equipped with new electrically heated SE34 Series screeds •• Available in vibration-only and vibration/tamper-bar configurations •• Cat C3.3B engine, rated at 55 kW (73.8 hp) •• Eco-Mode •• Auto-fill feeder system •• Single-touch feeder system activation •• Automated travel mode.


Asphalt & Tar Remover BioSpan Technologies Inc. AR-3600 easily removes tar and asphalt that is a safe, natural replacement for petroleum solutions. The 93% biobased asphalt and tar remover is ideal for cleaning trucks, pavers and tools and works faster than diesel and other fuel oils used for cleaning equipment. •• Effectively removes all asphalt formulations •• Non-toxic and biodegradable •• Safe on painted surfaces, plastic and metal •• Excellent degreaser and parts washer •• Works on hot or cold mixes

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Volvo P7110B and P7170B Tier 4 Final Pavers Volvo Group The P7110B tracked and P7170B wheeled pavers offer 360° visibility, improved fuel efficiency with 12+ hours of continuous runtime without refueling and options to enhance productivity and mat quality. •• Volvo D8J, 8-liter, Tier 4 Final engine uses continuous passive regeneration and boasts a more than 5% improvement in fuel efficiency •• Press of a button extends the two-stage, 42-in. hydraulic tunnels, allowing head of material control without bolton extensions •• Control console options for operation from the left or right sides

CP130 Commercial Paver Carlson Paving Products Astec Industries The CP130 commercial-class paver offers a single-slide EZCSS 8-ft. to 15-ft. electrically heated screed with power extension height, power slope and power crown. •• One-piece forward tilting hood, large side doors and access panel in the hopper for service and accessibility to engine compartment •• Includes fully replaceable floor plates, heavy-duty chains and slats, fully sealed auger bearings and horizontal sliding damper doors

STRD Trailermounted Asphalt Distributor Stepp Manufacturing Co. The STRD Trailermounted Asphalt Distributor is designed for spraying all types of asphalt emulsions and cutback-type oils. •• Two different configurations: 100 gpm with an 8-ft. spray bar or the 150 gpm with the 12-ft. spray bar •• Kubota diesel engines and diesel burner options •• Available in 600-, 800-, 1000-, and 1200-gal. models

8520 Asphalt Paver VT LeeBoy The 8520 asphalt paver has continuous rubber tracks and a 9-ton hopper capacity. •• 106-hp Kubota Tier 4 Final engine •• Enhanced hydraulic system optimizes system performance •• Paving width from 8 to 15 ft. •• Legend 815 heavyduty electric screed •• Under-auger material cut-off gates

Dynapac F800W Paver Dynapac North America LLC The Dynapac F800W wheeled paver offers a paving capacity of up to 1,000 tph and 8- to 19-ft. paving widths. •• Carlson EZIV08-15 vibratory front extension screed •• Smart controls automatically lock screed, halting leveling, feed and vibration when the paver comes to a stop •• Dual, swing-out operator platforms •• Two-speed hydraulic motor and heavy-duty torque hub provide ample tractive force for paving and enable transport speeds up to 11 mph

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Pavement Repair



4 x 6 S/C Portable Asphalt Heater

Cold Mix Mfg. Corp. GreenPatch is a revolutionary high performance cold patch product designed to repair and maintain roadways while utilizing RAP and sustainable additives. • Non toxic VOC permanent cold patch product

Asphalt Reheat Systems • 4-ft. by 6-ft. S/C portable asphalt heater • 24-sq.-ft. heating area for seamless patches, utility repairs, small stamped asphalt areas and more • Reheat almost any asphalt to a pliable texture in less than 5 minutes

GrindLazer Adds Depth Control System Graco Inc. The Grindlazer's electronic DCS Depth Control System enables operators to raise and lower the cutter with the push of a button. Contractors can quickly and accurately adjust cutter depth "on the fly" without stopping production. • Depth adjustment via display and handlebar controls • Adjust cut depth in 0.01-in. increments

QPR Engineered Solutions for Infrastructure QPR is a high performance permanent cold patch that is DOT approved and environmentally sustainable. • Adheres to asphalt, concrete, steel in any weather condition; available in bulk or bag form

Kasi Infrared The Kasi Patriot uses infrared technology to blend new asphalt in with the original by heating an area 6 to 8 in. beyond the perimeter of the repair creating a seamless permanent restoration. • 2-, 4- or 6-ton asphalt reclaimer • Large tool storage area • Battery system can be recharged from the vehicle or an overnight charging system

Permanent Asphalt Repair

Pavemend Instant Asphalt Aquafin Pavemend Instant Asphalt’s performance is derived from a proprietary reactive binder based on plant oils. • 100% solvent-free binder reacts with water • Performance is equivalent to a hot mix material forming a strong, durable repair with it’s own integrity • Exceptional resistance to rutting, pushing and shoving

Asphalt Cold Patch The Quikrete Companies Asphalt Cold Patch is composed of approximately 90% graded recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) for permanent pothole repairs in roads and cracks over 1-in. • Requires no heating or mixing, level with tamper, open to traffic immediately • Available in 50-lb. bags yields approximately .32 cu. ft. when properly compacted - covering an area of 3.8-ft. with 1-in. thickness

Infrared Total Maintenance Vehicle Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation The Total Maintenance Vehicle combination reclaimer and pavement heater can be mounted to an 18,000-lb. GVW truck chassis and up. • Reclaimer available in 2-, 4- or 6-ton configuration • Rear-mounted infrared pavement heater is a dual system capable of heating an 8-ft. x 6-ft. area without burning or damaging the asphalt

Patriot Infrared Machine

Asphalt Recyclers Bagela USA LLC Portable Bagela asphalt recyclers are designed to recycle existing RAP, chunks or millings into usable hot-mix asphalt. • 4,400-lb. BA4000F, 5,500-lb. BA7000F and 11,000-lb. BA10000F offer 4- to 10-tph rated outputs • Patented flighted drum ensures output material is discharged at a consistent temperature

Black Repair Mastic Deery American Corporation Black Repair Mastic is designed for wide crack repair. • Crack leveling • Pothole repair • Manhole and utility box leveling


Zanetis RS10 Road Saw RoadHog Inc. The RS10 Road Saw can be used to cut expansion joints, pavement patchwork, utility laterals and traffic loops. • 2.5- and 4.5-in. cutting widths with 10-in. cutting depth capability • Hydraulic depth and side shift control

Pavement Repair Aqua Patch Road Materials, L.L.C. Aqua Patch is a versatile, high-performance, water-activated and costeffective way to make permanent repairs to asphalt and concrete. • Environmentally friendly; uses a non-polymer, organic, plant-based binder • Easy to apply

Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation The Triple Tech 78 is a triple system infrared heater capable of heating a 13-ft. x 6-ft. area of asphalt. • Side chambers fold up for easy transportation and use • Universal attachment for skid-steer /tractor loaders

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Triple Tech 78 Infrared Unit



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KM 8000T Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer


International’s KM 8000T Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer is trusted by thousands of contractors and municipals across the country. The KM 8000T is a 4-ton trailer mounted asphalt hotbox reclaimer capable of maintain hotmix temps for up to 3 days and reheating excess hot mix. Most contractors still rely on patching out of a dump truck or utility trailer and end up wasting 1 or 2 tons every day because they could not use it prior to the mix cooling. With the KM 8000T using the hotmix you get at the plant doesn’t have to be a race against the clock. The KM 8000T is thermostatically controlled and triple wall constructed meaning the user can set the mix at their desired temperature and the machine will automatically monitor and regulate the temperature of the hot mix throughout the day. Dual 7,000lb axles and 8” channel steel makes the KM 8000T a robust and dependable unit capable of standing up to the everyday wear and tear of the asphalt industry. The burner and other key components are located above the trailer frame and in protected covers to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and down time. Optional features of the KM 8000T include the 52-degree dump option, tack tanks, solvent tanks, tools rack, and much more. The KM 8000T along with all of KM’s hotbox allow contractors to extend their season and help drive revenue and profits year-round. Whether you are skin patching, remove and replace, pothole patching, or performing any other pavement repair the KM 8000T is the ideal machine to streamline your efficiencies and profitability.

KM International


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Pavement Repair KM 8000T Hotbox with KM 2-18X Infrared Recycler

Hybrid Technology Patch

KM International KM 8000T Hotbox with KM 2-18X Infrared features a 4-ton trailer-mounted hotbox reclaimer and a 3.5-in. by 6.5-in. infrared recycler. • Triple-wall construction with high efficiency insulation • Thermostatically controlled heating system for better fuel efficiency • Maintain HMA for up to 48 hours or reclaim bulk stored virgin HMA

The EZ Street Company Hybrid Technology for cold asphalt offers improved cold weather workability and consists of liquid asphalt and its derivatives, proprietary additives, crushed and graded stone and sand. • 100% renewable resources

Proheat Minute Man

Tack/Air Hose Pivot System

Kasi Infrared The Proheat Minuteman trailer system is a self-contained asphalt restoration system for permanently repairing all general asphalt defects. • 2-ton capacity reclaimer, 48-sq.-ft. infrared heater • Reclaimer doors raise and lower with hydraulics • 2 hydraulic cylinders control up-and-down operation

Bergkamp Inc. The Pivot Tack/Air Hose System for the FP5 Flameless All-InOne Pothole Patcher features a pivoting arm that holds the tack hose off of the ground and parallel to the hopper. • Eliminates dragging hose through wet tack • 180° pivot capability • Provides 20 ft. of extended reach with the tack wand

PHCo Patch King Asphalt Patchers Process Heating Co. Line of asphalt patchers for patching with either hot, warm or cold mix asphalt features 3 models: the slip in PK-30H to PK-80H; the rotary auger models PK-35HSD and PK-40HSD; and the trailer version model PK-30T. • Exclusive "Lo-Density" heat translates into even heat distribution preventing damage to the mix; Tac-King emulsion storage tank

Cold Mix Patching Unique Paving Materials Unique's UPM Permanent Pavement Repair Material is a cold patch asphalt mix that can be used to fill potholes and repair roads and utility cuts. • Available in bulk tons, 2,000-lb. super sacks, 55-gal. drums, 5-gal. pails, 2-gal. pails and 50-lb. bags • Self-priming adhesion • Use in wet or dry holes

Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch is a highperformance asphalt repair product that can be used in wet or dry conditions. • Just place and tamp or drive over with no tracking • Contains more than 95% recycled materials and reduced VOCs • Available in 50-lb. bags or 3,000 lb. bulk bags

Spray Patcher Street Max Schwarze Industries Inc. The redesigned Spray Patcher Street Max features power assisted boom and larger blower to increase airflow, • Fully shrouded unit • Upgraded air intake for the blower • Improved hydraulic pump

RAP Raptor Asphalt Recycler Heat Design Equipment Inc. The RAP (Raptor) Recycler reheats waste asphalt for pothole repair, patch repair and skin patching. • Propane-powered recycler progressively increases RAP temperature without exposing the asphalt bitumen/binder to exceedingly high heat • 21 in. x 53 in. mixing chamber enables continuous batch mixing • 17-cu.-ft. hopper capacity

Engineering Flatliner Attachment Keystone Engineering Designed for use with any high-flow skid steer, the Flatliner attachment can be used to make corrective grinds, removing thin lifts of material, membranes, slurry seals and pavement markings. • Available in 24-, 36- and 48-in. cutting widths with carbide and diamond bit options • Flat Tooth Cutting System grinds material instead of breaking it on impact and does not require water • 10-ft.+ averaging ski acts as a rolling straightedge, finding bumps and shaving them level simultaneously


U.S. Cold Patch

Asphalt Repair Perma-Patch Perma-Patch is a cost-effective repair material for permanent pavement repairs for use in temperatures from -10ºF to over 105°F, rain or shine. • Cures through dynamic pressure • Forms a water tight seal with the existing pavement preventing further damage • Feathered to as little as 1/4 in.


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Jan 29th – February 1st Nashville, TN

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Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to check out the latest products and make valuable connections through fun events and networking opportunities at National Pavement Expo. NPE is hosting 55+ sessions this year, 30 new sessions that are specifically tailored to the pavement maintenance industry.



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An Emerald Expositions Event

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Pavement Repair 5000 Pothole Patcher SuperiorRoads Solutions The Python 5000 is a one-person operated pothole patcher that can permanently repair the average pothole in about two minutes. •• Uses all standard hot or cold asphalt mixes •• Can be driven to the work area at highway speeds •• Cleans out the pothole, applies tack oil, fills the hole with asphalt, rakes it and then packs it down to make a longlasting patch

SP8/GH9HP Surface Planer

Slip-in Asphalt Recycler/Hot Patcher Reclaimer

General Equipment The SP8/GH9HP surface planer has a max cutting depth of 5/8 in., a cutting width of 8 in. and a cutting proximity to a vertical wall of 3-1/4 in. •• 9.0-hp Honda GX270 4-stroke gasoline engine •• Features a unitized, welded steel plate frame, full-length hexagon driveshaft and extracapacity ball bearings •• Cutting depth adjusted using a screw-type, positive-locking depth selector

Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment, LLC Falcon’s 5- to 8-ton slip-in model asphalt recycler and hot patcher reclaimer can be built to fit on any manufacturer's hook lift frame. •• Recycle asphalt chunks and millings •• Hold hot mix for days, heat/ reheat cold patch •• Able to use one truck bed for multiple purposes through a hook lift system

Infrared Asphalt Attachment System Bobcat Co. The Asphalt Preservation Tools system consists of the 3,760-lb. AH30 infrared asphalt heater and the 995-lb. AP40 asphalt processor, which are compatible with 12 approved Bobcat all-wheelsteer, skid-steer and track loaders. •• Attachments perform a 3-step process that seamlessly fuses recycled asphalt with surrounding asphalt to create a strong, durable bond •• Heat an area as large as 30 sq. ft. to 300° F •• Processor can mill damaged material up to 45.5 in. wide with cutting depths from 1.5 to 6 in.

Biorestore In-FraRed Rejuvenator

KM 4-40 Infrared Asphalt Heater

Bio Based Spray Systems Biorestore In-Fra-Red Rejuvenator adds back the oils lost from aging as well as those lost with the 300°+F temperature during infrared heating repair. •• Testing has shown that penetration (hardness) and viscosity (consistency) values can be returned to those of like new asphalt binder •• Skilled operators will be able to see the proper rejuvenator add mixture rate to bring the mix to new consistency

KM International The 4-40 Infrared Heater folds into single axle self-trailering unit for easy infrared repairs on the go. •• Mounted on 4 independent swivel casters •• Automatic pilot ignition •• Heat cycling technology •• 4 independently controlled heating zones •• (3) 30 Lb. cylinders included

1050 MV Asphalt Maintenance Vehicle Heat Design Equipment Inc. Infrared heaters can soften the top 2.5-in. of asphalt to the original mixing temperatures in 5 to 10 minutes without burning the asphalt •• Also proven to preheat asphalt for cold weather paving •• Available in three heating sizes and five standard reclaimer designs

"Heat Motion" Infrared Heater Thermotrack Infrared heating units feature "heat motion" to prevent burning of asphalt pavement. •• Progressively softens binding properties of asphalt •• Doesn't overheat or damage asphalt •• Maintains accurate temperature, controls heat intensity •• Allows for visual referencing of asphalt during heating process

Ride-on Mill/Saw Machine Blastrac The BMP-4000 ride-on sawing and milling machine is designed for large applications in asphalt, concrete, and natural stone. •• Changing the hydraulic motor allows swapping between milling and sawing •• Equipped for sawing 2.36 in. deep and milling 2.5 in. deep •• Double hydraulic micrometric adjusts to set the working depth

DuraPatcher DuraTruck Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group The DuraPatcher Truck mount spray patcher removes the pothole in one quick and cost effective 4-step process. •• Vent-Flo nozzle •• Ergonomic no-stress Boom •• 6 yd. aggregate hopper

Asphalt Dump Trailer Spaulding Mfg. Inc The 6-ton asphalt drump trailer offers a 12V DC diesel or propane power source and up to 200,000 btu. •• Hydraulic top doors and hydraulic rear door •• Two 100-lb. LP tanks or 20-gal. other fuel source •• Hydraulic fitting and hose with 5,000-psi burst rating

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Pavement Repair Pavement Patcher Crafco, Inc. The diesel Crafco Patcher is a double boiler that is digitally controlled to assure that material temperatures are held within specification ranges at all times. • A swivel material delivery chute makes placing material fast and easy • Safety shutoff on the lid prevents injury during operation • Available in a 2-ton configuration

Platinum Series Six Shooter Manhole Cutter Mr. Manhole Designed to make every aspect of the manhole cutting, removal, and repair process smarter, faster, and safer for crews, the Platinum Series Six Shooter Manhole Cutter cuts diameters up to 72 in. and cuts 16 in. deep or 20 in. with optional blades. • Fewer than 10 minutes to cut and remove a manhole frame • Enables 1-hour manhole repair • Newly designed Platinum Speedplate allows for faster adjustments in the field • New mainframe is 4-in. larger in diameter and 200 lbs. heavier • New Easy-Drive System • Operates on a skid steer

Pro Patch 55 Mastic Melter KM International The Pro Patch 55 Mastic Melter is a 55-gal. melting kettle is ideal for performing mastic repairs without breaking the bank for the larger 125or 250-gal. units • Engine-driven agitation system, thermostatically controlled • Triple-wall construction • Pair with KM’s 15-gal. Mastic Applicator for smaller repairs

Pave Patch Crack & Joint Sealer Right Pointe Right Pointe’s Black Pave Patch is a hot applied, single package, ready- to melt-patching compound specially formulated with a highly modified asphalt binder and aggregates that conform to or exceed the physical requirements of aggregates used in hot mix paving. • Superior bond to existing pavement • Load bearing and impact resistant • Use on wide pavement cracks, joint separations, spalled concrete joints, utility cuts and ride leveling

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It’s Property Intelligence

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Sweeping & Surface Cleaning Might Mac Blowers MacKissic Inc. The light, compact design on the Mighty Mac Walk-behind Blower is quiet, balanced, highspeed poly impeller with up to 200 mph and 2,000 cfm. •• Loop adjustable handle assembly with cushioned antivibe grip •• Kickable discharge to divert air up, down, forward, or sideways

Attachment Broom M-B Companies Inc. The Model TKH-TR is recommended for dump trucks with a 6,000-lb. front axle and onboard hydraulics. •• Requires 20 gpm at 2,000 psi •• Hydraulic angle change 30° left/right and 10° broom head oscillation •• 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-ft. sweeping broom widths and a 32-in. brush diameter

Model 1600 Econo Ford Ranger Masco Sweepers The Masco Model 1600 Econo Ford Ranger is a low-fuel sweeper for parking lot sweeping. •• 4-cylinder engine •• 2-cylinder gas sweeper engine •• Stainless steel hopper, curb broom and low clearance.

Force Wheeled Blower

Model 2200

Billy Goat Ind. At only 76-lbs. this lightweight blower is ideal for residential cleanup and pavement preparation. •• 2.3 times more powerful than a backpack •• 6-hp commercial engine producing air speeds just under 200 mph

Masco Sweepers Model 2200 sweeper is designed to slide into a pickup truck. •• Stainless steel hopper •• Allows contractors to convert their pickup trucks into sweepers for quiet sweeping of parking lot debris

Speed Sweep bBroom Milwaukee Dustless Brush Co. •• Single layer of polypropyene filament spirally-wrapped around mandrel •• Even dispersement of filament across entire broom •• Factory assembled to full face length on the mandrel

Elgin Sweeper Company The RegenX regenerative air sweeper maximizes operator efficiency without the addition of premium mechanical parts, such as a scissor lift, that increase cost and can reduce capacity. •• Roll-off dump height with 50° dump angle and 8-cu.-yd. hopper eliminates double-handling, driving back to the facility to dump, and ground-dumping restrictions •• Hopper has rounded corners and external self-dumping dust separator

Compact Sweepers

SweepEx Attachments

Sweepster - Paladin Eight models to mount to many different prime movers with mechanical or hydraulic drives. •• Convert compact utility tractor into a four-season sweeper •• 4- to 6-ft. brush widths and hydraulic angling available •• Fast mounting, high power with low maintenance

TrynEx International SweepExpush broom attachments are available in Valu Series, Pro Series and Mega Series, each varying in amount of brush rows and length options. •• No moving parts •• Unique brush section system for quick, easy replacement •• Several mounts available

Jenny Products Direct-drive cold pressure washers are available in four models offering pressure ratings between 3,000 and 4,000 psi and flow rates from 3 to 4 gpm. •• Powered by 9- or 13-hp Honda GX Series engines •• Triplex ceramic plunger pump •• Includes thermal pump protection, unloader valve

VT801 Street Sweeper Johnston North America With a heavy-duty, corrosionresistant stainless steel body, the Johnston VT801 has an hydraulically operated sweeping system to prolong brush life and reduce cost of ownership •• Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms •• Powered by a dedicated highperformance auxiliary engine

RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper

Cold Pressure Washers

Whirlwind Vacuum Elgin Sweeper Company High-performance vacuum sweeper sweeps both sides simultaneously, 12-ft. sweep path. •• 8-cu.-yd. hopper capacity •• 20,000-cfm suction fan •• 330-gal. spray water tank

RBMGX Rotary Broom Bensink Mfg. RBMGX Rotary Broom is designed for cleaning along curbs and in tight spaces. •• Easily and quickly prepares crankcase oil spills for treatment and sealing •• Cleans along curbs at walking speeds with superior results •• Easily converts to crack cleaning mode

Model 435 Regenerative Air Sweeper Tymco International Ltd. Conventional truck package for the traditionally cab-over Model 435 based on International’s DuraStar chassis delivers operator ergonomics and simplifies serviceability while preserving maneuverability and visibility. •• 4-cu.-yd. steel hopper, patented centrifugal dust separator •• Drop down, pivoting hopper screen with 72-in. dump height • PAVEMENT • December 2019  

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11/21/19 10:12 AM

Sweeping & Surface Cleaning All-Pro Strip Broom Keystone Street Sweeping Brooms and Brushes The AllPro Combo Broom combines standard polypropylene bristle with crimped wire into a single strip. • Aggressive broom brings aggressive sweeping and flicking agility of a polypropylene bristle together with the muscle of wire

Strip Broom

Liberty DX Sweeper

United Rotary Brush Strip Broom’s Spiral Sweep Mandrel improves sweeping action. • Recyclable and environmentally friendly • EAsy to install and replace • Change out on the job in minutes

Victory Sweepers Inc The Liberty DX is powered by a 61-hp 404D Perkins turbo diesel auxiliary. • Features include a 4.35-cu.-yd. hopper • 30-in. fan, and high dumping • Stainless steel hopper and aluminum tool boxes are optional

Pure Vacuum Street Sweeper

Starfire S-6s Broom Sweeper

Bobcat Co. Sweep away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris from roadways with the Angle Broom Attachment. • Four models, three with fingertip controls of broom angle • Sweep flush to a wall or curb on the right side • Optional water kit, durable, easy-to-replace bristles

Schwarze Industries Inc. HyperVAC pure vacuum sweeper features a material transfer system to improve sweeping quality and a threefold, dust-laden air separator system that reduces the release of contaminants from the exhaust typically seen in previous vacuum sweepers.

Stewart-Amos Sweeper The Starfire S-6s Broom Sweeper is a full-size singleengine mechanical broom street sweeper mounted on a conventional cab commercial chassis. • 6-cu.-yd. hopper • 350-gal. water spray system • Variable displacement hydraulic pump

Angle Broom Attachment

Brooms United Rotary Brush Corp. Tube brooms have more filament weight for more sweeping ends per square inch of broom face. • Blue Steel Gutter brooms • UnitedPro strip brooms are 100% recyclable, chang-out in less than 15 minutes • Poly and Wire wafers are available in several sizes and combinations

Backpack Blower Makita USA, Inc. Backpack blower (model BBX7600) features a 4-stroke, 75.6cc commercial-duty engine, which requires no fuel mix, and is EPA Phase II, CARB Tier III-compliant. • The blower is equipped with a large capacity muffler for quieter operation • Delivers up to 80 minutes of continuous operation on a 64-oz. fuel tank

SuperVac Updraft Schwarze Industries Inc. The Schwarze Updraft Parking Lot Sweeper is a singleengine, hydraulically operated parking lot sweeper mounted on a choice of three fuel-efficient V6 chassis. • Fully welded corrosion- and abrasion-resistant stainless steel hopper • Water-cooled electronic fuel injection 31 HP auxiliary engine

Parker Hurricane Plus Blowers Ariens Company The Parker Hurricane Plus Walk-Behind Blowers are available with 169, 265 and 404cc Subaru Overhead Cam engines which feature less noise and convenient one-pull starting. • 169cc unit: .95-gal. fuel tank capacity; 13.5-in. fan diameter; 1,149 cfm • 265cc unit: 1.59-gal. tank capacity; 15.25-in. fan diameter; 1,642 cfm


EB802 Backpack Blower Shindaiwa Inc. The EB802 backpack blower is a 2-cycle blower with a 4.3-hp engine that produces an output with an airspeed of 224 mph and volume of 762 cfm at tube tip. • 2-ring piston design, closed-ported 4-bolt chrome-plated cylinder • Ergonomic lightweight frame and a “hush mode” switch

Galaxy R-6 Regenerative Air Sweeper Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. Galaxy R-6 regenerative air sweeper features a 3024 CAT 61-hp diesel auxiliary engine with a 122-in. sweeping path. • 6.12-cu.-yd. stainless steel hopper • 30-in./10-blade Impeller • No CDL is required, 19,500-lb. GVWR

Hydraulic Debris Blower Buffalo Turbine LLC With an ideal flow rate of 16 gpm, the hydraulic debris blowers can be run off of most skid-steer/utv hydraulic systems. • 360° 12v nozzle rotation • Nozzle Options for specific applications • 1-piece impact resistance polymer nozzle

Osprey II Sweeper NiteHawk Sweepers Mfg. Built on a low-profile conventional chassis, the Osprey II can excel in any environment. • Advanced hydraulics • “Stealth Sweeping” System for quiet performance • No auxiliary engine • Innovative, usrefriendly controls • No CDL requirement

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We traveled the country meeting with municipalities and contractors. We went on ride-alongs with users. Spoke with hundreds of operators, technicians, fleet managers and others. Then, we packed all the features they wanted most into one regenerative air sweeper—the RegenX™. Backed by Elgin Sweeper’s more than 100 years of sweeping expertise and the industry’s strongest dealer network. EASY TO USE

Simple controls designed for operators of all levels



Faster washout and cleanup, with no hidden, hard-to-reach areas


Easy-to-reach access points and a quick-change fan drive system

ey t.



Dump straight into roll-off containers–without a scissor lift



See the regen air sweeper you designed at

©2019 by Elgin Sweeper Company

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11/21/19 10:13 AM

Sweeping & Surface Cleaning Main Brooms & Brushes Old Dominion Brush Double bristle mat wrap brush, created to insure that each broom has a greater number of virgin polypropylene bristle ends per inch as well as producing better bristle action and sweeping results. • Unique double mat gives you a tube broom with more polypropylene bristle weight which gives the brooms much longer life

Broom Badger Elgin Sweeper Co. Mounted on an Isuzu NRR 19,500 lb. Class 5 cabover chassis, Broom Badger is a dual-engine mechanical broom sweeper. • 4.15-cu-yd variable to 10 ft. • Does not require a CDL • 109-in. wheelbase • Tight turning radius • Side-dump hopper

Parking Lot/ Staging Broom Whart Hog Street Sweeper Brooms The Whart Hog Parking Lot/ Staging Broom can be used for heavy duty to general sweeping. • Constructed equally of (10) PVC coated galvanized cable brushes and (40) flat wire brushes

High Side Dump Regenerative Air Sweeper Tymco International Ltd. The Model 500x features a 115-hp Tier 4i auxiliary engine and a simplified control panel with high-resolution color display. • Service-friendly engine compartment allows for a larger hydraulic oil cooler combined with several other hydraulic system modifications that have improved overall hydraulic performance in extreme applications • Increased protection from the elements for wire and hose routing

Optimax Blower Little Wonder Optimax Blowers feature a tool holder, parking brake and solid front wheel on eight self-propelled or push models. • Advanced all-steel impeller and aerodynamic design results in 38% more air movement, air speeds range from 143 to 179 mph • Move at 4.1 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse

Truck-mounted Road Dryer Road Dryer LLC The RD-1200XT pavement-drying unit quickly dries asphalt and concrete pavement,allowing crews to pave or apply surface treatments or striping after just one pass. • Blows heated air up to 300° F directly downward through multiple nozzles, eliminating the risk of flying objects • Preconditions the incoming air to remove moisture prior to heating and directing the heated air to the road • Trailer- or truck-mounted unit • Adjust for 8- to 12-ft. drying widths

Broom Attachment MRL Equipment Co. The MRL Broom attachment has 3-ft. width broom coverage. • Electric / hydraulic cab-mounted controls • Full side-to-side electric / hydraulic head movement • Multi-position adjustable broom head

G1 Gutter Broom SuperiorRoads Solutions G1 Gutter Brooms aggressively pre-sweeps gutters more economically than using a blade and more cost effectively than a street sweeper. • Attaches to any skid steer with a quickattach plate and hydraulics

VT651 Street Sweeper Johnston North America Johnston’s CANbus system monitors the VT651 Street Sweeper’s performance and provides daily system checks. Operating data can be downloaded to a USB stick and used to analyze operators’ use of the sweeper and to improve cost control. • Display incorporates an audible and visual raised hopper warning, fuel gauge, engine hour meter, tachometer and a water level gauge • Applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments

AllSweep Vacuum Sweeper Vacall Industries AllSweep models handle the work of many machines to clean out catch basins as well as parking venues and runways, delivering a max air flow of 31,000 cfm. • Single or dual system creates a sweep area wider than the width of the vehicle • Reinforced steel debris tanks withstand bricks, rocks and asphalt millings

Cab Forward Street Sweeper Global Environmental Products The M4 HSD is designed to sweep construction sites, state highways, millings, chip seal, more. • Sweeps sand, gravel up to 3-tons per minute • 130-in. wheelbase allows for 18-ft., 6-in. turning radius • Center-mounted pick up broom; top speed of 65 mph

Scrub Seal Broom GreensGroomer WorldWide GreensBroom provides precision with flexibility for scrub seal treatment. • Easily adjustable brush heads for optimized emulsion spread and distribution • Adjustable wings for on-the-fly road adjustments, easy transport • Tow-bar leveling system

Raptor II Vacuum Sweeper NiteHawk Sweepers Mfg. Mounted on an Isuzu NPR Chassis with a 6.0L V8 gas engine, the Raptor II features an advanced hydraulic system and a low-cab forward design the provide maneuverability, visibility and safety. • “Stealth Sweeping” System features single-engine hydraulic design that delivers the quiet performance • Low cost of operation – No auxiliary engine


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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* le

ns y

de a









ds ad


ptor n

*Restriccons may apply. Schwarze does not provide tax advice and this ad should not be considered tax or legal advice. Customers should always consult their legal, tax or accounnng adviser before making decisions.



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Pavement Profit Center

KoldSpray Model MMA 982WB Walk Behind Line Striper Methyl methacrylate (MMA) striping machine The KoldSpray Model MMA 982WB walk-behind line striper sprays. KoldSpray MMA 982WB is designed to spray methyl methacrylate pavement marking materials at a fixed ratio of 98 parts resin to 2 parts of catalyst. • Available with single or dual striping guns • Stripe lines from 2 to 12 inches wide per gun • Guns operate manually or automatically using built-in layout and skip-timer functions • Guns are easily removed from the quick-connect holder for use spraying legends or other detail markings • All stainless steel and polymer wetted parts • Catalyst pump utilizes DTC’s robust patent pending HydraSync and TriRod pump technology which provides accurate and reliable proportioning of the catalyst at a 2% ratio by weight • 4-liter stainless steel catalyst and solvent tanks are standard • Resin is dispensed from the factory 5-gallon material container or an optional 15-gallon container • Gravity flow or pressurized bead systems with air compressor are available as options • Powered by a 6.5 HP Honda engine



- Va ngu Elgi ard n-V - Su nva acA c-T ll - M enn obil ant - Sc - Ni hwa teH rze awk - Joh nsto n-T ymc o

For ALL makes and models of street sweepers!


Friendly Service High Quality

Way ne

Great Prices


Wafers Flat - Sloped - Convoluted

"B" Style Complete 3/4" diameter aluminum braces with double bolt connections offer strength and sturdiness you don't get with other lutes.

Main Brooms Poly - Wire - Mixed Coreless - Tubed - Strip brooms

Gutter Brooms

Handy Tamp 8" X 8" X 3/8" a11 welded steel tamper with a 48" handle for those hard to get at places and a reflective decal. This Is a "MUST" for patching.

Poly block - Wood back - Multi segmented

The Mat-Miser makes for quick. easy, accurate measure of blacktop mat thickness when paving. It has an engraved scale from 0 • 8" in 1/2" increments. (Metric available) It is a valuable yet Inexpensive tool.


• Magnesium alloy blcx:les won'I wear, tear or bend like other lutes. • Anodized 1-318' diameter handle makes for a cleaner, easier grip. • Magnesium alloy blades come in two types (serrated or plain) and In four lengths- 24', 30". 36' and 42'.


• A solid aluminum -Power Core� for a stronger connectkln between handle and blade. • Red handle for high vlslbtllty and greater safety In 6', T and 9' lengths.

Alamo Group

CALL 800-446-9823 Today!

6875 Nlehenke • Billings, MT 59101 (406) 655-0681 • 1-877-482-8264

051319 TMT

Replacement Parts for all makes of street sweepers Johnston, Elgin®, Tymco®, Tennant®, Wayne, etc..


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Add the GL 1000 Laser Guidance System onto your existing equipment!

3 0 DAY AR


• One Person Operation


• NO Chalk or String Lines






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Pavement Profit Center

Precise. Innovative. Trusted to create clear and safer roads

Governments and private road contractors rely on MB for advanced technologies and years of experience to create safer road conditions for their commuters. As the industry leading pavement marking equipment provider people know that when it needs to be clear, it needs to be MB.

Pavement Marking Equipment Division 95 Blessing Drive | Muncy, PA 17756 | 888-323-2900

SPAULDING MFG., INC. 5366 East Rd. Saginaw, MI 48601 Phone: 989-777-4550

BIGGER GOT BETTER MORE construction news, analysis, video, equipment

See for yourself!



North America’s #1 construction web portal

B xp E

Spaulding Mfg., Inc. has a hot patcher with the technology to save time, cost and material. With an oil jacket hot patcher you can reclaim millings and used material using only one burner. For more information and a demo contact a Spaulding Mfg., Inc. representative today. Don’t wait to start saving time, man hours, material and money.

: s Blo ee es in usin y m ion B or ct No ct tru ire 17 ons tD 20 st C Be en n pm for tio ui alog truc Eq cat cons vice w nline ew d ser Ne r o 0+ n an u s n nce Yo 0,00 uct 3 od sig erie tion pr De exp iga w user d nav Neetter ande

Many companies say they can reclaim, but can they do it at ½ the cost?

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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BOOTH #1109

VISIT US AT 800.543.7077

PAV E M E N T S E A L E R S | A D D I T I V E S & P R I M E R S | C R A C K S E A L A N T S & PAT C H I N G S P O R T S S U R FA C I N G | M A R K I N G PA I N T | T O O L S , S U P P L I E S & E Q U I P M E N T • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 2:13 PM

Pavement Profit Center

RAE Products & Chemicals Corporation

(877) 275-7550

~ A reputation for excellence since 1976 ~







4902 Acrylic Latex


Latex Acrilico

Traffic T raffic Marking Paint


Pintura de la marca del tráfico For Industrial and Commercial Use Para el uso industrial y comercial












Meets FFederal Specification

TT-P-1952B TT -P-1952B W WARNING!





Subsistencia de la congelación. Mayo Irritaciones de la piel y de ojo de la causa. Dañoso si está comido o tragado.



RAE Pr Products oducts & Chemicals Corporation 5 U.S. Gallon

~ A reputation for excellence since 1976 ~

18.925 Litros


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Call 866-9GUARDTOP for more information!

GuardtTop offers high quality, premium asphalt-based sealcoat products. Formulated with environmentally-friendly materials and utilizing recycled materials, GuardTop helps improve more than just pavement. 866-9GUARDTOP/ for more information • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 3:11 PM

Pavement Profit Center Two Thicknesses


The Standard in Pro-Grade Paint Stencils for over 40 Years!





We Manufacture Professional-Grade Paint Stencils To Match DOT Standard Road And Parking Lot Markings. (877) 275-7550

Platinum Series Six-Shooter Designed for high-volume manhole frame repair

The Platinum cutter is a safe solution to your road repair needs. If you repair manholes, water valves, or do road penetrations to repair utilities, this cutter is for you. No one else offers a tool that can perform all these functions.


�The Easy-Drive System minimizes shock on the drive motor �A larger main frame for added durability in heavy use environments �Largest cutting diameter of any available cutter, up to 72"

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:15 AM • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 10:15 AM

Pavement Profit Center




Shannon Chastain Enterprises, Inc. 185 Harmony Road Eatonton, GA 31024 email:

706-484-2253 The Original and Most Powerful Turbine Blower


EST. 1945




December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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Tools Free Line Width Adjustment! Dispensing Technology introduces our new EasyRiserTM Spray Gun Elevator that facilitates quick and easy “on the fly” adjustment of line width for line stripers. EasyRiserTM has a vertical adjustment range of 5.9 inches and the spray gun can be stopped anywhere within this range the operator desires. Line width adjustments are easlily made by toggling a handle bar mounted switch. EasyRiserTM is shipped completely assembled with a quick connect mounting bracket and an easily mounted handle bar switch with fuse and connectors. An optional battery kit is available for stripers that are not equipped with a battery.


WWW.DISPENSINGTECH.COM Pavement Marking Machines from Newstripe Priced from $2319

Airless Striping Machines that will out perform other

IMPROVE RIDE QUALITY Skid Steer Attachment for Smoothing Pavement, Bump Grinding, Pavement Markings and Coatings Removal    

paint striping machines costing thosands more. Unique Interior Striping Machines that produce great looking lines without gasoline fumes or noise.

Variable Cutting Widths: 3”-48” Precise Depth Control 100% Surface Coverage Profilograph and Bump Grinder in One

Priced from $795

Keystone’s Flat Tooth System


1700 Jasper St, Aurora CO 80011

(800) 624 - 6706 • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 10:15 AM

Pavement Profit Center


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_34-44_PavementProfit.indd 44

11/21/19 10:15 AM

Compaction Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment Road Widener LLC The Offset Vibe Roller Skid Steer Attachment comes with interchangeable rollers in 2-, 3- and 4-ft. widths and includes an offset feature that allows the carrier and operator to stay on the road while rolling and compacting shoulders and ditches. • Can roll outside the slope of the shoulder (up to 30° drum pivot) and can be dropped down into trenches with the drum positioned 30 in. below the mounting point • 500 to 2,500 vpm with an amplitude of .02 in. for optimal compaction of stone, asphalt, RAP and dirt

PT125C Pneumatic Roller Volvo Construction Equipment The PT125C 9-wheeled pneumatic tire roller employs a kneading action for the compaction of hot and warm mix asphalt. • Heavy-duty 14-ply tires suited for chip seal applications • 9,826-lb. operating weight (with ROPS) • 68.2-in. drum or rolling width

Tier 4 Doubledrum Rollers Case Construction Equipment

LF Forward Plate Compactors Atlas Copco The LF60, LF75 and LF100 forward plate compactors for soil compaction and asphalt patching applications feature integrated water distribution systems and vibration-reduction handles. • Generate 2,338, 3,372 and 3,822 ft.-lbs. of centrifugal force • Weigh from 140 to roughly 260 lbs. with full water tank • Rounded plate edges enable easier turning while compacting in tight corners or near obstacles without leaving a mark • Water distribution system allows for complete water coverage on the bottom of the plate

What does your software provide your company

PROcru can do this and much more

1. Client Portal 2. Single entry CRM 3. Estimating and Proposals

4. Scheduling 5. Mobile app for labor recording 6. Real time costing & Reporting

It’s time for your software to start working for you. Come see us in Nashville, TN Jan 29th-February 1, 2020 Booth# 423


What our clients are saying about PROcru? Excellent software that lets us know how we are performing much sooner than the other companies. This software allows us to have performance review meetings on a weekly basis with the leaders and the can see how each phase of the job has progressed. It has allowed us to change how we manage projects and budgets. We are able to manage a job minute by minute and not after it is all over. It allows us to continually adjust how we bid and construct these projects. -A. Jackson - Owner


Extremely Useful, but Requires Hard work & Dedication on the part of the Customer. ProCru is great in that it centralizes a huge volume of information into a single system from the point of taking the lead to invoicing the customer and costing out the project. There’s a huge amount of data that the program collects that’s ripe for mining. It’s highly customizable and ProCru Support is extremely responsive to customization and technical support requests. -Jessica Holly - Office Manager


PROcru estimating has improved sales peoples accuracy for the materials and labor estimated and provides crews with a target, maps and jobs notes for greater profit and communication. – Barry - Operations MGR

Exceed my expectations. Incredible customization to my company needs. We went from 5 platforms to 2 before we met ProCru. After meeting ProCru we are still operating two platforms (ProCru and QuickBooks) but my staff are getting more bids out, a higher rate of closings and a faster more efficient job procurement. We are bidding 5 jobs more per week, and our closings have increased by 5%. -Robb Ochs - President

Contact A Sales Rep Today


Case's Tier 4 Final double-drum vibratory asphalt rollers (DV209D and DV210D) deliver 100% tractive effort due to a balanced drum design and a variety of standard features. • Operating weights: 21,080 lb. (DV209D) and 22,930 lb. (DV201D) • Vibratory front roller and rear pneumatic tires combination options available • Updated cooling system and automatic idle control reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% compared to previous models | 612.751.9393 6885 Sycomore Ln N | Maple Grove, MN 55369 • PAVEMENT • December 2019

PVM1219_45-46_Compaction_AH2.indd 45


11/21/19 10:16 AM

Compaction R2H Static Roller Sakai America Inc. The Sakai R2H static roller is designed for use on thin lifts and other jobs whose specifications restrict use of vibration. • 64-in.-diameter drums • 365 lbs. per linear inch compaction force • Meets EPA current standards for emissions • Heavy-duty articulating and oscillating center hitch design • Neutral-activated dynamic hydrostatic braking

Mikasa Plate Compactors Multiquip Inc. Multiquip's Mikasa plate compactors are designed for compacting asphalt, sand, gravel and granular soils. • One-way compactors available in 13 models • Exciter speeds from 5,800 to 6,200 rpm • Centrifugal force reaches from 1,618 to 3,450 lbs. • 13 reversible plate compactors have a centrifugal force up to 14,000 lbs.

Basic 240V Split Drum Vibratory Roller Shannon Chastain Enterprises Inc. Basic 240 vibratory split drum roller is available in 2- or 4-ton models • Tier 4, 35 hp Kubota water-cooled V1505 4 cylinder diesel engine • 36-in. front split drum and 44-in. rear drum • 3,200-vpm rear drum

Vibratory Plate Compactors Bartell Morrison Inc. The B1318, B1821 and B1824 vibratory plate compactors provide optimal maneuverability, high impact force and rapid travel speeds. • Centrifugal force up to 3,600 lbs. • Heavy-duty, preformed and stress-relieved steel base plate for durability • Exciter features heavy-duty extendedlife bearings and a sealed oil-mist lubrication • Contoured edges for smooth turns


RD Series Ride-on Rollers Wacker Neuson Corp. RD Series Tier 4 rollers include 15 tandem and combination models with operating weights from 1.8 to 4.5 tons. • 10 tandem models with vibration or oscillation drums; 5 combination models • Drum widths from 31.5 to 54.4 in. • 3-point articulated pendulum joint • Tapered design provides optimal view

400 Asphalt Vibratory Roller VT LeeBoy The 400 compactor is best suited for asphalt compaction projects on streets, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. • 40-in. split-front drum and 44-in. rear drum • 2.5-ton static weight • 2,600-vpm internal vibratory system • Includes an 80-gal. polyethylene tank and dynamic and secondary braking

Tandem Vibratory Roller Caterpillar - Cat The CB54 XW offers compaction performance, application versatility and operator comfort to maximize productivity. • 79-in. compaction width • Max travel speed: 8-mph • 137.0-hp Cat C4.4 engine with ACERT

Vibratory Plate Series

DV+ 70i VO-S Tandem Roller

MBW Inc. The GP12, GP15 and GP18 have a suspension system that reduces hand/arm vibration and better isolates all upper mass components from vibrations. • 129- to 143-lb. units deliver amplitudes up to .057 in., centrifugal force up to 2,070 lbf. and travel speed to 75 fpm • Achieve lift depths of up to 10 in.

Hamm Compactors With an operating weight of 7.7 tons, the DV+ 70i is part of a line available as a double vibration roller, an oscillation roller, and a combi roller with vibratory drum front and pneumatic tires at rear. • Intelligent drive control and pivot steering with four steering modes • Large water and fuel tanks • Easy Drive operating concept includes ergonomically optimized operator platform

Small Asphalt Roller Line Dynapac North America LLC Articulated compact tandem rollers maximize productivity and ease of maintenance with their easily accessible parts. • CC1100, CC1200 and CC1300 tandem rollers with operating weight of 3,700 to 8,600 lbs. are available in dual steel vibratory drums or as combi versions; double-drum models include vibration and drive on both drums • Designed for asphalt compaction on streets and pavements in urban areas

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_45-46_Compaction_AH2.indd 46

11/21/19 10:16 AM

Cracksealing & Joint Sealing Melter/Applicator

EZ Series II Melter

Marshalltown Company •• 10-gal. melter/applicator for crack filling •• Can be used for hot or cold pour crack filling •• Melter is mounted on steel wheels and equipped with a spring loaded, hand controlled release valve and steel screed •• Comes with burner assembly, hose, regulator, and temperature gauge

Crafco Inc. Crafco's E-Z Series II are high-performance melters that are designed, built and backed for laying down miles of crack sealant. •• Heated hoses and electronic controls make the E-Z Series II the most productive machines available •• Automatic electronic controls and modular design features add to the safety and usability of these fourth generation Crafco melters

Crack Squeegee Pavement Tool Manufacturers •• "V" and "U" shapes •• Gum, buna, or silicone blades •• 4-ft. wood ferruled handle or 6-in. aluminum handle •• Push or pull designs •• Blades for cold or hot applied materials

Dragon Crack Filler-Sealer Dragon Asphalt Equipment, LLC The Dragon Crack Filler-Sealer is suited for contractors that cannot justify the expense of the larger, more complex systems but need and want more than the typical crack filling push cart. •• Holds approximately 30 gal., can heat while in transit •• 20-ft. heated hose pivots on a small boom •• Fits into any standard 53-ft. tractor trailer

Plexi-Melt Sealant Crafco Inc. Plexi-Melt is a high-strength, low-density, protective packaging used to contain Crafco hotapplied sealants and mastics that quickly and thoroughly melts without affecting product installation characteristics or specification performance. •• Easy to handle as blocks are dropped directly into the melter eliminating waste and empty boxes •• Block design melts much faster than conventional sealant block configurations, is both sun/water resistant, stored up to one year

KM Crack Jet KM International The KM Crack Jet is a one-person crack prep tool. •• Self-contained heat lance cleans and dries cracks and etches the asphalt for maximum adhesion •• Stainless steel jet wand and has 2800°F at 90 cfm output

PCR-30 Router RMV Melting Kettle

Crackfiller Squeegees

Spaulding MFG. Inc The RMV Melting Kettle is made for small maintenance jobs. •• Oil-jacketed, 100-gal. kettle •• Hand-operated agitation, rear pour-off spout and automatic temperature control

Haviland Corporation Crackfiller Squeegees •• Heavy-duty or lightweight models of u-shaped squeegees •• V-shaped squeegee works as push or pull unit •• Neoprene rubber blade •• Haviland Corp.

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group The PCR-30 Router has 20% more power to the drum, helping cut more effortlessly. •• Quick-Stop II feature stops all rearward travel when the control handles are released •• Height-adjustable handles including a Cut Control option to set the router cut depth which the machine will maintain after repositioning over another crack

Kold Flo Asphalt Emulsion Crackfiller UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp. •• No expensive equipment •• Fast set-up and application •• Fast traffic access, usually within 30 minutes •• Ready-to-use, no mixing

Grazor GZ401H Router Billy Goat Ind. Billy Goat Grazor removes vegetation, debris, and oxidized material and burnishes sidewalls for crack sealing. •• 360° swiveling 5-in. caster for maximum maneuverability •• 5-position height adjustment, solid steel wire bristles, and 8-in. pneumatic rear tires

J-Band Asphalt Materials Inc. A first-of-its-kind technology, J-Band maintains longitudinal joints from the bottom up. •• Apply immediately prior to paving as a part of the normal HMA construction process •• Extends the life of longitudinal joints three-fold, by significantly reducing air voids in the longitudinal joint and protecting the road •• Extend service life to 15+ years • PAVEMENT • December 2019  

PVM1219_47-49_CrackSealing_AH2.indd 47


11/21/19 10:17 AM

Cracksealing & Joint Sealing Cold Pour for Cracksealing & Joint Sealing

RBM350 Bitumin Applicator

Allstates Coatings Company Super Flex and Flex Crac cold pour is fast curing with no tracking and remains flexible in harsh climates. •• High solids, less shrinkage •• No job too small or large

Trantex RBM350 Bitumin Applicator features a steel 350-lb. material tank. •• Thermostat system maintains steady temperature; shuts off propane flow if burner extinguishes •• Optional MarkerDriver switches from walk-behind to self-propelled

Hotbox 10E Crack Sealer Pavemade LLC The 10-gal. Hotbox 10E melter/applicator features digital temperature control that ensures thermostatically-controlled and evenly guided heat distribution and faster heat-up time (15 minutes). •• Push-button start, auto ignite on flameout. •• All-steel construction with 14-gauge, double-walled, air jacketed insulation

Hot Tar Hose Copperstate Hose 20-ft. hose is abrasion, heat, oil and weather resistant and handles intermittent temperatures of hot tar up to 400° F. •• 1-in. National pipe thread each side, standard dixon clamps •• Two braids or high tensile steel wire

W So

Lynx Mastic Crack Seal

Green Crack Sealant (GCS)

InVia Pavement Technologies Lynx Mastic Crack Seal is a mixture of asphalt emulsion with fine aggregates, and contains a significant amount of recycled materials that is engineered to improve product performance •• Stands up in the crack and helps maintain a smooth driving surface •• Engineered to develop early strength for fast set-up

RAS-Tech LLC RAS-Tech GCS is a hot-applied rubberized asphalt crack sealant containing 50% recycled material. •• Manufactured using premium rubber that can be used in both direct-fire and oiljacketed melters •• Heats up faster and sets up harder without being tacky

3405 Rubber Crack Sealant Right Pointe 3405 Rubber Hot-Applied Sealant is formulated with selected asphaltic resins, synthetic polymeric rubber, plasticizers, stabilizers, and a blend of organic reinforcing fillers and contains a minimum of 18% recycled rubber. •• Superior bonding •• High resiliency and weather resistance •• Excellent results throughout freeze/thaw

Hot Applied Crack Sealant Brewpro Pavement Products Apply with compact kettle or large double boiler, sealant adheres to asphalt and concrete. •• Waterproof •• Resistant to salts, bases, and organic material •• BrewPro Inc. Hot Applied Crack Sealant

QuikFill Quik Pave Products, Inc. QuikFill fills and seals cracks, joints, and imperfections in asphalt and concrete pavements. •• Requires no special tools •• Minimal clean-up, no mess •• Heat-melt dry particles to create fill for cracks and depressions

Magma Gen IV Cracksealer

Crack Stix Crack Filler

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group Cimline’s Magma Generation IV crack sealer is available in three sizes – 150, 230, 410 gal. •• AutoStart informs operators of ready-to-seal status •• Digital flow control provides smooth, even material flow •• "No drip" ergonomic sealant wand features a special ball valve to eliminate drips between crack sealing

GemSeal Pavement Products Crack Stix is a 1/2-in. rope of elastomeric crack filler that liquifies and self-levels when melted in place. •• For use in both asphalt and concrete •• Excellent low temperature ductility, weather resistance, low oxidation and non-tracking characteristics

Hot Pour Crack Sealants Star Inc. Star's lineup of hot-applied crack and joint sealants include Elasto-bond 3405, for oiljacketed equipment; Elasto-bond HS, for use in direct-fired equipment; and Elasto-bond PL for use in oil-jacketed or direct-fired equipment with agitation.

48  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_47-49_CrackSealing_AH2.indd 48

11/21/19 10:17 AM

W Co hor ac app •• R p w f •• R f


d nt


Get fast, relevant product information in the Buyers Guide at Nuvo Crack Sealant

W.R. Meadows Sof-Seal W. R. Meadows Inc. Cold-applied, low modulus horizontal joint sealant provides a cost-effective alternative to hotapplied sealants. •• Reliable, consistent performance even during cold weather or after repeated freeze/thaw cycles •• Remains pliable in the joint for years

Crack Pro

Maxwell Products Inc. Nuvo hot pour asphalt crack and concrete joint sealants offer superior crack penetration, quick set-up times, wide application temperature ranges and fast melt times. •• InteliBond Technology promotes adhesion to pavement, not tires •• PolySkin packaging melts completely into product so there's no waste to clean up and it's environmentally friendly

SealMaster The Crack Pro CP-125 is an oil-jacketed melter/applicator for hot pour crack sealing materials. •• Both the burner and engine are powered by diesel fuel for maximum safety, efficiency and performance •• Ready to apply in just one hour •• 125-, 200-, 260- and 400-gallon capacities •• Automatic electronic temperature control •• Heated hose eliminates the need to flush out hose for clean-up •• 372,000 maximum BTU output •• Insulated with 1.5" ceramic covered by a 16 gauge steel outer body •• Digital control center with protective cover and breakers •• Anti-splash material loading hatch for safer loading of sealant

The Stinger Heat Lance LAB Manufacturing A self-contained heat lance on wheels, The Stinger is ideal for the medium to small contractor. •• One-person operation •• Electronic ignition, stainless steel burner and regulator •• 25-ft. hose kit or the lance can be maneuvered in its holder


her nd

36 • PAVEMENT • December 2019  

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11/21/19 10:17 AM

Site Prep & Earthmoving Wheeled and Tracked C-Series Skid Steers Volvo Construction Equipment The radial lift MC60C and MC70C and the vertical lift MC85C, MC95C and MCT85C skid-steer and compact track loaders deliver enhanced dump height, reach and lift capacity and greater all-around visibility. •• Rated operating capacities from 1,350 to 1,900 lbs. •• Large top window in cab for improved visibility during truck loading

Spectra Precision Construction Lasers Trimble Navigation Ltd. Self-leveling GL412N and GL422N single- and dual-grade lasers offer long-range operation, a -10% to +15% grade capability. •• LL400HV long-range exterior laser offers a working diameter of 2,600 ft. •• Simple keypads

Semi-solid Skid-steer Tires Trident Industrial Tires and Tracks These semi-solid, airless skid-steer tires feature specially designed sidewall apertures for shock absorption and ride comfort. •• Available in a range of patterns for various operating conditions and terrains •• Extra-deep tread

S595 Skid-steer Loader

620G/GP and 622G/ GP Motor Graders

Bobcat Co. This 74-hp 500-frame size, vertical lift path skid-steer loader boasts a 2,200-lb. rated operating capacity, 6,800-lb. operating weight and 119-in. lift height to hinge pin. •• Standard two-speed travel •• Pressurized cab •• Simple checkpoints for easier maintenance

John Deere The 40,350-lb. 620G/GP and the 42,060-lb. 622G/ GP six-wheel-drive models offer dual joystick option, ripper-stow automation, courtesy lighting and a 7-in. high-resolution reverse camera monitor. •• Standard Eco mode optimizes fuel usage •• Automated cross-slope

TSR80 Skid Steer Terex Corporation The TSR80 radius-lift-path skid steer has a 2,250-lb. rated operating capacity and is powered by an 83-hp Perkins turbocharged engine with load-sensing, variable-flow hydraulics. •• 125 in. of lift height and 24 in. of reach •• 8,700 lb. of tractive effort •• 10 1/2-in. ground clearance and 26° rear angle of departure

VT LeeBoy 705 Motor Grader VT LeeBoy The 17,000-lb. 705 features joystick control of grader functions integral to the operator's chair. •• 10-ft. sliding and tilting moldboard with 18-in. right or left side shift and a shoulder reach of 36 in. •• Rear-mount 72-in. scarifier

236D, 242D, 246D and 262D Skid Steers Caterpillar - Cat The 236D, 242D, 246D and 262D feature a tubular steel lift arm that is much smaller than the previous fabricated boxsection arms, yet just as strong. •• 8% more torque •• One-piece modular cab •• Cat Intelligent Leveling system provides automated functions for the loader arms, including dual self-leveling, electronic snubbing, return-to-dig

Gehl V330 Skidsteer Loader Gehl - A Manitou brand Gehl's V330 vertical-lift skid loader features 131 in. of near-vertical lift height, 3,300-lb. rated operating capacity and an 84-hp turbo-diesel Yanmar engine with 215 lb.-ft. peak torque. •• Lift arm design provides views to sides of the loader and direct line-of-sight to the bucket edge •• Electronic engine control and a foot throttle

Tier 4 Final Skid Steers

RL-H5 Series Lasers

Case Construction Equipment - CNH The 7,400-lb. SR240 and 8,090-lb. SV280 Tier 4 Final large-frame skid steers deliver 232 ft.-lbs. of torque, a bucket breakout force of up to 8,680 lbs. and standard (24.2 gpm) and high-flow auxiliary (33.2 gpm) hydraulics •• Offer rated operating capacities of 2,400 (SR240) and 2,800 lbs. (SV280) •• 360° visibility with a cabforward design, skylight and ultra-narrow wide side screens

Topcon Positioning Systems The RL-H5 series is designed for high accuracy and long working range in laser applications for grading, excavating and general construction projects. •• Lasers in series include options in working range of up to 800 meters and up to 100 hours battery life •• RL-HA offers +/- 1.5 mm at 30m horizontal accuracy •• RL-H5B available with +/3 mm at 30m horizontal accuracy

Wacker Neuson Corporation Radial lift SW24 skid steer delivers a 2,350-lb. rated operating capacity and the ST35 CTL has a 3,500-lb. ROC (50% of tip load), with both providing a 10-ft. 5-in. lift height •• Vertical lift SW28 skid steer has a 2,800-lb. ROC and the ST45 CTL has a 4,500-lb. ROC (50% of tip load), with both models offering an 11-ft. 2-in. lift height •• Pressurized cabs with adjustable suspension seat and H-pattern or ISO joystick hydraulic pilot controls

Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

50  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:19 AM

Traffic Control/Worksite Safety Universal Rubber Sign Base Highway Safety Group Portable Sign Post Base accepts round, U-channel and square sign posts. • Unique shape of the center hole securely accepts different post shapes • Made from recycled rubber • Octagonal-shaped base with 18-in. diameter • 30- or 60-lb. versions

Vorteq Trailer-mounted Attenuator Energy Absorption Systems The Vorteq trailer-mounted attenuator is easy operate, lightweight, repairable, passes all mandatory and optional NCHRP 350 TL-3 requirements. • Single-point attachment for quick setup • Open frame design for easy inspection, maintenance

Recycled Plastic Lumber Speed Bump The Plastic Lumber Company, Inc. Recycled Plastic Lumber Speed Bumps are easy to install with lag bolt anchoring and specialty butyl tape. • Available in 9, 6, and 4 ft. lengths • Manufactured out of recycled HDPE plastic

Safety Rider Mini Hump GNR Technologies, Inc. The 100% recycled rubber speed hump slows vehicles while maintaining a continuous traffic flow. • High-impact, high-traction rubber won't break, chip, crack, or fade • In-molded reflective highway tape, interlocking tongue-and-groove system, and speed hump end caps for protecting section ends

Ultra-Thin LED Lights Maxxima The M20388 Series of ultra-thin Class 2 emergency/warning LED lights is available in amber, red, white, or blue. • Each light includes six high-performance LEDs to deliver optimal brightness and performance in steady-on or flashing modes • 3.3 in. x 1.2 in. x 0.5 in. • Surface or tape mount Balloon Lights Moon-Glo Work Lights These machine-mounted balloon lights add 360° of HID light to all of your equipment. • 4-stage telescoping mounting pole measures 48 in. collapsed and has an adjustable height range of 10 ft.

Automated Flagger Assistance Device IntelliStrobe Safety Systems W1-AG Automated Flagger Assistance Device features highvisibility gate arms to prevent drivers from proceeding through work zone. • Compact, one trailer design with two AFAD cabinets and one handheld transceiver • Large red and yellow LED lights • Adjustable legs • Plugin to charge

Folding Traffic Cones Versatile Cones Reusable, weatherresistant traffic cones fold up so they can be stored flat and are able to be assembled in seconds. • Take up 10% of the space of standard cones, 20% of the cost of standard cones • Company logo applied free • Available in orange or pink (proceeds go to breast cancer research charities)

Easy-grip, Nonstick Cones UAT Supply Next Generation Traffic Cone has a textured inner thumb grip and ergonomically correct finger rings to reduce hand fatigue • "Gorilla Grip Top" makes cones easy to grasp when hands are wet or greasy • Internal cross-hatching to prevent stacked cones from sticking

Arrow Boards Solar Technology Inc. Flashing arrow boards include a standard built-in modem, GPS and free cellular service for the life of the board. • Cellular connection enables users to locate boards via GPS, check battery voltage from their desks and change arrow patterns remotely • Data includes recorded history

Sirocco 2-M LED Tower Airstar America The Sirocco 2-M 6- x 100-watt LED light tower is a medium-sized tower with a self-inflating balloon. • Provides a maximum light coverage of 17,100 sq. ft. and maximum of 60,000 lumens • 120-volt power source • Incorporates multiple lamps and hot restrike

Attenuator Truck MRL Equipment Company This attenuator truck features a heavy-duty steel diamond plate bed design for long service life, and integral steel rub rails mounted to the bed for material tie downs. • Hide-a-way side-in/slide-out bed covers for full use of the truck bed when not using the cone setting pockets • Full line of attenuator equipment options to meet state specifications • Custom LED light packages available • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 10:20 AM


To Do List: ✔ Call

Denise Singsime at 1-800-538-5544 x

Spray Tips

Call 610-489-PAVE

1245 or email her at dsingsime@ ✔ Place an ad in Pavement Magazine ✔ Get

amazing results!

Steel Spray Tips


80/10, 80/20, 80/30, 80/40, 80/50, 80/70, 80/100

Liberty Supply (800) 397-9907


FREE G PIN s SHIP ol most to

MOUNQUE BARAZONE, Inventor & Consultant Inducted into the PAVEMENT HALL OF FAME - 2019

GAC for 40 years "The World's Best" ®

All of Mounque's 6 Patents & Numerous Patent Pendings Reduces Installation Time & Speeds Overall Job Production Paving Fabrics & Grids Install Almost Wrinkle Free Mounting for Endloaders • Buckets • Oil Trucks • Pick Ups ROLL PULLERS™ for Unloading Trucks and Containers Models RP3XL and RP4XL for 3" & 4" Cardboard Roll Cores D UPDATE ! WEBSITE

Geotextile Apparatus Company • 619-222-5111


¼, ³⁄ 8 and ½ Inch Threads Price Break On Quantities


Maintenance Systems

The CA Wildfire Totally Destroyed My 40 Year Old Factory. startingover overititgave gaveme methe theopportunity opportunity to InIn starting to make makemany many performancedesign designimprovements improvements II have have thought thought about performance about years. “The World’sBest BestInstallers” Installers”Are AreEven EvenBetter. Better. for for years. “The World’s

1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2” NPT

Heat Treated, Hardened for Longer Tip Life

Visa or Mastercard Accepted

Geosynthetic Installation Machines & Roll Pullers™

The CA Wildfire Totally Destroyed My 40 Year Old Factory.

on lies and supp


GAC® In Full Production 1 Year After The Fire

GAC® In Full Production 1 Year After The Fire




Contact Denise for info: 800-538-5544 x 1245

Billings, Montana (406) 248-2463 New & used performance engineered pavement marking, removal & saw cutting equipment - truck mounted & palletized.

Competitive pricing

Paint & epoxy stripers in stock & ready to stripe!

Parts, service & retrofits

With time & money on the liline – A Arrow ddelivers. li 52

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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e Fire

ctory. ctory. many many bout bout tter. ter.



dings uction e k Ups ners Cores



nfo: 245 om • PAVEMENT • December 2019  53

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11/21/19 10:21 AM


• 2016-2019 Low Hour Cimline Melter Rental Units Available for Purchase • 2018-2019 Low Hour Marathon Mastic Mixer Rental Units Available for Purchase in 250 gallon and 350 gallon • 1-2016 Marathon 250BRE Low Hour Rental Crack Sealing Melters Available for Purchase • Good selection of new and used routers on hand • Midstates offers a large parts department and a full time service technician. Right Pointe & Maxwell Products Dealer for Crack Sealing Material for the 5 State Area Minnesota • Wisconsin • Iowa • North Dakota • South Dakota

We now have Tamp shoes




877-767-4NAC (4622)

DR200 skid HOT TACK $5500 plus shipping, other machine available


WWW CSUPPLY WWW.NA CSUPPLY.COM Y.COM t our Ask abou bber ru recycled Parking s for solution Traffic Safety & Control


Find us on Twitter and Facebook

770-832-1192 SALES


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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LOADED WHEEL TESTER Complete to ISSA TB 109 & 147A


Benedict Slurry Seal 1100 S. Smithville Rd. Dayton, OH 45403 • • Ph: 937-298-6647 • Fax: 937-254-2991

 


        




 

                                

                         

       

        

professionally sealed by QuikJoint

Roll W

Peel L



Lin. Ft.

1 in.

50 ft.



Infill of Shallow Cracks

2 in.

50 ft.



Pavement Joints - Edges

4 in.

50 ft.



Utility Cuts - Govt. Specs.

8 in.

50 ft.



Cold - Hot Vertical Seams

Heat ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Application Chart



Speeds Installation & Less Labor Non Tracking & No Overspill Improves Safety & Appearance Less Waste & Far Less Propane Productive & No Delays or Waiting No Tar Kettles or Pour Pots No Heavy Lifting or Hauling or Staging Proven Productive & User Friendly

QuikJoint - Rolls are available in 4 standard widths x 50 feet long and Easily Trimmed On Site to Meet Your Application Contact Us: Orders - Information - Your Local Stocking Distributor 7968 Wesselman Road ⚫ Cleves, OH 45002

toll free


online store: • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 2:19 PM


Call us for any Used Striping Equipment needs:


Check out our website at

1995 Mack MRL Epoxy Striper Ready to Stripe

1990 Mitsubishi MB Paint Truck

Excellent Condition, only 21,300 miles.



2013 Mack MRL 4-3000 LB Melter Longline Thermo Striper

Double Drop Bead System, 160,000 Miles, Ready to Stripe

2002 GMC T7500 MRL 6 Box Grinder Truck


Energy Absorption Attenuator Trailers $15,750 EA with Arrow Board $12,250 EA without Arrow Board

2012 International 4300 with Scorpion Attenuator and new Wanco Arrow Board DT466 Diesel, Auto, under CDL.



2004 Volvo Line Tech Design Paint Truck 2-200 gallon tanks. Only 9,700 miles and 1,500 hours. Like New!

REDUCED $89,750

Mini Mac 1500 w/Trailer, Excellent Condition


2013 International 4300 -- DT466

Auto, under CDL, 150,000 miles with new Wanco Arrow Board and the latest and highest speed tested Blade attenuator.


2007 Condor with 2008 JCL Waterblast Unit

2003 Sterling Condor MB Large Capacity Airless Paint Truck Excellent Condition


2005 Mack EZLiner Airless Paint Truck 73,000 miles, Excellent Condition.


Caterpillar C11 ACERT, engine brake, Allison A/T, dbl differential lock, dual steering, Hendrickson Haulmaxx suspension, 20,000 lb front, 46,000 lb rears, 222 inch wheelbase, 24 ft flatbed, Caterpillar C9 ACERT, 275 hp, Husky 55K PSI pump, 93,000 miles. Very Nice Condition.

$257,500 Reduced to $227,500

We buy used equipment and will take trade-ins.

Please call for used parts for most striping equipment and save! 56

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:22 AM



Belt Driven AC Generator 3KW – 4.5KW Heat the electric hose applicator on your crack fill machine

a Makes s hristma great C ou y gift, it! deserve

Check out our online video! 3 Models Available Hydraulic Model RBHGX

High Tensile Strength Steel Bristle Broom

Preps the area for Sealcoating or Striping Crack Cleaning Option Now Included! Cleans tight places where Sweepers can’t Helps to Prep crankcase oil spills

Dealer Inquires Welcome


Hydraulic AC Generator 3KW - 20KW Power for your pavement equipment

845-469-9151 Chester NY

Family Owned for over 50 years • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 10:22 AM

Pavement Preservation Slurry/Microsurfacing Machine VSS Macropaver - Division of Reed International The VSS Minimac self propelled slurry/ microsurfacing machine is designed for paving applications in confined locations. •• Double-shaft Pugmill produces up to 1 ton per minute •• Turning radius of 4.87 meters, automatic materials sequencing

Ravel Check Asphalt Rejuvenator UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp. Ravel Check is an asphalt-based emulsion with penetrating oils and asphalt resins designed with “Lock the Rock” technology to rejuvenate, preserve and restore asphalt pavements. •• Slows pavement deterioration in one application •• Extends pavement life 3-5 years •• Rebinds asphalt and aggregate •• Excellent adhesion to pavement surfaces

Cutting Teeth Everpads Inc. The Everpads Cutting Teeth have a high-quality carbide tip and fortified welding with hardened body •• Wavy-edged, wear-resistant washer facilitates rotating and extends tool-holder life

LD-7 Fog Seal Blacklidge Emulsions Inc. Blacklidge Emulsions' LD-7 (fog seal) is designed to lock down loose rock, improving chip retention, reducing stripping and raveling and improving impermeability. •• Non-tracking and quick drying •• Extends life of road savings •• Applied with a traditional distributor

Activate Asphalt Restoration Agent BioSpan Technologies Inc. Activate is a 77% biobased solution that restores reclaimed asphalt pavement millings to like-new asphalt, perfect for filling potholes, edge ruts, shoulders and other paved surfaces. •• No heating or oil required •• Mix with conventional equipment for only 20 minutes •• Introduces new polymers to the mix, reduces oxidation



58  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_58-61_PavementPreservation_AH2.indd 58

11/21/19 10:23 AM








High-Volume Productivity You Can Count On NEAL’s innovative Pavement Preservation Package provides game-changing efficiency on both detail and high-volume sealcoating. Our versatile DA 350’s blower and cut-in attachments complete detail work up to 7 times faster. While our High-Volume Road TM

Maintenance Vehicle’s high material output makes short work of large surface areas.


Visit Booth 615 at the National Pavement Expo. PVM1219_58-61_PavementPreservation_AH2.indd 59

11/21/19 10:23 AM

Pavement Preservation Roadmaster System

PL350TD Mill

Champion Motor Graders Roadmaster Ride Quality Improvement System includes the Roadmaster RP626 asphalt profiler, a 6-ft. grinder cutting head that mounts under the front frame of a Champion C60 motor grader. • Smooths asphalt surfaces by grinding away bumps and irregularities within tolerances of 1/8 in. or less • 26-in.-diameter drum with 218 carbide teeth • Double-wrap cutting head can fine-finish up to two lane/miles per shift

Dynapac North America LLC The PL350TD mills 13.8 in. wide to a depth of 3.9 in. with a cutting diameter of 20.5 in.

Micro-Surfacing Emulsifier

Road-Ready Milling Drums

Road Science ArrTekk 1295 emulsifier technology features embedded anti-strip technology to reduce raveling and lower wet-track abrasion loss for greater durability and a 30% longer life cycle. • Easy-to-control chemical break for fast traffic return at night and in cool conditions • Strong early ravel resistance

Kennametal Inc The Road-Ready milling drums feature Pro-Fit or Quick-Change block systems, and are balanced to reduce machine vibration. • Designed to specific customer parameters • User-selectable design elements include cutting pattern, diameter, width, advance rate and rpm

• Left and right steering angle of 75° and a 3.9-in. milling radius • Easy Level system controls slope regulators, ultrasonic sensors and height sensors

Cushotrac Ultimate Track Pads Superior Tire & Rubber Engineered specifically for milling machines, the Cushotrac Ultimate track pad features a 2,000-hour wear-life guarantee. • Lower life-cycle cost • Larger footprint for greater traction • Bolts up to existing grousers with no track modification

Milling Attachments RoadHog, Inc. Milling attachment is ideal for milling asphalt prior to overlay, cutting utility trenches and performing in place recycling of chip and seal as well as stabilization of road base and soil. • Liquid stabilizers can be added through the optional injection bar mounted over the cutting drum. • Attachments are self-contained with their own engine and hydraulic system, eliminating any power requirements from the host vehicle. • Cutting widths range from 40-in. to 96-in. with a cutting depth of 0 to 12-in. using replaceable carbide cutting teeth

PASS QB Western Emulsions Inc. Designed for fog seal applications, Pass QB rejuvenates and seals to extend the life cycle of asphalt pavements. • Prevents weathering by preserving the fine surface aggregate particles • Won't track or bleed when cured • Available for night-time work applications at lower

Mastic Surface Treatment H. G. Meigs LLC Axys Mastic Surface Treatment is engineered to develop early strength, even when applied at night, minimizing downtime with faster application and return to traffic. • Significantly higher loadings of unique polymers and catalysts that deliver long-term performance • Consistently black and formulated to reduce ultraviolet damage


Half/Full Lane Cold Planer Roadtec Inc. - Astec Industries Roadtec's RX-900e half/full lane cold planer features a 950-hp Tier 4i Caterpillar engine. • Three- or four-track assemblies • 120° load-out conveyor swing capability • Left/right side full-function operator stations • 14-in. maximum cutting depth • Sollami triple wrap, single hit drum with cutter bits for traditional milling

Slurry Seal / Microsurfacing

Cold Milling Machines

Bergkamp Inc. The M310 slurry seal and micro surfacing paver features an EMCAD System that helps operators easily calibrate machine, control production rates and simplify maintenance. • Electronically self-diagnoses control system or engine problems and displays simple error code, reducing troubleshooting and repair time • Ties together and maintains material ratios automatically

Wirtgen America W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri small cold milling machines feature Level Pro Plus levelling system that supports intuitive and simple operation to produce precise and high-quality milling results. • 8-in. max milling depth • Slimline chassis provides unobstructed view of the milling edge to the front and sides • Extremely small turning radius

BM 600-15 Milling Machine Bomag Americas Inc. The BM 600-15 milling machine features a rotor geometry that efficiently reduces vibration, increases service life and allows for easy drum replacement. • 23.6-in. standard rotor cutting width • Vibration-isolated components • Optimal visibility from a seated position

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

Contract # 0

PVM1219_58-61_PavementPreservation_AH2.indd 60

11/21/19 10:23 AM

Preserve Pavement with High-Quality, Reliable Crafco Products

g te

MASTIC ONE® Crafco Mastic One is a hot-applied, prepackaged, pourable sealant for asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavement. Comprised of a highly modified asphalt binder and lightweight aggregate, this proven material offers a sealant service life of 5+ years. Open to traffic in minutes; no compaction required!



Mastic One is ideal for: Filling wide cracks, joints, and potholes Sealing utility cuts Leveling depressed thermal cracks


Repairing deteriorated longitudinal joints Performing skin patch repairs Leveling bridge deck approaches and utility access covers Filling spalls, popouts, and corner breaks




Fast, easy, and reliable, HP Asphalt Cold Patch is a cold-applied repair mix that can be applied in all temperatures. No mixing, heating, or special equipment necessary — and no compaction is required.


Cost-effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints Adheres to asphalt, concrete, or steel Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts, and cutter work Proven non-hazardous





Call 1-800-528-8242, email, or visit

Contract # 00000-ABC

PVM1219_58-61_PavementPreservation_AH2.indd 61

11/21/19 7:49 PM

Sealcoating ActionPave Sealer Crafco Inc. Available in two formulations: RT (refined tar) and LP (petroleum resin, an alternative to refined tar sealer), ActionPave sealer is produced in four grade options: • Classic — A professionalgrade sealer • Pro — Professional-grade sealer improved with a proprietary blend of polymers • Supreme — A superiorgrade sealer that doubles the proprietary blend of pro polymers • Aviator — A premium-grade sealer for airports

Sealcoat Additive

WC 550G Buggy

Diamond Shield Fortifier • Additive dries from the bottom up instead of top down • Dries and cures faster even in higher humidity and lower temperatures • Improves film strength, eliminates filter and tip clog problems, eliminates power steering marks, reduces sand roll out, and makes sealer dry ultra black • Treated sealer can be used as an oil spot stabilizer

N.I. Wilson Mfg. Co. The WC 550G is a 550-gal. capacity unit with dual rearwheel drive, brakes and power steering. • 41-hp diesel water-cooled engine • 8-12-ft. hydraulic angle squeegee • 4-in. material valve • 2-in. agitator shaft • Large-capacity water fog system

Super Sealcoater Crafco, Inc. The Super Sealcoater features an “unbreakable” steel tank and oversize hydraulic system. • Available in 550- and 800-gal. capacities • 54.5-in. long x 40-in. wide storage deck • Variable speed hydraulic powered agitation system w/forward reverse and neutral metering valve

Tarmax R-100 Southern Emulsions Admixture designed to improve performance of coal tar pitch emulsions. • Deeper, blacker color, greater viscosity, faster drying • Improved aggregate bonding • Decreased scuffing and power steering marks • Better oil, water and UV resistance

Sealcoat Squeegee Kraft Tool Co. • Made of lightweight aluminum • 7-foot aluminum handle • Rubber blade clamped to head for easy change or reverse • Blade angle designed for easy working angle and quick break-in period. • Squeegee available in 24, 36 and 48 in.

Sealcoating Tanks M&M Distribution M&M Distribution offers many sizes of hydraulic sealcoating tanks and can custom build to meet your specifications.

Diamond Shield Fortifier Diamond Shield Original is the original formulation of Diamond Shield Fortifier’s product that does all the curing without the viscosity modification for those who don’t use sand or who use very little water in the mix; One pail treats 300 gal. of raw sealer. • The same “Active-Cure” sealcoating benefits as the Diamond Shield Fortifier without the viscosity build • Use with the viscosity modifying Diamond Shield Fortifier (DSF)

SealMaster Polymer-Modified MasterSeal replenishes the binder that is lost through weathering and aging and provides a barrier to moisture intrusion as well as ultraviolet rays, chemicals and salt. It beautifies pavement, enhancing the image and curb appeal of commercial properties, home driveways, roadways and more. • Polymer modified for maximum durability • Added strength, adhesion, flexibility, fuel resistance, and UV resistance

Polymer-modifed MasterSeal


Air-Mix Sealcoating System NAC Supply, Inc. The NAC Air-Mix is the first sealcoating system operated completely by air. • Available in both truck- and skid-mount 550-, 750- and 900-gal. models • Patented system uses air for agitation • Material mixed by intermittent pulses of air originating from four plates mounted at the bottom of the tank • Controls can be set for mixing and maintaining proper sand suspension to achieve consistency throughout a project

Force Sealer Neyra Industries Force Sealer is a water-based petroleum resin pavement sealer that is low-VOC, non-flammable, contains no coal tar – yet provides coal tar sealer benefits. • High-performance alternative to both coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers • Proprietary engineered resin forms an impenetrable barrier to protect against sun, oxidation, water and chemicals, giving pavement a jet black color

Diamond Shield Original

Soy-Based Asphalt Sealer BioSealcoat Soybean-based, eco-friendly asphalt sealcoat often allows contractors to seal, stripe and reopen lots for same day traffic. • Extreme resistance to gasoline, oil and other motor fluids • Superior UV resistance allows sealer to maintain a uniform jet-black appearance longer than asphalt emulsion or coal tar sealcoats • Does not feature the familiar harsh tar and petroleum odors found in coal tar and asphalt emulsion-based sealers

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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purchasing mo absolute best decision of yo USA. Parts alw “I’ve been in th Sealcoating Florida “I have like the LeeBo quality is simp brand. They la impeccable m MasterSeal X-10 Sealer Sealcoat Carolina “My o way home. Su Squeegee SealMaster The Extendit Company other machine X-10 Pavement Sealer is a MasterSeal asphalt-based sealer replenishes the binder Midwest Rake Company –Derek Heater contractor grade, colloid-milled that is lost through weathering and aging and provides operation. No 24- to 60-in. wide neoprene coal tar pavement sealer. a barrier to moisture intrusion as well as ultraviolet rays, chemicals and salt. blade is 1/4-in. thick x 3-in. wide switched from there's no bett • Meets or exceeds Federal • User friendly without irritating fumes neoprene with 55 durometer. everyone LeeB Specifications • Deep, rich black color • Reversible blade Tennessee “W • More flexible, won’t check crack • Protects asphalt with straight edge use no other a The Asphalt Co against harmful on both sides Brockway, Pen effects of sunlight, • 66-in. powder Clements, C&C rain and oil and gas spills coated aluminum BrewerCote Ceramic Tips standard of as • Available in 5 gal. pails, 55 handle; clamping strips hold customer serv Sealer USA Tips gal. drums and bulk tanks Louisiana Pavi neoprene in place The Brewer Made to handle Paving is ‘LeeB Company abrasive aggregate in pavers truly ar Refined tar sealer is resistant to Gilroy, Californ sealer, tips are available in three a third generat Enviro-Kote Asphalt gas and oil. sizes: 80/50, 80/70, and 80/100. “Love our LeeB Emulsion Sealer • Colloid mill production assures • 1/4- or 3/8-in. brass connect still some Ame consistent, homogeneous material • Can outlast other ceramic tips LeeBoy in the Environmental Sealer Supplies • Dries to a deep black color 2 to 1 and metal tips 5 to 1 made as a com Enviro-Kote is an asphalt emulsion pavement sealer composed of LeeBoy I will b specifically selected fillers, fibers and fortified with polymers to ensure Designed with the longest-lasting protection and deepest black color all while keeping business for 30 the environment in mind. asphalt for 32 Power-Agitated Skid Tanks • Manufactured using non-toxic, non-hazardous, natural raw materials opinion there Special Asphalt Products Inc. –Frank Cidade • Part of the mix is a recycled byproduct aggregate very comforta 10-gauge truck- or trailer-mount steel tank of quality cont features 2-in.-diameter solid shaft. a church lot in • Strong Arm 4-blade agitator system CoolSeal Sealer Still as sweet t • Hydraulic agitation with forward/reverse paver. They ar GuardTop Paving, Hones • 20-in.-diameter removable manhole with CoolSeal is an ultra high-performance asphaltsmall. Our 852 pop-top lid; 3-in. product discharge line and valve based sealcoat that achieves lower surface temperatures with its lighter to return.” –Ro colored surface and greater reflectivity. versatility of th family and I ar • Produces measurable reductions in surface temperatures FSA-AE Fast PavementSaver III • Certified to meet the industry standard 33% solar reflectance design goal paving since 1 best machines Sealing Additive • Seal and beautify pavements for up to 7 years Rayner Equipment machine!!! The Maintenance Inc. Systems • Perfect for school districts, parking lots and LEED eligible projects a LeeBoy 8616 FSA-AE Fast Sealing Additive Control Area Alabama “BES Welch, Valley S for asphalt Network Sealer Squeegee Macro-Flex Waynesboro, V emulsion based feature family busines Rubberizing sealers. Haviland constantly Paving, Fort M Additive Corporation • Cuts drying checks every in mind’. These The petroleumtime in half Star Inc. enough said!” switch, coil, indicator light for resistant • Stops True A/B rubberizing latex addi- Professional re connectivity and functionality neoprene squeegee has a heavytracking tive boosts viscosity for better sand brand!” –Matth and alerts the operator as soon equipment tha duty steel frame and zinc socket. • Improves bonding suspension. as any issues are detected. Lot Services, C • ½-in. “Flip over” for • Can allow mix design to meet FAA thinking abou • Single-step calibration, precise smoothing and light scraping requirements for rubber addition Paving, New E application rates and a speed pavers to me • For asphalt and concrete • Polymer emulsion management system LeeBoy!” –Jeff • Improve sealer toughness and Tarloc MPC • Adjusts material flow to lay asphalt w flexibility according to the desired LeeBoy. From Southern Emulsions LeeBoy. They’r application rate, speed and Tarloc MPC primer for coating Heavy-Duty El the number of nozzles being asphalt and concrete surfaces E-Z Seal referrals.” –Sha used (spray width) to apply a improves adhesion of coal tar sweat yet, mig Sealcoat Masking Products uniform coating Bennett & Son pitch emulsions to surface. The E-Z Seal is designed with elasticity to fit tightly over parking car have question • Uses include oil spots, stops to protect during sealcoating. to operate –Dan Zuber,and C exposed polished aggregate, • Inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install Nevada "I'm a oxidized pavement and blackLeeBoy can ta • Disposable car stop masking covers out paint customer for li • Designed to fit over 4-, 6-, and 8-ft. parking car stops – from the 700 mind, GO LEEB –Matt Lundbe powerful engi 8 December 2019 • PAVEMENT • commitment designer pave Hands down t


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11/21/19 10:01 AM

purchasing more equipment from LeeBoy in the future.” –Scott Flores, Empire Parking Lot Services, California “I've been paving for 3 generations, the absolute best investment we’ve made as a company was buying a LeeBoy. If you’re thinking about buying one, stop thinking and make the best decision of your life. Thank you LeeBoy I will be spreading the word!” –Don Hopkins, D&H Paving, New Egypt, New Jersey “Best paver made in the USA. Parts always available. Designed with the paving professional in mind. LOVE IT. Other pavers to me are not an option.” –Alan Taylor, Connecticut “I’ve been in the paving business for 30 years and wouldn’t pave with anything but a LeeBoy!” –Jeff Jarzombek, USA Seal & Stripe LLC, Celebration, Florida “I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.” –Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts “Can’t beat a LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.” –Nick Stanley, California “The Legend Heavy-Duty Electric Screed on our 8520 produces an impeccable mat. The noticeable level of quality continues to bring us repeat business and new referrals.” –Shawn Lail, Carolina Paving, Hickory, North Carolina “My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still asTHERE sweet today as the day l bought it.” –Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky “I wouldn't use any “IT'S NICE TOpaver. SEE ARE STILL other machine except for a LeeBoy They are strong machines. Very friendly staff when you have questions. Couldn't ask for a better machine.” y –Derek Heater, Black Rock AMERICAN & Sons Paving, Honesdale, Pennsylvania "LeeBoy’s 8520 paver is simple to operate and results in a high production paving SOME COMPANIES OUT operation. No job is too big or too small. Our 8520 produces a quality mat day in and day“Iout!" –Dan Zuber,FROM Cunningham Paving, Cleveland, Ohio “I SWITCHED A LEEBOY paver only to return. ” –Robert Wadsworth, THERE MAKING EQUIPMENT THAT Sunrise Asphalt, Las Vegas, Nevada "I'm a mid-size paving contractor, and for me, de switched from a LeeBoy there's no better machine made. The versatility of the sizes available is amazing. Even the small LeeBoy can tackle largest project with ease. I tell PAVER ONLY TO the RETURN." LONG WORKS WELL.” everyone LeeBoy isLAST the reason my AND family and I are fed. Have been and will continue to be a customer for life." –Noah Williams, SOS Paving LLC, Wadsworth, Tennessee “We’ve been doing asphalt paving since 1975 and owned seven LeeBoy asphalt pavers––Robert from the 700 all the way to the 8816, we would – Scott Flores, Empire Parking Lot Designed Services,with the paving professional in mind, use no other asphalt paver, they are the best machines. GO LEEBOY OR GO HOME!” –Robert George, Sunrise Asphalt, The Asphalt Company, Michigan “Great machine!!! Lundberg, Lundberg Paving and Excavating, Orange, CA The Legend screed makes for flawless seams!!!” –Matt Las Vegas, NVvery fluent controls.” –Thomas Brockway, Pennsylvania “I just bought a LeeBoy 8616C. Very good machine, lays a great mat, powerful engine, Clements, C&C Asphalt, Inc, Scottsboro, Alabama “BEST pavers, best people. Factory tour shows true commitment to manufacturing the GOLD standard of asphalt equipment.” –Henry Welch, Valley Supply, Hagerstown, Maryland “By far the best designer paver I have ever operated. Great d customer service as well.” –Noah Cardamone, Waynesboro, Virginia “LeeBoy pavers are the only way to go. Hands down the best.” –Rocky Young, Louisiana Paving Company, Minden, Louisiana “My family business has been using LeeBoy for 3 generations now! When it comes to asphalt, SMI 43 Paving is ‘LeeBoy Proud’ always!” –Jack Smith, SMI Paving, Fort Mill, South Carolina “I’ve been running LeeBoy equipment for over 20 years. Their pavers truly are ‘designed with the paving professional in mind’. These machines hold up better than any others too!” –Kevin Piona, Mr. Blacktop, Gilroy, California “LeeBoy is the best machine I’ve ran, period, enough said!” –Warren Anderson, Cambridge, Minnesota “LeeBoy is second to none. I’m a third generation paving contractor and they’re all we use. Professional results for the professional contractor.” –Rich Cooper, Colchester, Connecticut “Love our LeeBoy paver. Wouldn’t trade it for any other brand!” –Matthew Mordis, Asp-Con Asphalt Paving, Caseyville, IL “It's nice to see that there are still some American companies out there making equipment that last long and works well. We will definitely be purchasing more equipment from LeeBoy in the future.” –Scott Flores, Empire Parking Lot Services, California “I've been paving for 3 generations, the absolute best investment we’ve made as a company was buying a LeeBoy. If you’re thinking about buying one, stop thinking and make the best decision of your life. Thank you LeeBoy I will be spreading the word!” –Don Hopkins, D&H Paving, New Egypt, New Jersey “Best paver made in the USA. Parts always available. Designed with the paving professional in mind. LOVE IT. Other pavers to me are not an option.” –Alan Taylor, Connecticut “I’ve been in the paving g business for 30 years and wouldn’t pave with anything but a LeeBoy!” –Jeff Jarzombek, USA Seal & Stripe LLC, Celebration, Florida “I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my s opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.” –Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts “Can’t beat a LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.” –Nick Stanley, California “The Legend Heavy-Duty Electric Screed on our 8520 produces an impeccable mat. The noticeable level of quality continues to bring us repeat business and new referrals.” –Shawn Lail, Carolina Paving, Hickory, North Carolina “My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still as sweet today as the day l bought it.” –Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky “I wouldn't use any other machine except for a LeeBoy paver. They are strong machines. Very friendly staff when you have questions. Couldn't ask for a better machine.” –Derek Heater, Black Rock & Sons Paving, Honesdale, Pennsylvania "LeeBoy’s 8520 paver is simple to operate and results in a high production paving operation. No job is too big or too small. Our 8520 produces a quality mat day in and day out!" –Dan Zuber, Cunningham Paving, Cleveland, Ohio “I switched from a LeeBoy paver only er to return.” –Robert Wadsworth, Sunrise Asphalt, Las Vegas, Nevada "I'm a mid-size paving contractor, and for me, there's no better machine made. The versatility of the sizes available is amazing. Even the small LeeBoy can tackle the largest project with ease. I tell everyone LeeBoy is the reason my family and I are fed. Have been and will continue to be a customer for life." –Noah Williams, SOS Paving LLC, Tennessee “We’ve been doing asphalt al paving since 1975 and owned seven LeeBoy asphalt pavers – from the 700 all the way to the 8816, we would use no other asphalt paver, they are the best machines. Designed with the paving professional in mind, GO LEEBOY OR GO HOME!” –Robert George, The Asphalt Company, Michigan “Great machine!!! The Legend screed makes for flawless seams!!!” –Matt Lundberg, Lundberg Paving and Excavating, Brockway, Pennsylvania “I just bought a LeeBoy 8616C. Very good machine, lays a great mat, powerful engine, very fluent controls.” –Thomas Clements, C&C Asphalt, Inc, Scottsboro, Alabama “BEST pavers, best people. Factory tour shows true commitment to manufacturing the GOLD standard of asphalt equipment.” –Henry Welch, Valley Supply, Hagerstown, Maryland “By far the best designer paver I have ever operated. Great customer service as well.” –Noah Cardamone, Waynesboro, Virginia “LeeBoy pavers are the only way to go. Hands down the best.” –Rocky Young, Louisiana Paving Company, Minden, Louisiana “My family business has been using LeeBoy for 3 generations now! When it comes to asphalt, SMI Paving is ‘LeeBoy Proud’ always!” –Jack Smith, SMI Paving, Fort Mill, South Carolina “I’ve been running LeeBoy equipment for over 20 years. Their pavers truly are ‘designed with the paving professional in mind’. These machines hold up better than any others too!” –Kevin Piona, Mr. Blacktop, Gilroy, California “LeeBoy is the best machine I’ve ran, period, enough said!” –Warren Anderson, Cambridge, Minnesota “LeeBoy is second to none. I’m a third generation paving contractor and they’re all we use. - Professional results for the professional contractor.” –Rich Cooper, Colchester, Connecticut “Love our LeeBoy paver. Wouldn’t trade it for any other sand brand!” –Matthew Mordis, Asp-Con Asphalt Paving, Caseyville, IL “It's nice to see that there are still some American companies out there making equipment that last long and works well. We will definitely be purchasing more equipment from LeeBoy in the future.” –Scott Flores, Empire Parking Lot Services, California “I've been paving for 3 generations, the absolute best investment we’ve made as a company was buying a LeeBoy. If you’re FAA thinking about buying one, stop thinking and make the best decision of your life. Thank you LeeBoy I will be spreading the word!” –Don Hopkins, D&H on Paving, New Egypt, New Jersey “Best paver made in the USA. Parts always available. Designed with the paving professional in mind. LOVE IT. Other pavers to me are not an option.” –Alan Taylor, Connecticut “I’ve been in the paving business for 30 years and wouldn’t pave with anything but a LeeBoy!” –Jeff Jarzombek, USA Seal & Stripe LLC, Celebration, Florida “I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.” –Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts “Can’t beat a 93 LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.” –Nick Stanley, California “The Legend Heavy-Duty Electric Screed on our 8520 produces an impeccable mat. The noticeable level of quality continues to bring us repeat business and new referrals.” –Shawn Lail, Carolina Paving, Hickory, North Carolina “My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still as sweet today as the day l bought it.” –Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky “I wouldn't use any other machine except for a LeeBoy paver. They are strong machines. Very friendly staff when you have questions. Couldn't ask for a better machine.” –Derek Heater, Black Rock & Sons Paving, Honesdale, Pennsylvania "LeeBoy’s 8520 paver is simple to operate results in a Paving, high production No job is too big or too small. Our 8520 produces a quality mat day in andLas dayVegas, out!" –Dan Zuber,and Cunningham Cleveland,paving Ohio “Ioperation. switched from a LeeBoy paver only to return. ” –Robert Wadsworth, Sunrise Asphalt, Nevada "I'm a mid-size paving contractor, and for me, there's no better machine made. The versatility of the sizes available is amazing. Even the small LeeBoy can tackle the largest project with ease. I tell everyone LeeBoy is the reason my family and I are fed. Have been and will continue to be a customer for life." –Noah Williams, SOS Paving LLC, Tennessee “We’ve been doing asphalt paving since 1975 and owned seven LeeBoy asphalt pavers – from the 700 all the way to the 8816, we would use no other asphalt paver, they are the best machines. Designed with the paving professional in mind, GO LEEBOY OR GO HOME!” –Robert George, The Asphalt Company, Michigan “Great machine!!! The Legend screed makes for flawless seams!!!” –Matt Lundberg, Lundberg Paving and Excavating, Brockway, Pennsylvania “I just bought a LeeBoy 8616C. Very good machine, lays a great mat, powerful engine, very fluentWould controls. ” –Thomas Clements, C&C Asphalt, Inc, Scottsboro, Alabama “BEST pavers, best people. Factory tour shows true you like to see your quote on a LeeBoy ad? Visit and leave a 5-star review. commitment to manufacturing the GOLD standard of asphalt equipment.” –Henry Welch, Valley Supply, Hagerstown, Maryland “By far the best designer paver I have ever operated. Great customer service as well.” –Noah Cardamone, Waynesboro, Virginia “LeeBoy pavers are the only way to go. Hands down the best.” –Rocky Young, Louisiana Paving Company, Minden, Louisiana “My family business has been using LeeBoy for 3 generations



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11/21/19 10:01 AM

Sealcoating Turbo Pro 500 Squeegee-Spray System

Oil Spot Primer

Trailer Systems

Hand Cleaner 38-A


Ditch Runner The Turbo Pro 500 Squeegee-Spray system features an hydraulically controlled variable-speed drive system offers positive control from low to high speed. • 8-ft. squeegee has 4 blades with a pedal-controlled 4-in. material drop • 100-gpm piston pump

Neyra Industries Petrobond is an oil spot primer formulated to ensure adhesion of pavement sealer to areas stained by oil, gas, grease and chemicals on asphalt pavements. • Use as a primer for new asphalt patches • Use to de-tack fresh, hotapplied crack and joint sealant • Blend of copolymers and surfactants

Nealco Equipment LLC Sealcoat Trailer Systems have the capacity for a medium-sized parking lot or a handful of driveways. • 550- and 760gal. capacities • Hydraulically driven piston pumps • Heavy-duty, 3-blade, offset agitation is hydraulically driven, variable speed, and reversible

Titan Laboratories Heavy-duty hand cleaner is designed for cleaning hands of sealcoat, asphalt, tar, oil, mastic, adhesives, pitch, grease and other tough materials. • Contains ground walnut shells for gentle scrubbing; no harsh pumice • Cleans instantly and removes all stains from creases and finger nails

Pro Pro Zoo sea acc flex adh pav •F a r c a s •A w •W V

Pavement Maintenance Products

Black Elixer Additive

DISSCO - Denver Industrial Sales and Service Co. Paviseal is a mineral-filled emulsified asphalt sealcoating engineered to provide superior abrasion resistance along with improved sealing ability to enhance and prolong the life of asphalt pavement. • Engineered to prevent from weather and sun • Seals, protects the pavement by replacing the smooth surface of fines and binders necessary to protect the pavement from the elements

Allstates Coatings Company Black Elixir sealcoating additive features a molecular chemistry (not pure latex) for asphalt and coal tar emulsion sealers. • Can formulate into asphalt sealer manufacturing • Up to 80% faster curing • Can use less than other additives • Better suspension of aggregates

FrictionPave Surfacing System Pattern Paving Products FrictionPave Surfacing System consists of a specially formulated two-part binder which is topped with a pigmented or natural stone. Skid resistant and durable surfaces are provided using the FrictionPave Surfacing System on both asphalt and concrete. • Apply onto both asphalt and concrete... • Solid stone or with a pattern • Fast installation, little project downtime • Handles northern climate freeze thaw cycles • Tested and meets DOT friction requirements • Easily repaired, invisible seams • Deicing salt resistant • UV stable stone, maintains color for years • Natural marble, and granite stone chips available • Simple to complex patterns

UltraSeal Pavement Sealer

ASPHALT engineered to endure.

Vance Brothers Inc. UltraSeal Pavement Sealer is a modified asphalt emulsion sealer that is non-burning. • Fast drying • Non-tracking • Durable


Bl Pa

Ge Pro Bla per

sea ben Dia wit tou ma •P t d •W t


M As Se

St Mic sele tou non •O s •E •U


December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

PVM1219_6-11_Sealcoating_AH2.indd 10


11/21/19 10:01 AM










ZoomFlex Additive Professional Pavement Products (PPP) Inc. ZoomFlex is a high-performance sealer additive that provides accelerated dry time, wearability, flexibility and adhesion to all pavement sealers. • Flexibility and cohesion reduce sealer cracks and allow for better bonding to smooth surfaces • Accelerated bonding provides washout protection • Waterborne polymer has low VOCs

Black Diamond Pavement Sealer GemSeal Pavement Products Black Diamond is a highperformance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealer and refined tar sealer. With all the environmental benefits of AE sealer, Black Diamond exceeds AE performance with longer durability, increased toughness against power steering marks, and stays black. • Performance similar to refined tar sealer’s fuel resistance, durability, ease of application • Water-based, low VOC - less than 100 grams per liter

Micro-Pave Asphalt Sealer Star Inc. Micro-Pave is formulated from select grades of asphalt binders, tough clays and preservatives non-fading pigments. • Outperforms other AE based sealers • Environmentally friendly • Use on all asphalt surfaces

Series 4000, 5000 and 5005 Reels Reelcraft Industries Reelcraft’s Series 4000, 5000 and 5005 reels yield strength from a compact, space-saving design. • Rigid side-mount allows mounting on either right or left hand side • Heavy gauge side-mount plate has slotted mounting holes for easy installation • Reels can be ordered in right (top wind) or left (bottom wind)

SR-850 Extreme Sealcoating Rig Seal-Rite The SR-850 Extreme has an extra-large front deck able to hold three blowers and a Grazor; tongue holds two 2-gal. pour pots and a 30-gal. melter. • 850-gal. steel tank with 7-gauge heads, 10-gauge sidewalls and reinforced tank ends • Full-sweep, 4-paddle variable speed hydraulic tank agitation with 3/8in. rubber wipers • 100-gal. water tank (mounted under the deck) with a 5 gpm Wilden air-operated dual diaphragm pump, 3-gal filter pot and flush-out system, 50 ft. of hose and a nozzle on a spring retractable reel • Brush box, two storage racks for brooms and squeegees, fender metal mesh storage with lockable cover, 10-gal. fuel tank

AK300-Air Duramax Sealcoat Sprayer

High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle Neal Manufacturing, Division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC The High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle allows for fast, precise sealcoat application, even with larger aggregate mixes. • Cover up to 13 ft. in one pass • Generation IV pump delivers infinitely variable outputs from 0 to 150 gpm • Truck-mounted 3,000-gal. tank • In-cab controls for on-the-go spray bar height adjustment • Individual nozzles can also be controlled from the truck cab

Asphalt Kingdom, along with Able Industries, has designed the AK300-Air Duramax Sealcoat Sprayer for the mid- to pro-level contractor. • Fits on a trailer or bed of a 3/4-ton pickup • Sprays coal tar, asphalt emulsion, latex or acrylic sealers • Custom-designed All-Flo dual diaphragm pump sprays at speeds of up to 130 gpm • 2-to-1 gear reduction for its two-paddle manual agitation

SP 300 Squeegee SealMaster The SP 300 Squeegee machine features a 320-gal. capacity designed to mix and apply pavement sealers with or without sand. • Round tank design with true full-sweep agitation and rubber wiper blades • Quick change floating squeegee assembly with rearangling squeegee (windrow feature) and front box squeegee • Easy to open, butterfly sealer discharge valves

Rapid Set Pavement Sealer GemSeal Pavement Products Rapid Set is a polymer-modified additive that reduces dry time, improves sealer adhesion and increases durability in refined tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. • Sealer dries blacker with improved strength and durability • Greatly reduces curing time of applied sealer dependent on percentage used

Gooseneck Sealcoat Trailer Seal-Rite The Gooseneck trailer is compatible with all Seal-Rite skids up to 1,000 gal. • Deck length of 16 ft. • Low profile • (2) 7,000-lb.axles with electric brakes on both axles • Tool storage rack • Brake lights, running lights, center light bar • PAVEMENT • December 2019

PVM1219_6-11_Sealcoating_AH2.indd 11


11/21/19 10:01 AM

Snow Removal Poly Power-V Snowplow Boss Snowplow The Poly Power-V snowplow features a low-friction coefficient poly moldboard impregnated with color to resist fading, cracking and deterioration •• Available in 8-ft., 2-in. and 9-ft., 2-in. sizes •• SmartHitch 2 Mounting System standard

SnowEx Spreader TrynEx International SnowEx Bulk Pro Spreaders handle bulk salt, straight sand or sand/salt mixtures. •• 2-stage auger system assures positive, steady feed of materials to eliminate clogging and flow problems •• Unique spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and flow volume calibration •• SP-1575 and SP-1875 hopper capacities of 5.25 and 9 cubic feet, respectively

Get fast, relevant product information in the Buyers Guide at

XtremeV V-Plow Fisher Engineering The hydraulics on the XtremeV V-plow produce a 50% increase in operating speed. •• Available in 7.5-, 8.5- and 9.5-ft. sizes in powder coated or stainless steel •• INTENSIFIRE plow halogen plow lights •• Standard double-acting cylinders for efficient back dragging

EDGE Snow Blowers Manitou America, Inc. / EDGE (formerly CEAttachments) EDGE snow blowers are available in standard- and high-flow models ranging from 48 to 96 in. wide and can throw snow up to 45 ft. •• Hydraulic motor delivers increased torque in the 280° chute rotating function •• Hydraulic cylinder provides durable, proficient control when angling the deflector •• Auger paddle design modified for more efficient transfer of snow to the fan

Ultra Series Snow Plow SnowWolf Plows are available in five widths from 6 to 10 ft. •• 35° angle allows the snow to roll off the blade while using less horsepower and traction to push more snow •• Dual Pivot A-Frame features two massive pins that attach the A-frame to the moldboard, creating a strong pivot

Attachment Snow Blower M-B Companies Inc. This snow blower attachment is available in 4-, 5.5-, 6-, 6.5- and 7-ft. widths. •• Direct-drive hydraulic motors •• Velocity Control Plate can be adjusted to handle different snow moisture levels •• Hydraulic chute rotation and mechanical deflector control

IST Sno Pushers

Paladin Construction Group Hydraulic or manual angle plows are available in 60 to 102 in. widths. •• Angles 30° to 35° either direction •• Reinforced 10-gauge steel blade •• For skid steers, compact utility loaders and backhoe loaders

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution Sno Pusher containment plows feature IST technology, which provides a lowmaintenance, yet high-performance solution for floating over obstacles. •• 12 models for loaders, backhoes and skid steers •• Triangular gussets and thick steel channeling for maximum support •• Suited for clearing icy snow and hard pack

Snow Blade

Optimus Snow Pusher Hiniker Snow Removal Equipment Hiniker Co. Inc. The Hiniker line of trip-edge plows includes the V-Plows, C-Plows, Scoop plows, VF series flare-wing trip-edge V-plows and straight blade plows. •• Line of full-trip conventional plows also available featuring all-steel moldboards and compression spring design •• Quick-Hitch or Quick-Hitch2 system

Ledex Industries Corp. Optimus Snow Pusher has a sectional steel trip edge that contours to uneven ground to allow “one-pass” plowing. •• Floating receiver •• Self-leveling wear shoes

Snow Removal Products

MTP Flex MediumDuty Snow Plow

Western Products The Western Prodigy multi-position winged snow plow automatically positions its wings for maximum plowing efficiency for straight-ahead scoop mode or angled for windrowing. •• Available for both truck and skid-steer loaders •• Scoop position clears 8-ft. 7-in. swath; angled clears 7-ft. 10-in. swatch •• Blade angles left or right for windrowing

Buyers Products Co. Buyers Products offers 19 standard models of snow plows, 86 models of salt spreaders and 18 sizes of snow pushers. •• SnowDogg plows range from V-plows for 1/2-ton trucks and sport utility vehicles to municipal plows •• Mount SaltDogg spreaders to pickups, dump trucks

Henderson Products Inc. MTP Flex snow plow for mediumduty trucks has a 10-ft. flexible polymer moldboard capable of opening wide to function as a push plow. •• High trip edge with adjustable torsion springs •• Level lift •• Weight: 1,240 lb. with hitch

Prodigy Winged Snow Plow

62  December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:24 AM

Trailers Paver PT Series Trailers Eager Beaver Trailers The Paver PT Series is designed to safely load rollers, pavers and milling machines. • Low front approach, tapered ramps and gradual slope • Run-up wheel covers with wood center • All-wheel anti-lock brakes • Hi-clearance self-lifting gooseneck • Lock-in/lock-out outriggers

800 Series Trailers Landoll Corp. The 800 series heavy haul detachable lowboy trailers include the 35-ton 835 with two or three axles and the 55-ton 855 with three or four axles. • Loaded deck heights down to 17 ¾ in. • Deck lengths up to 32 ft. • 12-ft. 5-in.-long gooseneck • 7 ride height settings

Air-tow Trailers Rock Line Products Air-tow trailers reduce labor cost with oneperson ground level loading, increase safety by eliminating loading ramps or tilt beds and offer better equipment protection and smoother towing with air suspension.

Equipment Transport Series Trailers Redi Haul Trailers Inc. Skid loader trailers offers space for various types of equipment with a 78-in.-wide bed made from 2-in. nominal oak. • 48-in. ramps, sealed and shock-mounted lights, modular wiring • Hook to most vehicles with a 2-5/16-in. adjustable height ball coupler and have load capacities available from 7,790 to 11,500 lbs.

Rogers Brothers Corp. Blacktop Series trailers combine simplified loading with spacious decks to accommodate multiple machines for paving work. • "Gentle Riser" has a low, level deck and a 16° incline riser to the rear frame, and is available in 35- or 50-ton capacities • 40-ton "Sloper" features a 5° incline up the length of the deck, and is available in a 35-ton model

Gooseneck Trailers

Hydraulic Detachable Extendable Trailer XL Specialized Trailers, Inc. The XL 90 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable lowboy trailer has an extendable main deck that goes from 28 ft., 4 in. to 50 ft., 3 in. with extension stops every 24 in. • Extend-A-Trac uses 6-in. greasable rollers ,oil-impregnated bronze bushings for smoother extension and retraction • Flip axle and 44-in. flip neck with kingpin settings at 16 in. and 24 in. together make the unit 84 ft. long when extended

Trail-EZE Trailers This Trail-EZE hydraulic nonground bearing wideside detachable gooseneck trailer available in capacities from 35 to 55 tons and steel or aluminum pull-outs to 13 ft. 6 in. wide. • Neck can be attached and re-attached in 3 minutes • Trailer capacities from 70,000 to 110,000 lbs.

Commercial MG-HG Detachable Gooseneck Trailer Trail King Industries, Inc. The Commercial MG-HG detachable gooseneck trailer is engineered to accommodate four interchangeable gooseneck styles. • Standard with full-width mechanical gooseneck • Goosenecks can be ordered in full-width or narrow-width and mechanical or hydraulic configurations

50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

Air Ramp Technology

Talbert Manufacturing The 50-toncapacity 50CC/ RP Hybrid Trailer combines the benefits of a close couple low-bed design with a roller paver model, providing a longer loading incline. • 26-ft. deck length; 8-ft., 6-in. deck width; 20-in. deck height • Slopes from the bottom up to create a more moderate incline over approximately a third of the deck length

Felling Trailers Inc. Air ramp technology is fits 20,000-lb.-capacity tag trailer to a 100,000-lb. hydraulic detach trailer • Ramps operate via an air bag system that works off of the supply as the air brake system • Air lift system is able to lift in excess of 5,000 lbs.

Blacktop Series Trailers

T-24D Drop-deck Trailer Towmaster The 24,000-lb.-capacity T-24D dropdeck trailer includes 12,000-lb.capacity axles and a replaceable aluminum fender option. • Formed I-beam frame integrates the tongue and main frame rails for a strong unibody design • I-beam crossmembers, springassist ramps with solid bar hold-ups

Lo Riser Trailer Advance Metalworking Company The 16,000-lb.-capacity Lo Riser inclining platform trailer hydraulically lowers the platform to ground height with the flip of a switch. • Built-in ramp provides a 4° minimum angle • Four-position ball hitch • Features include a 19,725-lb. GVWR and a 4:1 payload-totrailer weight ratio

RPS 03 Paver Special Trailer E.D. Etnyre & Co. Transport a roller, paver and broom in one load with the Blackhawk Paver series trailers. • 24 ft. of deck space and a low loading angle of 18° for fast and easy loading and unloading of equipment • Available in Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck Paver Special or Rear Loading Paver Special • PAVEMENT • December 2019

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11/21/19 10:25 AM

Technology Pavement Works CRM Program

Proposal Creation Tool

Pavement Works was specifically designed with the pavement contractor in mind. • Simple, easy-to-use interface, along with key functions specific to the pavement industry • Track every step of the sales process, along with creating proposals quickly and efficiently • Helps to increase sales revenue and lets contractors focus on other aspects of the company

Pavement Layers, LLC Pavement Layers is an online software proposal creation tool built specifically for the pavement industry. • Cloud-based tool allows any user connected to the Internet to create proposals 90% faster • Create, manage, measure and track proposals and the people who write them • Integrates with the WheelitOff measuring and marking tool

PaveBid Digital Bidding Solution PaveBid automates your daily routine while increasing efficiency, productivity and profit before the bidding even begins. • Accurate estimates while reducing errors by instantly retrieving length, surface area and volume of the job • Reduces errors and hours spent on manual calculations

Proposal, Scheduling Software SaaSphalt was launched in 2013 for the asphalt industry as mobile first software to simplify getting users up and running on this one-of-a-kind, industryspecific application. • Create professional, accurate proposals in minutes • Convert proposals into work orders for scheduling and invoicing • Sync customers, invoices and time trac

Go iPave 3D-MC Asphalt Topcon Positioning Systems The 3D-MC Asphalt is designed to control any paver right from digital site plans. • Produces exact thickness at exact slope automatically with fast and accurate 3D transitions through horizontal and vertical curves • Millimeter-level accuracy • 2,400m horizontal working range and 40m vertical working range • Pave horizontal, vertical or combined transitions

PCS900 Paving Control

Measure Layer Thickness

Trimble Navigation Ltd. This 3D automatic screed control system can improve paving productivity and the rideability of road and airport surfaces by directly referencing a 3D off-road design. • Accurately pave complex designs without a reference surface or stringline, and produce final paved surfaces with smoothed seams and significantly fewer waves • Mounts on most pavers

MOBA Corporation The Pave-TM automatically provides non-contact measurement of layer thickness during asphalt paving.


• MPC-120 controller works in conjunction with Sonic-Ski Plus and four ultrasound sensors to calculate layer thickness in real-time • Dynapac SD series are PaveTM ready; retrofit other paver models available

GIS Dynamics Go iPave is a revolutionary way for contractors to prospect, measure and grow their pavement maintenance and construction businesses. • Online service combines high resolution aerial photography, property boundaries and property information with measuring tools • Measure square footage, linear distance and more to help bid on sealcoating, striping, paving and sweeping jobs • Group measurements by asphalt, concrete, sidewalks, turf and mulch • Increased efficiency when measuring by identifying all surface types involved in bid proposal • Applicable for residential, commercial and industrial properties

Gen-2 Grade and Slope Control System PaveSmart The Pavesmart Gen-2 Control System provides grade and slope control for variable depth asphalt paving and milling. • Just plug into the paver or milling machine and go on compatible systems • Adjustments can be made "on-the-fly" during operation • Large color screen with backlight, contrast and brightness control and a larger font display • Provides portable controls for off-the-screed use, meaning no more standing on the screed to make adjustment • Built-in diagnostics and PNP capable • Supplied as a complete system or a Control Box-only upgrade

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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11/21/19 10:26 AM


PAVEMENT Published by AC Business Media.

Vanity Numbers for Contractors

DigiRoller Plus III

U.S. Pavement Services •• Own one of these: 1-800-BLACKTOP, 1-800-SEALCOAT, 1-888-PAVEMENT •• Increase your sales •• Own exclusive rights •• Free marketing plan •• Low monthly fees •• Join over 100 contractors

Calculated Industries Inc. Newly-redesigned DigiRoller Plus III measures lengths, widths and heights in either U.S. or metric units. •• Calculates area, volume, perimeter •• Easy-to-use (and read) handle-mounted controls with a 7-digit backlit display •• 99.5% accuracy

Hydraulic Power Packs Next Generation Power Engineering Inc. Next Generation Power’s Hydraulic Power Packs can be combined with generators, welders, compressors and other options to fit the application. •• Heavy-duty, diesel Kubota engine •• Available from 10 to 80 hp in 1,800 or 3,000 rpm with one to four cylinders; configure for mobile or stationary purposes

Eagle Tubular Products A wide variety of bollard products from stationary “embedded” or “plate mounted” bollards to lockable removable bollard systems. •• A variety of pipe sizes, lengths and wall thickness •• Common diamaters are 3 in., 4 in., 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in.

Asphalt Press Industries Answer customer’s questions before they ask with this 12-page color booklet. •• Explains the nature of blacktop, proper care, and gives tips to avoid problems •• Covers curing, care in hot weather, kickstands, heavy trucks, more

Sports Courts System SealMaster A 100% acrylic, cushioned sport surfacing system, the SportMaster ProCushion System consists of multiple coats of flexible acrylic layers, filled with rubber granules for shock absorption and cushioned effect on asphalt, concrete, acrylic surfaces. •• Tennis, basketball, pickleball and other recreational surfaces •• Elastomeric acrylics reduce hardening of the coatings, ensuring cushioning after years of resurfacing cycles RRT12 and RRT6 Distance Wheels Keson Industries Inc. Keson's Roadrunner distance wheels, models RRT12 and RRT6, are now available in metric measurements in addition to feet/inches. •• Sturdy, reliable design to protect the counter •• 99.7% accurate on a flat, even track

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400 Series Measuring Wheel

Flexbollard Systems

Rolatape All steel construction wheel has 5-digit steel counter that measures up to 100,000 ft. • 4-ft. circumference • Wheel stand and brake

Flexpost, Inc. Impact-resistant Flexbollard Systems come in 52 and 72 in. heights.



Basic Equipment


B & E Business & Web Services


Buffalo Turbine


Carlson an Astec Industries Company




Crafco Preservation Products Inc.



34, 38, 43

Elgin Sweeper Company


EZ Liner


Gem Seal Pavement Products


Go I Pave






Keystone Engineering


K-M International

23, 27

LaserLine Manufacturing Inc.


Lee Boy


M B a brand of Aebi Schmidt




Mr. Manhole


MRL Equipment Company Inc.


National Pavement Expo 2020

25, Insert

Neal A Division Of Blastcrete Equipment


Newstripe Inc.




N. I. Wilson Manufacturing Company Inc.


Old Dominion Brush Company


Vanair Manufacturing Line of Tier 4 Final-compliant engine-driven utility mount rotary screw air compressors comes in 185-, 210- and 250-cfm sizes. • Stand-alone units can be cross-mounted along the bulkhead of the body of the vehicle, corrosion-resistant canopy with fork pockets • Waterproof, eye level, curbside digital control panel for easy accessibility

Pro Cru


RAE Products & Chemicals Corporation

38, 40

Schwarze Industries


Seal Rite


Under Carriage Equipment Cleaner



Southern Emulsions Inc.


Spaulding Mfg. Inc.




United Rotary Brush Corporation




Vance Brothers




Wirtgen America Inc.


Get fast, relevant product information in the Buyers Guide at 66

BollardGard Innoplast BollardGards are one of the most cost effective ways to quickly improve appearance, attract customers, and reduce maintenance costs when used to cover posts. • UV additive for long life • Fully customizable with your company logo • 5 Year warranty against cracking and fading

• 360º of flexibility • Delineate when hit at speeds • 52-in. system is also available in a signpost system • 7 available colors • Graphics available

U-Channel Cover Ideal Shield LLC With Ideal Shield's U-Channel Cover you can permanently cover 2-lb. U-channel and 1-1/2-ft. pipe posts. • Made of polyethylene thermoplastic that does not fade or crack • Red, green, blue, gray, and black • Variety of lengths

Utility Mount Air Compressors

Water Cannon Under carriage cleaners are designed to clean under vehicles and equipment with a 24-in.-wide path. • 4 spray nozzles blast up from below at up to 4,300 psi, two zero-degree nozzles cut through the tough stuff, two 15-degree nozzles wash it away • Plug in pressure washer and use the long reach handle to get all the way underneath your vehicle or equipment • Also available in a 13-in. rear wheel model (shown) to give you 14.5 in. of clearance • These cleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250º F

FastMeasure Dashboard-mount Measuring Device KTP Enterprises, Inc. The FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device mounts on the dashboard and is designed to quickly and accurately measure parking lots, roads, utilities and more in the comfort of their car up to highway speeds. • Small in size, accurate to 1 ft./mile • Easy to use - just two buttons; effortless calibration • Mounts on anything that rolls

December 2019 • PAVEMENT •

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ds le





nt ce

e d ar




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s y a d i l o H HAPPY

Put SealMaster at the Top of your Christmas List & Enjoy a Meaningful 2019 Tax Deduction Attractive Financing Available

S P R AY TA N K S • S Q U E E G E E M AC H I N E S • C R AC K F I L L I N G M AC H I N E S • A N D M O R E

(800) 395-7325 Locations Nationwide

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Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction December 2019  

Published eight times per year, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction is the leading magazine serving contractors in the paving, sealcoating...

Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction December 2019  

Published eight times per year, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction is the leading magazine serving contractors in the paving, sealcoating...