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What’s Inside March/April 2021


Early Season Sealcaoting Best Practices Gear up and prepare for the upcoming season.


The Super Bowl of Sealcoating U.S. Pave helps transform the parking lot around Hard Rock Stadium in preparation for the big game.


Increase Productivity by Streamlining Estimates Tips to help you prepare estimates with technology such as Go iPave.

24 How to Use Chip

Seals for Pavement Preservation Learn how to extend pavement life six to eight years by applying chip seal.


10 Roller Maintenance Tips Ensure your roller runs smoothly all season with these easy to remember maintenance tips



Top Contractor Survey Apply today to ensure your company is listed in one of our five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair

ON THE COVER Todd Whyte and one laborer sealcoating a residential driveway using an SR-700 Extended Deck Trailer with a 30 gallon melter and a 13HP Billy Goat Blower.

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Subscription policy: Individual subscriptions are available without charge in the U.S. only to pavement maintenance contractors, producers and government employees involved in paving or pavement maintenance; dealers, and distributors of pavement maintenance equipment or materials; and others with similar business activities. Complete the subscription form at www. or use your company letterhead giving all the information requested. Publisher reserves the right to reject nonqualified subscribers. One year subscriptions for nonqualified individuals: $35.00 U.S.A., $60.00 Canada and Mexico, and $85.00 all other countries (payable in U.S. funds, drawn on U.S. bank). Single copies available (prepaid only) $10.00 each (U.S., Canada & Mexico), $15.00 each (International). Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction (ISSN 1098-5875), is published eight times per year: January, February, March/April, May, June/July, August/ September, October/November, December by AC Business Media, 201 N. Main St., Fifth Floor, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538. Periodicals postage paid at Fort Atkinson, WI and additional entry offices. POSTMASTER: Please send change of address to Pavement, PO Box 3605, Northbrook, IL 60065-3605. Printed in the USA. PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE & RECONSTRUCTION is proudly supported by these associations: • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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What’s Inside March/April 2021


Editorial Time to Hit the Reset Button on Your Business Processes


Hot Mix The Latest News in the Industry


Just In Select New Products and Upgrades




NPE Buzz On-Demand Access for National Pavement Live

29 Pavement 44

Profit Center

Spr tem cra

Your Business Matters Introducing Chris Dick, NAPSA President


From the Owner’s Desk Pros & Cons to Bringing on a Business Partner


Classified Ads


NAPSA Report Introducing 2021 Leadership


WSA Update

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Maximizing the Safety of Your ‘Essential Worker Family’ 54

PCTC Dispatch Pavement Coatings Technology Council Hopeful for 2021


Contractor Snapshot How Marathon Solutions Group Navigate the Avenues of Growth




Tailgate Talk The Cost of Consistency in Construction




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March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Cra indu to ex pave

Crack Seal Essential Roadways!




Spring season is an ideal time to crack seal because pavement cracks are at their mid-point and temperatures are moderate. Studies by the National Center for Asphalt Technology found that crack sealing is proven to extend pavement life for good, fair and poor pavement conditions.

Placing Crafco high-quality sealant into a routed reservoir provides a solution proven to double sealant service life vs. non-routed and sealed cracks — making the most of your investment. The Crafco Pavement Router, Self-Propelled with Dust ControlTM prepares cracks responsibly, keeping respirable dust and silica exposures below Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs).

Clean routed cracks using the Crafco Crack-VacTM

The Crack-Vac is uniquely designed to be the most effective at cleaning cracks. It removes dirt and debris from pavement cracks, virtually dust-free, with compressed air, ensuring proper preparation. The Crafco Crack-Vac reduces respirable dust and silica exposure, achieving the industry’s lowest OELs. NON-ROUTED

Melt and apply sealant with Crafco Melters

Awarded ROADS & BRIDGES magazine’s “Contractor’s Choice” for 7 years running, the Crafco Super ShotTM melter is a model of quality, durability, safety, ease of use and productivity.

Simple Band-Aid Configuration




ROUTED Standard Recessed Band-Aid




*Data on file

1 2 3

Prepare cracks with a Crafco Router

Crafco achieved the longest pavement sealant service life in the industry! - Cracks sealed using Crafco high-quality sealants have been proven to extend sealant service life for more than 7 years in AC and 21 years in PCC pavements.**


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By Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor JoyImage/AdobeStock

Time to Hit the Reset Button Getting back to basics in 2021 PROCESSES determine end results, but sometimes we can’t see our processes are broken until we are in crisis mode, so take the time to evaluate them before it’s too late. For example, what is your process for onboarding new customers or employees? What are the estimates and invoicing processes?

Identify processes that aren’t working, create workflows for key tasks and share with those involved in that part of your business. In this issue, we are doing just that, getting back to the basics. We have a great lineup of maintenance tips, best practices, safety of your essential workers, technology update, on-thejob story and much more. Our goal for March/April was to really showcase this as the productivity issue,

helping you and your company get ready for the busiest time of the year. From my perspective, newer into the industry, I aspire to continue learning alongside of you and learning from you, in hopes of delivering content that truly helps your business be successful. So, what do you say we hit the reset

button to make improvements to our businesses and clear our minds to focus and prepare for a successful 2021.



Hot Asphalt Joint Sealing Compound



Cold Applied Bituminous Sealing Strip


Call: 281-821-3355 E-mail:

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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ke ur





High-Volume Productivity You Can Count On NEAL’s innovative Pavement Preservation Package provides game-changing efficiency on both detail and high-volume sealcoating. Our versatile DA 350’s blower and cut-in attachments complete detail work up to 7 times faster. While our High-Volume Road TM

Maintenance Vehicle’s high material output makes short work of large surface areas.


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HOT MIX PAVEMENT INDUSTRY NEWS: PCTC Appoints New Director, Entries Open for 2021 Top Contractor For the latest Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction news, bookmark ForConstructionPros. com/Pavement-Maintenance By Jessica Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief


For years the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) has given a voice to the pavement maintenance industry. Speaking on behalf of contractors and manufacturers all over the country, the council raises awareness and provides education through meetings, research and development, training, seminars, communications, publications and other programs and activities. At the end of 2020, Pavement Hall of Fame inductee Anne LeHuray retired from the PCTC after serving as president for 12 years. LeHuray will be replaced by Brian Riggs. Riggs has 20 years of experience in association management and hopes to bring this experience to help the PCTC advance their mission through awareness. "The PCTC is committed to the business owners and manufacturers in the industry" Riggs says. "We bring science to the work and let them know the impacts these things have on the environment and their employees." Riggs and the PCTC continue to fight the research conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) which identified refined coal tar sealer (RTS) as detrimental to the environment and the public’s health. On December 14, 2020, the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard oral


arguments in PCTC v. USGS, the lawsuit concerning PCTC’s painfully long and winding effort to obtain data underlying USGS publications about the fate of sealcoat in the environment. Understanding the basis of USGS’s claims was essential to both PCTC’s response to these claims and

designing its own studies of sealants in the environment. Riggs will continue to help the PCTC fight for the pavement maintenance industry with LeHuray remaining on as a scientific advisor for the council.

Top Contractor Applications Now Open For the ninth year in a row, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction will develop a list of top-selling (meaning largest) contractors within each industry segment. Our hope with this survey is to develop verifiable Top Contractor listings in each of five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair. In order to publish a list that accurately represents the industry, we need to hear from your company by Friday, April 23rd. There are 3 ways to complete and submit this form: • Online at • Complete a hard copy and fax (920-542-1133) or mail it to: Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, Top Contractor Survey, 201 N. Main Street, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538; Attn. Dormie Roberts. • Complete a hard copy, scan and e-mail to Those who qualify for the lists will be published in the 2021 June/July issue of Pavement.

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Just In

Get fast, relevant product information in the Buyers Guide at 1


Raised on Blacktop 8520B Asphalt Paver VT LeeBoy To honor this passion for the industry, LeeBoy engineers have unveiled a new Raised on Blactop special edition 8520B heavycommercial asphalt paver. • Exclusive gray paint scheme • Red operators’ seats embroidered with the Raised on Blacktop logo • Stylized decal • A larger American flag decal • A weather-proof ticket/phone box • Various shovel/rake carrier options • Engraved serialized badge • An optional custom lighting package



2 Ion Dust Shield BOMAG Americas Inc. The ION Dust Shield was specially developed for cold milling machines to transfer dust away from the operator and eliminate fine particles (PM 2.5, PM 10) by up to 80%. • In addition to visible dust, a considerable amount of particulate matter is also produced when removing an asphalt surface and the ION Dust Shield binds the fine particulate matter • The particles clump permanently to harmless coarse dust and can be easily removed which leads to a reduction in particulate matter of over 80% - as confirmed by the IGF Institute for Hazardous Substances Research at the Ruhr University

3 CC1300VI & CC1400VI Asphalt Rollers Dynapac North America LLC The double drum and combi versions were designed to meet the paving industry’s tough conditions. By keeping the operator in mind, it results in a comfortable and modern machine. • 37 kW/50 hp T4f Kubota engine with ECO mode • Features high frequency compaction • Dual amplitude (0.02”/0.007”) function is also available • Optional asphalt temperature meter • Other optional equipment includes: front right mounted edge presser/cutter, dual front right and left edge presser/ edge cutter


4 RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper




5 Stripe Hog SH7500

Elgin Sweeper Company The new RegenX regenerative air sweeper maximizes operator efficiency. • Roll-off dump height with 50° dump angle and 8-cu.-yd. hopper • Easy-access washout doors for dust separator and pickup head • Easy to access components • Bolt-on wear parts • Highly efficient dust separator and large screen surface area reduce carryover and sand blasting

Hog Technologies The Stripe Hog SH7500 is a PTO engine-driven water blasting and recovery system designed for either asphalt or concrete airfields and roadways for paint and thermoplastic removal, surface preparation, road retexturing, hydraulic spill cleanup and removal of rubber deposits from airport runways. • Pavement marking removal rates up to 5,557 linear ft/hr • Rubber removal rates up to 30,000 sq. ft. per hour • Made for the rapid removal of single, continuous lines • 9 gpm flow rate

6 Self Adhesive Tarr Tape Pavemade Tech This self-sealing Tarr Tape doesn’t require torching and is used to permanently repair or join asphalt, concrete, roofs and sports surfaces. • Press-on with hand, drive over or pound with mallet • Traffic ready instantly • 40-ft. long 2-in.- wide airport grade rubberized crack sealant • Waterproofs and prevents future damage

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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NPE Buzz

Virtual Conference Available On-Demand Content will remain on-demand for six months

NATIONAL PAVEMENT Conference Live, the virtual educational event, wrapped up in late February and featured 16 educational sessions, in addition to a range of product demonstrations. For those who missed the live presentations, all content will remain on-demand for six months. With one low price, virtual attendees can learn from familiar experts on nuts and bolts topics, such as: • Professional sealcoating from A to Z • Striping productivity using today’s technology • Residential and commercial paving

• Boosting your online presence • Thickness design and pavement distresses Other topics on the agenda touch on the pavement world to varying degrees, promoting skills such as leadership and salesmanship. Yet another presentation features first-time speaker Traci Brown, a fraud-busting body language expert who spoke about the many ways pavement professionals can sniff out deception. As an expert in the field for two decades, Brown demonstrates how tone of voice, word choice and body language can reveal lies. Detecting these lies can save pavement professionals a lot of grief. For example, clients may not always be forthcoming about the

real challenges that may arise during a particular job, but how do you know? Other situations may also depend on total honesty. “As with all NPE events, the virtual version of NPE was designed to provide relevant and timely information to the pavement industry that can impact your businesses now and in the near future,” says Russ Turner, associate show director, NPE. “With the recently concluded National Pavement Conference Live, I believe we achieved that, and everyone who missed it has a chance to access that content until the end of Summer. As for 2022, we certainly hope to see everyone in person yet again.” • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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3/3/21 1:05 PM

SPECIAL REPORT: Sealcoating By Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor

Early Season Best Practices for Sealcoating It’s time to prepare the equipment and gear up for the sealcoating season. AS SPRING IS knocking at the door, the sealcoating season is right around the corner. In the sealcoating business, professionalism and customer care involve making sure protections are in place and equipment is operating at peak performance. This is also a good time to re-evaluate your processes and make sure every member of your crew is on the same page.


The Importance of Equipment Inspections Most sealcoating equipment sits idle during the off season and it is imperative you give your equipment dedicated time to do a full inspection before use. If you winterized properly, these steps should not be difficult. Start by walking around the equipment, look for any damage that may have occurred. “Check the tires, make sure they are in good condition and there isn’t dry rotting,” says Eric Humphries, sales manager, Neal. “If the tires are low, fill with air to the recommended PSI noted on the tire or in the owner’s manual.”

Use a brush and squeegee to spread the sealer out on the pavement evenly. Image supplied by Seal-Rite

After the walk around is complete, check the engine, filters and reservoirs. “Give the engine a tune up,” says Cody Hale, national business development for SealMaster. “Replace fuel and air filters, sparkplugs, empty the fuel tank or drain out any water that may have accumulated in the tank before adding fresh fuel.” It is preferred that you start the season with a clean tank, make sure to check the agitation, pump, gauges, compressors, hoses and spray tips.

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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s. y for rs, ain atl.”

PVM0321_12-15_SpecialReport_DJ.indd 13

3/3/21 1:12 PM


Brent Loutzenhiser, CEO of Seal-Rite, recommends starting the machine on water. “Put the machine through its paces on water to make sure everything is functioning before putting sealer in.” If you fail to thoroughly inspect equipment, you could be starting the season off on the wrong foot. Equipment that is not ready for the season could result in failed sealer performance or breakage of the machine, costing time, money and future jobs.

Protect Your Crew Along with protecting your equipment, you should remind your crews to protect themselves from the elements and the sealer. “Cold tar sealer can cause skin irritation,” says Humphries. “You want to cover every inch of your body that you possibly can.” Proper protection includes Tyvek suits, gloves, safety glasses, tall boots ear protection and sunscreen.

“It’s a good practice to wear sunscreen,” says Loutzenhiser. “Most workers are in the sun on a daily basis, especially apply the sunscreen to your face.” Since heat can lead to other issues and potential incidents, and it can't be avoided when a job is on deadline, it is important that all of us working in the heat take care to avoid heat illness issues. Spring can be the perfect time to refresh and train your crews about the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and prevention.

Sealcoating in the Sunshine Just as you want to ensure your equipment and crew are ready to work, you also want to make sure the pavement surface is properly prepared for sealcoating and that includes paying attention to the weather. “You want to try and sealcoat in the sunshine,” says Humphries. “Shade can

cause problems and you really don’t want to try to sealcoat on a cloudy day.” Be sure to check the weather before heading out to a job. If there is rain or high humidity in the forecast, you might want to reconsider applying sealer until there is no rain within a 24-hour period. Sealer shouldn’t be applied in cold or wet conditions because the water in the emulsion won’t evaporate. If water doesn’t evaporate, sealcoat particles can’t begin the curing process of sticking to each other and the coated surface. Maury Bagwell, lead engineer for Neal says “The drying process can take 4-hours or longer. And just because it seems dry, doesn’t mean it is fully cured.” The curing process takes more time than drying because it takes longer to drive out moisture that remains after the initial drying. In addition, try to plan applications as early in the day as possible. Avoid applications in late afternoon because it may not have sufficient daylight for proper drying out as well as the danger of temperatures dipping into the freezing zone in late evening. You should not only worried about the weather for application, but also make sure the mix doesn’t freeze in the tank. “Remember to watch the weather for dry conditions and appropriate temperatures,” says Hale. “Do not allow your material in the tank to freeze in the early parts of the season.” As with all surface coatings, the pavement should be clean and free of surface contamination and defects. • Clean the pavement by sweeping or blowing. Pressure wash high dirtbuildup if necessary and make sure to remove all vegetation from cracks • Crackfill, patch and in-depth base repair • Prime oil spots and problematic areas, especially under tree lines Proper PPE including gloves, boots, safety glasses or shields should be worn while sealcoating. Image supplied by Seal-Rite


March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_12-15_SpecialReport_DJ.indd 14

3/3/21 1:13 PM

to ste Ha ma sho bro

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Se pa Cle oil be be co ma nu

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“Preparation of the surface prior to sealcoating is a very important step to successful sealcoating,” says Hale. “Prior to doing any asphalt maintenance, at a minimum the surface should be cleaned with blowers and brooms.”

One Part of a Pavement Maintenance Program Sealcoating is only one part of a true pavement maintenance program. Cleaning, patching, crack filler and oil spot prep should be completed before the sealcoating process can begin. Also, remember to apply surface coating according to specifications and manufacturer’s instructions for the number of coats and coverage rates. Whether contractors are sealcoating driveways or parking lots, the original pavement investment by a customer

is significant. Anything you can do to slow the rate of pavement deterioration improves the life cycle costs of that pavement investment. Sealcoating, used as part of a comprehensive pavement maintenance program, plays an important role in extending pavement life.

Plan sealcoating applications as early in the day as possible with ample sunlight. Photo submitted by Seal-Rite

Once you start your spring season, always follow manufacturer’s recommendations and if you are unsure, ask.


Introducing Skip-Line's New Product!


e er




ses • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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3/3/21 1:13 PM

Sealcoating By Jessica Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief




March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 16

3/3/21 1:19 PM

OATING U.S. Pave helps transform the parking lot around Hard Rock Stadium in preparation for the big game EVERYONE IN the paving and pavement maintenance industry knows that each job you get requires a lot of perseverance and a little bit of luck. When it came to completing the work to prepare the parking lot at Hard Rock Stadium in advance of the biggest television event of the year, Nick Small, owner of U.S. Pave, relied on his persistence to make sure his crew would win the work. “Hard Rock Stadium in Miami has been a big part of my life. I grew up watching this stadium being built, I worked there when I was in high school and I have season tickets to the Dolphins,” Small said. “When they announced the 2020 Super Bowl was going to be located at this • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 17


3/3/21 1:19 PM


The U.S. Pave crew worked in sections to complete sealcoating on the 1.2 million square foot lot.

stadium, I knew they were going to need maintenance work done and I didn’t want any other crew but mine completing the job.” During preparation for the Super Bowl, Hard Rock Stadium underwent several changes and as a result, there were construction trailers camped out around the area. Small decided to go knock on every door to see if he could get in contact with the right person to bid the parking lot maintenance work. “I would just show up and knock on doors,” Small said. “I kept trying to find the person in charge of parking lot maintenance and it took two weeks before I was finally put in contact with the Director of Parking who would make any decisions on the lot maintenance.”


Here’s where a little bit of luck came in for U.S. Pave: The stadium had just put out bids for the sealcoating that needed to be done and Small knew this was his opportunity to win the work. “I drove around the lot with the Director of Parking and explained to him how we would do the work if we were awarded the contract,” he said. “At the end of the day, he decided to go with our company. I can say with certainty that no one in the business could have

done a better job on this lot than our crew did.”

Tight Timeline Between the end of football season and the Super Bowl, the U.S. Pave crew was given just one week to get the work done. “Once the last NFL game finished for the season, we had one week before the Orange Bowl was going to take place here,” Small says. “After the Orange

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 18

3/3/21 1:20 PM

HAMM – The First Oscillation 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE



or he

INTRODUCING THE NEW 5 YEARS / 5,000 HOURS HAMM DRUM WARRANTY Maintenance-free, non-prorated warranty for oscillation drums, including drum shell, on HD+ series oscillation rollers.

CLOSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. 35 years ago, we presented an innovation in the form of oscillation compaction. Today, we offer this technology to our customers in more than 35 models for asphalt construction and earth work. Just like our experience, this is unique in the industry. Only available at HAMM.

WIRTGEN AMERICA, INC. · 6030 Dana Way · Antioch, TN 37013 · Telephone: (615) 501-0600

PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 19

3/3/21 1:20 PM


Bowl, we were told the NFL was going to take over the stadium for the Super Bowl so we had to have everything done in just seven short days.” U.S. Pave, based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, operates four crews to complete work all over the state. Small brought all his crew members to this one job to make sure they would complete the work within the tight time frame. “We showed up with an army,” Small said. In all, U.S. Pave had 42 crew members on site, 20 tanker trucks full of sealer and completed 1.2 million square feet of sealcoating in just three days. That’s over 37,000 gallons of sealer. Working in their favor to complete the work so quickly, was the lack of traffic around the stadium. Crews did not have to section off areas of the lot and deploy heavy traffic control to keep cars off the freshly sealed areas. “We were lucky to have free rein around the stadium,” Small said. “Despite being rained out one day, it was a very smooth running project and that’s a testament to our crew and the planning we had in place prior to the work.”

An Unexpected Side Project Just five days before the U.S. Pave crew were getting ready to enjoy seeing their hard work on display during the Super Bowl, Small received a panicked phone call from the Director of Parking. “In preparation for the crowd control, the stadium had built new pedestrian tunnels for attendees to walk to and from the stadium but there was nowhere to walk from the exit for the stadium to the tunnel,” Small said. “At


6 p.m. the Wednesday before kickoff of the Super Bowl, I got the call that they needed a new pedestrian walking path installed to fix this issue.” The next day, Small pulled his crew off another job to complete this work. The crew dug the area out, prepped it and poured the concrete and were out of there by Saturday. “It would have taken any other crew two weeks to complete a project like that and we did it in three days,” Small said. And as the crew watched the Super Bowl the next day, they knew their hard work had paid off. “It’s a huge sense of pride for me and my crew,” Small said. “We have been

In all, U.S. Pave had 42 crew members on site with 20 tanker trucks full of sealer. The crew had just seven short days to complete the work.

contacted by the stadium again and again since this project to complete other maintenance jobs and it’s because of our professionalism and dedication to our work that they keep calling us. If they need us there tomorrow, we’ll be there tomorrow. That’s how important keeping a high profile project like this is to our company. This is our parking lot.”

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 20

3/3/21 1:20 PM


se n If



PVM0321_16-21_SealcoatingSuperBowl_DJ.indd 21

3/3/21 1:21 PM

Technology By Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor

Increase Productivity by Streamlining

ESTIMATES How it Works

Associated Paving

Evaluate current processes and strive for operational excellence AS MANY CONTRACTORS are gearing up for the busy season, this would be the time where you should re-evaluate how your company bids jobs and estimates costs. There are more efficient ways than handwritten proposals or a map colored with highlighters. Technology such as Go iPave was


created to accomplish just that. The cloud-based software makes it fast and easy for pavement maintenance contractors to measure and bid jobs with aerial imagery in a more accurate, efficient and safe manner. “Go iPave helps contractors increase profit, reduce expenses, save time and gain a competitive advantage,” says Curt Conrad, president and chief marketing officer at Go iPave. “The software lets industry professionals create detailed and phased jobsite maps that provide an advantage in the sales process. Those site maps also provide operational excellence by ensuring crews are performing the work efficiently and correctly.”

The property measuring tool is intuitive and can be accessed through any internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, no external app or technology is required. When estimating a potential property, simply enter the address you would like to view and a map is created using latitude and longitude coordinates. “Go iPave uses aerial imagery from EagleView,” says Kelsea McGraw, customer success associate at Go iPave. “They [EagleView] fly their planes at low altitudes during the spring to produce clear and detailed property images.” The high-resolution aerial imagery will help contractors see all the details of the potential job from a perspective that they couldn’t achieve simply by visiting a property. This also gives the user the opportunity to create a site map that is customizable to each project. “Site maps are created using onscreen tools and can be color coded using a system of map layers called groups,” says Chris Ascolese, director of business development at Go iPave. “Users can quickly zoom in to view details like cracked pavement or zoom

out to see the entire property. There are multiple measuring tools such as distance, volume, count and more.” With a few clicks of a mouse, a contractor can click around the perimeter of a parking lot or other surfaces to generate the total square footage. Additionally, projects are stored in the cloud, allowing ease of access from any device with an internet connection. All measuring data can be downloaded into an Excel or CSV spreadsheet and photos can be saved as overhead or angle views in .JPEG or PDF formats. Go iPave also offers a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, FAQ’s and how-to videos. “We offer an onscreen tour, tool tips

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_22-23_TechUpdate_DJ.indd 22

3/3/21 1:22 PM

op ac em As


Th str ph an res tak pic ma tim co Alo als the


ty. ng


m t

to et s


options, a support button for a conversation through chat, email or phone,” explains Ascolese.

Project Execution The project execution strategy is usually the longest phase in project management and utilizes many company resources. Visiting the site, taking measurements and pictures, and physically mapping out the job can be time consuming and run company resources thin. Along with the planning, you also set up a meeting with the property owner to discuss

the scope of work and the proposal. Go iPave encompasses the whole execution strategy into a simple, easy to explain map with multiple layers for all steps of the pavement maintenance process. “It’s a powerful way to organize the different parts of a job,” says Conrad. “For example, you could create a crackfill group, one for sidewalks or striping. You could also create groups for phased work like day one or day two.” This gives your crew a clear vision of what needs to be done and when, while

the maps and images you create can be used to show the property owner, so they have clear expectations of what is going on every step of the way. “It provides a great sales experience to show the prospect how their job will be handled by revealing each day’s work,” added Conrad. “Customers are impressed as they see their job unfold visually one phase at a time.”

Smart Dimes Beat Dumb Dollars Improving productivity is an essential part of your business. If your estimators

Photo supplied from Go iPave

or crew get more done in less time, that will save the company money. Cutting costs is one important part of running an effective business. Utilizing technology can aid in the cost cutting initiatives. “By measuring virtually, contractors will save time, they no longer have to visit a property multiple times to hand-measure and reduce the risk of forgetting measurements,” says McGraw. Finding the time to prepare pavement maintenance estimates can be a daunting task, especially if you offer free estimates. It is time to dig deep and determine best practices, evaluate current processes and strive for operational excellence. “Over time, systematic efficiencies can produce compounding competitive advantages and profit for your pavement maintenance business,” says Conrad.

Jericho Asphalt, Aylett VA • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

PVM0321_22-23_TechUpdate_DJ.indd 23


3/3/21 1:23 PM

On The Job

By Jessica Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief

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CHIP SEALS for Pavement Preservation When a chip seal is applied to a pavement in good condition, pavement life can be extended five to 10 years, making this preservation treatment ideal for low volume roadways ANY ASSET OWNER knows that preserving their pavement is the most important thing they can do to protect their investment. Pavement preservation methods, like chip seals, helps pavements in good condition last longer and are more cost effective than remove and replace. A chip seal is designed to seal and protect a pavement from oxidation and weathering by sealing minor cracks in a pavement surface and preventing the intrusion of water and air. A chip seal can also be used to address raveling (loss of fines), correct bleeding and flushing problems, and generally extend the pavement life. "Chip seals can also add skid resistance," Larry Tomkins, vice


president of sales and marketing at Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions says. "If we have a somewhat smooth surface, we can put a chip seal on top of that and it will increase skid resistance immediately." While chip seals can extend the life of certain pavements five to 10 years, they are not suited for all pavements; the existing structure should be sound with only minor surface defects as they are not appropriate for rutted, potholed or severely distressed surfaces. "Chip seals consist of spraying a layer of asphalt on a surface and then covering that binder with aggregate," Tomkins says. "However there are different designs to take in to consideration before completing the work." Because of the importance of chip seals as a preservation technique, a great deal of work has been done recently to move to a more engineered, technical approach. Advancements have been made in materials, design and testing procedures, and application equipment. Materials improvements include the use of polymer modified emulsions, tighter specifications

on the use of one-size chips, using fibers, crumb rubber additives, etc. Computerized equipment has been developed that makes placing a uniform application of materials easier and allows for simpler adjustments in progress.

The Importance of Aggregate Selection Binder and aggregate need to come together at the correct rate in order for a chip seal to be successful so it's important to make sure you're not only selecting the right materials, but that they are also being distributed in the proper amounts. Aggregates in a chip seal are used to resist traffic abrasion, transmit wheel loads and improve surface friction and safety. Therefore, several factors need to be taken in to consideration when choosing an aggregate for your chip seal application. Tomkins says there are six factors to consider when choosing an aggregate; Type, Gradation, Particle Shape, Cleanliness, Toughness and Soundness, and Absorption.

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Binder and aggregate need to come together at the correct rate in order for a chip seal to be successful.

1. TYPE There are two main types of aggregate; natural and synthetic. Natural aggregates are limestone, granite, gravel, etc. Slag, quartzite, expanded clay and bauxite are a few examples of synthetic materials. What type you choose will depend on cost and what materials are available in your area. 2. GRADATION When it comes to gradation, the ideal situation would be to have aggregates all one size as that will provide maximum friction and will be less sensitive to variations in binder application rates. Single size aggregates will provide uniformity when placing the binder and better drainage.





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minutes • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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3. PARTICLE SHAPE We want to limit flat or elongated particle shapes as they are susceptible to bleeding or excessive chip loss. Aggregates that are too round should also be avoided as they are susceptible to rolling and displacement by traffic. Angular aggregates on the other hand are not as susceptible to rolling displacement by traffic and they also lock together better. 4. CLEANLINESS You want to make sure you have as clean of a rock as you can get with 1% or less passing the #200 sieve. "Dusty aggregates will prevent bonding with the binder," Tomkins says. "Any time you can limit the amount of dust you have in your aggregates, the better. If you can't limit the amount of dust, then you need to take that in to consideration when selecting your emulsion." 5. AGGREGATE TOUGHNESS & SOUNDNESS The aggregates you select for your chip seal should be abrasion, degradation and polishing resistant. They should also be selected to weather freeze-thaw cycles. "You want to consider having a Los Angeles abrasion, British Wheel or other requirement in your specification that helps you make sure you have a nice tough aggregate," Tomkins says.


The binder or emulsion that you select will need to have good coverage, adhere to the aggregate and stay in place, while also sealing minor cracks.

Emulsified Asphalt (Cationics/Anionics): • Lower application temperatures • Not as sensitive to moisture in aggregates • Pre-coated aggregates are not needed • Longer curing period required

6. AGGREGATE ABSORPTION The final consideration when choosing an aggregate is absorption. The more absorptive the aggregate you have, the more binder that will need to be applied. Tomkins says that pre-coated aggregates may also be used to address the absorption of the aggregate. "If aggregates are absorptive, like limestone, and I place them on top of the emulsion and it sucks up some of the binder into the aggregate, I might not have enough to keep the aggregate in place and I want to take that in to account in my design," Tomkins says. "Hot-applied chip seals usually do have pre-coated aggregates which adds a little more cost however it definitely helps out."

No matter what type of binder you choose, you need to make sure you are putting the material down in ideal conditions. Before beginning the sealing work, prepare and clean the existing surface. Fill any potholes, level the ruts and seal large cracks. Weather conditions during construction also have a direct influence on performance so the weather should be warm and dry to promote proper binder setting and curing. Make sure the surface temperature is also warm enough to accept the material. Monitor the weather forecast to avoid potential weather problems and avoid possible chip loss.

Choose the Right Binder The binder or emulsion that you select will need to have good coverage, adhere to the aggregate and stay in place, and seals minor cracks. The material should be fluid yet viscous, develop adhesion quickly and not bleed when applied. "You do not want the binder to run off the roadway when applied and you want to be able to get traffic back on it quickly," Tomkins says. "There are a few different types available and you want to select the one that will work best for your application based on these advantages and disadvantages." Hot Applied Asphalt Cement: • Little to no curing period • Quick return to traffic • Better aesthetics by utilizing precoated aggregates • High application temperatures • Sensitive to moisture in aggregate • Increase cost to pre-coat

Chip Seal Limitations While these pavement preservation techniques are great for certain pavements, it’s important to note where chip seals are not recommended. Chip seals are not intended to add any structural life to an asphalt pavement as they do strengthen the surface or increase the load-bearing capacity. Chip seals are also not designed to smooth rough pavement, bridge cracks winder that 1/4-in. or address ruts greater than 1/2-in.


March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Traffic volume needs special attention once the material is placed. The traffic speed should be reduced/ controlled until the binder sets, the rolling has been completed and the first brooming has occurred. Take particular care to avoid scuffing and hard braking on the new surface.

Chip Seal Design Now that you have the proper aggregates and the right binder, it's time to put them together in a system that works. "In years past, there have been a lot of people that have done chip seals for a very long time. They knew what worked and what didn't work," Tomkins says. "As the older generations retire, this information has not been passed down as well as it should be and the new people don't really know where to start. A chip seal design will give you a

good start on what you need in terms of application rates." If your specification doesn't have a chip seal design requirement, Tomkins says it's a best practice these days to add one. "Just because you specify a type of aggregate or a size, if you have a range built in and they go with the smallest or largest size, that will impact the project significantly," he says. There are two common methods for chip seal design: 1. MCLEOD METHOD The McLeod Method is mainly used with emulsified asphalt and is based on the principles that aggregate will be one-stone thick and that there will be 70% embedment for good performance. "We're more worried about aggregate staying in place in climates where there is snow and where snowplows could be

picking up some stone," Tomkins says. "We definitely want higher embedment rates in the north whereas we may be able to get away with 50% embedment in the south." Aggregate application rate in the McLeod Method is dependent on gradation, shape and specific gravity. "Gradation and shape are huge when deciding how much aggregate you should place on the ground," Tomkins says.

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Binder application rate is dependent on aggregate gradation, absorption and shape, traffic volume, the existing pavement condition and the residual asphalt content.

Binder application rate is dependent on aggregate gradation, absorption and shape, traffic volume, the existing pavement condition and the residual asphalt content. "If your traffic volume is really high, I might not put as much binder out there," he says. "If I have a real porous surface, I also need to take that into account when I'm putting my binder down."

2. MODIFIED KEARBY (AASHTO METHOD) The Modified Kearby Method was designed originally for hot-applied asphalt cements. Aggregate application rate is calculated based on the dry/loose unit weight, bulk specific gravity and the board test. "The board test is used to find the quality of aggregate on a board of known size such that full coverage, one stone in depth, is obtained," Tomkins says." A one-half square yard area is typically used and weight of the aggregate applied in this area is obtained and converted to units of pounds per square yard." Similar to the McLeod Method, the binder application rate on the

Kearby Method is calculated based on embedment depth, bulk specific gravity of the aggregate, traffic volume and existing surface condition. Traditionally, chip seals have provided a quick, reliable and economical surface treatment that seals out water, improves rideability and preserves a pavement for years. When a chip seal is applied to a pavement in good condition, five to 10 additional years of service is a typical expectation when done correctly. Technological advancements in testing and design procedures, materials and equipment have significantly reduced the dependence on experience and judgment associated with chip seals of the past. Today’s chip seal can be reliably placed on a variety of pavements under a wide variety of conditions and should be considered for your pavement preservation projects. • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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By Jessica Lombardo, Editor-in-Chief

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Roller Maintenance Tips Making maintenance easy to remember and complete can help ensure your roller runs smoothly all season. IN TODAY’S WORK environment, the last thing a contractor wants from their machine is downtime. When a roller breaks down, essential compaction time is lost, affecting density and the entire paving operation. Keeping your rollers operating at peak efficiency throughout the season can help you better meet both quality specs and deadlines. Here are 10 tips from roller manufacturers that can help ensure your machine runs smoothly all season and without the fear of lost time.


Perform Daily Maintenance Checks Completing a brief walk-around of the machine can be an easy way to see if


something is off before you even leave the shop in the morning. “A daily check of the machine will ensure it's safe,” Wayne Tomlinson, training specialist at Volvo Construction Equipment says. “Look for loose wiring and hoses, check for leaks (a sign a hose may be loose), and check the electrical controls. If a switch isn't working, make sure one of the wires isn't loose. Make sure backup alarms, warning beacons and headlights are operating properly and check the center joint and test the parking brake.”


Keep the Drum Clean & Lubricated During your visual inspection each morning, make sure there are no dings in the drum surface and that the drum is clean. “Failure to keep the drum clean or having damage on the surface will result in imperfections in the mat,” Tomlinson says.

Also of importance is the systems in place inside the drum itself. “The drums are the core of the roller,” Josh Weston, national product support manager at HAMM says. “Whether it’s a vibratory or oscillatory system, you want to check the oil levels on a weekly basis to make sure they’re not getting low. Low oil levels will cause your bearings to go out which will create a lot more down time than just checking the oil since it takes so much time to remove the drum and replace the bearings.”


Check All Fluid Levels From completing the recommended oil change to making sure you have enough coolant, keeping all fluid in check will help ensure the engine is at its full performance level. A brief check of the maintenance decal on the machine can also ensure that all fluid is at its optimal level.

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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While there are times maintenance can fall to the wayside, these roller maintenance tips are here to help you easily remember to protect your investment. HAMM Compaction, Wirtgen America

“All of your lube checks should be on that decal,” Tomlinson says. “That will say what levels the machine should be at and when you check your engine oil and coolant you can add fluid if the machine needs it.”


Inspect the Water System “You want to make sure everything that has to do with the water system is maintained frequently,” Weston says. “If the water system is not working properly, asphalt will start sticking to the drums and no one wants that.” If at all possible, try to always fill the tank with clean water from a known source. Water goes from the tank to the sprinkler bars and sprays out over the front and rear drum. It serves as a lubricant to prevent asphalt from sticking to the drum so it’s important that the water you put in it is clean and won’t clog the system. If you know you're going to be working in an area where water is scarce, you want to make sure your roller has a water filtering system and that you check it often.

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“Keeping the spray-system fully functional by ensuring the nozzles are properly spraying evenly on the drum will give the contractor the ability to achieve the best surface appearance,” Bryan Downing global sales consultant with Caterpillar, Inc. says. “It’s critical for nozzles to be in prime working order so contractors are consistent with the compaction process and not stopping to clean out the nozzles constantly.” “Spray nozzles are wear parts,” Weston adds. “They crack, they wear out and clog so it’s important to make sure water is able to flow through them freely at all times.” You also want to check the tank regularly for algae, calcium deposits, or other contaminants.


Monitor Drum Scrapers Keeping drum scrapers well-maintained is a big one and Bert Erdman, product manager, heavy compaction at BOMAG says this is an often overlooked maintenance area.

Drum scrapers hold the water to the drum to ensure proper lubrication so if they’re worn, you’re going to lose water between the scraper and the drum and asphalt will start sticking to the edges. “The scraper system needs to be in contact with the drums at all times to spread that water consistently and minimize the potential for asphalt sticking,” Downing says. “When transporting the machine, contractors should also pay close attention to the drum scrapers and make sure they are properly adjusted before starting work,” Erdman adds. “If you’re running that roller for an extended period to get it to the jobsite, you need to make sure they don’t run dry. Either keep water on them or retract the scraper so it doesn’t touch the drum while you’re rolling the machine to the jobsite.”


Check Air Filters Making sure the air filter isn’t clogged can help ensure that the engine won’t run too hot. “A dirty air filter won’t do you any good,” Erdman says. “If it’s plugged up, you’re generating higher levels of exhaust than you should be.” “If the air filter is dirty, you should replace it rather than try to clean it out with compressed air,” Weston adds. “Sometimes you can do more harm than good by trying to clean it.”


Hydraulic System The hydraulic system is another huge investment in your machine and you need to make sure this system stays maintained. “Checking your hydraulic oil level inside the engine compartment is huge for protecting your investment,”


. al all • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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3/3/21 1:57 PM

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Drum scrapers hold the water to the drum to ensure proper lubrication so if they’re worn, you’re going to lose water between the scraper and the drum and asphalt will start sticking to the edges.

Weston says. “Over time, that hydraulic oil needs to be changed but usually you can go 1,000 to 2,000 hours before you need to change it. Always follow the operator’s manual specs. Between maintenance intervals, pay attention to the color of the oil and if it starts looking dark and dingy, it’s time to change it.”


Inspect Shock Mounts The shock mounts are another important part of the roller to check before you leave the shop. The shock mounts are the rubber mounts that isolate the vibration of the drum



from the operator. The energy then is directed from the drum into the mat. “Small cracks in a shock mount are okay, but they can be torn by a truck driver when he ties it down so they need to be checked regularly,” Tomlinson says. “If you have a crack where you can stick a quarter in, you should replace that one. If you have a shock mount that is starting to tear or fail, you should replace them all on that side of the drum.”


Add Fuel at the End of the Day Here’s another one that’s easy to do and doesn’t take much effort, but has a big impact on the machine. “By fueling the roller at night instead of the morning, you remove the air from the tank and reduce the likelihood of condensation in the tank,” Tomlinson says. “Moisture will add water to your fuel and cause problems.”


March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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ou f




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Plus by filling the tank at the end of each day, you assure greater productivity right away the next morning.


Use the Machine Properly An asphalt compactor is, for all intensive purposes, designed to shake itself apart. Don’t let your crew be the cause of that any sooner by improperly using the machine. “The easiest maintenance is the maintenance that never has to occur,” Erdman says. “By properly using the machine you’re not damaging the components unnecessarily.”

Make sure everything that has to do with the water system is maintained frequently. If the water system is not working properly, asphalt will start sticking to the drums.

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ap asp yo or be yo the asp

Hamm Compaction

f v-

y Proper machine use is also for the benefit of the asphalt mat being laid. “Improper machine use for the application adversely affects the asphalt quality,” Downing says. “If you’re using too high of an amplitude or frequency for the job, you might be fracturing the aggregate. When you do that, you’re really changing the design intent and structure of the asphalt.”

“Over-compaction is the easiest way to damage the machine,” Tomlinson adds. “You’ve reached density, but you continue to vibrate. Not only are you damaging the asphalt, but all that energy is coming back up in to the machine and you’re prematurely wearing the shock mounts and you could even damage the machine.” While there are times maintenance can fall to the wayside, these tips are

here to help you easily remember to protect your investment. “If a machine breaks down, everything comes to a halt unless they have a back-up machine, which is a luxury,” Weston says. “We know customers get busy, but those who stay on top of their maintenance will not see as many breakdowns.”

SMARTER: High-res, leaf-off aerial imagery to clearly view pavement edges and cracks. FASTER: Accurately measure more properties in less time. GROWTH: Impress prospects with color coded site plans that help you win the job. • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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3/3/21 1:59 PM

Your Business Matters

By Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor

Association Resources Help Move the Sweeping Industry Forward Introducing Chris Dick, new NAPSA President CHRIS DICK, PRESIDENT of Katsam Enterprises in Fenton, MO is the new North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) President. He will serve two years in this position and hopes to continue the success of the organization. Katsam Enterprises primarily identifies as a parking lot sweeping contractor, but offers complimentary services like pressure washing, day porter, debris hauling and janitorial services. Celebrating its 35th anniversary as a company, Katsam services the greater St. Louis, MO area. Dick has been the president of Katsam for eight years and has seen tremendous growth within that time. “In 2014, we had about 18 employees and as of 2021, we sit about 68 employees,” says Dick. “That paints a picture of how fast our business has grown over the last few years.”

Getting the Most of NAPSA An association provides members with opportunities to network and share experiences in a group setting with other industry members who may be having similar issues. “NAPSA aims to offer support and programs to members so we can accomplish tasks together that may be insurmountable to individual contractors,” says Dick. “An example of this is that NAPSA has developed the power sweeping standard that is ANSI approved. Having a standard in place for the industry helps contractors in defending against frivolous litigation and could result in reduced insurance rates. Our members can utilize this standard to train their employees on


basic guidelines and owners, to for best praceducate their tices in power sweeper operasweeping.” tors on the In a tight proper methods labor market, to take care of employee retentheir equipment tion is more or how to propimportant than erly service their ever. Providing properties,” says professional developDick. “There are addiment and quality benefits tional lessons on to how can make a difference in to prepare yourself for Chris Dick of Katsam Enterprises keeping a quality employwork, how to interact named NAPSA President ee at your company. with other people and courses on ethics. Also, we are planning “One of the biggest challenges that on rolling our additional courses in the remains is finding workers that are coming year.” dependable and responsible at a wage that is affordable,” says Dick. “That’s why NAPSA is focused on providing Looking Towards the Future membership with employee retention During Dick’s two-year term, he will tools, such as the training courses in our be helping to roll out an association Sweeper School and access to employee health plan. “We want to provide access benefits that they otherwise may not be to affordable health insurance plans able to provide to their team.” for our membership,” says Dick. “It’s an opportunity for some businesses NAPSA offers many other benefits to retain operators by offering them to their members as well such as affordable benefits they may not be continued education, insurance, able to provide otherwise.” The health marketing, supplier discounts and insurance plans are available across the much more. “I think being a part of an country for any participating members. association really helps to differentiate As Dick mentioned, NAPSA is also the contractors that are the most looking to introduce additional courses reputable options for potential clients.” to their Sweeper School program that will continue to help members learn Commitment to Excellence and grow, no matter how long they NAPSA provides its members with have been in the industry. opportunities to differentiate their com“Sweeper School is the best available pany from the crowd by providing educaplatform for training your team, tional courses to train new and existing from the operator level all the way employees. “Sweeper School, which is an up to owners, there is something for online platform, provides training courseveryone.” es for contractors of all sizes, managers

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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3/3/21 2:03 PM

By Nick Howell

From the Owner’s Desk Capture NX 2.3.0M | Unknown

Sharing the Weight: Are Partnerships for You? The pros and cons to bringing on a business partner

WE ALL ARE at different stages in our business careers. Some of us just starting, some of us growing, and some of us getting close to retirement. But no matter the stage, we all probably think once in a while of ways to share the weight of business. For some, that means a partnership. What is a partnership, why would you have a partnership and what are some tips to make them succeed? Not everyone wants a partner, but some partnerships are created out of necessity – a partner might be your cash cow, for example. Some owners might want to share the responsibility and workload of a business, while others might be nearing retirement and want to pass along the torch, so to speak, so might bring on a partner to learn the ropes and eventually take over. I started my business with a partner, my grandfather. He subsequently got sick and passed away before things really got going for us. Since then I’ve run the company solo. While I enjoy the freedoms of not having to consult anyone on decisions, I also have at times envied those who have partners to take a load off.

Promises and Pitfalls of Partnerships I’ve reached a point now that I wouldn't want a partner in my asphalt business. I’m comfortable with our operations and I think changing the mix would create more headaches than it’s worth. That being said, if I were to expand or buy another business, I would seriously consider a partner -- not so much to share the weight, but more so to create an ownership “dream team.”

I find value in people’s life experiences, so if I could partner with a winner, it might be a no-brainer. I have seen many asphalt industry partnerships fail. Trying to decipher why is a whole other task, but my general observation says partnerships fail due to a lack of communication. Inevitably one partner feels like they are doing more work than the other. It’s mostly because in our industry one partner ends up being the field leader, while the other runs the administrative aspect of the business. It just makes sense to divide responsibilities that way. When tensions start to heat up, there’s almost no turning back. Like clockwork, each partnership failure I have observed started with little grumblings and miscommunications. That soon evolved into not talking at all, and then finally to the point one partner splits. In some cases, the business carries on with one owner, but in a few of the more tragic cases I’ve seen, the business closes.

with a friend or family member. Those relationships make partnering in a business environment difficult to manage. • Start the partnership with a buy-sell agreement. This is a simple agreement that states if at any time either partner wants to exit, you execute the agreement as it states. The agreement needs to clarify a value and buyout process. It’s also prudent to re-visit that agreement on an annual basis to update the terms and valuation. If a partner leaves, you execute the agreement and there is no discussion or negotiation to cause conflict. • Make sure to communicate. Have weekly, scheduled meetings to discuss the company. Make sure everything is transparent and open to each partner. This will alleviate any worries of potential “funny business” going on.

How to Help Partnerships Succeed

At the end of the day, I believe if done right partnerships can be a good thing and help take a business to new heights while sharing the responsibility of running a business.

Here are a few things to consider to improve the likelihood a partnership is a success. • Each partner needs to have some sort of skin in the game. They need to have either invested their own money or assets to the business. Those with no investment aren’t likely to have the same passion as the invested partner. • Partners should be selected for their talents and what they can bring to the table in addition to investment. • Consider hard before partnering

Nick Howell, president of T & N Asphalt Services, Salt Lake City, UT, has been a regular presenter at National Pavement Expo since 2008 and a member of the Pavement Advisory Board since 2007. Let him know your thoughts on “From the Owner’s Desk,” and if you have a question or topic you’d like covered – let him know that too! You can reach Nick at • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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Steel Spray Tips

Contact Tadashi Soma Print and Digital Advertising

(800) 538-5544

Heat Treated, Hardened for Longer Tip Life ¼, ³⁄ 8 and ½ Inch Threads Price Break On Quantities

800-433-9840 Visa or Mastercard Accepted

Maintenance Systems







GAC® In Full Production 1 Year After The Fire

Geosynthetic Installation Machines & Roll Pullers™

The CA Wildfire Totally Destroyed My 40 Year Old Factory. In starting over it gave me the opportunity to make many performance design improvements I have thought about for years. “The World’s Best Installers” Are Even Better. D

MOUNQUE BARAZONE, Inventor & Consultant Inducted into the PAVEMENT HALL OF FAME - 2019

Liberty Supply (800) 397-9907

All of Mounque's 6 Patents & Numerous Patent Pendings Reduces Installation Time & Speeds Overall Job Production a ing a rics ri s an y ri Mats nstall lmost rinkle ree Mounting for Endloaders • Clamp On Buckets • Oil Truck Mounting System • Pick Up Trucks • ROLL PULLERS™ for Unloading Trucks and Containers Models RP3XL and RP4XL for 3" & 4" Cardboard Roll Cores

Geotextile Apparatus Company • 619-222-5111

Billings, Montana (406) 248-2463 New & used performance engineered pavement marking, removal & saw cutting equipment - truck mounted & palletized.

Competitive pricing

Paint & epoxy stripers in stock & ready to stripe!

Parts, service & retrofits

With time & money on the liline – A Arrow ddelivers. li 46

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Check out our online video!

High Tensile Strength Steel Bristle Broom

3 Models Available Hydraulic Model RBHGX

Preps the area for Sealcoating or Striping Crack Cleaning Option Now Included! Cleans tight places where Sweepers can’t Helps to Prep crankcase oil spills

Dealer Inquires Welcome


 

     


              

             


                              


   

  



          




877-767-4NAC (4622) SHOP ONLINE

WWW.NACSUPPLY.COM Find us on Twitter and Facebook • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Call us for any Used Striping Equipment needs:


Check out our website at

2004 GMC Grinder/Groover Truck Ready to Work


Energy Absorption Attenuator Trailers $15,750 EA with Arrow Board $12,250 EA without Arrow Board


2001 Volvo MRL 3-4000LB Melter Thermo Longline Striper, Ready to Stripe.

2005 International

With Trinity Attenuator and Message Board, DT 466 Diesel, automatic, under CDL, 170,000 miles.

2006 GMC LDI Air Atomized Paint Truck Only 44,000 miles and great condition.




2011 Dickson Road Vac Trailer Ready to Work


2002 Freightliner MB Longline Thermo Striper

70,000 miles. Ready to Stripe.


2008 Isuzu JCL Air Atomized Paint Truck

Diesel, Auto, under CDL and Excellent Condition


2006 Freightliner Thermo Longliner

With 4-3000 LB Arrow diesel-fired melters. Unit has been thoroughly checked out and is ready to stripe.

2005 Mack EZLiner Airless Paint Truck 73,000 miles, Excellent Condition.


1999 GMC MRL 2-4000 LB Thermo Longliner

Only 73,000 miles and in great condition

$165,000 Reduced to $147,750

Endysis Epoxy or Polyurea Striping Skid mounted unit only 2200 hours


We buy used equipment and will take trade-ins.

Please call for used parts for most striping equipment and save! • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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TP44-TD Asphalt Paver

Sidewalks - Cart Paths - Trails - Trenches and So Much More!

• Hydraulic end-gates move in & out • Two 9” independently operated cast augers • Extra large cut off door • Hydraulic tilt hopper • All controls on the rear of the machine • Tracks are fixed at 38” to accommodate screed style • Screed extensions & loading doors are optional • Extra large drive motors for years of service! • Designed with service & maintenance in mind • Clean, simple, basic design • 0-6’ standard paving width • Video of the TP44-TD is available on

”Under Guard Rail Curber” • • • • • •

13HP Honda Engine Concrete or Asphalt Will accept all standard molds Special order molds available Extra large hopper Cast Auger

The Under the Rail Cobra Curber makes laying curb under guard rails simple and efficient.


One convenient detail to note is that the TP44-TD Is specifically designed to drop into a 48" Trench. Increase productivity, efficiency and get a better finished product than doing it by hand.

105 School House Road Cheshire, CT 06410, 800-872-5726, 203-271-1682

March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Ricky Office: 804-798-2563 Cell: 804-370-2605


Arrow Striping Thermo Truck

(2) 4000lbs Air Jacketed Kettles - Diesel Fired, Never had thermo in it. New Lasers, 1 Ton Bead Tank, White Gun on Left side.

Mini Macs With Trailers

Only 380 Hours, Left and Right Steering and Guns. 2 Available.

Handliner Truck

2 Air jacketed Kettles, 2 Handliners, Side and REAR Lift Gates, Lots of Storage, Kubota Powerpack, Wired for Balloon Lights, Rear Arrow Board, Used only 2 Seasons.

1995 GMC Service 3500 Truck

GMC SL Service Truck With 115,753 MILES. 6.5l Diesel with low miles! Utility Body! Fresh Paint. Crane Operates as it Should. Service Body. Ready to Work.

GMC Paint Truck

150 Gallon EA Tank, 25,950 Capacity, Generator Lights and Lasers, Best and most useful Paint Truck We ever owned.

Arrow Striping 4 Kettle Thermo Truck Diesel Fired, White Gun on Left and Right Side, Laser Guided. Used only 7 months. Double Bead System.

Supply Truck

Only 6k Miles for ride on Mini Macs, (2) 3000lbs Air Kettles, Bead Storage Box, Kubota Power Pack. Truck is in Excellent Condition.

1999 Teledyne-Princeton D50 Piggy Back lift 2300 LBS Lift Capactity. 2463 Hours. Ready to work.

Paul Vehicle/Equipment Sales 804-800-5945

UD Paint Truck

Double Bead Guns, Double Bead Tanks, Excellent Condition.

Arrow Striping Grinder Truck

Can Eradicate, Groove, Snow Splowable, and Grind. Comes with 2 Keystone Heads, 2 Grooving Heads, 2 Snow Plowable Heads, 2 Eradicating Heads, Oversized Vacuums, and Hopper Picks up everything, plus Left and Right Augers.

2012 Bobcat Toolcat 5600 4x4

Only 20 Hours on this Toolcat, All Wheel Drive, High Flow Hydraulics, equipped with Bucket and Power bed! Enclosed Cab with Heat and A/C! This Toolcat does not disappoint and is in excellent condition!! Garage Kept!!

1997 Moffet M5000 2937 Hours, Ready to Work. Capacity 5000 LB.

WWW.STONEMANMOTORSPORTS.COM • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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Just Add

What It

Over-band New Pavement Joints

Labor - Fuel - Time - Equipment

Fill & Over-band Pavement Cracks

Safety - Delays - Waste - Staging

Stabilize Flexible Pavement Edges

Non-tracking - No Overspills

Minimize Water Infiltration at Seams

Fast - Neat - Professional Finish

Available From Your Local Paving Supply Dealer or at | | 888.825.1917


March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

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Maximizing the Safety of Your ‘Essential Worker Family’ Since the start of the pandemic, now more than a year in the rearview, your workers have been deemed essential because of the important services they provide to your community. Of course, it’s their continuing good health that keeps your company operational. Now, as we move further along in the vaccination phase of the COVID19 outbreak, I urge you to make the effort needed to assure their good health continues. Unfortunately, largely because of politicization, misinformation about the value of getting vaccinated has cropped up around the spectrum. A situation has been created where it can become difficult to know what to believe, especially for those with little education. You business owners, who are more likely to be better educated—and whose best interests are definitely tied to keeping your workforce healthy—need to become educated on what the best available science has documented about vaccination. Your workforce family, and you, deserve the most up-to-date vaccination information. If you have any doubt about the safety of vaccinations in our shared goal of defeating COVID-19, be sure to check out the latest information on the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. The CDC is generally considered to be the world’s pre-eminent medical organization and it provides a wide range of current information on the topic. Our World Sweeping Companies organization provided, and still maintains, the industry’s first and most comprehensive set links to the CDC and elsewhere, as well as industry-specific information about dealing with COVID-19. I also suggest you assign someone in your company to find out where your employees can sign up to be vaccinated. Help them make their appointment if need be. Do what it takes to get your very essential workforce 100% immunized as soon as possible against this sinister virus. Many hands—in this case arms—is needed to produce a speedy recovery for our nation and the world.

WSA contributor Ranger Kidwell-Ross has been providing information to the power sweeping industry since 1988. He is editor of, an information resource for power sweeping, as well as founder and executive director of the World Sweeping Association. For more information about WSA visit or contact Kidwell-Ross at


NAPSA Announces 2021 Leadership It’s a new year and a new Board for the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA). We are excited to see what we can accomplish for the power sweeping industry this year. Each year we all make goals for what we want to see happen in the coming year. The NAPSA Board held a virtual planning session which spanned two days in January. We concluded that among other things, we will work on a new course in disaster management, Certified Sweeping Operator training for municipalities, a review of the Power Sweeping Standard and an overall assessment of the power sweeping focused training at SweeperSchool. We are all excited about the work that is being done on these initiatives and the industry should be as well. NAPSA’s board is working hard to bring everyone what they need to be successful and you should probably know who those hard working volunteers are so let’s introduce the 2021 Board of Directors:

Executive Committee: • • • • •

President: Chris Dick, Katsam Enterprises, MO Vice President: Cole Watts, More Clean of Texas, TX Past President: Scott Duscher, Agua Trucks, AZ Secretary: Mark Carter, Peloton Sweeping Service, CA Treasurer: Bryan Young, TYMCO, TX

Directors: • • • • • • • • • •

Loring Dunton, C & L Sweeper, NJ Joe Sciuto, Ross Industries, PA Nikki Kryston, Property Maintenance Services, OH Lee Miller, Pacific Sweeping, CA Mat Andrews, West Michigan Sweeper, MI Joe Wise, Asphalt Enterprises, NC Jim Blackerby, Louisville Pavement Sweep, KY David Heigl, Schwarze Industries, AL Jeff Old, Visual App, TX Jake Hoerman, Nite-Hawk Sweepers, WA

We are all here to guide NAPSA and the power sweeping industry into the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of these folks or contact NAPSA Headquarters at or visit the NAPSA website at www. The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is a nonprofit association made up of 200+ contract sweepers, service providers and sweeping equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers. NAPSA is dedicated to providing beneficial support to the membership and enhancing services to the sweeping industry. NAPSA is committed to promoting and educating the power sweeping community while enhancing the environment. For more information on NAPSA membership, please visit or call (888) 757-0130.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Pixel-Shot • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

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Pavement Coatings Technology Council Hopeful for 2021 Much like the rest of the world, members of the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) are excited to see 2020 in the proverbial rear-view mirror. The challenges faced by our members varied and while some fared better than others, the general consensus is that we’re collectively looking forward to new opportunities on the horizon. The thought of unforeseen challenges such as raw material availability, customers “sitting” on money and the almost complete removal of commercial traffic will not be missed in tomorrow’s version of our normal. “Certainly early on in the pandemic I think a lot of people and organizations were scrambling to see if they were considered to be

an “essential” businesses and whether or not they were going to be able to work,” says Brett Johnston, director of sales for Koppers. “We saw some purchases early on that may have been out of the concern over the availability or raw material (due to the pandemic).” Fortunately for Johnston and his team, Koppers operated as an essential business so there was never any real disruption to their operations due to the pandemic. For other companies, particularly for those that work directly within the commercial space, progress may come at a slower pace. “Our region saw sealer sales rather flat and lower than normal,” states Rob Vance, owner of Vance Brothers, Inc., an asphalt construction and pavement company located

For more about PCTC visit

in Kansas City, MO. “I believe a lot of this was due to people sitting on money and lower visits to commercial outlets due to shut downs and remote working.” The real concern, according to Vance is the slower pace of return that could lie ahead - “We’re hopeful things continue to pick up but commercial work will continue to be affected due to lower commercial building use, at least for a while.” While there are no guarantees for what tomorrow’s landscape will look like, PCTC members are hopeful our employees are back in full swing with their teams sooner than later.


Sealmate 350 Dual Applicator Squeegee, 100 Gallon Piston Pump, 75 FT Hose Wand And Reel, 8 FT Spray Bar, 4 Blade Squeegee, 4 Inch Dump Valve For Material Drop, Large Man Way, 37HP Gas Briggs Vanguard Fuel Injected Engine, Variable Speed Hyd Control, Two Wheel Parking Brake, 30 Gallon Water System W/Fogger And Wash Down…………..EZ Operation Controls



March/April 2021 • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction •

PVM0321_54_PCTC_D.indd 54

3/3/21 2:17 PM

By Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor

Contractor Snapshot

Company Culture and Technology are the Cornerstones for MARATHON SOLUTIONS GROUP Navigating the avenues of growth GOING INTO BUSINESS with your best friend does not always end up with success. However, Mark Estrada and Zach Lovett set out with a dream of creating a line striping business and did just that. “We came from the School of Hard Knocks,” says Estrada, senior vice president, of Marathon Solutions Group in Houston, TX. “From the early triumphs and costly mistakes in our 20’s, to our mental and business expansion in our 30’s, we are learning about the business from the ground up, through many different avenues of life lessons.” The high school friends started in the industry in 2005 where Zach Lovett, while serving in the military, began knocking on doors in Abilene, TX. “We went to work and really started disrupting this little market,” says Lovett, managing member. “There was only one other company in town, so we stuck to our guns and got a few friends to come up from Houston and help us complete the work we were winning.” The team went from applying 300 gallons of paint in the first year to installing over 45,000 gallons in 2019.

Technology Creates a Mindset Shift “When we discovered what a LineDriver was, it was a rebirth of our company,” says Estrada. “That one machine really opened our eyes and we started getting more aggressive to bid bigger jobs. That’s when we knew we had to stay ahead of the game with technology and innovations.” By adding ride-on stripers, auto-layout systems and laser technology to their fleet, Marathon Solutions Group was able to take on more work, complete jobs in less time and increase team morale. Little did they know it would become a staple to their brand. As the company grew, so did the service offerings. When the company first started, they only offered striping. However, as the years went on they knew they had to evolve. “Our philosophy is don’t say no, if at all possible,” says Lovett. “When the customer asks for help in an area that we have little or no experience, it’s a potential opportunity. We spend a lot of time trying to make new things work because we don’t want to say no to our customers unless its absolutely necessary.” With that philosophy the company got into thermoplastic and it was no easy feat as the

equipment can be intimidating and expensive. “You would see me out on a job at 2 a.m. pouring bags into a little applicator, treating it like a premelter, mixing it with a broom stick,” explains Lovett. “It worked for smaller jobs, but if we wanted to expand, we knew we had to take the leap of faith and buy a high volume premelter system and thermoplastic applicator. When we purchased that, we knew it was a game changer for our thermoplastic strategy.”

“This has been an awesome journey, and it all began with two kids that just wanted to make the world have a little more ‘curb appeal.’”

Company Culture Marathon Solutions Group prides themselves on their dedication to the pavement maintenance industry by creating a brand and culture that creates enjoyment and job satisfaction for team members

Zach Love tt & Mark Estr ada at the company. “We invest in our team,” says Estrada. “We offer health care, 401K and bonuses. It really boils down to you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Marathon spends a lot of time supporting its team members and this helps to create our strong company culture.” Estrada also uses another technique to ramp up production. “I created a fun way to help our team find the energy to finish projects,” says Estrada. “@Captn_Striper was created as an alter-ego of sorts to finish a late-night job with a positive message and on a high energy note. This eventually evolved into social media where I would put on the green glasses and showcase our jobs with pictures and video.” Over the past 15 years, Marathon has embraced an evolving company culture and industry with the help of technology and hard work resulting in satisfied clients and productive team members. • Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction • March/April 2021

PVM0321_55_ContSnap_DJ.indd 55


3/4/21 11:13 AM

PAVEMENT 2021 Top Contractor Survey WELCOME TO THE Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction survey of paving & pavement maintenance contractors. Our hope with this survey is to develop verifiable Top Contractor listings in each of five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair. To do that we need to know: • Gross Sales Volume for your fiscal year 2020 (regardless of the date that fiscal year ended) • A breakdown by percentage of the type of work that generated those 2020 sales

• Third-party verification of that sales total (see additional explanation at the end of the survey) To determine whether a company qualifies for one (or more) of our five lists we will multiply your total 2020 sales dollars by the percentage of work done in each industry segment. For example, if a contractor reports $1 million in 2020 sales and generated 40% of those sales from striping, the number used to determine qualification for the Striping Top Contractor List would be $400,000 ($1 million x 40%).

Name & Title of Person Completing This Form *First ______________________ Last ______________________________




Top Contractor Survey




Note: No sales figures will be reported or published; sales figures will be used only internally for determining each list. Also, no contractor will be eligible for the list without third-party verification of your Fiscal Year 2020 Gross Sales Volume. There are 3 ways to complete and submit this form: • Online at https://www. TopContractor2021

• Complete a hard copy and fax (920-542-1133) or mail it to: Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, Top Contractor Survey, 201 N. Main Street, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538; Attn. Dormie Roberts. • Complete a hard copy, scan and e-mail to droberts@ Thanks very much for your participation. We do appreciate it.

DEADLINE: April 23

5. * What percentage of your fiscal year 2020 Total Gross Sales is generated by working as a subcontractor for other contractors? __________________

E-mail ______________________ Phone ____________________________

6. * Do you self-perform more than 50% of your work?

*Company Information Company Name (as you would like it to appear on the magazine) ______________________________________________________________ Street Address _________________________________________________ City State Zip Code ____________________________________________ Phone Number with Area Code __________________________________ Website ______________________________________________________ Years in Business ______________________________________________

7. What was your overall company-wide profit margin in FY 2020? (Not for publication; results will be presented for the industry as a whole.) ______ Less than 3% ______ 5%-10% ______ More than 15% ______ 3%-5% ______ 10%-15%

Please indicate your number of employees at peak season (If employees fulfill more than one function please include them in the category they perform most often): ______ Management ______ Field Supervisors ______ Laborers ______ Office Staff ______ Sales May we contact Your Company by e-mail? ___Yes


1.* What is your company’s Total Gross Sales for your Fiscal Year 2020?




8. How many different customers did you work for in FY 2020? ______ Fewer than 100 ______ 151-200 ______ 301-400 ______ 101-150 ______ 201-300 ______ More than 400 9. How many different jobs did your company complete in FY 2020? ______ Fewer than 100 ______ 151-200 ______ 301-400 ______ 101-150 ______ 201-300 ______ More than 400 10. What is the estimated replacement value of your equipment fleet (including trucks)? ______ Less than $250,000 ______ $1 million - $2 million ______ $250,000 - $500,000 ______ More than $2 million ______ $500,000 - $1 million Signature _____________________________________________________ Title (please print) ______________________________________________

(This figure used internally for listing purposes only; it will not be published.) Please round to whole dollar amounts. (Example: 1,548,222; note: when entering online please omit commas.)

Date: ________________________________________________________

2. * What percentage of your fiscal 2020 Total Gross Sales is represented by each of the following areas (must total 100%):


______ Paving ______ Sealcoating ______ Striping ______ Sweeping ______ Other (explain) ____________________________

______ Pavement Repair ______ Concrete ______ Surface Treatments (Micro, Slurry, Chip, Fog, etc.) ______ Hot mix asphalt plant operation

3. * What percentage of your fiscal 2020 Total Gross Sales is generated from work done on each of the following (must total 100%): ______ Highways ______ Driveways ______ Streets/roads ______ Other (explain) ____________ ______ Parking lots 4. * What percentage of your fiscal 2020 Total Gross Sales is generated from each of the following types of customers (answers must total 100%). ______ Commercial/Industrial ______ Municipal (state/local agency) ______ Multi-family residential (apartments/condos/HOAs) ______ Single-family residential ______ Other (explain) _____________________________________

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To qualify to have your Top Contractor application considered, third-party verification of your FY 2020 Total Gross Sales is required from your company’s CPA, an independent CPA or your accounting firm, or a copy of the appropriate page from your tax return. Verification must be on the CPA or accounting firm letterhead (no photocopies) and must include a statement to the effect that “I have reviewed the company’s Top Contractor application, and the FY 2020 gross sales response to question Number 1 is accurate to the best of my knowledge.” The letter must be signed and dated and include the person’s name, title and telephone number. No financial information will be revealed; it will be used only internally to determine qualification for each listing. Send verification to: Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction 2021 Top Contractor Application 201 N. Main Street, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 Attn. Dormie Roberts Questions? Dormie Roberts, Associate Editor; Phone: 920-542-1299;

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Tailgate Talk | By Brad Humphrey Adobe Stock/iushakovsky

The Cost of


WITH THE MATCH-UP of Super Bowl teams in 2021, the discussion on every sports talk show related to the special talent of the two quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes for the Kansas City Chiefs and Tom Brady, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The two could not be more polar opposite in style and movement, but they share a very interesting common trait. Consistency! The consistency I’m referring to is the consistency to prepare and plan. As most of the better performers in any sport will attest, their success resulted in their ability to focus, study their own improvement needs and to prepare for their success. What is true in the sports world is just as viable for any construction leader. But there are costs to being consistent as a contractor and crew leader. Consider what any construction leader must be consistent about preparing. • Studying the project file as if it were the opposing team. • Lining out the steps or phases of completion that will be most successful. • Assessing his or her crew power; “Who do I have to do specific tasks that will bring us the best chance to ‘win’?” • Confirming that all the needed equipment, materials, components, cones/barricades, etc. are


available and in working order. • Confirming the location of needed material plants, supply stores, legal and most safe routes to and from our yard, etc. • Do we clearly understand the projects’ scope of work, customer expectations, etc. and are we on the same page with the estimator who won the work? • Do I believe we have the allowed labor hours and quantities of materials to complete the job as estimated? If not, what will it take? For the experienced field leader, these questions and concerns are simply part of the regular process of preparation. Even the most talented of leaders can let up in consistently working through the same process of thinking and preparation. And there in lies the secret of any “G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time), they look at every game, match, race, etc. as requiring the same disciplines toward ensuring their best chance for success. You can bet that both 2021 Super Bowl QBs, Mahomes and Brady, consistently executed each and every preparation discipline they knew worked for them. The cost of consistency is the personal cost to be disciplined, to perform every step consistently, so that mind and muscle retention begins to develop. The

difference between Brady and Mahomes? Brady had been consistently preparing his mind and body for several more years than Mahomes, about eighteen more years. But from the looks of things, Mahomes has made advanced progress in establishing his own consistency processes to success. Here’s what any construction leader can and should do when developing consistency to lead. Incorporate the following actions: • First, study your job folder and look for every detail that you can confirm and record what concerns or questions you have. • Upon studying your job file, schedule a “pre-con” meeting with the estimator to make sure you both are clear on every issue, conflict, question or concern you have. • Line out the process you will follow to execute the project. Include who will be doing what tasks, who will be adding support, what safety actions will be needed. • Ensure that every detail about materials, what producer will be used and how will the material be received. Ensure that you schedule the incoming materials, even if your company is transporting the materials, to arrive “just-in-time”. • Schedule a crew huddle to set the day’s agenda in the

morning and to debrief the crew in the afternoon. • Before leaving the site, “stage” your trucks and/ or site, for the next day. Getting ahead today can put more productivity into tomorrow. • Upon completing the project, try to conduct a “postjob review” as soon as possible, while all the issues, corrections, wins, etc. are still fresh on your mind. • Give your crew accurate feedback on their performance. If it was great, praise them. If it was not great, discuss what needs to be done differently. The cost of consistency is primarily a mind and time challenge. When you realize the benefits of being consistently disciplined to plan and prepare before executing, then you will see a return to your own Super Bowl form showing up job after job! Here’s to paying the cost of consistency! Be a G.O.A.T.

Brad Humphrey is the Vice President of Human Resources & Employee Development for Pavecon, a fullservice pavement maintenance contractor based in Dallas Texas with offices now spreading to nine locations. Brad can be heard on The Contractor’s Best Friend Podcasts, sponsored by AC Business Media and Caterpillar throughout the year. For literature written by Brad, check out his books on

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THE KNOWING THAT YOU CAN TAKE ON ANYTHING It’s driveways one day to county roads the next, and why you require a paver as versatile as your jobs are varied. That is why the Carlson CP100 II goes beyond what a commercial paver can be, setting the standard for versatility, component lifecycle and mat quality. With a powerful 100hp Cummins® engine, array of configurations and the class-leading EZCSS single slide screed, it’s time to see why the CP100 II has fast become the contractor’s choice for heavy-duty commercial paver platforms.


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The Sealcoating & Crackfilling Equipment That Helped Build an Industry No Payments for three months and flexible financing for qualified buyers!

TR 575


Discover the full line of SealMaster pavement maintenance equipment at MELTER/ APPLICATOR 800-395-7325

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