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You stay poised for growth. We can help you keep costs in line. Our network of dealers can help make it possible for your business, offering trained and certified commercial professionals – who know your vehicles and how you use them. On top of that, priority financing and service for commercial customers can help minimize both overhead costs and vehicle downtime. Sound like music to your ears? Find a location near you, from hundreds of Commercial Vehicle Center locations nationwide … or learn more at

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Check out your picks for the construction Page 12 industry’s top new products of 2019.



Find an assortment of mid- to fullsize models.

45 Demolition Attachments Sort through a mix of attachments for tackling demolition jobs.

52 Lift Equipment

Discover the latest in telescopic handlers.

55 Underground/ Utility Equipment

Preview products available from exhibitors at ICUEE - The Demo Expo 2019.

63 Trucks & Transportation


FEATURES UTILITIES COMPANY EMBRACES COLLABORATIVE FLEET MANAGEMENT pg 32 Rich machine data and collaboration improve decision making.

EXPLORE HIGHAND LONG-REACH EXCAVATOR OPTIONS pg 36 TELEHANDLERS EXTEND TO ALL ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM pg 48 Models offer advantages on all levels of today’s jobsites.


8 Equipment Introductions 66 Running the Business Play with Pricing While Keeping Margins Intact

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Trencher tooth selection should be based on soil conditions to ensure productive trenching.

Contractors are using GPS tracking to not only help crack down on costly practices, but add to their bottom line.


50 Profit Enhancers for Your Fleet

Choosing the Right Teeth for Your Trencher Operation

End the Equipment Hoarding at Your Jobsites and Increase Its Payback

Understand the benefits and trade-offs associated with long arm and boom configurations.

6 Breaking Ground


Efficiently transport diesel fuel to the jobsite with minimal expense.

Military Veterans in Demand for Careers in Construction

Most retired military members already possess the skills and work ethic needed for construction’s tough jobs.

Using a Hydrodemolition Robot to Renovate an Active Parking Garage

A 10-phase repair approach uses hydrodemolition to maximize efficiency while the garage remains in use.

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Alaska DOT is ready for any weather. Powerful, durable and versatile, the Mack® Granite® can handle any job, in any condition. Toughness is just one way we earned Alaska DOT’s trust, and we’ll work hard to do the same for you. Because Mack delivers confidence and performance to get the job done. See how Mack does more, so your business earns more at

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B R E AKI N G G R O U N D By Becky Schultz



$$ 50 Profit Enhancers for Your Fleet

Becky Schultz /


B O OT H # N 1016

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EACH YEAR, THE EDITORIAL team at Equipment Today and sift through data on the hundreds of new products featured in the publication and on the web portal to see which of them captured your attention and interest most. The process is always insightful, providing a glimpse into

the mindset of fleet owners, managers and operators, as well as into possible market trends. As we sort through the data, there are certain product types and new concepts that inevitably find their way onto the list. Yet, there are always a few surprises along the way. Take a look at the

list to see for yourself, then find more coverage on page 12, and online at www. Congratulations to this year’s winners!  Atlas Copco XAS 110 Air Compressor  Blue Ink Technology Tire Pressure Monitoring System  Bobcat Rear Camera Kit  Bridgestone PressureStat System  Carlson CP75 II Commercial Paver  Case TV450 Compact Track Loader  Caterpillar D6 and D6 XE Dozers  Cemen Tech DT-100 and DT-200 Dump Trailers  2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD  CM Labs Excavator Simulator Training Pack  Cummins X12 Engine  Derive VQ Telematics Solution  Doosan LCV6 and LCV8 Light Towers  Dragon Screed Skid-steer Attachment  Dynapac MF2500CS Material Transfer Vehicle  Felling FT-12 EZ-T Tilt Trailer  2019 Ford F-150 Limited  Gehl RT105 Track Loader  Genie Lift Tools Access Deck for Booms and Scissor Lifts  GOMACO Xtreme GT-3600 Curb and Gutter Machine  Hilti TE 2000-AVR Demolition Hammer  Hitachi ZW-6 Wheel Loaders  Indeco IMH Series Mulching Head Line  International CV Series Class 4/5 Truck  JCB 504-13 Loadall Telescopic Handler  2020 Jeep Gladiator Midsize Truck  JLG Upgraded LRT Scissor Lift Series  John Deere 325G Mid-frame Compact Track Loader  Kato 9VXE-3 Electric Compact Excavator  Kubota SVL65-2 Compact Track Loader  Liebherr Generation 8 Excavators  LockNLube Grease Coupler  Loftness Battle Ax Skid-steer Mulching Attachment  Mecalac MCR Series Excavators  Merlo Heavy-duty Telehandlers  MQ Whiteman J3036H55 Trowel  2019 Ram Chassis Cabs  Road Widener Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment  Skyjack SJ519 TH Telehandler  Somero Sky Screed 25 Laser Screed  The Brut Post Grabber  Topcon T-18 Handheld Controller for MAGNET Field  Trimble Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform  Verizon Connect Workforce Management Solution  VMAC DTM70-H Underdeck Air Compressor  Volvo ECR18E Compact Excavator  Wacker Neuson Series II Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders  Weiler P265 Asphalt Paver  Western Star Enhanced 4700 Truck  Wirtgen W 150 CFi Milling Machine

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the mini for many.






ne ck er




A machine that fits anywhere and does everything?

That’s the machine for everyone. Doosan® and the Doosan logo are registered trademarks of Doosan Corp. in the United States and various other countries around the world. © 2019 Doosan Infracore North America, LLC. All rights reserved.

meet your next workforce at

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These pages feature some of the latest equipment available. You’ll find a solid sampling of both new machines and models that have been recently revamped by the manufacturers. For more information on these products, simply visit and include the eight-digit code shown. Trimble

Siteworks Software Version 1.1


CA2500 and CA3500 Soil Rollers

Trimble Siteworks Software version 1.1 features full GNSS tilt compensation functionality. Three modes enable the system to record accurate points while standing, walking or driving a vehicle. It can capture accurate points without leveling the pole, enabling surveying in areas such as building corners. Using Siteworks and a SPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna, users can take measurements faster and perform more efficient stakeouts. The solution is also designed to shield magnetic interference and can be used anywhere on site. It supports the Android operating system, providing the flexibility to choose the field device that best fits your needs.

The CA2500 and CA3500 soil rollers with Tier 4 Final engines are able to reverse in the same grade as they can climb forward. To make it possible to achieve higher gradeability in reverse, Dynapac has built the High Climb machines on their Anti-spin versions with NoSpin rear axles. By introducing heavier components in the rear axle, drive motor and transmission, the drum is able to push the machine in reverse 55% (28°). The units are suited for compaction of trenches for pipelines where it’s a demand to reverse the grade as it is not possible to turn the machine in the trench.

This 15-gal. Portable Fuel Station (JDI-FST15) is UN/DOTapproved to transport gasoline by motor vehicle and to gravity dispense fuel into gas-powered portable equipment, vehicle fuel tanks or other approved containers. Designed to be bolted into a trailer, it features a durable, welded steel, gravity feed tank, built-in shutoff valve and squeeze handle dispenser. The unit includes a ground wire for safety, and has been vigorously tested for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance. It has a gross weight of 116 lbs. when filled and measures 38.3” x 11.15” x 15.9”.



15-gal. Portable Fuel Station


3D Images Service for the Construction Industry Multivista 3D Images is powered by the Leica BLK3D, which is a handheld 3D imager that allows real-time, professional-grade, in-picture 3D measurement. The BLK3D combines a calibrated stereo-camera, advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing with Electronic Distance Measurement technology. The system provides accuracy within millimeters for precise measurement of 3D dimensions on a 2D photo to document mechanical, electrical and plumbing, pre-slab and underground utilities such as hydronic heating. It can also be used with finished conditions for space planning or identifying in-wall systems ahead of a renovation.


8  EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_08-11_EquipIntros_CB.indd 8


W 380 CRi Cold Recycler The 116,845-lb. W 380 CRi granulates material and transforms it into a new, homogeneous material mixture by adding binding agents such as cement, bitumen emulsion or foamed bitumen. The unit offers working widths of 10 ft. 6 in., 11 ft. 6 in. and 12 ft. 6 in., and mills the road up to 1.2 in. deep. With mixing capacity of up to 800 tph, it can feed large quantities of recycled material to a paver via its swivel-mounted and height-adjustable discharge conveyor at the rear. Power is provided by a 1,038-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Various automated features enhance ease of operation, including the high-precision LEVEL PRO leveling system.


9/4/19 10:04 AM

Put the wheels of tomorrow in motion.

New opportunities are born every day. With the right equipment, they’re yours for the taking. North America’s most complete wheeled excavator lineup, including the Volvo EWR150E, is engineered to help you take on new and different challenges. Put versatility on your side and face tomorrow with confidence.

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WA900-8 Wheel Loader The 256,618-lb. WA900-8 has an 899-hp Tier 4 Final-compliant engine, and is purpose-built to load 70- to 150-ton haul trucks. The bucket design with modified profile maximizes bucket fill to increase productivity. The large pillarless cab offers greater visibility, and the higher capacity air suspension seat and Electronically Controlled Suspension System (ECSS) provide a smooth ride for better travel performance and operator comfort. The Variable Traction Control System and the Modulation Clutch System provide optimal tractive effort for various ground conditions. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic helps reduce fuel consumption while maintaining production levels.



DX170LC-5 Crawler Excavator The 17-metric-ton DX170LC-5 measures 8 ft. 5 in. wide and falls below the 80,000-lb. GVWR limit for simplified and less expensive transportation. Its 127-hp Tier 4 diesel engine is optimized for use with high-pressure common rail fuel delivery and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system. The unit provides a 19-ft. 11-in. maximum digging depth, 28-ft. 10-in. maximum digging reach and 25,794lbf. bucket breakout force. Four power modes provide more control to better balance fuel consumption and machine power to working conditions. Digging, breaker, shear and lifting work modes maximize efficiency and fuel economy in specific applications. A rear view camera is standard with optional side view camera.


SCJ-50 Cube Jack The SCJ-50 self-locking cube jack is a compact, portable hydraulic solution for incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. The jack uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks for high-capacity and stabilized lifting. The incremental system mechanically locks the load as each cribbing block is manually added or removed. Once the lock engages, the lift cylinder retracts and another cribbing block can be added or removed. Up to eleven 35-lb. steel cribbing blocks can be stacked onto the 19.8” x 16.9” base frame, yielding a maximum height of 79 in. The unit operates with standard 10,000-psi hydraulic pressure.


D23x30DR S3 Navigator The D23x30DR S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill (HDD) integrates dual rod technology into a compact machine design to efficiently maneuver through rock in congested cities, busy neighborhoods or tight jobsites. Featuring a narrow footprint and a weight of 16,500 lbs., it is well suited for fiber, electrical, gas and water installation in hard rock and other challenging ground conditions. The Onboard Firestick drill rod dual system enables 7% downhole steerability. The threaded outer rod offers a rotational torque of 3,000 ft.-lbs., while the hex inner rod delivers up to 800 ft.-lbs. The unit generates thrust/pullback of 24,000 lbs.


10  EQU IPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_08-11_EquipIntros_CB.indd 10



TRX-250 and TRX-300 Walk-behind Trenchers The TRX-250 and TRX-300 feature Intelli-Trench technology, which automatically diverts the hydraulic flow from the traction motors, providing more power for the trencher head and enabling the traction handle to be held in one place without requiring constant adjustment. The models also include a new hydraulic design with fewer components, differentiated traction controls, the TRX trencher valve handle and boom lift lever and independent traction control for the left and right tracks. The TRX-250 is equipped with a 24.5hp Toro engine and offers a maximum forward speed of 2.4 mph, while the TRX300 has a 26.5-hp Kohler EFI engine and has a maximum forward speed of 2.3 mph.

9/4/19 10:04 AM

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9/4/19 10:04 AM


SJ519 TH Compact Telehandler

Skyjack’s SJ519 TH compact telehandler has a 10,500-lb. operating weight, 5,500-lb. lift capacity and lifts a rated load of 4,400 lbs. It achieves a maximum lift height of 19.1 ft. and maximum reach of 11.25 ft. It incorporates a 74-hp Deutz Tier 4 Final engine, hydrostatic drive and Dana axles. An oversized engine bay and fully opening steel cowling ensure all major service points are easily accessible. A cast rear counterweight with hitch pin comes standard, along with a yoke-mounted lift shackle and quick-attach carriages. Other features include a simple control panel design, in-cab engine multifunction display and fully opening door for easy access to the large operator cab.



In this industry exclusive awards program, equipment owners and end users determine the winners. Each year, the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products — hosted by Equipment Today and — showcases the new equipment and products that construction equipment owners and end users identify as the most intriguing. Recipients of the awards are determined based on page views and inquiries on the web portal on the new units featured in the magazine over a 12-month period. Each manufacturer is able to receive only one award, so the winning products represent the single highest ranking product for each company over the specified time frame. To learn more about this year’s recipients, use the URLs shown or turn to to access the full list of award winners with direct links to each product.

John Deere

325G Mid-frame Compact Track Loader

John Deere’s 325G mid-frame compact track loader supplies the power, technology and productivity found in large machines, but in a compact design. It offers a sleek, redesigned cab to fit within smaller areas on site and improve visibility. It offers 74 gross hp, a vertical lift with a 10-ft. 6-in. height to hinge pin, a 9,500-lb. operating weight and a 2,590-lb. rated operating capacity. Operators have the ability to select between (EH) ISO joystick controls, or standard manual foot and hand controls. The pressurized cab includes heated seats, a Bluetooth radio, rear view camera and deluxe LED lighting package. An in-cab boom lock-out system makes maintenance safer and more secure when the boom is raised. An optional ride control and bucket self-level combination reduces material spillage and makes for a smoother ride over rough and uneven terrain.


Road Widener

Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment

The Offset Vibe Roller Skid Steer Attachment attaches to any machine via an SAE quick-connector coupling, and requires only standard-flow hydraulics. Remote control puts its functions in the hands of the operator. Its vibratory feature creates optimal compaction (500 to 2,500 vpm with an amplitude of .02 in.) and can roll stone, asphalt, RAP and dirt. Available roller widths include 2, 3 and 4 ft. The roller’s offset feature allows the carrier and operator to stay on the road while rolling and compacting shoulders and ditches. It can roll the outside slope of the shoulder, not just horizontal edges (up to 30° drum pivot). It can also be dropped down into trenches, with the drum going to 30 in. below the mounting point.


12 EQU IPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 12 9/5/19 11:28 AM


DTM70-H Underdeck Air Compressor

VMAC’s DTM70-H combines an air compressor and hydraulic pump, which can simultaneously operate to maximize productivity. It provides up to 70 cfm of air at 100 psi and up to 14.9 gpm at 3,265 psi, dependent on pump size and engine rpm. The unit frees up space on a vehicle by mounting under the truck, and at just 180 lbs., it saves up to 600 lbs. on service trucks. Users can carry more materials or equipment, take advantage of better fuel economy or even downsize their service truck classification. The system is application-engineered for 2017-2019 Ford F-250 to F-550 Super Duty work trucks with a 6.7L Power Stroke diesel and TorqShift automatic transmission (4x4 or 4x2). It integrates with standard crane controls.




TE 2000-AVR Demolition Hammer

The 33-lb. demolition hammer TE 2000-AVR blends power, ergonomics and weight, enabling it to generate 26 ft.-lbs. of impact energy and 1,800 impacts per minute. At 33 lbs., the tool is easy to maneuver on jobsites and is ready for use in minutes. A T-handle design and low vibration from the sub-chassis Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system allow for efficient performance and working comfort. The unit can handle floor demolition applications for base materials up to 8 in. thick, plus can perform tile removal and ground rod driving applications. A brushless SR motor eliminates the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. The detachable power cord allows for quick replacement of broken or damaged cords. Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios.


Atlas Copco

XAS 110 Air Compressor

The 1,100-lb. XAS 110 delivers 110 cfm of air power and includes the durable HardHat canopy, which resists corrosion and fading. It is compact and lightweight, and a footprint of just 26 sq. ft. provides easy maneuverability through narrow, cramped jobsites, more space for tools and operators to move around and easier storage. The unit’s 22-hp Kubota diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final standards without exhaust aftertreatment components or filters. A stepless, fully automatic regulator optimizes fuel consumption by adjusting engine speed to accommodate air demand. The antiairlock system guarantees starting by eliminating the risk of fuel becoming trapped by air.



Heavy-duty Telehandlers

Merlo’s redesigned heavy-duty telehandlers offer a new modular design cab with a more spacious enclosed environment with AC/heat, ergonomic seating, electronic joystick, an interactive armrest on select models, LED display, 360° operator view and numerous safety features. Maximum load capacities range from 11,000 to 26,500 lbs. with maximum lift from 31 ft. 3 in. to 58 ft. 7 in. and maximum reach of 17 ft. 4 in. to 42 ft. 3 in. Ground-engaging booms use the quick Tac-lock system to easily take on any number of attachments. All models include hydrostatic transmissions and the “Ring of Steel”, which eliminates counterweights and makes the units very compact. An expanded line of Panoramic models come with front stabilizers. The two hydraulically operated stabilizers on the front axle ensure the stability to allow each machine to be fully operational on uneven or sloping ground.



MF2500CS Material Transfer Vehicle

The MF2500CS and MF2500CS with SwingApp boast a capacity of up to 4,000 tph and are able to handle a variety of material applications. The conveyor belt system can empty a standard 35-ton truckload in as little as 35 seconds. The SwingApp functionality can transform the unit to an offset feeder by swinging the conveyor belt up to 55° in either direction. This provides the capability to handle a variety of feeding applications, including feeding two pavers in a side-by-side configuration, feeding one paver from a different lane or filling medians. The units are fully automated through the integration of distance control and feeding sensors, and the multifunction joystick integrates main drive and SwingApp functions to put full control at the operator’s fingertips. A Cummins QSB 6.7-C220 diesel engine enables operating speeds of over 80 fpm.

ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 13

September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

13 9/5/19 11:29 AM


FT-12 EZ-T Tilt Trailer 2019 AWARD WINNER

The FT-12 has a GVWR of 13,800 lbs. and a load capacity of 10,300 lbs. Its 18-ft. 5-in. deck length includes a 3.5-ft. approach plate at the rear of the deck. Approximate deck height is 20.5 in. unloaded. EZ Tilt Technology allows for ground-level loading with a rotating torsion suspension providing a 5° load angle. This low load angle gives the operator the ability to load equipment such as floor sweepers, while providing the capacity to haul a skid steer. The electric/hydraulic lift system with power up and down provides the ability to load and deliver two scissor lifts at a time. The lift system features a corded remote and 12-volt battery in a lockable enclosure. Other features include two 7,000-lb. drop axles, Dexter FSA electric brakes on all axles and eight D-ring tie-downs.


Verizon Connect

Workforce Management Solution

Workforce is a one-stop solution that can help operations and fleet managers plan, monitor, dispatch, capture form data from the field, and communicate with customers. It provides easy access to actionable data that can help drive operational efficiencies and cost savings. Available plans include Essential, Enhanced and Ultimate, each of which is designed to meet the growing workforce management needs of the industry, including retaining drivers, improving work experience and communication with workers in the field. The Essential plan allows users to easily assign and dispatch work, capture field data via digital forms and monitor productivity through planned vs. actual (PVA) reporting. The Enhanced and Ultimate plans include intelligent dispatch, estimated times of arrival (ETA) and strategic planning capabilities.

Y y a A is e e y s n



Grease Coupler

The LockNLube Grease Coupler is engineered to end greasing frustration. Its patented locking technology will not leak or pop off under pressure. To release, just push down on the thumb lever. The unit comes in Regular and XL sizes, is compatible with any grease gun and is rated to over 10,000 psi. It works on all metric and SAE specification grease fittings. A 1/8-in. NPT connection is standard in North America. Manufacturing is guaranteed for life and the wear parts are replaceable. A set of spare parts is included with every coupler.



MCR Series Excavators


VQ Telematics Solution

Derive VQ can safely enhance fleet vehicle performance to deliver improvements to fuel use, safety and fleet productivity. Operational features such as idle time and fuel usage during idle can be customized to fit the purpose of the vehicle or the preference of the fleet manager. Additional safety functionality can be activated to prevent the vehicle from starting before seatbelts are fastened. The Derive Mission Control dashboards unite these performance upgrades with telematics. Insights collected include speed, direction of movement, diagnostic trouble codes, idle time and more. The Active Telematics solution applies information gained from the vehicle to improve the way the vehicle operates. Upgrades to the vehicle’s control systems are developed and activated based on the insights gathered.

The 75-hp 6MCR, 8MCR and 10MCR combine an excavator and a compact loader in the same machine. They can travel at speeds up to 6.2 mph and rotate 360° while carrying 40% of their own weight. The MECALACBoom’s lifting capacities and versatility allow multiple uses for moving earth, preparing the ground, leveling or transporting pallets. The boom offers a loading height up to 16 ft. and folds to 131°. The CONNECT quick-coupling system allows attachment changes in seconds. Simply take up the loader bucket, switch to loader mode and it delivers the controls of a compact loader. The units have 12,600-, 15,900- and 20,700-lb. operating weights and deliver 9,660-, 11,240- and 13,500-lb. breakout force and maximum digging depths of 10 ft. 1 in., 12 ft. 1 in. and 13 ft. 1. Bucket capacities extend from .11 to .74 cu. yds.

ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 14



H L h


14 EQU IPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019


9/5/19 11:29 AM

THE WHEELS OF PROGRESS JUST TURNED IN YOUR FAVOR Your work is more than what you do. It fulfills an agreement and completes a commitment. And proves that your word is your bond. At Hitachi, we engineer integrity into our equipment. We’re helping keep your promises. We’re building something far larger than the next load: your reputation.

LAS VEGAS, NV MARCH 10-14 North Hall #11539


• 13 Models • 30 HP – 531 HP

REPUTATIONS ARE BUILT ON IT Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc.

ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 15

9/5/19 11:29 AM


T-18 Handheld Controller for MAGNET Field


Topcon’s T-18 handheld controller is designed to drive geopositioning, construction, mapping and vertical construction applications. It includes a 3.7-in. sunlight-readable display with a 1-GHz processor, 1 GB of internal storage and up to 10 hours of battery life. This durable, ergonomic solution offers faster processing, better connectivity and longer battery life. A 3.5G cellular modem allows for connectivity with Topcon MAGNET solutions for sending and receiving data to the cloud company account. The modem can also be used for RTK (real-time kinematic) correction services. Other key features include standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as an IP65 rating for dust and water protection in demanding jobsite conditions.


Doosan JLG

Upgraded LRT Scissor Lift Series

The upgraded LRT rough-terrain scissors have platform heights that range from 33 to 53 ft., capacities from 1,500 to 2,250 lbs. and standard 4-ft. deck extensions. Refined platform control joystick operation provides smoother machine repositioning. Control system upgrades improve drive control proportionality. Left and right steer functions receive renewed digital inputs for a higher level of functionality and improved response. The leveling jack interface is enhanced by integrating a dedicated leveling function within the current lift/ drive switch. The 530LRT model uses proportional lift valves for upper and lower lift cylinders for controlled proportional ascent and descent. All models include Tier 4 Final diesel engines with steel hoods, a 60° swing-out engine tray and fold-down ladder for easier access to the engine and hydraulics.

LCV6 and LCV8 Portable Light Towers

The LCV6 and LCV8 light towers feature a small body design and vertical mast for greater maneuverability and ease of transport. A clamshell-style canopy of durable composite material is lightweight with easy access for maintenance. The standard vertical mast manually extends to 23 ft. and features four 1,050-watt metal halide lamps. High-efficiency LED, 290-watt fixtures are also available for glare-free lighting and a runtime of 210 (LCV6) and 180 hours (LCV8). The LED fixtures are maintenance-free and rated for a 50,000-hour life. The LCV6 has a Kubota D1005 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine with a 6-kW Mecc Alte alternator, while the LCV8 features a Kubota D1105 Tier 4 Final engine and 8-kW Mecc Alte alternator. The added power allows small tools and other devices to be connected to the LCV receptacle panel.


IMH Series Mulching Head Line The Indeco IMH Series of hydraulically-driven, boommounted mulching heads is specifically designed for a broad range of land clearing, site preparation, invasive vegetation species management, storm damage removal and clean-up applications. They feature a unique tooth design for optimal cutting. Tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from 5 to 45 tons, they come in eight directdrive and belt-driven high-performance models and feature Hardox components and bodies for optimal service life and lasting reliability. Interchangeable mounting brackets allow for any excavator application. A single-piece shaft and severe-duty bearings ensure maximum reliability.




Rear Camera Kit

The optional Rear Camera Kit for Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders provides a continuous rear view of the machine to prevent contact with obstacles that may damage the loader and its components. Specifically designed and developed for compact loaders, the kit includes a 4.3-in. LCD color monitor with a LED backlit screen, wiring harness, mounts and a tailgate-mounted camera that offers a 118° horizontal viewing angle and an 89° vertical viewing angle. Multiple screen and camera settings enhance the display image for optimal viewing in both light and dark conditions. The kit is integrated into the machine, activated when the ignition is turned on and runs continuously as the loader moves in both forward and reverse motions. Built for the rigors of the jobsite, it is compatible with any M-Series or newer models.

16  EQU IPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 16

9/5/19 11:29 AM

ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 17

9/5/19 11:29 AM


X12 Engine

At 2,050 lbs., the Cummins X12 engine is designed for weight-sensitive applications, enabling greater payload while improving productivity and uptime. It delivers the required performance and transient response while maximizing fuel economy in local duty cycles. The unit generates up to 500 hp and 1,700 lbs.-ft. of torque. Its low-friction design offers improved fuel economy with extended maintenance intervals similar to the X15 engine, with high mileage to ensure maximum uptime. The X12 is compatible with a choice of fully automatic, AMT and manual transmissions.



P265 Asphalt Paver

The Weiler P265 commercial paver provides heavyduty components in a compact paver. Mechanical controls provide simple and reliable operation while cable-operated ground drive controls allow operation from either side of the machine. The 3,000-lb. screed features a paving range of 7 ft. 8 in. to 14 ft. 4 in. with electric heat. Screed-mounted upper and lower augers, flow gate-style cut-off doors and independent control of each side of the delivery system provide precise material control. Highway-class chains, conveyor and auger bearings provide long-term reliability and extended wear life. The durable undercarriage with 70-in. track length, 53 in. of ground contact and 125-mm track chain pitch provides smooth ride and optimal flotation with automatic track tensioning.



2019 Ford

Post Grabber Skid-steer Attachment

F-150 Limited

The 300-lb. Brut Post Grabber skid-steer attachment is designed for use in post frame construction, setting utility poles, setting perma columns, fencing, etc. It provides a safe, easy way to quickly and precisely set a post or pole into footings, shortening post setting time and eliminating manual handling of heavy posts. It easily positions posts and poles even in sinking or soft soil. It will attach to most skid-steer brands that accept a universal quick-attach plate. The unit has a maximum opening of 14 in. and can lift anywhere from 100- to 700-lb. posts, with the size of the skid steer determining the stability for carrying larger posts.


The 2019 F-150 Limited comes with a standard 450-hp EcoBoost, twin turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 engine (mated to a 10-speed transmission) that generates 510 lbs.-ft. of torque, or an optional 3.0-liter Power Stroke V6 diesel engine, and sports a dual exhaust system. It comes with a standard integrated trailer brake controller, 360° camera with split-view display and dynamic hitch assist to simplify trailer hookup. Pro Trailer Backup Assist is optional. The FordPass Connect 4G LTE modem provides Wi-Fi access for up to 10 devices. An updated interior includes Camel Back two-tone color, heated, ventilated and massaging leather front seats, genuine ash swirl wood trim and aluminum-wrapped bezels. Standard safety features include AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert and Curve Control.

CM Labs

Excavator Simulator Training Pack

The Excavator Simulator Training Pack features an innovative new method of soil simulation, as well as Smart Training Technology, resulting in a training tool that delivers highly transferable skills. The system focuses on the three training pillars of safety, technique and efficiency, while exposing operators to the real sights, sounds and feel of a 21-ton excavator. The progressive learning program enables trainees to progress from basic controls familiarization to more advanced exercises such as pipe placement, trenching and bench loading. Built-in scoring and a training path that encourages self-directed learning enables trainees to develop a sense of initiative and responsibility that transfer directly to the work site.


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9/5/19 11:29 AM

PRECISION. DELIVERED. John Deere now offers the option of factory-installed grade guidance on our 210G, 350G and 470G LC Excavators. The distance-to-grade display allows you to get the job done precisely. And complete joystick integration allows you to do it effortlessly. Perhaps more impressive than what the system provides, is what it helps eliminate – like over-digging and the need for a grade checker. Best of all, it comes backed by expertly trained dealer technicians. So give your dealer a call and let us help you make your grades, make your deadlines, and Run Your World.

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TV450 Compact Track Loader

The TV450 is a 10,610-lb. vertical lift machine with a rated operating capacity of 4,500 lbs. at 50% tipping load. It features 9,188 lbs. of breakout force, and optional high-flow (3,450 psi at 39.5 gpm) and enhanced high-flow (4,000 psi at 35 gpm) hydraulics for high-power attachments. The cab-forward design provides 360° visibility and site lines down to the bucket edge. Standard premium features include hydraulic oneway self-leveling and ride control. The unit also comes with heavy-duty front and side lights, front cylinder guards, a heavy-duty rear door, remote oil and fuel filters, as well as debris ingression sealing to prevent material from entering the engine compartment. Its engine meets Tier 4 Final standards with a selective catalytic reduction system that only requires diesel exhaust fluid.

Generation 8 Crawler Excavators

Liebherr’s Generation 8 crawler excavators feature engine power ranging from 163 to 299 hp and operating weights between 22 and 45 US tons. The newest generation of machines has been totally redesigned, including the machine working equipment and hydraulics system. The improvements have allowed for increased bucket and lifting capacity compared to the previous models. An LED lighting package has been added as standard equipment, and maintenance elements, such as the engine air filter, are accessible from the ground. The spacious, air conditioned, ergonomic cab, easy to use 7-in. high-resolution color touchscreen, fully retractable front window and rear view and lateral monitoring cameras enhance overall safety and comfort.



Blue Ink Technology

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Blue Ink Tech’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to work with the BIT ELD app on Android or Apple devices. Wireless TPMS sensors screw securely to the valve stem of each tire and send PSI, temperature and battery level to the app. Sensors install in minutes, lock on the valve stem to prevent theft and are weatherproof and built to last. User-set thresholds let you customize each tire individually. Drivers see any tire issues when logging into the app, plus the system alerts if pressure or temperature is outside the preset limits. Tire pressure readings are automatically recorded when a driver performs a DVIR and readings above or below pressure limits are added to the DVIR report.


ZW-6 Wheel Loaders

The ZW120-6, ZW140-6, ZW150-6 and ZW150PL-6 (parallel lift) wheel loaders offer 101 to 141 gross hp and operating weights ranging from 18,500 to 27,470 lbs. Breakout force ranges from 16,480 to 24,030 lbs. with bucket capacities ranging from 2.0 to 3.5 cu. yds. (ISO heaped). Power is provided by a Tier 4 Final engine with no DPF required, which is matched with a hydrostatic transmission. A quick power switch increases engine output when required. Rimpull control system allows for optimal digging performance. An auto idle shutdown feature is standard. Ride control minimizes machine pitching. Other features include a reinforced front frame and a spacious cab with reduced noise and 360° visibility. All models are designed for quick service access and ease of maintenance.



PressureStat System

PressureStat is a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) offered for off-the-road (OTR) tire sizes 51 in. and below in the construction, quarry, underground hard rock and port industries. It provides instant access to important tire pressure and temperature information, allowing customers to accurately manage tire data in real time. Bluetoothenabled monitoring provides real-time pressure updates to mobile devices, and integrates with the Bridgestone TreadStat tire and rim management software for instant access to tire and rim conditions from anywhere and on any device. Easy to install valve stem sensors help users to save time and money. Onboard alerts make operators aware of potential issues before they happen.


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A total fleet platform to move your business forward. Connect your vehicle, worker, job and asset data all on one screen.

Mike Johnson 2 miles away



70 out of 100


Trending up

Oil Change 21 miles to go

Visit or call 866.844.2235 for a fleet management consultation. Š2019 Verizon. All rights reserved.

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Wacker Neuson


Series II Skid Steers and CTLs

CV Series Class 4/5 Truck

Navistar launched the International CV Series Class 4/5 truck with many commercial-grade features, starting with a gear-driven transfer case, a high-strength, low-alloy steel frame rail and a painted chassis for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance. A commercial-style forward-tilting hood provides easy access to the engine and to routine maintenance points. Under that hood is the 350-hp International 6.6-liter engine with 700 lbs.-ft. of torque. Equipped with that engine and two Allison transmission options, the CV is capable of handling up to a maximum GCWR of 37,500 lbs. It has the ability to accommodate a wide range of specialized body types. Automotive-like comfort includes premium interior finishes and driver ergonomics plus multiple infotainment options.




Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform


The Series II large frame models include two skid steers (SW) and two compact track loaders (ST). All are powered by a 74.3-hp Kohler diesel engine and offer standard auxiliary hydraulic flow of 22.1 gpm and optional flow of 31.7 gpm. Operating weights range from 7,840 to 10,267 lbs., with rated operating capacities from 2,400 to 4,500 lbs. (50% of tipping load). Radial lift models (SW24 and ST35) have a 126.8-in. hinge pin height, while the vertical lift loaders (SW28 and ST45) reach to 134.8 in. The cab fully tips forward with the loader arms down for complete access to all maintenance components. The operator environment includes angled pedals and foot bed, repositioned joysticks, conveniently located switches and an updated 5.7-in. full-color display standard on most models.


The Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform is a 2D grade control solution for compact machine grading attachments that enables high-accuracy grading in an easy-to-use, portable platform. iOS and Android compatibility allows operators to use their smartphone as the primary machine interface. The system leverages laser technology to provide dynamic, real-time position information. The Earthworks GO! software guides the user through installation, setup and operating modes. The GO! Box enables full sensing technology with no mounting hardware needed. Machine profiles can be saved to the GO! Box to ensure the grading attachment only needs to be set up once for quick, easy movement between machines. The system is currently available for ATI Level Best PD Series box blades, as well as supports most major OEM loader types.


D6 and D6 XE Dozers

The 215-hp D6 dozer is capable of up to 35% fuel savings with its electric powertrain (D6 XE) or 20% with a four-speed powershift transmission (D6). Both powertrains allow operators to set the ground speed and the dozer will continuously optimize for maximum power and efficiency based on load. A redesigned VPAT dozer cuts weight and a 10-roller undercarriage option speeds fine grading. The 48,000- to 53,000-lb. units have an updated, factory integrated Cat GRADE with 3D system with a 10-in. touchscreen and more intuitive operator interface. Cat Slope Indicate is standard, showing the machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor for easy reference. Cat GRADE with Slope Assist provides basic blade positioning assistance without the need for added hardware or a GPS signal.

2020 Chevrolet

Silverado HD


The 2020 Silverado HD has a max towing capability of 35,500 lbs. and new advanced trailering technologies. The 2500HD and 3500HD Regular, Double Cab and Crew Cab models are offered with standard length and long cargo boxes, as well as two chassis cab lengths. The standard 6.6L V8 gas engine offers 401 hp and 464 lbs.-ft. of torque, or the Duramax 6.6L V8 TurboDiesel provides 445 hp and 910 lbs.-ft. of torque and comes with an all-new Allison 10-speed automatic transmission. Details to make work more intuitive include a relocated engine block heater, enhanced diesel exhaust fluid tank, more integrated snow plow package and redesigned trailering mirrors. Greater towing capability is matched with a new suite of trailering technologies, offering 15 available camera views, including a transparent trailer feature.


EQU IPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019

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VÖGELE ErgoPlus 3 is Paving Made Easy

Training Made Easy

Operating Made Easy

Control Made Easy

Train, operate, control: do it all, effortlessly, with the world’s easiest paving operating system. VÖGELE ErgoPlus 3 offers clear and intuitive design for precise and flexible control. And there’s even an app to make learning the system a snap, available for free. See more, do more, and get more done with ErgoPlus 3 at

WIRTGEN AMERICA, INC. · 6030 Dana Way · Antioch, TN 37013 · Telephone: (615) 501-0600

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Cemen Tech

DT-100 and DT-200 Dump Trailers 2019 AWARD WINNER

Cemen Tech’s DT-100 and DT-200 dump trailers complement its line of volumetric concrete production solutions. These new heavy-duty 1- and 2-yd. models are designed for use in residential building projects, rental yards, landscaping applications and other small- to mid-size jobs for hauling concrete, sand, stone, mulch and other materials. They are fabricated with high-strength 10-gauge steel, and come standard with a variety of premium features including a double-action hydraulic pump, adjustable relief valve and forward self-adjusting electric brakes. DOT-approved lighting ensures safety and compliance on the road, while heavy-duty fenders, a one-piece rubber splash guard and supporting tongue cross bars provide added durability. DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEET: An adjustable load-leveling hitch maximizes tow capacity and provides a smooth, level ride while towing materials.


ECR18E Compact Excavator


The 1.8-tonne class ECR18E ultra-short swing radius compact excavator has a rear overhang of only 0.5 in. when the tracks are fully extended. Its 79-in. height and variable undercarriage (from 39 to 53 in.) allow for working in very tight spaces when needed and provide optimal stability once in position. The unit features a maximum digging depth of up to 8 ft. 11 in., a 1.3-cu.ft. bucket capacity and a breakout force of 2,900 lbf. Its robust design includes a high-profile counterweight, and the machine is made for easy maintenance, with 50-hour greasing intervals and a hinged fuel tank. The 16.1-hp Volvo three-cylinder Tier 4 engine can also be fitted with auto-idle and auto engine shutdown features. A roomy, uncluttered cab includes fingertip operation, simple layout controls and large travel pedals.

2020 Jeep

Gladiator Midsize Truck

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator promises optimal towing and 4x4 payload, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, enhanced on- and off-road dynamics and advanced safety and technology features. It has a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine delivering 285 hp and 260 lbs.ft. of torque and featuring ESS. A 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine will be available. A six-speed manual transmission is standard with an optional eight-speed automatic transmission. Off-road capability comes courtesy of the Command-Trac and Rock-Trac 4x4 systems, third-generation Dana 44 axles, Tru-Lock electric front and rear axle lockers, Trac-Lok limitedslip differential, sway-bar disconnect and 33-in. offroad tires. Sport, Sport S, Overland and Rubicon trim configurations are offered.



W 150 CFi Compact Milling Machine

The 46,000-lb. W 150 CFi equipped with the optional 1,800-mm milling drum (1,500-mm standard) can take on surface course rehabilitation for medium to large jobsites to a maximum milling depth of 330 mm. The center-mounted milling drum has a 980-mm diameter (with tools) and is designed to create optimal weight distribution. The unit is powered by a 380-hp Cummins QSL9 diesel engine and includes features such as the Level Pro Plus leveling system and Flexible Cutter System to squeeze top milling performance into an easily transportable package. It comes with a 650-mm primary conveyor belt and a 600-mm discharge conveyor belt. A high-quality camera system comprised of up to five cameras allows for a direct view of important work processes.



Xtreme GT-3600 Curb and Gutter Machine

The Xtreme GT-3600 is based on the GT-3600, the first three-track machine to slipform a 24-in. radius. Now, with the Xtreme package, tight radius paving is even easier and more efficient. Xtreme steering and intelligence is added to each track and includes rotary-sensored slew drives, sensored All-Track Steering and All-Track Positioning and smart hydraulic cylinders. Smart cylinders allow the G+ control system to know the exact position of the tracks to make steering adjustments as needed. The Xtreme Radius program allows for tight radii on stringline. Individual track speed control provides smooth machine travel around the radius. The G+ control system easily interfaces with any of the major 3D guidance systems for the same smooth control.


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Battle Ax Skid-steer Mulching Attachment

The heavy-duty Battle Ax horizontal drum mulcher is offered in 61- and 71-in. cutting widths for skid steers with 50 to 120 hydraulic hp. It is available with a fixeddisplacement gear or variable-displacement piston motor. Its 17-in.-diameter rotor features built-in depth gauges to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. A two-stage cutting chamber allows material to be cut twice by the rotor and helps produce smaller particle sizes. The primary shear bar is adjustable for customizing particle size. Adjustable skid shoes (0.5 to 1.5 in.) enable below-grade mulching. A staggered tooth pattern ensures single-tooth contact with the work surface at all times. Universal skid-steer mounting is standard.



9/5/19 11:30 AM

Today’s generation of Wacker Neuson medium and large frame skid steers and compact track loaders is anything but ordinary. Designed, engineered and built in North America to handle the tough stuff, these machines will exceed your expectations. The X-tras:

• The industry’s best warranty, featuring 3-year full, 4-year powertrain and hydraulics, and 5-year electrical system coverage • Unsurpassed service access, including a forward tipping cab, for quick and easy daily checks • Ergonomic design and controls that add comfort to long, productive days in the cab • Outstanding hydraulic power and engine performance to get more done in less time • Improved resale with a range of Dealer Installed Accessory (DIA) kits So, if you’re ready for what’s next, contact your local Wacker Neuson dealer today.

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Screed Skid-steer Attachment 2019 AWARD WINNER

MQ Whiteman

J3036H55 Trowel

The 180-lb. MQ Whiteman J3036H55 power trowel allows contractors to convert between 36- and 30-in. guard ring diameters to fit job requirements. A compact design and a unique, sectional, ABS plastic rotating guard ring enables it to finish easily against walls, risers and work in confined areas and can be adjusted on site by exchanging components and trowel blades. The unit’s operating size is suited for general concrete finishing. It features a four-blade spider assembly with a centrifugal clutch and a rotor speed of 60 to 115 rpm. It is equipped with an easy starting 4.8-hp Honda GX160 engine and large oil capacity gearbox, and is available with a QuickPitch or knob-style pitch control. A standard SHX or optional QXH QuickPitch handle is available.


The Dragon Screed concrete and gravel leveling attachment is designed for small flatwork crews that pour big jobs. It attaches to a skid steer and can be used for leveling subgrade and screeding concrete on pours from 6 to 22 ft. wide, and can be configured to work on the sides or in front of the loader, in forward or reverse. The skid steer does the dragging so concrete can be poured with lower water content. The screed drags, floats and vibrates concrete with every pass. Wireless remote control allows the operator to select from five vibration speeds. Wide floats, each with a vibrator attached, drag smoothly behind the screed bar. Hydraulic pivot allows pouring on a pitch or from an uneven surface. Quickattach handles provide maneuverability in small spaces.




CP75 II Commercial Asphalt Paver

Gehl Somero


The Sky Screed 25 is the first Knuckle Boom Laser Screed machine to allow screeding on structural high-rise and slab-on-grade applications. Its lower frame rests on three stabilizers, while the upper frame and screed head rotate 360°, providing the flexibility to screed around columns and other protrusions. The auger-less screed head allows for screeding in any direction, and a powerful vibrator motor consolidates the concrete. The elevation is controlled by the OASIS laser control system. The unit is powered by a 32.5-hp Kubota gasoline engine with electric start. All machine functions are controlled via wireless remote control.

The battery-powered 9VXE-3 comes with all of the features of Kato’s standard 9VX-3 but is equipped with a 5-hp Baldor motor, allowing excavating in confined areas with fume regulations. It combines a no-emission motor with other standard features such as the spanner function (27.5- to 37.5-in. variable width) and auxiliary hydraulic piping to the front of the unit. It has a 2,100-lb. operating weight, 5-ft. 5-in. dig depth and 6-gpm hydraulic flow. Features include 360° house swing with independent 140° boom swing, twospeed travel and standard backfill blade. The unit comes with 100 ft. of power cord, and can be ordered with different volt options (208 to 480 volts).

Sky Screed 25 Knuckle Boom Laser Screed


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9VXE-3 Electric Compact Excavator


RT105 Track Loader

The 4,720-lb. RT105 has a rated operating capacity of 1,050 lbs. and a maximum lift height of 109 in. An overall width of 50.8 in. and height of 71.5 in. enable access on low-clearance sites, inside buildings and through backyard gates. Power is supplied by a 35-hp Yanmar engine with 80 ft.-lbs. of torque and a diesel particulate filter system. The tracked model is built on an adapted R105 skid loader chassis for 85% parts commonality. Its IdealTrax track tensioning system automatically tensions the tracks when the engine is on, eliminating the chance of overtensioning. Track tension is released when the engine is turned off, reducing strain on sprockets and bearings. The All-Tach universal attachment system is compatible with most allied attachments.


The Carlson CP75 II commercial asphalt paver provides higher material transfer with its 36-in.wide independent conveyors, while ergonomic controls and low visibility provide an operator-focused platform for residential and commercial paving applications. The electrically heated EZC815 screed features a standard paving width of 8 to 15 ft., coupled with highway class features for leading mat quality in a commercial package. An operator-focused platform includes screed-mounted controls, intuitive electric switch functions, direct connect lever steering and the ability to run the platform from either side. The unit offers the option of chain/slat conveyors or the High Flow Material Conveyor, a system that eliminates segregation and increases material transfer. Power is supplied by a 74-hp Deutz 2.9 Tier 4 Final turbocharged engine.


9/5/19 11:30 AM

SEE MORE. LIFT MORE. INDUSTRY-LEADING VISIBILITY AND BREAKOUT FORCE. INDUSTRY-LEADING VISIBILITY BREAKOUT With large windows, thin screens,AND standard sidelightsFORCE. and With large windows, screens, standard sidelights see and a cab-wide rearviewthin mirror, the TV450 lets operators amore cab-wide rearview TV450 lets operators so they can domirror, more, the more effectively. And withsee a 1 more they can moreforce effectively. with andmore, breakout of up toAnd 9,188 lb.,a ROC so of 4,500 lb. do 1 and breakout force of up to 9,188 lb., ROC of 4,500 lb. lifting and loading two-ton pallets of pavers is easy. lifting loading two-ton pallets pavers is easy. Plus, and hydraulic flow of up to 4,000ofpsi powers the most Plus, hydraulic fl ow of up to 4,000 psi powers the most demanding attachments like mulchers or chippers. To demanding attachments like mulchers or chippers. To see its strength for yourself, visit see its strength for yourself, visit


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Get these offers at Get these offers at

916 At 50% tipping load.


2 for complete details. Offer valid through September 30, 2019. AtSee 50% tipping load. 3 2 See for complete details. Offer valid through September 30, 2019. See for complete details. Offer valid through September 30, 2019. 1

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See complete details. Offerreserved. valid through 30,and 2019. ©2019 CNH Industrial Capitalfor America LLC. All rights CASESeptember Construction CNH Industrial Capital are trademarks registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. ©2019 CNH Industrial Capital America LLC. All rights reserved. CASE Construction and CNH Industrial Capital are trademarks registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates.

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Western Star

Enhanced 4700 Truck


Western Star’s most popular truck model can now be spec’d with the new Cummins X12 engine, weighing 2,050 lbs. Front- and rear-engine PTO offerings enable more upfitting options. A Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission can now be spec’d for Detroit-powered models. Other upgrades include the addition of a third Power Distribution Module and improved interface connections on the back floor of the cab, as well as four new options for trailer connections. The multifunction steering wheel offers the driver easy to reach access to cruise control, radio functions, phone controls and dash display menus. The cab has been refreshed, as well, to help drivers stay focused on the road and more productive throughout the day.



2019 Chassis Cab

The 2019 Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cab has a towing capacity of up to 35,220 lbs., GCWR of 43,000 lbs. and payload up to 12,510 lbs. The Chassis Cab 3500, 4500 and 5500 represent Class 3, 4 and 5 GVW ratings, plus a 10,000-lb. GVW Class 2 Chassis Cab is offered. A Cummins 6.7-liter I-6 provides improved power and fuel efficiency with 360 hp and 800 lbs.-ft. of torque. The 3500 offers a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission for the 6.4liter HEMI V8. Up to 97% high-strength steel frames on all models provide zero component interference above the rear rails for easy upfits, a 120-lb. weight reduction and high torsional rigidity. Safety systems include Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and AEB with trailer brakes.

VF-Venieri backhoe loaders deliver higher breakout force, simple machine operation, plug and play system and greater economic efficiency. Distributed by:



Merlo telehandlers move beyond the conventional with outstanding safety, operator efficiency, ground engaging capabilities, and consistent performance.

803-327-4949 / Rock Hill, SC

ET0919_12-31_Top 50 Products_CB.indd 28

Kubota’s SVL65-2 features an Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV Valve) that provides smooth operation when using simultaneous functions, such as auxiliary, boom and bucket circuits. The 68-hp unit has a wide working range including a rated operating capacity of 2,100 lbs. at 35% or 3,000 lbs. at 50%, a reach of 34.9 in. and a hinge pin height of 118.5 in. A standard self-leveling feature can be engaged with the flip of a switch and keeps the bucket or forks level without the need to manually adjust the angle on the way up. Multi-function levers provide fingertip control of all major vehicle and attachment operations. The easy-open sliding front door can be opened regardless of bucket or loader arm position, plus full machine operation is possible with the door open, if desired.

Visit our website to learn more! w ww ww

28 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019

SVL65-2 Compact Track Loader

Booth #K174


9/5/19 11:30 AM

Zero Turn for Mobility x Long, straight runs are nice. But many of you have curb and gutter projects with short runs, radii, and corners in parking lots or tight locations. GOMACO’s Xtreme curb and gutter machines have Zero-Turn capabilities for maneuverability. You’ll be able to place more curb than ever before and move your machine in ways you have never moved before. You’ll be able to pour a tight radius that you could only dream of before. GOMACO’s proprietary G+ controls makes your concrete paver smoother and easier to operate. Have fun paving curb and gutter with your new Zero-Turn GOMACO paver. Our worldwide distributor network and our corporate team always stand ready to serve and assist you.



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9/5/19 11:30 AM


504-13 Loadall Subcompact Telescopic Handler



Lift Tools Access Deck for Booms and Scissor Lifts

The Lift Tools Access Deck for Genie Z articulating booms, S telescopic booms and GS-1930 scissor lifts provides operators with a secondary working surface by elevating them 22 in. above the platform floor. The deck for booms weighs about 27 lbs. and provides more then 3 sq. ft. of added work area. It has a 300-lb. capacity and comes with a handle that provides three points of contact when working at height. A T-handle and a locking pin positively lock the deck in place. The deck for scissor lifts weighs roughly 25 lbs., has a 225-lb. capacity and installs to the inside of the extension deck guard rails on GS-1930 scissor lift platforms. Both versions can be installed without tools in less than 5 minutes.




The 504-13 Loadall has a U-pressed steel boom that enables a 4,000-lb. lift capacity and maximum lift height of 13 ft. 3 in. Features include single-lever electro servo controls with proportional auxiliaries, all-steel bodywork, permanent four-wheel steering and a low boom profile. The spacious cab has a wide access door, tinted glass all around and laminated windshield and roof. A compact tool carrier or skidsteer coupler accommodates a wide array of attachments and applications. The unit is powered by a 39-hp Perkins Tier 4 Final-compliant diesel engine mated to a two-speed hydrostatic transmission. Simplified maintenance procedures include 500-hour extended service intervals and ground level access to all daily checks.


OFFSET VIBE ROLLER The safest vibratory roller on the market allowing you to keep you wheels on the ground while compacting trenches and outside slopes.







The most cost effective and efficient solution for backfilling utility trenches and replacing asphalt. Shine a light on your most important work and keep your crew running at all hours. Doosan Portable Power light towers run longer and stronger, so you can get the job done on time and on budget. With Doosan Portable Power on your side, you can Make Power Moves. See the full lineup at PortablePower.

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1-844-494-3363 |

9/5/19 11:30 AM

COAST TO COAST, WE’RE GIVING AWAY: • Catered on-site lunches • JLG t-shirts, caps and more • Social recognition (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

JLG is on the road in 2019 to celebrate the hardworking crews who choose our equipment to boost productivity and ensure uptime. From social recognition to fun giveaways, we invite you to participate in Crews Across America!

Enter to win at

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9/5/19 11:30 AM

P R OFI T MAT T E R S By Nathan Medcalf

Utilities Company Embraces Collaborative Fleet Management Rich machine data and collaboration improve decision making.


ocky Mountain Contractors (RMC), a utility services group with roughly 300 employees working across Montana, and a division of MDU Resources Group, Inc., uses Viewpoint’s Spectrum Construction Software to increase inter-division cooperation and for collaborative and total fleet management. “Viewpoint Spectrum gives us the ability to communicate MDU-wide with other sister companies,” says BC Caffyn, fleet manager, RMC. “When I speak with other fleet managers, we are on the same page. Because we look at each other’s documentation, we can understand the issues brought up by the other person. It makes it easier to work together to come up with solutions.”

INFORMATION ACCESS IS ESSENTIAL The shared information among approved members means that there is less of a silo effect. “As a fleet manager, the ability to look at accounts payable is a big help for me personally,” says Caffyn. “I can look at invoices for parts and know where they were bought and the purchase price.” He notes that one time, a mechanic called from a remote location and said that a starter on a machine had gone out. “He also told me that when we had to replace the starter for this machine two years ago, it took us two weeks to track down the part,” Caffyn notes. “This time, I was able to look up the part we purchased and where we purchased it by looking in the accounts payable section of the software. I ordered the part and it was waiting at the parts house when the mechanic arrived in town. He picked it up, went back to the machine and fixed it the same day.” RMC has set the software’s Notes tab with 15 to 20 different

32  EQUIPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_32-35_ProfitMatters_CB.indd 32

columns — from belts and filters, differential numbers, key tags, oils, parts, etc. “It gives me an area to which I can quickly go see the different things that I have added to the system,” Caffyn points out. For example, RMC has a backhoe that was purchased from

of equipment is worth the money. “We can collectively decide whether we need to retire a piece of equipment and replace it with something newer or different,” Caffyn explains. “With Spectrum, we have a lot of information for answering the

RMC can look at the original cost of a machine and the work that the company did to it. When the data is combined, the asset has a total value to it. Because the software can provide machine category and individual machine cost and revenue history, RMC can deter-

Viewpoint Spectrum gives RMC the ability to communicate with MDU sister companies. All fleet managers are on the same page because they have access to each other’s documentation, making it easier to come up with solutions.

“Now, we can look at a piece of equipment using Spectrum and have a better understanding of its true value. That has been a tremendous help.” — BC Caffyn, fleet manager, RMC a sister company and is entered into the system. “By using Spectrum, I know when we took ownership of it and I know what we have done to it,” says Caffyn. “If our mechanics need to look up one of our machines, such as a specific wire rope puller, they can look it up and find out parts information. This is invaluable information.”

COLLABORATIVE FLEET MANAGEMENT The software helps the company with its monthly equipment reviews, as well. The company — from the president to the mechanics — together look at equipment utilization and determine whether a piece

important questions. How many jobs has this machine completed? How many hours was it used? Did it pay for itself in the year? What is its service history? Without Spectrum, this kind of information is tough to track. Now, we can look at a piece of equipment using Spectrum and have a better understanding of its true value. That has been a tremendous help.” RMC owns 1,326 active pieces of equipment. Everything from two-wheel-drive office cars and Toyota pickups up to backhoes and cranes is given its own asset ID number. “Spectrum is the only way I could manage that many pieces of equipment,” says Caffyn.

mine how much money each piece of equipment is making or losing the company each year. By knowing the break-even point on its equipment, it can adjust revenue recognition on rental rates on all of its equipment, from a line truck to a backhoe, so as to give the customer a fair price while still making a profit. “Our hourly rates adjust by the workload and the area and type of work we are doing,” says Caffyn. “Every year we go through each type of equipment and look at all the equipment in that category and we figure out if we made money, broke even or lost money. This helps us adjust next year’s pricing. “We may have a backhoe that last year was at $12/hour and then we did an analysis of all the data points and made the calculations and determined that we would still break even at $10/hour, so we can pass that savings on to the customer,” he elaborates. The opposite could also happen. “We could have a line truck, for example, that lost money during the year. So, then we would adjust the rate in order to make the rental profitable. And we have the data to prove to our customers the need to raise our rates and that they are still getting good value.” ET

9/4/19 10:03 AM

With 55 years of experience, Takeuchi has earned a reputation for innovation. From the invention of the first 360-degree excavator to the very first rubbertracked loader, Takeuchi has led the way in the compact construction equipment industry. See for yourself how our performance, power and reliability stand the test of time. Contact your nearest authorized Takeuchi dealer for details on the TB250-2 and our full line of excavators, track loaders, skid steer loaders and wheel loaders.


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9/4/19 10:03 AM


Ask The Experts | Chevron Lubricants Advertisement

questions about FLEET COOLANT SYSTEMS 1

WHAT IS THE CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE BRAZING (CAB) PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING ALUMINUM RADIATORS, AND HOW DOES THIS PERTAIN TO FLEET VEHICLES? The CAB process refers to how the aluminum parts of a radiator are joined together. This is done using a flux or chemical cleaning agent that prepares the aluminum for brazing. The CAB process has been around for approximately 15 years and has become more popular over the last few years, including with waste fleet vehicles.



The outside of the radiator that is exposed to the atmosphere becomes oxidized or passivated over time, meaning a natural protective coating forms on the aluminum. However, inside the radiator, the aluminum treated with the flux remains unpassivated and lacks that protective layer. When a nitrited coolant is introduced to the radiator, it has a tendency to react with the unpassivated or unoxidized aluminum. This can create ammonia, which leads to an unpleasant odor, and other reactions that can cause the formation of precipitants that clog small orifices in the coolant system.



When using a nitrite-free coolant, the presence of flux can change the concentration of the additives in the coolant depending on the additive chemistry. This can cause the formation of precipitants, which again, can clog small orifices in the cooling

34 EQU IPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_32-35_ProfitMatters_CB.indd 34 ET0919_ChevronAdvertorial.indd 34

pH imbalance, either too high or too low, can also lead to coolant system metal corrosion. system. pH imbalance, either too high or too low, can also lead to coolant system metal corrosion.



Some manufacturers have addressed the issue by offering a radiator conditioner that effectively passivates the metal inside the radiator. This allows for the use of a coolant containing nitrites, which some OEMs recommend for protecting cylinder liners from cavitation, while mitigating the problems caused by the unpassivated aluminum and flux. While some manufacturers have gone to a nitrite-free

organic additive technology (OAT) specification due to the aluminum radiator issue, a few OEMs still call for nitrated OAT or NOAT coolants. Most equipment users in North America, therefore, are still using NOATbased coolants, even if they have mixed fleets, and choose to use the radiator conditioners in new equipment or replacement radiators.

treating the aluminum with a conditioner. Our new Delo® ELC Advanced extended life coolant is a NOAT formulation with patented technology that controls the reaction with the aluminum and the flux to extend system and coolant life. With Delo ELC Advanced, equipment operators will no longer need to rely on a conditioner to reduce the risk of a chemical reaction with the nitrite and unpassivated aluminum in their coolant systems. ET



At Chevron, we have come up with an alternative solution, which is to change the composition of the coolant rather than

Dan Holdmeyer, Industrial Sector Manager for Chevron Lubricants, addresses common questions about fleet coolant systems

9/4/19 10:03 AM 8/27/19 2:45 PM

19 2:45 PM

COOL WITH PURPOSE Introducing Delo ELC Advanced The heavy-duty coolant built for modern aluminum coolant systems. ®

Heavy-duty coolant systems have changed, but coolants haven’t—in over two decades. When new meets old, an adverse reaction can occur, causing increased coolant consumption, pH imbalance, and in some cases, engine failure. NEW Delo ELC Advanced is built for modern aluminum coolant systems. Its patented formula won’t react negatively to CAB aluminum radiators, and keeps your coolant system doing what it should—controlling temperatures to extend system and coolant life. Delo ELC Advanced. It’s protection with purpose.

© 2019 Chevron. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC or their respective owners.

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E XCAVAT O R S By Curt Bennink

Explore HIGH- AND LONG- R Excavator Options

has f e PF). look er ore ET

Understand the benefits and trade-offs associated with long arm and boom configurations.


ost excavator manufacturers offer a choice of boom and arm configurations to tailor excavators for specific applications. Most often these include a short, standard and long arm. Each of these has its respective benefits and drawbacks. Consider the shorter or mass excavation arms. “That shorter boom and arm allows additional lift capacity because you are working closer to the machine and allowing quicker loading of the truck,” says Aaron Kleingartner, marketing manager, Doosan Infracore North America, LLC. The longer arm is for contractors who need a little extra reach vs. the standard arm for dig depth or truck loading. In addition to standard configurations, many manufacturers offer dedicated super long-reach packages that can reach 60-plus ft. and dedicated high-reach excavators that can extend up to 160 ft. Super long-reach excavators are intended to reach horizontally while high-reach excavators extend vertically.

e, bs, y”


Volvo’s dedicated high-reach machines are based on existing models with some added features to make them suitable for highreach demolition, including heavier and wider undercarriages and factory-fitted guarding.

36  EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_36-41_ExcavatorsReach_CB.indd 36

Whenever you put longer booms or arms on a machine, there are trade-offs to consider. “The biggest is machine balance,” says Kleingartner. The center of gravity is moved further from the center of the machine. “By physics, that means you have a lower lift capacity the further that you go out from the machine.” The same principal applies to attachments. “The longer the front, typically the smaller the attachment allowed,” says Andrew Earing, product manager, Komatsu. “Over the side stability becomes a trade-off that customers have to analyze and understand. Then there is the overall weight as it pertains to the transportability.” When it comes to the carrier, a long boom and arm doesn’t necessarily translate to greater forces on the machine itself. Despite the extended reach, longreach and high-reach booms and arms typically exert similar forces on the excavator body as standard booms and arms. “As you extend reach, your bucket sizes go down,” says Kurt Moncini, senior product manager, Komatsu. “You are trading reach for capacity. The actual load on the machine stays about the same.”

REACH FOR THE SKY The high-reach excavator allows precise, “surgical” demolition of tall structures. On some of the newer high-reach excavators,

9/4/19 10:27 AM



LEFT: The high-reach excavator allows precise, “surgical” demolition of tall structures. On some of the newer high-reach excavators, the cabs tilt backward at an angle so the operator can work without having to strain his/her neck trying to look upwards. Photo Credit: Caterpillar RIGHT: High-reach machines have bigger hoist cylinders on the working attachments, enabling them to pick the high-reach attachment off the ground and hold a heavy tool in the air. Photo Credit: Liebherr excavator is based on our popular EC750E crawler excavator, but has been re-engineered for high-reach deconstruction purposes with a heavier and wider undercarriage and factory-fitted guarding. Other features you see on dedicated Volvo high-reach machines that differ from standard excavators include larger boom cylinders, extra counterweight, hydraulically extendable tracks, tilting cabs and dust suppression systems,” says Reeves.


the cabs tilt backward at an angle so the operator can work without having to strain his/her neck trying to look upwards. Some of the higher reach excavators are equipped with a camera at the arm tip to provide close-up visibility of the work through an in-cab display screen. Some models also have a water line with a mist sprayer at the end to minimize dust emissions when used with shears and concrete pulverizers to comply with EPA dust emissions regulations. For demolition applications, Volvo Construction Equipment recommends using a dedicated high-reach demolition excavator vs. a model with a longer boom and arm. “If you have a thirdparty boom added to a standard excavator, you’re now dealing with two companies when it comes to repairs, warranties and other issues,” says Walt Reeves, national sales director, demolition, Volvo CE. “Also consider the performance advantages of a machine that is designed to do high-reach demolition work.” Dedicated high-reach excavators have built-in performance-enhancing features. “No. 1 is going to be a wide

undercarriage — what we call a square footprint,” says Earing. This maximizes machine stability. Next is the tilting cab. “When you are up 50 to 70 ft. or more, you really need to bring that cab back and allow that operator a comfortable position.” Third is quick-attach booms or quick-attach work equipment that simplifies breaking down the machine for transport. “The fourth would be additional hydraulic circuits. When working with attachments that rotate and/ or three-piece high-reach booms, up to three or four additional hydraulic circuits and a case drain may be required.” Safety features on a dedicated high-reach machine set it apart from a long front machine. “Our high-reach machine has built-in safety features and alarms that warn operators if they are working the machine unsafely,” says Marcus Barnes, product specialist, Liebherr USA, Co. “The high-reach attachment’s movements are shown on a separate screen, so the operator knows its position at all times. Sensors on the high-reach attachment also monitor machine movements.”

These safety features are not on a long-reach attachment. “Also, high-reach machines have bigger hoist cylinders on the working attachments, enabling them to pick the high-reach attachment off the ground and hold a heavy tool in the air,” Barnes points out. The trick with high-reach excavators is to choose a boom configuration that will achieve your most demanding jobs, yet offers versatility. Consider a high-rise building. “The structure may have lighter steel at the top, so you would prioritize maximum pin height over tool weight,” says Reeves. “The strongest material is often at the bottom of the structure. So in that situation, you wouldn’t need as much height, but you would need a boom configuration that can support a heavier tool.” For example, the Volvo EC750E HR has two high-reach demolition boom sets and one digging boom set with an extension. Volvo’s dedicated high-reach machines are based on existing models with some added features to make them suitable for highreach demolition. “For instance, the EC750E HR high-reach

ET0919_36-41_ExcavatorsReach_CB.indd 37

Make sure you only allow the most competent operators to run high-reach excavators. “High reaches are more susceptible to tipping over for a non-experienced operator. With these machines, you are handling heavy tools from 70 to 130 ft. in the air trying to take down a structure,” says Barnes. “You have to have an experienced operator who understands the science behind how to deconstruct a structure and how to do it safely so that the structure won’t fall on them. “Most dedicated high-reach machines come with some kind of safety system to help prevent the operator from tipping over a machine,” he adds. “You don’t see those kind of systems on a long front.” Reeves recommends using an operator who is trained and experienced in working overhead. “Regular excavator operators are used to looking down into a hole, whereas high-reach operators are looking into the sky. This is a big adjustment — with clouds blowing by, they may have to overcome vertigo,” he explains. “For this reason, some of the best high-reach operators were previous crane operators. It also takes practice to work with the different types and sizes of demolition attachments that a typical excavator operator doesn’t generally have experience with. Volvo offers specialty training simulators to teach


September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

37 9/4/19 10:27 AM


TWO-PIECE BOOMS ALLOW CLOSE QUARTERS WORK Another specialty boom type that comes in handy on tight jobsites is the variable angle boom. “The two-piece variable angle boom, or two-piece articulated boom, has a lot of advantages in certain applications where you need to work really close to the machine,” says Doosan’s Aaron Kleingartner. “With the second boom, you can get that bucket in and really work close to that machine with less repositioning. It is a little easier to work on some jobsites. “Oftentimes, you will see two-piece booms on wheeled excavators,” he adds. “As you pull that boom back and change the angle of the second boom, you get a lot better visibility to the right side of the machine while you are driving down the road.” One of the downsides of two-piece booms is the machine is a little harder to operate. The angle of the boom is typically operated with the foot pedal on the cab floor. “You set the angle that you need, then you run the machine like a standard excavator,” says Kleingartner. “The downside with the two-piece boom is simply the weight,” says Andrew Earing, Komatsu. There is more mass due to the added cylinders and structure required to meet the life expectations of the boom. The additional weight limits lift capacity. That said, the strong digging performance close to the machine makes the two-piece boom a good option for urban environments. “If you are working in an application that has tight spaces, like inside a city, having a two-piece boom means you are able to break down the boom and stick so you can do a full swing 360˚ rotation so you won’t hit anything,” notes Marcus Barnes, Liebherr. “With a gooseneck boom you are not able to do that.” A two-piece boom also comes in handy when you want to clean up the site. “If an excavator is paired with a two-piece boom and dozer blade, an operator can use that combination to do site cleanup,” says Barnes. “The two-piece boom will allow the operator to get close to the machine and the dozer will act like a dust pan.”

high-reach operation, and we definitely recommend that type of experience.” There is more to running a highreach demolition machine than simply being proficient at machine operation. “When you are doing demolition, it is very important for an operator to know and understand how that building is potentially going to come down,” says Earing. “They have to understand the physics.”

WORK AT A DISTANCE “Long-reach excavators are about maximizing the working range to do the work in the most safe and efficient manner,” says Brian Stellbrink, product application specialist, Caterpillar. “There are certainly trade-offs and limitations associated with extending the working range of a hydraulic excavator. Perhaps the most significant consideration is the bucket capacity and resulting production level one can expect. For example, with our mid-size super long-reach excavators, we are talking about nearly doubling the maximum reach to 60 ft. as compared to conventional fronts. This will obviously reduce the bucket capacity in order to maintain stability and structural durability when working at those long distances. “Longer boom and stick configurations can also reduce breakout force and cycle time, resulting in less production capability,” he continues. “Therefore, it is important for the contractor to only

The Stumpex and Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher

select and utilize the longer reach configurations when needing to maximize the working range well beyond the more conventional configurations.” Machine stability is a major consideration with long front machines. “Due to machine stability, super long front will limit size and weight of the attachment,’ says Sung Sook Kim, product manager, excavators, Volvo CE. “For example, a 22-ton size long front can use a 14-ton class bucket or attachment.” The performance trade-offs limit super long front packages to niche applications. “You usually see medium-sized arm and boom combinations in most contractor fleets of equipment because the work for long front excavators can be few and far between if it’s not part of their primary business,” notes Barnes. Unlike high-reach excavators, super long front machines don’t require specialized operator skills. “Similar to a more conventional excavator, super long-reach excavators are relatively simple and easy to operate,” says Stellbrink. “We develop these machines to be an extension of the more conventional machine, resulting in a similar operator interface and feel. A key difference is obviously the proximity to the work tool and the range the fronts move through as the machine works. This is different and takes some getting used to for the operator.” “[With] a super long reach, for the most part you are still digging and still using that same type of motion with your hands to operate,” says Kleingartner. “There are no special skills other than you have to be much more aware of a larger area of influence just because you have a greater reach with the machine.”

Long-reach excavators allow you to safely work at a distance, with reaches of 60+ ft. Photo Credit: Doosan

Machine stability is a major consideration with long front machines and the longer reach will limit bucket and attachment size. Photo Credit: Volvo CE

CONVERSIONS BECOME A BALANCING ACT Contractors usually have varying needs on the jobsite.

DURABILITY -- PERFORMANCE -- VERSATILITY 38 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_36-41_ExcavatorsReach_CB.indd 38


9/4/19 10:28 AM

ENGINEERED ENGINEEREDTOTODODOALMOST ALMOSTANYTHING. ANYTHING. From Fromourourrigorous rigorousresearch research& &development developmenttotoourourprecision precisionmanufacturing manufacturing processes, processes,KOBELCO KOBELCOmachines machinesarearebuilt builttotododomore morethan thananyanyother otherexcavator excavatoroutout there. there.Dig, Dig,liftliftandandtravel travelsimultaneously simultaneouslywith withourourexclusive exclusiveindependent independenttravel travel feature. feature.Work Workwithout withouta time a timelimit limitononpower powerboost. boost.And Anddodoit all it allfaster, faster,safer saferandand more moreeffieffi ciently cientlythan thanever everbefore beforewith withother otherexclusive exclusiveinnovations innovationsyouyouwonʼt wonʼtfind find anywhere anywhereelse. else.Step Stepintointoa cab a cabandandseeseeforforyourself yourselfwhat whatsetssetsthem themapart. apart.

ET0919_36-41_ExcavatorsReach_CB.indd 39


9/4/19 10:28 AM

E XCAVAT O R S “This may result in the desire to use a super long-reach configured machine in a more conventional digging application that does not require the extended digging range,” says Stellbrink. “This is typically not optimum in terms of performance and efficiency. While this can be done for shorter durations,

the contractor should really consider either a second conventional standard-reach excavator or switching out the entire front parts.” Caterpillar offers a number of purpose-built super longreach excavators from 55,000 to 215,000 lbs. with reach from 47 to 77 ft. These purpose-built machines incorporate a heavier

“WE PUSH EVERYTHING TO THE LIMITS.” MORE RELIABLE. “How does Komatsu work for our construction business? First it’s their reliable, quality designed and built equipment. We can’t afford downtime, and Komatsu’s products are number one in our book. The support we receive from our dealer is outstanding as well. Training, parts, financing–we have experienced the best personal care with Komatsu. They just work best for us!”

Hunter and Clint Shackelford Shackelford Construction / Yazoo City, MS

That’s why I am Komatsu

counterweight and special boom, stick and bucket linkage. The hydraulic system is also modified to optimize performance of the longer fronts. “While the Caterpillar Super Long Reach excavators are purpose built, they do share significant commonality with the more conventional-reach excavator,” says Stellbrink. “We do

currently have contractors with two sets of fronts for a single machine. In these cases, changing the fronts typically happens after many months, different projects or after large phases rather than shorter durations.” The labor involved to switch booms and arms needs to be carefully considered. “Once the user purchases a machine, you

can switch out a boom and arm, but you are really limited because it isn’t an easy process,” says Kleingartner. “Once a machine is in the field, it is kind of set in its configuration.” Turning a standard excavator into a super long reach machine can be even trickier. “If you are converting one of your existing excavators, you do need to take into account the amount of additional counterweight you will need to offset the longer attachment,” says Barnes. “You will also need to see if you will need bigger hoist cylinders to be able to lift the longer attachment. “When you start getting into attachments with about 65 ft. of reach or more, you may also want to verify your current undercarriage will be able to handle that amount of reach,” he adds. “A wider undercarriage will give more lift capacity over the side and make the machine feel more stable.” Komatsu offers super long front packages for its 210 through 490 models. “We have put heavier counterweight on it, reinforced the frames,” says Moncini. If choosing to add a super long front to a standard machine, you need to make sure it is up to the task. “Make sure the manufacturer has taken the time and attention to detail on basically coming up with a package designed for Super Long Fronts rather than simply taking a standard machine and putting the long front on it.” Converting high-reach excavators to/ from a standard configuration is also possible. Volvo offers a unique modular boom concept with its high-reach excavators. “Our high-reach excavator is a modular boom concept. Because of the convertible boom, a standard excavator can become a high reach pretty quickly,” says Reeves. Doosan does not offer a dedicated high-reach machine. “We can provide a machine to a user without the boom and the arm on the front of it, which comes as just a base machine and then they can install a third-party high-reach boom,” says Kleingartner. However, the company does offers a factory Super Long Reach package on three of its models. “Those are only available on select Doosan machines. If [the customer has] a need for a boom/arm configuration that we don’t offer, they can order a machine without the boom and arm from us directly and go to a third-party provider that produces specialty applications and can configure a machine. We work with those suppliers to make sure that the customer gets what they need.” Rental also needs to be carefully considered for occasional use applications. “Most of our dealers have these Super Long Front machines in their dealer fleet because it is so much more efficient for a contractor to rent a machine for a month or two months,” says Moncini. ET

036 © 2019 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights Reserved

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9/4/19 10:28 AM


Get more from every earthmoving machine and operator on site.

Ask for the full family of next-gen machine control. From the company that invented machine control.

For excavators, dozers, and motor graders.

©Copyright 2019 Trimble Inc.

The Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform is a next generation machine control system that optimizes your mixed fleet for an integrated site solution. This simple, intuitive platform enables your operators to stop the guesswork and start using the friendly Android™ UI and 10-inch touch screen to drive efficiency, deliver on schedule, and do more with dirt than ever before.

Transforming the way the world works.

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9/4/19 10:28 AM

EXCAVATORS Products Case CX245D SR Minimum-swing Excavator The 60,400-lb. CX245D SR has a compact counterweight and modified boom placement to minimize the machine’s footprint. • 160-hp Tier 4 Final engine does not require a diesel particulate filter • Bucket digging forces up to 34,600 lbs. and lift capacity up to 22,950 lbs. • Faster cycle times achieved via an electronically controlled pump, larger control valve and multiple sensors • Intelligent Hydraulic System and four integrated control systems • Free Swing enables improved craning, laying or lifting of offset loads

JCB JZ141 Crawler Excavator

Kobelco SK500LC-10 Excavator

The 33,000-lb. JZ141 reduced tailswing excavator is equipped with a fuel-efficient JCB EcoMAX engine that meets Tier 4 Final with no diesel particulate filter, diesel exhaust fluid or engine aftertreatment. • 74-hp engine produces high torque at just 1,500 to 1,600 rpm • Optimized engine and hydraulic system result in up to 10% better fuel efficiency plus low noise levels of just 98 dB • Delivers 20,682 lbf. of bucket tearout • Includes a high-strength undercarriage with fully welded X-frame construction, closed box section revolving frame and high-strength rigid upper frame

The 114,000-lb. SK500LC-10 excavator features an increased torque setting and supplies up to 11% more digging volume and up to a 10% increase in work volume. • 369-hp Tier 4 Final HINO engine • Hydraulic drive optimizes cooling fan rotation speed and provides ultra-quiet operation • Independent travel enables unit to move, lift and swing simultaneously without experiencing loss of power • Automatic swing priority instantly delivers full swing power during combined operations

SAY HELLO TO THE TOUGHEST ATTACHMENTS ON EARTH Brandt Hard To The Core products have earned their reputation as the toughest attachment, guarding and task-specific equipment solutions in the industry. They get the job done in the most challenging conditions and are built to the highest standard; all optimized for your John Deere equipment. Because, when all is said and done, nobody works harder than Brandt to keep you productive and profitable. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered. 1-877-533-3133

Takeuchi TB2150 Hydraulic Excavator The 34,480-lb. TB2150 has a maximum digging depth of 18 ft., maximum dump height of 20 ft. 4.9 in., maximum reach of 28 ft. 8.9 in. and maximum bucket breakout force of 22,190 lbs. • Deutz TCD 3.6-liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final engine supplies 114 hp and 339 ft.-lbs. of torque • Revamped operator station features an operator-friendly, automotive-style interior, heated deluxe high-back air suspension seat and color multiinformation display • Features boom and arm holding valves, an overload alarm, rear view camera and standard Takeuchi Fleet Management telematics system

Doosan DX140LCR-5 Reduced Tailswing Excavator The 34,987-lb. DX140LCR-5 features a maximum digging depth of 19 ft. 7 in. and a bucket digging force of 24,471 lbf. • Provides a 27-ft. 11-in. maximum digging reach and 23-ft. 2-in. maximum loading height • 113-net-hp engine with auto shutdown • Power+, Power, Standard and Economy power modes, as well as Dig, Lift, Breaker and Shear work modes • 7-in. LCD screen with split screen to monitor machine parameters while viewing the rear view and optional side view camera image • Includes an extra-sturdy frame, reinforced superstructure and permanently sealed and lubricated track links

Caterpillar 30- and 36-ton Next Generation Excavators The 30-ton size class 330 and 330 GC and 36-ton size class 336 and 336 GC feature 67,460- to 68,125-lb. operating weights, digging depths up to 23 ft. 10 in. and 204- (GC models) or 275-hp C7.1 diesel engines. • 330 and 336 feature standard factoryequipped technology to boost productivity and integrated Cat Connect Technology to increase operating efficiency by up to 45% • 330 GC and 336 GC include Smart mode operation to automatically match engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions • Include cabs with keyless push-button start, large touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys for control and soundsuppressed ROPS

Volvo EC200E Crawler Excavator The 20-ton class EC200E features a 22-ft. 3-in. maximum digging depth, 32-ft. 9-in. maximum digging reach and a lifting capacity of 16,138 lbs. • Attachment management system allows presetting hydraulic flow and pressure for 20 attachments • Includes auto idling, auto engine shutdown and ECO mode for increased fuel efficiency • Integrated work modes incorporate engine rpm and hydraulic flow into a single dial for easy adjustment of power and controllability balance • ROPS cab with 8-in. LCD display • Tier 4 Final D4 Volvo engine

Komatsu PC290LCi-11 Excavator The 36-ton class PC290LCi-11 features intelligent Machine Control (iMC), which is based on a unique sensor package, including stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders, an IMU sensor and GNSS antennas. • 3D design data loaded in control box is used to accurately check position against the target to semi-automatically limit over-excavation • 12.1-in. monitor shows position in realistic 3D • Intelligent Machine Control Joysticks • Includes Auto Grade Assist, Auto Stop Control, Minimum Distance Control and Facing Angle Compass • 196-hp SAA6D107E-3 6.69-liter, Tier 4 Final engine

42 EQU IPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_42-44_ExcavatorProd_CB.indd 42

9/4/19 10:32 AM

ET0919_42-44_ExcavatorProd_CB.indd 43

9/4/19 10:32 AM

E XCAVAT O R S Products

Hitachi EX1200-7 Excavator Hyundai HX220L Excavator

OKADA AMERICA TOP SERIES HYDRAULIC BREAKERS The Okada America, Inc. hydraulic breakers (TOP Series) are custom made for hassle-free mounting on a variety of carriers for many applications. The TOP Series range in size from 150 ft. lbs. to 15,000 ft. lbs. • Ideal for excavation, trenching, demolition and quarry work • Delivers power at speeds up to 1,250 bpm without the need for a nitrogenassisted accumulator • Two-plate bracket enclosure offers protection while allowing for heat dissipation • Custom-fit upper adapter for a direct pin or quick-coupler application • Smooth, long-stroke piston design reduces shock and vibration, operator fatigue and machine stress • Special alloy steels, heating-treating, ultra-precision machining and a simple design combine for a longer service-life Visit for more information.

The 51,500-lb. HX220L features the Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for computer-aided power optimization based on load demand. • 173-hp Cummins Tier 4 Final engine • 22-ft. 1-in. maximum dig depth and 32-ft. 3-in. maximum reach • Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) system senses and warns operator when objects come within 16.5 ft. of machine • Optional All-Around Viewing Monitor (AAVM) system • 8-in. interactive, adjustable touchscreen cluster monitor with haptic remote control for all major functions

The EX1200-7 features Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technologies that improve total fuel economy by 6%. • Cummins Tier 4 Final engine with DEF, plus auto-idle to reduce engine speed and save on fuel consumption • 9.2-cu.-yd. bucket capacity • Undercarriage includes three single-sided upper rollers on each side of track frame • Welded, full box section design boom and arm evenly distribute stress and provide ease of maintenance • Pressurized, climate-controlled cab with weight-adjusting cushioned seat, large multi-functional display and optional sun visor and roll screen

John Deere 345G LC Reduced Tailswing Excavator The 80,788-lb. 345G LC reduced tailswing excavator has a maximum dig depth of 22 ft. 8 in. and a 249-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine with no DPF. • Three-pump hydraulic system enables fast cycle times, greater flow for attachments and more efficiency for improved fuel economy • Optional factory-installed auxiliary hydraulic package provides extra hydraulic flow to power larger attachments • Side-by-side cooling cores ensure maximum cooling efficiency and easy cleaning • Spacious, comfortable cab with easy to use, enhanced LCD monitors, a fabric-covered adjustable suspension seat and standard rear view camera

Liebherr R 926 and R 930 Generation 8 Crawler Excavators The 204-hp R 926 and 245-hp R 930 have operating weights of between 26 and 36 tonnes and bucket capacities from 0.55 to 1.75 cu. meters and 1 and 2.15 cu. meters. • Digging forces and tractive forces of the undercarriage and swing torque of the uppercarriage significantly increased • Spacious, temperature-controlled cab features pneumatic seats with vertical and longitudinal suspension, a high-resolution 7-in. touchscreen and a windscreen that can be fully lowered • Unobstructed panoramic visibility and the monitoring cameras at the rear and sides maximize safety

LBX Link-Belt 245 X4 Spin Ace The 56,900-lb. Link-Belt 245 X4 Spin Ace has a maximum dig depth of 21 ft. 10 in. and bucket digging force of 34,600 lbf. • 160-net-hp Isuzu Tier 4 Final diesel engine delivers up to 5% improved fuel efficiency and doesn’t require a DPF • Redesigned hydraulic system reduces cycle times by up to 10% • Speed Priority, Heavy and Applied Power modes • Includes structural improvements to the boom and arm and a robust undercarriage with larger track rollers and thicker plating • Quiet, pressurized, ergonomically designed cab with 7-in. high-definition LC monitor, RemoteCARE telematics and full-time rear view camera

44 EQU IPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_42-44_ExcavatorProd_CB.indd 44

9/4/19 10:32 AM

DEMOLITION ATTACHMENTS Products Rotobec RCB Construction Breakers

Epiroc HB 2000 Hydraulic Breaker

Brunner & Lay Demolition Tools

The HB 2000 hydraulic breaker is suited for primary blast-free rock excavation and secondary rock breaking on construction sites and in quarries, surface and underground mines. • Robust design suited for tough jobs • Fully automated Intelligent Protection System (IPS) provides simple, efficient and economical operation • Suitable for carriers in 48,500- to 84,000-lb. weight classes

Brunner & Lay manufactures a range of demolition tools for use with most types of heavy-duty, boom-mounted breakers. • Manufactured from high-quality heattreated steel • Provide the hardness, impact strength and durability required to face arduous conditions in quarrying, mining and other applications • Include points, chisels, blunts and other specialized working ends and in special lengths

Eight monoblock breakers are available for excavators ranging from .08 to 15 tons and five tie-rod models are offered for excavators from 17 to 72 tons. • Monoblock design includes a polyurethane jacket to reduce impact vibrations to the machine and lower noise levels • Diaphragm accumulators used for consistent performance with no recharging required • Tie-rod design incorporates a heavy-duty tie-rod assembly and internal components that are easy to access and maintain

Alpine Rockwheel Rock and Concrete Grinders The Rockwheel rock and concrete grinders incorporate hydraulic rotary cutting technology that delivers the power and precision to make efficient, low-vibration, low-noise excavations for any application. • Models available from 12 to 295 hp for carriers from 1 to 75+ tons • Cutting force from 949 to 32,360 lbs. with cutting widths from 11.8 to 49 in. • Chain drive, gear drive, direct drive and axial drive versions


Montabert breakers sense the hardness of material, adapting their power and strike frequency to deliver just the right amount of energy. You get the best

The Advantage is

possible performance every


time, without all the wear and tear.

See our attachments in action!

Worker safety drives everything we do. Vacuworx vacuum lifting systems are engineered to help your crew be more productive while keeping them out of harm’s way. From our lifters to the pads, right down to the filters and Tough Seal™, we pay attention to every detail because safety is the standard we live by.

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Find out how much faster, safer and smarter your crew can be using Vacuworx lifting systems and put the Vacuworx Advantage to work for you.

40 Pennwood Place Warrendale, PA 15086 866-588-8690

Engineering Innovation since 1921

Montabert and the Montabert logo are registered trademarks of Montabert S.A.S. in the United States and various countries around the world.

ET0919_45-47_AttachProd_CB.indd 45

September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

45 9/4/19 10:38 AM

D E M OL I T I O N AT TA C H M E N T S Products MB America MB-R500 Drum Cutter

Stanley MBF5 Mounted Breaker

The 660-lb. MB-R500 drum cutter can be installed on miniand midi-excavators from 6,000 to 24,000 lbs. and on skidsteer loaders and backhoe-loaders from 6,000 to 16,000 lbs. • Features a 20-in. diameter and grinds with extreme precision • Provides a pick force of 14,456 ft.-lbs. • Output torque of 5,000 Nm with speed of 80 rpm minimum/120 rpm maximum • Drum can be replaced on site in less than an hour

The MBF5 mounted breaker is gas-fired with only two moving parts (inner piston and the auto-valve), resulting in less wear of components and less maintenance. • Upper and lower tool bushings redesigned to increase durability • Upper bushing can be rotated 90° and lower bushing can be rotated 90° and flipped for greater overall life expectancy • Six models accommodate a range of bracket setups and can be mounted on skid steers and compact excavators from 4,500 to 13,500 lbs. • Lightweight design fits many carrier types and weight classes with hydraulic flow ranges from 10 to 22 gpm

Rockwater CB Breakers CB hammers are available for excavators, backhoes and skid steers ranging from 0.8 to 55 tons. • Compact, lightweight range for compact excavators and skid steers includes a unique valve system and plumbing design that provide power and efficiency while requiring less oil flow • Medium range for backhoes and excavators offers power and versatility for working with a wide range of operating pressures and oil flows • Heavy-duty range for excavators beyond 20 tons features a fully box framed with damping materials to reduce noise and recoil to the carrier, and comes preinstalled with an auto grease system

Paladin Strike Force Breaker Series The Strike Force breaker series includes a range of models and sizes for various carriers and applications. • Smaller models for compact excavators and skid steers enable safe, efficient handling with high breaking capacity • Mid-range models include a robust structure with advanced noise reduction technology • Larger sizes offer an efficient piston and cylinder design to transfer higher shock wave into breaking objects • Durable, reliable construction with only two moving parts

Bobcat Nitrogen Breakers Six nitrogen breaker models are available to fit Bobcat compact track loaders, skid-steer loaders, mini track loaders and compact excavators. • Impact energy ratings from 81 to 996 ft.-lbs. • Long piston stroke with relatively minimal recoil • Feature minimal internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports • Valve design lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, reducing stress on the carrier’s hydraulic pumps • Loader X-Change mounting frame

Caterpillar MP332, MP345 and MP365 Multi-Processor The MP332, MP345 and MP365 accept interchangeable jaws for taking on specialized demolition tasks. • Locking system enables a single operator to typically change jaw types in 15 minutes or less with standard hand tools • Concrete Cutter, Demolition, Pulverizer, Shear, Tank Shear and Universal jaws • “Speed-booster” technology automatically shifts hydraulic action between force (boost mode) and speed (speed mode) as operating conditions vary • Maximum cutting/crushing forces range from approximately 460 to 1,270 tons depending on model and jaw being used

#1 Contractor’s Choice for Mechanized Cutting Solutions!

Kinshofer KSB-Series Breakers



For Additional Information Call 301-665-1165


46 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_45-47_AttachProd_CB.indd 46

T f s s •



The KSB-Series hydraulic breakers include eight models for .5- to 12-ton excavators, ranging from the 155-lb. KSB 1 providing 900 to 1,100 bpm with 207 ft.-lbs. of energy per blow, to the 1,191-lb. KSB 12 with 600 to 800 bpm at 1,696 ft.-lbs. • Monobloc design manufactured as a single piece without tie-rods to resist linkage strain during operation • Sealed casing and soundproofing material reduce noise levels during operation • Optimized nitrogen inertial energy recovery system designed for 300% longer nitrogen charge life • Limit vibration transmitted to the frame for increased operator comfort and reduced wear on bushings and other excavator components

9/4/19 10:39 AM



Okada TOP Series Breakers

Antraquip Rock and Concrete Cutters Montabert V65 Breaker The 12,324-lb. V65 heavy-range breaker features an automatic speed variation system that adjusts impact energy and striking rate to match the application. • Delivers between 380 and 950 bpm and is rated within the 15,000 ft.-lb. impact energy class • Designed for use on excavators weighing between 121,250 and 198,400 lbs. • Progressive start system sets the tool into the material prior to the delivery of higher energy • Standard features include a blank-fire protection system and energy recovery system • Fully enclosed heavy-duty cradle

These grinders are suitable for trenching, controlled demolition, scaling, soil remediation, tunneling, underwater cutting and general rock excavation. • Numerous models available for excavators ranging from 2 to 110 tons • Choice of cutter head styles to suit the application • AQ line equipped with a high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motor with rugged gearing and symmetrically aligned cutter bit patterns for maximum productivity

The TOP Series hydraulic breakers include 15 models ranging in energy classes from 150 to 15,000 ft.-lbs. for use on skid steers, compact excavators, track loaders, backhoe-loaders and excavators. • Large-capacity accumulator reduces pressure spikes to protect the carrier hydraulic system • Nitrogen gas cushions the piston on the upstroke and increases the piston downstroke force • Central grease port allows the breaker to easily adapt to most auto-lube systems • Long stroke design reduces shock loads and vibration • Cup seals utilized to secure flow in oil and gas chambers

BATTLE AX BY LOFTNESS The Battle Ax is the latest mulching attachment from Loftness. Its unique, direct-drive rotor with built-in depth gauges is ideal for a variety of vegetation management applications, including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, forestry mulching and more. Models are currently available for 7-15 ton excavators. •650 South Main Street, PO Box 337 Hector, MN 55342 USA • • vegetation-management/ mulching-heads/battle-ax/overview/

The Mega-Beak from Daniel Mfg. The Mega Beak allows the operator to maintain a constant grip on material while utilizing the excavator’s full range of motion. • 57-in. jaw opening with 39-in.-wide by 48-in.-long forks • Provides increased visibility and load capacity ET0617_LoftnessSpotlight.indd 2 • Suitable for demolition, large-scale material handling and flatwork • Fits all brands of 10- to 24-ton excavators

6/14/17 10:58 AM

TA L  O L OAADDE ER R HHAAK K KAAP PE EL ILIITI TTA T TR RAAC CT TOOR R  K  KI NI NGG F o A l l ‐ s e a s o n   w h e e l   l o a d e r   A l l ‐ s e a s o n   w h e l   l o a d e r   F o r er es tsrt yr ,y ,e  ea ra trht hmmo ov ivni ng  g   a d  m   ma iani nt et en na n a nc ec e;  ;   &&  r  or oa d t itri er e  w  wi ti ht h  g  gr er ea at  tw  wi ni nt et er  r   h i g h ‐ s p e e d   c a p a b h i g h ‐ s p e d   c a p a b i l ii ltiitei es s g gr irpi p


E xE txet en nd d t  ht he e  a  lal l‐ls‐ es ea sa os on n    a pa b a bi l ii ltiitei es  so  of  fy  oy ou ur  r   c ac p mma ca hc hi ni ne er yr y

Allied Rammer Small Range Breakers The 555, 777 and 999 Rammer small range breakers are designed without tie rods and incorporate the Constant Blow Energy (CBE) plus operating system. • For carriers from 7,500 to 27,600 lbs. • Integrated one-piece tool bushing design requires fewer parts and is easily field replaceable • Box-type housing with high-tech dampening material that reduces noise and vibration and fully protects the power cell • Dual accumulator (High Pressure and Low Pressure) design provides maximum power with less pulsation in hydraulic lines

8 80 0 0. 5. 56 65 5. 2. 25 52 25 5

ET0919_45-47_AttachProd_CB.indd 47

c omm n no ok ki ai an nh he ea av vy yt yt yr er es .sc. o September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

47 9/4/19 10:39 AM

L I F T E QU IP M E N T By Jenny Lescohier

Telehandlers Extend to All Ends of Spectrum

has f e PF). look er ore ET

Today’s models offer advantages on all levels of jobsites.


e, bs, y”


High-capacity telehandlers are finding a home on large industrial sites, as well as projects requiring the placement of large components such as solar and wind power applications.

elehandlers are arguably the MVPs of a jobsite, always Johnny-on-the-spot, capable of lifting, loading, picking and placing. Recently, there has been expansion on both ends of the size spectrum with new high-capacity and compact models being introduced. According to Josh Taylor, Genie product manager, Terex AWP, the market in North America for high-capacity telehandlers has shown steady growth in the last five years. “Some manufacturers are just now starting to fill out that side of their portfolio, whereas Genie has made a commitment to this market since 2014 when the Genie GTH-1256 model was introduced,” he states. John Boehme, telehandler product manager, JLG, feels the expansion at the higher end of the size range largely has to do with the size and scope of today’s projects. “We’re talking about large industrial projects where the building materials coming in

are much larger,” he comments. “And there are other applications that are growing, like solar and wind power as well as energy exploration and extraction, where you have heavy components that need to be moved to the work site, sometimes over fairly long distances. These highcapacity machines are very well suited for that kind of work.” “The high-capacity telescopic handler can do a wide range of high-capacity material pick and placements without needing a high-capacity crane,” Steve Kiskunas, product manager telescopic handlers, Manitou Group, points out, noting that Manitou offers models with 20,000- to 72,000-lb. pick-andcarry capacities. “The 10,000-lb.-capacity telehandler with a 56-ft. lift height has proven to be the bread and butter

within the telehandler rental market. But due to lifting capabilities and available options, there’s a great opportunity for a high-capacity telehandler to displace other equipment lines on a jobsite,” adds Braden Spence, product manager, telehandlers, Skyjack. For example, he notes that a Skyjack ZB2044 equipped with a hydraulic winch option is capable of displacing a rough-terrain crane for pipeline work, equipment maintenance, framing and loading and unloading equipment or materials.

POPULARITY OF COMPACTS CLIMBS Compact telehandlers are seeing an increase in popularity, and models, as well. The need for equipment capable of maneuvering in tight environments is helping to fuel this expansion.

While traditionally used with forks, a compact telehandler with skid-steer attachment plate can rival a skid steer in terms of its attachment versatility. “We’re seeing compacts popping up everywhere, especially in suburban and urban jobsites, simply because of space restrictions,” says Boehme. They are also finding a place in certain types of residential projects. “Take the landscaping/hardscaping market, for example,” Boehme notes. “A 5,500-lb.-capacity machine has enough capacity to get the job done. The next machine up is a 6K and it’s twice the size. I think there’s some realization that these smaller machines have plenty of

Telehandler suppliers are incorporating features in all size classes to enhance operator comfort and maximize confidence in the equipment and the operator’s ability to use it.

48 EQUIPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_48-51_LiftEquip_BC.indd 48

9/4/19 10:47 AM


capacity and they can really get in and out of tight spaces.” “Compact models have a more accessible acquisition price, and they typically are extremely versatile machines, which means utilization is high,” says Taylor. “The Genie GTH5519 model is a market leader in the compact space, and it is hard to think of a jobsite where this particular model could not be utilized.” The options for compact machines are endless, Spence asserts. “With a skid-steer attachment plate, a compact telehandler can use a majority of all skidsteer attachments up to its auxiliary hydraulic flow capabilities,” he points out, adding that a compact can actually rival a skid steer in terms of versatility when equipped with a skid-steer attachment plate. “It’s ground engaging, can lift material to height and can maneuver efficiently in very tight spaces.” Transportability is another factor in their growing use. Take Manitou’s MT 420 super compact telehandlers, launched last year. “These units are designed to be easy to transport and use with the comfort of a full-size operator’s cab on a machine that is less than 5 ft. wide,” says Kiskunas.

DESIGN TRENDS ACROSS SIZE CLASSES The expectations that are being placed on all sizes of telehandlers is ever expanding. “A telehandler is always referred to as the Swiss army knife of a jobsite because it’s typically the first machine on the site and the last

machine off,” Boehme comments. “They’re expected to be able to do a number of jobs. So, with that expectation from the user, the more attachments, the more tools, the more solutions you can

COMPACT MODELS HAVE A MORE ACCESSIBLE ACQUISITION PRICE, AND THEY TYPICALLY ARE EXTREMELY VERSATILE MACHINES...” — Josh Taylor, Terex AWP give them the better. JLG takes that very seriously and is continuously developing new solutions to allow the end user to do more things with one machine.” Comfort is also a critical element across all size classes. “If an operator is comfortable and confident with the equipment, they’ll be more productive,” Boehme states. “Is the machine comfortable to use for eight to 12 hours a day? And is it safe? Is there good visibility around the machine, and features that assist in making sure the operator has high awareness of what’s around them at all times?” For the owner or fleet manager, serviceability is key, as well. “How quickly can I perform the maintenance and get it back to work? Machines built on the JLG

brand platform have a side engine, charge when it comes to telematand that’s important because it ics on these machines. “Many provides ease of access to all serlarge rental companies have vice points,” says Boehme. taken advantage of this technol“At Skyjack, throughout ogy, and adoption is becoming product development, we ensure more widespread among indethat serviceability is a pendents and smaller rental major focal point of prodhouses,” says Taylor. uct design,” says Spence. “In the rental market, we are “Whether its Skyjack’s new seeing greater use of telematcompact SJ519 TH or the ics systems and rental companies larger telehandlers, it is critleveraging the data available ical to provide... a machine from these systems to improve with all major service points their operational efficiency,” easily accessible. Kiskunas indicates. But such “Telehandlers are in high technology isn’t limited to rental demand, and as a manufacoperations. “Manitou telescopic turer, it is our job to provide handlers have an optional Easy telehandlers that decrease MANAGER telematics system downtime,” he adds. for remote machine monitoring Telematics is helping that allows customers to increase to facilitate this. The techuptime, improve security and nology is being adopted anticipate maintenance.” ET industry wide. “Telematics allows the fleet owner to see realtime data about the machine while it is on the site. This HEATERS DESIGNED FOR THE WAY YOU WORK improves the... Generac Mobile’s all-new Indirect and Flameless heaters deliver reliable, safe heat ability to track for projects big and small. Designed for safety, our heaters protect the operator, service and mainthe equipment and the environment from harm. Customer-inspired features make tenance needs... your life easier, including intuitive controls, interior lighting and wide access doors and generally for enhanced serviceability, and rear, in-cabinet duct storage. Built to withstand the harshest of environments, you can rely on Generac Mobile heaters to perform become more wherever you take them - from commercial construction sites to remote oilfields. efficient in a way 475,000 - 4.2 MILLION BTU that was not possible before,” says Taylor. Because lift equipment is a MFH500 MFH high rental item, FLAMELESS HEATER rental companies are leading the


Super compact models like Gehl’s RS4-14 offer versatility and greater maneuverability in tight jobsite environments.

LOCKABLE REAR CABINET provides convenient and secure storage for duct and accessories


Contact us today for pricing and availability. | 800-926-9768 | 920-361-4442

ET0919_48-51_LiftEquip_BC.indd 49

September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

49 9/4/19 10:47 AM

Advertorial Advertisement

NEW ANSI A92 STANDARD BRINGS CHANGE: Training is a Key Component


obile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), such as boom and scissor lifts, are powerful, durable and useful machines that help workers perform a wide range of tasks at height. It is crucial to train operators and other workers on the safe use of these machines to decrease the risk of injuries, property damage and liability on the job site. As equipment in the access industry continues to evolve, so too must the safety standards. It’s imperative for machine owners and operators to understand these safety standards, stay up to date on any upcoming modifications and prepare themselves accordingly.

THE ANSI A92 STANDARD ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, is a private, nonprofit organization that develops consensus standards and assessment systems across many U.S. industries. While they apply specifically to

50 EQU IPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019 ET0919_48-51_LiftEquip_BC.indd 50 ET0919_JLGAdvertorial.indd 50

products in the United States, these standards are used as guidelines and best practices around the world. The new ANSI A92 standard was developed to improve safety and efficiency for the design and use of MEWPs, formerly known as aerial work platforms.

IMPACT ON MANUFACTURERS, OWNERS AND OPERATORS Within ANSI A92, there are three standards affecting the MEWP industry and its stakeholders – the A92.20, covering design; the A92.22, covering safe use; and the A92.24, covering training.

When it comes to training, machine owners and operators will have their own unique set of responsibilities with which to comply. The updated ANSI A92 suite of design, safe use and training standards was published in the U.S. on December 10, 2018 and will be officially effective in December 2019. These new standards more closely align North American standards requirements with current ISO standards.

When it comes to training, machine owners and operators will have their own unique set of responsibilities with which to comply. Dealers and rental

companies will need to update their training procedures and onboarding manuals to support new requirements and train employees on new machine features and new standards. They must also offer familiarization to customers who rent, lease or buy this equipment. It’s also important to note anyone qualified under current standards will not be qualified under the new standards until they undergo additional training.

THE TIME IS NOW There is no reason to wait until the deadline gets closer. As an equipment manufacturer, JLG is qualifying people under the new standards today. Everyone involved with MEWPs – no matter the industry – should start implementing the safe use policies and practices now. ET

For more information on JLG’s ANSI training, visit JLG.COM/ANSI

9/4/19 10:47 AM 8/28/19 2:28 PM


19 2:28 PM

GET SERIOUS ABOUT ANSI COMPLIANCE TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO MEET THE DECEMBER 2019 DEADLINE. New ANSI and CSA standards are here. Don’t risk safety hazards, lost time, fines and citations. Instead, check out JLG® Boot Camp, where we give you the comprehensive resources you need to meet the new standards before the deadline passes.

Get started today at

Explore infographics, guides, videos and more at

ET0919_48-51_LiftEquip_BC.indd 51

9/4/19 10:47 AM

LIFT EQUIPMENT Products AMS-Merlo P50.18Plus Panoramic Telehandlers

JCB 512-56 and 514-56 Loadall with DualTech VT Designed for the 512-56 and 514-56 Loadall telehandlers, the DualTech VT is a dual technology transmission that combines power shift and hydrostatic drives in a single housing. • Enables a 25-mph top speed for the 145hp 514-56 S Energy Master models and 18-mph top speed for 74-hp machines • Hydrostatic drive provides fine stepless speed control up to 12 mph on the S models and 5 mph on the 74-hp models • Automatic switching to electronically modulated three-speed powershift for higher speed operation • Models provide lift capacities of 12,000 and 14,000 lbs. to a maximum lift height of 56 ft.

The P50.18Plus Panoramic telehandler features a lift height of 58 ft. 5 in. and a 44-ft. reach with an 11,000-lb. load capacity. • 100-hp Deutz engine and hydrostatic transmission • Boom side shift and frame leveling • Independent front axle-mounted stabilizers • Tac-lock system for attachment change-out • FOPS/ROPS-certified cab with wide split door, ergonomic seating and electronic joystick • Merlo MCDC operational safety software program

Skyjack SJ1256 THS Telehandler The SJ1256 THS can pick and place 12,000-lb. loads to a 35-ft. maximum lift height, and is rated to lift 7,000 lbs. to its maximum height of 56 ft. and 1,000 lbs. at a maximum forward reach of 42.6 ft. • 107-hp Tier 4 Final Deutz engine does not require the use of a DPF • Includes uprated Dana axles, a 3,800-psi hydraulic system and uprated chassis and boom weldments • FlexCab design allows retrofit of open cabs to enclosed with common hand tools, bolt-on flat glass and door hinges • Standard yoke-mounted ReadyHook allows best practice for lifting of suspended loads

JLG 1644 High-capacity Telehandler The 1644 offers 15,650 lbs. of lift capacity and features SmartLoad Technology, a bundle of three integrated technologies. • Attachment recognition component identifies attachment and displays appropriate load chart • Load management information system (LMIS) graphically depicts load location within load chart and prevents operator from violating chart boundaries • Load stability indicator (LSI) works with LMIS to limit operation when a load is nearing maximum capacity • Features a precision gravity lowering system, soft stop boom control, optional reverse camera and reverse sensing system and integrated tow hitch


Snorkel SR9244 and SR1054 Rough-terrain Telehandlers The 24,581-lb. SR9244 offers a lift capacity of 9,260 lbs., a maximum lift height of 44 ft. 4 in. and a forward reach of 31 ft. 2 in., while the 26,852-lb. SR1054 has a lift capacity of 10,000 lbs., maximum lift height of 53 ft. 9 in. and a forward reach of 41 ft. 4 in. • 100-hp Deutz TLD 3.6L Tier 4 Final engines • Offer full-time four-wheel drive, powerassisted steering and foam-filled tires • Fully enclosed cab with adjustable suspension seat, heat and air conditioning and proportional joystick controls • Feature a B-Class carriage adapter and hydraulic attachment quick disconnect to utilize a range of attachments

Xtreme XR619 Compact Telehandler The 10,300-lb. XR619 has 6,000 lbs. of lift capacity, a maximum lift height of 19 ft. and forward reach of 11 ft., and offers a turning radius of just 11 ft. • Standard long-life boom rollers for smooth, chatter-free operation and minimal maintenance • Features 360° visibility from the cab, intuitive operator controls and a boom lift point • Cab configurations include open, enclosed or enclosed with heat and air conditioning • Fixed or a fork positioning carriage • 74-hp Deutz 2.9L Tier 4 Final engine

With the market demand for lighter solutions that combat corrosion, Stellar® TMAX™ Aluminum bodies are 780 to 1,440 pounds lighter than their steel counterparts while still incorporating proven Torq-Isolator understructure for durability and performance.

Learn more at!

52 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_52-53_LiftEquipProd_CB.indd 52

9/4/19 10:52 AM

LIFT EQUIPMENT Products Caterpillar TH514D Telehandler

Magni RTH Rotating Telescopic Handlers

The TH514D has a rated load capacity of 11,021 lbs. and a maximum lift height of 45.5 ft. • 100-hp C3.4B Tier 4 Final diesel engine and 4F/3R powershift transmission • Updated closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system • Four-wheel-drive system uses heavy-duty axles with planetary reduction hubs, front limited-slip differential and dual-axle braking • Ride control system dampens boom movement during travel and a boom-float system allows the boom to automatically follow terrain contours • Single multi-function joystick

RTH rotating telescopic handlers combine the capabilities of a telescopic forklift, rough-terrain crane, access platform and more into one machine. • 14 models offer lift heights from 57 to 150 ft., forward reach from 47 to 110 ft. and lifting capacities from 11,000 to 17,600 lbs. • Combi-Touch System provides a choice of full-color, intuitive touch display panel interface or control dial • Standard RFID-based attachment recognition enables machines to select the correct load chart for a range of attachments • Include two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering modes

Gehl RS4-14 Super-compact Telehandler

Wacker Neuson TH627 Groundengaging Telehandler The TH627 performs lift and place operations plus is designed to function like a wheel loader with ground-engaging capabilities. • Features an 18-ft. 7-in. lift height and 5,500lb. lifting capacity • Includes bucket and stacking/fork modes • Standard universal attachment plate allows connection of skid-steer attachments • Load management system (LMS) alerts operator if load is exceeding the weight limit of the machine at any given point during the lift cycle • 74-hp Kohler Tier 4 Final engine requires no diesel particulate filter or regeneration

At just under 60 in. wide and 75 in. tall, the RS4-14 telehandler boasts a maximum lift capacity of 4,400 lbs., lift height of 14 ft. 3 in. and outreach of 9 ft. • Automatic self-leveling fork system • Includes four-wheel drive, three steering modes and a 10 ft. 1-in. turning radius • Full-size cab with JSM (Joystick Switch and Move) for control of all hydraulic and direction functions • 56.3-hp Kubota Tier 4 diesel engine and two-speed hydrostatic transmission • Universal skid-attach system or Manitou quick-attach system

compa ct FIT TO BE

Pettibone Traverse T1258X Telehandler The 12,000-lb.-capacity Traverse T1258X includes the next-generation X-Series platform and a traversing boom carriage that can move loads horizontally up to 70 in. • Four-section boom with a 58-ft. 6-in. lift and landing height and 47-ft. 10-in. maximum forward reach • 117-hp Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine mounted on a side pod • Full-time four-wheel drive with limited-slip front axle differential • Cab features ergonomic seat, pedal, joystick and steering wheel positions, standard analog/ LCD gauge cluster and optional 7-in. digital display with integrated backup camera

Introducing an all-new Snorkel scissor lift with a revolutionary design. The Snorkel S3019E self-propelled electric scissor lift features a sunken scissor stack that stows entirely inside the chassis for a low step-in height. A low stowed height can pass through doorways without the need for folding guardrails. This zero-emission lift stacks the deck with all-electric two-wheel drive and electric steering that eliminate hydraulic hoses.


Bobcat V723 Telescopic Tool Carrier The 17,155-lb. V723 is in the 7,000- to 8,000-lb. size class and is powered by a side-mounted, 100-hp turbocharged diesel engine that doesn’t require a diesel particular filter for Tier 4 compliance. • 22-ft. 10-in. maximum lift height and 13-ft. 5-in. maximum reach • Front-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering modes • Travel modes include a two-speed option, speed management and inching control • Boom cushioning and ride control cushioning suspension systems • Asymmetric cab design with a wraparound rear window and a split door • Power Quick-Tach mounting system

Genie GTH-1256 Telehandlers The 36,600-lb. GTH-1256 has a lift capacity of 12,000 lbs., a vertical reach capacity of 7,000 lbs. at a maximum lifting height of 56 ft. and a 42-ft. horizontal reach capacity of 3,500 lbs. • Tight steering radius and hydrostatic transmission enable precise placement of materials and smooth machine control • Military grade chassis design with Dana axles, full-time planetary four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering capability • Four-stage boom includes internal chains and hydraulic hard lines for extra protection • 154-hp Deutz or 148-hp Perkins Tier 4 Interim side-mounted engine

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL Snorkel™ at +1 (785) 989-3000 or visit © 2019 Snorkel. All rights reserved.

ET0919_52-53_LiftEquipProd_CB.indd 53


September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

53 9/4/19 10:52 AM




SHAWN VAN DYKE Profit First for Contractors! How to Guarantee Profits and Manage Your Cash at the Same Time




Trends in Construction Litigation: How to Deter (and Even Better, Defend) Your Company Against Claims

True North: Revisit Your Management Past to Improve Your Leadership Future




How to Identify Future Leaders and . . .What to Do When You Find Them

How to Create Elite Team Dynamics Using U.S. Navy SEALs Training

“Inbound” Marketing: Attract. Engage. Convert.


GARRET SULLIVAN How to Develop “Ownership Thinking” in Your Employees



ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 54

9/4/19 10:57 AM


The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE - The Demo Expo), which will take place October 1 to 3 in Louisville, KY, is the premiere event for utility industry professionals to gain insight into the latest technologies, innovations and trends affecting their industry. Following are products offered by just some of the companies who will be exhibiting at this year’s show. Additional products from exhibiting companies can be found throughout this issue. To learn more about this biennial event, visit

Vacuworx SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System The SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System is available with a standard 24” x 24” pad or 12” x 36” pad for handling narrow trench cuts, with other sizes available upon request. • Base unit and pad weigh roughly 100 lbs. • Can be used on carriers with or without a case drain • Maintains a lifting capacity up to 2,700 lbs. • Features quick-connect hydraulic hoses and a factory preset flow control valve • Requires a minimum 10 gpm with maximum of 3,000 psi • Manual or wireless remote control

Topcon GTL-1000 Robotic Total Station The GTL-1000 scanning robotic total station for vertical construction is a compact scanner integrated with a fully featured robotic total station designed for single-operator layout and scan on a single setup. • Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, an advanced software tool that automates construction verification • Includes onboard MAGNET Field software for real-time field-to-office connectivity • TSshield for protection and maintenance

ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 55

All-Steel casing Extra-long tread life Outstanding cut and puncture resistance Extra mileage Designed for hard and rocky surfaces

SR 47 BKT USA Inc.

2660 West Market St., Suite 100 Fairlawn (Akron) - OH 44333 Toll free: (+1) 888-660-0662 - Office: (+1) 330-836-1090 Fax: (+1) 330-836-1091

9/4/19 10:57 AM

I CU E E P R O D U C T P R E V I E W Products Cummins X12 Engine At 2,050 lbs., the X12 engine is designed for weight-sensitive applications. • Provides up to 500 hp and 1,700 lbs.-ft. of torque • Low-friction design for higher MPG • Maintenance intervals rival the X15 with longer oil drains and DPF maintenance beyond the first owner • Compatible with a broad choice of fully automatic, AMT and manual transmissions

CM Labs Crawler Crane Operator Training This simulation-based training solution teaches the lead crane operator how to maneuver a steel pipe load in tandem with a secondary crane operated from another simulator connected to the network. • Engages two trainees simultaneously • Can be deployed in multiple configurations with operators working at any combination of CM Labs simulators • Collaborative learning scenario exposes operators to requirement for constant communication and clear cues on site • Includes real-time reporting of operator performance metrics, customizable scoring and lift plans

Mack Enhanced Granite Medium Heavy Duty Enhancements to the Granite Medium Heavy Duty (MHD) model include an additional horsepower rating, under-frame exhaust system, shorter wheelbase 4x2 configuration and a tractor configuration. • Cummins L9 engine now offers a lower horsepower option with 330 hp and up to 1,000 ft.-lbs. of torque • Can be spec’d as a Class 7 or Class 8 vehicle • Offered in axle-back or axle-forward configuration and as a 4x2 or 6x4 • Axle-back tractor option meets needs of light tractor applications

Ditch Witch JT20XP Horizontal Directional Drill Package The 118-hp JT20XP horizontal directional drill package matches a JT20XP drill to the XP44 mixing system to perform mid-sized utility installations while retaining a compact footprint. • 74.5-hp Deutz Tier 4, nonDPF diesel engine delivers a 14% increase in spindle torque and greater spindle speed • Operator’s station features ergonomic, adjustable seats and an advanced, color LCD display that shows engine diagnostics and informational messages, including electronic strike indicators • XP44 mixing system features a dedicated 44-hp Yanmar Tier 4 diesel engine

John Deere 244L and 324L Compact Wheel Loaders The 244L and 324L use the Articulation Plus system, which includes an articulated frame plus rear-wheel steer, providing a higher full turn tip load and stability with a tight turning radius. • 244L has an 8-ft. 3-in. full lift dump height and 8,157-lb. full turn tip load, while the 324L offers a full turn tip load of 9,766 lbs. and reaches up to 10 ft. 3 in. (high lift) • Optimized linkage provides improved parallel lifting with only 6˚ of rollback • 73-hp Tier 4 Final engines • Auto shift hydrostatic transmission and automatic two-speed gearbox enable a travel speed up to 23 mph • Optional air ride, high-back operator seat ensures a smooth ride

Caterpillar Next Generation 1to 2-ton Class Mini Excavators Four models in the mini hydraulic excavator lineup incorporate standard features such as joystick steering (Stick Steer) and a tilt-up canopy or cab, as well as options including air conditioning and expandable undercarriages. • Range from the 1.5- to 2.0-ton class in standard or compact radius models and available with cab and/or canopy • Minimum operating weights from 3,500 to 4,900 lbs., depending on machine configuration • Standard dig depths of 7 ft. 8 in. or 7 ft. 9 in., with long stick increasing dig depth to 8 ft. 4 in. or 8 ft. 5 in. • 19.2-net-hp Cat C1.1 three-cylinder, Tier 4 Final diesel engine

dump the truck


A Service & Lube Trailer works like a lube truck at a fraction of the cost. Customize for oil, reclaim, coolant, diesel, DEF and grease.


Low Noise and Emissions

4-Wheel E-Drive

Rugged Terrainability Terrainability


LEARN MORE AT GENIELIFT.COM/Z60 © 2019 Terex Corporation. Terex and Genie are trademarks of Terex Corporation or its subsidiaries.



56 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 56

9/4/19 10:57 AM


Avant 530 Compact Loader

Deutz D1.2 Diesel Engine

The Avant 530 compact loader provides increased maneuverability and can be operated on sensitive surfaces without causing excessive damage. • Standard telescopic boom with a 2,100lb. lift capacity and a lift height of 9.2 ft. • All cab variants available • Optidrive drive system for more power to drive and attachment hydrauilcs • 11.8-mph drive speed • 26-hp Kubota D1105 diesel engine

The D1.2 engine falls in the under 25-hp range and is designed to efficiently power machines like aerial platforms, welders, trenching equipment, mini skid-steer loaders and other applications. • Naturally aspirated, three-cylinder configurations offered in a 1.2L displacement with output ratings of up to 25 hp • Can also be utilized with the E-DEUTZ products to provide a complete hybrid package

Minnich Manufacturing

Freightliner 114SD with Cummins X12 The Cummins X12 engine and Freightliner 114SD provide an optimal combination for concrete mixers, dump trucks and other weight-sensitive applications. • 2,050-lb. X12 weighs up to 600 lbs. less than other medium bore products in the 10- to 13-liter space • Produces up to 500 hp and 1,700 lbs.-ft. of torque • Wide range of vocational rear suspensions and frame options up to five million RBM, with set-forward or set-back front axles • 2,500-sq.-in windshield and contoured hood slope for maximum visibility


The Stinger electric flex shaft motor has been designed to hold it’s torque in concrete under load, runs cool, and saves on vibrator head wear and tear. Rugged, agile, and depenable. A combination only found in a Minnich flex shaft vibrator.


for e.


VMAC DTM70 PTO-driven Air Compressor for Ram Trucks The DTM70 direct transmissionmounted PTO-driven compressor is now designed specifically for the Ram 3500 to 5500 chassis cab Cummins diesel trucks. • Produces up to 70 cfm at 100 psi (175 psi max) • Installs under the truck • Complete system weighs 150 lbs. • No modifications required to the Ram transfer case • Does not change truck’s ground clearance Explore Our Entire Line of Vibrators WWW.MINNICH-MFG.COM

ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 57

9/4/19 10:58 AM

I CU E E P R O D U C T P R E V I E W Products

HAMMERHEAD TO DEMO SAME PATH TECHNOLOGY TT Technologies Grundodrill 4X The compact Grundodrill 4X is designed for residential service, small-diameter water main installations, last-mile operations and gas pipeline applications. • Provides 9,800 lbs. of thrust and pullback • Dual hydrostatic pump system • Four-auger stakedown system provides greater stability • Smart Vice system performs vice cycling operations automatically

HammerHead Trenchless will conduct live Same Path gas line slitting technology demonstrations during this year’s International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE). Same Path gas line slitting technology is a tooling system for trenchlessly replacing plastic natural gas distribution pipe. Its components are specifically engineered for trouble-free splitting of .5- to 4-in. PVC, HDPE, MDPE and Aldyl-A pipe uniformly throughout the run, while limiting torque on new MDPE or HDPE replacement pipe. Learn more at

Elliott Equipment D86 Digger Derrick The D86 ANSI 10.31 digger derrick is mounted on a tandem axle chassis and boasts an 86-ft. sheave height, 20,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and a 41-ft. digging radius. • Three-section proportional steel boom with high boom pin point geometry for maximum power out of the hole • Auger spin speeds of 35 rpm (low) and 80 rpm (high) • Digging depth of up to 16 ft. • 12,000-lb. single line pull main winch with 50,000-lb. maximum lift capacity at a 10-ft. radius • Includes a Simplified Hydraulic Load Limiter, variable-displacement piston pump, radio anti-two-block system and ergonomic seated control console

American Eagle Drawer Systems Hilti SL 2-A22 Task Light The compact, versatile SL 2-A22 task light has a fully adjustable LED panel that rotates 360° and pivots to place 500 lumens of color-accurate white natural light where it’s needed. • Three-position switch to select the right amount of light based on needs • Can be placed on the ground, held in a free hand or hung by its integrated hook • Stays cool to the touch

These Drawer Systems are now available with easy to use pull handles, as well as the “T” handle. • 500-lb. slide sets (250 lbs. on light weight) ensure a solid, durable platform to carry tools and components • Steel or aluminum construction • Options include a drawer light bar, egg crate dividers, hinged work top trays, oil filter drain drawers, non-slip drawer liners, space-saving flat top and custom colors

Tenna BLE Beacon for Asset Monitoring The BLE Beacon is a Bluetooth, low energy beacon that transmits signals every three seconds to track an asset’s location. • Suited for tracking tools, smaller equipment or any mid-sized, non-powered asset in an affordable way • Mobile devices equipped with the app can constantly scan (with up to a 330-ft. range) and update the asset’s location from these signals • Compact and available in a ruggedized case • Average battery life of three years

PUTTING EVERYTHING WITHIN REACH 15,000lbs capacity 70ft lift height 134hp Reach for the stars and stripes. With a maximum lift height of 70 ft. and a forward reach of 53 ft. 10 in., the Xtreme XR1570 will help you reach new heights and expand horizons from sea to shining sea. Designed with safety, reliability and serviceability in mind, Xtreme proudly manufactures in the U.S.A. to help you build your American dream.

58 EQU IPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 58

Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch


Field Service Dispatch helps dispatchers schedule and communicate job information to technicians in near real time. • Works with Reveal platform for vehicle location data and technician status • View available technicians and vehicle location and schedule jobs in an easy to use calendar • Assign and dispatch jobs to notify one or more technicians that a job is scheduled • Add notes, photos and signatures via the mobile app to keep the office up to date • Live Map integration to view a technician’s real-time vehicle location, schedule information and make more informed scheduling decisions

T r t •


9/4/19 10:58 AM


Vanair Cap-Start 3000

Generac LINKTower Portable Light Tower

The Cap-Start 3000 includes a Super Capacitor that works with a self-contained alternator on the unit to start the vehicle and recharge the capacitor instantaneously. • Can start truck after truck with a capacitor that can be recharged over 500,000 times • Works in all climates • PROTECT-ALL reverse polarity and positive clamp protection • Improper voltage selection protection • Auto low oil/over-temperature shutdown • Smart self-regulating three-stage charging system • Open, closed or low circuit safety feature

The LINKTower linkable, zero-emission LED light tower now includes more powerful 235W LED fixtures for long-lasting and efficient illumination. • Can be used individually or as many as five units can be linked together to illuminate large areas • Impact-resistant LED light fixtures provide 39% more lumen output and have 32% more coverage • Powered by a standard 120V outlet and produces zero localized emissions • Can be set up by a single person in less than one minute and ergonomic folding handles and added caster wheel allow for one-person maneuverability • Silent operation suited for any application in which sound is a concern


Fecon FTX150 Mulching Tractor

Diamond chain for concrete

The FTX150 Mulching Tractor features a BH85SD Bull Hog Mulcher with either a FGT- or a DCR-style rotor. • 150-hp Cummins 4.5 Tier 4-compliant engine with Fecon Power Management to intelligently distribute power • 60-gpm, 5,000-psi high-flow hydraulic system with in-cab adjustability with presets • Rugged loader arms with skid-steer quick attach • 3.8-psi ground pressure • Includes an intuitive touchscreen monitor, adjustable joystick pods, a suspension seat and four points of egress in cab

Vermeer MX300 Mixing System The MX300 mixing system includes a redesigned, slim rectangular profile tank that helps to maximize fluid volume. • 23-hp Kohler ECH 7300 EFI gas engine enables outputs of 350 gpm of flow • Can be paired with up to two 750- or 1,000-gal. tanks at once • Wide-mouth hopper and suction hose for convenient pouring of drilling additives • Tapered bottom of tank design helps prevent additives from settling and building up and assists with drainage • Width of just 40 in. enables mounting to transport two tanks inside a standardsized enclosed truck, and helps with convenient transporting and storage • Customizable mounting configuration

Faster Cuts. Smoother Handling. Longer Life CALL TO ORDER: 800.321.1240 EMAIL:

Talk to your ICS sales representative for details

© 2019 ICS | Blount Inc. Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.

ET0919_54-59_ICUEEpreview_CB.indd 59

9/4/19 10:58 AM

T R U CKS & T R A N S P O R TAT I O N By Curt Bennink


FUEL-HANDLING DILEMMA Efficiently transport diesel fuel to the jobsite with minimal expense.


inding the most efficient way to fuel equipment on the jobsite can prove challenging, with variables such as a constantly changing jobsite location, fluctuating fuel demands of the equipment and proximity to a fuel source. There are many different options available, including:  contracting a fuel supplier to fill the equipment;  setting up a fuel tank on site;  investing in a dedicated fuel truck and driver;  using fuel trailers;  or mounting transfer tanks in the fleet’s pickup trucks. For many mid-size and smaller contractors, the last two options might make the most sense. “By calculating daily, weekly and monthly fuel usage based on the type of equipment and hours of operation, project managers can more accurately plan the workday to optimize productivity and operating costs,” says Paul Golevicz, senior product manager of trucks at Weather Guard, a WernerCo brand. “With better cost management, there can be higher confidence in achieving projected profitability for the business and better information gained that can help increase the chance for success with future bids. The better the contractor can understand and control its bottom-line costs, including fuel needs, the more opportunity to succeed in its current jobs and pursue additional business.” You need to estimate anticipated fuel demand. “If the project application is well understood — including the time duration, equipment being used and the average fuel consumption for each piece of equipment — the total fuel requirement can be

60 EQUIPM ENT T OD AY | September 2019 ET0919_60-62_Transportation_CB.indd 60

estimated,” says Golevicz. “Once this is known, the correct size tanks can be chosen to optimize the fuel haul needed for each location. Due to terrain, outside temperature and other factors, fuel requirements will always vary. It’s always a safe bet to over-estimate the fuel capacity you think you’ll need to ensure your crew can complete the daily tasks without running out of fuel.”

WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS Most dedicated fuel trucks and trailers are designed to provide large volumes of fuel for jobs that have significant fuel requirements. “They are designed to travel or be hauled to distant work sites and remain there, if needed, for days or even longer,” says Golevicz. “Many projects fall somewhere in between local projects that reside just around the corner from a nearby fuel station and those that require a significant commute with off-highway travel,” he notes. “Bed-mounted transfer tanks provide... freedom

of travel to reach short- or midrange work sites without carrying too much fuel.” Transfer tanks for pickup trucks offer a convenient mobile fueling solution for small equipment fleets, typically offering capacities up to 119 gal. Many of the latest offerings also offer a separate diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank to meet the needs of newer equipment in the fleet. “The convenience and added security of bed-mounted tanks make them a good investment for companies who regularly work on local projects. Transfer tanks can also be used on site if the contractor chooses this option,” says Golevicz. Transfer tanks come in different shapes. “Generally speaking, most tanks mounted in pickup or service trucks tend to be ‘L’ shape,” says Golevicz. This shape allows them to accommodate a truck box on top for additional tool storage. “Rectangular tanks provide some of the largest capacities available and vertical tanks are often mounted in the

front of the truck bed to conserve bed space. “Transfer tanks are ideal for remote or difficult to access locations where the area can’t be reached by larger fuel trucks or fuel trailers,” he adds. “The overall vehicle weight is much less compared to a dedicated fuel truck or fuel trailer for easier access to undeveloped and remote jobsites,” says Chelsea Beights, Transfer Flow. Baffling in the transfer tanks can also help reduce fuel sloshing, which improves handling of the truck. “With the cost of fuel rising and variable distances between work sites, construction operators can realize significant cost savings by adding a transfer tank to their fleet vehicles,” says Golevicz. Topping up portable equipment on the jobsite during the day and refueling equipment that may not be able to make it to the end of the shift can be common issues. “Transfer tanks come in handy in each of

Transfer tanks come in different shapes, including rectangular, vertical and L-shaped, which allow them to accommodate a truck box on top for additional tool storage. Photo Credit: Weather Guard The Thunder Creek multi-tank trailer utilizes multiple 115-gal. tanks individually connected to a pumping system. This allows you to haul up to 920 gal. of diesel without a CDL or Hazmat endorsement.

9/4/19 11:03 AM



Fuel trailers typically offer faster pumping rates than transfer tanks. Many trailers and transfer tanks do not have accommodations for DEF handling. Photo Credit: Thunder Creek these situations, helping to minimize the number of return trips for fuel and therefore saving time and money.” According to Beights, selection of the most appropriate transfer tank includes making sure the tank certification meets your refueling needs, including a Department of Transportation Special Permit if you need to legally transport gasoline or other fuels. Also consider the pumping system, which can include manual or 12-volt options. It is important to realize the limitations pickup transfer tanks face as fleet size and machine size increase. If you were to rely solely on transfer tanks, it may require multiple trips to keep equipment fueled, reducing overall worker efficiency. And these smaller quantity tanks are often filled at filling stations, which means you are being penalized by paying the associated onroad tax as opposed to using the off-road, tax-free dyed fuel.

Transfer Flow offers the following list of benefits to fueling equipment on the jobsite with pickup-mounted transfer tanks: 1. ACCESSIBILITY AND AGILITY — Fuel on your own timeline, cutting out the subcontractor middle man for fueling needs. 2. PAYING ONLY FOR FUEL — You aren’t adding the extra expense of subcontracting. 3. SAVING TIME AND EFFORT — No more having to schedule fuel truck logistics. 4. THE CONVENIENCE — You have fuel on hand to refuel small equipment such as power tools. CONTRACTOR GAINS EFFICIENCY WITH FUEL TRAILER Denver-based Colorado Milling LLC used to rely on transfer tanks mounted in pickup trucks to fuel its equipment fleet, which includes four Wirtgen milling machines. “We typically have three to four jobsites a day and on every one of those jobsites is a milling machine, a wheel loader, a

side-cast broom and a skid steer,” notes Jordan Hill, superintendent. This equipment demands a steady supply of diesel fuel. “On any given day, you are probably looking at about 400 gal. We would haul pretty much everything with pickup trucks, so lots of trips back and forth to the gas station.” The transfer tank size was limited to 119 gal. to avoid Hazmat requirements. “We found tanks that were right under that limit,” says Hill. But this still resulted in an inefficient, labor-intensive practice. “Typically, at the end of the day, I would get done running

ET0919_60-62_Transportation_CB.indd 61

the mill, and while my crew was cleaning, I would start making laps to the gas station to fill everything up,” Hill notes. “At the end of the day, we would have a guy off the crew take the service truck to a gas station,” Chris Vorhies, owner, Colorado Milling, acknowledges. “Most of the time, he would take from two to three trips a night to fuel up all of the equipment to get it ready for the next day. It was overtime work and it was, in the long term, very expensive.” Given a strong work backlog, Colorado Milling could not afford this inefficiency.

September 2019 | EQ U I P MEN T TO D AY

61 9/4/19 11:03 AM


Colorado Milling has cut overtime expense and increased efficiency by purchasing a Thunder Creek MTT920 multi-tank fuel trailer, which allows it to haul 920 gal., enough for two days of work. Photo Credit: Thunder Creek


“Business is booming,” reports Hill. “We are trying to do 12 months of work here in nine months.” To address this issue, the company purchased a Thunder Creek MTT920 multi-tank trailer to increase the efficiency of its fueling operations. The multi-tank trailer utilizes multiple 115-gal. tanks individually connected to a pumping system. The federal DOT requires a Hazmat endorsement when the tank size reaches 119 gal. With the valves between the tanks shut, it is possible for the multi-tank trailer to legally mitigate the need for the driver to carry a Hazmat endorsement. In many cases, a CDL may not be required either, depending upon local DOT regulations. The trick to avoiding the Hazmat endorsement is in the design of the trailer tanks and plumbing, which allows the Thunder Creek trailers to haul 460, 690 or even 920 gal. of diesel fuel. Everything flows into a common manifold. Shutting off the valves for each of the tanks after fueling makes the trailer legal for transport since each individual tank is under the 119-gal. limit. For Colorado Milling, the multi-tank trailer means fewer trips to fuel equipment.

EQUIPM ENT T ODAY | September 2019

ET0919_60-62_Transportation_CB.indd 62

“We probably empty this trailer every other day,” says Vorhies. “So we are filling this trailer up to capacity about On construction sites, foremen are tasked with juggling multiple three times a week. It cuts down on takresponsibilities at once. Between managing construction requirements, ing trips to the fuel employee and project schedules and adhering to safety schedules, the station. It is very last thing they need to worry about is whether or not their vehicle fleet is valuable just in cutfueled up for their workforce the next day. ting overtime and Construction business owners have a proven and reliable alternative cost,” says Hill. “We fuel choice that will eliminate those additional concerns and ensure their get two to three days foremen and workers are productive during the workday. Over the last four on a fill-up.” decades, many construction professionals have turned to propane autogas There are also as their fuel of choice thanks to its safe, proven, convenient and reliable advantages in terms refueling options and because it has the lowest total cost of ownership of of purchasing fuel any fuel. in bulk. The abilConstruction firms can choose from several different refueling options, ity to buy in bulk means Colorado each of which offer distinct advantages to help a company identify and cusMilling saves money tomize a solution that best fits its business and maximizes productivity. by avoiding the onLearn more at road fuel tax. “I can go to the station by our shop and get the red dyed fuel,” says Hill, which utilization of current employees given the is designated for off-road use and thereshortage of available labor. “Being able to fore not subject to road use taxes. “We were have a non-CDL or non-Hazmat driver fuel using truck stop fuel and paying taxes.” our equipment on a daily basis, that is a In addition to saving trips, the multivery important deal with this trailer,” says tank trailers allow time savings when filling Vorhies. equipment. Many of the pumps on transfer Access to the equipment is another importanks have limited flow rates in terms of the tant consideration. The trailer has proven gallons per minute of diesel fuel that can be maneuverable for Colorado Milling’s jobsites. transferred. “It is a lot faster with the much “It is short and easy to pull,” says Vorhies. larger pump on the trailer compared to “You can get in and out of tight areas pretty what we could get on a pickup,” says Hill. easily. With the DEF tank, we are able to roll It is also important to maximize up on a job and fill the equipment without making a mess and be in and out as quick as we can get the jobs going.” American Eagle offers its FuelMate mobile fuel trailers in 500-, 750- and 990-gal. capacities. “Having a multi-tank trailer allows contractors to legally pull more than 119 gal. of diesel fuel without having a Hazmat CDL,” says Jason Vertin, assistant product manager, Stellar Industries. The trailer offers advantages over transfer tanks or dedicated trucks. “You don’t have to have a dedicated chassis and you free up your Hazmat CDL operators.” One of the advantages of the FuelMate trailers is that they are built to withstand rugged environments with rough terrain. They are built using tubed framing and 2-in. top and bottom horizontal supports, allowing for more strength than a standard “C” channel frame. “We utilize spring axles in lieu of torsion because of durability, and weight distribution is spread out more evenly with springs axles,” says Vertin. Of course, there are other options available, including a large selection of fuel trailers and dedicated fuel truck options. Just be aware that many of these options will require a CDL licensed driver with a valid Hazmat endorsement, which can present many challenges if you require fuel in several different locations. ET


9/4/19 11:04 AM

TRUCKS & TRANSPORTATION Products Thunder Creek Expanded Multi-Tank Diesel Hauling Platform The Multi-Tank Upfit medium-duty truck body can haul bulk diesel on the road without requiring a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. • Eight independent 115-gal. tanks (920gal. total capacity) connected only when a common manifold is opened at the pumping station • Compatible with the Ford F-550 chassis (Class 5 with or without PTO) • Rear utility box contains the diesel pump and manifold system • Options include a variety of meters for measuring, security and tracking, numerous reel options and lengths, a 4-micron filter and color schemes

Towmaster T-24TA Air-Tilt Bed Trailer Venturo ET12KX-P Electric Crane The ET12KX-P is a 3,500-lb. electrichydraulic service crane with a fullypowered boom extension up to 16 ft. • Proportional controls give the operator precise load control functions including rotation, elevation and extension • Fully hydraulic boom extension features a 9- to 16-ft. one-piece hexagonal boom • Easy access to rear housing of crane • Venturo Auto-Adjust Anti-Two Block device automatically adjusts to the boom angle • Dual-pole slip ring in the center of the crane provides consistent and uninterrupted positive and ground paths with unlimited, continuous rotation

The T-24TA deck-over air-tilt trailer offers easy loading by tilting the bed using air from the tow vehicle’s system. • Features an angled beavertail and ramps to offer a low loading angle suited for small-wheeled or paver equipment • Ramps can be manual or air operated • Features a single-lever twin-latch system to secure the deck to the frame • 2-in. nominal white oak wood deck with a 34-in. height (empty) and 8-ft. 6-in. width • Includes air brakes, a dual air bag design, Hutchens adjustable suspension and LED lights and sealed wiring

Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder Systems LubeBuilder systems deliver complete customization for building a dedicated mobile lube truck or adding lube capabilities to an existing vehicle. • Suited for use on crane trucks, mechanics bodies, van bodies and enclosed bodies • Created and customized to serve the particular space and fleet needs • Fleet managers can choose the number of tanks, tank storage capacities and placement of each tank within the truck/ van bed • Fluid control panels can be mounted for operator convenience • Allow for better bed utilization with trailer-free flexibility

A.R.E. CX Revo and CX Evolve Truck Caps The CX Revo and CX Evolve feature a frameless all-glass, tailgate-formed rear door that follows the styling of each truck’s tailgate by forming the glass down and over the tailgate. • OneMotion handle offers ease of use plus an optional keyless entry to lock and unlock using the truck’s factory key fob • ActiveTilt system uses magnet technology to turn the LED lighting on and off when opening and closing the rear door • Urethane technology used to install frameless all-glass side and front windows on the CX Revo • CX Evolve features the rear door technology blended with classic aluminum-frame side and front windows

Felling Advanced Design IT-I Series Trailers The refined IT-I design available in 2020 model year IT-I tilt trailers incorporates additional standard features, structural strength and ease of use. • Operator-friendly tilt deck latch design • D-rings relocated on the side of the trailer bed • Dual stop, turn, taillights located on rear of the fenders now incorporated into the standard design • Additional structural integrity for cylinder crossmembers • Hitch area redesigned with a more user-friendly integrated nose plate

Western Global Fuel Island Fuel Station The Fuel Island pairs TransTank fuel tanks with the components and equipment needed to create a turnkey commercial fleet refueling solution. • Capacities from 3,124 to 17,731 gal. • Integrated, cloud-based remote monitoring equipment enables fuel consumption to be accurately tracked • Can be configured with an in-cabinet or out-of-cabinet solution to ensure a fully compliant design • Packages include a fuel tank (three sizes available) on a skid mount, dispensing equipment, fuel inventory monitoring system, cardlock equipment, electrical panel plus plumbing and wiring

ET0919_63-64_TruckProd_CB.indd 63

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T R U CKS & T R A N S P O R TAT I O N Products Transfer Flow In-bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks These compact in-bed auxiliary tanks come in 50-, 75- and 100-gal. capacities and are available for 1999-2018 Ford and Ram and 20012018 GM short and long bed diesel trucks. • TRAX 3 operating system with AutoTrans technology transfers fuel at predetermined fuel levels while the vehicle is in operation • In-cab LCD displays fuel levels in both the main and auxiliary tanks in gallons or percentages • Recessed cover box protects pre-assembled sending unit, rollover valve and fuel filter • Powder-coated black ReliaSteel high-yield aluminized steel construction

Stellar EC3200 Aluminum Telescopic Service Crane The 500-lb. EC3200 Aluminum electric telescopic crane features aluminum extrusion construction and a proprietary design and manufacturing techniques that enable 3,200 lbs. of lifting capacity and 15 ft. of horizontal reach. • Rated at 11,500 ft.-lbs. and suited for bodies with crane reinforcement kits • Robust gear bearing rotation system with high-strength steel ball bearing turntable gear, high-strength steel worm gear and cast steel worm gear housing • Planetary winch ensures the winch will continue lifting until it reaches the full rated capacity • 410° of rotation with an integrated rotation stop

DRIVING INNOVATION Curry Supply On-road Fuel/Lube Trucks The 2,000-gal. on-road fuel/lube trucks are built from the ground up and configured to any specifications with custom options. • Four 100-gal. oil tanks standard • 85-gal. antifreeze capacity • 50- to 75-gal. DEF system • 120-lb. grease system • Hydraulic-driven pumps (fresh oils only) and 30-cfm compressor

SAVE OCTOBER THE 2 3 - 2 4 DATE KANSAS CITY The Roadmap to the Future of Equipment Management Innovation in equipment management and the construction industry is all around us. Every day new technology is changing the way we do business. Managing that change by adopting appropriate technologies to make your business run more efficiently is critical to long term success. As an equipment manager you must navigate this ever-changing landscape of new innovations in the construction industry. AEMP’s EquipmentSHIFT SHIFT Conference provides the roadmap for the innovations that will take your operations to the next level. This engaging conference will give you the knowledge you need to be ready for what comes next!

SHIFT your thinking - SHIFT your business - SHIFT your career!

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Talbert 60CC/55SA-LD Trailer The 60CC/55SA-LD pairs with the optional East Coast-style E1Nitro axle extension to allow for a 60-ton capacity with a close-coupled configuration or a 55-ton hauling capacity with a spread axle configuration. • Maintains a 60-ton rating at half the deck length • 6-in. ground clearance with an 18-in. loaded deck height • Hydraulic detachable non-ground bearing gooseneck • Offers a 108-in. swing radius, 26-ft. deck length and 8-ft. 6-in. deck width • Manufactured with heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel with Valspar R-Cure 800 paint

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AEMP .......................................................................64 Antraquip Corp.........................................................46 BKT USA Inc. ..........................................................55 Brandt .......................................................................42 Case Construction.....................................................27 Chevron ..............................................................34, 35 Curry Supply Company ............................................63 Doosan........................................................................7 Doosan Portable Power .............................................30 Eager Beaver Trailers ................................................. 67 Fecon ........................................................................38 Ford ......................................................................2 – 3 Fumoto .....................................................................65 Generac Mobile Products ..........................................49 Genie A Terex Brand .................................................56 Gomaco Corporation ................................................29 Hitachi Construction ................................................ 68 Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc.15 ICS Blount Inc..........................................................59

Ignite Construction Summit ..................................... 54 JLG ...............................................................31, 50, 51 John Deere ................................................................ 19 Kato ............................................................................6 Kobelco .....................................................................39 Komatsu America Corp.............................................40 LBX ..........................................................................43 Liebherr USA Co. Construction Equipment Div. ..... 17 Loftness .....................................................................47 Mack ...........................................................................5 MB America..............................................................44 Merlo ........................................................................28 Minnich Manufacturing ............................................57 Montabert .................................................................45 No Spill Systems .......................................................65 Nokian Tyres ............................................................. 47 Okada Demolition Attachments ...............................44 Ram Commerical ......................................................11 Road Widener ...........................................................30

Schweiss Doors .........................................................65 Seago International Inc. ............................................65 Snorkel ......................................................................53 Stellar Industries Inc..................................................52 Takeuchi ...................................................................33 Thunder Creek Equipment .......................................56 Trimble .....................................................................41 Vacuworx .................................................................. 45 Venco Venturo Industries LLC ..................................62 Venieri.......................................................................28 Verizon Connect .......................................................21 VMAC ......................................................................28 Volvo Construction Equipment .................................. 9 Wacker Neuson .........................................................25 Wirtgen America Inc.................................................23 Xtreme Manufacturing ..............................................58

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STRIPPED OIL PANS, & OVER-TIGHTENED DRAIN PLUGS WITH NO-SPILL SYSTEMS! Simply replaces your existing oil drain plug.


1-888-4-NOSPILL • 888-466-7745

DeCarlo Demolition is helping Marshalltown, IA, demolish damaged buildings after a tornado in July 2018.

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Drive Wood, Metal or Plastic Posts

VIDEO: HENSEL PHELPS USING DRONE SURVEYING TO TRACK EARTHWORK Hensel Phelps is using drone surveying and Propeller’s 3D site surveys to track, map and measure the complex Hawaii State Hospital jobsite.


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POSTMASTER – VIBRATORY DRIVER Fits Mini-Ex & Skid Steers Big Driving Power from a Small Machine NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR

Seago International Phone: 800-780-9889 E-mail:

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R U N N I N G T H E BUS I N E S S By Garry Bartecki ® Published by AC Business Media

Play with Pricing

WHILE KEEPING MARGINS INTACT You can afford to get aggressive with pricing as long as you keep other costs under control.


h, the age-old dilemma that has become part of every type of business. It never goes away and becomes part of every sales meeting, whether it is on the agenda or not. The topic I’m referring to is “pricing.” What got my attention about pricing recently was an article that looked at various pricing scenarios, as well as how to set the right price based on cost, customer types, competition and tiered pricing. Although the article was not directly geared toward contract work, the concepts discussed fit every business that needs to negotiate pricing, and I can’t think of many that don’t. Digging a little deeper into price negotiations, a business owner must consider how much aggressive pricing is hurting the bottom line. Or is it? Do you really know what impact your pricing strategy is having on profits and cash flow?

AGGRESSIVE PRICING DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN LOWER MARGINS Aggressive pricing is normally used to increase market penetration or attract more business from current customers and increase the top line. It may prove financially unsound if you have substantial fixed costs to hurdle. You know how it goes — you must cover fixed costs and then variable costs to generate a profit. Normally, a successful pricing program will accelerate growth and fixed cost coverage and generate higher profits. You have probably experienced this scenario many times, with Amazon being a prime example of how this strategy works. On the other hand, competitive or aggressive pricing is thought to reduce margins, but it may not reduce them at all. Maybe the pricing strategy currently being used produces above-average margins because

the other component of the transaction is being properly managed and planned for — with the other part of the transaction being cost. In this scenario, cost is decreasing because of technology and other methods of efficiency. If you reduce revenue by reducing pricing, but costs have been reduced more than the price reduction, you wind up with more margin dollars, especially if overall sales dollars increase from the current level. Applying new technology and efficiency is a must for every business. For certain companies, it may be a simple and cost-effective change. For more technical and large projects, it could be considerably more

produce above-average profit Here is the best part. They appeared right in front of me. were back on the bus and leavI was in the market for new ing 40 minutes later! I kid you gutters and leaf guards for a not. Both the house and garage house in Wisconsin and went had new gutters and guards on through the process of interviewthem. A chat with the superviing various vendors to discuss sor explained that they have their products and pricing. Before system down. Each crew memthese meetings, I spent some time ber knows what they need to do, researching current pricing for the they work with the same crews materials and labor for this type and they have been providing this of project. After talking to four service for many years. The work different companies, I selected was excellent, with my house one that met the online pricing looking a lot better. and had a nice product line. So, I believe they make a nice The “winner” sent out an margin on the work they do experienced estimator who using pricing they consider reaprovided pricing in about 15 sonable. No doubt their pricing minutes. We were instructed to gets them more work withcontact dispatch out sacrificing profit. To top it to set a date and off, the supervisor did not stop time for the work. to converse with us to go over I signed the bid the invoice, etc. He hopped on August 9th and on the bus and corporate sent the work was comthe invoice for payment, saving pleted on August another 15 minutes of unbillable 20th. I can tell you labor that would have otherwise this would not have sat waiting on the bus. TRADOL LIMYINGCHAROEN/istock/Getty Images Plus been the case with This is a perfect example the other vendors. of a simple fix with immediate I couldn’t help myself and had feedback: to find out how my chosen ven˜˜ Have a system and continuously update it. dor could make a dollar with the pricing they gave me, especially ˜˜ Find ways to get more efficient. when compared to the other vendors. Let me tell you how. ˜˜ Be on time. At 8 a.m., the dispatch from ˜˜ Have your crew under control. Pinnow Sheet Metal, Inc., Oshkosh, WI, called and said ˜˜ Have the equipment you need up and running. the crew would arrive at 9 a.m. In short, the bus contained At exactly 9 a.m., a white school both the crew and all the equipbus with an extension (this was ment and materials needed to a big bus) pulled up, five people produce the gutter and downcame piling out and they were spout and complete the work on the roof within 60 seconds schedule for that day. I kept confirming the gutter measurelooking around and asked my ment and tearing down the old expensive, requiring expert implewife “Where did they go?” I also system. The person on the roof mentation of new systems and said, “Boy, that was a nice ROI measured and called down to procedures. The former provides for 40 minutes of work.” a supervisor who conveyed the a short payback cycle, the latter a I guess the bottom line here is measurement to a person in the longer payback period requiring if you really understand and have bus, who then pushed a button constant supervision to meet goals. to produce a seamless gutter for your costs under control, you can play with pricing alternatives the exact size needed along with PRICING VARIABLES IN ACTION and not hurt your margins. ET downspouts to compete the job. I was writing this when a perfect example of the variables To access previous Running the Business columns, as well as additional business and how they work together to management information, visit


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Garry Bartecki is the managing member of GB Financial Services LLP and a consultant to the Associated Equipment Distributors. He can be reached at (708) 347-9109 or

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Simple, Fast, and Convenient! Visit and you're a "click" away from getting all the information you need from our nearest dealer.

20 XPT • CAPACITY: 40,000 lbs. • 20 Ton Air Brakes • 8 Degree Loading Angle Low Profile • • • • • • • •

Trailer Weight: 8,380 lbs. Overall Width: 102", Length: 31'4" Deck Length: 21’ Flat (model shown) 6’ Beavertail Deck Height: 34" Tires: Eight 215/75R17.5 (H) Brakes: Air (Full ABS System) Ramps: 72" Long x 22” Wide Range: 102" Max. 29" Min. HIGH TENSILE MAIN RAIL

One piece and cold formed. CROSS MEMBERS pierced through Main Beam for lowest possible deck height and more unitized frame.


Oak decking is fastened to the crossmembers with bolts and deck washers making it easier to replace decking when required.

100% SEALED WIRING HARNESS & LED LIGHTS USA Harness “PLUS” (positive lock under seal). Standard on All Trailers.



National Dealer Supported.

Tested @ 275,000# and wrap around nose plate. Standard on all trailers.


Outboard brake drums for easier maintenance.



with Spring Brakes on all axles. Standard on all air brake trailers.

70,000# static capacity. Standard on all 15-25 Ton trailers.

HUTCH 9700 ADJUSTABLE 3-LEAF SUSPENSION Standard on all 15-25 Ton trailers.


Eager Beaver WIDE TRACK AXLES: 98” (O.A. Width) Some Competition - 92”



with DOUBLE ACTING SPRINGS for lift off ground and off Beaver Tail. Grade 100 High Tensil Steel

Standard Features On All Easy Loaders





For a quote on any model, please call 800-257-8163 ET0919_66-68_RuntheBiz_CB.indd 67

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THIS IRON WILL BREAK GROUND, NOT DOWN. Which machines will be tough enough for your job? Hitachi iron will. They’re built for rugged environments and won’t whine when you throw your toughest challenge their way.

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Equipment Today September 2019  

Equipment Today provides the insights on equipment and technology that contractors need to achieve maximum profitability in their commercial...

Equipment Today September 2019  

Equipment Today provides the insights on equipment and technology that contractors need to achieve maximum profitability in their commercial...