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POWER-UP EATING heathy eating for lasting energy.all day.


Healthy Food

Recipes to amp up health & taste

Sleep is the power boost everyone needs..

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Families Get Kids to Eat Healthy

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Cutting edge solution for a healthy workplace

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What real confidence and self-love look like

Best tips for getting kids to eat healthy meals

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it's... interactive influential intelligent inspiring Just Like YOU!






in her own words

am elated to welcome you to the Forbes Living family! Here, you will enter into a world of like-minded people dedicated to an inspired and purpose-driven lifestyle where we take positive action and serve one another as peers, leaders, and support.

Forbes Riley Forbes Living... the Lifestyle

Throughout these pages you will find articles and content, not unlike a traditional magazine, and so much more! We invite you to step inside, beyond the pages, and immerse yourself in a culture of positivity, where you can join together in groups, listen to podcasts and watch videos, participate in challenges, attend events, sign up for webinars, programs and activities, and become a part of a real community.

So, please join in, and take part in everything you see! This magazine fleshes out a 365 degree lifestyle, and we have several opportunities for you to directly contribute each month as we highlight successes, passions, dreams and wisdom learned. We also have contests and giveaways to help thank you for being an active part of our family.

This is our inaugural issue of Forbes Living magazine, and this issue is focused on the philosophy of health and all that makes us healthy in our bodies, mindset, business, and actions. It took us years to fully develop this magazine to ensure that our community could access immense value from it within each individual publication.

We also invite you to become a part of our publication as a Forbes Living Spotlight Sponsor. You may reach out to our editor in chief, Daphne Taylor Street, to learn about this opportunity, which includes our team writing an article on your business or services that will be published in Forbes Living magazine. We also offer this in conjunction with a comprehensive media package through the Forbes Riley brand.

Forbes Living is a lifestyle, mindset, and a community. I personally welcome you into our family and encourage you to explore this magazine with eagerness and curiosity. At every turn, you will find opportunities to learn more, engage more, and reach out more to people who dream, believe and achieve just like you!

Forbes Living magazine is a publication that came from the heart of all who contributed to its development, and it is designed for and around YOU, to help you achieve your goals, ambitions, and dreams. I'm excited to see how we can grow together!

Throughout each issue of Forbes Living magazine, you will discover delicious recipes and tips on healthy living, spotlights on favorite fitness models whom you’ve seen on TV, and learn insider tips and tricks for staying in shape. You'll also see success stories from people who embrace the SpinGym lifestyle who have made radical lifestyle changes not only in their weight but in their outlook on life.






Joining together and taking action - boosting health, energy and community



Get kids involved




Forbes Riley.

HEALTHY EATING Tips and recipies for eating healthy and staying active.


Real beauty starts from within.


Getting and staying fit is a lifestyle not a fad.











Mindset and habits are the keys to feeling vibrant and sexy for life.



You can only get what you want if you define it.



Quick, easy, affordable, nutritious and healthy meals.

your kids engaged in healthy habits early.


business performance in huge ways.

Forbes Riley's SpinGym




A friend's look at Forbes Riley



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Being well-rested is one of the biggest power plays there is.




Forbes Living Editor in Chief talks about her dear friend, Forbes Riley



Successful professionals and their profiles.



POWER SPEAKER Get heard, noticed and make BIG deals by speaking.

The right healthy habits can boost success.



Note from Forbes Living Editor In Chief Daphne Taylor Street. Daphne Taylor Street Forbes Living Magazine Editor in Chief Designer/Writer

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BEING HEALTHY Is about everything you do, think and feel to give only the best to yourself, daily.




A New Spin On… Healthy Eating What’s eating your energy? Tips on energy-boosting habits to amplify your day by Daphne Taylor Street

Above: It’s never too late to change your habits, and by establishing a healthy lifestyle now, you’ll continue to reap the rewards in the future. Discover the facts behind nutrition so you can make informed choices, and understand how certain foods relate to energy, vitality and good health. Keeping a daily food journal can help. Visit -


t’s the middle of the afternoon, and maybe you just got out of a long meeting. Your eyes are drooping, your head is pounding, and you have another three to four hours left on the clock to suffer through before you have to make your way safely home. You’re dreading the rest of the day, and you need a “fix.” What do you do? Well, if you’re like most Americans, you’re likely going to pour a hot cup of coffee - maybe two - or pop open an energy drink or cold, fizzy soda, or you might even grab a sugary or starchy snack hoping to give yourself a boost. Well it worked, you say? Maybe, but as quickly as that energy hit you, you’re soon zooming down for a mighty crash. That chemical high you were soaring on was only a temporary result of stimulants that released an adrenaline rush, quickly depleting you of what little natural energy you had left. Now, you’re running on empty, drained and more sluggish than ever. Oh, that’s right, and you still have another two – three hours to go! Wrong move.

Next time, instead of reaching for the coffee, soda or sugar, try a protein-filled diet for the day. PAGE



Next time, instead of reaching for the coffee, soda or sugar,

try amping up your metabolism with a protein-filled diet for the day along with staying well-hydrated with fresh water and maybe herbal teas. Eating plenty of healthy lean meats, vegetables, nuts and dairy combined with proper hydration will prevent your blood sugar from going on a rollercoaster ride of sharp spikes and swooping lows, which will stabilize your energy levels all day long.

Here’s a sample menu & food schedule to help keep your energy steady from the time you rise until you go to bed. 6:00 a.m. Apple and a glass of warm lemon water 7:00 a.m. One hardboiled egg and a cup of oatmeal with a cup of fresh vegetable juice 10:00 a.m. ¼ cup of walnuts with a glass of lemon water 12:00 p.m. Small chicken Caesar salad and a cup of vegetable soup with a glass of water 2:00 p.m. ¼ cup of hummus and some fresh veggies with a glass of water 4:00 p.m. ¼ cup of cottage cheese with herbal tea 7:00 p.m. Baked salmon, steamed broccoli, warm quinoa salad with a glass of water 9:00 p.m. 1 cup of a low calorie protein shake prepared with no sugar added almond milk





your beauty daily


eauty isn’t only skin deep, and even science agrees that what goes on beneath the surface really determines the health and beauty we all see. For you to look the most beautiful has as much to do with what you put into your body as it does how you take care of its surface. Yes, it is important to make certain your skin is properly cleansed, keep your pores clear of oil and debris, moisturize daily and use sunscreen to keep the surface free from damage. However, if you don’t take at least as much care with what you put inside of your body, you aren’t doing all you can to keep your complexion clear, your hair and nails strong and your eyes bright and healthy. The vitamins and minerals we take into our bodies have a dramatic effect on how we look. Here are some examples:

on skin and promotes healing. It also serves as a good cholesterol that helps prevent heart disease and cardiovascular issues.

Vitamin A: Nourishes your skin, preventing the texture from getting thick and rough and helps promote a healthy elasticity for a more youthful appearance.

Beta-carotene: Well known to help protect the skin from sun damage, though not to be used in place of a topical sunscreen. It also helps promote good vision and eye health.

B Vitamins: These keep your skin from getting dry and overlysensitive. They also feed glands in your skin that produce oil, keeping that system balanced and skin supple and smooth.

Potassium: Helps regulate hydration, keeping your skin hydrated and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dull looking skin. It can also help prevent muscle cramps and reduce instances of bloating and water retention, also known as edema.

Vitamin C: Promotes the natural formation of collagen, known to keep skin firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

While all of these beauty tips mentioned here can be attained simply by eating large portions of fresh vegetables (especially raw or gently cooked dark green leafy vegetables), fruit and oily fish (such as salmon and mackerel), most Americans don’t usually purchase all of their food from the fresh produce section— although they should. If you opt for a more moderate diet, then do consider adding a high quality multi-vitamin supplement in your daily morning routine. Be certain to include at least eight glasses of fresh water (about 8 ounces per serving) each day for optimum health and beauty results.

Zinc: Is a mineral that supports collagen and elastin fibers, keeping skin firm, preventing sagging and wrinkles. Zinc is also an immunity booster, preventing infections and disease and aids in the healing of skin abrasions such as cuts, scrapes and rashes. Omega-3 fats: A very important addition that really impacts the healthy look of hair and nails, keeping them both strong and clear. It prevents inflammation, and it aids in the reduction of wrinkles




SpinGym Fitness Challenge

Forbes Riley's Private 30-Day Challenge!



Join Our Facebook Group! Facebook: Forbes Riley 30 Day SpinGym Fitness Challenge Join in the 30-day SpinGym Fitness Challenge, lead personally by Forbes Riley, in a community of motivated, like-minded people to give you SUPPORT, TIPS AND CHEER YOU ON! Join us via the link above...

& congratulations on deciding to do fitness your way! You'll soon feel more energized, stronger, and tone. This is a big step for you and we want you to know that we’ll be by your side every step of the way.



• FREE community group for those learning and using the SpinGym scientificallyproven formula • ACCESS videos, resources, tips and Forbes joining in live along with a community of like-minded, motivated people


Daily Exercise



t’s no surprise that people who are fit often have a competitive edge at work. They tend to have increased stamina, higher energy, good health and even good looks compared to their less fit colleagues. They also tend to have one other trait that is the most powerful marker for success: a positive attitude. Exercise does amazing things for our bodies physically, including strengthening muscles, bones and joints to help us feel better and stronger, reducing instances of common back and joint problems. It also boosts our immune system letting us fend off illnesses better; plus it dynamically reduces instances of lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and helps all of our internal systems function properly. These are all extremely important benefits to getting and staying fit, but the impact that exercise can have on your attitude is one of the primary reasons you see many people at the top of their careers getting and staying fit. Mindset determines mood and attitude, and nothing impacts your mindset more than your daily habits and routines. From your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning and how you choose to deal with challenges and setbacks throughout the day to your interactions with peers and family and the quiet thoughts, your internal dialogue, that chatter on in your head. You actually choose how you feel about everything around you, and you actually get to make a decision about every action and reaction you take. There is no auto-pilot inside your brain making you do anything against your will. So, knowing that, you actually can work to modify and control these habits and reframe them to be more positive in your life every day. But, if you want the real insider’s secret to set these changes on a dynamic path towards success, it’s easier than you might think: exercise.

Here are just some of the ways that exercise impacts your mindset: ♠ Reduces anxiety ♠ Boosts self-esteem ♠ Helps us manage stress ♠ Increases energy and stamina ♠ Helps manage depression and feeling low ♠ Supports self-awareness and accountability ♠ Helps us feel better, manage pain and prevent illness ♠ Increases drive and reinforces goal-setting and achievement ♠ Reinforces development & maintainance of a healthy lifestyle With a leading edge like that, getting in a workout every day might be as much of an investment in your future and your career as getting another degree or applying for a promotion. Fitness is more than just a chore your doctor recommends to you at your annual physical—it’s a lifestyle that can impact nearly every area of your life in extraordinary ways. Does your workplace have a wellness initiative? Ask your employer what their wellness benefits are. If you think they could be better, make a recommendation and let them know that when a workforce starts getting fit and healthy, the ROI to the company is dynamic.

A boost of daily rigorous exercise is a routine that will set you apart from the rest, and more importantly, its benefits will dynamically raise your chances for success in nearly every area of your life.

For information on a new, dynamic employee wellness pilot program, contact




SpinGym Workplace Wellness System SpinGym @ Work

SpinGym has been proven effective in on-site office training programs, where employees engage in high-impact workout sessions daily, even while sitting at their own desks.

• Workout at your desk • Team commitment

Studies show that after the first six months of implementation, these programs have resulted in:

• Amplify productivity • Culture of health

• Up to 50% reduction in workplace injuries and claims

• High-risk intervention • Holistic wellness

• 10% increase in the employee health and safety index

FITNESS • PERFORMANCE • HEALTH The System also includes... Holistic Wellness: Daily videos by Forbes Riley on fitness, health, stress management, nutrition & food planning, and more •

Success Performance: Discounted opportunities for corporate trainings, seminars, and keynote speaking by Forbes Riley •

Play video here




A New Spin On...


A protein rich breakfast to help start the day Vanilla Protein pancakes with Strawberries Ingredients: 1 cup of vanilla flavored protein powder; 2 whole fresh eggs (or 3 egg whites), 8-10 whole fresh strawberries, washed and trimmed. Directions: Mix protein powder and eggs in a large bowl until fully combined. Lightly oil a hot pan with coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Pour 1/4 cup of mixture into pan. When edges turn solid, flip and cook on the other side until golden. Continue until all of the batter is used. Slice half of your fresh strawberries and mash the other half the strawberries with a spoon. Spread the mashed strawberries on the pancakes and cover with the strawberry slices. You can add a light drizzle of honey, maple syrup or agave nectar for added sweetness if desired.

Energy-packed green juice: a perfect mid-day boost Riley's Remedy Ingredients: 1 cup chopped organic spinach; 1 cup of chopped organic romaine lettuce; 2 stalks of celery; 1½ cups of filtered cold water or coconut water; ½ organic apple - cored and chopped; ½ frozen banana; ¼ large avocado (or ½ of a small); juice of 1 lemon; stevia (optional only to sweeten) Directions: Blend all ingredients in a blender until fully combined and smooth--drink right away PAGE


! ur U , yo O mily .. Y r fa n. you O al in rson Spe pe ttl ewa li N ng A Getti

. s.. m ea dr

N th th ex o b a a t yo o g t o t c est pe Yo on ur iv pp ho to ct u n e e Y i O p l s e l f n g o r t u i ce , yo o n l y e e d l s e U ac a th ur i a n s th to R n e e i s t g t d o e st in p be y e th lf. e b ma oin C ro pr pr st ac a T es k O n g of i o yo h t ' s o d t e a g t o M f a er ou rit u m r M , y n d y i h a o r a n e y a o m co m p u t nd y ni ou ly n v n i T ITM m r e p o yo u e t o n g , o r m e v o u i t m n t h O E a n o e r rs e e e ne si r l g Y NT w u ti y n lf if iv d rg Th O y ve w e , o e t s e s l y d ay a n t t o o r k is is t p d o U c , t f y h a u p ay h e yo a n o w yo g i o o r yo a co lle , s, r p u r i n e r u ve u r s yo ur m g te f ng an to s o e u r m es d y o. Y iori elf. nti ul th et t nly lf t . to opti itm o ti o o o W th of e n in u o m m e l i f m u fe s t e h e n t o g ! S m a k e a k u m nt e, an e yo e e w a g l b n d yo co m e i ze u th po to b o t u e to e t e o m e rk tt m a be enti yo an stre er, fall ak it fu st al ur e d s y i lfi de a l o s a o u nt o nd bes lle c ve n d a r d isi an on em t se be th e d s t po lf, tte e he h w to r. a l at e r th w yo rea l i y l i f l l l e u r s i ze e. ad el f





Posturing your way


to a healthier you

by Daphne Taylor Street

Your posture is your calling card to the world— it tells everyone you meet how you feel and who you are from the moment they lay eyes on you.

magine you are deciding between hiring two employees. Both are equally qualified on paper—education, experience, skills, leadership, etc. When you meet these two people, they are both well-dressed, and they have winning smiles and great personalities. There is one significant difference, however. One has beautiful posture, when she stands, walks and sits. Her back is straight, shoulders pulled back yet relaxed, arms fall gently at her sides, her neck is straight and her head is relaxed, allowing her to have a confident direct gaze. Yet, the other candidate is not standing up straight. She is slouching, her weight is tilted to one side, her shoulders are curved over with her head hanging slightly down leaving her eyes tilted a bit and peering up at you every time you ask a question. Which person do you hire? That’s right, most likely you and everyone else are going to hire the job candidate with good posture. Why? It’s more than good looks alone.

2) Circulation—poor posture can decrease healthy blood flow throughout your body. This is particularly true if you cross your legs for prolonged periods of time, and it can lead to varicose veins. Sitting up straight, elevating your feet if sitting for long durations and also remembering to stand and walk occasionally to increase circulation are all important to help support healthy circulation throughout the day.

On the surface, good posture sends a psychological message to others about who you are. People who stand, walk and sit up straight tend to appear more trustworthy, more confident, healthier, happier and are at ease maintaining casual eye contact with others. These are significant body language cues that others take in, either consciously or subconsciously, but they notice. What they see tells them a story about you, and whether you think that story is accurate or not is irrelevant. And, that’s just the messages being conveyed by your appearance.

3) Muscle Fatigue—poor posture can lead to muscle fatigue, particularly in the neck, shoulders, back and lower back regions. When your core is not engaged, holding up the frame of your body as is required with good posture, your muscles weaken and can even contort into unhealthy positions that put a strain on your muscles, ligaments, fascia and bone alignment. Have you noticed how many adults complain of back pain and muscle aches? This is a common problem particularly among the many Americans who hold mostly sedentary jobs at desks all day. Without any exertion or reason that they can seem to decipher, they find their muscles hurt, shoulders are tight, lower back is pained and many other issues. Something as simple as improving your posture throughout the day would ease a majority of these common painful problems.

Beyond how you appear, there are far deeper physical issues that accompany poor posture, each serious enough that it should cause you to take a moment to think about your own posture right now. How are you standing, walking and sitting? Is your spine aligned? Are your shoulders back and relaxed? Is your neck straight and your head comfortably resting on your neck with your chin relaxed and straight forward? Other physical problems that can be caused and/or made worse by poor posture:

4) Injuries—poor posture can lead to increased injuries, particularly when you are active. If you play sports such as tennis, golf, basketball or even run or walk for some distance, performing any of these activities while demonstrating poor posture can quickly lead to injuries such as sprains, pulled muscles, ligament tears and even dislocation of joints.

1) Digestion—poor posture can lead to digestive issues. When you slouch, your intestines can fold over unnaturally, causing your digestive system to slow down in its functioning, even allowing food to ferment in your gut too long adding to increased symptoms of gas, indigestion and constipation.




How to improve your posture • Attentiveness: Pay attention to the way you stand, walk and sit. Is your spine straight? Are your shoulders back slightly, down and relaxed? Is your neck straight? Is your head resting comfortably on your neck, elevated at the top of your skull without raising your chin? • Chiropractor: Consider going to a chiropractor for an evaluation and adjustments as needed to help align you and offer tips for any specific issues you may have. • Exercise & Stretch: Perform exercises that deeply improve your core, including incorporating deep stretches and yoga into your exercise routine. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are great to improve posture. • SpinGym: Add SpinGym workouts into your exercise routine. The SpinGym system is uniquely designed to build stabilizer muscles, strengthen your core, addresses lower and upper back stamina and includes healthy stretches to keep your posture aligned and help build and strengthen areas that may need additional attention.





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Joshua Self

is World Fitness Federation (WFF) 2018 World Championship Pro Beachbody Champion, and Forbes Living magazine's Editor-in-Chief Daphne Taylor Street talked to Joshua about what it takes to be a world champion. Joshua says that the number one priority to being a champion is that you must love what you're doing. "You have to make sacrifices, incredible hard work, researching what is the very best way to get the results you want, then commit yourself 100% to taking action on achieving those results - every day. You don't get to slack off, you don't get to 'not feel like it' when you're training for a championship. If you don't love what you're doing, you won't go through all of that, and you won't reach your goal."

To be a Champion, Joshua Self treats fitness and healthy habits as if no other options exist. "Winning feels good," says Joshua, as he describes what drives him to reach world championship-level success. "But, I've never been more motivated to win as I was for this competition," referring to the 2018 WFF 2018 World Championship. "I wanted to win for her," he said. Joshua is referring to the woman he calls "the love of my life," fiancee Forbes Riley. Joshua and Forbes met in 2017, and they survived the Las Vegas massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in PAGE



2017 together. "Surviving something like that brings you closer together than you could ever imagine. We've been through something no one else could understand, and we continue to be there for each other." "The work that Forbes does really helps and transforms people, and it's so important. She literally changes lives," said Joshua. "We're a team; we support one another, we play together, we laugh a lot, we travel, we work on projects, and we are very much in love."



YOUR Barriers & Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Your

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A New Spin On… Beauty The free, “radical” solution to healthy skin by Daphne Taylor Street

Above: Check out our recipe on the next page for infused green tea. Have a cozy cup of free radical fighting antioxidants and pure hydration from the inside out to help your skin look beautiful.


ith medicine cabinets and long-forgotten makeup bags filled with expensive skin creams and toners, exfoliants and mineral masks along with many other serums, solutions and beautifully scented empty promises collected over the years, women across the nation have invested millions of dollars in a never-ending battle against the unsightly effects of aging. Wrinkles, creases, sags, dark circles and blemishes are our sworn enemies, and we fight a valiant fight daily to keep them away. It is true that the fountain of youth has been sought feverishly in topical products for centuries, and many of these have even resulted in very positive effects, especially providing a short-term defense in our quest to remain forever young. However, battles are not won through defense alone—you need a strong offense, too! When it comes to the internal fight for youthful beauty, the primary enemy identified through science are culprits known as free radicals.

Boost your antioxidant levels, and enjoy a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.




As we age, collagen, elastin, natural oils and fats begin to disappear, resulting in deeper, more visible lines, creases and wrinkles on our skin. Free radicals building up in our bodies help to speed this process along. These are unstable atoms or molecules, which cause a reduction in collagen production and other biological needs for healthy skin. Free radicals do form naturally over time, but they can really build up quickly based on certain outside forces such as overexposure to sunlight, smoking cigarettes and other poor lifestyle choices and environmental hazards. The good news is that there are things we can do as an offensive tactic to drastically reduce free radicals while interrupting and even reversing some of the damage they have caused. The primary weapon of choice, scientifically proven effective against free radicals, are antioxidants. Specifically, antioxidants supply electrons to free radicals, re-stabilizing the cells and atoms, disarming them from being harmful elements. Most of us who eat nutritious balanced meals, including a variety of fruits and vegetables daily already benefit from the effects of antioxidants, which are present in certain foods made from plants and are most effective when combined with other antioxidants. So, to boost your antioxidant levels, enjoy a diet that is filled with a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. This will formulate a natural antioxidant-rich attack on any unstable cells in your body, greatly reducing free radicals. And it’s not even all about what you eat. Some beverages are known to contain antioxidants such as tea. Studies have even shown that green and white teas in particular deliver a strong dose of antioxidants, which could potentially reduce wrinkles and improve the overall look of your skin from the inside out. Green and white teas are not fermented and therefore contain higher levels of antioxidants than black teas. Also, brewing the teas with hot water is known to release exponentially more antioxidants than cold brew methods. For optimum antioxidant benefits, try this crisp blend of green tea, lemon and ginger:

Green Tea Lemon Ginger Infusion

2 Green Tea Bags 1 Peel of ½ Lemon plus Juice ½ Inch of Ginger Root, Peeled and Sliced 4 Cups of Filtered Water, Boiled

Directions: Boil water and allow all ingredients to steep for at least 10 minutes. You may sweeten with Stevia, honey or agave to taste if desired. PAGE




by Forbes Riley

I've been blessed to travel the world! My twins, Ryker and Mak-

enna Riley and I have traveled all around the globe, and even before they were born, I made world travel an important part of my life, beginning with a backpacking excursion throughout Europe in my 20s. Each experience is unlike the one before, the adventure of experiencing different cultures through their cuisine, architecture, landscapes, art, language and daily customs stick with you over a lifetime and provide the most captivating stories! Perhaps the most profound thing you experience when you travel is noticing all that makes us the same; what binds us together in humanity and nature. The similarities of all people become more pronounced the more places you go. No matter where you are in the world, people love, they laugh, dream, create, and they raise their children, care for their families and have hopes and fears. They face loss and devastation like everyone else, and they rebuild and find the resiliency to create a new future no matter the circumstances that came before. You can feel your compassion for mankind grow and a deeper understanding of the world around you expands. You have a sense of all of this while sitting in your chair, reading articles and books or watching TV, but experiencing it first-hand, how everything is so different yet so similar, is palpable. An intimate understanding of people emerges, of how we are all connected, and how everything each of us does impacts on a far greater scale than we ever imagined. I am so grateful that I have given this gift of travel to my children, and I believe this is a greater education than most anything else they could receive. It's all in the little things, I think. I watched my children grow as they traveled, and I have had the privlege of learning about the world twice—through my own eyes, and then theirs. Wide-eyed and soaking in new sights, sounds and smells—food carts and music, festivals and museums, and just interacting with people who don't speak your language but who are still eager to help you, wanting to find a way to communicate with you— teaches you that this is what people are all about: curious, helpful, hospitable and kind. Well, most of the time!

Pictured above: Forbes Riley and her twins, Ryker & Makenna in China.

And, you don't have to travel the world to experience all of this, but it helps. I've found similar experiences traveling across the country—staying away from chain establishments and exploring local coffee shops, markets, and just opening up and talking to people. In fact, you could even experience this in your own neighborhood by breaking away from your everyday habits, and exploring new places, talking to strangers and learning about new ideas and what excites the people around you! Just be brave, and go on an adventure— that's where happiness lives!

Find Discount World Travel Deals Here PAGE



A New Spin on...


Kids eat healthy food they make by Daphne Taylor Street One of my fondest memories, starting at about 5-years-old, was every day near dinner time my mom would call me in to help make the evening dinner salad. I would stand on a stool and wash my hands at the sink, then I’d tear lettuce leaves. Next, I’d add in all these brightly colored chopped vegetables that looked like a rainbow.


o, bell peppers, carrots, celery, spring onions and tomatoes would top the fresh lettuce. My mom would introduce me to new vegetables through the salad, too. I tried spicy radishes, crisp yellow squash and crunchy cauliflower florets. Sometimes we’d even add fruit such as

chopped apple or fresh berries. Because it was my job to make the salad, I felt like it was my very own creation. I couldn’t wait to eat it and watch everyone else enjoy what I made! That simple activity of making salads, and trying all kinds of vegetables took me on an adventurous life-long path of wanting to taste

all kinds of foods and learning to prepare them for others. This is what happens when you include kids in the process of exploring and preparing different foods—they tend to see food as fun as they take ownership of the whole food-making process. It’s one of the most effective



ways to turn a picky eater into a kid who can’t wait to try something new. When they feel like they are a part of the creation—it’s almost magical to them. They discover how ingredients and flavors blend together to create something delicious, and they want to try new things.


A New Spin on...

Staying Young

How to feel sexy naked every day by Forbes Riley Everyone deserves to look and feel desirable, confident and sexy naked (and clothed)—no exceptions. The secret is that you already have everything you need to feel sexy right now! It may take a moment or two to fully embrace your sexiness, and you may be one of the millions of Americans caught up in the lie, which demands that sexy bodies can only look a certain way and be a certain size and shape—and AGE. No! Bodies come in all different shapes, sizes and ages, and however your body looks right now, you already have exactly what it takes to be incredibly sexy! So, what exactly is the secret to looking sexy naked right now? S.E.X.Y. stands for Seeing Excellence in Yourself, and the only barrier that will ever exist to achieving your sexiest self is you. Know that YOU ARE SEXY.


o, here’s what you’re probably thinking: you’re still stuck on that whole body image thing, aren’t you? At some point, almost everyone gets a little or a lot self-conscious about their bodies, and that can lead to a sharp decline in our feelings of naked sexiness. Whether it's standing naked in front of an intimate partner or of a full-length mirror or even while changing in the gym—

athletic body, surprising everyone, especially the boy!

the natural curves, contours, textures, tones, lumps, bumps, size and voluptuousness of our bodies can seem alien to us at different phases of our lives. The reality is that our bodies are constantly changing. Through puberty and young-adulthood, bodies are rapidly growing and developing. We’ve all seen the short, chubby pre-adolescent boy sprout up over the summer into a tall, muscular

Later our bodies often change through circumstances— illnesses may make us look frail and skeletal-like while pregnancies and stressful sedentary jobs may lead us to develop excess body fat— shocking us by the nearly unrecognizable figures we see before us. Even later in life drastic changes in hormone PAGE


levels, stress, sun exposure and just the luck of our genetics and the fullness of time and gravity transform our bodies with age. More wrinkles appear, hair loss occurs as well as unwanted hair growth. More lumps and bumps and saggy parts start showing up, and all the exercises, creams and potions never quite restore our once youthful bodies to the tight, smooth appearance we grew


to know so well in our youth. Surgeries and injuries cause scarring, some of us were born more or less endowed in some areas than others. Shapes of hips, lengths of legs, pudgy faces and all sorts of individual characteristics that make you uniquely you—the sexy, desirable, loving self that you are—well, it can feel overwhelming, and you can get a bit lost in all of the shifting, sagging, bulging and dwindling.

Stand, completely naked, in front of a full-length mirror, privately. With no one else around. Stand straight and tall, and look closely at your body. Take in your curves and the tone and texture of your skin. Often the first thing you’ll notice are all the parts you consider imperfections. The parts you think of as “unflattering.” That’s okay, stand long enough that you see past the discomfort you feel. Stand there, and keep looking. Now focus on what you love about what you see—maybe it’s your lips, your eyes, your thighs, your breasts, your smile, the softness of your skin… If it helps, think of compliments you’ve received from others about your body. Now, go deeper. Think of all of the excellence inside of you: kindness, love, generosity, wisdom, strength, creativity, intellect, personality, etc.

If this sounds like you, I want to give you a secret that will help you feel sexy every day! It’s not about your body—it’s about your THINKING. When you learn to overcome your thinking and elevate your perspective, you will soon embrace the magnificently sexy person you are… NAKED. Here’s a little exercise:

Now, go deeper still… Think of all you have overcome, what you have achieved, who you’ve helped, and think about your future, your goals, and everything you’re working to become. Because all of this is YOU. Today, right now, at this very moment—you are filled with excellence, and now you’re seeing it for yourself. Allow that new perspective of strength and self-confidence to transform your image of your body, your self-worth, your desirability—YOU ARE SEXY!

Today, right now, at this very moment—you are filled with excellence, and now you’re seeing it for yourself.

Our culture barrages us with images, trying to define for us what is sexy, desirable, intimate, loving and worthy of care and passion and commitment. It is your job, right now, to decide that the true definition of all of those things is YOU. Today and every day, see the excellence in yourself, and embrace the sexy you!





Forbes Flawless 90-day skincare system was developed with cutting-edge technology combined with ancient herbal ayurvedic ingredients. You will notice a difference in your skin texture, diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a renewed elasticity.

Featuring Gotu Kola extract, anti-aging breakthrough, known to...

• Reduce Pores • Prevent Wrinkles • Increase Elasticity The system was masterfully designed to provide you with a series of new products for each phase. Each month comes with the next phase, designed to get you the most beautiful skin. To get the best results, it is important to complete all 3 phases.

Order Forbes Flawless Here PAGE



What do you want?

The most powerful exercise everyone must go through to get what they want in life. You can't arrive at a destination unless you know where you want to be. by Forbes Riley & Daphne Taylor Street


hat do you want? Fact: It is impossible to get what you want in life if you don’t know what it is, because you won’t even recognize if you have it. While that seems so obvious, you might be surprised to learn that I’ve yet to work with a client who didn’t struggle to find the answer to this seemingly simple question: What do you want? The reason the answer can be so difficult to reach has everything to do with permission. Most often we don’t give ourselves permission to get deeply tuned into our own most base desires, wants, needs, hopes and dreams. So, let me repeat this, because it’s so important: You cannot get what you want in life if you don’t know what that is! What do you want?

The next most common answers I hear are about other people: “I want my daughter’s depression to end” or “I want my family to be healthy.” Well, good for them, and I hope they get that, but what do YOU want? Especially as women, we take so much of our energy and allocate it to nurturing and wanting to help others, our family and friends and even the world around us: “I want all children to have plenty to eat.” Right here, in this moment, I give you permission to think only about yourself and your deepest desires—to be completely selfish and self-centered to soak in your dreams and to come face to face with your most personal needs. Now, what do you want? Does that feel a little uncomfortable? Strangely, our culture has conditioned us to think of selfishness as something taboo, dirty and wrong. But, taking care of ourselves is critical! Making our own needs and happiness a top priority is the most important thing we can do.

The most common answers I hear first-off are things like “financial freedom” or “more time with my family” or “more clients for my business.” Okay, those sound nice, but these answers aren’t personal—they’re external and not about you. Money and time and success at work won’t change you, inspire you, light you up or make you feel loved and desired. Go deeper. What if you suddenly were given all of that… Now, what do you want?

Remember what we learn on airplanes—if the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, we must put our own masks on first, and only then can we help others. An empty vessel has nothing to give. An unhappy, unfulfilled and unhealthy person can't help lead others to happiness, fulfillment and good health.

Most often we don’t give ourselves permission to get deeply tuned into our own most base desires, wants, needs, hopes and dreams.

Go somewhere where you can be alone. Take the time for yourself because it’s required, and spend an hour journaling. Go to a park or the beach, sit in your car or soak in your bathtub, and go deep within you to discover: What do you want?






to g, m x in ! e a b o l v ve r t e- -so cti ou th m t a n e t y of ble ge atio ctiv l an t- ro o w ou d p m t rre nd a o u e e yo a c a n t h t c y a If br ing ge rec vit em ink ura di eati t h co ' s a c r . en ere een es Th t w p l a c be ork w

W Th h at B an is i do usi ba d i s a es ne de nk t go ver suc ss bu fin bal es y p ces & sin itio an far er s m Su e s n o ce . d e s o n e c G ss f e H ep al an ce to tti s o u u cc cc w er que to y ss ho th ng es es do th s o an w ese in t s? s es an tio u? t o A r w o yo yo n , bu im he qu uc e ur sin po y li es h th rk in ur ti w n r e ey t o Yo ss tan k t ons ith re yo an t k og , a th kn u c l at u d ey e t h n d e a ow a n ed r s ' e uc to de ns w tg r ? , ce d e a t e w e he et s s ve n d r m r s re so bl lo do in yo m ue pi n in u' ew pr ng 't, g re h i n yo i s go ere t. ur in g. if y ou do n' t


A New Spin On... Business




SpinGym the... Business A look ahead on SpinGym Business & Creator Forbes Riley

The SpinGym Way to Success.

Forbes Riley’s SpinGym is not only a revolutionary fitness system, it’s a model of extraordinary business success! With more than 2 million SpinGyms sold around the world to date, there is no doubt that SpinGym is a hugely popular product and brand, but SpinGym is far more than a product. It’s a transformational way of life. SpinGym is launching a corporate wellness program and is being used in professional sports, training and rehabilitation, transforming bodies, improving health and helping people achieve new levels of personal success.

SpinGym Business. SpinGym

is also a business opportunity. Across America, Forbes Riley has been training SpinGym Brand Ambassadors and SpinGym Certified Trainers through her Club SpinGym model, and people are on fire using this system. Trainers and Ambassadors are earning money while helping others get and stay fit. Yet, what is wholly unique about Club SpinGym is that it is more than just fitness—it is a whole culture dedicated to inspired living. PAGE


Forbes’s Success. The foundation

of SpinGym’s success has everything to do with the mastermind, inventor and CEO behind the system: Forbes Riley. Before SpinGym hit the stage, Forbes had forged a wildly successful career, beginning as an actress on Broadway, TV and film followed by her career as a national television host. She has taken brands to market that include the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, Montel Williams Health Master, Mission Athletic Cool Towel with Serena Williams, Buns of Steel, AdvoCal, BeachBody’s Power 90 and many more. Over her career, she has grossed in excess of $2 billion dollars, is a National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee and has won the Prestigious ERA Moxie Best Presenter Award 6 times, Best Infomercial Award once and Best Home Shopping Presenter twice. Additionally, Forbes has hosted 180 infomercials; 25 of which have grossed over $200 million each, and she has more than 25 years of experience on home shopping around the globe: QVC-US, HSNUS, QVC-UK, TSC-Canada, FR6France, TV Shop-Spain.


By the time Forbes created and launched SpinGym she had spent years researching and promoting thousands of fitness products on television. Only SpinGym was good enough for her to put her name on—she knew it was revolutionary! Today, SpinGym is often seen aired on home shopping channels such as HSN-US and QVC-UK and through SpinGym Brand Ambassadors and SpinGym Certified Trainers across the country with more and more people championing the lifestyle every day.

Forbes Inspires. Still,

Forbes’ inspiration doesn’t end with her SpinGym empire. She owns a film studio in St. Petersburg, Florida where she hosted her own national talk show, Forbes Living, which aired on WEtv, and she is an international keynote speaker on topics related to business success, health & fitness and women’s empowerment. She has also developed an exclusive curriculum on “The Magic of the Pitch” where Forbes uses her unparalleled skills to coach C-level executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities in one-on-one sessions, large-scale seminars and mastermind group environments.

Commitment to You.

In each issue of SpinGym magazine, Forbes will publish a set of business secrets. This month, Forbes is offering up key tips from her pitch curriculum. Check it out on the next page!




Having the perfect pitch will get you everything... Having the perfect business pitch will get you everything from your next job promotion to signing investors onto your new project and more. by Forbes Riley & Daphne Taylor Street

Download FREE Pitch Book HERE


he 10 tips for the perfect pitch, once mastered, will get you everything you want in life. Think about it. When you asked your parents to borrow the car, when you asked someone out on a first date, when you went on a job interview, when you got engaged... Everything required you to have the perfect pitch for you to get what you wanted. These ten tips can be applied universally, no matter what it is you want.

Above: Forbes Riley teaches audiences across the globe about the power of the perfect pitch and specific techniques that she uses. These are the same techniques that have resulted in more than $1 billion in sales revenue and positioned her as an international TV host and award-winning leader in her field.

The 10 Tips to the Perfect Pitch will get you EVERYTHING you want.

10 tips to develop the perfect pitch




veryone is in it for themselves erify / research nsure you’re solving a problem for them eal facts – evidence: data and examples our emotional appeal hooks your audience riggers to engage ave a compelling story nstinct – what does your gut say o one wants to be pitched - don’t sound like it o for the ask


Power Speaking

5 key tips to WOW any audience


peaking in front of an audience is worse than death, so says the American public. In fact, 2014 statistics show that the fear of public speaking accounted for 74% of the US population, while the fear of death came in second at 68%. Yet, public speaking--and doing it well--is considered to be a prime mark of leadership. Fear it or not, it's a critical skill to have if you ever need to communicate to large groups, to pursuade others to take action or just to be seen as a trustworthy, knowledgeable leader. But, there's so much more to quality public speaking than just talking in public, and perhaps it's that fear of the unknown that bothers people the most. How do you do it well?

5) Tell your audience what you want them to do: No one communicates just for the sake of communicating unless they are intending to waste a prime opportunity-- you have their attention right here and right now. What do you want? Do you want them to buy something? Get more information? Make an appointment? Try something new? Get involved? Champion a cause? Buy-in to a movement? Whatever it is, ask them for it or else it's highly unlikely you'll get it.

The good news is that there are only five key elements to great public speaking, and once you apply these skills to your knowledge-base, you will find that these keys can be used to support any subject, in any profession, influencing any audience.

1) Do your homework: know the subject of your speech

backwards and forwards. Research all you can, including any opposing views to yours. Reduce opportunities to be surprised by comments and questions by being prepared for anything.

2) Know your audience: know their needs, values, wants and expectations and seek out ways to address and fulfill these core interests of theirs in your speech so that they feel your speech is specifically for them.

3) Know your "why": Why is this subject important to you,

personally? Dig deep and tell your story. Convey that story so that your audience feels your authentic personal connection.

Bonus Tip Don't be ruled by technology: It's okay to use PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi, play video clips and animation or anything else to enhance your presentation, but don't depend on these frills. You, the presenter, are the center of attention not your technology and presentation decks. Know how to pitch in the dark.

4) Begin with the end in mind: Know what you want the

outcome of your speech to be before you say your first word. A magician knows that he expects his assistant to be in one piece at the end of the act before he saws her in half. You need to be equally as certain of your outcome.




Book your next speaker...

Forbes Riley

"Life-changing" "She is inspiration" "Her energy is on fire" "Forbes Riley just knew exactly what I needed to hear" "I'll never be the same, and I think many of us can say that" Forbes Riley is a celebrated transformational speaker and facilitator, saught-after across the United States and around the globe. Forbes regularly speaks to top entrepreneurs, celebrities, C-level executives and facilitates seminars, workshops, and retreats, shifting mindsets, breaking through limiting beliefs and conquering barriers that keep people from achieving their biggest dreams.

Speaker Topics

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High performance business and entrepreneurism success Motivation, inspiration, elevation - achieving your BIG dreams Health, fitness & wellness - corporate and personal (youth and adults) Women's empowerment - living the life you want Youth and young adult goals, achievement, and following your dreams PAGE



76 percent of workers feel tired during the workday, and 15 percent even fall asleep in the daytime at least once per week

A New Spin on...

Rest by Daphne Taylor Street

Get some rest for ultimate success


mericans are tired. We are tired, and it is affecting our work performance, relationships and even our ability to enjoy our own lives. A survey of 1,139 employees, sampled from three U.S. companies shows that 76 percent of workers feel tired during the workday, and 15 percent even fall asleep in the daytime at least once per week (Virgin Pulse and vielife survey, 2013) The same survey also reported that what was keeping people awake at night had to do with their sleeping environment, physical discomfort, worry and stress and mental activity. What was reported most often for worry and stress was family issues, work deadlines, negative events during the day and anxiety over sleeping through their alarm for the next morning. Sleeping environment and physical discomfort had mostly to do with room temperature, noise and light disturbances and small children interrupting sleep.



Actually, while these statistics may seem dismal at first glance, this is really great news! What is most encouraging about these survey results is that many of these issues can be managed very successfully with just a little mindful planning and developing healthy sleeping habits. Beginning with your sleep hygiene—taking care to create the healthiest sleeping conditions and habits possible for you and your family—many of the top issues interrupting sleep can be solved right there.

Sleep hygiene tips ♠

Stay cool at bedtime

1. Consider turning down the thermostat a bit as you prepare for bed—it can go back up again when you wake up; or consider using a fan at night to help cool down the room and circulate air 2. Taking a hot bath or shower before bed actually lowers your body temperature once you get out of the hot water


3. Don’t sleep with your feet covered—having your feet uncovered while you sleep helps cool your body, this includes bedsheets and socks

3. Consider taking a shower or bath just before bed, which will help cool your body temperature when you get out, which is another signal to your body that it’s time to sleep

4. Drink a little cool water or mint iced tea to help cool you down before bed—not too close to bedtime and not too much liquid, or that could interrupt your sleep, too

4. Spend a little time winding down, such as cuddling with a loved one or listening to relaxing music

♠ Keep your bedroom dark

and quiet

1. Make sure lights are off—If you have a television in your bedroom, turn it off, and remove all media devices from your room, or at least turn them off, and switch to using an old-fashioned alarm clock in your room instead of your smart device to prevent blue light disturbances in your sleep 2. Blackout curtains and heavy drapes can help block out light that may come in from outside and can even help to muffle sounds 3. Encourage small children to develop healthy sleeping habits as early on as possible by enforcing rules of consistent bedtimes, sleeping alone and developing a bedtime routine that helps to calm them and prepare them for a restful night, which can help prevent them from waking you up very often

♠ Develop your own personal

bedtime preparation routine

1. Pick a time to begin preparing for bed every night, which will help support your body’s natural sleep cycle 2. Do not use your snooze button; give yourself as much time as you can to sleep, and when it’s time to wake, get out of bed and begin your morning routine

5. If you find your mind is racing and it’s difficult to find a place of calm, purge your thoughts into a journal, or make a list of things you need to pay attention to tomorrow, and give yourself permission to rest right now In addition to being mindful about your sleeping habits, developing good morning habits are equally as important. They will help you set a positive intention for your day. Consider waking up a little early to spend time meditating or working out, which will help you feel better about yourself and help relieve you of anxiety or stress that may come your way upon waking. Many people find “gratitude journaling” to be a helpful activity to create a positive mindset for their day—just write down a number of things you are grateful for each day and anything else positive that comes to mind. If you have children, reduce morning stress by developing the habit of getting things ready for your morning the night before: set out clothes, have lunches packed, get school and office stuff organized and set to go. Also, consider waking up before the children so that you are already prepared for your day as they begin to prepare for theirs. A purposeful combination of positive sleeping and waking habits will help you enjoy a more restful sleep and a more peaceful morning filled with healthy energy you’ll need to operate at peak performance throughout your day.



A purposeful combination of positive sleeping and waking habits will help you enjoy a more restful sleep and a more peaceful morning filled with healthy energy you’ll need to operate at peak performance throughout your day.



e.a.t. Journal

On-line Weight Loss Program & book that feeds your body and spirit for lasting results...

No Diet • No Calorie Counting • No Kidding

This SYSTEM that has been developed by health/fitness expert Forbes Riley, who fought her weight for many years THEN discovered her own secrets for success. e.a.t. JOURNAL is an easy to follow, fun & effective weight loss program. Let's get started together today!

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A New Spin on...

Forbes Riley

Commitment to inspire by Daphne Taylor Street SpinGym Magazine's Editor-in-Chief talks about Forbes Riley: Forbes Riley is a force of nature—a warm, brilliant, passionate charge of energy who tirelessly achieves goal after goal and is driven to success in everything she does. That description is irrefutable by the sheer quantity of people who descibe her that way. Forbes is also a dear friend and long-time colleague of mine, so I have seen evidence of all of this upclose and personal for years. Success seems to come so naturally to her that it can be difficult to imagine the level of work and dedication that has gone into each leg of her journey. But, as I've said, I've seen all of the work, so there's no question where all of this success comes from. As Forbes tells her story, "Years of hard work makes you an overnight success!"


rom her career as an actress to award-winning international TV host and fitness celebrity, Forbes is at the top of her game. However, the story goes so much deeper than all of her achievements. To truly understand Forbes, you need to know about the countless lives she’s touched and changed in powerful ways! In fact, over the past five years

that I have worked sideby-side with Forbes, every single time she has been in front of an audience you will find participants driven to tears as something profound shifted in them. Forbes elicits change in her audiences, change that births success on every level—professionally, personally, emotionally, financially and philosophically. Just being

around Forbes means that you will challenge yourself, and you will get stronger and transform for the better. There’s something magical about it all. It sounds too good to be true? If I hadn’t experienced it, I wouldn’t believe it myself. Forbes is commonly seen on stages and on television screens teaching others about PAGE


fitness and living a healthy, empowered lifestyle. She knows that good health is about mindset, creating habits and living day to day not partaking in seasonal fads, and she has built a fitness empire and culture around this knowledge. She also speaks on women’s empowerment issues, business leadership, pitch and entrepreneurship strategies.


Lately, many have experienced Forbes’ curriculum on “The Magic of the Pitch” as she teaches the secrets of her success as one of the most accomplished sales pitch masters and TV spokespersons of all time, with more than $2 billion in sales to her credit. When people meet her, they immediately feel her powerful force, her high energy and the word most people use to describe her: she’s genuine. You know this isn’t some high stakes used car salesman trying to lure you out of your paycheck. Forbes speaks to audiences in a way that motivates them the most—they see themselves through her. Whether you’re sitting across from her or viewing her from a TV screen along with millions of other viewers, Forbes knows that the best way to communicate with audiences and to excite them to take action is through being genuine.

Most people are familiar with SpinGym the fitness system with more than 2 million SpinGyms sold all around the world, but what many have not yet experienced is the fullness of the SpinGym lifestyle that Forbes has carefully crafted. This is a lifestyle that has self-empowerment at its core, where people are free to live boldly and are given tools to help them believe in and achieve their dreams, where success is imminent. When I first met Forbes in 2012, I stood by her side as she worked literally day and night with a group of 30 men and women over a span of 10 weeks who released excess weight (about 30 lbs. per person), got fit and gained insurmountable insight and strength in many other areas of their lives. I was privileged to interview each of these participants privately, and I learned that while all were happy to have achieved their primary goal—weight loss—the biggest take-aways they got from Forbes’ program was much more than mere weight loss and fitness. They gained invaluable insight on what triggered them to gain so much weight in the first place and through the course of the program, they developed new-found personal empowerment to take control of other areas of their lives where they once felt powerless: relationships, careers, forgiveness, self-worth, etc. This was the result of the 2012 Forbes Riley SpinGym SlimDown 10Week Challenge. The culture carefully developed and nurtured through that program is the culture you have the opportunity to experience through Forbes Riley’s Forbes Living Magazine.

What you’ll see through this magazine is Forbes opening her full world to you. Her knowledge, wisdom and experiences, in a way that can empower readers to take part in this bold lifestyle that Forbes has created for SpinGym and beyond.

They gained invaluable insight on what triggered them to gain so much weight in the first place and through the course of the program, they developed new-found personal empowerment.

Forbes and I invite you to fully immerse yourself in the content and opportunities presented in this publication as it grows through each issue. Only through your participation and feedback can we create a custom experience for you. We want you to feel at home here and to comment, interact and play along with us as we develop a world specifically designed for you—to inspire you and provide you with a real resource to help you live the most amazing life: to live the life of your dreams.




FORBES FACTOR RADIO Airs LIVE weekly on Tuesdays @ Noon Pacific


Listen to Forbes Riley & Les Brown

Listen to Forbes Riley & Pasha Carter

Listen to Forbes Riley & Grant Cardone

Also available on iTunes: PAGE



Virtual Weight Loss with a...


SARAH GEMMELL Weight loss is a top issue among

Gemmell also understands how to integrate fitness into recovery from severe injury. She has also endured a fractured spine and a spinal fusion all while maintaining a health and fitness program (and a business!). This gives Gemmell unmatched experience and insight that has been the cornerstone of her success with her clients. She helps women every single day to lose weight, tone up, and to feel happier and more confident so that they can be high performers in all areas of their life.

men and women alike in America today. With stressful lives and hysterical schedules, often stretched between professional and family obligations, it can become a struggle to focus on your own physical and mental health. And, weight-gain is one of the most typical symptoms, an often obvious, embarassing and difficult-to-manage symptom. Many people have tried multiple fad diets - some worked for a time and some didn't work at all. What's next?

Gemmell offers a unique virtual weight loss and fitness training program that is customized to meet everyone's individual needs and desired results. You can access Gemmell's program through the link below...

High-performance weight loss coach and owner of Gem Fitness, Sarah Gemmell, is focusing on weight loss from a different perspective. Yes, it's still about what you eat and getting fit, but it's also about what lead you to those unhealthy habits in the first place. Stress, depression, anxiety, physical pain, emotional pain, addictions... Maybe a bit of a therapist is in order, too? Well, Gemmell is not only a weight loss expert, she has a background in psychology and addictions and mental health counseling. She approaches training with accountability and compassion and with a deep understanding of how bad habits develop, what triggers them, and how to break through those barriers to a more empowered, healthier lifestyle that can last a lifetime. In fact, Gemmell is not only a coach, she leads by example, having used health and fitness to fight her own battles with depression, anxiety, and over-stress.

Visit: Gem Fitness - Virtual Weightloss Program - Connect to Sarah

Photographed by Dantone Creative

Sarah Gemmell is a high-performance weight loss coach and owner of Gem Fitness where she helps busy

professional women to lose weight, tone up and feel happier and more confident with her convenient virtual workout programs. Gemmell is also an expert when it comes to reducing anxiety, depression, and stress naturally through lifestyle changes, action plans and accountability. FORBES LIVING SPOTLIGHT SPONSOR PAGE




Don't call me Sweetie STACY GABEL



Stacy Gabel is an award-winning singer-songwriter and recording artist, performing on tour across the

United States. Gabel describes her new single, Straight to Voicemail, as a "fun, upbeat, empowering, catchy pop song that addresses a common issue that men and women are faced with on a day to day basis: being called pet names by someone other than your significant other." Her lyrics include the line, "Please don't call me sweetie." Gabel says that her lyrics always carry a serious message of "girl power," and Straight to Voicemail is no exception.

About her music... Gabel says that her hope is simple: that people enjoy her music and can relate. "Life is short," said Gabel. "Let's enjoy each and every moment together and encourage each other to follow our dreams." "Theatrical pop" is how Gabel describes her music style - a blend of pop and Broadway/musical theater genre. Gabel has a musical theater background and often performs at festivals, theaters, wineries, resorts, sporting events, etc. Gabel says that she enjoys the energy of performing for larger audiences and also the intimacy of small acoustic shows, and looks forward to scheduling more venues for her current tour. FORBES LIVING SPOTLIGHT SPONSOR PAGE




Families & Caregivers Support

There is hope on the other side of the door Schizophrenia is a mental illness with more than 200,000 cases reported per year in the United States. It is a chronic and persistent disorder that interferes with how a person thinks, feels and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem out of touch with reality and can experience hallucinations and psychosis. Treatment may be effective in addressing some symptoms, and it usually includes a lifelong commitment to medication, psychotherapy, and other services.

Schizophrenia Family & Caregiver


Families & Caregivers: As difficult as managing

HOPE Podcast

schizophrenia is on the patients, the family members and caregivers often seem left out when it comes to resources and support, though they are often suffering deeply with stress, feelings of guilt, frustration, confusion, fear, and even resentment.

DR. KENNETH CAMPOS Ken Campos, MD, DFAPA is a professional psychiatrist, identifying as a holistic psychiatrist, medication and care management specialist. He has been treating patients with schizophrenia and psychosis since his Mayo Clinic Residency in 1981. He spent 20 years in closed-locked hospital settings with acutely psychotic patients up until 2013, and now works part time at an outpatient clinic doing medication management for those with chronic schizophrenia. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Association - DFAPA Distinguished Fellow of the APA.

Dr. Campos is in the process of developing a nonprofit organization that would support housing, supervision and treatment to individuals with schizophrenia. He hosts the HOPE: On the Other Side of the Door podcast, focusing on the needs of families and caregivers of those diagnosed with schizophrenia. FORBES LIVING SPOTLIGHT SPONSOR PAGE




Creating BALANCE for Yourself, Work & Home


Self-Care is one of the most critical and often

over-looked components in creating a balanced lifestyle. Far too many people believe that taking time out of a demanding schedule or stressful life for a massage, meditation, journaling or just to socialize and play is too selfish when there is so much to be done! "Self-care, actually isn't selfish at all," explains Pamela Zimmer, life coach and balance expert.

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"Not only is self-care not selfish, it's one of the most generous things you can do," Zimmer says. She explained that if you aren't filled up, your energy and mindset are depleted, which leads to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, and this leads to challenges managing everyday problems that pop up all the time not to mention the big crises that hit us now and then.


3 Tips to Reclaim Balance

Below are three simple yet effective tips to help reclaim balance in your life... 1) Develop a morning and before bed routine: Routines help prepare you for a purpose-driven day and a restful night, preparing your mind and body for positive intentions and expectations. 2) Spend time in nature: You might go for a walk outside, sit in a park, go to a beach, etc. but that time in nature is something our souls crave as we watch the animals, smell the plants and hear the wind rustle. 3) Schedule your next day before bed: Plan out what you're doing the next day. This will put your mind at ease, allowing you a restful night, and it will help you feel empowered when the morning comes, enforcing a pro-active state-of-mind versus a chaotic, reactive one.

Pamela Zimmer is a life coach for women and moms, speaker



and #1 best-selling author, helping women return to their individuality and find balance in three core areas of life: social, self, work, and home. I began my career as an architect, and from that background, I bring a logical, solution-oriented approach to coaching and a deeply personal perspective. I sludged my way through postpartum depression, and the tools I used to help me regain balance in my life are now available in my step-by-step program.





Adventurer, Model, Instagram Celebrity, Best Friend


Meet One Up Max!

There is no failure if you keep moving forward Max is a dog, an adventurer, a model, an Instagram celebrity and the lead character of ADVENTURES OF ONE UP MAX. Lisa Shawver, Max's human, is entertaining kids of all ages with the stories of One Up Max. You can find out everything Max is up to by following him on Instagram and Facebook @ One Up Max! Max is also available for hire as a model and actor. Reach out to: to book Max.

Lisa Shawver is an entrepreneur, author, coach,

and a former Olympic softball athlete who now helps others achieve Olympic-level success through mentoring, business coaching and motivational speaking. She leads by example and is always creating. The author of the youth chapter book, The Adventures Of One Up Max: Runic and the Crystal Cave, Shawver engages kids in the magic of reading! In the book, Max is after a strange critter, a young dragon, and follows it into a wormhole that zooms him into an even stranger world, where he sets off on a dangerous quest in search of magical stones in order to get back home. Readers experience themes such as friendship, perserverance, and teamwork. Max's adventures teach us that there is no failure if you keep moving forward. This book has been a big hit in homes and schools across America. A sequel is in the works, so that Max can continue on his harrowing adventures, delighting kids and parents alike with stories designed to awaken imaginations and encourage reading with lovable Max taking the lead with his friends, creatures and quests! FORBES LIVING SPOTLIGHT SPONSOR PAGE







in her own words

by Daphne Taylor Street n America today, there are about 7,176 magazines in circulation. Why would ANYONE start yet another magazine and try to make an impact in this highly competitive market? Because Forbes Living Magazine is rethinking the power of what eMagazines, quality content and quality products and services, married together and branded in one space can do to level-up market reach and sales.

magazine a brand of trust


Forbes Riley maintains a lifelong commitment to quality in her brand & life.

"Forbes Living Magazine is on the cutting-edge of advertising, sales and marketing practices while carefully vetting all products, services and causes represented in its magazine. Each company advertised is interviewed and researched to ensure that its mission, quality and nature is in-line with the mission and values that is central to the Forbes Living Brand."

We're different because our advertisers don't just purchase ad space in Forbes Living Magazine. We're better than that. We have relationships with anyone invited to advertise in our space to help ensure that we are bringing our readers the best quality possible, and invite these advertisers to be represented in our brand.

This level of quality is a huge advantage to our advertisers and readers alike, because being represented in our brand means that we trust you. And that is the same level of trust audiences have put in Forbes Riley and all she has represented for years!

Forbes Living Magazine is synonymous with the Forbes Riley Brand, and is modeled after the many years Forbes has spent pitching products on television, resulting in more than $2.5 billion in revenue. Her success has been predicated on aligning herself with the best quality products and services on the market to represent, then telling their stories in such a way that they become personal to their audiences, which does more than just close sales--it builds relationships with customers and brands.

The medium matters. Not only do you reach your direct

subscribers, but you also reach audiences via targeted internet marketing, followers of social media influencers, and true brandculture fans start spreading your ad around, but that's not even the coolest part... Your ad isn't just a picture up in a print magazine that just sits on a page. No, your ad in this eMagazine is interactive, actionable content--it's an article you get to publish that's interesting, shareable, and allows people to take action immediately when they first see your ad. You can lead readers IMMEDIATELY into your world. Readers can order products or book services RIGHT AWAY directly from a link in your ad. Interested?

This has been at the core of Forbes Riley's success, and therefore is the core philosophy for advertisers in our magazine. This is one element that sets Forbes Living Magazine apart in the sea of magazines present in the market today. We are dedicated to representing the ultimate in quality for our brand.

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Storytelling is the best marketing...

Be recognized as an expert in your industry and an authority as your brand. Write your book, tell your story, and catapult your success. Full-service marketing book publishing • • • • • • • PAGE


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