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Strategies to Level-up YOUR Game by Forbes Riley with Daphne Taylor Street

Forbes Factor Handbook by Forbes Riley with Daphne Taylor Street

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INTRODUCTION "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work.” It's interesting when people dismiss success saying, “Oh, you’re just lucky.” I learned early on that luck is something you actually influence and create. What a concept, right?! The fact that YOU are reading this now, tells me you’re on the path to achieve YOUR personal greatness. I’m excited that I get to be a small part of your journey! I have devoted most of my life to creating my own wealth, success and overall happiness the hard way. I didn’t know that there were people out there who would help me, offering their secrets and strategies to short-cut what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles at times. I struggled through, and created my world, but I’ve learned that nothing is worthwhile if you don’t pay it forward. Page | 1

My greatest rewards come from providing others with the short-cuts, and strategies that I have used time and again through lived experience, which have proven to be highly successful and with results that have been replicated time and again. What makes my work today so meaningful is watching those who have worked with me soar to heights beyond their wildest imaginations! The Forbes Factor Handbook is dedicated with love and honor to all those who have trusted me and our team with their dreams as they watch them manifest even when everyone else thought it was impossible. That’s what it means to say, “I Forbes’d It.” Several years ago, a woman coined the phrase after she had heard a motivational speech I gave where I highlighted the many times I manifested success against all odds. During the same event, she manifested something that seemed impossible, too, and she turned to me in front of a large audience and exclaimed, “I Forbes’d it!” This Forbes Factor Handbook contains some of the most important techniques I’ve used throughout my career and serves as a resource and a token of our commitment to YOUR health, wealth and happiness! Page | 2

As always, if you have questions or want to attend one of our workshops, trainings or live Zoom Support Calls, just reach out Page | 3


GrubHub Principle

Dialing-up your dreams

What do you want? This sounds like a simple question, let me ask you—what do you want? The answer should be relatively simple. It’s not. For example, does this sound familiar... Me: “What do you want for dinner?” Him: “I don’t care, what do you want?” Me: “Anything is fine.” Him: “Okay, pizza.” Me: “No, anything but pizza. What about fish?” Him: “I’m not really feeling fish…” How does this translate to the big things in life? Finances, relationships, raising kids, careers, relaxation or whatever excites you to enjoy life to the fullest—What DO you want? Page | 4

You may think those bigger questions are much easier to nail down than “What do you want for dinner,” but after doing this exercise with hundreds of people over the years, most of us either have no idea what we want, are too afraid to ask for it, or believe that it’s out of reach. Worse… You might find yourself settling for what you get and complaining, rather than asking for what you truly want and expecting it to appear. To want to be wealthy, is simply a wish. To want to generate $10,000 a month is a “want.” A “want” cannot include words like- “I want more...”, “I want a better…”, “I hope…”, or “Maybe one day…”

A “want” must be affirmative in these three categories to truly be a tangible goal: actionable, measurable, quantifiable Believing 100% in what you want, asking for it and expecting it to appear is often called the Art of Manifestation or the Law of Attraction, in my world we say you “Forbes’d it.” Page | 5

Forbes’d it (v) - To manifest something, especially when no one else thinks it is possible. I have long been obsessed with this notion of asking for what you want, after learning it the hard way. In my 20’s my career was solely focused on being a successful actress and TV host. I had been in numerous movies, tv shows and even on Broadway, but I had hit a roadblock. I looked at the career paths of Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and even Ellen DeGeneres and concluded that success was a combination of talent, timing and relationships. Growing up in a blue-collar family on Long Island, I was low on Hollywood connections until one day my future father-in-law went out on a limb and got me a one-on-one private meeting with the head of Universal Studios. This was the key to unlock all my dreams. It was my first Hollywood meeting and being star struck by this offer, I never thought to make a strategy or ask a mentor, what might happen. BIG MISTAKE. In the meeting we were making small talk when Mr. Tom Pollack asked me the big question, “So, what do you want?” Rather than taking the bull by the horns and specifically laying out my “wants,” my dreams got ahead of me and perhaps I just babbled on. Page | 6

Mr Pollack took a deep breath, looked at me disappointed and pushed a dime across his desk saying, “Please DON’T call me when you figure it out.” Just like that, my golden opportunity fizzled away and to this day I am still haunted by a 30+ year old memory. Rather than ask to meet a director or shadow an actress, I got what I asked him for… nothing. DON’T DO THIS - don’t blow YOUR big opportunity. Do your research, have a coach, mastermind YOUR dreams and be ready when YOUR big moment appears. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! ______________ However, this is easier said than done. As a Results Success Coach, one of the first questions I ask is “What do YOU want?” The #1 response is… “financial freedom.” The solution is simple. Go walk out of your house, grab a cardboard box, and live under a bridge, homeless. There—now you’re financially free. No phone bill, no car payment… you are financially free. That was easy, right? Oh, so that’s probably not what you meant... Page | 7

You need to be specific in order to get the results you desire. If you want more money, ask yourself “How can I achieve this goal?” Within the answer to that question is your TRUE wants. An example of a viable want to make more money is, “I want 10 new clients a month.” That is actionable, measurable, and a quantifiable want. When you think of the reality of getting 10 new clients a month, that can equal $10,000 more a month which leads to reaching your overall “want.” So, “more money” isn’t specific enough—you need to have laserfocused clarity on what you want before it can be achieved. At the end of this chapter, you’ll participate in a brief exercise in your journal to help you dial-down to the core understanding of what you want. One piece of advice I can give you is that if you have no idea where you’re going, you will end up settling for wherever you end up. The GrubHub Principle One reason knowing exactly what you want in like is important —is that you can’t do it alone! If you aren’t clear about what YOU want, how can you expect anyone else to help manifest it. No one will be able to align with you and work in your favor to make it a reality. Page | 8

Think about it in terms of GrubHub. What happens when you call up this 21st century food delivery service and you request to order food? They ask you over the phone, “What do you want?” They aren’t in the business of guessing, but rather delivering on YOUR desired food choice. So you might start with, “I want some Chinese food… oh no, wait had that yesterday. Maybe a hamburger… no… too greasy, trying to watch my weight. I want…. hmmm.” At this point Grubhub will say, “Please call us back when you know what you want” and then they hang up. Kinda like Tom Pollack from Universal hung up on me. Now, if you select which restaurant you want, and clearly state, “I want a caesar salad with extra chicken and hold the croutons…” Wow! Somehow the food gets prepared exactly as YOU wanted, and GrubHub delivers it right to your door! It all happened because you KNEW what you wanted, articulated it precisely, and expected it to arrive. Page | 9

The Universe appears to operate a lot like GrubHub. If you tell the Universe exactly what you want, it will help line-up everything need to get you there. So, what do YOU want?

Take a few minutes, find a quiet spot and write down, with great detail 5 things YOU WANT! Page | 10


Art of the Introduction

$101k Handshake

What is your name? No doubt, when you are networking, you are asked two standard questions: “What is your name,” and “What do you do?” I am also confident that you, like most people on the planet, have not given much thought to your answers to these questions. Afterall, you know your name and occupation, right? However, what you may not know is that how you answer these questions can help predict if the conversation you’re having will last an easily forgettable matter of minutes, or will it result in a business deal, referral, investor prospects, partner meeting… all the things you really want? The $101k Handshake is an entire blueprint I designed, based on proven methods, that ends in closed sales and other planned outcomes. One of the first lessons is the art of the introduction. Within the first few seconds of meeting a new person, you can either Page | 11

cement a winning relationship or leave empty-handed. You get to determine which will happen if you’ve developed the right skills. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t actually matter what you do. You can be an internet marketer, a small business owner, a fitness pro, a surgeon, etc. No matter how many times you’re asked this question by thousands of people over your lifetime, I’m going to let you in on a little secret—no one actually cares what you do, but rather what you can do for them! Humans are innately selfish beings—that’s not an insult; it’s just a reality. We are programmed to value and remember things that are important to us in some meaningful way. That’s why it’s often very easy to forget the name and occupation of someone you just met after 5 minutes. So, given that this is a reality, there are things you can do to make yourself more memorable.

“Your network is your net worth”

Here are my secrets to network like a boss! Page | 12

SECRET #1: Associate your name with something indelible that is also in-line with your personal brand (we’ll go over personal branding some other time). Example A: “My name is Forbes… Forbes Riley... ‘Forbes like the magazine.” Now, I’d like for you to imagine for a moment, now that you’ve read that introduction, what does the name Forbes Riley represent for you now? Often people tell me that they think of success, business, wealth, etc. All of this is in-line with my personal brand, making it simple and memorable. NOTE: People do business with people they know, like and trust, and if they can easily remember YOUR name after that initial meeting--they’re more likely to want to follow up. Example B: My name is Justin… Justin Gross… just in case you’re looking for a digital marketer… I can help YOU GROSS more money in your sleep. This technique can be done with any name, and it’s fun to try to figure it out. Plus, once you execute it properly, it will make all the difference for your career. Page | 13

What do you do? The next question when networking is usually: “What do you do?” This is a huge moment, that if you seize it correctly results in leads, relationships and more revenue. Too often when people respond to “what do you do?” They reply in a generic answer, or offer a laundry list of all things they do, or sometimes they will say, “Oh, I do SO much”. None of those replies will excite the person asking the question, and the potential lead is lost. SECRET #2: This secret is what we like to call the $101k Handshake, an innovative networking solution. If executed properly, it can result in closing a six-figure deal, but without this secret, you could simply be left holding a buck. The Principles behind the $101k Handshake includes capitalizing on each introduction to provide value to YOU and the person you are networking with... SO, next time when the question arises, “What do you do?” try thinking to yourself, “How can I serve you?” (the person you are networking with). It forces you to shift your perspective on to THEM, consider how what you do might help them and what you truly have to offer. Page | 14

Networker: “What do you do?” Average Response: “I’m an internet marketer” to which the prospect may then says… Oh… okay. BUT, when asked “What do you do?” Quietly ask yourself- “What can I do for you?” Now, let’s look at this a little differently… $101k Handshake Response: “I build people’s online worlds allowing them to create the financial freedom they desire while spreading their message with the world via the internet.” Notice how the first answer to the first question kills the opportunity of focusing on the specific needs of the potential new client and making a memorable response. However, my $101k Handshake response to the question engages who you are talking to and elicits a conversation about how you can work together, immediately, resulting in $$$$. There’s an old saying that goes: “People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.” When someone asks you what Page | 15

you do, and your reply instantly engaging them by describing how you would serve them, you will be remembered. NOTE: if you are having difficulty finding the right pitch for your name and crafting your messages on your own, I have carved out several blocks of time to help: Page | 16

ACTIVITY #1: • Write down your name • Find a way to tie your name to your credibility—either your first or last name • Add a button to make it memorable. ACTIVITY #2: How do you currently answer the question: “What Do You Do?” Go ahead and write down your typical response. Now, answer the question “How Do You Serve?” Think about exactly how what you do benefits others, and write down that answer. Page | 17


Begin with the End in Mind Strategize Backwards

The Parable of the Archer & the Woodsman

Once upon a time, a woodsman was traveling through the forest, and he noticed a bullseye painted on a tree with an arrow dead-center in the middle. He walked a little farther, and he spotted another bullseye with another arrow, right in the center. The woodsman was baffled by how many of these targets had arrows struck right in the center bullseye. Suddenly, the woodsman noticed an archer walking nearby, and he called out to her. “Excuse me!” he shouted. “Did you fire all of these arrows in the center of these bullseyes?” She replied, “Yes, I did.” He said, “This is amazing! I’m sorry to bother you, but would you mind if I watched you shoot just one bullseye? This is the most amazing archery I have ever seen!” “Sure, come over here,” she said. Page | 18

The woodsman walked over to the archer, pulled out her bow and arrow and struck a tree. Then, she walked over to the tree and painted a bullseye around the arrow. The SECRET you see, is to FIRE the arrow FIRST, then draw the bullseye! Page | 19

When you begin with the end in mind, you work out the steps to reach your goal from a place of knowing exactly the desire outcome… remember the why you want exercise. You know exactly what you want, so you are 100% more likely to achieve the overall goal. Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re trying to get $1 million in investments. Beginning with the end in mind, you can map out a specific plan of how the $1 million will directly influence your project to build resources, inventory, etc. and build wealth for your investors. You can clearly outline an actionable plan on how they will get a profitable return on their investments and exit this project with a solid projected profit… Beginning with the end in mind ensures to you, your partner, and your investors/stakeholders that you have a clear vision of your goal based on the detailed strategy you’ve built to achieve it. As an entrepreneur you must approach your business like an architect would. Every wall, light sockets, window frame is SPECIFICALLY drawn so that a contractor can construct a skyscraper… imagine if the architect HADN’T had a clear vision… the building, like so many failed businesses, would just crumble within itself. Page | 20

Write down a dream you’d like to achieve. Next, spend a few minutes imagining that dream is a full-blown reality. You did it! Whatever it is… How GREAT do you feel having accomplished this. Now, begin with the end in mind. Chunk it down to actionable steps, but in the reverse order. If you do this diligently and practice it often, NO project is ever too big or too complicated. It’s how you can (metaphorically) eat an elephant… one bite at a time and actually achieve your goal! Page | 21


Emotional Housekeeping Pack your baggage

Clean out your closet It’s time to take inventory of all you have locked away, and look at it with a new set of eyes. This isn’t just about changing your perspective; it is about literally allowing yourself to change through this process. Give yourself permission to shift how you think, what you fear, and what internal barriers are holding you from performing at the top of your game… Let’s start by examining your “closet”—this is the part of you where you’ve been stuffing all of your secrets, the things that embarrass you, that frighten you, that make you feel insecure, vulnerable, angry, or even ashamed. All of these skeletons are incredibly restless in there, whispering to you all of the time, whether you realize it or not. They try to convince Page | 22

you that you’re “not enough,'' that your dreams are too big, you aren't worth it, that you are destined to fail, that you’re not good enough to succeed, that everyone is out to get you… Does any of this sound familiar to you? I’ve worked with thousands of people, empowering them to go through and “clean out their closets”. We examine experiences and relationships that have placed a certain amount of power within that control your present and future. Cleaning out your closet is critical for acknowledging those skeletons, toss out everything that no longer serves you, and re-organize what still has a purpose to make room for new ideas, new beliefs and new beginnings! You are the sum of the obstacles you overcome is my personal strategy and lifeline for dealing with past trauma, fear, failure and pain. Tapping into the energy of these stories serve well to empower and instill strength versus weakness. Understanding that every story you have is a magnificent example of how you are strong and resilient! If you feel like something other than a champion when you look back over what you endured, then it’s time to clean out your closet. Page | 23

Let’s start cleaning out YOUR closet… List 5 limiting beliefs and/or fears that you feel are holding you back from achieving your BIG dreams. Simply identifying and acknowledging your limiting beliefs and fears and how they keep you from achieving your highest potential is the first step towards empowerment. In my Forbes Factor Live class, we delve much deeper into this activity, leading you on a journey to examine the fullness of what you deem to be limitations, and help you break through these barriers and access the power you’ve been hiding within. Register at Page | 24


Permission Granted

Click your heels, Dorothy

How you do something is how you do everything How organized is your home and office space? How much thought have you put into your professional wardrobe? How attentive are you to the people in your life? How well do you stick to your word and deadlines? How committed are you to the quality of everything you do? How well do you take care of yourself and those close to you? What if I told you that areas of disappointment in yourself lead to negative reactions occurring in ALL aspects of your life. It’s vital to be VERY honest with yourself when it comes to identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Now, here’s the secret: you, personally, don’t have to be great at everything to reach your goal. Delegate out your weaknesses and enroll or hire someone else to do them. In life, your weakness could be housekeeping, finances, scheduling appointments, cooking, or eating healthy meals, transporting kids on time to various locations, etc. Think of ways that you could delegate some of these responsibilities. Taking just one or Page | 25

two of these weaknesses off of your list of responsibilities will relieve you of stress and allow you time to focus on your strengths.

List five areas of your life that need a little attention—NOT other people’s problems—things that are specifically YOUR responsibility. Then, next to those, list at least one way that you can level-up your performance in those areas. You can either step-up your game doing it yourself, or you can delegate to someone else. You can also enroll an expert or coach to assist you.

and a BONUS! Page | 26

I call it PERMISSION GRANTED. This is based on the notion that as toddlers many of us hear the word “no” 400 times a day. We are so often denied permission that our own personal editor starts to tell us no (all the time!). When you tap into the joy of Permission and how to GRANT it to yourself, you may find permission to finally lose those last 25 pounds, permission to leave a job you despise or perhaps permission to exit a toxic relationship. As my final GIFT to you, enjoy my PERMISSION card and use it any time you find necessary!

You can also order a PERMISSION card of your own, a physical metal card that will serve as a continuous reminder that you have PERMISSION at all times to achieve your dreams. You can keep with you in your wallet, purse, pocket… You can also GIFT this to someone else who you feel needs PERMISSION GRANTED. Page | 27 Page | 28

Different thoughts lead to different actions, which lead to different habits and ultimately to different outcomes. My wish for you is to master your internal editor and learn to fly. Dream big. Seize opportunity. Enjoy your life and please pay it forward through positive intentions and a joyous attitude! Looking forward to seeing YOU at the next Forbes Factor Live! For upcoming dates, visit

Thank you for joining me on this journey called life and while they say, nothing in life is free, my BONUS’ are—ENJOY! Join in our inspiring community and share what you loved about this book: Page | 29

TV Host | Keynote Speaker | Fitness Expert

Forbes Riley is a force of nature on a mission to help others become the best version of themselves and turn dreams into reality time and again. Forbes is widely known for grossing more than $2.5 billion in revenue, a National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee and is the creator of the bestselling SpinGym fitness system. Today, you can find Forbes on TV and film, at her television studio in Florida, or on stages around the world empowering others to realize their BIG Dreams. Page | 30