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to maximize rebates on your purchases? Foodbuy can help. Offering a comprehensive range of products and services for all your business needs while maximizing rebates and savings 2023 EDITION INNOVATIVE PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS
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2023 is lining up to be an exciting year for Foodbuy and our members in the hospitality sector.

For close to a decade, Foodbuy has been a strong supporter of the hotel sector, helping members save money on food and supply purchases. In the past, our focus was mostly on the food and beverage side of the business. Today, we are expanding to provide a wider range of services as we strive to be the go-to procurement specialist, supporting your overall business needs. Our full-service Hotel Support Program is aimed towards helping our members drive business results.

First, we are introducing a game changing new insurance program for the hospitality sector. We have partnered with Navacord and Selectpath to help drive insurance savings for our members. This program covers the full gambit of insurance needs, as well as a unique health and benefits program. Be sure to reach out for more details.

Secondly, we have assembled a new group of suppliers to help grow your business. These suppliers have expertise and solutions specifically for the hotel sector. The group includes HD Supplies, Davryl, Imperial Dade, Diversey, Grainger, and many more.

Third, we are also launching a new Professional Services Platform. This is a team of high-powered, best-in-class foodservice and hospitality professional service partners who can help you with unique business challenges. Whether it’s staffing issues, menu development, pricing strategies, staff training, financing, marketing, or concept branding, it’s all included as part of Foodbuy’s Professional Services support system.

Last, but most important, Foodbuy continues to be a strong supporter for the overall goals of the entire hospitality sector. We have a new sponsorship with the Hotel Association of Canada, and we continue to support and work with the BC, Alberta, and Ontario associations. Their ability to push the legislative agenda is paramount to all of our success.

Our dedicated Support Team is always here to work with you and your staff, sourcing products and creating product guides to help you streamline your purchase decisions and maximize your program benefits.

If you require more information on any of our new products and services, or have any questions, we’re always here to help. It’s our Job!

Thank you for your continued participation in our program. We look forward to working with you throughout the 2023 season!

Foodbuy is a proud partner of:

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We are North America’s largest Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

Our goal at Foodbuy is to help your business maximize profits and streamline your procurement processes, helping you to optimize your operations.

Your membership with Foodbuy guarantees you the best prices and rebates possible on food, non-food items, and services through our unmatched purchasing volumes and best in class procurement teams.

We know that your time is valuable. That is why we do all the leg work for you to solve your procurement challenges. We work with over 600 leading manufacturers and distributors, offering purchasing programs on a wide array of food and non-food categories, from unique appetizers to

premium meats to single use containers and office supplies.

Unlike traditional Group Purchasing Organizations who take a one-size fits all approach, we provide the flexibility and customization you need to maximize your business’ potential.

From sourcing to distribution to consulting, we can simplify your procurement journey.

• Unmatched savings and rebates from food and beverage programs

• Industry leading non-foods procurement portfolio

• Culinary and operational consulting services

• Dynamic e-procurement and reporting capabilities

• Sustainable, local and regional procurement programs

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Flexible Food Procurement Programs including wellness, regional, specialty and sustainable offerings

Technology to inform operational data-driven decision-making

Facilities maintenance services, as well as cleaning and sanitation supplies

Small wares, disposables, and appliances

Uniforms, linens, and textiles

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment

Professional services solutions


Monthly rebate cheques based on operator volumes

Detailed reporting of your purchases

Specialized account management and 24 hr portal access

Direct supplier resources

Additional savings from optimizations

Operational and culinary expertise

Globally, Compass Group, the parent company of Foodbuy, is on a mission called “Planet Promise” to make a meaningful, positive, environmental impact through our business.

We continue to focus on and make progress on our top four priority areas:

• Responsible sourcing

• Packaging

• Food waste reduction

• Plant forward meals

We are committed to reach our goal of Net Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across our global operations by 2050.


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Proper set up is key to high sales

Foodbuy and The Fifteen group empower hotels to leverage their food & beverage programs

Foodbuy is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with The Fifteen group, one of North America’s leading hospitality consulting companies. The Fifteen group specializes in helping restaurants and hotels successfully launch and operate more profitably.

Since 2001, the company has worked with over 1,000 hospitality operations of all shapes and sizes, providing services from menu design and engineering to profit modeling, operational optimization, branding, marketing, and fiscal accountability metrics.

We sat down with David Hopkins, president of The Fifteen group, to gather his insights on what he sees as branding opportunities for many hotels.

“The number of subpar hotel food and beverage programs always surprises me,” says David. “I was in Cincinnati not long ago, and the restaurant at the hotel I was staying at was extremely disappointing. It had no character, no concept, no branding, and a substandard menu. Not surprisingly, I was pretty much the only one in the restaurant.

“In contrast, I was staying at a hotel in Nashville the night before. They knocked their food and beverage offering out of the park. Everything was onpoint, and all the staff were fully trained. The brand and concept were clearly thought out, not only in execution but also in the brand experience. Naturally, their restaurant and bar were packed with both guests staying at the hotel as well as local patrons.

“Hotels spend tremendous amounts of money on building a lounge, bar, outdoor patios and restaurant spaces, yet they completely miss out on their potential because of poor execution.

“Why is this? I think it must be because ‘food and beverage’ is not most hotels’ ‘core business’ — it’s more of an afterthought with little effort put into it. But we feel that is a mistake.”

David summed up his opinion on hotel spaces by adding that regardless of whether you want to make money off this significant investment, the food and beverage space in your hotel represents your overall brand; a bad experience is a poor reflection on your hotel and the its brand.

Just as important, once you are paying the operational costs of a food and beverage space, approximately 50-60% of all incremental revenues go straight to the bottom line. That means if a restaurant or bar space does $3.5 million in sales vs. $1.5 million, that is an additional $1 million+ to the bottom line every year. In today’s hospitality landscape, that profit is critical.

When asked what the secret sauce is to make this type of transformation, David was earnest with his answer.

“First off, you need to treat this like a real business opportunity, a separate food and beverage concept that will generate $3 to $6 million (or even more) in revenue. It can’t just be thrown together. You can’t just hire a chef to develop a menu, buy some plates and glasses, hire some staff, print some menus, and expect to succeed.

“More importantly, you need more than just an interior designer to develop the concept. Interior designers are not restaurant concept developers. Don’t get me wrong — they are great at what they do, but developing an awesome food and beverage concept is not what they are good at.

“Successful, properly developed concepts involve careful planning, coordination of the restaurant operation (brand, concept, menu, bar program, staffing, service style, training, design, etc.) and a clear vision of how all those pieces will work together to make a profitable financial model.

“You get what you pay for. Going the extra mile to execute a restaurant thoughtfully and strategically in your hotel space will pay off in spades.

“We put our money where our mouth is. We believe that a well-run restaurant and brand should be able to make 15% profit, so much so that our whole company is named after that target.”

If your hotel restaurant isn’t thriving, you need to bring in the experts. The Fifteen group’s expertise will help you realize the massive ROI of investing in your food and beverage program. Having worked with leading hotel brands such as Sheraton, Fairmont and Delta, they are the experts in this space. As a Foodbuy member, you will have access to a preferred pricing program with The Fifteen group. Let Foodbuy and its partners help optimize your operations.


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Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 7
David Hopkins, President of The Fifteen Group
the extra mile to execute a restaurant thoughtfully and strategically in your hotel space will pay off in spades.”

Elevating the guest experience postCOVID

Westmont Hospitality aiming to step up their game food and beverage game

The Westmont Hospitality group got its start in the early 1970’s. It was formed by leveraging friends’ and family resources to acquire local hotels in Canada and the US. In 1978 Westmont Hospitality group was awarded their first Holiday Inn franchise. By 2003, Westmont created InnVest, one of the largest Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Today, Westmont is a global player with many of the sector’s top hotel brands in their

Park Lane Hotel, London
Mukadam, Westmont Hospitality group, Canada

portfolio. Whether it is a Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Weston, or Sheraton, you have probably stayed in one of their properties.

We had a chance to speak with Westmont’s Salim Mukadam, Senior Vice President of Operations, Canada.

Mukadam admitted that COVID-19 certainly took its toll on the group. However, they were able to survive based on quickly adapting and looking for alternative revenue options. Substituting as a COVID solve for extended care and retirement home strains, or student residencies, helped Westmont maintain cash flow for survival.

Looking forward, Mukadam is positive about 2023. Although Q1 of this past year was tough, the rest of the year has been very positive.

“This recovery has been driven by domestic travel and is mostly rate driven. To date, there has been little pushback on rate increases we felt were necessary. There is a lot of pent-up demand. Canadians faced some of the harshest lockdowns and they are now on the move. Plus, people are sitting on cash.”

Mukadam noted that in the past, just half of travel tourism was domestic. “Today our guests are 90% domestic travelers. Canadians and sports teams are traveling again, and we are expecting a record-high in December across many properties.”

One of the key factors for Westmont’s success and positive outlook has been their “doubling down” strategy for staff training and retention.

Mukadam outlined this shift in Westmont’s thinking.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we hired 1,100 people and 400 left each month. That is not a sustainable business model. We want to be fair and equitable with respect to compensation. We realized that we needed to put some fun back in it, as we are in the hospitality business!”

High performers that were selected from various hotels were dispatched back out to train staff on key service levels that Westmont wanted to deliver across all their properties. It was a significant investment, and the Westmont group is starting to see it pay dividends.

Taking a holistic approach, the group moved staff as necessary across the country to help during peak events. This cross-training experience helped build morale and staff retention.

“We also want our GM’s to be focused on local market development which requires effort. We use best practices from across the country to help them. We need them to be plugged into the local Hotel Association, the Chambers of Commerce, and other governing bodies in order to help drive growth.”

Westmont has employed displaced Ukrainians during these challenging times and could do more if the government would speed up the processes. Missing two years of immigration has had a significant impact.

For 2023, Mukadam is making a big bet on food and beverage (F&B) sales and restaurant operations.

“The restaurant is usually treated as a separate entity. And our salespeople don’t focus on it. Why not? That is the question we are asking? We want to elevate the overall guest experience. That will require completely different training. That is why we are looking to Foodbuy for help. We are expecting to bring in our top F&B staff for additional training, menu design, and optimizations in an effort to step up our game in this area. Foodbuy has a wealth of resources available that we want to tap into to ensure our success.”

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Delta Hotel, St. John’s Fairmont Hotel, Edmonton Hilton Resort & Spa, Whistler


Business is ready to boom, but.....

Staffing shortages could hamper growth for hospitality sector

Foodbuy has announced a new partnership with the Hotel Association of Canada in an effort to hep support the industry.

After 18 months of devastation the hospitality sector is on the rebound and is bouncing back faster than most experts predicted, with results expected to return, and even surpass, pre-COVID-19 levels sometime during 2023.

Several factors have led to the changing forecasts. A wave of pent-up demand is being released into the market now that travel restrictions have lifted and Canadians have travel top of mind. That, combined with two years of savings from staying home and not journeying abroad, equals a surge in demand.

Canadians’ love of travel and the forced travel restrictions that were in place during the pandemic have led to what is being termed ‘Revenge Travel’. People are traveling to make up for lost time, to reconnect with people and places and it is saving the day for the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors.

Domestic travel growth is forecasted to continue. Corporate and international travel is also expected to grow in 2023. According to a recent Google search, Canadian travel is up 100% year over year. Airlines are also projecting record-high travel for this year.

However, the immediate and unexpected high demand for travel has caused havoc across the entire system. Airports have struggled to accommodate passengers’ needs. According to a CNN poll of international airport flight delays, Toronto and Montreal ranked the worst, taking the top two spots, with Vancouver coming in 10th. Hotels are also struggling to keep up with demand but for a different reason.

With restrictions easing, the industry could have returned to pre-pandemic levels even faster with consensus estimating the missed growth opportunities to be 15%, to as high as 25%, if the sector could have hired enough staff to meet these demands on-time.

Foodbuy asked Susie Grynol, President & CEO of the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC), about the challenges facing the industry.

“Other industries were able to remain operational during COVID-19 – even if they had to curtail hours. The hotel sector, on the other hand, essentially went into dormancy. When we were finally able to reopen we faced a huge surge in demand right out of the gate. Trying to go from zero to sixty that quickly

has been operationally challenging.”

Staffing is THE key challenge now and going forward. According to Grynol, “What we have now is an industry that’s trying to deal with a massive increase in demand but does not have the labour force in place to meet that demand. That remains our single biggest barrier to growth.

“There are several compounding issues at play. Remember, we were almost completely closed, so many employees had to find other work to feed their families. When we finally did reopen, we were the last sector to rehire. Since then, the unemployment rate had also dropped to just 5% and many people had moved out of urban areas. This incredibly tight labour market has led to a lowered appetite for service jobs and significant limitation in available workers.”

Going forward, without making changes, the sector’s recovery and growth will be hampered.

“We have the potential to have a record-breaking summer this year,” said Grynol. “Our challenge is that we may not be able to service this incredible demand. The tourism sector’s labour shortfall sits at 200,000 vacancies today. If you factor in

10 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide
Susie Grynol, President & CEO, Hotel Association of Canada

the added demand anticipated for this summer, there will be a gap of approximately 360,000 workers. Compared to the health care and construction sectors, two priority sectors for the government, the labour shortfall is exponentially higher.”

Changing immigration policies key to survival

Immigration policies at the federal and provincial levels are key advocacy issues for the Hotel Association of Canada and its provincial counterparts. Pre-existing shortages and the slowdown of immigration over the pandemic are both adding significant pressure for hotel operators.

Grynol put the issue into focus. “Despite talk of a recession, we know we will face record levels of demand, and our team is laser-focused on labour force issues such as immigration. What we learned from the 2008 recession is that travel patterns generally remain steady despite economic downturns. Travel is one of the last expenses our customer base is willing to cut, making our sector counter-cyclical.

“As the government builds back from the pandemic, we’ve got this interesting juxtaposition between ideal market conditions for growth and employment while also facing the most difficult labour conditions that we’ve ever experienced. Reconciling those two things is our challenge.”

We asked Grynol if the government was listening. “Yes, they are listening. I am in regular contact with key ministers who impact tourism and they understand that our sector has been disproportionately hit by the pandemic and they want to help us build back up. Most recently, we met with Minister Fraser, (Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship) to discuss tailored immigration solutions for our sector.

“We are proposing a series of short- and medium-term solutions. Most urgently we are working on a program to help connect new Ukrainian arrivals, many of whom will be arriving with a three-year work permit, with hotel jobs. As a longer term solution, we are asking the government to create a specialized permanent immigration stream for tourism and hospitality workers to support the industry’s recovery and growth.”

The government has made some other important policy changes that HAC has pushed for in the last few months including issuing work permits for spouses of temporary foreign workers, increasing foreign student working hours from 20 to 40 hours, and extending work permits for recent grads who are applying for Permanent Residency. While these measures will help, a tailored program under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program is the most efficient way for the hotel sector to access enough workers to capitalize on demand this summer and they need it quickly.

In the mid-to-long term, HAC is pushing for adjustments in the immigration system to better match skills shortages in Canada.

“COVID-19 shutdowns have led to a mass exodus in all hotel positions from executives to cooks, cleaning staff, and back of house support workers. Canadians just don’t want to work in front line positions and we can’t fill those positions through the current immigration program because it favours those with multiple degrees.”

Immigration is a key sector issue where the industry will definitely need full government collaboration to optimize 2023 growth expectations from coast-to-coast. ~Foodbuy

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 11
Susie Grynol has been working with Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (center) and other government officials to find tailored immigration solutions for the hospitality sector.

Future trends

Regional hotel associations pressing governments for action

While the Hotel Association of Canada is looking to the federal government for a tailored sector solution to help manage the staffing crisis, the various provincial associations are also pushing on key regional issues.

Foodbuy talked to regional association leaders to get a snapshot of what's ahead for 2023. While staffing remains forefront, room rates, technology, debt issues and collaborations were brought to light.

While the tone across all the associations was positive and forecasts are going in the right direction, there are certainly several key looming headwinds that will need to be addressed collaboratively between government, operators, and supply chain in order to allow the industry to fully bounce back and reach its full potential.

Foodbuy is proud to support these sector associations as they strive to lay the groundwork for a strong rebound and growth across the country.

~ Foodbuy


In British Columbia, Michael Macleod, Director, Member and Business Development, BC Hotel Association, outlined key issues that are on his agenda.

“In BC, we have had significant changeover at the municipal level of government as well as a new Provincial Premier and cabinet. We will need to educate them quickly on our issues. Tourism and related liquor policies may not be as high on the radar as they were through the pandemic, so we have our work cut out for us.”

BC is a major gateway to the East, and the province is already seeing early signs of international travel bouncing back. BC’s major ski hills are planning for a rebound season.

BC’s RevPAR has been solid and has surpassed 2019 levels. However, it’s being driven mostly by rate.

“As per rates, they are high right now as hotels are adjusting for demand and inflation,” added Macleod. “How long can that push for rate increases sustain itself without some customer pushback? This also raises concerns on the overall customer service aspect. Consumers expect a certain level of service with higher prices. Can we deliver on that promise with all the staff shortages?”

When asked what the top government lobbying issues are that he is looking to address, Macleod said, “We are all focused on doing our part to support the Hotel Association of Canada on the immigration file as the number one priority.

“Secondly, we have done a good job on making some of the temporary changes that the government implemented to help support us through the pandemic, permanent.

“The third issue that will be a high priority in 2023 is the shortterm rental market. Municipalities have a lot of control in this area which makes this a challenging issue to address.

“And finally, a key issue for us in BC is capacity. We simply need more hotel rooms, the development of products, and we need it right across the province. That means addressing the ongoing web of zoning issues.”

12 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide
We simply need more hotel rooms ... and we need it right across the province.”
Michael Macleod, Director, Member and Business Development, BC Hotel Association


In Ontario, Tony Elenis, President & CEO of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association, is also advancing the staffing issue.

“We won’t see the doors ‘fly open’ on immigration any time soon, but the government is making smaller moves, like allowing international students to work more hours a week. These are steps in the right direction. We will need to keep pushing for larger changes to help meet our sector’s labour demands.

“The provinces have agreed with the federal government to have more control of their own destiny for immigration, meaning, more immigrants could be allowed.”

Elenis is also seeing growth through rates in Ontario.

“In a recent survey, Toronto’s revenue available per room was the 2nd lowest in North America. Toronto was singled out as being significantly undervalued. There is certainly room for rate growth, and we are seeing operators increase rates as a result and to also mitigate inflationary pressures.”

Elenis indicated that fighting inflationary issues are also a high priority for operators. “This is where we see Foodbuy’s role to help our sector. Foodbuy’s buying power can help mitigate inflation rate increases. This is a must during these times especially when 35% + of total costs are from food and beverage. It is a top focus on our list. As well, Foodbuy’s inflationary reports allow operators to see what is being charged in the market and if they are in line at their operations.”

There’s also a need for stronger partnerships between departments, said Elenis. “You’re going to see more partnerships between departments by doing the little things that can help with staffing and drive efficiencies. Examples include setting up a room for a meeting using round tables vs long, so it can easily be converted to a dinner set up.

“We all thought the buffet was done. Now catering managers are looking to work with sales to have one lunch buffet to serve multiple meetings. We are seeing meeting planners, sales, catering, and operations working much closer together.”

Elenis highlighted the trending need for more technology.

“By 2025, 70% of travelers will be millennials. They see the world in a different light. Baby boomers are used to being greeted with a smiling face. Millennials don’t need it – in fact they don’t want it. They want apps accessible on their mobile devices that allow for faster check-in and check-out, and they have no issue with limited in-person interaction. Ultimately this could help the industry with some of the staffing issues.”


In Alberta, Foodbuy spoke with Dave Kaiser, President & CEO of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association.

“In Alberta we have had a good recovery and we have a positive outlook for 2023. Most operators would have exceeded their 2022 budgets. Resort destinations have seen a strong bounce-back with domestic leisure travel, but we still have pockets below 2019 levels.”

Kaiser also acknowledged the challenge the sector is facing with labour. The association is working with the government to increase the number of certificates for workers in this sector.

“It’s not just about more bodies… we are working collaboratively to increase overall training levels as well. Many of the new people coming in are unskilled. As a result of the diminished workforce, we are seeing high stress levels with our mid-level managers. So, we are looking to help provide support by working collaboratively to increase overall training levels.

“We are also looking at repositioning careers in our industry. Many left through the pandemic, and we need to attract people back. We have many opportunities open now at all levels. If you are committed, you can rise quickly in our operations. That is a good draw for us!”

The demand for new hotels is also an issue in Alberta as it is across the country. “We are working with Tourism Alberta, not only on the usual marketing aspect, but we are pushing for land opportunities to open up for new, and needed, product.”

The key challenge Kaiser identified is the fine line between keeping up the quality and service levels, which is dependent on people, and driving efficiencies to make a profit.

“Our operators took on a lot of debt over the pandemic. As that debt turns over, at these interest rates, everyone is going to feel the squeeze. This is where we look to Foodbuy to help identify products, services, and equipment that can help lower our costs and as importantly, our efficiencies, which will be key to helping with our labour challenges.”

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 13
Many left through the pandemic, and we need to attract people back.”
Dave Kaiser, President & CEO, Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association Tony Elenis, President & CEO, Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association

Are you covered?

Foodbuy has partnered with Navacord and Selectpath to bring you a new Hospitality Insurance Program

To meet our hotel members ever changing insurance needs, Foodbuy has recently partnered with Navacord, one of Canada’s largest insurance brokers, and Selectpath, to build an exclusive insurance program just for them.

programs for local hotels as well as high-end, multi-unit chains with complex needs. Navacord and Selectpath were the clear leaders and the best choice for our members.”

The key to choosing Selectpath, a division of Navacord, was their extensive qualifications in this area with hundreds of hotels of all sizes currently in their stable from coast to coast. Selectpath has 25 years of experience insuring hotels and understands their unique needs.

Foodbuy found that a major area of frustration for our members involved insurance, including who they should they choose, types of coverage needed and how to compare pricing.”

Troy Taylor, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing, outlined the process. “We had a simple goal — to further educate the sector about insurance and help rewrite the insurance agenda to better reflect the realities of the hotel business. We wanted to partner with a company that can offer

Steve Cox, Managing Partner of Selectpath, explained their process.

“I like to call it insurance 101: The risk audit education process. Ultimately, we try to help operators understand what they can do to reduce their insurance rates. We educate operators on the ins and outs of the insurance industry.

“We bring an entrepreneurial approach to insurance, and we re-define the process on behalf of our clients, not the insurer’s agenda. As a result, we hope to breathe new life into a very

14 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide

old-school Industry.”

Selectpath helps operators look at their total insurance package needs including who is underwriting it. Unfortunately, most operators do not know this information.

Cox added, “Everyone has a friend in the insurance business. We find far too often that the broker you are dealing with is employed by the same insurance company who is insuring you. So, whose interest are they really acting on? Yours, or their ‘bosses’, the insurers? You guessed it, certainly not yours.”

Cox continued, “At Selectpath we are not owned by an insurance company. It is just a flat-out conflict of interest, and our mandate is to act 100% for the operator, full stop. The sector can be stuck in the past when it comes to commercial insurance. Therefore, operators are at the mercy of the insurers’ agenda.”

Selectpath’s Risk Audit process is designed to allow the operator to get better visibility on their higher risk areas.

Selectpath looks back at policies and claims and then looks forward to developing short and long-term strategies to blend insurer risk appetites, pricing, and terms. Then, Selectpath looks for areas that can help operators reduce risk, which ultimately will lead to reduced premiums.

often you change passwords plays a factor in your risk.

Cox indicated that there are more bogus claims being launched now against hotels than ever before. We asked if insurers are now pushing back as rates skyrocket.

“We are… We are working closely with our domestic insurance companies to have them stop ‘writing a cheque’. We are now taking the third-party claims to task. And the reason why we are successful is we encourage our hotels to install more cameras. Not only on the exterior of the building but in the interior, common areas of the hotel, including underground parking. This gives us a good defense.”

What sets Selectpath apart is they review your entire business and look at all your potential areas of risk and help to mitigate them. Do you have a gym, pool, restaurant, or banquet facilities? All of these can play a factor in potential lawsuits or damages. Cox and Selectpath strive to minimize your risks and costs.

We asked Cox what he is seeing more of today.

Rising cost of insurance: This is a key concern. Many feel there is nothing they can do about it. But there is.

Labour shortages: In most small to mid-sized hotels the operator is managing the business, welcoming guests, and serving food. Managing key risk areas is usually not top of mind. That is where we truly become their agent and supporting business partner.

Corporate office compliance: Franchises, many of which are US driven entities, are now mandating higher liability coverages. I have seen one chain raise their liability threshold from $6 to $13 million in coverage. That is a big shift for the franchisee and is driving costs up.

Damage claims: We are seeing more property damage claims, such as water damage from burst pipes or sprinklers, toilets breaking, etc. As hotels age, we are seeing even more issues if they have not been properly maintained.

Cyber security: As the world moves to become more cashless, there are ample opportunities for hotels to become targets of cyber attack. Wi-Fi hotspots are a big target area. Implementing simple processes such as how

“We know operators are looking for relief. We’ve had some great success. We’ve recently written contracts for 17 new hotels and saved them a lot of money on the liability. We look to layer the liability by going with a primary layer, then going with an umbrella layer, to get the desired coverage level. This method can save a lot of money for an operator.” Cox summarized, “We have developed an area of expertise within the hotel segment. We know the business which provides us the ability to conduct in-depth conversations with the risk management teams. We have the direct phone numbers to the compliance officers.

“We are also working directly with finance companies for the builder risk and wrap ups for hotels. We can satisfy the loan requirements of the risk management firms for the banks. From the time that the shovel hits the ground, we must make sure that they are fully compliant with the lender as well as the brand.

“That’s what sets us apart. We use our size as leverage, just like Foodbuy does. We’re able to address all of our clients’ pain points. We get the job done.

“If we can help Foodbuy members become better educated about insurance and have the right supporting policies in place to help reduce their risks and costs, we have done our job.” ~Foodbuy

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We educate operators on how the insurance game actually works."

Connecting you to the services you need

Searching for the right support to tackle your key business challenges?

Wasting too much time searching for quality suppliers?

Foodbuy has searched and evaluated high-quality suppliers that can help support your needs. From staffing and scheduling to marketing and insurance. It’s all part of Foodbuy’s Professional Services.

Experts include:

Food & Beverage

Bar inventory consultants

Beverage alcohol marketing programs

Draught beer services

Technology Reservation systems

Delivery support systems

Digital media support


Restaurant equipment financing

Insurance and staff benefits

Automated field audit reporting

Human Resources

Temporary staffing solutions

Scheduling tools

Training and education programs


Restaurant concept development

Brand development

Music services

Waste Solutions

And more….

For more information about this program, email

Davryl Enterprises

Your product sourcing partner

Davryl recognizes that success results from healthy long-term relationships with successful customers. Davryl is committed to focusing its energy on contributing to the success of customers, suppliers, employees and their communities.

Davryl begins by understanding customer requirements and needs and finishes by providing customer satisfaction.

We’ll work one-on-one with you for:

• Acceptable pricing

• Project financing

• Delivery schedule requirements

• Final intended use of product for durability determination

We can source:

Sofas, loveseats



Fitness equipment












Bar fridges

Luggage benches

... and much more!

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Let us make your job easier

Whether you are renovating rooms and lobbies, rebranding your property, or opening a new location, HD Supply can deliver everything you need to exceed guests’ expectations. We have quality products that meet your brand standards and the project expertise you need to make capital improvement projects easy and stress-free.

Carts & Accessories

Coffee & Restaurant Supplies

Extended Stay Supplies

Front Desk Supplies

Furniture & Décor

Guest Room Supplies

Hospitality Lighting

Printed Supplies


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Thousands of products in stock every day.

Fast Delivery Free, next-day delivery on many items to major cities across Canada.

Dedicated Support

Personal assistance from our experienced staff.

Easy online ordering Order tracking, history and re-order functionality. Realtime online stock availability.

Personal Care Amentities

Telephones & Tech Accessories


...and much more

Make a committment to the environment (and save money too)

Guests appreciate seeing highly visible sustainable practices. With our products and practices, you can save money and actively lower your property’s environmental impact.

• Recycling Systems

• Save energy with integral LED fixtures and occupancy sensors

• Create a linen reuse program

• Low flow toilets with overflow protection can save thousands in repair and maintenance costs.

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide PRODUCTS & SERVICES
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The changing face of tourism in Canada

When you ask people from around the world where they would like to visit if they came to Canada, Lake Louise is certainly at the top of the list.

As part of our Hotel Guide, Foodbuy wanted to get the pulse on what’s happening with tourism post-pandemic. We spoke with Joseph Dolby, Executive Chef at Atlific Hotels, Lake Louise, a key player in one of Canada’s top tourism destinations.

Dolby says he sees a positive forecast for 2023 as business is bouncing back.

“We found that more Canadians are traveling within Canada, and we are seeing solid growth. The ski hill had one of their best years ever here in 2022 and they are on track for the same this year.

“While a lot of the tourism has returned to Lake Louise, we have noticed a decline in the Asian market over the past three years. This is a big segment of our business. This demographic has been known to visit during the off peak season as well. In 2019, we hosted approximately 10,000 lunch tours and in 2022 we only hosted around 100. That’s a big gap to fill.”

When we asked Dolby about the key changes he is seeing post-pandemic, he pointed to two areas. The first is the changing face of the customer and the second was the rapid growth of the takeout business.

“We have noticed a different ethnic makeup in our restaurants over the past months welcoming more travelers from India and the Philippines. So, we have adjusted our menus to cater to more vegan and vegetarian preferences and have added Indian cuisine to our menu.

“As well, we never used to offer takeout. It represented approximately 10% of our sales. Today, I it is around 25%. It’s another source of revenue on its own now.”

Dolby looked to Foodbuy to support his shifting business needs.

“We needed eco-friendly takeout containers fast. Especially because of the environmentally sensitive area we operate in here in the Bow Valley. In addition to the single use plastic ban in Alberta, we needed to change quickly. We moved to using cornstarch cutlery and biodegradable takeout containers. There is no plastic or Styrofoam anywhere in the hotel.

“The takeout business has grown so fast that we are tracking it daily. Our paper products have doubled in our budget.”

Dolby is looking at all alternatives to help drive efficiencies and cut down on labour costs. “The guests were coming, but

we had to close some of our outlets at times and reduce hours because we didn’t have the staffing. We had to adjust on the fly every day. We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. The guests don’t care, they just want to eat. It is certainly a challenge for us and the whole sector.”

Dolby said, because of the staffing issue, the operation is

LAKE LOUISE INN 20 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide
Basically, if you don’t have the time or the staff to peel potatoes, we’re simply going to buy peeled potatoes.”
Executive Chef Joseph Dolby

looking at all options to drive efficiencies. They are looking to reduce the number of menu items, and he is looking to Foodbuy for products that require less prep time and more ‘ready to go’ products. He has even made the move to buy a high-tech pizza oven that will cook a pizza in 60 seconds.

“Basically, if you don’t have the time or the staff to peel potatoes, we’re simply going to buy peeled potatoes.”

Dolby has his fingers crossed that he and the industry can attract more staffing support through the government.

“We overpay here, provide subsidized housing arrangements, and buy ski passes for the year, but it’s still

tough. If I did not have four temporary foreign workers through the government program, I would be in a world of hurt.”

If the Asian market comes back quicker than anticipated, combined with the current domestic tourism boom, there will be a lot of pressure on tourism operators to find new ways to meet the demands. Foodbuy’s culinary team and account managers are here to support you with any issues you have. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for any help you need.

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 21



Culinary Solutions driving operational efficiencies

At Foodbuy we have a team of dedicated culinary experts who provide insight and guidance to drive operational efficiencies and to help deliver strong financial results our members. The Culinary Solutions team is overseen by Chef, Wayne Nichols.

Chef Nichols can work closely with your culinary leaders to align suppliers to drive positive results through rationalizations, optimizations, product testing and sharing best practices.

Chef Nichols has practiced in renowned hotels across the nation and had the privilege of cooking for prime ministers, many dignitaries, and royalty from around the globe. Chef Nichols brings a love of culinary innovation and leadership to your operations.

He promotes a customized approach to menu planning, inspiring culinary creativity and cultivating sustainable practices.

Our Culinary Solutions team is overseen by our Corporate Chef, Wayne Nichols. The team is committed to improving product quality while lowering costs to our members and corporate sectors.



Foodbuy has numerous partnerships with suppliers that can take care of all your hospitality needs. See our listings of top preferred SKUS based on quality ratings and highest rebates in the back of this book. Reach out to your Foodbuy rep to see how much you can save.

Culinary Solutions is pleased to work with Burnbrae Farms and their extensive product list, including whole eggs, liquid eggs, egg patties and more. Reach out to your Foodbuy representative to find out how you can start saving with Burnbrae.


Hotel Supplier Guide
Using liquid egg products is fast and economical. No cracking, no shells, no mess. Price is cost competitive to shell eggs, plus you get the added incentive of reduced labour.
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A Canadian twist on a viral Korean scrambled egg sandwich, made with, fluffy eggs, toast, peameal bacon and Oka Cheese.

Prep: 5 min, Makes: 4, Cook time: 10 min


1 2/3 cup Egg Creations Whole Eggs

Original, well shaken

8 Brioche or soft white bread, thickly sliced

8 Peameal bacon, thin sliced

8 slices OKA cheese

3 tbsp heavy cream (can substitute with milk or half and half)

3 tbsp butter

1 tsp sea salt, to taste

1 tbsp chives, finely sliced

8 Parchment or wax paper, cut into 8”x 8” (20 cm) pieces

Green Herb Sauce:

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

3 tbsp Fresh green herbs (parsley, basil, tarragon, dill, chives); washed, dried and finely chopped


Spicy Ketchup Sauce:

2 tbsp Sriracha chili sauce

1/4 cup Ketchup


Mix together the ingredients for the Spicy Ketchup sauce and the Green Herb sauce. Pour into squeeze bottles and set aside. Heat a pan over medium heat and add half the butter. Toast both sides of the bread until golden brown. Remove from pan, and set aside.

Pan fry Peameal bacon on medium high heat until browned and cooked through. Mix eggs with heavy cream and salt. Heat pan over medium low heat and add remaining butter to pan, then egg mixture. Gently move the eggs back and forth using a spatula until it starts to set. Turn off heat.

To assemble, spread the Sriracha ketchup sauce on the inside of the toasted bread. Add the cheese, scrambled eggs, and Peameal. Tightly wrap bottom third of the assembled sandwich with parchment paper and stand up right. Drizzle the green herb sauce on top.


The Classic creamy sauce, with new flavour twists and a speedier prep time with Prestige frozen yolks.

Prep: 5 min Makes: 12 Cook time: 15 min


12 (192 g) Frozen Egg Yolk

1 ½ Cup Unsalted Butter, melted

3 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

1 tsp. Salt


Set a saucepan on the stove with 1” (2.5cm) of water and bring to a simmer. In a stainless steel bowl, slowly whisk the portioned egg yolks with 4 Tbsp. tepid water and the lemon juice. Once combined, vigorously whisk for 30 seconds until thick and frothy.

Set the bowl over the water and ensure it is barely simmering. Continue to continually whisk the yolks, so they don’t get too hot and scramble. Slowly drizzle in the melted butter and continue to whisk until the sauce is thickened, light and doubled in volume. Whisk in salt. Remove from heat and place in a warm spot until ready to use.

If the sauce gets too thick, add a few drops of warm water. Serve within 1 hour.

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 23
Description SCC Product Code Unit size Burnbrae Farms Frozen Egg Yolk 10065651002558 00255 12 x 1kg Burnbrae Farms Liquid Whole Egg (no CA) 10065651000455 00045 20 kg bag / box Burnbrae Farms Liquid Whole Egg (no CA)10065651000462 00046 10 kg bag / box

Burnbrae Inspired Shareable Egg Boards

Create memorable breakfast and brunch experiences with our wide variety of fully prepared menu solutions.

Prepare a customizable, and shareable Egg Board in just minutes.

A perfect choice for get togethers, meetings and conferences.

Ideal for custom food takeout boxes.

Meal kits & ready-to-eat meals continue to rise in popularity ¹

1.3 Million tagged charcuterie Instagram posts ²

The breakfast charcuterie board is the new ultimate mashup trend ³

53% of consumers are more likely to order bundled meals from restaurants or foodservice 4

32% of consumers would visit restaurants if they featured more grab-and- go options 5

Sources: 1 Technomic - Q2 2021, 2 Canadian Grocers - November 2021 Issue, 3 PureWow - March 2021, 4 Technomic - Q1 2021, 5

Source: Technomic - Q3 2020

Classic breakfast boards • Afternoon tea boards Build your own breakfast boards

• Limited labour, waste & preparation time, just heat, assemble & serve

• Healthy, convenient & low-cost protein options

Mushroom Crustless egg quiche with cheddar cheese, 48 x 95 g & Bacon

Quiche crispy bacon and sauteed mushrooms.

Farms Hard Boiled Medium

boiled and peeled

Pillow Pack medium hard boiled eggs.

x 12 eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs - Dill Perfectly boiled and peeled 12 x 2 eggs dill flavoured hard boiled eggs.

Shelf Life and Storage:

Individually Quick Frozen (Omelettes & Patties),Individually Wrapped Quiche & Scrambled

Frozen: 365 days stored at < -18˚C Thawed: 3 days at 0˚C – 4˚C

Scrambled Refrigerated: 84 days

Hard Boiled Eggs: Keep Refrigerated (4° C). Consume within 3-4 days of opening. Do not microwave.

Cooking instructions:

Omelettes and Patties, Quiche & Scrambled: Heat to a minimum internal temperature of 60°C – 74°C. (Time and temperatures may vary by appliance.)

PRODUCT SCC CODE PRODUCT NAME FEATURES CASE FORMAT CODE 41007 10065651410070 Prestige Homestyle Cheddar Cheese Textured top and edges and packed 48 x 100 g Omelette with premium cheddar cheese. 41008 10065651410087 Prestige Homestyle Western Omelette Textured top and edges. Packed with 48 x 100 g real onions, green & red peppers and ham. 01495 10065651014957 Prestige Fully Cooked Scrambled Eggs N/A 12 x 0.84 kg 00211 10065651002114 Burnbrae Farms Plain Round Egg Patty Perfectly round, uniform shape. 120 x 57 g 02318 10065651023188 Prestige Natural Shape Egg Patty Round natural shape with textured edges. 144 x49 g 41002 10065651410025 Prestige Homestyle Scrambled Egg Patty Scrambled egg patty with textured top and edges. 54 x 85 g 01304 10065651013042 Burnbrae Farms Garden Vegetable Crustless egg quiche packed with 48 x 95 g Crustless Quiche hearty vegetables and ricotta cheese 01330 10065651013301 Burnbrae Farms Cheddar,
00293 10065651002930 Burnbrae

Aspire Bakeries Sharing the sweet & savoury tastes of traditional European baking

Aspire Bakeries is aspiring to be the best all-around bakery expert. Aspire’s lineup includes artisan breads from La Brea Bakery, and cookies and muffins from Otis Spunkmeyer. These teams are obsessed with creating and delivering the highest quality and best tasting baked goods around.

Aspire is also proud to have La Francaise Bakery as part of their lineup. La Francaise Bakery first began baking authentic European croissants in 1976, with one simple goal — to share the light, delicate texture and delectably sweet taste of their baked goods with everyone.

Their line of quality baked goods has grown to include danishes, cinnamon rolls, breads, bagels, and strudels - all baked using traditional European methods and recipes. Today, La Francaise Bakery products can be found in retail and foodservice establishments across North America.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Aspire Bakeries take the responsibility of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. Over the past two years, they have worked with an outside consultant to calculate the organization’s carbon footprint and validate the data. This process led to the development of their 2030 Science Based Targets which are aligned to limit global warming to 1.5° C. They are committed to reducing their emissions by 46% by 2030.

Trending: Croissants

The croissandwich Still growing in popularity

Top ingredients paired with croissants






13% Sauces 13% Almond 12% Chocolate 12%


Base: 214 menu items across 62 operators (full sample) in Q3 2021-Q3 2022

Source: Technomic Ignite Menu national food trends data

Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 25
Using croissants as a dessert ingredient has grown 300% from the previous year
Menu growth from previous year Fish sandwich 400% Bread add-on 133% Sausage breakfast sandwich 50% Chicken salad sandwich 50% BLT sandwich 50% Other breakfast sandwich 33% Bacon breakfast sandwich 20% Breakfast value meals 14% Turkey sandwich 0% Egg sandwich 0% Ham breakfast sandwich 0% Ham sandwich -11% Eggs benedict/florentine -17% Veggie sandwich -17%


Diversey is making bold moves into the hospitality sector

Cleaning comes to the forefront with the ‘Clean and Ready’ program

Over the years, Diversey has stood by their key strategic operating pillars: safety, guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, innovation and sustainability. Now, post-pandemic, they are doubling down on these strategies.

As David Coulter, Diversey’s Director of Foodservice and Hospitality, explained, “We’ve always had some of the best-in-class cleaning solutions, even pre-COVID-19. However, the needs simply exploded as result of the pandemic. We are a global leader in the healthcare segment and that environment has some of the most stringent health and safety protocols. We have made an organizational commitment to transfer that knowledge and education over to the hospitality sector. It’s simply not good enough to spray and pray anymore”.

One of Diversey’s goals is to help drive consumer confidence. They are assisting operators in making cleaning policies more visible to their guests. The intention is to help business owners educate and inform guests that safety is paramount and enhanced hygiene protocols are in place for their protection.

“We are striving to move what was once back of the house operations techniques to the front of the house to show guests that we clean, we wipe, we do things, right. We have launched our the Diversey Clean and Ready Program, where the housekeeping staff can seal off a guest room with a sticker after it’s been sanitized and disinfected, so that when the next guest enters, they physically have to break the seal to enter. That elevates consumer confidence!”

Innovation is also a big part of Diversey’s push into the hospitality sector. They have launched two new products in Canada to help sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

“Our Viper and Alpha HP Multi Surface Wipes allow staff to sanitize food contact surfaces in 30 seconds and disinfect critical touchpoints such as light switches, door knobs, faucets and remote controls, in just 60 seconds. It’s literally, wipe the surface, let it sit for 30 or 60 seconds and you

are ready to go! This is hospital grade chemistry brought to your hotel”.

Sustainability is paramount at Diversey. Sustainability is now, and will always be, an increasing part of guest’s requirements when choosing a place to stay.

“Our products are designed to be safer, easier to use and more sustainable. It’s not just about using eco-logo certified products, it’s about consuming less energy, less water, less hydro, less packaging and lowering your overall carbon footprint. We are looking through the entire hygiene process from manufacturing, packaging, containers, recyclables and using less trucks on the road to reduce overall carbon emissions. That’s a huge commitment we are providing to the sector”. Diversey’s mission is to “Care and Protect” and is a trusted and valued strategic partner to be considered for hygiene and cleaning services for your hotel operation.

4x160ea SKU: 101106008

A ready to use cleaner and no-rinse food contact sanitizer based on proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology.

Alpha-HP® Wipes

4x160 ea SKU: 101106004

Ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. Disinfects in 60 seconds. Virucide & bactericide and non-food contact sanitizer. Kills MRSA.

26 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide
Viper Broad Spectrum Cleaner and No-Rinse Sanitizer Wipes

Making healthy their mission

Today’s consumers want healthier and responsibly produced food and drinks, and Danone delivers high marks in both categories.

Danone strives to deliver healthy products and betterfor-you alternatives for moments of indulgence. Their diverse portfolio of dairy and plant-based brands reflect their commitment to changing the way people eat, with the goal of creating a healthier world.

Danone’s roots go back to 1919 with a small yogurt factory in Barcelona, Spain. The yogurts were made to help children with intestinal infections. In the 1920s, the yogurts were sold to Barcelona pharmacies before expanding into grocery stores.

Today, Danone is the #1company in Dairy and plant based, rank #2 in waters and infant nutrition and #4 for adult nutrition.

Danone is also one of the world’s leading bottled water and Aquadrink companies. They promote sustainable water practices throughout their operations and strive to protect and restore natural water ecosystems in cooperation with local communities and stakeholders.

“Our main focus is to enhance the experience of drinking plain water— that’s the core of our business, and the healthiest choice you can make.” says Henri Bruxelles, Chief Sustainability and Strategic Business Development Officer.

Better products

Danone continuously improves their products’ nutritional profile Their portfolio is mainly composed of healthy categories of products (90% of sales in volumes in 2019).

Better choices

Danone is continuously innovating to create and promote healthier alternative. They encourage the consumption of flagship products: the healthiest in their category, offering more plain yogurts and plain plant-based alternatives, through innovations in this segment.

Better consumption

They encourage healthier eating and drinking practices, through consumer information programs on healthy diets and lifestyles, so that their impact can be greater than just acting through our products, categories and brands.

CONSUMPTION TRENDS What drives us to eat?

32% are motivated by a need for something healthy & nutritious

48% say they eat for nutrients/nourishment

25% eat for physical benefits (trending up)

28% eat for emotional well-being (trending up)

29% of individuals report an existing ailment

Overweight, stress and diabetes are top 3 ailments

28 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide
Health remains key priority after taste
Danone has made it their mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible, and they are succeeding


preferred SKU listings

Foodbuy has numerous partnerships with suppliers that can take care of all your hospitality needs. We’ve put together these lists based on top quality ratings and highest rebates. Reach out to your Foodbuy rep with any questions and to see how much you can save.

Partner with us to turn your purchases into profit


We are devoted to helping both our members and suppliers grow by delivering the highest level of customer value and experience through innovative, flexible procurement solutions.

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SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10065633147673 General Mills Cheerios Cereal Cheerios 4/822 gr 839340 8958005 10065633147666 General Mills Cheerios Cereal Cheerios Honey Nut 4/1105 gr 839456 3181937 10065633099286 General Mills Cheerios Cereal Cheerios Bowlpak 96/20 gr 3400264 2477805 64100009417 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Sleeve Rice Krispies 6/700 gr 2783850 1209398 64100109490 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Assorted Individuals 70/30 gr 3310750 1264782 64100108073 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Corn Flakes Foodservice Pack 4/728 gr 3310709 1265358 64100009264 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Two Scoops Raisin Bran Sleeve 6/1325 gr 2783926 2397605 64100106529 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Special K Foodservice Pack 4/896 gr 3310629 1265360 10064100218984 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Individual Corn Flake 70/27 gr 6536296 9930605 64100009240 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Sleeve Froot Loops 6/875 gr 2784478 2509605 64100108097 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Frosted Flakes Foodservice Pack 4/1120 gr 3310741 1265334 10064100230832 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal In A Cup Froot Loops 53 gr 48/1 ea 6839526 3877706 64100066236 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Sleeve Vector [Foodservice] 6/850 gr 4880704 6132405 64100113411 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal granola Special K Bulk 4/1.44 kg 4008904 1286812 10064100210773 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal In A Cup Frosted Flakes 4/12/55 gr 5654132 3992816 10064100222202 Kellogg Canada Kellogg’s Cereal Individual Froot Loop 70/27 gr 6534267 9922005 10055577105402 Quaker Quaker Cereal Crunch Harvest Original 16/475 gr 5464480 1382235 10055577101015 Quaker Quaker Oats Large Flake 12/1 kg 2892172 1114625 10055577002251 Quaker Quaker Oatmeal Instant Maple Brown Sugar 80/47 gr 3258159 9266005 10055577002244 Quaker Quaker Oatmeal Instant 100/1 oz 2712032 2037605
SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10059608002449 Aspire Bakeries Oakrun English Muffin/Regular 6/12 ct 5415122 3295405 10013087151029 Aspire Bakeries Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin Variety Pack Wrapped Blueberry Double Chocolate Banana 4 oz 1/60 ct 4855249 1140370 10059608015012 Aspire Bakeries Oakrun Muffin Blueberry Streusel 36/4 oz 3977412 1281564 10059608014992 Aspire Bakeries Oakrun Muffin Chocolate Chunk 36/4 oz 3977408 1281561 10091752191013 Aspire Bakeries Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin Variety Pack Blueberry/Banana/ Chocolate Chip 96/2.25 oz 1279801 7158405 10059608015029 Aspire Bakeries Oakrun Muffin Banana Nut 36/4 oz 3980590 1281559 10057483591034 Bridor Inc. Bridor Croissant Perfect RTB Butter 80/78 gr 2586970 1236526 10057483523592 Bridor Inc. Bridor Croissant Mini Perfect RTB Butter 160/42.5 gr 1008620 1193552 734730697864 ConAgra Bakery Bakersource Classic Pancake Buttermilk Hot & Serve Round 4” 216/1.25 oz 5444965 734730697970 ConAgra Bakery Sysco Classic Waffle Belgian 3” Square Plain 72/68 gr 5447253 734730698007 ConAgra Bakery Sysco Classic Toast French Cinnamon Thick 3/4” 72/73 gr 5447283 734730697857 ConAgra Bakery Sysco Classic Toast French Heat & Serve Thick 7/16” 144/42.5 gr 5444954 10032100080788 Sara Lee Sara Lee Cheesecake New York Style 10” 16 Slice 4/68 oz 1011576 5004805 10032100089248 Sara Lee Chef Pierre Danish Assorted Mini T&S 5/10/1.25 oz 2249365 9116806 734730694344 Wonderbrands Bakersource Classic Bread Whole Wheat Sliced T&S 16/675 gr 5418102 734730694351 Wonderbrands Bakersource Classic Bun Hot Dog T&S 96/70 gr 5418118 734730694382 Wonderbrands Bakersource Classic Bread White Sliced 16/675 gr 5418148 734730694429 Wonderbrands Bakersource Classic Bread White Sliced Thick T&S 16/675 gr 5418185 620868499619 Wonderbrands GFS Bagel Plain 6/6/4 oz 1007780 734730694467 Wonderbrands Bakersource Classic Bread Whole Wheat Sliced Thick T&S 16/675 gr 5418225




32 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10041565341709 Campbell Co. Canada Pace Salsa Medium Thick & Chunky 4/3.8 Lt 2440220 2320005 10062287052346 HJ Heinz Renee’s Dressing Caesar 2/3.78 Lt 4705572 1315626 10057000205758 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Upside Down Plastic 20/575 ml 7067137 8361805 10057000003316 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Individual PC 8 ml 1/1000 ct 2921708 2430866 10057000038523 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Cryovac 2/6 Lt 2235356 2401605 10057000033245 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Mega Red Plastic 6/2.84 Lt 7477367 1359073 10057000243750 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Upside Down 24/375 ml 3498177 9810605 10057000003323 HJ Heinz Heinz Ketchup Vol Pack 1/11.35 Lt 2233948 3460047 10057000019928 HJ Heinz Heinz Mayonnaise PC Packet 12.5 ml 1/200 ct 3289063 7009058 68100898187 Kraft Kraft Peanut Butter 200/18 gr 4000057 1286307 68100898224 Kraft RSVP Mayonnaise 1/16 Lt 1329415 4978319 10068100442769 Kraft Kraft Salad Dressing Rancher’s Choice 2/3.78 Lt 7754336 9960605 10068100444084 Kraft Kraft Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette 2/3.78 Lt 7691074 9963205 68100898170 Kraft Kraft Honey Liquid 140/14 gr 4000044 1286305 68100897814 Kraft Kraft Pure Red Raspberry Jam 200/16 ml 200/22 gr 3930116 1282661 68100897890 Kraft Kraft Jam Strawberry Pure 140/10 ml 140/14 gr 3929922 1282484 68100897838 Kraft Kraft Jam Strawberry Pure 200/16 ml 200/22 gr 3929977 1282655 10068100443681 Kraft Kraft Dressing Gourmet Garlic Lover’s Caesar 2/3.78 Lt 7692304 9964005 10065000092025 Nestle Professional Food Trio Gravy Mix Brown 8/467 gr 2727873 2334005 10063350061814 Unilever Food Solutions Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 1/20 Lt 2389450 6321636 SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10620868359095 Burnbrae Farms GFS Egg Whole Liquid 12/1 kg 9938805 10065651000370 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Liquid Whole Egg Ultra 12/1 kg 2677714 3374657 620868359104 Burnbrae Farms GFS Egg Liquid Whole Extended Shelf 2/10 kg 3379517 10065651002930 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Egg Hard Cooked Peeled 12/1 Dz 4911380 2931868 10620868163029 Burnbrae Farms GFS Egg Hard Cooked Peeled Pillow Pac 6 /12 ct 1208560 10065651002398 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Ultra Plus Liquid Whole 12/1 kg 471151 2391868 10065651023188 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Patty Natural Shape 144/49 gr 4392587 1299841 10065651000332 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Scramble Blend W/ Milk Bib 6/2 kg 2676401 5016319 10065651002138 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Farms Egg Omelet Colby Cheese 72/100 gr 430595 5515157 10065651003685 Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Egg Liquid Free Run Whole Ultra 12/1 kg 6781833 1035699 620868139966 Burnbrae Farms GFS Egg Scrambled Mix Boil N Bag 6/2.27 kg 1192960 10065651002633 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Farms Egg Omelet Plain Folded 84/85 gr 569780 1109067 10065651014957 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Scrambled Pre Cooked Fresh 12x0.84 kg 4385833 1299843 10065651410087 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Omelet Homestyle Western 48/100 gr 5575364 1434255 10065651024529 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Omelet Cheese Cheddar 72/99 gr 4388787 1299842 10065651023416 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Farms Sandwich Breakfast Egg and Cheese 5591373 10065651023423 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Farms Sandwich Breakfast Egg, Cheese and Bacon 5591365 10065651023430 Burnbrae Farms Burnbrae Farms Sandwich Breakfast Egg, Ham and Cheese 5591351 10065651410070 Burnbrae Farms Prestige Egg Omelet Homestyle Cheddar Cheese 48/100 gr 5575505 1434288 10065651004019 Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Egg Hard Cooked Boiled Free Run 12/1 dozen 6452324 1274617
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Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide | 33 SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10062942010018 Chapman’s Ice Cream Chapman’s Ice Cream Original Vanilla 1/11.4 Lt 319657 8045686 10062942010025 Chapman’s Ice Cream Chapman’s Ice Cream Original Dutch Chocolate 1/11.4 Lt 319558 8045926 10056800154365 Danone Danone Yogurt Assorted Strawberry Peach Vanilla Blueberry 48/100 gr 4753057 1172950 10056800554158 Danone Oikos 2% Yogurt Greek Strawberry 6/4/100 gr 3298732 1260962 10056800517726 Danone Creamy Cremix Yogurt Assorted Strawberry Vanilla Peach Vanilla Cherry Vanilla MangoVanilla 3/16/100 gr 214732 1172949 10056800938620 Danone Oikos 2% Plain 6/4/100 gr 3942192 1286393 10056800092728 Danone Danone 0% Yogurt Strawberry Vanilla/Peach Apricot/ Cherry 2/24/90g 4026607 1287689 10025293003054 Danone Silk Aseptic Milk Almond Aspeptic Vanilla 18/236 ml 5243850 1353974 25293001831 Danone Silk Aseptic Milk Almond True Aseptic Unsweetened 12/946 ml 5314960 1366479 20036632076759 Danone Silk Milk Almond Barista Tetra 6/946 ml 5517293 1424057 10056800513940 Danone Activia Yogurt Strawberry/Raspberry/ Peach/Blueberry 48/100 gr 5413028 1371164 30062415512074 Gay Lea Foods Stirling Butter Ball 60 lb 6/8 kg 2793610 6357826 10066096333054 Lactalis Canada Inc. Lactantia Margarine Coloured Minicups 600/6.5 gr 1/3.9 kg 2819514 3545605 68700102554 Saputo Dairy Products Dairyland Milk 2% Crate 4/4 Lt 2822773 9203005 68700103681 Saputo Dairy Products Dairyland Cream Whipping 36% 16/946 ml 5573278 1433951 68700103629 Saputo Dairy Products Dairyland Cream Half & Half 10% 16/946 ml 5573254 1433948 68700102769 Saputo Dairy Products M2go Milk Chocolate 6/473 ml 4109080 1288974 65900102575 Saputo Dairy Products Dairyland Milk 2% 48/237 ml 2796904 1244720 41271008982 Saputo Dairy Products International Delight Creamer Non Dairy French Vanilla 288/13 ml 6531364 8450805 68700102585 Saputo Dairy Products Dairyland Milk Skim Jug 4/4 Lt 171058 8193717
SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10068200476237 Canadian Cheese Corp. Black Diamond CB Parmesan Romano Cheese grated Blend 1/2 kg 5474148 1389659 10068200476121 Canadian Cheese Corp. Cracker Barrel CB Natural Parmesan Mozzarella Cheddar Cheese Blend Shredded 2/2.5 kg 5474139 1389657 10068200476411 Canadian Cheese Corp. Black Diamond CB Natural Cheddar Mild Cheese Shredded 2/2.5 kg 5473808 1389670 68200477503 Canadian Cheese Corp. Cracker Barrel CB Natural Cheddar Colored Mild Cheese 1/100 ea 5474477 1389642 10068200476343 Canadian Cheese Corp. Black Diamond CB Parm Cheese Shredded 2/1 kg 5474079 1389663 10068200476404 Canadian Cheese Corp. Black Diamond CB Natural Cheddar Mild Cheese Shredded 2/2.5 kg 5473810 1389669 68100897630 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 200/18 gr 00068100067385 3880830 1279246 10066096350426 Lactalis Canada Inc. Racolli Mozzarella Shredded 20% 4/2.27 kg 291294 3060205 10068200350575 Lactalis Canada Inc. Racolli Mozzarella Shredded Supreme 25% 2/2.27 kg 798500 1175285 10058064251118 Lactalis Canada Inc. Lactantia Cheese Cream Regular 6/1.5 kg 2821411 9765405 10068200885602 Lactalis Canada Inc. Black Diamond Cheddar Medium Shredded 2/2.5 kg 5178181 2212306 10068200681624 Lactalis Canada Inc. Black Diamond Swiss Natural Sliced 9/500 gr 165282 9607205 90068200883307 Lactalis Canada Inc. Black Diamond Swiss Random Weight 2/3 kg 1297597 1109128 10068200856220 Lactalis Canada Inc. Black Diamond Marble Portion 100/21 gr 1/2.1 kg 255869 6400426 98023951137224 Saputo Canada G.P. Saputo Grano Padano 1/8 PV 2/4.6 kg 2858353 1350940 90069143411336 Saputo Canada G.P. Saputo Brie Square Food Service 1/1.5 kg 746420 1096351 10069104060058 Saputo Canada G.P. Kingsey Cheese Curds Portion 100/60 gr 2850857 6982605 10063549872641 Saputo Canada G.P. Saputo Cheese Parmesan Light Fine Shredded 2/1 kg 8583799 1153272 10063549331179 Saputo Canada G.P. Saputo Cheese Parmesan Shaved 4/2.5 kg 4999809 7338605 63549105681 Saputo Canada G.P. Saputo Cheese Mozzarella Bocconcini Cocktail 18% 1/3 kg 4803229 1323818
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SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10067311896200 A. Lassonde Fairlee Nature’s Best Juice Orange Silver Bullet 6/1.89 Lt 4196564 9625178 10067311896101 A. Lassonde Fairlee Nature’s Best Juice Apple Silver Bullet 6/1.89 Lt 4196523 6105178 67311020271 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Orange Plastic Bottle 24/300 ml 7137490 1081641 10067311010248 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Apple Plastic 24/300 ml 386862 9530026 10067311010293 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Apple Tetra Pack 30/200 ml 7746605 6032205 10067311185205 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Orange No Pulp NFC 8/1.5 Lt 5526171 1411548 10067311028335 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Pineapple Tetra 12/960 ml 621458 8280005 10067311020339 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Orange Tetra 12/960 ml 621599 6045405 10067311241215 A. Lassonde Oasis Juice Ruby Red grapefruit 24/300 ml 5361826 1357913 10067311896620 A. Lassonde Fairlee Nature’s Best Juice Cranberry Cocktail Silver Bullet 6/1.89 Lt 4196507 6625178 68274000140 Blue Triton Pure Life Water Spring Natural 24/500 ml 9099037 68274096334 Blue Triton Pure Life Water Spring Natural 12/330 ml 4786444 68274330087 Blue Triton Pure Life Water Spring Natural 15/1 Lt 8287876 628052823721 Club Coffee L.P. Club Coffee Coffee Reg ground 100% Colombian 42/2 oz 1/5.25 lb 1168683 2352206 10628052258124 Club Coffee L.P. Club Coffee Coffee Craft Roasters 100% Colombian RA 96X2.25 oz 1376584 671785501800 Eska Inc Eska Water Spring Natural PET 24/500 ml 7107640 1092621 10011100007803 Nestle (Vitality) Sunkist Juice Orange 100% Concentrate Select 4:1 3/3 Lt 55535 10011100007742 Nestle (Vitality) Sunkist Juice Apple 100% Concentrate 5:1 3/3 Lt 55493 41508800822 Nestle Water San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Glass Bottle 12/750 ml 8822272 1035763 180854000101 Red Bull Canada Red Bull Drink Energy Original 24/250 ml 2958181 1118813 10048500017859 Tropicana Tropicana Juice Orange Pure No Pulp Original 12/355 ml 6026381 1040170 10048500017880 Tropicana Tropicana Juice Apple 100% 12/355 ml 6071581 1040161 10048500009144 Tropicana Tropicana Juice Orange Pure Premium Original W/O Pulp 4/3.78 Lt 2456838 1140418 SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 69000033302 Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi 24/591 ml 7397540 1146522 69000011287 Pepsi Diet Pepsi Pepsi Diet 24/591 ml 7397771 1146523 69000061190 Pepsi Aquafina Water 24/500 ml 4694372 1254235 69000003039 Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi BIB 4:1 1/20 Lt 2986636 8870205 69000015476 Pepsi Lipton Brisk Lipton Brisk Tea BIB 4:1 1/12 Lt 6617096 1005802 69000011034 Pepsi Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi BIB 4:1 3/1 gal 6668925 8870005 69000907030 Pepsi Gatorade Gatorade Cool Blue Raspberry 12/591 ml 5207154 1254182 55577920947 Pepsi Gatorade G2 Gatorade G2 grape 12/591 ml 7673470 1162697 69000907009 Pepsi Gatorade Gatorade Orange 12/591 ml 4880688 1213304 16600010998 Pepsi Schweppes Ginger Ale 24/591 ml 1614981 3782205 69000016282 Pepsi Lipton Brisk Lipton Brisk Tea Lemon 24/591 ml 1592310 1094921 65400002276 Pepsi 7up 7UP 24/591 ml 7397839 1064089 69000907016 Pepsi Gatorade Gatorade Fruit Punch 12/591 ml 4880613 1215233 69000041161 Pepsi Mug Mug Rootbeer 24/591 ml 1692698 1094872 54900002152 Pepsi Dr. Pepper Dr Pepper 24/591 ml 1614866 3556227 69000070147 Pepsi Lipton Brisk Lipton Brisk Lemonade 24/591 ml 1594621 1106613 56000006719 Pepsi Crush Crush Orange 24/591 ml 1691708 3556207 69000020197 Pepsi Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Pet Bottle 24/591 ml 7397581 1195790 69000061121 Pepsi Aquafina Water W/ Shell 24/591 ml 5789920 8905405


SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 852629004996 Beyond Meat Beyond Meat Patty Meat Vegetarian Burger 40/4 oz 5361361 1359940 10057459925672 Galco OBP Pork Bacon Rindless Sliced Naturally Smoked 20 slice/2” (prev. 16-18lb) Frozen 1/5 kg 1823572 10061853924117 Galco Olymel Pork Bacon Pre-Cooked 16/18 50% 5/200 ct 11.35/1 kg 6890015 1144253 10061763011235 High Liner High Liner Haddock Portion IQF Restaurant Cut MSC 3 oz 1/10 lb 1/4.54 kg 4712010 1326986 90064000526727 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Pork Ham Toupie Boneless Fresh Smoked 16% Protein 2/5 kg avg 9664699 1107333 62000826271 Maple Leaf Schneiders Sausage Breakfast 16/lb 1/5 kg 123588 1953607 10063100640009 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Sausage Breakfast FC Skinless 1/4.54 kg 6223487 8712605 90064000646968 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Pork Ham Whole Bone-in Smoked Easy Carve 18% Protein 1/6.32 kg 9664327 2067305 62000424590 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Pork Deli Ham Sliced Black Forest Old Fashioned Smoked 6/500 gr 1/3 kg 6226478 3651805 10063100219137 Maple Leaf Ready Crisp Pork Bacon Pre-Cooked Sliced 2/150 ct 161232 1950367 62000246789 Maple Leaf Schneiders Sausage Breakfast Link 1/5 kg 2743037 1095051 62000210759 Maple Leaf Schneiders Pork Bacon Canadian Back Sliced 1/4 kg 8880403 5132205 62000231082 Maple Leaf Schneiders Pork Sausage Patties FC 1.7 oz 100/50 gr 2667277 7358405 10062000251919 Maple Leaf Schneiders Sausage Turkey Fully Cooked Skinless 1/5.44 kg 158368 1170662 62000119403 Maple Leaf Schneiders Hot Dog Beef All Beef 7” 5X1 2/2.72 kg 2754737 8745005 63100336868 Maple Leaf JM Schneider Sausage Italian Hot 7” Cart Style 1/6.7 kg 1850136 1211673 62000426846 Maple Leaf Mainstreet Deli Turkey Sliced Smoked 6/500 gr 0006200426846 9880675 7536005 10063100213340 Maple Leaf Sure-Slice Turkey Breast Roast .5 oz Sliced 3/1 kg 2672855 6182926 20066942400098 Shafer-Haggart Admiral Tuna Chunk Light In Water 6/1.88 kg 2897098 2064306 20066942410004 Shafer-Haggart Admiral Tuna Light Flaked 6/1.88 kg 267302 1070506
SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10065137535334 Galco Olymel Chicken Finger Crunchy Breaded 1/4 kg 7882083 1126174 10065137507836 Galco Galco Chicken Filet Finger Breaded Love Me Tender 90 ct 1/4 kg 2707727 1961447 10065137556209 Galco Flamingo Chicken Breast grill FC 35/113 gr 317800 1003016 10065137526943 Galco Olymel Chicken Breast Thunder Crunchy 1/4 kg 9663535 2250518 10065137507706 Galco Galco Chicken Breast Breaded Seasoned Par Fried B/S 40/3.5 oz 1/4 kg 368928 1002614 10065137521290 Galco Flamingo Sausage Chicken 13 Percent Fat 1/5 kg 495002 5650906 10063100642997 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Chicken Wing Zinger FC Frzn 2/2 kg 2706562 1306439 10063100642805 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Chicken Wing Plain FC IQF 2/2 kg 9664368 7020205 62000553443 Maple Leaf Schneiders Chicken Thigh B/S 1/5 kg 713875 1078100 10063100640047 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Chicken Breast Breaded Boneless Wing FC Frozen 130 ct 2/2 kg 750374 1192192 10063100643994 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Chicken Wing Mild FC Frzn 2/2 kg 2945236 1431546 10063100251465 Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Chicken Breast Supreme Crunch 1/4 kg 8398917 1148921 62000263441 Maple Leaf J.M. Schneider Chicken Thigh Bone In Skin On IQF 1/5 kg 4405151 1330990 10063100422742 Maple Leaf Mina Chicken Breast B/S Halal 6 oz 4/4 kg 4071124 1294472 63100269951 Maple Leaf JMS Chicken Pulled Natural GF Canadian Farm Raised Frozen 1/4.54 kg 4875005 1325355 62000250977 Maple Leaf Schneiders Chicken Schnitzel Breaded 35/4 oz 1/4 kg 428276 1530157 10063100151536 Maple Leaf Mina Chicken Wing Krispy FC Frzn Halal 2 /2 kg 4126142 1290775 62000411224 Maple Leaf Schneiders Chicken Ball Battered Par Fried 1/4 kg 5601034 6523805


36 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide SCC MAN. BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10695058003089 Alasko Alasko IQF Edamame Bean 8903744 3242005 10695058006707 Alasko Foods Alasko Onion Cubed 6/2 kg 1171499 1154761 10695058507006 Alasko Foods Alasko Diced green Pepper 3/8” 6/2 kg 6184210 6931805 10695058507105 Alasko Foods Alasko Pepper Red Diced IQF 6/2 kg 6184479 1154770 10695058509116 Alasko Foods Alasko Vegetable Mix California IQF 6/2 kg 7681925 6932605 10695058173317 Alasko Foods Alasko Vegetable Mix Fancy IQF 6/2 kg 6184432 6933805 10695058002051 Alasko Foods Alasko Raspberry Whole IQF 5/1 kg 3787504 3693805 10055686014374 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Broccoli Flourette 8/1 kg 8730154 1165184 10055686566002 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Squash Butternut Diced 6/2 kg 2708329 2777406 10055686547032 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Vegetable Mix Sunrise IQF 6/2 kg 5804291 1133408 10055686255005 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Corn Whole Kernel 6/2 kg 438895 1133768 10055686272255 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Vegetable Mix Bistro 4/2 kg 2040188 1217610 10055686274440 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Salad Mix Seven Bean 4/2 kg 1812580 1210195 10055686276642 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Bean Edamame Shelled 4/2 kg 1803834 1210198 10055686504103 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Onion & Pepper Stir Fry Strip 6/2 kg 417022 1124433 20055686259130 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Salad Prince Edward 6/2 kg 1803259 1210201 10055686509108 Nortera Foods Arctic Gardens Spinach Chopped 25G. Nuggets IQF 6/2 kg 177972 8551896 70068594040054 Snowcrest Omstead Berry Blend 2/2.5 kg 3791126 10064971199030 Snowcrest Omstead Apple Sliced IQF 6/2 kg 4132619 8328476 70068594602054 Snowcrest Snowcrest Strawberry Whole IQF 2/2.5 kg 3345626 SCC MAN. BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10055773024408 McCain Foods McCain Potato Savory Herb Diced 6/5 lb 2572352 5540205 10055773025757 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Gold’n Crisp 3/8” 6/4.5 lb 6276877 1060302 10055773043171 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Illusion Premium Coated 3/8” Skin-On 6/5 lb 5041478 3596605 10055773024538 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Wedge Savory Herb Coated 6/5 lb 2875631 5535805 10055773011736 McCain Foods McCain Potato Fry Homefry Country Style Diced 6/5 lb 2574366 5350005 10055773025719 McCain Foods McCain Potato Gold’n Crisp Lattice 6/4 lb 2572485 5476005 10055773031352 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Pom Pom 6/5 lb 2574168 5062605 10055773058304 McCain Foods McCain Potato Homefry Harvest Pride Diced 6/5 lb 193425 5838605 10055773043119 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry 9/32 In Illusion Skin On 6/2 kg 85886 3113268 10055773025726 McCain Foods McCain Potato Gold’n Crisp Straight Cut 5/16 Skin-on 6/4.5 lb 2575520 5511005 10055773022107 McCain Foods McCain Potato Hashbrown Triangle Patty 12 ct per lb 6/2.27 kg 2573673 7372086 10055773060253 McCain Foods McCain Potato Side Homestyle Redskin Wedge 6/4.5 lb 1196536 1196858 10055773011743 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Rise N Fry Thick 6/5 lb 363994 8263756 10055773037583 McCain Foods McCain Potato Pancake Babycake 6/3 lb 10072714937580 975161 1200051 10055773013907 McCain Foods McCain Potato French Fry Wedges Country Style 6/5 lb 2574002 5060605 10055773058113 McCain Foods McCain Potato Stick Skin On Harvest Pride 6/5 lb 2577393 5468605 10055773011569 McCain Foods McCain Potato Hashbrown Fine Cut Diced 6/5 lb 2572592 5132405 10055773973911 McCain Foods McCain Potato Sweet French Fry 5/16” Harvest 6/2.5 lb 975112 1200037 10055773037255 McCain Foods McCain Potato Sweet 7/16 In Straight Cut Harvest Splendor 6/2.5 lb 979714 1122172 10055773829461 McCain Foods McCain Potato Mashed Ctry Kitchen 6/4 lb 946939 2943268
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SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 68062022224 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Penne Rigate 2/10 lb 2248102 2126918 68062022330 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Scoobi Doo 1/20 lb 2253698 9797005 68062022958 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Fettuccine 10 In 1/20 lb 2247880 68062022118 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Macaroni Ready Cut 4/5 lb 2901767 2246918 68062022019 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Spaghetti 20 In 1/20 lb 2247807 9320005 68062522113 Ital-Pasta Limited Primavera Pasta Macaroni Elbow 1/9.07 kg 2904714 68062022095 Ital-Pasta Limited Ital-Pasta Pasta Fettuccini 1/20 lb 2900462 10779566212086 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Tortellini 3 Cheese Precooked IQF 2/2 kg 3305079 1285910 10779566230349 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Manicotti 3 Cheese & Spinach 60/64 gr 5216504 1344958 10779566212383 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Medaglioni Butternut Squash Precooked IQF 2/2 kg 4555536 1276462 10779566212413 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Ravioli 3 Cheese Spinach Precooked IQF 2/2 kg 3512082 1285911 10779566211171 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Gnocchi Potato Frozen 6/1.2 kg 4979513 1306912 10779566212376 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Medaglioni 5 Cheese Precooked IQF 2/2 kg 3305063 1292606 10779566211997 Les Aliments O’Sole Mio O’Sole Mio Pasta Medaglioni Cheese Spinach Precooked IQF 2/2 kg 3882523 1303772 13800993670 Nestle Professional Food Stouffer’s Lasagna Tuscan Frozen 4/2.5 kg 5573460 1435125 10055900001838 Primo Foods Inc Primo Pasta Macaroni Elbow 1/20 lb 3285798 3361327 10055900002026 Primo Foods Inc Primo Pasta Penne Rigate 2/10 lb 2967586 1161678
SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 60410221389 Frito Lay Canada Lay’s Chip Potato Regular 40/40 gr 8426332 1145178 60410264829 Frito Lay Canada Lay’s Chip Potato Regular Big grab 32/60 gr 4694228 1129478 60410221259 Frito Lay Canada Miss Vickie’s Chip Potato Original 40/40 gr 8428944 1145857 60410265345 Frito Lay Canada Doritos Chip Tortilla Nacho Cheese White Box 32/70 gr 4694267 1119478 60410221273 Frito Lay Canada Miss Vickie’s Chip Potato Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar 40/40 gr 8428956 1144952 60410271957 Frito Lay Canada Doritos Chip Tortilla Nacho Cheese 48/45 gr 6879920 6428005 60410204559 Frito Lay Canada Smartfood Popcorn White Cheddar 36/45 gr 838209 1189361 60410222768 Frito Lay Canada Sunchips Chip Multigrain Harvest Cheddar 40/40 gr 8396495 1146471 60410221433 Frito Lay Canada Lay’s Chip Potato BBQ 40/40 gr 8426340 1145222 60410221198 Frito Lay Canada Rold Gold Pretzel Thins 40/47 gr 8426241 1145227 10065633163543 General Mills Nature Valley Bar granola Oat & Honey Crunchy 6/15/46 gr 5479720 1392610 10065633408811 General Mills Nature Valley Bar granola Fruit & Nut Trail Mix 8/12/35 gr 603763 1179653 10064100273457 Kellogg Canada Nutri-grain Bar Cereal Tender Mixed Berry 3/16/37 gr 2784494 1045666 10064100280455 Kellogg Canada Nutri-grain Bar Cereal Tender Apple Cinnamon 3/16/37 gr 2783868 2018605 10058496328730 Mars Canada Mars Chocolate Bar Mars 4/48/58 gr 8256051 1149593 10058496422391 Mars Canada Snickers Snickers Bar Regular 48/8/52 gr 1853015 1213609 73731086193 Mission Food Mission Chip Tortilla Yellow Tri Corn 6/2 lb 9888306 1071919 59800218580 Nestle Confectionary Kit Kat Candy Bar Kit Kat 4 Finger 4/48/45 gr 5936994 1107393 59800300216 Nestle Confectionery Coffee Crisp Candy Bar Coffee Crisp 4/48/50 gr 2883759 9956405 59800300117 Nestle Confectionery Aero Chocolate Bar Aero 4/48 ct 9372756 9708036
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38 | Foodbuy Hotel Supplier Guide SCC MAN. BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 807174492750 Diversey Diversey Advantage Clean Rinse Aid 1/18.9 Lt 6125322 3350128 10807174531005 Diversey Diversey Detergent Dishwasher Machine Diverforce 1/18.9 Lt 3460775 1265607 10807174527701 Diversey Break-Up Cleaner Break Up SC J-Fill Break Up 2/2.5 Lt 4879963 1275139 10807174529903 Diversey Suma Detergent Dish Pot & Pan General Purpose J-Fill 2/2.5 Lt 7028513 1316405 10807174546009 Diversey Suma Detergent Liquid Suma Nova 4/3.78 Lt 5372139 1357240 10807174535614 Diversey Suma Cleaner T20 Low Temp 4/3.78 Lt 4404360 1286837 10807174541073 Diversey Diversey Cleaner Sanitizer Adage II 4/3.78 Lt 4879948 1321276 807174545975 Diversey Advance Detergent Dish Liquid Hot Water Advance Clean Machine 4/3.78 Lt 5430365 1357223 10807174492740 Diversey Advance Rinse Agent Advance Clean 4/3.78 Lt 4697948 2811506 10807174545996 Diversey Suma Suma Nova L6 1/18.9 Lt 5372111 1357219 10807174526339 Diversey Clax Detergent Laundry Clax Master 1/18.9 Lt 7038350 1281693 10807174530725 Diversey Clax Laundry Booster Clax Assist Alkaline 1/5 ga 5350032 1281698 10807174537229 Diversey Soft Care Soap Hand Foam Lemon Tea Splash 6/1.3 Lt 5068597 1312266 10807174513827 Diversey Suma Suma Drain Maintenance GTS1 1/18.9 Lt 1810219 1188110 10807174535270 Diversey Suma Suma Diverpak Hard Water Powder Detergent P6 4/9 Lb 4025682 1285076 10807174547150 Diversey Suma Suma Rinse A5 4/3.78 Lt 508630 1840128 10807174547105 Diversey Suma Detergent Liquid Suma Quik Dri 4/3.78 Lt 5396607 8558005 10807174532842 Diversey Clax Cleaner Clax Deosoft Breeze 1/20 Lt 7038317 1278796 10807174547167 Diversey Suma Suma Rinse A5 1/18.9 Lt 393249 9461805 10843787003584 Diversey System 1 Laundry Booster System 1 Break Alkaline 2/3100 ml 5349010 1252859 SCC MANUFACTURER BRAND ITEM SYSCO GFS 10776783012574 Berry Plastics Wrap It Film Cling All Purpose W/Cutter 17” 2500’ 1/1 ea 5676632 620868133513 Deluxe Paper Products Kitchen Essential Liner Baking Parchment Silicone 16.4X24.4” 1/1000 ct 1165946 69356158247 Deluxe Paper Products Deluxe Paper Paper Parchment Silicone 16.375X24.375 1/1000 ct 2770241 6249798 10626885759108 Gallimore Products Pack N Eat Cup Paper Hot Tall 10 oz White 1/1000 ct 3603336 1406730 10626885755124 Gallimore Products Galligreen Cup Paper Hot Tree Design 12 oz 1/1000 ct 3477983 10626885765086 Gallimore Products Galligreen Bowl Paper BIOD IMP Natural 8 oz 1/1000 ct 3564026 1406735 10626885750907 Gallimore Products Galligreen Lid Cup Plastic 12 oz Hot 1/500 ct 408452 1406716 10626885756084 Gallimore Products Galligreen Cup Paper Hot Smooth Double Wall 8 oz PE Linging 1/500 ct 2462457 1406726 10626885515063 Gallimore Products Galligreen Cutlery Kit Compartment Wrapped F/K/S/N 1/500 ct 5505866 1426286 10078731940718 Georgia Pacific Dixie Plate Paper 9 In Heavy Weight Pathway 1/500 ct 653137 1185849 10078731986105 Georgia Pacific Dixie Lid Dome White For 10/12/16/20 10/100 ct 5350657 3863005 78731888082 Georgia Pacific Dixie Fork PS Plastic Dispenser Refill Black 24/40 ct 5718178 8285205 10073310193783 Georgia Pacific Georgia Pacific Tissue Bath Coreless 2 Ply White 18/1500’ 6092605 78731888105 Georgia Pacific Dixie Spoon PS Plastic Refill Black 24/40 ct 5721461 8285605 10882605001685 Pico Inc. Leo Light Fuel Chafing Wick 6 Hr Deg W/Screw Cap 24/1 ea 3480403 10824024004175 Stone Straw Limited Amhil Cup Plastic Parfait 9 oz Clear 1/1000 ct 494387 1192847 55734985000 W. Ralston Canada W. Ralston Bag Plastic Trash Can Liner Low Density Extra Strong 1.0 Mil Clear 35X50” 1/100 ct 2330009 1025009 55734952002 W. Ralston Canada W. Ralston Bag Plastic Trash Can Liner Low Density Regular Clear 20X22” 0.65 Mil 1/500 ct 660787 1432874 55734977005 W. Ralston Canada W. Ralston Bag Plastic Trash Can Liner Low Density Strong Clear 1.0 Mil 42X48” 1/100 ct 332973 1222379 55734685016 W. Ralston Canada W. Ralston Bag Plastic Trash Can Liner Low Density Extra Strong Black 1.7 Mil 35X50 1/100 ct 2782472 5015888
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