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Welcome to Folio YVR Luxury Lifestyle

M agazine's first issue of 2023 celebrating PASSION and the people, places, and products that feed our desires

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting this month's feature ecoluxury activist Dominique Side at VWS in Los Angeles. This serial entrepreneur has her sights on translating luxury into ecoluxury for those who may have yet to consider it She is moving a consumer audience to a new and ethical way to experience fashion and beauty, health and wellness, transportation and travel

With this issue, I am pleased to announce a new partnership! The Showcase Pianos Presents stories spotlight our city's diverse talents with the incomparable Rufus Lin first up. Lin's joyful approach to life and his passion for jazz is evident in the intimate performance experiences he creates on his favourite Fazioli.

Take a journey to the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt and experience the Stefano Ricci 50th Anniversary celebration at the Hatshepsut Temple It is guaranteed to be unlike any runway experience ever produced and features the legendary Andrea Bocelli.

Also celebrating this year is Rolls- Royce The 20th Anniversary of the Goodwood facility is cause for a retrospective and the third and last chapter in our Rolls-Royce series From off-roading in Banff (Issue # 14) to the launch of Spectre (Issue # 16), this overview captures the passion of a motor car company that continues to innovate the future of driving

Our fashion eye was captivated by accessories this month. Luxury fashion house DIOR released the gorgeous Dior Lady Art # 7 with eleven design visionaries crafting their interpretation of the classic Lady Dior. Watch brand OM EGA shared the perfect vegan Valentine's watch ever - the De Ville M ini Trésor - with a Toile de Jouy cloth bracelet

After introducing BC to Royal Ranthambore Whisky (Issue # 16), we now share Ratico Khaitan's Rampur Single M alt Whiskies - Asava and Double Cask. Created in the foothills of the Himalayas, these two smooth and mellow offerings are worthy of a 15 Gun Salute!

Join us in idyllic Santorini as we share Artemis Sorotou's Ethos Vegan Resort Sorotou's passion for the planet led her to conceive and launch this intimate venue where everything on the premises is ethically sourced, supports local artisans, and is cruelty-free.

Seeking the ultimate 6-hour getaway? Whistler's Head- Line M ountain Holidays have a luxe package that will fit into even the busiest schedule! Pack light and let them provide the helicopter, personal chef, massage magic, and the labyrinth of otherworldly ice caves.

Throughout 2023, Folio YVR will continue to explore and share the ecoluxury stories of those seeking to create a better world for all inhabiting our planet

Cheers to finding your passion in 2023!

E D I T O RI NC H I E F / P u b l i s h e r ' s M e s s a g e
005 D I O R | L a d y D i o r A r t # 7 | B o u t h a y n a A l M u f t a h












E R H O T E L | L o b b y | L o s A n g e l e s , C A

p e r s o n a l i t i e s


011 D O M I N I Q U E S I D E | T h e L u x u r y V e g a n | H o u s t o n , T X

In 2023, innovative cruelty-free materials are everywhere, and thousands of animal-friendly products are being designed and offered for a hungry high-end vegan market.

We met Dominique Side at the 2022 Vegan Women Summit (VWS) in Los Angeles. Conceived and hosted by Jennifer Stojkovic (Issue # 15: The Future of Food is Female), and were enthralled by her charisma, charm, and passion for putting the vegan lifestyle on an obtainable pedestal.

Side is an entrepreneur who, through her business - The Luxury Vegan - is easing one high-wealth client after another through the transition.

She shows them that they do not have to turn their whole lives upside down and start from scratch, but with her help, they will get an inside line to the absolute best food, luxury fashion, and wellness options in the world.

?Sometimes I feel like a very small person ? but when I think about the fate of our world, I know that by using my platform to affect change in other people, I?m doing my best work I became a vegan because I have compassion for other beings, and I have compassion for the planet, and I have compassion for myself. My mission now is to help others unlock those levels of compassion in their own lives and embrace the wonders the luxury vegan lifestyle offers them ?


We spoke with Side about how she became aware of this elevated lifestyle that benefits her health and the planet.

?Now more than ever, veganism is on the rise, with the number of vegans in the United States skyrocketing from 0.4 percent to almost 3.5 percent in the last two years or so But despite this growth, veganism still holds an odd place in the minds of most consumers; they tend to think both of radicalized hippies and the organic Whole Foods produce they can? t even afford. It?s a confusing duality.?

Her journey to veganism began four and a half years ago. ?I was on a specific workout regimen, and one of my trainers said, ?Try this plant-based protein powder It?s better for your digestion.?So I did, and I loved it! So much that it got my wheels turning about makeup? and as soon as I did even cursory research, I saw that vegan cosmetics were far better for both my skin and the planet Next came vegan cleaning supplies, and a few products for my kids ? and yet I still wasn? t thinking about food? until I watched a documentary on veganism. And then it was all over I knew I could never return to eating animal products again ?

Moving forward, Side knew her life was changing at the speed of a racing train but transitioning to veganism was not something she planned to do alone.

So, I built a boutique vegan grocery store and clothing company. I made sure my studio, media complex, and production facility were all eco-friendly Then I started to think about ways to help individual influencers embrace the vegan lifestyle

I knew that making the leap was the toughest part and that people could use help easing into the transition And after doing some research, I saw that the luxury market wasn? t getting a lot of love from the vegan community? which seemed like a missed opportunity?

Recognizing that those with means could also change their worlds quickly, sometimes on a whim, Side immediately began planning to expand her business to encompass this market. ?After all, top earners and wildly successful people have the resources to surround themselves with the best of the best, but they are often too busy to do their research. So, they may gravitate toward whatever society or the media tell them has value

If I could show them that veganism was the best possible choice for the environment, for animals, and for their health and longevity, I could bring some seriously heavy hitters into the vegan fold!

I could elevate veganism overall and create a generation of influential individuals who led by example... and that?s how my compassion-based luxury lifestyle consultancy, The Luxury Vegan, was born!?

?I immediately began scheming on ways to convince others that veganism wasn? t just the right choice but a fantastic and life-enriching choice

T a k i n g M a n y A l o n g fo r t h e R i d e

Interestingly, when she was working with elite clients, many of them thought of ?luxury?and ?vegan?as opposite ends of the spectrum. They knew that a vegan lifestyle could be costly Still, they assumed any animal-free wearables, skincare options, and menus would have that earthy, boho, downmarket feel to them, and this aspect piqued her curiosity So, she investigated if entrepreneurs in the fast-emerging luxury vegan market struggled to convince customers that their meticulously crafted wares were, in fact, cruelty-free.

Side spoke with 17 innovators in the vegan world, from chefs and food production experts to cosmetics formulators and fashion designers, and nearly all of them explained that when questing for the absolute best materials and ingredients, they are generally vegan. Even if you are not looking for vegan options, the best quality components tend to be plant-based and cruelty-free.

For example, Nina LaBruna, CEO of LaBruna Skincare, explained to Side that her research led her naturally to buy and use exquisite ingredients.

?Most of our carrier ingredients are actually luxurious They?re really expensive,?LaBruna said. ?I buy goji berry oil and sea buckthorn in their pure form, where other lines might water them down with carrier oil My ingredients are really pure, really rich, and that makes them really expensive. So I do consider my line to be a luxury line ?

These days, some of the biggest names in influence and commerce are wellness brands, like Canada?s own Lululemon In a recent report for Luxe Digital, Florine Eppe Beauloye pointed out, ?Wellness is the new affluence and status symbol. Wellness has become a luxury lifestyle to be enjoyed and flaunted ?Clean diets, strict yoga regimens, and toned bodies are all brag-worthy these days.

Many people embracing the wellness revolution gravitate toward veganism for health reasons. Like Side and other vegan luxury influencers, as soon as they investigate what they are putting into or onto their bodies, they find the vegan options more appealing

015 T a k i n g M a n y A l o n g fo r t h e R i d e
F r o m D i n i n g t o D e s i g n e r s

Gucci has developed its vegan leather alternative called Demetra, which has drawn accolades from vegans, luxury shoppers, and luxury-loving vegans

High-end beauty formulators, including Chantecaille and Josie M aran, have begun to offer vegan and cruelty-free options P?FERI, a footwear line created by the former head designer at Jimmy Choo, offers exquisite heels, sandals, and boots that are entirely animal-free and aimed squarely at affluent consumers Across industries, luxury eco-conscious and compassion-minded options are multiplying

Side?s research leads her to believe that vegan products, restaurants, and wearables are gaining traction in the luxury space partly because they are being produced en masse for the first time in history.

Vegans have more options, including more high-quality, high-end options. And as more entrepreneurs and investors get wind of the money to be made in this segment, more and more options and opportunities will crop up.

But beware, vegan pioneer and visionary Dominique Side warns newcomers not to enter this space JUST because it is trendy because vegans can sniff out a poseur in a millisecond or less!

G u c c i , C h o o , a n d C h a n t e c a i l l e L u x u r y O p t i o n s P r o l i fe r a t e



U S L I N | S h o w c a s e P i a n o s P r e s e n t s | S e r i e s # 1

For over 12 years, Rufus Lin has given well over a hundred solo piano recitals on various international stages, including his favourite concert venue: the intimate 50-seat Shibuya Hall in Tokyo.

A Canadian jazz pianist, contemporary classical music composer and recording artist based in Vancouver and Tokyo, Lin surrounds himself daily with the glory of music

Born in Singapore, Lin has been a Canadian citizen for over 30 years He obtained his Cambridge A Levels in Music and Grade VIII in the ABRSM system He performed as a piano soloist in the Grieg concerto and the Mozart K488 concerto with the Singapore Combined Schools Orchestra under Goh Say M eng

After a successful and varied career as a classical music critic for the Singapore Sunday Times, television host of "It' s IT" for the Asian News Network, interviewing CEOs of global high-tech companies, researcher and faculty member at York University, Toronto; Temasek Polytechnic and Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore; and BCIT, Vancouver.

Lin is also the founder of multiple small businesses, including being involved in patent translation, mobile gaming, and the music industry.

Lin cites Johann Sebastian Bach as the composer he is most passionate about To him, Bach's music is timeless, often scored with no instructions to the performer other than the notes, and like this, retains its beauty when arranged for various ensembles not known in his day It is the closest thing to the abstract essence of music

His love of composers and songwriters is relatively eclectic and includes Tchaikovsky, Satie, Palestrina, Jimmy van Heusen, Cole Porter, Paul Simon and beloved Canadian Leonard Cohen.

"I am primarily self-taught when performing on the piano, but I have been playing professionally for years. I began exploring the piano seriously at 14 years old, often spending six to eight hours practicing classical piano "

Jazz would come later in life after he had heard the great performers from the 1930s to the 1960s As a classical pianist, Lin struggled many years ago trying to play jazz, but it was not until he had listened to enough jazz that he found the sudden ability to swing!

"I firmly believe that, without question, the highest, the most sophisticated musical achievement of the human race must surely be Western classical, jazz and Indian classical music "

Lin began giving jazz concert recitals in concert halls in Tokyo in 2010, taking a different approach from typical jazz pianists in cocktail lounges and jazz bars He also gives recitals in Vancouver on Fazioli grand pianos, including his concert grand at Lulu Island Winery in Richmond and the Butterfly Fazioli at Westbank's headquarters in downtown Vancouver

Lin sometimes leads jazz trios and quartets in his concerts and has released several albums and singles, both as CDs and on streaming platforms. These albums vary in genre, including healing piano, contemporary classical and jazz standards.

A P r e s e n c e o f M i n d P e r fo r m i n g fo r t h e P e o p l e

As a composer of classical music, Lin has published a wide variety of pieces for orchestras, choirs, ensembles and solo instruments, with several pieces for the piano, such as M oonlight Prelude (to be played immediately before Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata), Variations on a Theme from Finlandia (Sibelius), Au Canada (a contrapuntal rhapsody on harmonic progressions in O Canada), and many original works.

Various orchestras and artists have performed these pieces in Japan and South Korea, including the Art Aim String Ensemble under Ryuichi Horikoshi, the Kammar Abend Philharmoniker under Hideyuki Koyanagi, and several concert pianists, including South Korean pianist

YoonYoung Choi and Japanese pianist Gen Segawa.

Lin is always at work in the recording studio and is currently working on a multi-genre album of selected preludes and fugues from J SBach's Well Tempered Clavier, presented in three ways: classical, jazz and arrangements for 17 synthesizers.

When we asked Lin about his introduction to the renowned Fazioli brand, he shared, "For years, I had been playing on Steinway, Yamaha and Bosendorfer pianos, but I had heard good things from fellow musicians about Fazioli pianos

One day, about five years ago, I played a Fazioli at M anuel Bernaschek's Showcase Fazioli Pianos store at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond "

Lin was enthralled with the responsiveness of the key to hammer linkage, the soundboard's ability to convey the pianist's expressive intentions, and the (possibly imagined!) way the piano seemed to adapt to the performer instead of the other way around

To him, this was the ultimate performer's piano, and from that day on, he resolved to find a way to incorporate Fazioli into his recital schedule as much as possible

Fulfilling that promise to himself, Lin has since performed on Fazioli in both the Vancouver and Richmond Showcase Pianos locations, the Butterfly Fazioli at Shaw Tower, the Kengo Kuma Fazioli, the Cloud Fazioli, the Fazioli concert grand at Shibuya Hall in Tokyo, and his at Lulu Island Winery

Showcase Piano owner Bernaschek and Lin have developed a close friendship that revolves around what many consider the finest keyboard instrument ever to be conceived and constructed, the Fazioli.

Previously, Bernaschek and Lin often crossed paths, either at Stefano Ricci in Vancouver's Luxury Zone or various recitals around the city, and quickly realized that each other held excellent taste in Italian clothing, pianos, and (best of all) Italian food!

S h o w c a s e P i a n o P r e s e n t s

Folio YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is pleased to collaborate with Showcase Pianos in this presentation series of celebrated pianists, their stories of devotion, and their unique relationships with the exquisite pianos that bring such joy to the world.

F a l l i n g fo r F a z i o l i
| L a d y D i o r A r t # 7 | Z h e n y a M a c h n e v a

v i p e v e n t s




Atriumph of pure Italian style at the Temple of Hatshepsut, in Luxor, on the occasion of the Stefano Ricci 50th Anniversary.

For the first time in history, Egypt has opened its doors to an international fashion show, granting the use of its temples to the Florentine brand of luxury lifestyle. Invitations were extended by the Ricci Family to four hundred guests from 50 countries including M anuel Bernaschek (Stefano Ricci Vancouver) all who had the opportunity to attend this fashion show event opened by Andrea Bocelli to the notes of Celeste Aida. Forty-five models presented an exclusive collection designed by Stefano Ricci for this unique night full of emotions and style.

?I wish to thank all for joining us at this milestone for the group I established in 1972 with my wife Claudia This is something I?ve been dreaming of for over 20 years, since I first visited Egypt. This was thanks to a gentleman, by the name of M ohamed Abou El Enein In those days we decided to write a book called Luxor with the help of Dr. Zahi Hawass. Together we started dreaming about a fashion show to be held in this magnificent city. And tonight this dream became true!?

S T E F A N O R I C C I | H a t s h e p s u t T e m p l e | E g y p t

The fashion show: a tribute to elegance with a clear vision for man, not a retrospective, but a look to the future. A celebration of ancient Egyptian luxury with a contemporary touch of rare elegance Ninety bespoke looks starting from elegant evening wear; tuxedos made with jacquard fabrics with hieroglyphic designs and guru jackets worthy of a modern pharaoh.

An explosion of gold and blue inspired by the Valley of the Kings, the innovation of a desert safari looks. The nightwear conquers the runway in nine full total white looks

Italy was also protagonist when guests witnessed moments of great emotion.

M atteo Bocelli?s duet with his father, as well as the soprano Susanna Rigacci singing an aria by Ennio M orricone.

The grand finale by Andrea Bocelli?s Nessun dorma performance, during which Stefano Ricci and his son Filippo descended along the steps of the temple, greeted by a standing ovation.

?This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

We wish to thank the Ministry of Tourism, in particular Dr M ostafa Waziry. We gave our guests a timeless journey in the land that gave birth to luxury lifestyle?said Filippo Ricci, creative director of the family brand.

A C o l l e c t i o n fo r t h e F u t u r e L u x u r y L i fe s t y l e i n t h e V a l l e y o f K i n g s
the ultra-luxury Stefano
boutique in Vancouver, BC at 1139 West Georgia Street
O L L SR O Y C E | 1 0 1 E X 2 0 0 6 | G o o d w o o d , U K
d r i v e




hen Rolls- Royce M otor Cars began manufacturing at Goodwood, it produced only one model: the original, 7th generation Phantom. The first completed motor car was handed over to its new owner in a special ceremony one-minute past midnight on the 1st of January 2003. Since that historic moment, no fewer than 20 different models and variants have been created and handmade at Goodwood ? equivalent to one for every year Today?s Rolls-Royce model family reflects two decades of continuous innovation and progress in design, technology, materials and methods as the marque seeks to satisfy its clients?ever-changing needs, tastes and desires

| T h e D r , C h i c h e s t e r P O 1 8 O S H , U K

Phantom, and its siblings Phantom

Drophead Coupé and Phantom Coupé, were followed by the more approachable Ghost, which became the best-selling model the marque has ever produced since its foundation in 1904.

The product family grew further with Wraith (2013) and Dawn (2016), respectively the most powerful and seductive models in the marque?s portfolio; they were joined in 2018 by Cullinan, the ?Rolls- Royce of SUVs,? which is now ranked among the world?s most desirable and in-demand luxury products.

Except for Phantom, all models in the current product family are available as Black Badge variants. Created for a new breed of client who desired a more subversive, rebellious expression of the Rolls-Royce brand, this permanent Bespoke series now represents more than a third of the marque?s total output

Since 2003, the Home of Rolls-Royce?s design and engineering teams has produced several experimental motor cars In keeping with tradition, these were given the ?EX?designation, used until the 1950s by Rolls-Royce engineers to maintain secrecy during testing and development, and the distinctive red-on-silver ?RR?badge. Never intended for series production, they were fundamental to creating some of the most technically significant and commercially successful products in the marque?s history.

i r
e s p o k e
a m i l y
f fa

Two Coachbuild masterpieces representing the ultimate expression of Rolls- Royce?s Bespoke capabilities also grace the list. Individually commissioned and entirely hand-built, they echo the coachbuilding traditions of the marque?s early years while employing the latest in contemporary design, engineering, manufacturing and craft techniques to create true works of art.

The first 20 years at Goodwood have culminated in the launch of Spectre. The first all-electric Rolls-Royce in history, this landmark motor car also marks the beginning of a new technological era, in which every new Rolls-Royce model will be fully electric from 2030 onwards.

With series production yet to begin, Spectre is not strictly among the 20 cars produced between 2003 and 2023, but you can read all about the Spectre in Part II of our Rolls- Royce Series. Divine in its design is the next evolutionary step in the model family?s development and the technical and philosophical foundation for all that will follow.

This remarkable period in the marque?s history has created countless deeply personal, complex and beautiful expressions of the marque?s motor cars. While it is nearly impossible to edit a selection of the best of the last twenty years, we include some truly exemplary examples in this story.


In Order of Appearance:

1 Ghost 2020

2. Phantom Drophead Coupé 2007

3 Sweptail 2017

4. Ghost Extended 2011

5 103EX 2016

6. Phantom Coupé 2008

7 Spectre 2023


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at 1809 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver,

e s i g n

I S C A I R O | M a n u e l B e r n a s c h e k | E g y p t d



Atimeless icon perpetually reinvented; Lady Dior has enjoyed an extraordinary destiny

Its architectural lines exalting the cannage pattern encapsulates the essence of DIOR style, its audacious elegance

Season after season, this emblem?s aura shines on at the crossroads of modernity and excellence It has become, more than ever, an object of art and desire, revisited by artists worldwide Through a fascinating detour, the Lady Dior is thus transformed into a unique oeuvre, merging heritage and creative visions

D I O R | L a d y D i o r A r t # 7 | I n t e r n a t i o n a l A r t i s a n s 049

For the seventh edition of the Dior Lady Art project, Ghada Amer, Brian Calvin, Sara Cwynar, Alex Gardner, Shara Hughes, Dorothy Iannone, M injung Kim, Zhenya M achneva, Bouthayna Al M uftah, Françoise Pétrovitch, and Wang Yuyang ? from Egypt to the United States, from Qatar to China ? have each risen to the challenge of reinterpreting and transforming the iconic bag.

A meeting between Dior and the world?s cultures, this new inspiring carte blanche showcases virtuoso techniques and craftsmanship driven by a spirit of innovation and limitless inventiveness.

Each detail, thought out with infinite meticulousness by the eleven artists, is a tribute to singularity and savoir-faire, opening the doors of the imagination. As a final touch, each of the exceptional reinventions extends the artistic expression to the inside of the bag, revealing several poetic surprises A celebration of joy and freedom

Using myriad forms of expression ? ranging from photography to collage, from performance to book creation ? she shines a spotlight on this ?idealized world of images?that hovers above the real world Combining vintage spirit and daring modernity, she develops a series of visual anachronisms made from innovative creative techniques Still lifes, more alive than ever, that question banality, beauty, consumerism, flow, and life itself

Canada-born and a New Yorker at heart, artist Sara Cwynar?s work questions the mediatization of daily life through the ever-accelerating circulation of images.

Wishing to capture the sensation of time passing, she conceived her two reinterpretations of Lady Dior as complicit witnesses of their era. House of DIOR icon cannage thus becomes the precious backdrop for an exhibition of photos gathered from the Internet Drawing from multiple effects from prints to realistic embroidery, these emblematic images ? which span the eras from the 19th to the 21st century ? in a theatrically flamboyant red, in the manner of a miniature cabinet of curiosities A second version sees them encapsulated in transparent PVC on a bright yellow base The shoulder strap extending the bag is itself adorned with these novel ?paintings.?The ultimate surprise is inside the bag: a poetic reproduction of a cloudy sky, a subtle invitation to escape, between dream and reality

S a r a h C w y n a r

Multidisciplinary Chinese artist Wang Yuyang?s work questions the contrast between tradition and technology, artificial reality and historical perception, earth and space. He reinterprets the Lady Dior, through five artworks that reflect as many facets of the heavenly body In an interplay of textures and sensations, each bag is adorned with representations of his works, reinvented using traditional embroidery methods, and combined with new creative techniques.


Born in Cairo, Ghada Amer is a committed feminist, questioning the body and the place of women in the art world and contemporary societies through her hybrid oeuvre. Based on the simultaneous use of painting and embroidery. Her Lady Dior bags are adorned with a patchwork of embroidery, precious stones and sequins, or a hand-woven tapestry, each time allowing the words strong, loving, resilient or determined to be perceived.

At the crossroads of archaeology and modern history, Zhenya M achneva?s captivating, colourful tapestries notably retrace the industrial era?s grandeur, decline and breakdown but also highlight the dreamy melancholy of deserted landscapes and abandoned places around the world For Lady Dior, she wished to reflect on the place of women in society ? through their strength and the weight of the demands placed on them All of the iconic bags?insides, as well as their outsides, are enhanced by embroideries


Inspired by her many travels and a variety of different cultures, Dorothy Iannone borrows from Eastern religions their pictorial universe, regularly referring in her creations to Buddhism and Indian Tantrism. For Lady Dior, she offers her very personal vision of the Statue of Liberty, which is presented as a trio of little figurines ? all dressed thanks to multiple techniques differently - embellished with sequins, beads and embroidery, transforming this favourite accessory into precious jewelry.

Fascinated by the simplest details of everyday life, Alex Gardner captures with grace and authenticity the emotion of the instant, sublimating moments of exchange and tension between individuals. Anonymous figures, imbued with gentleness and sensuality, with whom everyone can identify. For this project, he transposed one of his iconic pieces onto the Lady Dior, transforming it into an entrancing painting with multiple effects, playing with colours and materials. A piece striking a perfect balance of elegance and audacity, in a poetry of contrasts.


M injung Kim?s practice is a quest for beauty in serenity Sharing, transmitting, discovering, and contemplating, the Korean artist?s work is an invitation to explore oneself and the world in a constant search for tranquillity Out of the experimentation of her art is born a collective meditative action nourished by the effects of materials, transparency, and colour gradations. Her repetitive, minimal aesthetic is illustrated by a superposition of collages that give life to abstract compositions. Combining the grace of her art with the virtuosity of the Dior ateliers, Kim?s reinterpreted the iconic Lady Dior through four dreamlike journeys.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Qatari artist Bouthayna Al M uftah uses multiple media to honour her country?s cultural heritage through archiving elements from past traditions For her reinvention of the Lady Dior, Al Muftah calls upon the art of typography and the creation of conceptual artist books to represent a poetic landscape related to her land and Arab authors onto delicate shapes of silk chiffon


The work of Françoise Pétrovitch is first and foremost felt, bringing to light the tentative freedom of adolescence. The interim, a space of all possibilities, suspended between childhood and adulthood, fascinates the French artist Her sure, captivating strokes trace the dualities of existence. The bird, a recurring motif in her work, is featured in the artist?s three reinterpretations of the Lady Dior.

Shara Hughes invented landscapes, combined with elaborately detailed interior scenes, reconcile dream and reality, and depict the multiple facets of the human psyche. She reaffirms this experimental approach with her reinterpretation of the Lady Dior, through two models on which enchanting optical, material and perceptual games are played out in red velvet or embroidered with a thousand coloured muslin flowers


The sun-drenched palette of American artist Brian Calvin?s portraits expresses the youthful energy of his Californian origins with strength and naivety. Beautiful, ambiguous and almost melancholic, the close-ups of women, represented figuratively, verge on a form of abstraction. For Dior, Calvin has translated his iconic designs onto two Lady Dior models ? one mini and one medium ? with the desire to add a new, tactile, sensorial experience through threads, beads and sequins; all delicately hand-embroidered on a raffia base.

Visit the DIOR Boutique at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver & Holt Renfrew, Vancouver


A | F a i r m o n t H o t e l V a n c o u v e r | M a i n F l o o r

The M ini Trésor is a refined version of OM EGA's most contemporary collection Its compact size and dynamic style deliver a genuinely eye-catching display on the wrist. Along with its compact 26 mm size, the timepieces have established their identity through unique colours, patterns, and straps.

The Toile de Jouy straps are inspired by a printed fabric style that originated southeast of Versailles in the 18th century. Three designs have been created in-house at OMEGA, including black butterfly, red floral and blue sea.

This model in stainless steel features a 26 mm case with diamonds that elegantly curve along each side. There is also a single diamond set in the crown, surrounded by a red liquid ceramic flower. The domed dial is crafted in off-white ?Grand Feu? enamel and is presented with diamond-polished rhodium plated hands and transferred Roman Numerals in red.

This watch is set on a unique Toile de Jouy fabric bracelet with a red floral design. Inside, the timepiece is driven by the OMEGA Calibre 4061, which sits behind a metallized sapphire crystal caseback with a mirror effect and Her Time pattern

We spoke to Global OMEGA President & CEO Raynald Aeschlimann about the incredible brand legacy, and his passion for the company

"What I love about OMEGA are the authentic stories behind our brand For example, we have been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932 We were the first watch worn on the moon in 1969. We have been the choice of James Bond since 1995 We went to the deepest place on Earth in 2019. These are just a few examples. There is a genuine legacy that customers can believe in with OMEGA, and a genuine quality that backs up that heritage As a company driven by passion and pioneering spirit, I know that we will continue to create more iconic stories into the future "

M oving forward, what is the key to all things OM EGA?

"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at OMEGA Today, that means we are embracing all the possibilities of new technology. From the unique OMEGA alloys that give our watches beauty and longevity ? through to revolutionary mechanical achievements, such as the new Spirate? System released in 2023, which is able to fine-tune precision.

We are always pushing the boundaries of watchmaking to see where we can go next. Even within the factory, we've addressed our sustainability practices and architecture, to ensure that everything is streamlined and performing at the best possible standard. OMEGA is a company of tradition and values, yet we are committed to being a leader in this industry who always demonstrates progress."

In this time of love, what is your message to watch aficionados?

"First of all, we are a watch brand. Within the luxury market, watches are a very sentimental item They represent heritage and human craftsmanship, which is rare in today's digital world, and they are something you can wear and cherish for years. With OMEGA, you get the additional magic. Our watches tell stories They combine unique innovation with incredible heritage, and people therefore see us as a very aspirational watch to own People want to be part of our journey. We've achieved so much already. And we still have so much still to do "

067 Visit the OMEGA Boutique at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 900 West Georgia Street
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Introducing Rampur Indian Single M alt Whisky. Radico Khaitan, parent company of Rampur Distillery, produces a non-chill filtered single malt, distilled and matured in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas The climate of the mountain range provides polar opposite climate conditions throughout the year, and combined with the flavour of the famous Indian Summer, creates added dimension and depth to their range of whiskies.

As Indian whisky matures significantly more quickly than other whiskies (such as Scotch and Irish), Rampur benefits from a smooth, mellow taste with a long-lasting finish.

Rampur whiskies are distilled in traditional copper pot stills in the oldest distillery in India, dating from 1943 with 75 years of distillation expertise

?Our aim is to create a valuable customer experience consistent with the company?s brand assurance. We are adding a new step to this wonderful journey with the jewels of Rampur Indian Single Malt. Let these gifts of the Royal Heritage give you a 15 Gun Salute!? shares Dr Lalit Khaitan, Rampur Master Maker

A 15 Gun Salute princely state of British India ? Rampur is known for its rich heritage and royal traditions. Rampur is one of the homes of Urdu poetry and Hindustani music and is also the home to a very distinct style of architecture, cuisines and knife making.

Matured in American Bourbon barrels and meticulously perfected in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks for the first time in history, resulting in a unique expression with an impeccable balance. A royal marriage like none other, Rampur Distillery has taken the Indus route and perfected this golden nectar in Indian red wine casks.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Typical tropical fruity note of Rampur with added notes of apricot, blackberry and plum, followed by a faint hint of tobacco and spices

Palate: Velvety, manuka honey sweetness highlighted by spicy oak, and vanilla and balanced with dryness from Indian red wine.

Finish: The Indian trail lingers with a medium finish.

075 R a m p u r A s a v a S i n g l e M a l t W h i s k y

The newest jewel in the collection is the Rampur Double Cask Indian Single M alt Whisky

Non- Chill Filtered. This beautiful expression is crafted by maturation in handpicked American Bourbon barrels and European Oak sherry casks.

Delicate balsamic vanilla notes from the American white oak compliment the full-bodied aroma; rich caramel, dried dark fruits and spicy tonality from European oak add to the depth.

Rampur Double Cask scored 93 points in the World Whisky Survey by Whisky Advocate Magazine 2019 and 92 points in Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020, winning the Gold Medal in Fifty Best World Whisky 2020, and is available in Canada and 19 other countries

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Full-bodied aroma of tropical fruits, smooth malty tones, and oaky notes from double oak-wood barrels create an aurora of flavours.

Palate: Lustful elegance of sweet fruits; riding on rich sherry for a blissful nirvana.

Finish: Tantalizingly long, lingering and generous.

R a m p u r D o u b l e C a s k S i n g l e M a l t W h i s k y
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seeking vegan-friendly travel? Look no further than Greece, where Artemis Sorotou and her team have created high-quality opportunities for relaxation in one of the most sought-after locations in the Mediterranean, Santorini.

At Ethos Vegan Suites in Fira and Ethos Vegan Retreat in Imerovigli, Sorotou has satisfied her passion for a cruelty-free world by creating a haven for vegans and eco-travellers.

Ethos is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan approach to whatever visitors desire. From the simplest elements to the last detail, you will find what you love here on the Greek Islands - the magnificence of nature and how to live peacefully within it

E T H O S V E G A N S U I T E S | S a n t o r i n i | G r e e c e

?In our hearts, being vegan is an easy choice that puts respect for all living creatures and Mother Earth above all else. Our dream was to create elegant hospitality with the same respect to the vegan lifestyle, offering uncompromising, high-quality services in Fira and Imerovigli in Santorini ?shares Sorotou

In launching the Ethos locations, hers was a vision to offer an authentic Santorinian hospitality experience that highlights the island?s unique character, leaving a minimal environmental footprint on the island?s nature and local communities.

With a high sense of responsibility and ethos, Sorotou has developed a sustainable system of day-to-day operations of eco-friendly and energy-efficient practices such as recycling, composting, farm- to- table cuisine, and renewable resource management

The interior design is chic and minimal. The décor of the common areas and rooms was designed by local artisans, using only natural, cruelty-free materials while maintaining the island?s rich cultural character in styling the premises Organic cotton was selected for linens, towels, and bathrobes, and great effort was channelled into creating a space that is as welcoming and comfortable as it is sustainable. Soon Ethos plans to install solar panels and update processes as they become available.

A J o u r n e y o f A p p r e c i a t i o n

Ethos harvests from small ecosystems, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs are sourced for most culinary creations. As expected, traditional Greek and M editerranean cuisine offers exceptional vegan dishes Deriving inspiration from the region?s rich heritage and international culinary trends assists in creating an exclusively vegan gastronomic journey brimming with flavour

Homegrown ingredients, authentic Santorinian produce and the famed vegan wines from acclaimed local wineries transform into well-balanced, palatable vegan delights to be enjoyed in the soothing ambience of Ethos Santorini, a vegan paradise for foodies that expect and deserve the finest for every moment of their holiday.

VEGWORLD M agazine editor and vegan influencer

Courtney Garza- M cCullagh recently was a guest at Ethos and shared why her experience was so incredible ?Knowing that all produce was grown on their rooftop patio or locally sourced from farmers that they knew was important They clearly made each and every dish with love and extra care. So even as they described each dish to us, we could tell they put quality time and care into crafting each plate to our taste, even remembering the foods we mentioned that we did not like or had a sensitivity/ allergy to.?

Recycling and composting also play an integral part in our daily living at Ethos Santorini, starting your day with a hearty breakfast, followed by private yoga, massage or wellness sessions. If you want to dig into culinary, ask about cooking classes with host Artemis.

T h e K i n d n e s s o f P l a n t -b a s e d

Let Santorini guide you to beachfront fishermen?s meeting points, cave-houses carved on the limestone rock with imposing captain?s mansions, underground wine-makers caverns and amphitheatrical vineyards on windswept slopes. Photograph churches adorned with the quintessential white and blue of the Cyclades, refresh at quaint tavernas that showcase the island?s rich culinary heritage and take lay-back with a cocktail on Santorini?s beaches of red, white, and black sands

Sorotou says it is important to ?respect every breathing creature living on this earth and is the most crucial thing to uphold We actively participate in animal welfare on the island of Santorini through actively supporting local welfare groups, while no animals were used in any way during the construction of our establishment, and no animal products in the furnishings or our day-to-day usage items?

At Ethos Vegan Suites in Fira and Ethos Vegan Retreat in Imerovigli, know that Sorotou and her team have put together a series of well-rounded services, always with a vegan, eco-friendly orientation that would elevate your stay and help you enjoy this amazing destination to the maximum. With a dedicated concierge, anything is possible in building an itinerary for exploring Santorini or arranging for anything you need.

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o world travellers and thrill seekers, the mere mention of Kamchatka, Skaftafell, Dob?inská, and M ýrdalsjökull elicits gasps and instant recognition that you are, at heart, a true connoisseur of adventure travel.

For those mesmerized by west coast nature and relish every opportunity to source (and be the first to enjoy) an unspoiled local wonder, grab a tote and pack lightly, for you are not going far!

T A I N H O L I D A Y S | W h i s t l e r , B C

If you can free up six hours of your schedule and pack light ? regular ski wear, a bathing suit, a camera and tripod, sun protection, and a hat ? be prepared to experience breathtaking enchantment only 90 minutes away from Vancouver under the direction of the staff of Head- Line M ountain Holidays

Guests enjoying the Heli Cave & Hot Springs adventure depart Whistler by helicopter in groups of 1to 4 persons, and fly over Canada?s ice fields to explore a labyrinth of ice caves on the largest, southernmost temperate latitude ice cap in the world.

043 095

Once inside, these natural ice sculptures, ice flows, and gentle slides will transport guests from one intense grand hall to the next. There are roughly 320- square- metres that make up the ice cap in which the ice caves exist Head-Line?s President and CEO Doug Washer, and his team of guides and glaciologists constantly monitor the ice.

?We frequent these ice caves year round, both with guests, students and by ourselves to access and records changes to the ice fields and the ice cap itself. This provides us with the insights we need to define our access points and areas of greatest interest for our guests.?

What makes the densely packed underground glacial ice formations stun with vibrant intense shades of blue? The lack of air bubbles Walking into and standing in the ice caves is said to be akin to experiencing the aurora borealis dancing in the darkest night skies of Iceland.

E x p e r i e n c e a W o r l d o f E t h e r e a l Ic e

From the caves, continue the journey by helicopter to the splendour of a natural thermal bath in a remote hot spring, replete with a gourmet lunch courtesy of a private chef Along the way, wildlife viewing is exceptional, with sightings of grizzly and black bears, cougars, hares, mountain goats, marmots, eagles, and hawks, all common

While ice may be cold and harsh, it can be gorgeous and well worth the sacrifice of an afternoon This Head-Line mountain wilderness experience is a flat fee per person with upgrades available, including aerial and cinematography packages, a wilderness spa with massage therapists, extended scenic flight and wildlife viewing, and landing on the incredible Tuya Top Volcano.

Exclusive, natural, private, and serene.

099 A n A b u n d a n c e o f A m e n i t i e s
Staying at the Four Seasons Resort & Residences Whistler? Speak to the Concierge about booking!

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