Vancouver, Canada

FOLIO.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine focuses on the unique luxury lifestyle of the Canadian west coast city of Vancouver, BC. Luxury-level fashion, design, and shopping; VIP, private, and charity events; the best in plant-based culinary and dining; the exquisiteness of our vices; cruelty-free beauty and spa experiences; experiential travel and discovery; the most impressive architecture and real estate; and, of course, all things that go fast! [FOLIO.YVR is a curated and sponsored content publication]. PORTFOLIO.YVR shares the journeys of 10 Entrepreneurs and Businesses that are making an impression on the west coast, across Canada, and beyond our borders. Read the origin stories and learn more 'In Their Words.' [PORTFOLIO.YVR is a curated and sponsored content publication]. FOLIO.YVR & PORTFOLIO.YVR are published by EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc as a sponsored supplement to Vancouver-based marketing services in the luxury lifestyle niche. For submission details and Media Kit contact the publisher