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ith the final runways of Paris Fashion Week fading fast in the rear-view mirror, the fashion industry has emerged hopeful for having pulled off an event thought to be lost forever to a pandemic. From behind facemasks and a renewed vigour to save runways from a virtual existence, the fashion houses rallied and shouted to the world, fashion will not be defeated. What happened this season was scary for those outside the historical avenues of haute couture and just stepping into the fray. In Vancouver, Laurin David, a rising star in modelling, watched with curiosity as his industry foothold slipped precariously away. Laurin David used to be known more for his contributions on the ice than for walking the runways for some of the world?s most recognizable labels. In 2019, the Langley native stepped off the rink and onto the tarmac and began travelling between the world?s fashion capitals on go-sees for League Models. Along the way, connecting with many tenured faces in male modelling like Tobias Sorensen and Xu Meen.


Hockey was his life from a young age. During his teen years, he played for the Yale Prep Hockey Academy in Abbotsford?a rigorous life incomparable to a male model. Hockey taught him about work ethic and being able to perform under pressure. ?I think the thing that I miss most about hockey would be having the group of guys that understands what you?re going through and working for the same thing,? David shares. Working a day job at a local credit union, David was ?discovered?by model scout J orge Ramos of League Models, while on a night out with friends at Vancouver?s Celebrities Nightclub. A few days later, after a coffee meeting, he decided to sign-on for representation and see where this opportunity would lead.

It was at this time that David crossed paths with local luxury lifestyle consultant, Helen Siwak. Seeking a male model for a luxury designer fashion shoot, she reached out to Ramos for someone who could pull off streetwear authentically. David?s first shoot was in the concrete parkade of a condo building using found objects as props. ?He had an ease in the environment, and even though I had styled him in men?s street and women?s outerwear, he was comfortable. There was definitely talent there,? she recalls. Pre-pandemic, his life was a blur of travel and runways. When prompted, he shares his favourite moment, just months into his new profession, and his third assignment was shooting the Stars capsule collection for Emporio Armani. The embroidered midnight black suit was especially memorable?part of a limited collection for the legendary fashion house.


He has met designers Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Luigi Veccia of Daks London, worn Gucci, Hugo Boss, Dries van Noten, Versace, and YSL?to name a few. Meeting and working with these established industry professionals was crucial for learning the industry?s ins and outs. He found that even those staying in ?model apartments?and in the running for the same jobs were friendly and accepting of the hockey player turned model. The most important lesson so far? ?No point in trying to be something you?re not in this world,? David says. ?These directors want to see your raw personality and who you truly are.? ?I always found that being unique and different was something that I felt strongly about,? he says. His personal style is low key and usually black as contrasted to the looks from the vibrant Saint Laurent and Balenciaga that he has been photographed in.

More advice comes from the closest people in his life, like his father, who joined him for the first coffee chat with League Models and continues to support his son?s career growth. ?You?re young, just run with it,? was the sage advice he was given. David realizes that what happened to him is not a typical trajectory for a young man in Canadian sports. A chance encounter in a nightclub has led to extraordinary meetings, international travel, and an introduction to a completely unexpected career. As the world of business is slowly reopening, David is back on the road. He recently travelled to London and is looking to reconnect with the industry, book shows, and return to the runway. ?Life is too short to be living someone else?s life,? he says. In London, the fall?s gloomy weather has drenched the city in rain, but that is no deterrent for this young athlete turned model. What is a little rain compared to 4 am practices? Nothing at all!

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arly in 2020, Vancouver early morning media darling Sonia Beeksma shifted gears from the laid-back west coast to the bustling east coast by joining the award-winning CTV etalk team. A career leap forward and at the same time backwards, having started her media career interning in The Six. But now, with a decade of experience under her designer belt, she returned confident and highly experienced. Though Toronto moves at a faster pace, Sonia finds herself living a more relaxed lifestyle. Instead of sitting in stress-inducing traffic every morning, she takes a 15-minute subway ride, where she catches up on her reading list. More rest ultimately means more energy to partake in all the excitement Toronto has to offer. This includes a vibrant food scene that has yet to disappoint.


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omeone say this is the ause you?re looking after ts while raising little t in the most opposite eautiful place to be where ct your child to the people u. The love my dad has for beyond this world. They ght, they laugh at each a blessing.?

Sonia is a media personality, style icon, floral enthusiast and even once an actor, but the title she wears the proudest is mom. At the end of a long day, there is nowhere she would rather be than in bed reading with her daughter. Their favourite activity together is to dance, something Sonia pursued as a child. Her daughter is her purpose in life, and she endeavours to impart her with all the wisdom and values she needs to move through life with happiness and grace. ?I?m teaching my daughter to be kind and treat everyone equally. Always look for opportunities to share the love and help people. The more we give, the happier our hearts are, and fuller our lives are.? It is hardly a surprise Sonia is comfortable in the spotlight; she grew up dancing on stage and acted in movies and commercials. As a child and into her teenage years, she danced hip hop and jazz in competition and performances and entertained her family members. Sonia is not one to waste time with regret but wishes she had taken up ballet in hindsight. If she could choose an acting role for herself now, it would be in re-telling real-life events, which her inner reporter could commit to. Broadcast journalism was not Sonia?s first career. She worked as a medical lab assistant previously, but her love of writing and performing was not being realized.

When a friend suggested she turn to journalism for that, it seemed like a worthwhile risk. Sonia graduated from BCIT in broadcast journalism and quickly packed her bags to begin an adventure in Toronto. During her internship at etalk, she had the exciting opportunity to meet a movie star, George Clooney. Sonia has now come full circle, settling into her new TO home and at etalk. This exhilarating position has already seen her interviewing the likes of J on Bon J ovi, Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry, Chrissy Teigen, Stanley Tucci, and the cast of The Gentlemen. Like most of what she does, Sonia has been taking this transition with grace. ?I?ve always admired the tenacious personalities in that building. Entertainment news is what it sounds like, entertaining,? Sonia said. ?I love my new role; it?s been a dream since I started my path in this career. The fact that I interned there and did this full circle blows my mind but also reassures that when you put your mind and heart to something, you can achieve anything.?

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t first glance, the man behind the Instagram account @spizoiky might seem to be just another pseudo Viking whose penchant for leather jackets and motorcycles make him a suitable ambassador for beard oil companies.

But J osh Mario J ohn is different. The distressed jacket on his back is from his brand that he started with two close friends, and the photos you see were taken a few minutes outside of the town where he grew up and still spends most of his time. He is a member of the Instagram influencer generation, one who has made a comfortable living off of his rugged looks and 880k followers, but he has done so on his own terms. Josh (real last name Negusanti) is fresh into his new venture, a line of leather goods called Master Supply Co. They have more than nine different jacket styles for D2C sales with the Canadian market in mind. Starting a clothing brand is no easy feat, but it allows him more flexibility than his endeavours as a model for global fashion and lifestyle brands. Negusanti has seen what that industry has to offer, but ultimately likes being in control of his destiny. And now, he wears exactly what he wants to. ?We are much less concerned with trends and the whole fashion side of things,? he says about Master Supply Co. ?Every piece we finalize is a piece that I?d love to have in my closet.?


While designing new collections and managing the business, Negusanti spends most of his time in his home and birthplace of Sudbury, Ontario. He lives down the street from his parents?house with his wife, Los Angeles transplant J ana (@J ana24seven). They live with five cats and two dogs, and Negusanti considers himself a cat person. They found one cat as a kitten on the side of the interstate in North Carolina, and Jana recently brought home the two canines after going out to buy cat food. He says that the big new family is as happy as can be. He studied at Sudbury?s Laurentian University, holds two degrees (a BA in psychology and MA in experimental psychology), and has spent years working as a child welfare supervisor. ?Child welfare will [in addition to fashion and modelling] always be my career,? he says. ?I still have a lot I?d like to accomplish and appreciate how fortunate I am to work for the children and families in my community.? His education in psychology has also benefited him in how he views the fashion and modelling industry.


?Having my social psychology background, I?m also very aware of social comparison theory and the negative impact that engaging in this can have on mood.? He has an educated view of the unrealistic standards that are promoted through social media. And this has led him to have a rational outlook on his career. In interviews, he almost always speaks of the short shelf life that is commonplace in the modelling industry, and the need to bring other skills to market yourself when things ultimately slow down. This is remarkable for someone who, just a few years ago, was flying back and forth from Sudbury to the fashion capitals of the world to shoot for magazines like Rolling Stone, Elle, and Maxim. He has partied with the world-famous glitterati and worked with Harley Davidson, Diesel, Kiehls, and many more.


His appeal came from his chiselled looks, long beard, and the colourful tattoos covering his body. His first tattoo was an upper-arm piece at age 24 that honoured his Grandmother, an artist. Although he was concerned about how a full sleeve would affect his child protection career, his outlook has since changed. ?I eventually came to the realization that tattoos would only be a barrier if I let them be,? he says. He has no idea how much he has invested in the tattoos and has plans to fill in the rest of the blank spaces on his body. What started as a few outdoor photoshoots with Toronto-based photographer and friend Lane Dorsey which led to opportunities that he could never have imagined. This even included a brand?s offer to take his wife and family to the Grand Canyon for a private helicopter tour. Even before the pandemic, he stayed close to home and worked on his passion project. He started Master Supply Co. with Dorsey and another partner. This has kept him busy, even as the odd request comes in for collaborations.

"Starting a brand has been something that?s been a long time coming,? says Negusanti. ?It?s always been a dream of mine, and most importantly, it?s a means of sustainability for me in the fashion world.? He has been hard at work developing new items for 2021, which will broaden the product listing to include additional women?s outerwear, boots, denim, and accessories. Master Supply Co. is leather outerwear focused, with ethically sourced and sustainable materials produced with vegetable-based dyes and REACH certified chemicals. Even as Negusanti chases new goals, it is essential for him to stay grounded. His philosophy towards how to share his life through social media remains the same, and he focuses on showing ?real life as opposed to highlight reels.?

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llow us to take a journey to the mystical faraway lands of mythical China, Imperial Cathay, and the Coromandel coast of East India, where a storied art form of lacquered screens originated. At Holt Renf rew, the Chanel Boutique welcomed The Coromandel Legend collection with its fifty-nine pieces of fine jewelry meant for the lavish and inspired wearer.

The antique Coromandel screens that were found in the various homes of Gabrielle Chanel including her mansions on Avenue de New- York, Rue de Faubourg Saint- Honore in Paris, and her villa in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over her lifetime she amassed a collection of over thirty of these extravagant pieces that served as markers of privacy and upon which she was known to attach photographs and drawings from artist friends. Gabrielle Chanel lived in a lacquered box where sailing ships, palaces, flowers and birds, in flashes of gold and deep red, stood out against the darkness of the night. This dream landscape held such charm for her that she wished to always keep it with her: it was that of the Coromandel screens. They also conjure up Marco Polo?s Book of Wonders. His Venetian birthplace, the gateway to the Orient, one of Chanel?s favourite places, which she often visited with her friend Misia and her husband, the extravagant J osé- Maria Sert - another connoisseur of subtle lacquers, who encouraged Chanel?s taste for the baroque and the opulent. Still today, when entering Chanel?s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, it is impossible not to be caught up in the mirage of the décor. The 17th- and 18thcentury screens mask doorways, surround the fireplace and sofa, and, reflected in the mirrors and rock crystals, appear to be multiplied to infinity: an imaginary labyrinth that stretches across the oceans and the centuries.


TheCollection In 2018, CHANEL Fine Jewelry presented, for the first time, this collection inspired by the poetic universe of Coromandel with motifs dear to Gabrielle Chanel which were reworked around three themes: f loral, noticeably evoking her signature flower, the Camellia; animal, through the bestiary of Coromandel; and mineral, reflecting her love of crystal and gemstones. The floral theme inspires a cuff that is entirely reversible, and reworks the geometric structure of the screens. The cuff includes a yellow diamond that pivots, so as to remain always visible on the wrist. The mineral theme is inscribed in the ?Horizon Lointain? plastron necklace in yellow gold, dotted with clouds of mother-of-pearl and diamond (including one central six-carat diamond) that evoke a Coromandel landscape. At the heart of the animal theme, birds just about to take flight, just as they appear on the screens, ornament a diamond ring that sparkles with more than ten carats. Finally, the collection?s gems recall all the colours of the Coromandel lacquers: the greens of the Tsavorite garnet, emeralds and the more than thirty-seven-carat tourmaline on the ?Vibration Minérale? ring; the red spinel on the ?Évocation Florale? ring, and the ruby beads and deep, hypnotic black lacquer transposed onto the onyx.

"The first time I saw a Coromandel screen, I cried out: it's so beautful! I had never said that about any other object." - Gabrielle Chanel

These magical and virtuoso pieces offer, once again, an illustration of the incomparable savoir-faire of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry workshop, and the tireless ingenuity of the Studio of Creation, inspired by the secret and precious universe of Gabrielle Chanel.


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here was a moment in late 2018 when the Vancouver Art Gallery stole the luxury fashion spotlight from Alberni Street with the immensely popular and still talked about Guo Pei: Beyond Couture exhibition. Guo Pei is China's most renowned couturier and relatively unknown in the western world for over 20 years, but it only took a phone call from an American stylist to change all of that. That conversation facilitated Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala entrance in the infamous and oft-memed dress and cape designed by Guo Pei. Constructed over two years, the cape featured yellow silk and layers of exquisite embroidery and sold the world on the designer's craftsmanship. The VAG exhibition displayed over forty pieces from her most iconic runway shows and traced her designs' evolution over ten years.



Now honoured as one of TIME magazine's 100 Most Inf luential People and listed in Business of Fashion's 500, Guo Pei graduated from Beijing School of Industrial Fashion Design in 1986. In 1997 she launched her label and atelier. Rose Studio employs more than 500 skilled artisans at various locations who dedicate their precise and nimble hands to production, as many items take thousands of hours to complete.


Since 2015, Guo Pei has been a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. While her dramatic and fantastical collections have enjoyed acclaim internationally, it is her Classic Collection that provides women with ready-to-wear options that exude sophistication and style.


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f given a choice, how many of us would begin each meal with a beautifully luscious dessert? Or, forsake the whole meal altogether, and luxuriate in the entire cake? Picture devouring spoon after spoon of tastebud tantalizing flavours that make your brain explode. We imagine everyone would, so know that when dining with raw vegan dessert guru Crystal Bonnet, this option always on the table! Chef Crystal Bonnet's journey began with a switch to improve her health that evolved into a career of cooking, and now teaching plant-based raw foods. Crystal has taken risks and stepped boldly to make her dreams come true, all coming to the culmination, which is her online Raw Desserts Chef Certif ication.

Cooking was not a passion she always knew, but rather a love that developed once she found the style that appealed to her. Crystal did not know what she wanted to do; she just felt she needed something creative. Three career paths and ten years in a corporate office later, the lack of passion was wearing her thin. After discovering raw food in 2013 and completely revolutionizing her life and diet, it was hard not to be hooked. "I finally found my passion; doing anything else didn't make sense. That's why I decided to pursue it as a career."

The first of many courses she took was Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine through Matthew Kenney Culinary. Celebrity chef Kenney is a plant-based cuisine leader and responsible for the vegan menu found at French macaron shop LadurĂŠe's Beverly Hills location. With no previous culinary training, this marked the beginning of three years of education fueled by the desire to learn all there was to know about raw food. The fundamentals were quickly followed up with raw chocolate courses spurred by a love of desserts, and of course, chocolate. "Fundamentals of raw cuisine was full-time over one month, and you didn't have lifetime access, you had to complete everything in the allotted time given. I was so committed I even quit my full-time job to work part-time somewhere else so I could complete the course." Raw cooking opened up a world of colourful and delicious foods and this raw revolution spurred an excitement like never before. All her time outside of work was dedicated to raw cooking, prepping, researching, and even starting a blog. There is a vibrancy in raw food, lost when it is cooked; a vegetable in its natural state is so much more beautiful.

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Crystal's first steps into owning a business was a bold one. Encouraged by friends and family to sell her stone-ground tempered chocolate professionally, she launched Fig Leaf Foods and after a trip to Bali, where she toured chocolate farmers facilities and learned more about cocoa processing, left her even more dissatisfied with her current work situation. That trip to Bali would not be the last, and it would begin a series of raw food travels. Bali, Spain, USA, and throughout Canada saw her learning, teaching, and cooking worldwide. "I've kept true to myself throughout the entire process and have created something really unique, with live monthly teaching components and a community full of support, and people resonate with that." So much of food is colour, texture, and presentation as well as taste. Incorporated into the course is food photography which teaches students how to immortalize their creations. "Sometimes, I work backwards by creating the plating first and then think about the recipe."

From being an individual who viewed cooking as a chore to a flourishing chef, entrepreneur and teacher, she has truly transformed. Making the switch to a raw diet did not happen overnight, and even now, Crystal eats 80- 90% raw depending on the season. Crystal has created an accessible resource for those wishing to dip their toes into the world of plant-based raw desserts and even offers a ten- recipe ebook for free. "When I receive messages about how much they loved a recipe, could not believe it was raw, or how their kids loved the food... it makes my day. By teaching others how to prepare their own healthy plant-based whole food, they are changing their life for the better, and I'm a part of that. I can't think of any other way to give back to the world."

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hen tasting our way along the Okanagan Wine Trails, we love getting about in a sustainable style.

Our adventures began with a visit to the recently opened Mt. Boucherie winery. For transportation we engaged the Kelowna-based Current Taxi, which operates a 100% Tesla zero-emissions fleet to arrive comfortably. Of course, our choice was the Model X!

Conway now has ten vehicles on the road in Kelowna and another six in Victoria ? an array of Tesla Model X, Model S, and Model 3. ?When we started Current Taxi, the plan wasn?t just to offer a ?novelty?EV service, it was to prove to this industry that things can and should be done better.

Founder Dale Conway fought to bring the first new taxi company to Kelowna in almost 15-years. Conway lobbied support from the local hospitality industry and the city?s mayor until he triumphed in 2017 with his first two vehicles hitting the pavement.

"Collectively the transportation industry in Canada is responsible for over 171 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. In four years of operation, Current Taxi alone has saved 767 tonnes of CO2e from our beautiful province. The difference our industry can make is enormous, and we aim to keep driving this progression,? Conway says.

After three-years, the electric car service operates like Uber, with 24-hour service, a car-tracking app, and transparent rates.

Cheers to technology and entrepreneurs like Dale Conway, who are willing to take a financial risk for the environment!

Even the pandemic could not quell the demand for Current Taxi. With enhanced safety measures implemented, the electric fleet was back operating at capacity, showing both locals and tourists that Current service is safe, secure, and sustainable.

055 h otel el dorado, 500 cook road, k el ow na, bc



s serene and gorgeous as much of the Okanagan Lake waterfront may be, it is still unmistakably modern, as so much of Kelowna's development has come in recent decades. This feeling of being caught in-between times all but evaporates when one strolls off the wooden boardwalk and up to the historic doors of Hotel Eldorado. A bonafide memento from a time long past, before the Okanagan Wine Country became internationally known, and a fun Sunday involved taking long car rides with the family. The beginnings of this historic retreat are far from humble - its founder was an aristocratic English Countess uniquely named Bubna - who was keen to establish a Victorian-style inn. Putting a sizable fortune to good use, she opened the Eldorado in 1926. By the 1950s, it was the de facto gathering place for top west coast personalities, and it has continued this way long after ownership was transferred twice. It remains a beacon of tradition just south of Kelowna's downtown district and is easily recognizable from many points along the shoreline with its twinkling lights and expansive marina.


"The rich history of Eldorado Resort is central to who we are, and that is authentic, antique, and nostalgic with an abundance of history," says J acqueline Birk, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Eldorado. "There is a relaxed atmosphere that is equal parts elegant, nuanced, and casual, and is one that calls for Prada and pearls or bikinis and f lip- f lops in the same frame."


This ethos was visible while exploring the waterfront property, especially at its famed marina, home to sleek speedboats and a stunning 1952 32- foot Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser, which harkens back to the Kelowna Regatta years. As sparkling as the marina is, it is not an exclusive yacht club replete with crisp white linens and Sperry topsiders. It still retains the unpretentious charm of the region.

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Part of the authentic experience of taying at The Arms is definitely the istorical touches, some small and others rander. Inside are charming old-world etails like cork flooring and unique ayouts. These retro-themed suites are elightful, and for a few days, we xperienced simpler times, which included ust enough modernity (coffee maker, big creen tv) to keep us happy.


Taking a relaxing paddle in the resort's kayaks was tempting, but it was the much more exciting sea-doo's that succeeded in getting us onto the lake. The process was streamlined, our machine in excellent condition, and after a brief how-to, we were out on the water, enjoying the view of the Eldorado Resort from the other side, and it was majestic.

PlantbasedIndulgances A popular lunch spot, with locals and tourists, smackDAB at the Manteo, offered a patio experience unlike others in the form of a female mallard (promptly named Debbie), who waddles a route where she visits guests from table to table honking for crumbs. The patio abounded with giggles as she made her way from one end to the other before popping down to the lake's edge to join her feathered friends. For lunch, we delved into two plates of warm yam tacos, and chased them with two BC ciders. The first, a 'No Boats on Sunday' apple cider and the second, a Naramata Hard Dry Pear Cider. Perfectly complementary to the crispiness of grilled tortilla stuffed with the goodness of deep-fried yams, fresh sprouts, shredded cabbage, and tangy cashew cream.

As the sun slowly sank behind the smoky mountains, our thoughts turned towards an evening meal.

As we retired for the night, our room quiet except for the sound of the soaker tub filling and birds calling on the water.

The highly recommended and award-winning Lakeside Dining Room is swathed in dark rich wood, dramatic drapery, and rows of windows to watch the sunset as you enjoy a fine meal.

After check-out the next morning, we paused outside the Eldorado Arms Luxury Lake View Suites and took one last look of the two vehicles parked outside the Dining entrance, that set the tone for a stay.

Before we arrived, we had heard that the Executive Chef makes good use of the Okanagan bounty of seasonal and organic farm-fresh products and supports local suppliers and wanted to peruse the award-winning wine list with over 150 dif f erent labels.

The glorious yellow 1937 International D- 3 loaded with wine barrels that traveled from Valemount to Quebec and back while being restored, and a coal black 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe which was once part of the famed J im Rogers Collection in Las Vegas. This torpedo-shaped relic hails from the era when the Eldorado first came to be. Its slick lines and chrome grills remind one that just because it is rooted in the past doesn't mean it cannot be incredibly cool.

With a dinner menu available from 5pm-9pm, there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy some bubbles before our meals arrived. The Hatch's Gobsmacked Bubbly was a crisp refresher after our time on the lake. The recommended plantbased starter was the Tomato Bisque?divine with fire-roasted tomatoes and red peppers. Our main was a very filling Farro Bowl, and it was so incredible with its layered flavours and textures, that we had it again on our second night! The large bowl began with a healthy portion of tender yet chewy farro, flanked by deep-fried kale chickpeas, marinated and uber-tangy local mushrooms, and spinach salad, grilled peppers, a sweet yet tart tomato jam, pumpkin seeds, and topped by the crispiest friend tofu fries. Every bite was a satisfying delight.


Open throughout the winter season, Hotel Eldorado has launched a Wine Fest Pairing offer (until November 30th), which includes an overnight package designed just for two. Enjoy luxe accommodation plus a 3-course dinner paired with local wines, including vintages from Lake Breeze, Burrowing Owl, and Kitsch wineries.

h otel el dorado, k el ow na, bc





hen we stepped into The Whisky Room at Kelowna's Hotel Eldorado, memories of The Stag's Head pub in Dublin rushed back. The warm wood, weathered tin ceiling panels, gold light dancing off the dark fixtures and the twinkle in the bar manager's eye, but instead of a healthy headed Guinness, a flight of Scotch whisky waited. Certified Whisky Ambassador Patrick Parker has been at the resort since 2013 and knows a thing or two (or a 100) about whisky and has the knack of making newcomers to the whisky world comfortable. Our first flight consisted of three Scotch whiskies from three different Scotland areas that have distinct variations in flavours. The first scotch was a Glenkinchie 12-year old is known as Edinburgh's scotch. ?Lowland scotches are much lighter and approachable for the novice whisky drinker.? The second scotch was the Tomatin Legacy from the Highlands. Parker explained, "highland scotches are slightly more flavourful with fruity notes, a lovely sweetness, and is gentle on the palate."

The third scotch presented was the J ura 12-year from the Isle of J ura. With this whisky, Parker wanted to introduce us to the flavour and smell of peat. "The islands of the west coast offer the whisky drinker the aroma of peat which comes for the peat used to dry the barley. This whisky gives off a gentle scent and taste of peat to once again introduce you to this other unique flavour of Scotch." When Patrick began at the Eldorado Whisky Room, he knew that some education into the world of whisky would be a great benefit. So, he researched and found the Whisky Ambassador Course out of Glasgow. They teach this course around the world, and there was an opportunity for him to complete the course in Vancouver. Needless to say, he aced the course scoring perfect marks in theory and tasting, which only whetted his appetite to dive deeper into the world of whisky. He has studied Canadian whisky, bourbon, and international single malts adding to his knowledge base since then.

TheCocktails The first cocktail crafted was a New York Sour. The Whisky Room likes to give traditional cocktails a bit of a twist and make them unique. Our plant-based version consisted of Wild Turkey bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and a spritz of Eldorado Red wine. The second cocktail, which is the one in the decanter, is a Grand Old Fashioned. This has Wild Turkey bourbon, Forty Creek whisky, and Grand Marnier. It also has brown simple syrup, orange bitters, and angostura bitters. It is aged for 5 weeks in an oak cask to bring out the oak's vanilla and caramel flavours to smooth out the cocktail. "What makes a great whisky sour is balance," Parker explained, "You have to balance the sweet and the sour to excite your palate." Excellent addition to the Grand Old Fashioned is the Amarena wild Italian cherry that he prefers over Maraschino. Over the final sips of a Grand Old Fashioned, I asked Parker 'why whisky?' He responded, "Whisky is my passion because the world of whisky is about stories. Every whisky has a unique story all its own."


The characters, locations, history all add to a whisky's story. I also find that whisky lovers are often either very knowledgeable about the golden dram or very curious, which makes for great conversations." "My focus in the Whisky room is to provide our customers with an experience. It is more than just having a cocktail. It is about the stories and being entertained. Learning and exploring, tasting and discovering this great world of whisky. It is a noble libation that deserves the attention that it gets. I really enjoy the sparkle in someone's eye or that jaw-dropping moment when we have a tasting, and they discover something new, or I dispel the myths about whisky, and we have a new convert to the world of whisky." Having someone as passionate as Patrick Parker at the helm of The Whisky Bar made the tasting experience so educational and enjoyable. Slainte!

071 mt bouch eri e w i nery, 829 dougl as road, w est k el ow na



t is no secret to oenophiles that Okanagan wines have consistently represented our beautiful BC on the global stage. It is fitting that wineries that produce the award-winning vintages should also develop into visitable destinations. Mt. Boucherie Winery is a stunning example of this. The winery reopened just in time for the summer tasting season with a breathtaking new 10M dollar 15,000 sq. ft. Experience Centre. Even as the pandemic delayed their launch and halted international visitors, GM J esse Harnden oversaw a quiet opening, which catered to locals first before announcing to the world they were open for business. The estate winery is nestled at the foot of now-dormant Mount Boucherie volcano, which towers over West Kelowna. The winery sits at the base of this grand hill, with expansive views of the arid mountains on the far side of Okanagan Lake. The Experience Centre was designed by Vancouver?s Ciccozzi Architecture and is an ultra-modern contrast to some of the rustic alternatives along the Westside Wine Trail?which runs through West Kelowna. The Centre?s airy tasting area opens onto a sun-drenched upper and lower patio where visitors enjoy tastings alongside offerings from their on-site restaurant The Modest Butcher.


Winemaker J ef f Hundermark oversees the production of 25,000 cases of reds, whites, and dessert wines annually. Over 30% of their 200-acres of vineyards have been replanted since 2016, and this is reflected by their production of refined cabernets, pinot noirs, and syrah. Even with these recent developments, the work has not been completed?they aspire to be completely organic and biodynamic in the next ten years.


Killer Veggies We were delivered to Mt Boucherie Winery, (like a couple of fancy packages), in a Model X Tesla courtesy of Current Taxi, and immediately ushered to a reserved table on the corner of the expansive patio. We were grateful for the reservation as the dining room was bustling and we were able to bypass the hub-bub. Head chef Dan Carkner has created a fantastic selection of plantbased dishes to satisfy even the heartier eater and offers veganized versions of others. We selected from the Starters & Sharesies and Killer Veggie options a feast of plant-forward dishes. The heavily marinated Caulif lower Fritters with a spicy tamarind glaze and pickled shallots, a crispy Veganator BLT with a grilled country loaf, tempeh bacon, oven-dried tomatoes, and two kinds of mayo - smoky and truffle, and a perfectly al dente Pasta Ai Fun- Guy with a hefty helping of herb-roasted mushrooms, and a tangy lemon tamari almond crumble. The Risotto That's Based on Plants was an exciting take on the classic dish using fine herb steeped oat milk broth, nutritional yeast, and kale chimichurri to create a rib-sticking dish that was very satisfying and turns out is Dena's favourite menu item. Invigorated and ready to move upstairs for a highly anticipated tasting, we ordered a traditional Bowl of Olives to accompany us to the rooftop. The aroma coming off the warm olives (marinated in fresh herbs, lemon, and chillies) proved hard to resist, and we had a nibble on the stairs!


On theRoof- Top As we settled in for a private roof-top tasting, our group expanded to include Zoë Harris, Special Event Coordinator and Dena Barabash of Details Design Inc, a fellow vegan and champion of all things Okanagan?especially those that come in stemmed glassware!

After this came the red offerings, the 2017 Summit and 2018 Merlot. The Summit was an aroma-filled blend with hints of red fruits and cedar, while the Merlot was a decadent drink of South Okanagan terroir with a trademark licorice and leather finish.

As the sun slowly sank, Harris came bearing the Elder Vicar, a co-fermented, skin contact, field blend of muscat, pinot gris, and gewürztraminer that is well-fitted to enjoy in the often-overwhelming Okanagan heat.

Finally, to cap off a delicious tasting, a 2017 Merlot Icewine was poured, which made a statement for the range of the winery?s offerings with its intense aromas of cassis, chocolate, and cinnamon.

The Original Vines 2019 Sèmillon followed. It originates from the Winery?s vineyard overlooking Lake Vasseau near Oliver, BC. This area is much cooler than other grape-growing regions of the Interior, giving the wine a brisk acidity married with ripe fruit - and this was on display with this Sèmillon, which dominated the palate with a citrus crispness and a hint of French oak, fig, and beeswax. The 2018 Reserve Gewürztraminer was an aromatic off-dry wine, aromatic, floral, and rich. Farmed primarily at South Rock Vineyard along the Golden Mile Bench, with a small portion coming out of the Lazy River Vineyard in South Cawston. These vineyards were planted in 1973 and 1988, respectively.


Farmed at Lazy River Vineyard also. We loved the story of ice wine creation where frozen grapes are harvested in the dead of night at -10 degrees Celsius then immediately pressed to squeeze the rare drops of nectar from each grape. When planning your next Okanagan getaway, know that scheduling a tasting or dinner with one of their fine reserves at Mt. Boucherie is a must. Their wines draw from the very best of vineyards throughout the valley and paired with the Experience Centre's new world-class surroundings, will render even the most experienced wine-lover a little weak in the knees.

081 k raf t k i tch en + bar, 281 l aw rence av enue, k el ow na



hen visiting a new city, it is often tempting to ask Where do the locals eat? But we think a better way to find extraordinary dining may be Where do the adventurous locals eat? With this in mind, we turned to our fave Okanagan local, Dena Barabash of Details Design Inc and she not only recommended Krafty Kitchen + Bar, she led them to set-up the patio! The casual farm-to-table bistro has been a mainstay in the city?s Downtown district since it opened in 2014. An energetic team is led by Head Chef and Owner Chris Shaften, who is best known his appearance as a contestant on Top Chef Canada Season 3. The wine list is the work of Sommelier/ General Manager Mia Papadopoulos, who features wines from Synchromesh, Mission Hill, and Mt. Boucherie. Shaften and Papadopoulos do not just work together in the restaurant; they have also started a gourmet cuisine and premium wine tour company Free Range Tours. Customers can expect an exclusive tasting experience through the Okanagan, which features gourmet dish pairings and off-list wines.


But before becoming too enamoured with visions of dining in the Okanagan Valley, it is worth mentioning what makes a meal at Krafty so special is the bright and airy industrial- chic dining room, the expansive 40- seat brick-lined patio a short walk from the Downtown promenade, and the plantbased food! We began with an amuse bouche of chickpeas, avocado, and a tart sesame marinade that abruptly woke up the palate. Followed by a series of cocktails, just because, cocktails. An Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry Daiquiri, Adult Lemonade, and a Wildf lower Old Fashioned. All crafted with top shelf spirits, fresh squeezed juices, and house made syrups. Our meal was an intense kaleidoscope of flavours. Eggplant Poke (avocado, cashew tahini, sesame and soy vinaigrette with lettuce cups) was served with the General Tso Tofu (crispy fried tofu, deep-fried broccoli, red peppers and seasonal veg, Szechaun glaze). Having never experienced broccoli lightly dusted and seriously deep-fried, I was leery, but wow, crispy dry broccoli is insanely delicious! Next was the Beet Carpaccio (ginger vinaigrette, tempura crisp, pickled carrots, dill, walnuts), light and refreshing but the superstar of the evening was the Charred Vegan Caesar served with a mountain of paprika tofu. A simple charred wedge of Romaine lettuce smothered in their signature Caesar dressing created with silken tofu, generous amount of smoke, lemon, and other ingredients create a heavenly sauce that is so drinkable people have tried to order litres for take-away! Krafty Kitchen + Bar is the best setting for Shaften?s Canadian dishes honed with his hard-earned French techniques.


With the region?s extra-long outdoor dining season and great location, Krafty makes a case for being the go-to destination for a night out with your bubble family or friends. And of course, their menu makes you want to return again and again, if only to sneak in the kitchen to abscond with the Caesar dressing recipe!

087 ri ch mond i sl and ci ty, ri ch mond, bc




irst impressions can sometimes be deceiving. As we slowly rolled past an impressive array of homes in a quiet tree-lined Richmond neighbourhood, it was impossible to pinpoint which of these homes was our destination, but then, through a window, a glint of gold, caught my eye. This home appeared no different from others outside, but inside, as you will see, it is an entirely different story. The latest of Major Interiors design projects is Casa Maggiore, a 3,626- square- foot gorgeous and elegant home inspired by Richmond?s island City?s charming landscape. The site was carefully selected to ensure proximity to Richmond?s picturesque dyke where you can gaze upon the horizon to enjoy the rainbow of colours during sunsets. The warm golden tones mixed with the hues of umber and ochre created the foundation for the home?s colour palette, dĂŠcor, and artwork.


Creating a home to foster personal well-being and inner harmony are fundamental goals of Major Interiors, and one?s that William Chan, Interior Design Director, ensures is embedded throughout the home's DNA. This 5- bedroom, 5.5- bathroom home encompasses a thoughtful mixture of indoor and outdoor living with strong connections to the outdoor spaces. Rooms are designed with large windows and doors to allow each of them to be gently bathed in natural daylight and fresh air. The design incorporated a balance of indoor/ outdoor space with over 1,350- square- f eet of combined open/ covered outdoor patio, with a spacious theatre room, his/ her walk-in closets, and a vaulted ceiling in the master suite.


Materials at Casa Maggiore have been meticulously examined and curated to ensure that they work in harmony with one another when all components are put together. The proportions and adjacencies of the spaces have been most carefully considered. Chan incorporated a full compliment of Versace ceramic tiles on the main floors and all walls and floors of the ensuites, natural granite and marble for countertops, and wide plank engineered hardwood flooring in the den, stairs, and bedrooms. Every bedroom is provided with an outdoor balcony or patio to enhance the living experience and aid in a healthy lifestyle. Be it quiet meditation, yoga, or simply reading a book while basking in the sun, the balcony can be a space for relaxation and self-healing. Italian villas inspire multi-layered ceilings and ornate decorative wall panelling within the interiors where they are enhanced with beautiful Versace wall covering.


Like a Villa, rooms seamlessly flow into one another while maintaining their connection and views with the exterior. The natural flow of spaces creates a greater sense of freedom and is ideal for entertaining. Entrance is by a single 42? door, and immediately you are greeted with iconic Versace elements?the Foglia ceramic, signature wall coverings, Barocco patterns, the Greek key, and medusa?a gorgeous Austrian crystal chandelier, and a recessed display niche. While the foyer may appear to be simplistic and similar to many other homes in the neighbourhood, the proportions and architectural elements are distinctly different.

Living room furnishings are from the Versace Signature series with a compliment of Argo tables. The use of black and gold accents is a perfect reference to Versace?s opulence. The alignment of furniture is precisely executed to be central to the foyer and dining room. The 250+ bottle wine wall in the dining room is the focal point and is centred with the foyer accent tile and the living room fireplace. The room is created to have a sense of openness; you will notice that unlike other similar homes, it does not have walls, yet allows your family to have an intimate dining experience. Furnishings include the Caratesio table with Greek key gold design, which compliments the foyer?s border tile.

For this family having a Western and Wok kitchen was not up for debate, and throughout both are the top appliances by Miele, Wolf , and Bosch. The adjacent nook is brilliantly designed to provide the family with a sense of being seated outdoors. The large windows surround the seating area, which comfortably holds 7+ people.


The Casa Maggiore master suite is indeed that with an entry vestibule, French doors, a 700-square-foot south-facing balcony, and two walk-in closets. Parapet walls on the west and south side gently screen family members from neighbours and create a calm space to practice morning yoga or sip a cup of tea.

The ensuite has a 14?barrel ceiling with a separate toilet room for privacy. The steam shower is a showstopper with its bench, rain showerhead, and body massage sprays?a private space to relax and reflect in. The additional four bedrooms are as beautifully and thoughtfully designed as the rest of the home.

Incorporated throughout the entire house are Intelligent home systems, including Control4 lighting system, security surveillance, Nest thermostats, and ambient music system. The powder room is nicely proportioned and furniture like vanity and toilet are wall-hung to make the room appear larger. There is an elegant use of edge lighting around the mirror to create an illusion of greater depth to the room. The decor and linens by Versace Home are a perfect compliment to the room!


The family and theatre rooms are strategically positioned to be easily accessible. The family room contains a softer furniture selection from the Versace Zahara series, which brings vibrancy and energy and swivel armchairs to enhance interactions with those watching television or visiting the outdoor lounge area. The theatre room is accessed directly from the family room. It has a 110? screen, and when the family is entertaining, it expands the capacity of the socializing area (family room, kitchens) to 40+ people with ample seating.

From the moment you step into Casa Maggiore, you experience a seamless transition to an Italian villa with ornate wall coverings and silk shades, hand-carved fireplaces, and an abundance of European atmosphere. While this home was specifically designed for family living, Major Interiors works with all types of requests and creates masterpieces for all those who truly live a luxury lifestyle.

74 rue de templ e, pari s, i tal y




n the spring of 2018, the brilliance of Paris-based couture designer Andrew Gn overwhelmed the cold expanse of Yaletown's Leisure Center. In Vancouver, for a private and very exclusive Trunk Show, Gn arrived with over 150 pieces from his 2018 Collections including Spring/ Summer, Pre-Fall, Fall/ Winter, and once the scene had been set, he relaxed with a hot tea, and awaited his clients.


With 'May there be light,' his SS2021 Collection, Gn is connecting with his fanbase on a different level. Forced by a pandemic to step-away from his usual hands-on approach to couture, Gn embraced the challenge of creating for a woman who is seeking less event-driven glamour and a more wearable style.


Of the pandemic design process, Gn shared: "Like so many, during lockdown, I was reassessing my purpose and my work?there's so much energy that goes into handling uncertainties, and that's even before you start designing the clothes."

With 'May there be light' Gn masterfully continues his intense love affair with colour, patterns, and metallics. Given the thirst for his work, it is conceivable, that Gn will be held to a lifetime of bringing forth such divinity for his audience to consume.

"Beauty is such an important thing in life. If you don't see beauty, you don't see the future."


- Andrew Gn

Reconnect. Replenish. Resume.

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February 2020 was the last time we shared Folio.YVR with the world.


Issue # 11 launched with a new look and feel, as evidenced by the stunning LyleXOX cover. After our first year, creating a f resh visual identity was important, and I wanted to use more potent imagery to guide the stories. In the middle of brainstorming Issue # 12, the pandemic flew into Canada, and our vibrant west coast lifestyle quickly came to a stop. With no travel, dining, events or entertainment, there was no 'luxury lifestyle' to share and support, and frankly, it would have been in poor taste to push ahead. So we went on hiatus, just for a few months we thought, but then May fast approached and passed, then August whipped by, but in September, everything changed.

Our lives have begun re-opening just enough that we can dine out, travel (a little), and move about relatively safely without worrying about COVID-19. I knew months ago that the theme for this issue would be Reconnection. To create Issue # 12, I went through 10-years of connections and worked my way through lists of people that had made an impact on me, and chose a handful of these to anchor this issue. Reconnecting with them and learning about where they have been since we last met, has been amazing personally and professionally. For this issue, my portrait was created with photographer Caroline Ross and MUA Gwen Perkins (Belle and Rebel Beauty). It was inspired by an image of Madonna at the 2018 Met Gala wearing head-to-toe J ean Paul Gaultier ? it is a photo indelibly etched in our collective memory as a moment when we knew something special was 'happening.' As our world continues to change around us, I recommend finding a quiet corner, pop-open the laptop, and enjoy this tasty slice of distraction pie. Best wishes to all,

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