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Welcome to Issue # 24 SPRING!

While others transition their wardrobes towards seasonal florals and pastels, I will continue to live unapologetically in black with a little more black, accessorized with black So when I discovered the [1.] Collection by Canadian designer Charles Lu, I became obsessed. Each piece is a masterpiece, with clean lines, structure, and constriction balanced with volume. This issue's cover belongs to Charles; his story is for all of you to experience and share.

Wealth Advisor Brandon Newell is challenging his industry to lead with compassion and insightfulness and to leave behind traditional hard-sales tactics. Besides having a smile that lights up the room, he has opened his heart to the plight of animal abandonment post-pandemic. Making significant change is definitely on his 2024 agenda!

This month's Showcase Pianos Presents spotlight is on Celine Paolini Following in the footsteps of featured international icons Chloe Flower, Rachel Naomi Kudo, and Hedy Chan, Celine played her way through the Westbank Fazioli' s during her visit to our city, leaving us delighted with her delightful, whimsical, and utterly compelling performances.

M anuel Bernaschek (Showcase Pianos, Stefano Ricci) shared his exclusive experience at the newest luxury landmark hotel to open in 2023, Raffles London at The OWO.

With the prestige afforded royalty, guests can also visit a secret Spy Bar and the Guerlain Spa & L' Atelier for a refresh, adding to the allure of this exceptional destination. Manuel is one of our city's top travel enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to have his insights.

Oakridge Park announced a lengthy list of luxury-level lessees that left us speechless, but none more than the addition of M aison

M argiela! John Galliano's road to recovery has been years in the making, and the Artisanal Collection 2024 continues to make waves We could not resist exploring this upcoming connection to Vancouver in a story by contributor Kate Pickering.

Tyson Villeneuve invited us to celebrate The M acallan 200 at the Vancouver Club, and we were delighted to accept. Prevail's spoken word performance, course after course of delicate plates, and conversation with a selection of Vancouver's most interesting people complemented a glorious whisky-centric evening.

Before it comes down, we revisit the ' Emily Carr: A Room of Her Own' exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery at its halfway point to reinforce the importance of Canadian art, take a cruise in BM W' s iX EV, and revel in the beauty and artistry of latest iteration of Guerlain' s M uguet

Pandora' s ' Diamonds for All' campaign, led by a trio of powerful women including Pam Anderson, is offering a compassionate alternative to traditionally mined diamonds, and the settings are stunning.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks for Charles Zuckermann (Zuckermann Wong Photography) for this issue's EIC portrait taken at The M acallan 200 event at Vancouver Club in my favourite Roberto Cavalli (RIP) dress from Turnabout Luxury Resale!

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R L D L Y L U X U R Y | M e r c e d e sM a y b a c h x C h a r l e s L u

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e r s o n a

l i t i e s





Brandon Newell is a wealth advisor known for creating bespoke financial solutions that cater to his client's unique needs With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, he developed an impressive track record of success in fixed income, equity, and derivatives products for institutional clients at a leading Schedule I Canadian financial institution. However, driven by his innate desire to make a difference in people's lives, Brandon has recently made a strategic career shift towards holistic wealth management.

He is passionate about empowering individuals, families, and small- to- medium enterprises with the financial stability they need to secure their future and that of future generations His expertise and commitment make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to achieve their financial goals.


Brandon is a proud alumnus of Saint M ary' s University in Halifax, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Finance. He also holds the distinction of being a CFA Charterholder, which further enhances his credentials and expertise.

During his university days, Brandon displayed a strong desire to learn and grow in his field. He pursued his passion for fitness and health by building a supplements company (two locations), which quickly gained popularity among students in the athletic programs. He also partnered with the varsity football team and supplied them with the supplements they needed for peak performance. After completing his studies, Brandon secured an internship at the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, which paved the way for his successful career in the finance industry

Brandon is passionate about helping hardworking entrepreneurs extract retained earnings from their holding companies as close to tax-free as possible over time. He uses proprietary tax reduction strategies to achieve this goal

B N B R A N D O N N E W E L L | G l o b a l W e a l t h S o l u t i o n s 011

He is committed to helping his clients achieve financial stability and avoid being taken advantage of by unethical advisors.


Vancouver is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and thriving economy. With one of the largest financial sectors in North America, Vancouver ranks among the top 20 financial centres in the world. The city's robust financial industry and reputation for being one of the most livable cities globally make it an attractive location for those looking to pursue or advance a career in finance. From investment banking to wealth management, Vancouver's financial sector provides ample opportunities for professionals to grow and excel in their careers

With approximately 60,000 people employed by financial services companies in M etro Vancouver, getting a foot in the door in the industry can be difficult, especially with the shift from the East Coast to the West Coast. As with any relocation, designing one's footprint in a new city requires awareness of the business climate, culture, and network within.

In 2024, Brandon has a holistic wealth management business as an independent contractor at Global Solutions Wealth M anagement Inc. Not identifying with the sales-based advisors in the industry, he stresses that when he says his services are holistic, they really are, and creating long and meaningful relationships is the best way to move forward

"I have no desire to meet client prospects and do one transaction over a couple of meetings. I really want to invest in a relationship with mutual respect and long-standing benefits."

Founder of Bridgewater Associates, American investor and hedge fund manager Ray Dalio greatly impacted Brandon. Dalio is quoted as saying, "In thinking about the relative importance of great relationships and money, it was clear that relationships were more important because there is no amount of money I would take in exchange for a meaningful relationship because there is nothing I could buy with that money that would be more valuable."

Upon reading that quote, Brandon vowed to live by those words "It was always an approximation of my overall approach to business, but now it's ingrained in my mind and at the roots of everything I do I am not someone who enjoys asking for business. Instead, I take the approach of educating people on financial literacy. I show them what proper planning looks like as opposed to inferior or sales-based planning. My goal is to help them get what they need for themselves and their families and avoid being taken advantage of by unethical advisors. "

"I spent the first six months of my career helping people I stumbled upon that had mostly been taken advantage of by multi-level marketing firms like World Financial Group ( WFG). "


"I made barely any money in the process, but I could not bear to let them and their families suffer another day."

"If you trusted a financial advisor and got scammed, know that you are not alone Feeling embarrassed and blaming yourself is natural, but it is not your fault. My role is to help you understand that you should be able to rely on your financial advisor, so if you are in this situation, feel free to reach out to me."

"While I enjoy helping individuals and families, I am also passionate about helping hardworking entrepreneurs extract retained earnings from their holding companies as close to tax-free as possible over time. It is important to note that this is not a ' get rich quick' strategy The Canadian government has closed most of the available loopholes, but it is still possible with our proprietary tax reduction strategies at Global Solutions."


After leaving Toronto, Brandon realized that a major change was necessary in his career. He understood that he could not continue at the same pace without addressing his emotional, spiritual, and physical needs He was not comfortable with the idea of working for another large company.

In Vancouver, the aim was to become an entrepreneur and create a wealth management business that operated differently from the traditional ones.

Brandon believes financial advice should be based on the client' s needs rather than sales He built his practice on this principle. However, he faced a challenge - he needed a sponsor to move forward

Enter financial advisor turned sponsor, Stephen M ajetic, who also became a close friend. Next, he was introduced to and connected with Ryan Faridian, the founder and CEO of Global Solutions Wealth Management Inc., and a second-generation wealth advisor. Brandon described Ryan as someone who shares his passion for showing people how to have the best financial future for themselves and their families.

He was impressed that Ryan did not push a commission schedule across the table during their meeting!

Brandon was seeking a more meaningful path for his future, and Ryan's approach resonated with him. He wanted to create a tangible impact in the world that he could see grow as he met and assisted more people over time. He felt confident that he could achieve this goal in his current situation and that it meant everything to him.

At a 2023 real estate event, Brandon met business coach Jean Hardy, and they immediately clicked Through working with Jean, Brandon learned about duality and how our perception of information or a situation changes how we approach or benefit from it.

He established a clear vision for what he wanted in life and what he wanted to avoid.

Meeting Jean changed Brandon's life and helped him reach places he did not know he could get to, and he recommends Jean highly as a business coach for those seeking guidance.

Brandon was hopeful when he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, but he was also skeptical.

Although he had successfully grown two businesses from <$10M to >$100M and from $17M to over $60M, the idea of starting something from scratch was daunting. However, he believed that word of mouth was the most effective way to grow a business, and with the connections he made, Brandon knew he was on the right track.

As more people learn about their unique approach at Global Solutions, Brandon is confident they will attract many long-term clients and become a large and successful company

Before the year's end, he plans to add ten new high to UHNW clients with over $1M in net investible assets or business owners with a net income of over $500,000 annually.


Before Vancouver and during his impressive seven-year term at Women in Capital Markets, Brandon dedicated himself to championing the cause of male allyship. He worked tirelessly to promote gender diversity and inclusion within the finance industry and was widely recognized for his contributions. In fact, he made history as the first male to co- chair the WCM Vancouver Chapter Steering Committee, leaving a lasting impact on the organization and inspiring many others to follow in his footsteps.

"My time at Women in Capital Markets was significant. There was a point early in my career when I looked around the bustling office and realized that over half the women that I had been hired with were no longer at the firm, while over 80%of the men remained. It also appeared that my female peers were making substantially less than I was and less than equivalently performing males. This income disparity concerned me, so I started exploring what I could do to effect long-term change."

"I found the WCM, became a member and started attending events to learn and contribute as much as possible."


"At 28, I soon sat on a panel with 4-5 senior managing director females from my firm and others talking about these issues to crowds of 500+ people That in itself was daunting, but then to be criticized by male colleagues with whom I tried to get involved was another blow The initiative of increasing male engagement to raise awareness and move the dial was something other than what they were interested in being involved with "

In 2018, Brandon was offered the position of the first-ever male-appointed chairperson of the Vancouver chapter steering committee. He accepted the offer, relocated, continued with his initiative to improve male engagement, and recruited more men to the steering committee in Vancouver. He served as the chair for almost three years before moving on.


Brandon's dedication to community goes beyond his professional responsibilities and extends to several initiatives. While working in investment banking, he actively participated in various charitable efforts, including the United Way Campaign, M ake a Wish Campaign, and the CIBC Run for the Cure Additionally, he was involved in M ovember and initiated an annual CIBC squash tournament, which he managed for six years. The proceeds benefited cancer research, and even today, the event continues to raise funds.

Recently, Brandon unexpectedly became a dog rescuer while on vacation in Los Angeles.

Alan Calimbas, a Vancouver-based real estate agent and IG friend, frequently posted about opportunities to adopt dogs from high- kill shelters in California

When Brandon learned that three dogs - two from dog fighting situations and one senior dog with health issues - were running out of time, he quickly mobilized his friends to adopt them. Together, they began the journey from Los Angeles to Vancouver. It is particularly heartwarming to know that Lobo, one of the dogs, found his forever home with Brandon.


During his leisure time, Brandon actively participates in physical activities such as running, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful nature of BC.

He is also passionate about mental health awareness, particularly emphasizing the importance of support for men dealing with mental health issues, reducing the stigma, and especially encourages men to speak up and seek help when they are struggling, and he wants to to be part of the solution in creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to prioritize their mental well-being.

019 Location:
Seymour Street M ichelle Raymond Re/ M ax Select Realty Interior Design by Kalu Interiors
PH 3401



S h o w c a s e P i a n o s P r e s e n t s


The captivating story of Celine Paolini takes us on a journey through a world of music and artistry.

Born in Vancouver and raised in M ontreal to Taiwanese parents, Celine's passion for music began at an early age. Her classical training as a pianist soon propelled her to the international stage, where she graced esteemed venues such as New York City's Carnegie Hall and the Benaroya Hall in Seattle

Having been nurtured under the guidance of renowned piano teachers such as Lorraine Ambrose and Suzanne Goyette and having studied at esteemed institutions such as the Vancouver Academy of M usic, Lynn University and the Conservatory of M usic of M ontreal, Celine's artistry is grounded in a rich foundation of musical education.

C P 023

Collaboration is at the heart of Celine's musical pursuits. She has worked seamlessly with various artists and musicians, from international opera singers to classical instrumentalists. This spirit extends beyond performance; she actively engages in music production and songwriting Notably, Celine has collaborated with her brother, a professional cellist currently immersed in the study of music in Florida

Celine's love for the stage is evident, and her desire to share her musical creations with a broader audience is present in her captivating social media presence.

Her stellar piano performances have garnered attention for their soul- stirring renditions and compositions, at the age of 18, to her notable digital presence with her enchanting melodies and travels

In the next five years, Celine plans to go far with her musical endeavours as a pianist and composer/ producer. Her dream is to work with film and TV show soundtracks

In 2024, along with solo piano compositions, she will release her first orchestral instrumental album with Daniella M ass, renowned opera singer, producer, and good friend.

Together, this duo will undoubtedly catch the world's attention with their creations.

During her stay in Vancouver, Celine enjoyed many photoshoots with the various Fazioli's in the city that Westbank commissioned for multiple properties She visited many beautiful outdoor spaces and dined at the award-winning Anh and Chi.

When asked which Fazioli she preferred, Celine replied, "I would have to say the Butterfly Fazioli! I had the privilege of practicing on it for a few hours when I landed in Vancouver and immediately fell in love with it. I have to admit I have a special place in my heart for white pianos, and the elegant grooves that make up the Butterfly Fazioli are just the cherry on top!"

Celine's passion for the Fazioli doesn't stop there. "Do not get me wrong, though; I absolutely adore the other Faziolis, especially the California Walnut Fazioli nestled in the Stefano Ricci store."

"But the touch and tone of the Butterfly Fazioli when I play are just exquisite. I find it to be more on the mellow warm side, and anyone who listens to my compositions and my preferred repertoire would know that I usually play more slow romantic pieces, which aligns perfectly with this piano "

Celine's songwriting prowess spans melancholic pop tracks to soothing instrumentals. She tells stories that resonate with emotion, captivating listeners and transcending the boundaries of genre.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, she is poised to enchant the world with her musical tapestry, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage

Folio YVRLuxury Lifestyle Magazine ispleased to collaborate with Showcase Pianosin this presentation series of celebrated pianistsand vocalists, their storiesof devotion, and their unique relationshipswith the exquisite pianos that bring such joy to the world

S h o w c a s e P i a n o P r e s e n t s 027




M a i s o n M a r g i e l a

R I D G E P A R K |

031 O A K

Vancouver's Oakridge Park is Canada's most significant redevelopment endeavour, is set to rede?ne the city's retail landscape, unveiling the inaugural brands that will be part of this world-class destination

? M aison M argiela, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Brunello Cucinelli, M oncler, Versace, and M ax M ara.

Upon completion, Oakridge Park will offer a curated selection of premium global brands across apparel, beauty, jewelry, watches, home décor, lifestyle and wellness, alongside exceptional culinary experiences.

The first stand-alone luxury fashion boutiques announced at Oakridge Park will also include M iu M iu, Christian Louboutin and Alexander Wang, with more to follow throughout the year

PThese vanguards of style and sophistication will anchor the top-tier retail experience totalling 650,000- square- feet.

"In the world of luxury retail, Oakridge Park in Vancouver stands out as a global exemplar. Located in one of the most livable cities, it features a unique nine- acre park at its heart, blending nature with the fusion of East and West cultures for an unparalleled experience that will further build our economy, and attract diverse consumer bases from around the world," said Andy Clydesdale, Executive Vice President of Global Retail at QuadReal Property Group.


The announcement of Maison Margiela's inclusion in the Oakridge Mall relaunch serves as a fitting backdrop for honouring its Creative Director, British couturier John Galliano's remarkable journey. His triumphant return to the fashion world at the helm of Maison Margiela has captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


Growing up in Gibraltar, Galliano was exposed to a vibrant tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. The melting pot of influences? from Spanish flamenco dancers to British colonial architecture? instilled in him a deep appreciation for diversity and a keen eye for detail.

From an early age, Galliano exhibited a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for creativity. His mother, Anita, a flamboyant woman with a love for fashion and theatrics, encouraged his artistic pursuits, nurturing his burgeoning talent and instilling a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world of design.

Despite his natural inclination towards fashion, Galliano's path to success was not without its challenges. Growing up in a conservative Catholic household, he faced resistance from his parents, who viewed a career in fashion as frivolous and impractical.


However, Galliano's unwavering determination and creative vision propelled him forward, fueling his ambition to pursue his dreams against all odds.

At the age of 16, Galliano left Gibraltar to attend the prestigious Central Saint M artins College of Art and Design in London, where he studied fashion design and honed his craft under the guidance of renowned mentors. During his time at Central Saint Martins, Galliano began to distinguish himself as a rising star in the fashion world, showcasing his prodigious talent and boundless creativity.

In 1984, Galliano graduated with top honours, earning critical acclaim for his groundbreaking graduate collection, 'Les Incroyables ' Inspired by the lavish costumes of the French Revolution, the collection showcased Galliano's mastery of technique and his ability to marry historical references with contemporary design sensibilities.

After graduation, Galliano wasted no time making a name for himself in the competitive fashion world. His early collections, characterized by their theatricality and opulence, captivated audiences and earned him a reputation as a visionary designer with an avant- garde sensibility.


In 1987, Galliano launched his eponymous label, garnering attention for his bold aesthetic and innovative approach to design His theatrical runway presentations became legend, transporting audiences to fantastical worlds filled with drama, romance, and intrigue

By the early 1990s, Galliano had firmly established himself as a rising star in the London fashion scene, winning prestigious awards and attracting the attention of industry insiders.

In 1995, he was appointed creative director of Givenchy, marking a significant milestone in his career and cementing his status as a fashion icon.

In 1996, Galliano moved to Paris to helm the prestigious fashion house of Christian Dior, succeeding the legendary designer Gianfranco Ferré. Some in the fashion establishment met his appointment with skepticism, questioning whether Galliano's flamboyant aesthetic would be a good fit for the storied French M aison.

However, Galliano quickly silenced his critics with a series of stunning collections that breathed new life into the venerable house of Dior.

Drawing inspiration from art, history, and culture, Galliano's designs celebrated beauty and excess, showcasing his unparalleled skill as a couturier and his ability to push the boundaries of fashion. Throughout his tenure at Dior, Galliano dazzled audiences with his theatrical runway shows and unapologetically romantic vision of femininity.


His creations were worn by some of the world's most stylish women, including celebrities, socialites, and royalty, further solidifying his status as one of the most influential designers of his generation.

Despite his meteoric rise to fame, Galliano's career faced a significant setback in 2011, leading to his departure from Dior and a period of reflection and rehabilitation. The incident, which garnered widespread attention, prompted Galliano to step back from the public eye and focus on addressing personal challenges, including struggles with addiction and mental health. During this time, he dedicated himself to self-improvement and preparing for a potential return to the fashion world.

In 2014, Galliano triumphantly returned to the fashion world with his appointment as Creative Director of M aison M argiela, a renowned Belgian fashion house known for its avant-garde designs and deconstructed aesthetic However, some questioned whether he deserved a second chance after his highly publicized fall from grace.

However, Galliano wasted no time proving his critics wrong, delivering a series of critically acclaimed collections showcasing his unrivalled talent and creative vision. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and technology, Galliano's designs for Maison Margiela were a bold departure from the past, pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging conventional notions of beauty and style.

Under Galliano's leadership, Maison Margiela experienced a creative renaissance, attracting a new generation of fashion-forward consumers and cementing its status as a leading force in the industry.

Today, Galliano's legacy looms large in the fashion world, and his influence is felt in every stitch and seam of the garments he created

From his early days as a struggling designer in London to his triumphant return to the runway at Maison Margiela, Galliano's career has been a testament to the transformative power of creativity and resilience.

Though his journey has been marked by controversy and hardship, Galliano's enduring passion for couture and unwavering commitment to his craft have earned him a place among the industry's greatest luminaries.

His bold aesthetic and visionary approach to design continue to inspire designers, artists, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring that his legacy will endure for generations to come.

As he once famously said, "Fashion is a reflection of our times, and our times are troubled." His journey reflects this sentiment in many ways as he navigates the complexities of fame, adversity, and redemption, ultimately emerging as a symbol of resilience and creative genius in an ever-evolving industry.

As M aison M argiela prepares to debut at Oakridge Park, Vancouver's premier luxury retail destination, the anticipation is palpable


650 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC

041 C H
| [
. ] C o l l e c t i o n | 2 0 2 2

h o s p i t a l i t y




RThe OWO is a magnificent new destination that recently opened its doors in the fall of 2023 at one of the most powerful addresses in London

Situated in a building of epic proportions, The OWO is home to the first Raffles hotel in London, The OWO Residences by Raffles, and a collection of independent restaurants and bars that have been drawn from dynamic culinary hubs across the globe.

The OWO heralds a new chapter for Whitehall, an area synonymous with politics, as an exciting place to drink and dine, celebrate, be entertained, rest and recharge, stay and live.

"The OWO is a legendary building with a storied history. From the outset of the project, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that this jewel in the heart of Whitehall is restored, curated and revived in the most appropriate way to deliver a heritage site for the next generations," said Sanjay Hinduja from Hinduja Group.

045 R A F F L E S L O N D O N A T T H E O W O | L o n d o n , U K


This site has always been an essential part of London's history. During the 13th century, the site was the London residence of the Archbishop of York. In 1530, Henry VIII seized it for his own, but a fire destroyed Whitehall Palace in the late 17th century

It was replaced by a series of elegant houses, including Winchester House, which served as the former British War Office In 1898, these buildings were knocked down, and the space remained a building site until the new Old War Office was completed in 1906.

After over 100 years of serving as the administrative centre point for the country's leaders, military officials and M inistry of Defence, the Edwardian building has entered a new era

After an eight-year restoration project costing a reported £1.5 billion funded by the Hinduja Group, The OWO is now part of the Raffles Hotel group Much of the original oak panelling, marble and historical features have now been restored to their former glory

Guests can stay in rooms once frequented by former secretaries of state, including Sir Winston Churchill.

The hotel has 120 guest rooms and suites, 85 residences, a colossal ballroom, and several restaurants.

It was also where Ian Fleming found his inspiration for James Bond, and a secret Spy Bar hidden in the depths of the building pays homage to the writer.

One of Vancouver's top travel enthusiasts, M anuel Bernaschek (Stefano Ricci, Showcase Pianos) recently stayed at Raffles and shared, "On my family's latest adventure to Qatar, we stopped for a few days in London. I visited The Spy Bar.

The location is a former MI5/ 6 interrogation room that is brick-lined, low-lit burgundy velvet burrow and very different from The Guards Bar up on the main floor of Raffles. To reach it, you must be directed to a secret metal door in the basement. There is half of an Astin M artin DB5 mounted behind the main bar - it is a carbon fibre body from a stunt car in the James Bond movie ' No Time to Die.' Very impressive! The hand-crafted signature cocktails were exquisite, and the Cognac selection unrivalled."


From the dazzling beauty of the Grand Staircase, elegantly wrapped around a breath-taking chandelier, to the mosaic-tiled floors and oak-panelled walls, Raffles London pays homage to the building's history while providing a sense of timeless luxury

Guests retrace the steps of some of the most influential leaders of the 20th century and reflect on the pivotal decisions made within its storied walls.

Custodians of the building, Hinduja Group and Onex Group, have been passionately committed to the revival of the former Old War Office's heritage features, employing the expertise of hundreds of artisans throughout its comprehensive eight-year restoration.

049 t r a v e l

"We are excited to provide guests with the highly personalized and intuitive service for which Raffles is known the world over, in an unparalleled setting."

"We have been very fortunate to work with world-class partners in delivering this new destination, talented designers, world- class chefs and visionary restaurateurs alongside the preeminent names in the world of fragrance, beauty and wellness."

"I am both honoured and privileged to have been part of this historic project that has surpassed all expectations It is truly a legend in the making," said Philippe Leboeuf, Managing Director of Raffles London at The OWO.


At Raffles London, handsome State Rooms and grand spaces have been transformed into 120 guest rooms and suites by famed designer the late Thierry Despont.

Situated in the historically significant areas of the building are the Heritage Suites, former offices of influential political and military leaders. The Haldane Suite, formerly the office of Winston Churchill, John Profumo and Sir Richard Haldane, can be combined to create a six- bedroom, 500- square- metre suite.

Known as The Whitehall Wing, this can accommodate up to twelve guests ? one of London's largest luxury hotel wings.

Also highlighted are eight Corner Suites, named after notable women and female spies connected with the history of The OWO. Situated in the rounded pavilion corners of the building, these honour influential women such as Viscountess Astor and Clementine Churchill, WWII operatives such as Christian Lamb, and British female spy

Vera M ay Atkins

"We are honoured to be part of this monumental project Opening Raffles London at The OWO within this historical building is an incredible highlight and marks one of the most important moments in the history of the Raffles brand, which has long been synonymous with legendary service, glamour, art, and storied destinations," said Omer Acar, CEO of Raffles & Orient Express.


Renowned chef M auro Colagreco has partnered exclusively with Raffles London to lead three unique dining experiences at the property These three diverse concepts showcase the beauty of the UK's best seasonal produce, sourced from local farms, fields and shores nationwide.

At his signature restaurant, M auro Colagreco at Raffles London at The OWO, diners witness Mauro's culinary innovation and passion for sustainability through his commitment to sourcing local, seasonal ingredients.


Dishes highlight the rich diversity of native British vegetables, delivered through a series of tasting menus. Next door, M auro' s Table is an intimate space centred around an impressive dining table for up to 23 guests. Backed by a dramatic show kitchen, Head Chef Leonel Aguirre takes diners on a sensory journey through English gardens.

Mauro's relaxed dining restaurant, Saison, will put a contemporary spin on the traditional hotel restaurant. This elegant space occupies a former historic library of the Old War Office and serves seasonal M editerranean cuisine throughout the day, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

True to its name, Saison reflects Chef Colagreco's philosophy and commitment to seasonal cuisine.

Raffles London also features two atmospheric bars in settings like no other. The Guards Bar and Lounge honours The OWO's long association and historic connections with the Household Cavalry.

Featuring a thoughtful menu of 16 drinks, focusing on British ingredients intertwined with flavours from the East, The Guards Bar and Lounge will feature its signature ' London Sling.'

Further outlets at the hotel include The Drawing Room, a relaxed all-day lounge overlooking Horse Guards, and Pillar Kitchen, a well-being-focused outlet that will go beyond healthy food.


Well-being is integral to Raffles London at The OWO, with a state-of-the-art Guerlain Spa spanning 2,500-square-metres over four floors.

Designed by Goddard Littlefair, the spa space offers an impressive range of facilities and services to provide guests with a truly indulgent spa experience.

These include a cutting-edge gym and movement studio, a stunning 20- metre swimming pool surrounded by luxurious loungers, a vitality pool, and steam and sauna rooms. Nine exquisitely designed treatment suites, including three spacious VIP Spa Suites and L' Atelier Guerlain, a private beauty and hair treatment space, are also available.

Pillar Wellbeing, founded by the respected Harry Jameson, an elite performance coach and movement, recovery, and nutrition expert, will enable members to reach their full potential through personalized, innovative training and nutrition.

The spa is open to guests at Raffles London, residents of The OWO Residences by Raffles, Raffles Wellbeing members, and day guests.


Raffles London is the new venue of choice for the city's most significant occasions ? from glamorous weddings and history-making state dinners to larger-than-life business events and launches.

With access via the exceptional Grand Staircase, the extraordinary Whitehall Ballroom offers capacity for up to 600 guests, complemented by an extensive pre-function space and dedicated meeting rooms named M orse and Code, making Raffles London a spectacular stage for the most dazzling celebrations.

"The project has brought together some of the world's most talented architects and designers with a master plan that includes an incredible collection of restaurants and bars, the UK's first Raffles hotel, The Guerlain Spa, and 85 private residences. There truly is nowhere else like it in London," shared Abdellah Belhadh Hamlili, Board Member Onex Group.

Raffles London at The OWO 57 Whitehall, London SW1A 2BX United Kingdom






L o n d o n , U K G


Raffles London is a bastion of luxury, and its spa is no exception. With the Guerlain Spa housed inside, spanning an impressive 2,500- square- metres over four floors, it is one of the largest luxury hotel spas in the UK.

Featuring a stunning 20-metre swimming pool, a vitality pool, steam rooms and saunas, nine exquisitely designed treatment suites, an extensive gym and L' Atelier Guerlain, and the movement, recovery, and nutrition experts, Pillar Wellbeing, this spa is an unparalleled destination.



In 1828, respected doctor and chemist Pierre- Francois- Pascal Guerlain opened his first boutique in Paris Now, Guerlain has more than 40 spas worldwide, and London has long needed an outpost to showcase the full scope of this luxury French heritage spa brand in the capital.

Guerlain brings its outstanding well-being expertise to some of the world's most beautiful and luxurious places. From the sun-kissed beaches of Randheli to the snow-capped peaks of Courchevel, each Guerlain Spa offers a selection of unique and exclusive treatments Now available at Raffles London, guests and day visitors can experience the elite Guerlain level of well- being through its services and treatments.

"Guerlain is one of the most iconic high perfumery and high cosmetic houses in the world and we are excited to be partnering with Raffles London at The OWO to create our new flagship in the capital which is set to be a world-class spa," said Véronique Courtois, CEO of Guerlain "To introduce Guerlain to London for the first time will be a very special moment for us, especially in a space with such incredible heritage, countless stories and such a meaningful history."

Standing out amongst the menu of services is the duo Spa Suite Journey. Clocking in at three hours, this treatment is for two and includes a two- hour tailor- made treatment, bath ritual, and relaxation time for approximately CAD 2,000 with tip.


The spa and Pillar Wellbeing Centre were created by interior design studio Goddard Littlefair, who envisioned it as a hub of calm amid the bustling hotel

Anything too modern-looking or hyper-minimal would have jarred with the building' s traditional elegance, so quiet luxury and timeless sophistication are the mandates here. The Spa features nine treatment rooms, a barber and salon, beauty treatment spaces, a Guerlain boutique, the High Perfumery collection, a separate VIP area, and two couples suites. Elsewhere, the Pillar Wellbeing houses an impressive 20- metre pool, thermal vitality pool, sauna, steam room, experience showers and many nooks to relax and unwind. There is a cutting- edge gym and movement studio where yoga sessions, swim coaching, and personal training are available, alongside healthy fare snacks and smoothies from The Pillar Kitchen.


Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President of Wellbeing at Accor, shared, "Serenity, harmony, relaxation, recovery and pleasure are the pursuits of well-being that fuel and rejuvenate luxury travellers globally. They are the touchstones for wellness at Raffles Hotels & Resorts and immersed in every inch of the Guerlain Spa at Raffles London. With societal habits shifting and wellness taking on new and further reaching meaning in a post-pandemic world, the desire for overall well-being and its positive effects cannot be understated."

The spa feels like a beacon of calm away from the busy world outside, laden with tourists and traffic in Whitehall. The focus on traditional massage leaves guests feeling and looking refreshed and, crucially, feeling reconnected to the world around them.


The partnership with Pillar Wellbeing by Harry Jameson goes beyond installing a regular hotel gym. Raffles recognizes that ' health is the new wealth' and caters to sophisticated, health-curious individuals who wish to optimize today and future-proof tomorrow.

Through the three core "pillars" of M ovement, Nourishment, and Recovery, dedicated and personalized programs delivered by expert trainers will focus on strength and stress relief.

In addition, practitioners will offer a comprehensive range of recovery experiences, and a tailored nutritional offering created by Pillar Chef Joey O' Hare will be available from the ground floor Pillar Kitchen.

Members will benefit from some of the brightest talents in the industry, with personal trainers recruited for their expertise, professionalism, and degree-level sports science education or pro sporting background.


The Guerlain Spa at Raffles London at The OWO is an unmatched well-being destination for London. It offers a holistic combination of advanced beauty, restorative wellness, and active training. Additionally, the spa is a stunning architectural masterpiece that captivates the senses and nurtures the soul, facilitating a profound revitalization of the self

065 s p C
| [
. ] C o l l e c t i o n |
2 0 2 2

r i t s &

v e n t s

p i





MThe history of The M acallan, one of the most renowned single malt Scotch whiskies, is deeply ingrained in the founder Alexander Reid's distillation of the first batch of whisky in his modest stills in Speyside, Scotland, two centuries ago.

Reid, a barley farmer and school teacher, created the original name from " M aghellan," taken from the Gaelic word " magh," meaning fertile ground, and " Ellan," from the M onk St. Fillan, who held a close association with the church that stood in the grounds of The M acallan Estate until 1400

Since 1824, The Macallan has thrived as a local brand with a global presence. Its 485- acre estate is home to a rich and varied natural ecosystem populated by over 60,000 trees and more than 70 species of wildlife, birds, and fish, including seven identified European Protected Species, such as red squirrels, badgers, otters, swifts, and pine martens.

As the brand celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, it has unveiled an evolved identity that reveres its rich legacy while celebrating its future.

069 T
| E
t e r E l
r l
r , U K
a s
c h
e s , A
o u
2 0 0

s p i r i t



Crafted by the esteemed Spanish visual artist Alex Trochut, The M acallan' s 200 anniversary logo features a wave pattern that symbolizes the connection between the brand's roots and its future. The curve of the River Spey, which meanders through The Macallan Estate, blends with the rolling curves of the stunning Distillery.

The new brand identity features an elevated and simplified logo, a bold red colour statement, a pattern, and iconography inspired by the brand's Six Pillars - the foundation stones of The Macallan's character - and its rich history The brand also collaborated closely with David Carson, one of the most influential designers of the modern era, blending the principles of art and branding.


As the company embarks on this momentous year, The Macallan celebrates time travel through five themes - Incomparable, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Legacy, and Sustainability. The Six Pillars are interwoven to narrate the story of the 200 years logo, a testament to The Macallan's deep roots, distilled since 1824 at Easter Elchies, where its Spiritual Home and Distillery continue to thrive today.

The wave pattern in the logo conjures the connection between the brand's foundations and its future, merging the curve of the River Spey with the rolling curves of the Distillery roof


It also contains an echo of the infinity symbol, evoking the concepts of time and generational legacy. The Macallan's legacy combines craftsmanship and creativity embodied by the new identity, honouring its past, present, and future.


The Macallan takes exquisite care in selecting only the finest quality spirits from their stills to create their signature single malt whisky. The finest cut is chosen to ensure a viscous mouth- feel and fruity aroma and flavour that is unique to Macallan. This small portion is highly selective and one of the industry's best, primarily responsible for the full-bodied richness of The Macallan new make spirit. This clear, colourless spirit is selected just under 70% alcohol by volume, is robust, characterful, and serves as the starting point for all Macallan whiskies.

In the past, Macallan exclusively used oak sherry casks from Jerez, Spain, to mature its whiskies. In 2004, Macallan expanded its single malt range by launching the Fine Oak series, introducing a variety of American oak and ex- bourbon casks for maturation. This created a lighter, sweeter malt character that appealed to new whisky drinkers.


Macallan's popularity and increasing demand saw the mothballed second Macallan stillhouse reopen and resume production in 2009.

Alongside the core single malt range, Macallan regularly releases a variety of vintage expressions and limited editions that attract the attention of whisky enthusiasts, collectors, and investors.

Edrington has marketed Macallan to the luxury whisky market, with bottlings of 50?60-year-old Macallan in Lalique crystal decanters and the ' Fine & Rare' collection comprising vintage expressions dating from 1926 to 1989.

Limited edition Macallan releases have featured innovative collaborations with artists and designers, including the ' M asters of Photography' series, which combines exclusive bottlings with unique photographic items from leading photographers, including Rankin and Albert Watson


The Macallan is working towards achieving net zero emissions across all global operations by 2045, with a near-term target of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030 .

Working towards these ambitious stretching targets will touch every aspect of operations and will be achieved by drawing on internal and external expertise, engaging with key suppliers and partners, and harnessing innovation and collaboration partnerships.

Since the end of 2021, The Macallan Estate has been operating on a carbon- neutral basis across its direct emissions via a combination of 99% verified renewable energy, integrated land management projects, and carbon sequestration from its natural assets.



The natural aesthetic of The Macallan Distillery design belies the mix of traditional craftsmanship and state- of- the- art engineering within and seeks to create a genuinely sustainable distillation process that produces unparalleled single malt whisky without disturbing the balance of life that surrounds the area.

The Distillery achieves significant energy efficiency from operations and benefits from integrated decarbonization through the intelligent heat recovery system and inbuilt steam and process control system.

At present, over 97% of energy is derived from renewable and non- fossil fuel sources. It is with a single-minded, uncompromising focus to achieve an ambitious target of being entirely carbon neutral by 2030, a decade ahead of the Scotch Whisky Association's industry target.


For over twenty years, The Macallan's distillery operations have been accredited with ISO14001 Environmental M anagement certification, the most rigorous and globally recognized certification for environmental management.

This independent assessment framework considers all environmental aspects and everything that is interacted with, from water use to waste generation, energy consumption, and land and habitat management.

In 2020, The Macallan was also awarded the prestigious Positive Luxury Butterfly M ark, a leading sustainability accreditation for luxury brands demonstrating positive social and environmental actions and impacts

The Macallan's Butterfly Mark accreditation was granted against a set of 11 positive actions that recognize the credentials and ongoing achievements in the areas of community investment, philanthropy, recyclable packaging, reduced glass weight, protecting biodiversity, reducing water use, reducing CO2, energy efficiency, fair labour, diversity and inclusion and equal pay

From signature ranges available globally to its special limited-release whiskies, every Macallan single malt whisky reveals its unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit since 1824.


V A N C O U V E R C L U B x T H E M A C A L L A N

The Vancouver Club, a testament to over 125 years of history, stands as a unique gateway to the city's rich past and promising future. As a new member, you are not just joining a club, but a select community of professionals who are actively shaping the vibrant West Coast.

Through its curated social calendar, stellar events, and impressive food and drink offerings, The Vancouver Club has withstood the test of time in offering the highest quality of experience, facilities, and networking. Each event is a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired

It came as no surprise when VC was announced as the venue for The M acallan 200 experience. Host Tyson Villeneuve hand-selected the guests to represent a cross-section of ' persons of influence' in the city's various sectors, ensuring a diverse and inclusive gathering. The private dining room was flush with creatives, innovators, and visionaries sharing stories and connecting over thoughtful courses and inventive whisky pairings.

"Creating this once-in-a-lifetime experience for The Macallan at the

prestigious Vancouver Club was important to me because not only am I a longtime fan of The Macallan, but also it is not often such an iconic brand celebrates 200 years of excellence. To collaborate and create such a stunning and intimate celebration is a true honour," Tyson shared.

"It is a real pleasure to showcase some of the stunning art and progressive curatorial vision of the Vancouver Club.

As part of the Art + Archive Committee, it is a time for evolution into the future with a respectful nod to history and heritage. The Macallan is a culturally impactful brand that invests in new designs and international creative collaborations at the highest level.

By being a part of the club, you contribute to this cultural legacy. "

Please enjoy this portfolio of images from this celebratory evening captured by Kuna Photography.

THE VANCOUVER CLUB 915 West Hastings Street


C x 2 0

s p i r i t s


a r t s & c u l t u

| [
. ] C o l l
t i
e c
o n
2 2
r e




At the midpoint of its yearlong run, the Emily Carr: A Room of Her Own exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery continues to captivate patrons and international visitors alike. The exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the intersection between the celebrated Canadian artist Emily Carr and the Vancouver Art Gallery

Through a carefully curated selection of Carr's paintings, visitors have the opportunity to explore key biographical moments in the artist's life alongside significant exhibitions, acquisitions, and conservation efforts organized at the Gallery The exhibition presents an unparalleled collection of Carr's art drawn from the Gallery's extensive collection of 252 works, standing as the most important collection of Carr' s art worldwide.

Visitors to the exhibition can expect to view a full spectrum of Carr's artistic production, including her watercolours, canvases, oil on paper works, charcoal drawings, ceramics, and textiles.

The exhibition is especially rich in works on paper from the 1930s, featuring a rotating selection of approximately 25 charcoal and oil on paper pieces

A Room of Her Own highlights four key areas of Carr's life: her education abroad and early beginnings, the Gallery's first exhibition, significant acquisitions in 1937 and 1938, major conservation efforts led by gallery staff, and the role the Carr collection played in the Gallery's decision to relocate to its present building.

The exhibition is part of 'The Build Up' to the new Vancouver Art Gallery at the Chan Centre for the Visual Arts, which began with a groundbreaking ceremony in March.

After celebrating 90 years of operation, the Gallery is embarking on one of the most significant cultural projects undertaken in Canada to date

A new, purpose-built home in the heart of downtown Vancouver, one that will serve as a model for what a 21st- century museum can be, anticipates opening to the public in 2028, heralding an exciting future for Canadian art.


087 E V A N C O U V E R A R T G A L L E R Y | V a n c o u v e r , B C
Street Vancouver, BC

o n | 2 0 2 2

fa s h i o n

] C
C H A R L E S L U | [ 1 .
o l l e c t



o l l e c t i o n | O n t a r i o

H A R L E S L U | [ 1 .

t r a v e l


CIf there is one designer that holds the power to influence the future of Canadian fashion, it is Charles Lu, popularly known as 'Panda. ' His passion for black and white attire is just a glimpse of his impeccable creativity in fashion

Lu has created a niche for himself with his remarkable designs and construction in women' s wear, luxury leisure apparel, and divine evening couture. His designs are nothing short of breathtaking and it is time that the West Coast and the world was introduced to this game changing designer

L"My design and work is a physical manifestation of my own beliefs at a specific place in a specific moment in time. I used to be inspired by just myths, stories, and concepts and felt my designs were detached, meaning I could not identify or relate to them.

"Now, I look inward before seeking energy elsewhere. My best work comes from when I start with 'me' and interpret how I understand the world."


Charles Lu's story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, he is the son of refugees who fled their homeland due to the ongoing Vietnam War (1955-1975).

Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his life, Charles never let his circumstances dictate his future. He pursued his dreams relentlessly, even when those closest to him did not always understand his career path. Charles' journey is a reminder that anything is possible with perseverance and determination.

At 13, he presented his first fashion collection as part of a school fundraiser for the Dominican Republic His pieces were unique and created conversations? given that Lu's chosen materials were sourced from recycled and unconventional materials from his father's appliance store and workshop.

Lu's parents taught him resilience and perseverance because of the hardships of fleeing their home country and culture because of war.

Speaking of his parents and the hardship endured, Lu shares, "Our stories often parallel, such as being in a new space and country and experiencing loss, all while trying to craft an identity that makes sense. I've failed and struggled many times and lost more times than I have won, but having beliefs rooted in respect, the importance of family, selflessness, and the indelible spirit are all things that come from growing up in a Vietnamese household."


He learned early on that dealing with racism on top of being bullied for being gay and effeminate teaches tough lessons in holding on to identity.

"When you grasp on tightly onto who you are and do not lose or assimilate along the way, you end up with something that is special and unique; something that has grown and evolved, weathering through pain only to become stronger."

Lu was able to take all of these cornerstone beliefs and fully infuse them into his eponymous ' Charles Lu' brand, presenting to the fashion world an unapologetic commitment to self-expression.

From 2017 to early 2020, Lu worked abroad for a design house in Dubai, designing couture collections for socialites and the extremely well-heeled. Over the years, a multitude of gorgeous gowns were inspired by the biomorphic shapes of iconic architect Zaha Hadid, Japanese minimalism, art deco architecture, the ancient art of Kintsugi, and an exceptional and unapologetic flirtation with gemstone colours.



In 2020, Lu participated in the inaugural season of Netflix' s Next in Fashion, which offered the opportunity to win $200,000 and debut a collection on the luxury fashion retailer website Net- a- Porter

The reality television series, hosted by influencer Alexa Chung and Queer Eye' s Tan France, came on the heels of the success of Project Runway and the public's thirst for all things 'reality' and 'fashion.'

In the 10- episode fashion design competition series, contestants were paired up, compelling two different designers to work together to produce a cohesive look to present. As the sole Canadian competition, Lu and his American partner Angelo Cruciani won the first challenge? Red Carpet. Unfortunately, the duo were eliminated in Episode 8 in the 5th/ 6th place.



After filming in Los Angeles, Lu returned to Dubai to settle affairs with his lawyer after the design house collapsed.

With the employer fleeing to France and not honouring a significant judgement in Lu's favour, he found himself in a dark place

"I poured everything of myself into a thankless brand and had nothing to show for it. I vowed to never work for anyone again," said Charles. "I didn't even know what it meant to be an entrepreneur because it was so far away from my understanding of what I could be and what my brand could be."

"In that moment I became fearless and stopped making excuses. The fear of failure and even fear in itself can hinder growth. The most daunting thing is to start because it's just a big black hole of possibility."


With many collections behind him and collaborations with Swarovsky, Bentley M otors, Ruwaya Jewellery, and M ercedes- Benz, Lu's latest collection is named [1.].

"My new eponymous brand is unapologetically me, and I am very much still in the early stages, but it is rejuvenating and thrilling I am truly exhausted but have never been more fulfilled knowing everything I do is for me and belongs to me because only when it is honest can I share it with the world."


[1] was showcased in 2022 at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) as part of a three-day in-person event at Design Exchange.

At the time, Lu shared more about the support surrounding him during his rebuilding "This collection and brand debut would not be made possible without the support and generosity of those around me My sister, Suzanne Lu, is my rock and has supported me on this lengthy and arduous journey since elementary school."

"My production lead is my own high school best friend, Dom Zingaro. The music even plays such a huge role in the show and sits firmly as its heartbeat. The anthology of music is a collaboration with Andrew Cristiani, the music producer of CAM P and a dear personal friend, whom I've spent countless nights perfecting the track to be an extension of the collection."

With the [1.] collection, Lu wishes to erode societal constructs of what casual means and fuse the world of ' casual and couture,' a rebellion against what is considered classically beautiful.

"The [1.] collection stands as two worlds I have inhabited and kept separate converging into something uniquely me, highlighting how I first started in fashion and where I am now."

"This collection was all about lines. If you're creating clean lines, you can't hide behind anything ? they have to be perfect So, really, it was the ultimate flex of my skill. I also wanted to marry the worlds of couture and streetwear, so I took utilitarian fabrics, like parachute nylon, and made them look more classically beautiful."



Inspired by antique estate portraiture with a contemporary flair, the debut collection campaign featured his parents as models alongside two West Highland white terriers belonging to Lu's eldest sister, adding a playful touch to the family tableau.

Lu reflects, "Growing up, my parents were strict with my sisters, and me, my designs and passions often led me far away from my heritage and upbringing."

"As I grew older, I learned to embrace the parts of me woven into the foundations of who I am I wanted to feature my parents in my work, highlighting our growth and our journey together."

"Beyond the fabric and frames, the shoot resonates deeply with our heritage? an homage to resilience and our intertwined histories."

Lu's looks have appeared in editorials for Canada's Globe and M ail and Fashion M agazine, internationally in L' Officiel Austria, Clin d' oeil M agazine, and worn by celebrities including R'n'B sensation Ciara, The Queen Priyanka and M iss Fieraclicious (RuPaul' s Drag Race Canada), and recording artists Chloe Bailey, Liyah Katana, and Savannah Ré

Charles Lu is a true visionary whose latest work is only beginning to touch upon the wealth of talent and experience this Canadian designer brings to the industry





PPandora, the world's preeminent jewelry brand, has recently introduced three new collections of lab-grown diamonds, along with a campaign under the banner of ' Diamonds for All.'

The announcement has been met with a flurry of excitement among enthusiasts of the glittering charm bracelets, who are delighted with the eco- friendly options.

This move marks another step in Pandora's ongoing mission to democratize diamonds and celebrate their immense power as vehicles for love, joy, and personal expression.

The company aims to bring the joy of diamonds to more people and more wearing occasions while simultaneously rewriting the traditional rules of diamond jewelry

According to Francesco Terzo, Pandora's Creative Director, "We wish to offer more people the opportunity to experience the beauty and allure of lab- grown diamonds on a daily basis.

"We're doing this by presenting them in classic diamond settings as well as in some unexpected ones."

Meanwhile, A. Filippo Ficarelli, another Creative Director at Pandora, adds, "The Pandora Talisman collection is of particular importance to us since it takes lab-grown diamonds into the world of charms, which is at the very heart of Pandora."

P A N D O R A | P a c i f i c C e n t r e M a l l | V a n c o u v e r 109


The Pandora Nova collection is distinguished by its unique four- prong setting, which allows more of the diamond to be visible. As a result, the round brilliant or princess cut stones in each piece can capture the light with greater dimension, brilliance, and warmth, appearing as if they're floating in mid-air, just like the 1-carat 14K gold and lab-grown diamond ring.

The Pandora Era collection reimagines classic bezel and prong settings with a distinct Pandora twist. The 14k gold trilogy pendant and bracelet, which showcase three bezel-set stones in a row, are the pinnacle of this collection, offering subtle yet impactful jewelry.

The Pandora Talisman collection features five pendant designs, each with a symbol, such as a heart or a star, that serves as the lab-grown diamond's setting. These pendants offer a sophisticated take on beloved Pandora charms, crafted with 14k gold and featuring a 0.25 or 0.75 round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond at the center.

The 'Diamonds for All' campaign celebrates the breaking of conventions and the modernization of the diamond story with icons and talents who embody unique personas and contribute to style and culture

The cast includes model and actress BC's own Pamela Anderson, American Sign Language performer Justina M iles, former model and Vogue Creative Director-at-Large Grace Coddington, actress Amita Suman, models Precious Lee and Sherry Shi, and musical artist and dancer Vinson Fraley. The campaign was shot in New York City by photographer M ario Sorrenti and director Gordon von Steiner.

According to M ary Carmen Gasco- Buisson, Pandora's CMO, "The 'Diamonds for All' campaign brings the next chapter of Pandora Lab- Grown Diamonds to life, with a cast that helps us re-imagine diamond traditions. Our diamonds are not just for the privileged few, or for once-in-a-lifetime occasions, or for giving. They represent personal meaning that each of us can create."

Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds are cultivated, cut, and polished to ensure exceptional quality and maximum radiance and sparkle.

Skilled artisans set each diamond in sterling silver or 14k white or yellow gold, further elevating the quality and craftsmanship of each piece.


Notably, Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds have a lower carbon footprint than mined diamonds, setting a new standard for the industry to create beautiful jewelry with a reduced impact on the planet.

Since August 2022, every piece from the Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds collection has been made with diamonds grown, cut, and polished with 100% renewable energy and set in jewelry crafted with 100% recycled silver or gold

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in terms of their optical, chemical, thermal, and physical characteristics. They are graded according to the same standards known as the 4Cs ? Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat.

Campaign cast member, model, and actress Pamela Anderson sums it up perfectly, "I love the fact that these are lab-grown diamonds, and knowing that the jewelry is crafted from recycled silver and gold makes me feel good about wearing it. It's actually a radical and glamorous move."

Pandora Jewellery

725 Granville Street, CRU # 1

Vancouver, BC



GLike every year, M aison Guerlain celebrates the arrival of spring with its emblematic M uguet in a limited, numbered pieces edition.

Guerlain reaffirms its commitment to arts and crafts by collaborating with Anne Lopez for this long-awaited and exclusive lucky rendezvous

On the iconic Bee Bottle, the sculptor brings subtle bells fashioned in stucco and enhanced with 22- carat fine gold, turning the 2024 M illésime into a singular sculptural work reminiscing a freshly picked sprig of Lily of the Valley.


It is to Guerlain's M aster Perfumer that we owe the feat of reproducing the fragrance of Lily of the Valley. Described as 'mute,' its natural essence is impossible to extract.

Guerlain's Muguet, composed since 2016 by Thierry Wasser, captures the scent of the lucky sprigs as faithfully as possible. The green notes, meeting the floral preciousness of jasmine and rose, adorn this emblematic trail with soft and pearly green and rosy facets in a burst of freshness. At the heart of this bouquet, the olfactory illusion of Lily of the Valley emerges.

117 M A I S O N G U E R L A I N | H o l t R e n f r e w | V a n c o u v e r , B C


Holt Renfrew Vancouver

737 Dunsmuir Street


The adornment of lucky bell-shaped flowers was born from her delicate sketches, drafts that create a singular vision. Fashioned in stucco, a coating made of marble powder, the twenty- four bell- shaped flowers are illuminated with gold and the two green leaves are sculpted by Anne Lopez directly on the glass. Just like a delicate necklace, the Lily of the Valley sprig composition unfolds in a considered way around the bottle's curves: plump bell-shaped flowers at the top, then gradually refining into an utterly graceful string.


To enhance the Bee Bottle, the artisan Anne sculps the stucco while still malleable and shapes each element of the adornment by hand, one by one, before the material solidifies on contact with air. To perfect this exceptional sprig, the artist applies 22-carat gold leaf to certain flowers, each gilded effect being unique and tailored to the flower's singular design. The final touch to this springtime bouquet, the Dames de Table in the Guerlain ateliers, add a delicate golden thread around the neck of the bottle and place an all-gold label at its heart Each piece is an act of craftsmanship, requiring many hours of meticulous work by hand, giving them a unique character

In addition, Guerlain is offering a limited and numbered edition of 4,855 pieces of 125mL is presented with a 30mL Nomad travel spray and a funnel to take the fragrance with you in all circumstances.

t r a n s p o r t a

| [ 1 . ] C o l l
t i
e c
o n
2 2
t i o n



O p e n R o a d A u t o G r o u p | V a n c o u v e



The BM W iX combines locally emission-free driving pleasure, sporting agility, and a compelling operating range with a character profile dedicated squarely to sustainability

The BMW Group designed this model from the outset for purely electric mobility, based on a new toolkit for the future. The vast potential for innovations in automated driving, operation, connectivity, and digital services translates into a premium mobility experience unparalleled in this segment

r , B C 125

The BMW iX embodies a fresh new take on the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept with its trailblazing design and an interior devoted to luxurious spaciousness

The BMW Group rigorously designed the iX from the inside out, creating the interior to provide quality of life and personal well-being The luxurious ambiance is set by vast amounts of space and newly developed seats with integral head restraints.

The absence of a centre tunnel creates extra legroom and sufficient space for storage facilities, as well as a centre console designed in the style of a high-quality piece of furniture

The control panel with feeler bars and active haptic input, as well as a rocker switch for gear selection, add some very modern flourishes

You can customize the interior of the BMW iX with a choice of three different trims. The hexagonal steering wheel, BMW Curved Display, and frameless projector integration for the optional Head-Up Display further add to the focused driving experience The automatic climate control system in the BMW iX comes with a nanofibre filter to purify the air and new touchscreen controls.

To maximize occupants' sense of well-being, the system intelligently combines interior ventilation and surface, seat, and steering wheel heating.

The optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with speakers integrated out of sight in the head restraints and a 4D Audio function using bass shakers in the front seats promises the ultimate sound experience.

The BMW iX features a specially composed drive sound, in addition to acoustic pedestrian protection. This adds to the thrill of the driving experience by providing authentic feedback in response to accelerator movements and speed.

The BM W IconicSounds Electric function included as standard also allows new sound variants from a collaboration with film score composer Hans Zimmer to be added to the acoustic repertoire.

The BMW iX's body structure, design principle, and chassis tuning are perfectly geared to blending superb ride comfort with sporty handling characteristics


The intelligent material mix, resulting from the aluminum spaceframe construction and the Carbon Cage's use of carbon fibre- reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof and at the sides and rear, increases rigidity while minimizing weight.

The optimized aerodynamic properties contribute to the car's drag coefficient of just 0.25, which has a positive impact on efficiency and range. The electric all-wheel-drive system in the BMW iX transmits precisely the right amount of drive torque to the front and rear wheels in all driving situations. Its intelligent control enables fully variable power transmission ranging from highly efficient pure rear- wheel drive through to an all- wheel- drive set- up that maximizes traction The near-actuator wheel slip limitation technology fitted in tandem with all-wheel drive for the first time brings about a further improvement in traction and handling stability.

The BM W iX' s fifth- generation BM W eDrive technology is centred around a drive unit that brings together the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission within a single housing, resulting in a highly integrated electric drive system topology that has a beneficial effect.


2040 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC


M A I S O N M A R G I E L A | S p r i n g 2 0 2 4 R T W


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OWO 065-066: CHARLES LU 067-082:
083-084: CHARLES LU 085-088:
089-106: CHARLES LU 107-114: PANDORA 115-120: MAISON GUERLAIN 121-122: CHARLES LU 123-132: BMW CANADA 133-134: MAISON MARGIELA
lio.yvr ISSUE #24 APRIL 2024
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