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May 2023 Volume 13 / Issue 5



Things got hot this month... more figuratively than literally, it's actually been quite a slow warmup to spring. But regardless, we spiced up our own month by hosting our own hot sauce review, inspired by everyone's favorite sizzling YouTube show— Hot Ones! On the search for local hot sauce makers, I found some veterans in the business, some newbies with big dreams, some peppers I can't pronounce, and some simple sauce lovers. While there aren't too many in the game of hot sauce making, those who make it are talented and passionate about their trade.

But that didn't really surprise me. I believe the same goes for any one of the many skilled people who label themselves makers in the FM area.

While I think I can still feel my mouth tingling from some of the hot sauces I tried this month, I'm recommending everyone try at least one of the sauces featured in this issue. If not one featured, then another sauce from a maker in our local lineup. I can promise that these sauces are made with some hot peppers and a whole lot of love.

Wishing everyone a sweet month and spicy kick-off to warmer days, Happy Reading!


it's inthe Heating Up Valley


Big Deck DeliciousnessinSimplicityBarbecue Co.

Aclassic in a Fargoan's pantry is Big Deck Barbeque Co.

For as long as coowner Zach Willis can remember, he has wanted to own his own business, so mixing his passion for cooking and food with this was the obvious choice!

"My father and I started Big Deck Barbecue Co. out of his garage in 2020. My dad always wowed friends and family with his great food and sauces and the downtime we had during COVID gave us the free time to start selling them. We've perfected and expanded our product line with simple, well-balanced recipes that people love."

New Look, Same Sauce!

"We focused and have re-tooled our packaging to be as user-friendly as possible—we landed on the squeeze bottle with the flip cap [for our barbeque sauces]. We wanted to utilize something that we thought we would like as consumers. We're also not afraid to push the boundaries with flavors because we know we can make them delicious—we have a peanut butter barbecue sauce and dill pickle mustard. We have some more delicious, unique products coming soon. These things along with our incredible community of Big Deck fans we've built set us apart. We market ourselves with transparency and realness that, I think, people relate to and enjoy."

What is your most popular sauce?

Where to buy?

You can find Big Deck Barbeque Co. locally at Hornbachers, Family Fare, Mac's Hardware, SCHEELS, and online at bigdeckbbq.com!



Garlic Habanero

Inside the bottle:

"Garlic Habanero is made with five ingredients—its simplicity is what makes it so delicious. It's vinegar, salt, garlic, and peppers—no fancy ingredients, nothing to hide behind, just really tasty hot sauce."

What to eat it with:

"Pair it with an omelet in the morning, make a buffalo sauce, or top your late-night slice with it—any food is improved with the addition of Garlic Habanero."

Brady: Not hot, beginning to think I'm the wing champ. The garlic is very pronounced. Very good.

Jessica: - chunky/thick

- Bold upfront then garlic aftertaste

- 2.5/10 spice

Gary: Amazing. Jalapeño isn't too present, garlic is great. Good on some eggs I bet.

Grant: Much hotter than the Medora Barbeque Sauce by Big Deck. Heavy on the garlic and moderate on the jalapeño.

| bigdeckbbq.com

Levi: Honestly refreshing! Feels like a summer sauce. Pretty garlicky! Almost reminds me of a hot salsa!

| /bigdeckbbq

| @bigdeckbbqco

| @bigdeckbbqco

I'd like people to know that Big Deck is owned by a couple of 23-year-olds who are trying to spread the joy we get from doing what we do. Seeing people enjoy our products is absolutely surreal and makes them feel like family."
"Well Gary, you were right!"

Habanero & Scorpion #HUSTLE HARDEST

Inside the Bottle: "This takes the playful fruitiness of the Habanero pepper and pairs it with the quick fire of Scorpion peppers. Blending these peppers amps up this sauce to elevate anything that needs that delicious fast heat."

What to eat it with: Instant noodles or even a Bloody Mary will soar to new fiery delicious heights.

Brady: Ace Hood would be proud of this sauce which features a very nice slow burn. NOT for the faint of heart. #HustleHard

Gary: Long burn! Sits on the tongue for a while. Tasty with spicy aftertaste.

Levi: Slow burner! Definitely one of the more floral sauces.


- slow burn

- light/thin but strong

- lip burning

- the hottest 7.4/10 spice

Grant: Spiciest so far. Slow burn that violates the lips. 7/10 spice



Scorpion #Peaches&Scream

Inside the bottle: "Scorpion #Peaches&Scream is deliciously intense with a robust heat. The peaches make for a juicy sauce that is smooth and subtly sweet. The peppers bring an incredible fruitiness and a heat that comes on fast and lingers just long enough to ensure you know it's there before fading away. No tricks here: just so delicious you'll scream."

What to eat it with:

"Use it to kick up mac & cheese, pizza, or eggs."

Brady: You can really taste the peach! It's hot but worth it.

Gary: Woo. More flavor, more spice.

Levi: Another slow burner! Really sticks around, but has a wonderful flavor. A nice mild fruit flavor.

Jessica: - lingers - super hot 6.8/10 spice

Grant: This one hurt. 2/10 spice


Block & Payer



Where to buy?

Right now you can purchase Block & Payer Provisions on their website at blockandpayer.com, as well as at the Red River Farmer's Market this year. They are hoping to be in a few stores soon!


Chokecherry Ghost Pepper

TInside the bottle: "One of the most interesting sauces... a blend of different spices, dried ghost chilies, and local berries come together to form this hot sauce that's spicy, but complex in flavor."

What to eat it with: "This hot sauce is perfect to pair with wild game meat."

Brady: My grandpa grew chokecherries on his lake property; I love this sauce which is nice and sweet, you can't even taste the spice.

Gary: Fruity, delicious, not too spicy, oddly great on wings.

Levi: Really well-balanced! The fruitiness is perfectly complimentary.


- candy

- Jolly Rancher

- Dr. Pepper

- sweet

- melted candy

2.7/10 spice

Grant: Actually good flavor. Not too spicy but maybe I'm just numb.


What is your hottest sauce?

MAUL's Midwest Death Sauce

What is a "secret" or odd ingredient that you use?

"In our Midwest Death Sauce, we use 'black garlic,' an ingredient of East Asian origin. This is garlic that's been aged over several weeks in a very warm environment turning the white garlic cloves to black through a process like caramelization. This produces a garlic that has a deep, sweet, and rich flavor."

What is one thing that people probably don't know about your business?

"Everything is done by hand. From filling the bottles with a ladle to sealing and labeling by hand. It's both attention to detail and a labor of love."


1. "We both not only work at Mezzaluna, but we produce our hot sauce there as well!"

2. "Collaborate with Block & Payer! They work with locals to create a sauce for their needs like merch, wedding gifts, a signature house sauce, and more! "

3. "This business is both Indigenous and queer-owned."


MAUL's Midwest Death Sauce

Inside the bottle:

"Our hottest sauce is made with four different chilies, one of which is in the top three hottest peppers in the world: the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili, sitting at just over 2 million Scoville units. In addition to the chilies, we use deep, umamirich ingredients to make a super flavorful sauce as well as a super spicy sauce."

What to eat it with:

"If you're wanting to taste the sauce for itself, the classic chicken wing is best. Of course, pizza is always a great option as well!"

Brady: Awesome sauce, not sure how to describe it but just trust me— it's good.

Gary: Hard to describe. Complex with layered heat.

Levi: Really smokey, the ancho chili comes through more than anything. In terms of flavor, you could put this on anything savory.

Jessica: - smokey

- salty

- vinegar

6.3/10 spice

Grant: One of the best. Like a hot barbeque sauce. Would definitely recommend. 8/10 spice

| blockandpayer.com | /blockandpayer | @blockandpayer
Not only are we a hot sauce company, but we also use the byproducts of our sauces to make chili pastes and spice blends. We also sell other condiments such as mustard. We're just getting started and will be rolling out plenty of new products over the next year."
This sauce is a collaboration between Block & Payer and the local death metal band, MAUL!

The Ben's


Brain Storm

Hot Sauce I Sauce&Reviews!

Inside the Bottle:

"This has some excellent heat! Up front are seven Pot Brain and Yellow Dorsett Naga peppers. They're joined by garlic, onion, ground mustard, turmeric, and other spices to create a savory delight sure to add a bit of fire to your favorite dish."

What to eat it with:

"A mustard and turmeric-forward sauce that is great in pasta, on pizza, or my personal favorite, on roasted buttercup or butternut squash! Brush on some butter or olive oil and bake or roast the squash until tender, then slather on some Brain Storm... You're welcome!"

Brady: I would bathe a wing in this. It's on the milder end but still had a bit of heat.

Gary: Delicious. Full of flavor, not super hot. A good break.

Levi: Incredible flavor, very earthy flavors


- citrus

- light

- cajun

- delicious 3.5/10 spice

Grant: Long burn/aftertaste 3/10 spice

And he really did.
Although spice is included in all of our products, they range from mild to extremely spicy. We have a contact form on our website that anyone can fill out for those with special requests or dietary needs, like no garlic or vegan, and we offer free local delivery when ordered from our website."

variety of hot jams, hot honey, pasta sauce, bloody mary mixes, BBQ sauces, and hot candies."

Where to buy?


Super Freak

Inside the bottle:

"We added pure capsaicin crystalline to our already hot and delicious blend of Scorpion and Carolina Reaper Peppers to make this a sauce for the adventurer! Pure capsaicin crystalline comes in at a tremendous estimated 16 MILLION Scoville units, making this sauce about the equivalent to eating one of these extraordinarily hot super peppers."

What to eat it with:

"Wear gloves when using this sauce for wings! Mix in some melted butter for a HOT and buttery experience."

Brady: Lives up to the name, nose running, burns the lips, eyes watering, temples vibrating, good stuff.

Gary: Slow burn, immediate spice, hot tester

Levi: REAL hot. It doesn't ruin the flavor of the sauce. Lots of really hot sauces tend to be bitter, but not Super Freak.


- creeper - drooling

- consistent

- throat burn 7.1/10 spice

Grant: Way too spicy for me. I feel like when Monsters, Inc stole that guy's scream.

A Scoville rating comes from the Scoville scale, a measurement of heat or spiciness!
The Ben's Hot Sauce at Bottle Barn Liquors off Veterans and 32nd Ave, Sheywest Farmers Market, Lakes Area Farmers Market-Detroit Lakes (on Saturdays), and online at thebenshotsauce.com! Keep an eye out for The Ben's at various pop-up markets throughout the region. 27

Hot Dishes

Chicken Chili at Himalayan Yak

Crispy, spicy... Sweet, I think? I don't know, I'm not the best at identifying which part of my palate is being tickled by a particular dish. However, I think I know what tastes good, and the chicken chili from Himalayan Yak tastes fricken amazing. You can order it mild, medium, hot, extra hot, 2x extra hot, all the way up to 20x extra hot! If you are looking to test your limits, Fargo-Moorhead, this is the dish for you.

Himalayan Yak is the only place in town you will find this dish prepared in the saucy way that they do. My old favorite in town, Everest Tikka House, had the same dish.

Pub West

| 1109 38th St S, Fargo



| /himalayanyakfargo

BradyDrake 28 | MAY 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

GaryUssery LeviDinh

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala at India Palace

My wife and I love a good Tikka Masala date night and India Palace is our destination of choice. I usually order mine mild (with 4-5 sides of garlic naan), but when I'm feeling particularly daring I get it hot! You can't go wrong with the protein, paneer (a kind of cheese), or veggie options but my go-to is chicken. The cream in the tikka masala does wonders helping balance the bite of the heat with the soothing flavor of the sauce. Served with a heaping bowl of amazing rice, you can't go wrong with this dish. If the food is my favorite thing about India Palace, my second favorite is the welcoming atmosphere. You are guaranteed to be greeted with "Hello, my friend!" every time you go. If you're looking to spice up your date night be sure to give India Palace a go!

Thai Spicy Drunken Noodles from Leela Thai Cuisine

This dish can be a slow burner, but it'll get to you eventually. It consists of flat rice noodles with veggies, your pick of protein, and of course, no shy amount of Thai chili. That's up to how daring you're feeling, however. You can choose your spice level from no spice (boring) all the way up to Thai spicy. Leela Thai itself is actually infamous for not withholding spice when asked for. In 2021, the restaurant actually went viral on Twitter for placing a sign in their entryway stating, "We will no longer issue refunds when you order food spicy and can't handle it." If you want to eat something that will make you run through napkins wiping the sweat off your forehead, Leela Thai will have something for you, as these spice levels are available through many of the dishes on the menu. In particular, though, the Thai spicy drunken noodles with mock duck are my go-to when I feel a little intrepid.

Leela Thai Cuisine

| 1450 25th St S, Fargo

| leelathaifargo.com

| /LeelaThaiCuisine

| @leelathaifargo

India Palace | 5050 13th Ave S Suite 3, Fargo | indiapalacefargo.com | /indiapalacefargo |

These wings must be good if they are Jessica's favorite "spicy dish," considering she is the only one who ranked herself higher after tasting the hot sauces. Check it out!

| @pub_west 0
2.5 5 7.5 10 2.5 7.2 9 5 5 4 6.8 9 6/7 7
Grant Jessica Levi


Blaze It Burger from Pounds

This burger is sure to leave some tears in your eyes! The Blaze It Burger is loaded with pepper jack cheese, bacon, jalapeños, crispy fried onions, and their secret ingredient: ghost pepper torch sauce! I enjoy this burger because it offers such a wide variety of flavors and isn't overpowered by the intimidating levels of spice. Furthermore, it doesn't rely on spice. For those who can't handle the heat, they can order it without the torch sauce, and it will taste just as delicious! The Blaze It Burger pairs extremely well with any of Pounds' signature drinks in the summer, such as the Spiked Capri Sun! This burger is sure to knock the socks off even the sharpest of spice savants but look no further than Pounds for some high-quality heat.

Meet the Black Student

Association of NDSU

1) Hello! My name is Breanna Jentzen, I go by Bree! I am enrolled in the dual degree program at NDSU, getting my Social Work and HDFS degree. Social Work is my passion and I’m excited to get in the field to help the youth! I am the activities coordinator for BSA and the president of the Student Social Work Organization!

2) Hello! My name is Natasha Thompson and I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I’m majoring in Criminal Justice minors in Emergency Management and Women & Gender Studies with hopes of going into the social service side of the criminal justice system. I’m the treasurer for BSA!

3) Hello! My name is Mary Mbuthia and I’m majoring in Veterinary Technology and minoring in Animal Science. Once I get my Bachelor’s degree from NDSU, I will start working towards getting my Veterinarian degree! I’m heavily involved on campus and I’m honored to be the Vice President of BSA!

4) Hello! My name is Malayah Griffin. I am currently a sophomore at NDSU, and I am majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I like helping others and connecting with people in the community. I am the President of the Black Student Association (BSA) at NDSU.

(Not Pictured) Hello! My name is Christie Collins. My major is biology and I’m aiming toward a career in either medicine or marine biology. I’m an international student from Canada and I’m also a sprinter and jumper on the NDSU track and field team! I’m the public relations/social media coordinator for BSA!

The Tri-College community is fortunate to have these stellar ladies call the Fargo area their home away from home.

We wish them best of luck with their promising college journey!

Go Bison! - Cyusa

Malayah Griffin A Q&A With

Where do you call home?

Home for me is Minneapolis, MN— North Minneapolis to be exact. I was born and raised there.

Being here in Fargo I have grown so much as a person in general. My high school self, compared to me now, is quite different. If that girl from back then could see me now, she would not know what to do. One of the things that I have learned is to take more risks and try new things. I learned to put myself out there more, and it has benefited me in many ways.

What is the story behind your passion for working for the Black Student Association (BSA)?

The passion for working for BSA comes from this club helping me out when I first arrived here. This club welcomed me with open arms, and it was nice to see people that looked like me come together, have a fun time, and have conversations that needed to be had. I wanted to make sure this club could continue to make students of color feel like they have a space to feel welcomed and heard.

Share about your experience on campus and in the community.

On campus, when I first arrived, it was hard because I did not know exactly what I would be doing here. My experience now has been amazing! I have met so many wonderful people who have made my experience in Fargo one hundred times better. Without the community that I have developed here, I would not be where I am today.

My journey to getting involved on campus accelerated at an exponential rate. My Resident Assistant (RA) at the time encouraged me to join hall government and I decided to run for president of my college dorm and won. “Go big or go home." That helped open the door for me to get involved in RHA and then I later applied to be a mid-year RA. Then the former president of BSA and I talked, and she was looking for folks to step up and takeover BSA because she was graduating soon. Those were some big shoes to fill. After talking to others, I decided why not and ran for BSA president. I got elected and that opened a whole other door for more opportunities to work with more awesome people in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I show a lot of support to the people around me. I help promote events. I am always down to volunteer and help around the community.


What are some misconceptions about BSA students by the community?

I don’t really know about any misconceptions about BSA. I hear some people say they don’t see the need to have one. I feel like with that, they just don’t know what we do at BSA. Also, people may just think the club is only for students of color. However, anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. We have amazing conversations and have fun activities every meeting and some people walk out of there more informed about certain topics.

Can you share some of the work you do in the community? How can others get involved?

I help promote events going on in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I also hosted a couple events like Fargo Got Talent and Afrique. I also help behind the scenes with events around the area as well. I am also a mentor at Liberty Middle School and am

trying to expand mentoring to other schools. People can get involved by just contacting me and asking if there are any ways to get involved. I always have volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants it and I always encourage members to get involved in our community.

As an active community member, what is the next problem you are trying to solve?

My next idea I want to do is have a big throwback block party with the tricolleges in the area. Old school music, clothes, and the immaculate vibes from everyone around.

What is your vision for 2030 for the Fargo-Moorhead community?

I see a big community coming together for more events. I also see it being more diverse as well and BSA running stronger than ever.


Full of life and color is how I’d easily describe LesleyAnne Buegel of Lesleydidthat!

We’ve loved seeing her transform spaces with her bright vibes and crazy fun murals. So when it came time to plan our Unglued shop relocation to Brewhalla, we knew it needed some Lesleydidthat! involved—see the half-arch photo by M. Schleif Photography! And after seeing her create magic in our new space, we needed to get to know more about her inspiration and background.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Lesley! I grew up in Moorhead, MN, and went to university in New Zealand and studied media, film, and communications. I now live across the river in the heart of Downtown Fargo with my voracious, sweet, gremlin-of-acat Suki. I am passionate about connecting with others and experiencing the world as deeply as I can, which is why I spend as much time as possible traveling and meeting new people or spending time with old friends. These interactions directly inspire and fuel my creativity.

Describe what type of products you make under Lesleydidthat!

My main products result from painting—I’ll paint anything I can, which are mostly canvases, murals, and signs

Unglued Photos By M.Schleif Photography

(I also enjoy painting objects, set pieces, and furniture). I dabble and experiment with screen printing, stickers, film photography, and making collages.

Tell us how you got started with your art?

I was hired to do my first mural in the summer of 2020 after I interned with Folkways (before I started working there full-time). They had learned that I was an artist and wanted me to paint the side of a shipping container to be used as a fun backdrop for the Red River Market performances. After I did that piece, Wild Terra asked me to paint their bathroom walls inspired by 80s Miami Vice, and I started to gain more momentum and develop my abstract style as the community saw one or both of those two murals.

Do you have a personal favorite item or art piece you've created?

The one that I’ll create next.

What is something people might find surprising about working with murals?

This might be about paintings in general, but it hits harder when I paint murals… after hours working with brightly saturated paints, my eyes start to see the colors of the mural differently. They can shift between shades and pulses and take on a dimension that they don’t normally have. When I turn away from the painting and look back at the "real world" it can look really faded and weird.

What is one craft you haven't really dabbled in yet that you want to try some day?

I’ve always been fascinated with sculpture and am excited for the day that I get the opportunity to dive my hands into a pile of clay!

What is something you've enjoyed the most about doing this handcrafted business?

The depth in which I’ve been able to meet the people and places of Fargo!

I’m deeply honored when someone approaches me with their full trust to transform a space or piece of theirs. Getting to know them and their vision

so that I can bring it to life is very satisfying. I paint public pieces, but in creating them, I get to work within back rooms and supply closets, alleyways, kitchens, workshops, warehouses, you name it—exploring new levels of the city that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. After I paint a piece, I’ll never see a space the same way again, and I love the intimate way that I know and remember a location after making my mark on it.

What is the most challenging thing? Balancing my creative energy between commissions and personal projects. It’s hard to say no to someone’s dream or vision, but impossible to say yes to everyone. I’ve found that my creative flow and quality of work across the board have enhanced and refined the more I am able to dedicate studio time to myself.

What is a word that best describes you? Adventurous.

What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Don’t wait to find a studio space! Your art is going to thrive when you are able to make things in a space that isn’t your living room or your parent's garage.

Where can people find your work?

My Instagram is the most up to date with what events I’m hosting, projects I’m working on, or scenes I’m inspired by. My Instagram page is @lesleydidthat and my website is lesleydidthat.com

The arts are the lifeblood of our community. The arts are what support the uniqueness of the people here—it represents love, culture, identity, and more. Entertainment often fuels the arts, with events that bring people together to share experiences, explore unknown territory, and learn (sometimes more about themselves than the topic)! Here are a few Arts & Entertainment-related events coming up that will keep our city's heart pumping.


Craft Into Spring

SheyWest is hosting a variety of crafty events in the month of May—check them out!

Wednesday, May 10 - Watercolor Floral Cards, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 11 - Rustic Mason Jars | Succulent Workshop, 5:307:30 p.m.

Saturday, May 13 - Mother’s Day Market 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Thursday, May 18 - Painted Terracotta Pots | Pothos Planting, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, May 23 - Spring Wreath, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Gear Up for Summer!

Head to Harold's on Main on Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. for a used gear sale. Clean out your inventory (email lemnusnatalie@gmail.com before the event to sell), or stock up for all of your outdoor adventures this summer! Enjoy food trucks and coffee, as well as the bar (after 12 p.m.) during the event!

Spring Market Mania

Before we officially launch into farmer's market season, we can enjoy the Red River Market Spring Market on Sheyenne Street! On Saturday, May 13, visit Downtown West Fargo for a taste of locally made pantry items, household goods, baked goods, art, hot food, beverages, and more while enjoying live music and family activities.


Photos by Geneva Nodland

On April 6, Fargo’s music scene went electric with an energized performance from some of rock’s biggest names! Over the course of the evening, fans were delighted to hear each band play their hits, as well as some lesserknown songs for die-hard fans. While Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t play all their hit tracks, fans still rocked out to every song played on the extensive 19-track setlist. Check out some of the highlights from King Princess, The Strokes, and Red Hot Chili Peppers!

The Strokes performing “The Modern Age” Flea, founding bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is known for his wild stage personality that never fails to amuse and energize fans.
King Princess performing “Cry When You Hear This”




1. Intro Jam

2. Can't Stop

3. The Zephyr Song

4. Snow (Hey Oh)

5. Here Ever After

6. Suck My Kiss

7. Danny's Song (Loggins & Messina cover)

8. Fake as Fu@k

9. Blood Sugar Sex


10. Hard to Concentrate

11. Eddie

12. Soul to Squeeze

13. Nobody Weird Like Me

14. Tippa My Tongue

15. Californication

16. Black Summer

17. By the Way


18. I Could Have Lied

19. Give It Away

The Strokes performing “Bad Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer and frontman Anthony Kiedis performing “Can’t Stop” CHILI


The word “brunch” was coined by British writer Guy Beringer in an 1895 article in Hunter's Weekly.

The Fargo Brunch Festival will feature a 30-foot-long Bloody Mary bar, with every topper you could possibly want, along with bottomless mimosas!


Along with the food and beverage component, the Fargo Brunch Festival will feature a variety of games and activities - some with prizesincluding:


In this game, you will wear “drunk simulation goggles” that blur your vision, then have to properly stack felt Bloody Mary toppers into a fake Bloody Mary.



A game where two people take turns smashing hardboiled eggs on their head, with a raw egg in the mix. Whoever chooses and smashes the raw egg on their head is the loser!


The festival will include a large canvas and spray paints for you to create art while you are there.

This game involves walking as fast as you can without spilling your drink.


There will be yard games for you and your friends to play, like arcade basketball, ping pong, bag toss, and yard Jenga!


Whether you are a local sports fanatic or an everyday Joe looking for a little fun or fitness, here are a couple of the things happening in the community


NDSU Continues to Make Dreams Reality

Former NDSU offensive lineman Cody Mauch was drafted in the second round (48th overall) by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2023 NFL Draft. No program in the FCS produces pro prospects quite like NDSU who also saw former players FB Hunter Luepke (Cowboys), TE Noah Gindorff (Seahawks), OL Nash Jensen (Panthers), and Spencer Waege (49ers) all sign with NFL teams as undrafted free agents after the conclusion of the draft in which Mauch was selected.

Grant Nelson Declares for NBA Draft

The standout forward has a chance to become the first NDSU basketball player ever to be selected in the NBA Draft.


This park offers miles and miles of hiking trails with stunning views of the Badlands. One of the park's most famous trails, the Maah Daah Hey Trail, spans 144 miles and is ideal for those who want a multi-day trek through rugged terrain.

With 20 miles of scenic trails, this forest is perfect for those who love wildlife sightings and picturesque vistas. Hike up to the panoramic vista at Skyline Ridge Overlook for breathtaking views of the area.

Located just south of Mandan, this park boasts several miles of rolling hills and wooded areas, offering hikers plenty of opportunities to connect with nature. Trails range from easy to moderate, so everyone can enjoy no matter your level!

The gorge features 30 miles of pristine trails winding along rivers and ravines. Take on the challenging hike to Long Lake or head to the water for some kayaking!

Situated along the Missouri River, Cross Ranch State Park boasts several easy-to-moderate hiking trails that showcase the natural beauty of the area.


With over 70 miles of designated hiking trails, the Sheyenne National Grassland offers a unique hiking experience through rolling prairies and wooded areas. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as deer, coyotes, and even bald eagles.

Located near Grand Forks, this park offers stunning views of the Turtle River and plenty of hiking trails for all skill levels. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the woods or challenge yourself with a steep incline.

Located in the heart of North Dakota's Badlands, this state park features several challenging hiking trails that wind through canyons and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen on your trek.

The Red River Valley is constantly blooming with new architecture, trendsetting designs and industryleading artists to help bring your home and living spaces to life. From the hottest new design trends to the newest spaces in town, consider this your local beat for all things home and living.


Just Opened! Holland's Has New Location in Fargo

On May 5th, Holland's owners Mike and Sarah Liljestrand opened a brand new location at 420 University Drive N, Fargo. Holland's has been known as the home and garden shop for the urban chic, and has served the FargoMoorhead area for over 50 years. Check out the new shop and bring some spring life into your living spaces!

Home & Design Hacks from Local Design Experts

Ready for some spring renovation, but need some inspiration? Well, you're in luck—check out the latest issue of our sister magazine, Trendsetters, to see expert commentary, hacks, and tips from local design experts. Available at magazine racks across town and online at flipsnack.com/drago/ trendsetters-issue-002.html

Bed Bath & Beyond Closing Stores—Here Are Some Local Places to Shop Instead

As a once-dominant player in the industry, Bed Bath & Beyond has begun shutting down operations nationwide, beginning its liquidation process. Not to worry for Fargo-Moorhead shoppers— some great local places to shop instead include HOM Furniture, Beds by Design, Same Day Mattress, Tuesday Morning, Kirkland's, Ferguson, and more!


Starting a New Home Project?

Great Places to Shop

Locally According to the Design Experts

ome and design trends are constantly evolving, and if you're like me and look online for what's in and what's out, the results are not only overwhelming but can also leave you wondering which "expert" you can trust. That's why in the latest issue of our sister magazine, Trendsetters, we sought answers from real local home and design experts. Not only did they provide home and design hacks, DIY tips, and product recommendations for the home, but they also provided recommendations for local shops, vendors, and suppliers that they personally have worked with on home and design projects.

We took each local recommendation from the design experts and ranked them in order of how frequently they were recommended, while also providing commentary from them on why they love shopping for home products and materials at these places. We at Fargo Monthly love shopping local—so if you're beginning a new home project, we encourage you to consider checking out these local businesses!

Other local home & design businesses our design experts recommend


Clearwater Custom Cabinets

Recommended the most with four times by our local design experts recommended Clearwater Custom Cabinets—which says a lot. Some of the notable reasons they were recommended included having great customer service, having a large selection, and great attention to detail.

Check out these kitchen cabinets from Clearwater Custom Cabinetry inside Kristen Carlon's featured project in the Trendsetters Home & Design Issue!

"The best part of working with [Clearwater Custom Cabinetry] is how they approach every project, big or small, with the utmost respect and quality, and they pay very close attention to all the details. They are willing to find a solution that works for any unique project."

4. Weyer Companies 5. Rigels Appliances 6. Love Always Floral HOME & DESIGN 48 | MAY 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM


Northern Stone Showcase Floors

Recommended three times by our local design experts, Northern Stone is known for having a wide variety of product options to fit all budgets, being timely and being great to work with. Grant Koenig of Grain Designs, who appeared on the cover of the latest Trendsetters issue alongside his wife and fellow design expert Rebekah, worked with Northern Stone on the Pines Venue, which the Koenigs own together.

Check out the back bar from Northern Stone inside Grant and Rebekah's award-winning Pines Black project, featured as the cover story in the Trendsetters Home & Design Issue!

"The team at Northern Stone never disappoints. From simple countertops to the fully custom back bar in Pines Black, everything came out accurately and on time."


Recommended twice, Showcase Floors seems to be the go-to for flooring and tile projects for several of our local design experts, receiving a lot positive feedback on their selections and level of professionalism with installation. One of our local design experts even called them "some of the best people to work with [in Fargo]!"

Showcase floors provided the flooring and tile for the Pines Black venue.

7. Dakota Blinds 8. Carpet World 9. Innovative Air 10. JDP Electric Fun

In Sweden, the word fika translates to a coffee and cake break, but in Swedish culture, some consider it to be more of an essential concept: a time to take a break and share a little something with friends. So take a break with us friends, and read up on all of the latest food and drink buzz in the Fargo-Moorhead area. You might just find a new favorite fika spot.


Take Mom to Brunch!

Check out the sweet brunch deals going on in the community to celebrate Mother's Day!

701 Eateries - Adults are $36 & children under 12 are $12. Grab a reservation!

Crooked Pint - $29.99 Adults, $24.99 Seniors (62+), $11.99 Kids (5-11), Under 5 FREE. Reserve your spot!

Fargo Elks - Reservations are required & tickets are $20-$25!

Lucky's 13 - Get your reservations today!

Rosewild @ Jasper Hotel - All of your Rosewild brunch faves + special offerings, bottomless Bloody Marys & Mimosas, and more!

Tavern Grill - Grab your reservations for this delicious brunch!

Urban 42 @ Delta Hotel - Reserve your spot! Standard Buffet $55, Mom's Price $49, Ages 6 to 12 $18, Ages 5 and under FREE!

A Sweet, Silver Start

Join both the crew from Silver Lining Creamery and Rosewild to kick off the summer at Rosewild’s Ice Cream Social! Head downtown on May 23 at 5 p.m. to enjoy a sweet, specialty-made treat, inspired by flavors submitted on social media. See what the team comes up with and try a scoop!


Whiskey Fest

From start to finish, the event saw an extraordinary turnout throughout the evening’s fundraising event.

The Annual Fargo-Moorhead Whiskey Fest was held on Thursday, April 13 at the Sanctuary Events Center. The event featured a wide variety of premium brands of Irish whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon! The Whiskey Fest acted as a fundraiser for two nonprofit organizations; the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund and The Christmas Gift. In total, the nonprofits raised upwards of $5,000. Keep an eye out for the event’s return in the spring of 2024, and check out a recap of this year!

Some drinks at Whiskey Fest 2023 were “smoked” to enhance the beverage’s flavors!

The event’s winning cocktail was crafted by Micheal from Frank’s Lounge. In this drink, he used Forrie Smith Whiskey from the Oak and Eden table.

Another honorable nonprofit organization, the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund, was presented with $1,500 at the event. One of the two nonprofit organizations, The Christmas Gift, was presented with $1,500 at the event!

The event featured an array of beverages, portraying some as reminiscent of a warm summer, some like a sub-zero winter, and more. Many of the event’s beverage offerings, such as this one, would be perfect to warm up on a cold winter night.

The Stack-Up

Brand ambassadors teamed up with some of the finest mixologists from the FargoMoorhead area to showcase their signature cocktails.

Whiskey Fest 2023 featured an astonishing selection of premium Scotch, bourbon, and more cocktails.

The team at Frank’s Lounge was honored to win the “People’s Choice Mixologist Award”!

The event had an astounding turnout, as cocktails were showcased on multiple levels of the Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo. DEIDRE HILLMAN

We know at Fargo Monthly that raising a family is no easy task. That's why we keep our eyes peeled for useful information and resources to help you in your day to day.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take the family out to the ball game on Monday, May 15 for the RedHawks opener game! Grab your snacks and drinks, and catch the first pitch at 6:30 p.m.! Grab your tickets at fmredhawks.com

Chalk the Walk!

Join the community for the Summer Chalk Fest at Broadway Square! Head downtown on Saturday, June 3 at 12 p.m. for some free chalk-filled fun! Artists of all ages are welcome to create. Chalk is provided, and if you can't make it, watch out for the upcoming July event!


My Jam!"

If that's your response to the iconic movie, "Space Jam," then this movie night is for you! Take the family to the POW/MIA Plaza on Monday, June 5 from 7 - 9 p.m. for an outdoor movie night, featuring free popcorn while supplies last!


A Sneak Peek of the Red River Zoo’s New “Pride of the Prairie“ Exhibit!

The first stages of building the Red River Zoo's Pride of the Prairie viewing building started last year!

This blackfooted ferret will be moving to a new home in the Pride of the Prairie viewing building!

As a former employee of the Red River Zoo and a lover of all animals, I am always excited to hear about the new, cool exhibits the Zoo has planned. This summer, the Zoo is opening a brand new exhibit with a muchrequested prairie animal—bison! Along with the bison, they’ll be moving in some of their other native prairie animals—like the prairie dogs and the black-footed ferrets—to create a diverse and impressive prairiefocused exhibit. I sat down with Sally Jacobson, President and CEO of the Red River Zoo, to talk about the process of creating this new exhibit, the history of their bison, their partnership with SCHEELS, and more!

Red River Zoo Red River Zoo
Josh Gerszewski

We're super excited to be opening up the SCHEELS Pride of the Prairie exhibit on Friday, June 2, the day before National Prairie Day [which is the first Saturday of June every year]. The Zoo has a pretty amazing collection of animals, as well as a master plan for future growth. A few years ago, we had identified—with us being in Fargo, and having the NDSU Bison, and everything else in our history in North Dakota—that we wanted to have bison at the zoo. But when we do something, we like to do it to the best of our ability and have a connection to conservation, as well as have a nice space for guests. Pride of the Prairie really is a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight the importance of prairie animals and the prairie ecosystem. Not only will it have bison, but it

will have prairie dogs, a new home for our black-footed ferrets (which are critically endangered animals), and our bull snakes. Then, eventually, we're going to be adding pronghorn, [which are related to antelope]. The part I like most about it is that it has this beautiful building for the guests to view it. As you walk in, it has these gigantic windows, and it just feels like the prairie. You feel like the sky is endless, just like you do when you're driving in North Dakota. We really want to inspire awe in our prairie ecosystem and conservation efforts in our own backyard. How did this exhibit come to be?

The Zoo has its own collection plan that includes both animals that we currently have and any changes we want to make to those exhibits, as well as additional animals in the future. We don't

build an exhibit unless we know that we can financially sustain and staff it and have the expertise on how to take care of those animals. And so, I had mentioned that about five years ago, we identified that Bison would be something that we could bring to the Zoo, and we felt like we could do it really well. But when we do exhibits, we really want to ensure that we are portraying the animals in a way that is really respectful so that guests are not viewing an animal in a “cage.” They're viewing an animal in a beautiful space, with water and grass and living trees, as well as designing the exhibits to be an excellent place for the animals be able to participate in natural behavior.

We actually do most of the designing [of the exhibits] ourselves in-house, which is a really fun process. I think designing exhibits is one of my favorite

Describe the Pride of the Prairie exhibit for me. Sally Jacobson, President and CEO, Red River Zoo
with President/CEo Sally Jacobson Meet Barry, one of the adorable bison that is making his home in the Pride of the Prairie exhibit! Red River Zoo
Geneva Nodland

The prairie dogs, previously housed near the deer exhibit and the Dancing Crane Cafe, will be moving to a new home in the

parts of the job. It always starts out with a little pencil, and a few of us from the Zoo, penciling out what we would ideally want to do and then erasing and penciling out more. For the Pride of the Prairie exhibit, we also had a wonderful architect that helped us with the "human building," [the guest viewing building]. For the Pride of the Prairie exhibit, [local architect] Scott Dahms donated his time and his services and sat down with myself and some senior managers. We explained to him what we were looking at, and he helped get the plans in order for us. It’s really a whole community project.

How did SCHEELS get involved with the exhibit?

We have a lot of relationships with a lot of businesses in town that have business partnerships with us or might have sponsorship days at the Zoo, among other things. We touch base with SCHEELS as the Zoo continues to grow, and just let them know what exhibits we might be doing. And the SCHEELS foundation expressed some interest in helping us fund this exhibit because it fit so well with their values and mission.

like they’re really on the prairie with the animals.

The Pride of the Prairie exhibit will have electronic signs that provide a ton of information about the history of the bison they have in the zoo!

Can you tell me a bit more about the bison that you’ll have on exhibit?

One thing I like to do as we move forward [in growing the Zoo] is that every major

Sally shows off the new ferret exhibit in the Pride of the Prairie viewing building— soon, it will be cozy enough for our blackfooted ferret friends to move in!

Currently, the bison are kept in the back pasture of the exhibit to allow grass to grow in the front pasture while it is muddy in the spring. In the summer, you’ll be able to see them up close!

The large windows in the Pride of the Prairie viewing building allow guests to feel Josh Gerszewski Pride of the Prairie exhibit! Geneva Nodland Geneva Nodland Geneva Nodland
Geneva Nodland

exhibit needs to have a conservation tie, so that it gives us a megaphone for the efforts that we're doing here at the Zoo and beyond. If a guest comes in and they're inspired by something, they can actually help take part in conservation efforts or support them. With our bison, we've worked with Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. And they have these wonderful, precious bison that have a long history directly tied to Theodore Roosevelt and the Bronx Zoo. In the late 1800s, when the [bison] population was decimated, Theodore Roosevelt worked with the director of the Bronx Zoo to bring down some bison that did not have any cattle genes (some refer to these bison as “genetically pure”) to help repopulate the park. That's how their park has now sustained their bison population—they all came from that initial little herd.

This is the first time that those bison will be coming back to a zoo, with the intention of having a breeding program helping to [increase the number of bison in the US]. The offspring could go to other national parks, possibly other zoos that have similar conservation efforts, or native groups that may be trying to repopulate native lands with these bison.

Through our relationship with Wind Cave National Park, we send staff down every year to help with conservation efforts, particularly for the

black-footed ferrets. But they can come and learn about the bison, too. And if guests want to get engaged in something at the park, they can volunteer to come down with us when we go to help with the ferrets. We want to make sure that guests are having a fun and fabulous time where they're making memories with their families. But if they want to learn a little bit more or get involved, there's that opportunity, too.

Interested in attending the grand opening of the Pride of the Prairie exhibit?

The event, including an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, will take place at the Zoo on Friday, June 2, 2023. The Zoo will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

| (701) 277-9240

| redriverzoo.org

| /redriverzoo

| @RedRiverZoo

| @RedRiverZoo

| 4255 23rd Ave S Fargo, ND 58104

The Transformative Power of Books

Independent Bookstore Day & the Importance of Indie Bookstores Ferguson Books:

West Fargo’s Newest Independent Bookstore

While some bookstores in the area have been around for decades, Ferguson Books is a fresh face in the Fargo-Moorhead community. Officially opening their West Fargo store in December of 2020, founder and owner Dane Ferguson and his team are off to a strong start in their third year. Despite being new to the FMWF area, Ferguson Books has been around for more than a decade. The first Ferguson Books opened in 2010 in a small strip mall storefront in Grand Forks. During the holiday season, they expanded and opened a kiosk in Grand Forks' Columbia Mall.

“Back then, [indoor malls were] such a strong identifier of the economy in Grand Forks. We wanted to capture those customers by reaching them where they were shopping. So we ended up starting a little kiosk,” Ferguson said. “But after the holiday season, it was extremely expensive for us to staff [a kiosk] for almost 12 hours a day. And sometimes we weren't getting any more than four sales. So we [asked ourselves], ‘How can we make this work a little differently?’ And then we went from that little kiosk to a storefront in the Columbia Mall. Within not even a year's timeframe, we went from one store to two stores in Grand Forks.” When Ferguson’s family moved

As a lifelong book lover, I have spent a significant amount of time in bookstores. My favorite bookstores have always been are locally-owned and independent. Independent bookstores are becoming increasingly more important as the publishing industry becomes more saturated and new authors have a harder time finding a market in chain stores. Every year on the last Saturday in April, independent bookstores nationwide gather with their communities to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day and spread awareness about their importance. This year, I celebrated Independent Bookstore day hanging out at local bookstores and learning more about why they are so important to our community.

to the Bismarck area, he opened a store there at the end of 2016, expanding his brand to the western side of the state. The expansion continued in 2020, after the family moved to the Fargo area.

“When we came back to the eastern part of [North Dakota]... it only made sense to start another location. We [wanted to see] if we could make it work. One conversation led to another, and an opportunity opened up to work with Brian with EPIC Companies. [We figured it] out with the West Fargo city leadership [according to] what they were trying to invest in with their downtown area, and it all came together way quicker than I even anticipated,” Ferguson said.

Despite opening their West Fargo store in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Ferguson Books has been thriving in the FargoMoorhead-West Fargo community. Now, in their third year in West Fargo, Ferguson aims to spread the word about independent bookstores and their importance in our community through continued participation in Independent Bookstore Day.

Did You Know? This year, the 10th official independent bookstore day was held on April 29!

Zandbroz: A Peek into the Danz Family Bookstore

Though I would consider myself to be a child of libraries and bookstores, my life isn’t nearly as intertwined with books as the Danz family's. Having opened the original Zandbroz location in Sioux Falls in 1989 and the Fargo location in 1991, the Danz family has been immersed in the book world for over three decades. But they had to work hard to keep their business thriving. Opening a business is rarely easy, but it was even harder in the 90s in downtown Fargo.

"At the time, people thought my dad [and my uncle] were nuts. Downtown Fargo wasn't what it is today. [They were] opening a business in a downtown area that was quite literally failing, but on top of that, [they were] opening an independent bookstore. But to my dad's credit, he saw the possibilities that downtown had and believed in the importance of what a downtown does for our community,” Josie Danz, general manager of Zandbroz, said.

Despite opening their business in a time that was less than ideal in downtown Fargo, the independent bookstore has continued to bring in steady business, especially since downtown has become a hub for small businesses. As downtown has grown and evolved, so has Zandbroz. Since their start, they’ve been able to become more and more dedicated to their primary passion: books!

“When we opened, we had Dakota Soda in the back of the store. At the time, there were no other coffee shops or cafes in downtown Fargo [or] even in Fargo [in general]. Fargo didn't have a Starbucks, it didn't have any Caribous, so we were filling a niche there,” Josie said. “Then as downtown began to evolve and all these really cool things started happening, that allowed us the chance to get out of the food industry, which is a very challenging industry to be in. That allowed us to focus on doing more with what we really stand for, which is books. Now that whole space—the space that used to house Dakota Soda—is [full of] used, vintage, and rare books. That's a very important evolution that Zandbroz has made.”

Now, 32 years after opening, Zandbroz continues to be dedicated to cultivating the Fargo-Moorhead book community, in whatever way the community needs. One of those ways is bringing people together at the annual Independent Bookstore Day, a day that the Zandbroz family spends celebrating books and bookstores through author signings, Independent Bookstore Day swag, homemade baked goods, and more!


Independent Bookstore Day in Fargo-Moorhead

Independent Bookstore Day has always been a celebration of both books and bookstores. But these independent bookstores are offering more than just books—they’re offering a welcoming community for the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area. Josie Danz and Dane Ferguson shared their ideas of why supporting independent bookstores is so important, especially in our community.

Dane Ferguson’s Economic View of Independent Bookstores

Dane Ferguson values the fact that supporting independent bookstores improves the economy in our area, and supports not only the owner’s family, but the families of their employees. When asked about the importance of independent bookstores to our community, he emphasized that “the majority of the dollars stay local when you shop local.”

Ferguson added that “[with our business model], you might not save dollar for dollar on a brand-new title [compared to buying online or at a chain], but you're going to get more value for your book, because if you bring in your used books, we give you trade credits to spend in the store. This is something that’s not usually offered at chain stores.”

Along with the unique book-buying options, independent bookstores also offer vital outlets for local authors to get their work into readers’ hands, as it is often incredibly hard to get a book into chains like Barnes & Noble unless you are published by huge publishers like HarperCollins or Random House.

“What we do for small authors that are locally-

published or self-published is that we try to give them the biggest platform possible,” Ferguson said. “We give every author an opportunity [to host] a book signing that's free of charge—we just ask that the books are sold through us. There are no extra fees to have an event with us. We will put that in a Facebook event and on other social [media] for them, too, and that’s another way for those people to take advantage of some marketing opportunities that we can provide.”

This year, Ferguson Books’ Independent Bookstore Day celebrations included a buytwo-get-two-free used book deal, author signings, and Independent Bookstore Day freebies!

Support Ferguson Books

| (701) 532-2106




| @fergsbookswf

| @fergsbookswf

| 300 Sheyenne Street West Fargo, ND 58078

Josie Danz on Creating Community through Bookstores

Josie Danz feels that independent bookstores are important for a community because they help people connect with each other and find “communities within our community.”

“Nowadays, you can buy books anywhere. But the beauty of independent bookstores is that their shelves are so well-curated to their community, their customers, and the people that work there,” Danz said. “It's much more about the experience than it is about the transaction. I think that's why Independent Bookstore Day is so important: it allows people to come together and really highlights the community that books create.”

Independent bookstores are also able to sell books that may not be stocked in bigger chain stores because they don't sell well enough. This gives the local community more direct access to important topics that might be harder to find in other, bigger bookstores.

“Independent bookstores give those lesser-known voices a chance, and they highlight the importance of those voices," Danz said. "It’s about the content [of the books] and about your

ability to allow customers to connect with important topics, voices, and subject matter. In big chain bookstores, at the end of the day, they're going to put on the shelf what they know is going to sell. When it stops selling, it might not be reordered. I think that limits people's ability to discover the world of books.”

At their Independent Bookstore Day event this year, Zandbroz hosted author signings from regional authors like Native American poet Denise Lajimodiere. The day also included a free book with a book purchase, 15% off all books, complimentary treats and coffee, and an opportunity to donate to the Power of Books Project (@powerofbooksfm)—a program that aims to provide books to women and children who may not otherwise have access.

Support Zandbroz | (701) 239-4729 | zandbroz.com |

| 420 Broadway
fargo@zandbroz.com |
| @Zandbroz
N Fargo, North Dakota 58102
Mark your calendars for the next Independent Bookstore Day, to take place Saturday, April 27, 2024! 62 | MAY 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM
The Bison Turf 1211 N University Dr #2524, Fargo, ND 58102 Jim Beam Orange Ingredients 2 oz. Jim Beam Orange 1 oz. Sprite 1 oz. Sour 1 oz. Ginger beer Karl Schmidt 64 | MAY 2023 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM
meet karl
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