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The Biltmore Santa Barbara 1 (805) 969-2261 Only at Four Seasons is perfection so effortless.

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14 tuscan dreams Love Unveiled with Valerie + Michael


22 one recipe, three bouquets Design Techniques with Holly Chapple 24 eat cake, drink & be married 2015 Bridal Horoscopes 58 ranch romance Love Unveiled with Charlotte + Tim 66 woods & bloom Woodland Inspiration with Francoise Weeks 72 designer spotlight Jenny Yoo 74 fashion to table Midday Brunching with Samantha Wennerstrom



82 from georgia with love Love Unveiled with Ashley + Morgan 88 let's hear it for the boys 90 bermuda calling! Love Unveiled with Megan + Jason 98 bon voyage


74 ON THE COVER Issue No. 6's cover was captured by KT Merry during the making of Flutter's annual Bridal Astrology editorial. See the stunning full story on page 24.


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

w e d d i n g + l i f est y l e i n s p i r at i o n to m a ke yo ur

ski p a b eat

ISSUE NO. 6 — 2015 Kim Wiseley Co-founder & Editor in Chief Studio Sigler Art Direction

24 bridal horoscopes

Kelly Oshiro Lifestyle Editor Advertising Submissions General Inquiries


82 love unveiled from georgia with love

Food + Beverage Enjoy Cupcakes, Frost It Cupcakery, M Cakes Sweets, Lele Patisserie, Soiree Center, The Stonehouse San Ysidro Ranch, Valerie Rice Design + Styling Amy Osaba Events, Anelise Salvo Design Co., Design House of Moira, Francoise Weeks, Holly Chapple, Joy Proctor, Kathleen Cooper Fine Papers, Kelly Oshiro, Lazaro Press, Little Miss Press, Minted, Mon Voir, Paper Birch Designs, Poppy & Scooter, Rebekah Miles, Samantha Wennerstrom, Susan Silverberg, The Habitat Factory, Toast Santa Barbara, Twinkle & Toast, Written Word Calligraphy Photography + Film Aaron Delesie, Arna Bajraktarević, KT Merry, Lacie Hansen, Laura Catherine Organic Photographs, Melanie Duerkopp, MiBelle Photography, Patrick Moyer, Tyson Pilcher

90 love unveiled bermuda calling! 8

f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

Editorial Alexis Wiseley, Briana Westmacott, Jackie Strause, Kelly Mahan Published by Flutter Magazine, LLC.


for anyone in the magazine industry, the behind-thescenes of content creation is quite an undertaking: editors and art directors fuse together unique concepts, photographers stress about finding the perfect locations, and designers primp and fuss over all of the tiny (but beautiful!) details. The combined efforts of these incredibly talented individuals, in all their behind-the-scenes glory, bring you the freshest inspiration. This past January, we had one of the most memorable production weeks thus far. In this issue we are excited to share the seriously swoon-worthy results of that week with you—and as brides-to-be and wedding planners, we know you’ll be able to identify with the craziness that leads up to the big day (for us, those are shoot days). To kick off our production week, we had the great privilege of partnering with Florabundance to host a 3-day floral design workshop that was just packed with pretty! Participants traveled from all over the world to join us in learning tips and tricks from renowned floral designers Amy Merrick, Amy Osaba, Holly Chapple, Francoise Weeks, Sarah Winward, and Tricia Saroya. In this issue, you will fall in love with the flowers and foliage that we crafted into refreshing editorial pieces on pages 22 and 66. Side note: We couldn’t pack all the pretty into just one edition. Be sure to follow us throughout the year as we release more editorial from this workshop. Next up was our annual bridal astrology shoot (my favorite shoot of the year!). Designed in collaboration with Joy Proctor and captured by KT Merry, the astrology shoot truly emulates love in the most imaginative way. We invite you to eat, drink and be married as you soak up the inspiration curated specifically for every type of bride (Libras, and Pisces, and Geminis…Oh my!). Feast your eyes on the cakes, cocktails, invitations, bridal style, and so much more. You're in for a real treat starting on page 24! Joy Proctor KT Merry and twins! with the Gemini photo by Velvet Heller

But any production wouldn’t be complete without at least one major setback. After months and months of site-scouting, planning and preparation, our ideal photo backdrop of the Ojai, California hillside became a bit muddied (literally) after many days of rain leading up to the shoot. Let us be the first to tell you: a muddy hillside is no place for a white wedding dress/models/furniture/etc...Together with our team of creatives, we generated brand new ideas on the fly—and the results, well, they turned out better than anything we could have envisioned, even with all of the planning. When you see the photos, you'll never know we skipped a beat!

Shooting Libra

yself, shiro, m Curtis Kelly O Kim & vo al S Anelise table #fashionto


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

So, as a final note to all future brides, I encourage you to embrace the behindthe-scenes wedding planning, and view every setback as a new opportunity to make your big day even more special.





Fashion Island 1131 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 949.706.8299 Pasadena 14 South Fair Oaks Ave Pasadena, CA 91105 626.793.5551 La Jolla 4545 La Jolla Village Drive San Diego, CA 92122 858.554.0540

Your special day, an exceptional experience

B E V E R LY H I L L S F L A G S H I P S A LO N I 3 6 0 N C A M D E N D R I V E I B E V E R LY H I L L S , C A 9 02 1 0 I 3 1 0.85 8. 4 0 0 0 F O U R S E A S O N S T H E B I LTM O R E R E S O R T S A LO N I 1 26 0 C H A N N E L D R I V E I S A N TA B A R B A R A , C A 9 3 1 08 I 8 0 5 . 7 7 0 . 30 0 0 T H E R I T Z- C A R LTO N , R A N C H O M I R A G E I 68900 F R A N K S I N AT R A D R I V E I R A N C H O M I R A G E , C A 9 2 2 70 I 760 . 32 1. 8 2 8 2



f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

valerie & michael / Malibu Rocky Oaks, Malinu California / Photography by Patrick Moyer

ciao amici! Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, just inland of Malibu, you will find Malibu Rocky Oaks: a picturesque hilltop where Italy meets Southern California, with a luxurious Tuscan villa, 10-acre estate vineyard, and 360-degree views of breathtaking California landscape. Step onto the terrace and prepare to be swept away in Valerie and Michael’s Italian-inspired alfresco affair.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


la bella sposa From head to toe Valerie set our hearts aflutter in this perfectly lacey Monique Lhuillier Scarlet gown and Erin Cole couture cathedral veil.

bouquet breakdown Valerie’s bouquet was composed of garden roses with astrantia, olive, bay laurel, porcelain vine, and lambs ear bound with flowing Froufrou Chic ribbons.

“After five years of dating, Michael took me on a surprise ‘birthday trip’ to Belize. While on the beach he asked me to be forever his.” —The Bride

bound by love One year before their wedding, Valerie began writing a journal for Michael to open on their wedding day. For each day of the year leading up to the big day, Valerie wrote one page for him to read and had it bound with his initials burnt into the leather. “In each new entry I wrote about a reason I love him, my hopes for the future, I documented the milestones in our engagement, and reflected on marriage and scripture passages. My goal was for it to be a source and constant reminder of why I love him so that even on our hard days he will always have 365 reasons why I love the man that he is.” —The Bride Love this idea? Have your own journal crafted through Badger and Chirp.

in the spirit of italy... The couple had custom libations crafted by Pharmacie; one being the “The Italian Swizzle� which consisted of rum, lime, italian vermouth, and angostura orange bitters.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


CREDITS Photography Patrick Moyer Venue Malibu Rocky Oaks Event Planning, Design, Day-of Paper Goods Bash Please Floral Design Twig & Twine Wedding Invitation Brown Linen Design Bride’s Dress Scarlet by Monique Lhuillier Bride’s Veil + Earrings Erin Cole Bridesmaid Dresses Joanna August Groomsmen Attire J. Crew Ludlow Edition Engagement Ring Tiffany & Co. Hair + Makeup TEAM Hair & Make Up Rentals Town & Country Specialty Rentals Found Vintage Rentals Tabletop Decor Borrowed Blu

“a highlight for the both of us was our first dance as husband and wife. On the terrace overlooking the beautiful hills and vineyards of Malibu we danced to Michael Buble's, ‘I've Got The World On A String’... Smiles wide, we had a blast!” —The Bride

Photography by Jose Villa Fine Stationery and Design

ONE RECIPE T H R EE B O U Q U E T S Design Techniques with Holly Chapple

Florabundance Inspirational Design Days, we sat down with renowned floral designer, Holly Chapple, for a powwow on bouquet technique. Here, Holly shows us how one bountiful flower recipe can be crafted into three beautifully unique bouquets. AT TH I S YEAR’S

PH OT OG R AP H Y B Y Lacie Hansen


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e


ONE The first bouquet was a clean compact round design, designed in mind for a bride who likes a more preppy or classic style, and less of the organic wispy elements that have become so popular. It’s tied up in a blend of textured and classic white Midori ribbons.


T H R EE The third bouquet was designed with a gentle cascade. What I love most about this bouquet is that it’s fully foraged from my friend’s front yard. How pretty are her garden roses?! It’s a great example of just how beautiful a bouquet one can make without purchasing a single stem!

FL O R A L I N G R ED I EN T S White Hellebores Jasmine Vine White Lilac Narcissus Erlicheer Tree Ivy Olive Branches White Ranunculus Plumosa Grass White Peony White Garden Roses Feather Willow Eucalyptus White Gooseneck Loosestrife Green Seeded Eucalyptus White Spray Roses Green Mist Lace

to at t e n d



photography floral design styling

The second bouquet was created to be a loose and airy design that was asymmetrical in shape and overflowing with a variety of ivy, olive branches, and jasmine vine. I finished it off with a mix of Silk & Willow and M&J Trimming ribbons.

next year’s floral design event, join our mailing list on

Lacie Hansen

dress hair

Holly Chapple

Kelly Oshiro

Lovely Bride +


Chateau Belle


Hello Gorgeous



This styled inspiration was crafted during the 2015 Florabundance + Flutter Inspirational Design Days Workshop.


E A T(cake), DRI NK & B E MA RRI E D P H OT OG R AP H Y B Y KT Merry W RI T TEN B Y Briana Westmacott


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e


to help find fresh ideas inspired by your zodiac element to infuse into your special day: Charming invitation suites, colors you will cherish, flowers that will make you swoon, cakes and cocktails that will send you soaring on a sugar high, and dresses that are sure to impress. 2015 is your year, and we are honored be a part of the planning! Flip to your sign and see what the stars have in store for you. We are quite sure that if you follow our suggestions, you will have plenty of time to eat cake, drink, and be married!

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



MA R C H 21 — AP R I L 19 You are lively, energetic, daring, and you crave adventure. Use these characteristics, along with fire, your zodiac

element, to create a wedding that is bursting with color. Reds, oranges, and hot pinks will bring boldness to your bouquets and tables. Add some strawberries to your cocktails and on your invitations for just the right balance of sweetness with that fire. Gift your groom a large world atlas on your wedding day, because the world is awaiting your lifelong adventures together. And what better way to inspire your wanderlust? dress

Eugenia Couture, Eva


Lele Patisserie

invitation suite

Lazaro Press

STRAWBERRY BASIL SANGRIA Yields 4-6 servings 1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or any white wine 1 cup strawberry-flavored vodka 1â „2 cup brandy 1 cup apple juice 1 cup sliced strawberries Sprite (to taste depending on sweetness desired) Fresh basil Instructions: Add wine, strawberry-flavored vodka, brandy, apple juice, and fresh strawberries to a pitcher, stir well and place in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Add sprite and fresh basil right before serving and serve on the rocks.

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



f i n d m o r e about your sign at

A PR IL 20 — M AY 2 0 You love to keep things simple, but you also enjoy the luxuriousness of fine items. Splurge on a simple

custom-made lace dress on your special day. Add elements of nature into your dĂŠcor by using fruits for fun coloring. With earth being your zodiac element, utilize woods for texture to compliment the citrus on your tables. Gift your husband a leather embossed wallet on your wedding day (Will Leather Goods has a great selection!). He will carry it with him everywhere he goes. Set your sights on Costa Rica for an unforgettable honeymoon adventure. d r e s s Anne Barge, 617 c a k e Enjoy Cupcakes i n v i t a t i o n s u i t e Design House of Moira

CITRUS SMASH Yields one cocktail 2 oz top shelf gin 1-2 tangerine peels 1â „2 oz simple syrup 1â „2 oz lemon juice 1 oz soda Instructions: Muddle tangerine peels and simple syrup in flat-surfaced glass. Add gin, lemon juice, and top with soda. Serve on the rocks.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



MA Y 21 — JU N E 2 1 You are known for your fun-loving liveliness and, no doubt, you will take everyone’s breath away when you

float down the aisle. With air guiding your zodiac element, choose a wispy veil and make sure your dress glides behind you. Delicate sweet peas will compliment your bouquet and your groom’s boutonniere. Use light pink accents on your cake and in your cocktails to freshen the event with some color. Your lucky gem, the emerald, can be a fun eye-catching accessory. With your adventurous spirit, we suggest you fly off to Thailand for your honeymoon. d r e s s e s Long Sleeve Top + Skirt: Alon Livne, Chernaya Bridal House Private Label Skirt; Sleeveless Crystal Gown: Alon Livne


Lele Patisserie

invitation suite

Poppy & Scooter

FLORAL FIZZ Yields one cocktail Champagne 1â „2 oz St. Germain 1â „2 oz cranberry juice Instructions: Add cranberry and St. Germain. Fill remaining glass with champagne.

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



f i n d m o r e about your sign at

JU N E 2 2 — J U LY 2 2 You should blush, Cancer bride, because you are so beautiful. Keep your dress simple and use blush

coloring throughout your tables, invitations, and bridesmaids dresses (Jenny Yoo has the perfect collection!). This soft color will add the perfect vintage romantic glow to your day. Infuse touches of baby’s breath into your floral arrangements and use gold in your jewelry to compliment the blush coloring. Stick with the old world romance theme and book your honeymoon tickets to Budapest; you and your husband will love frolicking around this architectural paradise! d r e s s Emily Riggs, Valentina c a k e Bottega Louie

invitation suite

Twinkle & Toast

COCONUT COSMO Yields one cocktail 2.5 oz vodka 1⁄2 oz splash of coconut cream 1⁄2 oz Triple Sec 1⁄2 oz lime juice Sugar rim Instructions: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, strain and serve in sugar-rimmed glass.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


A R A IN B O W OF P ER S ON ALI T Y We styled a tablescape to represent the

rainbow of personalities and traits of the 12 astrological signs meeting together to celebrate the year of the sheep. We saw Capricorn as the mascot for the year of the sheep, and took our table cues from its clean black and white color palette, covering our dark wood table in a white cheesecloth runner. To highlight the diversity of the 12 signs, we worked with Amy Osaba to create a vibrant rainbow of color for the flowers. The heirloom China and silverware from Small Masterpeice offered an elegant, personalized option for each of the signs. — Designer Joy Proctor


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e


f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



JU L Y 23 — AU G U S T 22 With the sun as your ruling planet, you are always glowing with beauty. On your wedding day, decorate

yourself with gold: in your hair, throughout your jewelry, and don’t forget about your shoes. Gift your bridesmaids an orange sapphire as a surprise. Not only is this your lucky gem, but the color will perfectly compliment all of your golden hues. Book your tickets to New Zealand for your honeymoon. Your desire to journey afar will be fulfilled. d r e s s The Lovely One, Taryn Dress, h a i r p i e c e Jennifer Behr Eos Comb


Lele Patisserie

invitation suite

Mon Voir

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

GINGER ROSEMARY BUBBLY Yields one cocktail 2 1â „2 oz Champagne Fresh rosemary sprig 1 oz apple juice 2 oz ginger beer Raw sugar rim Instructions: Add all ingredients and serve on the rocks in a sugar-rimmed glass with a rosemary sprig (hint: let sit for 1 minute before serving to allow rosemary sprig to infuse the cocktail).

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



A U G U ST 2 3 — S EP T EM BER 2 3 You are one to live life to the fullest, and this should be your motto on your wedding day, too.

Go for subtle coloring in your gown; peach is the perfect hue to bring out your inner glow. Add elements of lavender to your cake and cocktails. The scent and color pairing will have your guests raving. Dress your bridesmaids in soft whites and surprise them with delicate aquamarine bracelets as gifts. Pack your bag for a honeymoon you’ll never forget on the shores of Punta de Mita, Mexico. d r e s s Sareh Nouri

groom's look:

invitation suite

Tuxedo Yves Saint Laurent, Tie Boss, White Shirt J.Crew, Shoes Cole Hahn

Kathleen Cooper Fine Papers


Frost It Cupcakery

MELON LEMONADE Yields one cocktail 2 oz vodka 1⁄2 oz lavender-infused simple syrup (directions on 2 1⁄2 oz fresh cantaloupe lemonade (directions on 1⁄2 oz soda Fresh lavender sprigs Instructions: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, and serve on the rocks with a lavender garnish.

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


LIBRA f i n d m o r e about your sign at

SE PT E MB E R 2 4 — OCT OB ER 2 2 You have an air about you, Libra bride, which is not surprising since air is your guiding

element. People flock to your side and spoil you with adoration. Accentuate your bright spirit with bright colors. Hot pink Ranunculus will imbue the lightness you are seeking. Add them to your tables and within your bouquet. Treat yourself to some extra glam by adding your lucky gem, the diamond, into your jewelry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! d r e s s Elizabeth Dye, Wilde, cake

Lele Patisserie

invitation suite

Susan Silverberg

RASPBERRY MOJITO Yields one cocktail 2 oz clear unflavored rum 6-8 fresh mint leaves 4-6 fresh raspberries 1â „2 oz simple syrup 1 oz soda 1 oz Sprite Instructions: Muddle mint and raspberries in a flat-surfaced glass. Add remaining ingredients and serve on the rocks.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



O C T O B E R 23 — N OV EM B ER 2 1 We are drawn to you, Scorpio bride. You are magnetic and irresistible. Be sure to emphasize your

fiery spirit with bold colors on your tables and invitations. Utilize your lucky gem, the Garnet, to add a pop of color to your own attire. Peonies draped on your cake will make your guests gasp. The lush peony can spice up your bridesmaids bouquets too. Be sure to include elements of lace in your veil and dress. We suggest you jet off to Spain for your honeymoon. d r e s s Rue De Seine, Sadi, c a k e M Cakes Sweets

invitation suite

Design House of Moira r i n g Sofia Kaman

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

BLACKBERRY MINT JULEP Yields one cocktail 3 oz blackberry bourbon (instructions below) 4-6 fresh mint leaves Small pinch of raw sugar 1â „2 oz soda Instructions: Muddle mint and sugar in a flat-surfaced glass, add crushed ice, soda, and top with bourbon. Blackberry Bourbon 1 cup bourbon 7-10 fresh blackberries Muddle blackberries with bourbon and strain well.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



f i n d m o r e about your sign at

N O VE MB E R 2 2 — D ECEM B ER 2 1 Sagittarius bride, you are magnanimous. People will love your rustic take on romance. Use

feathers and leaves and other elements of nature in your décor. Your zodiac element is fire; utilize this to guide your coloring with burnt oranges and cloud-like grays. If you choose a gem to wear, go with a yellow sapphire. It will bring you extra luck and shine on your day. Surprise your groom with a “road trip” honeymoon where you wind your way up the Big Sur coastline. d r e s s Emily Riggs, Nightingale,


M Cakes Sweets

invitation suite

Paper Birch Designs

GIN THYME Yields one cocktail 2 oz gin 1⁄2 oz thyme infused simple syrup (directions on 1⁄2 oz St. Germain 1⁄2 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz soda Fresh thyme Instructions: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, and serve on the rocks with a thyme garnish.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



DE C E MB E R 2 2 — J AN U AR Y 19 Few people are as practical and ambitious as you, Capricorn bride. With earth guiding your

element, you are grounded and prepared for all that your wedding day will bring. Use a classic approach and keep your invitations and tables crisp—focus on clean lines and simple colors. With blue Sapphire being your lucky gem, you have the perfect “something blue” to wear. Sprinkle white Stephanotis flowers into your boutonnieres and bouquets. For the groom, gift your husband a watch on your wedding day to symbolize the beginning of your time together. d r e s s Elizabeth Dye, Dunaway, g r o o m ' s l o o k Tuxedo J.Crew Ludlow Shawl-Collar Jacket, Shoes Mercanti Fiorentini c a k e Frost It Cupcakery

invitation suite


SWEET TOOTH Yields one cocktail 2 1â „2 oz vodka 1â „2 oz St. Germain Champagne float Raw sugar rim Instructions: Add vodka and St. Germain into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and strain into a sugar-rimmed glass. Top with a champagne float.

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



JA N U A R Y 2 0 ­­— F EBR U AR Y 18 You are breathtaking by nature and as a bride you are sure to shock your guests with your

beauty. Choose a dress that is zealous like you. Carry roses and gardenias in your bouquet and intersperse them on your tables too. The smell will be intoxicating. Make your ceremony unique like you by writing your vows with your husband. Surprise your bridesmaids with a special clutch purse to compliment their dress on your wedding day. d r e s s Carol Hannah, Kensington, c a k e Enjoy Cupcakes

invitation suite

Little Miss Press

f i n d m o r e about your sign at

GINGER POMEGRANATE MARGARITA Yields one cocktail 2 oz tequila blanco 1⁄2 oz Triple Sec 1 oz pomegranate juice 1 oz ginger beer 1⁄2 oz fresh lime juice 1⁄2 oz soda Sugar and salt rim Instructions: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and serve on the rocks in a sugar-and-salt-rimmed glass.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



FE B R U A R Y 1 9 — M AR CH 2 0 Pisces bride, you are happiest when you go with the flow. With water being your zodiac element,

this advice will take you far. Use shades of blue as a calming color on your invitations, tables and cake. To compliment the indigo hue, carry cream-colored English Roses in your bouquet. Be sure to add pearls to your accessories since they are your lucky gem. Consider flying off to the Maldives for your honeymoon. You and your husband will find that the island life will be the perfect way to begin your marriage. d r e s s Claire Pettibone, Florence, c a k e M Cakes Sweets i n v i t a t i o n s u i t e Written Word Calligraphy


Sofia Kaman

BLUEBERRY GREYHOUND PROPER Yields one cocktail 2 oz blueberry vodka 2 1⁄2 oz fresh grapefruit juice 1⁄2 oz soda water Fresh blueberries Instructions: Add all ingredients over ice and garnish with fresh blueberries.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e


Buttermilk cake with strawberry and mint frosting and cream custard. TA U RU S

White cake alternating kumquat buttercream and lemon curd. GEM I N I

White cake with hibiscus rosewater buttercream and hibiscus curd. CA NCER

Coconut cream cake with coconut frosting. LEO

White cake with alternating rosemary and vanilla bean buttercream. VI RGO

Buttermilk cake with lavender specks in peach-colored buttercream. LI B RA

Buttermilk cake layered with raspberries and vanilla buttercream. SCORPI O

Buttermilk cake with lemon curd and goat cheese thyme buttercream. SA GI TT A RI U S

Buttermilk cake with whole blackberries and dusty rose-colored buttercream. CA PRI CORN

Black chocolate espresso cake with super white frosting. A Q U A RI U S

Buttermilk cake with alternating caramel and caramel frosting and toasted hazelnuts. PI SCES

White cake with wild blueberries and buttercream. cake slices

handcrafted by M Cakes Sweets


by Small Masterpiece

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



2 0 1 5 IS T H E Y EAR OF T H E S H EEP ,

representing solidarity, harmony, and calmness.




KT Merry



Small Masterpiece


Katherine Bell



Sofia Kaman horoscopes

Joy Proctor

floral design

Found Vintage Rentals cocktails

Briana Westmacott



Amy Osaba Events hair


Melissa Pi単a



LunaBella Makeup & Hair

commissioned cream backdrop

F O U N D R E N T A L S . C O M


I N F O @ F O U N D R E N T A L S . C O M



f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

charlotte & tim / San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, California / Photography by MiBelle Photography

there’s nothing like a colorful spring wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch. From the moment you set foot on the grounds, you feel as if you’re in a grand secret garden filled to the brim with fragrant lavender, magnolia, and orange blossom. It’s pure romance. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share Charlotte and Tim’s wedding with you. The details are so darling they’ll melt your heart. Go on, take a peek, and set your hearts aflutter.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


fresh flower girls The couple’s adorable flower girls were second to stealing the show in these handmade dresses and shoes from Houstonbased store The Smocked Frock.

“A few years back my mother and best friend came to visit me in Los Angeles from Texas and we took a trip to Santa Barbara. We had dinner at The Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch. I actually said out loud ‘if I ever get married, it will be here.’ And so it was!” —The Bride

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


“Alexandra Kolendrianos is an amazing wedding coordinator who picked up on my style and organized and coordinated everything perfectly. She is so sweet. And I actually miss her!” —The Bride

“The use of soft peach, blush, and gold tones were thread through the reception for a romantic, playful and luxe feeling.” —Wedding Coordinator, Alexandra Kolendrianos

“For Charlotte and Tim’s floral palette we chose seasonal garden blooms and foliages in soft tones to complement the naturally beautiful venue. We created a look that was traditionally romantic, as well as unexpected and wildly textural, with an old-world flair and organic touches (such as pods and seeds).” —Bree Franzen of Rockrose Floral Design

plated to perfection Each place setting was plated to perfection with Italian gold leaf and pink carved wooden chargers, 24k gold flatware, and vintage cut crystal glassware from Casa de Perrin.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


“I am obsessed with macaroons. Obsessed. Tim introduced me to Bottega Louie and I was hooked. The little gift boxes are so pretty and made for the sweetest favor!” —The Bride


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

“our first dance was entirely organized by tim. And, it was a surprise to everyone, including me. Alanna Vicente is this insanely beautiful Ford model/vocalist/trombone player. She has this incredibly sexy smooth speakeasy feel. Tim arranged her to sing ‘Drunk in Love’ in a beautiful rendition.” —The Bride


Photography MiBelle Photography Wedding Planning + Design Alexandra Kolendrianos Venue + Cake San Ysidro Ranch Floral Design Rock Rose Floral Tabletop Decor Casa de Perrin Bride’s Dress Isabelle Armstrong Bridesmaid Dresses J.Crew Linens La Tavola Chair + Furniture Rentals Town & Country Event Rentals Lighting Bella Vista Designs Hair + Makeup TEAM Hair & Makeup Invitation Suite Bering’s Cocktail Musicians The Martini Kings Dinner Musicians Alanna & These Fine Gentleman Reception DJ Red Shoe LA f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



WOODS & BLOOM TH I S S E A S ON A L GA T HERIN G will take you inside a lush life-size terrarium where Spring and natural entertaining converge. Inspired by European floral designer Francoise Weeks, it’s a botanical breath of fresh air mixed with Spring delights from garden and entertaining guru Valerie Rice. You’re in for a truly organic and unforgettable affair.

P H O TOGRA PH Y B Y KT Merry 66

f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

We’re in driftwood heaven, aren’t you? Francoise Weeks enchants us with her extraordinary woodland arrangements that are infused with the most fascinating textures from our loving mother nature: flowers, herbs, succulents, small fruits, vegetables, and mossy foliage. We love the intricate wildness that stems from her designs. DR E AMI NG IN DRI FT WOOD



This salad is like is like spring in a bowl. It’s very lightly dressed on purpose so you can taste all of the beautiful flavors that come together so naturally. The earthiness of the mushrooms, sweetness of the peas, and the cleanness of the asparagus all work together to taste like Spring; fresh and lovely. —Valerie

1 1/4 cup sliced kumquats, seeds discarded

1 bunch asparagus, woody ends removed Note: When shopping for asparagus get the thickest ones you can find with the tightest heads. 4 ounces shiitake mushrooms, stems removed 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cups fresh shucked peas, blanched 1 handful pea shoots Juice of 1/2 lime 2 tablespoons finishing olive oil Sea salt and cracked pepper 1/4 cup crumbled pecorino cheese 1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves, torn Drizzle the olive oil on the asparagus spears and shiitake mushrooms. Set your grill or grill pan to high. Once it’s screaming hot, sear the veggies quickly, moving them around the grill about 2-3 minutes total. You want the asparagus to blister but still maintain a crunch and the shiitakes to toast nicely with grill marks on the outside. Remove to a sheet pan to cool and season with kosher salt. Once you can handle the asparagus, slice the tips off (about 2 inches) and slice them in half down the middle lengthwise. The remaining stalk should be sliced in coins. Next slice shiitake mushrooms in strips. In the prettiest bowl you can find combine the asparagus, shitakes, pea shoots, and peas. Squeeze lime juice over the top and drizzle with top shelf olive oil. Season with salt and cracked pepper and toss ingredients gently. Splay the pecorino and fresh mint leaves over the top and top with a drizzle of olive oil. Serve.

1/3 cup sugar 12-14 lemon verbena leaves 1 Meyer lemon, juiced Sparkling water Ice Gin (optional) Add 1 cup of the sliced kumquats to a sauté pan on medium heat. Sprinkle sugar over the fruit and add 8 lemon verbena leaves (reserving the rest for garnish). Add the lemon juice and bring to boil. Reduce to simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain the liquid from the mixture (you will have about 2/3 cup of liquid). Reserve candied kumquats for another use. Fill a tall glass with ice and add 1 tablespoon of the kumquat liquid to each glass. Top with sparkling water and stir. Add garnish of reserved lemon verbena leaves and fresh sliced kumquats.

RICOTTA FLATBREAD WITH GREEN GARLIC AND RADISHES You can make as many or as few of these tasty bites as you want. A good rule of thumb is three per person. 1 – 2 bunches of radishes 1 recipe seeded crackers or seeded cracker of choice Sheep’s Milk Basket Ricotta from Bellwether Farms Green Garlic Oil Za’atar Sea Salt

W H E N I N T H E WOODS. . . Go P AI N T


your seasonal menu onto giant leaves. We used the

pothos varietal. USE the giant leaves to create an organic table runner under your arrangements. COL L E CT objects from

Slice the radishes in thin slices or in half if they are very small. Liberally coat the crackers with the cheese – about 2 teaspoons on each cracker and sprinkle za’atar over the cheese and nestle in the radishes. Dollop each composed cracker with green garlic oil and sea salt. Serve.

your surrounding environment to use as decor. FIND fabulous furniture like these driftwood chairs and benches from Elan Event Rentals. Aren’t they amazing? CH OOSE a natural color palette for your tabletop to let the vibrant food and foliage pop.

f i n d m o r e recipes from this inspiration at

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photography styling plates


KT Merry

Kelly Oshiro linen overlay

La Tavola venue






Francoise Weeks

floral design




Valerie Rice

wood board


horn utensils



student floral design

driftwood benches flatware





Hudson Grace

Katie Bennett

Elan Event Rentals

Classic Party Rentals

painted leaves

gray linen

Rebekah Miles

Lotusland This styled inspiration was crafted during the 2015 Florabundance + Flutter Inspirational Design Days Workshop. To attend next

year’s event, join our mailing list on



Jenny Yoo

of Jenny Yoo Collection Bridal designer Jenny Yoo spills the skinny on what inspires her, and shares how best to style her designs, ensuring happy bridesmaids on your wedding day. Plus, Jenny gives us a sneak peek into her dreamy new 2015 campaign.

What is Jenny Yoo Bridal most known for? My bridal collection is most known for elegant style and refreshing simplicity. When I started my company twelve years ago, I had only designed bridesmaid dresses, but we received numerous requests from brides to recreate our signature styles in shades of white to wear as wedding gowns. We started off with custom special orders and after the growing demand of requests I debuted my first Bridal Collection in 2006. Just as there was an absence of re-wearable bridesmaids’ dresses there was also an absence of understated, classic bridal gowns in the market. The bridal collection has and continues to evolve but we still maintain the clean simple lines that the Jenny Yoo bride is looking for.

SHOP the Jenny Yoo Collection online at

PH O T O G R A P H Y BY Caroline Tran 72

f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

What inspires you? I find inspiration in almost everything; I carry around a notepad and you'll catch me jotting down random notes and sketches, none of which may make sense to anyone else but me. I am constantly snapping photos of random objects for colors, textures, layers, and movement, and I’m always brainstorming on how all of these elements can be combined to create a design. It’s amazing where you will find inspiration in your normal day-to-day routine.

their own wedding. When searching for the venue, I came across this incredibly stunning winery in Santa Ynez that encompassed all of the elements for which I was looking: gravel roads, beautiful vineyards, olive trees, and a scenic view. Sunstone Winery ‘s romantic and tranquil setting, along with its gorgeous architecture, was a perfect backdrop for showcasing the versatility of my collection. We pulled together the best vendors to help this vision come to life. Nina from Coco Rose Design was an absolute delight to work with; we wanted a muted color scheme of whites, pale pink, and pale mint to keep in line with the soft, organic, and romantic look and feel of our collection. What type of bride/bridesmaid would you say your designs appeal to? When I design, my goal is to create something that will cater to and flatter all different body types and personalities, so it is hard to say that I design for a specific type of bride or bridesmaid. However, I am naturally drawn to romantic and soft elements, so you will definitely see that reflected in all of my designs. Recently I have created a collection of bridesmaids’ dresses and bridal gowns that are convertible, which allows the bride to change her look throughout the evening, and also allows for bridesmaids to choose a neckline that flatters their body type and personality. Can you tell us a little about your 2015 line and campaign? My 2015 Collection has a little bit of everything, but you will see many elements of metallic, lace, and the mixing of different textures. Many of the styles are bohemian-inspired, with a blousy and relaxed vibe while still maintaining my signature refined fit and elegant style. For this year’s ad campaign my vision was to provide inspiration in a real environment with real vendors so that Brides could relate to and be inspired for

element without the high shine of bright metallic. We’ll also see beading, embroidery, and the mixture of textures.

What wedding color palette do you love to see? I am really drawn to a muted neutral palette, but right now I am really loving the ombre effect of using tonal shades of one color for the bridal party. Ombre weddings can be blended into any wedding theme as long as it is executed right. It’s a great option for mixing different colors while still keeping the bridal party cohesive. What is your favorite wedding dress design? My favorite wedding gown is the Mia Gown. It is romantic and ethereal, yet understated. I love the off-the-shoulder look and the scattered beading details on the sleeves. What is your favorite bridesmaid dress design? The Annabelle Dress. It is just such a versatile dress and has a flattering silhouette that complements all body types. The A-line skirt and convertible neckline offer endless options for bridesmaids to make the dress their own. What bridesmaid trends do you forecast for the 2015/2016 wedding season? Muted metallics. Neutrals will continue to be on trend but with just a touch of sparkle. Softened metallic effects with subtle gold tones add a sophisticated

s e e m o r e of our interview with Jenny at


Sunstone Vineyards and Winery f l o r a l s

Coco Rose Design h a i r + m a k e - u p TEAM Hair & Makeup h a i r


Erica Elizabeth

Designs j e w e l r y / s h o e s BHLDN

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to T AB L E

for a little midday brunching with fashion blogger Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? Inspired by Samantha’s effortlessly chic style and one of her favorite hometown hideaways, you’ll leave with a sweet spring buzz and cool case of the blues. WE INV ITE YOU TO J OI N US

PH O T O G R A P H Y BY Arna Bee


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

the SPOT

Samantha and her friends gathered at the San Ysidro Ranch. It’s a Santa Barbara staple (and outdoor oasis) that guarantees gorgeousness all year round.

“The San Ysidro Ranch is one of those places you visit and never want to leave. It's incredibly peaceful and impeccably designed. Every time I visit I leave coveting a cool ranchstyle home. The part that I love which reflects my style the most is the fact that everything about it is timeless and classic. I'm always drawn to things that just get better with age.” — Samantha

“W AF F L E S are a brunch must! I love all the fixings: berries, whipped cream and powdered sugar.” ­ —Samantha

tabletop BITS

+ TIP S “To translate Samantha's everyday style essential, a classic pair of jeans, I began hunting for a denim-inspired linen. Anthropologie’s home & garden store, terrain, had the most perfectly imperfect blue cotton napkins that served as the jumping off point from the design. Paired with feminine woodgrain chargers, gorgeous copper flatware, and seating cards (actually copper plant markers), also all from terrain, I was able to echo the rivets found in classic denim. For the table linen, I found these incredible vintage indigo dyed linens from Mate Gallery that added a distressed and organic element to the table. Floral designer Kim Curtis from Toast created classic, spring white floral arrangements in clean white containers to echo Samantha's feminine white IRO top.” —Stylist, Kelly Oshiro


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

f lu t t e r t i p at your next event, create a DIY waffle bar! Your guests will love decorating their dish with their favorite toppings.

could i have that? STYLE MUSINGS

Denim Crush Since brunch is usually a relaxed and casual affair, denim always feels like the obvious wardrobe choice. My favorite way to style the classic essential is pairing it with something soft and feminine. The juxtaposition of the two is just too good.

Jonesing for Jeans? Try these trending styles: Patchwork Denim / Wide Leg Fits with a 70’s Vibe / Slim Boyfriend Cuts Samantha is sporting an IRO blouse, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Yosi Samra loafers, a Kendall Conrad cross bracelet, a Jennifer Fisher cuff, and Celine sunglasses.

Guests: Erica LaPointe, Emily Schwabecher, Mallory Smith, and Lindsey Aresco

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


lovely I N

LU CI TE A design trend we’re currently coveting is the use of lucite. The transparent plastic creates a polished and minimalistic look that allows the textures and colors of the surrounding environment to shine through. We commissioned designer Anelise Salvo to hand letter menus onto the lucite for the gathering. Aren’t you in lucite love?? —Flutter E.I.C. Kim Wiseley


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

san ysidro ranch


2 oz Hangar One Mandarin Vodka 1/2 oz Briottet Crème de Cassis 1 oz Fresh Meyer Lemon Juice 1/2 oz simple syrup Sugar Rim Combine vodka, cassis, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Add ice. Shake to blend. Pour over ice in a sugar rimmed highball glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel and two raspberries skewered on a lavender sprig.

in good T AS T E

Chef Matt Johnson’s brunch menu included Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio, Golden Waffles with Organic Local Berries, San Ysidro Ranch’s iconic Meyer Lemon Tart, and homemade breads and muffins.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m



Arna Bee

featured s t y l i n g Kelly Oshiro seating tags



Samantha Wennerstrom

floral design

hand lettering


Toast Santa Barbara






Anelise Salvo Design Co.


San Ysidro Ranch






The Tent Merchant



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ashley + morgan / Tate, Georgia / Laura Catherine Organic Photographs

simple, sweet, and filled with love, this elopement has swept us off our feet! Set in the majestic North Georgia mountains, surrounded by the serenity of nature, Ashley and Morgan share their enchanting, intimate nuptials.

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


something old, something new... “There was so much love that went into our gorgeous October wedding day. My mother brought me a piece from her wedding veil that she wore in 1970 and we turned it into a hairpiece that I wore during cake and champagne. She also brought her and my grandmother's original wedding bands for me to have. To say it was all a dream come true is an understatement. It was a dream Morgan and I could have never imagined.” ­—The Bride

“We were married on a Monday in the majestic North Georgia mountains under a breathtaking leafy arch handcrafted by Amy Osaba (Morgan actually helped to chop down and forage the foliage!). We were surrounded by our parents and siblings.” ­—The Bride

strumming love Floral and event designer, Amy Osaba, surprised the couple with a local harpist for the ceremony. “Our elopement was a spontaneous opportunity to finally commit our love to each other.” ­—The Bride


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

CREDITS Photography Laura Catherine Organic Photographs Location Tate House Floral + Event Design Amy Osaba Events Hair + Makeup Meredith Mejerle Wedding Gown + Veil Gossamer Cake Sugar + Slate Hairpiece Vintage Grooms Attire J.Crew Paper Goods Signora e Mare


let's hear it for the boys

Looks for your groom and his stylish crew 1




4 5



boys 9



11 (1) Ash Linen Pointed Necktie, Gold Coast Goods *Gold Coast Goods handcrafts custom ties. They make for a great groomsmen gift! (2) White Royal Oxford Hyde, Taylor Stitch; (3) La Spalla Blue Plain Suit, Suitsupply; (4) Claud Tan Chukka Boot, Hudson; (5) Moonshine Cologne, East West Bottlers; (6) Shoeshine Kit, Burstenhaus Redecker; (7) Soft Leather Dopp Kit, Kaufmann Mercantile; (8) Boys' Ludlow Suit Jacket, J.Crew; (9) Bow Tie, Gold Coast Goods; (10) 'Quinlan' Chukka Boot, Florsheim; (11) 'Charter HL' Boat Shoe, Sperry Kids


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

For all your


THE BIG DAY and beyond.







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f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

megan & jason / Tuckers Town, Bermuda / Photography by Aaron Delesie

everyone loves a good party. Especially one that spans a weekend of island romance, and is filled to the brim with color, creative details, and an oh so stylishly cute couple. Pack your bags, friends. Bermuda is calling!

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


spectacular style Megan and Jason made a splashing statement in their couture island style. Megan looked spectacularly stunning in her Oscar de la Renta gown alongside her dapper Armani-dressed groom.


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e

they came, they saw, they knew… ...that at first visit Bermuda would become their dream wedding destination. “We love the beach and dreamed of a beach destination wedding. We fell in love with Bermuda’s spectacular beaches, warm spirit, and delicious rum swizzles.” —The Bride

“jason and i love the beautiful, vibrant colors of bermuda, and wanted to include as much of that as possible throughout the weekend. I wanted to bring to life the colorful, old-fashioned glamour of 1960’s Bermuda. I took a lot of inspiration from the classic tables set by Todd Alexander Romano, Tory Burch, Aerin Lauder, and Carolyn Roehm.” —The Bride

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


a very happy suite “Artist Happy Menocal’s signature crest designs served as the inspiration for all of the printed materials. Happy also had the brilliant idea to blind emboss the crest on tissue paper inside of the invitation box. I found the great hot pink boxes at Envelopper in New York City.” —The Bride

bermuda blooms To keep with the island vibe, our amazing florist, Suzan Sickling, made the flowers as bold and Bermudian as our stationery pieces. I couldn't have been more thrilled with the results! —The Bride

We're impressed! The couple turned their monogram into a one-of-a-kind dance floor!

f lu t t e r m ag . c o m


CREDITS Photography Aaron Delesie, Wedding Venue The Mid Ocean Club Welcome Party + Rehearsal Dinner Rosewood Tucker’s Point Event Styling + Production Easton Events, Floral Design Sickling Florals Cake Sweet P Bermuda Bride’s Dress Oscar de la Renta, Groom’s Tux Armani, Palm Tree Loafers Stubbs and Wootton Bow Tie Neiman Marcus, Stationery, Custom Crest, Illustrations Happy Menocal, Stationery Design + Printing Cheree Berry Paper Calligraphy Elizabeth Porcher Jones Hair Ashley Ohman Makeup Joe Hubrich, Rentals Class Act Bermuda

love is in the details Megan and Jason paid exquisite attention to every single detail, working with Easton Events to provide their guests a once-in-a-lifetime wedding weekend getaway.


thursday, june 4 Guests arrive at the Rosewood Tucker’s Point to kick off a weekend of wedding festivities. They are greeted island-style with Bermuda’s signature drinks: the Rum Swizzle and the Dark ‘N Stormy.


signature cocktails

“We tried to have some fun with the beach/Bermuda-themed cocktail napkins and colorful drink garnishes. Jason and I had a blast coming up with the expressions for the cocktail napkins.” —The Bride

The arrival party was held on the Rosewood’s grand croquet lawn so the couple hired a croquet instructor to allow everyone to get to know each other over some fun and games. friday, june 5 The couple invited their guests to join them for a beautiful Bermuda beach day of pink sands, sun, and relaxation. Guests enjoyed custom boxed lunches (adorably designed by Cheree Berry) on the pink Bermuda sands. friday evening, june 5

welcome cocktail napkins

arrival party festivities

The rehearsal dinner kicks off in a romantic private garden patio outside Rosewood’s restaurant – boasting incredible views of the ocean and the valley below. Custom tablecloths set the tone for the décor at both the welcome party and the rehearsal dinner. Megan sourced the vibrant island fabrics through Designing Linens. French 75’s were passed around on wooden trays from Williams Sonoma with custom tray liners printed to match the fabrics. Yes, Megan really did think of everything! We hope her style aesthetic inspires yours!

custom tablecloths

French 75's

bon voyage BON VOYAGE | honeymoon snapshots from around the globe

bali, INDONESIA Photography by Melanie Duerkopp couple:

Melanie + Chris


Bali, Indonesia

travel season:


length of stay:

9 Nights


We opted for a Villa through Airbnb and would highly recommend it to honeymooners. We had a private pool, outdoor living space, and it was fully staffed, at a fraction of the cost of a hotel! honeymoon moments:

Watching daily sunsets from our private pool and outdoor living room, all overlooking the rice fields. • Being blessed at Tanah Lot water temple. • Our visit to Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, with stunning views of the Bali coastline. • Enjoying drinks at Old Man's in Echo Beach. • Walking through the terraced Rice Fields in Tengalalang. • Savoring a romantic dinner at Mozaic. • Shopping in Seminak. • Watching the sunset at Rock Bar. r e a d m o r e about Melanie & Chris' honeymoon at

Melanie + Chris


f lu t t e r m ag a z i n e


Bouquet by Holly Chapple

Photo by Megan Sorel

Florabundance is known for providing unparalleled quality and selection of wholesale fresh cut flowers to retail florists and floral designers nationwide. We offer warehouse workspace, production services, cooling and local delivery for local and destination designers! For more information email: or call: 800-201-3597 and speak to one of our wholesale floral consultants.


Profile for Flutter Magazine

Flutter Magazine | Issue No. 6  

Issue No. 6 is here with 100 pages that are packed with pretty! In this issue we invite you to Eat (cake), Drink, and Be Married with our a...

Flutter Magazine | Issue No. 6  

Issue No. 6 is here with 100 pages that are packed with pretty! In this issue we invite you to Eat (cake), Drink, and Be Married with our a...