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October 2010

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The OfďŹ cial Publication of the Finger Lakes Region, Sports Car Club of America.




ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS Solo and Membership meetings - Tuesday, October 5 Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY

Finger Lakes Region - SCCA


REGIONAL EXECUTIVE Michael Toombs ...................... (585) 328-2617 152 Gillette St. Rochester, NY 14619-2227 ASSISTANT REGIONAL EXECUTIVE John Walsh .............................. (585) 546-5670 244 Mendon Center Rd Honeoye Falls, NY 14472-9335 TREASURER Elizabeth Thiel ........................ (585) 671-9995 fax (585) 266-0942 753 Klem Rd. Webster, NY 14580 SECRETARY Carl F. Dresie ......................... (585) 544-6482 119 Brookview Dr. Rochester, NY 14617-3903 ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR Barb Lissow ............................ (585) 338-7249 250 Carter St. Rochester, NY 14621-5142 DIRECTORS John Morris ............................. (585) 872-7789 12 Summit Knolls Dr. Webster, NY 14580-2816 Scott Moller ............................. (585) 230-5464 1301 Whalen Rd Penfield, NY 14526-1917 Dave Ciufo .............................. (585) 346-5002 6488 Coe Rd. Livonia, NY 14887-9306 Gene Dinkel ............................ (585) 383-0363 8 Musket Ln Pittsford, NY 14534-3608


COMPETITION BOARD Rich Smith, Chair .................... (585) 703-0631 Dave Ciufo .............................. (585) 346-5002 Fran McAllister .........................(585) 254-5920 Peter Kummer ...........................(585) 624-2853 Russell Jaslow ......................... (585) 724-5890 Mary Hartman ......................... (585) 426-3288 Erik Shepard............................. (585) 269-7097 “WESTWARD HO” RACE CHAIRMEN Scott Moller ..............................(585) 230-5464 Meridith Croucher.....................(315) 331-5354 “FUN ONE” RACE CHAIRMEN John Walsh ................................(585) 546-5670 Elizabeth Thiel ........................ (585) 671-9995 CHIEF REGISTRAR Judy Dennis ..............................(585) 872-1503 CHIEF, TIMING & SCORING Carl F. Dresie ............................(585) 544-6482


CHIEF, FLAGGING & COMM. Barbara Lissow .........................(585) 338-7249 CHIEF, STARTER John Flowers ........................... (607) 546-2369

CHIEF, GRID ....................................................................TBA CHIEF, PITS &PADDOCK ....................................................................TBA CHIEF, SCRUTINEERING Bruce Perry ...............................(585) 382-9234 CHIEF, SOUND CONTROL Jim Craven ................................(585) 889-5363 NYSRRC REPRESENTATIVE Mary Hartman ...........................(585) 426-3288



MEMBERSHIP Mike Brunner ............................(585) 752-7233 TOP END EDITOR Carl Dresie ................................(585) 544-6482 MERCHANDISE Chris McAllister..............(585) 872-2530(days) EQUIPMENT CHAIRMAN Alan Blood ................................(585) 242-9039 REGIONAL HISTORIAN Lynn Randall.............................(585) 451-5298 WEBMASTER MaryAnne Shults ......................(949) 768-2609

RALLY CHAIR(S) ....................................................................TBA INTERIM CHAIR Tom Langdon ...........................(315) 524-2260 RALLYCROSS REPRESENTATIVE and COORDINATOR Jim Perrin ..................................(716) 510-5871

STPR® Motorsports, LLC



SOLO BOARD Brian Buchman ........................ (585) 747-3808 Dave Avery ...............................(585) 425-9610 Alan Smith ................................(585) 359-4688 Marnie Soom.............................(585) 233-2760 Mike Stutzman ..........................(585) 889-2564 CHIEF, REGISTRAR Cory Kuhns ...............................(585) 210-0824 CHIEF, SAFETY STEWARD Dave Avery ...............................(585) 425-9610 CHIEF, TECHNICAL INSPECTION Jim Hoelscher............................(585) 247-9596 CHIEFS, NOVICE PROGRAM Alan Smith ................................(585) 359-4688 TIMING/SCORING & RESULTS Jake Massey ..............................(585) 697-4139 CHIEF, SOUND CONTROL Edwin Jeffries ...........................(585) 730-2778 CHIEF, TROPHIES Marnie Soom.............................(585) 233-2760 CHIEF, WORKERS Edwin Jeffries ...........................(585) 730-2778 CHIEF, WAIVERS Brian Buchman ........................ (585) 747-3808

Managers Meridith Croucher.....................(315) 331-5354 Lewis Giesy ..............................(315) 597-9637 Alan Smith ................................(585) 359-4688 Treasurer Joyce Bucknam .........................(315) 597-5668

AREA 10 DIRECTOR John Sheridan ............................(518) 861-8389 PO Box 739 Altamont, NY 12009 NEDIV EXECUTIVE STEWARD, RACE Earl Hurlbut. .............................(585) 219-4891 NEDIV ROADRALLY STEWARD Ted Goddard ............................(802) 263-5678 tedgcb@tds.ner NEDIV RALLYCROSS STEWARD Scott Beliveau ...........................(603) 524-4305 NEDIV SOLO STEWARD David Newman ....................... (610) 4335690 NEDIV SOLO SAFETY STEWARD Bruce Bellom ............................(914) 739-6815

Additional positions: see http://www.

September 2010

The Official Publication of the

Finger Lakes REGION


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2010 September

EDITOR/ADVERTISING Carl F. Dresie 119 Brookview Dr. Rochester, NY 14617-3903 (585) 544-6482 e-mail: CO-EDITOR/COPY EDITOR Lynn Randall 15 Diana Dr. Scottsville, NY 14546 (585) 889-1289 e-mail: COPY EDITOR MaryAnne Shults 23864 Sycamore Dr Mission Viejo, CA 92691-3038 (949) 768-2609 e-mail: TOP END CIRCULATION Change of Address Notify the SCCA National Office in Topeka and the Membership Chair: Mike Brunner 228 Robert Quigley Dr. Apt-1 Scottsville, NY 14546 (585) 752-7233 e-mail: And/Or: The EDITOR (see above)

Contents RE’s Report...................................................4 Meeting Minutes ................................... 4 - 7 September Membership .................... 4 - 6 August BOD .................................... 6 - 7 FLR News ............................................ 7 - 11 BOD Candidates .................................... 7 Membership Updates ....................... 7 - 8 Editor’s Bench ....................................... 8 Chuck Krueger Walk of Fame ....... 8 - 10 Solo Update .......................................... 10 5 Minutes ............................................. 10 FLR at Solo Nats .................................. 11 National News .......................................... 11 Solo August 22 Results ............................. 12 Mini - Con ......................................... 13 - 14 Race - Fun One Partial Results ..................15 Rally Meeting Notes ................................. 16 Classified Ads .............................................17 Membership Application ............................18 Calendar ..............................inside back cover Last Pit ...................................... Back Cover Photo Credits: Front Cover, Back Cover ............ Jane Quinn pp. 3 and 8 ................................Lynn Randall

Cover Photo: Tom Weaver placed 9th in E Stock at the “Tire Rack” SCCA Solo National Championshps at the Lincoln Nebraska Airpark. There were 27 competitors entered in ES. George Morris, Gary Morgan, Bish Hines, Bob Swinehart and Bill Green at the induction of Jane Quinn photo. Chuck Krueger into the Watkins Glen Walk of Fame. 3

REPort Mike Toombs Regional Executive

Sometimes I seem to spend most of my time thanking people for the work they do during the year. The toughest job of as Regional Executive is getting people to step forward and help out, I have been blessed by a group of people who continue to step forward and hopefully it will continue next year. So, until next month… Mike

The election of officers is just around the corner. The secretary, Carl Dresie, will be mailing out ballots to all of the members within a few weeks. Please take the time to either mail them back to Carl or bring them to the October meeting. I just got back from the Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. There were a whole bunch of Finger Lakes members running there this year – 17 of us. There were a lot of other people there as well; we set a record with 1168 competitors. All I can say is that I had a good time and appreciated all of the help received just as I was getting ready to make my second run. After I got belted in for my second run I turned the key and got nothing, no click, nothing. Popped the hood and I was informed that the battery hold down was not holding the battery down. Jumped out of the car and told the grid worker that I was going to need a 10 minute mechanical when it got to be my turn to run. There were a whole bunch of hands under the hood as we tried to reattach the bracket. When it looked like we had it almost together Chris Bucknam told me to go ahead and get in the car and get belted in. While there were still someone working on the battery, Chris told me to start the car up (I was hoping there were no hands in the way of moving parts at this point). I made my second run and ended up going off course when the rear end took a quick hop that I couldn’t recover from. Got back from that run and popped open the hood to find that the battery had come loose again. This time we had more time and an additional nut and a well positioned strap (thanks Paul Quinn) made sure that the bracket wouldn’t come off again. Now if only I could have just driven a little faster. One week before the Fun One we are experiencing one of the largest entries we have seen in some years. We currently have over 375 entries and I’m sure we will gain some more and possibly loose some, this is a bit more than we had anticipated. We are having the pig roast on the track and I know we will have a good party – thanks to Elizabeth Thiel who was able to talk the track into allowing us to continue to have our much anticipated party. 4

Providing the racing community with insurance and disability income for over 40 years.

Meeting Minutes Finger Lakes Region, SCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes September 6, 2010

Location: Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, New York 14534 Assistant Regional Executive John Walsh called the meeting to order at 8:03 p.m. Twenty members were present for the Solo and General Membership meetings. The following are arranged by topic and are not in chronological order.

September 2010

The August 3, 2010, General Membership Meeting minutes as printed in the September 2010 issue of Top End, were approved on a motion by Lynn Randall, seconded by Mike Brunner. Activities – Barb Lissow The year-end banquet will be held at the Burgundy Basin Inn on January 29, 2011. Following a cocktail hour at 6 p.m., a buffet dinner will be served at 7 p.m. High Points Championship will be awarded at the banquet along with the annual regional awards and membership recognition. Details to follow. Membership Report – Mike Brunner Membership was down one from last month to 464. Mini-Con – Elizabeth Thiel The 2010 Mini-Con information is available at http://www.flr-scca. com/10minicon.html. The registration form can be printed out and mailed to the event's registrar, Marsha Toombs. Fliers and forms are also available from Elizabeth and will also be distributed at the Fun One. Letters will be sent to the Division Administrators asking for the time they will need for meetings. Funds are available to cover the Club Racing National Administrators' expenses. Available price options for attendees include: full registration, $100; dinner only, $45; lunch only, $35; seminars and breaks only, $25. At this time the price for the Competition Clinic is to be determined. Additional sponsors for the breaks as well as additional speakers for the workshops are being sought. Nelson Ledges is sponsoring a break. Other regions have promised sponsorship. The FedEx Office contract with SCCA will be used for printing. By doing so, we can help get the information on this contract out to the regions in NEDiv. A proposal has been given to Federal Express for sponsorship of a break.

2010 September

They would be given recognition for the printing provided and a table would be provided for additional promotional material. FedEx is also being asked to give a seminar on the services they provide. A response is expected within two weeks. Miscellaneous John Walsh has stepped up to fill the vacancy left by Mike Toombs when Mike withdrew his candidacy for the Area 10 director. Mike felt that his new job did not allow the time needed for the Area 10 director’s position. John is asking for signatures on a petition for the job. New Business A current membership directory is being prepared. It will be printed and shipped using the FedEx Office contract. Old Business The list of candidates for the 2011 Finger Lakes Region Board of Directors has been published in Top End and is posted in the FLR website forums (from the Home page, click "News/Forums" then "FLR General News"). Anyone wishing to be added to the ballot needs to submit a petition signed by no less than five members to the Secretary by the end of the week. (A petition to add Syl Barlow to the list of candidates for Director has been given to the Secretary and is posted on the region's website. Ed.) Race Report Fun One ’10 – John Walsh/Elizabeth Thiel After serious negotiations we will have the hospitality party at the track, held either under the grandstands if the weather is good or in the garage if the weather is bad. Colby’s Pig Roast will provide the food. Potables and picnic tables will be provided by the WGI caterers. Worker lunches will be at the Media Center. Race entries currently stand at

approximately 300. “Double Dipping”, running the same car in a second group/ class will cost and additional $100. Race Registration The online race registration status was reviewed. Presentations by the online registration providers at the MiniCon is being investigated. Transponder Rental The transponders were loaned to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. As a result, a donation of $550 was made to the Allegheny Valley School and Autism Society on behalf of the Finger Lakes Region. Rally Report No information was available on the RallyCross scheduled for September 4. Upcoming events are a social rally October 17 and a RallyCross October 24. Solo Report – Brian Buchman There was discussion about the Finger Lakes Region members attending the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships at the Lincoln Airpark, Lincoln, Nebraska was reviewed. The fifth and sixth events in the region’s Solo series ran on August 15 and 22 were down on attendance, due to monsoon-like rain. (I think people know by now results are in TOP END and on the website; either omit this or just put a note at the end of the minutes as a reminder; isn't it already noted in the issue's table of contents?) The last events of the season are scheduled for September 26 and October 10, both at R.I.T. The September event chairs are Cory Kuhns and Marnie Soom. The Solo Picnic is tentatively scheduled for November 7 at the Scottsville Fire Hall. The campaign to raise awareness of the impact of the Solo events at the Seneca Army Depot initially seems to have been successful. A meeting will


be scheduled with authorities in the future. Top End – Carl Dresie Examples of the various options available for printing and mailing Top End through FedEx Office were shown. The options range from grayscale to full color for some or all copies. The question was raised regarding the effect of size upon printing and mailing costs. Carl will research the difference in cost. Treasurer’s Report – Elizabeth Thiel Elizabeth reported on the amount in the checking account. Fun One entries are coming in. The last statement showing the investment account has not arrived. It was noted that the managers of the investment account are doing a good job of protecting the club from the recent market fluctuations. Financial details are available from Elizabeth. All bills presented to date have been paid. The bill for Top End mailing has not come in.

Using highway chalk paint or the threat to do so can have an impact on the placement and legibility of car numbers at the racetrack. Chuck Krueger is being inducted into the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Museum Hall of Fame on September 10. Gene Dinkel commented on the contributions to racing made by Chuck. Lynn Randall will attend and provide an article for TOP END. Firestone donated money to the Glen Region at the Glen National race for displaying their banners. This should be kept in mind for the Finger Lakes Region’s running of the Glen National in 2011. Gene Dinkel is offering his 1965, number matching Corvette for sale. The car is Nassau Blue and has the 365 hp 327 cu engine. Heinrich Chevrolet originally sold the car.

August 31, 2010 Location: 753 Klem Rd., Webster, NY 14580 Mike Toombs called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. Officers and directors present: Michael Toombs, Regional Executive; John Walsh, Assistant Regional Executive; Elizabeth Thiel, Treasurer; Carl Dresie, Secretary; Barbara Lissow, Activities Director; Dave Ciufo, Scott Moller and John Morris, Directors. Guest present: Jaime Grimes, FedEx Office Items are presented by subject and may not be in chronological order. The minutes of the July 27, 2010 board of directors meeting were approved on a motion by Scott Moller seconded by John Walsh.

The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Meridith Croucher, seconded by John Morris. The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 p.m. on a motion by Mike Brunner, seconded by Gene Dinkel. Respectfully submitted, Carl F. Dresie, Secretary Bench Racing It was noted during the meeting that the local weather radar indicated a line of thundershowers was approaching. As a result a few members took the opportunity of a break to put up the tops of convertibles and to close car windows. The cars included a blue and rust colored Miata. Lynn Randall noted an obituary notice for Bob Livingston. Down is not a good term for an elevator. Comments regarding the amount of downtime for the elevator in the tower at Watkins Glen were reported.


Finger Lakes Region, SCCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

FedEx Office Contract Jaime Grimes from FedEx Office, 944C Hard Rd., Webster, reviewed the contract between SCCA and FedEx Office. The agreement covers printing and other office functions. This includes printing SCCA documents, printing/

September 2010

copying, printing on other media and shipping. Signs, banners and posters can be printed. Jaime said orders can be taken through any FedEx Office store, as well as placed online through Turnaround time on a job can be as little as a few hours. Mailing services can include the “cleansing” the mailing list of addresses that are no longer valid. There was discussion as to what specific region areas and activities would benefit from use of this contract, including racing and rally functions and Top End. Elizabeth Thiel has the information needed for job submission and requests that any use of this service include job information. Work can be paid for “onthe-spot” or billed back through Topeka. Activities Report – Barb Lissow The year-end banquet is scheduled for Saturday January 29, 2011, at the Burgundy Basin Inn. Race Report Westward Ho Financial activity for Westward Ho is complete except for entry charges. The status of Westward Ho for next year will be reviewed. Possibilities include rescheduling to a fall date or discontinuing altogether. The fall date depends upon the status of the traditional Mahoning Valley and Western New York Region events. Fun One – John Walsh and Elizabeth Thiel The Saturday pig roast/party will be at the track. The list of stewards is needed to complete preparation of the program. Tshirt logos were reviewed for comment. Copies of the Mini-Con competition clinic information will be available. Deposits have been paid for the photographer and Pig Roast. The insurance will be extended to Thursday to cover those who arrive Thursday evening for a trailer drop. We currently have 200 entries. Registration for entering more than one race group will be available. There are

2010 September

25 people on the waiting list for garage space. Carl Dresie proposed a procedure for handling timing and scoring that included testing the use of a remote terminal in the garage. Rental transponders will be preassigned by registration. Rally Report The Shortline Series RoadRally originally rescheduled to September 11 has been cancelled and will be run later. The postponement is due to the need to find an ending site. Solo Report The August 22nd Solo event had 49 entrants. The low attendance was due to heavy rain. Mike Toombs will be going to the Solo Nationals running in CSP against 23 others. All entries are Mazda’s except for Mike’s and one other Honda. Mike will not be leading the membership meeting in September; that duty has been passed on to John Walsh. Two more Finger Lakes Region Solo events are left for the 2010 season. Both are slated to run at Rochester Institute of Technology. Treasurer’s Thiel



The Profit & Loss by Class report for the Finger Lakes Region, SCCA covering the period from January 1, 2010 through August 31, 2010 was provided for review. One double charged entry Westward Ho needs to be refunded.


Elizabeth will be meeting with the accountant next week to review balance sheet and the bulk mailing account. Bulk mailing account information is available through a US Mail web site. The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by John Walsh, seconded by John Morris. The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 p.m. on a motion by Dave Ciufo, seconded by John Walsh.

FLR News

Syl Barlow added to candidate list

Syl Barlow has thrown his hat into the ring for the office of Director in the election for the Finger Lakes Region’s 2011 Board of Directors. Previously announced candidates and their activities in the Finger Lakes Region can be found on pages seven and eight of the September issue of Top End.

Candidate BIOS

Sylvan C Barlow Residence: Shortsville, NY Finger Lakes Region join date: November 1, 1964 Primary interest: Club and Pro Racing SCCA License(s) Held: Crew, National Flagging & Communication Appointed positions held: Race Chair Region recognition: Mechanic of the Year

Membership News and Information Welcome to the Finger Lakes Region, SCCA Randy Bazin First Gear Street Survival

Shannon Briere First Gear Street Survival Alex Ciopyk First Gear Street Survival

Megan Dawson-Elli First Gear Street Survival

Respectfully submitted, Carl F. Dresie, Secretary


Brynn Eiffert First Gear Street Survival Macklen Fee First Gear Street Survival Mackenzie Franssen First Gear Solo Avery Gnolek First Gear Street Survival MaryAnn Hardman First Gear Street Survival Peter Kearns First Gear Street Survival Jennifer & Kathryn Merckel First Gear Street Survival Kylie & Leah Mosher First Gear Street Survival Kirsten Nicolaisen First Gear Street Survival Alexandra Rudler First Gear Street Survival Andrew & Timothy Sabey First Gear Street Survival Megan Shumway First Gear Street Survival Leah Tyler First Gear Street Survival Michael White First Gear Street Survival


Address changes Ben Gilmore Michael Occhipinti Debbi Segall

Don't forget to renew Dan Cotter Bruce Didsbury Katherine Dulski Rick Hoyt Morgan Mapstone Raymond Piloto

Updated Address Information Address information for new members and address changes can be found in the membership directory or by contacting the membership chair or the Top End editor. If you change phone number, e-mail address or home address be sure to update your information with the national office and notify the membership chair and the Top End editor. If you do not have Internet access, notify the membership chair and editor to insure that you continue to receive the newsletter.

From the Editor’s Bench Top End is changing. Printing and mailing have been moved to FedEx Office. This was done to take advantage of the contract the national office has made with FedEx Office. The cost to the region will be less per page, saving money or allowing for more content. It will also allow the outside covers to be printed in full color, still at a reduced cost. Look for other changes in the printed issues in the next few months. Ideas for changes are welcome. Contact the editor at

Chuck Krueger inducted into Walk of Fame

Lynn Randall Several Finger Lakes members traveled to Franklin Street, in Watkins Glen to attend the induction of long time FLR member, Chuck Krueger, into the Walk of Fame. Chuck, who passed away in December 2009, will be remembered by a granite marker in front of the Watkins Glen post office. Bill Bell, Syl Barlow Bob Henderson, Gary Morgan, Gene Dinkel, Bill Bradshaw and Bob Swinehart, went to the Vintage Festival to honor Chuck’s induction. International Motor Sports Research Library Historian, Bill Green made remarks at the steps of the courthouse, as did J, C. Argetsinger president of the Motor Sports Library, also spoke. J.C. is also the son of the founder of racing at Watkins Glen, Cameron Argetsinger. Chuck Krueger’s son, Chuck Jr., shared a few memorable anecdotes about his Dad. “We were track brats,” he said. We never took a vacation, but spent every weekend at the racetrack. “ Chuck Sr. won the 1962 Northeast Division G Modified championship, and second over all the same year in the Glen Classic, driving and Elva Mark V. “My Dad would help all the competitors,” Chuck Jr. said.” Sometimes he would postpone working on his own car to make sure another driver got to the track.” Finger Lakes member Gary Morgan also spoke at the dedication. “ Many of us drivers in the sixties and seventies hung around Chuck’s garage at Teeds Corners in Leicester NY, getting help and just bench racing. “ Gary then recounted a trip that he and Chuck took to Lime Rock, to a

September 2010

race a new Camaro.” It had overheating problems, and we never turned a wheel on the track, but we had a great time.” Chuck would be proud to be in good company on the Walk of Fame. He was the 57th driver to be honored, joining the ranks of such racing greats as Gilles Villenuve, Mark Donohue, and Jackie Stewart, as well as our own Finger Lakes members, Gary Morgan and Bob Henderson! Next time you are visiting Watkins Glen, make it a point to stop by Franklin Street and take a look for these markers, remembering that these people stand for competition, sportsmanship and camaraderie. For more information about the Walk of Fame, visit their website at walkfame.html.

Remembering Chuck Krueger Howard Appell, (Originally printed in the Livingston County News, 122 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454) Chuck Krueger used to have a repair garage at Teeds Corners, where Peoria Road crosses Route 36 between Wadsworh and Leicester. He sold Jeeps and Volvos under the banner "European Sales & Service." Chuck sold out in 1970 and got into the construction business, but in the years prior to that time, the garage was a place for the local racing crowd to meet and swap stories. "The guys from Rochester would come down and my father would work on their cars," recalls Chuck, Jr., who was a youngster at that time. "It was the Friday night hangout for that crowd. In the winter, they'd still come down and do the table racing." "My brother Wes and I grew up as track brats," Chuck, Jr. relates. The character he observed among the club racers presented a role model of competitiveness tempered with camaraderie. "They all went out of their way to help each other. Sometimes my father would

2010 September

postpone working on his own car to make sure another driver got to the track." "Those guys were really competitive, but it wasn't the cutthroat competitiveness of today. Everyone was having a good time." Chuck, Jr. remembers a racing partnership of his father, 'Car & Driver' columnist Brock Yates of Castile, Caledonia druggist Lloyd Kennison, and a couple of other racers. The group bought a Formula Junior Open Wheel model with an 850 cc engine. They would draw straws to determine who would drive, but it was soon evident that Krueger was the most skilled among them. Chuck, Sr. eventually bought out his partners and became the sole driver. Chuck's friendship with Brock Yates resulted in Car & Driver road test vehicles ending up at the garage. Getting picked up from sports practice on Friday nights at York school, Chuck, Jr. might find himself riding in a Ferrari, Mercedes or any number of exotic sports models, which had been loaned to Yates for a magazine road test. Chuck, Sr. raced at Watkins Glen; the Dayton 24 Hour; Briar, N. H.; Thomson, Conn. and a number of other northeastern circuit tracks. Included among his accolades was a 1963 Northeastern Division Championship. The primary phase of Krueger, Sr.'s racing career extended from his first race at age 22 at Watkins Glen in 1955 on through 1970. Then, in the 1990s, he made a comeback. It started with a local chapter Sports Car Club of America reunion race in 1985 at Watkins Glen that both Chuck, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. attended. "I always meant to race, but instead had got involved in airplanes and aerobatics," Chuck, Jr. tells. But the smell and feel of the track on that day made him realize he needed to race as well. Later that summer he took the necessary classes for racing certification, bought a racer, and appointed his father and brother as members of his pit crew. It didn't take long for Chuck, Jr. to convince his father to renew his own racing license. Although Chuck, Sr. had never driven the newer design vehicles with slick tires and modern suspension, at driver school he took to them naturally and immediately, and was soon racing with his son. They would swap the car. "One race I'd run and he'd be pit crew; the next he'd run and I'd be

pit crew," Chuck, Jr. reports. One day Chuck, Jr. told his father he couldn't drive the car anymore, knowing perfectly well what he would do: Buy his own. It was a car identical to his son's excepting only for the color of the roll bar. Both were Swift DB2's with two liter rear engine motors. "For three years I got to race against my father. We did all the local tracks in the northeast," Chuck, Jr. recalls with pleasure. "I spent a ton of money doing it, but being together with my father and having those memories was worth every penny." Krueger Jr. and Sr. raced through the 1993 season before health issues i n f l u e n c e d C h u c k , S r. t o r e t i r e . "He was still fast -- and he didn't treat me any differently than the next guy," Chuck, Jr. recollects. "If I didn't have the corner made, he'd cut me off like anybody else." Father and son both amassed a large collection of trophies during those years: silver and pewter plates and cups from an era when "trophies were real trophies and usually accompanied by a bottle of champagne -- not today's table trinkets." "We never got any real money for it. Club racing is something you do for the fun," Chuck, Jr. advises. However, the club circuit could be a stepping-stone to the Junior Pro Series and maybe, for a few, the Indy series or NASCAR. But Chuck, Jr. explains the reality: "Ninety-eight percent of the guys have a lot of dreams -- and they're playing them out and having a lot of fun doing it. For the most part, everyone there goes to help someone else out as much as he's going for himself." "You race on the weekend and spend most of your spare time during the week getting ready to go again." After his father retired, Chuck, Jr. raced two more years before retiring himself after the 1995 season. Chuck, Sr. passed away on Christmas evening of 2009. Chuck, Jr. appreciates that his father was blessed to have had that passion in his life. "When you get right down to it, there was nothing my father liked better than to get in a car and race," he reflects. "At the funeral parlor, you had to look real hard to find a photo of him that didn't have a car in it."


"I got it from him. Neither dad or me could have fun unless we were burning fossil fuel!" These days Chuck, Jr. lives in Conesus. His work-a-day job takes him around the nation building shopping malls. He still enjoys aviation, having bought his first airplane in high school before he bought his first car. During the 1980s and 1990s he was an aerobatic competitor. He keeps an aerobatic bi-wing at the Perry Airport. Chuck Krueger, Sr. will be inducted into the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Drivers Walk of Fame on September 10. Fifty-seven drivers have preceded him in the honor, with granite markers embedded in the sidewalks of downtown Watkins Glen. Among them are some of the greatest legends of racing: Dan Gurney, Sir Jackie Stewart, Lee Petty, Mark Donohue, Emerson Fittipaldi, Brian Redman, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Allison, Graham Hill, Mario Andretti and Gilles Villeneuve. Membership is for "the great drivers who have competed on the Glen's world famous circuit over the last 56 years." To be considered for the honor, the driver must have driven a racecar in competition at one of the four racecourses used at The Glen over the past half century. In a walk throughout downtown Watkins Glen, visitors encounter the names of these drivers in sidewalk markers that together create a virtual mural of the village's racing legacy. Chuck Krueger's marker will now be among them.


4 Time HSR 4 Hours of Sebring Class Winner 2006-2009

Solo Results and Points Updated! Jake Massey I have finally undertaken the daunting task of getting caught up on season points and results posting. Please see the files section of the Yahoo Group and, as always, let me know if you find any errors. By way of explanation, there are two points files available. They first is "flr2010 - 08_points.htm" and that shows all drivers who have competed in an FLR event this season. The second is the picture as it would be if the season ended today. It is called "flr2010 - 08_yep.htm" and it shows only drivers who have competed in at least five local events up to this point. If you don't show up there and you want to qualify for the season championship, come to at least one of the remaining local events. I have gone through and updated the cone count for the season, since we didn't have an official Cone King/Queen last year. Just so everyone knows, I did calculate the count for 2009 and Cory Kuhns ran away with it (67 cones, 7.44 cones per event, and a margin of victory of 21 cones over Marnie Soom). But this year is a different story. After event 8, Dean Wallace has a commanding lead at 45 cones with Jim Perrin, Garrick Tischler, Brandi Wilcox, and Dan Kaufman all within possible striking distance. Jim Perrin gets special notice for averaging 12 cones per FLR event. If he shows up to another two events, he could easily be our Cone King if Dean doesn't step up his game (or step down his game, depending on your perspective). I see some scuffed Subaru bumpers in the very near future. Good luck to everyone who is still in contention! Check the cone count pdf in com/group/flrsolo/files/2010%20Results/ to see where you fall in the rankings. Results and points standings can also be found on the website.

“5 Minutes”

Items of immediate interest. October 5 The annual meeting and election of officers for the Finger Lakes Region, SCCA will be held on October 5 at the Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY. The 8 p.m. annual meeting will follow the 7 p.m. Solo meeting. If you have not returned your ballot by mail prior to the 5th, bring it to the meeting. 2011 officers will be announced at the end of the general membership meeting. Attend the meeting and hear what is going on throughout the region and the conversations that are not printed in the meeting minutes.


September 2010

Finger Lakes Region members place at the “Tire Rack” SCCA Solo National Championships Name Mike Toombs Brian Ciarlei Brian Reeves Tina Reeves Paul Shaver Klaus Willroider Steve Hayward Julie Shaver Tom Weaver Jake Bucknam Jeffrey Colegrove

Place Class # in Cls CSP 22/24 DP 6/14 DP 9/14 DPL 4/5 EM 11/22 EM 18/22 EM DNS/22 EML 3/6 ES 9/27 FJA 9/11 FM 12/27

Stefan Colegrove Tod Miller Jason Offord Tashko Sarakinov Bill Rogerson Paul Kreutzwiser


13/27 15/27 8/28 17/19 12/25 16/25

Car No. Car Make 33 1989 Honda Civic CRX Blu 166 1990 Mazda Miata Slv 66 1990 Mazda Miata Slv 99 1990 Mazda Miata Red,Slv 96 1970 MG Midget Red 19 1985 BMW 325es Gld 44 1975 Porsche 914 Slv 96 1970 MG Midget Red 55 1994 Mazda Miata Blu 23 2005 Margay Brava 4.4 Red 127 1987 CM-01 Blu,Red,Wht 27 1986 Red Devil Kawi Blk 88 1993 VW Solo VEE Blu,Org 21 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Slv 5 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Blk,Pwt 173 1991 Mazda Miata Slv 73 1991 Mazda Miata Slv

Sponsor Borrowed Car Racing - thanks Rich Sharlay Machine/Pennon Composites Browsy, The Brians and The B... Mazda, KB&PK, Browsy Radical Racing Mortgage Alliance Radical Racing BergRacing, Mazda, Kumho TDS Engineering

National News SCCA Pro Board of Directors Chairman Holtz Passes Away

TOPEKA, Kan. (September 14, 2010) – SCCA Pro Racing and the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., and its members were saddened to learn today that Brian Holtz, Chairman of the SCCA Pro Racing Board, passed away after a battle with cancer on Monday. He was 55 years old. In addition to his current role on the SCCA Pro Racing board, Holtz, of Bethlehem, Pa., had previously served as a member of the SCCA Board of Directors and Club Racing Board. Holtz was an SCCA member for 35 years, active as a race driver and steward in the Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and South Jersey Regions. “Brian has been Chairman of SCCA Pro Racing since I came to Pro in 2007, but he was much more than the Chairman of Pro Racing to me,” SCCA Pro Racing President and CEO Bob Wildberger said. “He was a best friend to me, to the company, its people, and the entire racing community. Heaven

2010 September

has gotten a truly great new resident today.” Holtz didn’t limit his involvement in SCCA to his official responsibilities, with his enthusiasm spreading throughout the organization. “Brian was on the Board when I first came to SCCA in 2004,” SCCA, Inc., President and CEO Jeff Dahnert said. “He was a wealth of information and guidance from my first day here, and ever since. He was one of those guys that you naturally liked and respected even if you were on different sides of an issue. You would be hard pressed to find someone that put more of their life and energy into the SCCA. I will miss him greatly.” Brian is survived by his wife of 25 years, Ellen, and one son, Joseph B. Holtz and his wife, Kimberly of Horsham, Pa.; his mother, Barbara (Stone) Holtz of Potomac, Md.; and sisters, Jane Holtz Cranska and her husband Allen of Glenwood, Md., and Karen Muttimer and her husband Paul of Ashburn, Va. Online condolences may be made at

Visit SCCAProRacing. com for the Latest Information

SCCA Pro Racing has launched a new website at www.sccaproracing. com, centralizing the information on all of the favorite SCCA Pro Racingsanctioned series. The new website centralizes information on the World Challenge Championships, Trans-Am Series, Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup, Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, Pro Spec Racer Ford, Pro Formula Enterprises, F2000 Championship Series and the Viper Club Series. includes news, point standings, rules, contact information and links to each individual series’ website.

Go Ahead – Take the Wheel

This site is now available online for FREE. If you’re not already familiar with Go Ahead – Take the Wheel, it serves as a comprehensive guide for people who are interested in Solo, Performance Driving Experience, volunteering, and Club Racing. This through resource includes all of the typical information people need to become active members even including the dreaded subject of costs to go racing. The site is also being expanded to assist more experienced drivers by include topics such as race tire technology, safety equipment reviews, and driving techniques. One of the near future initiatives will be to expand upon the volunteering section to help recruit new workers and assist existing workers.

This resource can be seen at www. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the author and SCCA member, Dave Gran, directly at ContactUs@Go . Thank you for your support. 11


88 Todd Miller

333 Andy Walker

21 178 5 152 11 127 1 27 70 78 27



DS 63 Dan Wilcox DS 317 Daniel Emord HS 91 George Modlin GS 16 Mike Smith HS 17 Dean Wallace DS 66 Brandi Wilcox ES 16 Craig Wallace CS 46 Doug Krasucki SS 3 Greg Donnan SM 727 Ian Hayes SM 46 Corey Shepardson

GS 10 Steve Mellen HS 16 Knald Peche-Loayza GS 117 Richard Hautaniemi



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 2 3

77.687 88.948 88.610

92.091+2 83.551 91.920

77.066 85.995 85.205

79.873 84.992+1 84.149

67.051 68.072 71.478 71.105 72.255 71.229 74.331 74.386 72.851 74.954 75.361

64.923 67.177 65.894 68.419 68.937 71.828 72.336 73.716 76.072

55.317 56.159 57.396 57.737 58.020 58.763 61.620 62.484 62.651 65.734 66.091

53.626 55.488 55.614 56.787 56.804 59.617 59.749 60.889 62.835

77.066 62.577 77.783 81.739 65.636 81.739 82.788+OFF 84.149 68.329

67.314 68.072 71.478 71.187 73.509+2 76.343 93.779+OFF 75.003 73.339 75.276



64.923 65.785+1 65.597+2 68.419 66.937+1


78.275+1 91.665 88.650+1

Novice (Pax Class)

67.051 67.298+1 71.795 72.007 72.772+1 71.442 75.599 74.386 73.407 76.382

78.916 69.568+OFF 75.512+OFF

65.564+1 67.088+2 66.233+1 69.265 70.345

68.264+1 76.062+OFF 69.845


52.032 53.617 53.906 55.307 55.408 57.192 57.315 57.374 57.967 58.028 58.095

63.302 55.515

63.160 57.349

67.729 61.430 71.242 64.616

71.959 62.100

71.580 59.053 74.498 61.460

59.876 65.070 63.644 66.958 61.022 68.299+OFF 68.330 69.389 63.188 70.263 67.837+2 70.423 69.409 69.409 59.876 64.725+1 63.644 67.140



71.580 75.586

Time 63.302 55.317 62.577 53.626

81.347 103.301 105.714+OFF

66.217+OFF 69.048 72.598+2 71.105 72.255 70.811+1 74.331 75.354 74.288 74.954

72.336 78.720+1 76.072

73.582 71.060+2 77.597+3

72.850+1 69.497 69.344 72.295 69.649 69.892 72.001+1 81.759 72.933 71.892+OFF 78.509+OFF 74.280 72.767 73.372+2 77.285+2 71.784 70.185+1 71.229 77.279 76.201 87.615 76.513 78.858 74.708+OFF 85.619+OFF 72.851 75.252 75.827 81.221+OFF 75.475 78.845+OFF 75.361

65.577 69.384+1 65.894 69.650 69.295

69.924+1 70.423 69.589

70.263 72.143 79.887+2 67.704+3 67.177 67.835 68.183+OFF 71.836+1


68.768 69.389

61.082 94.823+OFF 64.177 76.464+3



71.670 76.219


Top Times Of Day Driver Jake Bucknam Street Modified Richard Legenhausen Street Tire Mike Toombs Novice Todd Miller Street Touring

09 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-Door Mazda 3 Audi 200

71.764 72.245 74.685 73.530+OFF 77.885+3 76.339 84.326 84.939 76.318 96.798+OFF 78.373

71.303 69.120 67.330+1 70.042 70.030 70.362+1 73.609 73.716 77.733+2

60.556+1 65.070 63.800 67.240+1



71.588 74.498

60.853 65.674 64.200 66.958



72.722 76.796+1


# 21 101 33 88

Street (Road) Tire (Pax Class)

71.318+3 69.746 66.245+1 70.698 70.395 71.828 75.806 73.949+1 87.496

Street Touring (Pax Class)

79.376 134.440+OFF 68.213 71.120 72.991 74.379+2 78.825 80.093+OFF 81.147

63.481 67.163 64.282 69.164 62.101 68.330 70.580+3 63.188 75.700 68.499+3 69.576



67.729 69.444+1


72.731 78.279



08 Mini Cooper S Convertible 10 Subaru Impreza WRX Suzuki SX4 00 Subaru Impreza RS 98 Subaru Impreza 08 Mini Cooper S Convertible 72 Datsun 240 07 Mazda MX5 Miata Z06 Corvette 05 Subaru WRX 94 Acura integra

90 Honda CRX Si Girly Miata 05 Subaru STI 06 Mini Cooper S 06 Toyota Scion tC 95 Nissan 240sx 92 Mazda Miata 90 Honda CRX Si Girly Miata

64.219 69.330 64.814 71.139 61.022 68.875 70.716 71.367 75.883 73.027+2 69.593+2


Pro (Pax Class)

63.731 69.567 65.575 76.517+OFF 66.345+OFF 70.150 74.605+OFF 63.444+1 83.694 83.538+OFF 70.208



Street Modified

F Modified

68.384 71.242


E Modified


70.463 73.430


74.400 80.182

C Street Prepared

76.840 79.109+1

D Stock

Runs 1-7

Time Raw, Pax & Pro 59.876 Stock 71.580 Street Prepared 71.959 Modified 63.160

Cory Kuhns Scott Prior Dan Kaufman Paul Quinn Shaun Hallam Hai Nguyen Ed Leubner Marnie Soom David Prior

05 Kart Margay Brava 4.4 Civic Si STi Ugly Green Car 86 Red Devil Colegrove Motorsports 01 Mustang Miata 86 F440 08 Mini S Civic Si 07 Ford Shelby GT


92 VW SOLO Vee


89 Honda CRX

Cobalt SS Cobalt SS


Brian Buchman Solo Chair

97 9 83 7 68 2 60 116 11

99 Paul Shaver 96 Julie Shaver

1 2

Jake Bucknam Dale Kunze Chris Morton Edwin Jeffries Jeff Colegrove Dave Potocki Brian Buchman Stefan Colegrove John Cass Rod Reisdorf Michael Potocki

33 Mike Toombs



101 Richard Legenhausen 10 Amanda Leonard


1 2


Solo Finger Lakes Region Solo Series Results - 8/22/2010

Seneca Army Depot # 333 63 10 97 Driver Andy Walker Dan Wilcox Steve Mellen Cory Kuhns

September 2010


This is An Event You Don’t Want To Miss! Competition Clinic! Friday Eve Welcome Reception! Wine Tasting Featuring NYS Wines! Questions? Contact Elizabeth Thiel at 585-671-9995 or 2010 September



YOU WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL GIFT IF YOU REGISTER AND RESERVE YOUR ROOM BY 0CTOBER 1ST! Woodcliff Hotel & Spa . 1-800-365-3065 585-248-4810 199 Woodcliff Drive, Fairport, NY 14450 ROOM RATE $110/NIGHT Through October 20, 2010 Ask for SCCA-NE-Division Roundtable After October 20, 2010, Room Rate is $199

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Thiel at 585-671-9995 or NAME_________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________ CITY________________________________STATE___________ZIP________________ REGION_____________________________TITLE______________________________ PHONE # 1.__________________________PHONE # 2._________________________ EMAIL_________________________________________________________________ Name on Badge_________________________________________________________ FULL REGISTRATION (Includes Everything Listed Below)












TOTAL ENCLOSED (Checks Payable to FLR SCCA) COMPETITION CLINIC - Details TBD Please check here to reserve a spot at the Competition Clinic and we will contact you with the registration amount MAIL REGISTRATION TO: 14

________________ ________________

Registrar, Marsha Toombs, 152 Gillette St, Rochester, NY 14619 (585) 328-2617,

September 2010


Finger Lakes Region Members at the

Fun One 2010 Full results can be found at and on the Finger Lakes Region’s website, For more information contact

Rich Smith Competition Board Chair

Race Best

No. Name Class P/# Time Finger Lakes Region Members 62 James Tyo CF 1/2 2:33.393 68 Chris De Minco EP 2/2 2:41.900 17 Mike Meyers FM 1/3 2:16.358 28 Marc Docteur FP DNF/7 63 Daniel Thiel FP DNS/7 86 Peter Dehmler FP 3/7 2:31.408 8 Kevin Murray HRG2 DNF/7 38 Russell Cappa HRG2 3/7 2:36.724 34 Richard Giambra HRG3 5/5 2:39.368 31 Ed Diamond HRG4 1/1 2:21.872 51 John Walsh HRG5 3/8 2:20.709 6 Mark Eksten ITA 10/29 2:25.767 26 Keith Guthrie ITA 20/29 2:30.316 29 Stephen Wheeler ITA 2/29 2:20.856 53 Peter Kummer ITA 8/29 2:24.934 58 Kurt Thiel ITA DNF/29 72 Michael Liggett ITA 7/29 2:25.208 92 Bruce Perry ITA 3/29 2:22.101 '08 John Morris ITA 9/29 2:26.027 3 Francis McAllister ITB 11/14 2:38.394 63 Daniel Thiel ITB DNS/14 182 Kevin Dennis ITB 10/14 2:37.218 86 Bob Henderson ITR 2/5 2:18.307 88 Steven Mancini ITR 4/5 2:32.976 68 Michael Lavan ITS 19/21 2:54.359 26 Gary Lippert SM 18/38 2:25.638 34 David Ciufo SM 14/38 2:23.350 17 Joseph Quaranto SPO 7/12 2:15.000 99 Andrew Quaranto SPO 6/12 2:13.700 19 Gary Moore SPU DNF/7 2:14.522 60 Michael Hausknecht SRF 3/34 2:15.389 76 Ronney Finke SRF 24/34 2:22.847 88 Chris Pluta SRF 12/34 2:18.727 4 Charles Tanck SSC 4/4 2:43.744 40 Mary Hartman SSC 3/4 2:45.751 58 Kurt Thiel SSM 15/19 2:27.033 85 Tom Kearney SSM 7/19 2:24.703 34 David Ciufo STU 6/9 2:23.225 23 Vincent Lamanna VS2 2/10 2:06.366

Saturday Speed


79.795 75.600 89.764 80.841 78.099 76.803 86.275 86.988 83.970 81.428 86.897 84.452 84.293 86.136 83.820 77.276 77.854 88.499 80.013 70.200 84.044 85.385 90.643 91.539 90.989 90.406 85.686 88.231 74.751 73.846 83.247 84.587 85.460 96.861

2/2 2/2 2/3 6/7 4/7 3/7 6/7 5/7 5/5 1/1 3/8 11/29 21/29 2/29 19/29 17/29 9/29 4/29 7/29 13/14 5/14 11/14 3/5 2/5 2/21 22/38 16/38 8/11 7/11 3/7 1/34 23/34 7/34 3/4 4/4 19/19 3/19 2/9 2/10

Qualifying Best

Race Best






DNR 2:47.087 2:17.701 2:41.087 2:36.541 2:35.785 DNR DNR 2:46.704 2:34.205 2:30.717 2:26.753 2:31.650 2:19.315 2:30.511 2:29.033 2:26.099 2:23.190 2:25.540 2:49.080 2:31.213 2:37.322 2:24.423 2:18.846 2:18.976 2:25.831 2:24.166 2:20.584 2:20.380 2:13.804 2:15.210 2:23.212 2:16.557 2:44.762 2:56.841 DNR 2:27.667 2:17.542 2:06.096

73.255 88.888 75.984 78.190 78.570 73.424 79.375 81.212 83.405 80.712 87.858 81.323 82.129 83.779 85.481 84.101 72.392 80.945 77.802 84.751 88.155 88.073 83.933 84.902 87.065 87.192 91.477 90.526 85.468 89.633 74.289 69.215 82.889 88.991 97.069




1/3 1:28.556 DNF/6 1:49.513

99.598 80.538

3/6 4/5 3/5

1:38.203 1:43.700 1:41.800

89.814 85.042 86.671

1/1 4/8 23/24 19/24 2/24 7/24

1:34.900 1:31.600 1:35.950 1:40.420 1:32.156 1:34.931

92.899 96.244 91.923 87.831 95.707 92.910

8/24 5/24 22/24 8/11

1:34.656 1:32.307 1:35.803 1:46.749

93.180 95.551 92.064 82.624

6/11 2/4 4/4

1:43.357 1:30.531 1:37.304

85.335 97.425 90.644

28/33 11/33 6/8 5/8

1:36.399 1:32.957 1:27.224 1:27.241

91.495 94.883 101.119 101.099

3/33 25/33 11/33 4/4 3/4

1:28.293 1:32.483 1:29.357 1:47.080 1:47.903

99.895 95.369 98.705 82.368 81.740

4/17 5/5 2/10

1:34.215 1:33.252 1:24.912

93.616 94.582 103.872

Other region member lap records 18 Dennis Hanratty DSR 1/3 1:58.365 103.409 1/3 2:00.066 101.944 DNF/3 1:16.884 57 Joe Sammut FE 4/7 2:03.194 99.355 2/7 2:04.157 98.585 1/6 1:19.301 89 Tom Campbell FP 1/1 2:21.119 86.735 1/1 2:16.546 89.640 1/6 1:29.402 35 Todd Bardwell NCF 1/9 2:06.046 97.107 1/9 2:06.775 96.549 9/10 1:23.856 35 Anthony Kalkandis STU 2/9 2:18.277 88.518 7/9 2:26.453 83.576 1/5 1:29.372 57 Butch Kummer V8S 1/1 2:09.600 94.418 * 1/1 2:12.287 92.526 Notes: P/# is place and number in class * denotes new lap record Sunday qualifying for all groups except group 1 (HRG) was based on Saturday results, due to fog.

2010 September


114.718 111.222 98.656 105.180 98.689


Qualifying Best Time


4/5 3/5

1:47.806 1:47.738

81.814 81.865

1/1 2/8

1:39.858 1:35.056

88.325 92.787


* * * * *


Rally Tom Langdon Interim RoadRally Chair

Rally Meeting Notes September 14, 2010 96 Church Street, Victor, NY

A small cadre of RoadRally and RallyCross enthusiasts were present. The following discussions are grouped by subject. NEDiv Mini-Con A RoadRally Safety Steward training session is planned for the November 1113 Mini-Con. We have yet to name an instructor. A RallyCross Safety Steward training session is also planned. Scott Beliveau is being contacted to name an instructor for that class. We will also hold a Rally town hall meeting. Spring, Summer and Fall Rallies Event #4 of the New York Shortline RallyRoad Series, “Avon, Geneseo and Mt. Morris RallyRoad,” is scheduled for October 17. A flyer describing the event is in the October issue of Top End and on the website. Entry fees are $5 for members, $15 for non-members and $10 for non-members driving vintage cars. Contact Rick Barnes for more information. The “Discover America Road Rally,” hosted by Rallymasters of WNY is also scheduled for October 17. Further information on this event can be found at: calendar.htm. The “Route of All Evil” that Frank Beyer had scheduled for October 9 has been cancelled. A number of the people Frank had hoped would run the event have conflicts. 16

RallyCross The September 4 RallyCross event at Perry’s Park had seven competitors making up to 20 runs. Results were not received in time to be printed in the October issue of Top End. Winter Rally Series Additional rallymasters are needed for the Winter Rally Series. Jamie Hayslip and Scott Grinnell have expressed an interest in being co-rallymasters for one event. John Werner needs to be contacted for a possible rally east of Rochester. Also, Marnie Soom and Corey Kuhns are about due to write another rally. The proposed change in speed factors was accepted without dissention. B speed factor will drop from 1.25 to 1.10 and the C speed factor from 1.50 to 1.25. Trophies will be as last year. Entry fees will be held at last year’s level. The series will need to be scheduled around the January 29 Finger Lakes annual Awards Banquet. Miscellaneous Discussions The Finger Lakes Region’s Rally Party and Awards event will be held in December. The December rally meeting will be held as discussion and planning will be needed for the Winter Rally Series.

Rick showed a series of pictures taken Friday, September 8, at Watkins Glen during the festivities for the SVRA gathering. The large number of body designs mounted on Allards was noted. There also were a large number of Alfa Romeos in attendance. Vintage license plates can be registered as historic plates if the “number” on the vintage plate is not in use. The blue/white plates can be used for a charge of $31. Many cookies and crackers along with salsa dip made it through the evening. To much for too few. The threecourse lunch, etc. on the North Conway Scenic train ride helped make the ride up toward Mt. Washington very enjoyable. The spinach-artichoke dip served on the ride is very good. Mini has announced a four doorfour wheel drive version. That car will be the basis of a car to be prepared by Pro-Drive and run in the World Rally Championship. A two-door version of the car is rumored. Some people admit to skipping the first few subjects of these notes and reading the miscellaneous discussions first (and sometimes only).

Amatuer Ansel Adams?

Do You Photograph People And Action? Help Us Keep TOP END “TOPS” We are in need of photographs taken at FINGER LAKES Region races, rallys, meetings, etc. If youtake photographs at these or other occasions and are willing to see them published, please send them to: TOP END Editor 119 Brookview Dr. Roch., NY 14617 e-mail: Please do not send copyrighted photos without exclusive written permission of the photographer.

September 2010

Classified Ads For Sale: 1965 Corvette, 365 horsepower/327 cubic inch V8 roadster – All original, numbers matching. Nassau Blue with black interior, teak steering wheel, white top and matching hardtop. This is the optional engine with solid lifters, performance cam, Holley 4 bbl. Carb, etc. Four speed manual tranny. Stainless steel brake lines. Very good overall condition, no serious problems. Needs good home with another ‘Vette person. Insurance value $40k. Please only sincere offer. Contact Gene Dinkel (585) 383-0363 (10/10) For Sale - Sparco Sprint 5 race seat and mounting brackets - Brand new, never used. Seat is black. Brackets are red. $399. Seat: pseats_comp.asp?id=622 Bracket: asp?id=153 Call Scott (585) 5067366 or (10/10). For Sale: Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels (16x7-5 bolt) and Bridgestone Winter Dueler tires (275/75/16). Will separate. $500/obo. Wheels are in good condition. Tires have good tread. Call Scott (585)506-7366 or (9/10) For Sale: Magnetic autocross numbers (white) 1, 8 and 6 two ea. Magnetic SCCA Solo2 emblems two ea. Magnetic CSP (red letters on white background) two ea.. $25.00 takes all. Contact Steve at (585) 586-9152 (9/10) F o r S a l e : 1 9 7 2 Tr i u m p h T R 6 Convertible. Red, 4 sp trans., Body and paint excellent. 2000mi on carb rebuild. Red-line tires. Have all receipts. Runs great. Includes extra parts: 4sp trans, rear differential, new radiator and electric fan kit. $9700/obo Contact Duane Myers, (585) 5068194, pictures available. (8/10) For Sale: LeGrand Mk 18. Race DSR or Solo DM. ZX-10 engine bought new in cycle mods with dry sump by Muzzy. Dyno sheet included. Two bodies, the LeGrand original with wing and a Beasley. All mag parts are

2010 September

good with some spare mag parts. The original LeGrand parts drawings are included. Many-many spares. Car was 1987 NEDiv DSR champion. Car set lap records at Watkins Glen (2.03), LimeRock (0.57), Nelson Ledges (1.08) and MoSport (1.30). Original logbooks. Car is semi-finished so we can finish to buyers needs. We can fabricate, weld, machine, assemble, paint and tune. All setup sheets are included. 14 ft. enclosed racecar trailer. Low racecar jack. Scales used to corner weight a racecar. Shop equipment. Call for what is available. Come look and ask questions. Jim Nolan 1969 Eddy Rd. Walworth, NY 14568. Ph. (585) 314-1500 (8/10) Wanted: Miata interior parts for first-gen (1990-1997) car. Unload the leftovers from that Spec Miata or Production car build. Call Scott (585)506-7366 or (7/10) For Sale: 1972 MGB GT, Red, Full mechanical restoration including engine, steering, fuel system, suspension, brakes, electrical and floors. Body is very good, paint is good. Engine compartment painted and all under hood components

restored or replaced. Featured car in MG Car Club Spokes calendar for November 2009. Asking $7500. Call Dave at (585) 334-6838. (5/10)

For Sale: Buick Gran Sport, 1986, only 1029 made. V6 with Bosch fuel injection. Body restored, plus many new mechanical parts, interior excellent. Not a “winter beater.” Reduced to $3000. Contact Gene Dinkel (585) 383-0363 (12/09) Wanted: Finger Lakes Region SCCA member looking for scrap metal, batteries, wire, etc. Will help clean out yards, cellars, attics, garages, etc. Call Brian Barlow at (585) 289-8007 or e-mail (7/10)

Free Classified Ads for FLR Members To place a Classified Ad: Contact the editor at Ads will run for three issues, or longer if space allows. Be sure to notify the editor if your item has been sold or is otherwise no longer available. Your ad will also be published on the Finger Lakes Region's Web site in the Forum section ("Classified Ads") at viewforum.php?f=13. Classified Ads are free to members, $5.00 per issue for non-members.

Commercial Ad Rates # of Issues Full Page ½ Page ¼ Page Business Card

12 $500 275 150 75

6 $275 150 80 40

3 $150 80 45 20

1 $100 40 25 10

Contact the editor at for more info. 17

Membership Application REGION #62

Dear Prospective SCCA Member: To apply for membership in the Sports Car Club of America, the world’s largest member participation automotive organization, please complete the form below and return, with payment, to SCCA Membership Department, P. O. Box 299, Topeka, KS 66601-0299. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE Name _____________________________________ Birth date_________________ E-mail_______________________________________ / / Address___________________________________ Telephone_______________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________ State ________Zip __________________County __________________________ Have you been an SCCA member before?




Year ______________Previous Member # ____________________________

Please list name and age of spouse and children under age 21:

Spouse's Name____________________________________________________Birth date______ / ______ /______ Spouse's Member Number (if current member)________________________________________________________ Name___________________________________________________________Birth date______ / ______ /______ Name___________________________________________________________Birth date______ / ______ /______ Name___________________________________________________________Birth date______ / ______ /______ Name___________________________________________________________Birth date______ / ______ /______


Please indicate the area(s) of SCCA in which you plan to participate, or which interest you most. Your response will be used to allocate your national dues to the areas you indicate. Thank you. Club Racing

Pro Racing



Annual National Dues


Annual Regional Dues



REGULAR MEMBER..........................$65 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP.......................$85 FIRST GEAR (21 & Under) NEW CLUB RACING VOLUNTEER

+ +

REGULAR MEMBER.................$15 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP .............$25

= = = =

$80 $110 $45 $30

Enclosed is my check or Money Order for $____________________ U.S. VISA

Please send me a Crew License



No. ____________________________________ Exp. Date __________________________

I hereby apply for membership in the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., and its Finger Lakes Region (#62) and agree to abide by the bylaws. Applicant's Signature____________________________________________ Date __________________________ Dues include payment for subscription to SportsCar ($24 value). Dues are not deductible as charitable contribution.


September 2010

CALENDAR OF EVENTS for the Finger Lakes REGION September 2010

November 2010





FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Thiel’s, 753 Klem Rd., Webster, NY (Contact for further information)

FINGER LAKES Region SOLO Meeting - 7:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region General Membership Meeting - 8:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


SOLO Picnic, Noon - ‘til ?, Scottsville Firehall, 385 Scottsville – Mumford Rd., Brian Buchman ( 747-3808)


FINGER LAKES Region Rally Meeting, 7:30 p.m., 96 Church St., Victor, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)

October 2010 1-2

NEDiv Regional Race, (NARRC Runoffs), LimeRock, NYR




FINGER LAKES Region SOLO Meeting - 7:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region General Membership Meeting - 8:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


NEDiv Driver’s School, Glen, GLN


NEDiv Regional Enduro, Glen, GLN

9-10 NEDiv Regional Race (MARRS), Summit, WDC 10



NEDiv Regional Race (NYSRRC), Glen, GLN


FINGER LAKES Region Rally Meeting, 7:30 p.m., 96 Church St., Victor, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)


Finger Lakes Region Social Rally, Avon, Geneseo & Mt. Morris RallyRoad, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)

23-24 NEDiv Regional Race (NJRRS), NJMP, JRB 24


FINGER LAKES Region RALLYCROSS, Perry’s Park, ( (Alternate date 10/23) FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Thiel’s, 753 Klem Rd., Webster, NY (Contact for further information)

11-13 NEDiv Mini-Con, Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, Rochester, NY, FLR 14

FINGER LAKES Region RALLYCROSS, Perry’s Park, ( (Alternate date 11/13)


FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Thiel’s, 753 Klem Rd., Webster, NY (Contact for further information)

December 2010 7

FINGER LAKES Region SOLO Meeting - 7:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region General Membership Meeting - 8:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region Rally Meeting, 7:30 p.m., 96 Church St., Victor, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)


FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Thiel’s, 753 Klem Rd., Webster, NY (Contact for further information)

Finger Lakes REGION WEBSITE AND BULLETIN BOARD Facebook: 2010 September


Treasurer 753 Klem Rd. Webster, NY 14580 TOP END Editorial Staff 119 Brookview Dr., Rochester, NY 14617-3903

Finger Lakes REGION, SCCA INC.




Finger Lakes members seen running at the “Tire Rack” SCCA Solo Championships

Mike Toombs (not at the meeting)

Stefan Colegrove (beat your bro!)

Todd Miller (that’s a VW)

Jeffrey Colegrove (age slows you)

Tashko Sarakinov (from up north)

Paul Kreutzwiser (also Canadian)

TOP END - October 2010  

The official publication of the Finger Lakes Region of the Sports Car Club of America