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“Dress like you want to paint the world...”

The end of the year approaches, and what a bittersweet time it has been. We will be celebrating not only the holidays and the New Year, but also our 1st anniversary which I am very proud and grateful. A special thank you for all that have supported this new project I started a year ago! Expectations are always high when bringing a dream into reality. Thank you for trusting in your magazine and all the hard work that has gone into it. From amazing covers to fantastic articles, thank you to all those that made this possible. Models, stylists, photographers, and writers - you are all in my heart. I can’t thank you enough there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and pride in all that you do. We are ending the year and starting one full of changes and challenges, trusting that we can make this one better than the last. Join us in celebrating what has come to past and what soon will be. Happy holidays to all of you, and the best of wishes for 2017!

Angels Kristan CEO & EDITOR


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ello Dear readers, In this edition of Virtual Diva Magazine, we are honour to interview our Fashion Icon 2016 Without a doubt this man its a total inspiration for the Fashion Industry ... Hi Hikaru, our Magazine has Named you Fashion Icon 2016 and Im sure that all Second Life sees you like that... how this make you feel? Hello Angy, thank you so much for the title bestowed upon me! I am deeply humbled and honoured to receive this title and interview. Virtual Diva Magazine has picked out many of the most talented people in the industry each month over the year, and for me to be recognised as Fashion Icon 2016, I am very honoured as it means a lot to me. Thank you so much for this incredible honour.

Everything I learned in the academies had a strong impact on me. I gained my foundation of modelling knowledge from how to pose, walk, and style. They helped me to enhance my personal style which evolved with time. I was a Costa Rica Top Model and then participated in Ms Virtual World Academy from where I got invited as a BLVD Model after I got through the casting. It was a.. favourable alignment of the stars! I worked hard and I was lucky, and to this date I am very grateful for all the opportunities and experience I was entrusted. How did you decided to get into Fashion? what inspired and motivate you? It was pure interest and by chance, lucky chance. I love shopping and styling, and met people in the fashion industry who encouraged me to join and so I decided to become a model. It is great to be a part of the growth process of the Male Fashion Industry. Do you remember the 1st style you made?

I bet takes a lot hard work , tell me about your start in fashion industry? From the very beginning when I first ventured into Second Life, on 3rd October 2010, I was intrigued by the flexibility of fashion styling in here, and from having fun on personal styling, very soon opportunities came my way and I got into modelling both runway and print work. And in August 2011, I became the Costa Rica SL Hottest Bachelor, and CRSP Top Model of the Year 2011. That lead me to blog for Costa Rica, BeStyle and KMADD, and it all grew from there. I continue to participate in the many facets of the Fashion Industry, and now I am also Editor-in-Chief of L’Homme Magazine SL, with which our goal is to provide a useful source of current Fashion information for the Men in Second Life.

I remember the first style I made! I used items from several designers and made it my style with accessories that I love the most. I love fur and back then Takuya (::GABRIEL::) made a lot of fur. Omg... me go crazy about it. I love piercings too, and I am the first model with piercings walking on the runway. Any changes from that one to the last one? It is still inherently me. Fur..piercings.. The items all but look even more realistic and beautiful now with mesh in Second Life. That first one was five years ago, I do hope I have improved, on styling and on my photography skills. It is a never-ending learning process! What will you change in this 1st style you made?

What was the 1st Academy you went? I went to three academies all in one go! Opium, Ms Virtual World Academy, and Avenue Academy. I was crazy enthusiastic. When I set my mind on doing something, I give it my all. I know that sounds crazy, hard and imposible for some people, but for me as i was used to hard work, and hungry for knowlage, that was the normal thing to do.

Hm that’s hard question but honestly nothing. Back then it was quite the fashion-forward styling. That was best what I could do back then with items I had , that was my starting point and the style which will define me in future. Even then in my first style, I went beyond the comfort zone styling for the outfit with combining piercings and furs and other items. From back then till today, face piercings and furs stayed present in my styles and naturally they become my trademarks.

What you remember impact you the most in this academy?


Any special moment you remember and your long journey in fashion industry? Wow, it has been more than five years and as intensive as the fashion people’s schedules can get, I did meet many awesome people involved in the business. I would say meeting the people who to this date are still in touch and has become closest friends are the special moments which I appreciate and is grateful always. Of course, the awards bestowed upon me over the years are special moments that gave me valuable experience. I am Editor-in-Chief of L’Homme Magazine SL and these are some of my achievements Costa Rica SL Hottest Bachelor. (August 2011) CRSP Top Model of the year (2011) MR. V NORWAY 2012 - Finalist for Mr Virtual World Cover & Feature Story in 0’Clock n°4 in June 2014 by Sidney Mopp AVI Choice Award Top Model 2015 Blogger of the Month - ModeLS Magazine October 2016 Issue 42 AVI Choice Awards 2016: - Winner of Favorite Male Fashion Model - Top5 Nominee of Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical (L’Homme Magazine SL) - Top5 Nominee of Favorite Blogger, Overall - Nominee of Favorite Blog or Website, Overall (HIKARU ENIMO) - Nominee of Favorite Customer Service (L’Homme Magazine SL. Readers Group) - Nominee of Favorite Second Life Group (L’Homme Magazine SL. Readers Group) What do you think is the most challenging part of being a model? I still get butterflies in my tummy when I have to do runways. I am a perfectionist and so it gets nerve-wrecking on live shows because anything can happen. I guess..most challenging part of being a model, is to stay confident of yourself. You are picked and entrusted with the clients’ creation because they see something in you that they like for their products. So stay confident and be yourself, continue to work on your own unique image, have good work ethics and everything else will fall into place naturally. Now we all know for sure! you are popular, very much its this a good or bad thing for you? Being popular is positive and works for me if what I work towards for fashion, that is to present fashionable styles available to the men in Second Life, helps someone find their own style. Not copy wholesale but draw inspiration from my styling to create their own. Bad thing would be..if anyone should cross the line and disrespect my privacy. Even though being constantly in the public eye, I still am a person and would appreciate to be able to enjoy my personal special moments in Second Life. It can get rather stressful being watched all the time, and being judged for every choice I make, or just about anything..


� Even then in my first style, I went beyond the comfort zone� 13

How do you handle this?

What does it take to be one?

Being popular is stressful and hard to handle at times. There was a time when I simply just went clubbing with close friends or having my own quiet time which I use to recharge myself. On the other hand, my busy schedule helps in keeping me focused on the more important things. There is so much to do on a daily basis at times the day starting with no less than a hundred messages and notices, that there is just no time to over-think but to handle each item on my to-do list one after the other. Being myself makes it easier in dealing with just about anything and getting things done.

I think it comes from within us. Dare to be You. Let the clothes work for you and bring out your own unique personality. Accessorise to enhance not cloud the image. Each one of us will give a different feel with the exact same piece of fashion creation, which is great, it is what it should be, and makes our world more inter

How will you define your style? Fashion-forward, modish, avant-garde, yet with an underlining touch of classic chic. Tailored with a well-formed clever twist of embellishment to enhance. Casual yet sophisticated. Fur. I love fur. Do you consider yourself a Fashion Icon? A Fashion Icon, who is able to style and carry the look and yet own a unique aura is recognisable. It is a big honour if I am considered one in anyone’s eyes. I love Fashion. I am in the Fashion Industry in Second Life. I continue to work towards getting the most current best mix of fashion creations available presented to the Men in Second Life in my publication L’Homme Magazine SL, my blog and naturally the clothes on me. Together with the products of the super creative designers in Second Life, I would hope to spark a hot trend once in a while. Hence with this mission statement of my magazine, the core purpose of my work, I do strive to work towards being a Fashion Icon.

We all love your pictures, very unique and special touch...what is your process to create them? Music. Music inspires me. I listen to the song that sparks an idea for my image creation and play it on repeat right up til completion and good to post. Same as everyone else I spend some time looking at the items I have and want to use in my pictures. While doing that I usually get a vision how I want my picture to look like and after it’s all sorted in my head, the shooting starts. I am in the blogger team for several Designers and Events, which means I have access to browse a huge palette of the most current pixel goodies to put together and I do shop a lot too. Ok we have a very fun Game Words in our magazine for our cover story? you ready? 1st thing comes to your mind..? ready? White... Light Magic.. Moment True or False... True Things make you smile... Family


� I had butterflies in my stomach when they announced my categories. “ 15


Favorite time of the date Dinner Dream Killing zombies in my sleep jk jk lol to be free is the answer Nighmare Stalkers Future Success l will like to make you few more questions now that you won the award of Favorite Male Fashion Model in Avi Awards , you are having so much going on this year, how do you feel about winning this prize? Share with us your first impressions please.. This year I was lucky to get tickets for the Avi Choice Awards. Watching it live is quite a thrill, I had butterflies in my stomach when they announced my categories. I have been in this industry for five years and have been to many of these events, but I live for these surprising moments that still make me nervous. Heart-thumping when they read nominee names and then announced the winner, and then I hear my name and I go “woo!!” and jumped from my chair! It is a great honour to win and to be amongst the most favoured of the residents in Second Life. To be nominated is reassuring, and then to win is just so heartwarming. I truly appreciate all the support from each and every resident. This spurs me on to continue my work, and makes it all worthwhile to sleep only two hours a day, and to do as much as I can. I love what I do but it can get hectic, and so winning this prize is a huge motivation especially so since these are votes from Second Life Residents and especially because this is the Grande Finale of Avi Choice Awards.

Do you thing there is something else to learn? Most definitely. We learn everyday. There is always more to learn, on top of upgrading the skills we think we know already. But just because we did it before, does not mean it is enough. Always be on the lookout for new things to learn, that sparks our creativity too. It is how we continue to grow and get better at what we love to do. You were also nominated for some many other categories like best magazine, by the way its there nothing you dont do?i had to ask... how do you balance your time to do so many things? L’Homme Magazine was nominated as Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical, and We were in Top 5! It is a big honour for us. There are some things I don’t do, at least not yet, but you will never know I may surprise you with new things . Balance is hard at times with First Life work and then so much going on for me in Second Life. There are moments when my time management goes awry and close friends will nag at me for doing too much at the cost of my health, sleeping only two hours a day. But I love what I do or I won’t do it, that is the core strength of how I manage. How difficult has it been for you to get to this point? It does take hard work and dedication to get to this point in my life. When I look back now on years behind me, I see all my achievements, my successes, but they didn’t happen over night and just like that they are my personal reward for learning, for hard work and sleepless nights. There are ups and downs, being known also brings haters, and then health scares, and I hardly have time to sleep having to work in First Life too. However, I must be grateful that I have met many people along the way that has become very dear friends and I know they have helped and support me in many ways. I am very thankful for having them in my life, gets me through the toughest time and so I did not


“ I would say a good full quality magazine must have its own special niche. Not to be too greedy and turn it into a catalogue.� 18

However, I must be grateful that I have met many people along the way that has become very dear friends and I know they have helped and support me in many ways. I am very thankful for having them in my life, gets me through the toughest time and so I did not give up. You are in it... still dificult? or things got easy? I’d never assume things are easy now and slack off. It is easier in the sense that I have progressed in the learning curve and yes there is more to learn but I have my foundation skills and five years of experience now. All sorts of challenges pop up all the time! I try to take that in a positive light and see them as refreshing new experiences to add to my journey.

Running a magazine its not easy we both know, what you thing it takes to make a good full of quality magazine? Running of magazine is very hard work. It is intense work. It is very important to have your own vision on how you want the next issue to look like, and with very careful planning and organisation of work, to eventually get it into production. I would say a good full quality magazine must have its own special niche. Not to be too greedy and turn it into a catalogue. It has to have soul. Inspire our readers when they browse the magazine.

close friends. Those times are the precious time for me and those times I use to recharge myself for new challenges.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Interview our 1st Fashion Icon 2016 and you own it 100 porcent ! Congratulations in this year and the ones to come, any final words for our readers? Thank you so much Angy, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you everyone for your support and love. Never give up on your dreams. Follow your dreams together with hard work, because it is the only way to be successful. Since it is the end of the year, I will use this chance to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a great start of the New Year! Thank you to you too and Happy Holidays and New Year! to you and all of readers.

Being famous, winning awards, being our Fashion icon of course! tons of people following you,fans that want to be with you.. how do you stay focus being this your usual life? Indeed there are many distractions, and some rather destructive that can easily drive a person to the edge. It all comes down to the core of being in it because I love doing this. Don’t mistake temptations for opportunities. Famous or not, with or without awards, I am always Me and that is most important thing, to be truly Me no matter what. I would find balance and time for myself, time which I will spend, alone or with my loved ones or with 19






LE 24



Dear readers, We are happy to present to you a new section within Virtual Diva Magazine.”Inside The Vision”. This section, we will be presenting to you the best photographers within SL. All unique and recognized all over the grid!

A. Yes Lez is correct

You are so Artistic in your work, one of the things I love most is your painting effects, and how you use them. Love the way you recreate hands, feet, posing, textiles effects, and where you are This issue we have with us Lez. We are able to place wind inside or outside the honored to have you here with us for this Portrait. Anniversary issue of Virtual DIva Magazine Lez. How are you? Q. Did you ever think you would become such an amazing photographer A. I am very well, Thank you. I hope you when you started within SL? are as well. A. I don’t know about that, but i have Let’s first begin, is Lez the correct name, fun, and I have met very nice people in

my years here, so I keep going. I learn something new each time i do a Portrait pretty much. Q. How did you start of in becoming a photographer in SL? A. I was making a Portrait of myself and a friend, and i noticed it was missing SL art, so I created for Wall within SL.


Q. Do you remember your first Photography job? Can you share that memory? A. -OMG that was so long ago, long before this avatar. I guess words were passing around about my images, and a girl wanted a Portrait sitting in a super wild pose. It took me forever, and I realized i need

” Well I personally try to know and learn the person that has come to me for work. They have my full attention..”

use this same format and rules from RL to SL. Q. Do you think you still have the same abilities now as you did then? A. -Oh I have learned so much on how to use sl poser, animation, viewer options and camera controls, also it is the same for photo shop, the program has much improved over the years. Q. What was one of the Photographs you enjoyed working on the most? A. I spend a good amount of time looking at Flickr, and i’m very impressed by the people and the work, that I comment. (there are far too many to list, and I’d beat myself if forgot one by name and not another) Every Artist tries to improve, progress, explore, and learn more. They have my admiration. Q. Do you think a photographer can get to a point, that nothing more can be learned?

“Every Artist tries to improve, progress, explore, and learn more. They have my admiration...”

A. NO, sometimes there is just a need to shake things up and change the routine, and think about your next step. Q. Can anyone be a Photographer you think? or do they need certain qualities? A. This is a complicated question. I will say yes! First if somebody wants to do creative things, there is nothing that can stop that. Indeed some people have eyes from the start, and some have to learn to develope that. in both cases, if there isn’t a personal effort to learn, evolve,and challenge yourself....doubt will appear in the end result. Q. What would you recommend to those starting in photography? A. To pile up on groups within Flickr and practice. When you feel comfident about your style and quality, you go out and offer your services outside your friends circle.. It is very important to always respect your time and effort when setting your prices. Q. What do you think gives the unique touch that makes you shine in this industry? A industry that is full of people that want to have great success as a photographer within SL? A. I guess respect and discreton. being humble and open minded. When someone chooses you for a Portrait, it becomes more than a snap shot of a virtual Avatar, it is you capturing someone more in a feeling, mood, or special moment. Q. When you are taking a Photo, what goes through your mind? 27

A. Well I personally try to know and learn the person that has come to me for work. They have my full attention through the full shoot. If they are new,I am listening even more about what they want. Q. How would you define your style? A. Empathic. I play a lot to the lighting i guess. I work to add feeling to any image. Q. How do you normally start your Photograph? What inspires you in your creating process? A. Depending on the request, I will use clean up on the background, and from there I will fix all flaws around the avatar...the rest is my secrete..HAHA Q. Any future plans within SL? A. I kinda love his new Bento! So yes probably will make a few animations, and perhaps will do a bit more mesh work. We would like to ask a few more questions, so our readers can learn just a bit more about you, if you do not mind of course. A. I dont Mind Great let’s start! Q. What was the best moment in your life? A. When i met Apple Q. What would you like to photograph, that you havent so far? A. Those cute child avatars Q. What is your favorite place to work? A. Offline..but in SL its my studio Q. What music can inspire you? A. Arianne Moffatt, Sarah McLachlan, Adelle, Amy Winehouse, leonard cohen, rufus wainwright and Martha wainwright... I can go on. Q. What do you love most about yourself? A. HAHA...Empathy! Q. What do you hate the most? A. My Silence Q. Do you have any tips for our readers on Photography? A. Take time...and be yourself Q. What do you like most? Past, present, Future, and Why? A. The past..because it’s rhyme with fast and vast We here at Virtual DIva would love to thank you for taking time to tell our readers about your life and styles for this very special Anniversary Edition of VD Magazine. It has been a pleasure! Any final words you want to share with everyone?


A. Well, that was fun , thank you for your time. Never be shy or think I am too busy for answer you or chat.


“Every Artist tries to improve, progress, explore, and learn more. They have my admiration...�












We can do it! Be unique… your virtual fingerprint here! The season of Christmas for Second life gatherings is approaching and the inescapable inquiry is the thing that to wear?

by romantomas


The season of Christmas for Second life gatherings is approaching and the inescapable inquiry is the thing that to wear? This is really not a simple inquiry to answer in light of the fact that each avatar and groups are so diverse along these lines is each gathering. So I have found outfit ideas for casual Christmas party to help you boys with your choices: Santa´s Helpers: Why it has to be green or red?

Don’t be afraid to incorporate colour and build on leather colour palette that the military trend capitalises on. Team your brown or green with bright whites, vermillion reds, bright cobalts and don’t be afraid to try out other tones of green for a dimensional approach.

Santa Hat v2.3.2




he season of Christmas for Second life gatherings is approaching and the

inescapable inquiry is the thing that to wear? This is really not a simple inquiry to answer in light of the fact that each avatar and groups are so diverse along these lines is each gathering. So I have found outfit ideas for casual Christmas party to help you boys with your choices:

Snow boy

Highlighter red and glowing orange were the neon tones most favoured mixing with tartan textures, yet we saw a total technicolour saturation with the return to bolder, brighter colours. Adapt this trend for your casual looks with novel neon touches, like watches, sunnies and scarves. For more earnest occasions, opt for subtle hints of neon in ties, pocket squares and socks, but don’t go overboard cause it´s very cold!.




Stripes on Christmas? Pinstripes, wide stripes and mixed stripes took over suiting and casual styling alike, and it was evident more than ever before that this essential outfit would not be going anywhere. There was a predominant color “black” choice for stripes, however, with navy and blue versions earning the top spot. Lines will always be pleasing for casual wear. Be trendy this Holidays! Izzie’s - Retro Sunglasses (male) Druidic Nature Necklace - Sacred Oak L&B Swear (Ath) Jacket - “Classic”

Mesh_Mens Casual Chino Pants M by Meli




The last! Ghost of Xmas Future The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, also known as The Ghost of Christmas Future, sometimes The Spirit of Christmas Future or The Spirit of Christmas Yet-to-Come, is a fictional character in English novelist Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. And we don´t to use… the common Suit for this Xmas… trying to be the elegant and unique Ghost! The spirit shows Scrooge a vision of his unmourned death in the near future, as well as the death of Tiny Tim. In this movie, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is a large, faceless wraith. Thanks people for this amazing year in Virtual Diva! Have a great time with family, friends, and we´ll see you in January! Xoxo! The season of Christmas for Second life gatherings is approaching and the inescapable inquiry is the thing that to wear? This is really not a simple inquiry to answer in light of the fact that each avatar and groups are so diverse along these lines is each gathering. So I have found outfit ideas for casual Christmas party to help you boys with your choices: Christmas holly wreath *Dura-B&G*72 - HAIR-LIGHT ::GB::Military long coat (Slink ) Red *[MANDALA]Hannya Necklace/black/double/spine














Virtual Diva - Fusion Pants Suit Foxes Faux Fox Foxes Cozy Fur Scarf The Annex Karenina Fur Hat



Dress : ryvolter Gaine Ribbed Knit Sweater Fur : Indyra Claudette Fursleeves : Coco Boots : N-Core Zelda Hair : Lelutka A-NV-0003 Jewels : Lazuri Cocoa



Hairs: eXxEsS : JEZINKA B - Hat: Snowpaws - Vintage Lynx Fur Hat - Stole: Snowpaws - Vintage Lynx Fur Stole - Shorts: Sage- Lacey Shorts MAITREYA - Collant: [EA] Tea Collant (Black2) APPLIER -Maitreya- Bag: MdiModa - 006 Handbag Leather Wild Black



+ Peqe - Mystic Flow (Yellow) + IAF - Fur Jacket V2 + CHOP ZUEY - Samhain (Gold) + Slink - Siren Leather Stilettoes (Gold) + Mon Cheri - Lovely Solid + booN - Lab.005 hair (Black Pack)





Dress : ryvolter Gaine Ribbed Knit Sweater Fur : Indyra Claudette Fursleeves : Coco Boots : N-Core Zelda Dress : ryvolter Gaine Ribbed Knit Sweater Fur : Indyra Claudette Fursleeves : Coco Boots : N-Core Zelda 65




Coat: Baiastice_Chevron Coat-Gold Pattern Skirt: VM VERO MODERO / Leather Skirt Fur stole: *JB* Fur Stole Sable – Crocker: Zuri Rayna - Charlotte Short Choker V3 Onyx/Topaz/Chocolate Earrings : Zuri Rayna- Charlotte Earrings -Onyx/Topaz/Chocolate Ring: Zuri Rayna- Charlotte Ring - Onyx/Topaz/Chocolate Socks: ~Cannibelle~ Ribbed Overknee Sock – Brick





Hair : booN Lab.053 hair Hair: booN Lab.cornrows base Hair: *barberyumyum*bangs Makeup: Bossie.bole eyeliner 04 Makeup: TheSkinShop(lipstick) Top: Mimikri - Fur Jacket / Alba Top: Mimikri - Tank Top / Delphine Bottom: ryvolter- Matiu Split Flare Pants Accessory: Rowne.Ertel Pearl Choker






Coat by S&P Sophie Necklace by MINIMAL - Azcina Hair by Rowne Raquel Nails by Cazimi Lips by DeeTaleZ Tintable Lips











“A Xmas angel is funny, sexy and sweet like a candy cane, she brings hope and joyfull with her smile...”



“Christmas has a lovely glow about it, a touch of stardust and magic. My Angel spreads a magical shine and sparkle all around her during the Christmas season and makes sure that Christmas is glittering and romantic wherever she goes...�



“A ngel at Christmas is an angel who brings peace on earth and goodwill toward everyone....�


“I Being a Fantasy Angel during the holidays means being the fire on those cold winter nights. It ’s a chance to make a loved one or stranger’s day brighter with acts of kindness. t represents energy and provides us with everything that we can not do without, which is peace, love, harmony and joy....”




PhotographY by Magissa Denver

“It represents energy and provides us with everything that we can not do without, which is peace, love, harmony and joy. The angel represents illusion in each of us, and our fellow men...�


“Xmas angel who is very pleased that seasons came. She is dancing joy with a snow fairy. Xmas is full of joy.�



“A ngel at Christmas is an angel the flies and spread all the joy all over the world.. “



“These are moments of joy and happiness but also of sadness ... because around the table it lacks people.We think of our deceased, the sick, ... Christmas is also the period for humanitarian donations. 92



“We love the Christmas Season, and Angel in Christmas bring the God News of Love and Hope ...”



;A Xmas angel is funny, sexy and sweet like a candy cane, she brings hope and joyfull with her smile’...




























Hat: Enfant Terrible - Vintage Girl Hair: Bold & Beauty - Ellen Liner: New Faces - Fierce Lipstick: Alaskametro - Runway Nails: Ghee - Fall Earring: Tracei - Belize Necklace: Meva - Flower Braid Stole: Pseudo - Queen Top: Pixicat - Signe 119



Coat - Plastix Leopard Overall - Jeune by Rowne Issa Flair Top - Erratic Tia Bag - ISON Folded Leather Clutch Hair - Rowne Salon Sascha Jewelry - Lazuri Blume Top: Zanze - Talia Skirt: FurtaCor - Amanda Tights: Elya - Caffe ty...� 121


Coat - Asteria Ivory Fur Turtleneck top - Just because Lucie Legging - Drift LouLou Earmuffs - Bowtique Jeweled Ribbon Hair - Baiastice Emma Hair Earrings - Xia’s Boutique Ornament Earrings



Gizza: Ashly tunic with Oriana bustier Ch’s: Jaina boots Izzie: Sheer tights for Maitreya Zibska : Makeup Shir & Tempt Slack Girl : Panic lash


Dress: VM VERO MODERO / Courage Dress Hair: TRUTH VIP - Sugar Accesories: Chop Zuey Gift Ophelia Set - Gold b Pose: ProPose Styling

ultural and modern. Creates and expression of art with a own identity full or style and orinality...� 126



Ph and Model: Onix Noir Location: Telrunya Winter Dress and Stole: -AZUL- Iolanda Shoes: Sonatta Morales *8*- Marion Shoes By Meva: Claws Golden




Dress: Sonatta Morales *8* - Eleseren Brianna Collection - Shanghai Gloves: Sweet Thing - Madame Laveau Gloves Jewelry: CHOP ZUEY - Love Speak Low Earrings and Necklace


Hair ~ Boon ANO64 Flowers in Hair ~ TRUTH Gold Flowers Jewlery ~ Necklace (Yummy ) Gold Bead Choker Earrings ~ MANDALA PollyBracelet Yummy Pearls & Diamonds Gown ~ FLORA In Blue 132






his Winter, look for the ultra dark mouth and the smokey eye trends to continue and, as the temperatures drop even lower, these lesser known looks will soon be under the spotlight.The great glossy lips and the glowy complexion. If you have a clear complexion, choose a pinkish or champagne color. For middle tones, an apricot tinted color will illuminate the face of a thousand fires. For dark complexions, bet everything on the gilt. Sparkle! This Winter, glitter will be everywhere, especially on the eyes! For those not ready to be completely glitterfied, a line of spangled eyeliner will add a hint of sparkle for a more modest sparkle. The eyes have it. A good smokey eye is as alluring as ever in deep and dark tints from navy blue, forest green, anthracite, and rich mahogany. The bleached eyebrow has been all the rage for the season, but the natural brow will always be a timeless classic.


hat do you think of think of these Winter trends? Which will you try first?









Winter is coming! It has been delightful to see all the glory and glitter not only along the city streets, but also within the world of fashion! As winter approaches, I have 2 new styles to present to you - very unique and elegant, and very very romantic. Hope you enjoy it! Let’s start witha must have Casual Chic. We are including a couple of things to get the perfect casual and warm look. 138

A pair of skinny pants with some nice Winter booties - The key is to draw from the same color palette for a more harmonious look each and every time. Winter Fur Pullover - Faux fur is never out of style. Remember not to go overboard with accessories though. Sometimes less is more. Our second style is perfect for the Winter bride! Isn’t the gown just a dream come true?! If you want to get this look, keep reading!

The key is to draw from the same color palette for a more harmonious look each and every time.



WINTER BRIDE Every bride has her day and you can make your special day Become the ultimate vision of beauty and grace

ROMANCE AND ELEGANCE This is a perfect combination of fur, lace, and Winter. Combine different lightly colored fabrics for a tender and soft look and add a little touch of classic vintage for the ultimate in timeless romance. I just love it enough to hope that I was getting married just so I could wear it! Every bride has her day and you can make your special day even more so by combining looks and textures to become the ultimate vision of beauty and grace not soon forgotten! Keep mixing, keep trying, keep being yourself!






Here is your Virtual Diva Reporter of Clubs Ramsa

2. What Dance Island do better if is what it is

Luv. I want Report this CLUB The DANCE ISLAND


Hang out with friendly deejays in a family-like atmosphere at The Northern Light. Visit in Second Life

3. What you dont like Dance Island ? NOTHING AT ALL, AN EXELENT PLACE TO

Club Name - Dance Island


Hi all my vision this club is amazing music and styl-

4. Extra comments to magazine readers from

ist no bad words.

Dance Island? rECOMMNED IT 100%!

Virtual Diva Magazine Interview to Angels Kristan from Ramsa Luv

Thanks for reading this đ&#x;™‚ â?¤

I want interview Virtual Diva Magazine Owner and

Greetings: Ramsa Luv Hi all my vision this club i

her visions of Dance Island.

pure style and i see nice persons around me and cool athmosphere so no bad words.

1. What you like mostlyThE Dance Island ? Decoring, Music, peoples or? tell your own words. everything! its the perfect place to relax and have fun!









” I think that each one has different visions and that it also changes as time passes. One feels right one day, might not the following one.” love photography so much? Helping us celebrate our 1st Anniversary is another amazing talent, Leah, and we are so excited to have you with us and grateful that you have taken the time to allow the interview! Leah is one of the most talented photographers in SL. She has a very tender touch that she gives to every picture she makes to give each one its unique beauty. Thank you so much for doing this! How are you? Leah: Hello! I’m great! Thank you for having me! How are you? * I’m great, thanks!

Leah: I think photography is a way to express my creativity and feelings. SL and its possibilities give me such a freedom that it is very fullfilling.

How long have you been a photographer? Leah: Well, the first picture I did for a contest was back in 2008. Since then I’ve been taking



pictures and learning more and more about how to improve them. I was away for a few years in between, but I’m glad What do you think a photo be back. tographer’s vision should be? You use the same techniques now that you did in the be- Leah: I think that each one has different visions and that gining? it also changes as time passLeah: No, it has evolved es. One feels right one day, through the years. I’ve learned might not the following one. new tricks, new ways of editing But that doesn’t mean that it them, and also SL has changed was wrong, it is just that idea lot! When I first started we as, feelings, sensations change, didn’t even have tattoo layers, and that reflects on your or sculpties, those came even work and pictures. later. Then mesh, and now Bento. It is definitely never boring Do you think photography in Second Life is the same as in in here! Real Life?

“I love taking pictures of avatars, to show their unique style and beauty...”

Leah: No, it isn’t. SL allows you to do things that in RL you could never do. But in RL you can do many things that aren’t possible in here. Both are amazing, but they are very different.

♦ What do you like most about photography? Leah: I love taking pictures of avatars, to show their unique style and beauty. Those are probably my favourite. Also to come up with a concept, prepare a set, find the right light, angle, the whole process is fantastic. ♦ What is your favorite kind of photography? Leah: I love most of them, but I’m not very keen on morphing with RL pictures. It is not something I like doing, what’s more, I try to avoid it. ♦ Do you remember your first photographs? Please share with us that memory. Leah: Well, I took snapshots in SL for a while, but the first real planned photography I took was for a store contest, back in 2008. It is funny because it is still available in my Flickr, because it is the first ones I posted there. • ♦ Do you think you still have the same abilities now that you did then? Leah: Well I’d like to think that now I can take and edit pictures in a better way, but you should judge that by yourself! haha I do know that my workflow for taking and editing the pictures is different. ♦ Do you believe that anyone can be a photographer? Or does it require special abilities and qualities? Leah: I think that with practice and hard work anybody can do it. But it takes long hours, trial and error, and looking at thousands of pictures to get inspired and learn. It is just a matter of commitment, and maybe finding someone to mentor you, or help you when you have questions. 151




♦ What kind of pictures do you enjoy the most? Leah: I love all kinds of pictures, but I think that the ones who tell stories are the ones who get to me the most. ♦ How will you define your style?

♦ We like to ask fast questions to get fast answers so our readers can know more about you. Hope you’re ready! Black or white? - Black ♦ Best moment of your SL? - Everytime I spend with my dear friends :)

Leah: I don’t really know if I have one style, but some people told me that they are very colourful and they tell stories. I honestly don’t know. I usually do what feels right for each style, for each concept, idea or feeling. It depends a lot with my own mood.

♦ What would you like to photograph that you haven’t been able to yet? - Maybe do some scenery photography. There are so many stunning sims out there.

♦ When you are taking a picture, what goes through your mind ?

♦ Favorite music? - I’m currently listening to lots of amazing acoustic covers in youtube, like Boyce Avenue, Meagan Davis, Noah Guthrie, and more.

Leah: It depends on what I am trying to achieve with it, but it relates to finding a good angle, the combination of lights, the pose, etc. ♦ Talk us through how you create a picture. How do you start the process? Leah: I don’t start editing them until I take a raw picture that I really love. Because if the starting point doesn’t satisfy me, then I won’t like the outcome, it won’t feel right. Then I take it to the editing program and start fixing the little details, correcting things that don’t look good, etc. Then I start working on the lights, shades, colours, etc. Sometimes I add a quote or a sentence, those usually come to my mind when I’m taking the pic, and I translate that as to part of the image. ♦ Right now are you working with some agency? or a special proyect? Leah: Currently I’m taking pictures for Eclipse Magazine and for The Fashion Teller books. I’m also in some other projects but they are still on the organizing steps. I’m always doing also pictures for customers and for my LookBook. ♦ Do you have any plans for the future? Tell us about them!

♦ Single or taken? - I’m married in RL. ♦ Things you enjoy the most? - Being with my family and friends, taking pictures, listening to live music in SL, watching movies, travelling, reading, and the list goes on... ♦ You worst fear? - Fire and dying. ♦ One of the things you are 100 percent sure of? - I love my life. ♦ One of your best qualities? - I think it would be that I love helping others.

Thank you,Leah, for taking this time to allow us to know more about you. It was a real pleasure! Any final words you would like to share with our readers? Leah: Thank you so much for having me! I’m truly honored!!!!! Well, if they need help with their pictures they can always contact me! :D Thank you again and happy holidays!

Leah: Keep learning, trying new things, and taking more pictures!







The charming atmosphere makes this incredibly relaxing and familiar landscape. Characteristic of this place, are the huge and giant trees which lend a magical atmosphere adorable photogenic village themed Second Life destination.

Garden of Dreams is an enchanting 160

Where SL will take us...

BY Francesca Morgaine Muse

Second Life offers us many options to share as couples and among the many obligations we might had, give us that special time to be together and share all of that day with your special someone. 161




The Spirit of Second Life’s Christmas. Christmas is here, are you ready to welcome it? There are many happy occasions that we welcome every year and we have to prepare ourselves to celebrate them. That includes decorating our SL homes or event look for some beautiful related theme sims is considered to be one of the most important things that should be done every year for celebrating such occasions. You cannot celebrate any occasion whether it is with your family or friends without preparing yourself and home for this. For Christmas which is one of the happiest occasions that we wait for each year, you will find that there are many things which you need to do in your home to be able to celebrate this occasion. You may find yourself confused and do not know how to start or what to prepare to be able to welcome Christmas. Putting the right items can help you to decorate your SL home and make it more than inviting not just for you and your family, but also for all of those who may visit you to celebrate this happy occasion with you in SL. So happy sims hunting or shopping and Merry Christmas! Pictures taken at: SL Christmas Expo Christmas at the Winter Holiday Village Pandora Resort












The 1 year Anniversary of Virtual Diva Magazine is here!! We are proud to kick this issue off with our Cover Fashion Icon of 2016, and unsto...

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