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2 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

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Publisher’s Letter


We never stop learning, we never stop growing and I think that is the beauty

of life, and everyday to expect the unexpected. At Virtual Diva Magazine we

are challenged to grow in every possible way in each issue, with the firm idea

of bringing you the best of the best. In this Spring issue, we are presenting

you a very special and unique concept because we like to go where no one

has gone before. We dedicate our magazine trends to music. I grew up in

an artistic family. Not a lot of people know this, but in real life I have been

singing since I was 12 years old—professionally, and on special occasions

with my family. I studied theater for several years, and have a good graphic

design career. My mother is a retired actress and an art teacher, my sister

is an opera singer and my brother a professional cellist. All my life I have

grown up with art and artists, so I cannot conceive fashion without it and

in this issue we show you how they combine and end up in an explosion

6 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018


of talents and feelings. Like I always say, dress like how you want to paint


the world, and we paint with music. So get ready to find the best trends for


Spring and Summer inspired by one of the most powerful forms of expression,


Music, as shown in our stunning Fantasy Angels section, our Fashion Trends


and some great articles that you will find very interesting. Also take a close


look at our Miss Virtual Diva 2018 candidates in their audition gowns, and


of course don’t forget to pick your favorite. Our traditional Blogger of the


Season section, and back in our magazine is the Inside the Vision section, the


place where we share and promote art talent that is not only in Second Life,


but in also in real life. So many people were involved to get this issue done,


and I don’t have enough words to say thank to all of you, always a delight


to work with all of you. Now sit back, enjoy and let the rhythm get you!


An g e l s K rist an


Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 7

EDITOR’S LETTE R Facebook we accepted their Terms of Service (#9. About Advertisements and Other Commercial Content Served or Enhanced by Facebook - terms.php), which essentially states that data gathered by them may be shared with third parties and used to feed us advertising based on our activities and interests. Sounds harmless right? But this recent scandal is blatant abuse of power and psychological manipulation in my opinion. The default security setting on Facebook is minimal at best—everyone sees everything you post. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can manually change your Security and Privacy settings to limit who sees what. You should also visit the Apps and Ads section to see what companies are doing with your data and make the appropriate adjustments. Facebook has step-by-step instructions on how to do this here https://www.facebook. com/help/262314300536014/. There are also numerous instructional YouTube videos on how to change your Facebook settings, one of my favorites is here https:// I’m using this season’s Editor’s Letter to write about something that happened recently that may have altered the way in which I use Facebook and other social media platforms in future. Last month whistleblower Christopher Wylie disclosed that the company he worked for, Cambridge Analytica, had a hand in possibly influencing several elections around the world using data acquired from millions Facebook users. This included the Brexit vote and elections in the US (2016), Nigeria and Trinidad & Tobago. Cambridge exploited Facebook to harvest our profiles, built a data mine of what they knew about us and fed us information (true or false) to manipulate our thinking and ignite strong emotions that possibly affected our decision at the ballot

I most definitely have trust issues with Facebook right now, and I’m seriously contemplating deactivating my Facebook account. I may lose access to some of my favorite apps and games, friendships and family connections made over the years, my network of people with similar interests and my followers, but it’s ok. Heck, many have moved on from ICQ, AOL and MySpace...some have already moved on from Facebook, so I’ll be just fine if I did the same...and I most certainly will be doing things differently hence forth. Understand that Facebook and third party apps are gathering data about you that will eventually be used for monetary purposes. Know this when you sign up for


those fun free apps, like and click on ads or share and comment on any type of content from your friends. Make

This is upsetting but not surprising. When we joined

the necessary adjustments so that YOU can socialize and play smarter.

Jena Adder Editor in Chief

8 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Publisher Angels Kristan Editor in Chief Jena Adder Graphic Design Angels Kristan Copy Editor Sarahelisebeth Brenham Writers Angels Kristan, AriannaJasmine, Jena Adder, Maya-el Kusumah, Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photographers Angels Kristan, Caesar Langer, Jamee Sandalwood, LukaBenton Maya-el Kusumah, Shantal Gravois, Susanne Drechsler, Valeria Endrizzi Models/Stylists in this issue Averil, Arianna Jasmine, BloodyMistress Serenity, Caesar Langer, Daneen Sands, Dragonguyuk Fabbyoung, Federica Galtier Jamee Sandalwood, Joys Cuttita Luka Benton, Misoindite Romano Memole Giha,NikitaDaviau Vlodovic Roxaane Fyanucci, Sydney Ashbourne Tryska Moon Virtual Diva Models The Fantasy Angels On the Cover SlackGirl Photographed by Susanne Drechsler

©2018, Virtual Diva Magazine. All rights reserved. Second Life™ is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc. No infringement is intended.

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12 Cover Story Slack Girl

10 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

22 Bloggers of the Season

48 Must Haves!

62 Music and Glory

98 Fashion Trends

126 Miss Virtual Diva 2018

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12 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018


Interviewed by Angels Kristan

Photographed by Susanne Drechsler

Fashion Icon - SlackGirl Hello dear readers. In this edition of Virtual Diva Magazine, we are honored to have the opportunity to interview a fabulous designer with a unique and sophisticated style, SlackGirl— creator of SlackGirl makeup, tattoos, nails, eyes, shoes and oneof-a-kind fashion accessories. Hello dear. Thank you for taking time to do this interview with us. I have to ask how this SlackGirl name come up? I used a version of Linux OS called Slackware when I was 15, so I used this nickname on the internet since then. My second name on the internet was V4NY and that was what I used for my first account on SL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago with this nickname. Unfortunately, I lost the email I used to register it, so when I came to SL the second time to stay, I had to use my second nickname: SlackGirl :D

Now let’s talk about the fact that you really are fantastic and one of the most prestigious designers. Tell us about it and how you got started. I was an IMVU creator (it is another chat platform) and had a friend here named Sukitita. She told me several times to try to work in SL, but I was afraid to fail because SL is way more complicated than IMVU. I got to know another amazing designer on SL, the owner of JUMO, and she helped me a lot on how to create, how to make a store and all things that I needed to know to run a successful business. So IMVU was where you started as a designer, not SL. Can you tell us more about that? Yes, I started on IMVU Chat. I really loved it, but I needed more because IMVU was really taken over by a lot of copybots and a lot of new not so good things, so I decided to move over to another platform.

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14 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 15

I have to say that your work is just fantastic, total perfection. Where do your inspirations come from? Actually, I never know what I’ll do, especially lately as I made almost all my makeup by examples. I get inspiration from RL a lot of the time and I do them in my own way, adding something from my own fantasy. How do you define a 3D designer? Well a 3D designer to me is a very patient person because it takes ages to do some things especially if a product needs to be rigged. What do you think it takes to be successful in this virtual world? 16 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Think like if you were the customer. If you think like this you will not go wrong because when you do a product or a service, if you think like if you were the customer, you will never make a bad product. What product of yours is your favorite? No idea. You know when you do a product you always think it is the best and then you look at it in the future and you are like uhm naaaaaaaaaa... the one I made now is way better. There are a lot of designers out there, in several fashion areas, what advice would you give them? To keep it real. If they get to be

famous, never forg how they got starte

There are a lot changes going on i now. What kind of changes had on yo I’m fine, thank another Brand, Ake on changes togethe makeup, there are

What are your To keep workin improving my prod always need to imp

Our readers wo

get who they were and ed.

t of new things and in Second Life right f impact have the ou? God. I work with eruka, and we worked er. In the area of not that many changes.

r plans for the Future? ng, growing and ducts because we prove.

ould love to know a

few things about your personally. I have a little word game that has become tradition, so I will be asking you a few quick questions. Are you ready? Let’s do it :D Night or day: When I was younger, it was night. Now it’s day XD. Favorite Music: Human Behavior by Bjork. Second Life for you is: Work and my Second Life The feeling you get when you’ve done a new design, hair or jewelry: Amen! It’s done XD. Size of the bed you sleep on: King size (I share it...but most of it is mine).


What do you enjoy to do the most?

One thing you haven’t done yet in SL: I never got a home! I would like to thank you very much for your time on this interview. Do you have any final words for our readers? Thanks and enjoy your SL♥ SlackGirl Main Store: http://maps. Island/108/186/1987 SlackGirl Website: http://www.

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 17

I get inspiration from RL a lot of the time and I do them in my own way, adding something from my own fantasy.... 18 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 19

20 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 21



hey say nothing is permanent. Well, I would like to introduce you to five ladies who are challenging that idea. You see, these women have each earned a spot as becoming Blogger of the Season by creating looks that are timeless. Now, without further ado, please meet this season’s best bloggers!

Preciosa Benelli

Daneen Sands

Roxaane Fyanucci

Lory Novo

“Being a Miss goes far beyond just wearing a crown and carrying a title, but I can guarantee that it’s a fantastic world... ” 44 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Is Your Dream To Be A Miss? By Tryska Moon, Miss Virtual Diva 2017 Photographed by Angels Kristan

We all know how pageants in Real Life work. In Second Life, they operate in a similar fashion. But because it is a virtual life, the care has to be even greater. I will not say beauty is fundamental, but it counts. Having a face that is unlike the other candidates draws the attention of jurors and designers. But a Miss goes beyond beauty. She has to love fashion, be creative, friendly, educated, responsible, and commit to the country or the brand she represents. A Miss will be followed by many people on social media, so she must be careful about the things she says and publishes. During a Miss contest, your skills will be tested, both in creating outfits and in group work. A Miss can not forget that all of the candidates are in the contest with the same goal: to win. Therefore, she has to respect her competitors. Drama is something that does not fit with a Miss. The less she gets into problems, the better. Being a Miss goes far beyond just wearing a crown and carrying a

title, but I can guarantee that it’s a fantastic world, even for those who do not get the title because it opens the mind, new people come into your life and new doors for you. I am currently fulfilling my reign as Miss Virtual Diva and soon I will be passing my crown and my title. I can say that it was a surprise for me to have won the contest because all of the candidates were great. It is an honor to be part of an organization like Virtual Diva. In addition to the Miss contest, I was fortunate to be part of The Fantasy Angels, Virtual Diva Magazine and Virtual Diva Couture. The Owner and CEO, Angels Kristan, is a great person to work with and she is also one of the best photographers on the SL grid. I’m curious to know who will be the next Miss Virtual Diva. So, are you ready for this adventure? The Miss Virtual Diva organization will crown your next Miss in August 2018. Follow the Miss Virtual Diva Blog (https:// and Facebook Page for contest details, photos, upcoming events and announcements.

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 45

Must Haves Stylist & Photographer Valeria Endrezzi Written by Sarahelisebeth Brenham 48 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

s! Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 49

P d l Wi G

oing out with your friends or your partner to the hottest concert in town and you don’t know what to wear? Well, here’s Val’s suggestion for you. Why not pair the Vinyl Biker Top in Onyx from Seul with the Bow Down Lace Up Skirt in Noir from Naive. Complete the outfit with the Milano Bag in Nero from Bauhaus Movement, Unisex Septum Rings from Mons and a cool pair of sunglasses. Put some waves in your hair (Passion from Stealthic) and you’re ready for a fun night out on the town! 50 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

y t r a P

STYLE 1 - WILD PARTY HAIR: Stealthic - Passion (Blondes) TOP: Seul - Vinyl Biker Top (Onyx) NOSE RING: Mons - Unisex Septum Rings SUNGLASSES: Goodie from Marketplace BAG: Bauhaus Movement - Milano Bag (Nero) SKIRT: Naive - Bow Down Lace Up Skirt (Noir)

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 51

G t r Sta O

kay, you just got off the phone with your manager. You found out that he booked you and your band at your city’s most popular club. You’re excited but then fear sets in as you realize that you not only don’t have anything to wear, but also no idea what might look good on you. Don’t worry, your girl, Val, has you covered! The Lourt Dmn Top in Light with the Dmn Overlay Skirt in Light, both from Seul, matched with the Fishnet stockings from Villena and the Knit Sock Lace-up Boots in Sky From Rebel Gal, would be the perfect ensemble for your big evening. But if you really want to go the extra mile, pop on the Triangle Earrings from Bens Beauty and straighten your hair (Brigit from Ramsa Salon) to drive home that rocker vibe. 52 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

l r i G

STYLE 2 - STARGIRL HAIR: Ramsa Salon - Brigit Hair (Blondes Pale) EARRINGS: Bens Beauty - Triangle Earrings TOP: Seul - Kourt Dnm Top (Light) SKIRT: Seul - Dnm Overlay Skirt (Light) STOCKINGS: Villena - Fishnet SHOES: Rebel Gal - Knit Sock Lace-up Boots (Sky)

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 53

h g i N

t u ht O P

lanning a casual get together? Check out what Val would wear to an event like this. Well, she would put on the Satin ‘Christy’ Set from Salvadori, the Velour Jacket in Black from Villena, the Sand Eyeshadows from The Face, Minimalist Rings for Maitreya and the Atria Earrings in Gold from Shanghai, so she could be both stylish and comfortable. To keep her look low-key, but still chic, Val does her tresses in a simple style (Lamb Hair from Foxy)O.

STYLE 3 - NIGHT OUT HAIR: Foxy - Lamb Hair (Blondes) JACKET: Villena - Velour Jacket (Black) EARRINGS: Shanghai - Atria Gold Earring EYE MAKEUP: The Face - Catwa Sand Eyeshadows RINGS: Yummy - Minimalist Rings - Maitreya TOP & BOTTOM: Salvadori - Satin ‘Christy’ Set

g n i s Ri

56 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

r a t S H

ave you scored a date with a cute A-Lister and want to want to know how you can impress him or her with your appearance? Well, have no fear, Val is here to answer that very question! For your body, the Enduo Wrap in PVC Black joined with the Rainey Boots from Pure Passion, is a outfit that is sexy without being over the top. To finish off this look, add the Rhinestone Choker from Eclat, swipe on some the Sand Eyeshadows from The Face and put your hair into a high ponytail with a bumpit underneath it (My Hair from Monso).

STYLE 4 - RISING STAR HAIR: Monso - My Hair (Ellie/Blonde) CHOKER: Eclat - Rhinestone Choker WRAP: Shi - Enduo Wrap (PVC Black) EYE SHADOW: The Face Catwa Sand Eyeshadows SHOES: Pure Poison - Rainey Boots

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 57

mUSIC AND gLORY featuring

The Fantasy Angels


usic lives in everyone and brings forth emotions that are as powerful and long lasting as life itself. Music is the beauty that lives inside us that when released can take on so many different forms through song, instruments, dance, artistic expression and fashion. The Fantasy Angels take us on a magical ride through the concert halls of London, opera houses of Rome, the streets of Rio de Janeiro and stadiums of New York City in stylings inspired by some of our favorite music genres of the ages: Classical, Rock, Opera, Hip Hop, Samba and Heavy Metal.

62 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 63

64 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 65

66 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 67

68 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 69

70 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 71

72 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 73

74 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 75

76 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 77

JONELLE DEVONSHIRE Miss Model International 2018


78 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

“I HOPE TO USE THE POSITION TO INSPIRE OTHER MODELS...” Interviewed by Jena Adder Photographed by Angels Kristan

Congratulations to one of our very own Top Angel at The Fantasy Angels Company, JonelleDevonshire, who recently took top spot at the Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) competition winning the Miss Model International 2018 title and crown, along with Mr. Model International 2018, Whskywolf Oakleaf. Up against some very fierce competitors in the Grand Finale on March 10th, 2018, Jonelle showed off her superior prowess as a stylist and model, and charmed the judges and audience with her grace and beauty. The Mr. & Miss Model International competition was created by Owner & CEO, Ava Jhamin, in 2015. Today with the help of Cyberdawg Foxclaw, MMI COO, and a dedicated team, the competition has grown to become one of the most exciting, offering big prizes, fun and unique challenges, and worthwhile learning opportunities for its participants. I spoke to Jonelle recently and asked her about her experience as a competitor in the MMI competition. Read her responses below and get to know more about this enormously talented stylist and human being, whom we are very proud to have as part of The Fantasy Angels team. Congratulations, Jonelle, on winning Miss Model International 2018. Tell us how you felt when your name was called as the winner. Thank you for the question. I was overjoyed when my name was announced as the winner, of course. That said, I felt bad for my competitors at the same time. This competition had been a journey for us all, from the first challenge to the last, and I am proud to be among the MMI Class of 2018. I know those men and women will have long and fruitful careers ahead of them, and I wish them the best along the way. For myself, I will happily carry out the duties of being the

reigning winner, and hope that while I do, I will be influencing both my peers and aspiring new models as well. How did you hear about Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) and tell us why you decided to enter? I found the advertisement for the contest on Facebook, then a friend recommended the contest as a way to build my confidence in my own abilities. MMI is known for its unique and fun challenges that happen throughout the competition. What challenge was your favorite to style and why? My favorite challenge to style was the “Represent” challenge, because there are a myriad of ways to evoke New York, so this one, for me was the penultimate challenge. How to represent where I am from, without using hackneyed cliches and bringing the image into the 21st century, without any disrespect to Frank Sinatra. (laughs) I finally settled on Alicia Keys as the modern face of New York, and her ode to the city with her music. MMI showcases both males and females in one competition. What is it like to compete in this combined dynamic? I feel it was great idea to combine males and females together, especially when we need to work on a certain challenge together as a team. Also I feel it is interesting to see a male and female version of each theme. Jonelle, what are your aspirations and what do you hope to accomplish in your reign as Miss Model International 2018? I hope to use the position to inspire other models, especially the newer ones, to do their best to style each challenge to the best of their abilities. I would like to hope that I can lead by example, and like my predecessors, will be helpful and gracious to all who come my way. I will also do all requested of me by the MMI and L’Amour companies in my Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 capacity as the reigning winner.


80 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 81

”Enter to learn, so that if you do win, it’s a wonderful surprise instead of a devastating disappointment...”

Many who participate in competitions like MMI do so for the friendships and connections made during the three month long event. Who were some of the people who inspired or motivated you during the competition? Hollywrenastaroth did an incredible job, and was one of the best stylists (IMO). She met the challenges with a smile and an amazing work ethic, and she worked hard to achieve her goal. Also, I thought HRHeather was inspiring as well because I found out that she was in that competition with absolutely NO model training at all, and yet, her skills at walking and posing would have passed the standards of even the pickiest styling coach. She blew me away! For those thinking of entering MMI next year, what advice would you give them to help better 82 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

their chances of winning? Wow....that’s a loaded question, lol. On one hand, I would encourage them wholeheartedly as a means of learning about modeling, making friends, gaining contest experience, or just for the fun of it. On the other, be prepared for expense. It is expensive to style for a competition of any sort, so money IS a factor. Next, it helps to have a lot of stuff in your inventory. One of the things I was taught is that it’s good to collect things when you don’t need them because you will never know when you do, and when you do need them you may not be able to find them for a variety of reasons. So pick up everything, especially accessories. Lastly and most importantly, do not enter to win. Enter to learn, so that if you do win, it’s a wonderful surprise instead of a devastating disappointment.

Tell us about three accomplishments that you are most proud of on SL. My proudest accomplishment up to this time was getting selected to be a Fantasy Angel. This group is comprised of some of the finest, most creative stylists in SL, and I am proud to number myself among them. Of course, winning MMI ranks right up there, and it was just as difficult to win this contest as it was to cast for the Fantasy Angels, so I am most proud of them both. My next proudest moment was coming in Top 12 for the Miss Virtual World contest in 2015. I was a brand new model at that time and didn’t

realize that it was something a new model might not want to do early on in their careers. You are also a top model at several fashion companies and publications like The Fantasy Angels and Virtual Diva Magazine. What motivates you to style so many different looks so quickly? Well, I’m so glad you think I’m fast! In fact, I am not, lol. It takes me a good three days or so to style an outfit and anything less than that stresses me out quite a bit. Styling an outfit is a trial and error procedure, so I require time to test all the variables before I finally

decide what I want to do. This takes time, so quick styling really isn’t my forte, but I’m glad you think it is! Thank you Jonelle and congratulations once again on winning Miss Model International 2018. On behalf of The Fantasy Angels Owner & CEO, Angels Kristan, and all of the other Angels and TFA staff, I wish you much success in your reign. I’d like to also extend a very special congratulations to Mr. Model International 2018, Whskywolf Oakleaf, all of the Runners Up, and of course the organizers of the MMI competition, Ava Jhamin and Cyberdawg Foxclaw. Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 83

“ I would like to hope that I can lead by example, and like my predecessors, will be helpful and gracious to all who come my way...�


Where SL takes us... By Maya-el Kusumah

88 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Where SL Takes Us - From Ballroom To Karaoke By Maya-el Kusumah

Music lovers seek those good melodies to listen to and SL provides that opportunity to do so easily. Actually each land has the option to deliver online radio streaming, so you can listen to your favorite tracks at your SL home. For those who love good music with good vibes, there are lots of clubs with a large variety of themes. An interesting place to hang out and listen to music is Etosha Romantic Dance Paradise ( This place is a ballroom set in a tropical garden by the beach with some exotic animals gathering in some spots. Here you can chill and dance in the ballroom, in the garden surrounded by elephants or on a gazebo above the water. The music played here is typically freestyle that ranges from pop to slow rock. For those who do not really seek a place for couples, there are two compelling clubs around. First is the Sinatra Club ( This small and nice club is set as a cafĂŠ on a beach deck, and yes they play mostly Frank Sinatra songs. The second one is quite a fascinating club where you can go to sing karaoke in SL. ~O~ Karaoke Lounge (, is for those who not only enjoy listening to music, but also singing to it. You will need to join the group to be able to sing your Karaoke favorites. Music is present during every phase of our SL and RL lives. It is my hope that the above suggestions provide you with the tunes that support every transition in your SL.

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 89


100 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018



Written by Arianna Jasmine Photographed by Luka Benton Models: Arianna Jasmine Averil Fabby Ferreira Federica Galtier LukaBenton NikitaDaviau Vlodovic Roxaane Fyanucci Sydney Ashbourne Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 101


ven though it’s still snowing in so many areas the fashion world is gearing up for summer. Not only do we have our color trends of the Spring/Summer 2018 season, but the official color of 2018 has been announced. Our palette ranges from a bright cherry tomato red to a light Nile green, but the star for the year is none other than Ultra Violet, an intense true purple shade. For a complete look at all the color trends reported in this article, visit the Pantone Color Institute website: https:// The trends on the runway this season incorporate these amazing tones and feature this year’s star color in the sequin looks of Gucci, Dior, and Chanel. Sheer was the name of the game as shown on the runway by Dior, Simone Rocha, and Prabal Gurung. Ruffles abounded as well done by Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Valentino. Also popular on the runway was the rainbow look as shown by Dolce & Gabanna, Missoni, and Libertine.

102 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Metallic Disco looks reigned supreme as shown by Tom Ford, Coach, and Balmain. Balenciaga, Burberry, and Sonia Rykiel brought us an array of checks and plaids. Other honorable mentions of the season include Grecian influenced looks, puffed sleeves, and wide denim pants. For men summer trends include Eighties styles, the all-white look, checks and vertical stripes. To be on trend with accessories choose to carry multiple bags and be sure one of them is in that ultra violet tone.

SUMMER 2018 For shoes choose gladiator and thong sandals as well as Cinderella heels. For hair go sleek and smooth or high volume and very big and tint the ends with colors such as teal or our go to for the season ultra violet. For makeup glitter and metallic eyeliner and shadow in vibrant colors are what is in as well as bold eyeliner on only the inner third of the eye.

Stay on trend with jewelry by wearing Grecian style necklaces and earrings as well as Art Deco and Art Nouveau brooches. Gypsy Boho rings and bangles are a smart choice as well as Indonesian influenced jewelry. Stay tuned for the next issue to read more about beauty and fashion trends.

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 103

Arianna Jasmine - Sequins Dress: Mariposa House of Couture Lauren Sequin Mermaid Gown and Bento Gloves Hair: Thairapy - Hanna Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Czarina V2 Elite Bracelet Instrument: Lucky Night - Esmeralda Tambourine

Averil - Sheer Outfit: Baiastice - Desy Lingerie (Pink) Jewelry: Real Evil - Monroe Jewelry Set Shoes: Real Evil - Josephine Shoes Hair: Doux - Ambrosio Hair (Brunettes) Makeup: League - Crush Lipstick; Eyeshadow Slackgirl

Fabby Ferreira - Wide Denim Pants Top: GizzA - Crochet Halter Top Pants: LeCastle - Tiesha Flare Jeans Shoes: Lekilicious - Lynn Sandals Hair: EMO-tions - Chelsea Jewelry: League - Wanderer Earring / Bracelet; Mandala - Shaka Necklace Accessories: Zenith - Summer Bobo Fringe Bag / Summer Yoga Bag

108 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 109

Luka Benton – Plaid Hair: Coma - Varsity Eyewear: Take It - Nerd Glasses Outfit: sharp By [ZD] - Ashton Mesh Suit Shoes: L.Warwick - Virtuoso - Oxford Dress Shoes

Federica Galtier – Ruffles Top: Tetra - Vega Frill Shirt (Sky) Pant: Tetra - Silk Track Trousers (Pink) Hair: Stealthic - Genesis Jewelry: Empyrean Forge - Rhapsody Necklace Accessories: Bauhaus Movement - Audrey Purse (Green)

Roxaane Fyanucci – Grecian Dress: Blueberry - Berrydoll Dress (Sheer) Shoes: Noble Creations - Fantasy Sandals Hair: D!va - Rosalia Jewelry: Mandala Ring Prophecy; Avaway - Gwen Ribbon Corset Choker Makeup: Dulce Secret Eyeshadow; *N* Jasmin Mouth Accessories: Champagne Sparkling Couture - Athena Instrument: Astralia - Nimoe Elfic Harp

116 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

Sydney Ashbourne – Rainbow Outfit: Entice - Hot Stuff Jumpsuit (Rainbow) Shoes: Roped Passions: Saffron Heel (Rainbow) Hair: Doux - Shawnte Belt: Diram - Kimky Belt (Yellow) Accessories: MDL - Beach Bag; Jewelry: Empyrean Forge - Springleaf Earrings and Necklace; EarthStones - Loop Bangle (Fire Agate) Makeup: Arte - Hummingbird Eyeshadow; Amara Lipstick

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 117

118 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018

NikitaDaviau Vlodovic -Metallic Disco Outfit: Baiastice - Laix Suit - Glitter (Purple) Boots: Moda - Disco Queen Gogo Hair: Analog Dog - Charlotte - Fantasy Jewelry: Shanghai - Celta Earring (Wine) Accessories: Reign - Heart Coin Purse; JUMO - Phoenix Sunglasses Makeup: Olympia Lips, Doutzen Eyeliners

Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018 119

Inside the Vision 120 Virtual Diva Magazine - Spring 2018


Interviewed by Jena Adder, Photographed by NikitaDaviau Vlodovic

“Inside The Vision” is where we feature the best photographers and artists on Second Life. For this edition of Virtual Diva Magazine, we bring you a talented stylist and photographer, Sabine Mortenwold. Sabine’s very long career in SL fashion started as far back as 2009, appearing in numerous runway shows, fashion magazines, styling competitions and pageants. Her look ranges from girly to androgyny, casual to avant name it, she’s probably done it. But Sabine is not your typical runway and high fashion model, which is obvious when you look at her style and the way in which she combines textures and colors to create unique and vibrant looks. Browse through Sabine’s Flickr ( sabinemortenwold/) and you will see the artistic talents of a Real Life artist at play. Sabine’s passion for art lives in real life where she is a celebrated, award-winning artist and painter, art teacher and consultant. Her vivacious personality bounces off the canvas of each of her paintings, and it’s clear to see that she loves what she does and

is incredibly good at it. Her website (http://www. showcases her masterpieces—each with its own nuance, story and personality. Her paintings boast vibrant and rich colors, subtle and sometimes stark silhouettes that pull you in and keep you staring for long periods at a time as you interpret her vision in your own way. Many of her pieces can be found on the walls of galleries, homes and offices world-wide. Sabine’s art is expressive, sometimes piercing, sometimes soft, always interesting...just like the woman I have come to know over the years. Sabine, tell us as an artist in Real life, what made you decide to explore the world of fashion on SL? I came to SL in 2008 and it was not long before I heard about modeling in SL. I was blown away by the beautiful creations

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... from designers like Leezu Baxter. I had modeled in Real Life when I was in college and so getting into fashion in SL seemed like a natural thing to do and another way to be creative. In addition to fashion, do you explore or participate in the art world on SL? Yes. I really enjoy going to the Editor’s Picks for cool places to see in SL. The capabilities of the graphic designers in SL really suck me in and I am blown away by their creativity. I kept thinking there has to be a way to combine what I see in SL with my RL art somehow. I also show my work at Kultivate and at The Galleries. How do you bring your artistic flare in Real life to your SL persona? I have a very strong understanding of color, texture and pattern that translates well to fashion in SL. It is so much fun to mix things up and take risks in SL. I am all about taking risks with my art so there again it works out really well. I love the ability to create fun looks in SL, and I think it helps to have a creative eye to put together a great look. I love clothes in SL and have a great wardrobe, but sure wish I had some of Sabine’s clothes in my RL closet. Understanding clothes in RL certainly does help too in SL. Tell us a bit about your RL work. Has art always been the thing you loved and wanted to do as a career? I have loved art since I can remember. I started taking painting classes when I was seven and went on to get a BFA with a focus in painting and drawing.

While I could not work full time in art, I did keep my hand in it by illustrating various things and taking painting classes when I could. I was in corporate sales for more than twenty years and when the economy took a dive, I lost my job, I decided to reinvent myself and become a full time artist. I was toying with what to do and received a call from a local children’s hospital commissioning me to paint twelve paintings for one of their clinics, so I took that as a sign that I should go back to something I loved: art. A couple of years ago, you collaborated with Honey Bender of Faster Pussycat to create an exclusive clothing collection featuring your art. Tell us how that came about. I had started chatting with Honey and mentioned how much I loved her clothes. We were talking about art etc, and I told her that I had worked with Vikeejeah at Loovus Dzevavor and given her some of my paintings to use as textures. I gave Honey some paintings and she enjoyed turning them into a great colorful collection. We collaborated on the collection and showed them at Galleria Mexicana until they closed. I enjoy working with designers and seeing what they can do with my paintings as textures for the pieces they create. Is this something you would consider doing again in the future? Definitely, I am always creating, so I always have lots of paintings that would possibly work as textures for designers’ fun creations.

What normally inspires you to start a project or painting in RL? Hmm, well I go to my studio several days a week or more depending on what is going on. Sometimes I have shows coming up and have to create to whatever I am supposed to create for that show. My geisha paintings were featured in a solo show at the Art League in Alexandria, VA, in October 2017. My florals will be in a show in April at another gallery in the Maryland area at Artists & Makers. I paint abstracts, florals or figures depending on what shows up on the canvas, so I can be working on anyone of the three at any given time. What challenges have you encountered when trying to get your name out there and your work noticed? I work really hard on social media in RL. I have a website, Facebook professional page, Twitter, and Instagram at mjanejohnsonart. You really have to be focused on getting your art out there and building a following. You also have to submit for shows and art fairs too, which are both a lot of work. People think that you can paint a painting and sell it, but there is so much behind the scene work that goes on to build an audience for your work. Being an artist is not as easy as people think. Having been in sales, I am ahead of the game in that I know how to market myself. I can definitely see your artistic skills in your photography on SL. Is your photography an extension of what you create in Real Life? Yes. I see my photos in SL on

Flickr as another form of creativity for me. I am not a digital artist as my main focus is wet paint or ink, but I think I have definitely gotten better over the years with taking pictures in SL as well. The tools now in SL for photography are so much fun to work with, and it is great playing with different lighting tools and angles. If someone wanted to pursue a career in art, what advice would you give them as a starting point? Newbies to painting think they can paint a painting and everyone will fall all over them and buy it. Unless someone is exceptional, this rarely happens. You have to really work on your craft, build your skills and techniques, and find your voice. It is really important to find your voice and not copy another person’s work. You have to put in a lot of trial and error and practice. Don’t give up. Keep plugging along and doing what speaks to you and makes you happy. What are your three main work ethics that you follow when creating your art pieces? I think number one is commitment. Making a commitment to get it done and putting in the time and the effort to do it. The second is focus which is also important as you can get so distracted by so many other things in life. Stay focused on what you need to do and practice. The third is

don’t let the disappointments or negativity get to you! I try really really hard to be positive and to keep negativity out of my creative life as my paintings all come out of me and if I am impacted by negativity I can’t create. Let’s play a quick game so that our readers can get to know you a bit better. Black and white or color: Color always color Best moment of your life: Seeing my art of the walls of the Art League Gallery, that was a huge goal! Have you ever NOT finished a piece of art: Lots of times! I have a pile of uglies in a corner that I can revisit and rework or toss. Mozzart or Melissa Etheridge: Gosh, I listen to everything from Blues, rock, world music, rap, new age and classical. I always play music when I paint and dance to it while I am creating. Pizza or garden salad: Sushi Heels or flats: Flats Define a perfect day for you: Getting up and either going to the gym or studio and often doing both. We have a boutique style fitness place in the building next door so some days it is work out first and some days it is workout last. Working out helps keep me focus and gives me energy for my day. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you, Sabine, and hearing about your adventures in RL and SL. Thank you for allowing us to feature you in Virtual Diva

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We are looking for the new charm, stunning elegant lady that will reprenset us and inspire us to be the face of fashion.

Dear readers, it’s my honor to present to you in our Spring Issue our official candidates for Miss Virtual Diva 2018, this is our 4th year and I’m still in love with the beauty and talent that the ladies bring to each pageant, but especially the passion they put in all they do, each of them have already a very special place in my heart. We want to share with you the beautiful styles they put together for their audition. It was called Kiss the Bride and was inspired of what a stunning, but what a original bride should wear. Please take a moment to enjoy and get to know our candidates; these 25 models will make your heart melt! We are in search for the New Face that will represent not only our brand, but our entire organization, that consists of VD Magazine, The Fantasy Angels Company and our brand, we are looking for the new muse and inspiration that will be a role model and an example of hard work and dedication, we are looking for the new charm, stunning elegant lady that will represent us and inspire us to be the face of fashion. Don’t forget to pick your favorite! Who will be the next face of fashion?

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