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10 Letter from the Editor

12 Pisces 2023

14 Make a Splash: Pisces Inspired Jewelry Brands

16 A Look at the Most Dreamy & Romantic Fashion Trends

18 The Fashion of Famous Pisces Women

20 8 Dreamy Perfumes for the Romantic Water Sign

22 Pisces Beauty Magic: The Cosmis Connection Between Crystals & Your Beauty Routine

28 Unlock Your Skin's Glow & Keep Your Face Hydrated

32 Reconnecting with Joy: Using Yoga & Meditation to Connect with Your Inner Child

36 Dive Into Creativity & Intuition with the Zodiac's Dreamiest Sign

38 Revamp Your Wardrobe & Save the Planet with Upcycle Fashion

40 Ethical, Ocean-Saving Fashion Brands

60 Unsung Heroines: Little-Known Women Who Changed the World

62 Mare de Vetro's Signature Collection

64 Eva Mendes' Inspirational Story of Creativity, Intuition & Success

66 Darcy Donavan: The Crypto Queen Taking the NFT Market by Storm

Moon in Pisces
Mystical Waters
Twins 74 Lovely Locks
92 Cowboy

Dear readers,

Hello, and thank you for checking out Nfm's March issue! This month, we delve into Pisces culture in an effort to tap into the sign's fertile imagination and innovative drive.

We are incredibly happy to feature the Crypto Queen herself, Darcy Donavan, in this issue. Darcy, a successful entrepreneur and an advocate for women in tech, discusses the world of cryptocurrency and the significance of women having control over their own financial futures.

Not only do we have an exciting interview with Darcy planned for you, but we also have an article on why every woman should take a solo trip at least once in her life. Every woman should take at least one solo trip to reap the benefits, which range from increased selfesteem to newfound freedom.

As part of our celebration of Women's History Month, we'll be highlighting the contributions of some of history's unsung heroines. Despite the fact that these phenomenal women may not have been given the credit they deserved during their lifetimes, the positive effects of their efforts on the world and their communities are still felt today.

You can't have Nfm Magazine without an emphasis on style and glamour, of course. This month, we're highlighting some dreamy fashion trends that are sure to spark some new ideas for your closet. We also provide our top recommendations for romantic perfumes that are sure to grab you some compliments. I do love a great perfume!

In addition, we are highlighting sustainable brands that are helping to restore our oceans as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact. You can do your part to preserve our planet and ensure a better tomorrow for future generations by purchasing goods from these companies.

Last but not least, this issue features a gallery of breathtaking fashion photography. We are thrilled to show you these stunning images, which perfectly capture the originality and elegance of the fashion industry.

Please let us know what you think of this month's Nfm Magazine and what you'd like to see in future issues.


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Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Born under the sign of Pisces, one can expect that person to be highly perceptive, sensitive, and emotional. Their artistic and creative abilities, as well as their capacity for meaningful interpersonal connections, have earned them widespread renown.

In general, 2023 should be a year of expansion and change for Pisces. There will be a lot of chances to grow as a person and in your career, but there will also be some difficulties that will test your mettle. In 2023, Pisces can look forward to the following:

This year, Pisces will be laser-focused on their professional and financial development. Opportunities for development and advancement will present themselves, but they will need to maintain focus and put in effort to take advantage of them. Pisces should maintain financial discipline and order this year, as unforeseen costs could



quickly add up.

Pisces can expect a very romantic and passionate year in 2023. Though they may face difficulties in their relationships, they will be able to overcome them. If you're a single Pisces, this is a fantastic year to expand your social circle and make some wonderful connections.

In 2023, Pisces should put their health and wellbeing first. In other words, you need to ensure that they are healthy in every way. They need to make sure they get enough sleep, work out frequently, and meditate or do something else that helps them relax.

The spiritually inclined Pisces will feel especially connected to their inner selves this year. They need to accept this link and investigate their spirituality in whatever ways speak to them, be it through meditation, prayer, or something else.

Overall, 2023 should be a year of expansion and change for Pisces. While diligence and

self-control are essential for their success, they can look forward to many chances for romance, enlightenment, and other forms of love and happiness. Pisces can have a successful year if they remember to keep their feet on the ground and prioritize their own health.

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Photos by cottonbro studio

Make a Splash:

Pisces-Inspired Jewelry
Brands to Add to Your Collection
14 Nfm


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Dreamy and Romantic Fashion Trends

If you’re a fan of all things dreamy, romantic, and feminine, then you’re in luck - these trends are having a major moment right now. From billowing sleeves to floral prints, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a touch of romance into your wardrobe.

Billowing Sleeves:

Romantic clothing has long-featured voluminous sleeves. Women’s costumes in the 16th and 17th centuries had puffy shoulders and voluminous sleeves that were frequently embellished with lace and ribbons. Currently, billowing sleeves are highly popular and can be found on everything from dresses to blouses. Wear this stunning blouse from & Other Stories with balloon-style sleeves for a striking look.

A Look atthe Most Fitted Smocked Back Corset Blouse 16 Nfm


Since the 16th century, when it was created by hand using complex weaving processes, lace has been a popular fabric. At first, only royalty and members of the higher classes wore it, but with time, it became more widely available. Lace is a lovely, delicate fabric that may be worn in many different ways nowadays. For a hint of vintage-inspired romance, try this gorgeous almond lace and satin dress from Reformation for a touch of vintage-inspired romance.

Pastel Hues:

Pastel colors initially became fashionable when used in rococo art and clothing in the 18th century. Compared to the strong, vibrant hues favored in past eras, they were perceived as more delicate and feminine. Today, anyone looking to add a hint of sweetness to their attire can turn to pastel colors. Try this stunning pink satin mini from Nordstrom in a soft, blush hue. Inara Silk Dress Curve Satin Miniskirt Nfm 17

THE FASHION of Fam0us Pieces Women

The dreamy, imaginative temperament of Pisces women is well-known, and this also applies to their taste in clothing. These prominent Pisces women have made their mark on the fashion industry with their distinctive sense of style, whether it is retro Hollywood elegance or edgy streetwear. Let’s examine some of the most fashionable Pisces women to have graced the world of fashion and other fields.

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna is the Pisces queen. She can look effortlessly stylish while wearing anything, including high fashion and streetwear. For the 2015 Met Gala, she wore a gorgeous yellow gown created by Chinese couturier Guo Pei, which was one of her most memorable looks. Rihanna nevertheless managed to look sophisticated and composed despite having to be carried by three handlers since the garment was so heavy.

A Pisces woman who enjoys taking chances with her wardrobe, Lily Collins is a fashion risk-taker. She doesn’t hesitate to try out bright hues, patterns, and textures. She made one of her most enduring fashion statements at the 2019 Met Gala when she wore a striking Givenchy dress in black and silver. She looked like a dark, ethereal goddess in the gown with its sheer top, thigh-high heels, and flashing silver corset.

The renowned Elizabeth Taylor Piscean actress Elizabeth Taylor personified old-school Hollywood glitz. She was renowned for her taste in fine clothing, furs, and diamonds. She wore a number of magnificent costumes created by Irene Sharaff in the film “Cleopatra,” which is one of her most well-known fashion moments. The most famous of these was the golden cape she wore in the opening scene of the movie, which was constructed of 24-karat gold fabric and embellished with priceless gems.

18 Nfm

Lupita Nyong’o is a Pisces woman who always adds a dash of grace and elegance on the red carpet. She isn’t scared to wear eye-catching patterns and strong, brilliant hues. One of her most enduring looks was the gorgeous blue Prada gown she wore to the 2014 Academy Awards, which had over 6,000 pearls. Lupita’s standing as a fashion star was solidified by the outfit, which was a genuine work of art.

Young Pisces woman Millie Bobby Brown is already establishing herself in the fashion industry. She is well renowned for her street-inspired, edgy look and enjoys experimenting with daring accessories. At the 2018 Emmy Awards, she made one of her most memorable fashion statements when she donned a white Calvin Klein dress with a wide skirt and a pink ribbon tied around her wrist to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Cindy Crawford, a Pisces woman who dominated the 1990s runway with her recognizable beauty mark and all-American flair. She was well recognized for her affinity for crop tops, leather jackets, and denim. One of her most well-known fashion moments occurred in 1991 when she appeared in the Pepsi commercial, which quickly rose to fame. Her hair was fashioned in loose, tousled waves that would later become her trademark style,and she was sporting a white tank top and denim shorts.

These Pisces ladies have demonstrated that there is no one-size-fits-all stratergy to dressing. There is always place for originality and self expressions, regardless of whether you favor vintage Hollywood glitz, edgy streetwear, or bold vibrant colors. Take inspiration from these fashionable Pisces women, and dont be afraid to try something new with your own sense of style

Nfm 19

8 Dreamy Perfumes for the Romantic Water Sign

Plus 2 That’ll Make Your Lover Swoon!

Giventhat Pisces women are recognized for having a romantic, dreamy demeanor, it should come as no surprise that their characteristic smells are frequently light and airy. We have what you need if you’re a Pisces woman looking for the ideal scent or you’re looking for a gift for a particular Pisces woman in your life. Here are eight scents that will perfectly express the spirit of this wistful water sign.

Jo Malone London Blush

Suede and Peony Cologne is a romantic and classy scent that has elements of peony, rose, and suede, making it a fantastic option for a Pisces woman looking to make a statement.

Chloé Eau de Parfum is a classic smell that is ideal for Pisces women who enjoy delicate, feminine scents. It is a combination of rose, peony, and lily of the valley.

For Pisces women who enjoy delicate, natural perfumes, Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette is a perfect option. It has notes of rose and blackcurrant.

Eau de Toilette embodies a flirtatious, fun scent that is ideal for Pisces women who want to feel playful and carefree. It has notes of violet, strawberry, and jasmine.

Marc Jacobs Daisy
Beauty 20 Nfm
Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti

For Pisces women who adore opulent, refined smells, Lancôme La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum’s sumptuous fragrance’s notes of iris, jasmine, and orange blossom are ideal.

Featuring notes of coffee, vanilla, and white flowers, the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum is the ideal scent for a Pisces woman looking to make a statement.

Featuring notes of grapefruit, jasmine, and white musk, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette is the ideal fragrance for Pisces women who enjoy light, airy perfumes.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Eau de Parfum has this opulent, tropical scent ideal for Pisces women who want to feel as though they’re on a daydreamy, sun-kissed vacation. It features a blend of bergamot, coconut, and jasmine.

Here are two scents that are certain to make your Pisces lover’s heart race if you want to spice things up:

Tom Ford Noir Pour

Femme Eau de Parfum: This spicy, seductive scent is ideal for a night of love and features notes of bergamot, mandarin, and ginger.

Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum: This daring, provocative scent is sure to create the right atmosphere for a romantic evening with a blend of pink pepper, lilac, and patchouli.

So, whether you’re a Pisces woman looking for your signature scent, or you’re looking to surprise your Pisces lover with a seductive fragrance, these perfumes are sure to capture the essence of this dreamy, romantic sign.

Nfm 21

PISCES BEAUTY MAGIC: The CosmiC ConneCTion BeTween CrysTals

and your dreamy BeauTy rouTine

22 Nfm


cosmic beauties! I’m here to discuss the mystic world of crystals and how it relates to Pisces beauty routines as your resident lifestyle writer. The Pisces sign of the zodiac is intimately linked to intuition, empathy, and spirituality since it is a dreamy and imaginative sign. And what better method than with the aid of some lovely crystals to channel those energies?

The following crystals are some of my favorites and are ideal for including in your Pisces beauty routine:

Pisces beauty rituals must always include aquamarine, the birthstone of March (Pisces’ governing month). This oceanrelated light blue crystal can aid in fostering sentiments of tranquility and peace. For a subdued boost of Pisces energy, wear an aquamarine necklace or bracelet.

Amethyst is a gorgeous purple crystal that is prized for its meditative qualities. It can aid in lowering tension and anxiety, which is ideal for sensitive Pisces who have a propensity to absorb other people’s feelings. When practicing meditation, consider placing an amethyst stone on your forehead or changing up your skincare regimen to include amethyst-infused items.

Photo Credit: Sephora Photo Credit: Etsy
Nfm 23

The “master healer” of crystals, clear quartz is used for a variety of purposes. Clarity and attention are encouraged, and the energy of other crystals may be amplified. Consider using a clear quartz face massage tool or a facial spray that contains clear quartz.

Rose quartz is a stunning pink gem that emphasizes self-love and self-care. It can support the development of positive self-esteem and self-acceptance, which are ideal for the sympathetic and understanding Pisces. Add some rose quartz-infused skincare items to your routine or massage your face with a rose quartz roller.

Selenite is a transparent crystal renowned for its cleaning and cleansing qualities. It can aid in removing bad energy and encourage feelings of peace and tranquility. You can add some selenite-infused skincare items to your routine or use a selenite wand to massage your face. Your beauty routine can benefit from the calming effects of selenite’s quiet vibration.

Thankfully, the answer is here, Pisces hotties!

Using these gems in your beauty regimen can help you develop your intuition, encourage self-love, and foster serenity and quiet. There’s no questioning the strength of these gorgeous stones, whether you’re a crystal expert or fresh to the field of energy work.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit:
24 Nfm

The “master healer” of crystals, clear quartz is used for a variety of purposes. Clarity and attention are encouraged, and the energy of other crystals may be amplified. Consider using a clear quartz face massage tool or a facial spray that contains clear quartz.

Rose quartz is a stunning pink gem that emphasizes self-love and self-care. It can support the development of positive self-esteem and self-acceptance, which are ideal for the sympathetic and understanding Pisces. Add some rose quartz-infused skincare items to your routine or massage your face with a rose quartz roller.

Selenite is a transparent crystal renowned for its cleaning and cleansing qualities. It can aid in removing bad energy and encourage feelings of peace and tranquility. You can add some selenite-infused skincare items to your routine or use a selenite wand to massage your face. Your beauty routine can benefit from the calming effects of selenite’s quiet vibration.

Thankfully, the answer is here, Pisces hotties!

Using these gems in your beauty regimen can help you develop your intuition, encourage self-love, and foster serenity and quiet. There’s no questioning the strength of these gorgeous stones, whether you’re a crystal expert or fresh to the field of energy work.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit:
26 Nfm
Nfm 27

Unlock Your Skin's Glow & Keep Your Face Hydrated

Hiya, beautiful people! Today, we'll be discussing hydration, one of the most crucial aspects of skincare. The key to radiant, youthful skin on your face is simple: drink lots of water. In addition to promoting elasticity and a healthy glow, it also helps protect against dryness, flakiness, and the signs of premature aging. Here, we'll go over some easy at-home solutions for maintaining a youthful, radiant complexion.

The first piece of advice is simple: drink lots of water.

Hydration from the inside out begins with drinking plenty of water. It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day for healthy, supple skin. Eat more water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and leafy greens, and drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Second, make use of a moisturizing cream.

Using a facial moisturizer regularly is an important part of any skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid is a great natural hydrator because it can bind up to a thousand times its weight in water. After cleansing and toning the face and

neck, apply moisturizer and reapply as needed throughout the day.

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel Cream, available on Amazon, is a hydrating moisturizer recommended by dermatologists. Because it contains hyaluronic acid, this moisturizer will help your skin retain moisture all day long. It is suitable for all skin types, including oily and acneprone, thanks to its lightweight, gel-like texture and fast absorption. Furthermore, it does not contain any oil, has no added fragrance, and will not cause any comedones. Give it a try  and see how much better your skin can look and feel after just a few uses!

The third piece of advice is to use a facial mist to keep your face hydrated.

A facial mist is a convenient and speedy way to replenish moisture to your face at any time of day. Try to find a mist with hydrating and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, rosewater, or glycerin. If you're feeling down, mist your face with the spray.

28 Nfm

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea is one of the most highly recommended facial mists by dermatologists, and you can find it on Amazon. Aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea are just a few of the soothing and hydrating ingredients in this facial mist. Use it at any time during the day to keep your skin hydrated and your makeup in place. It's cheap and lightweight, so you can bring it with you anywhere. Try it out, and you'll notice a change in your skin's texture and tone.

Lastly, here are two DIY Beauty Hacks:

Lastly, here are two DIY Beauty Hacks:

If you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin, you must try this do-it-yourself face mask. Honey is a natural humectant that works in tandem with the moisturizing properties of avocado, which is full of healthy fats and antioxidants.


1 ripe avocado

1 tbsp honey


Mash the avocado in a bowl until it's smooth. Add the honey to the bowl and mix well. Apply the mixture to your face and neck, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Rinse off the mask with warm water and pat your skin dry.

DIY Technique #2: Coconut oil and sugar scrub

If you want to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, try making this scrub at home. Sugar aids in the gentle exfoliation of dead skin while coconut oil naturally hydrates the skin.


1/4 cup of coconut oil

1/4 f a cup of sugar


In a bowl, combine the coconut oil and sugar. Use gentle circular motions to exfoliate your face and neck with the mixture. Remove the scrub by rinsing your skin with warm water and drying it off with a towel.

To recap: if you want your face to always look fresh and radiant, you need to drink plenty of water. If you want your skin to always look its best, try implementing some of these tips and do-it-yourself methods into your skincare routine. And keep in mind that true hydration begins on the inside, so sip water frequently throughout the day.

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wellness 32 Nfm

Reconnecting with Joy:

Using Yoga and Meditation to Connect with Your Inner Child

Greetings, dear readers! I’m thrilled to discuss with you how yoga and meditation can help you connect with your inner child. It’s simple to lose touch with the carefree and joyous energy we had as children as we go through life. But by including these activities in our daily lives, we can rediscover that sense of awe and delight. Here are some quick pointers to get you going: Consider setting a goal for connecting with your inner child before starting your practice. You might desire to express your creativity or feel more relaxed and playful. Whatever your goal is, be sure to keep it in mind as you perform your practice.

Child’s pose is a soothing, restorative yoga practice that can help you connect with your inner child. Try it out. Start on your hands and knees and bring your hips back to your heels to practice. Place your forehead on the ground and extend your arms in front of you. While you inhale deeply, allow yourself to experience the sensation of security and comfort that comes with this pose.

Try introducing joyful motions like jumping jacks, hopping, or skipping into your yoga practice. These exercises might help you discover your inner kid and infuse your practice with fun and levity.

Consider using guided meditation to help you connect with your inner child. Search for meditations that emphasize concepts like creativity, playfulness, and imagination. Allowing yourself to let go of any stress or worries will help you access your inner child’s feelings of wonder and inquiry during meditation. In the field of guided meditation, The Honest Guys are my particular faves. They are guaranteed to have something for everyone, from light rain to beautifully detailed treks to ancient ruins.

Remember that the purpose of these exercises is to rekindle the sense of excitement, wonder, and creativity that we frequently lose as we age rather than to turn you back into a child. You may add more levity and playfulness to your life and meaningfully connect with your inner child by adopting these techniques into your daily routine.

Nfm 33

Connecting Health and Wellness through Water

Water has a significant impact on our emotional and spiritual health in addition to its physical benefits. Drinking plenty of water can help us feel more energized and focused, while immersing ourselves in bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, or even a relaxing bath can be a powerful way to de-stress and reconnect with ourselves. We can discover new ways to incorporate water into our daily lives and unlock its transformative potential for our overall well-being as we continue to investigate its benefits.

Water is necessary for maintaining our bodies’ hydration. Water is essential for the healthy operation of every cell, tissue, and organ in our body. Many health issues, such as headaches, exhaustion, constipation, and even kidney stones, can be brought on by dehydration. One of the easiest and most efficient methods to keep our bodies healthy and to operate at their optimum is to drink enough water.

Better digestion: Water is necessary for healthy digestion. It facilitates the breakdown and passage of food through our digestive system. Enough water consumption can aid in preventing constipation and other digestive issues. Furthermore, consuming water prior to meals can make us feel full and help us avoid overeating.

Improved mental health: Drinking water can benefit our mental health. According to studies, being near water might help to quiet the mind and lessen tension and anxiety. We can feel more at ease and refreshed by engaging in soothing activities like swimming, kayaking, or simply taking a warm bath.

Physical activity requires water to be a successful endeavor. We need water to stay hydrated and keep our energy levels up, whether we’re lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or swimming laps.

34 Nfm

Water consumption while going out can also reduce weariness and cramping in the muscles.

Impact on the environment: Water has benefits that go beyond our personal health and wellbeing. Water is essential to our environment because it powers hydroelectric dams and creates habitats for species. For the health and wellbeing of our planet and all of its people, it is crucial to conserve water and safeguard our water supplies.

Water can be used in meditation and other mindfulness techniques. Whether it’s the tranquil sound of rain or the gentle lapping of waves, the sound of water can be immensely peaceful and assist us in entering a state of meditation. While taking a shower or bath, concentrating on the feel of the water on our skin can also help us be more in the moment and relieve stress and worry.

Finally, water can give us a stronger sense of grounding and connection to the soil. Swimming or strolling along the beach might make us feel more like a part of nature and our surroundings. Also, using grounding exercises like taking a plunge in a natural body of water or strolling barefoot in the grass can make us feel more balanced and grounded.

Ultimately, water is a potent tool that can improve our lives in innumerable ways. The advantages of water are infinite, ranging from keeping our bodies hydrated to enhancing our mental health. We may utilize the benefits of water to achieve our best levels of health and wellness by drinking plenty of water and making it a regular part of our daily routine.

Nfm 35
Photo Credit: Daniel Sinoca

Dive into Creativity and Intuition with the Zodiac's Dreamiest Sign: Take a Note from These Famous Pisces Women

36 Nfm

The water sign Pisces is known for its imaginative drive and ability to tap into unseen realms. Pisces energy is a potent tool for unlocking your intuition and creativity. Let's look at how famous Pisces women have used this energy to achieve new heights of success.

Connect with Your Emotions

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, making it a highly emotional sign. Pisces women like Rihanna and Drew Barrymore have openly discussed their mental health struggles and emotional healing journeys. They were able to tap into their creativity and turn their pain into art by embracing and exploring their emotional landscape.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac, and Pisces women such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jessica Biel have used their intuition to guide their decisions. It may not always seem rational to trust your instincts, but Pisces energy can make it easier to connect with your inner compass and follow your heart.

Indulge in daydreaming

Carrie Underwood and Nina Simone are well-known for their vivid imaginations and ability to create entire worlds through their music. Pisces energy encourages you to indulge in daydreams and allow your mind to wander. Pisces energy can help you unlock your creative potential, whether through creative visualization exercises or simply giving yourself time to indulge in your fantasies.

Discover Inspiration in the Arts

The arts have been a source of inspiration for Pisces women such as Cindy Crawford and Eva Longoria. Reading, watching, and listening to music can all be great sources of inspiration because they allow you to connect with your emotions and tap into your creativity. Allow yourself to be moved by art and be inspired to create something unique.

Embrace Your Spirituality

Pisces is frequently associated with mysticism and spirituality, making it an ideal sign for Pisces women such as Queen Latifah and Rihanna. Yoga, meditation, and prayer are all practices that can help you connect with your higher self and unlock your intuition. Regardless of your beliefs or background, exploring your spiritual side can be a powerful way to tap into your Pisces energy.

Spirituality, intuition, and originality sum up Pisces's defining characteristics. You can unlock your full creative potential and intuition by embracing your emotions, trusting your instincts, daydreaming, finding inspiration in the arts, and embracing your spirituality. The possibilities are endless when you have Pisces energy on your side!

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Revamp Your Wardrobe and Save the Planet with Upcycled Fashion

38 Nfm

You have entered the realm of sustainable fashion, where the goal is to minimize waste and your influence on the environment. Upcycling clothing is one of the most significant ways we can achieve this. So what exactly is upcycling? Upcycling, in its simplest form, is the process of repurposing discarded or outdated materials into something fresh and useful. In the realm of fashion, this could involve repurposing an old item into a new accessory or outfit, such a jacket into a purse.

Let’s now examine more closely the advantages of upcycling fashion for the environment:

Reducing waste: Fashion upcycling helps keep textiles out of landfills and lowers the demand for new materials. This lessens the negative effects of manufacturing on the environment and promotes resource conservation.

Energy conservation: Upcycling clothing also aids in energy conservation. By reusing pre-existing materials rather than creating new ones, we may conserve energy by upcycling used garments and textiles. This lessens the negative effects of manufacturing on the environment and promotes resource preservation.

Water conservation: Making new textiles can be a water-intensive process that requires a lot of water for procedures like dyeing and finishing. By upcycling clothing, we can support resource conservation.

Cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions: Making new textiles can contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. By reusing materials rather than creating new ones, upcycling apparel helps us lower these emissions.

Encourages innovation and creativity: Upcycling fashion does the same. We can design one-of-a-kind, distinctive pieces that express our unique aesthetic and guiding principles by reinterpreting and reusing worn-out apparel and textiles.

Last but not least, the circular economy, which aims to keep materials in use for as long as feasible, is supported by upcycling fashion. Supporting the circular economy will enable us to build a more just and sustainable future for all.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of upcycling fashion, let’s discuss some of the best upcycling companies. My favorites are listed below:

Patagonia has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion for many years, and its upcycling initiative is no different. They recycle used garments to create new items like purses and coats.

Sass & Salvage is a fresh, upcoming brand everyone is excited about. Sass & Salvage’s clothing focuses on sustainability and distinctive style, with the goal of empowering individuals who wear it. The brand creates fresh, distinctive fashionable, sustainable pieces using reused and old apparel, giving them a sexy, sophisticated edge. I can’t wait for the first line to drop in early summer!

The Renewal Workshop is a business that collaborates with other companies to upcycle their previous inventory. They reuse clothing that would otherwise be thrown out to create something brand-new and priceless.

Reformation is a wellknown eco-friendly clothing company with an excellent upcycling initiative. They recycle used garments to create new items like scarves and tote bags.

For anyone concerned with their environmental footprint, upcycling clothing should be a top priority. We can lessen waste, conserve resources, and build a more sustainable future by extending the life of textiles. Next time you’re about to throw away an old garment, ask yourself if it may be upcycled instead. And, don’t forget to look into some of the fantastic upcycling businesses, like the fresh and unique Sass & Salvage!

Nfm 39

Ethical, Ocean-Saving Fashion Brands


cover almost 70% of the earth’s surface and are the habitat of countless aquatic species. Yet, the annual release of more than 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean endangers the health of our waters and the wildlife that lives there. The importance of ocean cleanup cannot be overstated. It is necessary for the survival of all life on Earth as well as the sustainability of our planet.

Thankfully, many businesses are dedicated to assisting with ocean sanitation. Supporting these businesses could make a difference for the readers. The following is a list of some of the top environmentally conscious and ethical apparel brands that promote ocean cleanup:

Outerknown is a company founded by surfer Kelly Slater and is committed to using ethical manufacturing practices and environmentally friendly materials. They work in tandem with the Ocean Conservancy to support both organizations’ efforts to protect the ocean.

Patagonia, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor apparel, uses recycled and organic cotton in the production of their goods. Also, they have committed to giving 1% of their sales to environmental charities, like those that support ocean preservation. The company United by Blue has pledged to remove one pound of debris from the ocean for every item sold. The brand focuses on making ethical and environmentally responsible outdoor gear.

Girlfriend Collective is an environmentally conscious activewear brand that uses recycled materials to create its products. They have partnered with Healthy Seas to remove ghost nets from the ocean and turn them into sustainable materials for their clothing.

By using recycled tire rubber to create shoes, Indosole reduces the demand for new resources and prevents trash from ending up in landfills. They promise to eliminate one pound of debris from the ocean for each product sold.

Sustainable materials including organic cotton and recycled plastic are used in the production of shoes by a company named SeaVees. They have partnered with Oceana in order to assist them in protecting and restoring the oceans all around the world.

These businesses strive to produce high-quality, morally sound, and environmentally friendly products while also enhancing the health of our planet. By choosing to buy their products from these businesses, consumers support their efforts to clean up the oceans and protect the marine life that inhabits them. It’s a simple but effective way to change things for the better.

There are further steps we as people may do to reduce our own influence on the oceans. We may, for example, reduce the amount of single-use plastics we use, properly dispose of our trash, and support companies that are working to reduce their environmental impact. By increasing our awareness in daily life, we can all contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

The importance of ocean sanitation cannot be overstated. It is necessary for the survival of our planet and all of its inhabitants. Readers may assist the campaign to clean up our seas and improve the planet by buying apparel from the aforementioned ethical and sustainable fashion companies.

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Photo credit: ThoughtCatalog
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Moon In Pisces

Moon women in Pisces are a rare and enchanting sight. Feelings for them are as deep as the ocean floor during the day. They glide through life on the wings of intuition and the soft breeze of their heart.

Their originality radiates in their works of songs and art. They are so emotionally attuned that they can literally "ride the wave" of happiness experienced by those around them.

A one-of-a-kind treasure that doesn't come around very often.

Photographer: Agung Pandit WigunaNfm
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There has been a long history of women defying social norms and establishing new precedents, yet their achievements are rarely celebrated or even acknowledged. This March, in honor of Women's History Month, we should look back at the incredible women who have shaped history and how we view women today.

Despite facing bias and sexism, women have made incredible contributions to society in every field. Some examples of lesser-known women who have forever altered the public's view of women are listed below.

In the early 19th century, Ching Shih, a Chinese pirate queen, terrorized the seas with a fleet of hundreds of ships and thousands of men. Through her achievements, Ching Shih shattered the stereotype that women could not achieve the same levels of success as men in traditionally maledominated fields.

Claudette Colvin, then 15 years old, took a stand on a Montgomery bus nine months before Rosa Parks did the same. Her defiance sparked the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement and shattered the stereotype that women, particularly black women, were weak and submissive.

She later helped found the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses to lobby for improved conditions in the nursing profession. The groundwork for more diversity in the healthcare field was laid by Mahoney's work, which shattered the stereotype that women, especially women of color, were not capable of being competent professionals.

Ada Lovelace is widely regarded as the first computer programmer due to her collaboration with Charles Babbage on designing a primitive mechanical computer in the 19th century. Lovelace's writings helped pave the way for the modern computing industry while also challenging the stereotype that women are unable to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Forerunner in the field of astronomy, Annie Jump Cannon, created a system for labeling stars that is still in use today. Also, she helped found the Harvard Computers, a group of women who made significant strides in astronomy, and she discovered over 300 variable stars on her own. Cannon's contributions helped break down barriers for other women who wanted to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The way society views women largely shifted because of these women and others like them. They have shattered glass ceilings, changed attitudes, and paved the way for other women to follow in their footsteps. Let us take heart from these intrepid ladies and their legacy as we fight for justice and equality in the world today.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of these incredible women during Women's History Month, it is important to recognize that their contributions have had a lasting impact on society. These women have broken down barriers and challenged stereotypes, paving the way for future generations of women to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential. Let us celebrate and honor the legacy of these trailblazers and continue to work towards a world where all women are recognized, valued, and given the opportunities they deserve.

In 1879, Mary Eliza Mahoney broke down barriers in the medical field for people of color and women by becoming the first African American registered nurse in the United States.
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Mare de Vetro’s Signature Collection

is about creating ethical luxury that cultivates raw authenticity with sophisticated minimal design

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The Mother and Daughter due, founded Mare de Vetro in 2020 with their refreshingly directional, sustainable and deeply personal approach to creating effortless statement jewellery. Their collections range from compellingly simple rings, pendent necklaces, classic hoops and studs with handcarved textures, and captivating clean lines featuring Pearls and Semi-precious stones, to exclusively designed Murano Glass Statement pieces that will elevate any day to night style, with a commitment to sustainability. All pieces are locally hand made in Australia with responsibly sourced materials.

The Signature Collection focuses on Representing Stones and Pearls in a more natural and authentic finish, representing the story of the Origins and the Community who farmed, mined and offer to us. One project Mare de Vetro strongly supports is the marine conservation project in the Pacific Islands, which offer unique opportunities in terms of livelihood in the region.

Their main source of pearls is from the Fijian Island, Vanua Levu. The farm has sought close links to surrounding villages and employs numerous locals at different levels of its pearling activities, and is dependent on local support to fulfil its vision of Pearling Conservancy in protecting the local environment to ensure optimum conditions for pearl oyster growth.

Rather than using mechanised technology for regular cleaning of oysters, the farm has chosen to employ local villagers in spat collection, nursery and husbandry activities, creating 50 jobs in rural community and creating greater environmental awareness in the area.

Mare de Vetro continues to focus on ways to support and represent the Pearls from the Pacific to allow continued development of the Marine Conservation Project through their design ethos, which is about creating a clear focus point. A clear vision with minimal lines, with fine detail, creating effortless pieces. Each piece is hand selected in small quantity creating uniquely one-of-a-kind pieces. Highlighting the beauty of the individual piece like the Pacific Pearl.

Mare de Vetro prides itself on bespoke design and have exclusively designed Murano Glass from Orovetro Murano located in Venice Italy. We believe that the world wouldn’t exist without artisans, they have such an authentic talent that cannot be forgotten. With an expertise in traditional methods of crafting aspects of jewellery, we embrace this key relationship with the artisan in every aspect of the brand to preserve the skill and the historical story that belongs to it.

Mare de Vetro Signature collection is designed with a deeply personal and tailored approach, we stand for creating timeless pieces designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Mare de Vetro cultivates heritage with an intention, reflecting modern values with a traditional classic style.

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Darcy Donavan The Crypto Queen Taking the NFT Market by Storm


arcy Donovan has many skills. She is not only a wellknown Hollywood figure as an actress, producer, and studio executive, but also as the CMO of industry leader E-Coin Finance. Her latest initiative,

the StarDawgs NFT project, has received widespread attention.

Darcy has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, she said when asked about why she left the acting world for the cryptocurrency one. "About six years ago, I made my Web3 debut. The possibilities presented by cryptocurrency and the metaverse blew me away as I learned more about them."

Darcy put money into E-Coin Finance and pushed it on her social media in May of 2021. After hearing this, the CEO personally extended an offer to become the company's chief marketing officer. A hyper-realistic metaverse called "Income Island" now counts her as a co-owner, and she's also invested in a number of other cryptocurrencies.

Her dog, Max, was the inspiration for her most recent exciting project, StarDawgs, which is an NFT game. The goal of the project is to develop a new approach to filmmaking, where the community plays a central role in promoting and sustaining the films and the

talent behind them. You are the shining lights in our universe, and you will see the fruits of your labors in the form of tangible rewards, she says.

StarDawgs is unique among NFT projects in that it provides users with practical, non-trivial benefits that have never been made available to the general public before. For those who own StarDawgs NFT, Darcy says, "the project is actually hosting its first IRL (in real life) event in March that all the holders of the NFT can attend."

Darcy has amassed over 1.3 million Instagram followers, and she actively uses the platform to spread the word about what she's doing in the cryptocurrency space. She thinks that social media is a great way to spread information about Web3 and the coming digital revolution, both of which will have a major effect on the economy and people's daily lives.

Darcy enjoyed being interviewed and contributing her knowledge and input alongside other leading industry change-makers for the crypto/NFT documentary "Not A.JPEG," which was recently released and aims to educate the masses by shedding light on the nascent but promising field.

It's safe to assume that Darcy Donavan, the Crypto Queen, will remain at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry as it continues to flourish and grow. She has taken the NFT market by storm with her creative ideas and entrepreneurial drive, providing practical applications and fresh opportunities for those interested in working in the film industry.

You can follow Darcy Donavan on Instagram @ darcydonavan.

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Photographer : @fred.photographer - Farbod Roshan

Stylist: @tinastyling_ - Tina Jodat

Makeup artist : @zahraakhzarimakeup - Zahra Akhzari

Hairstylist : @hairstylist.marii - Mari Salehi

Models : @joaawnn and @rojaawnRojan Shadfar - Joan Shadfar


Twins unapologetically themselves

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Lovely Locks

Photo Rebecca Lafaye

Repped by MKLH Agency

Hair Stephane Bodin

Makeup Leslie Dumeix

Repped by B-Agency

Manicure Audrey Chéri

Models Anne E. and Christina

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We are brought back to the simple pleasures of a day at the beach, the beauty of female companionship and memories that will last forever.

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Cowboy Giddyup

Play me every Willy Nellson song so we can make love. Nfm 93
Photography by Vlad Shurigin
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