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Control your door/gate by (mobile) phone 1. The unit – connection of wiring: The set consists of a larger and a smaller unit Out of the smaller unit come 5 wires that have to be connected: Connect them as follows: The black wire from the small unit into the left green connector on the bigger unit (earth symbol) Right of that the red wire ( +12V) In the 8th connector (from the left) the Brown wire (printed: 01)

2. Connect to the operator: The 2 white wires from the smaller unit must be connected to the push button terminals on your operator.

3. The unit must be powered: By connecting the supplied cable with plug and adaptor/transformer to a wall socket (on the back side of the unit you’ll find the power input)

4. Antenna: Screw the antenna in the designated input socket.

Telephone control for every operator.


5. Place and activate SIM card A prepaid phone card is not supplied in the set! First activate the card you have at your disposal. Remove the request for a PIN code. So, in the menu of your cell phone, the option ‘request PIN code’ must be switched off.

1. Place the SIM card in the unit (back side) 2. Take the green connector terminal out 3. Switch the unit on with the ON/OFF button on the back side 4. Push the reset button once for about 20 seconds. Then the red LED on the topside will light up. The red ‘status’ light will (after one minute) start flashing which means a connection is established and the unit is ready for us. 5. Place the green unit back in the machine. 6. Wait one minute before you start calling.

6. Bellen: Call the number that belongs to the SIM card you placed in the unit. When the ‘phone starts ringing’ the green LED on the unit switches of and turns red. When connection is there you’ll hear: 1x beep. (if you hear 2 beeps you’re too quick; wait for 5 minutes and try again) or do a full reset. (see ‘reset’ at bottom of the page) Dial slowly 1234# : 1x beep (the red monitor LED switches on) Then 1# the green “out 1 “ led switches on Then 1* the green “out 1” led switches off Beware: press all digits/symbols slowly and wait about 5 seconds after one command before issuing a new one. Consequently the operator will start to run and opens or closes the garage door, industrial door or gate.

Telephone control for every operator.


When you call again (wait fora bout 1 minute before giving a new command) the door will close or open. In case you forget to press 1* the incoming connection stays open. You can cancel this by calling again: Then 1234# Followed by 1* Some telecom operators only supply cards where your phone credit expires. Since you are not using your credit this could also occur with your card. Please be sure you upgrade or charge your card on time!

7. Reset a) b) c) d) e) f)

Remove the green unit from the device, Turn the device OFF Turn it back on after30 seconds. Push and hold the reset button for 20 seconds Wait for the red indicator LED to turn green again Place the green terminator block back in the unit.

Telephone control for every operator.


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