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The personal issue

GB FlexiForce INFO magazine #64, September 2011


Editorial (Frank Goedhart)


Let’s get personal! As a valued customer of FlexiForce you are now holding your personal copy of the INFO #64, “the personal issue”. It is a major cliché, but still very much true in my opinion: “People buy from people”. You can have a good product, for a good price, from a reliable supplier, but if you have the feeling that the sales person is not listening to your specific needs, or is too pushy or too slow, you will never really like doing business with that supplier. That is why at FlexiForce, we want to make sure that we always “get personal” with you. We know that it is the only way to really be able to offer you the solutions that you need in your business.

How do we like to approach that? We accomplish this by re-introducing our sales teams to you in this magazine and by regular contact and visits from our sales teams and account managers. There are many examples of this interaction: Flexiforce R&D personnel sitting down with your technical people to arrive at specific solutions for your application needs, Flexiforce staff providing product and sales training to your customers or installers, or training your production personnel to effectively and efficiently produce SafeStep pass doors. Of course, you are always welcome to come, with as many people as you like, to our Inspiration Center in Barneveld or to other FlexiForce subsidiaries. Talking strategically with our management and marketing people might give you new ideas. It will definitely change the way to look at FlexiForce. During a recent visit by one of our French customers and his team, he commented: “You are indeed very open and willing to offer me special solutions. I did not realize that before!” Our basic message to you is that we want to communicate openly through meetings, emails, phone conversations, Facebook or Twitter. We realize that learning how to improve existing products or offer you the right product at the right price comes from listening to you! If you feel the same way, let’s get personal!

“People buy from people”

“Playing ball in IDA EXPO USA” Picture of door, courtesy of L-Door Belgium (patented) 2

In this magazine, apart from all the personal introductions, you will find lots of new products, a very interesting insight into the way the USA-market is organized and a spot light on our updated torsion spring service. Enjoy reading! If you have any question, demand, remark, do not hesitate to contact me “personally” (see my personal contact details listed below). I am looking forward to it! Best regards, Frank Goedhart Group Marketing Manager +31-6-51519209


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FlexiForce Sales Teams Personally!

6 20


FlexiForce torsion springs explained

Content: #64, September 2010 3 Editorial Let’s get personal! 6 FlexiForce Sales Teams Personally! 8 News News on FlexiForce companies and events




A well organized market in the Americas

14 Opening News! Widening the range of E-products 16 A well organized market in the Americas interview with Chuck Miller, President of DASMA 18 The “Wow!”-factor Interview with Tom Wadsworth, Chief Editor of Door & Access Systems magazine 20 Spring time! FlexiForce torsion springs explained 24

440, the new cable break device

26 A simple ABC!? From SafeStep to side-entrance door 28 The finishing touch CR-series of covers 29

New products



“Chuck Miller, President of DASMA”

The information presented in this booklet is of course subject to change. We often expand our product range with new items. Introduction is done through our website, in our online catalogue, on our YOUTUBE channel FF-TV and in our Flickr-photo stream. To stay tuned to these updates, visit our websites regularly,


follow us on Twitter ( or “Like” us on our Facebook fan page ( NB! All mentioned prices are gross, list pricing, based on our price list 2011-Q3. Your discount applies.

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FlexiForce Sales Teams: Personally!

The FlexiForce sales department is organized in a “close to the customer” setup. That means that each FlexiForce subsidiary has its own sales team, dedicated to serve customers, often in their own language, in that specific geographic area. Because Flexiforce maintains local stock you don’t have to, providing your business with greater flexibility and better cash flow! Lower transport costs.

On these pages we re-introduce our current sales teams. Their contact data are to be found on our websites, or They are motivated to communicate with you for order status updates, product demand questions or visit proposals, but do not hesitate to contact them for any subject you want to discuss.










FlexiForce Netherlands (NL Management) Sales region FFNL: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UAE, Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, and other not mentioned countries.

FlexiForce Netherlands (Team North)






Zbigniew Małgorzata


FlexiForce Iberica Sales region: Spain, Portugal, Canaries Islands, Morocco, Latin America




FlexiForce Hungary Sales region: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Serbia & Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

FlexiForce Poland Sales region: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Linda Zhang


Tjerk Jeroen

Martine Lydie

Jenneke Sara





Linda Lin




Randall Ligia


FlexiForce Netherlands (Team Central)

FlexiForce Netherlands (Team South) 6

FlexiForce Italia Sales region: Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

FlexiForce China (Euroline) Sales region: China, India, Asia, Australia and Pacific region

FlexiForce USA Sales region: United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America


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Very personal:



Goodbye to Sarah, welcome to Linda

FlexiForce fan page on Facebook

After working for FlexiForce in China more than 7 years, our managing director, Sarah Zhu, left in June. She will be on maternity leave, after which she has chosen not to come back; rather she has chosen to invest more time with her family. We respect her decision to leave and wish Sarah all the best and thank her for all the work she has done while at FlexiForce China. She started in the period where we only had a “hotel room office” in Wuxi, and she worked hard to achieve our position in China today.

FlexiForce on Facebook provides you daily with updates, pictures, movies, proposals, information on events, product introductions, stock indications, interesting links, and……..with the easy option of giving us your direct feed back! Feel free to “Like us” and to comment on anything we publish. That is how we both can improve our business.

We have hired Mrs. Linda Lin as our new managing director for FlexiForce China. Linda is an experienced general manager in the entrance systems industry in China. We wish her of course success in her new position.

It is really easy: Go to, create your account (which you can do without exposing private information to anyone), search for: “FlexiForce” and then push the “Like” button on the fan page of FlexiForce Europe ( or the US sister fan page of FlexiForce LLC. Now you are set-up to receive updates in your news line. See you soon on Facebook?

FF-TV: Missed broadcasting? We can imagine that because of the holiday season, in your absence you missed the introduction of new products and movies at the FF-TV channel on YouTube. Below is a list of our latest releases….so now you can catch up! • Spring Time! FlexiForce spring production • 440LOCK cable break device anti-lift bracket explained • Lifting cable testing in FF-NL • Burglar resistance kits 2605L/R demonstrated • SG14 light curtains explained • Plasma cutting of spring wire saving time and gas • Wireless band replaces spiral cords • FlexiForce at IDA EXPO 2011

New coating line in FlexiForce Hungary After extensive test operations, FlexiForce Hungary has a fully operational painting/coating production line in place. We are now able to coat all fixed torsion springs, standard lengths, full vision sections, track systems and other products (hinges etc.) for you.


Due to the size of the oven and line, we can paint everything within these maximums: Length < 6500mm, Width < 1000mm, Height < 2200mm. FlexiForce is looking forward to providing you unlimited advantages with this new line. Contact your local sales team for more information. More pictures on our photo stream on

If you do not want to miss another movie in the near future, follow us on Twitter or “Like us” on Facebook! Updated every day. 8


FlexiForce “played ball!” at IDA EXPO

FlexiForce exhibits in 2012

FlexiForce exhibited at IDA EXPO in Indianapolis, USA, in early June. We concluded that our approach of showing “Something Different” was well appreciated by our visitors, mainly from USA, Canada and Mexico. Not only did people play exciting matches on our already famous “foosball” table (football table made of garage door parts) but also demonstrated enthusiasm for our new SAFESTEP pass door and 350-series counterbalance overlay. Thanks everyone for visiting us and for your feedback! Contact our sales team in Dixon for any request that you might have! A small video impression can be found on our channel in YOUTUBE: FF-TV.

FlexiForce has signed up for exhibiting at the following events:


• R+T, from 28-02 to 03-03 in Stuttgart, Germany. • IDA Expo, May 9 – 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA • Equip Baie, 13-16 November 2012, Paris, France Fix these dates in your calendar and we will be looking forward to welcoming you there!

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Have a seat! At least 99,9% of our time is dedicated to tenaciously working on hardware solutions for overhead doors. The rest of the time we allow ourselves, and hopefully you, with some fun. That is why, after introducing the “foosball” table, the toy truck and the checkers game, we build a real live prototype of a FlexiForce LoungeChair. It is made from 2H- track curves, CR1 track covers, 705GB tube shafts, 370AF angle piece and many other components. Really a heavy fauteuil! Find the pictures and drawing on our Flickr photo stream.




Lost in transport

New product overviews

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that products sometimes get lost or damaged in transport. Especially long goods are not always treated with the proper “tender love and care (TLC)” by the transport companies. To make sure that together with you we give this proper attention, we kindly ask you to check the products’ packaging on arrival. If you notice any damage or you are not completely sure about the quality of the shipment, please make a note on the transport papers (CMR’s) before signing off. We can improve our service to you when we have “official writings” that indicate the possible problems from transportation damage. Let’s both work together to improve our forwarders.

Providing the widest range of products available sometimes means that it is a challenge to give you a proper overview of all the variations and types of products that we carry. That is why we recently distributed, “CLEAR VIEWS”, displaying all our windows and inserts. Furthermore, that is why we have updated our “OPENING NEWS” overview of all our E-products (openers and accessories). ou can expect more overviews in the near future, beginning with a clear brochure on all our residential hardware systems (RS200, RS70, RESX) and options.


opening news

February 2011

Order now?

FlexiForce range of windows for industrial and residential overhead doors 2011 – GB

FlexiForce product range in door operators and related electrical products 2011

Apply Liftmaster LM3800 without safety edge! In our ongoing CE-initial type testing project, we have tested and approved the LM3800 (jackshaft) operator without additional safety edge system!! The force-sensing system of the operator is smart enough to keep the exerted peak-forces below the demanded levels. This results in not only safe operation at lower costs, but also a solution to apply a SafeStep threshold without the need of an expensive IR-sensor system! For more information or for an update on your FlexiForce ITTR, contact your sales team!

Fresh air! For our series of ventilation grills 717FERM (white, closable), 717SIM (white, non-closable) including the black versions (717FERM-BLACK and 717SIM-BLACK), we have made a simple installation manual. In the download section of our website, of course. 10


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Keep burglars out! According to statistics in the USA, almost 50% of all residential burglaries happen by entering a home through the garage door. A large percentage of those burglaries happen simply because the home owner is leaving the door open. Another part happens by burglars getting hold of the remote control of the garage door opener (left in the car or…). The rest simply by forcing the door panels out of the track construction by using a crowbar. FlexiForce now offers some simple solutions which increase the burglar-resistance of your garage and home: • 2605L/R floor bracket for bottom roller lock-up* • 2606 track bracket for intermediate roller lock-up* • 574RS nylon roller with cutter pin, preventing the roller to be forced out of the side-hinge A clear demonstration movie on (Youtube) shows a burglary attempt with and without 2605L installed.



Congratulations! We loved receiving your holiday pictures! In our small “Happy Summer Holidays” leaflet, we invited you to send us your “holiday” pictures of installed doors encountered during your vacation. We put your pictures on our FlexiForce Facebook fan page. Thanks for all your contributions. The winner of the FlexiForce ToyTruck is: Tilt-a-Dor Ltd. from the UK, with a picture of a cute young lady with a toy truck in front of a door.

* Now also available in ready-kits for 4-panel doors (2605KIT4, € 5,20/kit) and 5-panel doors (2605KIT5, € 6,10/kit).

Needless to say that installing a high-quality lock like our 669S is providing ultimate extra security. To have the 669S work together with a door opener, integrate switch 669SW in it or install switch 16200LM at vertical angle to be operated by the deflection of the locking rod.

HAPPY SU MMER H OLIDAYS www.fle xiforce. co m


+ C60-4505-1 + 669SW

€ 49,50

+ € 7,79

+ € 11,53 = € 68,82**

669S + C60-4505-1 + 16200LM € 49,50 + € 7,79 + € 15,30 = € 72,59**

Other ITTR-updates:

Low threshold in industrial doors?

Now tested and included in our ITT-Report: • Liftmaster LM50K garage door opener, for doors up to 100kg • force60AC (see more information in Opening News chapter) • force140AC and force140AC-125, industrial door opener with 140Nm performance

Of course, it is possible and easy to integrate the SafeStep’s 1041L3000/5000 low threshold profile in industrial (non-fingersafe) doors. We have prepared a small manual which explains the details. Download from (downloads/manuals)

** List prices, your discount applies

Personal Pre-assembly Opportunities





Pictures below show how we supply preassembled garage door shaft systems to one of our customers. This effective and efficient logistical solution was co-developed by Flexiforce and our customer. We are willing and able to provide you with individual solutions, pre-assemblies or special packaging options. Get in touch with us to find out!

Cable test-bench To learn more about the actual life-span of lifting cables and cable pulleys, FlexiForce now has a new test bench operating at the R&D labs in the Netherlands. This will help us to validate the life-span and quality of the cables and pulleys we supply to you. View a video impression of the testing in operation at (Youtube).

Roller performance: 574RES


669SW 12

Our continuously ongoing product life span and performance testing, has resulted in very positive results for our roller 574RES. It allows us to upgrade this roller from “residential only” to application in both residential as industrial doors. That means that today this is the most price efficient option for a FlexiForce roller in your industrial doors. Check our website for details.


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Once again: QR-tags

Manual industrial fixation materials

In our INFO#63 we introduced Quick-Reading tags to you. We would like to draw your attention to it once again, as more and more FlexiForce products and packaging will be equipped with these tags. They are quickly and easily read by your mobile phone leading you to relevant information like manuals, movies or pictures. If you have any questions on how to install it on your phone, let us know.

We created a simple application overview of where to use Flexiforce bolts, nuts, screws, etc. with industrial doors. Download from (download/manuals)

Online catalogue Our online catalogue is updated almost daily. We have changed the navigation which makes it easier to recognize a product by the picture in the chapter menu. Also product pricing is already available before going to the single product page. Furthermore, products are added, drawings are being updated and technical information is being completed. For example: now all aluminum profiles indicate clearly “anodized” or “non-anodized”. Since our online catalog is much more current compared to the “paper booklet catalogue” we welcome you to use it as your FlexiForce product information source.

Steel building the world

Noise in the garage? A recent US-market research study indicates that the “noise level” of an operating garage door is becoming more important as a selection criteria for home-owners in making a decision on both garage doors and garage door openers. Due to the track configuration and the common use of AC-motors, US doors are generally making more noise compared to the European doors. But still, it might be good to know that a “low-noise” garage door is a market demand. Historically “quiet operation” did not appear in the top10 list of features on the customer’s wish list. Now it does! (source:


Personalize the door A trend that is probably recognizable by you all, is the fact that end users, home owners, want their door to be different from the one at the neighbors. So there is a strong demand for different colors, panel designs, grips, locks, and more. That is why we now introduce in our product range a series of decorative decals in different shapes, to “dress” your door exterior. Look at the samples in the pictures and if you like them, request price and availability at your sales team in FlexiForce.

Marcegaglia’s experience as a leader in the production of insulated building panels has lead to its line of industrial and residential sectional door panels.

MEET US: Equip’ Baie, Paris - Porte de Versailles 16-19 November 2010





Produced on dedicated manufacturing lines, the Marcegaglia product range is constantly expanding and is already the choice of several European industrial and residential sectional door specialized companies.




Made from galvanized and pre-painted guaranteed quality steel, panels are also avialable with plastic surface coatings for a wide range of architectural finishes.


Opening news (Marco Fritz)


Opening news This OPENING NEWS! section features new develop­ ments concerning our e-products portfolio. Again we have become more comprehensive in our range and above all, more personal! The latter illustrated by:

NEW! LM50K! Opening price point garage door opener. 500Nm, including 2 remotes and 3-piece C-rail chain.

Opening news


…and new products! On a less personal note, I would like to draw your attention to some interesting new products that we now introduce to you.

GSM-02(SW), personal programs Get familiar with our advanced GSM module GSM-02 which now can be completely personalized by programming via mobile phone SMS (text message) or laptop (with the help of the CD with support software GSM02SW). Personal access codes for all different users! For example tenants of garage boxes in underground parking, employees using the entry barrier to your company’s parking lot, or the supplier that prefers to come early in the morning are all easily programmed. Check out this great product!

With the force-line we are flexible in private labeling Personal private labels Sometimes it is very beneficial to trade a known and recognized brand of operators. But situations occur where you want something personalized and bring your own brand forward. Whenever you have a need for personal branding please contact us. With the introduction of our “force” line of operators we have become very flexible in blank labeling, generic branding or personal private branding. Do contact us for more information or an exchange of ideas that could lead to co-creation and success!

force140AC and force140AC-125 More power! force140AC (1” shaft) and force140AC-125 (1 ¼” shaft). Powerful 140Nm operator. Incl. release chain 5m, electronic limit switches, one model comprises all options. Force sensing standard, 7m cable set. Ready for connecting all safety edge systems. € 649,-

€ 149,-




A very easy bracket system to connect the operator draw-bar to the connection profile of the horizontal tracks. Thus preventing the need to suspend to concrete ceilings etc. Expected end of this year.

Liftmaster bracket for fixing the drawbar to the ceiling or ceiling struts. A click-and-turn system so no screws are needed. Only to attach bracket to ceiling two screws are required (not included). Provides more flexibility in mounting garage door opener and saves installation time.

Self-contained photocells (IR), working with all major operator brands/control units. A set consists of 1 receiver (RX) and 1 transmitter (TX), both with 15 meter wire attached.


€ 49,50

€ 4,60

Personal trainer Since March 1st, 2011 Johan van der Linde has joined the FlexiForce team. One of his main tasks is personal training. For example to help you when you make the switch to FlexiForce industrial operators, Johan is available for training your installation teams, your customers and your sales force. Johan is happy to be your personal trainer: in a FlexiForce subsidiary, your showroom or warehouse or at your customer’s location. Up to you but always: personal.

force60AC The power of force60BS (60Nm) but now with smart automatic control. Complete for € 449,- and available from October 2011.

FlexiForce is looking forward to be of even better service! Please do not hesitate to contact me with your product ideas, improvements or enquiries that will help grow your business. Best regards, Marco Fritz Direct phone +31-342-427769 Cell phone +31-610.33.22.85 @fritzmarco

Johan van der Linde, FlexiForce R&D 16


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A well organized market in the Americas


A well organized market in the Americas


A well organized market in the Americas At this year’s IDA EXPO, the main yearly door exhibition in the USA, we were, again, impressed by the fact that the door market in North America seems to be very well organized. Dealers, door producers, component suppliers, operator manufacturers are all somehow members of organizations such as

board complete their first strategic plan over the past year. The missions of DASMA and IDA, the dealers’ association, have significant differences, yet we also have areas of mutual interest. The leadership of the two organizations meets at least twice a year to discuss industry issues and opportunities for joint action. (* = Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation)

DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association), IDA (International Dealer Association), CDI (Canadian Door Institute) and smaller regional associations. What are the effects of this on the market? How do competitors work together while still competing in the market? How is it organized? Since FlexiForce is also a member of these associations, we tried to get to the bottom of this with Mr. Chuck Miller, president of DASMA, and with Tom Wadsworth, chief editor of the Door & Access Systems magazine.

You are president of DASMA today. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

What is a good example of something that DASMA has really achieved?

I was elected president of DASMA in January of 2010; my two-year term will conclude in January of 2012. Besides leading the association, I chair all the meetings of our 17-member board that includes top executives from our industry’s leading manufacturers. This is a non-paid volunteer position, and I’m fortunate that my employer allows me the time to deal with association issues. My role is to facilitate healthy discussion from our members and make sure that we keep moving forward with our strategic initiatives and objectives.

In the technical arena, we have developed 19 product standards and more than 100 Technical Data Sheets about industry products. In addition, we are constantly involved with influencing building codes so that our products are appropriately regulated. In legislative matters, we recently had a key role in ensuring that energy tax credits applied to insulated garage doors. Besides federal legislation, we also are actively involved in meeting with state legislators to educate them about appropriate treatment and regulation of our products. In marketing, our GarageWowNow program (, done in partnership with IDA, has achieved remarkable success on a national level. We truly are stronger when we act as a unified voice.

What is the main goal of DASMA? How do members benefit from their involvement? DASMA strives to be the voice of the industry for regulatory, technical, and product issues that affect market growth, safety, and acceptance of our products. Consequently, association activities range widely, including technical issues involving codes, standards, and regulatory issues, legislative challenges, marketing initiatives for the industry, education and training, and cooperation with IDA, the dealers’ association.

Given the fact that there are many members, who all could have conflicting interests, how effective is DASMA in making major decisions and strategy? How is voting done?

Chuck Miller

Yes, our members often have conflicting interests, as is true in most trade associations. But we do our best to give members the opportunity to express their views and vote their conscience, as we drive toward achieving a consensus on all issues. The process is often slow and detailed, but the outcomes are well worth the investment of time and energy.

Mister Miller, please introduce yourself.

What is the relationship between IDA, DASMA , CDI, IDEA* and regional associations. Do you work together closely?

I am currently the Vice President of Business Development for Overhead Door Corporation, the largest manufacturer in the North American garage door and access systems industry. I’ve been with Overhead Door since 1999, but my industry experience goes back almost 30 years. I started in the industry in 1982 with Collier Industries, a manufacturer of garage door hardware. From 1992 to 1999, I was National Distribution Center Manager for Windsor Door. It may be interesting to note that I’ve served as mayor of a city, and I’ve been involved with the manufacturers’ association for more than 25 years.

We have little formal interaction with CDI and the regional associations. Manufacturer personnel are typically well represented at those meetings, and they occasionally ask DASMA to send speakers to their events. The IDEA board is comprised of six members from DASMA and six members from IDA. They do excellent work in training and educating industry personnel, offering dealer accreditation and several certification programs. The DASMA board keeps in touch with our representatives on the IDEA board as we monitor and encourage their progress. DASMA also played a vital role in helping the IDEA 18

“DASMA strives to be the voice of the industry”

What will be the main challenge for DASMA in the coming years? We have been fortunate to represent more than 95 percent of the garage door and access systems market. In the recent recession, a few members have discontinued their membership, but we still retain the largest companies in the industry. As the economy gradually recovers, our challenge will be to regain those lost members and continue to grow. Our impact on key issues is greater when membership is strong. We also need to continue to be vigilant in the standards area so that legislative and regulatory groups do not produce requirements that have unintended consequences for our industry. Thanks to aggressive work by our technical director and our technical committees, we have built an excellent reputation among most regulatory bodies. But this effort requires constant supervision and diligence.

Of course, sometimes, associations in any industry are known for their “a lot of talk but no walk” character. How is DASMA different? I’ve never heard anyone accuse DASMA of being “a lot of talk but no walk.” We certainly can generate a healthy amount of discussion on any topic, but we are constantly producing results for the industry. I think our industry holds us in high esteem for our active involvement and continued progress.

Is DASMA really “heard” when addressing issues for the industry to governments or legislation authorities? Absolutely. In most cases, legislative and regulatory bodies recognize that garage door and access system products are specialized products. These bodies know that they don’t have the expertise to address key issues that affect our products, and these authorities are typically grateful to hear our input.

Chuck Miller, Randall Renne and Frank Goedhart

“We have built an excellent reputation among regulatory bodies” 19

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The “Wow!”- Factor.

The “Wow!” Factor Tom Wadsworth is chief editor of Door & Access Systems magazine. He is also one of the creators of the promotion website Tom, could you tell us a bit more about yourself and the magazine? I have a background in the news media, having spent 10 years in radio news and management. After that, I served 10 years as corporate communications manager at Raynor, one of the top five garage door manufacturers in North America. In 1999, after leaving Raynor, I was asked to become the editor of Door & Access Systems magazine. Our magazine is a quarterly publication with the largest circulation of any of our industry’s publications. We are mailed to 20,000 garage door industry professionals in the U.S. and Canada; 90 percent are dealers, and 10 percent are manufacturer personnel. The publication was launched in 1991 as an effort by the manufacturers’ association to improve the level of knowledge and professionalism in the industry and to position the manufacturers as the leading voice of the industry. These goals are still our driving mandates today. Our unique mission is to be a newsmagazine, reporting on the latest news and trends of the industry with timely, tightly edited, valuable content. I write most of the major stories, but we also have a number of contributing writers who have expertise in various aspects of the garage door and access systems industry.

How objective is the information in the magazine? Is content largely provided by sponsors and advertisers? We strive to be an objective, authoritative, and reliable news source, reporting the news from an unbiased and journalistic perspective. We want our readers to trust our content as solid journalism that is free from advertiser influence. Consequently, none of our content is provided by advertisers. The only exception is when one of our advertisers happens to offer expertise on a hot issue of importance to our readers. But we never ask someone to contribute an article as a way to compensate an advertiser for their business.

As a release magazine from the manufacturers side, is there not a risk that the magazines main goal is to inform ones competitor? What is the target audience of the magazine? When a manufacturer launches a new product, that company is typically proud of that product and eager to tell the world about it. They will naturally guard any trade secrets as to how the product is manufactured, but this concern does not deter them from announcing key details of their product. About 18,000 of our readers are installing dealers, and they are as eager as our 2,000 manufacturer readers to learn about new products in the industry. Publishing product details not only drives sales, but it’s a way of stimulating innovation in the industry.


actually worked in this industry. We are also the only magazine that focuses on hard news content rather than generic business content. We have the additional advantage of reaching the largest circulation in the industry, at least 3,500 more readers than anyone else.

What is the effect of the internet on your magazine? How do you integrate internet and social media into your communication strategy? Our readers still prefer a print publication; virtually no one is demanding an electronic version. Yet, recognizing the benefits of the Internet, we have posted more than 12 years of magazine articles at This large online library is freely available to anyone who is researching any industry topic. Two years ago, we launched the D&AS Insider, a quarterly e-mail newsletter that contains links to our top magazine stories and other fresh web-based resources for our industry. This e-newsletter is the probable beginning of an eventual transition to delivering our content online. We are also using social media to distribute our e-newsletter, but we find that our industry is still many years away from using social media as a dominant way to receive industry news.

What is and is it successful? GarageWowNow launched in 2007 as a national public relations campaign jointly

The “Wow!”- Factor.

funded by DASMA and IDA, the industry’s manufacturer and dealer associations. The campaign seeks to influence editors of consumer publications to promote the new trend of recognizing garage doors as a critical component in home architecture. The campaign has successfully resulted in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles that essentially encourage homeowners to upgrade their garage doors. These articles often focus on the new carriage-house styles of garage doors and new studies that show how the garage door is typically the most prominent—and most used—exterior feature of today’s home. Although it’s difficult to measure its impact on sales, we believe that this campaign has probably produced more sales than any other joint project of DASMA and IDA. Together, we’ve poured more than $400,000 US into GarageWowNow, and that investment has resulted in several million dollars’ worth of advertising-equivalent exposure to millions of Americans.

Do you have readers in Europe and Asia? Can they receive the magazines if they want? Where to apply? The cost of mailing a magazine internationally is relatively expensive. In this recession, it’s not cost effective for us to mail hard copies to Europe and Asia. But we are glad to email our D&AS Insider newsletter to anyone around the world. Just send your e-mail address to me at, and we will add you to our confidential list for a free subscription.

In Europe we lack a real European-wide magazine for the overhead door industry. In the USA there are at least four magazines. How do you position your magazine f.e. against Door & Operator Magazine (IDA)? Our magazine is the industry’s only magazine that is edited by someone who has

“ objective, authorative and reliable news source”

“...posted 12 years of magazine articles at” Tom Wadsworth, Door & Acces Systems Magazine 20


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Spring time! (Hans Lubbers)

Spring time!

Spring time! (Hans Lubbers)


What standard range do we offer you today? wire finish



All available in


51 mm

4,5 - 6,0 mm

1. Standard lenghts (2750, 3000, 3250 mm)

67 mm

6,5 - 7,0 mm

2. Fixed-to-size springs

51 mm

4,5 - 6,0 mm

3. Fixed-to-size pre-assembled springs

67 mm

6,5 - 7,0 mm

95 mm

6,5 - 9,5 mm

152 mm

7,5 - 11,5 mm








Production process For those of you that are not familiar with our history and experience in spring manufacturing, a small introduction: Since its foundation, FlexiForce has been involved with torsion spring technology.

Pictures say more than words, so we recently uploaded a new movie on FF-TV, FlexiForce SpringTime, where Hans Lubbers (MD FlexiForce NL) explains to you everything about our spring production and assembly process. Below is a picture showing the production layout in FlexiForce Netherlands:

In 1997 we started producing our own torsion springs in Barneveld (NL) with state-of-the-art production lines designed specifically for this purpose. In 1999 the supply range was extended with shot-peened and powder coated torsion springs, providing a better spring (40% more life-span) with a high-quality coating appearance. Today FlexiForce has three production plants for torsion


Temperature treatment (oven)

P d Powder coating ti

Sh t Shotpeening i

transport          >>>>>>



Reeady spriing  to o stock/exxp.

springs: in the Netherlands (4 lines), Hungary (2 lines) and in Spain (1 line). A unique selling point is the


ability to produce and assemble ‘fixed-springs’ to customer order, which reduces the client’s cutting losses to zero and reduces the inventory costs for door companies tremendously. This fix-

Spring winding production lines

spring service is available from all European FlexiForce subsidiaries. FlexiForce is the European

Spring assembly department

market leader in torsion springs for overhead doors serving hundreds of customers with the springs they need each day for the doors they produce or install. 22









transport       >>>>>>

Spring fittings

Spring fillers


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Spring time! (Hans Lubbers)


Some more facts about our springs: • Calculation is done through software, either online or off-line with FF-Logic, Create and the new to be released software: SpringForce! • Quality is ensured by selecting high specs European spring wire as base material. • Quality is continuously tested on our life-span test bench in FlexiForce R&D center. • Quality during production is monitored throughout the process. Example for this is the go/no-go tool for the internal spring diameter tolerances. • Temperature treatment is “the secret of the chef” in spring production. By cold-deforming the spring wire into a spring, the molecular structure of the steel gets disrupted. To relax the wire again, it needs to be in the oven at a certain temperature, for a certain amount of time. The high quality characteristics of FlexiForce springs during their complete life-span are determined largely by this. • Shot-peened, powder coated springs provide higher life span compared to black springs and galvanized springs. The FlexiForce shot-peening process is developed from experience in other industries. 40% life span increase leads to selecting a lighter (less kg) spring for the same door application. In fact, a better looking spring for more or less the same costs as a black spring.

New! Plasma spring cutting

New! Hydraulic spring assembly

For cutting springs out of standard lengths, we have started to use a plasmacutting machine in FlexiForce Italia. The process works a lot faster compared to other methods and the machinery does not need major investments. Ask you sales team for more information and watch a demonstration on (Youtube).

Our FF200 and FF263 plugs are now equipped with slotted holes for securing the spring wire. In our production line, we have in place hydraulic automated machinery for cold-deforming and pushing the spring wire into these slotted holes. So, without damaging the spring wire by heating it and without hammering in the wire manually. Better working conditions for our staff. Efficient and fast, saving time and energy.

New! Spring matrix for residential doors For a garage door, 90% of the time equipped with a electrical door opener, the exact scientific calculation of the spring is less critical. We have calculated a matrix for you, in which for each door height and width (and weight), a spring is selected. This spring matrix allows you to limit the amount of different springs you need to cover all doors up to max wxh = 5 x 3m to 15 different spring sizes. That means you can stock these fixed springs which makes you more flexible in configuring and preparing your garage door production. Download these RES Spring Matrix sheets (for Kingspan, Epco, Thyssen panels) from our website.


Spring time! (Hans Lubbers)

“ 5 days ready for delivery. If needed, within the hour...” How does fixed-spring production work for you? When you let us produce and assemble your total demand for torsion springs, it works like this: 1. Twice a week, you send in your list of needed springs: • Calculated with your own ERP software and email/fax to FlexiForce • Calculated with FF-Logic or Create and email/fax to FlexiForce • You fill in a spring order form with the door data, send it to us and we do the calculation for you. 2. FlexiForce confirms your springs and starts entering them into our weekly 2 shifts production planning 3. The springs are produced: • Without cutting waste (scrap is normally >10% in a small door production) • Powder-coated (standard, but black or galvanized is an option) • Assembled with spring fittings, spring filler (swprings: 95 optional, 152mm standard) • Striped (red, or other color option) for tensioning • Greased • Packed in plastic • With unique spring order-ID label • Spring article codes explained: VL50-1-610PP • VL = Left (LHW), VR = Right (RHW) • 50 = wire diameter 5,0mm • 1 = spring diameter (1 = 51mm, 2 = 67mm, 3 = 95mm, 6 = 152mm) • 610 = total spring length in mm • PP = Powder Coated, Pre-assembled (with fittings) 4. T  he springs are collected and shipped to you in wooden crates or steel racking (which needs to be returned when empty). An advanced track-and-trace system is in place to inform you on the status of your springs. So, effectively in 5 days, we have your springs, twice a week, ready for shipment. For rush-springs we are able to do it within the hour if needed. One thing is certain: We will never leave you waiting for the spring you need, you can fully rely on us.

Your advantages are clear: • You can cut costs in your own production department (space, staff, overhead, investments in machinery) • You do not need any inventory on standard spring lengths (which take space and money) • 0% scrap during our production. • Due to the high FlexiForce volume, you will get a more efficiently produced spring, against lower costs. We are convinced this is the way forward for many door companies. Our current customer base for fixsprings is a wide variety of door companies, from small local companies making 300 doors per year, via service companies buying only rush-repair-springs, to major door companies making more than 20.000 doors per year.

We are ready for you!

Contact your sales team to find out your specific solutions. 24


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440, the new cable break device! (Ton Peterse)


440, the NEW cable break device!

440, the new cable break device! (Ton Peterse)


440, compared to alternatives We can imagine that you have the need to see how 440 compares to other FlexiForce cable break devices. Below a schematic overview:

440 440-600 444 440REGL NEW!  

FlexiForce is pleased to introduce our new 440 cable break device for industrial doors up to 750kg.

List price

This non-adjustable cable break device replaces our current article 440-600. The proven technology

Unit pair(2) pair(2) pair(2) pair(2)

and reliability of the 440-600 is now combined with smart lean design with additional options, providing


more functionality for significantly lower costs!

Adjustable cable No No Yes Yes

€ 32,50

2,7 kg

Max door weight

750 kg

€ 41,44

3,8 kg

750 kg

€ 34,54

2,3 kg

400 kg

€ 47,41

3,8 kg

750 kg

Dimensions compact high high high

440 offers compact dimensions, an optional protective cover and a simple optional anti-lift bracket. The new device is fully compliant and tested for CE, ITTR. The yellow warning and instructions label now contains a QR-tag, which will lead the mobile phone user (end user or service engineer) to online product specifications, installation and maintenance instructions manuals. Article code Price

Cable fixing

M10 bolt/nut

M10 bolt/nut

Standard cable thimble


Plastic cover

Option (+ euro 1,80)

not available

Standard included

not available

Slack cable switch





Anti-lift device


not available

not available

not available

CE-ITTR Yes Yes Yes Yes

: 440 : € 32,50 per pair(2)

Roller shaft 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm

Other FlexiForce cable break devices:

440-accessories: The 440 range can be equipped with a plastic black cover, that offers: • protection against clamping on protruding parts or sharp edges • better appearance, hiding all the technical parts • protection against dust and dirt getting into the moving parts • branding options, by putting your logo and company contact data on the cover (ask for our printing options) Article code : 440CAPL, 440CAPR Price : € 0,90 per piece(1)

Burglars often attempt to force entry through an overhead door by simply lifting the door by putting a crowbar under the bottom panel. We now offer an even simpler prevention bracket: 440LOCK. Placing one part of this bracket on the U-part of the 440 and the other on the vertical angle, creates a simple anti-lift lock. When the door is forced to open, the cable slackens and the U-brackets turns, causing the 440LOCK to be activated. A movie demonstrating the 440LOCK is now available on (Youtube). Article code : 440LOCK Price : € 2,00 per piece(1)

The rotation of the U-bracket of the 440 is a sign that “something is wrong” with the cable. Either the cable is broken (which of course activates the 440 to protect the door from falling) or the cable is slack. In both cases, it is important that the operator stops immediately. Installing an electrical switch to the 440 and connecting it with the operator control box, is the solution for that. Article code : 445SW Price : € 9,72 per piece(1) 26

440LHR CE - Low head room doors, where the distance between panel and guiding tracks is bigger compared to standard doors.

440HD Heavy Duty device with robust design, for heavy doors up to 960kg door weight.

440-3” For doors that are equipped with 3” tracks up to 750kg.

More information: There is a clear manual available online ( for installation, maintenance and dismantling. The 440 cable break device has been successfully added to our Initial Type Testing Report (if you need an updated report, contact your sales team). One thing left to do: Experience the advantages! NB! Cable break devices (and spring break devices) are so called “one-shot” devices. The exerted forces during activation (stopping the heavy door from falling) may have damaged the device, so you need to replace them for new ones.


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A simple ABC!? (Ton Peterse)


A simple ABC!?

Other SafeStep updates (Ton Peterse)


Other SafeStep updates PREVIEW: 2-piece threshold. After market introduction we became aware of the fact that our 1041L-threshold is an ideal and sturdy solution for door companies that have professional equipment for milling out the door opening available. However, for door companies that like to have an easier production method, we will introduce a two-piece version of the threshold, consisting of a U-profile and the lower part of the current threshold. Expected in stock in Q1-2012. Follow our news lines on to stay updated on the progress.

After the introduction of our successful SafeStep pass door system, we soon received the request for a similar smart system for sideentrance doors. According to our customers, this is a growing market where architects and


New corner brackets.

end-users like the fact that the side entrance door shows similar appearance and design as the sectional overhead door next to it. So we

door system, which basically is the SafeStep

1033A2 Small angel bracket to secure, reinforce and fix the frame corner of the pass door casing (1033LS). € 0,33 p. piece(1).

door with few components and profiles added to it. Then we took the initiative to go from B to C, by also creating a double swing door with same




Pre-milled threshold.


additional aluminum profile and a slide-lock.

To save your production and installation time and hassle, FlexiForce subsidiaries offer various solutions for SafeStep Kits. For example, in FFNetherlands, a series of 8 different kits for Epco, Kingspan, Metecno, Marcegaglia, Thyssen panels is available for you. Panels combinations of 500 and 610mm, left and right, with or without accessories. In FF-Italia we also have a number of Metecno/Italpannelli/ Marcegaglia kits in black and white together with the low threshold profile. Contact your local sales team for discussing your best solution.

1033A1 Small angle bracket to secure, reinforce and fix the pass door corners (pass door profiles 1033LD). € 0,27 p. piece(1).

went from A to B and designed a side-entrance



Installation of the corner brackets 1033A appeared difficult due to the small bolts fixation. That is why we now introduce (in stock) two new brackets that can be easily riveted during door production: 

A pass door is in many cases situated in the center of the garage door. Now we offer you our 1041L- threshold, in a length of 3000mm, with a pre-milled door opening with covering label installed, for a pass door of 890mm width. Ready for use! On request we could also provide versions with the pass door to the left or right side of the door. Contact your sales team for more information.


This offers you the opportunity to easily extend your range of doors into side-entrance doors and into double swing garage doors using

Caps for Thyssen, Metecno etc.

standard components! We expect all these

Now we have on stock the finger-protection caps for Thyssen panels (1034TCAPS) and for Metecno-design panels (Italpannelli, Marcegaglia, etc.)

systems to be available in Q4-2011/Q1-2012.

1033LSB. C 28

Aluminum door jamb profile, pre-milled to integrate the 2 x 1034HI hinges and ready for the top section of your pass door, universal left and right. € 6,30 p.piece(1). Easy and saving you production time.

New grips. A beautiful pass door needs the finishing touch with a very nicely designed set of grips. Soon more information on availability.


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The finishing touch: CR-series of covers (Maeike Blauw)

The finishing touch: CR-series of covers

The finishing touch: CR-series of covers (Maeike Blauw)


CR2CL/R: Nice and strong! The configuration of CR2CL/R is slightly different compared to the simple CR2 covers. The plastic is PA – fiber reinforced, strong enough for the connection and carrying function of the bracket. For securing the cover on the track, a fixation screw with small steel plate is integrated into the design on top of the cover, so “out of sight” when installed. There are two ways of installation: • Suspension to the ceiling. When the horizontal track suspension is connected to the ceiling (with 3021L and 3022D brackets) the CR2CL/R only function is to connect the two horizontal tracks with each other. The cheapest solution for this is a piece of 215V-track. The length of the 215V track between the two brackets (L and R) is exactly the same as the distance between the inside of both horizontal tracks. This means that during installation, the 215V can be used as “distance bar” for installing the vertical tracks. Saving a lot of cross-measuring.

•S  uspension to the wall. When the walls of the garage are within 1000mm distance from the horizontal tracks, you can choose for suspension of the horizontal tracks to the wall. CRW is the new wall bracket, completing the range. Installation is done by cutting through the angle brackets (CR2CL/R) and mounting a 215V track length, cut to exact size. The track is secured into the CRW console with integrated screw and steel fixing plate. Max. door weight 165kg. A very nice solution, don’t you think?

< RSH < 215V CR2CR



In INFO#63 we have introduced our new series of covers and angle brackets for covering the We are convinced that applying these range of covers, will show to the end user that you also take the final details of the door seriously. It will be highly appreciated. Of course, other colors, printing your logo or website address to it (so the end user will always know who to call for maintenance/service) is something we can offer you on special request. Get the finishing touch! Order your samples a.s.a.p.!

rear end of the horizontal tracks, with springs in the front. Before the summer holidays, CR1 and CR2 were available in stock and we are very happy that you showed clear appreciation of this new product by ordering promising quantities! Thank

PREVIEW! 2635: Connect the draw-bar to the tracks Saving installation time by connecting the draw-bar of the door opener to the horizontal track connection. The 2635 universal bracket allows for this installation option. Now you can easily connect any draw-bar to any type of inter-connection profile (215V, 2V, 48SU etc.). Complete the easy installation by using our 312RM bracket at the front end of the draw-bar.

you! Now we are completing the range with stock of also the corner brackets (CR2CL/R) and the wall bracket (CRW).

CR2CR 30


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New products


New Products

1034FX, the invisible door pusher This is a built-in door pusher, that, when installed inside the upper part of the door, will be completely “out of sight”. A standard design, applicable on normal pedestrian entrance (or internal) doors and also on industrial pass doors (see our manual on NB! For SafeStep and our new side-entrance door system, we will come up with a slightly adjusted version, that will fit into the minimal space between the SafeStep pass door and its frame. More news soon!

870RS, track connection RS200, RS70

1034FX Built-in door pusher Adjustable force € 44,83 p.piece(1)

To ensure a smooth and perfect connection of vertical track set with the horizontal track curve in RS70 and RS200 systems, we now introduce 870RS. This simple bracket, universally designed for left or right hand, is easy to mount on both systems. Expected in stock Q4/Q1. Pricing: € 0,67 p.piece(1)

Even more windows: 2370, 2375

For other applications where you want to connect tracks to each other, use 870C bracket.

As if we did not have enough windows in our range? Our CLEAR VIEW brochure displayed to you already our very wide (and deep) range of windows for industrial and residential doors. Still, we received demand for two smaller industrial windows, often used as “peeking through window” in docking door applications. These windows are too small for burglars to get in but big enough to see if the truck has arrived at the loading bay. For panels 38-40mm. Screw connection. Now in stock!

After sales: Third party doors Knowing that the number of installed industrial doors in Europe is estimated around 5 million units, it is easy to understand that the after-sales market is very attractive to pursue. Servicing third party doors is not always easy due to “proprietary” design of components on those doors. FlexiForce is building up a product range that allows you to service doors from major Swedish and German door producers. All in stock!

CSPT: Specially designed to tension Crawford winding plugs which normally only can be tensioned with a special ratched tool. By mounting the adaptor, it is possible to tension the spring with use of standard tensioning bars (17mm). Simply slide onto the plug, fix the bolt and set screw. Full package is 15. Pricing € 45,76 p.piece(1)

New products


2370 605x144mm € 26,96

2375 610 x 203mm € 27,44

Couplers for transition 1” shaft to: 32HEX, 35mm, 40mm shafts. For installing (replacing) a motor on third party doors, we offer a new range of couplers that allow you to install a 1”-motor on a different sized shaft.

705-125, . 1”> 1 ¼” € 7,35 p.piece(1)

705H32, 1” > 32hexagonal. € 7,35 p.piece(1)

Spring break devices for 32HEX, 35mm, 40mm shafts. • 670H32L/R, for 32mm hexagonal shafts, left/right. € 22,50 p.piece(1) • 670R35L/R, for 35mm shafts, left/right. € 22,50 p.piece(1) • 670R40L/R, for 40mm shafts, left/right. € 22,50 p.piece(1) 32

705R35, 1” > 35mm. € 7,50 p.piece(1)

705R40, 1” > 40mm. € 7,35 p.piece(1)

IND-TBH, IND-TBL: Industrial spring tensioning bars Two new tension bars, with grooves placed to be able to see how far it is inserted in the hole of the winding plug. Good quality stainless steel with cut knurls for better grip. Two versions: • IND-TBL, light version, L=450mm, 13-16mm for springs 51,67,95,152mm. € 20,77 p.piece(1) • IND-TBH, heavy version, L=850mm, 16-20mm for springs 95, 152mm. € 27,69 p.piece(1) Related handy tool for spring measuring: WGD10 (also available with your logo on it).


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New products


421P, 421PW

421P € 0,48 p.piece(1)

421PW € 0,57 p.piece(1)


Garage doors with certain days opening height, must be configured with a very low top panel to fill the gap. It is no use to have We are happy to announce that, effective from July, 1st 2011, our Company has officially moved to the new headquarters: a 7’000 m2 production plant located in San Vittore, Graubünden, Switzerland. As officially planned, panel production has already recomminced as from end of May, 2011, immediataly after the revamping of the panel line - following the updatest technologies - at the new plant. We would be glad to welcome you in Graubünden in the near future so as you may become acquainted with our new facilities and organization. Allegra, see you soon!

this working as a hinged panel, because it is too low. Now you can fix (connect) this top panel to the following panel to make it


one, higher panel. The 421P en 421PW (white)

Industrial Zone Camp de Niscio CH - 6534 S. Vittore (Graubünden)

hinge plates secure the coherent looks of this construction following the design and line of the other hinges on the door. Holes are suitable for Epco/Kingspan panel applications. In stock now.


A family of screws

668BL, replacing 668-40BL

Now meet our complete family of self-drilling screws with socket hex heads: 1054-16 1054-25 1054-35 1054W-16 1054W-25 1054W-35

L=16mm L=25mm L=35mm L=16mm L=25mm L=35mm

The new design combines a 635BL-like outer lock plate with the inner mechanism of the 66840BL lock. 668BL is a good looking, industrial lock, with a deflection of 70mm. Suitable for panels 38-42mm. Flush-mount. Combine with Euro-cylinder C57-4205-1.

€ 4,76 p.100 € 6,75 p.100 € 8,13 p.100 € 6,27 p.100 € 9,08 p.100 € 10,45 p.100

Price lock excl. cylinder: € 49,50

Related families: 1052BV, 1053BV, 1055BV series (also in stainless steel!)

Covering the head of these screws: 1055CAP10

FlexiForce INFO is a news letter of the FlexiForce Group BV, issued 2 times a year to FlexiForce customers and relations. P.O. Box 37, 3770AA Barneveld The Netherlands T: +31-(0)342-427777 F: +31-(0)342-427723 Frank Goedhart Jeroen de Graaf

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For address corrections please send an email to For general questions, remarks or information, please contact one of our subsidiaries. See / About us.


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We already assemble more than 6.000 torsion springs weeklyâ&#x20AC;Ś

But we are more than happy to add your springs to the figure! FlexiForce is one of the biggest suppliers of torsion springs to the European door industry. We do not claim this only to brag, but to show you that we are very successful in handling the complete spring production for our customers. Customers rely daily on the springs that we produce and assemble for them: without cutting-waste, powder-coated, with installed spring cones (fittings), spring filler, striped, greased and packed in plastic with clear customer order-ID label. We can provide these springs twice per week in regular shifts or within 24 or less hours if needed. With state-of-the-art production lines (see our SpringTime movie on Youtube). We think it should make sense for you to hand over your own spring production to FlexiForce. Let us do the work for you: eliminate your worries at lower costs. All volumes are welcome, from 100 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 30.000 doors per year. Challenge us for a quotation!

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