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Component supplier must do: 1. Technical Construction File 2. Factory Production Control (FPC) 3. Risk Assessment parts 4. Declare application of parts “Declaration of Incorporation”

schedule CE responsibilities/documents industrial doors Flexi-Force Declaration of Incorporation critical hardware

Door producer must do: A. Technical Construction File with: b. Risk Assessment door c. Level 4 self declaration on technical aspects d. Mandated level 3 testing on essential requirements by accredited lab (SP), leading to ITTR e. Mandated life span testing door (100.000 cycles for IND) f. Make Declaration of Performance together with all needed manuals etc. (see J) (and declaration of conformity in case of power operated doors) g. Installation manual H. Factory Production Control (FPC) and of course produce the door… What has Flexi-Force already prepared for the door producer?  Mandated Initial Type Test Report (d) from SP of door combinations on name producer  Life span testing complete door (e) for 100.000 cycles  Concept / example (!) risk analyses of complete door (b)  Declaration of Incorporation (4) which is base for Technical File (A)  Concept (!) of Declaration of Performance and Conformity (f)  Concept (!) of manuals (f,g and J): user, service logbook, dismantling, maintenance, installation manual  Concept (!) of service log book, Instructions and check list

panel supplier Declaration of Incorporation for panel

door producing company

e-operator supplier Declaration of Incorporation for operator + safety edge + control

dealer / installer

end user of the door

The end user must receive from installer (J): -User manual -Service log book -Maintenance manual -Dismantling instructions -DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE/ CONFORMITY -CE-PLATE ID on the door.

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