FIU College of Law Commencement 2024

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Florida International University College of Law

Friday, May 17, 2024

Ocean Bank Convocation Center

Modesto A. Maidique Campus, Miami, Florida

2024 Law Commencement 1

FIU Alma Mater

Belinda Gunn, Lyrics

Carl Strommen, Music

We pledge to thee dear FIU, with voices loud and true.

Alma Mater falter never, shine forever Gold and Blue.

We fly our banners high, ev’ry culture we embrace. All our love and Panther Spirit, young and old we make this place.

We hail together FIU, ev’ry scholar side by side, and we hail to Alma Mater, Alma Mater be our Guide.

2 Florida International University

Dear Class of 2024,

We gather to recognize a momentous occasion: the culmination of your law school journey. Our faculty, staff, and administration are honored to share in this celebration for you and your loved ones. You have been exceptional representatives of FIU Law, showing admirable commitment to each other and to your community. We are all immensely proud of you.

Your class has set a remarkable example for future law students, demonstrating dedication, compassion, and excellence. During your time at FIU Law you have published in law journals and competed successfully in many competitions. You have represented children and other vulnerable members in our community, contributing more than 30,000 hours of volunteer legal service. You have served with dedication various organizations and legal causes. Importantly, you have also mastered no small number of legal doctrines.

Collectively, your triumphs make the Class of 2024 an outstanding addition to the FIU Law alumni community. Your legacy here is one of excellence, and we have no doubt that you will continue to excel in your future endeavors. We will follow your successes with great interest, look forward to welcoming you back to campus as alumni, and hope that you will continue to share your time and talents with future generations of students.

Today marks a significant milestone in your academic and professional journey. Take pride in your accomplishments and know that your FIU Law family will always be here to support you.

Congratulations once again to the Class of 2024!

2024 Law Commencement 3
4 Florida International University Congratulations, Graduates! As we celebrate the Class of 2024, we want to say thank you to all who have given to FIU’s Scholarship Fund! Turn Tomorrow into Today Support the FIU Scholarship Fund

Friday, May 17, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

The audience is requested to remain seated for the Processional and rise for the National Anthem and the FIU Alma Mater.

COLLEGE OF LAW ............................................................. Alma Miró, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Banner Marshal

PROCESSIONAL Grand Marshal Nathan Dodge, Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate Fanfare for the Common Man, Aaron Copland Chariots of Fire, Vangelis Pomp and Circumstance, Sir Edward Elgar

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND FIU ALMA MATER .............. Michelle Phoebe Jules, J.D. Candidate ’24, Vocal Performance

The Star-Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key FIU Alma Mater, Belinda Gunn

CONVENER ........................................................



Elizabeth M. Béjar, Provost, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer

Kenneth A. Jessell, President

Rogelio Tovar, Chair, FIU Board of Trustees

DEAN'S REMARKS Antony Page, Dean


Justin Dennard Coffie, J.D. Candidate ’24, Evening Division Dominique Max Pierre, J.D. Candidate ’24, Day Division

DEGREE PRESENTATION............................................................................................................................................ Antony Page, Dean

Introduction of LL.M. Candidates Angelique Ortega, Associate Dean

Introduction of J.D. Candidates....................................................................................................................Angelique Ortega, Associate Dean


Elizabeth M. Béjar, Provost, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer

ALUMNI MESSAGE Isaura Velez Mendez, Director, Alumni Board of Directors

CHARGE TO THE GRADUATES................................................................................................................

Kenneth A. Jessell, President


2024 Law Commencement 5

Candidates for Juris Doctor Degree

Fall 2023 JD Graduates

Roberto M. AlbinC

Jennifer Marie CroslowM

Maria Carolina Gomez


Alexandra Gonzalez

Anabel Guevara

Ilayda GurlerC

Spring 2024 JD Graduates

Mahanoor Abbas

Lauren Elizabeth AbrahamM

Alain M. AcandaC

Daniel F. AdamsM

Mary AdamsC

Tamoy Shanelle Anderson

Bryan P. Arnold

Melanie Jaia Arougueti

Victoria Marie Atencio

Emilio AzanC

Brooke A. Bailey

Katherine V. BecerraM

Christopher Thomas BomhoffS

Ashling Boyle

Thor Bozicevic

Olaf Rein Asje BrienneM

Shakira Rojas Brizuela

Sarah Bruno

Rachel Madeleine CampM

Alyssa Marie CampaC

Gabriella Marie CarballoM

Christina G. CaristoC

Emily Marie Cedeño-HidalgoM

Gianna CetrangeloM

Chase ChaninC

Maria Eugenia ChourioM

Justin Dennard Coffie

Matan C. CohenM

Erick Colindres

Karina Marie JensenC

Daniel Karmansky

Sarrhay Grace LouisC

Nancy Carmen MassesM

Shannon Cole Mau

Robyn A. Miller

Monica Mira

Melissa Lourdes Corrales

Matthew W. Costello

Seaira E. CreaC

Susan E. Curry

Eric Anthony D'AdeskyM

Orine Sigalit DadonM

Cecilia P. de ArmasM

Justin Evyn Degen

Rene Alexander DiazC

Hernando Diaz-CandiaM

Katelyn DoraneC

Ciara Marie Eckardt

Wirge M. Elianor

Andres Eskenazi Bone

Amberlynne FernandezC

Megan Elisabeth FernandezM

Sofia FernandezM

Miguel A. Flores

John Q. FosterM

Andrea E. Fuentes Blanco

Gaia FulchieriM

Jesus J. GarciaM

Katelyn Allyson GarcigaC

Gabor Gazso Von KlingsporC

Galen GobleC

Anaeli GomezM

Carlos C. Gonzalez

Gary Langan Goodenow

Jordan Alexis GrahamC

Alejandra RodriguezC

Jordan SchefflerC

Krista Marie Schmidt

Dylan J. ShepherdC

Hunter Judson Louis SoperM

Elizabeth Teresa SotoC

Cursten A. Taylor

Faaris Kamal Uddin

Jennifer Vacca

Laura R. Yaport

Ylena Zamora-VargasM

Jonathan Max Greenspoon

Ezequiel Hallak

Briana Antoinette HarrisM

Dorothy Harrison

Maria Gabriela Hasbun

William Michael Hodges

Alisha N. Hurdle

Jorge Damian Jaramillo

Ciara Lynn Jeneske

Jake R. Johnson

Michelle Phoebe JulesC

Michael F. KamminC

Dean Abdollahzadeh KandiC

Ilana Kapah

Jennifer Louise KardysC

Hayden Alexandria Kemp RienC

Jacky Klainbaum

Sydney Julia Krause

Vincenzo LamonicaC

Yamir LealM

Abigail LenhartS

Albert J. LeonardM

Blagovesta I. LeRoyM

John Allen LivingstonS

Jenny LlorensM

Thais LópezS

Justin A. Maroño

Bryan Austin MarotoM

Noble Sky Masters

Ryan McAuliffe

Eric M. Meyers

Katie Brennan MiesnerS

Alec Manuel MillaresM

Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad

Maria Paula MolanoC

Pierce Monroe

Diego Monserratte

Cameron Allen MoodyS

Janae Kendall Mouton

Barbora NahalkovaC

Abigail NusbaumM

Sidney Marie Oakes-Lottridge

Kaitlyn M. O'ConnellS

David Bernal Peraza RiveraC

Christin Marie Perdomo

Alejandro J. Perez

Lauren Sofia Perez

Dominique Max PierreM

Sophia Michelle PoloC

Duane Powers

Angelica M. Prado-DiazM

Brenda Querze

Lauryn Ashley Simone Reed

Michal Myriam ReichC

Nikolos Christos ReinsonC

Caleb Elijah Rios

Emily Madison Riumbau

Jessica M. RiveiroC

6 Florida International University

Spring 2024 JD Graduates (Continued)

Ricky RobinsonC

Alfredo RodriguezC

Deidra Elisabeth Rogers

Patiqua Patrell Anthonique Rolle

Francesca Arianna RomeroMuroM

Yaniri Salazar

Evan Alexander SanchezC

Adalyn Michelle Santos

Summer 2024 JD Graduates

Devin D. Carter

Fall 2023 LL.M. Graduates

Aura Maria Baute

Mariafernanda Brito Socorro

Camila Cordera

Skyler E. SchaetC

Brennan C. SchmitzC

Zane M. Scoles

Alexandra Shappley

Srishti Sharma

Alberto SierraM

Giulia Z. SilvaM

Gavin L. Sinclair

Andrew Lee Sarvak Smith

Camryn E. Smoler

Francesca Diane Sperbeck

Rebecca Tahlov

Xan Taylor

Megan Marie ThermesM

Vivianna Inez TijerinoC

Alejandro TorvisM

Tate Meredith Townsend

Nicolas Andre Treptow

Amanda TresgallosC

Melany Vargas Valencia

Adam Seth WeissM

Marina M. Wilson

Sidney YoungM

Victoria Leigh YoungC

Julia R. Tucker

Karlo A. Diaz

Viktoriia Goldman

Maria D. Guaman Franco

Spring 2024 LL.M. Graduates

Jarbas R. Aragao

Luis G. Arevalo Ramirez

Monica Ataya Pulido

Laure G. Deltin

Yosneis Fleitas Montes De Oca

Paloma Gonzalez-Alfonzo

Maria H. Jacome

Vitoria Lombello Desoutter

Summer 2024 LL.M. Graduates

Kristin Abboud

Joanna Borowiecka

Marley V. Diaz

Anabella Lancara Mejia

Maurieli Rodriguez Farias

Giselle Ruiz

Environmental Law Certificate

Alejandro J. Perez

Andrew Lee Sarvak Smith

Intellectual Property Certificate

Brooke A. Bailey

Rachel Madeleine Camp

Maria Eugenia Chourio


C Cum Laude

M Magna Cum Laude

S Summa Cum Laude

Katelyn Dorane

Dorothy Harrison

Dean Abdollahzadeh Kandi

Ana-Karina P. Martyn

Veronica R. Przewoznik

Oscar Rodriguez

Bora Yalimer

Lisandra Lopez Ravelo

Norman G. Mendez Castillo

Paola C. Prieto Urdaneta

Ana Laura Rodriguez Del Rey

Avanell Kizann Trotman

Nicole Vasquez

Francis L. Torres Bacallao

Ryohei Yamada

Eric M. Meyers

Alejandro J. Perez

Michal Myriam Reich

Andrew Lee Sarvak Smith

Victoria Young

2024 Law Commencement 7


The following awards were presented to members of the graduating class


Awarded by the faculty to the graduates who have demonstrated the most exceptional leadership, service, and commitment to the College of Law and to the community at large.

Briana Antoinette Harris Katie Brennan Miesner


Awarded to the graduates whose service to the College of Law made a meaningful and lasting impact.

Jordan Alexis Graham Bryan Austin Maroto Deidra Elisabeth Rogers Christin Marie Perdomo



Awarded to the graduate who has demonstrated overall excellence in the area of labor and employment law.

Katie Brennan Miesner


Awarded to the graduate who has demonstrated overall excellence in the study of local government law.

Deidra Elisabeth Rogers


Awarded to the graduate who has demonstrated overall excellence in leadership

Sophia Michelle Polo


Kristin Abboud


Andres E. Rojas


Alyssa Marie Campa Justin Dennard Coffie


Megan Elisabeth Fernandez Gavin L. Sinclair


Anaeli Gomez Cameron Allen Moody


Katelyn Allyson Garciga Alejandro Torvis

8 Florida International University



Andres Eskenazi Bone


Maria Paula Molano Xan Taylor


Jennifer Marie Croslow Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad


Ciara Marie Eckardt Megan Elisabeth Fernandez


Briana Antoinette Harris


Christopher Thomas Bomhoff Katie Brennan Miesner John Allen Livingston Thais López

Abigail Nusbaum David Bernal Peraza Rivera Victoria Young


Justin Dennard Coffie Hayden Alexandria Kemp Rien John Allen Livingston


Awarded to the graduates who have demonstrated excellence in service to the clinical programs.


Hayden Alexandria Kemp Rien Viviana Inez Tijerino


Francesca Diane Sperbeck


Mariafernanda Brito Socorro Melany Vargas Valencia


Orine Sigalit Dadon Michael F. Kammin

2024 Law Commencement 9

Mahanoor Abbas

Lauren Elizabeth Abraham

Daniel F Adams

Tamoy Shanelle Anderson

Cecilia P. de Armas

Katherine V. Becerra

Andrea E. Fuentes Blanco

Andres Eskenazi Bone

Sarah Bruno

Christina G. Caristo

Gianna Cetrangelo

Maria Eugenia Chourio

Melissa Lourdes Corrales

Rene Alexander Diaz

Sofia Diana Fernandez

John Q. Foster

Katelyn Allyson Garciga

Anaeli Gomez

Carlos C. Gonzalez

Jordan Alexis Graham

Briana Antoinette Harris

Jorge Damian Jaramillo

Ciara Lynn Jeneske

Ilana Kapah

Jennifer Louise Kardys

Hayden Alexandria Kemp Rien

Abigail Lenhart

Albert J. Leonard

John Allen Livingston

Thais Lopez

Bryan Austin Maroto

Eric M. Meyers

Katie Brennan Miesner

Cameron Allen Moody

Janae Kendall Mouton

Abigail Nusbaum

Kaitlyn M. O’Connell

Christin Marie Perdomo

Dominique Max Pierre

Sophia Michelle Polo

Duane Powers

Michal Myriam Reich

Jessica M. Riveiro

Deidra Elisabeth Rogers

Patiqua Patrell Anthonique Rolle

Yaniri Salazar

Skyler E. Schaet

Alberto Sierra

Andrew Lee Sarvak Smith

Camryn E. Smoler

Francesca Diane Sperbeck

Xan Taylor

Megan Marie Thermes

Melany Vargas Valencia

Sidney Young

Student Bar Association Board


Sophia Michelle Polo

Vice President Day

Eric M. Meyers, Sunny Toreihi

Vice President Evening

Mateo Lopez


Dominique Max Pierre


Catherine Vazquez


Anabella Lancara Mejia

4L Rep

Elizabeth Teresa Soto

3L Representative Day

Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad, Lauryn Ashley Simone Reed

3L Representative Evening

Renee Cantave

2L Representative Day

Kelly Cuba, Ryan Rhoden

2L Representative Evening

Eva Bjorgan

1L Representative Day (Section A)

Noah Fineberg, David Polo

1L Representative Day (Section B)

Victor Rosado, Stone Vickers

1L Representative Evening

Giovanna Motta-Barreto

10 Florida International University

Admissions Ambassador Program

Graduating Members

Justin Dennard Coffie

Justin Evyn Degen

Rene Alexander Diaz

Briana Antoinette Harris

Ciara Lynn Jeneske

Michelle Phoebe Jules

Hayden Alexandria Kemp Rien

Katie Brennan Miesner

Maria Paula Molano

Pierce Monroe

Dominique Pierre

Duane Powers

Lauryn Ashley Simone Reed

Deidra Elisabeth Rogers

Megan Thermes

FIU Law Review Editorial Board


Briana Antoinette Harris

Executive Managing Editor

Megan Elisabeth Fernandez

Executive Articles Editors

Albert J. Leonard

Nikolos Christos Reinson

Executive Marketing Editor

Alejandro Torvis

Executive Submissions and Comments Editor

Katie Brennan Miesner

Executive Alumni Relations Editor

Gabriella M. Carballo

Dominique M. Pierre

Executive Training and Moral Editor

Ciara M. Eckardt

Articles Editors Senior Staff Members

Sofia Diana Fernandez

Bryan A. Maroto

Abigail S. Nusbaum

Kaitlyn M. O'Connell

Evan Alexander Sanchez

Megan Marie Thermes

Lauren Elizabeth Abraham

Christopher Bomhoff

Alyssa Marie Campa

Emily Mary CedeñoHidalgo

Seaira E. Crea

Cecilia Pilar De Armas

Katelyn Allyson Garciga

Abigail M. Lenhart

John Livingston

Thais Lopez

Shannon C. Mau

Alec Manuel Millares

Faculty Advisory Committee

Professor Eric R. Carpenter, Chair

Lisa Davis, Assistant Dean for Legal Information Services

David B. Peraza

Angelica M. Prado-Diaz

Jessica M. Riveiro

Elizabeth T. Soto

Adam S. Weiss

Victoria Leigh Young

Ylena Zamora-Vargas

2024 Law Commencement 11

World Arbitration and Mediation Review Board of Editors

Manuel A. Gómez


FIU College of Law

Victoria May

Olivia Ayala

Arielle Astra

Michelle Artieda

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

FIU College of Law


Rafael Centeno

Andres Eskenazi

Andrea Fuentes

African Journal of Legal Studies 2023-2024 Editorial Board


Professor J. Janewa Osei-Tutu

Editorial Board

Professor Tesh W. Dagne

Professor Charles C. Jalloh, Simon M. Meisenberg, Esq.

Professor Srividhya Ragavan

Graduate Editorial Team, FIU College of Law, 2023-2024

Justin Coffie, B.A. (2020), J.D. (2024), Senior Associate Editor, Managing

Hayden Kemp, B.A. (2014), J.D. (2024), Senior Associate Editor, Managing/Peer Rev

John Livingston, B.G.S. (2021), J.D. (2024), Senior Associate Editor, Managing Lauryn Reed, B.A. (2020), J.D. (2024), Senior Associate Editor

Xan Taylor, B.A. (2017), J.D. (2024), Senior Associate Editor

12 Florida International University

Competition Team Graduating Members


Bryan P. Arnold

Andres Eskenazi Bone

Ciara Lynn Jeneske

Melany Vargas Valencia

Moot Court Team

Alain M. Acanda

Katherine V. Becerra

Alyssa Marie Campa

Christina G. Caristo

Gianna Cetrangelo

Seaira E. Crea

Eric Anthony D'Adesky

Rene Alexander Diaz

Katelyn Dorane

Megan Elisabeth Fernandez

Amberlynne Fernandez

Andrea E. Fuentes Blanco

Jesus J. Garcia

Katelyn Allyson Garciga

Anaeli Gomez

Briana Antoinette Harris

Michelle Phoebe Jules

Dean Abdollahzadeh Kandi

Daniel Karmansky

Vincenzo Lamonica

Yamir Leal

Albert Leonard

Blagovesta I. LeRoy

Gaia Llamuca

Jenny Llorens

Katie Brennan Miesner

Alec M Millares

Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad

Maria Paula Molano

Cameron Allen Moody

Janae Kendall Mouton

Abigail Nusbaum

Kaitlyn O'Connell

Sophia Michelle Polo

Michal Myriam Reich

Alfredo Rodriguez

Skyler E. Schaet

Krista Marie Schmidt

Alberto Sierra

Camryn E. Smoler

Elizabeth Soto

Megan Thermes

Alejandro Torvis

Sidney Young

Victoria Young

Ylena Zamora-Vargas

Negotiation and Mediation Team

Sarah Bruno

Matan C. Cohen

Melissa Lourdes Corrales

Jennifer Marie Croslow

Justin Evyn Degen

Andres Eskenazi Bone

Andrea E. Fuentes Blanco

Dean Abdollahzadeh Kandi

Vincenzo Lamonica

Gaia Llamuca

Eric M. Meyers

Robyn A. Miller

Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad

Maria Paula Molano

Pierce Monroe

Janae Kendall Mouton

Sophia Michelle Polo

Angelica M. Prado-Diaz

Lauryn Ashley Simone Reed

Emily Madison Riumbau

Jessica Riveiro

Deidra Elisabeth Rogers

Yaniri Salazar

Brennan C. Schmitz

Andrew Lee Sarvak Smith

Xan Taylor

Vivianna Inez Tijerino

Amanda Tresgallos

Trial Team

Tamoy Shanelle Anderson

Katherine V. Becerra

Ashling Boyle

Sarah Bruno

Alyssa Marie Campa

Justin Dennard Coffie

Megan Elisabeth Fernandez

Pierce Monroe

Duane Powers

Gavin L. Sinclair

2024 Law Commencement 13

State of Florida

The Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor

The Honorable Jeanette Nuñez ’94, ’98, Lieutenant Governor

The Honorable Ashley Moody, Attorney General

The Honorable Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer

The Honorable Wilton Simpson, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services

State University System of Florida Board of Governors

Brian Lamb, Chair

Alan Levine, Vice-Chair

Raymond Rodrigues, Chancellor

Manny Diaz, Jr., Commissioner of Education

Ashley Bell Barnett

Timothy M. Cerio

Aubrey Edge

Patricia Frost

Edward Haddock

Jack Hitchcock

Ken Jones

Darlene Luccio Jordan

Alan Levine

Charles H. Lydecker

Craig Mateer

Jose Oliva

Amanda J. Phalin

Eric Silagy

Florida International University Board of Trustees

Rogelio Tovar ’92, ’94, Chair

Carlos A. Duart, ’94, ’99, Vice Chair

Cesar L. Alvarez

Dean C. Colson

Alan Gonzalez ’96, ’01

Francis A. Hondal ’87, ’94

Natasha Lowell

Faculty Member

Noël C. Barengo

Chair, Faculty Senate

Yaffa Popack

T. Gene Prescott

Chanel T. Rowe ’14

Marc D. Sarnoff

Student Member

Alexander P. Sutton

President, Student Government Association

14 Florida International University

Florida International University Foundation Board of Directors Executive Committee

Adalio T. Sanchez ’87, Chairperson

Gerald C. Grant Jr. ’78, ’89, Vice Chairperson

Marcel L. Navarro ’93, Treasurer

Jill M. Granat ’87, Secretary

Kenneth A. Jessell, President

Kenneth C. Hall, CEO

Stewart L. Appelrouth, ’80

Richard Brilliant ’93

Cristina di Mauro ’01

Juan R. Figuereo ’81

Francis A. Hondal ’87, ’94

Elliot N. Stone

Albert R. Taño, Tina M. Vidal-Duart ’02, ’04

David M. Zinn ’98

Florida International University Administration

Kenneth A. Jessell, President

Elizabeth Béjar ’98, Provost, Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer

Aime Martinez ’96, ’99, Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

Juan C. Cendan, Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Andrés G. Gil ’86, Senior Vice President for Research & Economic Development and Dean of the University Graduate School

El pagnier K. Hudson, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Kenneth C. Hall, Senior Vice President, University Advancement & Chief Executive Officer, FIU Foundation Inc.

Michelle L. Palacio ’03, Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs

Robert Sackstein, Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs

Bridgette Cram ’17, Vice President for Academic Affairs: Student Success Operations and Integrated Planning

Robert Grillo ’91, Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

Javier I. Marqués ’92, ’96, Vice President, Operations and Safety & FIU Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Charlie Andrews ’94, ’14, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Scott Carr, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Carlos B. Castillo ’88, General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

2024 Law Commencement 15

College of Law Faculty & Administration

Faculty Administration

Antony Page, Dean & FIU Foundation Professor of Law

Michelle D. Mason, Senior Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Associate Dean for Enrollment

José Gabilondo, Associate Dean for Accreditation and Reporting & Professor of Law

Manuel A. Gómez, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Global Engagement & Professor of Law

Angelique Ortega, Associate Dean for Student Services & Assistant Professor of Legal Skills and Values

J. Janewa Osei-Tutu, Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Professor of Law

Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod, M.B.A. ’83, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor of Law

Raul Ruiz, J.D. ’06, Associate Dean of Bar Preparation & Professor

Louis N. Schulze, Jr., Associate Dean & Professor of Academic Support

Howard M. Wasserman, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development & Professor of Law

Ana Bierman, Assistant Dean at Abraham S. Ovadia Career Planning and Placement

Christopher Carbot, ’05, J.D. ’09, Assistant Dean for Administration and Strategic Initiatives

Lisa Davis, Assistant Dean for Legal Information Services & Law Library Director


M. Michele Anglade, Lecturer of Law

Tawia Baidoe Ansah, Professor of Law

Thomas E. Baker, Professor of Law

Eric R. Carpenter, Professor of Law

Cyra Akila Choudhury, Professor of Law

Margaret Brenan Correoso, Associate Professor of Legal Skills and Values

Yordanka Delionado, Assistant Professor of Legal Skills and Values & Associate Dreictor, Legal Skills and Values Program

Taleed El-Sabawi, Assistant Professor of Law

John "Alex" Erwin, Assistant Professor of Law

Jorge L. Esquirol, Professor of Law

H. Scott Fingerhut, Assistant Director, Trial Advocacy Program

Elizabeth Price Foley, Professor of Law

José Gabilondo, Professor of Law

Juan Carlos Gómez, Clinical Associate Professor of Law & Director

Carlos A. Costa, Immigration and Human Rights Clinic

Manuel A. Gómez, Professor of Law

Charles C. Jalloh, Professor of Law

Ila J. Klion, Professor of Legal Skills and Values & Assistant Director, Legal Skills and Values Program

Phyllis Diane Kotey, Clinical Professor of Law & Director, Externship and Pro Bono Program

Erin Loeb, Assistant Professor of Legal Skills and Values

Rosario Lozada, Professor of Legal Skills and Values & Director of Well-Being in Law

16 Florida International University

Jerry W. Markham, Professor of Law

M.C. Mirow, Professor of Law

Joëlle Anne Moreno, Professor of Law

Rima Y. Mullins, Associate Professor of Legal Skills and Values

Scott F. Norberg, Professor of Law

J. Janewa Osei-Tutu, Professor of Law

Amber Polk, Assistant Professor of Law

Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod, Professor of Law

Ediberto Román, Professor of Law

Marci A. Rosenthal, Professor of Legal Skills and Values & Director, Legal Skills and Values Program

The Honorable Alexander Bokor

Florida Third District Court of Appeal

Joseph Ankus

Karim Batista, JD ’13

Miguel Brizuela

Geannina Burgos, JD ’13

Jeffrey Cox

Joran Dollar, JD ’07

Robert Downing

Juan Garcia

Ari Goldberg, JD ’12

Karen Gottlieb

Jonathan Grossman

Anika Hardmon

Raul Ruiz, J.D. ’06, Professor

Louis N. Schulze, Jr., Professor of Academic Support

H.T. Smith, Director, Trial Advocacy Program

Kerri L. Stone, Professor of Law

Leonard P. Strickman, Founding Dean Emeritus & Professor of Law Emeritus

Hannibal Travis, Professor of Law

Victor M. Uribe-Uran, Professor of History and Law

David D. Walter, Professor of Legal Skills and Values

Howard M. Wasserman, Professor of Law

Jean G. Zorn, Professor of Law Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

The Honorable Jose Rodriguez Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida

The Honorable Andrea Wolfson Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida

Saidin Hernandez, JD ’06

Anthony Hevia, JD ’07

Mark Hunter

Salvador Jurado ’06

Dennis Klein

Christopher Kokoruda ’10

Peter Kramer

Abraham Laeser

Linda Larrea

Larry Leiby

Alvin Lindsay

John Little

Samuel Londono

Richard Lorenzo

Mario Loyola

Marc Labgold

Megan Labgold, JD ’19

Catherine Mandell

Rasheed Nader, JD ’17

Eduardo Palmer

Ivan Parron, JD ’06

Marc Powers

Keith Puls

Laura Reich

Abbe Rifkin

Anthony Rionda, JD ’21

Mauricio Rivero, JD ’06

Francisco Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez

Robert Scavone, JD ’12

Carolina Suarez, JD ’07

Tyler Tanner

Francisco Tschen, JD ’21


Michael Valdes

Shawn Wolf

2024 Law Commencement 17

Florida International University Alumni Executive Board

of Directors

Juan Carlos Alexander ’04 President

Barbara Yvonne Debesa ’82, ’94 Fund Development

Lemar T. White ’06 Parliamentarian

Sylvia M. Fumero ’91 Secretary

Sean P. Gazitúa ’04 Vice President

Manuel A. Niebla ’05 Membership Relations

Gina C. Duarte-Romero ’91, ’08 Immediate Past President

Dean's Leadership Council 2023-2024

Pedro J. Torres-Diaz, Chair

Mendy Halberstam, Chair

The Honorable Cristina Rivera Correa

The Honorable Marcia Del Rey

Alex Alvarez

Cesar Alvarez

Gonzalo R. Dorta

Albert E. Dotson, Jr.

Tomas F. Gamba

Maria D. Garcia

Joseph J. Goldberg

Carlos R. Lago

Javier A. Lopez

Carlos J. Martinez

Desmond Meade

Michael Mendez

A. Sheila Oretsky

Abraham S. Ovadia

Robert L. Parks

The Honorable Luis Perez-Medina

The Honorable Israel U. Reyes

The Honorable Jose Rodriguez

Chanel T. Rowe

Robert Zarco

18 Florida International University

Individual Donors

Lauren Elizabeth Abraham

Olanike Adebayo

Denaro Allen

Frank Areces

John Pablo Aristizabal

Samantha Arregui

Loune-Djenia Askew

Maybel Aulet

Richard Babyack

Andrew Bain

Stuart Barasch

Eric Bredemeyer

Theodore Brindle

Natalie Brooks

Diana Burgos

Jorge Calil

Carlos Canet

James Caris

Devin Carter

Claudia Casalis

Rafael Centero

Gregory Chalk

Justin Coffie

Liz Consuegra

Maria Cornu

Kelly Cuba

Santiago Cueto

Joseph D' Angelo

Charl Daniels

Javier Delgado

Gregory Denaro

Christina Diaz

Gabriel Diaz

Scott Dimond

Maria Echandia Uruena

Douglas Ede

Michal Edelkopf

Monica Elliott

Emily Englert

Otto Espino

Donna Evertz

Steven Feinman

Lewis Ferguson

Javier Finlay

FIU Law Supporters 2023-2024

Ricardo Fomez

Paul Freedman

Stephen Fuller

Tomas Gamba

Maria Garcia

Jose Garcia Torres

Amarillys Garcia-Perez

Susan Geiger

Tia Gibbs

Racquel Gomes

Claudia Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez

Debbie Goodman

Joy Greyer

David Grossman

Jose Gutierrez

Ira Halfond

Robert Harding

Paul Hayincz

Andrew Hellinger

Ailyn Hernandez

Kristia Hoffman

Howard Holden

Elizabeth Honkonen

Alejandro Hoyos

Gabriela Jimenez

Clayton Kaeiser

Jason Kairalla

Adrienne Kanter

Joshua Kesselman

Martin Khoury

Adrian Korborani

Susan Kornegay

Demi Lamas

Vincenzo Lamonica

Gordon Lea

Mary Leatherman

Patricia Leid

Ron Leonard

Daniel Leyton

Melissa Lima

Stuart Lones

Shirley Lopez

Georgia Maer

Mel Maguire

Khaleel Martin

Ricardo Martinez

Robert McIntosh

Maria Medel

Alma Miro

Matthew Mirow

Leydi Mocarro

Mohannud Ghazi Mohammad

Jeffrey Molinaro

Michel Morgan

Janet Munn

Viola Nadeau

Rasheed Nader

Ita Neymotin

Craig Oberweger

Michael Olin

Joshua Padron

Crystal Paz

Adriana Perez

Alan Petrine

Dominique Max Pierre

Denys Pivniak

Samantha Porche

Robert Rampil

Christina Ramsey

Ryan Ratliff

Carlos Rionda, Sr.

Ninna Rippa

Karla Rivas

Hemil Rodriguez

Laura Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez Vanzetti

Alexander Rojas

Jose Rojas

Judd Rosen

Alexander Rubido

Marlly Saavedra

Jessica Saiontz

Carlos Santisteban, Jr.

Robert Scavone, Jr.

Christopher Schuster

Robert Shapiro

James Silver

Joshua Silver

Arthur Spiegel

Roslyn Stevenson

Carol Strauss

Len Strickman

Michelle Suskauer

Bill Sussman

Yamile Tamargo

Aaron Tandy

Stephanie Taylor

Vivianna Inez Tijerino

Richard Treiser

Francisco Varona

Catherine Vazquez

Peter Warner

Richard Wolfe

Jorge Yegres

Benjamin Zavelsky

Corporate Supporters

Cava Law

Colson Hicks Eidson

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A

Florida Lawyers’ Legal Insurance Corporation

Hermanni and Lorenzo Law Group

H.T. Smith, P.A.

Isicoff & Ragatz, PLLC

Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton, LLP

Lagos & Priovolos PLLC

Levine, Kellogg, Lehman, Schneider, Grossman LLP

Mcluskey, Mcdonald & Hughes, P.A.

Microsoft Corporation

Ovadia Law Group

State of Florida

The Miami Foundation

The Moskowitz Law Firm

Trembly Law Firm

Trueba & Suarez, PLLC

Vital Projects Fund Inc.

2024 Law Commencement 19

Florida International University is Miami’s public research university, driving talent and innovation regionally and globally. With more than 55,000 students and 310,000 alumni, FIU finds strength in numbers — but it’s what the Panther community of alumni, students, faculty and staff has accomplished that truly tells our story of impact. We are No. 1 among Florida public universities, according to the Florida Board of Governors performance-based funding scores; No. 4 in the country among public universities, according to The Wall Street Journal; a Top 20 national public university, according to Washington Monthly; and designated an R1 Carnegie Very High Research institution, the top-tier category for doctoral research universities.

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