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Key Organisations Supporting the New Zealand Fitness Industry

Important information for exercise facilities, exercise professionals, and those considering a career in the exercise industry.

Overview Three key organisations support New Zealand’s exercise-and-fitness industry: the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), Skills Active, and Fitness New Zealand (FitnessNZ).

In a nutshell FitnessNZ is the industry association which exists to help promote the industry and cultivate its growth. Skills Active sets national skills standards and supports workplace training, and REPs operates the industry’s registration system and also serves as the industry’s link to the public. Key relationships

Key roles Fitness New Zealand

• Managers / Owners • Government • Media

• Provides support • Runs such events as conferences • Does research such as industry surveys • Provides resources to support facilities • Lobbies on behalf of the industry

Skills Active • Managers / Owners • Training Co-Coordinators • Employees (Trainees)

• Sets skill standards and qualifications • Arranges the delivery of workplace learning and training • Provides leadership in industry training

NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) • Managers / Owners • Exercise Professionals • The Public • Education Providers • Health Professionals • International Portability Partners

• Operates and promotes the industry’s registration system.

All three are non-profit organisations that promote the industry and support its growth. While each has its specific roles and operate independently of each other, they often work together on projects that include a common interest.

Considering a career in the industry? Those already working in the industry should consider contacting Skills Active for information about workplace training. Those not already in the industry and wanting to work as exercise professionals should ensure the course they undertake has been registered with REPs – you can find a list at under recognised courses. FitnessNZ also has resources to support trainers and facilities starting up in the industry.

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) REPs is the industry’s registration body. Its primary role is to promote safe and effective exercise advice to the public through the use of Registered Exercise Professionals and Registered Exercise Facilities. REPs registration is an annual licence to practice issued to 2000+ qualified exercise professionals. Registration with REPs is a requirement for operating in the vast majority of exercise facilities in New Zealand. This registration is portable to over 35 countries. Registration with REPs provides independent verification that exercise professionals and facilities meet agreed national industry standards such as following the industry’s Code of Ethical Practice and undertaking regular professional development. Registration has many benefits for both exercise professionals and facilities. These include: • Recognition as a professional that can be promoted. • Access to liability insurance. • Promotion of trainers through REPs’ online database and trainers’ self-editable webpages. • Information on industry news and events. • Substantial discounts for the national conference and ongoing education courses. • Discounts on such products and services as Reebok shoes and mobile phones. • Network Australia Membership (valued at NZ$150), which includes a magazine subscription and online resources. Registration with REPs provides facilities and professionals with marketing opportunities by promoting themselves as meeting the industry’s standards. REPs assists by providing marketing materials to help educate the public on the benefits of using a REPs-registered facility or professional. Together with FitnessNZ, REPs works on forging stronger links with the health industry. FitnessNZ, Skills Active, key education providers, and the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) all recognise REPs as the registration body for exercise professionals in New Zealand. The public expects registration for exercise professionals in the same way it does for other professions such as nurses, electricians, and teachers. Registration with REPs is your independent, promotable, mark of quality. W E P 0800-55-44-99

Fitness New Zealand (FitnessNZ) FitnessNZ is the fitness-and-exercise industry association. Its principal objective is to get more New Zealanders physically active at exercise facilities in New Zealand. FitnessNZ is a non-profit organisation and operates on a membership basis. It provides services, representation and support to exercise facilities of all types – non-profit and commercial, large facilities and single operators, recreation centres and specialised studios. The majority of facilities in New Zealand are members. FitnessNZ supports the advancement of standards for the industry, and recognises and promotes REPs as the recognised standard for exercise facilities and exercise professionals in New Zealand. FitnessNZ also supports the Personal Trainer’s Council of New Zealand (PT Council) in dealing with issues specific to PTs. FitnessNZ’s key role is to support exercise facilities in New Zealand. The organisation achieves this through: • Providing resources and tools for addressing key industry issues • Providing regular updates on industry developments and trends • Providing support on employment issues • Operating the annual conference • Arranging discounts on products and services from suppliers • Lobbying and representing the industry to government • Providing positive news releases to the media and responding to their enquiries about the industry Individual businesses may not have the time or resources to undertake these tasks, but through FitnessNZ the industry does collectively. By joining FitnessNZ, exercise businesses not only benefit themselves, but also help ensure that the industry has a strong association to tackle such industry issues.

Threats to the industry From time to time issues arise that need a collective response from the industry. Some examples of these are the music-licensing fees that threaten to cripple our industry and government legislation such as crèche regulations. FitnessNZ has the collective strength and voice to tackle these issues on behalf of the industry.

W E P 0800-66-88-11

Contact details for key organisations New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals PO Box 22-374 Christchurch 8142 T 0800 55 44 99 W E

Skills Active PO Box 2183 Wellington 6140 T 0508 475 4557 W E

Fitness New Zealand PO Box 22-114 Christchurch 8142 T 0800 66 88 11 W E

Contact details for other organisations SPARC Sport and Recreation New Zealand PO Box 2251, Wellington 6140 T (04) 472 8058 W E New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) Promoting recreation and providing professional services to the recreation sector PO Box 11132 Wellington 6142 T (04) 801 5598 W E Personal Trainers Council of NZ Run by PTs, the council identifies issues and opportunities, and provides a voice for PTs. PO Box 19775, Christchurch 8142 W E

Key Organisations in the New Zealand Fitness Industry  
Key Organisations in the New Zealand Fitness Industry  

Fitness New Zealand, Skills Active and NZ Register of Exercise Professionals - what they do and how they help the fitness iondustry