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Enhancing the Knowledge of New Zealand’s Exercise and Wellness Professionals

Sat 28th - Sun 29th Nov ’09 AUT North Shore Campus, Auckland Pre-Conference Workshops Fri 27th Nov ‘09 This is the must attend event for: - Personal Trainers - Exercise Professionals - Group Exercise Instructors - Club Owners and Managers - Sales People

Price includes limited FREE onsite accommodation!



The GetNZ Active conference is brought to you by FitnessNZ the Fitness industry association.

Enhancing the Knowledge of NZ’s Exercise and Wellness Professionals

Who should attend?

The conference is targeted at exercise and wellness professionals, managers and sales staff passionate about furthering their knowledge. So if you are a personal trainer, gym instructor, group exercise instructor, salesperson or club owner/manager, this event is for you!

Timing of day

All days run 9am – 5.30pm, broken into sessions of 60 or 90 minutes, please refer to the schedule for full information.

REPs Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

The conference is eligible for 20 CECs from REPs (this together with work experience is enough CECs for two years REPs registration). Pre-Conference events earn additional CECs (See pg4) To deliver the conference we have partnered with New Zealand’s leading education providers and suppliers.

How sessions work

The conference is held over two days (28th/29th November) involving over 75 sessions, with up to nine sessions running at any given time! With the exception of a few limited place workshops (e.g. spin workshops), you are able to pick and choose your sessions on the day. There is also a series of one day pre-conference events on Friday 27th November.

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The lowest price bookings can be found on: We do however recommend booking any flights early (to get the best price).

Transport when in Auckland

For full information please see opposite page.

Location & Map

The conference is being held in Auckland, at AUT’s North Shore campus on Akoranga Drive. A detailed map will be posted to all attendees prior to the event.


Free parking is available on site at AUT


The conference venue has a comprehensive fitness centre with changing rooms and showers (just in case you want to workout).

Practical Sessions

Remember to bring your workout gear so you can take part in the practical sessions (venue has shower/changing facilities)

More Information

A detailed map, and full details on accommodation and transport options will be sent to those that register for the conference.

Free Limited on Site Accommodation There is limited free accommodation for those who live outside of Auckland. We urge people who wish to take up the FREE accommodation to book early to avoid disappointment. Limited to 140 individuals in total, see “Onsite Accommodation”.


Low price accommodation can be found on various websites. Backpacker accommodation is available from as little as $30 a night, with hotels and motels accommodation around $100 per room (up to 2 people) a night. See and

Transportation in Auckland:

Depending on your budget you may choose to rent a car or use public transport, both of which we have some information on. Please see the applicable section below.

Rental cars:

Budget offer good weekend rates (around $45 for a small car). If you have an AA membership you can use rate code BCD# E755217 on the website and get a medium sized car from only $40 Also various discounts are available at: Hertz: Avis: Thrifty:

Onsite Accommodation:

For those of you who booked early and have had accommodation at AUT confirmed, information will be sent to you directly in relation to this at a later stage. Please note there are kitchens available in the student accommodation units, you can bring your own tasty snacks and save on eating out!

Airport Transfers:

Shuttles are available to and from the Airport at reasonable rates and there are shuttles leaving the terminals every 10 minutes. PreBooked Shuttles: Super Shuttles is a reputable company and offers substantial discounts for group bookings. For example, a shuttle for one person from Auckland Airport to the AUT campus in Akoranga would cost $32 however a booking of 5 to the same place would only be $60 ($12 per person) so if you are travelling with other people then you will save the most by sharing a ride Public Transport Bus: This bus takes you from Auckland airport to Britomart and costs $15 one way or $22 return.

Eating Out:

Eating out at the Viaduct is a common Auckland thing to do. You will find many restaurants there with a range of cuisine and prices. If you are looking for more economical restaurants and don’t mind alternative cuisines there are a range of Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants in upper Queen Street. REMINDER: FitnessNZ have arranged a Social Event for Saturday night please keep this time free!

Handouts: NEW PROCESS FOR 2009

This year FitnessNZ will be operating an online handouts library. You will be given a username and a password so you can download session notes from the internet in the weeks before the conference. This will also give you the ability to access notes after the event should you change the sessions which you were planning on attending over the weekend. If the presenter requests a variation to this arrangement it will be noted online that there are either no notes, the notes will be emailed by the presenter or that there are notes that are supplied by the presenter. Please be aware that there will be no facility to access/print notes at the venue. GETNZ ACTIVE CONFERENCE – 3

Exercise + Personal Training Sessions Blue Fitness

Name of session: Spinning Duration: Full day REPs CECs: Eligible for 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) Cost: $599 if REPs registered, $799 if not REPs registered. Both options include conference registration

Ian O’Dwyer & Dave Liow (See profile on pg 16 + 17)

Name of session: Achieving Success by Understanding your Client Description: Workshop • Movements - Take away tools; SMR/Games/Mobilizers, Functional Strength Program. • Thought and behaviour change – Understanding physical, chemical and emotional stress and how to factor these in when training your client. • Business/Sales - tools that will help you to connect with your existing clients and convert your leads. Duration: 9am to 4:30pm REPs CECs: Eligible for 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) Cost: $195 for conference attendees, $350 for non attendees

Adam Floyd (See profile on pg 13)

Name of Session: Lower back pain/injuries: Specific exercise prescription Description: This seminar is vital to anyone working in the rehabilitation, gym or personal training environment – around 80% of people will experience an episode of Low Back Pain in their lifetime. The exercises you prescribe to your clients can be harmful. Learn to be more specific than “if it hurts, don’t do it”. Physiotherapists, doctors and specialists are starting to refer patients to those instructors and gyms they know have further training in dealing with pain and injuries. Duration: 10am to 4pm REPs CECs: Eligible for 7.5 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) Cost: $175 for conference attendees, $275 for non attendees

Joe Waide

(See profile on pg 21)

Name of session: Core Camp® 4 KIDS Description: The foundation of sport success for KIDS is built on enhancing athleticism and movement while young. Learn new concepts and exercises and see why Core Camp® 4 KIDS is the ultimate core team program that builds better athleticism in kids in multiple sports. The focus of this workshop is to provide a hands on experience profiling the Core Camp® 4 KIDS program and its business application using cutting edge training tools and techniques to impact Kids sport development immediately. Duration: 9am to 4:30pm REPs CECs: Eligible for 10 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) Cost: $189 for conference attendees, $299 for non attendee


Managers / Owners + Sales Persons Session

Casey Conrad

10 Powerful Marketing Strategies Club Operators Must Use Marketing is one of the most important aspects of successful club operation. Unfortunately it is one of the areas most neglected. If you have ever found yourself rushing to create the next month’s ad, been frustrated at how to design a marketing piece to increase response rate or simply want to discover the secrets of how to put together a solid marketing plan for your club then this all day course is for you. In this program participants will learn: • The multi-pillar approach to marketing that will boost market awareness. • How to create a 12-month marketing plan that gets better each year Casey Conrad (including free access to marketing grids and tracker forms). • The most important way to track response rates and how this impacts Proudly brought to you by ALL marketing decisions. • Secrets of ad design that will boost your response rates. • How to use “Program Marketing” to attract more prospects. • How to incorporate simple yet important eMarketing strategies into your marketing plan so you won’t be left behind with technology. Duration: 9.00am to 4.30pm REPs CEC: Eligible for 5 CECs Cost: $299 FitnessNZ Gold Members, Skills Active trainees/Graduates $399 all others Casey Conrad has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years. She is the author of Selling Fitness, the complete guide to selling health club memberships, and has produced over 25 other sales and marketing products for the club business. She is a featured speaker and columnist worldwide and provided health club operators around the world with sales and marketing tips through her Club Sales Secrets and Smart Club Marketing newsletters (, She is the founder and creator of the Take It Off Weight Loss Program (, a licensed health club product offered throughout the United States and Canada.


Saturday 9.00 - 10.00


Keynote Speaker Casey Conrad

Saturday 10.30 - 12.00

Dr Kevin Steele

Nigel Myers

Naomi Ling

How to Design and Manage a Successful Medical Referral Program

Freaking freestyle pumpin’ up and jam

Leather Sweat Diet Wars the and much high carb vs more high protein debate

William Sukala

Scott Krywulycz

Dr Robbie Parker

Joe Waide

Sandy Leo

Six steps to six figures

Aerobic and resistance training, diet and weight loss …

Functional Fitness in fresh air

Gravity The Audio Pilates a Visual touch of fresh Journey breath

Peter Yeoman


Saturday 1.00 - 2.30 Jeff Osbourne

Kayla Duke

Marietta Mehanni

Cost effective Step for every HI LO that marketing for level rocks your business

Ian O’Dwyer

Casey Conrad

Dr Robbie Parker

Greg Doherty

Donal Carr

Ben Davies

Julz Darroch

Fascia … Training the system that connects all

10 Unique Ways to Increase Sales Success

PreAdolescent and adolescent strength training is it safe?

Create a point of difference in your business!

Gravity up close and personal training

The Beast Hill climb

The Free PT intro session

Saturday 3.00 - 4.00 Callum Forbes

Maria Teresa Stone

Amy Jayasuriya

Michelle Owen

Kath Fouhy

Dr Kevin Steele

Jan Pearce

Mark Buckley

Steve Seth

Adam Floyd

Business Financial Planning

Zumba Cardio Party

Pilates workout on the ball

Stretch or strengthen

What’s really in our water?

Tapping into the Corporate Sales & Marketing Opportunity

Suspension Training Achieving the 3 Fs: Function, Fun & Financial

Rotational training is it dangerous?

Spinning® The big Picture

Stretching: Valid tool or a waste of time

Saturday 4.30 - 5.30 Jeff Osbourne

Kayla Duke

Marietta Mehanni

Dave Liow

Scott Krywulycz

Adam Floyd

Joe Waide

Michelle Owen

Amy Jayasuriya

How to turn every lead into a loyal client with 3 small changes….

Just Dance

Stompless step

Instability to stability

Information products and income producing websites

Boot camp blunders - injury management for trainers

Core Camp® 4 KIDS

Ascend or Descend - the sliding scale of exercise

Unlock the secret to rock your cycle classes


Group Exercise


Business Inc PT Business

Exercise and Nutrition

Indoor Cycling

Sunday 9.00 - 10.30 Fiona Cosgrove

Naomi Ling

Marietta Mehanni

Matt O'Neill

Wendy Sweet

Julz Darroch

Oliver Scott

Donal Carr

Nigel Myers

Make wellness coaching part of your business

Kickboxing Martial style

Swissball and gymstick sensation

Cracking the Appetite code

Locking Them In

The Naked PT

Train your brain

Functional Stability- what is it?

Meditation in a mad minute

Sunday 11.00 - 12.30 Richard Beddie

Ian O'Dwyer

Amy Jayasuriya

Scott Krywulycz

William Sukala

Mark Buckley

Dr Robbie Parker

Sandy Leo

Vincent Boletta

Pricing Strategy for PTs

Optimal Preparation for any session

Amplifying your pilates workout using props

Studio Overhaul

Suicide by lazy boy

The Sacroiliac Joint

The benefits of exercise on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

Gravity Group Functional Fun

Power Vinyasa Yoga


Sunday 1.30 - 2.30 Kayla Duke

Ian O'Dwyer

Smooth Isolation Vs Moving Integration -which is right? Pilates

Marietta Mehanni

Kath Fouhy

Fiona Cosgrove Dr Nigel Harris

Paul Timms

Sandy Leo

Erin Brown


Poor Nutrition - the cost beyond health

Wellness Coaching- take your training to the next level

Strength training for power

Social Networking for busy personal trainers

Gravity Pilates with a slant

Cardio Spice

Sunday 3.00 - 4.00 Callum Forbes

Julz Darroch

Nigel Myers

Mark Buckley

Barbara FaustHeffner

Scott Krywulycz

Matt O'Neill

Donal Carr

Vincent Boletta

Personal Financial Planning


Stepping old School Style

Olympic Lifting

Nordic Walking for rehabilitation

How to get your first 30 clients

The nutrient rich eating edge

BigBang Swiss Ball Exercises and how to use them

Exploring Strength through movement

Donal Carr

Nigel Myers

Sunday 4.30 - 5.30 Sue Fitzmaurice

Dave Liow

Erin Brown

Kayla Duke

Designing your business

Four to the floor

50/50 tone and How to create an awesome stretch brand


Group Exercise

Business Inc PT Business

Paul Timms

William Sukala Oliver Scott

How to increase your hourly rate without losing clients

Become a Fitness Mercenary

Exercise and Nutrition

Introduction to Linking the body, brain and GRAVITY post rehab Biomechanics

Yogalistic realistic Yoga Classes


Please read the session notes (which you will find on the following pages) and choose the sessions you are interested in seeing, and note them in each time slot below. As there are 70+ sessions in total we recommend that you have some idea in advance, of what you want to see and so you do not miss any of the sessions you really want to see!

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are open entry! You do not need to select in advance which one you go to (so you don’t

need to send this page to us). Any session requiring pre-booking will be notified 3 weeks prior to the event by EMAIL only. Any such session will be allocated to people who request a place on a first in first served basis with a waitlist also in operation (this will ONLY take place for Spin/Indoor cycling sessions, all other sessions where there is limited space will be on a first in first served basis).











Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This event is a great opportunity to network, so: • Bring business cards so you can share these with other trainers, presenters or people you would be keen to keep in touch with. (This is THE best networking opportunity of the year and we encourage you to take full advantage of this!) • FitnessNZ will host a Saturday night social networking drinks event, so keep early Saturday evening free! Last year this event was very popular, come along have a drink with the presenters, sponsors, and supporters of the conference. Share ideas and wind down after the first day of sessions!

Hungry on the day? Subway will be open, both days. If you prefer to save your hard earned cash you can bring your own food along. If you have specific dietary needs it’s a good idea to bring your own special treats just in case Subway does not have anything specific to suit your needs.


Presenters are listed in alphabetical order of their last name.

RICHARD BEDDIE Former club owner for 15 years, Richard is now the CE for FitnessNZ, and sits on many boards of recreation organisations around NZ. Richard speaks internationally on many business topics.

Pricing Strategy for PT’s

Explore different pricing models to maximise your revenue as a trainer. Real practical steps you can take tomorrow in a entertaining session. Technical Level:** Experience Required:* Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

VINCENT BOLLETTA Vincent has been teaching and practicing yoga for 17 years and has been involved with the health and fitness industry for the last 19 years. His area of interest lies in structural rehabilitation and integration using the methodology of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama. Vincent’s initiation and training to Yoga was in England 1991 with mentor and friend Steve Sharp. Arriving back to New Zealand Vincent continued his studies with a two year teacher training course under Mike Byron-McKay and The New Zealand School of Yoga. Currently Vincent is on a three year Yoga Therapy training course with Gary Kraftsow and The American Viniyoga Institute. Vincent regularly travels overseas to encompass different traditions and thoughts on Yoga. His work has also been influenced by the work of a number of bodywork therapists including F. Matthias Alexander, Ida Rolf. Vincent’s own practice is about bringing to life the multi dimensional properties of healing that a Yoga practice can offer

Exploring strength through movement

Using yoga postures and specific breathing techniques to explore core stability and functional strength Learning Outcomes: Using specific themes and cueing techniques to help beginners understand how to maintain strength and stability Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session Type: Workshop, Mind Body

Power Vinyasa Yoga

A yoga class dedicated to developing strength, power and endurance, Using the methodology of sequencing and energetic flow movements. Learning Outcomes: A class dedicated to using principles of sequencing to enhance the “workout” Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Mind Body

ERIN BROWN MSc (Biochemistry)

A popular group fitness instructor/ presenter in Christchurch, New Zealand; Erin is also the director of programming at the prestigious QEII Park. Erin has been able to accomplish the elusive skill of combining dance and fitness to create effective, achievable and inspired choreography.

Cardio Spice

Just like a good cook; add a little spice to your choreography recipe and you’ve got a great class that will leave your class demanding a second helping! This master class will show you how to start with basic ingredients and spice them up on a sizzling hot platter. We’ll layer in dance moves from a variety of genres, garnish with funky rhythmical changes and serve it with a side of uplifting and energetic music.

Learning Outcomes: • To illustrate how rhythmical changes, and dance steps can be effectively layered over basic hi/lo moves. • To provide learning curves that effectively achieves a “dance inspired” result. • To demonstrate how incorporating small pieces of dance moves can maintain a high level of cardio vascular activity. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Master Class, Group Ex

Four to the Floor

Feel the beat of the music take you away. This session is a fusion of pop, disco, soul and funk elements-all set to a modern, steady bass drum beat and sexy vocals. Join in, feel funky and get sweaty in this easy-to-follow, energetic, let-your-hair-down dance experience. Learning Outcomes: • To demonstrate how dance choreography can create an inspiring and enjoyable workout. • To experience the simplicity of the muscle memory concept, and how it can be used to teach a class to dance irrespective of their level of experience. • To provide an energetic experience for a group of mixed ability. • To demonstrate how dance movements can be learnt within a short period of time, by integrating them with familiar steps. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

MARK BUCKLEY An enthusiastic and exciting presenter, Mark has extensive clinical and practical experience including heading the corrective exercise program in a successful hospital-based musculoskeletal rehabilitation program in Wellington, New Zealand. He is also a member of the PPC Medical Advisory Board in Tokyo, Japan, co-owner of the Olympic Gym in Dunedin, New Zealand and conditioning consultant to some of New Zealand’s leading Rugby players. Mark is a senior member of the C.H.E.K faculty for the C.H.E.K Institute in California. He is involved in course development of the CHEK Curriculum, as a faculty presenter he teaches practical, clinical methods of client assessment, evaluation and corrective exercise program design as developed by Paul Chek. His student intake regularly includes a range of Fitness and Medical professionals.

The Sacroiliac Joint - Form to Function

Due to popular demand, Mark is bringing this lecture once more for Get NZ Active audiences. Extended to 90 minutes to ensure that this extensive topic is covered in full, this lecture provides a Holistic model for the rehabilitation of the Sacroiliac Joint. He will present advanced concepts in Anatomy and Biomechanics, shedding light on this highly misunderstood area of the body. Although this presentation will be academically-focused, practical solutions in training will also be offered. This lecture is a MUST for both Personal Trainers, as well as anyone working in the field of rehabilitation. You must not afraid to be challenged by new concepts! Learning Outcomes: Learn about the mechanics of the Sacroiliac Joint. Learn how to modify exercise protocols when dealing with SIJ issues. Understand how to achieve solutions for clients with SIJ issues. Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: ** Session Type: Lecture Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

The Science & Practice of Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifts are complex movement patterns requiring skill, power and mobility. Technical proficiency in the lifts is a requirement for their


effectiveness, and proficiency is impossible without the prerequisite fundamentals. Learning Outcomes: In this 90 minute lecture Mark will discuss the science and practice of Olympic lifting. Topics covered will include: - Controversies in lifting technique - How to qualify a client for correct lifting mechanics - Program design considerations for athletes

Rotational Training - Is it Dangerous?

If you’ve ever listened to Mark speak, you will know that he enjoys the challenge of addressing the controversial topics that circulate within the fitness industry (i.e. Core Conditioning: Fact & Fiction). Join this eye-opening lecture tackling the current issue of rotational training, where he encourages trainers to stop listening to the ‘buzz’ within the industry, take a step back, and to look at common movement patterns within the human body. Mark will address the mechanics of the lumbar spine and related disc injuries and explain the underlying reasons why injuries of the spine occur through rotational training. If you are confused about whether or not to incorporate rotational training in your clients’ training programs, this lecture is a must! Learning Outcomes: Understand why some physiotherapists and trainers are currently saying not to incorporate rotational training in your program. Discover why you should and can incorporate rotational training in your program. Learn about the mechanics of the lumbar spine and it is important to have efficient load distribution in the body. Learn how to execute good technique when performing rotational training exercises. Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

DONAL CARR (Australia)

Donal has been working as a personal trainer for over 18 years and is the PT Training and Development Manager for Fitness First Australia, in which he runs workshops and lectures for over 1800 personal trainers nationally. He is a faculty member of the C.H.E.K Institute, a C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 and a GRAVITY Master Trainer. Donal runs his own CHEK/GRAVITY business in Sydney helping clients to achieve their goals with a holistic approach to post rehab and sports conditioning. Donal has been presenting for over eight years and has a consultancy business where he regularly speaks to corporate networks on a wide variety of topics in the Health and Fitness industry.

Functional Stability - What is it?

“Functional” is the new industry buzzword, but is it understood or applied effectively? Review three definitions of functional stability and learn several functional assessment techniques and exercises for immediate clinical application. This TEAM CHEK lecture correlates well with Donal’s lecture ‘Stand Up Straight’. Learning Outcomes: Understand intrinsic forces and extrinsic forces in relation to functional stability. Learn about viscero-somatic referral and how it contributes to low back pain. Learn about the importance of deep abdominal wall activation for spine stabilization. Learn about static and dynamic postural dysfunction. Learn specific exercises and assessments that may be effectively used to assess and correct functional stability deficits. Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

BIG BANG Swiss Ball Exercises and how to use them

exercises crucial to creating stability in an individual. Understand why you cannot create an overload in a client without injuring them if they don’t have a stable base to work from. If you want to learn the importance of incorporating Swiss Ball stability training in your training programs then this is the workshop for you. Learning Outcomes: Understand the foundation and key elements of how to exercise with a Swiss Ball. Understand the 5 key exercises to use at all times before implementing overload training. Learn the importance of stability in the body. Learn how to create optimal results with your clients. Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: ** Session Type: Lecture/Workshop Session Category: PT (exercise / nutrition)

GRAVITY Up Close and Personal Training

Description: Energize and revitalize your private, semi-private and small group personal training sessions! The extensive exercise library developed for use on the highly adaptable GTS™ from efi Sport Medicine lets you guide your variety of clients toward increased strength, flexibility, balance, power and endurance. Learn how GRAVITYPersonalTraining™ gives you a new way to make the most of your valuable time. Learning Outcomes: This workshop will introduce GRAVITY 4 Programming™ and the GTS™ Equipment. Experience and learn how to maximize a client’s personal goals by providing time efficient, effective and fun exercise programming. Suitable for those interested in finding out What GRAVITY is about. Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture/Workshop Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

Advanced PT Training using GRAVITY

Description: Donal Carr is an International ELITE GRAVITY Master Trainer and co-owner of Empower GRAVITY Training Studio. Donal will share some of the techniques, tips and tools he uses to train himself and his advanced level clients. If you are a GRAVITY Trainer now you will not want to miss this session. If GRAVITY is new to you, this will demonstrate the potential that can be achieved. Learning Outcomes: Advanced techniques in application and program design for Personal Trainers using the GRAVITY Training System. Bring a towel and Workout gear! Observers are welcome Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: ** Session Type: Lecture/Workshop Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

Introduction to GRAVITY Post-Rehab

This session is an introduction the GRAVITY Post-Rehab course. Copresented by GRAVITY Elite Master Trainers, Donal Carr and Sandy Leo, GRAVITY Post-Rehab is a program designed by physical therapists and exercise physiologists to provide: • Safe and effective programming, focusing on the movement dysfunction of a joint complex – lumbar spine, shoulder & knee • Set exercise sequence (stages including awareness, pre-positioning & dynamic) • Training NOT treatment • Total body conditioning Learning Outcomes: Personal trainers will learn how to implement opportunities to: • Market themselves to clients who are experiencing a movement dysfunction. • Market themselves to community physical therapist, chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and other health care specialist to let them know that they have the ability to help them with their postrehabilitative needs. • Add post-rehab principles to current clients, extending their program offerings & providing increased results.

Description: Learn the 5 Swiss Ball exercises that are the most used by CHEK Professionals. This practical workshop will teach you how to create optimal results with all clients by understanding the key


Technical Level Required * Low ** Intermediate *** High


CASEY CONRAD Casey Conrad has been in the health and fitness industry for 25 years. She is the author of Selling Fitness, the complete guide to selling health club memberships, and has produced over 25 other sales and marketing products for the club business. She is a featured speaker and columnist worldwide and provided health club operators around the world with sales and marketing tips through her Club Sales Secrets and Smart Club Marketing newsletters (, www. She is the founder and creator of the Take It Off Weight Loss Program (, a licensed health club product offered throughout the United States and Canada. Session Details : 10 Unique Ways to Increase Sales Success When the going gets tough the tough get creative! In today’s hyper competitive market place club operators need to do the basics better while also finding new and unique ways to reach more prospects and sell more memberships. As an international club consultant, Casey Conrad has the good fortune to visit hundreds of facilities and discover things that operators simply aren’t exposed to while focusing on the day to day aspects of running a club. In this session Casey will share the top 10 insights she has seen and challenge you to find ways to bring these concepts into your club sales strategies. Technical Level:* Experience required:* Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

Julz Darroch is a Wellington based fitness educator specialising in ‘real world’ exercise and fitness information. A 16 year veteran of the fitness industry she’s worked in every aspect of the fitness business and has been victim to more fads and shiny lycra than most. She likes to share her knowledge through instructor training, personal training, group fitness, speaking engagements and her regular slots on TV 1’s Good Morning show. Julz is known for combining a little bit of humour and a healthy dose of reality to get the fitness message out to even the most die-hard couch potato.


Take a trip through time back to when group fitness was called aerobics and Richard Simmons was King. But Julzercise is no 80’s inspired theme class, it’s a low impact exercise experience designed for those who like to combine fun with their fitness. This workout will put a smile on your regular participants’ faces and encourage group fitness virgins into your class before you can say ‘ I feel the burn’. Learning Outcomes: • Be inspiration to get creative with your beginner and lite pace classes • The ability to create a class suitable for less fit and coordinated participants Technical Level: * Experience required: ** Session type: Master Class Group Exercise

The Naked PT

FIONA COSGROVE Fiona has owned and managed Health Clubs for over 20 years. Fiona holds Masters degrees in both Sports Science and Counselling, has worked for many years as a University Lecturer, Life Coach, Corporate presenter and more latterly Wellness Coach. Fiona is a regular presenter at fitness industry events and in the last two years is responsible for bringing the exciting new world of Wellness Coaching to the industry. Having trained over 300 trainers, she is passionate about helping people and businesses discover and fulfil their potential and opening the door to change. Through the vehicle of Wellness Coaching Australia and working with Wellcoaches in the United States, Fiona organizes executive wellness coaching, seminars and training. Her book “Coach yourself to Wellness” and associated workbook is available for purchase and can be used by trainers or clients on their own.

Wellness Coaching - take your training to the next level

This session provides an overview of the principles of coaching in behaviour change. This new approach will help trainers build a new dynamic with their clients and help them create change that will last as opposed to quick fix expert advice. The coaching approach is about to revolutionise our industry. Learning Outcomes: • A thorough understanding of what the coaching approach consists of • A desire to learn new skills that can be used in their business to make their job more satisfying and stimulating • A method of working with people that addresses the psychological side of barriers to change rather than just the physical barriers • The possibility of a new income stream Technical Level: ** Experience required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

Make Wellness Coaching Part Of Your Business

This session will explore the ways in which coaching can add to your business in terms of member results, staff satisfaction and at the same time, put you at the cutting edge of your industry. Fiona Cosgrove has now trained over 300 personal trainers in basic coaching skills and is about to launch a second level. Come and learn how you cannot afford to miss out of this exciting new service and get ideas of how to incorporate it into your business and take it to the next level or simply turn it around. Technical Level:** Experience required:* Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

Prior Experience Required * Low ** Medium *** High

Steady there, you can keep your clothes on! The Naked Chef creates amazing food with simple ingredients, in this session we’ll do the same with your home and park based PT sessions. By using objects and equipment that are cheap to buy, light to carry or available in your clients homes, you will learn to create an amazing session without having to have a gym in your backpack. Learning Outcomes: • Takeaway exercises to expand your home fitness exercise repertoire without breaking the bank • The imagination to create more dynamic personal training sessions • The ability to inspire every day fitness in your clients Technical Level: ** Experience required: ** Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise Based

The Free PT Intro Session

Sick of giving away free sessions and not picking up regular clients from all your hard work? Feel like you’re giving away freebies and everyone’s benefiting but you? The intro PT session is designed so that with minimum prior contact you are able to meet up with and train a person who is interested in PT and showcase what you can do for them. Use this tried and tested formula to wow potential clients and have them paying for more. Learning Outcomes: • To cut down on session design preparation and pre-screening • The skills to adapt on the spot to client needs • Learn to use your personality to make a connection • Learn ‘sales’ free up selling. Technical Level: ** Experience required: ** Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise Based.


Ben has a Physical Education degree in Biomechanics from Otago and has been in the industry for over 20 years. He has a representative road cycling background and has completed 3 Ironman Triathlons and represented New Zealand in Triathlon. Spinning is his passion and is the representative for Mad Dogg in Australia and New Zealand, and through StarTrac, Asia and the Middle East. His “day job” is Managing Director for Blue Leisure Group (Blue Fitness NZ, Blue Fitness Aust, NZBLUE and Face2Face).

‘The Beast’ Hill Climb.

More than just the hardest set of hill climbs you might ever do! This session explores ways to motivate your class to push that extra gear while also providing an overview of when hill training should be used within a Spinning programme.


Learn and share tips and tricks to ensure your class works as hard or harder than you do and different sets of climbs to motivate and keep your students coming back for more. Quick 5 minute preview and review sessions between climbs will give you the opportunity to recover and absorb information, but be prepared for an intense session. Technical Level: ** Prior experience required: ** Session Type: Practical Workshop Session Category: Group Fitness/Indoor Cycling

Learning Outcomes: • Teaches you how to structure your pilates class in the most effective sequence • Teaches you to be able to move through the exercises comfortably with out stopping Technical Level: * Experience required: * Session type: Masterclass, Mind Body

Just Dance

GREG DOHERTY Greg Doherty is a C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 3, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, and CEO of Highest Quality Health and Fitness (HQH) which offers functional fitness education, training systems and supporting products. As the director of HQH for 13 years, Greg is passionate about empowering others to experience exponentially higher skill and service delivery in the fitness profession.

Create a Point of Difference in your Business!

With more and more Personal Trainers coming through the system rapidly you’ll need to be proactive and keep yourself at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Greg explains in this lecture the common trends among successful PTs and the importance of investing in yourself, your knowledge, your skills, your service delivery and your product offering to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Learning Outcomes: Learn about the importance of increasing your knowledge and how the CHEK program can set you apart from other trainers. Learn ways to provide a unique point of difference in your training services Understand how to market yourself and exceed client expectations by offering more. Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture Session Category: Business (inc PT Business)

KAYLA DUKE Currently based in Singapore with Asia’s leading fitness company California Fitness, Kayla is Assistant Group Exercise Manager for Singapore. She instructs full-time, choreographs many programs, trains and assesses instructors, and presents regularly both nationally and internationally. Before starting her career in the fitness industry, Kayla danced part-time then full-time accruing 17 years in stage productions ranging from small town mixed dance performance to full classical ballets. Her movement quality gives a special edge to her presentation style.

Step for Every Level

Work to your level as Kayla shows you step by step how to make a basic step class incorporate intermediate and even advanced moves, leaving participants the choice to stay at their own level easily and comfortably. Everybody deserves to enjoy a good step workout, so make it possible with creative and fun learning curves. If you have different levels of participants coming to your classes, then this is the session for you. Basic choreography can soon become advance when you add turns, rhythm and travelling Learning Outcomes: • Learn step by step how to layer choreography from basic moves to advanced • Know how to create an effective workout in the one class for all ages and fitness levels Technical Level: ** Experience required: * Session type: Masterclass, Group Exercise

Smooth Moving Pilates

This pilates class keeps you moving from start to finish with smooth transitions from one position to the next. It also teaches you how to structure your pilates class in a sequence that is easy to move through without having to stop and start. Combining standing work and floor exercises, this session will leave your body feeling longer, stronger and more aligned.


Whether your participants are new to exercise or already fit, good at dancing or have two left feet, this dance session caters for all. Focusing on Jazz Dance, this workout is fun and easy to follow. It is the type of class in which an hour goes past and you don’t even realise. By focusing on dance choreography and teaching methods, it can also be an easy class to conduct; never boring and always fun. Let Kayla teach you how to put that performance quality into your class straight away. Through this session you can learn today and teach tomorrow. Learning Outcomes: • Learn dance moves that can be used in either a dance class or HiLo aerobics class • Learn to teach dance classes in a way that is easier for all to pick up. Technical Level: ** Experience required: * Session type: Masterclass, Group Exercise

50/50 Tone & Stretch

Starting with intriguing conditioning exercises then a relaxing stretch, this session is one that will have you feeling great. Focusing on toning and conditioning exercises for the lower body and abdominals, find new ways to perform exercises we know well like squats, leg lifts and situps. After we have the muscles burning, the session then moves into a great stretch phase that helps the body to lengthen and release, and improves flexibility. Learning outcomes: • Learn new exercises and/or old exercise with new movements and/or balances added. • Learn how to properly stretch and lengthen the muscles after strong conditioning work. Group Exercise Technical Level * Prior Experience *

BARBARA FAUST-HEFFNER Barbara learned Nordic Walking in Europe from prominent trainers and has worked with many different target groups including rehab classes, senior citizens, enthusiasts and normal trainers. She goes back to Europe once a year to catch up with latest developments in Nordic Walking and to renew her licence as Nordic Walking Master Trainer in order to provide high quality training to her clients and instructors. She works in Northland and Auckland as a Personal Trainer and takes classes as a Nordic Walking Instructor nationwide.

Nordic Walking for rehabilitation – What is the evidence?

Nordic Walking has wide, and as yet, untapped potential as an evidenced based rehabilitative tool in the New Zealand Health and Disability Sector. As a health and fitness activity it is a cost effective, efficient method of health promotion for people of all ages. Developed as a summer training for cross country skiers in Northern Europe Nordic is now a recognized, evidence based rehabilitation tool for a range of health and disability problems funded by most health insurers in Germany. It is used in rehabilitation clinics to promote mobility after hip or knee replacements and shoulder injuries. It also has broad application with younger and older adults, both as a preventative and rehabilitative measure to improve balance and coordination and maintain or regain confidence in walking. Learning Outcomes: • a basic understanding of the Nordic Walking technique. • an insight into the benefits of Nordic Walking in rehabilitation and prevention Technical Level: * Experience required: * Session type: Workshop, Group Exercise

Technical Level Required * Low ** Intermediate *** High

SUE FITZMAURICE Sue is Chief Executive of Skills Active Aotearoa Ltd. She has a key focus and experience on building people within organisations to create great business outcomes. Session: How to create an awesome brand Skills Active created an awesome new brand in 2008 we learnt a great deal from the process and we’d like to share the steps to creating an awesome brand. Learning outcomes: A clear process to re-create and re-brand themselves and/or their organisation. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Business including PT Business

ADAM FLOYD Adam graduated dux of his physiotherapy class in 1997 and has been working in private practice for 11 years. He owns and operates Regenerate Physiotherapy which incorporates a commercial rehabilitation facility called Regenerate Fitness and Rehabilitation. The centre specialises in exercise programs for clients with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spinal pain and other musculo-skeletal injuries and pain. Prior to studying physiotherapy, Adam completed a Human Movement degree from UWA with first class honours in exercise physiology. He has worked in the fitness industry for 19 years including working as a PT and a facility manager. He also has a Certificate 1V in Workplace Assessment and Training. Adam has presented rehabilitation and injury management seminars and training to the fitness industry for 9 years. He presents both nationally and internationally at industry conferences and conducts in house training for various health clubs. He has been conducting the GymED series of seminars in Perth for 9 years with all seminars booked out well in advance. Adam is also a member of the National Speakers Association and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Stretching: Valid Tool or a Waste of Time

In this lecture/workshop Adam Floyd examines the validity of stretching as a part of exercise and rehabilitation. Participants will learn about the current research trends and findings. Adam will examine who needs to stretch with a focus on postural types, injury history and exercise mode. Practical components will include client assessment, stretching methods and stretches for key muscles, fascia and joints. Stretching aids and tools will also be examined. Come and “limber up” at the dynamic workshop. Learning Outcomes: • Awareness of different body types and postural types • Update on stretching research and latest thinking • A few new stretches to use Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture , Personal Training Exercise Based

Boot camp blunders – Injury management for trainers

Soft tissue overuse injuries are extremely common when clients increase their activity levels suddenly. How many new clients have you lost from a new boot camp type program or in the first 6 weeks of personal training? In the seminar Adam Floyd presents a model for overuse injury causes and provides practical advice on how you can prevent them, or manage them when they occur. Tools are provided for trainers to use with their clients. Learning Outcomes: • Understanding of the causes of soft tissue injuries • Understanding of how to reduce risk factors of STI’s • Knowledge of management of ST’s Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Exercise Based

Callum Forbes

Callum is a Certified Financial Planner working in his own practice with the New Zealand Financial Planning Company Limited. He has spent

Prior Experience Required * Low ** Medium *** High

the last 16 years working in the financial planning industry, the last 12 as a self-employed practitioner. Callum is also a 6th Dan black belt in Hapkido and is the owner and head instructor of the Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy, a dedicated martial arts gymnasium teaching martial arts and related fitness activities to a range of public and specialist groups. Callum specialises in providing financial planning advice to other professionals working in the fitness industry because of his own experiences as a gym owner and trainer have given him a unique insight into our profession.

Personal Financial Planning

An introduction to personal financial planning covering cash management, risk management, estate planning, savings and investment. Illustrated with case studies relevant to fitness professionals. Learning Outcomes: The ability to start mapping out a path for you through your life detailing the financial resources that you will need to support your life style at any point in time as well as the financial strategies that will provide these resources when you need them. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

Business Financial Planning

An introduction to business financial planning. Topics covered includes how to write a business plan, how to build an expert network, how to develop your business from an idea into an asset that you can possibly sell in the future, business risk management and estate planning, succession planning and creating wealth outside of your business. Learning Outcomes: A basic understanding of how to run a small to medium sized business at all stages of the business life cycle with particular regard to the fitness industry. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

KATH FOUHY Kath Fouhy is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and a leader in nutrition and dietetics. Since opening her Wellington private practice in 2006, Kath has built a very successful client base. Kath is a member of Sport & Exercise Science New Zealand and a nutrition provider for the NZ Academy of Sport. She is the Dietitian to many elite high performance athletes including Olympic gold medallist Paula Tesoriero and the Black Caps. Kath also has a strong interest and provides nutrition support in the areas of: gastro-enterology, weight management and diabetes. Kath regularly presents corporate health & wellness seminars, writes monthly columns for publications such as the NZ Wilderness magazine and articles for the Sarah Ulmer Brand, is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Sport and is currently writing her first recipe book. Kath combines her love of food and enthusiasm with sound nutrition advice and provides individually tailored nutrition plans that are personally suited to lifestyle and family. She assists New Zealanders in achieving a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition – and without even taking away all the favourites. After all, eating well is not about depriving yourself of all the things that taste good, instead providing your body with the fuel it needs to get the most out of life.

Poor nutrition - the cost beyond health

Most people understand the health cost of poor nutrition – overweight/ obesity increases the risk of many chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes etc that cost the NZ tax payer millions of dollars each year. But our high rates of obesity are also the reason why millions of litres of jet fuel are burned unnecessarily into the atmosphere each year. There is a massive environmental cost that is being overlooked as the world tries to get a grip on climate change. There is also a massive business cost and in the current financial recession when the squeeze is really on no-one can afford unnecessary costs. In a fun and interactive lecture, these non health issues that the obesity epidemic is costing New Zealanders everyday are discussed. Learning Outcomes: • An understanding of the greater impact of obesity • Nutrition tips and tricks that can be passed onto clients to improve


their nutrition Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Nutrition Based

What’s really in our water?

Flavoured water, sports water, vitamin water, Whole water – what’s the difference and are they good for us? We are constantly getting bombarded with new bottles all claiming to have some enhancing affect. This workshop teaches you how to read the ‘small print’ on these bottles and decided whether they in fact are of nutritional value and which ones are most suitable when. Learning Outcomes: • How to read a nutritional label on a flavoured water • There important things to look for when selecting flavoured/ sports waters Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Nutrition Based

DR NIGEL HARRIS Nigel has been integral to the education and training of more than 2000 fitness instructors and personal trainers over his 10 years as a senior lecturer in exercise science at AUT University in Auckland. In addition, he has written and presented extensively in the international fitness and exercise science community. He continues to take an active role in the personal training of both athletes and the general public seeking to enhance their fitness.

Strength training for power

Improving explosive muscular performance is of interest to many people seeking to enhance sports performance. This session provides a research-based summary of optimal training methods for enhancing power in the weights room. Learning Outcomes: • Better understand how explosive muscular power may be enhanced in the gym. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Exercise Based

AMY JAYASURIYA Amy is a national and international presenter in indoor cycle and Pilates. She is also a lecturer in the Group Fitness instructor course and in her recent role as a learning and development co-ordinator developing training programs for the fitness industry. Trained in the Somatic Pilates method Amy is the Australian Master Trainer in Gymstick Pilates. Having worked with a number of teachers in the Pilates method in Australia and from the US, Amy has a number of years experience working in studios, corporate, private and various health and fitness centers. Her passion is to be able to help instructors and clients achieve life long physical changes through cutting edge training, latest research, goal setting and brings an aspect of discipline, motivation and passion into her training courses and classes. Amy draws on Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist way of living in her mind/body work and teachings.

Unlock the secret to rock your cycle classes

Do you live for your cycle workouts? This session is guaranteed to fulfil your cycle fantasy. Music makes the people come together. Music has the potential to inspire, motivate and empower people. It is one of the most compelling variables that can make or break a class. Join Amy on a journey to unlock the secret in delivering a heart pumping, result oriented and inspiring class. This session will explore various responses to music, theme options, class plan and design and copy right issues. Learning Outcomes: • Explore and develop and understanding of various physiological and psychological responses to music • Learn how to tune into and use the power of music in a cycle class • Explore theme options • Learn how to effectively plan and design a class • Gain an insight into copyright issues


Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop/Masterclass, Group Exercise

Amplifying your Pilates workout using props

Today the Pilates method consists of a repertoire of over 500 exercises to be done on a mat or on one of the many pieces of equipment Joseph Pilates invented. Pilates gets even better when simple props are used. This session will show you how to enhance and intensify your mat based classes using elastic bands , Gymstick and tennis balls. Amy will show you how to use these props effectively to release tension, alleviate pain , rehabilitate injuries amongst many other benefits. Learning Outcomes: • Learn how to use the three props – elastic bands, Gymstick and tennis balls effectively. • How to intensify and enhance a mat based class using props • Overview of the eight principles of Pilates • Learn how to incorporate progressions and regressions for each prop used. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop/Masterclass, Mind Body

Pilates workout on the ball

Bored with your Pilates repertoire? Want to spice up your classes with a latex ball filled with air? Or simply looking for new ideas to expand your knowledge? Ideal for any group fitness instructor, Personal trainers and Pilates instructor .Pilates workout on the ball combines the many Pilates principles with the low impact, high intensity moves on the ball. Amy will guide you through a sequence of exercises that is suited for all skill levels of participants. Learning Outcomes: • To introduce the Fitball/Ball and explain the theory and advantages of using it as a tool for Pilates/PT and Group Exercise. • To demonstrate how to modify exercises to suit different skill levels. • To be able to effectively plan a class that flows from one sequence to another • Brief overview of Pilates Principles Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop/Masterclass, Mind Body

SCOTT KRYWULYCZ Scott owns PT Plus an international consulting business to the health industry. Scott is one of Australia’s leading personal trainers, health coach and business consultants. Scott lectures, coaches and consults internationally to leaders in health, sport and business. His philosophy is simple: Every morning you need to get up and do your thing …with a shift in

thoughts energy and output you can multiply your results. With 3 kids under five, a wife and a big bull mastiff dog Scott has practiced the art of multiplication at home and mastered the art of work/life balance. His clients include Fitness First, Tynan Motors, Fit Pro International, Morgan Stanley, Westfield’s and St George Bank. He previously competed as a professional Rugby League player for the Cronulla Sharks and St George Illawarra Dragons. During his time as an athlete Scott was also the director of GC Singletons which had an annual turnover of 15 million dollars. This family based company was a specialist in the area of building and business restoration following storm disaster. He is the former Strength _ Conditioning coach for the IRL Cronulla Sharks U19’s team as well as current Strength _ Conditioning coach for the Australian Barracuda’s Pool Life Saving team. At 34 years of age Scott’s obsession is with working with teams to be the best both on and away from work.

How to get your first 20 clients

If you are following the traditional way of getting clients by printing expensive brochures, relying on time consuming letter box drops or handing out business card chances are you will struggle to get clients. Understand a combination of online and traditional marketing techniques that will help to get you profitable and your first 20 clients. Learning Outcomes: • 10 top tips for getting new clients • what is most effective and what is not for clients • how to create a steady stream of leads • how to build referrals • what makes a great website work

Technical Level Required * Low ** Intermediate *** High

Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop Business including PT Business

The 6 steps to 6 figures

The process of building a 6 figure business can be fast tracked if you have a business plan and a strategy. In this workshop we unpack the lessons learnt from New Zealand’s leading personal trainers on how to build a 6 figure business. Learning Outcomes: • To have a business plan • To open up opportunity into other markets • While the traditional PT model of swapping time and money is flawed • A clear strategy for a 6 figure income Technical Level: * * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop Business including PT Business

Studio Overhaul

A well run studio is a great leverage tool for income and time. Set up correctly, a studio will generate great cash flow and support your lifestyle and future investments. It can also be an arduous job that provides long hours and eventual burnout. Turn your ‘studio job’ into a ‘studio business’ that gives you more time, more money and the freedom to do what you want through our Studio Overhaul. Learning Outcomes: • The power of diversification • How to remove yourself from the business • Why most studio owners have a job • How to tap into other high paying revenues Technical Level: * * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop Business including PT Business

Information products and income producing website

A website can be a very expensive brochure if it is not used correctly. Alternatively, linked with information products and search engine optimization you can open an international market. Learn to have a real passive income by understanding the online market Learning Outcomes: • how to get started with a income producing website for under $2000.00 • how to create e-books, DVD’s, CD’s and other information products to sell online • digital marketing forums • the power of being online or become extinct Technical Level: * * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop Business including PT Business

SANDY LEO Sandy is passionate about empowering wellness and functional fitness in all age groups, with 27 years actively involved in the Fitness Industry in leadership, instructing, lecturing, and motivating and changing people’s lives. As an Instructor and Personal Trainer of Les Mills programs for 24 yrs, in 2006 she presented and co-choreographed the Les Mills Body Vive

programme. She is an International Presenter and Lecturer, an internationally qualified GRAVITY Master Trainer, a qualified PT and certified Pilates Instructor (Pilates Inst. UK & Pilates Moves AUS), a CHEK Golf Biomechanic and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2. Sandy currently has her own Functional Fitness/Pilates/GRAVITY Studio specialising in private and semi private training, and consulting at corporate level in Wellness programs.

GRAVITYGroup Functional Fun™

Functional Fun™ brings out the FUN in functional with this challenging 30-minute workout that replicates everyday movement patterns. Functional Fun is a mental and physical experience of fun activities that is both highly entertaining to do and to watch. Sandy will take you through a functional Fun Workout and explain how to implement it in your business. Make sure you bring a towel! Learning Outcomes: Experience the GRAVITY Functional Fun™ Workout LIVE with one of the best!

Prior Experience Required * Low ** Medium *** High

Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Workout Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

GRAVITYPilates a Touch of Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath picks up the pace from traditional Pilates routines for a vibrant workout that incorporates new and challenging exercises from mat, reformer and cadillac programs. Join GRAVITYMasterTrainer® Sandy Leo for this 60-minute GRAVITYPilates® workout designed to train neuromuscular efficiency and proprioception. Gradual transformations into dynamic full-body movements will motivate you as you increase functional strength, control, power and flexibility. The focus on isolation to integration of major muscle groups in singular and multiple planes of motion offers a challenging, yet energizing, approach to traditional Pilates movement that your clients will love! Learning Outcomes: Experience the GRAVITY Pilates Fresh Breath™ Workout LIVE with one of the best! Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture/Workshop Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

GRAVITYPilates with a Slant

Description: This course puts a slant on your thinking about traditional Pilates! Discover a revolutionary Pilates-evolved repertoire where traditional mat and reformer exercises meld on the easily approachable GTS™ from efi Sports Medicine. This GRAVITYPilates™ course challenges core strength, dynamic stability and coordination. Learn how clients of any level can experience success right from the start! Learning Outcomes: This workshop will introduce GRAVITY 4 Programming™ and the GTS™. Specifically, you will experience GRAVITYPilates™ and will be provided with an insight into the evolution of Pilates. Suitable for those interested in finding out What GRAVITYPilates is about. Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture/Workshop Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

NAOMI LING A national and international presenter, Naomi is an accomplished martial artist, trained in four different style of martial arts, and is known for her energetic, fun and loud instructing style. She is a lecturer and examiner for certificate III in group exercise and Aqua leader module. She writes article for Network Australia. She also mentors new instructors in developing the techniques and teaching skills to deliver effective and achievable boxing circuit and martial arts to music classes.

Kickboxing martial style

Utilising padwork, learn blocks of basic upper and lower body martial art exercises for the group fitness or personal training session. Discover how to build-up basic combos into challenging workout. Discover how to put together transitions that allow for a smooth progression from basic to complex to provide take away combos that will keep your participant challenged and inspired. Learning Outcomes: • Instructors will be exposed to basic techniques using focus mitts and gloves. • To demonstrate how to deliver different combinations that incorporate upper and lower body martial art, with an effective learning curve. • To provide opportunity to put together own combination with an appropriate learning curve. • To provide combinations for use in future class. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Group Exercise

Leather, sweat and much more

Do you want to learn how to use focus pads and gloves? This workshop will teach you how to hold and execute basic martial arts and boxing moves. You will also learn a variety of simple combinations and how to provide an effective cardiovascular and interval workout. Join Naomi to


find out how to deliver fantastic heart pumping workouts every time. Learning Outcomes: • Instructors will be exposed to basic techniques using focus pads and gloves. • Instructors will have the opportunity to practice the skills taught. • To demonstrate how to deliver a cardiovascular and interval style workout. • To provide several safe combination options for use in future class. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Group Exercise

will get you leaping and bounding through your next hi/lo class. If you want your next class to Rock! – this is a session you don’t want to miss. Learning Outcomes: • Demonstrate how to begin with base moves and use the concept of layering to add complexity and intensity levels • Demonstrate how to get to the end product with learning curves that do not lose cardiovascular intensity • Provide 4 blocks of choreography with learning curves provided Technical Level: * * Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

Stompless Step

DAVE LIOW M PhEd (dist), SSNZ L3 Phys Cond., CHEK LIII

Dave Liow is an exercise rehabilitation and athletic training specialist. He specialises in helping clients return from injury to high performance. In his spare time he is a health and fitness presenter and currently works with a wide range of high performance athletes in many codes. Dave also is a PT business mentor throughout NZ. He is also the academic director of CEF Seminars – an education provider for exercise specialists in New Zealand

Instability to stability

Local + global stabilisers, mobilisers, inner units and outer units. There’s a lot of confusion about how to stabilise joints. How does strength training affect stability? How do you train local stabilisers? Learning Outcomes: • Understanding of muscle roles • Identify local stabilisers • How to recruit local stabilisers • How strength training affects stability Technical Level: * ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Exercise Based Designing your business How many hours would you like to work? How much money would you like to earn? Most importantly - what sort of life would you like to live? Learn how to design your business in this session Learning Outcomes: • Identifying what’s important in your life • How to think with the end in mind • How to design a week Technical Level: * ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Business Including Personal Training

MARIETTA MEHANNI Marietta Mehanni is an award winning Australian presenter (Author of the Year 2007, Aqua Exercise Leader of the Year 2003) with over 19 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise. Certified with AFAA, ACE, AEA, SCW, Certificate IV in training and assessment Marietta presents regularly at prestigious national and international conventions on group fitness trends and programs. She is also the World Master Trainer for Gymstick International. She is the cofounder and co-creator of Presenter’s Inc, which assists those who desire to take their instructing skills to a presenter level. From a grass roots level, Marietta is the course coordinator, lecturer and examiner for Certificate III and IV in group exercise and fitness for universities and private businesses and presents for WETS in aqua exercise leadership. Marietta has also developed a unique mentoring system based on accelerated learning that has provided the fitness industry with many highly skilled instructors and presenters. Having been program coordinator at 7 different health and fitness clubs, and featured in the media for group fitness, water and gymstick workouts, Marietta is considered to be an expert in instructor training and education.

Hi Lo That Rocks

Starting with a solid fountain of base hilo moves, this session will demonstrate how to implement layering techniques to successfully achieve interesting combinations, while increasing skill level and adding an element of physical challenge. Take home choreography that


Are you tired of stomping your way through a step class? Stomps have been a valuable addition to the step choreography repetiteur, but it has been to the expense of cardiovascular intensity. Discover how to elevate heart rate, create interesting and inspired step choreography without a single stomp!! Learning Outcomes: • Explanation of constitutes a stomp and why it can decrease cardiovascular intensity • Demonstrate using standard moves can provide the creativity that the stomp is often substituted for • 3 blocks of choreography that will demonstrate effective learning curves to get to the final product Technical Level: * * Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise


Do you love to dance, but have no idea how to teach it to someone else? Funkless is a workout for people whose hearts are in nightclubs and feet are in trainers that go the wrong way. Marietta will present a funk class with moves that everyone can do! With an emphasis on teaching style and learning curves, find out the easiest way to get from the start of the choreography to the end without losing participants along the way. A must for movers, groovers and wanna be’s. Learning Outcomes: • To demonstrate how basic dance moves can be taught simply • To demonstrate how a dance class can also be an effective cardiovascular workout • To demonstrate that without any dance experience, that muscle memory is the most effective tool to use to develop any skill Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

The Swiss Ball and Gymstick Sensation

Have your clients become too comfortable with the Swiss Ball? Combine the mobility of the Swiss Ball and the versatility of the Gymstick and achieve the ultimate training regime. Marietta will guide you through an innovative master class intertwining concepts such as strength, stability, control and balance to provide the challenges that your clients crave. This session will enable you to effectively incorporate Gymstick with your conventional Swiss Ball exercises to create an extensive range of exercise possibilities. Learning Outcomes: • Explanation of the effectiveness of combining the Swiss ball and the Gymstick in increasing intensity for standard core training exercises • Demonstrate how the Gymstick can ensure that the personal trainer interaction is required for the exercises to be performed • To demonstrate new exercises that will challenge stability and strength Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

Do you have an instructor shortage?

Are you struggling to find and retain instructors? One of the biggest issues that face many clubs today is ensuring that they have quality and reliable instructors. With more and more clubs opening their doors, and less and less instructors entering the group fitness arena, the shortage of instructors has become a curial issue. Marietta and Ange have developed strategies that have worked successfully in several clubs that will have long term effects in how your group fitness team work together and teach together. Learning Outcomes: • Outline the issues that face most clubs in regards to group fitness instructors

Technical Level Required * Low ** Intermediate *** High

• Provide an overview of why instructors leave and what are the issues that face them in the current industry culture • Explain strategies that coordinators can utilise to obtain and more importantly, retain instructors Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Group Exercise

NIGEL MYERS Nigel Myers is Sydney based and the creative mind and soul behind NTM FITNESS & WELLBEING. Nigel has completed a Biomedical Science degree, a Bachelor of Laws, Law and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and completing an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine also Nigel holds a Diploma of Fitness and has been a registered fitness leader for the past 19 years. Nigel is an ex-sports aerobic competitor, current FISAF Sport Aerobic & Fitness Judge and an International Fitness Presenter, having presented in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. He lectures fitness and fitness related courses at Universities, Community Colleges, Private Colleges, Junior Elite Sporting Athlete Teams and teaches at Australia’s leading fitness centres and health clubs. In addition to this Nigel has created innovative teaching programs of Yoga, Pilates and Free Style Aerobics for the fitness industry and introducing a new wave of complementary programming to the industry with Sen-Sai. Coupled with this Nigel continues to promote the fitness industry by publishing fitness related books and writes articles for fitness and wellness magazines Nigel’s passion, knowledge and enthusiasm is transposed into his teaching, training, presenting and writing.

Yogalistic - Realistic Yoga Classes

Yogalistic brings the realistic side to yoga back to the fitness class remove the inversions, shoulder stands and hand stands - this class will renew, refresh and reopen your eyes to the heat of yoga that has it as the hottest trends this decade... join the hot tomali train to this session. Learning Outcomes: • creating a safe yoga class for fitness centres. • understand that inversions and chanting is not needed for a great yoga workout. • creating smooth transitions to maintain class intensity Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Mind Body

Freakin’ Freestyle - Pumpin’ up and Jam

Freakin’ freestyle is making a comeback. Time to break out of the Prechoreographed class routine and make the sweet escape back to our roots. This session will build on progressive moves and create lateral change that makes this session one big jam fest. From high energy to ab blast and toning where nothing is left out.... well maybe the boring monthly standard routines. This session will have you creating for years. Don’t wait another year for this session. Learning Outcomes: • Defining pure freestyle aerobics • Creating linear progression • Walking away with a toolbox full of new moves. Technical Level: *** Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

Steppin Old Skool Style

Twist and turn in this step session that will make anyone asking for more. Learn the art of building your class with fun and ease. This effortless style of class gives you that creative fun and leaves your clients smiling and sweating it out. Step has never been this much fun Learning Outcomes: • Creating a balance of your music and your class. • Understand the effectiveness of turns and transitions. • learn to use holding patterns effectively Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Master Class, Group Exercise

Prior Experience Required * Low ** Medium *** High

Meditation in a Mad Minute

When our lives are so busy and we all seem to be travelling on the super highway of life it’s time to stop, pullover, and refresh that mind. This session will teach you some back skills to refresh both you and your clients minds whether one on one or in group sessions. This is the sweet escape you need from life. Learning Outcomes: • Understanding the mind and the chemical reactions of the brain. • Knowledge of the physical and environmental factors associated with meditation. • defining the proprioceptors that allows the 4 stages of the brain power and control. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Mind Body

IAN O’DWYER Sponsored by and OD on Movement Ian O’Dwyer is the owner of Fitness Personally; a PT studio in Noosa Heads Qld. He also presents internationally for; the worlds largest educational website for health and fitness professionals. These opportunities have enabled Ian to work with and learn from some of the world’s best. Sharing worldwide the current science and research and also his experiences of working hands on with clients. Ian’s knowledge and experience of functional movement and how to improve it has seen him work with people across the board; the active, sedentary, chronic and the elite. Ian’s results have shown the common element is FUNCTION; improving function enables them to move, feel and perform better.


One of the burning questions in our industry right now is “should I isolate before I integrate”? I am sure we have all instructed clients over the years to consciously activate particular muscles and then focused on strengthening them in an isolated fashion because that is how we TRADITIONALLY looked at the body. Does this really work? Do we give the body what it needs to function at optimal efficiency? Do muscles really work the same in isolation as they do in function? This session will look at these questions and apply current science; research and results to expose a better understanding of how we can facilitate change in the body…not fix it. By appreciating how the body reacts in function we will gain better knowledge in how we can help clients move and feel better in everyday life. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop (interactive), Personal Training Exercise


On a daily basis do you question what you are doing and whether it is working? Are there time you apply an exercise but it doesn’t give you the result you were expecting? This is exactly what the majority of trainers do including me! Recent times have seen a major break through in how we define functional anatomy and movement. This has lead to a far different and more effective method of creating “change” in the body. Through great researchers like Thomas Myers and Steven Levin we have been exposed to findings that now challenge existing science. Science that has dictated how we condition and train the body! Newton’s or Borelli’s Law of levers has big questions about its application and relevance in human movement…we are in fact a Biological system. A Biological system is low energy consuming, open system, constructed with soft, viscoelastic materials that behave nonlinearly. WOW…now if that didn’t blow your mind, then come and see the science and experience how we can more effectively change the body with simplistic strategies and a better understanding of the fascia…that connects all!! Wouldn’t You Like To Be More Effective With Your Results For Your Clients And Yourself???

Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop (interactive), Personal Training Exercise

Optimal Preparation For Any Session

The first twenty minutes of any session is always crucial to me for any client. In that time I have to be able to de-stress, assess, strategically plan and implement correct movement and at the same time make it


fun. Sound familiar? For years it was quite difficult because we were conditioned/taught to tell the body what to do but now with an improved awareness of the body in function and how it reacts to various challenges in various planes of motion incorporating gravity, ground force and momentum far better results are being achieved. Come and experience how simplistic drills, tools and movement combinations increase the total body stabilization mechanism while at the same time creating better reaction time and of course that old favourite allowing a nice “mist “to appear on your clients brow. Achieving these three criteria helps encourage your client to push, pull, lift, jump, sit, bend flex or what ever the task is demanded of them. If you think that this could be beneficial for you, come and join us; you’ll be glad you did! Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop (interactive), Personal Training Exercise


Matt is the fitness industry’s fat loss guru and Director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management. He has a regular segment on Australia’s biggest morning TV show and is the weight loss coach for Men’s Health Magazine, Aust. He has inspired over 50,000 fitness professionals in eight countries with specialist education and tools for nutrition and weight management. His program is used every day by thousands of fitness trainers in the fight against obesity.

The Nutrient-Rich Eating Edge

Discover nutrient-rich eating – how it’s defined, the amazing health benefits and the foods to fill your trolley with to gain the nutrient-rich eating edge. Matt will share the latest science driving optimum food choices for health, fat loss and performance. You’ll leave inspired, with a shopping list to enhance your approach to good nutrition. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Nutrition

Cracking the Appetite Code

The secret to staying in shape lies in your personal appetite code. By understanding the biological chemistry that dictates everyday food choices, you’ll be able to manage hunger, curb cravings and balance your diet for life. Matt will share his seven simple strategies for mastering appetite management so you can crack your appetite code. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Nutrition Jeff Osborne Jeff started out in the fitness industry at the age of 17 training squash players to improved levels of fitness. A professional squash player, Jeff made the top 100 on the world rankings and number 9 on the International Doubles Tour. Jeff spent 4 years teaching Certificate III and IV in Fitness at the Australian Institute of Fitness as well as a diploma in Business and he developed an Advanced Diploma in business, the highest qualification in Australia. Jeff is an owner in PT Business Success, a company that coaches Personal Trainers to be better in business and achieve greater levels of success.

How to turn every lead into a loyal client with 3 small changes that make a big difference

How to change your marketing to produce better qualified leads by asking less and giving more. How to make such a great first impressions that all your clients fears are calmed and you can get to the real reason why they want to start and stick to an exercise program. How to present your options and make sales without pressure tactics by creating offers that provide such value that there is something for everyone and you can still make a great profit. When trainers implement the strategies from this session they have a 90% or better lead to conversion rate and generate more referrals when the industry average is 30%. Learning Outcomes: • Learn what marketing strategies get you the most qualified leads. • Learn how to get every lead that calls to come down for a consultation and become a client and what mistakes most trainers make that lose themselves clients. • Make some small changes to your offers and the way you present


them that will have 90% + of consultations become clients. • Have all of the leads that contact you become loyal clients who generate more clients. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop (interactive), Business including Personal Training

Cost effective Marketing for your business

Marketing in your local area doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. Contrary to what most people think, it is usually the cheapest marketing that produces the best results. This session contains over 20 things you can start doing no matter what your budget to promote and grow your fitness business. Learning Outcomes: • How to match your image with your marketing • No cost marketing strategies to attract clients • Low cost marketing to attract clients • How to get your current clients to get more clients. • The most common marketing mistakes made. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including Personal Training

MICHELLE OWEN Michelle Owen is among the world’s finest and highly trained C.H.E.K. Institute exercise, strength and conditioning specialists. She helps people make the lifetime changes that improve their strength, vitality, health and wellness. Over the past few years she has also designed and delivered Wellness and Health Improvement seminars to individuals, groups and corporate bodies. A graduate of several advanced-level C.H.E.K. Institute training programs, Michelle has also completed top levels in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. She has more than 20 years’ practical experience in the Health and Fitness industry and has won National and International Body Building competitions.

Ascend or Descend The Sliding Scale of Exercise

Exercise Professionals need to be able to apply the correct exercise to suit each client’s needs and goals. Michelle will cover some of the concepts that CHEK Professionals use to determine exercise selection and variables that affect the intensity. Learning Outcomes: Learn about the 6 primal movement patterns. Understand how to choose an exercise and adapt it to your client’s level. Learn how the key to lasting strength without injury lies in developing a stable base. Learn the missing links that are seen in conventional training. Technical Level: * Prior experience required: * Session Type: Lecture Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

Stretch or Strengthen

Don’t be caught out taking a shotgun approach with exercise selection and application! Every client has different requirements depending on their physiology and even that can change from time to time. In this lecture Michelle will show you how to include these key concepts used by CHEK Professionals into your program design skill base. Learning Outcomes: • Learn about the 10 point flexibility scale and how to use it with your clients. • Learn about muscle length and how it affects exercise. • Understand how to know if you should stretch or strengthen a muscle. • Learn about tonic and phasic musculature. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session Type: Lecture Session Category: PT (Exercise/Nutrition)

Technical Level Required * Low ** Intermediate *** High

DR ROBBIE PARKER Robbie is an Exercise Physiologist with a research background in the study of obesity, physical activity and weight loss. He is currently involved in research examining the role exercise in patients with Obesity, IR and/or Type 2 Diabetes. He is the Director of the Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine (CHISM), at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia and holds the position as Honorary Associate, School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences, Faculty of Science at The University of Sydney. Over the last 5 years, Robbie has presented at International Conventions presenting over 100 papers throughout 10 different countries as well as presenting at numerous International Conventions within Australia. Robbie is an independent Director of Fitness Australia and Chairman of the Fitness Australia REPS Council.

Aerobic and Resistance Training, Diet and Weight Loss: A Scientific Analysis

In this challenging session Robbie will endeavour to remove some of the confusion regarding the effectiveness of exercise and diet on weight loss. The session will provide a scientific update on the effectiveness of different exercise types, with and without diets, on the prevention of initial weight gain, weight loss following weight gain and keeping weight off following weight loss. The merits of the research findings will be discussed, particularly as they apply to Fitness Professionals who work with clients specifically seeking weight loss as their fitness goal. The session will finish with a summary showing how exercise can be most effective for weight loss in most, but not all, individuals. Learning Outcomes: After this session, Fitness professionals should understand the science behind successful exercise interventions for weight loss, prevention of weight gain and weight regain following initial weight loss. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Personal Training Exercise Based.

Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Strength Training: Is it Safe?

Suspension Training - Achieving the 3 Fs: Function, Fun & Financial

A practical training session showing PTs the benefits of suspension group training to maximise their earning capacity, whilst keeping personal training cost-effective for clients during an economic crunch. Learning Outcomes: Benefits of suspension training, Review of functional anatomy - muscle groups working as synergies, Toolbox of varied exercises designed to work beginners and advanced clients side by side, Understanding of delivering group PT sessions. Technical Level:** Experience Required:* Session type: Workshop, Exercise and Nutrition


Oliver Scott is an accredited exercise physiologist, with an undergraduate degree in exercise science and post graduate in exercise rehabilitation. Oliver has worked at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne dealing with neuro, orthopaedic and cardio-respiratory patients. He has wide variety of experience with special populations, through research participation and current exercise physiology practice with corporate and private clients. Oliver is also currently the education manager for the Personal Training Academy in Australia.

Train your brain

Would you like to know how to boost your daily brain function? This presentation will give you access to many easy to implement tips that are taken from the latest neuroscience research. The topics covered will range from nutrition, exercise, psychological resilience, defending the brain and the social positives to training. These practical changes will help to lay the foundation to boost cognitive function brain health, enabling you to help your clients reach the top of their game. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise & Nutrition Based

Linking body, brain and biomechanics

Recently there have been a number of prestigious organisations that have released position papers related to the effectiveness and safety of Resistance Training for Children and Young Adolescents. With the increase in emphasis on the need for strength training by adolescents in many sports, coaches and fitness professionals question whether it is a safe activity. In this important session, Robbie will discuss the science behind these position papers and provide a summary of the risks and benefits of strength training for children and young adolescents. Learning Outcomes: After this session, Fitness Professionals should understand the risk to benefit ratio when strength training children and young adolescents Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Personal Training Exercise Based.

Viewing the body as a fully integrated system with inter-connected structures can have profound implications for the way you prescribe exercise. This session seeks to ensure you have an integrated approach to how you look at and prescribe exercises to ensure the client is working with their body and not against it. Oliver will investigate a broader approach to movement and the influence that a different view of biomechanics can have on exercise choice. Different types of movement will also be linked with brain functioning to demonstrate that exercise and fitness choices can influence the body on multiple levels other than great abdominals! Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise Based

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Training on Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes: A Scientific Update


With a significant increase in the prevalence of both paediatric and adult obesity has come a similar increase in the incidence of insulin Resistance (IR) and Type 2 Diabetes. In this scientific update, Robbie will discuss the impact of both Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Training on IR and Type 2 Diabetes and show how the mechanisms of both forms of exercise can improve the metabolic profile of individuals. The session will also provide scientific evidence on whether other forms of exercise, such as vibration platforms, might also be of benefit for IR individuals. Learning Outcomes: After this session, Fitness Professionals should be able to apply exercise strategies for clients with IR and/or Type 2 Diabetes that accompany individuals with a large waist circumference Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Personal Training Exercise Based.


Jan has 16 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and club management. He is the National Fitness Manager for cityfitness Group, overseeing the company’s PT product, developing & upskilling their personal trainers.

Prior Experience Required * Low ** Medium *** High

Steve has been instructing group exercise classes for 16 years and instructing indoor cycling classes for the last 6 years. Originally trained in indoor cycling in the UK in 2003, Steve returned to New Zealand and became one of the country’s first official Spinning® instructors in 2005. In his fitness career Steve has gained experience not only in instructing, but programme co-ordination, fitness training and club management. A Spinning ® Star 2 certified instructor, Steve still teaches as many Spinning® and other group exercise classes as his role as Fitness Development Manager for YMCA Auckland allows, while working towards his Star 3 certification. Winner North Island Group Fitness Instructor of the Year, Freestyle – 2008 Fitness Life Awards, Steve’s workshops and master classes are no different to his regular classes – fun, energetic, highly interactive and effective.

SPINNING®: The Big Picture – session description

More and more instructors are discovering the importance of applying training principles such as short/long term goal setting, progression and periodisation in their classes –benefiting class members while ensuring their retention. Participants will learn how to apply goal setting, progression and periodisation to indoor cycling – adding a new dimension, additional motivation and therefore greater value to your classes.


But this is no lecture! In this extremely practical session participants will experience the highlights of a 10 week progressive Spinning® training programme in 90 minutes – giving them an insight into the principles and how they can utilise them in their own classes. Learning Outcomes: Participants will: - Understand progression and how it links classes and retains participants - Understand Periodisation and how to apply it to indoor cycling - Understand the importance of goal setting for participants - Appreciate the value of encouraging their class participants to work towards a longer term goal - Get tips, tricks, tools and ideas to use in their classes - Come away with a plan for the next 10-12 weeks of classes and ideas for a year’s worth of classes! Technical Level: * Prior Experience Required: * Session Type: Workshop Session Category: Group Exercise/Indoor Cycling

DR. KEVIN STEELE Dr Steele has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. From personal training celebrities and athletes through to VP of research for Lifetime fitness, Dr Steele has extensive experience in many business areas of the fitness industry. Dr. Steele has extensive knowledge of building relationships with health care providers, building corporate sales programs, and government relations/public policy initiatives. Dr. Steele has a B.S. in Sports Medicine/Physical Education and his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology, with a sub-specialty in Nutrition. Kevin has incorporated his academic interests into his athletic pursuits - being an endurance athlete most of his life; competing in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii 3 times, The Race Across America bicycle race, 25 marathons and has done 65+ triathlons.

How to Design and Manage a Successful Medical Referral Program

Explore how fitness facilities can build a very successful business model to work with healthcare professionals. This model is designed to work with; Family Practitioners, Internists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Hospitals, and select insurance companies. The focus is on creating a professional environment that facilitates a comprehensive education intervention necessary to integrate healthy lifestyle behaviour to sedentary, at risk people. Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

Tapping into the Corporate Sales & Marketing Opportunity

Corporate sales represent a huge potential for health club operators to expand their membership base by exposing your facility to large numbers of potential prospects under one roof. In addition to the opportunity that corporate accounts bring to clubs, the rising cost of health care is driving businesses to provide their employees with substantive solutions to improving and maintaining personal health. This current reality makes approaching corporate accounts potentially easier so long as the right strategy is followed. In this session participants will learn: How to establish which types of corporate programs your club will offer. How to identify which companies in your market place are good prospects for corporate sales and/or marketing. How to establish a plan on how to communicate with the local business community. The types of marketing efforts necessary to penetrate the corporate market and maintain exposure. Different types of corporate membership options that can be offered. Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business


MARIA TERESA STONE I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I had the opportunity to become a Zumba Instructor in 2006 and then a Zumba Education Specialist (Zumba Master Trainer) in 2007, it has been a great journey! I recently moved to New Zealand from Mexico, and am keen to spread the Zumba love here and Australia, with Zumba classes, demos and workshops!!


What is it exactly that makes this aweinspiring, muscle-pumping, calorie-burning blast so effective? Ask the millions worldwide or find out for yourself! Be prepared to move to hypnotic Latin and international rhythms. Be prepared to lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape. Be prepared to ZUMBA! You will need Comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a towel and be ready to have FUN!!! Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: MasterClass, Group Exercise.

WILLIAM SUKALA William Sukala is a clinical exercise physiologist and international presenter on fitness, nutrition, and medical exercise topics. He has delivered seminars across the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, China, and South Africa. William brings 19 years of experience to his sessions, with a background in both clinical and preventive health settings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and is currently finishing his PhD with a research focus on diabetes and obesity. William is an established writer who’s work has appeared in everything from popular magazines to peer-reviewed journals. Most notably, he has served as a columnist and contributor for Weight Watchers for the past 9 years. William has consulted for some of the largest companies in the industry, including Weight Watchers, Nautilus, Bowflex, Braun, and American Council on Exercise. William owns and operates Pinnacle Medical Exercise, a Wellington-based company which is devoted to helping people with complicated medical histories.

Diet Wars: The High-Carb vs. High-Protein Debate

The protein vs. carbohydrate wars have been raging on for decades, but who’s right and who’s wrong? This session looks at how the body processes each of these nutrients within the context of modern popular diets and gives attendees a better understanding of how and why they work. Learning Outcomes: • understand how the body processes macronutrients and why the carb and protein content can make a difference • understand the strengths and limitations of each respective diet • develop a balanced, science-based understanding of diets, the benefits, and potential dangers Technical Level: ** Experience Required: ** Session type: Lecture, Personal Training Nutrition Based

Suicide by Lazy-Boy: Biology of Physical Inactivity

Government health recommendations promote 30 minutes of activity per day, but what about the other 23 and a half hours of the day?! This hard-hitting lecture blows the lid wide open on the emerging science of “inactivity physiology” and discusses recent advances in our understanding of the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Technical Level:** Experience Required:** Session type: Lecture, Exercise and Nutrition

Become a Fitness Mercenary

Look at all the top fitness industry professionals and you’ll see most have expanded their repertoires to include writing, lecturing, consulting, or project work. You want to climb to the next level, too, but where do you begin? William brings it to you straight with tried and tested techniques and free advice based on his two decades experience as a “fitness mercenary.” Technical Level:** Experience Required:** Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business

WENDY SWEET The founding developer of Personal Training in NZ there is little that Wendy doesn’t know about how to build a successful personal training business. Lectures at Waikato University & AUT and consults to the fitness industry. Recently completed her Masters Degree interviewing many of NZ’s most successful trainers.

‘Locking Them In’

Learn how to lock in new Personal Training clients from your first session. Understand how experienced Trainers keep clients coming back forever, and they all come together by YOU running the most fantastic FIRST PT SESSION that you can. LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Learn how to ‘work’ your client pre-screen in readiness for up-selling. 2. Discover the secrets of managing an effective and efficient first PT session. 3. Learn how to keep new and existing clients coming back forever! Technical Level:** Experience Required:** Session type: Lecture, Business including PT Business


Paul Timms is an international fitness presenter based in Brisbane, Australia. He commenced his career delivering group fitness programs in Central Queensland after setting foot into his first aerobics class in 1992. After being named Personal Trainer of the Year (2007) Paul now stands as a leading figure in the fitness industry contributing to the community and the fitness industry on a regular basis through his workshops and training programs. As a personal trainer, Paul specialises in teaching his clients how to empower themselves to achieve lifelong fitness. Paul is an exciting presenter and dynamic professional willing to go to great lengths to promote his cause. This is exemplified by his occasional appearances as alter ego “Captain Energiser”.

Social Networking for Busy Personal Trainers

Learn how to twitter, youtube, facebook and blogs can be integrated to drive business without wasting heaps of hard earned cash or spending hours on the computer Learning Outcomes: • Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Blogs, Marketing Skills Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including Personal Training

How to Increase your Hourly Rate without Losing Clients

Are you stuck charging your clients at 2003 prices? Learn simple strategies for increasing your income without losing your clients. Start charging what you are worth now with these simple and proven strategies. Learning Outcomes: • Business Skills • Strategies for Increasing Income • A renewed hourly rate • Templates and letters for your business Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Lecture, Business including Personal Training

JOE WAIDE Joe Waide is a Winner of Networks Australian Personal Trainer of the Year and two time Queensland Fitness Professional of the Year. He is Director of Inspiring Fitness Enterprises and the owner of the Core Camp® program which delivers functional fitness and fun activities to schools, teachers and corporates Australia wide. Core Camp is a registered program with the Australian Governments Active After Schools Program (AASC).

Functional Fitness in Fresh Air

A combination of functional fitness activities utilising tools such as the Bosu, Ballast Ball, Pods, Sling shots that will add variety, stimulation and fun to your clients and small group sessions. Learning Outcomes: An ability to utilise effectively and safely core conditioning tools in training their clients or small groups. Technical Level: ** Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise Based


Core Camp® 4 KIDS! An awesome session which will lead you on a journey of total core strengthening! Core Camp® 4 KIDS is fantastic for shaping and toning your whole body and will dramatically increase your strength, flexibility, agility, fitness, balance and body shape levels. Core Camp 4 KIDS is very focused on safety, intensity and fun through utilising tools such as the Bosu, Ballast Ball, Pods, Leap frogs, Smart Toners and Fitness Walking Poles to challenge every muscle in the body to build an unbelievable “core foundation” from the class. Great background music and partner based patterns provides a stimulating and motivating atmosphere that will empower you to test your limits! Learning Outcomes: An insight into why Core Camp® 4 KIDS is successful with AASC (Active After Schools) in Australia and will be as a structured program in NZ. Also, why Twist Core Conditioning Tools are not only great for functional fitness conditioning but so much fun also. Technical Level: * Experience Required: * Session type: Workshop, Personal Training Exercise Based.


Peter Yeoman is a Master Instructor for Spinning Education, Star Trac Human Sports and Power Plate with over 20 years fitness industry experience. He has also lectured in Sport and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology. Throughout his career he has developed strength and conditioning programs for many successful athletes including some of New Zealand’s elite international, Commonwealth and Olympic champions. A former Triathlete, Peter is now a competitive road cyclist, who also has a passion for mountain biking, swimming and strength training. He currently runs his own personal training business, teaches Spinning classes and travels throughout New Zealand and overseas presenting and conducting workshops for the fitness industry.

The Audio Visual Journey

We often talk about the use of visual aids in our cycling classes, but does this really add value to the class or just present an unwelcome distraction. Let me show you how the use of the latest audio-visual aids not only enhances our indoor cycling experience, but elevates it to a whole new level of energy and excitement. In this 90min workshop we will firstly explore the role of music, video, imagery and other technology in our class design. We will finish with an exciting 45min ride to experience the audio-visual journey first hand. LEARNING OUTCOMES You will come away with knowledge of the different visual media you can use in your class and the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will learn how to integrate music and visual aids to create an exciting indoor cycling class. Then you will experience all this firsthand as you join me on a moving and energising 45min indoor cycling journey. Technical Level: * Prior experience required: ** Session Type: Workshop and Master Class Session Category: Group Fitness/Indoor Cyclinc


APARTMENTS (located only a minutes walk from the conference!) Two nights FREE accommodation is offered to all conference attendees who travel more than 75km to attend the event. Accommodation is provided on a first come first served basis, and is available for Friday 27th November 2009 (the night before the conference) and Saturday 28th November 2009 (The first night of the conference). The Sunday night can be purchased for only $75 if required. Please ensure you select the accommodation option while making your booking online, or completing the booking form. All bedrooms are private and have their own lockable door, and contain a large single bed (including all bedding) as shown in the photo. Each apartment contains five/six bedrooms, one large living area/kitchen and two bathrooms. The living area includes seating and a modern kitchen (Ideal for making meals. All apartments are of mixed gender and are non-smoking.

Not only is the accommodation new and modern, but also provides an excellent opportunity to network with other exercise and wellness professionals.



LOUNGE AREA (Shared between 5 bedrooms)


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