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Beverly Hills Josephine Stevens catches up with blogger Alexandra Anderson Bower to find out about the challenging task of balancing being a mom with her interior design career, and her passion for art

alexandra… …On how it all started


In early 2006 my boyfriend (now husband) set up the URL and the Wordpress software for me to write about the design projects and events that were my life at the time. I didn’t really understand the concept – I didn’t want to share my sources and wanted to keep my clients’ privacy. Later that year we were married and the next year we had a baby. I was spending a lot of time on mommy message boards and social media because I had all this down time while the baby (aka The Critter) was sleeping. At that point the blog became the natural place to start writing about design and life in Beverly Hills, and the overriding theme became what it’s like to raise my son in a city that I watched on television as a child. A year after that we rebranded the blog to, and I haven’t run out of things to write about yet!

…on being authentic

32 NOVEMBER 2016

I am a night owl and have had to make that work for me! Weekdays I rise at 7.30am and get The Critter off to school, then I write, paint, plan, go to events, or work on design projects until I pick him up after school. From 4pm until 9pm it’s family time. I then take a disco nap for an hour or two, get up and have personal time doing whatever is on the front burner until about 3am.

I think that sticking with my instincts has served me well. In every aspect of my business I have remained steadfast in my desire to be an authentic voice, so I can’t write about anything that doesn’t interest me or conflicts with my values. I am approached by many brands to review and write about them, but unless those elements come together, I really can’t do it. If I try something and

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