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Anxious about your family’s future? Let’s talk... If you are going through uncertain times at home and you are anxious about the future of your family, finances and children why not speak to us. Our professional and experienced family law team understand how difficult separation can be and will provide the guidance and answers you need. Free initial meeting. Discreet location with ample on-site parking. DRIVEN TO ACHIEVE THE BEST OUTCOME FOR YOUR FAMILY For more information contact Bernadett Noble - Tel: 01753 532 541 or email: SLOUGH







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The unmarried


To marry or not to marry? That is the question!


ut all you need is love, right? Well, yes. And, not quite. When two people are living together as an unmarried couple (cohabitees), as far as the law is concerned, they are two individuals without any matrimonial or financial obligation towards one another. No financial obligation to each other? No. Not in the eyes of the law. So let’s say for 9 years Adam and Eve live together (to the outside World) as if married. But they are not married. They are cohabitees. For various historical reasons, Adam owns the property they live in and pays the mortgage and Eve makes a 50% contribution to the household by buying all of the food and paying all of the bills. As an unmarried couple, if they were to separate Adam would retain his property and Eve would have little or no claim or rights over it whatsoever. This would be the case even if they had a child, and even if Eve’s 50% contribution to bills and food was the only thing enabling Adam to afford the mortgage in the first place. But what if they were married? A matrimonial court has the power to divide the equity in a family home as it thinks fair. However, this is not available to unmarried cohabitees. Is Eve not Adam’s Common Law Wife? There is an often heard phrase: “Common law spouse”. But there is absolutely no such thing in the eyes of the law. No matter how long two people have been together. There are no common law wives and no common law husbands. What is Adam’s financial obligation to his child if they are unmarried? If Adam and Eve are unmarried and have a child, then Adam has an obligation to maintain that child if he has ‘parental responsibility’.

12 JANUARY 2017

On what basis would he have parental responsibility? In the following ways: 1) by a formal agreement with Eve which requires registration; 2) by a Court Order; 3) if Adam is named on the child’s birth certificate; or 4) if Adam is married to Eve when the child is born. So couples should either marry or risk financial unfairness on separation? Not quite. Couples can enter into a cohabitation agreement. What is a Cohabitation Agreement? Couples that do not intend to marry can draw up a cohabitation agreement. This agreement (which should be drafted by a Solicitor) will record who owns what from the outset. It will also protect the weaker party on separation by effectively introducing provisions similar to the laws of marriage to deal with any possible separation of the cohabitees. And that is the unmarried truth. THE DETAILS Bernadett Noble is a Solicitor at Kidd Rapinet Solicitors, Slough and can be contacted at:


Building perfect indoor pools for over thirty five years. Ring Origin on 01895 453996 or email for our information pack






The final piece in the

JIGSAW Making the decision to purchase a used car is simple – knowing where to go to get the best deal, service, quality is perhaps a harder choice to make.


upermarkets, auctions, independent dealers, private sale or multi-national group - there really are numerous routes that you can choose to source your next used car. With most of them comes the question of trust, quality, price, finance, provenance, warranty and onward running costs, but research still reinforces above all the most important part is the person you buy from. The final piece in the jigsaw, the best your garage has to offer, the top of his game, the used car salesman. Last time you bought a used car did you deal with the ‘Arthur Daley’ type, was it the young fresh faced junior, maybe the old dog with a shiny suit or the shifty one that smells of cigarettes that you wouldn’t trust to make you a coffee let alone prepare your next family car? They may have all been consummate professionals with years of experience and part of an extremely successful organisation but ask yourself another question, were they on commission? Therefore; did you buy absolutely the car for you, did you really get the finance deal that suited your budget, was everything right about the deal overall, was the warranty he gave you the right “minimum” 12 months that should be provided by a car retailer and did he embarrass you by trying to sell you the ad-ons his boss will pay him most for; the credit protection, the paint work cover, the accessories and the GAP insurance….? If this is reminiscent of your last purchase experience and you prefer one without all that fuss, you may not need to shop that far away next time, why?

Because the last time I bought a used car it was from a dealer that is a third generation local family firm, two of which still work 6 days a week in the business, has 100 local people working within it, don’t pay any staff a penny in commission to sell you a car, promise to provide you a minimum 12 months (in most cases more) warranty on any used cars and will not try to sell you the extras you probably don’t want. This place is Platts Motor company, they are located in Wooburn Moor on the A40 just before Beaconsfield and also on West Street Marlow. As a very satisfied customer I would definitely recommend you do your best to speak to them next time you are thinking of changing your car, oh, and they also have very nice coffee. Geoff Jones (a very satisfied customer)

THE DETAILS Platts Hyundai White Hill, Wooburn Moor, Wooburn Green, High Wycombe HP10 0NJ Phone: 01494 689360 14 JANUARY 2017

Platts Hyundai

White Hill, High Wycombe, HP10 0NJ 01494 685770 |


Aviation’s best kept

SECRET Gliding - surfing on air in mountain wave


f you live near a gliding site you might have seen gliders launching and landing, but most people have no idea what glider pilots get up to in between, in their sleek white sailplanes slipping silently from cloud to cloud. Most clubs have an active cross country scene, with pilots flying long distances – 300km or more – on a good day. They organise competitions where pilots race round a set ‘task’. And for their holidays, pilots go on ‘expeditions’ to other clubs to experience different types of flying. Booker Gliding Club, based at Wycombe Air Park, organises two or three expeditions every year. One long-standing favourite is to Aboyne in Aberdeenshire, where the main attraction is the opportunity to fly in mountain wave to 15,000ft or more. There is nothing to beat the sensation of silky smooth wave lift, climbing up past banks of cloud until the coast can be seen, the sea glinting in the sun. It’s hard to explain to those who haven’t experienced it, though the photos can be stunning. Of course the weather doesn’t always co-operate, the wind has to be blowing across mountains to produce that magical wave effect, but at Aboyne there are mountains in every direction apart

from due east. If there is no wave then there is thermal soaring – climbing in up-currents of warm air – or ridge running – always something to enjoy. And for the occasional rest day the area offers plenty of attractions – walking, fishing, golf, horse-riding, cycling, or visits to castles and distilleries. 16 JANUARY 2017

Expeditions are a great way to get to know fellow club members, and to hone flying skills in different environments under expert guidance. Even pre-solo pilots can enjoy these trips as the club always takes along a couple of two seat gliders. It’s always fun to share the experience with someone. Gliding is a sport for all (and there is much more to it than expeditions). Women can compete on equal terms with men and pilots of all ages can take part. Booker Gliding Club is located near High Wycombe. The club is open all the year round and offers a range of training options from holiday courses to a Get Your Solo package and trial lessons. All training is in dual control gliders with British Gliding Association qualified instructors. THE DETAILS For further information visit or just drop in for a chat.




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What to expect when you’re expecting…


The New Year can bring significant change for a lot of people. Some might decide that they want to change jobs, move house, or perhaps embark on a new hobby. For others, their thoughts may be more life changing; as research has regularly shown that after the Christmas holidays, a lot of people decide that their marriage is no longer working and think about divorce and separation.


aturally many people will feel apprehensive about the journey ahead and what their life will be like after their decree absolute comes through. Sue Andrews, partner with B P Collins who has over 35 years’ experience, advises on what can happen when you contact a specialist divorce lawyer, who should be able to provide reassurance to those thinking about taking such a step. At a first meeting the solicitor will obtain factual information such as length of your relationship, details about your children, your income and other resources. But – they should also take time to find out about your anxieties and goals as well as what has brought you to your decision. This will establish whether the marriage has broken down irretrievably and if divorce is what you really want. On the basis of that information your lawyer should be able to advise you about the way forward and likely outcome applying relevant legislation, judicial precedents and guidance to your circumstances. Good judgement, empathy and the ability to think strategically and ‘fight your corner’, are the key attributes of a good divorce lawyer. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may suggest counselling. It can help a couple identify whether the difficulties in the marriage are irreparable or not. Communication is key so even if the final decision is to end the marriage it is more likely to mean that the “formal bits” can be dealt with amicably. Your solicitor can only assess the situation realistically, if you are completely honest from the outset. If you hold something back it could delay resolution and hike up legal fees. The costs to obtain the decree absolute are likely to be in the region of £1,000 to £2,000 plus VAT and fees to the court of currently £550. However, if the resolution involves going to court involving a number of hearings, possibly also with experts, then your costs will be high and will reflect the complexity of the issues and the work that needs to be done. This could be avoided through a negotiated settlement where you and your spouse are in control. Telling children about your decision to separate is never going to be easy but try to tell them together and reassure them that although they may not see both of you each day, they will continue to have a relationship with you both. It is often thought that mothers have an automatic right to have the children live with them, however that is not correct. Both parents have equal status, however this should not be about either of you but about the children and their right to have a relationship with you both. Circumstances such as where the parents work and live

18 JANUARY 2017

or the flexibility of each parent will of course come into play, but your aim should be to achieve a fair agreement and one that works for your children. If a child wants to stay with a particular parent and is able to make rational and informed decisions, then those feelings will be taken into account. The older the child is, the greater emphasis their views will be given, and if they are 15 years or over it is extremely unlikely that if there was a dispute, a court would make a decision against their wishes unless, of course, it is very clearly not in their best interests. Sue concludes: “Even though your Christmas holidays may have been stressful, the divorce process doesn’t have to be. If both partners receive realistic and pragmatic advice from their lawyers and can talk honestly with each other, a satisfactory settlement could be achieved, giving people the chance to move on with their lives.”

THE DETAILS To speak with Sue Andrews, partner with B P Collins in complete confidence, please call 01753 279046 or email | 01753 889995

Where next?


Award winning

CUISINE Stoke Park’s Executive Chef Chris Wheeler celebrates a magnificent year as he is crowned Hotel Chef of the Year at the Hotel Cateys 2016!


toke Park, the luxury 5 AA Red Star Country Club, Spa and Hotel, is delighted to announce its Executive Chef, Chris Wheeler, has been awarded the Hotel Chef of the Year ( over 250 covers) award at the prestigious Hotel Cateys 2016! Considered the Oscars of the Hotel Industry, the Hotel Cateys were held on Friday 25th November 2016 at a glittering ceremony at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, hosted by actress and impressionist, Debra Stephenson. The Caterer’s, Hotel Cateys are now in their tenth year, and each year’s awards have been bigger and better than the last. Since their launch in 2007, the Hotel Cateys have celebrated the most successful hotels, hoteliers and hotel employees across the UK. They were

20 JANUARY 2017

created to recognise and reward those individuals and teams that work tirelessly to make sure their business delivers an exceptional guest experience, day in, day out. This wonderful award crowns a magnificent year for Chris, who in October also won the ‘Chef of the Year’ award at the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life Food and Drink Awards 2016 and made his debut on BBC 2’s Great British Menu. ‘We are absolutely thrilled Chris has won this award’, commented Giammario Ragnoli, General Manager at Stoke Park. ‘For 13 years Chris has been wowing our guests with his exquisite cuisine and fabulous personality. Thanks to Chris, Humphry’s, our fine dining restaurant holds 3 AA Rosettes, and Chris’s ability to create outstanding dishes for large scale functions such as our annual The Boodles tennis, has been greatly admired. Chris’s work outside of Stoke Park has been amazing, from working closely with East Berkshire College to encourage students to enter into the world of catering, to cooking up a storm on stage at both the Thame Food Festival and Taste of London, to supporting local food producers as well as raising huge amounts of money for charity. To win the Hotel Catey, which is judged by industry peers and experts, all of whom recognised Chris’s incredible work at Stoke Park and ambassadorship for the industry, is a huge honour and we are all extremely proud of him.’ THE DETAILS To come and experience Chris’s cuisine first hand in Humphry’s and to experience Stoke Park, please contact the Reservations team on 01753 71 71 72 or by visiting


Chef Laurie Gear Winter Recipe & Kitchen News


fter the excesses of Christmas and New Year this simple recipe is an ideal light lunch or starter. Parsnips are at their sweetest after a few heavy frosts and combined with the curried raisins and toasted almonds it is a match made in heaven. There are usually a good few parsnips left over from the Sunday roast in my household so with a spot of thrift you can convert your surplus into another meal. I always think there is something magical about a good bowl of soup with warm buttered crusty bread on a cold and crisp winter day.

Parsnip Soup, Curried Raisins & Toasted Almonds serves 4

Ingredients: Soup 1kg parsnips- washed and peeled 1 clove of garlic chopped 3 sticks of celery – medium chopped 1 onion – peeled and medium chopped 1 medium floury potato 2 litres chicken or vegetable stock – warmed 300 ml warmed double cream 50 g salted butter Salt and freshly ground pepper To Garnish 100 g good quality raisins 25g toasted hazelnuts Cold water 1/2 tsp good quality curry powder Method: Curried Raisins 1. Cover the raisins with water in a small pan, add the curry powder and a pinch of salt, bring to the simmer and gently cook for five minutes. 2. Puree half the raisins and then add the remaining raisins and half the toasted almonds Soup 1. Peel the parsnips and then chop into small pieces. 2. Sweat in a hot pan with a little butter and oil with the chopped onion, garlic and celery. 3. Add stock and chopped potato, cook until just soft. 4. Liquidise in a blender with the warmed cream. Season to taste. 5. Pass through a sieve and then your soup is ready to serve – pour into warmed bowls. 6. Garnish with a little of the curried raisins and finish with a scattering of the toasted almonds.

22 JANUARY 2017

New Year Five Course Lunch Tasting Offer To brighten up those chilly Winter days, we invite Life Series Readers to sample our New Year’s Five Course Lunch Tasting Menu accompanied with a complimentary glass of Sparkling Kir upon arrival. Experience the culinary theatre of our open kitchen and view Laurie and his team in action at the Pass, with our five course tasting option which showcases the best ingredients of the season. This fabulous value tasting lunch offer is available from Tuesday to Friday lunchtime until the end of January 2017 for just £38 per person (optional wine flight £18) *Please mention ‘Lunch Offer’ when making your reservation* (offer available for up to six guests)

THE DETAILS The Artichoke 9 Market Square Old Amersham Buckinghamshire HP7 ODF T. 01494 726611 Web: Email:


Pub In The


Fresh from launching the roaring success that is the Pop Up Picture House in Marlow, Tom Kerridge has now announced his next project, ‘Tom Kerridge presents Pub In The Park’.


he family day out will also be held in Tom’s home town of Marlow and will see pop-up versions of his two famous pubs, so if you’ve tried but failed to get a much-coveted booking in the Hand & Flowers then now’s your chance to get to sample his food. Taste for yourself the dishes that won him two stars in the Michelin Guide – the only pub in the UK with such an accolade. Tom will be sharing the stage with some of his other talented chef friends from Marlow and the surrounding areas who will complete the menu, so expect to see other Michelinstarred pubs host their own pop-up restaurants, allowing you to spend the perfect summer day grazing on tasting dishes from some of the best chefs around. Along with trying their food, get set to wow your friends and family with your new cooking techniques, as the star-stuffed line up of chefs will be hosting live cooking demonstrations to allow you to get up close and learn some of their tricks of the trade. Newly inspired by the food tasting and the cooking demonstrations you can head to the Artisan Food & Drink Market to pick up some top quality ingredients from local suppliers to cook up a storm when you get home. There will also be a shopping village for you to treat yourself to a little

24 JANUARY 2017

retail therapy – browse the selection of beautiful homewares and kitchen accessories that will be on offer. If all of this proves thirsty work then fear not – there will be a stunning array of pop-up bars hosted by some the UK’s most celebrated and innovative drinks companies for you to enjoy a range of the perfect summer tipples in the sunshine (we hope!). The perfect pop up pub wouldn’t be complete without top entertainment, so you can take your pick from taking a row boat out onto the river to playing some classic pub games on the lawn. The end of each day will see the visitors head to the riverside stage to watch the sun set and listen to some of the best musical acts around. All in all, it sounds like a pretty perfect summers day out to us! Tickets to the Pop Up Picture House sold out in just 15 minutes so make sure you don’t miss out – register your details at to be the very first to hear when tickets are on sale. THE DETAILS Tom Kerridge Presents Pub in the Park 19th – 21st May 2017 Higginson Park, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2AE

Being pushed out of your workplace? We’ll help you push back.

Meet Claire Dawson, Employment Practice Group Leader Claire leads the award-winning Employment Team at Slater and Gordon in London. She is one of the most accomplished lawyers in her field – with substantial experience recognised by clients and her peers, she has a track record of success. Advising on all aspects of employment law for a wide range of individuals – including directors, senior executives, professionals and bankers – Claire is known for fighting her client’s corner with a clear, focused and pragmatic approach.

Call us on 0203 319 2685 Offices in London and throughout the UK

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The Ivy Collection comes to


The Ivy Collection will open a café-style brasserie in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Situated on the High Street, The Ivy Marlow Garden will feature an all-day menu, offering accessible dining, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, light bites and dinner for locals and visitors alike.


he announcement that The Ivy Collection will be coming to Marlow in 2017 coincides with The Ivy’s centenary celebrations that shall be taking place throughout the year. With The Ivy approaching it’s hundredth year, it only seemed right to start the celebrations at Christmas, with pop princess and the nation’s favourite; Kylie Minogue. Kylie surprised VIP guests and Ivy customers with a pop-up performance consisting of some of her classic songs including “Can’t get you out of my head” and “Love at first sight” as well as iconic Christmas songs such as “Santa baby” and “Let it snow”. Kylie really got into the Christmas spirit by perching up on the bar for one song, as well as walking around the restaurant, interacting with customers and celebrity friends alike. The Ivy was incredibly excited to welcome Kylie to perform at the restaurant, and begin the Centenary year celebrations. In 2017, The Ivy will celebrate its 100th year with a series of events, parties and activities.

“We were incredibly excited to have Kylie perform at The Ivy, and start our centenary year celebrations” explained Fernando Peire, Director of The Ivy and The Club at The Ivy. “Kylie has long been a friend and patron of The Ivy and we could not think of a more perfect musician to celebrate with us. This is just the beginning of what we have in store for our centenary year, and we look forward to seeing our customers for more in the new year.” THE DETAILS 26 JANUARY 2017

Think you need a strong partner when your marriage ends? I do.

You’ll want Rupi Rai as yours. Rupi, part of the award-winning Divorce and Family Team at Slater and Gordon, London, is one of the most accomplished lawyers in her field. Her cases often involve international issues and she frequently acts for clients with complex financial arrangements, including business, trusts, third party interests and foreign property. She also boasts a wealth of experience advising on pensions, helping you start your next chapter with everything you’re entitled to.

Call us on 0203 319 2685 Offices in London, Watford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and throughout the UK

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Focus on... They say you know you’re famous when an accredited Royal photographer takes your photo, and whilst Jacqueline Ferguson of Penn Road Studio, is that photographer she has made herself a destination shooter for corporate headshots and website stock images too.


am sitting with Jacqueline, here in her bright, airy Beaconsfield New Town studio to discuss her photography business and more specifically images relating to your commercial on-line presence. She is just back from the Houses of Parliament, having been commissioned to photograph Prince Albert of Monaco with the living legend that is Sir David Attenborough.

little ridiculous. We all know the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words and with that in mind an effective image can result in an action by the intended audience. “The growth of social media means our online appearance can be just as important or perhaps even more important than your in-person image consequent to how many people view online profiles, including the decision makers.

Why is a good business head shot so important, I ask. “You, as the business owner are the face of your organisation. People like doing business with people that they like. They buy into personality. To some extent people fear faceless depersonalised corporations. So take away that fear by demonstrating that you are a real person, a real business backed by someone to whom you can relate, speak to, entrust. A profile photo should reflect your attention to detail and professionalism. “Your corporate head shot can be looked upon as your digital handshake. As such, if it looks unprofessional then the business comes across as equally unprofessional. You need to look smart, well groomed, well presented, approachable, an authority on your business, likeable. My aim is to combine all of these elements within a single image. I have a variety of techniques and backdrops relating to this discipline and each time I choose one appropriate to the industry my client represents.”

I asked her to tell me a little about the process and nature of the creative experience within her studio. “I have worked hard to create a pleasant shooting environment that will place my clients at ease and indeed they have mentioned how much it is appreciated in their enthusiastic testimonials. Some subjects want the process to be quickly conducted and others wish to invest some considerable time. I am flexible in this respect and work with the client to achieve the results they want, helping where necessary with styling, posture and expression and at the same time moving things along at a comfortable pace. And with that in mind I bade Jacqueline farewell and could only agree with this last sentiment as I looked around me and considered the vibrant, fresh creative space that she has transformed into South Buckinghamshire’s go-to photographic studio.

I wanted to study exactly what the relationship between her and her subject’s commercial photographic needs were,. “I cannot overestimate the importance of an image being up to date. When people meet you in person you need to match your on-line representation or risk looking a

2 Penn Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 2PD Phone: 01494 956944 Website:

28 JANUARY 2017


CREATIVE DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE Ltd Henley Based Design & build Team


Make Overs



New Year


What a terrific year our booksellers enjoyed in 2016. Be it bringing new authors to Chorleywood, celebrating seasoned ones, or that cherished pleasure of picking out the perfect book, we cannot wait to get going in 2017.


or everyone looking for a healthy eating 2017, we have the perfect events to start the year. We start off on January 12th with television’s and DIY SOS’s Nick Knowles who turned his life around last year by changing diet. This is not a cookbook filled with rabbit food and small portions, but hearty meals, so do join us for some samples and a look into Nick’s life and career. Joining Nick in January is the wonderful Ella Mills, known to her online following as Deliciously Ella, with her brilliant new cookbook on January 25th. Deliciously Ella with Friends is filled with hearty and filling recipes that celebrate her eating philosophy. With ideas and inspiration for every foodie opportunity – including cozy nights in, easy kitchen suppers, and flavoursome feasts. We also have a feastful of fiction coming up in January, including our double-bill crime night with Emma Flint and Joseph Knox. Emma’s book, Little Deaths, is a gripping novel about love, morality and obsession, exploring the capacity for good and evil within us all. Equally fascinating is Joseph’s new book, Sirens, premised on a teenage runaway spiraling into a dark underworld of exploitation and deception. Closely followed is our celebration of Jem Lester’s Shtum a beautiful novel about single parenthood, exploring the complex relationship between people and how sometimes saying nothing means you can communicate better than you can with

30 JANUARY 2017

words. Our booksellers are great fans already and it’s a must for readers of David Nicholls or Mark Haddon. We are also delighted to be welcoming back Claire Fuller, author of bookshop favourite Our Endless Numbered Days, for her new novel Swimming Lessons. In it, Ingrid Coleman writes letters to her husband, Gil, about the truth of their marriage, but instead of giving them to him, she hides them in the thousands of books he has collected over the years. After writing her final letter she disappears, setting up a sensational novel about love, betrayal and the lives that become us, but we never really wanted. Finally, we are excited to announce that, in continuing our partnership with the Chorleywood Film Club, we are launching a Young Filmmakers Competition for budding Spielburgs aged 7-11. Entrants are asked to shoot a short film, no longer than three minutes long, on the topic of ‘Chorleywood Life’, and to submit it through before Thursday 19th January. Good Luck! THE DETAILS As ever, all of our tickets and book vouchers are available from our bookshops in Chorleywood & Gerrards Cross, online at chilternbookshops. or over the telephone 01923 283566



EXPRESSIVE On Saturday 25th February, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s exceptional Principal Clarinet, Katherine Lacy, will be performing Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto at the High Wycombe Swan. We met with her and asked her a few questions.

What inspired you to become a musician as a child? My parents were involved in entertainment themselves and there were always classical music records on at home when I was growing up. One of my dad’s favourites was Jack Brymer playing the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and I’m sure that it must have been that that drew me to the sound of the clarinet. To think that I’m now in some way following in Jack Brymer’s footsteps (he was the RPO’s Principal Clarinet 1947-1963) is amazing! What was the first recording you ever bought? The first recording I ever bought with my own money would have probably been a Bon Jovi album. I used to be absolutely obsessed with them as a teenager! What do you listen to in your spare time? In the car it’s Radio 4 and when I’m at home cooking or chilling out I love listening to music from the Big Band era, as well as anything from Cuba/South America. I used to do a bit of Salsa dancing and always find music from that part of the world completely uplifting. And you can’t beat a bit of Stevie Wonder! What makes Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto so special? In my opinion Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto is one of the best pieces, if not THE best piece for any woodwind instrument ever written.  From an audience point of view, it’s simply full of great tunes and takes you through so many different characters and emotions, all in less than half an hour! From a clarinettist’s perspective, it’s absolutely staggering what Mozart achieved with this piece, compared to anything that had previously been written for the instrument – it

32 JANUARY 2017

spans nearly four octaves, is incredibly virtuosic and contains the most beautifully expressive phrases you could ever hope to play. What advice would you offer to any young, aspiring musicians? You just never know what opportunities might come your way and you need to be ready for them! You will be constantly told how hard it is to succeed as a musician and it is true that competition is fierce and even if you make it, it’s certainly not an easy life but I would say that if you REALLY want it and are prepared to work your socks off, go for it! You won’t know unless you try! THE DETAILS Saturday 25 February, 7.30pm at the High Wycombe Swan Tickets range from £18.50 to £35, with subscription and group discounts available. Book Online: Ticket Office: 01494 512 000

complimentary design consultation FULL BESPOKE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES C U R TA I N S


Kings Head House 15 London End Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 2HN I 01494 412890 I


Silent Pool DiStillerS the Art of Distilling


ounded in the Spring of 2014, the Silent Pool Distillery was set-up with the vision of creating hand-crafted, premium spirits. Its location on the banks of the spring-fed Silent Pool, on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, in the beautiful Surrey Hills – an area that was once flush with juniper berries – pays a fitting tribute to the main ingredient that creates the flavour of all gins: the delicately flavoured juniper berry. Each component in Silent Pool Gin is carefully selected and, where possible, locally sourced. A hose is passed through the open door of the distillery and draws water from the Silent Pool, a body of water that gives the spirit its name, beginning the unique four-stage production process. The gin is entirely crafted within the four walls of the distillery with precision and loving care even the bottling takes place here. The flagship spirit, Silent Pool Gin, was launched on the UK market in April 2015 to critical acclaim, winning several international Gold tasting awards (Gin Masters, IWSC, WSA, CWSA). The distillers have since turned their expert eyes to additional variants like Navy-strength and seasonal gin cordials - strawberry and blackberry - as well as rye vodka and Eau de Vies, so you can stock your entire drinks cabinet. They even do elegant copa glasses too! If you like the sound of all that, make your way online to their website (www. where you’ll be able to peruse and buy Silent Pool’s award winning products, book a place on one of the distillery’s 90-minute Gin Experience Tours, and learn more about this artisanal spirit

33 0 4 d J Ae N cU eM AB RY e R2 02 10 71 6

company and its range of products. Their seasonal gin cordials, which are made with either strawberries or blackberries that have been freshly picked in nearby fields, taste great on their own, but we think they’re even better with a bit of fizz. And have you ever wished to recreate the expert flourish of a professional mixologist when making cocktails at home? Well now you can with Silent Pool Mist Liquid Garnishes. These ingenious little bottles have been devised to raise your homemade cocktail game to a new level. Each spray, distilled to 80% ABV and with the ability to create 120 drinks, covers the surface of your cocktail with a mist that that’s delicate, flavourful and aromatic, adding an extra dimension to all of your favourite tipples. Or why not indulge in Silent Pool Distillers’ latest offering - Silent Pool Gin-Infused Smoked Salmon? Intricately Realised Gin from the Surrey Hills and salmon from the cold waters of the North Atlantic have been combined to create a very special culinary experience. Delicately smoke flavoured salmon, cured in one of England’s last traditional smokehouses, is infused with Silent Pool Gin that has been hand-crafted to accentuate kaffir lime and juniper berries, to make what is probably the best smoked salmon you will ever taste. And the best bit of news is that you don’t have to go far to find the distinct teal and copper bottle. Silent Pool Gin is now distributed nationwide: Waitrose, Majestic, Wine Rack, Odd Bins, M&S, plus in more than 50 independents as well as across Europe and soon in the US.


The Listed Property Show H

ave you ever driven past a chocolate box cottage or a sprawling historic house and dreamt about owning such a beautiful building? While these properties are filled with character and charm, owners of listed buildings are subject to some restrictive regulations. The Listed Property Show, created by The Listed Property Owners' Club, brings you all the specialist information and expert help you need in conserving, renovating or buying a listed property. The Listed Property Show was created to provide owners and those looking to buy a listed property with everything they need to know. There are very few queries they haven’t dealt with before! Join over 150 exhibitors and specialist suppliers, chat with independent conservation officers and architects about your plans, and listen to informative lectures on a topic of your choice at one of the many show talks all under one roof at Olympia London. From discovering your home’s history to how to make your listed building energy efficient – you will learn more over one weekend than you can through months of personal research! The Listed Property Owners' Club is familiar with the rules and regulations that affect listed building owners. As the UK’s only advice service dedicated to helping listed property owners, they understand the number of restrictions can be a little daunting. However their passion for heritage properties means they know it can also be a joy and privilege to own one. The laws and regulations which limit what you can change about a listed property, some of which date back hundreds of years, may surprise you.

36 JANUARY 2017

18-19 February 2017 Olympia

Here is just a small selection of the extraordinary problems listed building owners experience: If you live close to a church, you may be liable to pay for repairs to the church as well as your home under chancel repairs laws, dating back to Henry VIII A thatched roof will need to be repaired and replaced every few years. Be careful it isn’t made too tall or with the wrong type of thatch – you may have to take it down! Double glazing is frequently not permitted in listed properties You need consent from the local authority to make any changes – even if you want to put a satellite dish up Owning a listed building can cost up to 50% more than a non-listed building... yet 50% of listed property owners are in lower socialeconomic groups D-E Arm yourself with professional help from the biggest collection of listed property suppliers and specialists during one weekend, under one roof at the Listed Property Show 2017. THE DETAILS For more show information, lecture timetables and free tickets, visit






50 x 50 II 50 x 50 II is an exhibition that presents 50 new works of art by 50 emerging artists. All the works are prints measuring 50 x 70cm and each print is priced at only £95 to maximise the opportunity for people to buy exciting new contemporary art.


ach artist has collaborated with the Jealous Print Studio to produce a limited edition of 36 signed and numbered prints. Forty-five of the works were selected as part of the Jealous Needs You programme which openly invited submissions from artists in the UK and abroad. Five of these initial 45 works were selected by a Saatchi Gallery curator. Additionally, the Saatchi Gallery has commissioned five more works to be exclusively launched at 50 x 50 II. Some of the 50 artists are established and others are newly emerging. The names of some, such as Rob Ryan, Magnus Gjoen, Joe Webb and Magda Archer are becoming widely known. Others such as SKU and Phoebe Greenwood are being presented for the first time. Some artists, such as Zabou and NEMCO have strong reputations as street artists. Other artists, such as Tim Head and Steven Wilson are successful multimedia designers and illustrators. The selection also includes award-winning artists such as Dominc Beattie; and fine artists such as Katerina Georgopoulou and Darrell Hawkins.

38 JANUARY2017

Until 9th February 2017

The open nature of the submission process has led to a very diverse range of printed works. The works cover many different styles, subjects, and tones. Some works aim to titillate or shock whilst others are objects of decorative beauty. Some works are abstract or constitute meditations on colour or form; whilst others reflect upon current affairs or the human condition. In addition to the 50 works to be exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, prints by a further 21 artists were produced by the Jealous Print Studio for their 2016 Jealous Needs You programme. All the works can be viewed online at ABOUT THE SAATCHI GALLERY The Saatchi Gallery was founded in 1985 to provide a platform to bring contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible and make it accessible. Over the last five years the Saatchi Gallery has hosted 17 out of the 20 most visited exhibitions in London, according to The Art Newspaper’s survey of international museum attendance, and is also ranked amongst the world’s top five most liked museums on Facebook and Twitter by Museum Analytics. Entry to all exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery is free. THE DETAILS For more details, visit Saatchi Gallery Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, SW3 4RY

ABSOLUTELY TIMELESS luxury furniture, lighting & accessories




Raise a glass...

for Debrett’s Weddings Debrett’s launches a bespoke wedding consultation service Debrett’s, the authority on etiquette and achievement, has launched a wedding consultancy service that will offer a bespoke approach to planning the perfect wedding.


ebrett’s Weddings consists of three parts: The Bride’s Experience, The Groom’s Day Out and Finishing Touches.The Bride’s Experience is recommended for the early planning stages and offers guidance and inspiration on everything from themes and budget, to advice on how to survive the day and structure problematic guest lists. This half-day course invites the bride, plus between two and four members of the bridal party, to visit the Debrett’s Townhouse in Mayfair and culminates in a celebratory champagne tea. Grooms can also enjoy Debrett’s specialist knowledge and expertise with the specially designed Groom's Day Out. Alongside two to four of his ushers, the groom can gain advice on what is expected of them on the day, including important tips on how to help the bride relax, before taking a trip to Savile Row for consultancy on tailoring and picking the perfect suit. The day ends with an overview of speech-writing accompanied by a glass of whisky in one of Mayfair’s finest library bars. The Finishing Touches package is perfect for easing those last minute nerves. Debrett’s wedding experts will run through the order of events, including how best to delegate tasks, and will give the bride strategic tips on how to look immaculate throughout the day. Added extras to Debrett’s Weddings include; Debrett’s Style Service, the perfect addition of a personal consultation with the Debrett’s in-house stylist offering bespoke advice to suit your theme and personal style. There is also the option to take advantage of Debrett’s partnership with The Wedding Shop and curate the perfect online wedding list. Renée Kuo, managing director of Debrett’s, says: “With the launch of Debrett’s

40 JANUARY 2017

Weddings, we are delighted to be able to support couples whilst planning the most important day of their lives. Given the amount of wedding related enquiries we receive on a daily basis, it seemed fitting to add wedding consultancy to our service portfolio. Offering support and advice throughout all elements of the wedding planning process, Debrett’s will deliver services that ensure weddings are individual, elegant and memorable for all the right reasons.” ABOUT DEBRETT’S Debrett’s has been recognising people of achievement since 1769 when it first published The Peerage, the ‘social network’ of its time, a unique chronicle of Britain’s aristocracy that is still published today. Debrett’s continues to recognise people of achievement with People of Today, and the Debrett’s 500, the definitive list of high achievers across a range of sectors, published for the last three years in The Sunday Times. Debrett’s is also widely regarded as the authority on etiquette. This expertise is today reflected in a range of coaching, training and classes offered through its Training Academy, as well as through its products, which include a range of popular etiquette guides such as The A-Z of Modern Manners, Guide for The Modern Gentleman and Debrett’s Handbook, as well as luxury leather goods and stationery containing information on the British social calendar and etiquette hints and tips for use at home and abroad. Bride’s Experience - £2,500 based on three people including champagne tea & wedding guidebook, £500 per additional person The Groom’s Day Out - £2,500 based on three people including celebratory glass of whisky, £500 per additional person Finishing Touches - £1,500 based on three people, £300 per additional person Style Service - Two-hour style consultation from £450

THE DETAILS For more information on the Debrett’s wedding planning service, please visit or call the Debrett’s office on 0207 290 5950


Food and Drink Innovation

For the gin lover in your life this Valentine’s day AWARD WINNING GIN FROM THE SILENT POOL IN SURREY Now available at Majestic and Waitrose stores nationwide.




London Art Fair launches

18-22 January 2017 Business Design Centre, Islington, N1

The 2017 Art World Year The 29th London Art Fair, the UK’s premier Fair for Modern British and contemporary art, will be the most international edition to date when it returns this month.The Fair is renowned for providing a supportive environment for collectors of all levels, enhanced by an engaging programme of curated exhibitions, talks, tours, films and performances.


ith art spanning the early 20th century to the present day, London Art Fair 2017 sees 129 galleries present museum quality Modern British art alongside the very best international modern and contemporary art. Over one fifth (22%) of this year’s exhibitors come from outside of the UK, with galleries from 18 different countries including China, France, Germany, South Korea and USA. NEW FEATURES AND HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2017 INCLUDE: A museum partnership celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Lightbox, Woking, with a curated exhibition of highlights from The Ingram Collection entitled ‘Ten Years: A Century of Art’ Modern British art features prominently, with Waterhouse & Dodd’s debut and new galleries including Christopher Kingzett Fine Art, Katharine House Gallery, Beaux Arts London and Peter Harrington Gallery. International contemporary galleries making their London Art Fair debut include Pi Artworks (Istanbul/London), Atelier Aki (Seoul), and Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo (Barcelona) Art Projects ‘Dialogues’, curated by Miguel Amado, a series of five collaborations between galleries intended to encourage new forms of presentation and foster relationships on a global scale 42 JANUARY 2017

‘Stranger Collaborations’ a showcase of artistic collaborations formed via the internet, curated by Pryle Behrman in the Art Projects Screening Room Photo50: ‘Gravitas’, a group exhibition of lens-based works curated by Christiane Monarchi, founding editor of Photomonitor Contemporary Korean artist Jaye Moon’s LEGO street art sculptures, installed by Hanmi Gallery in locations throughout the Fair Discussions covering topics such as ‘Modern British art and the Idea of Europe’, in association with Apollo, and ‘Style and Identity’ in association with Photoworks Thursday Late sponsored by returning Peroni Nastro Azzuro, with talks, tours and performances until 9pm Returning Modern British galleries include Alan Wheatley Art, Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London Art Fair Osborne Samuel and Paisnel Gallery, while tickets are now on sale, starting at the Fair welcomes a number of new £1 Thursday Late Ti 1.50 for a galleries with Modern British presentations cket and £15 for a Day Ticket this year, including Christopher Kingzett in plus £1.50 booking advance. Fine Art, Katharine House Gallery, Beaux fee, ticket prices end at advance Arts London and Peter Harrington Gallery midnight Photography highlights include Crane on 16 January Day Tickets on Kalman Brighton, which will be bringing the door works from the late British portrait are £22. photographer David Steen, including portraits of Elizabeth Taylor and Twiggy. THE DETAILS For further details and to purchase tickets, visit



Offices, Co-working, Meeting Rooms. 0800 260 5600


The Best Gets Even Bigger For 2017

London Classic Car Show Revs up for a Ferrari spectacular The 2017 London Classic Car Show moves into its third year with a host of spectacular features guaranteed to excite motoring enthusiasts of all ages and interests.


mong the new features planned is a celebration marking 70 years of Ferrari road cars while a display focusing on the life and work of a top motoring personality will be another highlight: previous shows have turned the spotlight on Red Bull designer Adrian Newey and Gordon Murray and the McLaren F1. Popular features such as The Grand Avenue and Car Club Square will return, bigger and better than ever. The Grand Avenue, a roadway running through the centre of the show, allows visitors to see and hear their favourite classics in action. This time, The Grand Avenue will have an open paddock allowing visitors to get even closer to the cars. Introduced in 2016, Car Club Square had displays from leading one-make classic car clubs and proved an instant hit. For 2017, more clubs will be invited to display a range of models, while top classic dealers will be on hand with mouth-watering machinery for sale.

As in previous years, The London Classic Car Show will attract a large number of celebrities from the motoring world over the four days of the event. Previous guests include: James May, Chris Evans, David Coulthard, Jenson Button, Sir Stirling Moss, Ari Vatanen, Gordon Murray, James Martin and Jodie Kidd. Expect plenty more big names in 2017. One of those will be renowned racing driver Jacky Ickx, rated by many to be the world’s most successful all-round racer having won numerous grands prix, the Le Mans 24 Hours (six times!), the Paris Dakar, Can-Am and World Sportscar titles. The Belgian legend will be guest of honour at a special Gala Evening on Thursday. “The 2016 show was enjoyed by more than 33,300 visitors and we are confident that the expanded 2017 exhibition will be even more popular,” said event director Bas Bungish. “With Ferrari as the featured marque, The Grand Avenue’s open paddock and the added attraction of entry to the new Historic Motorsport International, the London Classic Car Show is going from strength to strength.” THE DETAILS Tickets to the London Classic Car Show 2017 are now available from the show website – – and start at £24 for single adult entry (£27 on the door on the day).

Although only in its third year, the London Classic Car Show has already established itself as the classic car show by which all others are judged.We have introduced many innovative features and have more exciting plans for 2017 SAID EVENT DIRECTOR BAS BUNGISH 44 JANUARY2017


• Perfect to host a large party or celebration • Provides a private outdoor space • Can be heated, making it suitable for winter events variety of furniture, fixings, lighting and • Adecoration to style the marquee can be provided can celebrate in comfort without worrying • You about closing time or the taxi home Marlow Marquees Ltd 35 Jackson Court, Hazlemere Buckinghamshire HP15 7TZ

01494 813353


17-19 February 2017, Olympia

The Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction, in partnership with renowned auction house Coys, is proud to announce its inaugural event taking place in London’s most prestigious event venue Olympia.


acked with inspiring features, Olympia Historic will provide visitors with a wealth of information and guidance on the world of historic automobiles. From concours restoration to provenance, whether you’re thinking of buying with the aim to enter the exciting world of classic car racing or are interested to know how to maximise your investment, this event will provide you with a place to both indulge in your passions and acquire your next historic automobile. The Fair will play host to a raft of unique and exciting features such as The Classic Car Rally Showcase featuring talks from industry experts, The Restoration Showcase supported by leading Ferrari restorer Barkaways and Mercedes Benz restoration specialist Hilton and Moss, and the Ask the Experts Theatre containing advice from financial specialists

46 JANUARY2017

on ‘How to Invest in Classic Cars’. Visitors interested in racing historic vehicles will also have the opportunity to speak with the HSCC, the UK’s leading authority on historical motor racing. For whisky enthusiasts, The Whisky Exchange Masterclasses are a series of 5 sessions each featuring experts who will guide visitors through the variances of whiskies from Nikka and Kavalan to Johnnie Walker and William Grant & Sons. Alongside the Fair will be a Coys auction which will see over 100 fine automobiles go under the hammer across the weekend. Tickets to the event start from £15 in advance for access over the 3 days, or why not start the weekend in style and attend the Champagne Preview on Friday evening before enjoying the Fair & Auction’s offering across the weekend. Tickets for The Whisky Exchange Masterclasses start at £45 in advance and include entry to Olympia Historic. Please note, spaces are limited to 30 people per session so we recommend you book in advance to secure your place. THE DETAILS For more details and to purchase tickets please visit

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Specialists in family law Why not contact us for a free 45 min consultation?

Email us at: or call us on: 01256 584000 (Basingstoke) 01494 629000 (Beaconsfield) 01483 370100 (Guildford) 01491 630000 (Henley-on-Thames) 020 7070 0330 (London) 01184 181000 (Reading) 01753 325000 (Windsor) or visit: to ďŹ nd out how we can help you


Pure Luxury If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference why not hire a luxuriously appointed Linssen Grand Sturdy from Hobbs of Henley and cruise the River Thames? There really is no better way to see Britain’s royal river than on a self-driven trip along its most easily accessible stretches.


obbs of Henley were the first UK partner of Linssen Boating Holidays to be appointed and the only company in the UK to have Linssens available for hire. They currently have two motor cruisers for weekend or weekly hire from March to the end of October. ‘Jacqueline’ (34.9 Grand Sturdy, new in 2013) and ‘Midsomer’ (36.9 Grand Sturdy, new in 2015). These motor cruisers provide you with unparalleled luxury afloat. You can even book a picnic hamper from our suppliers to get you in the mood at the start of your journey. With beautiful wooden finishes and all your comforts catered for, you’ll get wonderful views from the bright saloons as you cruise along. With spacious cabins, showers and well equipped kitchens you’ll be completely self-contained as you explore such sights as Windsor Castle, Runnymede

48 JANUARY 2017

and Hampton Court Palace, or head north to the famous University City of Oxford and the Cotswolds. If food is your thing then you are in for a treat. There are several well renowned pubs, restaurants and hotels dotted along the riverside such as The Waterside Inn at Bray, Shaun Dicken’s The Boathouse in Henley, The French Horn in Sonning, The Compleat Angler in Marlow, Cliveden House in Taplow and many more! A Gastronomic delight! Hobbs of Henly are able to suggest an itinerary for a week’s luxury voyage including overnight stays and lunch or dinner reservations at these prestigious venues. Built to carry 10 but sleep 6 in 2 cabins, they feature a fully equipped saloon and dinette upholstered in leather, with a Corian counter top in the galley and American cherry wood panelling as standard, with two showers and WCs close to hand. White Company products are provided in the en suite facilities for your use and your complimentary welcome gifts include a chilled bottle of Prosecco, newspapers and fresh flowers. So for that perfect luxury boating holiday on the River Thames give Hobbs of Henley a call today! THE DETAILS 01491 572035



2-5 February 2017, Olympia

The Holiday & Travel Show The UK’s leading and longest running travel show, ‘Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show’ will be bigger than ever in 2017.


ith over 550 travel brands, the show is packed with leading and independent tour operators, over 70 tourist boards from across the globe, cultural entertainment and exotic world flavours. The Destinations Show is the essential event for travel inspiration and is the perfect place to indulge a passion for travelling.

50 JANUARY2017

A special feature is the ‘Stanfords Travel Writers Festival’ – a programme of exclusive talks by acclaimed writers, all included in the price of the ticket. It is the UK’s only dedicated travel writers festival and offers visitors the opportunity to hear from their favourite adventurers and explorers. Celebrity speakers at the 2017 event will include Michael Palin, Simon Reeve, Levison Wood, Colin Thubron, Nicholas Crane and many more. Inspiration can also be found at the two ‘Meet the Experts’ Theatres which provides over 50 hours of free travel advice, whilst the ‘Experience the World’ stages are designed to showcase culture, food and performance across Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. The two Meet the Experts Theatres will be playing host to expert talks covering the different corners of the globe. Speakers will give you unique insight into their experiences and take you on fascinating and memorable journeys to inspire your next adventure with more than 50 hours of free talks. Discover the hidden places of Borneo and Indonesia that tourists never see, learn about 5000 years of Pakistan's history and culture and go on a journey to some of the world's most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Patagonia with our experts. From the wilderness of Alaska to the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka, there really is something for everyone at Destinations. Get a taste for unusual world food and drink

with hundreds of free samples, enjoy the spectacle of cultural performances and get involved with interactive displays. Experience the World with four brand new attractions: Experience Asia, Experience America, Experience Europe And Experience Africa. Enjoy exclusive offers, discounts and upgrades from over 500 exhibitors at Destinations. Nowhere else will you get such incredible prices for experiences of a lifetime. Plus, there are hundreds of exciting holiday competitions for you to enter at the show! Wherever your next journey leads make sure it begins at Destinations. THE DETAILS Advance ticket prices are £11 (£15 on the door). For advance tickets go to


Arriving April 2017 A PERSONAL TOUCH With less than 300 suites, Silver Muse will be the epitome of Silversea excellence. A small, intimate ship with uncompromised levels of service, comfort, design and accommodation, she will offer tailor-made experiences to


last a lifetime.

9 Mar 2018, 13 days CALLAO (LIMA) TO FT LAUDERDALE


Silver Muse CLASSIC VERANDA FROM £5,250pp

From tranquil niches and observation areas to an unprecedented spacious pool deck, outdoor lounges and three open-air restaurants, our tailor-made outdoor spaces have been conceived so that time spent aboard is most


definitely, time well spent.

Silver Muse CLASSIC VERANDA FROM £3,250pp

CULINARY EXCELLENCE Soak up the ambience and award-winning gastronomic pedigree of what is surely the most comprehensive dining experience at sea. Eight superb restaurants mean more choice than ever while our unrivalled culinary excellence raises the bar in offshore dining.

To discover more about Silver Muse’s exciting itineraries or to book call 01442 879787

All renderings are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

Fares shown are cruise-only, in Pound Sterling, per guest, based on double-occupancy in lowest suite category available. Fares are capacity controlled and subject to change at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. All fares, savings, offers, itineraries, voyage highlights, excursions and programmes are subject to change without notice. Visit for complete Terms and Conditions.


The UK’s largest outdoor adventure and camping show will return to ExCeL London next month, bringing a vast array of features, special guests and the latest gear from leading outdoor brands to appeal to explorers of all ages.Whether passionate about hiking, camping, watersports, photography, adventure travel or extreme challenges, the show will help visitors to get inspired, meet with experts and get stuck in with the action.


deal for families, the Discovery Zone allows everyone to have a go at activities such as climbing, slack lining and caving. Back by popular demand, the SuperBloc climbing wall is a must-see attraction. An expert team will be on-site to offer free masterclasses on lead climbing and bouldering across all four days of the event. Adventure seekers should be sure to visit the Wild Britain Zone, where they can learn bushcraft and survival skills with ‘A’ Squadron experts including ex-SAS recruit Bob Podesta. They can also hear from some of the world’s most intrepid explorers at the Adventure Theatre, who will share their tips and thrilling experiences. Past speakers include Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Levison Wood, Steve Backshall and Kenton Cool. The full line-up of speakers will be announced on the website in the coming weeks. Outdoor enthusiasts will also get the opportunity to check out innovations from brands such as Salomon and Suunto as

52 JANUARY2017

part of the Outdoor Industry Awards showcase. Those in need of new apparel will not be disappointed as Blacks will be retailing the latest products from top brands including The North Face, Berghaus and Jack Wolfskin. As part of the Camping Village, PJ Outdoors will be retailing family and adventure tents from Vango, Outwell, Zempire, Kampa and Quest. This is all in addition to the number of tourism boards and travel companies on-site to offer practical advice, travel offers and destination ideas for every corner of the globe. A ticket to the Outdoor Adventure & Camping Show will also gain visitors entry into three other events that are running simultaneously; The London Bike Show, the Triathlon Show: London and Oceans: Featuring The London International Dive Show (Saturday & Sunday only). Adult tickets for the Thursday or Friday cost £16 each excluding booking fee, with concession tickets at £10.00 excluding booking fee, children 8 and under are free and 9-16 year olds cost £4.00 excluding booking fee. Adult tickets for the Saturday or Sunday are available at £18 per adult, £12 for concessions and 9-16 year olds £6, all excluding booking fee. Children under 8 can again attend for free. Thursday 16th February: 11am – 6pm Friday 17th February: 10am – 5pm Saturday 18th February: 10am – 6pm Sunday 19th February: 10am – 5pm THE DETAILS For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:

bgc-LifeMag-NewYear.add 90x125-12-16.qsd_bgc-LifeMag-June 13/12/2016 2

Discover Gliding

Experience the purest most natural way to fly

Try something NEW in 2017 Trial Lessons n Courses n PPL Conversions n Group Events 2 &5 Day weekday courses n

A great week’s holiday

call office for course details or visit website

: Offer Year agazine n w e N nt o ife M L ou Quote 0 % disc o and 1 In a s, tr for esson s. Trial L s Course lu 017 .2 4 IntroP .0 01 Offer



Booker Gliding Club

Wycombe Air Park Marlow Bucks SL7 3DP

t 01494 442501

Monday 13 - Saturday 18 March 2017 BOX OFFICE 01753 853888 GROUP BOOKINGS 01753 848484


A declaration of love to a woman Marc Cain combines a sense of aesthetics and art with a laid-back attitude, a natural look, innovative thinking and exclusivity. Wild Life Shirt dresses, wrap-around skirts with a draped belt and two-piece knit dresses with multi-coloured stripes are key items. Folkloristic influences embrace a 70s flair in dresses and tunics with volant sleeves. Prints of Leopards presented on crepe de chine fabric create an exotic atmosphere. Jackets of nappa leather are style essentials.

Tropical Vibes Welcome to the jungle! Tropical vibes is drenched in the warm Caribbean sun, showcasing exotic blossom and leaf motifs, combining vibrant greens with light pink. Spectacular effects come from horizontal stripes on pleated knit, colourful summer tweed and the romantic flower print embellishing wide legged silkcrepe pyjama style pants and on trend taffeta blousons.


Andrew Gardner Women The Tanyard, Tring Road, Wendover, Buckinghamshire Tel: 01296 625488 54 JANUARY 2017

JANUARY 2017 55


The Ultimate Lifestyle Choice A New Year. A New You.You’ve probably been here many times before. You start each year with all the best intentions in the world!


n overindulgent festive period can leave you feeling a little sluggish and your thoughts quickly turn to how you can become a better version of yourself as Big Ben strikes on New Year’s Eve. As January begins, out go the wine bottles and in come the detox smoothies. Out go the pizza boxes and long working lunches and in come the low-calorie meals and the George Foreman Grill. You even join the local gym with the intent to lose that stubborn festive weight that won’t shift, despite you now walking to work instead of taking the car. For a month or two, you’re in that zone. You’ve hit your groove and you start to look and feel great. You have more energy and a new zest for life. Then something happens that knocks you off-kilter. We’ve all been there – you go on a long weekend break, it’s your birthday, your best friend’s stag/hen do. That one event where you lose your focus and however hard you might try, you just can’t get back to where you were beforehand. Days, weeks quickly pass and before you know it you haven’t done any proper exercise for three months and the wine bottles and pizza boxes have started to creep back in. You then realise that you’re paying for a gym membership that you’re not using, but you’re tied into for another eight

If it’s being a member of a club rich in heritage and history that excites you most, then Stoke Park will tick all of the right boxes for you.

58 JANUARY 2017

months! You might, out of pure stubbornness, go back intermittently, but find it difficult to get back into that zone you found so easy just six months ago. The weight starts to creep back on. The cycle goes on and on. Sadly, this is a common story that we hear a lot and I’m sure it will resonate with many of you reading this article. At Stoke Park, we pride ourselves on our Health Membership being much, much more than just seeing our members grudgingly hauling themselves to the gym three times a week. It’s a lifestyle choice. A place where you can relax, reenergise, meet friends and family in a 5 AA Red Star friendly environment, but also where you can enjoy some of very best

leisure facilities that this country has to offer. Health Members not only take advantage of our recently refurbished 4,000 sq ft gym with state-of-the-art Star Trac equipment, but also have unlimited access to our luxury indoor heated swimming pool and over 50 studio classes each week including Hot Yoga. If this wasn’t enough, members can also enjoy the benefits of our extensive spa facilities which include Steam Rooms, Outdoor Sauna and our recently opened 16-person Hot Tub. Being a member with us also gives you the opportunity to attend a variety of wonderful social events throughout the year as well – including The Boodles Tennis (www., our quintessential British Summer party that features several of the Top 20 Male Tennis players in the world. You can also entertain family, friends or top clients in one of our three excellent restaurants - San Marco’s, The Orangery and Humphry’s – our three AA rosette fine dining restaurant. If it’s being a member of a club rich in heritage and history that excites you most, then Stoke Park will tick all of the right boxes for you. Founded in 1908, Stoke Park is the UK’s very first Country Club and encircling the club’s beautiful 300 acre Buckinghamshire estate is the famous 27 Hole Championship golf course, undisputedly one of the finest

parkland courses in the country. And, as a 5 AA Red Star Hotel, we are always investing in our facilities to make sure that we stay ahead of our competitors in what we offer both our members and residents alike. If you would like to come in and see our wonderful facilities for yourself, then we are holding an Exclusive Health Membership Open Day on Saturday, January 21st from 10am – 4pm. Guests will be able to enjoy refreshments upon arrival and we will be providing regular tours of our extensive 5* facilities. There will also be exclusive joining offers on the day itself for those wanting to become Members. THE DETAILS For further information about the day and memberships at Stoke Park, or to book places, please contact our membership team on 01753 717179 or email JANUARY 2017 59


Happy New Year and welcome to 2017 to all our readers. I hope you are all enjoying the lovely cold weather we are having!!! How many of you have kept up with your New Year resolutions? Or have you already started wavering? Well if there were any teeth related resolutions these Q&A’s may help you. This is our normal start to the year on why you should go to the dentist regularly. Q. Why do I need regular check-ups when there are no problems with my teeth? A. When we check your teeth at the practice, we see things you won’t see in the mirror no matter how closely you look. Just by saying open wide we can detect a number of problems that aren’t visible to the untrained eye. And the technology available to us gives us an additional advantage! Your teeth can alert us to... • Possible deterioration in fillings, crowns, and other restorations. • We may spot the beginnings of root cavities or decay on the roots of your teeth which have been laid bare by receding gums. • A close inspection can reveal troublesome periodontal pockets caused by gum disease, and sometimes it takes a radiograph and a little dental detective work, but we may even find indications of... • New decay tucked under the gum line or hidden under existing fillings – two places you just can’t see! • You may not know it, but your teeth may have hairline fractures. • You may not feel it yet, but a wisdom tooth may be impacted. • Your gums can tell us about impending gum disease and your mouth may even show... • The early warning signs of oral cancer. All of these dental problems can be treated and often reversed if they are spotted in the early stages. If you are ever tempted to skip an appointment because you don’t feel any pain and can’t see anything wrong, think again. It’s what you can’t see that can cause the most trouble! Remember ... early diagnosis is key. Q. Can you give me some advice on looking after my children’s teeth? A. While brushing is essential to ensure strong teeth, it also helps to prevent socially embarrassing conditions, like bad breath. The threat of future cavities may not hold much weight when kids are rushing out the door. Sometimes it’s the social angle that prompts them to pay more attention to their smile. Tips for kids of all ages to promote healthy teeth and fresh breath: • Use a soft brush. • Always use fluoride toothpaste. • Brush your teeth at least twice daily. • Brush your tongue gently and thoroughly and as far back as is comfortable. • Floss daily, preferably before bed, to remove harmful food and plaque from between teeth. • Wear a custom-fitted mouthguard when playing sports. • Eat a balanced diet complete with milk products and crunchy vegetables. Gum disease is often thought to be an adult problem, but children and teens are also susceptible. Just like adults, kids want to look and feel good, so encourage your child to start now to ensure a bright smile for tomorrow! School-aged children become increasingly aware of their appearance, and the smallest thing may be the cause of self-consciousness. Their next checkup appointment will present an ideal time for the dentist to assess their smile and to discuss orthodontic options. Now is the time to teach your child good dental habits to ensure excellent dental health for many years to come. THE DETAILS Rosebank Dental Practice Shire Lane, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire WD3 5NH Tel:01923 282 691 60 JANUARY 2017

Independent Living Consultants Ltd

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Getting Fit During The New Year Without Reinventing Yourself F

irst of all let me wish you all a happy New Year and I trust you had a great holiday period. Perhaps if you’re reading this then getting fit has become one of your new years resolutions and you’ve declared the guilt you’re experiencing, to your social group after consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol. I do believe that initiating positive change and taking action in getting healthier and fitter, no matter how small the change is is something that should always be encouraged and commended. What I don’t believe in is that we have to reinvent ourselves in order to achieve these types of goals. What I mean by this is that we have a tendency to wake

62 JANUARY 2017

up one day, assert to ourselves that we need to get into better shape this year by completely overhauling our lifestyle and morph it into ultimately an unreal expectation. We often do this by cutting out as much food as possible, exercising as intensely as we can and perhaps even purchasing the latest promise from the modern fitness guru that’s popped up on our screens. Along with the New Year of course and our newly kindled desire to get in shape, comes a plethora of gimmicks, products and systems that promise to ‘detox’ the body (whatever that means), drop inches off your waist in record time or claim to be the next miracle supplement. Whilst it would be amazing to achieve


I do believe that initiating positive change and taking action in getting healthier and fitter, no matter how small the change is is something that should always be encouraged and commended

such claims, we often miss the forest for the trees and consequently experience disappointment and shame when we fail to meet expectations. It’s understandable how one might get sucked into such claims and feels that these will solve your body shape woes. However ask yourself this before pursuing another miracle claim; have they worked for you in the past? I can probably answer that one for you, but I digress. As the title of this article aforementioned, New Years isn’t a time to completely reinvent you or your lifestyle. The pursuit of a healthier lifestyle isn’t even necessarily about having a complete life overhaul; rather it’s about making small adjustments to your current lifestyle and enhancing it through exercise, improved eating patterns and a heightened sense of wellbeing. It’s more about improving upon you, using what you currently have and enriching your lifestyle rather than making yourself miserable and turning yourself into something you’re not. That’s where people make the mistake, they believe that a healthy lifestyle is its own entity as opposed a conglomeration of habits and actions that are intertwined with your job, social life and hobbies. You also don’t have to be obsessed with a healthier lifestyle to enjoy it or benefit from it and you most certainly don’t need to spend your money on overzealous programs, complicated cookbooks or detox products. You need to take a step back, focus on one thing at a time and find ways to weave it into your lifestyle that doesn’t make you loathe the process. If that’s something you struggle with, then don’t do it alone instead find a coach who can help you on the right path (it’s something I specialize in). Stop trying to reinvent yourself in 2017 by trying to become something you’re not and focus on enhancing your lifestyle by getting 1% better each day. You don’t have to get things perfect straight away but being consistent even during the tougher times will ensure you reap the results you seek. You can simply start by doing some of the following: • Resistance training 2-3 times per week • Increasing the amount of physical activity you do by parking at the back of the car park or taking the stairs rather than the lift • Consuming a wide range of various coloured vegetables • Be mindful of portion sizes • Drink plenty of water (2-3 litres would be suffice)

You don’t have to do all of them at once, just pick the one you’re most likely to stick to, get the momentum going and then build from there. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you don’t have to repeat the process. If you don’t want any more quick fixes, fad diets and are looking for a more lasting, sustainable change in 2017 without being judged or manipulated, then why not contact me to arrange a complimentary strategy call?

I am currently based out of a private personal training gym named PHIT Lifestyle in Amersham. We pride ourselves in offering a private, judgment free space to help you discover that you don’t have to reinvent yourself or be insanely motivated to achieve the results you’ve promised yourself year on year. THE DETAILS PHIT Lifestyle Telephone - 07523214968 Website - Email -

@thephitcoach JANUARY 2017 63


Superfoods for better moods While many of us reach for stodgy comfort foods when the blues kick in, snacking on mood-boosting superfoods will help to keep you healthier and happier too. Check out these superfoods for better moods... TOMATOES A recent study found that people who ate tomatoes two to six times a week were 46% less likely to suffer from depression than those participants who only ate tomatoes once a week. The researchers believe that the antioxidant called lypocene, which is found in tomatoes, might be the ingredient that helps protect against depression. OILY FISH Omega-3 fatty acids are great for our skin, heart and eye health, and research suggests they are equally beneficial for our mood. A study found that participants who had lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood were more likely to be moderately depressed and have a negative outlook. Furthermore, a study has found surprisingly low rates of seasonal affective disorder in Icelanders, where the diet is high in omega-3 rich fish. AVOCADO If you’re feeling sad, anxious or fearful, avocado could help to put you in a better mood. Avocados are a good source of folate, and research suggests that folate deficiency may be behind irrational fears and anxiety. Avocados are also rich in omega-3, which is also good for the mood and brain health. CHOCOLATE Chocolate is a well-known mood booster, but it seems that its happinessboosting properties are down to more than just the taste. Chocolate is high in mood-boosting chemicals, including relaxing magnesium, calming anandamide and pleasure-inducing phenylethylamine, and findings published in the scientific journal Nutritional Neuroscience have suggested that the food can even help to reduce the symptoms of depression. 64 JANUARY 2017

WALNUTS Walnuts are the perfect good-mood food, offering the combined moodboosting properties of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and tryptophan. The nuts are also a good source of folate (vitamin B9); the deficiency of which has been linked to depression. Not only can walnuts boost your happiness, they can also help to ease anger. Walnuts contain both zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, and research has shown that omega-3 deficiency can contribute to aggressive behaviour, while a Japanese study has suggested that zinc may ease anger in women YOGHURT Yoghurt is a good source of the essential amino acid tryptophan, which helps to boost levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) in the brain. Researchers also found that the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus casei found in some yoghurts can decrease anxiety, helping to put you in a calmer frame of mind. COFFEE While coffee tends to get a bad press, research shows that – for the ladies at least – coffee can be a mood booster. Findings revealed that women who drink two or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day are less likely to get depressed. Those who consumed two to three cups per day had a 15 per cent lower risk of developing depression, while for those who drank four or more cups a day their risk was reduced by 20 per cent. BANANAS Bananas are a good source of tryptophan, which can help to enhance your mood, aid relaxation and boost your confidence. They are also rich in magnesium, which can help you to relax, and vitamin B6, which can help to relieve depression. Bananas are also high in carbohydrates, which stimulate the production of serotonin, helping you to feel happier.



More than just an average health club. Our Club Members benefit from a free complimentary spa treatment every month plus discounts, use of the spa facilities and access to our gym and classes. CHAMPNEYS TRING W I G G I N TO N H E R T F O R D S H I R E H P 2 3 6 H Y 01442 291000 | Quote: BerhamstedLife17 .*For 12 months only and applies to annual memberships only. †Price is per person based on weekday annual membership Available on 25-minute Champneys treatments only. Massage is not included. Subject to availability. Offer valid until 1st March 2017.


From LA to London The fitness trends coming to the capital London’s fitness scene is more traditional in comparison with what’s on offer in Los Angeles, but the capital is thirsty for new fitness trends and health ideas than ever before.


ut what may start in LA, will make its way to London, at top speed. These are the workouts to look out for...

THE MEGAFORMER The Megaformer sounds like a large transformer toy, but in fact, it is an imposing jungle gym on which you can prostrate yourself, tangled and perspiring, in order to lose the pounds. It is like a high-octane Reformer Pilates machine - and is at the centre of workouts by Studio Lagree, an LA studio that opened a studio in the City late last year. Kim Kardashian is rumoured to be a disciple of the studio. Studio Lagree cannot promise your proportions will end up as confounding as hers, but the workout, which pledges to test your “core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility... in every move” reportedly whittles the body. The machine places resistance on the muscles in order to work them to stretching point. 35-37 Chiswell Street, EC1, www. 66 JANUARY 2017

HIKING LA sits in the Santa Monica mountains: London is surrounded by the Home Counties. However, those who wish to mimic the LA workout should book the new, intense treadmill workout at Equinox in Kensington: it’s interval training, that builds in hills and slopes. You can almost imagine being in the Hollywood Hills. The Roof Gardens, Kensington High Street, W8, AERIAL FITNESS Aerial workouts are very popular in Los Angeles and there appears to be a growing movement here - Skylab in Camden is a specialist studio that offers four different aerial classes. 25A Ferdinand Street, NW1, Aerial Fit is a conditioning class involving pressups, pull-ups and tucks suspended in the air; Aerial Stretch, on the other hand, sounds far more pleasant: “With the weight of the body supported in a soft hammock we can build flexibility and core strength with ease.” Aerial Yoga London has

a studio in Whitechapel: there are different classes for different abilities and paces 30 New Road, E1, Gymbox, which has eight gyms in London, also offers an anti-gravity yoga class of its own, promising “all the benefits of yoga but with the added ability to hold challenging postures longer, allowing your joints to decompress” MEDITATION Not exactly a workout but Los Angeles takes mediation very seriously. You could take a deep breath or two on the Tube, or you could do it properly and go to Frame, which has its own mass meditation class, which is far more LA. It is hosted by former ad woman Jody Shield, who also has a meditation “residency” at Soho House and is - of course - an ambassador for lululemon (Frame’s Shoreditch and King’s Cross branches, There is also Inner Space in Covent Garden, which promotes itself as a “meditation and personal development centre”, which has a Creative Meditation class, as well as a “Quiet Room” into which you can retire if things in central London are getting a little too stressful for you(36 Shorts Gardens, WC2, London is not LA, and we are glad of that, but a few health and fitness tips from across the pond are always welcome.


Look into my heart... BY LISA SALMON

If you develop chest pains, there are a wealth of tests you could be sent for to identify whether you have a heart problem. Here's a quick look at the current main diagnostic tests for heart problems... PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT A doctor takes a patient's medical and family history, asks questions about their lifestyle (how active they are and whether they smoke, etc), listens to their heart and lungs, and takes their blood pressure and pulse. "If there's a significant degree of clinical suspicion that a problem could be cardiac, the NHS encourages GPs to do a fast-track referral to a cardiology clinic. BLOOD TESTS Blood tests are used in relation to a number of heart conditions, the most common being cardiac enzyme tests, which help show if the heart muscle is damaged; full blood count, which measures different types of blood cells and can show if there's an infection, and thyroid function tests, which detect an under or overactive thyroid, which can be linked to heart palpitations or a very slow or fast heart rate. CHEST X-RAY If you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, a chest X-ray can help ascertain if it's caused by a heart or lung condition. If a heart condition's suspected, further tests will be recommended. Heart conditions that can be assessed by X-ray include heart failure, congenital heart disease and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart and lungs). ANGIOGRAM An angiogram lets doctors look inside coronary arteries, to see where, and how severely, they've narrowed, and how effectively the heart's pumping. Patients are given a local anaesthetic, where a catheter is passed into the artery. Using an X-ray, the catheter's directed through the blood vessels and 68 JANUARY 2017

into the heart before a dye is injected, which shows any narrowed areas or blockages. There's also a CT coronary angiogram, where the dye is injected into a small vein in the arm and a CT scan used to create an image of the patient's heart. ECG An electrocardiogram (ECG) records the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart, via electrodes attached to the arms, legs and chest with small sticky patches. The test can help detect problems with the heart rate and show if a patient is having a heart attack, or has already had one. An ECG can also show if the heart is enlarged. However, a normal ECG doesn't rule out significant coronary heart disease and other tests may be needed, such as a coronary angiogram. ECHOCARDIOGRAM An echocardiogram - also known as an echo - uses sound waves to create a detailed picture of the heart, similar to ultrasound scans. A probe is moved over the skin of the chest, giving off pulses of high frequency sound waves which pass through the skin and 'echo' against the heart structures, reflecting them as moving pictures. The echo also gives information about the heart's function and pumping action. It can be useful after recent heart attacks or heart failure, and is also used to assess people with heart valve problems or congenital heart disease. MRI SCAN A cardiac MRI is used to view the heart's structure and assess how well it's pumping, so it's useful for checking structural problems including congenital heart disease, wear and tear of the valves, heart damage after a heart attack, and the amount of healthy heart muscle if you have heart failure. MRI scans can also look at the heart's blood supply and related conditions, such as angina and coronary heart disease. THE DETAILS For more information, you can visit the British Heart Foundation website at


Luxury Health, Fitness and Spa Lounge New Class Schedule available now! t: 01494 723 200 e: w: Red House Court 5 Whielden Street Old Amersham Buckinghamshire HP7 OHT adjoining The Crown Inn


Get the


With parks in both Birmingham and Buckinghamshire, Rush UK has far more to it than just having a bounce.


ounder, Sam Williams and Fitness Director, Jo Edwards are passionate about health and fitness and are on a mission to get the UK into shape. Both have a profound understanding on what you can achieve and how you can achieve it whilst having an exhilarating and fun experience. Incorporating a trampoline into your fitness regime allows you to experience low-impact, healthy fun that combines core exercises, strength and conditioning exercises with high intensity interval training (HIIT). There are so many fantastic health benefits of trampoline fitness. Please refer to the website for more info. Individual 1-1 attention is given to everyone in every class and the motivational highly experienced Instructors cover ALL abilities. Pick from a variety of group classes which include Bootcamps, Circuits and Aerobics or bespoke Tailored sessions available for small groups or 1-1 and Group Personal Training– all taught on the trampolines!! It’s the new and exciting way to get fit. If trampolines are just not for you traditional classes are offered in the studio including Spinning, Yoga and Pilates.

70 JANUARY 2017

Why you’ll love it..

There is NO Membership tie-in, You can ‘pay as you go’ or buy a block of 10 or 20 sessions. Busy Mummy with Kids? The stress of trying to fit in a class when you have a small child makes most of us just not bother but at RUSH run supervised toddler sessions alongside selected fitness classes, the problem is that they just won’t want to leave! RUSH has something for every age group so the whole family can have fun under one roof.

THE DETAILS Rush UK High Wycombe Lexmark House, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe HP12 3TZ Tel: 03454 500 268

Fitness for all the Family Detox your mind, body & soul whilst we take

Enjoy some ME time! No need to worry about childcare - we offer supervised toddler sessions.

Banish Cellulite, loose those extra pounds, whilst strengthening, firming and toning with low impact.


Trying to fit everything into your schedule whilst juggling the kids is something we all struggle with. At RUSH we want the whole family to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. So come and join our fun packed fitness classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays whilst your little ones have a blast at our supervised toddler sessions. Finish it all off with a healthy home made snack or meal at our cafe!


Then as New Year special discounted rate of ÂŁ12.50 for 1 x adult and 1 x child 1 hour session


03454 500 268 rushuktrampolinepark RushUKTrampolinePark




The best day


Lyndsey Robinson, a nurse at South Bucks Hospice, tells why it is so important that the public supports a new fundraising campaign for the charity.


orking as a nurse at South Bucks Hospice is an incredibly fulfilling job because it is evident at the end of each day just how much the patients benefit from the care

they receive here. So that’s why I was delighted to see the launch of Support Our Nurses, a campaign to raise funds to allow me and my colleagues to carry on doing our work here. Less than 3.5% of this Hospice’s funding comes from the Government and we raise the rest of the money ourselves just to pay for the day-to-day services which do so much to help patients with life-limiting conditions. But every day, I see how valuable the fundraising work is and what a difference it makes to the lives of people who are going through some pretty tough times. The job of a Hospice nurse is different to that of, say, a hospital nurse. We provide over one thousand hours per month to care and support our patients. Our role is to spend quality time with patients and get to really know them. As their physical state deteriorates or as they undergo gruelling treatment, this relationship allows us to help them cope with everything that is going on. This personal care allows them to manage their symptoms, maintain their dignity and keeps them at home longer with their families. To those who have never visited us, a Hospice is often 72 JANUARY 2017

seen as a dark and depressing place full of sick people in bed, attached to tubes. However, for the most part, this is a truly joyful place where patients can socialise with people undergoing similar experiences, and can even have massage and acupuncture treatments or their hair styled. So often, we are told how this Day Hospice has made a massive difference, either by prolonging someone’s life by reducing anxiety or by allowing them to share their pain and sadness. One man recently told us on his first attendance at the Hospice that it was ‘the best day of my life’. Just being there for him to talk to make such an impact to the quality of his life, and it is so rewarding to see the difference we can make for people in a relatively short space of time. I know times are hard for many, but if you can spare any money at all, however small, I would ask you to donate it to South Bucks Hospice’s Support Our Nurses campaign. In supporting the funding of the nurses, you will be directly helping the patients who so urgently need our care. THE DETAILS To make a donation, please visit campaigns/charity/southbuckshospice/supportournurses or text SOUL17 plus your amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070

Why not be part of our new Community Hospice? There are many ways you can help us to make it a very special place. • Visit our shops • Fundraise

• Make a donation • Shop online via eBay™ • Be a volunteer • Attend our events For more information, please call: 01494 537775

South Bucks Hospice Affirming life with palliative care

Registered Charity No. 1128881


What a fantastic


Make 2017 your year at Wycombe Leisure Centre offering affordable leisure in High Wycombe for the whole family


ycombe Leisure Centre has been open for a whole year already and what a year it has been! With over 4400 members enjoying the 2 Swimming Pools, 4 studios, a 150 station gym and much more we’re so looking forward to 2017! With the vast number of members we decided to add in more equipment and extend the matting in the free weights area so even more people can enjoy the wonderful facilities. Here’s what changed: • We have a bigger free weights area so you can start the New Year the right way! • 15m sprint track to challenge your speed! • A ‘lighter weights’ area with a bench, 1-20kg dumbbells and pre-weighted bars! • 8 pieces of weighted equipment to mix up your workout! With the New Year here and the new equipment added to the Gym now is a great time to broaden your horizons and change your workout with some Personal Training. We have trainers who are passionate about you achieving and exceeding your goals and they’ll be with you every step of the way. Pop in to the centre and enquire about Personal Training to start your journey. Throughout the past year we have taught over 1700 children to swim, a vital life skill for everyone! And it’s never

too late to learn, we offer adult lessons and ladies only lessons at Wycombe Leisure Centre. We’ve also had over 150 participants take part in our other courses such as Badminton, Squash, Trampolining and Fencing! With new sports like Volleyball introduced who knows what 2017 will bring! Wycombe Leisure Centre went through an assessment called “QUEST”, the leisure version of OFSTED and achieved “Excellent”, a great reward and achievement for all the staff and their hard work! With over £600 raised for various charities as well, 2016 is definitely one to remember! To celebrate what a fantastic year we had, we hosted a Birthday Party on 2nd January. We had free activities for everyone including badminton, squash, short tennis, swimming and of course birthday cake! Our Zoggs mascot was there to support and we had a great fun filled day and loved celebrating with the most important people, you! THE DETAILS Wycombe Leisure Centre 01494 688 100

76 JANUARY 2017


Which is Best? DouBle or triple GlazinG? W

hen making your mind up between UPVC double or triple glazing, it is sensible to ask yourself which is going to be the better long term product for your particular property, as genuinely “A+” rated energy saving double glazed replacement window products are more than sufficient for the vast majority of UK properties. Not all UPVC replacement windows are “A+” rated by any means, as to achieve a genuine energy rating that is high enough to comply with the current Building Regulations requirements for greater thermal efficiency, the frame of the window (whether it is made of aluminium, crittall, hardwood or UPVC) needs to be independently tested in conjunction with the sealed unit and gaskets. The current Building Regulations in England and Wales require both home owners and double glazing manufacturers and installers to supply and fit replacement windows with a minimum energy rating of “C” or a maximum combined U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K (a measure of thermal efficiency, where the lower the figure the greater the energy efficiency of a product). As UPVC “A+” rated double glazed replacement windows and UPVC “A++” rated triple glazed replacement are both “A+” rated or better, there is frankly not much thermal difference between the levels of thermal performance. It is really a question of which product will give you the best return on your investment, plus whether double or triple glazing is best suited to your particular property and requirements. Nowadays, although they do cost more, triple glazed UPVC windows, residential doors and French doors are not a great deal more expensive than double glazed products. Properly installed

*Outer frame profile of A++ triple glazed is 10mm slimmer than our A+ double glazed.

8 jJ a An Nu Ua Ar Ry Y 2017 87 6

“A+” rated UPVC double or triple glazing offers unrivalled value for money when household energy savings and consequent financial savings are taken into account (i.e. painting and decorating), saving money on maintenance costs year in, year out. However, as triple glazing by definition has an extra pane of glass, each sealed unit is thicker and heavier duty. So not only does the extra glass cost at least 50% more, each window costs more to

transport as is much heavier. One word of warning however, historically time to date, triple glazed sealed units tend to break down/fail thermally more often than double glazed units, so this factor needs to be taken into account, along with the extra costs of triple glazing when choosing between the two different types. Top quality UPVC triple glazing, with a combined U-value of 1.0 W/m²k, can potentially be around 40% more thermally efficient that standard UPVC “A” rated double glazing and 60% more thermally efficient than standard “C” rated double glazing. Even though most UK property owners will find replacement “A+” rated double glazing perfectly adequate for this modern energy saving age, some may still think that triple glazing is worth the added investment as: 1) Triple glazing delivers more thermal efficiency than standard “A” rated UPVC double glazing so energy savings should be far higher. 2) Triple glazed windows further reduce draughts and cold spots in a room that currently has less thermally efficient windows and doors. 3) Triple glazed windows can also further reduce the impact of exterior noise. They do reduce noise, and if the middle pane of glass is a different type of glass to two external panes, this also helps toward acoustic insulation. 4) Triple glazed windows and doors could save each UK home owner many thousands of pounds over the next 20 years, which is not inconsiderable when the rising costs of fuel are taken into consideration.

so insist on having it toughened if you do choose replacement triple glazing. To find out more about the benefits of both double and triple glazing from family owned and run independent double and triple glazing manufacturers and installers Hazlemere Windows, ask for a free no-obligation consultation with one of their experienced experts by calling 01494 854266 or visiting

“triple glazed windows and doors could save each uK home owner many thousands of pounds over the next 20 years” 5) A 3rd pane of glass, by definition, makes a triple glazed sealed unit much harder to break than a double glazed sealed unit – especially when the middle pane is made of toughened glass. What’s more, many UPVC double and triple glazed windows are internally beaded and the glass unit can only be removed from the frame by a person who is inside the premises. Because thermally efficient triple glazed sealed units keep more heat in, the internal inside pane will remain at roughly room temperature. Similarly, because less heat is escaping, the external pane will remain cold when it is cold outdoors. Therefore the middle pane of glass is subject to very contrasting temperatures i.e. warmth from the internal pane/ cavity and cold from the external pane/cavity, and thermal breakage could occur if standard annealed glass was used. By using toughened glass, the possibility of thermal breakage is all but eliminated, JjAaN nU uAaRrYy 22001177 7897


The Listed Property Show H

ave you ever driven past a chocolate box cottage or a sprawling historic house and dreamt about owning such a beautiful building? While these properties are filled with character and charm, owners of listed buildings are subject to some restrictive regulations. The Listed Property Show, created by The Listed Property Owners' Club, brings you all the specialist information and expert help you need in conserving, renovating or buying a listed property. The Listed Property Show was created to provide owners and those looking to buy a listed property with everything they need to know. There are very few queries they haven’t dealt with before! Join over 150 exhibitors and specialist suppliers, chat with independent conservation officers and architects about your plans, and listen to informative lectures on a topic of your choice at one of the many show talks all under one roof at Olympia London. From discovering your home’s history to how to make your listed building energy efficient – you will learn more over one weekend than you can through months of personal research! The Listed Property Owners' Club is familiar with the rules and regulations that affect listed building owners. As the UK’s only advice service dedicated to helping listed property owners, they understand the number of restrictions can be a little daunting. However their passion for heritage properties means they know it can also be a joy and privilege to own one. The laws and regulations which limit what you can change about a listed property, some of which date back hundreds of years, may surprise you.

80 JANUARY2017

18-19 February 2017 Olympia

Here is just a small selection of the extraordinary problems listed building owners experience: If you live close to a church, you may be liable to pay for repairs to the church as well as your home under chancel repairs laws, dating back to Henry VIII A thatched roof will need to be repaired and replaced every few years. Be careful it isn’t made too tall or with the wrong type of thatch – you may have to take it down! Double glazing is frequently not permitted in listed properties You need consent from the local authority to make any changes – even if you want to put a satellite dish up Owning a listed building can cost up to 50% more than a non-listed building... yet 50% of listed property owners are in lower socialeconomic groups D-E Arm yourself with professional help from the biggest collection of listed property suppliers and specialists during one weekend, under one roof at the Listed Property Show 2017. THE DETAILS For more show information, lecture timetables and free tickets, visit

Your local showrooms Windsor

01753 865 050 Amersham

01494 434 349






Showrooms in Windsor & Amersham OU R D E S I G N E RS OUR D E S IGN ARE TH ERS E DIFFERENCE


Best of

Photos by Faye Cornhill


Based in Buckinghamshire, Aern Design is an independent design studio creating unique interiors and bespoke furniture with a British edge.


nspired by ærn—an Old English word for house—we have a passion for British craftsmanship, products and design; delivering stylish interiors with a twist on the traditional. Specialising in bespoke highquality pieces, handcrafted in the UK, we work with experienced British artisans and independent family-owned businesses (many of whom are second or third generation) and a large network of contacts that we have built up over a decade of working in the design and furniture making business. We like to redefine traditional British styles and draw inspiration from architecture, art and fashion to produce something individual. Our designs are infused with both old and new; working with antiques, ceramics, decorative arts and exciting colour palettes to evoke the perfect atmosphere.  When we design with you we consider how you want to feel in your space — what you like — who you are — how you live — how you work. We understand the important balance of style, function and individuality in achieving the perfect room. Our designs are created to capture and reflect your lifestyle,

82 JANUARY 2017

personality and vision; so whether you have a clear idea of what you would like, or need guidance and inspiration, we can help. As every client is different we tailor-make our services to suit you: from concept to completion, we offer a full interior design service. Not only providing expertise in style and creativity but also reassurance regarding budget, schedules and quality. We can source unique products for you using our knowledge, time and extensive reference library— offering expert advice and information on any aspect of interior design; including colour schemes, styling, storage, soft furnishings and technical design. We also source works of art and photography. To find out more or to book a consultation please email us at, contact us on 07504 525 966 or visit our website THE DETAILS 07504 525 966


24-29 January 2017, Battersea Evolution, SW11


Gothic gets a 21 Century restyle at the Winter Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair

The Winter Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair starts the New Year with an unusual Foyer display, a 21st Century interpretation of Gothic design - featuring beautiful period examples refreshed by modern styling, including carved and decorated furniture, mirrors and architectural elements, diffused with select 20th century pieces and even a dash of steampunk and elaborate pattern for a contemporary, dramatic spirit.


ypical gothic decoration, which should be light and airy in feel, includes the pointed arch and lancet window, slender columns, trefoil and quatrefoil tracery, leaf and fleur-de-lys (and later heraldic) motifs, which appear in English and European interiors from the 13th century onwards. The style has proved enduringly popular, remaining in wide use throughout England to the 16th century, and experiencing revivals in the mid-18th century, the Regency and later Victorian periods, and heavily influencing the Arts & Crafts movement.

The Fair will offer a fresh perspective on how this style – which originated as light, delicate and highly decorated grandeur - can work in new ways for today’s interiors. Taking historic inspiration from Strawberry Hill House (built by Horace Walpole, born 1717) and Jane Austen’s ‘gothic’ novel Northanger Abbey (published 1817), the foyer display of the Winter Fair will weave a gothic-infused fantasy for modern times. Around 145 exhibitors will be taking part, bringing the wonderful range of period design that customers have come to expect, encompassing the practical, the statement piece, the eccentric and the purely elegant. With furniture and objects for sale dating back to the 17th century and up to the 1970s, every era of style and craftsmanship can be found at the Decorative Fair, the go-to event for interior design trade and savvy private buyers hunting the perfect one-off piece. Furniture (fine, formal, country and decorative antique, art deco and mid-century designs) lighting, accessories (mirrors, glassware, ceramics, treen), collectors’ items including fine and vintage couture jewellery, textiles and art of every kind from folk to contemporary can be found. Some of the most influential interior designers shop at the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair: Rose Uniacke attends every event and has brought clients such as David and Victoria Beckham; Max Rollit and Edward Hurst the leading international antiques dealers turned decorators are often first in the queue on opening day; Rose Tarlow, US interiors guru to the stars, loves to buy country and folk furniture and naive art; and many UK decorators and trade buyers including Nina

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fairs 2017


84 JANUARY2017

Spring Fair: 4-9 April Autumn Fair: 3-8 October

Campbell, Rita Konig, Charlotte Crosland, Guy Goodfellow, Soho House, Candy & Candy and Veere Grenney find it a unique resource. At the recent Autumn 2016 Fair (held from 27 September to 2 October), there was a keen interest among UK and international buyers for smart, formal, embellished antique furniture as well as unique 20th century designs, and unusual painted and decorated antiques which are such a trademark of the Fair. This was also the first occasion on which the Mezzanine level of the Marquee was incorporated into the Fair, with a dozen, mainly new, exhibitors. Admission: £10.00 on the door only, including catalogue which gives readmission throughout the week, or register at to join the mailing list and receive free tickets to all future Decorative Fairs. Venue: Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, London SW11 THE DETAILS For further details visit Find The Decorative Fair on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #decorativefair @decorativefair PAIR OF UNUSUAL, SCULPTURAL ANGLO-CHINESE CARVED CHAIRS, LATE C19TH

Exclusively made for You Established in 1962. Wharfside is the worldleading supplier of European Furniture. From dining to living, office, kitchen & bedrooms - all is made to your chosen specifications, woods and sizes.

WINTER 2016/17


EST. 1962

Shoreditch & Leatherhead 020 7253 3206 or 01372 379810



BEAUTY Spacers Tile and Wood Flooring have been supplying high quality Engineered Oak floors to the retail and commercial sector for over 25 years.


e have worked closely with our factory to produce a range of wood flooring that not only mirrors current trends but is technically and environmentally the most advanced available. All our Engineered Oak is thoroughly tested, is EUTR compliant and SVLK certified. The top layer is genuine Western European Oak. None of it is Chinese or Siberian so you are assured of its source and quality. The ‘Core” (the important bit) is constructed of single species Plantation Hevea (Rubberwood). It doesn’t grow naturally in South East Asia so is farmed for this purpose. As the Hevea tree nears the end of its rubber producing life it is felled and immediately replaced with a younger sapling that not only uses up more harmful CO2 but also produces more rubber. The Hevea used for the core of all our wood flooring has a density similar to Oak giving it unsurpassed stability in all different climates and environments. Hevea will always outperform any plywood or softwood cored material found in so many cheaper alternative wood floors. The back layer construction is also a locally grown plantation pine species, which again adds to the already excellent stability of our flooring. The vast majority of our wood flooring has undergone some degree of hand finishing ensuring a consistent high quality, high performance wood floor. This hand finishing gives each of our floors a ‘bespoke’ feel. Our ‘Antique’ finished floors all feature textures and surfaces produced entirely by hand rather than automation that gives each style a unique feel in terms of grain and colour. 86 JANUARY 2017

All of our Oak floors are treated with the specifically designed Extreme Matt Oil. Using German technology from Klump Coatings, these oils, as long as the floor is kept clean during installation and undergoes some form of regular basic domestic cleaning, will require no further applications throughout the floors life. When you choose to buy your wood floor from Spacers you are assured that it is among some of the best wood flooring available in the world. Visit the ‘Special Offers’ section of our website to see some of the remarkable new woods available or simply pop into one of our showrooms to see our extensive displays and take home samples. THE DETAILS Opening Hours; Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm Late night Thursday until 7pm Saturdays 9am – 6pm

Ruislip: 01895 621 651 Maidenhead: 01628 624 546

kitchenart bespoke furniture

Design and Install Beautiful Kitchens Over 27 years at our Farnham Common Showroom 5-6 THE CENTRE


T. 01753 646631






Time for a


Do you need inspiration for a new kitchen or bathroom? Then now is the time to visit our showroom in Hazlemere.


he winter sale is continuing until the end of January with up to 40% off of some products. So what better time to let us design a new luxurious bathroom or a stunning kitchen for you. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable showroom team and professional, experienced fitters all work together to give you first class service and value for money. For those who find themselves a little overwhelmed when looking at all the choices for a new kitchen or bathroom, why not come into the showroom and pick up one of our “Top Tips for Choosing a Bathroom” or a “Kitchen Design Brief ”. These are for you to use while browsing in the showroom or to take home and will help with all the new ideas and products you may not think of but would love in your new room. They also help our designers give you the room of your dreams. For all projects, your initial consultation in the showroom, a site visit, designs and discussions until you are completely

happy are all free of charge. For bathroom projects we then take care of all ordering, delivery, fitting and finishing. Complete project management from start to finish. For kitchens, we offer the same service, or, if your budget has been stretched over the festive period but you want to take advantage of our sale prices we can arrange to supply and deliver all goods but only fit your furniture and worktops. All additional work is completed by your own tradesmen. Or alternatively we simply design, supply and deliver all goods and you arrange for fitting. We wish all our customers a very Happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you into the showroom soon.

THE DETAILS 325 Amersham Road, Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire HP15 7PX 01494 718585 88 JANUARY 2017


Luxury & Stylish


Given Brexit and the decline in residential sales as buyers ‘wait and see’ or worse, demanding late price cuts, perhaps now is the time to reconsider your property options with a view to increasing the value of your home long term.


ill Newman is the Architectural Design Director at UglyDucklingHomes, now based locally in Beaconsfield with considerable London based and overseas property renovation, project management and interior design experience. Offering a bespoke, personalised, friendly service and providing the best full construction and build teams. Effectively adding significant value to residential property. Extensively transforming tired, outdated and impractical interiors and exteriors with innovative reconfigurations of living space, creative extensions, loft conversions, basements, driveways and landscaping. Redesigning and creating classic and cutting edge contemporary interiors, including exceptionally designed kitchens and bathrooms. Improving living space tastefully, with longevity and bespoke every time while intelligently and most importantly, in today’s unpredictable housing market, with a view to increasing the value of the home for the long term. Stratfords Lodge was an UglyDucklingHomes internal and external renovation project. Challenging and complex, formerly a derelict sixteenth century brick built lodge in a well established and historic conservation area. This property was successfully transformed into a luxury, stylish and bespoke character home retaining all the original features creating a modern blend of traditional and contemporary. Faithfully interpreting the

Challenging and complex, formerly a derelict sixteenth century brick built lodge in a well established and historic conservation area. 90 JANUARY 2017

clients wishes for modern, open plan living and how the entire family wished to use the space, the living room was designed to transcend the borders to merge with the other shared areas such as the kitchen and dining room. A fourth bedroom, ensuite and study area was included in the reconfiguration adding considerable value to the property. More sunshine was encouraged into the home by installing sky lights and replacing walls and windows with glass floor to ceiling doors. Underfloor heating was installed downstairs, a bespoke open fireplace and the ground floor level lowered to ensure sufficient head clearance below the beamed ceilings. A secondary entrance was installed to the south facing side leading to a newly created sunken walled patio area with wooden decking. The exterior was completely landscaped creating a sweeping driveway, extensive lawns, automated gates, lighting and impressive frontage. If you think you might wish to explore further, understand how Jill could transform your home, from conception to completion and what could be achieved, please call her call on 07767 400993 to arrange an informal chat and take a look at her website for further transformation examples. THE DETAILS 2 Biestro Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Crescent, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1BX Telephone: 07767400993


At risk of losing your driving licence? * livelihood? * reputation? * freedom?

Motoring and criminal law legislation can be very complex We can advise you, prepare your case and represent you at the Police Station or in Court


Specialist knowledge Expert advice Beaconsfield: 01494 683610 Gerrards Cross: 01753 907999 Henley: 01491 411884 24 Hour Emergency No: 07770 800552

Style with performance The ultimate collection of timber windows and doors designed for heritage conservation and contemporary style projects. Stylish and elegant, these high performance products offer superb thermal efficiency and are available throughout the UK.

Sash windows Casements Doors Tilt turn Bi-folding doors Sliding doors Please visit our Essex showroom

01277 886 774 •

Our Driveways come in many styles, colours and op�ons and with just as many features and decora�ve edgings we can provide the perfect match to compliment your property and add value for years to come Henleyh Surfacing can transform blank or unused land into a valuable asset for years to come

Call Jamie Curtis Email: Newlands, North End, Henley-on-Thames RG9 6LQ

Office: 01491 638 859 Mobile: 07770 676 964




Making the finest furniture relies on the finest craftsmen (and craftswomen). High Wycombe and the surrounding area in the Chiltern Hills has been a centre of furniture making, both fine and not-so-fine, for several centuries – and still today.


his is, however, under threat. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find craftsmen and women with the traditional skills necessary to create the finest bespoke furniture – be they designers, Computer Aided Design technicians, Cabinet Makers or Polishers. (A ‘polisher’ is the trade name for the person that applies the final finish – be it paint, varnish, laquer, oil or wax) At Furniture by Martin, we have a skilled team of designers and cabinet makers and polishers dedicated to producing the very best creatively designed bespoke furniture, handmade to the highest specification from the finest ecologically sourced materials. Half of our team have benefitted from the furniture design and manufacture degree from what is now Bucks New University, the others have a variety of qualifications from other institutions or from the University of Life. Unfortunately, however, this tremendously important source of skill supporting the furniture making heritage of the Chilterns is no longer available as Bucks New University no longer offers a furniture related syllabus. Sheffield Hallam University, Kingston University and De Montford University in York still offer the furniture design courses – but it is a great shame that Bucks New no longer does. On the bright side, however, Furniture by Martin continues to grow and prosper because of the Company’s very high level of customer service, our modern and well equipped workshop and our excellent team of designers and cabinet makers. THE DETAILS Furniture by Martin Unit 1 Penn Street Works I Penn Street I Amersham I HP7 OPX 01494 713 402 I

92 JANUARY 2017

Cool living for the chilly months. www.ďŹ 7-9 Haseldine Road London Colney St. Albans Herts AL2 1RR (One mile to Jct 22 of the M25) Hours of business: Mon – Sat 9.00am to 5.00pm.

01727 827744




The Rhine from himolla. See winter through in the deepest, softest comfort. From chairs to sofas, with both electric and manual reclining options plus a sumptuous choice of luxurious leathers and fabrics. Best recliner manufacturer 2016

17-11-16 Winter half pages Fineback ads.indd 3

Snuggle up this winter...

keep the heat in, with Swan Windows Beesons Yard | Bury Lane | Rickmansworth | WD3 1DS

Tel: 0808 155 2428 Email:

17/11/2016 12:06


Enhancing Your Comfort


With the latest advances in seating design and technology, there is now a great opportunity to improve posture and comfort for all the family, from the youngest student through to the elderly.


eight adjustable desks for children are superb for maintaining a healthy posture from an early age. As a child grows the desk height can be gradually raised to the ideal position, making this a lasting investment. Moll children’s desks from Germany incorporate many ergonomic benefits including a tilting desktop for the ideal writing, painting or studying environment. Adults too can benefit from a height adjustable desk, commonly referred to as a sit-stand desk. The desk can operate at a normal height with your regular office chair but the user can then raise the desktop to a comfortable standing height. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day will promote good circulation, encourage activity and help to alleviate back pain resulting from a static posture. A popular balance can be achieved with the HAG Capisco Saddle chair that allows a comfortable and supportive perching position. Its unique design, combined with bright fabrics creates a modern, attractive workspace. FineBack are skilled in the art of ergonomic seating. The comprehensive range of office chairs are designed to meet the needs of the individual; fully adjustable and selected to complement your style of working. For relaxing home furniture, there is no better choice than Himolla. With recliners and sofas manufactured in Germany to order, you can be assured of premium quality and comfort that will endure for many years. There is a wide range of Himolla models on display at FineBack , the largest

94 JANUARY 2017

‘Active sitting’ is encouraged in all FineBack’s chairs that will effortlessly follow your every movement giving excellent back support at all times. Himolla stockist in London and Hertfordshire. And for customers seeking a more traditional furniture suite with options for lift chairs to assist with standing, then FineBack represent ranges from Celebrity Furniture and AJ Way, providing both standard sizing and bespoke options. If you are seeking to widen your choice for home and office seating, then you will be rewarded by a visit to the FineBack showroom at London Colney with easy access and free parking. THE DETAILS FineBack Furniture 7-9 Haseldine Road, London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL2 1RR Tel: 01727 827744

Modern British Interiors 07504 525966

Aern Ad 95x130.indd 1

25/11/16 3:03 pm




Jones and Jacob will be offering the contents of the studio of the late David Arnatt in an online auction commencing 12th January 2017


ones & Jacob are to sell the remaining works of art from the studio of David Arnatt, the well-known artist from Long Wittenham, in an on line only auction early in the New Year. This is a unique opportunity to acquire work by an artist tipped as Oxfordshire’s Dali with an interesting use of landscape, surrealism and abstraction; local scenes combined with portraits and silhouettes and a wry sense of humour. Several themes emerge including time and space being depicted in fine terracotta figures in a series “same place different time”. He produced a great deal of work and in a variety of media, experimenting with all manner of materials from bronze, clay, papier-maché, oils, acrylics, resin, pen, printing, concrete blocks and even cornflakes. The sale includes wall sculpture panels from the 1970s, varied terracotta groups and some small scale figures in silver foil and wood as well as many paintings. In all some 200+ works are to be sold. Estimates vary from £100-500 for individual pieces.

THE DETAILS Works can be viewed Saturday 7th January 9.30am – 12.30pm, Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th January 10am – 6pm at Jones & Jacob Ltd, Watcombe Manor Saleroom, Ingham Lane, Watlington, Oxfordshire, OX49 5EJ Catalogue online at 96 JANUARY 2017

Replacement aluminium windows for period and new homes

The Conservation Range • Single or dual RAL colours • A-rated energy efficiency • Fit into timber or direct to stone • UK manufactured

For expert advice call 08008 401 508 Showrooms at: Sevenoaks Dorking Beaconsfield Loughton



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