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Helping ELPING H h hANDS ands Published Published by by Fisher Fisher House, House, Inc. Inc. ❤ ❤ San San Antonio, Antonio, Texas Texas ❤ ❤ Spring/Summer Spring/Summer 2022 2021

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Fisher House... Home Style Care & Comfort... One Family at a Time.

Helping Helping Hands Hands is is published published by by Fisher Fisher House, House, Inc., Inc., aa non-profit non-profit Texas Texas corporation corporation operating operating under under Section Section 501(c)(3) 501(c)(3) of the the Internal Internal Revenue Revenue Code. Code. Helping Hands is sent to guests, donors, and supporters of Fisher House,

Incorporated. Complimentary issues are available for the asking.

IN THIS ISSUE... From our Executive Director..2 From From our our Executive Executive Director.2 Director.2 Meet our Board of Directors..3 CMSgt Smith...........................3 CMSgt Smith...........................3 Fisher House, Inc. 30 Years.....4 Crocheting blankets................3 Crocheting blankets................3 Texas Winter Storm.................5 Volunteers................................4 Volunteers................................4 From ourManager...................5 Guests......................6 Meet Meet the the Manager...................5 Journal Entries.........................7 Lackland Fisher Lackland Fisher House...........6 House...........6 Wishlist.....................................8 Community Community Support...............7 Support...............7 Donations............................9-11 Donations...........................8-10 Donations...........................8-10 Fisher Houses directory...12-15 Upcoming Events..................10 Upcoming Events..................10 Board of Directors.................16 Directory.................................11 Directory.................................11 Wishlist...................................11 Wishlist...................................11 Board Board of of Directors.................12 Directors.................12

MISSION STATEMENT MISSION STATEMENT The Fisher House Inc. mission is to support military members, The Inc. The Fisher Fisher House Inc. veterans, andHouse their families mission support military military staying is at to Fisher Houses and members, veterans, their veterans, and their those who are eligibleand to utilize families staying at staying at Fisher Fisher Fisher Houses but are staying at Houses and who are Houses and those those whoof are other appropriate points care eligiblewhile to to utilize utilize Fisher venues theyFisher receive Houses are Houses but but are staying staying at medical treatment, careat or other other appropriate appropriate points of of support.points care venues while they receive medical medical treatment, treatment, or care or support. support. CHECKcare OUT OUR WEBSITE


‘It made me feel really good knowing that I helped someone I didn’t even know when they really needed it’ Galina, Kinder Ranch Elementary

From Our CEO/Executive Director Fisher House, Inc. continues to provide great goods and services to military families staying at all three Fisher House locations in San Antonio. Those services such as; food for families, replacement furniture, some utilities, and much more would not be possible without the help of each donor and volunteer. Thank you so much to each donor and volunteer who makes our mission at Fisher House, Inc. possible. The staff at Fisher House, Inc. is busy meeting the needs of the Fisher Houses. For example, at the Lackland Fisher Houses we have ordered over 28K in new furniture. We have also ordered new carpet and wood floors for the dining room and stairs in House II. In addition, new linen was provided as well as 211 meals for military families. Some of the improvements are mentioned on page six of this newsletter. At the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) Fisher House, we provided new washers/dryers and wishlist items. Funding was provided for a kitchen renovation, new double ovens, microwaves, stove tops and dishwashers. The VA Fisher House received wishlist items and 334 meals for military families.

Please take the time to visit page-three of this newsletter mentioning Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) Wayne Smith (USAF Retired) who served on our Board of Directors for almost 24 years. His experience, leadership and guidance were instrumental in the growth of Fisher House, Inc. As of July 1, 2022 Chief Smith is retiring from our Board of Directors. We wish the Chief and his family a heartfelt farewell. Fisher house, Inc. has several very important events coming up over the next year so please mark your calendar. On September 16, 2022, we will celebrate Founders Day just outside of the BAMC Fisher House. This annual barbeque event celebrates our Fisher House founder Zachary Fisher’s Birthday. We will have some amazing food, birthday cake, entertainment, and some Helping Hands awards to pass out. The second date to keep in mind is the 16th Annual Golf Tournament on November 7, 2022. The Golf Tournament will be at the Fair Oaks Ranch Golf and Country Club in Fair Oaks Ranch.

Dwayne F. Hopkins CEO/Executive Director

As mentioned before, we have some amazing work going on at the Fisher Houses. However, we know this would not be possible without our dedicated donors. Thank you for every penny and dollar sent to us to make our mission possible. We are a small non-profit organization with great hearts as we understand how each donation is impactful to our daily mission. Fisher House, Inc. will remain focused on providing excellent service to our military families. Our goal is to continue to provide services to the military family at no cost.

From our Cover Page: Sstudents at Kinder Ranch Elementary in San Antonio organized a wishlist drive to benefit the guests staying at the Fisher Houses (see page 7)


❤ THANK YOU CMSgt (Ret) Wayne Smith

for serving 23+ years on the Fisher House Inc. Board of Directors CMSgt Wayne Smith (Ret) first started with Fisher House, Inc. as a Board of Director’s member in 1998. Chief Smith already had vast knowledge in leadership and management after serving 34 years in the US Air Force. During the early years of Fisher House, Inc, he was a vital member in several positions from strategic planning, management procedures and governance. At the time of the Iraqi and Afghan conflicts, he was instrumental in providing a homeaway-from-home at the Lackland Fisher Houses. Chief Smith served as Secretary, on executive and marketing/development committees and even master of ceremonies while on our board. We wish Chief Smith all the best and thank him for many years of dedicated and passionate service to Fisher House, Inc. and its mission. CMSgt (Ret) Wayne Smith

CROCHETING WITH LOVE ... one blanket at a time Irene Bowman, a native from New York City, NY, moved to the San Antonio area in 2013. Before moving to Texas, Irene took care of children for 35 years. Her nurturing spirit was felt by the parents as well as the children. Irene has been crocheting for close to fifty years. The hobby started out as crocheting baby blankets and has expanded to mother’s blankets, couples’ blankets, grandma blankets (once they become grandparents) and “just because you are a friend” blanket. Blankets made with love by Irene Bowman

Ms. Irene Bowman

In the past few years, she has included blankets and throws for hospice care, seniors, shelters and now the VA Fisher House in San Antonio. Irene receives donated yarn from friends and uses gift cards received as gifts to purchase yarn. She says that crocheting is “very therapeutic” for her. Almost every time Irene presents a blanket the reaction she receives is one of awe and wonder because the colors match the recipients décor and she randomly selects the color without coordinating with them, it is indeed a gift that she has.


❤ These past few years have not been easy

for the volunteers at the Fisher Houses. From reduced occupancy and even competely closed houses, volunteering during COVID was a challenge for many loyal volunteers. The regular dinners for the guests were cancelled and volunteers were not able to return for a long time. This was the same at the South Texas Veterans VA Fisher House. In May of 2020, this Fisher House closed their doors for guests completely for almost a year.

❤ from the South Texas Veterans VA Fisher House VOLUNTEERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT

This did not stop volunteers Mark Ochoa and Bill England. Their mission continued, even during the pandemic. The VA Fisher House in San Antonio opened the doors for frontline workers, who were able to use the guest rooms in between work shifts at the VA hospital. The rooms had to be converted and prepared for this. Bill and Mark were part of the team that helped break down the beds in the rooms, sanitize the house and prepare for this huge task. During this time, Mark and Bill continued to volunteer. They transported patients to and from doctor visits, and delivered donated lunches to the VA hospital staff. When asked why they continued to volunteer during these challenging times, Bill responded: “It’s all about the Fisher House mission and helping the people that served.” These days you can find Mark and Bill around the house, several days a week, keeping the place looking beautiful and transporting guests in the Fisher House van.

Mark keeps the grounds clean and looking beautiful on the Fisher House back patio

Bill in front of the Fisher House van

Mark is a Vietnam Veteran who served in the US Airforce as a C130 Loadmaster from 1969-1975. Mark is a member of the American Legion Riders, Post 309 in San Antonio. While attending a Veterans Day event with the American Legion Riders, he learned about the Fisher House and it’s mission from former House Manager Erik Zielinski. This is when he decided to become a volunteer. Bill enlisted in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout in 1983 and retired 20 years later in 2003. He joined the Fisher House volunteer program in 2019 and you can find him in the house or driving guests to and from appointments every week. Their dedication and caring hearts for the Fisher House mission is essential.... “Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless” From left to right: Bill England and Mark Ochoa Jr.


The San Antonio Fisher Houses have wonderful people working to support all the needs of the guests staying at the house. Their dedication to the Fisher House mission is what provides the comfort of a ‘home away from home’.

FROM THE BAMC FISHER HOUSE... MEET THE MANAGER: Robyn Stewart, JBSA Army Fisher House Manager Robyn Stewart has been the BAMC Fisher House Manager since December 2021, however she has been with the Army Fisher House Program for 22 years. Robyn is a native form Newark, Ohio and graduated from Newark High School in 1983. She is a graduate fo Wayland Baptist University with a Baccalaureate of Science in Occupation Education (B.S.O.E) Business Administration in 2001. In addition she graduated the Warrior Leadership Course, Basic Non- Commissioned Officers and other Military Courses. Robyn joined the US Army in 1983 on the delayed entry program. Her military occupations include Administrative Specialist, Postal Operations, Civil Affairs and Human Resources. She served a total of 22 years and retired as Sergeant First Class. Robyn Stewart, JBSA Army Fisher House Manager

She served with the following Military Units: - 15th Postal Detachment, Karlshrue, Germany, Postal Operations Clerk - 513 Military Intelligence Brigade, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, Resource Management Office, Administrative Assistant and Accounting - HQ, V Corps, Secretary of the General Staff Office, Frankfurt, Germany, Administrative Assistant and Acting NCOIC Joined the Army Reserves in 1998 and served with 321st Civil Affairs Brigade, San Antonio, Texas until retirement in 2010 and served in the capacity of: - First Platoon Leader - NCOIC G1 - Administration and Human Resources NCO - Civil Affairs NCO - Additional duties included “Torch Newsletter” writer/editor and Family Readiness Liaison

Robyn is a devoted mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 and will soon be reaching 20 years of marriage. A member of the NCO Association (NCOA), Civil Affairs Association, American Legion Post 593. One of her favorite sayings is: “Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” Robyn Stewart, US Army SSG


FROM THE LACKLAND FISHER HOUSE Celebrating 30 years of service Story by Lackland Fisher House Staff

The Lackland Fisher Houses recent-

ly celebrated their 30th year anniversary of operations at JBSA-Lackland AFB with an open house. This event also signified a much welcomed return to full operations supporting The New Wilford Hall. The Lackland Houses invited base leadership, mission partners, community partners, and proud supporters stop by and see the first Air Force Fisher House as we reached our 30 year milestone, and find out a little bit more about what we do for our military families. Fisher House, Inc. our community support partner provided a free lunch for all guests. The Lackland Fisher House has so many exciting things happening within our homes. Covid-19 has finally reached a low and is allowing for full occupancy. It has been such a treat hearing the guests enjoying social time with each other and the sound of children enjoying time in the playroom. During our quiet times, the Lackland Fisher House has been updating some of our houses to give them a little fresh touch. We have added new wooden hangers, new linen, décor, portable refrigerators and smart televisions.

Lackland Fisher House staff from left to right: Heidi Dirner, Philip Harralson, Luis Ruiz, Yvonne Contreras, Zulma Menchaca

These small changes help our guests to more of those home comforts while staying at the Lackland Fisher House. Another big change on our horizon is a brand new mural in our children’s playroom area. During Winter Storm Uri in February of 2021, Lackland Fisher House III was flooded causing damage to our wall mural in the children’s area. We were recently connected with an amazing Lackland Child and Youth program artist who is going to create a new mural for our younger guests to enjoy. We are all so excited to see the completed project. As our guests comfort is always in the forefront, the Lackland Fisher House is looking forward to even more upcoming projects in the future, like a complete renovation of our Fisher House II. This renovation will include fresh new paint throughout the house, all new furniture, upgraded flooring and fresh new decor. House I will also be getting new flooring for our guests to enjoy.

Lackland Fisher House Manager Philip Harralson


As we have crossed the COVID threshold, our volunteer program is slowly building its way back up with helping hands for projects around the houses and dinners being provided for guests to enjoy. The Lackland Fisher House is always grateful for anyone wanting to get involved and volunteer either as an individual or a group. We love to have you involved with projects and activities around the houses. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer in the Fisher House mission to help military families, please contact the Lackland Fisher House staff at 210-671-6029.

Opening announcement of Fisher House I April 1992

COMMUNITY SUPPORT Kinder Ranch Elementary

Students at Kinder Ranch Elementary in San Antonio, were thinking about

a project for the ‘Month of the Military Child’ this past April. While discussing projects to support military organizations, 4th grade student Galina came up with the idea of organizing a wishlist drive for the Fisher House. She picked the Fisher House, because it’s very close and dear to her, as you can read in her letter above. The help of caring and compassionate supporters from our local community has a positive impact on our mission. These students showed what it means to give back, and together they made it happen. Fisher House Inc. received a generous donation of wishlist items that will greatly benefit the guests at the Fisher Houses.


Kinder Ranch Elementary students loading the donations into the Fisher House truck


The Fisher House Family would like to offer their sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of those who have generously and thoughtfully provided their time, talents and treasures to support the guest residents of the Fisher Houses. We appreciate your encouragement for our continued success in service to support the military men and women, and their families who will benefit from the services of the Fisher House. The following “Friends of Fisher House, Inc.” have provided financial support between November 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022.




Craig and Julie Bare Major Natalie (Bare) Erker USA Jodie Brunetti Buchholtz Family Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus Barbara and Don Geistwhite Charles and Virginia Clark Bob and Ann Sherwood Paul and Joyce Fulford Bob and Ann Sherwood Emory and Audrey Howell Nancy Moore Grover and Anita Jackson Bob and Ann Sherwood Jerry Marshall Dwayne F Hopkins Suzanne Martinez Marilee Neal Paul and Shirley Reed Thelma J. Reed Dennis and Barbara Richburg Mr. and Mrs. Pete Parsons Kym Schumacher Major Derek Smith and Family Shelby American Legion Post 602 Veterans Bob and Ann Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kroeker Bob and Ann Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pullin Bob and Ann Sherwood Mr. Robert C. Speas Bob and Ann Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fulford Bob and Ann Sherwood Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Clark

MEMORIUMS DONOR American Legion Aux Dilly Unit #444 Patricia Anda Barbara Beicker Larry and Kathleen Beierle Caroline Bhargava Paul and Gail Bradbury Ollie and Onie Burnett Nancy Collins Patricia Connolly Peter and Beverly Cote Michael and Marni Dervishian Carolyn Dixon Angie Fahrenthold Georgia Frieswick Carroll and Linda Gloor Stephen and Denise Henley Donna Herter Marlene Hudnall Shelley Keck


Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood Bob and Ann Sherwood VFW Auxiliary 8136 Edward Zielinski


IN HONOR OF Ms. Cindy Owen Dr. Andrew Hayhurst Dr. Scott Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Greg Holtzman Mr. and Mrs. Brock Ridgeway Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayhurst Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emberson Mr. and Mrs. Grover Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hennebry Mr. and Mrs. Eric Speas Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Cornelius Mrs. Erica Jones Mrs. Mary Anne Owens Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bucci Mr. and Mrs. Don McAuslan Mrs. Kristi Grant Yorktown Veterans Rudie and Vi Holmes


Robert and Teresa Keenan Barbara Scilipoti Linda Kimball Barbara Scilipoti Laura Liberty Charles W. Liberty Allen and Donna McCarriston Barbara Scilipoti Lori McGann Barbara Scilipoti Maureen O’Brien Lt. Col. (Ret.) Thomas J. McKernan Mary Ellen Parker Barbara Scilipoti Bob and Glenna Plane Carl Luddeke Sharon Reed Brandon Churchill Reed Pam Rhodes MAJ. Ming Wong France Ross Laren R. Shortridge Carolyn Sanders Col. John Franco Carolyn Sanders Col. Henry Green Jane Schneider The 13 Soldiers who died in Afghanistan Hilmar and Ann Stratemann John Henson Underwood Newton and Kathy Thompson Barbara Scilipoti Mary Wieland Dr. Albert Benson E. Joyce Wolfe Carl Luddeke Edward Zielinski Alice Castonguay Edward Zielinski Marci Woolf

Dilly Veterans Carl Luddeke Richard and Nancy Beicker Carl Luddeke Whit Harrington Berniece “Buncy” Magruder Kevin Duane Sharp Barbara Scilipoti Barbara Scilipoti Deborah Lynn Cote Barbara Scilipoti Barbara Scilipoti John Henson Underwood Barbara Scilipoti Col. Robert Hennessy Gwen Glenn Robert M. Herter Steve Hudnall Carl Luddeke 8

INDIVIDUALS George Anaya Mark and Ginger Anderson Anonymous Donors Edward and Cindy Antoine Alex and Beverly Araman Michael Atiee Lystra Baird Edward and Brenda Barabsz Joseph and Kathleen Barbieri Robert Bauke Carolyn Bilhartz Nancy Bjerke Roger Bonn Jack and Rachel Bujalski Sondra Bump David Burgess Rohn and Denise Campbell Jason and Jennifer Canada Susan Clontz Dave Coker Loretta Cormier Robert Cormier, Jr. Carlos Cortez Nicolette Creel Milton Crutchfield Jon Cutshall Linda Daugherty

❤ Danny Derrick William and Charlotte Derrington Peter DiBetta Diane Dillon David Dodge George Downs Bryan Dunaway Linda Durnin Rosemary Edwards Edward and Sonia Esparza Amber Fattig Robert Fisher Martha Ann Franco Jim Freer Cecil Fuller Valerie Georgia Carol Gontko Royce and Beverly Gragg Charles Gray Michael Grimley Donald and Sharla Hamilton Brigitte Harden Jerry and Diana Hardy Jason Hart Charles and Lisa Harthan George Hausler Jay and Kay Heizer

Larry Hix Janette Hughes Michael Hunter Brian Huss Harold and Ursula Johnson Chet Kharod Bob and Beverly Kirk Roy and Ronas Mackrell Sean and Alison Martin Mary McCarthy Caitlin McCaughan Terrance McKee Joyce Melugin Aviselmo Mendez David and Linda Moussette John Mumma Dan Munch Daniel and Veronica Munoz Michael Murphy James Murray Kristey Nelson Al and Mary Pearson Sharon Pena Kristi Quadrato David Regester Michael Renn

Dion Robinson Robert and Marilyn Ruth Juan Sanchez Diane Sarvis John Schaub Carol Schofield Laura Schultz Chris Simonoff Randy and Elaine Smith Ruth Elaine Smith Wayne Smith Mary A. Stockdale William K. Stockdale Thomas Szymanski Robert and Claudia Titerle Theodore Toten Gregory and Ruth Trimble Michael Tyson Billie Jeanne Warner Nicholas Watson Douglass Whitehead William Whitting Robert Williams George Willis Sammy Ybarra Patrick Zimlich

2021 SAN ANTONIO AREA CHARITABLE CAMPAIGN Margot A. Arnold Ashley N. Arroyos Magdalena M. Carmona Daphene D. Carson Matthew Contreras Laura J. Corona Shelia A. Cox Dion D. Dibrell Carrie D. Dixon

Lorraine E. Flakes Georgette M. Goacher Maxine A. Gonzalez Janet D. Hayes Jessie Hernandez Heather P. Johnson William R. Jung Deborah L. Klein Misty R. Lambert

John A. Lawrence Terri W. Lowe Derek W. Luensmann Kathy Mahoney-Urban Marie L. Marks Neil M. Meade Kelli Reed Laura A. Sauceda Julie M. Schanberger

SPOUSES CLUB Cannon Spouses’ Club Kadena Officers’ Spouses’ Club Luke Spouses’ Club Maxwell-Gunter Spouses’ Club Mildenhall Spouses’ Association

Offutt Officers’ Spouses’ Club Randolph Spouses’ Club Saber Community Spouses’ Club Scott Spouses’ Club


100 ARW/HC

Seymour Johnson Officer and Civilian Spouses’ Club Sheppard Officers’ Spouses’ Club Tinker Spouses’ Club Yokota Spouses’ Club

Thank You USAA for Supporting Fisher House, Inc. 9

Scott J. Schanberger Julia A. Schneider Stacey L. Self Tracy Shamon Sarah L. Thompson Elia Vasquez David R. Wegmann Ymana S. Whitecotton Shannon L. Wolfe

BUSINESSES AND CORPORATIONS Amazon Smile BE3J2& Co. The Benevity Community Impact Fund Bright Funds C.A.W. HVAC Company Inc. Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation CarMax Care Card

Circle K Stores, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fink’s Cigar Factory Outlet Give Lively Foundation GM Financial Company, Inc. Lockheed Martin Employee’s Political Action Committee

Pape-Dawson Engineers Charitable Foundation PayPal Giving Fund Progressive Casualty Insurance Company SRC, Inc. The SA Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

ORGANZATIONS Air Force Village I Protestant Church Alpha Delta Kappa American Legion Auxiliary Unit 352 American Legion Post 300 American Legion Post 326 Arlington Drove No 166 Bandera Point Hallmark Club DAV Alamo Chapter 5

Devine Area Health and Hospice Resource HCR Dance Group Joseph Barnett Paul Charitable Organization, Inc. Lockheed Martin Aero Cares Margarite Sours Foundation Military Civilian Charitable Foundation Millers Point Elementary School Montgomery County WPG 2020


NW Austin Republican Women Oak Hills Foundation Our Savior Lutheran Church Women Rosemary Haggar Vaughn Family Foundation VFW Auxiliary 9174 VFW Lackland Post 9174 VFW Post 7110 West Fork Community Church

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The Fisher Houses in San Antonio provide service members, veterans and their families with comfortable lodging, food, and other services in their time of need….at no cost! These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful times – during hospitalization or healthcare for illness, disease, or injury. Believing that “a family’s love is the best medicine,” we want the patients and their families to focus on what’s most important: the healing process. Our commitment to military and veteran families has never been stronger and we will continue to support the guests staying at the Fisher Houses whenever we are needed.

Brooke Army Medical Center Fisher House Manager: Robyn Stewart (210) 916-6458/

South Texas Veterans VA Fisher House Manager: Doug Dickson (210) 617-5542/

JBSA Lackland Fisher House Manager: Philip Harralson (210) 671-6037/


The Fisher Houses are always in need of wishlist items. You can send theseitems directly from Amazon to Fisher House, Inc. to benefit the guests staying at the Fisher Houses in San Antonio. Scan the code on the right or go to our website to view our current wishlist. 11


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

7323 W. US Hwy 90, Suite 107 San Antonio, Texas 78227-3561

San Antonio, TX Permit No. 6450

CORE VALUES INTEGRITY. Be honest with ourselves and with whom we deal, building a foundation of trust and confidence through the organization and with our clients, stakeholders, and the community CARING. Sensitive to the needs of our clients, always ready to go the extra mile to provide responsive, compassionate support SERVICE. Give freely to others in need. Willing to donate time, energy and resources EXCELLENCE. Continually strive to excel, to be the best in our field, and to maintain the highest standards of quality and service



Potter, Charles (President) Smith, Wayne (Secretary) Bishop, Anthony Brown, Joyce Ferguson, Mark

Burg, Roger (Vice President) Hardy, Jerry (Treasurer)

Hoke Hylbert, Hannah Kuhlmann, Bryan Kuhlman, Elizabeth

Laffoon, Jim McAlum, Gary


Dwayne Hopkins, Executive Director/CEO Andrea Desbien, Office Manager Irma Robinson, Program Manager as of June 1, 2022

Fisher House, Inc., 7323 W. US Hwy 90, Suite 107, San Antonio, Texas 78227 210-673-7500, Fax 210-673-7579

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