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Scopes Brought to you by our own in-house astrologer who now goes by her numerologically correct name of “Ya Righta.”

^ Aries:

PSYCO’ROOTS-KLESMER’HOUSE-POWER’ SKARAGGA’PUNK-MERENGE’CORE-POLKA’BILLYDISCO’FOLK-SKAMPIDA’STYLE ROCK MESTIZO FROM COLOMBIA as an innovative and diverse fusion of Colombian reggae, folkloric rhythms, and urban sounds like hip hop, punk and latin styles like cumbia and champeta, including gypsy influences and drum & bass. SKAMPIDA has become one of the most successful and popular group’s to emerge from Colombia. Skampida has performed with renowned artists and musical groups such as:

THE SKATALITES, MOLOTOV, DEAD KENNEDYS, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, KING CHANGO ALICIA KEYS, MANU CHAO, SKA- P, URIAH HEEP, CULTURA PROFÉTICA, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION and GOGOL BORDELLO. SKAMPIDA’S inventive and cutting edge sound, filled with deep emotion and conviction, has made the band´s popularity grow throughout Latin and North America after every one of their blasting performances; that easily can count up to 1000 in Latin America, and around 500 in U.S, Canada & Europe. Media outlets “The New Times” and “Shock Magazine” have awarded SKAMPIDA the title of “Best Ska and Reggae Band” and “Best Live Performance.”

The 12th moon in your Jupiter house means today is the perfect day for you take advantage of celestial radiations that will settle in the 5th axis of Pluto’s house of Water. Understand? Good, because it’s like, vitally important that you get that. Lives are at stake. Also, stop pretending to understand things that you don’t.

_ Taurus:

You think when you smile and nod that nobody can tell that you don’t know what’s going on. Everybody can tell.

` Gemini:

Geminis are known for their incredible wit, astounding intelligence and breathtaking beauty. Just keep being awesome!

a Cancer:

Something you ate yesterday was bad. Get ready for a rough couple of days!!

b Leo:

c If you think you've been harshly treated, or your horoscope is somehow “over the top” or “insulting” then get in line! Pease feel free to contact me or perhaps issue some kind of fatwa.


d Libra: Your week will be

determined by how you interpret the new art installation in Centennial Park. There’s no right or wrong answer. Don’t get it wrong!

e The equilibrium of Uranus’ seventh moon alignment with Neptune puts the sun in your fire axis this week. Uranus, Ha!


f Sagittarius: Things

could go either way this month, so try not to do too much speaking or walking or living.

g Capricorn:

Summer is finally here!! Don't shun your naked body, express yourself in lots of new happy naked ways.

h Aquarius: You’ve had a

rough week. You may think that starting fresh on Monday would be of some comfort, but it really won't be. Sorry.

The divine mother acknowledges that You may contract you were once born, and at some point i in the next few days or weeks, you will the flu. We are not certain… A trip to the meet someone else who was once born. doctors might be necessary later next week.


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T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E F O U R

Price is Right

PRODUCT REVIEWS by: Genevieve Price Sponsored by

L’Oreal INFALLIBLE PAINTS Eyeshadow I loved L’Oréal’s Liquid liner that I reviewed last month, so I decided to try their complimentary product L’Oreal Infallible Paints Eyeshadow. I used to dislike cream eyeshadows but this product is great for creating quick and easy looks! The packaging is convenient as it holds two shades, each of which has its own sponge applicator. The shades are complimentary to each other but a little difficult to wear together at times. In most cases, there’s a darker shade that sets to a satiny matte on lids and a lighter shade that has a subtle touch of shimmer or pearl in the finish. L’Oreal calls these “High Impact Color with All Day Wear”. I agree with the "All Day Wear", as the color is durable and wears like a real champ without creasing, fading, or migrating on my dry lids. Once you blend it out, it will stay sealed on your lid for the day. To get the "High Impact Color”, you have to build up layers to get a decent color pay off. The darker shade looks very pigmented but becomes more and more sheer as you blend. The colors are very easy to work. You can play a good deal with these even when the shade sets you can still place more color on top without fear of making a mess.

NATURAL HEALTH NOTES Connecting with Dr. Brad Dunstan ND s d n la Is lf u G e th STRESSED

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E F I V E

about ANXIETY?

Anxiety is a condition that most of us are very familiar with, but we all experience anxiety in different ways. Conventional medical approaches to anxiety will usually focus on counselling and, in extreme cases, prescription medications such as benzodiazepines (eg. diazepam/valium). While benzos are undeniably effective in the short term, they can cause significant side effects. (If you weren't feeling anxious already, you certainly will be after reading the pharmacy pamphlet!) They are also extremely addictive, with a high potential for abuse, so they really should not be used except in very extreme cases, and then only for short durations. Counselling is almost universally helpful, but the benefits have limitations – I recommend it as one important component of a holistic treatment plan. In my experience, the usual underlying cause of anxiety is excessive, chronic stress. When we think of stress, we most commonly think of 'external' stresses – work, school, family, and money are the usual suspects. It's important to remember that in the case of external stress, it is our perception that matters more than the reality of the stress. What few people realize is that internal stress is equally damaging, and can be the reason that many people get only limited success from conventional approaches. Internal stress can be related to the digestive system, as occurs with dysbiosis (overgrowth of 'bad' bacteria), food sensitivities, poor diet, leaky gut, or IBS; or from physical trauma such as concussions, a car accident, chronic pain, or poor spinal alignment. Our body responds to all types of stress, internal and external, by releasing cortisol from the adrenal gland, activating the sympathetic nervous system, and the 'fight or flight' response. Persistently elevated cortisol levels create problems in various parts of the body and the brain, related to hormones, memory, and cognition. Fortunately, every system has it's checks and balances; the neurotransmitter involved in counteracting some of the effects of cortisol on the brain is called GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid). We can improve the efficacy of GABA in a number of different ways, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, and lifestyle. In summary, we can address anxiety in 4 distinct ways. We can... • Modify the external stress response, using meditation, qi gong, exercise, or any of a very long list of similar endeavours. (Use what works for you!) • Heal the digestive system, correcting imbalances in the normal flora with pre- and pro-biotics, and identifying and eliminating food sensitivities. • Address physical trauma. This can be challenging, but we have excellent tools such as acupuncture, prolotherapy, and chiropractic manipulation to help. • Directly improve the GABA response, with herbs like passionflower, lavender oil, and lemonbalm, or nutrients, such as magnesium, vitamin E, and L-theanine. Naturally, not every person needs every therapy, and there are in fact many more therapies I've not discussed; each individual will benefit from a personalized, holistic assessment, to determine which combination of treatments is best. Dr. Brad Dunstan, ND, is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, with additional certifications in Allergy Desensitization, Acupuncture, Prescribing Authority, IV Therapies, and Prolotherapy. He graduated from UBC in 1999, and from BINM in 2009. He has a special focus on digestive health, chronic pain, hormone balancing, and pediatrics. He can be reached by phone at 250 537 0035, or by email at

This June 23, 24 and 25, Salt Spring Islanders will have an opportunity to go by boat directly to Pender and Galiano Islands, for just $5 per one way voyage. The Tour Des Iles annual festival is back again with more boats and more land based activities than ever. Go to Mayne Island for the Campbell Bay Music Festival. Hear music at the Galiano Island Inn. Hike and/or bike all the Gulf Islands. Art shows. Wine and beer tasting. Even make plans to stay over-night. Create your own adventure and get out and see our islands. The first thing you truly will experience is that we are all islanders lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Gulf Islanders are naturally fun, creative, stimulating people who yearn to be self-reliant. First we are Gulf Islanders; second we are Salt Springers. There will be direct connections from the Coast Guard dock in Ganges to both Montague Harbour on Galiano and Port Washington on Pender Island on all three Festival days. To guarantee that you will have a space on the boat, plus leave and return at a time convenient to you, make a reservation at Reservations will have priority, and we're happy to say, there will be space for a few bikes and dogs. It’s summertime and Tour Des Iles time on the Gulf Islands.

Gather Friends & Family & Visit


Grace Point Square June 30 & July 1 th

Block Party

Beer garden, BBQ and oyster truck. Live music 4-10pm each day.

for CANADA DAY FUN presented by Thrifty



The Canada Day Show & Shine at the Salt Spring Ball Field on Rainbow Rd is a great way to spend the day looking at vintage cars, hot rods and unique classic rides – along with new sports cars and electric vehicles. There is food, live entertainment and a Canada Day Cake big enough to share!

The Seaside Village of Ganges is home to a great afternoon and evening celebration your whole family will enjoy. There is an outdoor Kidz Zone hosted by West of the Moon with games, snacks, a free BBQ meal courtesy of Thrifty Foods and an amazing Fire Works show at dusk presented by the SS Chamber of Commerce and SS Fire Rescue. One of Canada’s best Harbours to watch fireworks! Also on Saturday is the Famous Salt Spring Market where everything is made, baked or grown on the Island.

On Sunday, July 2nd, the whole family will enjoy the new Teddy Bear Picnic for kids of all ages. Bring your favorite teddy bear to tea and stroll through stories, music and fun at the south end of the island in Burgoyne Bay. Also on July 2nd is the new Crab Festival in Ganges Village’s waterfront Rotary Park.


KC Kelly solo acoustic set

A Roy Orbison Tribute The Pinkertons acoustic set

w/ Dave Roland, Aunt Kate & Tom Bowler

Donny Brook & the Haymakers

Matt Steffich, Dave Roland, Brent Shindell, Lorne Burns & sax legend John Ferreria (Colin James Band) two electric sets

photo by Kyle Heeb


KC Kelly acoustic set The Pinkertons acoustic set Early Spirit 4 piece acoustic set featuring Jay Knutson, founding member of Spirit of the West!

Donny Brook & the Haymakers

for 2 electric sets ending at the fireworks

Visit to learn more and help plan your Canada Day Celebrations!

Celebrate CANADA’S 150th BIRTHDAY at the

BLACKBURN LAKE NATURE RESERVE 265 Blackburn Road - FREE ADMISSION July 1 10am-4pm, July 2 10am-4pm, Aug 7 3pm-9pm We invite you to experience a magical union of art and nature at Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve. Festival goers can relax in the lush surroundings at the Nature Reserve, picnic, go for a walk and enjoy various types of entertainment and activity. Artists, musicians, dancers, troubadours, children’s performers, buskers, movement instructors, circus performers and others will entertain and engage you and your family. Experience music, dance, yoga, tai chi, a photography workshop, interpretive walks, basket weaving, painting, childrens' area and activities, a labyrinth, writing workshops, costumed performances, poetry and spoken word, a luminaries parade on August 7th. The Art & Nature Fest is “Connecting People and Wild Places.” The event will be entertaining, interactive, and educational for adults and children alike. It's the only festival on Salt Spring that offers learning opportunities alongside unique performances and activities while taking a walk in nature.

Let wild places guide your creativity and let art invite you deeper into nature! Join us for a spectacular feast of

FRESH DUNGENESS CRAB with all the trimmings For tickets contact Carol Dodd 250-538-0079 or

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E S E V E N

Open June 9th

artcraft Open Daily 10am-5pm Mahon Hall - 114 Rainbow Rd For the summer of 2017 Artcraft will host a special outdoor exhibition around Mahon hall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Salt spring basketry guild. There will be an Opening evening to mark this event on Friday June 23rd at 6pm. Enjoy the very best art and craft created by artists and artisans of the Southern Gulf Islands in this Council-run gallery and gift shop. Open from 10am to 5pm daily from June through September, ArtCraft offers a wide selection of exquisite works ranging from paintings, woodturned bowls, felted wool and silk scarves, ceramics, baskets, jewelry, soaps and greeting cards.

The Artcraft Showcase Gallery Each year the Artcraft showcase gallery curates four high quality exhibitions on the stage at Mahon hall. These can be individual shows or collaborations between artists, can be in any medium and encompass any genre from fine craft to conceptual art. The aim is to produce a summer series of public gallery quality exhibitions, allowing local artists the space and audience to showcase their work and stretch themselves in new directions.

2017 Showcase Series The line up for summer 2017 has been announced and more details will follow. The showcase artists will be: MELANIE THOMPSON & JUDITH BARNETT June 9th to July 5th “Mrs. Williams, an Homage to a Homemaker” Our exhibit is an installation of a kitchen, circa 1950s. The inspiration for this work came from an old wooden recipe box filled with beautifully scripted pen and ink recipes. The work is truly mixed media with work ranging from paintings and collages to wire work and handmade paper to stitched and sewn pieces. Mixing bowls, baking trays, aprons, house dresses, recipes and other kitchen items are made with artistic license. We imagine the work will evoke strong emotional and nostalgic feelings in the viewer. We hold dear the often unsung work of women in the home. Artist talk June 18-2pm.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E E I G H T

Moby's Pub presents

Salt Spring

Skafest June 15, 16 & 17

in association with Victoria Ska Association

Perro Bravo’s guitarist and singer Michael “Miguel“ Happoldt explains “I first came down to Costa Rica with Brad Nowell and Sublime in 1993. I never stopped coming back. About 5 years ago I started bringing the band down to surf and do shows and its just sort of grown.“ The band has played about a dozen shows in Costa Rica in the last 5 years from Playa Guiones all the way down to Pavones. Perro Bravo was started by Miguel and is rounded out by Greg “Mudd” Lowther on drums and Mike Long on bass. Miguel began his musical adventure as a member of the group The Ziggens and then Sublime. He played with Sublime between 1991 and 1993 and produced and mixed the band’s first album, 40 Oz. To Freedom. Among many contributions to this landmark record, Miguel sang the lead vocals on, Scarlet Begonias (with Brad adding the classic middle bridge) and played the guitar leads on the bad religion cover, “We’re Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance”.

California-based reggae-rock group BURNT came together in 2002, initially based around Coachella Valley, relocating to San Diego in 2005, and eventually settling in San Francisco. The group's sound combined reggae, dub, ska, soul, hip-hop, punk, and acoustic rock, and featured environmentally and politically conscious lyrics, as well as songs about partying and relaxation. The group maintained a strictly do-it-yourself approach to recording and releasing music and booking shows, playing anywhere from street corners and parks to festivals across the West Coast. BURNT have released seven full-length albums and two mixtapes on their own Stems and Seeds label, beginning with 2005's Chorro. Esperanza and Tortillas both followed in 2006, featuring contributions from members of the Debonaires and B-Side Players, as well as MC Karmic Basis, all of whom would become regular collaborators with the group. Brains Keep Cookin' was issued in 2009, followed by La Quinta in 2011. Released in 2012, Radio Quemado, funded through a Kickstarter campaign, was the first BURNT album to be professionally engineered. The group's seventh full-length album, Headlamp, arrived in 2014, a year that also brought two mixtapes of live and unreleased material, The Red Tape and The Blue Tape.

After signing with a major label in 1994 Sublime recorded its break through self-titled record. The band enlisted several veteran producers but still Miguel was involved with every aspect of the music and even played the lead guitar on the international smash hit, “What I got“. Miguel has since been called the un-official 4th member of Sublime by the international press. When asked about the classic, “Caress Me Down,“ Miguel offers, “The song is about the 1st time we visited in 93’ and a little bit about Tijuana. I love the Costa Rica references so for us it’s sort of mandatory to keep that song alive on the stage. Brad would have been stoked on how insane Ticos and Ticas get when we play it.” After the passing of Bradley Nowell in 1996, Miguel helped form the, “Long Beach Dub Allstars,” and produced the group’s first album for DreamWorks. In 1998, Miguel released the first two records from a then unknown act named “Slightly Stoopid“ on his Long Beach based label, Skunk Records. Miguel entered the studio with Slightly Stoopid again in 2002 and the results were the group being signed with a Warner Brothers affiliated label. Miguel continues to work with Slightly Stoopid to this day and was responsible for their 2008’s, “2 AM“. Kyle McDonald appears on Perro Bravo’s Demo cd. Miguel also produced two songs for Slightly Stoopid’s upcoming 2015 release. Veterans of the stage and studio, Perro Bravo are more focused on the grass roots approach to bringing music to the people and a DIY ethic in the studio. The sound is similar to Sublime and Slightly Stoopid but is also more guitar-based. When asked about what to expect Miguel offers, “We like to try and sound like an old school skunk sampler live: Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Slightly Stoopid and The Ziggens all rolled into one. I love playing those songs because I have a deep connection to all of those groups. Surf, punk, dub, and rock, that’s the formula. Lately I’ve been doing some crazy dub effects from stage like Alborosie and shit, it adds a whole other dimension.”

Mística from Medellín, is a band that was born in April 2014 by León Vélez, bassist recognized in the city for being one of the founders of Providencia, a group of which he was part of more than 13 Years and currently one of the most important reggae bands in Colombia. Now "Leo", as he is called by his friends, was encouraged to work alone and through Jamaican rhythms such as reggae, ska and rocksteady, expresses and gives some of the experiences that anyone can have in his lifetime. Since August 2014, when Mistica released their first single "Number One", a song that had the collaboration of Argentine singer Junior C, Mística entered the reggae scene in Medellín. The dedication and effort have been important characteristics in the life of "Leo" and this has led to that Mística in such a short time has given the luxury to play with references of Latin American reggae. Mistica are proud to make their Canadian debut at Victoria's 18th Annual Ska & Reggae Festival's Kick Off International Showcase and will be playing other select dates on Canada's west coast.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E T E N




By the time this is published I will be unpacking my moving boxes piled up in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Prince Edward Island, where Karen and I will be setting up house for a time. I like to cite reasons of altruism - aging parents, etc but deep down, its pushing through my second mid-life crisis. The term ‘mid-life crisis’ is a misnomer. I’m not running off to Costa Rica with a cocktail waitress, not buying a Harley Davidson and growing a grizzly pony tail or a grizzlier man-bun, not trekking to the Himalayas, or sailing around Bali, or hot air ballooning in Cappadocia. No crisis here, just turning the page, adding a chapter to an already chapter-filled life. Discounting the garden variety broken hearts and monetary meltdowns, this is the second head swiveling about face in the past thirty years. The first was resigning from a soul sucking corporate job in Victoria, and embracing the bohemian tribe of Saltspringers juggling haki sack balls in Centennial Park on Saturday mornings. In the late eighties, you could do that. You could hit the reset button. No one could google your name to see what mischief made up your past. Nobody wanted to. You could be who you wanted to be. I wanted to be a graphic designer. I bought a giant Mac computer and became one. I wanted to be a journalist. I wrote a couple of letters to the editor and became a journalist, writing an op/ed column in the Driftwood for thirteen years. I wanted to work out. I opened a fitness centre with some free weights and a Sears treadmill. North End Fitness was born. It can still be done, although the stakes are higher and opportunities are anything but traditional. It is Christopher Roy launching the Saltspring Exchange. It is a burgeoning SSI drone manufacturing sector. It is Leaf Marijuana Dispensary. Other opportunities are out there. Something as unglamorous and mundane as a laundromat is sorely needed. But nobody comes to Saltspring Island to be unglamorous and mundane. Thus, we have yoga studios and art galleries coming out our ears, and nowhere to wash your clothes. These days, it is pretty much essential to be a Trust Fund baby, or to arrive dragging a sack full of gold from a successful career off island. Real estate has reached stratospheric heights, rentals are non-existent, and non-union salary jobs pay ten bucks an hour. Good luck. If you detect a pinch of cynicism creeping into my text, you are right. Thirty years of living within the confines of Camelot have had their effect. I barely notice the breathtaking view from Mount Erskine or the verdant rain forests or the haki sack jugglers in Centennial Park. I now see nothing but deplorable roads, miserable wet winters and traffic gridlock every weekend. Time for a trial separation. As Joni Mitchell wrote, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”We shall see. We shall see.

Open Stage

Sun, April 30th 7 to 11 pm

Old Timey Café

Gather your friends, bring your banjo, guitar and harmonica or just your voice and join young and old on the south end for a fabulous open stage! Great music and munchies. Alcohol free and everyone welcome. On the last Sunday of every month in the OAPO annex at Fulford Hall.

For Everyone

with Salt Spring Island teacher Dorothy Price


Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset – “the established set of attitudes held by someone”. The best way to grow; yourself and your business. Traditionally, business owners rely heavily on strategy, business plans, marketing and having great people to grow their business. Of course, all of these are helpful, but there are some new thoughts on what will give you the biggest boost of all, not just for your business but also for your personal life. WHAT IS IT? The ability to be happy, or content, in the present moment. Those that have the ability to enjoy their life, as it is now, and have a clear, positive vision for the future report that this is when they have experienced a substantial move forward with their business. As if the universe opens up a way for growth and abundance to manifest. Compared to, those that have all their strategies and positive visions in place but are not happy in the present. As if not being happy in the present creates some “stuck-ness”. How do we shift to a state of enjoying our life if we don't like the way our life is going? POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Those who practice positive psychology attempt psychological interventions that foster positive attitudes toward one's subjective experiences, individual traits, and life events. The goal is to minimise negative thoughts that may arise in a hopeless mindset and to, instead, develop a sense of optimism toward life. Methods for doing this include; positive affirmations, gratitude, meditation, prioritising health and visualisation. HOW DOES POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY HELP? When we feel good about ourselves, it is easier to enjoy life “in the now”. This helps us to grow into the future. What stops us from enjoying the present moment? Worry. Fear. Shame. Regret. Busyness. Dis-organization. Lack of ability to forgive. Don't let these qualities, traits and habits steal inner peace and your ability to stay happy, or content. HOW DOES YOGA HELP? When we practice mindfulness in yoga class, or in meditation, it makes it easier to be in the present moment when we are out in the world. We work at letting go of our thoughts. Our thoughts are where our worries, regrets and fears live. We find more contentment in our world. Try not to stay at a job you don't love or turn it into something you do love. How? Daily, feel as much gratitude as you can for the fact that you have a job and can earn money even if you are not crazy about the job. Create goodwill among co-workers. Caring for, and showing generosity towards others is one of the fastest ways to “up your feel good”, and theirs! Good advice for any business owner. Try it. See what happens. In the end, the universe will have the last say. We have no way of predicting how even the best-laid plans will turn out. Have faith/confidence, that you will be able to handle the next phase of your journey. It is all about the journey, one present moment at a time. See you on the mat! ~ Dorothy Dorothy teaches yoga classes, pranayama, meditation & retreats locally & worldwide. Visit or phone 250-537-7675

Issues starring the most awesome John Bateman

Hippies! I can’t believe that I have gone almost 9 years writing about this island without dedicating an entire article to Salt Spring’s most well-known icon. For decades, Salt Spring was known primarily as an agricultural community. As a matter of fact, the great “farmer rush” of the late 1800’s brought in excess of 5 farmers to the island over a ten-year period. That’s almost 5 times the number that Thetis island attracted over that period of time. Quazi-accurate statistics aside, farmers ruled Salt Spring for decades. However, the farmer's reign of terror was destined to come to end. By the mid 1960’s, a growing sect of society had become disillusioned with the new trappings of mainstream culture such as, consumerism, suburban sprawl and working more than 3 hours in a day. Desperately searching for something else to identify with rather than material belongings, a small percentage of these nomads packed their bell bottoms, rolling papers, robes, dragon sticks, macramé vests, crystals, turntables, album collections, art supplies, makeup, portable stoves, tarot cards, jewelry and numerous musical instruments and headed to Salt Spring Island. Salt Spring became known worldwide as Hippie Haven. I would have called it “hippy heaven”, but generally they didn’t subscribe to mainstream religion, so the concept of hippy heaven isn’t a possibility. Unlike today, it wouldn’t be uncommon to be hiking through a remote part of the woods and happen upon a makeshift town constructed of old canvas tents, and an abandoned Volkswagen van lodged between two trees, stuck in such a way that alien intervention is the only rational explanation to its presence. By the 1970’s the hippy population had exploded and they became one of the most dominant demographics on Salt Spring; Third only to the rich and the entitled, who have been tied for first place for decades (lawsuits pending). Hippies had unwittingly become the major “influencers” of island culture. With Salt Spring real estate going for a garbage bag of Skunk Shot per acre of land, property was much more affordable than it is now. The island economy was also being driven by the soldiers of love as they took jobs as builders, mechanics and artists. They also opened up their own businesses such as bicycle shops, cafes and distributors of premium Time Warp...sometimes all in the same building. By the time Hippies had hit their mid-thirties, it was too late. They had already become a symbol of everything Salt Spring. The tourist industry had hopped on board as well with slogans like, “Salt Spring Island, Canada’s Hippy Playground.” At the apex of hippy tourism, for $10 you could go to Blackburn Lake Commune. There you could walk through a real functioning, hippy village. In this case, functioning means non-functioning. If you happen to be on Salt Spring and you think you have spotted a reallife hippy, you are sorely mistaken. The real hippies are either camouflaged in coffee shops, wearing jeans and sweaters, or are debt free, and at home watching Netflix. What you have actually seen is a simulated-hippy, driving to yoga class in a Volkswagen van they paid fifty thousand dollars to have removed from the woods and restored to its former glory.




Bateman Has

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 7 • PA G E E L E V E N



ART CAMPS The SSAC and Workshops on the Rock are excited to launch our Summer Art Camps for youth to take place our new Art Tent behind Mahon Hall. These centrally located camps are for kids who love to be creative and explore artistic mediums. With some art history and contemporary art exposure added to the mix to fuel creativity there will be time for inspiration and exploration. Each camp will be led by a qualified art instructor accompanied by an assistant who will lead the students in a lunch hour activity in the nearby playground.

AMAZING ABSTRACTION for ages 9-12 yrs Mon-Fri., July 24-28th from 10-4pm. In this camp students will be introduced to the work of important abstract artists and explore shape, color, gesture, line and composition. One artist will be introduced each day and their visual principles explored through books and video. Mediums include acrylic & watercolour paints, chalk & oil pastel and drawing mediums. Max. 15 students. $220 includes all materials.

MODERN ART MANIA for ages 6-9 yrs Mon-Fri, July 31-Aug. 4th from 10-4pm. Students will explore several materials each day while being introduced to various contemporary artists. They will draw to music, explore big drawing gestures, cut out shapes and paint with watercolour and acrylics. Max. 15 students. $220 includes all materials.

To register: 250-538-8447 Artcraft, opens its doors on June 9th for the 49th season of BC’s longest running fine arts and crafts show! An exciting mixture of new artists and world renown favourites make up the 100 participants who’s work brings Mahon hall to life. Melanie Thompson and Judith Barnett are the featured artists on the stage showcase exhibit with their unique installation: “Mrs Williams: Homage to a Homemaker.” This exhibit opens at 6pm on June 9th and runs until July 5th. Artcraft is open from 10-5pm, 7 days a week until September 17th at Mahon hall in Ganges. Stop by for a look and enjoy one of the best coffees in town out front at the Coffee Can.

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My Food Matters by CHEF KEN BRUDNER

SUGAR SUGAR There is much talk about my topic of the month lately but I would bet that it would be painful for ones that decide, either by force or by choice, to do without the sweet sensation. Unfortunately, the most popular is refined sugar, which is processed to remove molasses, has been appropriately named “Poison” and “Leach.” “Poison” because this sweetener is totally and completely bereft of nutritional value. And “Leach” comes from the vitamins and nutrients it saps from the body for easier digestion. Refined sugar found in conventional pasta sauce, in some people’s coffee and in sweets have been credited with feeding cancer cells. That doesn’t sound so sweet to me. Soda Pop might taste good but as we know that’s because of tons of the sweetener, colors and chemicals, but adding that acid to the body entices cancer cells to grow. Fructose which is used in pop has been linked to pancreatic cancer, for example. It has also been said that sugar has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia and tooth decay. Did you know there are 10 teaspoons of refined sugar in one can of some sodas!! There are other choices; carbonated water with lime is awesome. Sugars are found in the tissues of most plants and are present in sugarcane and sugar beets in abundance so commercializing is efficient. The world production of sugar in the 2000’s is about 168 million tonnes per year. The average person consumes a whopping 24 kilograms (53 lb) of sugar each year in industrial countries equivalent to over 260 food calories per person, per day… Fructose, galactose, and glucose are all simple sugars called monosaccharide’s Fructose is found in honey, fruits, flowers, berries and most root vegetables. Foods containing small amounts of galactose, typically include low-lactose or lactose-free milk, certain yogurts, cheeses, creams and ice creams. Glucose is also known as dextrose. Corn syrup is primarily glucose. Awful stuff! Lactose, maltose, and sucrose are all compound sugars named disaccharides. Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar found in milk. Maltose is formed by germinating certain grains, like barley which is converted into malt. As said, sucrose is found in the stems of sugarcane and roots of sugar beet. It also occurs naturally in particular fruits and some roots such as carrots. In any form, it has the ability to mask unwanted flavours in a dish. Everyone will like it if you make it sweet. If certain foods are too acidy or salty, it can be a cure. Our taste buds have been altered since our infant years and we have become accustomed to a certain amount of sweetening mainly because of the profuse amount in processed foods. I wouldn’t suggest eliminating sugar, I’m too much of a chocolate freak for that but perhaps we should consider how much we are consuming, take into account what is hidden in prepared foods and avoid anything refined like the plague.

Love What You Cook, Love What You Eat!

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by Melinda Parks-Divers

with Marsha Moreau

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware I had a reading emergency. I nearly always travel with at least two books, even if it’s on a short overnight trip. I think I’m terrified that I’ll get caught without anything to read. The truth is that it pretty much never happens, especially on short trips, but I like to be prepared. Recently, in an effort to pack light, I brought only one book on an overnight to Vancouver and the unthinkable happened…I finished my book before my return ferry. I rarely buy new, but I had to take a deep breath and enter the gift shop to purchase SOMETHING to read. My first choice was Eden Robinson’s new book “Son of a Trickster”, as it’s already on my to read list and I think she’s great. However, the still in hardcover edition price tag was hard to swallow for a spur of the moment purchase, so I turned to trade paperbacks instead. I next had “The Wanderers” by Meg Howrey, in my hands. Touted as “Station Eleven” meets “The Martian”, what’s not to like? But surprisingly, I walked out of there with “In a “It’s suspenseful, Dark, Dark Wood”. I bought it and engaging, written because the reviews claimed this in an easily readable book would be “darkly twisted” style that’s and that I should “prepare to be primarily dialogue.” scared”. Um…no. Now, please don’t get the wrong idea. This novel was actually perfect for my purposes. It’s suspenseful, and engaging, written in an easily readable style that’s primarily dialogue. In other words, it didn’t take much effort on my part to be entertained, and that’s exactly what’s required when you're looking for escapism in the midst of sea of people. “In a Dark, Dark Wood” tells the firstperson story of a writer, Leonora, who lives an isolated existence but is forced to reconnect with people from her past when she’s invited to a bachelorette party, and curiosity forces her to accept. Of course, it takes place out in the dark, dark woods, and of course there’s more to this story than meets the eye, and of course there’s memory loss, including flashbacks to events of the weekend that are incomplete until the penultimate scene, where all is revealed. You probably know where I’m going with this. Compulsive and fun but also predictable and formulaic. In a world where I keep only the books I LOVE, I wish I had invested my money more wisely.

Be a Tourist on Your Own Island Welcome to Mel's summer series, "Be a Tourist on Your Own Island". As the warm weather approaches, I thought that might be a nice touch rather than my usual blabbering. If you are a real tourist to the island and happened upon this alluring publication, congratulations! I'll start off by saying, I know it feels like it cost a million dollars to get here, but here is some info nobody knows their first time through the BC Ferries ticket booth... it's cheaper to leave! You will be amazed when you make your exit off the island by ferry. It will cost you either less than half or nothing depending on where you came from! Don't you think they should reverse that? Lure you in with a cheaper fare to come and make you pay double to leave... Now that you are here, what to do besides the obvious get drunk and go to the Saturday market? Well, there is so much more to this island then those amazing things, trust me! I wanted to feel it like a fresh visitor I once was so I spent a day being a tourist on my own home island. I drove out to Long Harbour when the ferry was disembarking and got in that ferry traffic to feel authentic! The first thing I noticed was the quaintness of the arrival port. We're greeted with a bustling through stopped cars collecting walk on passengers, hugs, luggage moving into trunks, smiles and laughter everywhere! You hit paradise and the 5o hour trek (3 hour ferry ride, 47 hours waiting to board said ferry) is all part of the charm of being on holiday on SSI. And that boat ride over is so pretty! Did you see some whales? It does happen sometimes but just to everyone else. I suspect that you probably want to get yourself checked into that adorable b&b you found on yelp. Maybe you'd like to pick up some supplies on your way there? Well then, head on into town to one of our local grocery stores and the beer store! I will say this; we have great grocery stores. You can't go wrong. Our local organic/natural food store has got to be one of the best anywhere. No one has greens like them and so much local. The downtown grocery store has a great selection and the "up town" store has a great selection and parking! Have you got in a fight yet over a parking spot? Us "starved for entertainment" locals talk about it with enthusiasm and it ranks number one for conversation starters. "I had to circle town 36 times for a parking spot today. It was crazy!" Ok, did you find one of our 3 liquor stores yet? Got your supplies? Oh, you are in Fulford? You are in luck! There is a great little grocery store and it has beer, wine and a selection of liquor! Pants off and martini making is officially on tonight's agenda! Now, supply up and find your retreat for the week. Get out of those travel clothes put out a tray of local cheeses and jams you picked up in town and take a load off. Inhale that salty sea air mixed with earthy forest freshness. You're on island time now! Stay tuned next month when we actually go somewhere.... Writings from the heart and shit.

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Lisa Sigurgeirson Maxx, ECE

Nurturing, empowering & educating families for over 30 years *amma = grandmother in Icelandic

dear singing amma I wonder if you have any suggestions for how to best navigate the sometimesunwieldy territory or parenting teenagers? Why does my teen not seem to want to talk to me? How can I regain the bond we had, not even that long ago? Help! Signed, Uncertain and Still Caring Parent Dear Still Certainly Caring, Thank you so much for this question as so often parents feel that by the time our children are teens that “this is just how it goes with teenagers,” and many don’t know if or how they can still make a difference. Well, you can! The focus with teens needs to be on connection first, not direction. As you will likely have discovered, teenagers do not respond favourably to directives, lecturing, badgering or nagging from well-meaning parents. If you feel you’ve lost the bond or connection please know that it can be regained. And it might take a little time. Be patient. And practice deep listening. The art of deep listening is an underrated ability in our too-busy society. This is a powerful skill to put into practice to maintain or regain your bond with your teen. Give them your full attention. (Parents of younger children, this is for you, too. Practice really listening to “the little things” of earlier childhood, so that when the “bigger conversations” come up as they grow you will have an established listening between you.) Giving full attention might mean putting your cell phone on silent - or turning it off all together - or turning off the Netflix you just settled in to watch, or creating just-you-two time. Give your child the feeling that what they have to say matters. Sometimes looking directly at our teens can make them feel interrogated. Instead going for a walk together, or going for a drive can create the side-by-side connection that leads to more open communication. Noticing a “mood” and simply stating what you see can be an empathetic conversation starter. “You seem quiet this afternoon” could be all they need to speak up about something that happened at school today. Adding “What’s going on?” or “Did something happen at school?” can close up that potential portal and leave the child feeling that interrogated feeling again. Just say what you see, and then acknowledge any feelings that come up. Don’t judge or criticize or try to fix. Acknowledge. Make time to be with your teenager daily - conversing while you bring in the groceries, tidy up or prepare a meal together. Bedtime can be a great time for regular check-ins. Daily hugs are recommended. If your child is going through an objection-to-affectionate-interactions stage a foot rub while you’re reading together or watching a show can maintain the feeling of connection. Teenagers want and need to create more freedom and independence for themselves. They can also be relying on you to set boundaries they have not yet developed the ability to set for themselves. Both are important and healthy. Seek balance. Send your parenting questions to: or Could a private session with the singing amma be helpful for you & your family? email: to book yours today!

Moby’s Fishing Derby IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER FISHING DERBY! Registration is Friday June 16 at 6pm Derby Calcutta is Friday 7pm - Buy a boat and you could win the pot! Proceeds to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Entry is $100 per fisherman ($65 under 14 years of age). Includes snacks on Friday Night, dinner on Saturday Night, snacks on Sunday afternoon. Fish all day Sat - Weigh in is 5pm - 6pm

Fish Sun AM - Weigh in is 12:30 - 1pm

Huge PRIZES, Great Fun, and Lifetime Memories are Guaranteed!

Join Cumberland, BC singer songwriters

PK Tessmannin Fox & Corw at the Tree House

PK Tessmann is a fixture in the Vancouver Island indie-folk community. Her well-crafted, original songs are something of substance: a synergy of flowing lyrics, whispered harmonies, twinkling ukulele or acoustic guitar, and her bold, multi-faceted voice. With over 20 years of songwriting and performance behind her, Tessmann is celebrating the release of her brand new album Dear City (2016). Two-time winner of Best Roots/Folk Recording at the Vancouver Island Music Awards, Tessmann’s work has been described as “beguiling,”“potent, ” and “unpretentious”. Her latest work is no exception. Dear City is a collection of songs that offer a window into Tessmann’s journey into marriage and motherhood. With each haunting song, she offers up her experiences of grief, love, hope, loss, birth and new beginnings. Produced by Corwin Fox (Shane Koyczan, CR Avery, Emily Millard) in the vibrant Village of Cumberland BC, Dear City showcases Tessmann’s commanding voice with colourful yet subtle instrumentation. Vintage keys, bells, autoharp, cello, French horn and saxophone combined with whispered harmonies to complement Tessmann’s spirited vocals. The record has been selected as a finalist in the SingerSongwriter category of the Indie Acoustic Project’s Best CD’s of 2016. Tessmann has performed extensively solo and with her producer, Corwin Fox. Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia since 1995. Over the last decade, Corwin has been spending an increasing amount of time recording and producing other artists across a wide range of genres (Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Raghu Lokanathan, Little Scream, Kim Barlow, Craig Werth, WaxMannequin, Miss Emily Brown, etc). He still plays concerts and festivals performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukulele, and he teaches songwriting to youth each summer, but the studio has really become his focus since he founded the Corwin Fox Academy of Perpetual Excellence. Over the years he has played venues large and small, some by himself and some with his other projects. Corwin continues to write, record and tour, although he is quite content that the bulk of his time is now spent in his studio or hanging out with his kids and making soup.

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