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Salt Spring's Phöenix Lazare & Justin Kelley are

Fawkes & Hownd

PHOTO CREDIT: Alex Iby Photography

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On Our Cover


Salt Spring's Phöenix Lazare & Justin Kelley are...

Brought to you by our own in-house astrologer who now goes by her numerologically correct name of “Ya Righta.”


Fawkes & Hownd

^ Aries:

The duo will open for Shari Ulrich at the Salt Spring Folk Club show at Fulford Hall on March 25th. Audiences can expect to hear all of the songs off their new album plus some new unrecorded material. This Folk Pop duo shares personal stories about their relationship and the journey of love, life, music and where it has taken them. As a duo, partners in life and partners in music balance is everything. Their chemistry on stage is evident as they explore romance with the playfulness. Both Phoenix and Justin are grateful they found music as a creative vessel to convey their emotions. “Everyone goes through hard times and for us, music is like a deep breath” For those dreaming of a life in music, the duo shared this advice “Don’t doubt yourself and don’t be afraid of change. When you are making a life that revolves around your creativity, you need to embrace change, it brings opportunity. Do your own thing. Stay true to your authenticity.” Bio: Intimate folk duo Fawkes & Hownd is purely authentic. Blending Canadian and American roots, Phöenix Lazare and Justin Kelley have created a songwriting style that dives deep with their affectionate, ethereal harmonies layered above shimmering guitar work. The couple, partners in life and in music, will release their debut album, Balancing Act, this Spring. The five-song collection was recorded at their home in Nashville, TN and captures the organic feel that reflects the moment each song was written. With a central theme revolving around growth, Balancing Act finds the duo chronicling their journey from small towns — Phöenix hails from Salt Spring Island, BC and Justin from a small North Shore, MA community — to big cities and everything in between. “New England” is a love letter to the Northeast, where the two met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, while “Go” is a bittersweet ode to leaving home; it reminds us there is always a place to return to after leaving loved ones to find your own way and fearlessly follow your dreams. Fawkes & Hownd’s live shows find the duo connecting and reminiscing with their audiences, creating an intimate atmosphere that feels as if they’ve invited you into their living room. Telling stories and sharing music new and old, their contagious energy fills stages with warmth and light. Fawkes & Hownd release their debut album Balancing Act Friday, March 1st. The album is available on all digital streaming platforms, physical copies will be available for sale at the show and on the web.

_ Taurus:

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Everything you are thinking about will end up getting lost in some sort of fuzzy logic. You're doing really well, keep it up!

d Libra:

You may think that starting fresh on Monday would be the answer, but it really won't be. Your weekend escapades are forever immortalized on John Batemans Facebook wall.

e Scorpio:

` Gemini:

Clutching your heart and complaining that your arm hurts is quite a mean thing to do when out at Thrifty’s, funny, but mean. Especially when your mother is also doing her shopping.

a Cancer:

Don't be in the market for any of what anyone is selling.

f Sagittarius:

Other people are not as crazy as you make them out to be. Other people are not as crazy as you make them out to be. In fact, we think all that crazy might actually be you!

The Liberian bank that is holding your email-friend's money does not exist. However, I am now accepting all Everything you have been taught will be forgotten in a crazy moment of payments to the CRA. rash behaviour.

g Capricorn:

b Leo:

Your desire for more money will never come true unless you get off your arse and do something. Summer is coming, everyone will be hiring, take your pick.

c virgo:

Shouting "Take Cover!" in a crowded place is probably not going to win you any friends today.

h Aquarius:

A skydiving accident may befall you if you go skydiving. Alternatively, it may not, if you do not go skydiving, we’ll let you decide.

i Pisces:

You tend to be less of yourself at work, but today you may let a little of yourself slip out at a most awkward moment. Happy Birthday!


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T H E F I S H B O W L - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 • PA G E F O U R

Price is Right PRODUCT REVIEWS by: Genevieve Price Sponsored by

MAYBELLINE MASTER chrome METALLIC HIGHLIGHTER As you know from past reviews, I love a

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Shari Ulrich March 25th at Fulford Hall

Originally a California girl, long settled on the west coast of Canada, Shari celebrates 45 years as a touring recording artist and multi-instrumentalist (violin, mandolin, piano, guitar, dulcimer, & harmonica). From Pied Pumkin through The Hometown Band, and on as a solo artist has lead to 25 albums – including her collaboration with solo artists Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes (UHF), Barney Bentall & Tom Taylor (BTU), and more recently The High Bar Gang, a 7 piece bluegrass band with Barney Bentall & Colin Nairne. Her work has garnered 2 Juno awards, several Juno nominations, an induction into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, and a 2014 CFMA for English Songwriter of the Year.

Through it all Shari raised daughter Julia Graff, now 28 with a Masters in Sound Recording from McGill University - herself an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, busy recording engineer, music editor in film and television, producer, videographer and photographer. Among other projects Julia engineered Shari’s two most recent solo albums and along with partner James Perrella, BTU’s “Tightrope Walk” and has produced 2 videos for the High Bar Gang’s recently Juno nominated True North album.

Shari tours a good part of the year, both solo, as well as with Julia and fellow High Bar Gang member Kirby Barber, occasionally with a full band, and as well as with BTU & the High Bar Gang. "Music is humans at their best" Shari Ulrich

My Food Matters by CHEF KEN BRUDNER

LET’S FREE THE GLUTENS I think by now, most people are accepting the genuine concerns some face when eating foods that contain gluten. I have heard remarks from various people that only celiac sufferers should have problems with this protein. Well, as I can personally attest to, that is not true. Many people around the world, who are not considered celiac, have some issues with gluten mainly found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. Symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, headaches, feeling tired, skin problems, depression and unexplained weight loss can interfere with life on a daily basis. With celiac victims, gluten triggers an immune response that damages the lining of the small intestine and can wreak havoc throughout the body. In non-celiac sensitivity, there is no attack on the body’s tissues, however many of the symptoms are similar to those with celiac. The only true way of knowing if you have a gluten intolerance is by eliminating it temporarily from your diet, then reintroducing a little bit at a time to see if you have symptoms. Gluten sensitivity is much more common than celiac disease. Many people report getting unnatural cravings for wheat and it may be addictive and there is some evidence of gluten having opioid-like effects. However, this is definitely not proven and is mostly speculation at this point but it is well known in various food addiction circles that wheat is one of the most addictive foods there are (right after sugar). Gluten consists of two proteins... gliadin and glutenin. It is the gliadin part that people react negatively to. When flour is mixed with water, gluten forms a sticky cross-linked network of proteins, giving elastic properties to dough and allowing bread to rise when baked. The reason tortillas are so tough and hold together so well is because of the amount of gluten in that product. Actually, the name gluten is derived from these glue-like properties. Even the sound of the word...isn’t inviting! With any new idea, speculation, discovery or marketing expertise the word “trendy” usually appears in that spectrum. But that is sometimes an ignorant idea always stemming from people whose digestive systems are as strong as a bull so they tend to pounce on people who suffer without a celiac diagnosis. In today’s world, a healthy diet is mainstream so new food avenues and diets are consistently being discovered and because a lot of them work and make people feel better they should not be considered trendy, in my eyes. In fact, I would guarantee that sooner than later the word “trendy” will have no place in our vocabulary when it comes to legit food revelations that not only heal, brighten people’s lives and help our planet; but bring us a better understanding of what’s good and what is not. Furthermore, in my opinion, if something is not good for a bunch of people, it couldn’t be great for the rest.

Love What You Cook, Love What You Eat!

T H E F I S H B O W L - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 • PA G E S I X

Scrabble Fundraiser

11th Annual

The Salt Spring National Art Prize Calls to Artists Across the Nation

Coming March 5th, 7th & 9th

Salt Spring Island - In support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the Salt Spring Grand(m)others to Grandmothers Group is sponsoring their 11th Annual Scrabble Fundraiser in March 2019. The Salt Spring group, together with others nationwide, is dedicated to turning the tide of HIV & AIDS in Africa. Recreational and competitive Scrabble Players are invited to participate in a week long series of games at the Salt Spring Inn. Final games and a Silent Auction will take place at Penny's on the Green at the Salt Spring Golf Course. There are many options to help the cause and have fun. Come and pay to play at event venues, enjoy the silent auction; gather pledges and / or donate on-line under the Team Name, Salt Spring Scrabble for Africa at GrandmothersPledges2019/ssiscrabble Strides have been made to combat HIV & AIDS. Nonetheless, in 2017 globally there were 1.8 million new cases reported. We cannot be complacent. AIDS remains a global pandemic. In Africa, 25 million people are currently living with HIV with only one third receiving treatment. 16.6 million remain untreated. Between 40-60% of orphaned children are estimated to live in grandmother-headed households. These grandmothers have buried their own adult children, and then taken on the responsibility of caring for their grieving grandchildren. They have little or no support also face from their own deteriorating health. These grandmothers are supported by grassroots organizations who stand with them at the frontline of the HIV & AIDS pandemic. The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) and its Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign across Canada continues to support and stand in solidarity with these front line organizations and the grandmothers who are caring for their suffering families. Please join us in this campaign to help them help others. (Salt Spring Grand(m)others to Grandmothers always welcomes new members of whatever gender (hence the brackets For more information contact: Jo MacDonald 250 653-0179 | Oni Freeman 250 537-1293

Submissions are now open for the prestigious 2019/2020 Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP). SSNAP created this exciting national art competition in 2015 to celebrate and promote the importance of art in Canada. As one of the largest national art prizes in Canada, the third biennial event offers $40,000 in prize money and significant national exposure to artists. Open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada over the age of 18, the call to artists working in the visual arts runs through to May 31, 2019. SSNAP offers financial prizes, an artist residency, and national exposure to artists. The month-long exhibition of some 50 finalists and the many associated events enhance public dialogue on art. SSNAP Director Ronald T. Crawford says, "What makes the Prize unique is what has led to its success. It is a community-based event created by artists for artists. It invites established and emerging artists of every medium into the same Canadian artistic dialogue." The 50 finalists' works chosen by our national jury are selected through a fair, open and blind jury system. Crawford further adds, “An exciting change for 2019 is the allocation of $10,000 to subsidize the costs of shipping finalists’ work to Salt Spring to further encourage submissions from artists in eastern Canadian and remote communities. We also aspire to bring the winners across Canada, with the Victoria Art Council Gallery confirmed as our first stop for January 2020.” Judy Anderson, from Calgary Alberta, retells her experience as a 2017 SSNAP Finalist and Prize Winner; “I applied for SSNAP on a whim. What resulted was an amazing experience, especially the residency on Salt Spring Island. It gave me uninterrupted time to start a new body of work and the island’s art community was incredibly welcoming, inviting me to events such as art critiques, art screenings, studio visits, openings etc. It was easy to make friends." Anderson reflects, "As the winner I received quite a bit of press coverage and since then I have been contacted by four galleries, one for a studio visit, and three others inviting me into exhibitions. One piece will travel to five other Canadian galleries. The Canadian Guild of Crafts will be exhibiting the series I started during my residency on Salt Spring Island. All of this is significant for me because I do not self-promote. Winning the prize has been quite the confidence booster! I definitely encourage artists to apply!” Finalists are eligible for nine awards, six selected by jurors and three selected by public vote. Finalists’ works are exhibited and for sale at historical Mahon Hall on Salt Spring from September 21 to October 21, 2019, with the award winners announced at the Gala Awards Night on Saturday October 19, 2019. SSNAP welcomes Canadian artists world-wide to submit original twodimensional and three-dimensional works, with the call for submissions now open through to May 31, 2019. For more information about SSNAP, including artist submission and selection process, jury bios and event dates, visit SSNAP excitement captured via video at

WORKSHOPS Balance for Better

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender balance. The International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter Collective action and shared responsibility for driving a gender-balanced world is key. Balance is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in the trades… Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive. Let’s build a gender-balanced world. Let’s notice when it is absent, and celebrate its presence. Island Women Against Violence Society (IWAV) and SWOVA are joining forces again to celebrate this International Women’s Day, by hosting a screening of the inspiring film ‘RBG’ that chronicles the career of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The film will be followed by a panel discussion and dialogue where we will hear Salt Spring community women share their own inspiring stories of facing and confronting gender imbalance in their lives and careers. Join us on March 7th at Mahon Hall, doors open at 6:00, film at 7 pm, followed by panel discussion at 8:00. Tickets at the door - $10 suggested donation | Your favorite Theatre treats for sale!

EVEN EVENING TS If you haven’t yet discovered Star of the Sea Centre at old St Mary’s Church opposite Fulford Hall, a wonderfully sacred space, and you have an interest in spiritual matters, then you may want to check out the diversity of their March programs. You can view them under “events” on their website at staroftheseassi. ca. The first, second, and third Tuesdays of the month rotate between Chanting, Spiritual discussion and Poetry. The chanting evening on Tuesday March 5th will be Celtic, with Anthropologist/Shaman Marilyn Walker (bring your drum or rhythm instrument). Thurs. March 7th is a unique opportunity to discover who Quakers are, how they worship in silence, and promote peace. And even if you do not yet consider yourself to be aging, (we all are actually!) you might want to attend the 4 monthly sessions “Deepening Into Aging” beginning on March 14th, with Spiritual Counsellor/Hospice worker JayaLynda Cole, who will facilitate some intimate group insights over the course of the four sessions. Registration is at (No registration needed for Tuesday evenings.)



International Women’s Day

a Salt Spring Arts Council Initiative

SSAC Winter Programs All events at Mahon Hall unless listed. Full details and to Register go to: Metamorphosis Journey- An Experiential Workshop led by award-winning filmmakers and Certified Professional Coaches Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper, explores transformation in the face of planetary environmental emergency. The participant moves through the stages of Chrysalis, Crisis, Catharsis, Symbiosis, and Metamorphosis, personalizing this arc, and applying it to their own lives. Short films, representing each of the stages, are integrated throughout the workshop. Presented in partnership with the Salt Spring Film Festival, screening the film Metamorphosis during the Festival Mar 2+3. Workshop: Mon. Mar. 4, 7-9pm, $30. Yin Yoga+Journaling+Tea Ceremony Workshop: Writing is one way of releasing emotion that we hold in our bodies and is a great companion practice to Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a slow paced approach that is inherently meditative and encourages quiet self reflection, self compassion and relaxation. A Tea ceremony will bring the workshop to a close. Led by Sarah-Jane Smith, Claire Sicherman & Kari Mathieson. No experience with yoga, writing or tea ceremony is necessary. Sat. Mar. 9, 1-5pm, $65 Spring Break Art Workshop - HOMAGE : Artmaking Inspired by Art World Greats. Tracy Harrison mentors kids and youth in a range of artistic mediums: clay, painting, sketching and poetry in homage to great artist of the past. Youth ages 10-14 at 10am- noon, and kids ages 6-10, 1-3pm. March 19 – 21, and ceramic painting on April 6, 10- noon. $125. Upcoming AiR Visting Artist Talks and Open Studio. Newfoundland printmaker and fibre artist Audrey Feltham has been working in the visual arts for 26 years. Join her for an Artist Talk (March 10, 2-4pm) and two Open Studio days (Friday, March 8 and Saturday March 23 at 132 Beaver Point Road. Multi-disciplinary artist Noelle Hamlyn has a background in craft, textiles, fine art and costuming. She presents slides and an overview of her work March 24 (2-4pm). For More info on Visiting Artists and applying to AiR: Our Annual General Meeting is open to everyone. Learn about the Arts Council’s projects and programs and meet volunteers and the Board of Directors. Sunday, March 17, 10am.

T H E F I S H B O W L - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 • PA G E E I G H T

While we know spring is coming on the calendar, it still seems so far away. So we at the Legion have put on our thinking caps and are working hard to bring you a March that will chase away those winter blues.

Come to Life Media & Mateada presents NYC Afrobeat Legends


Live at Fulford Hall

We are excited to bring back beloved bands like Doug and the Thugs who will be rocking the house again for our St Patrick's Day Dance on March 16th, just like they did to a full dance floor last year.

730pm Doors | 8pm DJ Andrew Interchill | 9pm ANTIBALAS Tickets $40 available at the MATEADA & online at Brown Paper Tickets

BIO: Formed in Brooklyn, the musical collective known as Antibalas’ new studio album, Where The Gods Are In Peace, is an epic Afro-Western Trilogy searching for solace from American political opportunism, greed and vengeance. Through its battle cry of resistance against exploitation and displacement, Antibalas’ long-form compositions investigate oppression in 1800s America that eerily mirror the current state of the country. Three explosive original arrangements cultivate an urgent call to heal a broken system. Ultimately, the sonic excursion lands on an island where love is our first instinct. A new ideology is born opening our hearts to the possibilities of living as one unified people, where all gods are equal and together we prevail. True to traditional form, Where The Gods Are In Peace pays respect to the forefathers of Afrobeat with compositions spanning nine to 15 minutes in length. With a blessing from the Fela Kuti legacy early in the band’s career, Antibalas has long been revered for re-popularizing the classic Afrobeat sound while adding their distinct New York City grit to the mix. Influences of punk rock, free jazz, and hip-hop seep into their expansive works to define a truly 21st century translation of the Afrobeat genre and beyond. Antibalas is a force of nature celebrated by both music connoisseurs and a wide array of renowned artists alike. Antibalas has served as the backing band for high profile tribute shows at Carnegie Hall, including Music of Paul Simon (2014), Music of David Byrne & Talk Heads (2015), and Music of Aretha Franklin (2017). Antibalas members have also appeared alongside some of today’s biggest stars, such as Beyonce, The Roots, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Angelique Kidjo, Zap Mama, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Tony Allen, Davido, Arcade Fire, Lady Antebellum, and many others. In 2012, Antibalas made their late night television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and have appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Live at the Mateada Nitro Mate Lounge, our newest music venue and regenerative gathering place for the community, right in the heart of Ganges. Delicious farm fresh food, innovative health elixirs, tapas, treats, kombucha on tap, and of course the signature drink; nitro Yerba mate. The lounge itself was crafted by many local artisans, and is a true work of art.

Join March 9th for

oliver Swain live Award winning roots artist Oliver Swain Has as been a celebrated musician for years, held in high regard in acoustic and folk music styles for both his astonishing instrumental and vocal abilities, though he seldom gives the genre a fully traditional treatment. Oliver Swain strays towards the whimsical, the spiritual, and the socially conscious side of what he likes to refer to as "chamber folk odyssey", and it's these beguiling and provocative elements that make him unique as an artist and songwriter. Devon Leger even called him "The Zen Rock Garden of old time music" No Depression $15 Advance, online at Brown paper tickets and at the Mateada $20 at the door if tickets remain | FB Mateada Nitro Lounge : keep updated on weekly events

We are also thrilled to have the Ratfish Comedy Show perform on Salt Spring for the first time ever March 9th. This will be a show featuring four of the best and brightest of Vancouver Islands local stand -up comedians, and has been Victoria's favorite local comedy show for over 7 years. To finish off this powerhouse month of entertainment, we are bringing back Vic Vaga, one of the best tribute artists today performing as Rod Stewart. Vic has it all, the hair, the flair and most importantly that whiskey voice. Vic performs all over the U.S. and Canada and we are excited he is coming back to Salt Spring to wow us March 23rd for one night only! As always Karaoke happens every second Friday and if you haven't checked it out, it is a must for sure! Lots of laughs and some shockingly great singers make for a fun Friday night! Kat's Kitchen is serving up terrific food every Friday and Saturday evenings from five pm to 8 pm, so come for dinner and stay for the great entertainment!

Local Talent, International Prestige Something unique is coming to Salt Spring. At the end of March, ArtSpring presents ‘Skylight’ by David Hare. Recently performed in London, by Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan, it features Chris Humphreys who has appeared on stages from London's West End to 20th Century Fox, and Deanna Milligan, star of countless TV shows and films, including ‘Northwood'. It is directed by islander Elizabeth Yake, a top film and TV producer/director and the production is stage managed by Deborah Osbourne, who has worked both at the Stratford and Shaw festivals and as a top television executive. Called ‘The Play of the Decade’ by the Spectator UK, this tale of two lost lovers trying to reconnect is funny, smart and devastating. Three shows only. 7:30pm | bar 6:30pm (March 28 & 29) +2:30pm (March 29) $25.00 | $5.00 18 & under ArtSpring Box Office | 100 Jackson Ave | | 250.537.2102

T H E F I S H B O W L - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 • PA G E T E N

Health with Hannah

The Green Isle Enterprise Holistic Psychology, Health, Education

With Ralph D. Miller, Ph.D.

What’s Happening In Menopause? The transition to menopause is a powerful stage in a woman’s life on many levels. Her hormones are changing, which changes her body, her mental state, and her role in life. Or, not! Some women go through menopause with great ease, while for others it is a challenging period with hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, irritability and anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and vaginal dryness. First, a few definitions: a woman is considered to be menopausal after 12 months without a period. The average age that this occurs is 51. Perimenopause is the symptomatic period that leads up to menopause, and typically lasts 1-5 years. As a woman ages, her ovaries become less responsive to the stimulating hormones that normally cause follicle development and ovulation. With no ovulation, the follicle doesn’t develop into its corpus luteum stage causing a drastic decline in progesterone production. This sets up the hormonal milieu of perimenopause – high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone. With wild swings up and down as the body attempts to normalize. One of the most important messages I like to communicate to women in perimenopause is that they have options. Hormone replacement therapy is an option many know about, with important pros and cons to consider. However in between taking hormone replacement and doing nothing at all, there is a spectrum of other strategies to consider. One way to alleviate perimenopausal symptoms is to address high estrogen levels. This can be done through dietary changes and herbal medicines which encourage estrogen processing and excretion. Another strategy is to support progesterone levels, either with herbs or hormones. In the world of hormones, there is conventional therapy (synthetic analogues to progesterone and estrogen), and bioidentical hormones (which have the same chemical makeup as the hormones produced by your own body). Supporting your adrenal glands can help ease the perimenopausal transition, because when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone the adrenals start to take over. They produce a relatively very small amount, but enough that they help balance the rapidly swinging levels of sex hormones. If however, your adrenals are already under-functioning because of years of chronic stress, they will not as effectively be able to respond. Other considerations I work on with my patients during this period include supporting healthy sleep and establishing consistent routines with exercise, both of which can help alleviate symptoms. It is also important to address bone health because bone density declines significantly during this period. Supporting your body with the vitamins and minerals needed to build healthy bone helps to prevent osteoporosis. Every women will have a unique way of supporting her body and mind through perimenopause, depending on her particular symptoms as well as her beliefs and values. Book an appointment with either Dr. McParland or myself if you would like to discuss your options, clarify your questions, and get a personalized treatment plan for your menopause transition. Perimenopause, An Individualized Approach: you are invited to join us at our clinic for a free talk and Q&A session if you would like to learn more. Event will be held at 12pm on Saturday, March 30th, 130 McPhillips Ave.

By Dr. Hannah Webb, ND 250-999-9371

"Dr. Miller has been a psychologist and, family counselor in the Gulf Islands since the mid-'70's, and taught Holistic Psychology in our high school, as well as a few semesters for Camosun and OLUBC."

Don't go to India JUST SAY NO I'm warning you! Don't even try it once! It's addictive—even if you don’t inhale. A gateway experience to who knows what, eh? Endless, intriguing, spell-binding, mysterious, captivating adventures abound in boundless time and space, from which many never return—and those that do will never be quite the same. “A word to the wise....” We’re Here Now (where/when else, eh?), from Salt Spring Ganges to Rishikesh Ganges, at the warm and welcoming Swami Dayananda Ashram, getting a big hit—my fix. What a rush! The overwhelming, intoxicating sounds, tastes, colours, smells of India; an awesome wave of wonder washes over. I love it; I’m hooked! It's humanity writ large, multiplied a few hundred times, super 3-D, fantastic Technicolor, 360° surround sound—generally FULL BLAST (>130db)! A world of special of effects, all manifesting in the mind, needless to say; an astounding, humbling, awesome virtual-reality. Rishikesh is Mecca for aging hippies. The name Rishikesh means “the dwelling place of the Rishis,” awakened beings and teachers. Over 200 ashrams and temples are here. The Beatles’ little beehive huts (on former Maharishi Mahesh Yogi property) are visible in the forest just across the Ganga from us. Two lots over are Shri Shri Ravi Shankar’s growing Art of Living complexes. The Sivananda Ashram and Parmath Niketan (large Shiva-in-the-Ganga statue) are among the many notables. Haridwar is just a short rickshaw ride away; the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is on its outskirts, featuring the world’s largest giant orange Hanuman statue. Baba Hari Dass taught yoga to Ram Dass (Be Here Now) and Krishna Dass (singer/musician) when they were all students of Neem Karoli Baba in the ‘60s. Baba Hari Dass later founded the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. An illustrative collage of quotes follows. As Ralph Uncle reminds us,“Anything you can say about India – the opposite is also true.”Yann Martel: “A stint in India will beat the restlessness out of any living creature….the rich, noisy, functioning madness of India.” Dr. Narendra Singh: "In India we don't need politicians and babu's (civil servants); in India everything happens by itself." Kushwant Singh: "We Indians are a noisy lot." RD Baba: “In India, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected, and it never comes in a form or at a time that you expected. The biggest surprise in India would be a day without a big surprise.” Salman Rushdie: "India is the only country where the number of deities outnumbers the human population." Dr. Sharma: "The biggest problem in India is fitting eight holy days into a seven day week." RD Baba to a rickshaw driver: “Is it true that the traffic rules in India are mere suggestions?” His reply: “What traffic rules?” RD Baba surmises:”Although not enforced, more than six people and a dog on a motor scooter is likely prohibited— except on holidays” (e.g., upcoming Holi). Swami TV: “People are nuts, I tell you.” Tune in next month for the next exciting installment. For additional information:

Mishka s ’

T H E F I S H B O W L - M A R C H 2 0 1 9 • PA G E E L E V E N



with Mishka Moreau

There There

by Tommy Orange This book was popping up everywhere, with its distinctive orange cover and receiving such excellent reviews that I couldn’t wait to dive in. A debut novel by an Indigenous author who is a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and who was raised in Oakland, California; this book is as much an ode to Oakland as it is a reflection of urban Indigenous lives. In fact, the title is derived from Gertrude Stein’s 1937 autobiography, in which she returns to her childhood home in Oakland but upon seeing how it has changed, reflects, “There is no there there.” “There There” begins with a prologue in essay form. Extremely well written, it delivers a powerful wallop of history, not skirting around descriptions of violence or genocide and is both witty and matter of fact. You finish reading that prologue and you know you are about to embark on something profound. The novel itself is divided into chapters that individually introduce us to the 12 characters, whose stories initially run parallel. Eventually, they begin to weave together, intersecting at the cataclysmic Big Oakland Powwow. We meet Orvil Red Feather, a teenager who sneaks away to dance at the powwow, having been discouraged by the great aunt raising him and his brothers from exploring his heritage. He turns to Google to ask “What does it mean to be a real Indian?”. We meet Tony Loneman, who bears the weight of fetal alcohol syndrome. He recognizes that the ”Drome” taints the way everyone views him and also his ability to make good choices. He ends up at the powwow for all the wrong reasons. We meet Blue who has heart wrenching words to describe how she initially stayed with an abusive partner, then finally made her way out and back home to coordinate the Oakland Powwow. We meet Dene Oxendene, who has received a grant to make a documentary of Indigenous experiences. It’s really the project of an uncle he’s still grieving, and Dene plans to attend the powwow to collect more stories. The way these characters connect to each other and the powwow itself is both beautiful and surprising. Remarkably, each of the 12 have a unique cadence to their thought patterns. They have distinctive vocabulary. Tommy Orange is indeed a rare talent if he can conjure up a cast of characters that is so believable and real: flawed and human.

Lisa Sigurgeirson Maxx, ECE

Nurturing, empowering & educating families for over 30 years *amma = grandmother in Icelandic

Sour & Surly preTeen Moods dear singing amma My pre-teen is in such a sour mood when he comes home from school these days. I ask him how his day was, and I barely get a response. He is being rude to people and I’m getting concerned. Could it be that he is deeply unhappy or is this normal? Please help! Mum-of-a-surly-pre-Teen dear Sour-and-Surly-Concerned Mum These preteen-teen years can be extra challenging for our young ones as they undergo the shift from child to adult. The hormones surging through their changing physical bodies can be massive, not to mention all the new feelings they are experiencing, both physiologically as well as social-emotionally. In these years of hormonal adjustment it may well be confusing for both parent and child. Often they do not mean to be rude, or overly emotional, they just don’t seem to be able to help it. It can be as confusing for them as it is for the parents. Whenever possible, practice empathy. But also, do not let them ride ruin over you or others, either. It’s OK to say, “Hey! I didn’t like the way you said that. If you’re having “a moment” I expect you to learn to monitor yourself. I get that you’ve got hormones and who-knows-what-all going on, but that doesn’t give you license to be rude.” Also, remember; practice what you preach! School days can be long and trying and tiring for our kids. Like after a “long hard day at the office” an adult craves some decompression time, our children can benefit hugely from some uninterrupted transition time, too. When your child arrives home from school do not rush to ask questions. Even simple ones like “How was your day?” can add an unwanted extra pressure. How was his day? His hormone-infused, weary-from-the-day brain might wonder: Which part? Should I be honest or say what I think she wants to hear? He may be working things out internally about all the new and varied expectations he senses as he navigates this stage of life, socially and emotionally, as well as intellectually. Practice greeting him warmly and openly: “Hi! It’s so great to see you.” “Hey. I missed you. Welcome home!” You could create an after school decompression ritual that you partake in together, like tea and snacks. Or perhaps he needs time alone in his room or on the couch reading. I strongly recommend you not use screen time for this decompression period. Screens, we are learning more and more, actually cause a lot of stress to brain patterning, as well as emotionally via social media. All of this can add to fatigue, frustration and angst. Remember: one of the best places for any of us to decompress is outside in the natural world. If you do have real concerns about his overall emotional well-being, check in with a healthcare professional. Sometimes school or community counselors, family doctors, homeopathic or naturopathic practitioners can help assess your individual situation and assist you in moving forward with confidence. Send your parenting questions to: or Visit:

For Everyone

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YOGA AND THE GIFT OF CRITICISM Last month I talked about speaking up and how it was a big move forward in personal growth. This month I’d like to talk about being on the other side of ‘speaking up’... receiving the gift of criticism... and how it is a big move forward in personal growth. Criticism is the greatest gift you can receive, if self-realization is what you are interested in. - Byron Katie When we are criticized, the first reaction for most of us is to defend ourselves, or worse yet to lash back. Often we feel defensive at first, but after a few days, once our emotions have settled down, we see the truth in the matter. It is good to accept that it might knock you down and make you feel insecure for a while. Accept that you might need a few days to recover. If you are feeling angry from the criticism, you might need to walk away and respond when you are calmer. We need to recover because through criticism we can identify our weaknesses and learn where we need to improve. If we learn to accept criticism calmly or professionally, it will help us maintain relationships and be more successful. You will set a good example for others. In most criticism, you can find a grain of truth even if coming from a flawed source. See it as an opportunity to improve. Without that constant improvement, we are just sitting still. Improvement is a good thing. If you want to know the truth, who better to go to than someone who criticizes you. - Byron Katie Always thank the person who gave you the feedback. Even if you can't at the time, do it later. It’s unexpected and often appreciated. Feedback is not easy to receive but remember it is not easy to give either. It may have taken the person a lot of courage to speak up. In a healthy encounter, the critic will realize that they can still be loved and appreciated when they offer honest feedback and the person receiving the feedback will realized that they are still loved and appreciated even though they are being criticized. Saying thank you, even if the critic doesn’t appreciate it, is a way of reminding yourself that the criticism was a good thing for you, a way of keeping yourself humble. When you deeply appreciate and look forward to people criticizing you, you are free! - Byron Katie Regular yoga practice helps us to keep a calm state of mind. This helps us remember it is your actions that are being criticized, not us. It can help us to react better. When you react better and stay positive, you show others a healthier way of dealing with criticism. Learn from the Criticism. Actually, try to grow and improve. That is the gift.

See you on the mat! ~ Dorothy Dorothy teaches yoga classes, pranayama, meditation & retreats locally & worldwide. Visit or phone 250-537-7675

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Issues starring the most awesome John Bateman

Salt Spring is known for many things: Hippies, coffee shops, beautiful scenery, stunning healing disciplines, thrilling entitlement, spectacular hypocrisy. I could go on, but thankfully I won’t. However, I would like to add one more item to the list: Breathtaking housing crisis. Wait! Don’t stop reading, roll your eyes, take a deep breath and quietly exhale the word, “Booooooring.” Sure, I could go on about low wages, Airbnb, the Islands Trust, cost of living, property taxes, nimbyism and the threat of Cougar attacks, but I won’t. Although I don’t have the perfect solution to fix said crisis, I do, as always, have some ideas that may help. As with most dysfunctional situations, one of the key issues is communication or lack thereof. With better communication, I think Salt Spring could have avoided many sticky situations. A good example of this was when The Tree House was forced to stop serving alcoholic beverages on the footpath/ emergency landing strip. With a little clearer communication, it wouldn’t have taken so many years to resolve the situation. I know this example was hypothetical and dripping with sarcasm, but it helps illustrate my point.

I have again digressed and will reset my sights on accommodation and communication. The problem isn’t communicating trivialities like rent, damage deposits and hot tub privileges. The real communication problem slowly became evident to me after reading numerous classified ads listed by would-be renters. There is a sect of people who arrive on the island, make assumptions about the culture of the island, then decide they want to live on the island. I have no problem with people wanting to move here. I have a big problem with the way they decide to represent themselves while looking for accommodation.

The following is a fictitious example: One fine spring, Dave and Susan from Calgary decide they want to live on Salt Spring. At this point, they should post classified listing something like this: “Couple looking for accommodation. References available upon request.”

But guess what? They don’t do this. Instead, they spend a Saturday at the market. I don’t know if they are on a patchouli high or drunk on pot-stickers, but for some reason, they go back to their illegal B&B and write this: “Dear blessed soul spirits of this Enchanted Isle

Our collective name is DaSan. We were set afloat by our spirit warriors and have been gently placed into your Island womb. We have few possessions other than our two cats who have become our animal partners. We are looking for a nurturing, wholesome nest to re-begin our sacred journey. Although we don’t believe in what you call “work”, we are happy to offer services in exchange for cocooning in your precious world.

DaSan can needlepoint, chop firewood, love unconditionally, send nurturing vibrations to your garden and weed-wack. If you are a kind, loving soul who believes in breathing together with the vibrations of Gaia, simply think of us and we will manifest to your place. We also use text, Snapchat and Instagram.” Now if you’ll excuse me, after writing that, I feel the need for a good smudge.

March 16, 2019 ArtSpring Theatre A male stripper parody and improv comedy show The award winning improv comedians are back with a new show, more moves and even quicker wits. A SHOW FOR ALL GENDERS - 19+ ONLY WARNING! No extreme nudity, just extreme hilarity. A fictitious male stripper troupe (played by a cast of some of Canada’s best improvisational comedians) performs a sexylarious improv comedy show. These guys try to be sexy… it just comes out funny. Constantly grooving and gyrating in between scenes they banter with the crowd and perform their hilarious twist on improv sketches. They sing, they “dance”. These guys are oiled up and ready to make you laugh. Semi undressed and completely unscripted, The Comic Strippers take off their shirts and take on your suggestions to create a whole new genre of comedy. Winner of 'BEST LIVE PRODUCTION' at The Canadian Comedy Awards 2016 “Extremely Funny!” - UK Fringe Review “The show is suitable for both men and women… entertaining ride where anything goes.” – Rip It Up Magazine "One of the most hilarious shows I've ever seen." - Vancouver Sun

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SPEAKER LINE-UP We are pleased to present 3 guest experts on “The Sustainable Home & Garden”. All presentations are 60 minutes with Q&A and will be at the Farmers' Institute, Upper Meeting Area. All presentations are free of charge.

Saturday, March 16th Building Envelope Energy Efficiency and the Science of Vastu Shaughn Jenson, Samya Home Contracting & Design Home Owners Interested in Grid-tied Solar with Emphasis on Back-Up Power Options with Batteries and Generators Jeff Chamberland, Bearfoot Renewables

Sunday, March 17th Presented by Mouat’s Trading! March 16th and 17th - what a great weekend to be on Salt Spring Island as we host the Salt Spring Home & Garden Show. If you are a fan of HGTV, you will want to be at this great event showcasing local designers, landscapers, construction and trades professionals, along with service and recreation providers.

Potable & non-potable rainwater collection systems. How to size your system for household use & emergency use based on future climate forecasts Matt Nowell, Rainwater Connection Small Off-Grid Systems for Tiny Homes, Cabins and Boats Jeff Chamberland, Bearfoot Renewables


Saturday, March 16th, 9am-4pm & Sunday, March 17th, 10am-3pm

You are invited to a Salt Spring Home & Garden Show Welcome Reception and cash bar pre-show gathering. There will be a fun, festive atmosphere with music and free food. Meet with the local trades, construction, home services, landscape companies and home décor vendors and mingle with fellow attendees. The Welcome Reception is sponsored by Windsor Plywood.

Join us at the Salt Spring Home & Garden Show and meet with up to 40 vendors who will be showcasing local design expertise, construction services and advice, garden care, water collection and conservation, creative décor and design ideas and special home services that you did not realize were offered on Salt Spring! Invite family and friends who are new to the island or are considering moving here so they know about all of the amazing talent.

Friday Evening, March 15th, 5pm-8pm


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