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UNPACKED by Aly Coy - Book Launch Tuesday, June 11th at the Public Library 6-8pm

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Scopes Brought to you by our own in-house astrologer who now goes by her numerologically correct name of “Ya Righta.”

^ Aries:

d Libra:

_ Taurus:

e Scorpio:

We hear you feel you've been harshly treated in past issues, please feel free to contact us so we can tell you how we really feel. I do not think this horoscope means what you think it means.

` Gemini:

A heart wrenching and hilarious tell-all-tale of a young Torontonian turned off-grid survivalist. Unpacked: a memoir of checked baggage (320 pgs, $25 CAD) is set to release on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and worldwide June 11th, 2019. Aly Coy is a herbalist, small business owner of Barefoot Daughter: botanical body care, and author of her debut memoir, unpacked. She has three European travel guides published on, and over a dozen articles published in The Dalhousie Gazette. She studied English Literature at Dalhousie University, True to Life: Writing Your Own Story at Ryerson University, and at the Creative Writing School at Humber College. About UNPACKED... With nothing but her backpack and an open-ended ticket, Torontonian Aly Coy spends five years travelling Western Europe. She is faced with a decision: to stay in a tumultuous relationship homesteading in The Spanish Pyrenees, or go back to a life she had given up as a young professional in Toronto. She attempts to live off-the-grid but finds herself planning an escape from an emotionally and verbally abusive partner. The reader travels in time and space where Aly has little-to-no money, works in tourism, learns how to garden, lives on a commune, dumpster dives, discovers herbal medicine, and falls for all the wrong men and women. In her heartfelt travel memoir, unpacked, Aly Coy goes into raw detail about her sexually charged, sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, life abroad. "I work through trauma by writing and sharing stories with others who have similar experiences," Aly Coy says. "I was lost, looking for a different way of life and my partner Josef seemed to have all the answers...There are many dark moments in the book but I also found humour in it all." Buy the paperback or e-book via Amazon, IngramSpark or inquire at your local independent book store. Join Aly Coy at the Salt Spring Public Library on June 11th 6-8pm to launch unpacked.

Most of what you do may be questioned this week - however, you will fly through those questions with ease and be praised for your participation.

Six is your magic number, but you may find that one is enough for you today.

f Sagittarius: A trip to the doctors might be necessary later next week. Stay off your sisters scooter, just because Leo can do it doesn’t mean you can.

g Capricorn:

a Cancer:

You are a complete fraud - the sooner you accept it, the better.

b Leo:

If you want to ride your sisters scooter, then by all means do it, just be sure to wear a helmet...

c virgo:

Today might be tiring, but you will sleep easy this evening once you have finished counting ALL the sheep on Salt Spring.

Don't trust anyone today. Stay inside all day. Don't trust this horoscope either. Just don't - okay?

Itching may be a sign of bad things to come. Or maybe it’s good things. Buy the lotto ticket just in case one of these things is true.

h Aquarius:

Everything I have taught will be forgotten in a crazy moment of rash behaviour.

i Pisces:

Can you be held responsible for everything you *don't* do? Who knows.


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Price is Right PRODUCT REVIEWS by: Genevieve Price Sponsored by

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream This product is not only high quality but is striving to be an Eco leader in the industry boasting No SLS, No SLES, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Animal Derivatives, No Harsh Detergents, No Propylene Glycol, No Artificial Colours, No Triethanolamine, No Mineral Oils, No EDTA, No Parabens, 100% Vegan & 100% Carbon Neutral. It applies well, and a little goes a long way. I have been pairing this product with the Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum and have noticed a visible difference in my skin, the two products have been amazing. Upon waking my skin is still holding moisture without being greasy. I can't say this product will work the same for everyone (if you have oily skin it may cause problems as it is heavy), but I LOVE it and will continue to use both these products. I have NOT had any breakouts as a result of its use but it is definitely too heavy to use during the day. I have not experienced any allergies but with that said due to the number of natural ingredients a patch test is highly recommended.

Gulf Island Secondary School’s 2nd Story Theatre Acting 11/12 second semester final production

Argonautika The voyage of Jason and the Argonauts By: Mary Zimmerman Fulford Community Hall June 6th and 7th at 7:30pm Tickets are $10 available through the cast (or email Mr Donaldson at A classic Greek sea voyage with a twist! Join Jason and his crew of Argonauts as they encounter Gods, fantastic creatures and much more on their daunting first voyage of the world to bring back the Golden Fleece. Set sail for the thrilling Greek classic Argonautika with failure, adventure tragic love and MURDER!

The Salish Sea Inter island Transportation Society (SSITS) is pleased to confirm the dates for this seasons “Tour Des Iles” will be Friday June 21st. Through Sunday June 23rd. The Tour Des Iles or Island Tour is an inter island festival utilizing a small craft inter island ferry service between the five principle Southern Gulf Islands. Now in it's fith year the Tour Des Iles Festival has the long term goal of demonstrating the viability of an inter island passenger only ferry service. The Festival will also be providing additional service between Sidney on Vancouver Island and the main transportation hub on Pender Island. Through this central hub passengers can travel from Salt Spring Island through Pender and on to Mayne, Galiano and Saturna. Each Island will be holding special events and additional transportation services will be offered to allow passengers to experience all the Southern Gulf Islands has to offer. Here on Salt Spring Island there will be a series of music provided at the Centennial Park Gazebo on Saturday June 22nd.featuring bands and musicians from all five islands. Platinum sponsor Country Grocer has agreed to make their own shuttle van available to coordinate with passenger arrivals from the outer islands wishing to get to Upper Ganges. For more detailed information including schedules and an online reservations system please view

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E F I V E

For Everyone

with Salt Spring Island teacher Dorothy Price



Assumption: a thing that is accepted as true or is certain to happen, without proof. In this month’s article I will focus on negative assumptions. Studies show that if you assume you will not: win the race; get the job; find a mate; lead a happy life etc., your chances for success decrease. Why? If you hold negative assumptions around success, you could lose your drive to do your best, you won’t “shine” and you will lose your confidence. This will affect how people react to you. Ultimately you could become depressed or angry. Negative assumptions stem from negative self-talk. That internal babble that goes on-and-on about how incapable, unattractive, unworthy, unintelligent, etc. we are. For a week, observe your tendency towards negative assumptions. Even write them down for more clarity. Below, are some examples, plus some thoughts, on how you could question them. • “I am not good enough to get that job.” How do you know for sure? • “I am not attractive or interesting enough to find a partner.” What if this assumption didn’t exist at all in your life – who would you then be? • “I am too old to enjoy sports or go dancing or find new friends.” Is this really what you think you want in the future? Where did this assumption come from? • “They will never accept me” or “They won’t love me if I fail” What facts do you have to prove this assumption is true? • “My partner has been very quiet lately. She/He must be unhappy in this relationship with me.” How do you know that? What is a more realistic way of seeing this? Negative assumptions like these could drastically affect your life and your relationship with others. They could even change the course of your life. Don’t let them become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Question them with: What facts do I have to prove this assumption is true? Is this really my own opinion, or did someone else teach it to me and I didn’t question it? Can I at least be in a place of neutrality and uncertainty, rather than negativity, and be okay with it? How would it make you feel if you reworded the negative assumption into a positive assumption, or allow yourself to be in a place of neutrality and uncertainty? It is likely you will stay more positive and energetic about your goals and your life in general, you won’t lose your drive to do your best and you won’t be as likely to lose your confidence. Others will notice this and react differently to you. Assumptions are thoughts. We are not our thoughts but our thoughts make us into the people that we are in the world. Our thoughts have more power than you realize. Use them wisely!

See you on the mat! ~ Dorothy Dorothy teaches yoga classes, pranayama, meditation & retreats locally & worldwide. Visit or phone 250-537-7675

Jose Sanchez’s Cuban Party Band together with Swing Shift Big Band featuring Miguelito Valdes Presents:

Even with the sun shining bright, it’ll be time to “shiver me timbers!” in Centennial Park this summer. This year’s edition of exitStageLeft Productions’ Shakespeare in the Park will add a pirate theme to The Comedy of Errors, the Bard’s classic tale of mistaken identity. Director Jeffrey Renn—who has previously directed As You Like It set in the Summer of Love and a gender-swapped version of Taming of the Shrew set in the Old West—says the pirate twist will help make what’s already a hilarious play even more resonant. “The Comedy of Errors is, first and foremost, a farce,” says Renn. “To make farce work, there has to always be an element of danger, so that the audience finds relief in laughter.” A pirate setting not only provides that danger but, according to Renn, makes the characters and themes more accessible to modern audiences who don’t have the same frames of reference as an Elizabethan audience would have had. “That, to me, is the greatest compliment,” says Renn. “When somebody who would never see Shakespeare otherwise—because they’ve had bad teaching at some point that never made Shakespeare clear to them— comes and understands what Shakespeare’s actually saying.” So, what kind of reaction is Renn hoping for from the audience? “That they’re thoroughly entertained, that they’ve laughed until they’ve cried, and that they’re in awe and surprised at just how talented a group of people we have on this island to be able to do this just for the love of it.” He’s also hoping that, in between the howls of laughter, the audience will get to mull over some of the deeper themes that Shakespeare has embedded in the play. “How have we restricted ourselves through the stories we tell? And how does that get in the way of us around family? The play is really about a lost and broken family that searches for itself and comes back together in the end.” The show runs in Centennial Park in the heart of Ganges, with evening shows (7 p.m.) on June 28-29 and July 4-6, plus a 2 p.m. matinee on July 7. Tickets ($20 for adults, $15 for youth) are available at Salt Spring Books, and audience members are invited to bring a picnic dinner, blankets and chairs. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.

e r i F n i t a L Saturday June 15th, 7:30pm, 2019 Fulford Hall Many Saltspringers are familiar with both Saltspring’s 17 piece big band, Swing Shft, and Jose Sanchez’s Cuban Party Band, as both groups have played at nearly every performance venue on Saltspring over the last 2 decades. Just imagine the musical energy created by combining these two exciting groups! For the upcoming Latin Fire event each band will do a set by themselves with added guests. Then the two bands will be combined for a Latin extravaganza with over 20 musicians and vocalists. Patrons will hear music from all over Latin America; they’ll hear samba, rumba, salsa, bolero, bossa nova, mambo; they’ll hear old and new big band arrangements, vocal and instrumental features and small ensemble stuff. There may even be a few non-Latin musical surprises thrown in. Trumpeter, conga player and vocalist, Miguelito Valdes, has played with some of the best Latin and jazz musicians in the world. He played regularly with the Buena Vista Social Club, Isaac Delgado and others. For many years he played at Havana’s famous Tropicana. His current “day gig” is playing with the Naden Military Band in Victoria. Both Jose and Miguelito studied at Amadeo Roldan Conservatory. Jose went on to play with some of Cuba’s most famous bands such as Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, Amaury Perez, and others. Jose currently tours with Grammy and Juno award winning Alex Cuba. Swing Shift’s music director, Derrick Milton, has always had a love of Latin music and has dreamed of doing a Latin night with Swing Shift for years. This year, Derrick invited his friend Jose to come and work with Swing Shift and play a couple of gigs with the band. Jose’s presence in the rhythm section took Swing Shift to a whole new level of performance. After Swing Shift’s Osborne Bay Pub gig with Jose, Derrick decided it was time to do something bigger and the idea for Latin Fire was born. Jose was enthusiastically on board. Derrick’s previous Swing Shift collaborations have been great fun. Saltspringers may remember Swing Shift performing with Bill Henderson, the Salt Spring Singers, Tara MacLean, Saltspring’s Andrews Sisters, or they may remember last year’s Valdy Goes Big Band. Latin Fire will be the “don’t miss it event” of the season - something the whole family can enjoy - great music, dancing, food, drink and community fun. Tickets are $20, and $10 for students, soon available at Mondo Trading.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E S E V E N

Presenting a Free Summer Outdoor Concert Series Tuesday Concert Dates: June 18, July 2, 16, 30, August 13 and 27 The Salt Spring Arts Council, working in partnership with the Salt Spring Tuesday Farmers Market, is thrilled to present the Summer Outdoor Concert Series, beginning June 18. Six Tuesday evening concerts will feature a variety of musical touring bands, with an opening performance by a local act. The concerts take place in Centennial Park and audiences are encouraged to bring a blanket and picnic dinner – or pick up something fresh in town - and enjoy the free evening performances. On Tuesday, June 18, the Outdoor Concert Series launches with The High Quadra Ramblers. Together, Mack Shields (fiddle, vocals) and Kaitlin Chamberlin (banjo, vocals and step dancing) are a powerhouse duo intent on keeping the magic of traditional music alive. Their approach is ambitious: interpreting appalachian oldtime, translating traditional celtic into clawhammer banjo rhythms all the while taking inspiration from cajun, métis and classical tunes. Their compositions range from high energy instrumentals to beautiful lyrical folk songs. Future acts will be announced in early June. Check our website for details:



Teen Art Camp for ages 12-16 July 22 - 26 - 11 - 3pm $180 Location - the Art Tent behind Mahon Hall - 12 spaces are available A week of creative focus for teens with Cam Novak, our experienced and dynamic art instructor. This camp is designed to engage teens in discovering and fine tuning their creative visions. Various mediums will be available to choose from as they form and develop a finished piece by the end of the week. Introductions to various contemporary and graffiti artists will offer inspiration and help with their creative direction. Cam is great at building a collaborative environment where all forms of creating can thrive. Finished work may become part of the Easter Art Show Youth Exhibit 2020, or if they choose (and are 13yrs. within the calendar year) youth may submit their work to the SSNAP Youth exhibit. To register event/teen-art-camp Bursaries are available - https:// Deadline is June 28th.

The SSNAP Youth juried exhibit will be exhibited at the Salt Spring Gallery from Oct 4-23, parallel to the Salt Spring National Art Prize, which will be in Mahon Hall exhibit Sept. 23 - Oct.22, 2019 Entry details, For more info, or 250-538-8447

This year Artcraft's official opening reception is the same as the first Artist Showcase. June 7 to June 26 The Group of Six- Forms in Nature 6 photographers exploring forms in nature. Part of the Salt Spring Festival of photography. Opening June 7, 6-8pm Artist talk Sunday June 23rd 2pm June 28-July 24 Barbra Edwards and Carol Dodd. Abstracted study of nature in paint and basketry. Opening June 28, 6-8pm July26-August 21st Josi Fletcher- New paintings Opening July 26, 6-8 pm August 23rd- September 15th The Weavers and Spinners Guild- Seasons in Colour. A collection of new textile hangings inspired by the colours of the seasons. Opening August 23rd 6-8pm


Headlines announcing biodiversity collapse and climate catastrophe can feel paralyzing. Even the most committed environmentalists may not know where to turn for solid information on the kinds of innovative — and dramatic — lifestyle changes that experts say will be need to weather the coming changes. But there is some good news! Salt Spring Island is home to many creative thinkers who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and preparing themselves for an uncertain future. And you are invited to talk to them about how they’re doing it! Salt Spring’s Eco Living and Home Tour is an opportunity to see what some islanders are doing, and what they’re doing is sometimes surprising, incredibly inspiring, and often outright brilliant. That makes Salt Spring the ideal place for the Eco Living and Home Tour. Held on Sunday, July 28, from 10am to 4pm, the self-guided tour allows visitors to explore various Salt Spring locations and see some of BC’s most innovative examples of people transforming their ecological footprint and creating sustainable, beautiful homes and a healthier community. They’ll encounter off-grid living, tiny homes, container homes, eco building and architecture, renewable technologies, sustainable garden design, electric vehicles and transportation alternatives, and other planet-friendly ways of living. Off-island visitors will get a feel for Salt Spring's unique “boutique gumboot” style, emblematic of Gulf Islands culture. According to Barbara Dempster, a Salt spring eco-home tour host, “The Eco Living and Home Tour showcases multiple ways, both large and small, that homeowners have chosen to lower their carbon footprint while still living comfortably.” “The Eco Living and Home Tour is one of the least expensive ways to get some great ideas about greening your house, reducing your carbon footprint, or downsizing,” says Andrew Haigh, founding member of the tour’s organizing committee, whose off-the-grid home has been showcased on the tour. Haigh knows the trials, and joys, of building with the dual considerations of a tight family budget and a minimal carbon footprint: ten years from inception, he’s reaping the rewards of energy self-sufficiency with no monthly hydro bills and landscaping irrigated entirely from household water recycling. Now in its seventh year, the tour is hosted by Transition Salt Spring, a local group that is a community-led response to global climate change and that has been helping islanders reduce their ecological footprints for over twenty years. Early bird tickets for the Eco Living and Home Tour are available for $20 until July 1st. Tickets are at and will also be sold at Salt Spring Books. After July 1st, tickets are $25.

Cut Broom In Bloom Drop off your cut broom, gorse, or other invasive plants for a small donation at the south end Fire Hall on Sunday, June 2, between the 10 AM and 4 PM. Sponsored by the Salt Spring Conservancy and the Fire Department. For more information, call 250-537-0880.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E T E N

The Green Isle Enterprise Holistic Psychology, Health, Education

With Ralph D. Miller, Ph.D.

"Dr. Miller has been a psychologist and, family counselor in the Gulf Islands since the mid-'70's, and taught Holistic Psychology in our high school, as well as a few semesters for Camosun and OLUBC."

Rishikesh Market Adventures One evening while squeezing through the crowded Rishikesh veggie market chaos, trying to catch up to Kathryn before she disappeared in the mish-mash of shoppers and stalls, I lightly brushed by a cute little ol’ sadhu asking for a donation. I felt a little sorry about it later that night. But not to worry; the next day I got a chance to redeem myself. As we were again maneuvering through the veggie stalls getting our daily provisions, I felt a gentle tap on my arm. I turned and there he was again, innocently looking up at me with wide gentle eyes. “‘allo,” he said, reminding me, “Baba, tomorrow you did not give me any rupees.” What could I say? —can't argue with that. Anyway, he had me at “‘allo.” So I forked over a 20 rupee note (double my typical donation) for my past (and future?) sins. And he was right! I did not see him the next day and, therefore, did not give him any rupees. Whoa, are those little ol' yogi babas prescient or what, eh? At a nice little restaurant offering Curly Flower and Pouched Eggs on the menu, a sign was posted on the wall: “Please don’t pour tea or coffee on the floor.” Wanting to conform to local custom (“When in Rome..., etc.”) I tried real hard not to give in to temptation, but I couldn’t help thinking: Why would they post such a sign? Some folks must find pouring coffee and/or tea on the floor to be very rewarding (i.e., increasing positive feelings and/or decreasing negative ones). What am I missing out on? What do they know that I don’t know? Hmmmm, I thought, isn’t this a bit like telling kids at a daycare center not to put beans in their ears, meanwhile leaving dried beans laying around on the tables all day? Or like God: After 6 days of hard work creating everything Perfectly (of course), including all the bugs, slugs, animals, Adam and Eve, etc., He announced, “It’s All Good!” Then He tells the First Couple of The Garden, “It’s all here for you, but don’t eat the fruit of that tree over there, that Tree of Judgment of Good and/ or Evil.” Next, He heads out of town for a well-earned break; a Day of Rest. And we all know and experience what happened next—ouch, eh? My, how I do digress. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, I doubled down on my iron willpower and resisted temptation (having seen/lived the human consequences of Adam’s and Eve’s Original Error here in this virtual reality world of Samsara). I managed to spill only a little chai on my kurta. Later I was asked if I was the actor who played in Lord of the Rings. I, of course, modestly denied it (preferring a quiet simple life over fame, fortune, etc.). I like to think they were referring to Gandalf, rather than Gollum. For additional information:

Salt Spring Has

Issues starring the most awesome John Bateman

One of the things I get asked the most while drifting around Salt Spring is, “Hey John. What’s in a name?” My usual answer is, “A name is comprised of a series of letters and sometimes numbers which are strung together in such a way that when spoken together they form a word. This word is then attached to a person, place or thing and becomes a name.” If that doesn’t make the person leave, then I’m stuck actually talking to them. As I’ve written before, names mean a lot on Salt Spring. The island is truly crowded with names that have varying degrees of logic. The example that comes to everyone’s mind first is, of course, Southy Point, which is located on the very northern point of the island. While this name may seem illogical from an Islander’s point of view, it makes more sense when you consider that Southy Point was given its name when Captain Vancouver first spotted it from the north. This isn’t remotely true, but you can see that it’s all about perspective.

When it comes to perspective about names, Salt Spring has a spotty record. This is best exemplified by the inordinate number of island children who are named after wizards. Salt Spring is perhaps the only place on earth where dogs are given more traditional names than people. You are just as likely to run into a dog named Anthony or Matt as you are to run into a man named Sunstar. While taking my daily walk about the island, I often wonder how one gets a street named after them. Do you have to own all the land around the street? Do you have to pay for the street to be ploughed once a decade? Or do you simply just have to make enough appearances on that street, that the island will eventually start calling it after you? Was there a person named McPhillips who used to busk on that street for decades? Is Rainbow Road named after Palu Rainbow Song? I really hope it is.

Aside from streets and people, another important thing to take into consideration when assigning a name is that of a local business. Barb’s Buns is named after either a body part or a baked good. Beachside is named for its location right beside a beach. Sure, they could have named it “Burned out Boatside,” but it doesn’t quite have the same ring. If you are new to the business world on Salt Spring or if your present business isn’t as profitable as you are hoping, may I suggest the one way to unbridled, financial success? It’s simple: Put the name Salt Spring in your business name...anywhere. If your business is called, Lamb Chops, call it Salt Spring Lamb Chops. If your business is called The Islands Trust, call it The Salt Spring Islands Trust. Or if your book is called Issues, call it Salt Spring Has Issues. It works.

Mishka s ’

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E E L E V E N


Reviews with Mishka Campbell

The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai

Sometimes when a book flips back and forth between two storylines you end up with a favourite. You don’t mean to, but for whatever reason, you find yourself preferring a certain character, or thinking that one aspect is more compelling than the other, and you end up dragging yourself through the less favoured chapters, even if you enjoy the book as a whole. Honestly, I think the most remarkable thing about “The Great Believers”, is that as I read, I had no favourites. The author has created a novel that is so engaging that it transcends the auto-response and keeps the reader savouring every word of every part of this powerful book. The first chapter is set in Chicago, 1985, and takes place at the party/ celebration of life for Nico, a beloved friend to Yale, who is the central character of the chapters set in the Eighties. Part of a close knit group of gay men; Yale mourns the loss of Nico, a talented young artist, to the “virus”. Words have power and not everyone wanted to acknowledge that this was an epidemic. In the early days of the AIDS crisis, there was a lot of misinformation; there was a lot of prejudice; there was a lot of fear. As Yale copes with the pain and grief of increasingly larger numbers of friends dying, Nico’s younger sister Fiona becomes a constant in his life. Later dubbed Saint Fiona of Boystown, (unkindly, but no matter) she deals with the loss of her brother by immersing herself in allyship. She is an advocate, for example; becoming the power of attorney for dying men whose parents don’t understand or who are no longer a part of their lives; she marches with them, and she listens. The storyline set in 2015, is Fiona’s. She’s on her way to Paris to search for her missing daughter; a young woman who was last known to be in the clutches of a cult. Fiona’s relationship with her daughter has collapsed, primarily because of Fiona’s preoccupation with martyrdom, and the negative ways in which AIDS has affected her life. Towards the end, these two timelines converge in a tragically moving way. Enlightened by this explanation, you can better understand Fiona. To have lived through this crisis, was to have lived through a kind of war; forever scarred by the loss of these beautiful men.

Lisa Sigurgeirson Maxx, ECE

Nurturing, empowering & educating families for over 30 years *amma = grandmother in Icelandic

Dear singing amma We are expecting our second child and, the closer I get to my due date, the more I worry about how this new baby might be hard on my older child. How can I help him not feel replaced, or otherwise upset by this little brother or sister? Signed, Concerned Mom Dear Expecting Concerns This is such a great question to ask before the new baby comes as you can pave the way for a smoother transition by putting a few simple suggestions into play early, even beforehand. Depending on their age and temperament, new big brothers or sisters will react differently and at different times, some as soon as the new baby arrives others might not seem to have any reaction until some weeks or even months into the younger sibling’s life. Begin now creating some special, one-on-one time, with your child, once or twice a day, preferably. If possible, Dad should do this, too. Get these Mamaand-me/Dad-and-me times established now so that it will be something your child can depend on while they undergo the transition of the new life entering your world. Read some favourite books snuggled up on a comfy chair, make art together, kick a ball around the backyard, sing songs, or just have some silly, playful time. Ask grandparents, other family members and friends to be sure to dote on the big brother/sister when they come to call, first and even more than they dote on baby can be really helpful. If people wish to bring gifts for the new baby a new big brother/sister gift can be a nice idea, too. This big/little human just needs to know that they are still special, still loved and still wanted as a member of this family. Tell your older child stories about how you doted on them, how you couldn’t take your eyes off them for hours on end when they were born – your unwavering, loving gaze upon them as you do, of course. Knowing that the arrival of a new sibling can sometimes cause regression behaviours. If your older one slips on their toileting, or wants to nurse or have a bottle again, or whines or cries more than they have for a while, bring compassion to your game. Know that they are not doing it to make your life harder, they are simply having a bit of a challenge coping. Focus on connection instead of correction. If your first-born acts out by saying something to or about the new baby that seems unkind or hurtful, know that this is common and do your best to acknowledge the feelings behind the words instead of reacting to them. “I hate the new baby!” “Wow. That is a very big feeling I hear! Sometimes it can be hard getting used to being a big brother.” And zoom in for a bear hug. Trust the foundation of love and belonging that you’ve established with your firstborn child. And know it will see you through. Send your parenting questions to: or Visit:

GISS Music Presents:

The Weight

When: June 12 and 13, 7:30pm Where: ArtSpring Price: $15 for one night.

The show: GISS Music presents their year-end performance, a showcase of two nights of guitar, jazz combo, choir, senior composition students, GISPA Music students and a Last Waltz inspired mass finale. More than half of the programme will be original student compositions and arrangements. Featuring two separate programmes (with a couple of choice repeats on both nights) so why not come for both shows and get blown away by our incredible island talent!

Health with Hannah

Factors in Fertility There are a variety of reasons why some couples have difficulty getting pregnant. If you are dealing with infertility, the joys of pregnancy and childbirth can be transformed into stress and fear. A thorough investigation into the health of both partners is very important, because many of the issues causing infertility can be addressed. What is infertility, exactly? It is medically defined specifically as failure to conceive after 12 months of frequent intercourse without contraception, if the female is less than 35. If she is older than 35 it is defined as failure to conceive after 6 months (instead of 12). Another important question is, who is having the fertility challenge? One or both partners? For a long time infertility was considered a women’s issue, but male fertility is becoming increasingly recognized as an issue that often goes unaddressed. It is ESSENTIAL for both partners to seek health support. Some considerations include: For a women’s body, to be fertile is a powerful indicator of health and wellbeing. It is an ultimate expression of health to be able to nurture and grow another being. If her ferritin is low, she has PCOS or endometriosis or other horomone imbalance, or she is highly stressed, she will have difficulty getting pregnant. Addressing one’s underlying health is essential to be able to grow a healthy babe. Males of course, play a different role. While they don’t house and nourish the growing child, they provide the sperm and the spark that fertilizes new life. Sperm are unique cells that develop quickly and are exquisitely sensitive to their environment. Many things can cause oxidative damage to sperm, from smoking to overuse of hot tubs to pharmaceutical drugs to environmental toxins. The WHO has actually changed their reference range for what they consider to be normal average sperm. It is not likely that “normal” sperm has changed, but rather that the men they test to create the reference range have on average declining sperm count, concentration, and quality, due to environmental and lifestyle factors. If improving your health overall doesn’t do it, there are options for procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and the newest, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). These are powerful and helpful technologies. Fertility challenges are an opportunity to ask: what needs to be addressed in terms of my health? In some ways this is a gift. It is an opportunity for both parents to address their health status overall, and a motivation to make profound changes in their lifestyle and diet that will serve them for the rest of their lives. If you and your partner are struggling with fertility, know that there is help! This article truly just scratches the surface. Join me for a free talk about fertility my clinic on Monday Jun 17th at 7:00pm (130 McPhillips Ave in Ganges). Or if you already know you are ready to start assessing and addressing your health and fertility, consider booking an appointment with myself or Dr. Andrew McParland. By Dr. Hannah Webb, ND 250-999-9371

The Chamber does what?? "What is the Chamber of Commerce?” “I didn’t know you were into politics…” “What’s it like working for government?” “You know what the Chamber of Commerce should do… [something unrelated]” These are some of the questions and Jessica Harkema, Executive Director of the comments I hear on a daily basis from Chamber of Commerce community members. Based on these comments, I find that there is a lot of misunderstanding around the Chamber, and its role within our community. Many believe the Chamber is some form of local government, even though it is not. When it comes down to it, the short version I tell people is: “The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization, overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, which works to foster a prosperous business environment and community on Salt Spring”. One of the most important parts of that statement is the Volunteer Board of Directors - All the actions and time the board members dedicate to the Chamber of Commerce is their own and put in the time to build a stronger, sustainable and booming community. I have to admit, until I was directly involved at the Chamber, I was also unaware of what the Board does. Now that I see firsthand the time, dedication and love they give our community, I believe that the Board deserves some recognition. Let me tell you a little bit of what I have seen happen at the Board level over the time I have been here. 1. Relentlessness when it comes to completing the Harbour Walk. The director actively working on this project expressed that the Harbour walk is nearing approval. 2. Putting pressure on local governments to provide an explanation as to why permitted and funded affordable housing projects are not yet underway. As a result, the Chamber has created a positive relationship with NSSWD and local Governments, and discovered the root of the problem comes from the funding model for Improvement Districts in Rural Communities – or lack thereof. 3. Creating the Experience the Southern Gulf Islands initiative and actively participating in the creation of the stakeholder driven Southern Gulf Islands Tourism Partnership – a Destination Marketing and Management Organization. 4. Dedicating countless hours of research, discussion and meetings to address some of the societal issues Salt Spring faces - Homelessness, vandalism and violence. Since December, board members have hosted approximately 10 meetings on this subject, one of which joined over 30 community members, representing various organizations to discuss how to move forward. 5. Advocating on behalf of businesses to local, regional and provincial governments. 6. Working to improve Ganges – the Ganges clean-up and beach clean-up projects are Board of Director initiatives. The work done by our volunteer Board does not stop here! The Chamber’s Board of Directors evolves each year at our Annual General Meeting when the Board of Directors is elected. With each new Board Member, the skill sets, experience, knowledge and therefore initiatives evolve. As we approach our AGM on June 12th, we are excited to see what our new Board of Directors brings.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E T H I R T E E N

Island Pathways Receives $18,500

On the evening of Wednesday, May 15, 100+ Women Who Care Salt Spring Island held its third meeting. Members nominated 18 local charities prior to this meeting. Three were randomly drawn during this meeting: Island Pathways, Salt Spring Arts Council, and Gulf Islands Families Together Society. After three compelling presentations about why each charity should receive the collected donations, members voted for Island Pathways as presented by Anna Pugh. It was the second time Anna presented, as the first time the members voted for another organization. Organizations are returned to the charity basket if they’re not chosen. Since its inaugural meeting in November, the group has grown from 129 to nearly 190 women, prompting a move from ArtSpring’s gallery space to the theatre. With each woman donating $100 per meeting, the sum totalled more than $18,500, raised in less than 45 minutes! Recipient charities are able to use 100% of these funds in ways that they need most, as long as the charity’s efforts benefit the community. After the meeting, Anna Pugh commented: “What a wonderful feeling to be able to phone Jean Gelwicks and give her the news that Island Pathways was the recipient! I believe she—and I—were stunned at the generosity and support shown by 100 Women towards this organization. We are truly grateful and look forward to coming back to 100 Women Salt Spring and being able to share the results of this incredible donation. The impact that a donation like this can have feels very significant. I am excited to rejoin the 100 Women in the fall. I feel that the presence of what is now 185 Women, all showing support for a chosen organization, feels like more than just the money, but also, as the name suggests, the caring that this community offers." Coreen Boucher, a member of the planning committee, said, “The level of engagement in this community is astounding. These meetings gather a high percentage of the passionate people involved at the community level, and we’re really starting to feel the fireworks. The pre-meeting social is abuzz with women networking and talking about the organizations they care about. The financial impact is growing. And our overall level of education about and appreciation for the work being done on Salt Spring by charities is deepening.” The concept is simple: 100+ women, one hour, $100 donation, equals $10,000+ of immediate impact for a local charity each meeting. Members nominate registered charities with a local impact. At each meeting, three charities are randomly chosen. If selected, the member who nominated the charity provides a 5-minute presentation on why they think that organization should receive the funds. After the three presentations, each member casts a secret ballot for her choice. The charity receiving the most votes is awarded all funds raised that evening. The next meeting date is to be announced. Please watch the organization’s website or Facebook for updates. The social begins at 6 pm and the meeting is from 7 to 8 pm. Members must nominate their charity at least 4 weeks in advance.

T H E F I S H B O W L - J U N E 2 0 1 9 • PA G E F O U R T E E N


SUMMER SHOW & SALE Patrick McCallum Title: ‘What’s Stopping You from Coming Home?’

ArtSpring Gallery, Saturday June 29, 10:00 am

Show opening reception, everyone welcome! Sunday, June 30, 2:00pm to 4:00pm Open daily: 10:00 am to 4:00pm until July 7th The SSI Painters’ Guild is happy to present its Annual Summer Art Show and Sale, its biggest event of the year. It will showcase many of the 100-plus talented artists in the guild. This eclectic mix of contemporary art is unique, local and affordable. Come to the Artspring Galleries and celebrate this fabulous show and take home a piece of SSI!!

The End of Ice

Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption Dahr Jamail Monday June 3, 7 pm - Meaden Hall 120 Blain Rd - (doors open at 6:30 Suggested donation $15

Dahr Jamail is an award-winning climate reporter and former war correspondent. As one of the few unembedded journalists during the war in Iraq, he won praise from writer/activists like Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein. Since then Dahr’s been reporting from the front lines of climate disruption, from the heights of Alaska’s Denali peaks to the windswept islands of the Bering Sea, from the Great Barrier Reef and Amazon rainforest to Florida’s flooding coastline. His new book, The End of Ice, is a passionate ode to the wonders of our endangered planet and to those who spend their lives trying to save it. Climbing and diving alongside leading researchers, Dahr finds beauty as well as devastation. Consulting with scientists, local inhabitants, and the natural world itself, he stands in full heartbroken relationship with each wounded place. His reporting is indispensable for understanding what lies ahead for the planet, and for ourselves. Just as indispensable is how he engages the crucial, existential question of our times — how do we bear witness and find meaning in the path of climate disruption? What, he asks, is the face of hope in a time of mass extinction? And activism in a time of global crisis? At a time when so many of us are stricken by grief, Dahr Jamail offers a path forward. As he writes, “Grief is something I move through, to territory on the other side. This means falling in love with Earth in a way I never thought possible. It also means opening to the innate intelligence of the heart. I am grieving and yet I have never felt more alive.” Dahr Jamail will read from The End of Ice, describe his journey, and engage in dialogue with the audience Monday June 3, 7 pm, at the Legion, Meaden Hall, 120 Blain Road. It’s an incredibly timely event and not to be missed. Doors open at 6:30.

Island Savings a Division of First West Credit Union is proud to present

A Farm to Table Event Wednesday June 12th $75 Benefiting our community. Back in January, still recovering from the windstorm of the century, this sentence was at the forefront of my thoughts. This 3 word sentence started the dream of doing some good for our island community. Thinking back to last year’s summer and fall seasons of farm to table dinners... of outdoor concerts with so many wonderful artists, both local and international stars. how could we do something like this, who exactly would benefit. Where could we host it. Who would be our musical stars. We needed initial support to make this a reality. Reaching out to J.P. Harrison, president of Genus Capital Investments for support, we received his positive response almost immediately The dream of doing some good became a real possibility. The where to host such an event was a no brainer. It had to be Bullock Lake Farm! Having attended numerous dinners and concerts there, we knew how perfect and personable it would be, and lucky for us, they agreed! With our venue booked, our date confirmed, Wednesday June 12th, we reached out to Patricia Reichart, president of The Root, an initiative of Salt Spring Farmland Trust, offering of proceeds raised from our farm to table dinner and concert hosted at Bullock Lake Farm to The Root. Benefiting our community is exactly what The Root is about! With the stars aligning, we asked Renée Layla, an emerging Salt Spring local singer and songwriter, if she would be interested in performing, knowing how much she loves Bullock Lake Farm, we crossed our fingers and asked. We were overjoyed when she agreed! Wanting to make our event even more entertaining, we approached the local acappella group, Tongue ‘n’ Cheek, and were ecstatic when they also agreed to perform! This 7 person choir was our topper! Plus, our very own Scott Howe is a member. It couldn’t be a better line up. Beautiful venue, amazing, classy style BBQ, gorgeous flowers (it is Bullock Lake Farm, of course there’s going to be the most gorgeous flowers!) not 1, but 2 incredibly talented musical sets. Oh, and dessert. There will be dessert! And door prizes! And folks, all money raised, it’s going to charity! Does it get much better; I don’t think so? Will this be benefiting our community, absolutely! Got to admit, we’re pretty excited! Hope to see you there! Siobhan McKenzie, Administrative Assistant from the office of Scott Howe, Senior Investment Advisor Star of the Sea Centre for Spiritual Living and Practice, at old St Mary’s Church opposite Fulford Hall, is a wonderfully sacred space. You can view June programmes under “events” on their website at The first, second, third and fourth Tuesdays of the month, from 7 to 8:30 pm, rotate between Chanting, Spiritual Discussion, Poetry and Silent Practice. The participatory chanting evening on Tuesday, June 4th will be facilitated by organist, pianist and choir director Don Conley and will include Gregorian chant in English and Latin. On Tuesday, June 11th the Spiritual Discussion evening’s topic is “Sages, Gurus, Saints.” On Tuesday, the 18th the Poetry evening will be facilitated by poet Eliad Shankar-Levy. And on Tuesday, the 25th, Star of the Sea begins a new programme of Silent Practice where you can pray, meditate, contemplate or walk in the graveyard. On Thursday, June 13th, from 1 to 3:30 pm the series “Deepening into Aging”, part 4, concludes with Spiritual Counsellor/Hospice worker JayaLynda Cole.

Salt Spring Cruisers presents: Canada Day

SHOW AND SHINE 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Participants gate opens at 8:00 am

Live entertainment featuring “WannaBeatles!” For more info Rainbow Road and Jackson Avenue

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