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Film My Design (FMD) 2019 All texts and images © 2019 fmd. First published in 2019 by: Film My Design Cairo, Egypt The editors and Film My Design gratefully acknowledge the participation and support of all the designers, filmmakers, individual and group contributorsļand entities who have contributed their time, words and images to the event catalogue. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical means without the prior permission in writing from the publisher. The publisher gratefully acknowledges permission granted them to reproduce the copyrighted material in this book. Every effort has been made to contact copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyrighted material. The publishers apologize for any errors or omissions in the above list and would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in any future reprints or editions of this catalogue. Edited by: Menatallah Helmy, Farah El-Rafei and Nada Ahmed Salem Designed by: Sarah Mossallam Printed in Cairo, Egypt This event guide was published for FMD 2019 event. February 15-16, 2019


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Section 1: About Film My Design (FMD)


About FMD


About The FMD Co-founders

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FMD Local Films


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There are many individuals and entities whose generous support was essential to the realization of the FMD 2019 event. Our sincere and special thanks go to Dr Amr Assaad, who made the most significant contribution in supporting us and the FMD initiative. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to Nedal Badr, whose continuous input and support were greatly valuable. Our greatest appreciation and thanks go to the FMD participating designers and filmmakers for their full dedication and collaboration in realizing their films. Sincerely, FMD Cofounders

FMD Contributors

Abdallah Abed Abdelaziz Elmeniawy Adel Sedky Ahmad Hammoud Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Hanafy Ahmed Harby Ahmed Hussien Ahmed Tahoun Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi Ally Eid Amena Tarek Lotfy Amr El Shair (Alexandria Hackerspace) Amr Orensa Amr Sabry Antonellla Dedini Bassem Hany Carol Khoury David Erian Ebtissam Farid Eman Elhoufy Farah El Masry Flat6Labs George Farid Haitham Ahmed Abd El-Gaar Hatem Tag Islam El Mashtooly Islam Galal Islam Ibrahim Karim Shaaban

Khaled ElAshry Khoshoua Elgohary KOSA Art Shop Lamees Shnuaif Mahmoud Elsayed Aly Mahmoud M M Riad Mahmoud Roshdy Mai Ali Awad MARAKEZ Marie-Therese Fam Marwa Hegazy Marwa Helmy Marwan Salama Maryem Ayman Mahmoud Samy May Hussein Ezzat Merna Medhat Milano Design Film Festival Mohamed Ashour Mohamed Dawod Mohamed Elshahed Mohamed Emam Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Zaghloul Mohammad Abdelkhalek Mostafa Khamis Mostafa Nafadi Mouaz Abouzaid Moustafa Khater Muhammad Taymour MusiQ 01

Mustafa Sakr Mustafa Sharara Nahla Ahmed Nayera Ibrahim Nayra El Berry Nelly El Sharkawy Noha Khaled NOLA Bakery Nouran Sherif Omar Abdel Latif Omar Hassan Omar Heraiz Omar Magdy Omar Nagati Omar Ossama Peter Magdy Roba Weheba Salma Mobarak Sarah Galal Shady Ahmed Silvia Robertazzi Tamer El-Sahhar Waled Lotfy Yamen Zakaria Yara Yassin Yasser Shafiey

FMD Advisors

Dr Amr Assaad

Nedal Badr

Amr Assaad’s multidisciplinary professional portfolio began with a PhD in economics and today lies in the business consulting and training space. Complemented by a plethora of research and journalism years, Dr. Amr nurtured his passion for the arts in a myriad of ways that enabled him to expand his ever growing ardor for the creative scene. He accomplishedÖ¨ªÐthrough creating paintings and video art directly, project managing art events (including film productions and festivals where he both exhibited and curated), and providing consulting and management support to art institutions throughout the Arab Region and in the West. Dr. Amr also founded Al-Nitaq Street Art Festival (1999-2001), the firstĠofĠitsĠkind in Egypt. Dr. Amr continues to teach and nurture post-graduate students’ passion for arts with the introduction of new product concepts, advertising, and more.

After living in 6 different countries, and being exposed to multiple and diverse cultures, Nedal Badr is a renowned name in the local design community. With his ability to incept new ideas, his passion for design has paved the way for more growth and innovation within the industry. His background lies in architecture, interior design, and product design, and ¨˜applies his immersive knowledge in his own studio, Design Zone. In addition, ¨e is a proud participant in multiple product design events, winning the Silver Award and Gold Award in Design + Industry 2012 & 2014. Nedal also experienced Milan il saloni 2013 with SFG and participated in Salon Satellite 2014. Today, Nedal prefers to enrich the industry through the medium of teaching interior design in multiple institutes around the city.


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Section 01 |


I. About FMD

Film My Design (FMD) is a Cairo-based annual event that aims to establish a strong community of Egyptian designers and filmmakers, who collaborate to produce Design-Film documentaries. These films document the process of each designer as they work their way through concept and production. FMD’s main objective is toª¼Ö˜£Ì„Ö˜designæªÖ¨ ¢ª·», creating a uniquely innovative way of expanding society’s exposureÖÁthe local design community. Additionally, FMD is dedicated to building an archive of Design-Film documentaries that capture the evolution and development of both creative fields in Egypt.



II.About the FMD Cofounders

FMD coĠfounders, Farah El-Rafei, Nada Ahmed Salem and Israa Mahmoud Ibrahim (Image: right to left), graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a design background. They became active in the UAE and Italian design scenes within the fields of Exhibition Management, Interior and Product Design. Film My Design was borne out of the trio’s collective desire to promote Egypt’s rich design and film communities.



Section 02 | FMD 2019 EVENT I. Local Films


Patterns from the Sun Director: Muhammad Taymour Participating Designer: Blue ++ Studio (Nayera Ibrahim and Noha Khaled) Year: 2019 Duration: 43’ Country: Egypt Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Following their true passion for nature, travel, and design, a dynamic duo decided to embark on a challenging journey to Sinai to document what may become their most unique lifeexperience. Noha & Nayera are two designers from Cairo who are developing a new cloth printing technique called Cyanotypeļ in which they use light„ÐtheªÌsource of inspiration, creating random, unexpected and unprecedented resultsÖÁ¢ÁÌ»their unique outfitÐ. Through these unique & natural printed patterns, the outfitÐ preservethe soul of Sinai and document a creative journey across the breathtaking Sinai trails. The film documentary approach is experimental, and the element of surprise forms a big challengingļ yet exciting part of the film.


Meet the Argineers Director: Abdallah Abed Participating Designer: Argineering Year: 2019 Duration: 15’ Country: Egypt Language: English with Arabic subtitles

Wanting to change the way people experience displays and exhibits, the Argineeringteam set out to create something that never existed before; a gadget that gives access to designers and artists to turn their displays and exhibits into interactive experiences. “Meet the Argineers” is a short documentary that follows the story behind two interactive displays that created memorable moments for people during the holiday season. With a philosophy that goes beyond just making things move, Argineering believeÐ in human interactions, bringing people together and helping designers bring their designÐ alive to people everywhere.


Section 02 | FMD 2019 EVENT I. Local Films

ENCODE Director: Khoshoua Elgohary Participating Designer: ENCODE Year: 2019 Duration: 22’ Country: Egypt Language: Arabic with English subtitles The film documentsÖ¨˜journey of 3 architects who co-founded the Alexandria-based design studio “ENCODE” in 2011 and have since challenged the conventional model of design production in Egypt. Offering their clients architectural, interior and product design services, ENCODE architects adopt different cutting-edge technologies and researchļ and merge education, practice and manufacturers together to create an international hub of design that can thrive in today’s economy. Its interdisciplinary team adopts computation, bespoke innovative design, and digital fabrication. The documentary emphasizes on the concept of design not only as a noun, or a synonym to ‘style', but rather a verb of production and problem-solving, an added value, and a holistic business process.


Sam Director: Mohamed Magdy Participating Designer: Sam Product Design Year: 2019 Duration: 23’40” Country: Egypt Language: Arabic with English subtitles The documentary revolves aroundinterior designer, Haitham Ahmed Abd El-Gaffar, whomanaged to overcome economic challenges following the 2011 revolution in Egypt by establishing his own studio “Sam Product Design”. His studio has become well known in the field of copper lighting design in the region. It wasn’t only his vision that helped him receive the Dubai Award Design in 2017, but also his love for his work and the products he createdļwhich were used in the famous Egyptian TV Series "‫"ﻓﻮق ﻣﺴﺘﻮى اﻟﺸﺒﻬﺎت‬, starring the famous Egyptian actress Yousra. Sam Product Design has also collaborated with the biggest design companies in Egypt, including Alchemy design studio, Alcazar Fine Woods, The Design Avenue and Dar Noman. The film documents and celebrates the journey of Sam Product Design and the process of designing some of its most exclusive products.


Section 02 | FMD 2019 EVENT I. Local Films

The Musical Architect: A RiadArchitecture Story Director: Rewind N’Play (Ally Eid and Peter Magdy) Participating Designer: RiadArchitecture Year: 2019 Duration: 30’ Country: Egypt Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Architect Mahmoud M M Riad always felt that music and architecture were related; all he needed was the research and creative experimentation to back up his ideas. Being a third generation architect, currently running the family firm “RiadArchitecture”, he is constantly eager to put his ideas to use in order to create a new vision of Egyptian Architecture and Urban Development. Filmmakers Ally Eid & Peter Magdy engage in a conversation with Riad to explore his family roots, why he left Egypt, and – more importantly – why he decided to return. What emerges is a journey of cultural re-discovery and self-awareness, seeking ÖÁ answer a question that still occupies Riad’s mind today: Can Ö¨˜music of a particular region become reflected in its architecture?




Object To Project. Giorgetti Design Since 1898 Director: Francesca Molteni Year: 2018 Duration: 32′ Country: Italy Language: Italian with English Subtitles

A journey through intelligent manufacturing and the renowned Brianza area, a symbol of the ability to make beautiful things that gain worldwide recognition. A story that began in 1898, in the family’s Meda workshop, and that today, with its 120 years of history, is being told to audiences in cities around the world. The re-reading of the past becomes the starting point for reflecting on the new factories and on present and future digital processes. Tradition and innovation, local area and projects, and challenges and transformations are intertwined in a narration constellated by interviews, which tell the many stories of the key players, both within and outside the world of the company. First and foremost, Carlo Giorgetti, grandson of founder Luigi, who gave the company a new direction by branching out into the States as early as the 1930s.


Section 02 | FMD 2019 EVENT II.MDFF Films

Hands On. Crafting Serenity in Design Director: Marco Sweering Year: 2017 Duration: 30′ Country: The Netherlands Language: Original language, English subtitles Throughout history, craftsmanship has been an essential part of our lives. Manifested in local products, techniques and practical knowledge, it also helped us stay grounded and connected. But now, in an era where mass-production has almost entirely replaced traditional skill sets, we start to realize what humanity is losing. This documentary examines the important role that handcrafts can play in contemporary design culture. We accompany designer Emmanuel Babled across Europe, looking at the many facets of this challenge. How can new technology and tradition be combined in a meaningful way? Can we create a relationship that is mutually beneficial for artisans and designers? Is it possible to make such methods of production sustainable on a social and ethical level? And if so, what is the path forward?


Design that Heals Director: Tatcher Bean Year: 2017 Duration: 23’53” Country: Haiti Language: English Dr. Jean-William Pape, Haitian infectious disease specialist and Director and Founder of Les Centres GHESKIO, has dedicated his career to combating diarrheal diseases that harm and kill Haiti’s poor. Dr. Pape worked with MASS Design Group to design a project that used the construction process to address the underlying structural and social conditions that allow cholera to thrive. This documentary tells the story Á¢how GHESKIO and MASS Design Group invested both in long-term infrastructure and the Haitian people to heal the community, after a large-scale earthquake devastated Haiti and its already weak public infrastructure, in 2010.

Silo 468 Director: Antti Seppänen Year: 2014 Duration: 37’ Country: Finland Language: Original lanuage with English subtitles Silo 468 captures the design and construction process of a permanent light installation in Helsinki, Finland that was built from an old silo and now serves as a community space. The silo, designed by Lighting Design Collective of Madrid and documented in the film, is the result of a competition held by the City of Helsinki in 2011. The contest reviewed submitted proposals for a permanent urban light art piece that would draw focus to the start of a major urban development within the city.


Section 02 | FMD 2019 EVENT III. Talks and Panel Discussions

My Visual Storytelling Journey Speaker: Karim Shaaban As a filmmaker, visual storytelling is about the decisions you make every step of the way to convey your message. This transcends the technical considerations of frame size and camera movement. Because while such tools are crucially important to the filmmaking process, a filmmaker needs to have an acute understanding of what they want their audience to see; how they want the audience to feel, react to and consider. Karim Shaaban takes us along his own journey as a filmmaker, showing us how he started in the business, what he has accomplished so farğand what he thinks is most distinguishing about filmmakers and their work. Karim also talks about the great value of experimentation, of self-learning and specialization. About the Speaker: Karim Shaaban is a Cairo-based filmmaker with a diverse array of skills and experiences under his belt. Starting his journey in 2006, he has gone from experimental short films to advertising, music videos, documentaries and short feature films. His most recent projects involve directing the Shell Rimula and the Shell Helix commercials. Shaaban approaches filmmaking with the unique purpose of narrating a story. As an accomplished director, he mainly regards himself to be a visual storyteller, who uses analytic observation and meticulous attention to detail to tell a story that is richly layered with symbolism and poignancy. Shaaban’s distinctive brand of filmmaking stems from his extensive experience across the various filmmaking departments, including editing, sound production, camera operations and more.


Designing For Mass Customization Speaker: Amr Orensa In response to the diversified needs of the market, companies are required to provide more user-oriented products and services than ever. In order to satisfy such needs, much attention has been paid to customization. Doing that on a big scale is called mass customization, which involves taking elements from our current production system and developing them in new and exciting ways. Amr talks to us about the value of modular design and how thinking modular is the best way to approach mass-customization. About the Speaker: Amr Orensa, a botanist by education, a passionate photographer, traveller, and an astute businessman, is the design manager at Pinocchio, one of the foremost furniture manufacturers in Egypt. The scope of his work covers designing Pinocchio’s annual furniture collections, coordinating the work of other designers in the company, offering design workshops and trainingsļas well as setting the design strategy for Pinocchio. In 2016, Amr started Designdustry as an initiative that aims at bringing furniture designers and manufacturers together to exchange knowledge and expertise and boost Egypt’s furniture industry. With an eye on Egyptian heritage and culture and a deep knowledge of the latest technologies inÖ¨˜furniture industry, Amr targets producing furniture that has local identity and global quality.

Filming Cairo Now! & Modernist Indignation Panelists: Ahmad Hammoud Ahmed Tahoun Mai Elwakil

Moderator: Mohamed Elshahed

Panelists will discuss the experience of filming short videos related to two design exhibitions curated by Mohamed ElshahedĻW¨˜Ð˜ ˜ë¨ªªÖªÁ¼Ð„̘Cairo Now! City Incomplete at the 2016 Dubai Design Week, documented by Medrar TV, and second·ì, Modernist Indignationļthe winning exhibit at the 2018 London Design Biennale, which included a short film by AhmedTahoun and Ahmad Hammou–ļand was also documented in a video by Medrar TV. The conversation will focus on the„ÊÊÌÁ„¨˜ÐÁ¢Ö¨˜媖˜Á£Ì„ʨ˜ÌÐ in documenting and participating in design exhibits, working with limited resources and Ö¨˜challenges of filming. 20

About the Moderator: Mohamed Elshahed was trained as an architect at the New Jersey Institute of Technology before joining the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Art and Architecture at MIT and completing his PhD at NYU's Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. His multidisciplinary scholarship and practice focus on the history of modernism in Egypt. As the “Modern Egypt” Project curator at the British Museum, he built a new collection of material culture from the past century in Egypt to be part of the museum's permanent collection. He is the curator of Egypt's medal winning pavilion "Modernist Indignation" at the 2018 London Design Biennale and “Cairo Now! City Incomplete” at the 2016 Dubai Design Week, featuring 65 Egyptian designers. Elshahed is the author of the forthcoming book Cairo Since 1900: An Architectural Guide, published by the American University in Cairo Press.

About the Speakers: Ahmad Hammoud is an independent graphic designer and art director. His main area of interest is visual culture with a specific focus on popular design and vernacular aesthetics. Hammoud has worked with multiple cultural entities such as Cairobserver. His work was featured in Cairo Now! City Incomplete Exhibition in Dubai Design Week 2016. His work was also featured in the two rounds of 100 Best Arabic Posters Competition. After graduating, Hammoud began applying his design thinking background in the advertising field. He worked at Kairo, a leading independent advertising agency, for a year as an art creative director. Ahmed Tahoun studied textile Engineering. Although unrelated to Visual media, he found himself drawn to photography, moving images, and inematography after graduation. Ahmed worked for many years as a inematographer, in varying projects like TV commercials and –ocumentaries, and in varying countries like Egypt, Germany, Brazil, France, and Lebanon. Tahoun has worked as a Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. His work can be described as a dynamic, fast-paced, and vivid portrayal of the youth’s sub-culture, with a heavy influence from music. He enjoys turning the streets into his own concrete playground. Ahmed is based in Cairo. Mai Elwakil is a writer, editor and video producer based in Cairo. She is the co-founder and former director of Medrar.TV, and currently works as the multimedia series editor at Mada Masr.


Finding Value in Video Content Panelists: Mustafa Sharara Omar Heraiz

Moderator: Nayra El Berry

Excuse My Content co-founders will be shedding light on their own experience as filmmakers and business owners from the very beginning of their journey till the present time. They will be sharing the story of their passion, and how they were able to bring the craft of film into the advertising scene in Egypt. The team will also talk about the ups & downs along this journey, how they deal with the daily inner-conflict of creating video content for value vs. money, how they design their creative process, and how they see the future of video content and filmmaking in Egypt. About the Speakers: Mustafa Sharara is a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Excuse My Content, a house of filmmaker creatives who bring the craft of filmmaking into the advertising world. Sharara’s work has been recognized by several local and international organizations like National GeographicļThe World Bank, MBC Group, Samsung Mobile, Huntgram, and El Bawaba. He was also featured on Cairo Scene’s list of “25 Under 25: Egypt's Youngest, Bravest, and Most Impactful Entrepreneurs of 2016”. As a naturally curious explorer, Sharara has a knack for photographing and sharing unique scenes of Egypt. He amassed a substantial following on Instagram and became an official featured user. Mustafa is a proud ambassador of the #thisisegypt campaign, and has had one of his photos featured in New York’s Times Square in 2016. Omar Heraiz is Co-Founder, Creative Director and Film Director at Excuse My Content; a video content production agency based in Cairo. In addition to his BA in Applied Media Design, he pursued careers in business development, project management, animation, branding & strategy, editing, and scriptwriting. Heraiz has been working professionally as a writer and filmmaker since 2012, creating films and advertising for individuals as well as brands like Danone, Nielsen, Unilever, P&G, UN Women, Rise Up, Wuzzuf and Hyde Park Developments. He took part in Social Media Day delivering a talk about branded online content, and conducted multiple workshops on creative process, filmmaking, and advertising in private and public events. Heraiz’s most recent work can be seen within the Excuse My Content portfolio.

About the Moderator: Nayra El Berry graduated with a Bachelor of Law from Ain Shams University in 2012. During her study years, Nayra got acquainted with the concept of Entrepreneurship and has since developed a vast interest in the field. As a result, Nayera decided to shift careers and join the NGO INJAZ Egypt, in order to empower youth and help them achieve economic success. Nayra handled the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department at INJAZ Egypt. She monitored the incubated teams’ trainings, helped them set milestones, and connected themæªÖ¨relevant networks. Recently, Nayra joined Good’s Mart, an INJAZ alumni that allows users to easily order home essentials and groceries to their doorstep. Nayera manages the startup’s business development through maintaining partnerships and focusing on strategic projects. 22

Design for a Cause Panelists: Yara Yassin Farah El Masry

Moderator: Nedal Badr

With a shared passion for design, sustainability, and giving back to the community, this panel discussion focuses on what it means to design thoughtfully, inclusively and sustainability. The panel discusses the means of having a socially-driven business, how to establish one, how to sustain one and how to make sure it grows. They also discuss some of the Egypt-specific challenges that face businesses of this nature and tackle different ways of overcoming them. Primarily, this pane·poses the question of how we can set the stage for socially-driven initiatives to flourish.

About the Speakers: Yara Yassin is a 28 year old product designer, who was born and raised in Cairo. Living in Cairo motivated Yara to study and work for social and environmental causes. In fact, her product design education allowed her to conceptualize Upfuse, a university project that Yara turned into a profitable business idea. Upfuse is a social enterprise producing bags and luggage made from upcycled plastic. Yara won first place at Womena competition, funded by the World Bank, and joined later as an Ambassador. As Ambassador, she represented MENA women entrepreneurs at the “We Rise” conference. In addition, Yara has been awarded by the UN Environment as a “Gender Pioneer” working to detoxify the future.

Farah El Masry is the Creative Director at The Doodle Factory, a lifestyle brand that uses underprivileged children’s drawings as the main source of prints for their everyday products. The proceeds are used to fund the health, educational and survival needs of these children. Farah has previously worked at Mashrou3 Kheir alongside her Co-Founder Yasmeen Khamis and started The Doodle Factory from there. She graduated with a BA in Philosophy from The American University in Cairo and just completed her post-graduate diploma in “Traditional Arts and Crafts” from the Jameel House of Traditional Arts. Art and Design have always been great passions for Farah. She understands the incredible impact that they both have on the lives of individuals, especially children.


Robabecciah the Informal City Speakers: Islam Mashtooly Mouaz Abouzaid Islam El Mashtooly and Mouaz Abouzaid curated the 2018 Egyptian National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia), along with Cristiano Luchetti. The Biennale’s theme was “Free Space”, and within that, the curators proposed, “Robabecciah”, a theme of redevelopment strategies for spontaneous commercial spaces across Egypt. Islam and Mouaz talk to us about their journey with the pavilion, taking us through their processes of conceptualization, design development, fabrication, and construction. To them, “Robabecciah” represents an important metaphor for the anthropological-urban condition of Egypt. It also exemplifies all the layers of the Egyptian society. Robabecciah is a proposal that aims to upgrade and govern large urban areas allowing a “free use” that contributes to a better living.

About the Speakers: Islam El Mashtooly is an architect, urban designer, and educator. Embracing a comprehensive and humane design philosophy, Mashtooly is committed to architecture that supports and enhances communities. Mashtooly has worked in a wide range of projects, and he has been awarded the 2015 “Middle East Young Architect” in Dubai, UAE. He also won the “Outstanding Individual of the Year” in ME Consultants’ Awards. Mashtooly was selected as one of the top 40 power list architects in the Middle East, retaining this position for four years in a row. Most recently, Mashtooly was announced as one of the curators for the Egyptian Pavilion’s Venice Biennale 2018 with a team of Dubai-based architects including Cristiano Luchetti and Mouaz Abouzaid.

Mouaz Abouzaid is an award winning architect with laser focus on simple, functional, contextual yet aesthetical design. Abouzaid is a Design Technology Manager. He is a proud winner of the MEAA Young Architect of the Year Awards of 2016. In 2018, Abouzaid was appointed as curator for the Egyptian National Pavilion La Biennale di Venezia. Moreover, Abozaid has retained his position in the top 50 most influential Architects in the Middle East for 3 consecutive years. For over 15 years, Abouzaid has been working at the top international firms in the Middle East. Equipped with a tremendous working experience, Abouzaid’s expertise covers multiple market sectors such as residential, commercial, cultural, hospitality and mixed-use.


Branding the City Panelists: Ahmed Hefnawy Nelly El Sharkawy Omar Abdel Latif

Moderator: Salma Mobarak

Cairopolitan was created through visual observations of Cairo’s contemporary life. Founded in 2006 and launched in 2017, the brand focuses on designing and manufacturing a series of products directly connected to Cairene everyday life, reminding us of all that is special about Cairo. The Cairpolitan team discuss the challenges of transforming a design idea into a final product.They talk about brand positioning and project sustainability from both design and business perspectives. The team discusses the difference between business and commercial art. They delve into the value of partnerships, the science of marketingļand the importance of defining your consumer and knowing how to reach them.

About the Speakers: Ahmed Hefnawy is a man of many talents. He is the founder of Cairopolitan, an ªllustrator, Êroduct/£raphic designer, Ðculptor and ollector. Born and raised in Cairo, he graduated from "ine rts in the year 2000. Soon after graduation, Hefnawy worked in the advertising field until 2017. During his later years in advertising, Hefnawy worked in Leo Burnett as a storyboard illustrator, art director, graphic designer and a creative. In 2006, the idea of founding Cairopolitan began to grow, combining his art & design background with his extensive experience in the professional sphere. Hefnawy took part in several group exhibitions over the years. Some of these include "The Mediterranean Triennial" , "Horreya” in Helsinki, Finland and Cairo, and "Inktober Exhibition, Medrar”. Nelly El Sharkawy is an architect and ballerina who started Photography in 2011 and began shooting conceptual self-portraits in 2012. Nelly participated in exhibitions all around Egypt, including SOMA Art School, ArtsMart, Darb1718, DCAF, Kasr el Fenoun, Photopia Photo Gallery at The Westown Hub’s Winter Festival, El Sawy Cultural Center and many others. Nelly wonCIB’s prize for the 25th Youth Salon and was nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2017. She isco-founder of the Cairo-based initiative, Mashrou' El Saada, which aimsto psychologically support people living in Egypt's neglected slums, by the use of color and design. Nelly joined Cairopolitan in 2017 and is currently a Partner, Manager and Creative Director. Omar Abdel Latif is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with high honors. Having minored in Business, he was selected to represent AUC in the Hult Prize Competition, a one million dollar competition aimed to solve some of the world’s key social challenges. With diverse working experiences ranging from Engineering, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Abdellatif landed in Uber in 2016. He is responsible for the exponential growth of Uber in Alexandria and the North Coast. Abdel Latif is currently working as Operation & Logistics manager at Uber, and is responsible for recruiting thousands of drivers in the MENA region. Omar is also a business partner in Cairopolitan, leading business development & setting marketing strategy. 25

About the Moderator: Salma Mobarak has extensive experience in the area of Cultural Mediation. Her field of research is Comparative Literature with expertise in the relationship between Literature and Cinema. Mobarak is a professor at the French Department of Cairo University’s Faculty of Arts. She is also co-founder of the “Cultural Development” diploma at Cairo University, as well as the “Cinema Critique” diploma at Ain Shams University. Employing her expertise, Mobarak authored two books entitled ‫ اﻟﺴﻴﻨام و اﻷدب ﰱ ﻣﻠﺘﻘﻰ اﻟﻄﺮق‬، ‫ اﻟﻨﺺ و اﻟﺼﻮرة‬published by the General Egyptian Book Organization and Débuts en comparaison. She is the founder and director of the “Amoun Researchers Network in Cinema and Literature”, and has founded the first Cinema Club at Cairo University’s Faculty of Arts.

The Art of Video Content Production Speaker: Hatem Tag Hatem Tag talks to us about how he started his journey with Qabila. He details how they grew from a small room with only 3 individuals to an established entertainment company with 50 artists, who develop creative content around the region. This content, now, ranges from tv series to animated cartoon shows with networks like Cartoon Network. In addition, Hatem also discusses Bare Entertainment’s creative and production process. He talks about how they choose, develop and execute their ideas into final products.

About the Speaker: Hatem Tag graduated from the Scenography department of Fine Arts- Helwan University in 2011. Tag founded Qabila Media Production in 2010. In the same year, he also founded and managed the Qabila Film Festival. Tag has directed a couple of short films and has executive produced more than 400 videos and shows, produced by Qabila and Bare Entertainment. Tag is currently the CEO of Bare Entertainment and Qabila Media Production.


Art and Culture as Urban Catalysts Speakers: Omar Nagati Eman Elhoufy As part of its ongoing theme of Art and Culture as Urban Catalysts, CLUSTER will present some of its current and previous projects that map creative initiatives, develop networking platforms and propose design interventions to promote inclusive public space. These projects focus on Cairo, but have also been extended to examine other cities in the MENA region, such as Amman, Beirut and Tunis. CLUSTER will also present a summary of its latest study entitled Creative Initiatives: Economic Impact on Downtown Cairo with the support of the British Council. This project critiques the conventional definition of “creative class”, while offering a more inclusive framework to measure the spillover effect of creative initiatives on informal economy and the urban settingĻ About the Speakers: Omar Nagati is a practicing architect and urban planner, and the co-founder of CLUSTER, an urban design and research platform in Downtown Cairo. He studied at UBC Vancouver and UC Berkeley, and adopts an interdisciplinary approach to urban history and design, focusing on empirical research and critical mapping of urban informality. Nagati teaches an Urban Design Studio at the MSA University in Giza and is currently a visiting professor at the University of Sheffield, UK. Nagati is co-author with Beth Stryker of Archiving the City in Flux (2013) and Street Vendors and the Contestation of Public Space (2017). He’s also co-editor of Learning from Cairo (2013), and Creative Cities: Reframing Downtown Cairo (2016).

Eman Elhoufy is the Programs and Business Development Manager at CLUSTER. She has undertaken different roles in a variety of social and cultural organizations in Cairo, including CLUSTER, Goethe Institut Kairo, and Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF). Elhoufy worked as a business analyst with the management centre UK (=mc), where she carried out assignments for the British Film Institute, Amber Associates Newcastle, and the WorldWide fund for Nature UK. Her responsibilities included producing analysis of organisational background and context, as well as ‘testing’ systems and supporter journeys to assess their effectiveness. Elhoufy has a Bachelor degree in Economics from The American University in Cairo (AUC).




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I. Local Contribution FMD 2019 Participating Designers

Argineering Argineering was established in 2017 by a group of passionate designers and engineers, who believe in creating art and designs that connect with people. They created RGKit, a gadget that allows artists and designers to turn their static displays into interactive spaces with a Ъ»Ê·˜„¼–easy process, that has both hardware and software, and requires no engineering skills or a single line of code. The device is also designed to connect with other devices, making it the ultimate partner for artists and designers of the growing digital age.

Blue ++ Studio Blue ++ Studio is coĠfounded by the dynamic duo Nayera Magdy & Noha KhaledĻW¨˜ì„̘Egyptian designers whose goal is to create exclusive clothingarticles through their unique fashion and artistic taste with an eye for patterns, colours, and eclectic combinations. The pair, who have a strong background in a myriad of fields such as interior andproduct design, digital art, and theatre, find their inspiration in traveling,¼„ÖÚ̘„¼–¼˜æ˜ëʘ̪˜¼˜Ðļ which is evidently reflected in their clothing pieces.


ENCODE Founded in Alexandria in 2011, ENCODE is an interdisciplinary team that adopts computation, bespoke innovative design, and digital fabrication. Offering their clients architectural, interior and product design services, ENCODE architects challenge conventional models of design production, adopting different cutting-edge technologies and researchļand merging education, practice and manufacturers together to create an international hub of design that can thrive in today’s economy.

RiadArchitecture RiadArchitecture, an 84-year old architecture firm in Egypt, has long been inspired by the country and its diverse and rich culture, and today has grown and thrived even morethanks to the third-generation architect of the family- Mahmoud Riad. After completing his masters in the University of Maryland and working three years in London with Zaha Hadid Architects, Mahmoud has found his passion in finding and creating „¼emotional, intangible essenceÖÁdesign and ìestablishing creative design processes.

Sam Product Design After discovering the opportunity„¼–demand in the Egyptian market for high-quality and exceptional sculpture and lighting products, Sam Product Design˜„»˜a hub to find uniquely created products that are inspired from textures, experiences, nature, travel and exclusive materials. Determined to encourage localtalent with internationally inspired pieces, Sam Product Design hopes to light the way for many more inspired designers, architects and clients with out-of-this-world pieces and projects.


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I. Local Contribution

FMD 2019 Participating Filmmakers

Mohamed Magdy Inspired by the works of local film directors including Amr Salama and Marwan Hamed, as well as international directors including Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan, Egyptian film creator and producer Mohamed Magdy is not afraid to push boundaries. With a degree of Mass Communication in Radio and Television, Mohamed takes pride in tackling important and taboo topics through capturing psychological and deep cultural aspects of his society and exposing them in a fresh, dynamic lens.

Muhammad Taymour Born in 1985, Muhammad Taymour is an Egyptian video artist & filmmaker who is heavily influenced by abstract, surreal & conceptual art. Starting photography at 22 years old, Muhammad’s interest gradually shifted to filmmaking & video art to express his creativity and thoughts in a more dynamic and eye-capturing way. As a director & video editor, Muhammad seeks to develop multiple creative approaches for telling stories and always strives to achieve perfection.


Abdallah Abed Believing that everyone has a story, Abdallah Abed can always be found with a camera in-hand. Since the age of 17, Abdallah has been exposedÖÁand influencedìthe wonderful world of media production. With a background in sound engineering, video editing and producing, Abdallah has a passion for creating and producing materials in all kindÐ of mediums such as online shows, radio shows, podcasts, videos and film.

Rewind N’ Play Rewind N’ Play is a film production house established by the duo Ally Eid & Peter Magdy. Believing that creativity through ¢ilm is a soul-healing exercise, Ally & Peter have been on a 3-year journey of making videos, music, and film projects together. The pair draw their passion and inspiration from the rich cultureÁ¢visual arts around them and combine their unique taste and talent to tell vivid and exceptional stories to their audiences.

Khoshoua Elgohary Khoshoua Elgoharyļæ¨Árecently graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Alexandria, has a great passion for videography and short films. Khoshoua particularly enjoys filming scenes with lighting and manipulation of light and draws her creativity and inspiration not only from the culture around her, but also from other foreign cultures.


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II. International Contribution

The Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF) World Tour The vision of the MDFF World Tour is to bring to the audience the world’s best design and architecture films. MDFF screens inspirational, educational and entertaining films and documentaries related to architecture, design, city, sustainability, art, fashionļand food from independent filmmakers around the world. The MDFF World Tour includes “Design in Film: The Italian Creativity”, a yearly format of titles dedicated to the Italian design culture and biopics, a selection of documentaries of varying lengths and styles covering topics such as stories of designers of the past and present and reports on great social themes spanning from urbanization to economic globalization and environmental issues. Its goal is to create a cultural connection between countries and to enrich their yearly MDFF Milanese event in October with titles emerged from this cultural bridge. The MDFF World Tour looks forward to bringing the world’s premier design films to Egypt’s creative community at the FMD 2019 event.


About the MDFF Curators

Antonella Dedini Ever since graduating from Milan Polytechnic, Antonella Dedini has been seeking out projects and teachings that excelled her abilities. Founding the very first Italian school for Interior Design in Milan, the Interior Design Institute, Antonella continued to teach and excel in passing down her knowledge, creativity and thirst for creative design until she founded MiCue Milano Design, and thus beginning the adventure of the MilanĂ Design Film Festival.

Silvia Robertazzi With a strong background in Art History, Silvia Robertazzi has partnered with Antonella in establishing MiCue Milano Design and co-founding the Milano Design Film Festival. Prior to this, she was the managing editor of various publications, including Case da Abitare, and Casamica, and worked as a journalist at some of the most prestigious Italian entities including Elle Decor, Io Donna and Casa Vogue. Born and raised in Milan, the city has inspired Silvia in so many levels and grew her passion for “Contemporaneousness�. Today, both Antonella and Silvia travel the world, not only collecting memories, but also inspiration and new friends.


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FMD 2019 Event Catalogue  

This is a detailed catalogue describing the various components of the FMD 2019 event, which took place on the 15th and 16th of February 2019...

FMD 2019 Event Catalogue  

This is a detailed catalogue describing the various components of the FMD 2019 event, which took place on the 15th and 16th of February 2019...