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FIESTA DC MAGAZINE turns 5 years old the first bilingual magazine. Pag.8-9


LA LIMUSINA PRESIDENCIAL El mayor orgullo de Cadillac. Pag. 20-21


ROGER RODAS The Salvadorian guy who died along with the Actor Paul Walker. Pag. 24-25

CONTENTS January 2014 / issue 45

Remembering the top events of 2013 Pag.10-11

DC Tatto Expo # 4. Pag.12-13 DJ DNS .Pag. 16-17 Evelyn Brooks .Pag. 30-31 Russian Fashion .Pag. 30-31 Puerto Rico Travel .Pag. 48-49

International Motorcycle Show 2014 - DC.


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Frank Mareno ART DIRECTOR Claudia Ordoñez MANAGING EDITOR Patricia Martinez EVENTS COORDINATOR James Forhan Simón Bechara Daniel Diaz Jose Mejia Cesar Flores PHOTOGRAPHERS Angel Mansilla WEB MASTER Claudia Ordoñez Steven J. Saucedo George Ca Raquel Copers WRITERS Tania Ramos Ana Maria Onaga SALES REPRESENTATIVES Advertising call Kim: 571.405.7062 –© 2014 Fiesta logo design Magazine and what are you doing tonight? is protected by copyright under U.S. copyright and other laws, is a published of the Twelve times a Year by FM Advertising, LLC. All rights reserved, use or reproduction of any materials contained herein is strictly prohibited without express prior of written. Consent of the publisher.

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We would like to thank our contributors, whose efforts make this magazine what it is. Claudia Ordoñez Claudia is and entertainment executive and writer. Her charming personality easily puts people at ease, and her articles bring artists to life.

Jamie Forhan Co-Owner at Sly Horse Studio. Jamie has been our star magazine photographer who has worked with our magazine for more than two consecutive years in the fashion industry.

Steven J. Saucedo CEO/Founder of & Steven is a writer motivator, providing inspiration, life experience, and leadership to family, life, business, athletes, finance.

Ana Maria Onaga Mrs. Onaga is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She is a Real Estate Agent, writer, media specialist and proven performer in executing advertising and marketing campaigns.


A Note from the Editor Thank you Fiesta DC Magazine readers for your support — it means the world to us. On behalf of the entire Fiesta DC Magazine team, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. Let it be the best year of your life. We always try our best to challenge your business abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative marketing work. As designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration, as a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—advertising that is a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for over five years now, and we are very thankful to all contributors, designers, photographers and models, who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month. I’m blessed to work with Fiesta DC Magazine but my fortune doesn’t end here; I get to do what I love for a living every single day. The clients, companies and business events that we cover in Fiesta DC Magazine are a direct reflection of what makes this community unique.

Fiesta DC Magazine is working to launch the App (application) to be connected with restaurants, happy hours, events and night live entertainment in the metropolitan area. We are growing internationaly, publishing our magazines in other countries in South and Central America. Once a year we cover a special edition reflecting their traditions, carnivals, tourism and culture. - Frank Mareno Editor in Chief

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Fiesta Dc Magazine was founded on January 14, 2009. It was the first bilingual magazine targeted to the great Latin American Community in Baltimore, MD. At first, the magazine was a tabloid printed on regular newspaper. It circulated only in the City of Baltimore, and some of the surrounding counties like Frederick, Germantown, Tacoma and Wheaton. The magazine captured the interest of the Latin American residents who yearned to get more information regarding the night life, concerts, and restaurants in the area. After three 3 years, the magazine took a radical change and changed format with a more magazine style look with glossy paper and also adding different sections. We also decided to change from Spanish to English making it a monthly bilingual magazine that reaches all the way to Washington DC covering the best events in the Metropolitan area. Our magazine currently has a better quality and style with a versatile and modern design. We have incorporated professional International art through our various photographers and work with a variety of modeling agencies. It’s also important to note that we are not only in the DMV but we also publish an annual magazine in South America and in Central America with a special edition of “Tradicion y Cultura” specializing in Carnivals. Fiesta Magazine is a free monthly magazine edited in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. We inform our readers about events happening in the DMV like concerts, cultural events, restaurants, festivals and all that is entertainment Latin American style. We offer our reader’s special interviews from those who impact our life here in the DMV. The magazine is circulated promptly and efficiently every month. According to ‘Esudios y Medios para Immigrantes’, there are three to four readers for every magazine that is circulated. We also publish our magazine on line where we also have a strong presence. The FIESTA DC MAGAZINE LLC. Is a Company for integrated marketing solutions, providing you everything you need to create and grow your marketing effectiveness. Our integrated solutions include a monthly magazine and online advertising, direct marketing, market analysis, media planning, promotions, graphic design and more.

ALTERNATIVE SERVICES: - Design of your advertisement on Fiesta Dc Magazine or any other magazine. - Design of flyers, banners, logos, and corporate image - You Tube videos design specifically for you - Immediate promotion of your product - Tickets sales to events by internet and promotion of your event

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Remembering the top events of 2013 In this issue we present to our new social events photographer Patricia McDougall, that delights us with her professional images.


My passion for photography was discovered about 5 years ago in Washington, DC. I had the opportunity to take photos at various events in the district to include receptions, banquets, weddings, portraits and special events. As a Professional Photographer, who was raised in New York and now lives in Alexandria, VA, a few miles from Washington, DC. I learned that capturing precious memories does not just happen. You need a photographer that will deliver beautiful images you will cherish for a life time. I have documented dozens of events from local to International Government Officials. I invite you to browse my pictures and purchase any photos you would like to have as a keepsake. Please feel free to share my work and reserve your date for your next upcoming event. I provide quality timeless proofs, with storybook albums and customized packages to fit your budget. A strong rapport with my customers and an unobtrusive manner is my primary goal. As a photographer I am dedicated, flexible, and a proactive thinker willing to take on any assignment. Living in an extremely visual culture where the media plays a critical role in our daily lives, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s imperative that photographers communicate effectively.

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January 16th -19th 2014 Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA

The DC Tattoo Arts Expo It’s time for DC Tattoo Expo No. 4. It’s back, bigger and better then ever. The DC Tattoo Expo is the year’s premier Tattoo Lifestyle event. We will again have over 160 of the world’s best tattoo artists, including the finest tattoo artists from the DC Metro area. Links for these artists are available on the under the artist page of this site. These are the top artists in tattooing today and they were brought here for you DC!! For our third year in a row, we have more vendors, more clothing, more tattoos, more craziness and more fun than ever before. The Miss DC PinUp will also be returning for it’s 4th year! This is a 3-Day nonstop event. Starting with our VIP party Thursday night for artists, vendors and pre-registered guests! Again this year we’ll have live tattooing and body piercing. Yes, it is open to the public and kids under 12 12- * JANUARY 2014

are free with a paying adult. Stay at the hotel and receive free VIP tickets to our VIP party as well as discounts on registration and clothing from Baller Inc. Rooms are only $114 a night if booked by January 1, 2014. The Crystal Gateway Marriott is an incredible venue! We have over 16,000 sq. ft. of ballroom on one floor, great bars and restaurants. The hotel also provides easy access to the Crystal City Metro station. Our artists will receive pick up and drop off at both Reagan National and Dulles International airports. Artists, this weekend is all about you! If you

need anything that you cannot bring along, let us know and we will be sure to take care of it for you. Our active duty military members will receive a discount at the door! It’s our way of saying thank you for your service to our country and that we appreciate and recognize the sacrifice that you and your families make everyday! In addition we will be providing free shuttle service and admission for our wounded veterans who are recovering at the National Naval Medical Hospital. You men and woman have given so much and we would like to give a little back.


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International Motorcycle Show 2014 - Washington, DC By Raquel Copers

The International Motorcycle Show at the Washington Convention Center showcases the latest sportbikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters, customs, ATVs, aftermarket parts, motorcycle apparel and accessories. The family friendly event includes a motorcycle stunt show; celebrity appearances; an exotics pavilion featuring rare, high-end motorcycles; customs at the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest custom bike competition; digital graffiti walls to design a custom Kawasaki bike; a Women Ride Center featuring apparel, gear and bikes for women, and more. The following motorcycle manufacturers are represented at the International Motorcycle Show in Washington, DC: BRP, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Star, Triumph, Yamaha, Beta, Darwin Motorcycles, KTM, MV Agusta, Norton and more. Representatives will be on site to answer questions and provide information on the latest motorcycles, products and education.

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DJ DNS Presents; Live at Cafe Citron DC Vol.1 *** FREE DOWNLOAD ***


By Frank Mareno

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Fiesta DC Magazine constantly is discovering the best places of the metropolitan area and the personalities of the entertainment nights. Tonight we had the opportunity to interview, one of the most selective entertaining persons in Washington DC, Dennis Gutierrez the best DJ of the moment. FIESTA-Tell us what you do as a DJ at Café Citron? DNS - More then just playing music I like to surprise people with a Unique style full of energy to make then dance!! Also I always like to look for new talent to bring them to Cafe Citron.

American music to European music that brings in the public and the tourists. FIESTA- How do you define the style at Café Citron?

DNS- 8 years stimulating and maintaining my clients who always come back.

DNS- Cafe Citron is a ”House Party” with a unique international style of mixed music. We have a VIP area with 3 different levels and bars to enjoy. Café Citron attracts a mixture of cultures who visit us mostly from Asia, Europe, Latin America and North Americans.

FIESTA- What is the specific style of Café Citron?

FIESTA- How do you define DJ DNS and your style?

DNS- Our secret is the variation of music that we play. From Latin

DNS-My style is the right mixtures for the right audience. My sty-

FIESTA- How long have you been working at Café Citron?

le is International Latin with House Music, Latin International music with personal touches depending on the type of audience in attendance. I try to be creative with a touch of European style. I particularly love House Music. Fiesta- How about an invitation to our readers to visit Café Citron? DNS- All of the readers of Fiesta Magazine are cordially invited to visit Café Citron. We are opened from Monday to Saturday. Every day is a different style. Wednesdays are for Salseros, Fridays are International Latin and Saturday is Super International with the most popular varied music with me spinning all night long!

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DENTAL Center was originally founded in 2005 when a group of dentists set up a dental office in Annapolis Maryland. Together they took on the challenging project of setting up a unique dental care system unknown to the country at the time, incorporating cutting edge technological advances and the best quality of service By Frank Mareno FIESTA- Hi, My name is Frank Mareno. I am here to do an interview for Fiesta DC magazine for the Dr. Kubiczek. Dr. KUBICZEK- hi my name is Dr Iwona Kubiczek, I am a general Dentist at Dental Center Group. At Dental Center Group we have a bilingual staff, I speak a little bit of Spanish but our complete staff is bilingual. We do cleanings, oral surgery, teeth restoration, fillings, whitening, crowns, dentures, and bridges.We do a complete treatment plan on the first visit and the patients follow the recommendations for each appointment.

Dr.KUBICZEK- Yes, all the staff members speak Spanish FIESTA- Please talk about your practice, your experience and your history. Dr. KUBICZEK- The Company who owns this office has existed for about 7 years. They expanded to Baltimore in 2010. We are here to stay. FIESTA- Do you have another office? Dr.KUBICZEK- Yes, We have one in Annapolis.

FIESTA- Do you have any special offers for 2014?

FIESTA- How many people do you have working here?

Dr. KUBICZEK- Every month we run a promotion to fit our patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; need. During January for example we have a discount of 25%OFF in deep cleaning and free filling when they do two or more fillings.

Dr.KUBICZEK- Yes, we have 2 receptionist who speak Spanish. Candy and Jennifer. Jesus Estrada is our Main assistant manager and Dental tech; he works mainly in the back and Katherin is the office manager. There are 2 doctors. One during the

FIESTA- Are you bilingual?

18 - * JANUARY 2014

week and we also see patients on Fridays and Saturday. We are only closed Tuesdays and Sundays. FIESTA- Do you have any recommendation for our readers in regards to healthy teeth. Dr. KUBICZEK- Definitely good home care solves many problems. Visit the dentist every six months, use an electric toothbrush once a day; floss every day and use mouthwash. Prevention is the key to save money and to have good teeth. You might have a small caries but if you do not remove the caries it can cost more money if you wait. FIESTA- Excellent! This has been an interview with Dr. Kubiczek at Dental Center Group in Baltimore on Eastern Avenue. Thank you very much Dr. 901 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21202 (410)685.1008

Your Smile is our Guarantee

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LA LIMUSINA PRESIDENCIAL El mayor orgullo de Cadillac. FOTO : LUCIENDO LAS PLACAS USA 1 Avanza la mรกs reciente limusina de Cadillac, con la pareja presidencial Obama a bordo, el 20 de Enero del 2008. 20 - * JANUARY 2014

JANUARY 2014 * - 21

Histórica tradición nació en 1919 con la Parada de la Victoria al final de la Primera Guerra Mundial. La marca Cadillac, del fabricante estadounidense General Motors, goza de un enorme prestigio gracias a sus lujosos y elegantes modelos considerados sinónimos de comodidad y seguridad por sus selectos propietarios. Sin embargo, existe un vehículo súper exclusivo e incomparable, que solamente se produce uno cada cuatro años y que ha sido y es el máximo orgullo de la compañía asentada en Detroit, Chicago. Se trata de la famosa Cadillac Presidential Limousine­ó simplemente Limusina Presidencial­, que sale a la luz con cada nuevo Presidente que se instala a la Casa Blanca.

By Gary Stivaries Hace más de 90 años. La tradición de este gran vehículo nace en 1919, con el Presidente Woodrow Wilson, quien a bordo se encabezó el desfile en las calles de Boston, Massachusetts, a bordo de una limusina Pierce­Arrow, para celebrar la Parada de la Victoria al final de la Primera Guerra Mundial. Eran en los primeros días de la industria del automóvil y desde esa fecha es clásico ver a un nuevo Presidente de los Estados Unidos recibiendo la bienvenida y saludando a las multitudes desde una limusina Cadillac.

Años después, el presidente Calvin Coolidge utilizó un Cadillac “town car” de 1928. En 1938, GM entregó dos convertibles Cadillacs gemelos,”Queen Mary” y “Queen Elizabeth”, que fueron usados sucesivamente por los presidentes Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman y Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ambas limusinas tenían 21.5 pies de largo y estaban equipadas con un arsenal de municiones, aparatos de radio y generadores de alta potencia.

22 - * JANUARY 2014

Eisenhower empleó además el primer modelo ElDorado producido por Cadillac, en la parada inaugural de 1953. Después se entregaron los Cadillac “Queen Mary II” y “Queen Elizabeth II”, que transportaron a los presidentes John F. Kennedy y Lyndon Jonson, respectivamente. Y a su turno, el Presidente Ronald Reagan recibió una limusina Cadillac Fleetwood 1983. Hasta ese momento todas las unidades habían sido adaptadas y modificadas por las

compañías independientes fabricantes de limusinas.Bill Clinton tuvo un Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1993, y a partir de ese modelo, todos los restantes fueron diseñados, desarrollados y construidos totalmente por General Motors y Cadillac. El antecesor de Obama en la Casa Blanca, George W. Bush, recibió un Cadillac Deville Presidencial en el 2001, y para su reelección en el 2004 tuvo el nuevo modelo Presidencial DTS. Ambos se mantienen en servicio.

OFICINA PRESIDENCIAL SOBRE RUEDAS: • La limusina presidencial posee elementos multipropósitos diseñados especialmente para el uso del Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

“Cadillac tuvo el honor y el orgullo de haber provisto esa nueva Limusina Presidencial”, señala Marc McNabb, el ex Vicepresidente de la división Cadillac Premium para Norteamérica. “Cumplimos de esa manera una gran tradición estadounidense, al construir un vehículo totalmente nuevo que incorpora y actualiza lo mejor de la tecnología y del diseño de los Cadillac

• El área posterior incluye un extenso despacho presidencial, con amplio espacio para sentarse, excelente visibilidad hacia el exterior y zona ad hoc para equipos de oficina, entre ellos el famoso Teléfono Rojo, creado para comunicaciones de emergencia y confidenciales. • La insignia de la presidencia resalta en un panel ubicado en los asientos posteriores; otras dos insignias se observan en la zona exterior de las puertas de atrás.

FOTO 1: MECANICOS DE LA DIVISION CADILLAC Y EL SERVICIO SECRETO: revisan y acondicionan el coche, poco antes de la Parada Inaugural celebrada luego del juramento del presidente Barack Obama.

• La bandera de los Estados Unidos va colocada encima del capot, a la derecha, mientras que al lado izquierdo flamea el estandarte presidencial. • Faros de alta tecnología LED iluminan ambas banderas en la noche.

FOTO 3: EL PRESIDENTE BARACK OBAMA: se dirige en la nueva Limusina Presidencial de Cadillac, en la que se dirigió a la ceremonia de juramentación y luego a la Parada Inaugural, el 20 de Enero del 2008.

JANUARY 2014 * - 23



The Salvadorian guy who died along with the Actor Paul Walker.

Roger Rodas is best known for his personal and professional friendship with Paul Walker, and for tragically perishing with the actor in a violent car accident in Nov. 2013.

By George Marcas

*Bond with Paul Walker

Rodas and Walker’s friendship evolved over a shared passion for cars, it eventually morphed into a professional relationship where Rodas became Walker’s financial adviser. The two struck up a conversation when Walker noticed Rodas driving a Porsche GT3 he had previously

owned. Soon the two were racing side by side, as when they teamed recently with two professional drivers in a pro-am 25-hour endurance race in Thunder Hill, California. As their friendship developed, Walker occasionally asked Rodas for financial advice, and they began working together formally as client and Financial Advisor in 2007. Paul Walker described the business in an interview in April 2013 saying: “I have a performance shop called AE Performance and we do race prep and all that stuff out in Valencia. So I have a couple partners and we all race together. It’s a family business basically. We brought in friends and people coming from different

24 - * JANUARY 2014

economic backgrounds, let’s just say, but it’s cool because everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. Eric Davis, Roger Rodas, Rich Taylor, Casey Adamo are just a handful of the guys involved.” The first item on their agenda was reorganizing Walker’s portfolio, a hodgepodge of personal investments. Rodas suggested a diversified, relatively conservative portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments, aimed mostly at preserving capital. And because an actor’s income is sporadic, each time Walker completes another film, he and Rodas meet to re-evaluate his financial strategy to help make sure his long-term goals stay on track.


Who was Roger Rodas?


Roger Rodas, 38 yrs old (born on October 31st, 1975), an El Salvadorian native was killed along with Actor Paul Walker in a car crash on Nov. 30, 2013 leaving behind his 38-year-old wife Kristine Rodas and two kids. As the public would like to know more about him and his family, he was born in the city of Santa Ana in El Salvador,. Hi immigrated at the age of 3 years old with his family to the United States.

with an impressive list of clients,” this was in addition to his role with Always Evolving. Rodas and Walker’s friendship evolved over a shared passion for cars, it eventually morphed into a professional relationship where Rodas became Walker’s financial adviser. (Information provided by Merrill Lynch). The first item on their agenda was reorganizing Walker’s portfolio, a hodgepodge of personal investments. Rodas suggested a diversified, relatively conservative portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments, aimed mostly at preserving capital. And because an actor’s income is sporadic, each time Walker completes another film, he and Rodas meet to re-evaluate his financial strategy to help

make sure his long-term goals stay on track. Rodas was driving his car, a Porsche Carrera GT, which was on display at a car show in his building to another event, the Reach Out Worldwide charity show in Los Angeles. The charity had been founded by Walker while he was part of an aid response team to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. The particular event that Walker and Rodas where en route to on November 30, was set up to collect toys for children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. Rodas was involved in other charities such as The Asomugha Foundation. In addition to that charitable endeavors, he owned Cielo Recycling, recycling plant in Central America and is also active in ”waste to energy power plants and wind farms” in Central America. KCAL9s

He was a successful Businessman; a managing director/ wealth advisor. He worked at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch for twenty years. He earned a degree in Finance from California State University, and earned numerous certifications and credentials at The Wharton School of Business. An online profile states that Rodas was, ”one of America’s top wealth management advisors and portfolio managers,

Brittney Hopper talked to Rodas’ family and friends and they said he will be remembered as an adoring family man and humble philanthropist. One friend noted that Rodas was a kind-hearted person who valued his community. ”He is a simple guy. He loves cars, he loves to drive. He’s such a family person, too. Nothing but love, all from the heart,” another friend told Hopper. Formerly known as Kristine Bornais, Kristine Marie Rodas is from Glendale, California. She attended Herbert Hoover High School in Fresno, California. Mrs. Rodas became the proprietor of Encore Dance Fitness in 2012. Kristine and Roger Rodas own a four-bedroom house in Santa Clarita Valley. Kristine is an authorized group fitness instructor and health club manager. She is trained in vertical dance and has performed the dance for two years. She has taught women’s aqua aerobics. She practices yoga, Pilates and ballet on a regular basis. In recent times, Kristine has trained dancer in Qignition’s dance show called ”QiDance.” She is an elementary school teacher and has earned BA in Child Development from California State University in Northridge, CA. She has 7 years of teaching experience in the primary grade. At present, she is living in Valencia with her family. Casa & Auto is a high quality magazine with attention to detail in content, paper and design. We are a cutting edge, bi-lingual (English/Spanish) publication presented to your target audiences in full color and printed on glossy coated paper stock as well as in digital form and with live updates through Social Media. Now working in partnership with FIESTA magazine!

JANUARY 2014 * - 25

Andrea Bocelli Performed at the Verizon Center By: Claudia Ordóñez


Andrea Bocelli performed at the Verizon Center on November 12 to a sold out audience eager to be transported to Italy by way of Bocelli’s beautiful and inspiring operas. Mr Bocelli appeared very comfortable performing to the Washington DC audience as he mixed popular opera duets with traditional Italian love songs. He featured a mixture of songs from the 2 albums that he released this year, “Passione” and “Love in Portofino” as well as his very well known pieces like Ave Maria that he played as encores. He appeared on stage with the famous

26 - * JANUARY 2014

soprano Svetaa Vasseleva, guest vocalist Heather Hadley, and Italian Soprano quartet Le Div4s. A chorus and a full orchestra under the baton of Eugene Kohn accompanied them all. The stage backdrop featured photos of Portofino and various other Italian cities as well as images of people that appeared to be close to his heart. The audience ooed when the new father Bocelli brought

out his newborn baby daughter to show off to the audience. It was a lovely and magical evening filled with inspiration and lots of love… Fiesta magazine is very proud to attend this wonderful performance of the great Tenor, and to be able to bring to you a small glimpse into this very magical evening. www.andreabocelli. com


What is in your heart will come to life in time… By Steven J. Saucedo

Masks are used in all societies to disguise ones appearance, be it Clark Kent with his glasses and suite to cover his true identity as Superman or a masquerade ball where participants use facial masks to distract others from their true appearance. In today’s society it seems that most people are wearing masks in life, maybe the family who hides behind an expensive house with their account on negative just to meet the status quo or possibly the young high school student who bully’s others because he gets bullied at home and does not speak out for the shear reason of not disclosing his/her vulnerability. Yes, these are true and real cases but what about the masks that we wear in regards to our inward truth, that which is harboring in the heart…

Just look at people around you or bet- So how can we remove the mask to ter yet look at yourself in the mirror of become transparent in all that is pure life and see if you are transmitting true and positive? In addition to talking with happiness or grudge, confidence or in- the big one upstairs, right down the security, love or hatred, gentleness or name of your masks, we must seek anger… Masks come in all shape and those who hold onto personal integrity, sizes, be it nice toys, Mr. Macho Man seek advice from others via books or persona, the YOLO attitude, or maybe video. In other words, self-develop yourthe drug and alcohol escape, the list self so you can help others as well. can go on and on in regards to posi- tive or negative feelings in one’s inner In the end, make sure the by-product of most place. The thing is that sooner your heart is one that people can’t wait or later whatever is in your heart will to enter the room, not the one that come out of the closet or rather as people can’t wait to leave the room. the saying goes, “your true colors will Search your heart, seek guidance, acshow.” A man named Luke once said cept correction, and grow to the best “A good man brings good things out of person you can be in all aspects of life… the good stored up in his heart, and an and if you stumble along the way, get evil man brings evil things out of the evil up, brush the dust off, and keep going. stored up in his heart. For the mouth Strive to be progressive, not perfect speaks what the heart is full of.” And because nothing is perfect but anything I add, “Your actions speak louder than can progress to greatness! your words!” JANUARY 2014 * - 27

28 - * JANUARY 2014

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Offers bilingual Spanish - English professional, economical and high quality Graphic Design, Web Design, and Printing Services in Maryland Washington DC and Virginia.

JANUARY 2014 * - 29

Evelynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work is inspired by her Peruvian heritage, contemporary art and the latest fashion and jewelry trends. Her eco-friendly jewelry collection, FOR HER & FOR HIM, is created for determined and strong people, who want to look stylish and exotic, while remaining elegant. Evelyn continues her fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 50-year legacy of designing jewelry with her passion to create innovative and modern jewelry designs. 30 - * JANUARY 2014


Biography Evelyn Brooks was born in Peru. She graduated from Cenfotur, a business tourism school in Peru at the age of 21 and decided to work in the tourism and management field. Evelyn was fortunate to explore the travel industry and travel around the world as part of her job. She has lived in many different countries, namely Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States, and enjoys the beauty of what each country has to offer. In 2004, Evelyn discovered her new passion: jewelry-making and design. She immersed herself in different studies at the Torpedo Factory, The Gemological Institute of America and Empowered Women International in order to diversify her knowledge of the jewelry industry. Her father has been a jeweler since the age of fourteen and her mother ran a successful fashion and accessories boutique. Although Evelyn no longer lives in Lima, she travels to Peru to seek inspiration and create her new collections with modern designs inspired by Peruvian culture that follow the latest trends in the United States and the around the world. Many organizations, nationally and internationally, have recognized and awarded her work; among them include the Fashion Chamber Choice Award, The Young Entrepreneur Award and The Anna Maria Arias Memorial Business Funds Award. As a result, Washington Life Magazine has named Evelyn Brooks as one of the most notable Peruvian artists in Washington, D.C. Over 60 of the most prestigious museums, galleries and boutiques feature her jewelry line. You may find her designs at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., The Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Museum for the Arts, The Textile Museum and The Harvard Museum of Natural History in Boston. In September of 2012, her work debuts at the Museum of Art & Design in New York. Evelyn continues to pursue her passion in jewelry and looks forward to working on new designs, incorporating new lines to her existing collection for years to come.

JANUARY 2014 * - 31

HISTORY. Evelyn Brooks Designs was established in October 2004 by Evelyn and Bryan Brooks. “After 9-11, on October 2, I was laid off from my job with an airline and moved Back to my native country Peru. While there, on a Christmas day, my father who has spent most of his life in the jewelry manufacturing industry, gave me a box of rubies and sapphires, he asked me to put together a design. I always said that I would never design jewelry nor work in my father’s business; but I’ve [since] learned to never say never.” That’s how the business was started. In 2007, only three years later, Evelyn left the travel industry to take on her biggest and most passionate business risk: Evelyn Brooks Designs. Growing up in a family of jewelry designers, manufactures and producers; Evelyn firmly believed in continuing to expand the business her parents launched 50 years ago in Peru and successfully developed over the years. DESIGNS. My designs are exotic, sophisticated and elegant. All of them are crafted with fine care and exceptional workmanship, offering innovative and inimitable jewelry designs. Evelyn Brooks works with precious metals, natural gemstones and seeds from the Amazons such as Huayruro seeds, a symbol of good luck, happiness and fertility. In just a few years the company has been fortunate to experience great expansion and continued growth, introducing new techniques, mixing textures and precious metals. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMITMENT. The date was September 10, 2001, while on a United Airlines flight 93 to San Francisco, Evelyn had no idea that the exact airplane she was aboard would be the very subject of immense tragedy the next day. Working for an airline, bustling in and out of cities and countries was business as usual; but what happened the following day was anything but an experience that touched Evelyn for life. This happened to be the second time Evelyn has saved herself from a terrible accident. God gave Evelyn more than one opportunity to continue working in what she believes and is passionate for, her jewelry business can help communities in need and make a positive impact in the efforts of fighting global issues.

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“I am a very passionate young entrepreneur and I look forward to creating more innovative modern designs influenced by my native Peruvian culture”

• Anna Maria Arias Business Funds Award 2010 given by The Anna Maria Arias Foundation & Latina Style Magazine • Proud to be Peruvian Award 2010 give by Anna Lingh Non – Profit organization • Young Entrepreneur Award 2010 given by Dialogue on Diversity • Fashion Chamber Choice Award 2010 given by The Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce • Washington Life May Power Issue, included Evelyn Brooks jewelry designer as The Best of Peru in Washington DC • Entrepreneur on the Rise 2009 by Council Magazine - • Exclusive Jewelry Designer Green Cup Polo 2010 • Exclusive Designer Wizards Girls Calendar 2010 • Exclusive Designer COPRODELI - 20th Anniversary limited edition bracelet • Partners in Education and MentorWorks Award 2009 – Fairfax County Schools • 2008 Exclusive Designer for SWAN Charm of the Empowered Women International presented at The Swan Day 2008,, • 2007-2008 Exclusive Designer Fashion Fights Poverty Charms • 2007 Outstanding Artist Achievement Award by Empowered Women International TRAINING • 2008 Edging & texture techniques in precious metals – Torpedo Factory – Alexandria, VA • 2007 Gemological Institute of America – New York – NY • 2007 Empowered Women International – Alexandria - VA • 2007 Beaded Giraffe – Bethesda, MD • 2007 Torpedo Factory – Alexandria, VA • 1991 Business Management – CENFOTUR Lima, Peru Note: Please contact for a detailed list of Evelyn Brooks exhibitions, fashion shows and gallery representations.

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By Boris Hugart

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Guide to the Best Restaurants in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia Bars and the Food Scene!

places-to-eat-drink-dance-play places-to-eat-drink-dance-play places-to-eat-drink-

• GRILL Parrillas del Sur 4230 Annandale Rd Annandale, VA 22003 (703) 642-1248 Tronkos Grill 3111 Columbia Pike Arlington,VA 22204 (703)-979-0349

Food & Drink , FIESTA MAGAZINE section goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. We’re on a mission to find the most exciting places and new gastronomic experiences.

The Grill From Ipanema 1858 Columbia Rd NW Washington, DC 20009 (202) 986-0757 Austin Grill 750 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20004 (202)393.3776 • HAPPY HOURS Clyde’s - Georgetown 3236 M Street NW Washington, DC (202) 333-9180 Garrett’s 3003 M St NW Washington DC (202) 333-1033

Bailey’s Pub & Grill Categories: Pubs & Sports Bars 4238 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22203 Neighborhood: Ballston (703) 465-1300 36 - * JANUARY 2014

Martin’s Tavern 1264 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC (202) 333-7370 Paper Moon 1073 31st St NW Washington, DC (202) 965-6666

Let’s Eat Out! Desde hace unos meses atrás, había escuchado de que en la ciudad de Burtonsville, Maryland existía uno de los mejores restaurantes Cubanos en el área y no quise quedarme con esa duda y los visité con el equipo de la revista Fiesta DC Magazine, descubrí que Sí es un restaurante genuino y tradicional. Inaugurado en Abril 28th del 2005 por sus propietarios William y Jessica Rodriguez, de descendencia cubana, una pareja muy entusiasta con 4 hijos. Sus padres nacidos en las ciudades de Camagüey, Huantánamo, La Habana y Pinal del Rio. Mencionando también a la Sra. Mayra, madre de William Rodriguez, fue la que dejo la autenticidad de la antigua gastronomía tradicional. El nombre de “Cuba de Ayer” se origina en la autenticidad de mantener el sazón de la verdadera gastronomía antes de la revolución; la Cuba que conocimos en un pasado, dejando un legado en sus condimentos y especias. La música salsa, mambo y merengue, fueron los anfitriones para empezar la degustación del exquisito menú.

“Delicious food - Great Atmosphere”

Address 15446 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866 Phone: (301) 476-9622

Ana Maria Onaga

GASTRONOMIC CRITIC APERITIVOS: Saboreamos los deliciosos camarones bañados en ajo, jugo de limón y hierbas; también empanadas de res y pollo acompañados con vegetales y salsa habanero. Aperitivos exquisitos! BEBIDAS: Mojito Tradicional: Es la bebida tradicional de Cuba y muy famoso internacionalmente. Sus ingredientes de Bacardi, Club Soda y la infaltable Menta molida, con su toque genuino, servido con Cana de Azúcar para aumentar la magia de esta bebida. Y con más variedad, están los Mojitos de Mango, Pina y Guayaba. PLATO PRINCIPAL: PERNIL: Acompañado de Arroz blanco, tostones y carne de cerdo con cebolla. El sabor espectacular. La pierna de cerdo se marina con jugos cítricos, de naranja, limón y cebollas. Marinado por casi 36 hrs. Posteriormente se cocina por

6 horas en el horno. Se hace la combinación de las 3 elementos (pernil, plátanos y arroz). Los frijoles negros marinados el sazón de la carne y el tradicional “sofrito” (chile verde y rojo, ajo molido, cebolla, cilantro,) ROPA VIEJA: Carne de Res (flank steak) acompañado con arroz llamado Moros y Cristiano (arroz con frijoles), plátanos fritos maduros machacados. Cocinados con vino rojo, salsa de tomate desmenuzado, sofritos y hierbas. Sumamente Delicioso! Un platillo sumamente jugoso…cuando muerdes se expande todo el sabor en tu paladar. Cocinado en su punto! Por 8 horas a fuego lento. Con sabores muy compenetrantes. POSTRES: TRES LECHES: hecho con receta secreta, bañado con leche, wipe cream y cereza, muy sabroso. Muy esponjoso y jugoso.

FLAN DE CARAMELO: Ingredientes de caramelo, leche, canela y su receta secreta de familia. Una textura y sabor único! TORTA RAM CAKE: Pastel de limón bañado con azúcar en polvo con ingredientes originales y auténticos de la casa. Deliciosos postres acompañados con el mejor café Cubano y leche con café. Un Bar bastante surtido en licores y bebidas tradicionales. Muy acogedor, buena música y sobre todo excelente atención al cliente. Cuba de Ayer…para clientes exigentes, porque su comida es tradicional, exquisita y autentica. Visitado por clientes fieles desde Delaware, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Richmond, VA, Baltimore, New Jersey y toda el área metropolitana. Amigos lectores vengan y les invito a uno de los mejores Restaurantes Cubanos del área y les atenderán con buen servicio y hospitalidad, pero sobre todo el mejor sazón cubano.

TASTE OF Burtonsville, MD JANUARY 2014 * - 37

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Contemporaria was created as a result of the love and appreciation for architecture and contemporary design by its owner, Peruvian born architect, Deborah Kalkstein. Kalkstein always envisioned a furniture store that would showcase the latest in contemporary design. After several years of running her own interior design firm, Kalkstein became more and more frustrated with the lack of contemporary sources in the DC area. She had a strong desire to expose people to good design. Taking advantage of her already strong connections with owners and designers from some of the leading manufacturers of contemporary European furniture, Kalkstein decided to open Contemporaria

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3303 Cadyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Alley Washington, DC 20007 Tel: 202.338.0193 Fax: 202.338.0194

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Paul Walker visits El Salvador Paul Walker visited El Salvador on February of 2005 for a surf trip. He said in an interview with SPORTLIGHT REPORT when they asked about the trip to El Salvador: “It’s fun. I travel a lot, I travel a lot to surf, and travel just to see things, and I remember a couple of years ago when I went to El Salvador, and I thought El Salvador would be a walk in the park, but I couldn’t get over how many people recognized me from the Fast & Furious films, I was like, “Wow!” It just makes things nice, it just opens doors for you, people welcome you into their home, so you get a home-cooked meal. It makes the experience of travel more fun, a lot more rewarding experience, it enriches the experience so much. That’s one of the biggest perks to my job. So I really appreciate all the fans from El Salvador”. Fans of Paul Walker in El Salvador in 2005

This story first appeared in the Jan. 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Surfing at Port of La Libertad, El Salvador (click the links for videos)


Welcome to the Baltimore Salsa Congress, the premiere Salsa event in Maryland. Every April Salsa dancers travel from the tri-state area and beyond to celebrate and express their passion for Salsa. For this full weekend event expect world class training, performances, DJs and concerts all under one roof.

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Fiesta magazine january 2014  

Thank you Fiesta DC Magazine readers for your support — it means the world to us. On behalf of the entire Fiesta DC Magazine team, we wish y...

Fiesta magazine january 2014  

Thank you Fiesta DC Magazine readers for your support — it means the world to us. On behalf of the entire Fiesta DC Magazine team, we wish y...