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Fashion Enlightenment June 12, 2015 The best Second Life速 has to offer in terms of art & fashion. And getting better.


| Summer 2015 | | Trends

BE INSPIRED : BE FEROSH Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is a quarterly publication that will review fashion trends for each subsequent season: Spring/ Summer & Autumn/Winter, then work collaboratively with designers for Summer & Winter. Our mission is to become a comprehensive style guide for residents of Second Life© regarding real life fashion, but also aiming to spark creativity. We hope to impact styling for a wide variety of residents by exhibiting fashion of all genres and styles. In addition, we would like to showcase some of the best artistic view points and creative photography images. Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is not a modeling agency. Though being a model is a rewarding and important credential for the Second Life© fashion industry, Ferosh aims to maintain a collaborative group of talented artists, stylists, and experienced models who are uniformly interested in achieving our mission. To “wow” the masses. To inspire. To be Ferosh.

Ferosh: adj (informal) - very impressive, remarkable, or outstanding; inspiring awe, admiration, or wonderment --

Trends | | Summer 2015 |


Ferosh Face: Summer 2015 Hillany Scofield

422 4

| Summer 2015 | | Trends

Absinthe Montenegro & Kerasia Hexicola Ferosh Stylist & Photographers Absinthe, Anais Terpellie, Antonietta Canucci, Asa Vordun, Asshlley Moss, Badon Rain, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Blanche Foxclaw, Byrne Darkley, Citta Wiskee, Elle Dommage, Grant Valeska, Chance Greatrex, Clem Velinov, Hillany Scofield, Isa Messioptra, Jakobat, Jax Aster, Kerasia Hexicola, Li Aoki, Linda Reddevil, Maloe Vansant, Matilda Soon, Maya Reyes, Nic Bour, Ocean Blackthorne, Posh Jones, The Pierrot, Sungyoung Jang, Taylor Wassep, Strawberry Singh, Steffy Ghost, SuperJaix, Tempest Rosca, Tracei Moore, U10, Vain Redrose, Vikeejeah Xevion, Xandrah Sciavo, Xanthe Anne

Edtor in Chief & Publisher Absinthe Montenegro Assistant Editor Kerasia Hexicola Graphic Design Absinthe Montenegro Marketing Kerasia Hexicola, Tempest Rosca, Sungyoung Jang

Ferosh Model Manager Tempest Rosca

Public Relations Sungyoung Jang Ferosh Writers

Ferosh Supermodels Blackliquid Tokyoska, Carley Benazzi, Imani Enzo, Miele Tarantal, Sungyoung Jang, Tadeu Gartner, Taylor Wassep, YeriakTH Couturier, Xandrah Sciavo Ferosh Model Anigma Eulenberg, Damien Kitten (Itstom), Desireme Fallen, Eleseren Brianna, Sienna Bellios, Yashi Audion Second Life速 and Linden Lab速 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended. Ferosh & Ferosh A Visual Art & Fashion Experience are trademarks of the publisher. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be republished without permission from the owner. Contact:

Trends | | Summer 2015 |



Autumn/Winter 2015

Ferosh is looking to hire a Fashion Director for our Autum/Winter 2015 season. Are you interested in fashion? Do you keep up with real life fashion trends? Do you want to affect style and art for the masses?



| Summer 2015 | | Trends

Trends | | Summer 2015 |

7 Set: Tracei Moore; Photography: Jordan Giant; Courtesy of: Love to Decorate


| Summer 2015 | | Trends




I. Publisher’s Note : P.10 II. Reflections : p.12 III. Assistant Editor’s Note : p.18 IV. Winter Shades of Pale : p.26 V. Blocking Day Glow : p.72 VI. The Denim You Love : p.102 VII. Lessons In Judo : p.144



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : p.180 Avant Pop! : p.216 Rustic Summer : p.262 Seventies Bride : p. 306

IX. XIV. Supermodels : p.434 XV. Fashion Weekend : p.448

XI. Le Sportif : p.328 XII. Club Tropicana : p.372 XIII. Rays of Sunlight : p.408

Trends | | Summer 2015 |



Ferosh . Summer 2015 . Issue . four


PUBLISHER’S NOTES Hello again! I’m always excited when a new issue of Ferosh goes into publishing. I always get that giddy feeling in my knees and an anxious buzz through my mind of excitement – very similar to when we published our first issue over a year ago. Even though I have 3 years of experience working in high fashion, magazine publishing, I always get a sense of accomplishment when I hit the “publish” button. I feel a relief of “we’ve done it!” Most importantly, I am geared up and ready to do it again. This issue is dedicated to my mother, who is a briliant, loving, caring woman who is battling metastatic breast cancer. This is dedicated to a woman who has taught me about work ethic, given me self confidence, taught me how to love, and how to laugh.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

- Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

So with this in mind, I feel that it is our job at Ferosh to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous. That all our group members, artists, models, and staff are simply that. I thank our team for our amazing spirit and resilience. And, for this issue, I give a special thank-you to my assistant editor and COO Kerasia Hexicola for running this massive ship in my brief absence. SO! This issue is filled with Summer-Time fashion! We are realigning our issues to better work with the real life fashion time-table and hopefully appease our virtual designers for our next fashion weekend. Though our trends were predicted, mood boards created, and stylist assigned last winter, there is still time to enjoy our themes while it’s hot! Our photographers have really, really outdone themselves this issue and I hope that you find inspiration within these pages. I’m proud that our team is consistently challenged, encouraged to be unique, and that their work shines through the medium of our fashion compendium. Thank you for loving Ferosh the way that we love Ferosh.We are growing and I highly encourage those who are itneerested in working for or with Ferosh in some capacity to watch this space!

Absinthe Montenegro FEROSH | CEO & Founder

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 11















his past Autumn/ our fashion experience. Winter 2015 was Our Designer Issue our very first was filled with clothing designer issue which was inspired by Spring/ dedicated to designers Summer 2015 real life who were willing to fashion trends. From also participate in our colorful prints, to fashion weekend! This wedding gowns, we were weekend was a labor able to show the grid just of love and dedication how in tune we are with involving our elite Ferosh fashion both as art and as Management Team, a lifestyle. Isa Messioptra, Ferosh Supermodels, who used designs from Les Ferosh Models, and Petits Details, produced Ferosh Designers. We our cover. She was able were able to involve a THE BEST OF to capture the essence variety of Second LifeŽ of last issue in a very residents and had crowds minimalistic, emotional for each show. We were and Summer way. We thank both of able to hold 7 shows in 3 2015 them for their works. days! We are so thankful Still paving a path with originality and excited that we had a Ferosh is dedicated to great showing and hope fashion. Inspired by the people who make it to continue providing our fashion industry wonderful. And we are proud to be fierce and excellence. fabulous. We were thrilled to grace the pages of Tom Boy Tom Cat magazine, which is a real Our focus at Ferosh has always been about world magazine that focuses on digitial, virtual quality and not quantity. Our next fashion culture. We have also had the opportunity weekend will be limited to a certain amount to be apart of another real world publication of dedicated and elite designers due to the involving the health benefits of virtual reality size of our publication and time allotment for the masses. As a group we are continuously for our production. Remember, sometimes humbled and greatful for all opportunities the best, most fun things come in smaller to share our mission and vision, and hope to packages. If you are a designer interested expand our reach outside the scope of our grid in our Ferosh Fashion Weekend, please stay to the world at large! tuned to your notices and emails, as we will be sending personal invitations this Fall. In CONGRATULATIONS! addition, we plan to have an event area to host our designers’ creations to finally complete



Trends | | Summer 2015 | 13

F E R O S H V I S U A L ART F A S H I O N Ferosh . Summer 2015 . Issue . Four

Videography: Absinthe (sinontherocks)

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 15



Ferosh Photographer: Absinthe Ferosh Supermodel: Imani Enzo

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Trends | | Summer 2015 | 17

I A S S I S TA N T E D I T O R’S Thoughts! FEROSH. Summer 2015. Issue. Four


t seems so long ago that we were holed up at Ferosh HQ bundled in sweaters and scarves researching the Spring Summer 2015 trends and wishing for the long sultry days of summer. So, it is very exciting for us to be able to bring you the Ferosh | Trend Issue, our stylists have excelled themselves this season to bring you, what I think is some of the most breathtaking fashion and photography. At Ferosh we are blessed with the hardest working most talented group of people and I am astounded constantly by their passion, enthusiasm and talent. This Spring we had our inaugural fashion weekend which coincided with the release of our Designer Issue. It was so thrilling to be a part of a team that worked with such synergy, good humor and kindness. I would like to

| Summer 2015 | | Trends

thank everyone who came together and worked so hard to make Fashion Weekend a success. Thank you for putting your trust in us! In my opinion, it is the love of what we do and the people we work with that make Ferosh what it is. Every magazine published, event organized and fashion show we put on, is even more thrilling than we could ever have imagined and this is because of the people who work with us and support us, tirelessly and always with a smile on their faces. And so, I hope you enjoy perusing the pages of this Season’s trend edition as much as I have and lets shop the Summer away to our heart’s content and keep the whole grid bang on trend for Summer 2015.

Kerasia Hexicola FEROSH | COO & Co-Founder

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 19

Ferosh . Summer . Issue . Four



It’s no surprise! Our Ferosh photographers and stylists have done it yet again. They have pulled out the works, dug deep into the vast darkness of their inventories, and produced some of the best fashion art on the grid. Flip through this issue and immerse yourself in over 10 fashion trends that might catch your creativity and define your summer!

Ferosh | Model Group We welcome models from our Spring 2015 casting into our prestigious Ferosh Models Group! These models have shown the best potential in becoming apart of our elite Supermodels and will join us on our fashion adventure!


Are you trending? If not, then all aboard! This train is leaving the station.

Ferosh Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Weekend! We were able to capture just a few pictures of our epic fashion weekend, in case you missed it. But, don’t be tardy to the party for Winter! We want to see YOU having fun with us!


Photography: Ocean Blackthorne

| Summer 2015 | | Trends



Trends | | Summer 2015 | 21

“ The sweetest sounds to mortals given Are heard in mother, home, and heaven. ― William Goldsmith Brown

For my mother Love, her daughter

FIERCE FASHION FUN! See our fashion updates:

Ferosh Photographer: Badon Rain




or this Spring/Summer 2015, wintery shades of pale were added to color to our snow cloaked world. This style is defined by an ethereal delicacy of light hues in shades that are barely pastel. Many components from last season are incorporated into this lovely trend including the gauziness of linen, lace, and cotton. We were able to see the use of pastels in Second Life 速 through the use of creative Miami themed events and parties. So grab a soft pink blazer with a white skirt (or slacks), and know that you, indeed, are participating in the evolution of spring from frost to sun. Items can be found around the grid at stores such as The Secret Store, Baiastice, and Fashionably Dead.

Decellularization Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Clem Velinov Guest Models: Ganymede Galaxy, Squidly Toxx

Accessory: pompomnuage sucre by tomoto, Shirt: Willow Scalloped by Teefy, Skirt: Estelle Fluffy Skirt, Head: Tia by VCO

On Ganymede Galaxy Accessory: Nature's Crown by BOOM, Shirt: Mr gloom Coat by BOOM, Pants: MG Suit Slacks by Just Because, Shoes: Semi Brogue Shoes by Sleepy Eddy On Clem Velinov Accessory: higanbana by kik, Top: Sixty-Two Jacket by BOOM, Skirt: Celestia Flounce Skirt by The Secret Store

On Clem Velinov (Left) Top: Natura Jacket by Kitt Ragu, Pants: SuperSkinny Jeans by Le Primitif, Shoes: Canvas Shoes by Mikunch On Squidly Toxx (Right) Shirt: Roll Neck Sweater by 2byte, Pants: Baggy Jeans by Pumpkin, Shoes: Oxford Shoes by YS&YS

Makeup: Woodoo tattoo by Nuuna, Corset: Cherubim by Violent Seduction, Accessories: Ghost by Vitabela's Boudouir

A Liberation of

Hibernation Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Ocean Blackthorne


| Summer 2015 | | Trends

Hair: Seed by Ink, Skin: Kyu by Hermony, Eyes: Fateeyes by Damien Fate, Earrings: Dagger by Fusion, Beard: Monster Beard by Spellbound, Facial Hair: Scruffy by Theskinshop, Shirt: XIV Shirt by Kauna, Bow Tie: Classic Bow Tie by Adjunct, Hands: Hands by Slink, Cup: Chocolate Choux Teddy Cup by Lisp, Flowers: Vintage by Lode, Shrubs: Shrubs by We re Closed

Hair: Masato by Taketomi, Beard: Jared by Emotions, Hairbase: MC Hairbase Buzzcut by Lanevo, Earrings: Takayama Face Ear Piercing by Mandala, Shirt with Suspenders: Romana by Spirit, Bag: Bulletbag by Clavv, Tattoo: Veeper by Reckless, Pants: Loose Fit Skinny by Kitt Ragu, Bracelet: Runes of the North Ice Bracelet by Eudora 3D, Cigarette: Cigarette Pattern by Nikotin

Hair: Jay by Monso, Facial Hair: Black Chin Curtain by Emortal Concepts, Beard: Dandy Beard by Xplosion, Shades: Rack Shades by Sorgo, Cardigan: Mr & Mrs Lee Cardigan by Xiaj, Butterflies: Butterfly Winter by Cheerno

Hair: Dura Boy 56 by Dura, Beard: Beard V1 by Dossier, Suit: Classic Suit by Zaara, Shorts: Casual Shorts by Kitt Ragu, Tattoo: Rio by Reckless, Flowers: Double Young Sakura by 8f8

All is Fair in Love, W Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Maloe Vansant

Top: McQueen by RD, Skirt: Steam Cloud by LPD, Skirt: Cloud by Boudoir, Hair: Papercuts by Moon

War & Fashion

BodySuit: Diva by 1 Hundred, Hood: Hood by BlackLiquid, Makeup: Noir by Zibska, Accessories: Angel Rock and Zibska

Dress: Sharona Dress by Chrysalis, Headpiece: The Rook by DeadDollz

Dress: Alyse by Utopia, HeadPiece: Peony Crown by Lode, Hair: Sense by Vanity, Necklace: Fan Necklace by Handverk, Nose Ring: Nosering by Aisling, MakeUp by LPD

Shoes: Avantii by Reign, Hair: Baroque by Boudoir, Dress: Unicorn by Chrysalis, Veil, Nun Chapel by HoA, Petals: Cherry Blossom by Runo Runo

Dress: McQueen by RD, Skirt: Steam Cloud by LPD, Hair: Grace by Catwa, Flowers: Lara from Utopia

Softer Shades

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Absinthe

Hair: Shine by Magika, Necklace: Roysin by Lagyo, Top: Bolero by Diram, Shorts: Chiffon shorts by Ison, Makeup: La Malvada Mujer

Hair: Issues by Analog Dog, Collar: Varushka by Zibska, Dress: Primavera dress by Solidea Folies, Earrings: Artemis by Mandala.

Hair: Ball hair by Chic Zafari, Hat: Magone Crown by Lode, Collar: Hydrangea by Gizza, Dress:Llary Dress by Baiastrice, Gloves: Gloves Fetish Medium by Malena Von Dash Von Dash

Hair: Babylon by Lamb, Glasses: Rude by Co56, Top: Windy t dress by Vincue, Pants: Leggings by Maitreya, Necklace: Bubble by Glam Affair, Collar: The twigs choking collar by Olive

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hat: Magone crown by Lode, Necklace & earrings: Daisy by Lagyo, Dress: Carolina ruffle dress by The Secret Store, Gloves: Gloves Fetish by Malena Von Dash Von Dash



olor blocking is always fun and also is more challenging than it may appear. You can’t just put any two colors together and claim you’ve mastered the art of color blocking. There is a technique to understanding colors as they relate to others in order to display the correct message for this Spring/Summer. “I am fun!” “I am bright!” and “I love color!” are some of the messages that are meant to be conveyed through the use of a properly blocked outfit. Color blocking is taking several solid pieces and putting them together, with a lack of prints, to make a complete outfit. This past spring we saw color blocking primarily occurring in Men’s fashion, however we had to extend the option to our female stylist and photographers who were itching for an opportunity to show us their skills. Fortunately for us, items used to color block can be frequently found all over the grid and is an affordable way to stay in style.

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Linda Reddevil Top: HighNeck CropTop by COCO, Skirt: Princess Skirt by Bishes Inc, Hair: LIMBO Wet look by TuTy's, Bike: by Wingsong

Shirt: Versice Top by, Skirt: Electric Skirt by Pixicat, Earrings: Bukey Lips by Foil, Jewelry: Fantasy by AVALE, Shoes: by Bishes Inc, Hair: Hair 25 by Eaters Coma, Purse: Mini Crossbody Bag by Teefy

Dress: FoolingFall by Nya's, Tights: 60s mod tights by Ghee, Bracelet: Fluo by AAna FJ Huge, Shoes: Naomi Candy Platforms by Ghee, Hat: Morgan by LaGyo, Scarf: Parisian Summer Scarf by PIDIDDLE, Hair: Karma by Vanity Hair

Blazer: Belted Men's Blazer by fashionably dead, Skirt: Wrap Short by Emery, Hair: Jeanne II by KoKoLoReS, Earrings: Play Cubes by Finesmith, Purse1: Retro Victoria bag by Clamberry, Purse2: Ticket Clutch by teas, Necklace: Big Bead Necklace by So Many Styles, Shoes: Amelia by Similar

Top: Corset Top by fashionably dead, Pants: Stilts pants by Ladies Who Lunch, Neckpiece: Gaia by Solidea Folies, Hair: Cube Updo by Pocket Mirrors, Bracelet: Kaya by ZC, Ring: Plastic Triangle Ring by HANDverk, Earrings: Shoo Be Doo by Magic Nook, Slippers: Granny Flats by CandyDoll

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Vikeejeah Xevion

Hair: Different by Unorthodox, Dress: Deschanel by Loovus, Glasses: Polygon Shades by Lethal Couture, Shoes: Seductress by Lethal Couture

Hair: Jylie Kenner by HOMAGE, Shirt: Talenti Crop Top by Loovus, Skirt: Talenti Skirt by Loovus, Earrings: Vice Hoops by Yummy, Clutch: Leather Wallet by Le Primitif, Shoes: Drama Platform by Lethal Couture

Hat: Wide Brim Hat by MOON, Jacket: Cropped Jacket by COCO, Pants: Kay Pants by MOLiCHiNO, Clutch: Delirium Clutch by MOLiCHiNO, Shoes: Lasercut Pump by Co57

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Chance Greatrex Skirt & Top: Blair by Faenzo, Tights: Retro color by kDm, Shoes: Geisha Shoes by Pixicat Headwear: Ellie headpiece w. bow by Elysium, Handbag: Mesh Mine Bag by Bleich, Necklace: Maylea necklace by LaGyo, Hair: Dennica by eXxEsS,

Dress: Femke Gown by Pixicat, Tights: Retro color by kDm, Shoes: Spike Platforms by Garbaggio, Hand bag: Buffy clutch by h.m.a.e.m, Bracelets: Helianthus Double Bracelet by +plus, Gem Jelly Donut Bangle by Fresh Baked Goods & Black Sheep Bangle by FabulouS, Earrings: The Plastique by DirtyMind, Hair: Pogba by taketomi , Skin: Sienna by Birdy, Eyes: Moon eyes by adored, Eyebrows: Prosper Brows by NOX

Model 1: Dress: Herpen Dress by David Heather, Tights: Gem Tights by 3xC, Shoes: Karla wedge sandal by Elysium, Headwear: Head circle by LaGyo, Necklace: Feather collar by SMS, Hair: Kazi by eXxEsS , Skin: Brooke by Birdy Model 2: Dress: Herpen Dress by David Heather, Tights: Retro color by kDm, Shoes: SuperNova Heels by REIGN, Headwear: Amelie Veil by Ladies Who Lunch, Skin: Alice by Glam Affair Model 3: Dress: Herpen Dress by David Heather, Tights: Retro color by kDm Shoes: Audrey Pumps by, Necklace: IT top by Ladies Who Lunch, Hair: Rat by Besom, Skin: Jordan by Birdy

Jacket: Tendence by Faenzo, Pants: Karo Satin Culottes by Vive9, Bra Top: Metal Top by Pixicat, Leggings: Long Leggings by Maitreya, Headwear: Lill by LODE, Shoes: Ulta Platforms by Lethal, Handbag: Xylia Knot Bag by Vive9, Earrings: Palm Queen by 7891, Hair: Glamour Doll by Besom

Headwear: Ellie headpiece w. bow by Elysium, Skin: Melina by New Faces, Eyes: Elysium eyes by Buzz, Eyebrows: Prosper Brows by NOX, Eyeliner: Bicolor eyeliner by Tuty’s, Eye shadow: Manic Shadow by NOX, Lipstick: Sakura Petal Lip Blush by Clemmm



enim in Spring Summer 2015 has an anything goes feel to it. This was a key trend for both men and women on the runways. Patched, faded, stonewashed, high waisted, low slung, ripped, even the dreaded double denim. It seems suddenly, everyday wear is the ultimate in couture and designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Yves Saint Laurent & Gucci flocked to the runways each with their own unique take on this Denim takeover. In Second Life 速 we can happily shop for our statement denim pieces at stores like Coco, Maitreya & Monso. The beauty of this trend in both real life and Second Life is that we ALL have a healthy stash of denim tucked away in the back of our wardrobe/inventory, now is the time to get it out dust it down and be on trend!

UN-REALITY Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: The Pierrot Guest Model: Moounique On Pierre Hair: Boy44 by Dura, Jacket: Pyramid Jacket by Cashmere and Keane, Watch: KOTOWARI WATCH by MANDALA, Tattoo: KIKAISHIMA by Soy.

On Moounique Hair: Abra by TRUTH, Top: Vintage Bustier by Bueno, Pants: Tucked Up Jeans by Villena.

On Pierre Hair: BoysGirls55 by Dura, Jacket: Huntsman Jacket by Cold Ash, Pants: Malbain Jeans by Wonton, Shoes: Chelsea by Bleich. On Moounique Hair: Abra by TRUTH, Top: Vintage Bustier by Bueno, Pants: Tucked Up Jeans by Villena, Shoes: Ripped Old Chuck by CLAVv.

On Pierre Hair: ITSUKI by ARGRACE, Shirt: Denim shirt by Villena, Shorts: Denim Shorts by AITUI, Hood: Denim Shawl by CLAVv, Necklace: Oversized Rosary Necklace by Lvl93. On Moounique Hair: F8 by Liquence, Tank: Basic Tucked Tank by Teefy, Shorts: Abbey Highwaist Shorts by Teefy, Headdress: Flower Crown by Liquence.

On Pierre Hair: Boy55 by Dura, Shirt: Laceup Denim Shirt by Sleepy Eddy, Pants: Slim Pants by chronokit, Headdress: Flower Crown by Liquence, Camera: Elfman Vintage Camera by ATTIC, Mask: Leather Mask by Soy. On Moonique Hair: F8 by Liquence, Tank: Basic Tucked Tank by Teefy, Shorts: Abbey Highwaist Shorts by Teefy.

southern sunshine Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Posh Jones

Hair: Piper II by Maitreya, Corset: Denim mini corset by Teefy, Skirt: Nayra long skirt by Baiastice, Ring: Ombre ring by Yummy.

Hair: Fame by Little Bones, Jacket: Lana denim jacket by OverHigh, Skirt: Thunder Road knit skirt by Rebel Gal, Shoes: Imias sandal by Hucci, Bracelets: Wicki Spikes bracelts by Pure Poison.

Hair: Shelly by Soonsiki, Dress: Chrystal denim mini by Aushk 'A & Co., Jacket: Amadeus Parrot biker jacket by Emery, Glasses: Melt shades by Shi, Ring: Quartz stone ring by Ariskea.

Hair: Shameless by Soonsiki, Shirt: Knotted Texas shirt by OverHigh, Skirt: Rose Texas skirt by OverHigh, Shoes: Julia Nudette Fringe sandal by Co57, Long Necklace: Briolette Turquoise necklace by Glow, Short necklace: Gemstone accent necklace by Yummy, Rings: Black, Circlee, Quartz, Turquoise stone rings by Ariskea, Sunglasses: Aviators by Redgrave, Hat: Texas Brown hat by OverHigh.

Blue Jeans Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Arscene Dubrovna Guest Model: Genkai Tesla

Please contact Arscene inworld for style credits.

120 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 123

D’evils Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: SuperJaix Guest Model: The Pierrot

Hair: hair38 by Iruco, Top: Ray Casual shirts by Howl, Jeans: old skinny jeans by Ronsem, Shoes: Zinger Baseball Boot by Rever

128 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Hair: Boys&Girls*55 by Dura, Jacket: denim jk by 2byte, Jeans: WESLEY jeans faded by not so bad, Shoes: Mens hunting boots by Mikunch

On Jaix: Hair: GFR834 hair ash by boon, Shirt: ShirtBreez / BRUT by SORGO, Jeans: DAVY jeans by not so bad, Shoes: Kursk by hoorenbeek , Bag: Leather Backpack by Mr.Poet

On Pierre: Hair: Matthew by Monso,Vest: Denim Vest by Addams, Pants: Malbain by Wonton, Boots: Patmos Boots by Deadwool, Necklace: Menla by Wonton.

Blue Moon Rising Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Hillany Scofield Jeans: Ripped Denim by Blueberry, Hair: Callista by Blueberry

Hair: Run to you by Exile, Shoes: Bubble pump by ieQED, Clutch: Magazine by Kalopsia, Jeans: Naga by CH, Tattoo: Hand feather by Taox

Dress: Tripy by sYs, Headpiece: Frida by Kunglers, Hair: A330 by Tram, Shoes: Roma Blue by VG

Jeans: Klara PixieCat, Tattoo: Dante by Bolson, Hair: Jiony HP by Vanity, Face Tattoo: Va by Arise, Tattoo: by Bolson





ast season we captured the essence of the modern, gothic geisha. For this warmer season, designers tapped into more Asian themed styling by incorporating wide belts, crossed collars, and flared pants to create a new, and refreshing look. Designers such as Alexander Wang, Rosie Assoulin, and Richard Chai appeared to have taken inspiration from this vein and created some of the most exciting looks by mixing martial arts with cotton and silk. Belts are worn high on the waist tapering jackets and V-neck shirts. Pants are loose and often times a solid color of black or white. This look is to be worn with a modern hair style or a red lip. Stores where you can find the same influence on the grid are NYU and Shi. Just remember, just because you dress like a badass doesn’t mean you really are one! Take a few lessons in Judo, and don’t let your epically cool new style get to your head.


Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: U10

Hair: Pixie Harlow by Moon, Ribbon: Marisa Headpiece by Bauhaus Movement, Shirt: Striped by Kauna, Belt: Cummerbund by Kauna, Belt: knot belt by tomoto, Pants: Striped by Kauna, Jacket: jacket before wearing by Breath, Shoes: Leather Loafers by Faenzo

Hair: Andy-hair by -7R-, Pierce: Rip piercing JIN by AYAKASHI YOKOCHO, Ring: Basilisk Rings by CerberusXing, Fan: OUGI by NAMINOKE, Necklace: Beads by Monster, Haori and shirt: HAORI_octopus by Breath, Belt: modern flower stripe shigoki by tomoto,, Pants: Mesh skinny 02 by AMERIE, Geta: Sacred Geta by C L A Vv.

Isshinryu No Megami Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Blackliquid Tokyoska Hair: Warrior by Epoque , Top: Tie T by Shi, Pants: Outre by Shi. , , Makeup: Chen GEISHA by blackLiquid, Bangles: Triple Threat by Epoque

Hair: ARADIA by LeLutka , Jacket & Skirt: Crop Skirt Set by VERO MODERO, Eyewear: Colorful Eyeliner by Glam Affair, Lipstick: Juicy Red by The Shops, Leggings: Bandage by Sleeping Koala, Shoes: Ballerina Vanity Feet by Glam Affair

Hair: DPY537 by Boon , Dress: Filton by Hucci, Blindfold: Last Goodnight by BOOM, Lipstick: Chen GEISHA by blackLiquid, Belt: Inquisition by sYs, Pants: White by Zula

Hair: BAD980 by Boon , Dress: Wednesday by ISON, Eyewear: Feline HEX by blackLiquid, Makeup: Chen GEISHA by blackLiquid, Earings: Serpente by Kunglers Extra, Piercing: Serpent’s Desire by ni.Ju

Black Belt Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Jakobat

Outfit: Karate by LikeA

162 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 163

Top: Haori by Breath, Pants: Skinny trousers by Iruco, Hair: by Cosmos

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 165

Outfit: WASOU2015 by Breath, Pants: Skinny trousers by Iruco

166 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Pants: Long Sarouel by Chronokit, Hair: by Cosmos, Scarf: Scarf black by K

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 169

Petal Dance

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Citta Wiskee

Hair: MATHILDA by TuTy's, Dress: Sydney Wrap Dress by Pepe, Footwear: Wildling Footwraps by ADI, Gloves: Gloves by VRSION



Hair: Scandal by EPOQUE, headpiece: Unfold Flower, Top: Daleth Wrap by Shi, Shorts: Hot Shorts by NYU, Bracelet: LUN by MIEL, Bracelet: Parisian Bangles by The Sea Hole, Cigarette: Parisian Cigarette by The Sea Hole, Shoes: Allettare Heels by Shi

Hair: Akane by ARGRACE, Headpiece: Unfold Flower by Elikatira, Top: Kunoichi by Dead Dollz, Pants: Flare pants by NYU.

Hair: Locked by Elikatira, headpiece: Unfold Flower, Top: Sari Wrap by Shi, Belt: WideBelt by COCO, Belt: WideWaistBelt by COCO, Skirt: Dakota Corset Gown by Teefy, Bracelet: LUN by MIEL, Bracelet: Parisian Bangles by The Sea Hole, Shoes: Allettare Heels by Shi



emember the fad of Tartan Army? Everything was plaid and stained with the colors of blue, and red for nearly 2 years after the trend had been unleashed on the masses. Once again we’ll touch on military inspired fashion, however this time we’re leaving the crisscrossed prints of tartan alone, and staying with the solid, and sometimes bland color of military greens and blues. However, it’s not just the color that makes this trend (un)interesting, it’s really the architecture of the clothing. The stiffly designed coats, medaled hats, and long, dresses with patch work pockets make this trend something to look at twice. The outfits worn on the runway where baggy and held with black leather belts as if each model were seconds from jumping from an airplane at high speed. We challenged our stylists and photographers to show us their take on military fashion and hopefully this is something that we will enjoy for a few seasons to come!

SCALES Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Anais Terpellie

Cap: Paragon by Remarkable Oblivion, Hair: Nora by Entwined, Necklace: On the go by Enfant Terrible, Bracelet: Danis by Enfant Terrible, Dress: Willow by Enfant Terrible

Hair: Bella by Entwined, Coat: Sienna by Diram, Pants: Nikita Leggings by Mutresse

Cap: Pervert by Swallow, Hair: Anna by Entwined, Dress: Army Denim by GizzA

Cap: Beret Russia by The Forge, Hair: Daniele by Entwined, Necklace: On the go by Enfant Terrible, Bracelet: Danis by Enfant Terrible, Top: Dupla Bustier Bra by Mutresse, Pants: Nikita Leggings by Mutresse

Hair: Katerina by Entwined, Mask: Onesight Mask by Sad Harlequin, Jacket: Apocalypse Jacket by xin, Pants: Apocolypse Pants by Drift

Warmonger Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Sungyoung Jang

Hair: Desire Lines by Lamb, Jacket: Military Peacoat by Bowtique, Makeup: Black Liner by Pekka, Sakura Petal Lip Blush by Clemmm

Hair: Kasumi by Argrace, Inner Top: Leather Bra String by FemmeFatale, Jacket: Double Vest Jacket by Faster Pussycat, Pants: Lou Distressed Jeans by Vive Nine, Makeup: Black Liner by Pekka, Diamond Cutter by Pididdle, Sakura Petal Lip Blush by Clemmm

Hair: Armelle by Truth, Coat: Corto by Deadwool, Jeans: Rise Skinny Jeans by The Secret Store

Hair: Jada by LeLutka, Ears: Steking by Mandala, Blouse: Shyla by Zaara, Jacket: Crew Vest by Pixicat, Shorts: My Studded Shorts by Monso, Sandals: Lace up Gladiator Sandals by ISON, Eyewear: Rebel Summer Aviators by GizzA, Ring: Pyr Cross Ring by Pekka, Watch: Billionaire by Mandala, Makeup: Drama Lip by NOX

bulletproof Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Tempest Rosca Guest Model: Sungyoung Jang

Hair: Maleficent by LeLutka, Top: Bandage by Ison, Gloves: Leather Gloves by Coco, Glasses: Pilot Peepers by Miel, Necklace: Murdock by Lyrical Bizarre, Tights: CoffeeLatte by YSYS.

Beret: Beret by TonkTastic, Dress: Artemis by ValentinaE, Boots: Quatermain by Eudora 3D, Cigar: Cigar by Nikokin, Earrings: Arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion, Gun: City Rebels by Body Factory

Hair: GFR834 by Boon, Goggles: Goggles from Envious, Pants: Legit by D-Style, Earrings: Arsenal by Remarkable Oblivion, Waistcoat: Crew Vest by Pixicat, Boots: My Vintage Ankle Boots by Monso

On Tempest: Hat: Army Helmet by Dirty Rat, Jumpsuit: My Jumpsuit by Monso, Gloves: Leather Gloves by Coco On SungYoung: Hair: Boy31 from Dura, Jumpsuit: My Jumpsuit by Monso, Boots: My Vintage Ankle Boots by Monso, Gloves: Fingerless Gloves by Shi

Urban militia Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Jax Aster Outfit : German Military Formals by Epia, Hat: Dictator by LeLutka, Bag: Bulletbag by CLAVv

Jacket: Tunic by Kauna, Pants: Tuxedo Trousers by Kauna, Glasses: Aviator Pilot by Redgrave, Sash: Paragon by Remarkable Oblivion, Watch: AC by Benjaminz, Shoes: Classic Loafers by Redgrave, Hair: Machinehead by Exile

Coat: Jason by Diram, Pants: Business by Epic, Hair: 6th Avenue Heartache by Exile

Coat: Funnel by David Heather, Pants: Tailored by Coco, Shoes: Dandy by Deadwool, Socks: Dandy by Deadwool, Medals: Brooch E by Drop, Hair: High and Dry by Exile

FEROSH Av a n t P O P !


ith colors that literally bounce of the page at you and prints that are bold, beautiful and brilliantly outré. The Pop art theme is as relevant now as it was in the decade of its inception. Ideal for Spring/Summer this theme is playful and vivacious but with its roots firmly planted in surrealist imagery and artistic experimentation. On the Spring/ Summer runways it was easy to see from Junya Watanabe’s statement skirts, to Loewe’s paneled dress, and Dries Van Noten’s playful layering. It’s clear pop-art is no longer restricted to museum walls. In Second Life® we can dip our toes into the abstract and daring world of Avant Pop when we visit stores such as Nylon Outfitters, Ladies Who Lunch and Teefy.

Ferosh Stylist: Maya Reyes Ferosh Photographer: Steffy Ghost On Maya: Hairstyle: Toni by Bold & Beauty, Earrings: Such a Baller Earrings by RAMA, Blouse: Marlene, Blouse Freesia by Teefy, Bag: The Minaudiere Pearl Clutch by 7891, Watch: Vipera Watch by ISON, Skirt: Gal Pencil Skirt by Rowne, Shoes: Nastasya Suede Circle Sandals by ryvolter, Phone: Mirror Phone by Lethal Chrome On Steffy: Headpiece:Morgan by LaGyo, Hair: 33 by Dura, Jacket: Caught Shag by Rebel Gal, Top: Lua's by The Secret Store, Skirt: Anette Peplum by The Secret Store, Phone: Mirror Phone by Lethal Chrome

Hairstyle: Toni by Bold & Beauty, Earrings: What a Stud Earrings by epoque, Pullover: Emilia, Structured Pullover by ryvolter, Clutch: Leather Fold-Over Clutch by Faenzo, Skirt: Aspen HighWaisted Skirt by Teefy, Shoes: Erix Pumps by Rowne

Earrings: What a Stud Earrings by epoque, Dress: Mekica Dress by Mutresse, Clutch: Mortier Clutch by epoque, Shoes: Atrix Pumps by Rowne

Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Taylor Wassep Bow: Ellie Headpiece by Elysium, Hair: Natasha by Eskimo, Eyelashes: Xtrem by sYs, Bolero: Long Sleeve Bolero by COCO, Bra: Venusia by Solidea Folies, Dress: Sweet Smile by Nya, Clutch: Tetrahedron by ieQed, Leggings: Leather Leggings by Bliss, Shoes: Splat Sandals by Shi

Helmet: Scooter Helmet by Ladies Who Lunch, Eyeshadow: Eyebags by Clemmm, Eye Liner: Essential Liner by EPOQUE, Mask: KONVERT 3.0 by VRSION, Jacket: Oversized Etched Coat by Shi, bodysuit: MyFunSuit by House Of Fox, Gloves: Mikasa Glove by Ladies Who Lunch, Leggings: Mesh Leggings by Maitreya

Hair: Seiko by LeLutka, Sunglasses: Expressions Lenses by Ladies Who Lunch, Shoulder pads: Anja Fur Shoulders by House of Fox, Bodysuit: Anja by House of Fox, Dress: Cocktail Shift by Ladies Who Lunch, Cuffs: Cuffs and Collars by Ladies Who Lunch

Hair: Kenji by Taketomi, Sunglasses: Spring by blackLiquid, Lipstick: Spring by blackLiquid, Lip-stick: Matte Lipstick by blackLiquid, Corset: Geometric Corset by ISON, Bodysuit: Octopus Dress by Glitter Monster, Heels: Orange Doll by Solidea Folies

Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Byrne Darkly Guest Model: Paradox Messmer Stole: Faux Fur Stole by Fishy Strawberry, Dress: Color TV Dress by cae.b, Leggings: Looney Latex Pants by Sn@tch, Earrings: Perspective Earrings by Yummy, Bracelets: Marina Bracelets by Modern Couture, Shoes: Aventura Bootie by Co57, Hair: Oriental Bun Hair by Soonsiki, Makeup: Ghost Makeup by La Malvada Mujer, Lipstick: Lucious Lipstick by MONS

Dress: Etzy Dress by Legal Insanity, Leggings: Pop Art Pants by peqe, Shoes: Xiah Sandals by Co57, Jewelry: Sixties Vinyl Lover Cr own,Headpiece,Bracelets,Earrings,Ring by ALEGRIA, Ring: Star Ring by Pure Poison, Glasses: Iggy Dot Shades by Co57, Hair: Follower Hair by EPOQUE, Lipstick: Floria Lipstick by Modish

On Paradox: Jacket: Luy Goiaba by CheerNo, T-shirt: Crush Tee (Custom) by A is for Allison, Pants: Classic Suit Pants Pop Edition by Zaara, Ring: Tangy Fruit Cocktail Ring by Digital Aura, Earrings: Cactus Neon by Digital Aura, Hair: You're Cool by Soonsiki, Makeup: Pandora by KMADD, Lipstick: Boisen Berry Suck by blackliquid On Byrne: Top: Cropped Sweatshirt by FAUN, Skirt: Versice Skirt by 1992, Belt: Fetish Belt by AMERIE, Scarf: Dotty Maxi Scarf by GizzA, Purse: Electric Shoulder Bag by Frogstar, Rings:Plastic Star Rings by Noodles, Necklace: Juicy Love Lips Necklace by Maxi Gossamer, Earrings: Flash Lightning Earrings by Le Primitif, Hair: Dusty Beehive by ploom, Makeup: Opera makeup by no.7, Lipstick: High Def Cosmetics Lipstick by Nylon Outfitters, Eyelashes: Toy Lashes by GATO

Jacket: B Wants B Gets Jacket by Eshi Otawara, Skirt: Memoire Pencil Skirt by Indyra Originals, Shoes: PiaMia Heels by Co57, Earrings: Briolette Earrings by Indy & Co, Necklace: Pulp Fiction Necklace by Glamdammit, Bracelets: Octavia Bracelets by Maxi Gossamer, Hair: One Side Wig by Zsa Zsa, Eyebrows: Killjoy Dot Brows by adored, Lipstick: Heart Lips by MIASNOW, Eyeshadow: Cateye Makeup by MIASNOW, Eyeliner: Mascara Tears II by Mon Cheri, Eyes: Tender Coffee Eyes by Clemmm

Make-up: Milk by Clef de Peau, Body: Lara by Maitreya, Bracelet: Pearl by Mandala, Hat: Hortensia crown by Lode, Dress: My spring by Solidea Folies, Earrings & Necklace: Torta Fiore Rose by Chic Zafari, Bracelet: Pyramid by 69

Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Marcopol Oh

Mesh head: Stella by Lelutka, Dress: Absinthe by Gizza, Collar & Necklace: Dangara by A, Bracelet: Pearl Rain by Mandala, Hat: Galliano by Chic Zafari

Make-up: Milk by Clef de Peau, Body: Lara by Maitreya, Skirt: DollyBrocade by Byrne, Ring: Princess-dogtag by Mandala, Headwrap: Richa by Foire, Bangles: May by Meva, Necklace: Love is about all diamonds by Pure Poison, Earrings: Brigitte by Ricielli, Bracelets and chocker: Banjara kada by Zaara

Mesh Head: Jem by Rowne, Body: Lara by Maitreya, Dress: Aire by Sweet Kajira, Bangles: May by Meva, Hair: Vintage bath cap by Vanity Hair, Hat: Sailor hat by Lagyo

Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Vain Redrose Headwrap: Badu Turban by LeLutka, Bindi: Pearl bindi by Whatever, Cigarette: Mahalia cigarette prop by Lagyo, Necklace: Bubble Way Necklace by 7891, Clutch: Smoking Lips Clutch by Foil, Dress: Bodycon Dress by Nylon Outfitters, Blazer: Jacket over Shoulders by COCO

Hair: 02 by Mode Hair, Glasses: Eat Your Heart Out Lip Sunglasses by Foil, Gum: Strawberry Glitter Bubble Gum prop by Lagyo, Necklace: Small Faces Necklace by h.m.a.e.m, Top: Lenka Bralet by Tee*fy

Headwrap: Urban Turban by Po$$e, Hair: God &Monsters by Little Bones, Glasses:Eat Your Heart Out Lip Sunglasses by Foil, Lingerie: Sheer Valentines set by Nylon Outfitters, Belt:Moxchino Peace Chain Belt by 7891

Hair: BGN462 hair by booN, Crown: Fake plastic crown by LavVere, Earrings:Moxchino Peace Earring by 7891, Top: Daily tee shirt #3 by Offbeat, Bottoms: High waist leggings by Villena



old on to your floppy hats, and take a trip back in time to the Seventies but in a less form way. The Spring/Summer Bohemian story is all about maxi skirts and dresses, pretty patterned silk fabrics, layering and kimono sleeves. From formal dresses to denim cut offs, this trend is easy to achieve. Keep make up simple and accessories with statement pieces such as pendants, large cocktail rings and strings of beads. Flats look fantastic making it easy to party the night away seventies style. Bohemian style is easy to achieve in Second LifeŽ with gorgeous pieces available from Zaara, Miamai, Baiastice this summer let’s all indulge in a free spirited Summer.

Bohemian Country Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Strawberry Singh

Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya, Skin: Katra Skin by Glam Affair, Mesh Eyeliner: Couture Liner by Glam Affair, Eyes: Charm Eyes by Ikon, Hair: Effie by Truth, Headflower: Magic Ride Headflower by Enfant Terrible, Top: Joan Boyfriend’s Tank by Teefy, Leggings: Eva High-Waisted Leggings by TeefyM Sandals: Bohemian Romance Sandals by Pure Poison, Necklace: Prophecy by Mandala, Earrings: Prophecy by Mandala, Bracelet: Pearl Rain by Mandala

Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya, Skin: Willow by New Faces, Mesh Eyeliner: Couture Liner by Glam Affair, Eyes: Charm Eyes by Ikon, Hair: Willow by Olive, Outfit: Bohemian Chevron Dress by Coquet, Necklace: Boho Beaded Necklace by Yummy, Ring: Boho Ring by Yummy, Bindi: Mesh Bindi by Mons, Nosering: Mesh Septum Ring by Mons, Sandals: Bohemian Romance, Sandals by Pure Poison

Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya, Skin: Willow by New Faces, Mesh Eyeliner: Couture Liner by Glam Affair, Hair: Lovestruck by Little Bones, Top: Bohemian Top by Pixicat, Jeans: Virginia Jeans by Gizza, Boots: Evoke Platform Boots by Livalle, Bag: Potli Sling Bag by Zaara, Headpiece: Agape headpiece by Swallow, Bracelet: Shippoah by Mandala, Ring: Boho Ring by Yummy

Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya, Skin: Willow by New Faces, Mesh Eyeliner: Couture Liner by Glam Affair, Eyes: Charm Eyes by Ikon, Hair: Armelle by Truth, Outfit: Ananda by League,, Headpiece: Rosalies by Enfant Terrible, Necklace: Violette Cut Bead boho by Maxi Gossamer, Ring: Boho Ring by Yummy, Bindi: Mesh Bindi by Mons, Nosering: Mesh Septum Ring by Mons

The fish are Jump Ferosh Stylist & Photographer: Nic Bour

Body: Venus by Belleza, Skin: Tess by Belleza, Headpiece: Magnolia by LODE, Shirt: Enrietta by H.M.A.E.M, Skirt: Tarot by Foxes, Ring & Bracelet: Eve by Lost Eden, Necklace: Vanisri by Zaara, Hair: Paper Cuts by MOON


Body: Venus by Belleza, Skin: Tess by Belleza, Bra & Panties: Helena by Belleza, Top: Ria Coverup by Zaara, Necklace & Bracelet: Natali by Finesmith, Hair: River by Spellbound

Body: Venus by Belleza, Skin: Tess by Belleza, Headpiece: Magnolia by LODE, Shirt: Enrietta by H.M.A.E.M, Skirt: Tarot by Foxes, Ring & Bracelet: Eve by Lost Eden, Necklace: Vanisri by Zaara, Hair: Paper Cuts by MOON

Body: Venus by Belleza, Skin: Tess by Belleza, Dress: Lace Dress by Mimikri, Coat: Fluid by Milk Motion, Hat: Texas by OVH, Boots: Stomp by Covered, Bangle & Necklace: Maya by Lagyo, Beads: Violette Cut Bead Boho by MG

Body: Venus by Belleza, Skin: Tess by Belleza, Thong: Giselle by Belleza, Skirt: Honey Pie by Reverie, Bracelet: Safari Tribe by ISON, Necklace: Banjara by Zaara Hair: Hurt by Little Bones

Wanderlust Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Kerasia Hexicola

Dress: Delusion Gown by Pixicat,Hair: Nathalia by Truth, Head Accessory 1: Dodoo White By Lode,Head Accessory 2: Peony Double by Lode,Head Chain: Magic Ride Coin Chain by Enfant Terrible, Necklace 1: Banjara Silver Talisman Necklace by Zaara, Necklace 2: Hamsa Necklace by Yummy, Necklace 3: Small Crystal Choker Necklace, Makeup by Kooqla and La Mulvada Mujer

286 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Jeans: Marly BellBottoms by Moon,Top: Knitted Crochet Lace Crop by Lady Fakessi, Hair: Zelda By Lamb,Bracelet: Banjara Kada Bracelets by Zaara, Bracelet 2: Fangarth Bracer by Aisling,Belt 1: Malukah Belt by Keystone, Belt 2: Magic Ride Belt by Enfant Terrible, Septum Ring: Lucy by Yummy

Right: Skirt: Anya Gown Gipsy by Miamai, Top: Mini Top Denim by Baiastice, Hair: Billie by Lelutka,Belt: Ginger Belt by Nyte N Day, Necklace 1: Kalea Woven Necklace By LaGyo, Necklace 2: Eva Maxi Boules, Necklace 3: Flower Heart by Maxi Gossamer, Nose Ring: Aztec Nose Chain by Glow Studio Left: Dress: A Line Tutu Dress by amiable, Shoes & Socks: Boho vintage and High socks by JD,Hat: Feather Wrapped Fedora By Mon Tissu, Hair Accessory: Magic Ride Headflower by Enfant Terrible, Hair: A817 by Tram, Bracelets 1: Indyra Painted Stacked Bangles by Zaara, Bracelets Rings: Mystery Girl by Ariskea, Necklace: Boho Beaded Necklace by Yummy, Bag: Mesh Afghanisti by Boho Hobo

Get a job, Hippy! Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Isa Messioptra

Hair: Yui by Argrace top: Top: Tank by Bueno, Skirt: Maxiskirt by ZD, Bracelets: Feathered charm by Fusion and Friendo by Miel, Rings: Trance Hikari by Ariskea, Glasses: Bonnie & Clyde by Steinwerk, Necklaces: Feathered Charm and Onyx by Fusion and Spooky Girl, by NO and Machindery by Eudora and Camera by Izzies and Friendo by Miel and Long Zodiac by Poposity and Adira and Karmuka by ZC, Earring : Multi EarRing by Fusion

Overall: My Overall by Monso, Hair: Hikari by Argrace, Necklace: Friendo by miel, Shoes: Sneaker by M&E

Dress: Bohemian by Zenith, Hair: Straw Fedora/Hair: Straw Fedora/Clara by Argrace, Sunglasses: EUH Shades by S O R G O, Tie: Schooline by Edelweiss

Hair: Kaleidoscope by Soonskiki, Skirt: Maxiskirt by ZD, Bracelets: Feathered charm by Fusion and Friendo by Miel, Rings: Trance Hikari by Ariskea, Necklaces: Feathered Charm and Onyx by Fusion and Spooky Girl, by NO and Machindery by Eudora and Camera by Izzies and Friendo by Miel and Long Zodiac by Poposity and Adira and Karmuka by ZC, Earring : Multi EarRing by Fusion Right: Hair: Kaleidoscope by Soonsiki, Top: Beaded by Blueberry, SSkirt: Maxiskirt by ZD, Ring: Trance Hikari by Ariskea , Bracelets: racelets: Feathered charm by Fusion and Friendo by Miel Glasses: Bonnie & Clyde by Steinwerk glasses, Purse: Bohemian by Zenith

Top: Tank by Bueno, Necklaces: Feathered Charm and Onyx by Fusion and Spooky Girl, by NO and Machindery by Eudora and Camera by Izzies and Friendo by Miel and Long Zodiac by Poposity and Adira and Karmuka by ZC , Glasses: Bonnie & Clyde by Steinwerks, Earring: by Fusion, Hair: Bs by Mina



hink of a runaway bride, off to marry the love of her life on a budget – refurbished gowns with a slightly vintage feel and the lingering cadence of Woodstock in the distance. This trend is defined by its lacy overabundance, flower head pieces, and sheerness. Dresses are cut shorter for easy transport, and some are redesigned to fit the edges of a modern woman while still clinging to the melodies of the past. Designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, and Givenchy displayed beautifully crafted gowns down the runway this past winter, offering hints to a new trend in the bridal community. In Second LifeŽ bridal stores offer an array of gowns that can be mixed and matched to complete this style, but some of the most noted are Azul and Solidea Folies.

Runaway Love Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Xandrah Sciavo

Gown: The Nymph by Junbug, Veil: Bridal Veil by MadNess, Head Accessory: Lavander by Lode, Earrings: Pearl Fret Earring by Epoque, Ring: Pearl Flower Ring by Paper Couture, Hair: Hlin by Vanity Hair

Gown: Julianne by Miamai, Hat: Melancholy by Lode, Necklace: Bijou Pearls by Paper Couture, Hair: BGN462 by booN

Dress: Cecelia Dress by GizzA, Veil: Rose Veil from Neva Dress by GizzA, Hair Wreath: Arianwen Wreath by Evies Closet, Hair: Vibrato by LeLutka

Gold Dust Women Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Steffy Ghost Headpiece: Peony by Lode, Hair: Amber by Ison, Gown: Margarete by Paper Couture

Bridesmaids (on the left) Hair: Dream on by Lamb, Headpiece: Peony by Lode, Boots: Freja by Pixicat, Dress: Sheer Dress by Pixicat, Bouquet: Antler Bouquet by Lagyo Bride: Hair: Windsong by Little Bones, Gown: Amelia Lace Gown by Ison, Heels: Isabelle Heels by Friday, Bouquet: Wild Flowers by The Secret Store

Top: Lace Halter by Nylon Outfiters, Necklace: Vintage Pearls by Lagyo, Veil: Flower Cluster Veil by Paper Couture, Skirt: Tutu Tulle by Amitomo, Hair: Shiny Hair by Tableau Vivant

Then. Now. Forever... Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Asa Vordun

Hair: Baptism by Little Bones, FurTippet and pearls by Coco, Bag: Pearl Strap mini Bag by Coco, Dress: Lace dress by Coco, Laceboots by Coco

Hair: Rogue Bun by LeLutka, Veil: Blush veil by LWL, Dress: Cara Dress by Gizza, Skirt: Kira skirt by LpD, Old Rose Bouquet by RH Design House

Hair: BGN426 by booN, Valle II headwear by Lode, Jacket: Boho Girl jacket by LpdShirt: Baroque Fiori shirt, marigold and belt by Gizza, Skirt: Cesca Skirt by Lpd



f you thought sportswear meant the tattered joggers and sweatshirt you wore to the gym. Think again! This Spring Summer Lacoste, Alexander Wang and DKNY showed us inventive and stylish ways to make the leap from the cross trainer to the cocktail bar. Materials include tactile, unusual fabrics to create sport looks with an edge. Detail is key for this trend with perforated fabrics and laser cut neoprene or if you are more classically inclined don crisp whites for full on tennis chic. We are fortunate in Second Life速 to have such talented designers as 1992, sYs and Vrsion who can fulfil our dreams in following this trend.

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Asshlley Moss Earrings: By ROVE, Bars Earrings, Gloves: By VIVE9, Corset: Geometric By ISON, Pants: Malena Vond Dash, Tights: Leather Tights Fetishit Couture By Femme Fatale

330 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Hair: Swish By Lelutka, Skin: Brittany by New Faces, Earrings & Mask Malika By Lagyo, Outfit: Mulier and Swang by 1992

Necklace: Flamingo Couture By Chic Zafari, Bra: Latex Bra Fetishist by Femme Fatale, Belt: Peplum Belt By Tee*fy, Pants: Pants Leather Couture By Femme Fatale

Trends | | Summer 2015 | 335

Hat: By Vita`s Boudoir, Hair: MSK335 By BOON, Top: Wrap Dress By 1992, Skirt: By DIRAM, Gloves: Long Gloves By CNZ

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Absinthe (sinontherocks) Hair: Route66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar sunglasses by sYs, Jacket: Sekka by r2, Pants: Debut hi-waist pants by Nyu.

Hair: Route 66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar glasses by sYs, Dress: Tokime by r2, skirt: Python Pencil skirt by Mimikri, Shoes: Piamia by Co57

Hair: Route 66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar glasses by sYs, Dress: Suzuya by r2, Shoes: Xondrah gadiator shoes by Co57

Hair: Route 66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar glasses by sYs, Jacket: Shu by r2, Skirt top: Kisara by r2, Skirt: HighWaisted skirt by Baiastice

Hair: Route 66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar glasses by sYs, Top: Sekka by r2, Skirt: Astra by Teefy

Hair: Route 66 by Soonsiki, Visor: Lunar glasses by sYs, Top: Visionary Jacket by Pixicat, Skirt: Kagetsu by r2

n Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Grant Valeska Hair: Bed Bob by Shi, Top: Sheoff Crop by MULIER x 1992, Jacket: Joan Jacket by MULIER x 1992, Shorts: Anja Shorts by MULIER x 1992, Shoes: Olena Translucent Pumps by Ryvolter

Top: Kimono Blouse by Le Primitif, Pants: Sasha Trousers by MULIER x 1992, Bracelets: Cage Cuff by Epoque, Sunglasses: Santiago Chain Shades by Co57

Hair: Bed Bob by Shi, Top: Sheoff Crop by MULIER x 1992, Jacket: Joan Jacket by MULIER x 1992, Shorts: Anja Shorts by MULIER x 1992, Shoes: Olena Translucent Pumps by Ryvolter

Top: T-Top by Remy, Skirt: Wang Skirt by MULIER x 1992, Bracelet: Variant Cuff by Epoque, Clutch: Valor 2-Tone Clutch by Rowne

Top: Magda Crop by MULIER x 1992, Shorts: Wrap Short Melbourne by Emery, Bag: Obsidian Bag by MULIER x 1992


cla ox F e


an Bl

t: lis y s St & ssom r lo he ap ryl B r e og ot l: Ch h P de h os Mo r Fe est Gu

Hair: Iggy by Soonsiki, Top: DE 3.0 Female Shirt by VRSION, Bottom: Twiggy Shorts by Sys, Shoes: Melissa by Candy Doll, Eye Glass: Mousys Cyberpop by Sys, Socks: High and Knee Socks by Muka

Mesh Head: Jessi by M. Birdy Story, Hair: Thinking Outloud by Exile, Top: My Oversize Bomber by Monso, Socks: Right Knee Socks by Muka LeftThigh Socks by Muka, Kneepads: Darkside by Sys

Head gear: Distressed Aviator by .Shi, Dress: Wednesday Dress by Ison, Gloves: Konvert – Female, Glove by Vrsion, Shoes: Oli Wedges by Reign, Stockings: Thigh Socks by Muka, Scarf: Editorial Scarves by Lelutka

Hair: Iggy by Soonsiki, Top: Split Maxi by Lethal, Skirt: Astra Cut Out by Teefy, Shoes: Vixen by Sys, Visor: Lunar by Sys, Necklace: Boho Loops by Ane

Hair: Ogle by INK, Top: Varsity Jacket Floral by Vale Koer, Bottom: Long Sarouel Pants by Chronokit, Shoes: Apex Stompers by Vale Koe, Eye Glass: Mleha by Sorgo, Headphone: Eargasm by Mandala, Music Player: Tapeman by Soy

Hair: Iggy by Soonsiki, Top: Anais Boho Shirt by Fishy Strawberry, Skirt: Vetement Skirt by David Heather, Pants: Tova Leather Leggings by Ison, Shoes: Apex Stompers by Vale Koer, Necklace: Legendary by Mandala, Wrist Watch: Hokusai Bracelet by Mandala, Bag: VK Backpack by Vale Koer



t Club Tropicana, drinks are free! Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone! Moving out of the Winter months there is nothing more inspiring than dreaming of the steamy tropics and this season’s burst of bold colors with floral and palm prints paired with wide brimmed hats are straight from the islands. To bring this style from the runway to your wardrobe pair bold printed statement pants, blazers or skirts with minimal accompaniments to stand out in the crowd. This tantalizing tropical trend was seen on the runways of Stella McCartney and Salvatore Ferragamo but you can pick up your perfect tropical attire from stores such as Gato, Tee*fy and LaGyo.

Hat: soulshake by LODE, Hair: Soonsiki~Evergreen, Jacket: Tailored Jacket by K, Pants: Shorts Homme Gobelin by K, Necklace: safari tribe necklace ISON, Glasses: Mirrored Sunnies by Eclat, Bangles: Banjara kada by Zaara, Tube Bracelet by Eclat, Rings: rings by Eclat

Tropical Chancer Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Tracei Moore Guest Model: Kerasia Hexicola

On Tracei: Hair: Leon by Soonsiki, Skirt: Print shirt by RONSEM, Jacket: Seventeen Blazer by David Heather, Necklace: Amada statement by LaGyo, Glasses: Smiley Face Cross Eyed by Eclat On Kerasia: Dress: Calypso by Baiastice,Hair: Harper by Fiore,Necklace: Cheetah's Pride Necklace by Paper Couture,Sunglasses: Double Frame Round Glasses by Eclat,Bangles: Ramya Wood Bangles by Zaara, Nose Ring: Pirate Nose Ring by LaGyo

Head wrap: RICHA Headwrap by fiore, Vest: Zipper by Shi, Pants: Chinos by villena, Necklace: Eluveitie by random Matter, Boho Beaded by Yummy, Bangles: Crowley Bracer by random Matter, Tube Bracelet by Eclat , Rings: Crowley Finger Claw by random Matter

Hair: Soonsiki~Evergreen, Hat: Canvas and palms by LaGyo, Vest: Shawl Collar Vest by K, Bangles: KYARA by MANDALA, Tube Bracelet by Eclat, .Necklaces: Isolde by random Matter, Morgan by LaGyo, Rings: Crowley Finger Claw by random Matter

Copacabana Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Matilda Soon

Necklace: Sakura by Modern Couture, stockings: Basics by GATO, Skirt: Tosha by Bomshie, shoes: Pointed Flower by Siria’s Design, earrings: Late Bloomer by Finesmith, bracelet and necklace: Crescent by COCO, undersweater: Kasie by ViVi, Sweater: Tropical by BLOCK, Headwrap by Miss LT, lipstick: Cloris by POEMA, eyeshadows: Bluish by POEMA

382 | Summer 2015 | | Trends

Leggings: Giro bot by GATO, crop shirt: Lisa by Moon Amore, earrings: Coral by Pure Poison, trousers: Seberg by Ingenue, top: Copacabana by GATO, bracelets: Julius by Finesmith, collar: Tiki by CRev, long necklace: Snake eye by Tentacio, hat: Chevalier by POEMA, lips make up: Summer festival by tsg, lipstick: Cloris by POEMA

Headband: Veronica by POEMA, Lipstick: Cloris by POEMA, hair: Uffie by Faenzo, eyeshadows: Jezebel by La Malvada Mujer, tattoo: Beautiful Spring by AimLesz Tatts, shoes: Lacy’S by Macabre, leggings: Dots Black by RD Style, earrings: Coral by S*Mesh, jacket: kimono by GATO, undershirt: Jones Dress by The Willowinds, bustier: Miss Lulu by Ingenue

Lipstick: Cloris by POEMA, coat: TOKIO by loulou c'est moi!, shirt: Crazy Sixties by The Hellish Diva, shoes: Budapest by YS&YS, dress: Cityscape by Moon Amore, Shorts: Tour by GATO, Headwrap: Manish by Vanity Hair

She dreamed of paradise.. Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Li Aoki Hair: the Mir hair by Olive Hair, Headdress: Li Headpiece by JUMO, Dress: Faubourg gown by JUMO, Bracelets: Faubourg diamond bracelets by JUMO

Hair: Daisy hair by Olive Hair, Hair Accessory: Lakshmi Lotus Hair flower by Artizana, Shades: Melt Shades by Shi, Dress: Asterope by Artizana, Necklace: Lique by Zibska, Cuffs: Baes bracers of woe by Stitched gods, Bag: Insect leather bag by Zenith, Sandals: Fibra Flats by Shi, Anklets: KIN chainklets by Shi

Hair: the Nox hair by Olive Hair, Hat: Meow hat by Cocoroni, Shades: Kitty Shades by Lethal, Nosechain: moghul by AIDORU, Necklace: Vintage necklace camera by Cocoroni, Cuff: Baes bracers of woe by Stitched gods, Shirt: Vita sweater by KITJA, Pants: Welosa leggings by SPIRIT, Flats: Amy flats by Pure Poison, Bag: Eco Bag by Cocoroni, Bike: The Lamb by Sau Motors

Hair: Jane by Runaway, Headdress: Zephyrine headpiece by Zibska, Eye-patch: Patch mechanics by Shi, Earrings: Mermaid earrings by Shi, Collar: Tuija necklace by Zibska, Necklace: Siofra necklace by Zibska, Bracelets: Stacked bracelets by Pure Poison

Hair: Helka by Zibska, Eyes: Winter eyes by Identity, Earrings: Whispers of downs by Sad Harlekin, Neck Armor: Redefine mask by Shi, Chinpiece: Chin jewel by Soedara , Necklace: Ryo necklace by Zibska, Armbands: Reflections by Divinity, Backpiece: Zinni by Zibska, Skirt: Duguje by Artizana

Trouble In Paradise Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Xantheanne

Hair: Ramsey by Truth, Hat: Fruit hat from Rio by Enfant Terrible, Shirt: Laura unbuttoned knotted shirt by Tee*fy, Necklace: Fruit necklace by Yummy

Hair: Summer Wine by Milk, Hat: Canvas and palms hat by Lagyo, Gown: Bali maxi dress by Baiastice, Jewelry: Maya by Eudora3D

Hair: Hollis 1 by Elua, Headband: Canvas and palms headband by Lagyo, Top: Sadie shirt by Tee*fy, Shorts: Sahara shorts by Tee*fy, Sandals: Kanza sandals by Amala



ou’re so bright we got to wear shades! Yellow is an essential part of day glow for any fashionable trendsetter, and we encourage you to take this color to the MAX! Whenever your outfits feels a little boring, add yellow as the new black and give yourself a hint of “pow!” Entire garments in bright yellow were spotted on the runways of Paris and New York fashion week this past season. With it’s different shades, tones, and hues, an entire spectrum of yellows can be mixed to create a daringly unique outfit. Amber. Canary. Straw. Aureolin. The possibilities are limitless. Designers such as Michael Kors showed us the way, and you can find your own pieces at places like COCO in Second Life®.

Le Rayon de Soleil Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Elle Dommage Top and Skirt: Peplum Blouse by COCO, Skin: Lou by Clef de Peau, Hair: Skye by Entwined, Body: Deluxe by TheMeshProject, Head: Classic by TheMeshProject

Shirt: Davina by hmaem, Skirt: Davina by hmaem, Skin: Lou by Clef de Peau, Hair: Glamour Doll by Soonsiki, Body: Deluxe by TheMeshProject, Head: Classic by TheMeshProject.

Romper: Lana by Teefy, Heels: Brie by Just Design, Skin: Lou by Clef de Peau, Hair: Glamour Doll by Soonsiki, Body: Deluxe by TheMeshProject, Head: Classic by TheMeshProject.

Dress: Seaside sundress by mon tissu, Skin: Lou by Clef de Peau, Hair: Glamour Doll by Soonsiki, Body: Deluxe by TheMeshProject, Head: Classic by TheMeshProject.

Yellow Pages Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Hillany Scofield Guest Model: Kiki Ergenthal Hair: 58 by Dura, Top: Bernice by Dolphin Design Mesh, Pants: Nikita Leggings by Mutresse, Heels: ERANTHIS by Glamistry

Jeans: Skinny jeans by Auxilliary, Hair: Lovestruck by Little bones, Shoes: Chick by Diktator

Skirt: Mulier x 1992, Wang skirt by 1992, Skirt: Mulier x 1992, Wang Top by 1992, Hair: BNG 331 by Boon, Makeup: Crossline by Zibska

Boa: Stardust shrug by Zibska, Hair: Visionaire by Vanity, Bodysuit: Stella by Valentina E, Heels: Brenda by Venus


Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Antonietta Canucci Corset: Geometric corset by Ison, Hair: Honor by Lelutka, Boots: Gill Stretch Boots by Baiastice, Necklace: Unicorn by Lagyo, Blazer: Jacket over shoulders by Coco designs

Headband and necklace: Ivy by Enfant Terrible

Piercing: New age septum ring by soonsiki, Necklace and bracelet: Safari tribe by Ison, Hair: Rebel by Lelutka, Jumpsuit: Belle by CD (candydoll), Shoes: Adilyn by Bens Boutique, Chryzanthemun: Tiffany by Zenith


Do Fringe Ferosh Photographer: Absinthe










From Right to Left: Eleseren Brianna, Sienna Bellios, Yashi Audion, Desireme Fallen, Damien Kitten (Itstom), Anigma Eulenberg, Damien Kitten (Itstom)

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Weekend Ferosh Photographers: Absinthe & Byrne Darkly

Ferosh Supermodels: Xandrah Sciavo, Miele Tarantal, Carley Benazzi Ferosh Designer: Solidea Folies

Ferosh Supermodels: Blackliquid Tokyoska and Taylor Wassep Ferosh Designer: Solidea Folies

Ferosh Supermodel: Beatrice Serendipity Ferosh Models: Eleseren Brianna and Wicca Merlin Ferosh Designer: Gizza, Lush by Coco, Whimsical Imaginarium

Ferosh Supermodels: Nayomi Gartner, Sungyoung Jang, Xandrah Sciavo Ferosh Designer: Lyrical Bizarre, Snowpaws

Ferosh Supermodel: Miele Tarantal, Sungyoung Jang, Yeriak Couturier Ferosh Designer: Loovus Dzevavor

Ferosh Supermodels: Nayomi Gartner, Imani Enzo, Carley Benazzi Ferosh Designer: [sYs]

Ferosh Summer 2015

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Ferosh Summer Trend Issue 2015  

We are currently experiencing a summer rebellion where pastels and brights war for attention, and just the right amount of yellow can bright...

Ferosh Summer Trend Issue 2015  

We are currently experiencing a summer rebellion where pastels and brights war for attention, and just the right amount of yellow can bright...

Profile for feroshsl