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Fashion Enlightenment | December 22nd, 2016

The best Second Life® has to offer in terms of art & fashion. And getting better.


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9






erosh | Art & Fashion is a quarterly publication shows an artistic expression of real life fashion trends using the virtual platform of Second Life® for each subsequent season: spring/summer and autumn/winter. In addition, we work collaboratively with virtual designers during the summer and winter for the production of a designer dedicated publication that showcases the best fashion creations in Second Life®. The designer issue is coupled with a beautifully organized fashion weekend which works synergistically with the most talented models, architects, and musicians.




to spark creativity through art and self-expression using virtual media. We hope to impact styling for a wide variety of Second Life® residents by exhibiting fashion of all genres and styles. In addition, we would like to showcase some of the best artistic view points and creative photography images. Ferosh | Art & Fashion promotes the creative and artistic aspect of Second Life® fashion. It is our goal to create unique avenues and projects that promote self-expression through both 2D and 3D art forms. We aim to maintain a collaborative group of talented Second Life® artists, bloggers, stylists, photographers, and experienced models who are uniformly interested in achieving our mission. To “wow” the masses. To inspire. To be Ferosh.

Our mission is to become a comprehensive style guide for residents of Second Life® regarding real life fashion, but also aiming

Ferosh: adj (informal) - very impressive, remarkable, or outstanding; inspiring awe, admiration, or wonderment --

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |



Ferosh Fashion Institute New Year Trends Fashion Show

Featuring Ferosh Fashion Institute students & graduates, along with Ferosh Supermodels & Models.

Date: January 7th, 2016 Time: 10am SLT

Attire: Dress to Impress CLICK HERE TO RSVP


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9


Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |



FEROSH Art & Fashion


Chloe Electra, Sungyoung Jang

Public Relations Sungyoung Jang

Ferosh Writers

Absinthe Montenegro, Sungyoung Jang, Taylor Wassep

Edtor in Chief & Publisher

Copy Editors

Absinthe Montenegro

Assistant Editor

Jax Aster, Sungyoung Jang

Ferosh St ylist & Photographers

Sungyoung Jang

Fashion Director Grant Valeska

Absinthe (sinontherocks), Asshlley Moss, Calima Dufaux, Citta Wiskee, Clem Velinov, Evangeline Tesla, Good Cross, Grant Valeska, Hillany Scofield, Isa Messioptra, Irinashay, Jax Aster, Jordan Giant, Kiki Ergenthal, Leah McCullough, Linda Reddevil, Lulu Jameson, Krishna Tesla, Maloe Vansant, Magissa Denver, Marcopol Oh, Scarlet Freedom, Steffy Ghost, Taylor Wassep, Tempest Rosca, The Pierrot, Tomo Watcher

Graphic Design

Absinthe Montenegro

Second LifeÂŽ and Linden LabÂŽ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended. Ferosh & Ferosh A Visual Art & Fashion

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Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |








I. Mission : p. 3


Annie Are You Ok? : p. 62

IV. Fashion Editor’s Note : p. 24


Gotta Catch them! p. 146

II. Editor's Notes : p. 10

III. Asst. Editor’s Letter : p. 18 V. Hello Agent Smith: p. 32


Black Wings Black : p.90

VIII. Yellow Bricks Roads: p. 118 X.

I Love Rock & Roll : p. 170

X.. XI.

Modern Vintage : p. 198

XII. Super Size Me : p. 224 XIII. Sex Appeal: p. 246

PUBLISHER’S NOTES Ferosh . Winter 2016 . Issue . Seven

I always tend to think that the new year will always be better than the last. Surely, God will give me a break and not test me the way he has in the past. This year I’m changing my outlook, because I’ve discovered that this thing we called “life” is about trials, tribulations, and tests. We learn from our failures, and motivate others to succeed. Compared to many who thought 2016 was terrible, I can't say that it really was. I will say that it presented its challenges some of which I overcame a little less than gracefully. I apologize for the tardiness of our Ferosh Trend Issue this year and for, possibly, jeopardizing the trust many Second Life® users have for our timeliness. To be quite honest, I fell into a rut with Second Life®. I became tired of the same pair of blue jean shorts recreated until exhaustion, the same kind of high heels, the same jumpers, pants, and mesh sex-gear. Everyone wore the same mesh face – walking clones of one another. Uniqueness was a crime unless you could pay 50K to rob the face of a Victoria Secret model. I miss couture so much that my soul hurts. I miss the fantasy and creativity SL fashion once had.

I think my break from Second Life® allowed me time to put my goals and objectives into perspective. I rediscovered the “why” I log in and not the “need” to log in. I’m sure most people know that I absolutely love fashion, and I felt my vision or my Second Life® experience


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9


bsinthe sinontherocks

vanished into the world of agency competition and espionage. I felt swallowed by the pressures to produce, to maintain high standards, and to sell, sell, sell just to keep the ship afloat. I was still participating in SL fashion, but it just wasn’t fun. So, I took a break. I unplugged. I picked up other hobbies in real life and vacuumed my livingroom (a lot lol). I reorganized my real life closet and dipped my toes back into real life high fashion. When I logged back into Second Life® months later I found my passion and my goals. So, what are they?

First, it is to have fun and to surround myself with friends and loved ones. Second, it is to remodel Ferosh to a format that continues to remain fun for those involved, and a new marketing model to help sustain it. Finally, I want to design clothing and scratch my own fashion itch, as well as display the art of designers who create high fashion.

I’ve been in Second Life® long enough to have survived many transformations. Project Bento revived my interest. I can honestly say that I’m so very excited with our up & coming plans for Ferosh and FFI. I’m thrilled to have published another amazing issue of fashion art. I hope that our readers, staff, models, and friends, will continue to join us for another inspirational ride for 2017.

Absinthe Montenegro

FEROSH | CEO & Founder

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |



FEROSH ARTISTRY The home of fashion art in Second Life ®


Ferosh Photographer: Gianni Broda

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


FEROSH FEROSH Ferosh . Spring 2016 . Issue . Nine


Videography: Absinthe (sinontherocks)

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |



Ferosh Photographer: Isa Messioptra Page: 108


You are what you share. ― -- C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

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Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |




nnyeonghaseyo! A couple of months ago, we collaborated with some of the grid's magnificent designers as they debuted their Spring/ Summer '16 collection on the Ferosh runway. It was a weekend filled with artistic talent, enthralling designs and fierce models. I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who believed in us and made this event successful beyond what we ever hoped for!

Not many people share the same penchant but I find joy in watching the leaves' colors change, as they fall one by one, signaling the start of a new season. I bid farewell to the warm months and bundle up as the temperature gradually drops. Autumn/Winter fashion has always been my favorite since it gives me the opportunity to layer pieces of clothing to my heart's content. I love to mix and match different colors, textures, patterns and prints. I invite you to enter our world of artistry and fashion. Peek at the various rendition of this season's trends. I am always in awe of how much beauty and creativity oozes from each photo. These are not your regular, cookie-cutter fashion shots; but masterpieces made possible by the vision of the people who make up our little Ferosh family. With 2016 coming to a close and 2017 dawning, we hope that you continue to take this wonderful journey with us, as we face new challenges and embark on new adventures. Here's to the new year and to us all!

Sungyoung Jang


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

FEROSH TRENDS Highlights 20


One of our fan favorites and original Ferosh Photographers, The Pierrot! Congratulations! Page: 230

| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9


Autumn/ Winter


Winter seasons are always jam

packed with tons of fashion

fun! Bundle up with oversized layers or go bare and show us some skin, there’s bound to be

something fun for everyone to

try! Our Ferosh Photographers and stylists have provided the best there is in photography and

art. Flip through our lavished pages to find what winter trends suit you best.

Though winter has come and gone with a blink of an eye, we know that we’ll be back again

with more up-to-date ways for you to always stay in style.

FFI // Winter Trend Show!

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. -- Bill Cunningham

Join us as our graduates and models take the runway to share their point of view on our Winter 2017 Trends!

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |

21 Spring/Summer 2016 Trend: Vintage

Ferosh Photographer: Gianni Broda

Photographer: Magissa Denver


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



D I R E C T O R’S V I S I withOGrantNValeska

or most people the Autumn/ Winter season is their favorite fashion season but I can’t say I share the same sentiment. Between the heavily layered looks, the same coat silhouettes, and the muted tones it usually feels like I’ve seen it before. Going into preparing trends for this season I was, for the first time ever, extremely excited to see a change on the runway trends and most importantly for us here at Ferosh, a shift in the creations of Second Life designers.

This season presented a plethora of new trends and a handful of reinterpreted classics. The futuristic looks of the long Matrix-style coats at Saint Laurent and the sex kitten corsetry at Balmain piqued my interest. But, it was the re-invention of the oversized trend, specifically at Vetements and Marc Jacobs, and the new wave of David Bowie glam rock style which inspired this issue of Ferosh. As the photos came pouring into my inbox I was amazed at the level of artistry each person presented us with and at the way they were able to

reflect the chosen trends each in their own unique way. Every issue we create gets stronger and stronger visually, making “our best issue yet” an often repeated phrase among the Ferosh team. I want to personally welcome our new talent to this issue, it’s been a long time in the making but I know you and our readers will not be disappointed with the pages to come. I want to thank our veteran talent for their continued support of our vision at Ferosh, without you it wouldn’t be possible to create this creative piece of artwork that we create twice a year. To the incredibly dedicated Ferosh management, the people I like to refer to as ‘the unsung heroes’, each of you should be so proud of the work accomplished this issue.

I hope all of you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed being a part of creating it with our incredibly talented team. Grab a hot chocolate, take your time, and enjoy the visual journey the Ferosh team has created just for you!

Happy Hollidays!

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |



erosh Fashion Institute offers a unique, cutting edge and high quality education in the SL Fashion & Modeling Industry. Offering both basic and advanced course in aspects ranging from styling excellence to mastering the runway, Ferosh seeks to expand our course curriculum to include elective learning tracks which allow students to craft their own pathway through the program, honing skills in the areas that interest them the most and will assist them in meeting their professional goals.


Students in the Ferosh Fashion Institute will benefit from curriculum developed by active models and real life educators, as well as one-on-one mentorships with some of the grids most renowned top models and a variety of fun and exciting extracurricular activities designed to promote learning, support, and camaraderie among fellow students.


FEEROSH A/W TREND ISSUE 2015 Ferosh Stylist: Maya Reyes Photographer: Steffy Ghost

Happ Holid

py days

Wishing families across the globe a wonderful holiday & a happy new year! Remember to bring peace to the lives of other, share love with your neighbors, and help the less fortunate. <3 With Love, The Ferosh Family

Photographer: Jordan Giant

ADVERTISE WITH US! Interested in advertising in our Spring Designer Issue? Stay tuned to updates provided by our Ferosh Marketing Executives! Sales begin: Januar y 1st, 2017 Limited Space Available!



inally! Sci-fi fashion is back! We’ve missed it at Ferosh! We love the cryptic, gothic presence of the “Matrix” look on the runway this year. Leather paired with futuristic designs and accessories make this trend fun to play with. Long coats, slicked back hair, and neutral colors are the tools needed to tackle this design. There are many stores where this look can be accomplished from Gizza to Gabriel. E-Motions and Boon have a litany of braided or dreaded hair styles that can add a little edge to your look. And if you’re looking for a piece of technology to go along with your lean and mean outfit, try sYs or neurolab! Have fun and let’s travel through parallels of code together.


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9




Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


0100000101101000011100110110100101101110 Ferosh Photographer: Lulu Jameson Guest Model: Jordan Giant Hair: Andy by NoProject, Hairbase: Mady by No!Project, Ears: Human Ears plugs by Dossier, Jacket: Woods Jacket by NU, Pants: Wax Motor Pants by Sabotage, Shoes: Mesh Military Boots by Hoorenbeek, Gloves: Dexter gloves by FATEwear

Hair: Jesse by Yuth, Coat: Long Coat by Dusty Hut, Pants: Wax Motor Pants by Sabotage, Shoes: Mesh Military Boots by Hoorenbeek, Gloves: Dexter gloves by FATEwear, Glasses: Lennon's by Yuko

Hair: Marco by Yuth, Top: Jerry.L Club Overcoat by Represent, Skirt: trashbag by titzuki, Glasses: Lennon's by Yuko

Hair: Jesse by Yuth, Coat: Long Coat by Dusty Hut, Vest: Peak suit (tux) - jacket (for coat) by Deadwool, Top: Peak suit - club add-on by Deadwool, Pants: Wax Motor Pants by Sabotage, Shoes: Mesh Military Boots by Hoorenbeek , Gloves: Dexter gloves by FATEwear Glove, Glasses: Lennon's by Yuko

Hairbase: Mady by No!Project, Coat: XIV Leather Overcoat by Kauna, Top: XIV Shirt by Kauna, Skirt: trashbag by titzuki

SEEING IN BINARY CODE Ferosh Photographer: Asshlley Moss

Corset: Lolita Corset by MVD, Parka: Military Brat Parka by Seul, Harness: Body Harness by Renegade, Sunglasses: HBA2 by Jairaj, Hair: Vanguard by Shi

Bodysuit: Sheer by American Beauty, Coat: Isu Army by Ryvolter, Belt: by Diram, Bag: Leda by Overhigh, Shades: Luglio by Tracei, Hair: Ymre by Maitreya

Jacket: Tete Jacket by Emery, Pants: Maverick by Moon Elixir, Chains: Bodychains by Moon Elixir, Earrings: Neon Crystal by Yummy, Hair: Sohyun by Monso

Ferosh Photographer: Jordan Giant

A Binary Existence

Hair: Valiant by Shi, Scarf: Abandoned Scarf by Dead Dollz, Mesh Dress: 2 Piece Dress by villena, Latex Suit: Bad Bunny Suit by Addams

Hair: Jessie by Entwined, Collar: Nura by aisling, Harness & Body: Passion by Fawny, Vest: Occult Jacket by Ison, Heels: Hibiscus by Empire

Hair: MF921 by Tram, Glasses: Johnny Sunglasses by agapee, Necklace: Megan Collar by Rama, Jacket: Voyage Dandy Jacket by Gizza, Bra: Fishnet Stretch-Silk by Tetra, Skirt: Lovett Skirt by Tres Blah, Boots: Activa II Electro by Neurolab

Ferosh Photographer: Grant Valeska


Top: Alice Crop Top by Alaskametro, Jacket: Hakuya Jacket by r2 A/D/E, Leggings: Nikita Leggings by Mutresse, Sunglasses: Celn Sunglasses by RYCA, Bag: Safety Clutch by David Heather, Hair: Rhea by Fiore

Dress: Emilia Dress by Thalia Heckroth, Harness: Kimiko Chest Harness by SAYO, Gloves: Gloves Fetish Long by MVD, Glasses: Goyang Eyewear by LeP, Hair: Rhea by Fiore

Top: Isu Army Jacket by Ryvolter, Bra: Thea Cut-Out Heart Bra by Ryvolter, Leggings: Aida Leggings by Milan Outfitters, Necklace: Diana Choker by David Heather, Bag: Xylia Knot Bag by Ryvolter, Hair: Rhea by Fiore



eing in business with the devil never looked better. The 1960's was a time when tailored suits and a cigarette in your mouth was the look that everyone aimed to achieve, and it wasn't e asy. To pull of the 1960's Business look, with today's styling, calls for an exciting p attern thought the entire look. Do not just stick to one-tone suits that you could find at any old place. You should look for daring prints, like pinstripe or plaid. Whatever the look may be, just be sure you are dashing enough for your board meeting at six o' clock. When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re closing multi-million dollar de als, you have to dress to impress, so why not look at De adwool, COCO and Kauna.


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



ANNIE, ARE YOU OKAY? Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


LUCKY MEETING Ferosh Photographer: Clem Velinov

Hair: 50 by Dura, Accesories: NOWR by SORGO, Suit: Peak suit by Deadwool, Gloves: FDT Gloves by TonkTastic, Shoes: Ulrich boots by Deadwool, Accessories: Cotton bunny by anc, Accessories: small crown by Europa, Accessories: Secret Garden Bunnies by Half-Deer and rabbits by anc

Hair: Xylia by Burley, Accessory: Rafflesia by Naminoke, Top: Five Blazer by David Heather, Tights: Dark Knit Thigh Highs by Veechi, Shoes: Bo Peep Platform by BOOM, Accessory: Black Baby Bird by Half Deer, Gloves: Decorative Glove by Clemmm

Hair: Introvert by Shi, Accessory: Jacket Over Shoulder by Coco, Top: Collared Shirt by Mon Tissu, Bottom: Razzle Pleated Pants by ISON, Shoes: Marianne Shoes by Miseria

WOLF OF WALL STREET Ferosh Photographer: Good Cross Suit: by Gabriel, Pipe: by Kunst

Suit: by Gabriel, Cigarette: by Kunst

Suit: Peak Suit by Deadwool

Suit: by Gabriel

THAT'S BOSS Ferosh Photographer: Jax Aster

Jacket: Oscar by Deadwool, Suit: Peak by Deadwool, Shoes: Monk by Deadwool, Hat: Fedora by Argrace, Bag: Goldstone by David Heather, Watch: Dayton by Kunst

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


Outfit: Diplomacy by Armory Gara, Shoes: Allen by Hoorenbeek, Bag: Ines by David Heather, Glasses: Issa by Sorgo, Umbrella: V2 by Node, Newspaper: Folded by Meli Imako, Hair: Luke by Action

Jacket: XIV Double Breasted by Kauna, Pants: 2BN Trousers by Kauna, Shirt: 2BN by Kauna, Cigar: City by Nikotin, Shoes: Classic Loafers by Redgrave, Stole: Cuffed by CerberusXing, Hat: Gangster by LEmporio


Ferosh Photographer: The Pierrot Hair: F1011 hair by tram, Jacket: Tailored Coat by Kitt Ragu, Inner: Loose Tie by Iruco, Bag: Vintage Getaway Bag by CLAVv.

Hair: F919 hair by tram, Suit: Tailored Jacket by chronokit, Inner: Collar with Tie by Iruco, Coat: Kanye Coat by DIRAM, Scarf: VH-Stole by SEY, Gloves: Dexter Gloves by FATEwear.

Hair: F728 hair by tram, Hat: leather fedora by Rabu, Coat: Jason Coat by DIRAM, Scarf: Derick Scarf by DIRAM, Pants: TailoredPants by COCO.



| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



he elegance of gothic romance makes it presence once again as designers tap into the art of ballet. Black swan is a theme inspired by the dark side of ballet with its wintry colors and moody presence. Goth themes make a presence as designers use them with twill, lace, and satin cre ating romantic atmosphere for the slightly disturbed ballerina. Our Ferosh stylist and photographers give us insight on we ar to buy stun ning pieces to mix and match. Stores such as De ad Dolls, Solide a Folies, and United Colors.

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


Symphony in Black Ferosh Photographer: Calima Dufaux Makeup: Electronic Beat by Studio Exposure, Headpiece: Fechin by Miamai, Gown: Fiachra by Zibiska, Gloves: Lilith by Violent Seduction


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


Hair: Natasha by Rowne, Headpiece: Odette by Shi, Corset: Maja by Pepe, Gown: Angel by LwL, Gloves: Lilith by Violent Seduction


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Skin: Witchcraft by The Skinnery, Headpiece: Feather bun by LeLutka, Tiara: Stud Nike Crown by ieQED, Gown: Icarus by LwL, Wings: Fallen Wings by Foxes

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 |


Ugly Duckling Ferosh Photographer: Citta Wiskee

Hair: Hearken by Shi, Eyeshadow: Maudite by Miamai, Lipstick: Valena Lips by Modish, Earring: Black Swan by CODEX, Choker: Layered Choker Necklace by AMITOMO

Hair: Stefani Hair by Baiastice, Mask: Royalty Kingdom Ravenne Mask by Pink Acid, Dress: Fechin by MIAMAI, Earring: My Cross Earring by Monso.

Hair: Sohyun by Monso, Mask: Black Swan by Pink Acid, Headdress: Fechin by MIAMAI, Dress: Fechin by MIAMAI, Choker: Layered Choker NEcklace by AMITOMO.

the dying kind Ferosh Photographer: Jordan Giant

Hair: Ramone by LCKY, Dress: Luna Black by SAS, Lace Top: Lacey Top by Just Because

Hair: Juxta by Shi, Steel Spine: Spinal Tap by Naberius, Skirt: Urban Princess Tutu by Gizza, Feathertail: Aviary Tutu by Ladies Who Lunch, Gloves: Demon Paint by Titzuki

Hair: Odette by Shi, Lace Collar: Ophelia Gown Collar by L'Emporio, Shawl: Cashmere Shawl by Seul, Skirt: Asymmetric Skirt by Tetra, Shoes: Maniaque Ballet Shoes by Azoury

Soliloquy Ferosh Photographer: Isa Messioptra

Corset: Floral Corset by United Colors, Tutu: by Go!, Hair: Homage by Unorthodox, Boa: A Few Feathers Boa by Laville

Hair: Binah by Shia, Necklace: Alysia Choker Strand by MC, Gown: Midnight by If Design

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 117



| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



here is no place like home, there is no place like home. There is no place better to have fashion transcend a story; more like the Wizard of Oz. The whimsical nature of the story of Oz brought true couture back into re ality with pieces from CURELESS and Grixdale. Beyond couture fashions making a true comeback; p airing unusual fashions made this trend stand out for the Autumn/Winter se ason. Crossing bewitching vintage silhouettes with couture looks made the ble ak winter fashion come alive again with magic and awe. You only need to click your heels three times if you want to visit places like Gizza, David He ather and Vive Nine for their bold outlook on fashion.

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 119

There's no place at all... Ferosh Photographer: Irinishay Hair: Eunha by Monso, Top & Panties: Fallen by Grixdale, Hat: March Hat by Mello, Shoes: Coreopsis by Empire

Hair: Mercury by Little Bones, Dress: Mijo by Rowne, Overcoat: Donna by Gizza, Necklace: Jane by Luxe, Crown: Ophelie by Lagyo

Hair: Buffy by Little Bones, Top: Choker Bralet by Seul, Jacket: Isu Army Jacket by Vive Nine, Shoes: Kylie by Reign, Hat: Witchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hat, Veil: Ophelie by Lagyo

Over the Rainbow Ferosh Photographer: Goldiebruh

Hat: Wide Brim Hat by David Heather, Hair: Potion by little bones, Choker: Heart Beat by MIRUS, Outfit: Hunter by Pixicat, Boots: Freesia by EMPIRE, Tights: Glitter Tights by Izzies

Mask: Lioness Mask by Illusions, Hair: HF03 by Lelutka, Collar: Calendula Collar by EMPIRE, Dress: Mirage Dress by Just Because, Coat: Fain Fur Coat by David Heather, Chains: Jane Necklace by LUXE, Shoes: Yarrow by EMPIRE

Hair: May by little bones, Necklace: Layered Drop Necklace by Yummy, Dress: Maya Gown by Just Because, Feathers: Flaunt Feathers by Eclectia

people of oz Ferosh Photographer: Taylor Wassep Ferosh Guest: Divos Titanium

Hat: Blair Hat by Tableau Vivant, Hair: Tilda by Rowne, Dress: Halo Black by AD Creations, Glove: Magister Orb by Remarkable Oblivion


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

On Taylor Wassep Hair: Polilla by TRUTH, Bow: Oversized Maid Bow by CURELESS&DISORDERLY, Dress: Fluffy Dress by Tres Blah, Heels: Briant Pumps by 1992 On Divos Titanium Hair: Barry by Burley, Beard: Cyrus Beard by Yuth, Stole: Fox Fur Collar by Plastix, Coat: Oscar Coat by Deadwool, Pants: The Dandy Trousers by Deadwool, Shoes: The Monk Shoes by Deadwool

Hair: Love by Lamb, Sunglasses: Roundabout Frames by EPOQUE, Collar: Lareine by CURELESS&DISORDERLY, Dress: Lareine by CURELESS&DISORDERLY, Necklace: Miele Back Drop by KAYLiTHiUM, Nails: Essential Dark B by alme, Heels: Wicked Platforms by Garbaggio

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 137

No Place Like Hom Ferosh Photographer: Hillany Scofield

Piercings: by Kunst, Cigarette by Kunst, Tattoo: by White Widow, Hair: by Illmatic, Shoes: by Kokoia


Hair: by Illmatic, Suit: by r2 A/D/E

Corset: by Luas, Hat: by Magggnnus Woodget, Hair: by Illmatic

Dress: by Badoura Design, Hair: by Magika, Tattoo: by Letis




| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



he Poké fever has officially crawled its way from the gaming world to the fashion industry. This may raise some eyebrows but, it is one fun, vibrant and fresh trend that will surely be a hit amongst animé lovers and those young-athe art. This trend takes inspiration from the famous animé's characters, giving fashion a humorous and lighthe arted approach. Though it is to be emphasized that this doesn't me an that you can walk around in your Pikachu onesie; take a tip or two from re al life designers and infuse Asian styles, bright colors and eccentric animé components. You can achieve this look by visiting Pixicat, offbe at, ur favorite one, Milk Motion and Titzuki

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 147

Gotta Color Them All Ferosh Photographer: Kiki Ergenthald Ferosh Guest: Isa Messioptra & Hillany Scofield

On Isa Messioptra Hair: Vapor by Stealthic, Boots: Kingston by Mesh Agency, Shirt: Roxie by KITJA, Necklace: Rain Drops by United Colors, Pantes: Silk Panties by K3, Head: Jessica by Catwa

On Isa Messioptra Hair: Binah by .Shi, Dress: Isaria by Candydoll, Boots: Inverse Leather by LAB737, Head: Jessica by Catwa

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 151

Hair: Anime 02 by Dura, Top: Maya by Aleutia, Head: Makena by GenesisLab, Poses: Delmay

Hair: B&G 63 by Dura, Jumpsuit: Sugar by Candydoll, Boots: Cindy by Candydoll, Earrings: Hoop Earrings by PUNCH, Choker: Lana by Rebel Gal, Tattoo: Dark shadows by White-Widow, Head: Makena by GenesisLab, Gum: Yum Bubblegum! by PinkFuel

On Hillany Scofield Hair: Jules by KoKoLoReS, Glasses: Foxy by Intrigue Co., Suit: Kaede by r2, Earrings A: Indian Summer by glow, Earrings B: piercings by kunst, Head: Tumble by Catwa

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 157

House of Kalos Ferosh Photographer: Taylor Wassep

Hair: Pixie Harlow by Moon, Scarf: Mysigt Scarf by BOYS TO THE BONE, Top: Grunge Crop by BOYS TO THE BONE, Pants: Harem Pants by CerberusXing, Feather Boots by ATTIC

Hair: Toyko by LeLutka, Cape: Heart Cape by SEUL, Pants: Hi-Wast Pants by NYU

Headpiece: White Paradise by Solidea Folies, Headpiece: Divinity by Glam Affair, Dress: Natzuka by Solidea Folies

Can't Catch me! Ferosh Photographer: Citta Wiskee

Hair: Clara Beanie by CATWA, Earring: Caprice Earring by Yummy, Top: Crop Racer by Blokc, Skirt: Asym Skirt by Blokc, Bracelet: Caprice Bracelet bt Yummy, Ring: Caprice Ring by Yummy, Shoes: lovely babe sneakers by Crazy Kitty.

Hair: F517 by tram, Choker: Cross Choker by AMITOMO, Necklace: Unicorn Cameo Necklace by Yummy, Top: Zipper Crop Top by BUENO, Bracelet: The Diore by FORTE, Pants: Rogue by Pixicat.

Hair: F517 by tram, Eyeshadow: Gluttony Shadows by elymode, Eyeliner: Cateyes Eyeliner by Corvus, Choker: Cross Choker by AMITOMO, Bracelet: Pony Bracelet by 2PM, Rings: Candy Ring by tram, Earring: Zaadori Earring by Maxi Gossamer.



lam Rock is a trend so eye-catching and bold that it takes the most confident fashionista to pull it off. It's for those who want to exude elegance with an edge achieved by p airing the punk rock staples of le ather and studs with crystals and glitter. Although black remains as the main color of Glam Rock, you can throw in pops of gray, red, burgundy and whites to spice up your outfit. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to frizz up your hair, go daring with your eye shadow, and explore piercing places that shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be pierced. Glam Rock is about adding edge to a style that originated as something grung y. Do you have the guts to try this daring trend? He ad to Vive Nine Ry volter, Asteria. David He ather, Kitja and Spirit to chan nel your in ner Rockstar.


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 171

Indigo Child Ferosh Photographer: Goldiebruh

Hair: Jihyo by Monso, Choker: Antonia by LaGyo, Turtleneck: Fragile by Boys to the Bone, Pants: Lace Front Skinnies by SEUL

Hair: Andreea by Bold & Beauty, Top: Kudo bra by David Heather, Jacket: Cropped Fur Coat by PLASTIX, Shorts: Paloma Short by Addams, Nets: Black Net by Pinkranger

Hair: Cross by Little Bones, Top: Halter Strap Top by Villena , Jacket: Donn Leather Jacket by Pseudo, Shorts: Ripped Front Shorts by Villena , Nets: Black Net by Pinkranger, Boots: Coreopsis by EMPIRE

Live Through Dreams & Imagination

Ferosh Photographer: Maloe Vansant


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Hair: by Kiki Fine , Earrings: Gross by LVL93, Jacket: Leather Jacket by Emery, Necklace: Madonna by Bauhaus Movements, Tank: David Bowie Long Tank by Lunatic

Hair: Log by Berryjuice, Boots: Selene Boots by Stelloane, Bra: Lana Bra by Asteria, Chain: Freyja Belly Chain by Kibitz, Choker: Leash Choker by Madonna, Shorts: Kaori Petal Shorts by Teefy, Jacket: Beauchamp Riding Jacket by Indyra

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 181

Pasties: Starfish Pasties by DM, Hair: Giz by Diva, Shoulder Pieces: Epaulets by Gizza

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 183


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Jacket: Bomber Jacket by Coco, Hair: Force by Emotions, Necklace: Katja by Bauhaus Movements, Dress: Gold Chain Dress by Mimikri, Sunglasses: Aviator Sunglasses by Bens Boutique, Necklace: Aggression Levels by BM

DREAM ON Ferosh Photographer: Leah McCullough

Hair: Alison by Entwined, Earrings: Madame Elwira by Glow, Boots: Patmos by Deadwool, Top: Bianca by Teefy, Dress: Maxi knotted by Plux

Hair: Lab 010 by Boon, Headphones: Riri by Wayne, Pants: Capri by Bueno, Jacket: Kate by N1co, Platforms: Fairytale by Vale Koer.

Hair: Collision by Vanity Hair, Necklace: Jane by Luxe, Earrings: Brandy by Pure Poison, Pumps: Strass by Baiastice, Dress: Jarinu by Hucci, Jacket: Hobo fur by Fashionable dead.

SCREAM QUEEN Ferosh Photographer: Asshlley Moss

Hair: Tonia by Blues, Jacket: Saint Jacket by Pseudo, Bra: by Moon Elixir, Skirt: Button Up Skirt by Seul

Hat: Secret Agent by Zenith, Earrings: by Fulo, Jacket: Shoulder Jacket by Emery, Dress: Street Minidress by LwL

Hair: Iliana by Little Bones, Sunglasses: Feline by CO57, Necklace: Chunky Heart and Key by Yummy, Fur: by Coco, Bag: Flap Over Clutch by Eclat, Pants: Angel Pants by Moon Elixir



| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



t's time to raid your grandp arent's closets as Vintage fashion makes a comeback, proving that the charm of classic pieces never fade. The so-called "Gran ny Chic" trend will bring back pe arl accessories, muted floral and p aisley p atterns, tweeds, and Mary janes with lace socks into the limelight. The new generation will time travel to a period wherein the length of skirts and dresses should be below the knee because showing too much skin is taboo. Will you hop in on that time machine? Then be sure to drop by stores like Ingenue, Paper Couture and Reverie.

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 199

Good year for the roses Ferosh Photographer: Steffy Ghost Gues Model: Jaqualine Rembranch Hair1: A-NV-0001 by Lelutka, Hair2: Pixie Cut by Nylon Outfiters, Shades: Stealth Shades by Yummy, Necklace: Gold & White Pearl by Yummy, Earrings: Diamond Chandelier by Yummy, Flower: Flower Silhouette by LaGyo, Jacket: Cropped Fur Jacket by Plastix, Dress: Donna by Erratic

on Steffy Hair: Xia by Little Bones , Glasses: Coven Myrtle Glasses by Reign , Necklace: Pearl Berries by Yummy, Flower: Flower Silhouette by LaGyo, Shirt: Wrap off shoulder Sweater by ISON , Skirt: Peggy Pleated Skirt by The Secret Store, Socks: Garter Socks by Vale Koer, Bag: Tiny Satchel by The Secret Store On Jaqualine Hair: Insect Religion by Moon, Glasses: Studded Cat Eye by Yummy, Pearls: White Pearl by Maxi Gossimer, Dress: Ruffle Dress by ISON, Bolero: Nico by Lelutka, Earrings: Oversized Enamel Loop by Paper Couture, Socks: Garter Socks by Vale Koer , Heels: Suki by Reign

on Steffy Hair: Sita II by Little Bones, Glasses: Pool Side Shades by Yummy , Necklace: Pearl and Diamonds by Yummy, Shirt: Casual Top by Pixicat, Skirt: Vintage by Pixicat, Coat: Andy Over Shoulder Coat by Emery ,Socks: Garter Socks by Vale Koer, Shoes: Boudoir Slippers by the Secret Store On Jaqualine Hair: Insect Religion by Moon , Glasses: Studded Cat Eye by Yummy, Jacket/Shirt: Work it Blazer by ISON, Pants: Work it Trousers by ISON, Earrings: Oversized Enamel Loops by Paper Couture, Socks: Garter socks by Vale Koer, Heels: Suki by Reign, Rose: Rose Clip by Chemistry

Old is the New New! Ferosh Photographer: Tempest Rosca

Hat: Revenche by Lelutka, Jumpsuit: Witty Romper by ArisAris, Stole: Fur Stole by Fishy Strawberry, Sunglasses: Oversized Cat-Eye by Gizza, Necklace: Arabella Wild Pearls by MG

Hair: All About It by Vanity Hair, Lingerie: French Kiss by Entice, Glasses: Gladys by artilleri, Stockings: Elizabeth Lace Stockings by Addams, Cigarette: Pink by NikotiN, Necklace: Alexa White Choker by MG

Hair: Miss Fisher by Vanity Hair, Skirt: High Waist Pencil Skirt by Mimikri, Shirt: Tucked in shirt by ISON, Coat: Yeti Jacket by Mimikri, Shoes & Stockings: by COCO, Glasses: Nora by artilleri, Bag: Lattice Handbag by Zenith

Live Life Vintagy And Fabulous Ferosh Photographer: Linda Reddevil Skirt: Long Tweed Skirt by fasionably dead, Blouse: Gina Blouse by Baiastice, Fur: Fur Coat by Asteria, Hair: Raindrops by Vanity Hair, Stockings: Lace Tights by The Secret Store, Necklace1: Pearl rain season2 by MANDALA, Necklace2: Madonna by Bauhaus Movement, Sunglasses: Issa by S O R G O, Shoes: Anna Pumps by Baiastice, Ring: Anais by LaGyo, Earrings: Laguna House Party by Maxi Gossamer, Dog: Chi Chi Chihuahua by Alchemy Birdy, Leash: Project K holder

Shirt: Button Shirt by fashionably dead, Pants: Wide Leg Cropped Pants by COCO Designs, Scarf: Cozy Scarf by fashionably dead, Hair: All About it by Vanity Hair, Shoes: Buckle Pumps by COCO Designs, Ring: boho ring by FANATIK, Bracelet: Bangles by Glam Affair, Purse: Heart Purse by fashionably dead

Hair: Yayo by Beusy, Glasses: Brenda by Donna Flora, Necklace: Long Flower Necklace by Izzie's, Smock: Home OP by Mikunch, Shoes: Daisi plats by REIGN, Cardigan: Pia Quilted Jacket by The Secret Store, Pin: Pop Badge by tea

Remember When... Ferosh Photographer: Asshlley Moss Guest Model: Malena Von Dash Hair: Fame by Little Bones, Dress: Lulu by The Secret Store, Gloves: by MVD, Bag: by Zafair, Stole: by Plastix

On Asshlley (left) Hair: by Donna Flora, Necklace: by Modern Couture, Dress: Mica Strapless Gown by ISON x Rowne, Overcoat: by ISON x Rowne On Malena (right) Hair: by Tutys, Necklace: by Donna Flora, Stole: by Foxes, Dress: The Affair by JunBug

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 221

On Asshlley (left) Hat: Cristiana by Donna Flora, Hair: Ruler by ISON, Jacket: Shoulder Jacket by COCO, Shirt: by Ricielli, Skirt: by Rebel Gal, Bag: Marlene by Salvadori On Malena (right) Hair: by Envogue, Shirt: Brito Blouse by ISON x Rowne, Stole: by MVD, Bag: by Zenith, Rings: by Paper Couture, Pants: Audrey by The Secret Store


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



utumn and Winter was always the se asons when curling up with a body enveloping, soft and coz y pieces of clothing was a must. If this style entices you to prep are for the harsh winds of winter, look no further then! The oversized trend being will be embraced this se ason. Ill-fitting swe aters and outwe ar are cre ating a buzz that just won't go away; with this trend â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the baggier, the better. Cre ating a look that has no shape; yet looks so good is hard to pull off. That's why you should look at places like AMITOMO, CLAVv and AMRIE cre ated looks that captures the coz y feeling of slipping into a swe ater, so long, you need to ruffle the sleeves just to grab the ste aming cup of cocoa.


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 225

Neighborhood Ferosh Photographer: The Pierrot

Hair: Andy hair by Uwst, Jacket: Baggy Leather Jacket by CLAVv, Necklace: Oversized Rosary Necklace by Lvl93

Hair: F603 hair by tram, Jacket: My Oversize Bomber by Monso, Pants: Vintage Rolled by SEUL

Hair: F728 hair by tram, Sweater: Oversized Monk Thermal by HAK, Pants: casual pants by Breath, Shoes: PLAYOFF DUNKS by VALE KOER

Coleur De Minuit Ferosh Photographer: Tomo Wachter

Hair: Collaboration01 by Dura and Maru Kado, Cape: Fringed Knitted Cape by CLAVv, Stole: Cuffed Stole by CerberusXing, Collar: Slien Cuff by CerberusXing, Top: Tank top by Pumpkin, Pants: Rolled up Pants by Shi, Shoes: Fred Sneakers by David Heather

Hair: F728 by tram, Coat: High collar coat by GABRIEL, Top: tanktop by tomoto, Pants: XIV Breeks by Kauna, Socks: XIV Breeks Socks by Kauna, Shoes: Oxfords by Kauna

Hair: 85 by DP YUMYUM, Muffler: My Warmer Muffler by monso, Top: Caplet Tank by Shi, Harness: Qavah Face Harness by Messiah x Shi, Collar: bird's nest collar by Mato, Pants: slim pants by tomoto, Boots: Kama Unisex Boots by fame femme

Hair: 82 by DP YUMYUM, Top: Looong sleeve knit by AMRIE M, Pants: halfpants by tomoto, Belt: shigoki belt by tomoto

Stranded Ferosh Photographer: Clem Velinov Pixie Boy by Shi, Accessory: Refuge by Shi, Top: Long Sleeve Knit by Breath, Bottom: St. Biker Pants by David Heather, Shoe: Skyhigh by Flite


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 241

On Clem Hair: 57 by barberyumyum, Top: Ferosh v2 Shirt by ClAVv, Cape: Ferosh v2 Flowey Cape by CLAVv, Pants: slack pants by 2byte, Shoes: Gothic TABI shoes by Breath, Neck Tattoo: Unkin Smear by Clemmm On Squid Soldier by taketomi, Top: LHSS by Breath, Bottom: Douglas Pants by Synyster Creations, Shoes: Skyhigh by FLite


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 243

F728 by tram, Mask: mask by OLQINU, Top: weekend plan by AMITOMO, Bottom: Dolly Shorts by Foxes, Socks: Garter Socks by VALE KOER, Accessory: KneePads by COCO, Shoes: Apex Stompers by VALE KOER, Accessory: offensive balloon angry by titzuki


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 245



ex sells. We are immersed in human attraction, kinks, desires, and primal needs through television, social media, and fashion. E very ye ar there are trends that reve al skin in one form or another. Sometimes it’s le ather and lace. Other times it’s netting and hosiery. This ye ar designers cut out the trimmings and went straight for the money. Sex. Finding items in Second Life® regarding this trend is quite simple. Many people log into Second Life® to explore their sexuality and thus stores who provide lingerie are quite popular. We hope our Ferosh photographers and stylists will inspire your fantasies as they provide you with an accurate list of quality stores through their photos. Enjoy! Remember: the best sex is safe sex!


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9



WHAT'S YOUR SEX APPEAL? Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 247


Ferosh Photographer: Maloe Vansant


(Right) Piercing: Nosechain by Aisling, Cuffs: Lock Down Armcuffs by Annex, Hair: Ethereal by Shi, Shoes: Tiffany by NCore, Panties: Oakey Chain Panties by Blueberry, Heels: by Arely Gyn (Left) Stole: Mink Princess Stole by Ryvolter, Panties & Top: Pet by Grixdale, Shoes: Murano by Similar, Hair: by Magika


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 251


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

(Right) Choker: Corset by Foxy Lace, Hair: Chelsea Dagger by Moon, Choker: Leather String Choker by RE, Top: Bad Girl by RE, Earrings: Maelle Earrings by Indy&Co, Arm Chain: by Blueberry (Left) Tattoo: Crosswind by White Widow, Hair: Juxta by Shi, Earrings: Shiny Cross Wings by Bens Beauty, Bra: Keely by AGP

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 253

Bodystocking: Sexual Goddess by Dirty Princess


| Winter 2016 | | Trends Issue 9

Trends Issue 9 | | Winter 2016 | 255



Ferosh Photographer: Irinashay

Hair: Sasha by Rowne, Top & Bottom: Delice Lingerie by Erratic, Corset: Vadna Clincher by Aisling, Neckpiece: Edyna Collar by Aisling, Headpiece: Melissa by Lagyo, Gloves: Long Gloves by Coco

Hair: Raquel by Rowne, Top: Minikini by Empire, Bottom: Eli Panties by Spirit, Accessories: Karishma by Aisling, Gloves: Long Gloves by Coco

Hair: Uma by Little Bones, Top: In Flames by Asteria, Bottom: Leit Ribbed Panty by Mai Bilavio, Gloves: Long Gloves by Coco, Choker: Lima by Evani, Choker #2: Camori by Luxe

s ni cle in


Te s


He at he


Ch ro Ev an ge l



ul ot og ra p

Fe ro s




Hair: Vee by little bones,Mask: Mermaid Mask by LaGyo, Earrings: Melissa Earrings by LaGyo, Necklace: Alicia Necklace by LaGyo, Panty: Hi-Cut Pantie by SEUL

Hair: Elle by little bones, Chokers: Fresh Water Pearls by Black Bantam & sexpensive set by titzuki, Top: Tangle top by SEUL, Panty: Net Shorts by Frais, Bag: Metis by LaGyo, Fur Cuff: Diana Fur Cuff by David Heather

Hair: MAISHA by fiore, Shades: The Countess by EarthStones, Choker: Gothique Choker by EarthStones, Necklace: Antonia Strand necklace by LaGyo, Collar: Mekata Collar by Zakara, Bra: Freyja by Kibitz, Pastie: Playsuit Pasties by Mon Cheri, Panty: Erin by Phedora, Jacket: Kia Bomber by SEUL, Legchains: Nerine Chain by EMPIRE

When He Lov Ferosh Photographer: Scarlet Freedom

veS Me Good Choker: Milan Leather Belt Choker by Ryvolter, Gloves: Peril Latex Gloves by Sabotage, Hair: Akane by Argrace

Top: Look Hot Shirt by Gabriel, Hair: Iliana by Little Bones

Bra: Militia Bra by Seul, Fur: Sexy Fur Stole by T Whore


Ferosh Winter 2016!  

Happy Holidays! We are excited to bring you our final issue for 2016! This issue filled with beautiful photography and fashion from the grid...

Ferosh Winter 2016!  

Happy Holidays! We are excited to bring you our final issue for 2016! This issue filled with beautiful photography and fashion from the grid...