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Ferosh Face Spring/Summer 2014: Nicbour


Edtor in Chief Absinthe Montenegro Co-Editors Kerasia Hexicola Vikeejeah Xevion Graphic Design Absinthe Montenegro Ferosh Writers: Absinthe Montenegro, Forren Ashford, Kerasia Hexicola, Vikeejeah Xevion Ferosh Stylist & Photographers: Anaisterpellie, Anna Sapphire, Anthony Audran, Arscene Dubrovna, Astralia, Aximoatic Clarity, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Cieleste Magic, Citta Wiskee, Dantelicia, Eira Juilesse, Gianni Broda, Grant Valeska Gwen Aloix, Hillany Scoffield, Jax Aster, Julie Hastings, Kayami Osakki, Lanjran Choche Lilliibeth, Natalie Wells, Maloe Vansant, Marcopol Oh, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Nicbor, Ocean Blackthorne, Summer Deadlight, SuperJaix, ThePierrot, Vikeejeah Xevion, Winter Jefferson, Xantheanne Ferosh Guest: Bastien Berboral, Explictifame, Gen Jun, Kamelia Snowfield, Mayo Bigbear, Mery Haramori, Miles Askander, NoSanTa, Tante Crazyboi, Vo Pralou, Yani Tryce

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BE INSPIRED : BE FEROSH Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is a bi-annual publication that will review fashion trends for each subsequent season: Spring/Summer & Fall/ Winter. Our mission is to become a comprehensive style guide for residents of Second Life© in regard to real life fashion. We hope to impact fashion for a wide variety of residents by exhibiting fashion of all genres and styles. In addition, we would like to showcase some of the best artistic view points and creative photography images. Ferosh | A Visual Art & Fashion Experience is not a modeling agency. Though being a model is a rewarding and important credential for the Second Life© fashion industry, Ferosh aims to maintain a collaborative group of talented artists and stylists who are interested in achieving our mission. “Ferosh: adj (informal) - very impressive, remarkable, or outstanding; inspiring awe, admiration, or wonderment” -- UrbanDictionary.com

Ferosh Photographer: Ocean Blackthorne Style Credits: Page 446





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Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

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An English Affair

244 Making Waves

50 Asian Explosion

288 Metallics Lux

98 Blossoming into Spring

336 Say What?!

124 Call the Crops

362 We’re Solid

160 Embellish Me

408 The New folklore

198 Geometrics


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Videography: Absinthe (sinonrocks)

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Editor in Chief Absinthe



ello! It is my absolute honor and pleasure you to present the inaugural issue of Ferosh: A Visual Art & Fashion Experience. It’s hard to believe that a year’s worth of dreaming and planning is actually manifesting into reality. I hope that with every page, and every picture that you find the same inspiration that fashion in Second Life© has brought to me. We, the creative minds of Ferosh, would like to take you on a visual journey through some of the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trends that are influencing both our first and second lives. Our mission is to combine our love for photography and art with the innovative designs of Second Life© creating a catalog of visual poetry. Ferosh photographers and stylists are some of the best and most creative that I’ve encountered, and they have really showcased their love for self-expression through their amazing works. I’m so excited to introduce you to an innovative fashion and photography concept. Times are changing, and, in Second Life©, this seems to happen overnight for fashion. It’s the purpose of Ferosh to pave its own path through hard work, imagination, teamwork, and fun to keep up with these changes. Instead of dreaming of how things used to be, let’s start to dream about tomorrow. Our first issue is designed to showcase our esteemed stylists and photographers. It is our goal to push forward with fresh faces, new talent, and impeccable creativity, while also paying homage to those well trained in their craft. Ferosh is not a catalog about Second Life© models, but a comprehensive fashion guide based the perspectives of talented bloggers, models, designers, stylists, photographers and .. the every-day-girl who just likes to take pictures. We hope to cater to a myriad of fashionistas and trendy shoppers. We have been working diligently, quietly, and enthusiastically since January 1, 2014. I can honestly say that we have had seamless fun, and very little trouble assembling. This was a really hard secret to keep quiet! The professionalism of our group is the best I have seen. We’re not a group about titles, tags, or egos. We’re a group about pure art and talent. I really hope that you appreciate Ferosh. It has been the most amazing experience for me to work with so many outstanding artists who gave us a chance. Thank you for your hard work and for making me go.. “Wow..now that is so amazing!!!!.” Thank you for sharing with all of us the unexpected. A warm thank you to Kerasia


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Photographer: Absinthe

Hexicola and Vikeejeah Xevion for giving me confidence and for all your help and insight. This has truly been team-work from the feet up, from our editorial process to publishing. Please stay tuned for our Fall/Winter issue. We’re growing and we haven’t just stopped here with surprises. So! With that being said… (and I’ll stop the tear fest).. please enjoy.

Absinthe Montenegro FEROSH | CEO

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 11

Ferosh Photographer: Citta Wiskee Style Credits: Page 446


Kerasia Hexicola

Hello and Welcome to Ferosh! Ferosh started its life as a conversation that grew into a seed of possibility. A long year of nurturing, planning, conversing and believing it was possible has led to the most extraordinary fruition beyond my greatest expectations. A collaboration of visionary artists willing to take a risk with us. Within Ferosh we hope to draw together some of the most inspiring seasonal trends from real life fashion and showcase them to you under the care and extraordinary talent of our artists. Having the freedom to interpret each trend how they see it; how ever it fit with their character, personality and avatar has created a book that is a celebration of diversity. No two people have interpreted a theme in the same way. Fashion has always been a medium where people are able to express who they are and never more so than now, and in Second Life Š. We have such a plethora of talent showcasing their art everyday on blogs, flickr & Facebook. It is part of the ethos of Ferosh to scout out the newcomer, the different, the edgy - the individual! As well as to celebrate the talent of those artists we all look up to. Ferosh is a book for everyone. Because everyone is just a little Ferosh! With Love,

Kerasia Hexicola 14

| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


Vikeejeah Xevion

It’s been a long time since I was asked to participate in a fashion book. I was starting to think that my time as a model/stylist had passed completely when I retired from the runway in 2012. I even struggled to come up with creative ideas for this issue. But I realized, as a creative individual, that we all struggle with these feelings. The most important thing to remember is that deep down, we never lose our passion for fashion! That’s why I was so thrilled to work on Ferosh with Absi and Kera. It has been an amazing experience in which I could revitalize my styling skills, explore fashion in and out of SL, and get my life off of the incredible talents of our team! Watching the entries come in for our inaugural issue was like seeing a baby develop on the womb from conception to birth. Here we are bringing this new creation into existence and I’m overjoyed like a proud parent. I hope that everyone who experiences Ferosh feels as excited and inspired as I do. Recently, the climate of SL fashion has shifted. I have felt that there was this amazing opportunity to fill the void. While Ferosh is not a model agency, I think it’s something that is needed to shake up the current state of fashion RP and get people’s creative juices flowing again. As new agencies are emerging and bringing back fashion week, fashion shows, and magazines, I hope that we can fully revive the SL fashion worldand perhaps move into the future through our online presence.

Vikeejeah Xevion

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FEROSH: A Visual Art & Fashion Experience www.feroshsl.com

Ferosh Photographer: NicBour Style Credits: Page 446


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

An English Affair


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


n English Affair––– laced by lace, layered by layers sheer, broadcasts an orotund and yet saliently seasoned trend that is revived from the runways of Ellie Saab, Zuhair Murad & Valentino into this section of Ferosh’s S/S ’14 issue as created by Molichino, Coco & Paper Couture and styled to perfection by Ferosh stylists. The solid play to harmonious chatoyant shadings that stretch within this collection of showings under the settlement of flirtation to a classically classy sexuality and grace, ushers in the possibility for an edgier out-take that builds upon construction and nymph-like delicacy this spring season. Worn to make a statement that palliates the spectator’s observation and suits femininity and masculinity alike, an English affair reaches into the depths of culture more unpredictable, as an unprinted and unpredictable print in sheer lace itself.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 19

An English Affair

All This Lace

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Lilibet (lilliibeth)

Hair: LIMBO short wet hairstyle by TuTy’s, Gown: Cleo Gold Gown by Countdown, Ring: Mackenzie ring by Lagyo, Earrings: Cannet Chandelier Earrings by Paper Couture, Mask: no. 7 Vintage Mask, Pose by slouch


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Bossy by Fashionably Dead, Flower headdress: Blossom blue by Finesmith, Bodysuit: Lace v neck bodysuit by Sassy, Bracelet: Part of Diana jewelry set by Modern Couture

Hair: Emma by Baiastice, Earrings: Earrings from Polly jewelry set by Mandala, Flower hair accessory: Flower cluster veil by Paper Couture, Wrist corsage: Gardenia wrist corsage by NSP Florals, Dress: Modern romantica by Living Imagination, Pose: by Bauhaus Movement

An English Affair

exhibitionist Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Gianni Broda Ferosh Guest: Michi Tesla Heather (Explictifame)

Hair: by Action, Shades: by Sorgo, Jacket: by Hoorenbeek, Rings: by Cashmere Keane, Earrings: by Mandala, Bodysuit: by Lazybum

On Gianni Shades: by Izzie’s, Headpiece: by Pure Poison, Bodysuit: by Lazybum, Ring: by Swallow On Michi Headpiece: by Pure Poison, Latex Bodysuit: by Marketplace freebie

An English Affair


Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Hair:Sirah II by Burley, Lingerie: Ravishing by Blacklace, Jacket: Bikerjacket by Coco, Tattoo: Kanji Love, Aitu


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Tha by lamb, Top: Silk camisole by Ison, Skirt: LaceSkirt by Coco

Hair: Austin by Lamb, Makeup: Julia by Clef de Peau, Makeup: Backstage Make up 1 by The SKinshop, Necklace: Glamorous deer necklace by Leonard, Ring: Glamorous dear ring by Leonard, Jacket: shouldercardigan by Coco, Dress: Lace dress by Coco

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 37

Hair: Portland by Lamb, Makeup: Dar by The Skinship, Makeup: Jet set by the Skinshop, Dress: My swarovski dress by La Penderie de Nicole, Earrings: Part time boho princess by Maxi Gossimer, Neclace: Dew drop glass bead by Maxi Gossimer

Hair: Swish by Lelutka, Earrings and necklace: Isabella set by Lybra, Dress: Eloise by Lybra

An English Affair

The Elegance in cool Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Eira Juliesse

Headpiece: Titania by Miamai, Lipstick: Scale N1 by La Malvada Mujer, Earrings: White Pearl Diamond by Crystal line, Necklace: Modern Pearls Necklace by Foil, Top: silk bralette by ISON, Blouse: Lusso by MOLiCHiNO, Skirt: Helmut lang leather skirt by Lucien Marcelo, Leggings: Lycra leggings by PaperBag, Shoes: Scandal sandal by Liason


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Headpiece: Titania by Miamai, Earrings: Diamond pearl menagerie by Paper Couture, Bracelets: Milk way bracelet by Mandala, milky way 2 by Mandala, Lipstick: Scale N1 by La Malvada Mujer, Top: Janelle dress by Paper Couture, Skirt: Victoria dress by DIRAM, Shoes: Patent leather slingbacks by Belgravia

Headpiece: Titania by Miamai, Lipstick: Scale N1 by La Malvada Mujer, Necklace: Shabby chic oversized pearls by Paper Couture, Top & belt: Cathrine by Diram, Skirt: Black angel by Boudoir, Leggings: Lycra leggings by PaperBag, Shoes: Toiles de Jouy by BSD Design Studio


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Asian Street Style


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


okyo to Seoul, Singapore to Beijing, Asian street fashion mixes traditional elements with the modern and trendy Western urban style. The traditions of each country speak loudly through the voices of their youth in a fresh and innovative way. The streets are filled with fashionistas breaking all of the rules and creating new trends, style genres and iconic looks (think of the many sub-genres of Harajuku). Combining cute, with sexy or rebellious styles as well as pattern mixing and bold makeup choices give Asian street fashion a distinctive flare. With a wealth of Asian designers in Second Life (c) it is a breeze to recreate these looks after a visit to either .Shi, Vilena or Pumpkin.

Asian Street Style

Nightfall Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Pierre (ThePierrot) Ferosh Guest: Mayo Bigbear

Hair: Norio by taketomi, Inner: Limited City by AITUI, Jacket: Vintage Denim Jacket by Gabriel, Pants: Patched Skinnies by Pumpkin, Shoes: Sneaker Spiked by Chic Zafari, Necklace: Je t’aime Robot Necklace by Kari, Shades: Heart Beat by ShadZ, Headphone: Headphones Beats by DEF, Bag: Danchu Money Bag by yoyo9

On him: Hair: Ken by Taketomi, hat: Voodoo Lounge by Flow, Jacket: Night Walker by AITUI, Shorts: Cargo Shorts by XIAJ, Shoes: Doc Creepers by SUGAR, Scarf: VH Stole by SEY, Guitar: GuitarBag by SEY, Shades: ARK Shades by SORGO

On her: Hair: c601 by Tram, Headband: Pearl bow headband by C’est La Vie, Collar: Nokko by Bare Rose, Top: Cropped petuna by Beetlebones, Skirt: Balloon skirt by Tres Blah, Socks: Princess socks by The Sugar Garden, Shoes: Cupid creepers by The Sugar Garden

Hair: Sharp by Epoque hair, Collar: Batik Parang Kupu by Olegun, Jacket: Dixon Jacket by CASHMERE & KEANE, Pants: Tucked Up Jeans by Villena, Boots: Boots03 by Chronokit, Bracelet: SkullBracelet by SORGO, Parasol: Antique Oriental Umbrella Parasol by Hosoi Ichiba

Asian Street Style

Asian Hills & Vallies Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Hillany Scoffield Ferosh Guest: Miles Askander

Jacket: Leather jacket by R2 ADE, Hat: Sima by Zibska,Skin: Fei by Elysium, Lipstick: Blood lip blush by Clemm


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Hair 087 by Love Soul, Dress: China A by Lika Ruby, Skin: Japanese by IsoMotions, Lipstick: Japanese lipstick by IsoMotion

Top: Daleth by Shi, Short pants: Denim by Coco Design, Hair: Eclat 02 hair attachment by Lelutka, Skin: Fei by Elysium

On him- Suit: 3P suit by Kauna, Skin: Hikaru by Elysium, Hair: Boy 32 by Dura On her- Dress: Qipao by Tuty`s, Hair: Thieves like us by Lamb, Skin: Fei by Elysium, Lipstick: Leah 19 by Glam Affair

Tunic: Harley by Molichino, Lipstick: Blood lip blush by Clemm, Skin: Fei by Elysium, Hat: Black & white hat by Atika, Hair: Eclat hair 01 attachment by Lelutka

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 69

Asian Street Style

Eastern Pacific Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Vikeejeah Xevion

Hair: GFR834 by boon, Lips: Sugar gloss by Rozena, Eye liner: So cute by Mons, Dress: Spring fling by Highrise, Jacket: Plastik by Shi, Belt: Snake charmer by Faun, Watch: Wasabi flag by Le Primitif, Nails: Femme fatale by Nailed it, Shoes: Pigalle pumps by Le Primitif, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse

Hair: Kiko by Taketomi, Eyebrows: Simple brows by Glam Affair, Glasses: Round cherub by DirtyMind, Eye Shadow: Mika by Chic Zafari, Lips: Psychadelic by Croire, Lip 2: Miss priss by Cheap Makeup, Necklace: Morgana by LaGyo , Top: Holographic by Faun, Jacket: Breeze kimono by Leverocci, Skirt: Kimono tie by Nyu, Nails: Femme fatale by Nailed it, Shoes: Pigalle by Le Primitif, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse

Headpiece: Hood by blackLiquid, Earrings: Super Wings by Foil, Eye Shadow: Sushi Couture by Chic Zafari, Eye liner: Sharp by Esk-imo, Lips: Pickled ginger by blackLiquid, Lip 2: Lip line by Blackliquid, Dress: Bowma by Cashmere and Keane, Nails: Claw art couture by Chic Zafari, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse

Eastern Encounter Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Blackliquid Tokyoska Ferosh Guest: Bastien Berboral

On Blackliquid: Hair: Kate03modified by Kik, Makeup: Eyewear by Blackliquid, Makeup: Promogranate suck lipstick by Blackliquid, Tattoo: Maiko by sYs, Corset and top and flower: Alegria by Orsinired, Skirt: Camel vinyl pencil skirt by Rebel Gal, Shoes: Zori tabi shoes by sYs On Bastien: Hair: Kuranosuke by Taketomi, Jacket: Dixon by Cashmere and Keane, Boutonniere: Ceri blossom by Lode, Pants: Skintight pants by Pumpkin, Sandals: Less than 0 by C

On Blackliquid Hat: Butterfly by Swallow, Socks: Baroque by Shi, Skirt and shirt: Envel and Tie t by Shi, Collar: Orbital by Shi, Gloves: Glove black by Amarelo Manga, Makeup: Feline by Blackliquid On Bastien: Harness: Arm harness by Glam Affair, Jacket: Angelus jacket by Unsung, Vest: Angelus by Unsung, Beanie: AWK beanie by Shi, Pants: Moto by L and B, Boots: Pirate by Just Designs

On Blackliquid: Dress: Fiera by Solidea Folies, Makeup: Feline by Blackliquid, Hair: Forren by Blackliquid, Gloves: Orange gloves by Amarelo Manga, Ring: Daisy by Natzuka On Bastien: Hair: GGL309 by Boon, Cardigan: Blake by ZE Men, Pants: Casual chino by Kal rau, Suspenders: Chino by Kal rau, Shoes: Launder Loafters by Keane, Glasses: Spex by Blackliquid

On Blackliquid: Makeup: Candy suck and feline by Blackliquid, Kimono: Long Tx by Kimono Haori, Shoes: Jolie pied flat suki geta by Slink On Bastien: Hair: F5 by Liquence, Kimono: Katahadanugi by SSS, Geta: Zouri Ika by Exia

On Blackliquid: Hair: Haruka by Argrace, Harness: Defiant by Shi, Lingerie: White lace lingerie by Alyce, make-up: Feline by Blackliquid On Bastien: Hair: Akane by Argrace, Flowers: Ceri Blossoms by Lode,

Asian Street Style

LOST Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Jaix (SuperJaix)

Hair: Eraserhead by Lamb, Gloves: Fingerless gloves by Shi, Shoes: Vanity feet, Arm warmers: Braces black by Glam Affair Homme, Pants: Drape bermuda V2 by Shi, Top: Heiroglyphic sleeveless tee by XIAJ, Headpiece: Couture gold by Aesthetica

Hair: Hairpieces M 09 by Salon de Glow, Scarf: Infinity scarf by Argrace, Jacket: Hans goose mustard by Howl, Backpack: Canvas backpack by XIAJ

Hair: Jeremy by Cheerno,Kimono: Tensho by Haori kimono Hikama

Asian Street Style

East Feast Beast Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Citta Wiskee

Hair: Warrior by Epoque, Top: FC Turtle Neck by VRSION, Bracelet: Owl Bracelet by Erratic, Parasol: Shanghai Parasol by To AT

Hair: DPY537 by boon, Top: Morrighan by MIAMAI, Inner: needful things by JANE, Boots: Longboots by VRSION, Mask: Kabuki by Trident

Hair: FNQ123 by Boon, Tank: Slashed Tank by Eaters Coma, Pants: Flared Pants by NYU, Shawl: Shawl by Lika Ruby


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Blossoming into Spring!


| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


n a season that blossoms as much into the temperament of nature as well as the contortion and resurrection of cycling print, “Blossoming Into Spring” veers with insight into the fabricated effects of floral print as a set tone for the spring season. In references, a populous of larger end brands (Valentino S/S ’14, Dries Van Noten S/S ’14, and Marc Jacobs S/S ’14–– to name a few) have capitalized on the jocund concept that has been interpreted as a walking missive to the masses. As seen to be a non-gender specific trend, the sort of duality that it holds in this particular season, it is only clear that as a pop of colour, alluring vibrant shapes, and romantically stoic shades, that this a trend to watch, that you too may capitalize on this Spring from talents such as Overhigh, and Lethal Couture.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 99

Blossoming into Spring

Floral Frenzy Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Anthony Audran

Hair: Serenade by Moon, Facial Hair: Beard by Cashmere Keane, Blindfold: Xiang by Zibska, Shirt: Button Down by Villena, Bottom: Mills Suit Pants by Gizza, Bow Tie: Farfalle by Epoque, Shoes: Chanel Militant Boots by Judas The Revolution, Clutch: Chanil Casette by 7891, Watch: Gold/Diamond Black Face by Ryca

100| Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hairbase: Buzz cut sideburn by Ink, Blazer: Celeste by Lethal Couture, Pants: Tight pants by Pumpkin, Socks: Classic black by Entente, Shoes: Emile loafers by Entente, Scarf: Plain black by Chronokit, Gloves: Dexter by Fatewear, Pin: Rose pin by Reico Rose, Hat: Rounded hat by Faux, Net Vistor: Camino net Visor by Elysium

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Facial Hair: Beard by Cashmere Keane, Hat: Pork pie hat by JFL s Hat Store, Shirt: FloralsShirt by Overhigh, Sweater: Shoulder knit by Kitt Ragu, Pants: Skin tight pants by Pumpkin, Shoes: Fur trim wedge by Ison, Bag: Messenger leather bag by Ane, Sunglasses: Round cherub sunglasses II by Dirty Mind

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 |

Blossoming into Spring

Instrumental Blooming

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Gianni Broda

Shades: by Izzie’s, Floral Headpiece: by Boom, Jeweled Ears: by Mandala

Floral Headpiece: by Paper Couture, Pearls: by Paper Couture, Corset: by Ison, Hair: Razorsharp

Flower Hair: by Vitas Boudoir, Butterflies: by Gizza

Blossoming into Spring

Baroque Flowers Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Gwen Aloix

Hair: Seductress Wig by ZsaZsas, Dress: Blooming spring by SoliDea FoLiEs,Ring: Mackenzie by Lagyo

Hair: Amber by Ison, Headpiece: Ophelia rose by Heat me and eat me, Clothes: Floral short suit by Loovus Dzevavor, Necklace: Vintage Pearl by Maitreya, Socks : Cute Lolita underknee socks frill by Dark Midday Designs, Shoes: Charleston slipper by Volstead

Blossoming into Spring

April Showers Summer Flowers Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Summer Deadlight

Hair: Baroque by Tres Jolie, Bodice: Sapphire gown bouquet by Vero Modero, Skirt: La Romantique by Baiastice, Skin: Haruko by The Skinnery, Lipstick: Glossy pink by Utopia, Headwear: New day by Lode, Head Accessory: Orchkakis by Lode, Eyeliner: Zoey waterline eyeliner by The Skinnery, Blush: Doll blush by Dead Apples, Eyes: Spring by Dead Apples, Face enhancement: Moles Asimetry by Modish

Hair: Winternight by Emotions, Jacket: Leather jacket by Whatever, Jeans: Jeans by Redgrave, Shoes: Carmilla pumps by ManiacQuintessa, Skin: Shui by Elysium, Lipstick: Shui Lips by Elysium, Nails: Style icon by Nailed it, Earrings: Cassis by Bliensen and MaiTai, Hair accessory: Wild Rose by Lode, Glasses: Floral Sunglasses by GizzA, Brows: Elegant Pencil Brows by The Skinnery, Eyes: Spring by Dead Apples, Face Enhancement: Moles asimetry by Modish

Hair: Maiko by Truth, Jacket: Aristocrat spring by gO, Jeans: Dylan jeans by Moon Boots: Hunter’s Boots by Friday, Headpiece: Cara by Distorted Dreams, Skins: Carina by Modish, Lips: BeforeU Lipsticks by Modish, Eyes: Lovers eyes by The Skinnery, Eyelashes: Falsies by MC, Face Enhancement: Moles Asimetry by Modish, Nails: Style Icon by Nailed it


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Call the Crops

124 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


emember when it was a crime to show your middrift?! At least when it came to being fashionable, showing tummy flesh was definitely a faux pas. However, designers like Vika Gazinskaya, McQueen, and Alberta Ferretti spiced up their collections with a little skin. Cropped tops have sudden started popping up in all kinds of ensembles from the creatively couture, to the street smart fashionista. And, what makes this trend even more fun is that the crops very in length. Some will display the lower abdomen, while others give us the smallest peek-a-boo glance of flesh when paired with some high waist shorts. Our stylists were challenged with having creating their own cropped topped looks. Stores such as Ryvolter, Overhigh, and Emery are filled with a variety of creative knits to mix with your wardrobe. Did we really need excuses to wear bellybutton rings again? Yes! So, commit fashion murder! Crop those tops and enjoy the summer heat.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 125

Call the Crops

Color Cropped Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Grant Valeska

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Top: Stam Crop top by 1992, Skirt: Tight mini by Sessil and Cecile, Bracelet: Chunky link bracelet by Illmatic, Clutch: Samantha clutch by Emery

126 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Top: Simple cropped halter by Faun, Shirt: Oversized waist shirt by Illmatic, Trousers: Sail tux Pants by Rebel Gal, Necklace: Curb chain necklace by Gabriel, Shoes: Pointy strap heel by Ison

Top: Subtle stripes crop by 1992, Skirt: Subtle stripes skirt by 1992, Bracelet: Noel bracelet by Le Primitif, Sunglasses: Roundabout frames by Epoque, Clutch: Onyx clutch by House of Fox, Shoes: Jacmel pump by Hucci

Top: Crop T Shirt by Emery, Shorts: Leather Short by Emery, Bracelet: Mirte Bangle by LaGyo, Clutch: Antigona Envelope Clutch by Renegade

Top: Color Crop by House of Fox, Skirt: Chloe jersey draped skirt by Vive Nine, Necklace: Katakori necklace by Mandala, Shoes: Patent 120 by Belgravia

Call the Crops

Cropped Times Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Cieleste Magic

Hair: Yashi by EMOtions, Top: Tsade body cuff by Shi, Skirt: Imperial skirt by Overhigh, Earrings: The lion king by Mons, Ring: Valma ring by Lagyo

Hair: C429 by Tram, Top: Emilia structured pullover by Ryvolter, Skirt: Bruxelles tulip skirt by Fishy Strawberry, Shoes: T-Strap platform sandals by Renegade, Hat: Floppy Hat by Countdown, Sunglasses: Round cherub sunglasses by DirtyMind, Necklace: Maylea by Lagyo

Hair: Spooky by Vanity Hair, Top: Arreter Crop Asymmetric Top by Shi, Pants: Tapered Pants by Coco, Shoes: Carla pumps by House of Fox, Earring: Vo horn earrings by XIAJ, Gloves: Leather Gloves by Coco, Clutch: Cieleste clutch by XIAJ, Socks: Vacay Tights Tangerine by Loovus Dzevavor

Call the Crops

Breaking Bad... Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Absinthe (sinontherocks) Ferosh Stylist: Kerasia Hexicola

On Absinthe: Hair: GGL309 by Boon, Makeup: II Verde by La malvada mujer, Earrings: Marina by Modern Couture, Top: Tiger by Overhigh, Arm bands: Snake bracelet by Biasatice, skirt: Green sequin pencil skirt by Rebel Gal, pose: by apple spice On Kera: Hair: Fighter by Epoque, Top: Shimmer sheer by Sabotage, Leggings: Printed leggings By Overhigh, Clutch: One way clutch by 7891, Earrings: Holy By 7891, Lipstick: Pink by DDL

Hair: Lana by Lelutka, Jacket: Devon rabbit fur coat by Ryvolter, Crop top: Oblivion by Drift, Trousers: Sail tux pants by Rebel Gal, Sunglasses: Lion shades by Swallow, Earrings: Skull earrings graff by Ricielli, Tattoo: Infinity by Leo, Body chain: Orion goddess body chain by Illmatic

Hair: Sam Flashed Hair by Action, Top: Hot lips jumper by Illmatic, Skirt: Black, sequin skirt by Rebel Gal, Earrings: Studded gold circles by Paper Couture, Bracelet: Chunkeey jewelry by Mandala, Eyeliner: Couture eyeliner no.01 by Glam Affair

Hair: Rowan by Truth, Necklace: Karma by Mandala, Jacket: Jonquel by Liv Glam, Top and skirt: Nyssa outfit by Diram

Hair: Nicolette by Slink, Earrings: Dip Dye chain earrings by Glow Studio, Top, Hoodrat thangs cropped sweat by Paperbag, shorts: Hot pants by Ricielli, Shoes: Decade sandals by Color me HOF

On Kera: Hair: Hearts dont break even by Exile, Top: Liu leather crop top by Ryvolter, Skirt: Venus skirt by Cashmere, Lips: Orange by DDL, Earrings: Lion door knocker earrings by Lethal Couture On Absinthe: Hair: Orlando by Atro Patena, Make up: Hard candy by Boom, Earrings: Leather feather earrings by Mandala, Collar: Defiant harness by Shi, top: Liu leather crop top by Ryvolter, Bangles 1: Kumlatta by A Beauparlant, Bangles 2: Kumlatta by A Beauparlant

Hair: Kiko by Taketomi, Make-up: Flight shadow by Nox, Earrings and ring: Rugaji by Modern Couture, Necklace: Perolas by Kunglers, Top: Orgami crop top by Ozi, Shorts: Hightwaist shorts by Cia, boots: Thigh high boots by Maitreya

Call the Crops

Express Yourself .be free. Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Natalie Wells

Skin: Sasha by Deesses Skins, Lipstick: Glamour set by Deesses Skins, Eyeliner: Illumy eyeshadows by Deesses Skins, Skirt: Imperial skirt by Overhigh, Bra: Studded bra by Pure Poison, Hair: Salome by LeLutka, Bolero: Bolero biker jacket by Finesmith, Earrings: Winter earrings by Finesmith, Ring: Armour spike ring by Baiastice

Skin: Lauren by Deesses Skins, Lipstick: Lauren lipstick set by Deesses Skins, Eyeshadow: Fever eyeshadows by Deesses Skins, Skirt: Slit skirt by Lethal, T-shirt: Crop T-Shirt by Overhigh, Hair: 45 by Dura Boy, Hairbase: Etched hair by Jomo, Earrings: Matilda earrings by Lagyo, Ring: Precious ring by Crystal Line, Ring: Pearl stone Ring by Zenith, Ring: Faceted solitaire ring by Yummy, LushAura Ring by Morantique, Bracelet: Fall in love by Finesmith, Headpiece: Flora bindi by Finesmith, Shoes: Leighton pumps by 1992

Skin: Naomie by Deesses Skins, Lipstick: Nadine Lipstick set by Deesses Skins, Skirt: Lace skirt by Coco, Shirt: Crop cyrus by Overhigh, Hair: Swish by LeLutka, Ring: Pearl glower ring by Paper Couture, Bracelet: Rock bracelet by Crystal Line, Jacket: JacketOverShoulders by Coco, Shoes: Nastasya suede circle by Ryvolter


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Embellish Me

160 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


ver heard of the saying, “Too much is a bad thing?” Well, for Spring/Summer 2014, we found an instance where’s that’s simply not the case. Designers stormed the runway with tassels, jewels, and rhinestone enhanced prints. Tops were stamped with gems, and skirts were sewn with sequins, and necklines adorned with excess. Embellishment is about the lavish extreme of fashion, albeit in the most tasteful way one can muster. Prada, Burberry Prosrum, and JLM couture gave us great inspiration with their belts, cuffs, and collars bubbling with excess. Embellishment can also be accomplished through a discerning use of accessories – the perfect combination of bracelets, necklaces, and hats can be added to a simple dress to make show stopping look. Luckily, we have designers such as Milk Motion, Solidea Folies, and AD creations who excel in the art of embellishment, making decorating your outfit a fun experience. Ferosh stylists show us their interpretation of embellishment, and these next few pages are gorgeously gluttonous.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 161

Radiance Reborn Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Blackliquid Tokyoska Ferosh Guest: Gen Jun

Hair: Sundae by AD, Dress with earrings and crown: Crystal reality base dress by Finesmith, Tears: Shakti by Eshi Otawara On Gen Jun: Crown: Crystal reality by Finesmith

Outfit: Bjork by Ginevra Lancaster, Hair: Medusa by LN, Slippers: Paloma point by Slink On Gen Jun: Shades: Circular pearls by I heart fashion

On Blackliquid: Gloves: Latex by AE, Rings: Prick feme modded by Blackliquid, Bangles and necklace: Mirte by Lagyo, Dress: Sequin long dress by Meli Imako, Hair: Tantrum by Analog Dog On Gen jun Catsuit: White latex by Powers of Creation, Mask: Mirte by Lagyo


Shimmering Soul Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Astralia

Shorts: SS12 Shorts Silver by Belgravia, Shoes: Lucite gems platforms by Cult of Belgar, Belt: Diamond platinum gems flower luxury Belt by Guti Extravagant, Hair: Lover heat by Epoque, Necklace and Earrings: Matilda set by Lagyo, Hairpiece: Crush rose crown and Purple by Junbug, Top: Kenisha grey top mesh by Countdown, Lipstick: Surreal lipstick 7 by Swallow

Corset: Kate gold bodysuit by Countdown, Skirt: Caged angel dress by Faster Pussicat, Hair: Adara Midnights by Sugarsmack, Jewels: Diamantato fiore rose couture set by ChicZafari, Jewels: Pentacostal set by Chop Zuey, Shades: Solidea folies luxury bizantino by Hate me and eat me, Hat: Alethia hat by Bliss Couture, Shoes: Envy- baroque heel by Diktator

Dress: Essy sequin Gown by Vogue, Hair: Ojaa greyscale by Miamai, Eye Jewel: Diamond series makeup 002f by Vogue, Chest ornament and earrings: Diva Silver by Champagne Sparkling Couture, Lipstick: Facade lips by Madrid Solo, Piercing: Makeup chic by blackLiquid, Ring: Times square ring by Paper Couture


Bejewelled Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Anna Sapphire

Top: Nillina Princess by Miamai, Necklace: Imogen by Zibska, Hair: GFR834 by Boon, Makeup: Nippon by It Girls

Gown: Blanchette by Miamai, Necklace: Tumbled Stone Statement Necklace by Paper Couture, Belt: Cuff by Erratic, Bracelet: Bangle DXL by RYCA, Nose ring: Latika by Aglaia, Hair: Spooky by Vanity Hair, Makeup: Erotica by New Faces

Shirt: Lilian painted blouse, Turban: Baba by LaGyo, Earrings: Baba by LaGyo, Necklace: Apfel by LaGyo, Hair: GFR834 by Boon, Makeup: Chemical 50 by La Malvada Mujer


Shadows of Dreams Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Anais Terpellie (anaisterpellie)

Headpiece: Dahlia by Glam Affair, Hair: Valentin Hair by Tableau Vivant, Top: Nillina priestess by Miamai, Pants: Ardore by Miamai, Skin: Jemma by Clef de Peau

Headpiece: New day by Lode, Hair: Shine by Magika, Earrings: Azure teal stone earrings by Zenith, Dress: Victoria by Diram, Skin: Jemma by Clef de Peau

Headpiece: Melancholy by Lode, Hair: Valentin hair by Tableau Vivant, Dress: Lili by Solidea Folies, Bracelet: Vyomini by Zaara, Ring: Lyra by Maxi Gossamer, Sandals: Riverton by Hucci, Skin: Jemma by Clef de Peau

Headpiece: Pearl headdress by Eshi Otawara, Hair: Vibrato by LeLutka, Brows: Crystal brows by Lagyo, Lashes: Bohemian by Glow Studio, Stole: Mink Princess by Ryvolter, Necklace: Peacock necklace by GizzA, Gown: Vita chamber by Dead Dollz, Skin: Jemma by Clef de Peau


Prettification Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Absinthe (sinontherocks)

Hair: Kat by Emotions, jewels: Roxaane by Finesmith, hat: Bizarre flower by Lagyo, dress: blooming spring by Solidea Folies

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 189

Hair: Runway afro by Tuty’s, Hat: Ophelia by Hate me and eat me, Dress: Shae by Miamai

Hair: Torre hair by Elysium, Headpiece 1: winter deer by Lagyo, Headpiece 2: Melancholy by Lode, Make-up: by The Skinnery, Earrings: Decoy gold earrings by Glow Studio, Collar 1: Athena by Inside Lab, Collar 2: Black throne by Ladies who lunch, Top: Soraya by Chic Zafari, Skirt with belt: Leather fetish skirt by Chic Zafari

Hair: MaryB by Iconic, Headpiece: modified lenora dress by AD creations, Dress: Lenora dress by AD creations, Horns: Evilly by Lelutka, Earrings: Ester, Collar: Georgette by Lagyo, necklace 1: Long pearls by Your style your shape, Necklace 2: Bubble pearls necklace by Lagyo, Brows: The Skinnery

Hair: Maria by Amacci, Headpiece: Part of Sakura by Vitas Boudoir, Earrings: Bubble pearl earrings by Glow Studio, Necklace: Natures crown by Boom, Top: 3d flowers lace top by Milk Motion, Fur wrap: Fur wrap by Saikin


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One


198 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


hose of us who are fashion fanatics know very well that shapes are often times the base constructs for many couture pieces. This Spring, however, shapes have taken a more modern, prêt-à-porter route. Common shapes in patterns or actual constructs is what drives this fashion theme. Circles. Squares. Triangles everywhere! Designers such as Paul Smith, Gianfranco Ferre, and Dennis Basso incorporated eye catching patterns in their clothing for Spring 2014. There are many stores available to us that use these same inspirations such as Erratic, Foil, and Solidea Folies. Perhaps wearing some sharp corners will make you lethal on the dance floor, but at least you won’t go unnoticed!

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 199


Warped Passages Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Axiomatic Clarity

Dress: Panel dress estelle by Erratic, Bangles: Minimalism bangle citrus by Teefy, Hair: Figure by Elikatira ,Skin: by Glam Affair

Jacket: Jacket and sleeves by Unsung Angelus , Leggings: Leggings cross by Villena, Shoes: Admiral by Candydoll, Hair: extremist by TuTys, Glasses: Alphabeat by Steinwerk, Skin: Mokatana Europa by Glam Affair

Geometrics Ferosh Face Spring/Summer 2014

Le Cirque du Printemps Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: NicBour

Skin : Zara by Glam Affair, Mask: Shironuri by Glam Affair, Top: Upper top by Cheeky, Corset: La Mer by Mtru Cinphul, Skirt: Cabaret corset by Tentacio, Boots: Black patent by Bax, Hood: Umbrella hat by Pure Poison, Hat: Victorian by DRD

Skin: Ingrid by Birdy, Hair: Arata by Argrace, Corset: Geometrica Corsage by Elysium, Shorts: Krush by DirtyMind, Heels: Glam by Six Bois, Hat: Warrior by Lode, Lips : Leah by Glam Affair

FEROSH Cover SS 2014 Skin: Shui by Elysium, Hair: Valasca by Adoness, Top: Von Racerback by Boom, Skirt: Memoire Pencil skirt by Indyra Originals, Harness: Defiant by Shi, Head piece: Ara by Solidea Folies


Chameleon Way Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Samarah Jansma

Hair: Clip on love bun by Eskimo Fashion, Hat and Shoes : Atika by PixelFashion, Lashes: Falsies by Mon Cheri, Eyeshadow: Glamorous by Mons, Lips: Princess by Meghindo’s, Coat: le ‘bon outer by Potcha, Clutch: Wheres Shilora by Faun, Necklace: Amber by Modern Couture, Gloves: Fingerless by Izzie’s, Top: Tube my top by Mathematical, Bodysuit : Hollywood comic by Paperbag, Belt :Gold Peplum by Paperbag, Leggings: Geometric Neon by Lethal

Hair : D207 by Tram, Lashes: Falsies by Mon Cheri, Eyeshadow: Moschino by Tilly, Beauty marks: Visage by Just Magnetized, Hat: Oly Hat by Glam Affair, Necklace: Femme II by Glow Studio, Ring: Serpent by Handverk, Shirt: Bound by Indented Fashion, Jacket: Puffed by Iaf, Skirt: Faded by Iaf, Bag: Janvier BY 7891, Shoes: Riverton by House of Hucci

Hair: F4 by Liquence, Lashes: Falsies upper by Mon Cheri, Eyeliner: Comet by Glamorize, Lips: Princess by Meghindo’s, Earring: Triangle by Beens Beauty, Necklace: Monday morning by Yummy, Dress: Charlotte by Revanche, Belt: Cinch by Gos, Fur: Stole by Bliss Couture, Skirt: Blokc Asym by Meshurection, Bangle: Blocking minimalism by Teefy, Bag: Sasha Studded by Noodles, Leggings: Rue by Teyonce Ohare, Shoes: Naty by U.one

Hat: Floppy by Iaf, Hair: Paper cuts by Moon, Eyeshadow: Glamorous by Mons, Teeth: Realistic by Deetalez , Beauty marks: Visage by Just Magnetized, Necklace: Choker by Ryca, Shirt: Kala print by Illmatic, Ring: Madness Pearl by U one, Bracelet: Fairy tale charm by Noodles, Pants: Split harem by Paperbag, Leggings: Geo pants by Teyonce Ohare, Bag: Mackenzie by LaGyo, Shoes: Jhene by Co57

Turban: Turquoise by Khavi, Nose chain: Double by Arise, Eyeshadow: Sweet Combo by Glamorize, Earrings: Helen by Lagyo, Tie: Mopy by Stank, Jersey: Chunky Graphic by Gato, Hands tattoo: La novia by La Malvada Mujer,Rings: Studded by Pure Poison, Nails: La muerte en Color by Shock, Skirt: Tassled Belt by Letha, Leggings: Electric by Fashion Fears, Clutch: Calgary by Maitreya, Shoes: Olyvia Faux by Faun


TESSELATE Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Xanthe Anne (Xantheanne)

Hair: Elsa by Monso, Necklace: Art Deco Necklace by BSD design Studio, Earrings: Triangle Earrings by Maubray, Dress: Alien Gown couture by Chic Zafari

Hair: Two by Faenzo, Tattoo: Mirte Back Tattoo by LaGyo, Corset: Geometrica Corsage by Elysium, Bottoms: Queen of Heart by Chocolate Atelier, Boots: Enbi boots by R2 fashion, Gloves: Short Leather gloves by Izzie’s

Hair: Valentin by Tableau Vivant, Dress: Claudette Dress by Baiastice, Blazer: Structured Blazer by The Secret Store, Tights: Suspender Tights by Cannibelle, Boots: Composite Wedge Boots by Belgravia, Necklace: Mirte Necklace by LaGyo, Bracelets: Mirte Bangles by LaGyo, Bag: Eenie Leather Bag by Xiaj

Hair: Athena by Ohmai, Mask: Maylea veil Headpiece by LaGyo, Cape: Shae Cape by Molichino, Dress: Asymmetrical Dress by NYU, Clutch: Maylea: Clutch Bag by LaGyo, Shoes: Galaxic by Ariskea

Hair: Harriet by Truth, Jewelry: Triangle Jewelry set by Handverk, Top: Wool Cardi by Color Me HOF, Bottoms: Dupla Ruffled Leggings by Mutresse, Clutch: Chandra Suede Clutch by Renegade, Shoes: Virgin Wedge Shoes by Ariskea


Silver.Light Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Gwen Aloix Ferosh Guest: Mery Haramori

Hair: Maleficent by Lelutka, Hat: Pacoli hat Couture by ChicZafari, Necklace: Mariel tri necklace by Lagyo, Dress : Mirte Structural Dress by Faenzo, Shoes : Valentina by Co57,Pose : 282 by Slouch

Hair: One by Faenzo, Dress: Synergy by Sas, Corset: Mariel by Lagyo, Necklace: Savanna by Lagyo, Headpiece: Ebisu by Hate me and eat me, Gloves: Gushi by Mutresse

On Gwen: Hair : Maleficent by Lelutka, Headpiece: The incongruo hat by Hate me and eat me, Collar: AlexV by F oil, Earrings: Twisted Hoop by Foil, Boots : Thigh high boots by Maitreya, Pose : Saviad 08 by Slouch On Mery Haramori: 
Hair: Amber by Ison, Mask: Mirte by Lagyo, Dress : Mirrors by SoliDea FoLiEs, Shoes : Solstice by Faenzo, Pose : Vogue Italia by Vibe


Songs for Mounted Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Kayami Osakki


Dress: Faceted patent dress by Leverocci, Hair: Such by Magika, Shoes: Zareena by Esque, Necklace: Shard necklace by Epoque

Corset: Geometric corset by Ison, Necklace and Harness: Defiance harness by Shi, Leg Harness by Shi, Shoes: Blair by Esque, Hair: Reva by Elikatera, Shorts: Juka by Glam Affair

Dress: Sunday by Lelutka, Shoulderpiece: Mithra shoulder tassels by Lelutka, Hair: Mia by Wasabi Pills, Ring: Triangle ring by House of Fox, Shoes: Xheli by Esque


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One


gWa ves

244 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


e it a slight curve or a full on ruffle, the drama of draping is making huge waves in fashion for 2014. They are seen more subtle in pret-a-porter, and more dramatic in haute couture, but ruffles, waves, and draping are moving from the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks of Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten and Zac Posen to trickle into the streets of major metropolitan cities. Landing for our pleasure in Second Life (c) created by the hand of designers such as Solidea Folies, Boudoir & Dead Dollz. The beauty in movement, as well as the contours and illusion of the pockets created through this trend, are figure flattering, eye catching and head turning. Being caught up in this current trend will surely sweep you away, so ride the wave and make a statement in ruffles!

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 245

Oscillation Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Julie Hastings

Outfit : Part of Vortex long dress by SYS, Outfit: Part of Changshan by Fellini Couture, Hair: Swoozy by Zibska, Shoes: Chromatics Ballet Heels Shoe by Azoury, Hat: Birdcage by Naminoke, Makeup: Long Eyeliner by Sopherian & Puket Eyeliner by Baiastice, Jewels: 777 by Mandala, Nails: Glossy Fingernails#1 by Kosh

Ligeia by Dead Dollz, Hat, Collar and Mask: Part of Tribute to Gareth by AD Creations, Makeup: Ara by Nuuna, Hairbase: Blonde 11 by Unbra, Nails: Glossy Fingernails#1 by Kosh

Dress top: Part of Petali by Les Petits Details, Dress Ruffles: Part of Aprile by Les Petits Details, Skirt: Part of Dream Way by Aliza Karu, Collar: part of Burla by Aliza Karu, Hat: Part of Aprile by Les Petits Details, Makeup: Long Eyeliner by Sopherian & Puket eyeliner by Baiastice, Hairbase: by Baiastice, Hair: SCO052 by Boon, Nails: Glossy Fingernails1 by Kosh

Making Waves

Rouge Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Eira Juliesse

Hair: Dare82 by Boon, Eyeshadow: Save wild2 by Mons, Lipstick: Ink LipGloss by Pink Fuel, Earrings: Leaf by Pure Poison, Jacket: Carnation jacket by Paper Couture, Top: OanTuckedTop by Remy, Leggings: Leather leggins by Color Me HOF, Shoes: Milano by Similar

Hair: DARE82 by Boon, Eyeshadow: Savage qild2 by Mons, Lipstick: Ink lipGloss by Pink Fuel, Hat: April black for Koi by SoliDea FoliEs, Earrings: Mother’s pearl by Lagyo, Blouse: Baroque riori by GizzA, Gown: Bea formal gown by Pure Poison, Tights: Black leather thigh highs by Ison, Shoes: Rococo fiori by GizzA

Hair: DARE82 by boon, Eyeshadow: Savage wild2 by Mons, Lipstick: Ink lipGloss by Pink Fuel, Eyelashes: Dreamy eyes by Aesthetica, Collar: Whimsy by Aesthetica, Top: Blair by Steffen Garcia, Skirt: Blair by Steffen Garcia, Shoes: Patent leather slingbacks by Belgravia

Making Waves

Spring [Enclosed] Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Lanjran Choche

Hair: Blow by Shi, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Ring by Shi, Dress: Prima Rosa by Les Petits Details, Panties: Bettie waist by FemmeFatale, Shoes: Soyeux pumps by Steffen Garcia, Cloak: Femme fatale by Gizza

262 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Blow by Shi, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Ring by Shi. Dress: Prima Rosa by Les Petits Details, Panties: Bettie Waist by FemmeFatale, Shoes: Soyeux Pumps by Steffen Garcia

Hair: Madam pompadour by Boudoir, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Ring by Shi, Jacket: Natalia by Diram, Corset: Natalia by Diram. Skirt: Queen by Les Petits Details

Hair: Two by Faenzo, Hair 2: HAMU38 by Boon, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Ring by Shi, Dress: Carmen by sYs, Tights: Black by Izzie’s, Shoes: Ani Pumps by Mstyle

Hair: Kendal by Elikatira, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Ring by Shi, Jacket: Ynuit by sYs, Pants: Lou by Glam Affair, Shoes: Glam heels by Six Bois

Making Waves

The Tides Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Vikeejeah Xevion

Hair: Shaved by Lelutka, Earrings: Maya by Lagyo, Eye shadow: Runway couture by Chic Zafari, Eye brows: Bardot by Fashionably Dead, Lips: II verde by La Malvada Mujer, Neckpiece: Draped collar by Ladies Who Lunch, Dress: Blair by Steffen Garcia, Nails: Claw art couture by Chic Zafari, Bag: Chandra clutch by Renegade, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse

Hair: Pony up by Lelutka, Hairbase: Shaved double part by Illmatic, Visor: Valma by Lagyo, Eye shadow: Scale by La Malvada Mujer, Lips: Supermarket by La Malvada Mujer, Bracelet 1: Talon bracelet by Bleu, Bracelet 2: Chunkeeey by Mandala, Bracelet 3: Atiriya by Zaara, Ears/Earrings: Tapered ears by Mandala, Top: Draped halter by Shi, Peplum: Ruffle belt by Teefy, Pants: Selena by Diram, Nails: 205 by Flair, Pose: Corpus by Diconay Boa

Hair: Boldtail by Shi, Eye shadow: Leopard eyes by It Girls, Lips: Sugar Gloss by Rozena, Earrings: Braganza by Fulo, Neckpiece: Naina by Zaara, Arm Band: Snake bracelet by Baiastice, Bracelet: Kita Bangle by Esque, Skirt: Reina by Lelutka, Nails: Nail Art couture by Chic Zafari, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse, Furniture: by Apple Fall and The Loft

Making Waves

Let’s Ruffle! Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Maloe Vansant

Hair: Judy By Diva, Gown: MVW Italy Gown by Solidea Folies, Neckpiece: White season by Solidea Folies, Blouse: Le cirque rose by Atomic Bambi

278 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Sunday by Maitreya, Neckpiece: White season by Solidea Folies, Neckpiece: Zero Due by Solidea Folies, Head Collar: Alpha tribe by Meta Body, Headpiece: White season by Solidea Folies

Hair: Brigitte by Lelutka, Dress: Dear diary by Living Imagination

Hair: Genius hairbase by Tuty, Dress: Kay kimono By Desir, Earrings : Fringe cuff by Bellballs Pididdle

Hair: Brigitte By lelutka, Dress: Harmonia by AlaFolie


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Metallics Lux

288 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


HINE! The silvers, golds and bronzes of the world are reflecting high shine onto the fashion world. Metallics are IN! Accents, fabrics, prints and much more is being transformed by metal and the beauty of its powerful impact. Color is made more luminous as light catches every curve from its reflective splendor. Iridescent, prismatic, high impact is what Metallic Luxe is all about! Metallic shine is also showing up in statement pieces all over the runways. More industrial looking designs with a nod to futuristic themes are all the rage in chrome, titanium and copper. No matter your style preference, there’s always room to shine with metallics!

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 289

Metallics Lux

Black & Gold Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Grant Valeska

Hair: Ula 2.0 by Lelutka, Dress: Helix Dress by Illmatic, Fur: Fur Bolero by MG, Necklaces: Necklaces Katakori & Chunkey by Mandala, Shoes: Zareena Sandal by Esque

Hair: Ula 2.0 by LeLutka, Top: Soraya shirt couture by Chic Zafari, Skirt: Naomi slit skirt by 1992, Necklace: 24k Latvian gold necklace by Ameliarae Beauparlant, Bag: The birkin bag by Ricielli, Shoes: Zareena sandal by Esque

Hair: Ula 2.0 by LeLutka, Dress: Anja dress by Vive Nine, Necklace: Curb chain necklace by Gabriel, Shoes: Zareena sandal by Esque

Hair: Ula 2.0 by LeLutka, Dress: Enhance dress by Belgravia, Necklace: Nova tribe necklace by Ison

Hair: Ula 2.0 by LeLutka, Dress: Scarlet dress by Diram, Earrings: Single spike earring by Le Primtif, Bracelet: Mirte bangle by LaGyo, Shoes: Zareena sandal by Esque

Hair: Ula 2.0 by LeLutka, Dress: Alien dress by Chic Zafari, Earrings: Jolie earrings by Le Primtif, Shoes: Zareena sandal by Esque

Metallics Lux

ODD COUPLE Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Arscene Dubrovna Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Yani Tryce

Helmet: Lancelot by Remarkable Oblivion, Necklace: Jewelled hand of Fatima by Maxi Gossamer, Necklace Two: Love rocker by Maxi Gossamer, Bracelet: Alligator bracelet bangle by Le Primitif , Boxers: Mens boxers by Shai, Shirt: Swallow Logo Tee by Shai

Headpiece: Homemade halo by Remarkable Oblivion, Gauntlet: Scissorhands by Remarkable Oblivion, Cuff: Xio Armlet by Faun, Shoes: Pigalle high pumps by Le Primitif , Harness: Lana harness by Bina, Earrings and Necklace: Kalistar by Maxi Gossamer

Metallics Lux

The back Door Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Lanjran Coche

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hair: SIP082 by Boon, Nose piercing: Couronne septum by Epoque, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love ring by Shi, Necklace: My huuuge Necklace by MIlk Motion, Gloves: Phi by Waytogo, Boots: Zori tabi by sYs, Blazer: Formal blazer by Belgravia, Top: Metal bra by WorkBitch, Skirt: Sequin pencil by Rebel Gal

308 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hair: SIP082 by Boon, Nose piercing: Couronne septum by Epoque, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love ring by Shi, Collar: Take me back by Hate me and eat me, Gloves: LeatherGloves by Coco, Shoes: Leather cage by Le Primitif, Dress: Heli dress by Baiastice

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hair SIP082 by Boon, Nose piercing: Couronne septum by Epoque, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love ring by Shi, Gloves: Phi by Waytogo, Bangles: Alana by Zibska, Shoes: Charol ultra Stilletos by ChicZafari, Body: Jasia by Diram., Skirt: Desiree by Zibska

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, hair: SIP082 by Boon, Nose piercing: Couronne Septum by Epoque, Earrings: Chanil Drop by 7891, Ring: Love ring by Shi, Gloves: Jessamine by Belgravia, Shoes: Jacmel pump by Hucci, Corset: Geometrica corsage by Elysium, Skirt: Tutu by Gizza

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hair: IP082 by Boon, Nose piercing: Couronne septum by Epoque, Earrings: Taper by Mandala, Ring: Love Rrng by Shi, Collar: Adore gold by Pure Poison, Gloves: Jessamine by Belgravia, Boots: Knee platform stretch by Baiastice, Dress: Sequin love by Kim, Bracelets: Soho by sYs, Bangle: Low res by Esque

Metallics Lux

Reflection Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Vikeejeah Xevion

Hair: Shaved by Lelutka, Headpiece: Binny by Lode, Earrings: Nyorai by Mandala. Eye Liner: Tiffany by Glam Affair, Neckpiece: Athena collar by Inside Lab, Dress: Galaxy queen by Nylon Outfitters , Gloves: Rilla by Miamai, Shoes: Blair by Esque, Teeth: Open Mouth pro by Pxl, Pose: Del May

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Headpiece: Savage nature by Chic Zafari, Earrings: Philodendron mania by Pure Poison, Eye Shadow: Wildlight by Mons, Lips: Stained Lips by Acid & Mala , Necklace: Katakori by Mandala , Bustier: Tarnished by Paperbag, Peplum: Hinge by Esque, Skirt: Boss skirt by Revanche, Bracelet: Chunkeeey! By Mandala, Nails: Claw art couture by Chic Zafari, Shoes: Payson by Hucci, Pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse, Skybox: Llorisen

Hair: DBH090 by booN, Headpiece: Quicksilver by Vita Boudoir, Earrings: ML double by Icon, Lips: Chrome love by Illusory, Necklace: AlexV collar by Foil, Shirt: Spike by Lelutka Romper: Valley playsuit by Molichino, Ring: Backstabber by Epoque, Nails: Yara by Nailed It, Shoes: Valentina by Co57, Pose: Del May

Metallics Lux

Metallic Works Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Absinthe (sinontherocks)

Hair: Soma by Lamb, Brows: Simple brows by Glam Affair, Earrings and goatee: Blacknile by Finesmith, Dress: Chantel dress by Ricielli, Gloves: Velvet long gloves by Baiastice, Collar: Vapour by Zibska, Makeup: by La Malvada Mujer

Hair: Evie ponytail by Catwa, Headgear: Mirte mask by Lagyo, War paint: Lavita monster by Cheerno, Dress: Galaxy queen by Nylon outfitters, Armor: War kitten by Pucca Firecaster, Arm braces: Lorien by EZ weapons

Hat: Pacoli by Chic Zafari, Dress: Athena gold by Glow Studio, Belt: Meteorite belt by Fashionably Dead, Bracelets: Locked hand cuffs by Pure Poison, Tights: Mosaic by Izzies

Hair: Chic wet look ponytail by Tutys, Hat and arms: Bellatrix by Zibska, Corset: Nemesi by Hate me and eat me, Makeup: Zion by Nuuna, Tattoos: Nao by La Malvada Mujer

Hair: Valentin by Glam Affair, Dress: Alien gown couture by Chic Zafair, Necklace: Nova tribe by Ison, Wings and crown: Flora by Finesmith, Brows: Prosper by Nox

Hat: Cleo by Emotions, Earrings: Shard by Epoque, Dress: BC OIseanoir by Loovus Dzevavor


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

Say What?!

Say What?! Sa yW h

! ? t a h W Say

336 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Say Wh at?!




t a h ya w

y a


! ? t

a h


D t?!

o you ever find it difficult to say what’s on your mind? Are you one of those people who would rather wear what you mean instead of actually saying it out loud? Well! These warm seasons bring you the treat of graphic t-shirts! Say it loud! Say it proud! Say it on your shirt! It was a delight to see words and phrases on runways forecasting Spring and Summer fashion. However, we’re not talking about simple shirt and jeans. Glam it up! Pair a graphic t-shirt with your favorite blazer, with a pair of hot pants, or with a sweater and a skirt. You can find graphic T’s at stores like Emery, Paperbag, and FAUN. Also, graphic shirts with cool designs, structures, and shapes can spice up any boring outfit.


Say what


no way! really?!



Say What?!

Say What?!

All This Youth

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Pierre (ThePierrot) Ferosh Guest: Tante Crazyboi & NoSanTa

On Pierre: Hair: Arata by Argrace, Top: Nouveau Blazer by Zanzo, Pants: Skinny Pants Denim by Kal rau On NoSanTa: Hair: Business Time by Clawtooth, Sweater: 80 Style Sweater by 2byte, Shorts: Drifter Cutoff by Rama Rowanberry

On Pierre: Hair: Ribbed Beanie William by Argrace , Sweater: sweat shirt by 2byte. On Tante Crazyboi Hair: Azu by Taketomi, Jacket: BaseballCardigan by Coco, Glasses: Kip Glasses by Balaclava, Necklace: Gd Necklace by Balaclava, Handheld: Pocket Game by Eclectic Randomness

Helmet: Football Helmet by Tartessos Arts, Tank: Deep Cut Tanktop by Credo, Shorts: Denim Shorts by Aitui, Sneakers: Vanassche Sneakers by Lucien Marcelo, Watch: Jelly Watch by 2Pm


Fe ro


Ph o








:G ran tV ale




at em en


Say What?!

Hair: Maleficent by Lelutka, Sunglasses: Genkai Frames by FAUN, Top: Fringe Shirt by Blossom, Shorts: Harness Cutoff Short by Rama Rowanberry, Bag: No, You Boys by Ddl, Shoes: Blair Sandals by Esque

Hair: Maleficent by LeLutka, Top: Structured Sheer Sweatshirt by FAUN, Skirt: Skirt Allende by Emery, Necklace: Viva Necklace by Esque

Hair: Maleficent by LeLutka, Dress: Kalli Minidress by Ricielli, Necklaces: Chunkeeey by Mandala and Comme Des Fuckdown by Illlmatic

Top: Baggy Crop Tee by Lethal, Bottom: Short Coachella by Emery, Bag: Rich Fashion Advisory Clutch by Lethal

Hair: Maleficent by Lelutka, Dress: Cyclops Dress by Highrize, Bracelets: Tala Bracelet & Alligator Bracelet Bangle by Le Primitif, Bag: Fufu Bag by Maxi Gossamer, Shoes: Leighton Pumps by 1992

Say What?!

Life over Time Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Jaix (SuperJaix) Ferosh Guest: Pierre (ThePierott)

On Jaix: Hat: Mesh baseball cap by Loki, Hair: Throb by Ink Hair, Hoodie: Mesh hoodie super by Loki, Shorts: Regular shorts by Loki, Shoes: Emotion by 2Real On Pierre: Hair: Straw fedora crosby by Argrace, Shirt: Baggy shirt by Loki, Pants: Denim Shorts by Aitui, Watch: Bff ticker by Miel, Sneakers: Dare sneakers by Dozze

On Jaix: Hair: Eraserhead by Lamb, Shirt: Stud T Shirts Society Series by 2byte, Pants: Mesh Skinny 02 by Amerie, Bracelet: Hokusai by Mandala, Bracelet: Sitennoah by Mandala, Necklace: Gyatei by Mandala, Headphones: Megahertz earphones By Remarkable Oblivion On Pierre: Hair: Arata by Argrace, Shirt: Stud T Shirt by 2byte, Headphones: Amped Earphones by Remarkable Oblivion, Bracelet: Nico Bracelet by Kosh

On Jaix: Cardigan: Argyle by Sey, Trousers: Trousers by Kauna, Glasses: Teashades Glasses by Oyasumi, Hair: Jirou by Taketomi On Pierre: Hair: Taylor by Argrace, Inner: Navy gyne by Linda Latte, Cardigan: Argyle by Sey, Trousers: Roll up trouser by K, Glasses: Steam by Sorgo

V a F

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: NicBour Julia by Clef de Peau,Hair: Rykiel by Lelutka,Top & Pants: Nova by Ison, Lips: Julia Red Velvet by Clef de Peau

VISUAL ART and FASHION CASTING Ferosh . Fall/Winter . Issue . Two

Do you consider yourself a unique stylist? Do you love taking pictures and creating your own unviverse? Would you like to share your art, fashion and photography with our Second Life Š community on a boarder scale? Most importantly, do you want a join a group of friendly people who enjoy doing those very same things? We, at Ferosh, are dedicated to inspiring and advancing fashion in our community. Talent speaks louder than names, titles, tags, and elite groups. We want to see your talent and your style. We want to see you be YOU! Join our in-world group for more information regarding our Fall/Winter 2014 casting. The group will be closed starting June 15th and the casting process will begin. Three seminars will be held during our casting session prepping you for your Ferosh adventure! Good luck! We look forward to possibly working with you. Group Key: 1cbb4ae3-ff93-d12e-34fb-1a93cc76aacb



Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

We’re Solid

362 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


his Spring Summer trend for 2014 flirts with tones. Layering and matching key pieces in the same colours letting the different tones do the talking. Whether you choose the clean crisp tones of white; in ivory, ecru, pearl and eggshell or get vibrant this spring in shades of orange; in coral, amber, tangerine and apricot. Creating simple looks with unexpected depth and character, this trend was seen on the runways of Burberry, Versace and Chloe this Spring, in both mens and womenswear. This is a look where the boldness lies in the simplicity and imaginative use of one single colour. .Shi, Ison, Redgrave and Hooerenbeek should be on your list of stores to start to create your own one colour palette.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 363

We’re Solid

simple & clean Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Marcopol Oh Ferosh Guest: Vo Pralou

Skin: Liu by Clef de Peau, Hair: Sinner by Moon, Shirt: Spring crop shell by Color Me HOF, Skirt: Pleated midi skirt, Cuffs: Anywhere henge Cuffs by BB

on Marco: Sking: Johnathan by Clef de Peau, Hair: Joe veganic by Action, Shirt: Dabu by B, Pants: Basic denim skinny by Ison on Vo Pralou: Skin: by the shops, Face tattoos: Jonathan by Clef de Peau, Shirt: Button down by Villena, Shorts: Capri shorts by Cheerno, Earring: Bouclier by Epoque

Skin: Jonathan, T3 Black brows by Clef de Peau, Ears: Ears-Omimi Male By Mandala, Hair: Sam Veganic Hair by Action, Hands BY CheerNo Shirt and Tie: Loose shirt & Tie, White By GB, Pants: Sweat Pants by Pumpkin, Shoes: Shoes Box by Cuttlerz

Her: Eyeliner: Liu Milk by Clef de Peau, Nails: Ghost Fingers by Kooqla,Hair: Tsubasa by Argrace, Dress: Beatrice by Pure Poison, Headphones: Cat-A-Clysm By Remarkable Oblivion, Shoes: Cara Trotter Pump by Ryvolter, Cuff: Triple Stars Small Leather Cuff by Baiastice Him: Skin: Knight By Kooqla, Nails: Ghost Fingers By Kooqla, Hair: Gyp II by Taketomi, Cape: Human Batcap Unisex, Bat Dog by Birdy, Shirt: Darcy’s Shirt by Heathcliff, Pants: Leggings by Tableau Vivant, Boots: Triumph Boots By Gos

We’re Solid


T Symph

ne ne ny

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Hillany Scofield

Dress: Racerback double slit by Paperbag, Hair: C409 by Tram, Skin: Chanel by The Skinshop

Dress: Backless dress by Tuty`s, Hair: Girls No 41 By Dura, Lipstick: Two tone by Kokolores, Eyeshadow: Frost by Zibska, Skin: Fei by Elysium

Dress: Molly by Molichino, Hair: HairA816 by Tram, Bag: Ostrich leather bag by Zenith

Dress: Hina by Baiastice,Hair: Swift by Truth, Skin: Natasha by Curio Skins, Necklace: Beatrix by Pure Poison

We’re Solid

Restrained Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Winter Jefferson

Hat: Felt pork pie by JFL Menswear, Hair: Seth by LeLutKa, Skin: Sean by Tableau Vivant, Outfit: The red suit by Levenchy, Gloves: Dexter by FateWear, Shoes: Derby by Mr Poet

Hair: Sofian by Taketomi, Glasses: Ffs by Sorgo, Tattoo: Corazon ardiente by Reckless, Jacket: Leather Blazer by Hoorenbeek, Cuff: Spiked leather by Cliche Fashion, Ring: Claw by 7891, Nails: Metallics by Pho and Storm Vinternatt, Shoes: My Military boots by Monso

Hair: Varsity by Coma, Jacket: Dixon by Cashmere and Keane, Watch: Lancelot by Chronokit, Bag: Cadmio by LeLutKa, Pants: Chinos by Dozze, Hands: Male Hands by Slink, Shoes: Chukka by Harbor Apparel

Hair: Sharp by Epoque, Hairbase: Pitch by LelutKa, Top: Capulet Drape Tank by Shi, Hands: Gloves by Epia, Pants: Leather Pants by 1992, Boots: Ramones by Lucien Marcelo

Hair: Sofian by Taketomi, Glasses: FFS by Sorgo, Tattoo: Corazon Ardiente by Reckless, Jacket: Leather Blazer by Hoorenbeek, Cuff: Spiked Leather by Cliche Fashion, Ring: Claw by 7891, Nails: Metallics by Pho and Storm Vinternatt, Shoes: My Military Boots by Monso

We’re Solid

Solid Fury Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Axiomatic Clarity

Shoes: Metal Plate Bootie by Ison, Dress: Leather Asymmetrical Jacket by Ison, Pants: Razzle Pleated Pants by Ison, Hair: C409 by Tram, Ring: Giselle Opal by Maxi Gossamer, Earrings: Earrings Milano by Maxi Gossamer, Skin: Mokatana by Glam Affair

Dress: Odette Dress by Teefy, Shoes: Exodus by Belgravia, Hair: Boys and Girls 24 by Dura, Bangles: San Remo by Maxi Gossamer, Skin: Mokatana by Glam Affair

Top: Crane Paloma by Coldlogic, Pants: Zoey Leather Pants by Erratic, Shoes: Marilyn Sandals by Gos Boutique, Bangles: San Remo by Maxi Gossamer, Bag: Scout Boho Bag by Ison, Earrings: 60's Gogo Disks by Maxi Gossamer, Hair: Tsubasa by Argrace, Skin: Mokatana by Glam Affair

Shirt: Toney Midnight by Coldlogic, Pants: Razzle Pleated Pants by Ison, Shoes: Metal Plate Bootie by Ison, Hair and Hat: Siobhan by Maitreya, Bag: Iconic by Azoury, Skin: Mokatana By Glam Affair

We’re Solid

White Out Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Jax Aster

Jacket: Brancho by FashionNatic, Pants: Couleur Jeans by Entente, Shoes: Wingtip by Deco

398 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Jacket: Leather by Pumpkin, Pants: Trousers by Kauna, Shoes: Palmero by Kalnins, Hat: Hunting by Argrace, Watch: No 36 by Chronokit

Jacket: Tuxedo by Kauna, Shirt: Polo by Redgrave, Shorts: Comfy by Gizza, Shoes: Gumshoes by FIR and MNA, Glasses: Retro Modern Wayfarers by The Mesh Shop

Sweater: Pierre by Etham, Pants: Basic Denim Skinny by Ison Man, Shoes: HC Studs by Gabriel, Glasses: Jocker by Diram, Watch: Sitennoah by Mandala, Bag: Sophomore by Mon Tissu

Jacket: Double Breasted Blazer by Hoorenbeek, Sweater: Pea Coat Optional Parts Turtleneck by Sleepy Eddy, Pants: Modern Tuxedo by LaPointe and Bastchild, Shoes: Classic Loafers by Redgrave

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 407


Ferosh . Spring/Summer . Issue . One

The New

Folklore 408 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com


arch to the beat of your own drum! The New Folklore embraces the earthy, ethnic and tribal. This is Boho’s grown up, well travelled, rebellious sister. This style encompasses all continents and draws on the past to create something current and modern which will take all warriors and pagan princesses well into the 21st Century. Embroidery, fringing, feathers and embellishment adorned the runways of Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Givenchy, taking us from the Aztecs to the Middle East in their interpretation of the globally inspired woman. In Second Life we are lucky enough to pick up pieces inspired by this trend from such wonderfully diverse stores as Soedara, May’s Soul and Enfant Terrible.

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 409

Le tournesol

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Nicbour

Skin: Sasha by The Skinnery,Hair: NYN116 by Boon, Face tattoo: Misa by Kun,Chai: Immoe by May’s Soul,Hat:Steampunk by Eudora 3D,Necklace: Natalie by Finesmith,Necklace: Tisuki by Pure Poison,Earring: Victoria by Glam Affair,Dress: Tribal Dress by Gizza, Shrug: Fenrir by Juicee

Ferosh Face Spring/Summer 2014

Skin: Maisie by Birdy, Hair: Young by Tuty’s, Horn: Midsummer Dream by Enfant Terrible, Necklace: Midsummer Dream by Enfant Terrible, Shrug: Naina by Zaara ,Top : Ria by Zaara,Shorts: SS12 by Leverocci,Bracelet: Wrist Cuff by Coepio,Boots: Maja Shark by Ryvolter

Skin: Zara by Glam Affair,Hair: ONE by Herve Faenzo,Head Piece: Couture Birdie by Boudoir,Face Tattoo: Ghajar by mTru Cinphul,Shoulder: Scale Pauldron by ieQED, Necklace: Forever Wilde by A&A, Bikini: Belleza by mTru Cinphul,Bolero: Velvet Brown by The Annex, Skirt: La Mer by mTru Cinphul

New Folklore

Legends & Fables Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Julie Hastings

Top: Fureal by Cynful & Lil’Lace, Shorts: Mesh leather Shorts by Emery, Belt: Part of Micro Fur by Gspot, Shoes: Stagioni boots by Maitreya, Hair: Riley by Argrace, Hat: Fury Bear Scarf by Nacon, Headpiece: Lupe Headdress by Finesmith, Jewels: Matbuja by Finesmith, Makeup: Face Paint 25 by Envious, Night Makeup by Ricielli, Nails : Set 8 by Kokolores

Coat: Drape Gown Coat by K, Leggings : Kardashian Leggings by ChicZafari, Shoes: Punk by Diktator, Shoulders: Arrow pauldron by ieQED, Piercing: Hebenon Vial by Liquid Ink, Ears : Elysium by Remarkable Oblivion, Hairbase: by Boon, Hair : SEL740 by Boon, Headpiece : Cleo by Emotions, Makeup: Basta Solo by Zibska, Eyeliner by Sopherian, Makeups V128 by Nuuna and Cateye Bardot by Kyoot, Nails: Black drama by Pho and Storm Vinternatt

Dress: Mila Gown by Gizza, Shoulders and Cap : Mila Gown by Gizza, Skulls Skirt : Part of Cursed Bride modified by Vita’s Boudoir, Piercing: Frantic and Bone Harvest by Random Matter,Hairbase: by Discord Design, Hair : Ohna by Discord Design, Headpiece: Bonehead by Random Matter and part of Queen Of Woods by GSpot, Nails: Set 8 by Kokolores

New Folklore


Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Dantelicia Ethaniel

Fur Cape: Uma by Ryvolter, Dress: Vivienne Champagne by Zanze, Hair long: Live Fast Die Young (edited) by Illmatic, Braids: White Feather by Emotions, Head Pieces: by Ephemera Designs, Eagle: by Manticora

Skirt and corset: Bewitchment of Malawi by Champagne Couture, Hair: by Boon, Feather necklace: Necklace Bello by Fzapp, Collar and Bracele : Kalissyah by Jador, Earrings : Luz Earrings by Lagyo

Hair: Halo Braid by Nylon Outfitters, Dress and Shawl: Sakura Kimono by Yoshitsune, Headpiece: Iside by Swallow

Hat and coat: Forest by Sonatta Morales, Head piece with feathers: MVW Russia by Solidea Folies, Collar: Collar Green Feather by Evocant II, Lipstick: Blood Lip Blush by Clemmm, Eyeshadow: Hime yu blush by ni.Ju

Hair: Jonny by Cheerno, Outift: Innuendo by Castiel, Feathers on corset: Part of Wicapi Wakan outfit by Soedara, Hat: Part of Noir Venezia by Solidea Folies, Skin: Paris by Essences

Hypnotizer Hypnotizer Hypnotizer Hypnotizer Hypnotizer Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Pierre (ThePierrot)

Hair: Dura Boy 21 by Dura, Make Up: Marcial Face Paint by Handverk, Outfit: Valur by Miamai

Hair: Lofi by lamb, Cape: Uma fox fur cape by Ryvolter, Scarf: Tye dye scarf by Shakeup, Tank: Tanktop by Redgrave, Pants: Skintight pants by Pumpkin, Boots: Chua boots by Dragans Varg, Necklace: Necklace caramu by Cheerno

Hair: Tun247 by Boon, Cardigan: Relaxed cardigan by Pumpkin, Necklace: Geronimo skull necklace by Flightless, Earpiece: Wild child by Magic Nook

New Folklore



Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Citta Wiskee

Hair: D207 by tram, Headpiece: Shaman enchantress headdress by Soedara, Headpiece: Dreamcatcher war bonnet by Bare Rose, Scarf: Titania fur scarf by May’s Soul, Necklace: Dreamcatcher triple necklace by Bare Rose

Hair: Crazy in love by Exile, Headdress: Couture birdie hat by Boudoir, Romper: Needful things by Jane, Jacket: Uma fox fur cape by Ryvolter, Bracelet: Native daydream by Yummy, Bracelet: Atiriya by Zaara, Necklace: Lish by Miel, shoes: Wayfarers sandals by Enfant Terrible

Hair: Akane by Argrace, Dress: Fontana by Lpd, Necklace: Tarifa by Maxi Gossamer, Necklace: Lish by Miel, Bracelet: Atiriya by Zaara, Bracelet: Native daydream by Yummy, Earrings: Native daydream by Yummy, Headpiece: Parodia crown by Cellar Door

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Citta Wiskee Ferosh Guest: Kamelia Snowfield Hair: Blue Monday by little bones, sweater: oversized sweater by erratic, jacket: beauty armor jacket by The Rove, skirt: pencil skirt by DRD, boots: Allison by friday Hair: About by Elikatira, hair: Again by Elikatira, dress: Vogu Kaftan by ATTIC, tights: Tights by Izzie, jacket: ShirtAroundWaist by COCO, bracelet: Spike Bracelets by ATTIC, boots: Doccish Boots by ATTIC, shades: SAWN by SORGO

446 | Spring/Summer 2014 | www.feroshsl.com

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: Ocean Blackthorne Hair: Jirou by Taketomi, Suit: Tuxedo by Kauna, Bow Tie: Bow Tie by Kauna, Skin: Dash by TheSkinShop

Ferosh Photographer & Stylist: NicBour Skin: Zara by Glam Affair, Hair: Dreamscape by Tableau Vivant, Dress: Lily Gown by Gizza, Wings: Butterfly Black Wings by Finesmith

www.feroshsl.com | Spring/Summer 2014 | 447

That’s a wrap!