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European University Professors of Ophthalmology

EUPO 2013


June 7-8 COPENHAGEN Denmark Cornea, Conjunctiva and Refractive Surgery

Instructions for delivering your presentation As is customary speakers for the EUPO Course should send an outline of their presentation or an article for the EUPO Course 2013 book to before March 15, 2013. This outline should be 1 to 3 pages and provide the residents with an overview of your lecture. Preferably it should also mention recommended literature on the topic. Every participant receives this book during the course.

Deadline for delivering EUPO Course book material March 15, 2013

Language All material should be provided in English.

General Clearly write the title of the presentation and the speaker’s name at the beginning of the document. Also include the speaker’s affiliation, contact and email address.

Delivering the material Please email the material to If the document exceeds 5Mb, please send it by WeTransfer is a free service for sending big or small files.

Documents in Word When pictures are included in the Word file, please also provide the images as seperate high resolution files (.jpg, .tif or .gif).

Documents in PowerPoint Do not use small images or text. Slides will not be presented at the original size but will be placed two slides per page in the course book (dimensions A5). Small text will be illegible.

Documents in pdf Make sure the pdf is a high resolution document. Otherwise images and text may look blurred when printed. Images and fonts should be embedded in the pdf file.

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Eupo2013 instructions speakers  
Eupo2013 instructions speakers  

Eupo2013 instructions speakers