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Felsted Senior School: Years 9, 10 and 11 for ages 13-15

Challenge, experience and achievement A Felsted education develops young people as robust, confident individuals, ready to make the most of themselves and all the opportunities life has to offer. The central educational philosophy at Felsted is that strengths and qualities from within are drawn out through challenging and adventurous pursuits. We focus on academic achievement but we also address the whole person, seeking to encourage leadership, service, teamwork and spiritual growth. The Felsted Diploma is based on these principles and Felsted’s Global Membership of the Round Square Organisation provides numerous opportunities for students to pursue individual challenge both at Felsted and via the network of Round Square schools all around the world. Every effort, as long as it is whole-hearted, is celebrated and in this way, Felstedians become lifelong learners. This encouragement leads to a belief in self and true self-knowledge so that our students face the necessary public examinations with the discipline and determination needed to succeed. Felsted’s excellent pastoral care is tailored to suit students’ individual needs, allowing each student to flourish in a caring, safe and supportive environment. Many choose to board at some point, and it is this genuine choice that makes Felsted such a vibrant, active and successful school. At the end of Year 11, pupils are ready to take on the challenges of Sixth Form with academic determination and ambition. They know about leadership and are ready to share what they have learnt. They have started to identify their individual pathways, developing their gifts, abilities and interests. They take responsibility for their own learning. Felstedians develop the strengths and self-assurance that will take them on through A Levels or the International Baccalaureate programme, to university, and through life.

Fact File Senior School Statistics

Dr Michael Walker, Headmaster

Average class size: Girl/Boy %: Boarding/Day %: International %: Total pupils Years 9-13:

18 48/52 89/11 19 531

Teachers as learning coaches

Taking responsibility for learning

Questioning and reasoning

Numerous opportunities to perform

A broad academic foundation

“ At Felsted we’re encouraged to give every academic subject a chance, to find out our likes and dislikes and what we can do well in ” – Grace, Year 9

Dedicated Design & Technology studios

Felstedians in Year 9 are introduced to the full range of subjects, designed to spark the enthusiasm and identify the strengths that will stand them in good stead throughout their academic careers. Personal goals and ambitions are paramount when it comes to GCSE and A Level or IB choices. Teachers, Tutors, Housemasters and Housemistresses are on hand every step of the way to support and advise our students and their parents on the best academic path for each individual.

Fact File: Year 9 Core Curriculum

Art, Classical Civilisation or Lat in , Design and Technology, Drama, English, Fren ch, Geography, German or Spanish, History, ICT , Mathematics, Music, Personal, Social and Health Edu cation Programme (PSHE), Physical Education, Rel igious Studies, Sciences, Study Skills

Personalised learning

“  My teachers know just what I’m capable of and they really help me to achieve the highest standards I can ” – Will, Year 11

Challenging trips abroad

Learning should be fun! Felsted is committed to giving every student exactly the right level of challenge and support to maintain his or her interest in learning and to make sure all Felstedians have the personal attention they need. A Gifted and Talented programme inspires and challenges, stretching the more able, and Learning Support is available to all who could benefit from it, whether in particular subject areas or across the board. Our students are also encouraged to become independent learners, finding out which methods of study really work for them and how to develop their emotional intelligence through the Personal, Social and Health Education Programme (PSHE) and through regular Tutorials. The Felsted Work Education Programme gives a taste of the careers options open to each Felstedian, in preparation for a fulfilling life in the wider world.

Stimulating environments

“  I suddenly ‘got’ Geography on a school trip to the French Alps. Every rock seemed to tell my teacher a story and I began to understand why. Now I want to know more! ” – Isabella, Year 10

Academic subjects really come to life when they’re studied in the right environment. Dedicated classrooms and specialised learning environments, including our state-of-the-art Music School and well-resourced Science Labs, are fully equipped so that our students have all they need to get the very most out of their lessons. The use of mobile technology has brought an exciting new dimension to teaching and learning at Felsted, making classes more personalised and interactive than ever before. A vibrant, active and positive climate energises learning.

Personal challenge Prize-winning art

“  I surprised myself with my achievements on the Junior Leaders Programme and now I’m really looking forward to tackling The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award next year ” – James, Year 9

Our students’ academic, physical, emotional, moral, spiritual and social development is encouraged in all they do at Felsted. There is a real focus on leadership and service. Year 9s are introduced to The Felsted Diploma, including the Junior Leaders Programme, which gives a taste of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Combined Cadet Force and other schemes for challenge, adventure and community service that characterise life in Year 10 and beyond. Through this co-curriculum, Felstedians learn about themselves and the difference they can make in the outside world, and these experiences often inform our students’ choices in later life.

Lifelong friendships High level sporting fixtures

Developing passions

Time to have fun! Professional coaching

“  My drama is just as important as my cricket and there’s plenty of time for both as well as any other activities I want to try, so I feel I’m getting the best of all possible worlds ” – Ben, Year 11 Felsted life is full and busy, with long school days and Saturday school to accommodate the academic programme and the wide range of co-curricular activities Felstedians throw themselves into. Whether on the pitch or on the stage, in the Art Department or in the Music School, our students show impressive dedication to their chosen activities. Their passion is rewarded with the success and self-knowledge that is vital for their development as individuals.


At Felsted, students have the time and opportunities they need to discover passions that will last a lifetime. Felsted has a national reputation for sporting excellence, due to the commitment of our students and the professionalism of our coaches. Felstedians play for their school at all levels and these experiences enhance their understanding of sportsmanship as well as their own sporting prowess.

Cultural opportunities

Self-expression is encouraged through Art, Design and Technology, Music, Drama and Dance, and the School has a long tradition of public speaking. Model United Nations and Round Square events at Felsted and further afield give students the chance to develop their debating skills as well as their knowledge of global current affairs, and the programme of plays and productions, held in the School’s own theatre, provides plenty of chances to shine.

Leadership and service

Fact File: The Felsted Diploma

Academic Extension, Employability & Work Education: Academic Extensio n Groups, Astronomy, Felstedian Editor, Greek, Junior Gifted & Talented Society, Language Assistants, Library Skills, Maths Challenge, Mindfulness, Thespian Society, Work Education Programme Adventure, Leadership & Service: Artistic Service Group, Charity Fundrai sing Groups, Christian Forum, Combined Cadet Force (CCF Army & RAF), Community Volunteering & Service, Corps of Drums, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze & Silver), Environmental Service Projects, Felsted Garden, Gliding, Junior Leaders , Magic Bus, Model United Nations Admin Groups, Musical Fundraising Group, Peer Listening and Peer Buddying, School Forums & Committees

Creativity & Skills: Art, Board Games, Cartoon Drawing, Choir, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cookery, Crafts, Debating & Public Speaking, Design and Technology, Dance, Design Club, Drama Productions, Drama Skills, Film Appreciation, Funk Band, Guitar Groups, Jazz Band, Journalism, LAMDA, Model United Nations Delegat es, Music Lessons, Orchestra, Photography, Schola Cantorum, Shooting, Steel Drums, Street Dance, Strings, Theatre Tech Crew, Wind Band, Young Engineers Sport & Activities: Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Fitness Gym, Golf, Hockey , Judo, Netball, Polo, Racketball, Rounders, Rugby, Running, Self Defence, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Water Polo

Trips & Special Events: Academic Extension Events, Careers & Work Educati on Fairs, Concerts, Cross-Curricular Days, Dance Shows, Debating & Public Speaking Competitions, Dinners, Drama Tours, Field Trips, Gallery & Museum Visits, Guest Speakers, House Competitions & Events, International Events, MUN Trips, Music Tours, Round Square Conferences & Exchanges, Sports Tours, Theatre Shows, Work Experience NB: The activities above may be subject to change – please see www.fel for the current list

Homely boarding houses

Fact File:

Senior School Houses

Boarding Houses

Boys: Gepp’s, Deacon’s, Elw yn’s Girls: Stocks’s, Follyfield, Thorne Day Houses

Boys: Mont’s

Girls: Manor

Inspiring environment

The Felsted family

“ Living at Felsted gives me more time to take part in all the activities I want to and my House is a relaxed and comfortable place to be with my friends ” – Katy, Year 9

Felsted life revolves around the House system. Many Felstedians choose to board at some point and there are flexible boarding arrangements to suit modern family life. Day boys and girls also have their own Houses and, whether boarding or day, lifelong friendships are formed as students of all ages are brought together and cared for by a committed HM (Housemaster or Housemistress), supported by an Assistant HM, Tutors and a Matron. There is a strong link between parents and their son or daughter’s House, and academic and personal progress is constantly monitored and communicated.

Fact File: What’s included?

•• Housemaster or Housemistress •• Tutor •• Matron and prefect care network •• Comfortable, well-equipped accommodation •• 24-hour medical centre •• Saturday School hall •• Nutritious meals in central dining gry hun •• Tasty snacks in Houses for

teenagers •• Costa Coffee Shop •• Access to village shops for supplies and posting vities •• Full programme of weekend acti for boarders •• Minibus routes for day pupils

“100% Excellent”

ISI Inspection 2013

Teamwork and drive

Each of the ten Houses is a unique community with its own special family atmosphere. InterHouse competitions give plenty of opportunities for students to demonstrate their loyalty to their House and there is enthusiastic participation in many special House events that have become strong House traditions.

Preparation for life

“ Whether they are performing or competing or just engaging in conversation, Felsted students are always confident in their values and are enthusiastic about expressing themselves. These are the skills they’ll need in life and Felsted starts building them from day one ” – Parent of Year 11 pupil Felstedians have many opportunities to build their confidence through their Felsted Diploma activities, from performing on the sports field, on stage or in a concert, to volunteering in the community or enjoying adventurous outdoor pursuits. At Felsted, all voices are heard and students develop into self-assured young people with a strong understanding of the world around them and their own place in it. Trips elsewhere in the UK and abroad also bring chances to meet students in other contexts and learn about their lives. Regular opportunities for students to enhance their international and cross-cultural understanding are provided through Model United Nations conferences, Round Square projects, Sport, Music and Drama tours, CCF and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions, as well as through a wide range of subject-specific trips.

Sixth Form choice

“  I can’t wait to move into Felsted Sixth and have the

freedom and choices to prepare for the next stage of my life ” – Harry, Year 11

Valuable work education days

Building confidence, self-kno wledge and belief

The natural next step from Year 11 is to Felsted’s Sixth Form, where students find a more mature environment for study, increased personal responsibility and the chance to build on the skills of independent learning already developed in earlier years. Felstedians can opt to take either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma and are given solid advice as to which programme would best complement their career aspirations. In the Upper Sixth, boarding students move to dedicated boarding Houses, where they can focus on their exams and prepare for the transition to university. Further information about this stage at Felsted can be found in the Felsted Sixth brochure.


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Felsted Senior School Prospectus 2014  

Felsted Senior School Prospectus 2014