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MyDoc Women's Health Specialists OB/GYN & Women's Health Services Located in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach

The team at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Florida is here to manage all aspects of women’s health, obstetrics, and gynecology for both women and children. As a comprehensive health center, the practice also offers primary health care services, so patients don’t have to visit a separate primary care physician. For instance, the practice can offer help from a nurse practitioner if patients have a general illness like a cold or the flu. Dr. Cueto is supported by a caring and experienced team of female providers, Jennifer Lopez PA, Sapna Rao FNP, Katie Roisinblit WHNP, Ora Charm FNP, and Heather Ahrens ARNP. The dedicated professionals at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists listen to their patients with the utmost compassion and kindness. This all-female team takes a holistic approach with each patient.

• Obstetrics & Delivery

• Adolescent Care

• Menopause

• Pelvic Floor Therapy

• Birth Control

• Laser Body Hair Removal

• STD Testing

• Genetic Testing

• Hormone Replacement Therapy

• ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

Most Major Insurance Plans Accepted Including Medicare & Medicaid Same-Day, Emergency, Early, Evening, Lunch & Weekend Appointments Available Our providers are native speakers of English, Spanish & Portuguese

Jennifer Lopez, PA-C Physician Assistant

Luisa C. Cueto, MD, FACOG OB/GYN

Ora Charm, ARNP-BC, FNP-C Nurse Praticioner

Heather Ahrens, ARNP Nurse Praticioner

Sapna Rao, ARNP-BC, FNP-C Nurse Praticioner

Katie Roisinblit, ARNP-BC, WHNP-BC Nurse Praticioner

Visit for more information. Boynton Beach Boca Raton

561-910-7300 9970 Central Park Blvd North, #403 Boca Raton, FL 33428

561-910-7300 8756 Boynton Beach Boulevard, #2400 Boynton Beach, FL 33472

Walk-In Appointm ents Available Monday Saturday from 7:00AM 1:00PM

Contents Letter From the Publisher P. 4 PB Picks - Health & Wellness P. 6 Importance of Self Care P.8 Motivating Preschoolers to Be Active P. 12 School Spotlight P. 14-19 3 Steps to Your First Fishing Adventure P.20 Tips for Getting Outside More P. 22 Prioritize your Health in the New Year P.24 Family Events Calendar P. 26


Cheer, Dance, Tumbling and Ninja classes are a great way for kids to stay active and fit! Just ask Sarayna, 6 years old, Jaxon 7 years old, Zoleigh, 5 years old, and Myla, 10 years old, all having fun at the newly opened American Spirit Cheer and Dance in Lantana. Cover Photography by Lynn of Lynn Studios, Inc. www. | | January 2020 3

Letter From The Publisher Greetings, 2020 is here! It feels so weird writing a new year and a new decade! January brings new year resolutions. The New Year is a great time to focus on you and your family’s health. One of the things I am trying to focus on is getting out from behind the screens (phone, laptop, tablet), all of us (mom included) and get outside! Check out page 20 for tips to enjoy the outdoors and maybe even start fishing with the help of fishing savy mom, Stephanie Vatalaro who grew up in the Florida Keys. Kids love to be outside and fishing is a fun, easy and affordable hobby for them to learn. “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”. How many parents are guilty of this? We work so hard to give our children the best that we often neglect ourselves. Check out page 8 for tips on self care and recognizing burnout. At the end of last year this became my focus as not only my mental health but physical health was suffering for the first time in my life I had very high blood pressure due to stress. I prioritized taking some time off for myself. A year later it is far from perfect but I have made some great strides in removing stressors from my life, managing what is on my plate and carving out some quality time for myself. I am also happy to report at my last check up my blood pressure is back to normal as well. So make sure to take care of yourself mamas! Enrollment in many private and charter schools also starts in January. Right now is the perfect time to take a tour and start looking ahead to the next school year. PB Parenting has put together a School Spotlight to help with your many decisions. Check out our listings on page 14. Happy Parenting,

4 January 2020| PB Parenting |

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Palm Beach County’s Only Hospital to be Nationally Recognized Among the

TOP 5% for MATERNITY CARE We Deliver for You

A COMMUNITY BUILT ON CARE With our nationally recognized care, highly-trained healthcare professionals, advanced technology, and all private rooms, it’s no wonder that more expectant mothers choose St. Mary’s over any other hospital in Palm Beach County. • More babies delivered than any other hospital in Palm Beach County • Specialized physicians and nurses • Palm Beach County’s largest Level III NICU-Florida’s highest designated level of neonatal intensive care • Neonatologists, anesthesiologists and obstetricians in-house 24/7 • OB Nurse Navigator guides patients on their journey from prenatal to post-delivery • All private rooms and suites available at The Birthplace Suites • Pre-registration and tours available • Comprehensive child birth education • Dedicated children’s hospital offering a wide array of services and pediatric specialists

To schedule your tour, please call 844.447.4687 or visit

PB Picks

Health & Wellness

Are you drinking enough water? Let the H20COACH bottles let you know! Experts recommend drinking ½ ounce to an ounce per pound of body weight daily and tracking your intake isn’t always easy. With the Drink More H20 bottle, you can see time markers with motivational phrases to keep you on track! This 36oz bottle shows you where you should be by the hour while encouraging you to start again when it’s time! Need a little more flavor? This beverage holder includes a fruit infusion option, too! Holds 36 ounces! Choose from 4 transparent colors that let you see your water levels: Pink, Gray, Blue and Green! BPA Free and no chemical tastes or odors! Durable and ready for hiking, the gym, the office, traveling and more! $21.97 - available on Thirsting for more? Check out the Gallon Jug for your full day of water! We know play isn’t always safe, but it’s always fun. This pack of Welly Kids Bravery Badges includes 48 fabric bandages in two kid-friendly sizes. Our colorful patterns are almost as fun as your little ones, and gentle adhesion means no more tears. Our bandage seals on all four sides to keep out germs and dirt, and is 2x more absorbent than other brands, so your kids are always covered. Gone are the days of searching for bandages. Our bandages are pre-sorted, and each tin is labeled on the side, so you can find what you need, when you need it. Repurpose, reuse, and recycle our stackable tins - the possibilities are endless. And the fun doesn’t stop - kids will find a million ways to reuse the tin packaging. Hello afternoon snacks, tiny toys and backyard treasures. When you’re ready for anything, everything is possible. This pairs great with their Welly Quick Fix Kit will never leave you stranded just throw it in your purse or diaper bag. This handy tin is the perfect compliment for any adventure, with just the right supplies to keep you covered. When you’re ready for anything, everything is possible. Both available at Target.

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That’s right,

Boca Raton Campus {  }

801 Palm Beach State College Drive Boca Raton, FL 33431

Dates: June 8 - July 30, 2020 PRICE: $99 & $189 AGE: 8 - 14 Years Old

Lake Worth Campus {  }

4200 Congress Avenue Lake Worth, FL 33461

Palm Beach Gardens Campus {  }

3160 PGA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



Visit our website at

BY SHARI MEDINI This idea of self-care is often tossed around flippantly. You can find endless articles recommending that you take some metime, get a massage, or do some yoga. But self-care (and the lack of it) goes much deeper than that. When self-care is lacking, everything else can feel like it’s falling apart. When you have neglected your own needs for too long, a candlelit bath seems like a bandaid instead of a real solution. So what can we do? Establish Realistic Expectations We tend to be the hardest on ourselves. We think that we need to sleep less, enrich our kids more, cook healthier meals, work harder, be more fit, etc… and we think that we need to do it all with a smile. After all, isn’t that what everyone is doing? We consistently compare our own weaknesses to other people’s strengths while underestimating our own super powers. We consistently see the struggle in others while neglecting our own. We consistently feel like we are falling short, when in reality we are doing a pretty amazing job. All of this is normal, but it doesn’t mean that

8 January 2020| PB Parenting |

we shouldn’t take strides to change things. We should take credit for all of the amazing things that we do and start to simplify our lives as much as we can. No one is capable of doing it all - at least not long term. We can only be everything to everyone for so long until it takes it toll. Recognize the Signs of Burnout My suspicion is that burnout is much more common than we realize. It is also much more serious than we realize. If we are going through life by frantically jumping from one task to another without any time for reflection or creative, we are on the quick path to burnout. Many times we hear about burnout in the workplace, but it can also happen at home. It is possible to experience burnout in various areas of our life. Simple things like packing lunches can start to feel daunting when burnout has set in. So what is burnout? The symptoms of burnout are caused by being in an ongoing state of stress and include: emotional and physical exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, and feelings of

W W W . T4K. C O M

the Kids Friendly Clinics ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. With over 15 years of treating children, THERAPIES 4 KIDS,

Inc. provides a full spectrum of medical services to children with neurological and developmental disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism.

Now Available CARS-2 & Conners Testing BACK-UP PLAN. You are unable to come


some therapies at home and in school.


to one of our clinics? We also provide Please contact us for more information. Most Insurances Accepted Open Saturdays






 954-251-0417




• • • • • •

being ineffective or unaccomplished. More detailed symptoms of burnout include: • Feeling drained and tired most of the time • Feeling a sense of dread about what the day has in store for you • Struggling with insomnia • Becoming more forgetful or having trouble staying focused • Physical symptoms such as palpitations, headaches, and others

A weakened immune system Feeling more worried or irritable than usual Increasing feelings of guilt Tending to be more pessimistic than usual Shutting yourself off from others and becoming less social Ignoring tasks and avoiding things you should be doing

For many of us, these probably sound all too familiar. It’s important to remember that burnout occurs on a spectrum. The severity of what we are experiencing can vary, but at any stage it is important to address! These symptoms tend to creep up on us, and we don’t recognize them until they have gotten to the point where it is making it difficult to function on a daily basis. Our goal should be to recognize these symptoms earlier before it gets to such a dark and difficult place! Be Proactive As soon as you start to recognize these

symptoms in yourself, you should begin to take action. We tend to think that we should power through and just buckle down and make things work, but sometimes taking a step back from it all can be the best remedy! Figuring out what you truly need is an important step in this process, but there are no quick-fixes! We need to care for ourselves enough to recognize when we are trying to push ourselves beyond our limits. Working on balance and self-care means that you will be able to be a better parent, partner, and employee so why would you push that to the back-burner? As a good first step, I want you to take the time to write down all of your responsibilities. Every tiny little thing that you keep in your head and manage for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and your work. Just get it all down on paper. Doing this simple task will help you realize just how much you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You will

start to understand why you are feeling overwhelmed. Simply acknowledging the stress, the overwhelm, and the burnout can be therapeutic in and of itself. But don’t let iT stop there. What is most important to you? What has to happen? What do you love doing? Are you making those the priority? Or are they getting lost in the rest of less important noise? You get to be in control of your own life! You get to call the shots and make changes as-needed. Keep recognizing the signs and keep working on how you can avoid full-blown burnout. Because the world needs you functioning at your best! Shari Medini is the co-owner of the parenting website, Adore Them strives to share positive, practical advice and resources to help you find joy in your own parenting journey!

Explore and have fun in the new year! 129 E. Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach For Tickets & Information

(561) 742-6780

Motivating Preschoolers to Be Active

Why Do Preschoolers Need to Play? Preschoolers can be unstoppable — running, spinning, leaping, and climbing at every opportunity. Their desire to move, move, move makes this a great time to encourage fitness habits that will last.

Kids need to be fit for the same reasons adults do: to improve their health and make sure that their bodies can do what they need them to do. Regular exercise helps kids grow, builds strong muscles and bones, develops important motor skills, and boosts self-esteem. How Can I keep My Preschooler Active? So what should parents and caregivers do? You probably already know what will motivate this age group best: fun.

enjoy simple games, such as catch and tag, playing with plastic bats and balls, dancing, and tumbling. And they still love to play “Duck, Duck, Goose,”“London Bridge,”“I’m a Little Teapot,” or “Simon Says.” Preschoolers are working on skills such as hopping, balancing on one foot, throwing and catching balls, pedaling tricycles, and skipping. When kids learn these basic skills now, it builds confidence and makes it more likely that they’ll continue to be physically active as they grow up. Try for at least 60 minutes of structured (adult-led) physical activity a day.

Free Time A little freedom also can motivate preschoolers to be active. Though some of their physical activity should be structured To keep active time fun, know what and led by a parent or caregiver, it pays to activities are best for your child’s age group let them take the lead sometimes. Help and make having a good time the top your preschooler get at least 60 minutes of priority. For instance, preschoolers might unstructured physical activity (free play) a groan if you drag them on a boring walk day. around an exercise track. But if you walk through the woods, stopping to admire Active free play means letting kids nature and tossing rocks into a stream, the choose the activity and make decisions walk is much more appealing. about what to do — all within a safe and supervised environment, of course. This Fun Away From Home could include exploring the backyard, Look for chances to be active away from running around the playground, or playing home. At a childcare center or preschool, dress-up. do kids have access to a playground or large indoor space for play? The games and Parents Play an Important Role equipment don’t need to be fancy. Kids One important message here is that your

12 January 2020| PB Parenting |

preschooler is clearly keeping an eye on how you spend your time, so set a good example by exercising regularly. Your child will pick up on this as something parents do and will naturally want to do it too. Other ways you can encourage physical activity: Limit screen time. Allow no more than 1 to 2 hours per day of quality programming on TVs, tablets, and other devices. Though lots of computer programs are marketed to preschoolers, none are necessary for their development. If you decide to allow computer use, carefully choose the software and the websites your child can visit.

Palm Beach Speech-Language Specialists is committed to providing a full range of screening, diagnostic, treatment and consultation services to all individuals with speech, language, and communication needs. Play Pa

•Individual Therapy Sessions

ls Therapeutic Preschool Program Av ailable!

•Autism Early Intervention Programs •Drop-off Preschool and Kindergarten Prep Classes •Social Skills Classes

$5 OFF

•Summer Camp Keep it fun. Help find activities your child Use Code PBPMAG01 When Booking likes and then offer many chances to enjoy •Bilingual Clinicians them. Keep equipment and supplies on hand and, if possible, within easy reach for (561) 842-8996 • your preschooler. 3450 Northlake Boulevard, #203 © 1995-2020 The Nemours Foundation. All rights

Palm Beach Gardens

School Spotlight At Advent School, we work in partnership with families to create CONFIDENT, CAPABLE, CHRISTIAN LEADERS who will not only succeed in life, but will make a difference in the world.  Advent combines rigorous academics with character development in a nurturing and safe environment.  Advent’s innovative programs for Infants through 8th Grade include our new Transitional Kindergarten program, perfect for the student that needs a little additional time to build key foundational skills. Summer VPK and Camps also offered. Call for an Educational Success Consultation & Tour 561-395-3631. Chesterbrook Academy Preschool has served the families of Palm Beach Gardens since 1997. We provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn, grow and thrive. Our Links to Learning curriculum prepares children for elementary school and beyond by developing important academic, social and emotional skills. Our teachers help each child discover a fascinating world of learning and play. We proudly serve infants through

14 January 2020| PB Parenting |

Pre-K and offer after school and camp programs for older students. 3932 RCA Blvd. Suite 3201, Palm Beach Gardens.  For more information visit ChesterbrookSouthFlorida. com or call 877-959-3740. When K-8 students walk onto the campus of Gardens School of Technology Arts, they enter a world of unique opportunities, creative processes and out-of-the-box learning.  Gardens SOTA operates with a mission to provide diverse tools in a cooperative learning setting that fosters creativity and problem solving throughout the school day.  Gardens SOTA is a HighPerforming, tuition-free public charter school in Palm Beach Gardens offering classes for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. We invite you to join us for an upcoming Open House! Visit  www.mysota. net for the for the schedule and additional information and to submit your child’s application for the 2020-21 school year.  To reach us by phone call 561-290-7661.

Check out page 19 for Open House Listings happening this month! PB Parenting SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT

School Spotlight '20

Discover the Difference at...

Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Secure Facility

VPK Available

Computer Skills

State-of-the-Art Playground

Music & Movement Specialists

Enrichment Summer Camp Loving & Nurturing Environment

Mommy & Me Classes for Infants & Toddlers

Sandy Wilensky, Director Limited Enrollment 900 Big Blue Terrace • Wellington Available for 2020 - 2021 2 Years Through Pre-K Full & Part -Time Programs

Call Today!

(561) 793-2649

This school is a Gold Seal Program & NAEYC Accredited. Lic. #50-51-0135423

Learning Wonderland FREE VPK CLASSES! KINDERGARTEN OPEN HOUSE 1/17/20 at 6:30PM!  Learning Wonderland Preschool is a happy place to learn!  Toddlers, Preschool, VPK & Kindergarten available as well as Aftercare and bus pickup. They offer certified teachers, low teacher/child ratios, secure webcams, bilingual teachers, hot meals (included) plus it is an APPLE, GOLD and Strong Minds accredited school with a clean, safe environment.  Located in Palm Springs at 3092 Forest Hill Blvd.  For more information visit or call 561-802-9090.

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Meyer Prep As part of the Posnack School Network, Meyer Prep students learn on a world-class campus featuring a stateof-the-art Innovation Lab, International Baccalaureate Middle School, high school coursework, and exciting extracurricular programs. Meyer graduates are accepted to their competitive high school programs of choice, prepared with the critical thinking skills, Jewish values, and confidence to lead throughout life. 5225 Hood Rd., Palm Beach Gardens.  For more information visit www. or call 561-686-6520.

Creating Confident, Capable, Christian Leaders

ENROLLING Pine Crest School At Pine Crest School, we INFANTS - 8TH GRADE believe in educating a generation of students who Give your child the gift of time are emotionally intelligent, with Transitional Kindergarten Summer VPK, Camps, Robotics & more intellectually inspired, and prepared to 561-395-3631 | change the world. Founded in 1934, the

EXPERIENCE THE MEYER PREP DIFFERENCE! Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year including our NEW Junior K Program! • 100% of Meyer Prep students are accepted into their first-choice high schools including: Suncoast, A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Oxbridge Academy, William T. Dwyer IB Programme, American Heritage, and The Pine School. • International Baccalaureate Middle School • Advanced Dual Curriculum, Individualized Learning and Personal Growth • 3 High-Tech Innovation Labs, where Students Learn Coding, Robotics, 3D Printing, Engineering and Design • Outstanding Performing Arts and Athletics Inside and outside the classroom, we motivate, challenge and support each student to set and achieve individual goals.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Natalie Barak at 561- 238-9008.

5225 Hood Road • Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418 • 561.686.6520 •

School Spotlight '20 Tuition-Free, High-Performing K-8 Public Charter School

Join us for an Open House! Jan 21 * Feb 18 * Mar 17 5:30-6:30 pm

a teacher-created, advocacy-based

children's art studio

Downtown Abacoa 1155 Main Street, #116 • Jupiter • 561-746-4576 FACEBOOK.COM/KIDSNEEDMOREART


W W W . K I D S N E E D M O R E A R T . C O M

LEARNING WONDERLAND PRESCHOOL IS A HAPPY PLACE TO LEARN! • Toddlers - Preschool - VPK • Aftercare - Bus - Pickup • Clean, Safe Environment • Watch on Secure Webcams • Certified Teachers • Low Teacher/Child Ratios • Bilingual Teachers • Hot Meals Included • We are Accredited


561-802-9090 3092 Forest Hill Blvd. • Palm Springs

Pine Crest of today remains dedicated to tradition while being inspired by innovation, the modernization of education, and the importance of 21st century learning skills. Our Boca Raton campus serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight who then attend Upper School on our Fort Lauderdale campus. For more information visit or call 954-492-4103. Temple Beth Torah Leonie Arguetty Preschool has been in Wellington for over 25 years with a strong reputation for high-quality early childhood education. It offers NAEYC accreditation, assuring families that its program meets high national standards for quality and professionalism.  Temple Beth Torah offers a variety of learning experiences that prepares your child for private and public elementary schools.  Then there are the intangibles, such as the caring teachers and the warmth and sense of community that permeates its halls.  Take a tour and discover the difference!  The preschool is located at 900 Big Blue Trace in Wellington.  For more information visit or call 561-793-2649. The Vanguard School is a co-educational boarding and day school for students in grades 6-12. Vanguard specializes in educating students who experience academic learning challenges in an environment that works with academic strategies, executive functioning, social skills, celebrates student strengths and assists in transitioning into higher educational opportunities and independent living. For more information visit or call 863-6766091.

OpeN House Tour Dates Fri., Jan. 17 • 6:30 PM Kindergarten Open House at Learning Wonderland Join us for an open house and learn about how our caring and dedicated teachers are here to provide their professional knowledge and experience to create the best experience of learning for our students! Visit www. or call 561.440.1952 for more information. 3092 Forest Hill Blvd, Palm Springs.

of Technology is a tuition-free HighPerforming Public Charter school located at 9153 Roan Lane in Palm Beach Gardens. 561- 290-7661, Sat., Jan. 25 • 10 AM - 1 PM Chesterbrook Academy Open House Join us for our next Open House or contact us to schedule a private tour. Chesterbrook Academy is located at 3932 RCA Blvd. Suite 3201, Palm Beach Gardens. For more information visit or call 877-959-3740.

Tue., Jan. 21 • 5:30-6:30 PM Gardens School of Technology Arts Open House Join us for an Open House! Gardens School

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The perfect balance of learning and play


• • • •

Safe, nurturing environment Enthusiastic and caring teachers Links to Learning curriculum Ongoing parent communication

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, January 25 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

6 weeks – Pre-K 3932 RCA Blvd., Suite 3201 • Palm Beach Gardens, FL CBA_PalmBeachParenting_Jan20_5x4.indd 1

877-959-3740 12/9/19 1:16 PM

3 Steps to Your First Family Fishing Adventure BY STEPHANIE VATALARO If your kids are anything like mine, keeping them entertained probably feels like Mission: Impossible, especially when it comes to finding new family activities. One of my favorite ways to put a new spin on family time is with a traditional pastime that’s making a comeback — fishing. Growing up in Florida, I’ve always loved the water. Now that I’m a mom, I love sharing the sport with my daughter, Isla. But even if you’re a first-timer, fishing is an easy, kidfriendly activity that you can bond over as a family with just a few beginner steps. Step 1: Find a fishing spot. Going fishing doesn’t mean you have to pack up for a long drive far away from home. Places to fish are closer than you

think, even near the city. Lake Osborne, part of John Prince Park just outside of Lake Worth, is a popular destination for new and experienced anglers alike. You can also find tons of places to fish throughout Florida with an interactive map at When selecting a family-friendly fishing spot, look for amenities like play areas, easy parking and picnic facilities as well as safe water and boat access. Step 2: Gather your bait and tackle. There are two primary types of bait: natural and artificial. It’s up to you which to use, although beginners often have better luck with natural bait, as it tends to be a better fish attractant. Earthworms are a great choice because they’re easy to put on a hook and don’t require any sophisticated technique to lure a bite. When it comes to gear, simple is best for newbies. To help limit line tangles, choose a kid-friendly starter rod-and-reel combo designed for smaller hands. Some other essentials you’ll need include fishing line, hooks, bobbers, sinkers and bait. Pro tip: To keep kids engaged, bring snacks and games to pull out during downtime.

20 January 2020| PB Parenting |

Step 3: Rig your line and cast. Rigs are the combination of hooks, sinkers, bobbers and other add-ons to your fishing

line. To begin rigging, tie a hook on the end of your line. One easy knot for first-timers is called the improved clinch knot. Then, pinch one or two small split shot sinkers to your main line six to 12 inches from the hook. Finally, clip a circle bobber to the rig three to four feet above the hook. When you’re ready to cast, unlock your line and hold it with your fingers. Then, swing your rod in an arc, letting go of the line at the peak. To reel in a catch, wait for the fish to stop tugging, then point your rod skyward. Begin reeling in your catch, slowly lowering your rod until it reaches a 45-degree angle. Repeat this process as needed. With these simple steps, you’ve already got the basics for a family fishing adventure. Before you hit the water, remember that the most important item an angler can carry is their fishing license. That’s because the conservation programs that take care of our waterways depend on

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! Double the FUN for the price of ONE! 8 CLASSES FOR $49! NEW MEMBERS ONLY. EXPIRES 1/31/2020 USE CODE PBPMAG01

• Cheer - Teams & Classes • Tumbling - Classes, Privates • Hip Hop • Ninja Warrior Classes • Birthday Parties • Camps • All classes offered from pre-school ages & up!

JOIN NOW! 211 S. 3rd Street · Lantana

(561) 557-1099




Tips For Getting Outside More!

1. Explore a local park 2. Walk a mile 3. Run around your block 4. Swing on a swing 5. Take your dog for an extra long walk. Don’t have a dog? Contact your local shelter to volunteer to walk dogs. 6. Surf with a friend 7. Look for shooting stars 8. Plant a tree 9. Have a picnic 10. Play catch with your kids 11. Check out a local farmers market 12. Go on a photography walk and snap pictures as you go 13. Play Pokemon Go and walk to hatch eggs and visit pokemon stops 14. Watch birds (Check out https://www. 15. Plant a garden 16. Kayak along the intracoastal

revenue generated by fishing license sales. You can get your license anytime at www. and learn even more beginner tips. Give it a shot, and you might just find you’re…hooked! About Stephanie: A lifelong angler, Stephanie Vatalaro works to introduce newcomers to the water as senior vice president of marketing & communications for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and its Take Me Fishing initiative. Outside of work, you’re likely to find her fishing and boating with her family.

Wishing You a Safe & Happy New Year!

Prioritize your health in the New Year

Now is the time of year when people typically take inventory of their lives and set new goals. Relationships, finances, careers and health are all important aspects that impact overall well-being. For this New Year, consider making your health a top priority.

of moderate aerobic activity a week, but if that’s too challenging then start off with 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there. Every little bit counts. To be successful, your fitness program should become a part of your daily life.

According to the recent America’s Health Rankings Annual Report, the nation’s obesity rate continues to rise, with one in three adults now experiencing obesity. This alarming statistic may have serious health consequences such as diabetes, which now impacts approximately 30 million adults and is the No. 1 cause of kidney failure, lowerlimb amputations and adult blindness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Also, check with your health plan and employer to see if they offer wellness incentives. For example, UnitedHealthcare’s Gym Check-In program enables participating employers to provide employees and their spouses the opportunity to each earn hundreds of dollars a year for visiting a fitness facility 12 days or more per month.

There are many factors that play a role in your health, but one that you can control is making a commitment to start living a healthier lifestyle. Sure, there will be some bumps during your well-being journey, but your goal can be achievable and you deserve to reap the benefits. Ann Marie O’Brien, national director of health strategies at UnitedHealthcare, offers the following tips for achieving a healthier you in 2020. Stay active Regular exercise may help you live longer and may reduce your risks for a host of diseases. Try to aim for at least 2.5 hours

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Eat healthier Sure, it’s easier said than done, but good nutrition is a vital part of a healthier lifestyle. Experts say the healthiest diets are rich in fruits and vegetables, because these foods are full of healthful nutrients and fiber. Here are three simple tips to eating healthier: Go for more fruits and veggies; choose less meat and fat; and keep an eye on the size of your food portions. Just saying “no” to the buffet can do wonders. Reduce your stress If you’re feeling stressed, it’s important to unwind and relax by doing something you enjoy. Maybe it’s watching a movie, reading a book or volunteering to give you time to recharge. Also, make time to connect with

others. Maybe that’s friends, family, a faith group or a hobby club. It’s important that you don’t isolate yourself after a stressful event. Remember, if you cannot get a handle on your stress, talk to your doctor. She or he may recommend a counselor who could help you find other ways to help reduce or manage the unhealthy stress in your life. Team up with your doctor Take time today to make an appointment with your doctor for your annual wellness visit and be sure to ask about preventive services such as health screenings and vaccines. Check with your health plan as many preventive services have no additional cost, as long they are delivered by care providers in your plan’s network. Your doctor will help you create a treatment plan to help manage any chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. Source - BPT

Social Skills Group for Ages 9-13

Learn about and practice social skills, such as emotional awareness, manners, rule following, maintaining relationships and teamwork, in a fun and safe environment! • Meets Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 7:30 pm • We gladly work with private pay clients. Aetna, Cigna and Avmed/Magellan insurance plans accepted. To register and for more information, please contact: Madeleine Grossmayer, LCSW (561) 602-1485

Lake Wellington Professional Center · 12161 Ken Adams Way, #154 · Wellington

Gymnastics • Cheer • Dance Martial Arts • Ninja Zone • Personal Training Classes • Summer Camp Birthday Parties • Parents Night Out 6500 South Rogers Circle #1000 Boca Raton • 561.998.4225

Non-Surgical & Surgical treatments for people of all ages included but are not limited to: Foot & Ankle Pain • Sports Injuries • Pediatric Flat foot • Point Evaluations Toenail and Skin conditions • Custom orthotics • Diabetic foot care Dr. Brett Fried was born and Dr. Daniel Elgut attended University Dr. Jonathan M. Cutler attended Dr. Joshua P. Daly grew up in the Washington University in St Louis, of Florida and earned a BA degree small town of Grenada, Mississippi. raised in New York. Watching his in Health Sciences. After which, he MO, and earned a BA degree. After He followed the family tradition and grandfather deal with diabetes he attended Podiatry School at Barry which, he attended Podiatry School attended Mississippi State University started to appreciate the field of University in Miami Shores where to pursue a degree in Microbiology. medicine. After obtaining his BS at Dr. William M Scholl College he graduated with honors followed After graduating Magna Cum Laude degree he went on to attend medical of Podiatry, followed by a surgical by a residency at JFK Hospital. He is residency at Johns Hopkins, Liberty with a Bachelor of Science his natural school at the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine in Board Qualified American College of Medical in Baltimore, MD. He interest in business and leadership Manhattan, NY., followed by surgical Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Elgut is a Diplomate of the American led him to business school where residency in NYC and Georgia. He is very involved in the community he obtained his MBA degree. He Board of Podiatric Surgery, a Board is a a Board Certified Foot Surgeon. including Fit Feet Screenings for attended medical school at the New Certified Foot Surgeon and has During 9/11, he volunteered his skills Special Olympics and US Marine been a respected part of the medical York College of Podiatric Medicine in to help the rescue workers injured Corp Toys for Tot Program. Manhattan, NY. community for over 25 years. during the recovery efforts.

Five South Florida Foot and Ankle Centers To Serve You!

Royal Palm Beach....................................11412 Okeechobee Blvd. Phone: (561) 793-6170 Palm Beach Gardens..............................3375 Burns Rd., Suite 107 Phone: (561) 691-4682 Lake Worth.........................................3618 Lantana Rd., Suite:102 Phone: (561) 967-4999 Belle Glade....................................... 1100 S. Main Street Suite 200 Phone: (561) 993-9968 Palm Beach Lakes.............................2047 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Phone: (561) 793-6170

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Calendar Weekly Level 1 Classes at Genie’s Gymnastics A basic gymnastics class for girls 5 years old and up, with little or no experience for 60 minutes once a week. Groups are separated by 5 to 7 and 8 year olds and up. Girls will learn skills on the 4 Olympic gymnastic events: (vault, bars, beam and floor). In addition, students will develop trampoline skills as well as basic motor skills and flexibility. Multiple days and times offered. Call 561.868.0288 or visit for the schedule. 6752 Lantana Road, Lake Worth.

to life through interactive performance, singing, movement and props. An engaging art activity complements each session. FREE for Museum Members and FREE with paid Museum admission for Non-Members. For more info go to www.

Monday Friday from 10 AM - 1 PM Kid’s Rush at Adrenaline Join us early for a special discounted rate! Toddlers (ages 6 and under) are only $10 and parents are only $2! Other weekly specials are available. Check the website for details or call 561.440.1400. 7645 Lake Mondays and Tuesdays Worth Road, Lake Worth. at 11 AM Tiny Kids Every Wednesday and Need More Art Kids Friday at 3:30 PM and Need More Art in Jupiter invites toddlers Saturdays at 11 AM, 1 ages 2 - 4, and their moms (or dads!) to PM & 2 PM • Jr. Vet Kids join them at their bright, colorful, and fun Lab at Loggerhead studio space for some creative togetherMarinelife Center The time. Class is $15. Register at www. program features “Dr. Logger,” a trained center volunteer acting as the center’s Tuesdays 9:30veterinarian. No pre-registration is 10:30 AM Open required. Sign-up begins 30 minutes prior Splash Play to the program, space is limited. Please at Small Fish Big Fish Swim School call 561.627.8280 or visit www.marinelife. Enjoy some quality time in our warm org for more information. Located at indoor pool - let your little fish swim or 14200 U.S. Highway One, Juno Beach. play on deck with our water tables. No Wednesday Registration Required. Members are free, and non-members are $5. For more info call Saturday 561.818.7946. 346 Pike Road #3, WPB. at 1 PM Alligator Feedings at The Wednesdays Sandoway Discovery Center Also 2:00 PM join us for shark and stingray feedings Sensational throughout the week. Please check the Story: A Story ‘n More at Schoolhouse website for times. Call 561.274.7263 for Children’s Museum & Learning Center more info. Located at 142 S. Ocean Blvd., No need to sit still as a statue for this Delray Beach. $6 ages 3 and up and story. Instructors brings children’s books Palm Beach Zoo Members are free. 26 January 2020| PB Parenting | 129 E Ocean Avenue | Boynton Beach, FL 33435

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Ongoing Classes at American Spirit Cheer and Dance Join the NEWEST competitive Cheer & Dance training facility! Fun for all ages and classes for all skill levels! Contact us for a introductory rate of 4 weeks for $49!. Please visit www. for more information or call 561.557.1099. American Spirit Cheer and Dance is located at 211 S. 3rd Street, Lantana. Ongoing Kids Choice Sports, Dance, and Fitness Indoor Playground Whether your child has just begun to walk or can cartwheel for days, “Kids Choice Sports” can cater to all of your gymnastics needs. We offer “Mommy & Me” classes, beginner classes for all ages, and beyond. Please call 561.998.4225 or visit www. for schedule and pricing. 6500 W Rogers Circle #1000 Boca Raton.

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Call 561-267-3214 • S Ra wim in Ind or oo Sh rs ine !

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346 Pike Road • Units 3&4 West Palm Beach 561.818.SWIM (7946)

Saturdays 3:30 - 5 PM Kids Art Express at Kids Need More Art Young artists are invited to stop by our Jupiter studio for a chance to work Pediatric Dentistry on skills and explore different techniques Specializing in Dentistry forAdolescents Infants, and Children, Adolescents for Infants, Children, those with Special Health Care ne and media, all while creating a work of artSpecializing in Dentistryand those with Special Health Care needs from start to finish. Advance registration Michael J. Roseff, DMD, J. Roseff, DMD, LLC LLC required. Each class subject to minimum Michael Pediatric Dentist Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Delicious Town Center Flickr Twitter FL 33472 Retweet Canyon Boynton Beach, enrollment. Advance registration required. 8784 Boynton Beach Blvd, #103, Boynton Beach, FL 33472 561-732-8333 Ages 5 -9. Class is $18. Register at www. ph# 561-732-8333 fax# 561-732-8375 roseffpediatricdentistry@comcast Saturdays • 10:30 - 11:30 AM at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum: Drop In Craft Open to all ages. Each week enjoy a different craft project. Free with paid admission. Go to for more info. Located at 129 East Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach. 129 E Ocean Avenue | Boynton Beach, FL 33435

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Please call ahead to confirm or register. BIRTHDAY PARTIES Classes areofsubject to change. Exhibits, party room & plenty fun! Special Saturday & Sunday packages available.

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Calendar Wed., Jan. 1 • 1 - 5 PM 2020 New Years Ice Skating Party at Palm Beach Skate Zone Come out to help us ring in the new year with ice skating, music, lights, snow & FUN! Visit or call 561.96.5900 for more information. Located at 8125 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth. Thurs., Jan. 2 • 5 - 7 PM Hack Shack Tech Club at South Florida Science Museum Center and Aquarium If you like to make, tinker, design, and engineer, then the Hack Shack Tech Club is for you! This week’s theme is “Simple Speaker”. Find out how wires and magnets can turn an electric signal into audible sounds. Learn the basics of speaker technology as you build a simple yet functional speaker.Open to students in grades 5-8. $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Classes are held at the new Stiles-Nicholson STEM Education Center across the street from the Science Center. Visit www.sfsciencecenter. org for more information. Located at 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach. Wed., Jan. 8 • 10:30 AM - 12 PM Homeschool Workshop at Loggerhead Marinelife Center This workshop series focuses on various marine science topics, including marine biology, coastal ecology, veterinary science, fisheries, oceanography, and ocean conservation. They include hands-on activities and lessons for students ages 6-9 and 10-13. Cost is $10/ student for the 1.5 hour program; one free chaperone per family is required. Visit www. for info. Located at 14200 U.S. Highway One, Juno Beach.

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Fri., Jan. 10 • 6:30PM Screen on the Green Featuring at Waterfront Commons “Toy Story 4” (PG). Screen on the Green transforms the West Palm Beach Waterfront into a theater under the stars. The event begins with free family activities and then you can watch free screenings of your favorite movies and make great memories with friends and family while overlooking the spectacular waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach. Bring a blanket or a chair and purchase popcorn, snacks and beverages from our stocked concession stand. For more information, call (561) 822-1515.Screen on the Green is located at 100 South Clematis Street, West Palm Beach. Sat., Jan. 11 • 7:30 AM FULL S.T.E.A.M. AHEAD 5K at South Florida Science Center and Aquarium Lace-up your shoes and join us for our first annual Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead 5k! Families, friends, and individuals of all ages are invited to come together to race, run or walk for S.T.E.A.M. education. All of our proceeds from our race will benefit exceptional programming the Science Center provides to a diverse population of families and K-12th grade students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. The proposed course will start and end by the Science Center front plaza next to Rosie the T-rex and will weave through the scenic layers within Dreher Park. After the event, participants are encouraged to head over to the Science Center for half-off regular admission when they show their bib. This offer is valid for the entire month of January! Visit www. for more information or call 561.832.2026. 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach.

Sat., Jan. 11 Pegga Pig’s Adventure Live at The Kravis Center Ticket Sale Peppa Pig Live! is here with the ALL NEW action-packed live stage show, Peppa Pig’s Adventure!, featuring your favorite characters as life-size puppets! Come join Peppa on an exciting camping trip to the woods with George and her school friends, including Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep and Gerald Giraffe. With lunchboxes packed and Daddy Pig driving the bus, Peppa and friends are excited about their outdoor adventure, full of singing, dancing, games and surprises! SAVE THE DATE Show Date: May 20 at 6 PM. Visit www. for more information. Fri., Jan. 17 • 6 - 9 PM Nerd Night at South Florida Science Museum Center & Aquarium This event is 21 and over only. Activities include: karaoke, fire vs. ice demonstrations, burning butane bubbles experiment, light painting, virtual reality demonstrations, interactive nerd trivia, food trucks, brew samples, and so much more! $25 at. Includes one free signature drink. Call 561.832.1988 for tickets or for more information. 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach. Fri., Jan. 17 • 6:30 PM Kindergarten Open House at Learning Wonderland Join us for an open house and learn about how our caring and dedicated teachers are here to provide their professional knowledge and experience to create the best experience of learning for our students! Visit www. or call 561.440.1952 for more information. 3092 Forest Hill Blvd, Palm Springs. Mon., Jan. 20 • 9 - 4 AM School’s Out at Kids Need More Art in Jupiter Join us in the Jupiter studio for art workshops on

days when school is closed for holidays and Teacher Work/Professional Development Days. Kids Need More Art is excited to give our communities a fun, creative, safe place for children to engage while parents are working. Ages 5-12 welcome! Full and Extended Days available. Please visit www. or call 561.746.4576 to reserve your spot. Located in downtown Abacoa, 1155 Main Street, Jupiter. Tue., Jan. 21 • 5:30-6:30 PM Gardens School of Technology Arts Open House Join us for an Open House! Gardens School of Technology is a tuition-free HighPerforming Public Charter school located at 9153 Roan Lane in Palm Beach Gardens. 561- 290-7661, Jan. 23 - 26 • Jurassic World Live Tour at The BB&T Center Jurassic World comes to life for the first time in a touring arena show! Experience some of Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaurs including Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex! For show times and tickets please visit www. https://www. Fri. Jan. 24 • 6 - 8PM “Frozen” Parents Night Our at American Spirit Cheer and Dance Parents! Take a night to yourself, and let your kids join all their Frozen friends including, Anna, Elsa, and maybe even a visit from Olaf at our 5K sq. foot gym! Come dressed as your favorite Frozen character and watch the original Frozen movie on the big screen as we sing and dance to our favorite songs, sip frozen hot chocolate, and make edible themed crafts! Pizza and drinks provided. Price $19 Members and $24 for Non Members. Visit and use

Calendar code PBPFROZEN to get 20% off! Located at 211 S. 3rd Street, Lantana. Sat., Jan. 25 • 10 AM 1 PM Chesterbrook Academy Open House Join us for our next Open House or contact us to schedule a private tour. Chesterbrook Academy is located at 3932 RCA Blvd. Suite 3201, Palm Beach Gardens. For more information visit or call 877-959-3740. Tues., Jan. 28 • 5 - 7 PM GEMS Club at STEM Studio in Downtown Abacoa Due to popular demand, we’ve added a second GEMS session to each month! This month’s theme is “Winter Wonders.” Girls have a bright future in Science and GEMS Club will continue to help them shine! GEMS Club offers the perfect opportunity for young girls to learn and grow as they discover the exciting world of math, science, engineering and technology. Pizza dinner and refreshments will be provided. This program is open to girls in grades 3 - 8 and a $10 registration fee is required per session. The event is limited to 25 girls per session, so register early to save your spot! There will be an additional $5 charge for walk-in registrations. Walk-ins, please be aware that the session may already be sold out. Visit www.sfsciencecenter. org/stem-studio-gems to register or for more information on the monthly themes offered. Located at 1209 Main Street Unit 112, Jupiter. Fri., Jan. 31 • 6 - 9 PM Nights at the Museum at South Florida

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Science Museum Center & Aquarium This month’s theme is “Winter Wonders.” On the last Friday of each month, guests of all ages can enjoy extended hours of exploration at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium! Each Night at the Museum is a different theme, which includes various interactive science crafts, activities, entertainment, exhibits, planetarium Social Skills Group shows, and a chance to view the night sky in Palm Summer 2018 Ages 9-11 Beach County’s only public observatory! Theadults, focus of this group is tofor Admission for $12.95 Sessionsisb$14.95 egin help children in this June 6 seniors, $10.95 for children (3-12), FREE transitional age improve self for 6-7:30pm confidence, while navigating children under (No session on July 4) 3, and $6 for adult members issues, such as emotional Lake Wellington Professional Centre (child members are FREE). 4801 awareness of selfDreher and others,Trail 12161 Ken Adams Way Suite 154 conflict resolution, anger Wellington, North, WPB.FL 33414 management, manners, rule following, acceptance of

others, maintaining Ongoing Sessions friendships, asking for help Wednesdays and advice giving.6 - 7:30 PM Social Skills Group for Ages 9-12 Improve To register and for more information, please contact: self confidence, friendships, Madeleinemaintain Grossmayer, LCSW 561-602-1485 anger management, conflict resolution, Stacey Longhini, LCSW manners and more. For info call Madeleine 561-301-4260 Grossmayer, LCSW at 561.602.1485. Classes We gladly accept CIGNA and AVMED/Magellan insurance plans. are held at the Lake Wellington Professional Center - 12161 Ken Adams Way, Wellington.

Save the Date Tues., Feb. 25th 9 AM - 12 PM Stroller Daze Bring your little ones to the Science Center for a fun-filled event just for them! Special event includes ageappropriate science crafts, splash pad fun, planetarium shows, discovery center & playground exploration, giveaways and more! This event is geared toward children 5 and under and their parent/guardian. 50% off admission for adults and FREE for kids. Stroller Daze is proudly presented by PB Parenting. Visit for more information 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach.

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