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Gate to Belgium The gateway on the cover of this magazine will proverbially lead you into the wide scope of export collections of the Belgian furniture industry. Belgian furniture can be found in all European countries, in the United States, North Africa, the Middle East, China, South Korea, Japan and in Australia; mostly as anonymous collections, sometimes as a brandname referring to Belgium as the country of origin. Belgian collections can be found both in stores of important international groups and in the showrooms of individual family owned shops. This shows that our collections are commercially varied and versatile, from the entry-level ranges to the more exclusive ranges. To realise this, the Belgian furniture industry makes strategic choices considering production processes, the composition of collections and design. Our industry is aware of its place in the new economic world order; it knows what the consumer and the trade wants, in near and in far away markets. How Belgian manufacturers answer to this can be found in the pages of the BelgoFurn Export Directory 2017 ‘Gate to Belgium’ or on the website The yearly Brussels International Furniture Fair, that always takes place early November, shows in optimal circumstances almost the complete Belgian range of export furniture to the foreign visitor. This is definitely worth a visit! I wish you many commercially succesfull collaborations with the Belgian furniture industry.

Bernard Deheegher BelgoFurn



Bauwens Beernem

LS Bedding

Mintjens Sleepline



Mintjens Furniture




À la Carte³






À la Carte³ (Associated Weavers) Perfecta

Neo Cocoon

Export: Klein Frankrijk Karl Van der Spiegel Weverijstraat 1 M +32 (0) 491 340 711 B-9600 Ronse T + 32 (0) 55 23 02 11 F + 32 (0) 55 23 03 46 @ W DISPLAY



You can create with “à la carte³” your own made-to-measure rug in only three clear steps; choose a rug, decide on your measurements and select a border. Choose a rug from one of the five collections: Metropolitan Glamour, Elegant Luxury, Pure Basics, Exotic Flavours and Timeless Classics. When determining the size, you can decide to the nearest centimetre so the customer is guaranteed of a rug with an accurate size. The border leaves you with two options: a Standard matching braid in the same colour as the rug or a more elaborate, predefined Deluxe border. À la Carte³ offers you the complete freedom to create your own made-to-measure rug along the lines of one’s personal or one’s family preferred lifestyle.





Recor Bedding


Made-to-measure rugs, created by you



Bauwens Beernem Nijverheidsstraat 7 B-8730 Beernem T +32 (0) 50 79 90 80 F +32 (0) 50 78 15 72 @ W



Affordable and contemporary furniture Bauwens Beernem is an international company which has the technical and esthetic possibilities to focus on various markets. The company develops continuously models and colours adapted to the demand of the market. As always, Bauwens guarantees an excellent mix between price and quality and quick delivery. The company exhibits in the international trade fairs such as Brussels and Paris.






Boone International


Nijverheidsstraat 14 B-8970 Poperinge T +32 (0) 57 33 45 01 F +32 (0) 57 33 45 04 @ W

Steenbergstraat 2 B 3990 Peer T +32 (0) 11 553 760 F +32 (0) 11 553 193 @




Space-saving beds


Are you short of space or need to make better use of what you have? Do you want a room that offers multifunctional use and also provides a very comfortable bed? Boone has the solution: space-saving wall beds! Wall beds are the answer to your space problems and offer a maximum of functionality. In the blink of an eye, an office or living room can be transformed into a bedroom and vice versa. A Boone bed is a real bed with an exclusive mattress or slatted base and allows mattresses that guarantee a high quality of sleep. The Boone bed is available in different sizes and versions: singe, double, king-size, horizontal, and even bunk beds. The cabinet styles are classic, cottage, contemporary and modern at different price ranges. While space is scarce, houses and apartments are becoming increasingly expensive, and we need as much space to live and store things as we can create. Luckily, you now know the solution: a Boone bed!


The new standard Capuro sets the new standard in the world of interior furnishing and design. Its a distinctive furniture line that is uncompromising in its quality, progressive design and carefully considered functionality. Each collection is made of lovely solid wood from sustainable forest resources. Capuro brings each tree’s essence into your living room, evoking surprise and pleasure with every glance or touch. This is something few designs succeed in doing. Capuro stand for slowly maturing sheer craftsmanship and quality. The young entrepreneurs behind Capuro personally oversee the entire process from design to production with passion, because anything short of this will not do. That makes Capuro a real find for anyone looking for personal and durable high quality furniture.




D&D Furniture Fabriekslaan 10 B-8880 Ledegem T +32 (0) 56 50 90 49 F +32 (0) 56 50 93 39 @ W

Export: Marc Defrancq


D&D is not afraid of innovation D&D Furniture concentrates on the production of modern furniture in veneer and foil for the living- and the bedroom. Because D&D continuously invests in organization, production and development the company is able to create trendy products for competitive prices. Oftentimes D&D is the first to present new and innovative products. Trends are closely watched by the design team, which allows D&D to stay ahead of the game and bring new trendy creations.






B-Seated by BSM

Deknudt Mirrors

Legen Heirweg 57 B-9890 Gavere T + 32 (0) 92 42 97 00 F + 32 (0) 92 82 98 22 @ W

De Cassinastraat 4-8 B-8540 Deerlijk T +32 (0) 56 735 511 F +32 (0) 56 704 064 @ W

Export: xxx

Export: Jan Deknudt




Handmade charirs


The 777 concept (triple seven) stands for a new discipline within the B-Seated division. The three numbers represent seven models, seven fabrics and seven colours. It is the first custom-made collection in which the chairs are authentically and manually upholstered, pattern after pattern. No more slipcovers en fake paddings. The design has a high level of ergonomics and esthetics. The same goes for the materials: original No-Sag springs, HR foam, class A oak wood (in five colours), powdercoated metal (two colours), invisible welds, plus an exclusive fabric collection. It is up to the customer how he wants his chair to look. Every surface and seam could have a different colour.

Fashion with mirrors Deknudt Mirrors means a passion for mirrors and this has been so for three generations. Ever since 1946 this company has been making mirrors in Belgium. The company offers a wide range of mirrors, spread across three collections. An unique selection from the worldwide offer can be found in the HOMKA-collection: World of Mirrors. The style is young and decorative yet classy and traditional. HOMKA is all about value for money. If original and trendy designs are more your cup of tea, then Deknudt Mirrors has the DECORA-collection: Fashion with Mirrors. These mirrors are sustainably made, eco-friendly, have a five year warranty and are 100 percent made in Europe. They both follow and set the interior trends in mirrors. January 2012 saw the start of a new design brand: REFLECT+, Exclusive Mirrors. This is a key collection of design mirrors. REFLECT+ is for those who enjoy design and have a preference for exclusive jewels for the interior of an excellent quality. The entire collection can be seen on the completely renewed website.






Evan Albert 1 laan 29 B-8630 Veurne T + 32 (0) 58 31 41 51 F + 32 (0) 58 31 44 70 @ W

Export: Jean-Claude Neirynck



Evan’s strong collection The West Flemish Evan produces furniture in the middle price range. The manufacturer produces furniture for the living- and the bedroom and also for the teenage bedroom. All of this is finished with high-quality and carefully selected textured melamine foils. Exclusive foils are a strong argument for Evan, a company for which time has not stood still. Because of extensive automation the company is able to efficiently produce high-quality furniture. In short, Evan offers an excellent quality-price ratio for a strong product. Both Evan and Meubar have switched to two pioneering, innovative products. These are panels with a honeycomb structure and laser edges technology. Evan is able to produce honeycomb panels with melamine top up to 10 cm thickness, with a panel weight comparable to a standard 16 mm panel. With the laser technology dirty bonding is no longer a problem. Because of this the furniture’s look equals that of lacquered furniture. The company is the first in the world to offer these technologies.






Fylds’ Industrieweg-Noord 1155 B-3660 Opglabbeek T +32 (0)89 36 66 60 @ W

Export: Geert Geerkens



Belgian craftsmanship Each Belgian Bed is made by hand in our own workshops, by master-bed makers who live for their craft. Their experience and passion cannot be equalled by any machine. Are no machines used at all in this process? Of course there are, but never in the sense of ‘automation’ or ‘series production’. The pocket springs made of hardened carbon steel have what is referred to as a shape memory: that means that they always try to return to their resting position. By pre-tensioning them just enough, however, they offer the ideal degree of resistance at even the lightest pressure. To accomplish this, the method of internal tufting is used. This labour-intensive process takes an experienced craftsman up to three hours per mattress.






MDR Decruy

Hima Makeveldstraat 7a B-8610 Kortemark T +32 (0) 51 56 79 01 F +32 (0) 51 56 74 76 @ W

Izegemsestraat 95 B-8800 Rumbeke/Roeselare T +32 (0) 51 20 54 95 F +32 (0) 51 24 93 70 @ W

Export: Kristof Hindryckx




Excellent and affordable design


As a family company, upholstery manufacturer Hima is a strong player on the international field. Hima is able to guarantee an excellent quality-price ratio thanks to a full integration of its production process. It means the entire production chain, from reception of the order until the final delivery, is done by Hima’s staff. The possibilities of the Hima collection are almost endless. A wide range of models is practically custom made, in a fixed or corner set, with or without recliner options. All of this can be done in a wide range of fabrics, leather and imitation leather. Even a combination of different covers is possible. Moreover, there is much attention for POS-material and other forms of assistance for the shops.


Timeless and attractive design MDR (Decruy) has meant timeless and attractive design for a budget friendly price ever since 1946. Quality is important to the company. In those years MDR has consequently proven this quality. The collection consists of bedroom furniture, as well as furniture for the dining room and the office. MDR provides you with the best added value in the market.




LS Bedding

Neyt Heistraat 12 B-9080 Beervelde T +32 (0) 93 539 208 F +32 (0) 93 539 210 @ W

Worldwide Export: Daniël De Wilde @

Bogaardestraat 228 b B – 9990 Maldegem T +32 50 72 99 70 F +32 50 71 44 36 @ W




Modern flat pack furniture with excellent value for money


LS Bedding, founded in 1946, designs, fabricates and markets differentiating, high-quality and ergonomically designed sleeping concepts and systems, offering an appropriate solution for specific target groups on the market of sleep comfort. Well-known brands are: Ergosleep (ergonomical and personalised sleep comfort), Magnitude (luxurious handmade and traditional boxspring program) and Nox (positioned in mid segment). LS Bedding offers unique bedding concepts allowing you to create your highly personal luxury bed: you choose the elements, you determine the fabrics. From classic to design, from baroque to minimal, from simple to non-sophisticated to very daring. Craftsmanship based on traditional methods and skill, acquired, nourished and sophisticated by each next generation. Guaranteed quality through the production in our own workshop, world class service and an infinite love for detail.

Neyt recently introduced 2 new furniture ranges for the baby and teenage room: Noor and Finn. 2017 brings two more new ranges, this time for the bedroom: Helga and Isa. Helga is made in ‘moonlight’ oak wood and walnut, Isa is made in pine and river oak wood decor. Furthermore, lots of new hall cabinets in various finishes have been introduced as well as a home office programme.


Love for details






Vilvertstraat 11 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem T +32 (0)89 79 82 82 @ @ W

Vilvertstraat 11 B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem T +32 (0) 89 798 255 F +32 (0) 89 798 275 @ W




The ideal partner in affordable comfort


Cammé has become a steady partner for the middle segment. Comfortable sofas are produced for the contemporary senior. Reliable, good quality, beautiful and affordable. These are all words that apply to Cammé’s collection. And all of this includes a wide choice in fabrics and leathers. No bells and whistles, just a good sofa. That is what Cammé stands for.

CAS 002

Contemporary models Ligna is a range of contemporary upholstered furniture in both a romantic and modern style. Ligna is part of the Mecam Group. The comfort is of a quality that only Mecam can ensure. Ligna launches these contemporary models at a competitive price. The logistics fall under the care of the Mecam Group, which allows for commission orders.






Vilvertstraat 11 B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem T +32 (0) 89 798 260 F +32 (0) 89 798 275 @ W

Vilvertstraat 11 B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem T +32 (0) 89 798 282 F +32 (0) 89 798 275 @ W




Custom sitting


Neo-Style has given the limelight to model Percy this year. The model is both a sofa and a recliner. Percy can be upholstered with a grey velours fabric which gives it a very nice look. Neo-Style continues its success story of sofas in three variable sizes: small, medium and large. The chairs have removable back pillows that are most comfortable and fit the model perfectly. The legs are available in all possible ral-colours and therefore always match the upholstery in either leather or fabric. The model of course has a matching recliner and occasional chairs in two sizes. The recliner has three engines, moving arms and is unrivaled in relaxing.


Timeless relaxing With their eyes on the future, Mecam presents an entirely new collection during the trade fair of Brussels. Both the new line Equipe and the earlier well known furniture lines, which range from timeless classic to modern, are showstoppers. Equipe consists of modern looking elements combined with contemporary armchairs that can be fitted with relaxing functions. This new line is meant to translate the comfort that Mecam is known for to a contemporary sofa which appeals to the modern consumer. The design of this line comes from Dutch designer Hans Daalder.





Mintjens Sleepline

Vilvertstraat 11 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem T +32(0)89 79 82 98 @ W

Meirenstraat 8 B-2390 Westmalle T +32 (0) 33 100 700 F +32 (0) 33 122 255 @ W

Export: Guy Vermeeren




Compact and affordable Belgian design


MOOME is a Belgian design label that has its origins in a collaboration between design furniture manufacturer Indera and the creative agency MOOZ. MOOME stands for compact and affordable contemporary design. The pieces include both furniture and home accessories. MOOME focuses on people who know what they want and offers high quality combined with timeless design. MOOME works with established and talented new designers from Belgium and abroad. MOOME is certainly not mainstream and offers sustainable, flexible furniture and multifunctional accessories that can easily be moved around. A musthave for a practical and contemporary home. The manufacturer, situated in Dilsen-Stokkem, does not compromise when it comes to comfort and quality.


Mintjens Sleepline: an harmonious start of the day Timeless oak bedrooms. That is what Mintjens Sleepline stands for. Less is more in a bedroom. It is a place to get some rest. The Eden collection by Mintjens Sleepline is designed to create such a place. In this bedroom you’ll wake up rested. The wooden furniture makes up an healthy sleeping environment and ensures refreshing sleeping comfort. The perfectly matching dressers and cabinets with a practical T-division will make you smile, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on. The Stuga collection takes you on a trip to the Swedish countryside. In Sweden you can find over 600.000 charming wooden holiday homes, called Stuga. The design of this collection is inspired by a lifestyle that stands for back-to-basic, rural and harmonious.




Mintjens Furniture Meirenstraat 8 B-2390 Westmalle T +32 (0) 33 100 700 F +32 (0) 33 122 255 @ W

Export: Guy Vermeeren



Mintjens Furniture: surprisingly versatile Thanks to the long years of experience and the clear eye to the future, Mintjens Group guarantees sustainable furniture of a superb quality. The extensive export network makes Mintjens Group an international partner that offers everything you need for living, sleeping and sitting. This year Mintjens Group presents three new collections: the robust book cases are the eyecatchers from the Libris collection. Cascade combines modern Italian design with the natural touch of lightly roughened oak wood. Soho is a sturdy collection that has a daring, industrial look. Materials such as oak veneer and elements of steel are combined with powerful shapes and rough surfaces.







Meubar Industriestraat 9 Export: B-8211 Aartrijke Jean-Claude Neirynck T +32 (0) 50 22 04 04 F +32 (0) 50 22 04 05 @ W



Unique methods Meubar is your strongest partner if it comes to commission orders. The manufacturer of affordable furniture has been able to specialise in custom orders due to radical changes and significant investments. Within Meubar’s price range this is unique. The company’s method allows for small stocks, which leaves Meubar ready and able to respond to the ever-changing trends. It also allows for private labels, a true success story. Both Evan and Meubar have switched to two pioneering, innovative products. These are panels with a honeycomb structure and laser technology. Evan is able to produce honeycomb panels with melamine top up to 10 cm thickness, with a panel weight comparable to a standard 16 mm panel. With the laser technology dirty bonding is a thing of the past. Because of this the furniture’s look equals that of lacquered furniture. The company is the first in the world to offer these technologies.






KDB Furn

Neo Cocoon

Groenstraat 4 B-8770 Ingelmunster T +32 51 31 44 62 F +32 51 31 46 28 @ W

Watermolenstraat 79 B-8500 Kortrijk T +32 (0) 56 37 39 15 F +32 (0) 56 37 39 76 @ W

Export: Christophe Warlop




Lifestyle furniture to your own taste


KDB is an authentic Belgian furniture manufacturer. All the collections are produced in Belgium. The furniture is traditionally made of solid oak wood and partially of veneer. The style can be described as lifestyle but it has been adjusted to fit the contemporary trends, which means custom-made furniture is always an option. There are standard sizes but the colours and the grouping are up to the customer. You want a closet to have glass doors? Varnish, oil or lacquer? It is all possible. The fourteen basic colours can be combined for various effects. KDB offers flexibility. That is why all the collections are as extensive and matching as they are. The smallest occasional tables and the largest cabinet, everything can be produced according to your personal taste. This, and the short delivery time, make KDB an attractive partner.


Everything is possible Neo Cocoon is both designer and manufacturer of design furniture for the living- and dining room. The furniture is made in oak veneer or finished with a mat or glossy lacquer. Neo Cocoon has a wide variety in furniture due to its range of about twenty different programs. Consumers can easily combine pieces from these programs, which means there’s always an answer to personalisation of the interior. This personalisation not only comes from the models, sizes and division of those models but it also comes from the options in colours and finishes. Glass, twelve veneers and nineteen lacquers are part of the standard collection but Neo Cocoon also offers finishes in all possible RAL or NCS colours. And if you want it even more personal: Neo Cocoon provides custom work. With the launch of the CONCEPT TABLE and the modular closet programs ADATTO Neo Cocoon takes it a step further. Tables and closets are finally standard custom-made and can be placed in all rooms of the house, from hallway to kitchen and from living room to office and bedroom.




Mobitec Stockbergerweg 11 B-4700 Eupen T +32 (0) 87 596 969 F +32 (0) 87 553 708 @ W


Choose flexibility Mobitec, Belgian manufacturer of dining room furniture, has operated internationally for years in both retail and the contracts market. The models are suited for creating an individual interior, whether this is romantic, classical, modern or even puristic. Mobitec’s collection offers a range of possibilities because of its choice in fabric or leather, different kinds of wood and woodcolours. Choosing a Mobitec chair means choosing flexibility. To everyone his own style... Every style has a Mobitec solution.





Passe-Partout Wilfordkaai 10 b/c B 9140 Temse T +32 (0) 38 89 20 68 F +32 (0) 38 89 40 68 @ W



Life has so much to offer Passe-Partout does not only stand for trendy sofas, beautiful fabrics, various combination and affordable prices. Passe-Partout also means: enjoying yourself, experience, atmosphere, loyalty to stakeholders and most of all gratitude for everything life has to offer. That’s how we work at Passe-Partout and that’s how we live at PassePartout. It is something we all think about but we cast aside because we think we are too busy. Companies or people who cannot work with our philosophy will never work profitably with Passe-Partout. It is not about ‘what’ we do, it is about ‘why’ we do it. Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe-Partout.







Recor Meubelen

St. Truidersteenweg 296 B-3500 Hasselt T +32 (0) 11 702 930 F +32 (0) 11 702 939 @ W

St. Truidersteenweg 296 B-3500 Hasselt T +32 (0) 11 289 811 F +32 (0) 11 289 803 @ W




Belform offers choice in combination upholstery and materials


Recor is a family owned business representing solidity. The international collection consists of bedroom, youth bedroom, dining room and living room furniture. Value for money is great and the style of the furniture ranges from rural to robust, from contemporary to modern. Living- and dining room “Kyara” has a melamine finish and is available in four colors (cashmere, basalt, white lacquered and oak). Most parts have been pre-assembled but some pieces can also be supplied flatpack. Lighting is available for every open box. The choice in tables, solid or extendable is extensive. “Cornwall” is a new dining room with a rough and solid appearance. Most units/elements/pieces are pre-assembled. Led lighting is optional as is the choice for an open or closed base. Even more specifications : melamine finish in Halifax, a narrow or thick handle combinable with own produced chairs in fabric or leather. “Mila” is a total concept range with options for living room, bedroom and youth rooms. The furniture is melamine finish and is supplied assembled.

Belform has a contemporary collection in an accessible price segment. The company offers a wide variety in fabrics and soft quality leathers. The seating comfort is excellent thanks to no-sag springs, as is the ratio between price and quality. Some of Belforms key words: trendy, service, reliability and export oriented. The newest models are Wesco, Dorian and Prato. “Wesco” is a contemporary model with a beautiful metal leg. “Dorian” is a modern and compact sofa with adjustable head rests and elegant metal legs. “Prato” is a very comfortable sofa with a Scandinavian look and wooden feet available in various colours.


Recor Furniture is constantly renewing




Recor Relax en Salons


St. Truidersteenweg 296 B-3500 Hasselt T +32 (0) 11 289 811 F +32 (0) 11 289 803 @ W

St. Truidersteenweg 296 B-3500 Hasselt T +32 (0) 2 378 00 50 F +32 (0) 2 378 39 23 @ W




Recor Relax chairs and sofas


This company has an international collection with a wide variety in fabrics and soft quality leathers. All our sofas do have a wallaway system with either a manual or electrical control. Keywords are: innovation, service, comfort and years of sitting pleasure. Some of our latest new models you can see on this page: “Evora” and “Moio”. Both are modern sofas with a high-leg wall-away system and they are available in fabric or leather. Due to the springs in the seat, these models have an excellent sitting comfort. The handling control, including USB, is located on the inside of the arm.

The sofabeds by Sofa-Bed make use of various folding mechanism. The mattresses are luxurious and the sleeping comfort is superior. The beds are user friendly because the seat and back cushions attach to the mechanism and they don’t need to be removed when transforming the sofa into a bed. Some keywords for Sofa-Bed: space saving, bed feeling, wide choice in fabrics and leathers and export minded. “Hammock” is a new model with a pocket spring mattress of 12 cm, supported by a metal grid. The open base results in a more modern look. The “Wings’s” model is fitted with a 13 cm mattress containing bonell springs supported by wooden slates. The armrest can be opened and they offer storage space for the pillows.

“Idea” is a modern looking recliner with two motors and a power lift system, also available in fabric or leather. This model has a trolley as option so you can easily move the chair.


The sofabeds by Sofa-Bed




Recor Bedding


Melbergstraat 6 Poort Genk 7880 B – 3600 Genk T +32 (0) 89 36 51 11 F +32 (0) 89 36 51 00 @ W

Baaigemstraat 154 B-9890 Gavere T +32 (0) 93 84 25 41 F +32 (0) 93 84 35 15 @ W

Export: xxx

Export: Christian Van Loo M +32 (0) 475 36 49 49 @




Contemporary classics by Recor Bedding


Recor Bedding is a family owned business. The models offered range from a classical to a modern look. Some of Recor Bedding’s key words: dream away, sustainable, comfortable, attention for details, reliable and years of experience. The choice in upholstery is huge: washable fabrics have just been added to the range. At Recor Bedding you can build your own boxspring by making a selection from different head boards, boxsprings, mattresses and legs. The newest models are (amongst others) the “Maxima” (from the Queens collection), “Cinderella” (from the Sentimento collection) and “Olav”. Recor Bedding is part of the Recor Group.


Steel tube furniture Perfecta has been making lacquered and chromium plated steel tube furniture for the modern segment for more than fifty years. The quick and correct delivery of chairs, table and beds is one of Perfecta’s strong points. The products end up in the living environment (dining room, kitchen, bedroom), communities/projects and offices. The tabletops are available with an HPL cover, glass and ceramics top. Most tables are available in several heights and in tabletop dimensions of 60x60 up to 300x100 cm. The chairs are available in fifty colours of artificial leather and fabric. Barstools of sitting height 65 cm suite the tables of 90 cm height, the barstools of 80 cm match with the tables of 110 cm. The frames of most models can be made in no less than sixteen epoxy colours, plus the choice for chrome or satin chrome. Beds go from one person 90 cm to 140/160/180 cm for two persons and have the same colour palette as the chair upholstery and frames (epoxy).




Revor Group Gentstraat 58 B-8760 Meulebeke T +32 (0)51 33 50 65 T +32 (0)51 48 01 40 @ @ W W



Relevant sleeping solutions for everyone Revor Groups designs and produces sleeping concepts for specific target groups in the sleeping comfort segment. The brands Jaritex, Revor Bedding and Styldecor combined, offer a relevant solution for everyone. The forty plus years of experience of course also help. The company follows new trends and technological developments, which results in constant adjustments and innovations, all according to the wishes and expectations of the costumer. Jaritex has become the reference when it comes to sleeping comfort for sharp prices and has a large client base of retailers specialised in bedding and furniture, wholesalers and partners in the hotel-, holiday and medical sector. Revor Bedding offers a wide rage of commercial boxsprings and comfortable mattresses that help with anyones sleeping problems. The brand Styldecor combines luxury beds with perfect details and highly technical mattresses.






ROM Industriestraße 38 B-4700 EUPEN T +32 87 59 59 59 F +32 87 59 59 55 @ W




Groundbreaking concepts for custom-made upholstered furniture ROM is Europe’s leading manufacturer for upholstered and custom-made furniture. For over 55 years, ROM has brought innovative concepts when it comes to upholstery. ROM’s products stand out because of the custom work, visualisations and 3D rendering that help the consumer choose the right seat, and the use of modern techniques that ensure optimal comfort. ROM introduces an entirely new collection this year: Signature. This is a collection that works per 20 centimeters and which combines stylish Mediterranean lining with unrivaled optical diversity and market leading smart comfort functions. With Signature, ROM has widened their product range to reach new target groups.






ROM Industriestraße 38 B-4700 EUPEN T +32 87 59 59 59 F +32 87 59 59 55 @ W




ROM’s collections Besides Signature (see previous page), the product range of ROM consists of the following collections: Classic - embodies timeless elegance with high back rests and five star comfort; Premium - offers modern elegance with comfort functions; Premium 2 - combines modern elegance with a unique choice in smart comfort functions; Nuance - stands for a remarkable, straight lined and young design; Equinoxe - is the uncompromising combination of a bed and a comfortable sofa.






Theuns Postbaan 75 B-2910 Essen T +32 (0) 36 700 020 F +32 (0) 36 674 548 @ W

Export: Philip Thuys



Experienced trendsetter Because of the combination of craftsmenship and the customer focus MTE has grown into a trendsetter when it comes to the production of solid oak wood furniture. The wood has undergone a special treatment and has been finished with a brush or scratch technique, which gives it a warm and deep structure. These extra steps in the production proces are combined with contemporary colours. Every collection is very extensive; all the ingredients to make up a complete programme are present. Since 2010 MTE’s products are developed with a PEFC certificate which ensures sustainable forestry.






Veldeman Bedding Industrieweg-Noord 1155 B-3660 Opglabbeek T +32 (0) 89 36 66 60 F +32 (0) 89 85 83 15 0800 023 06 87 @ W

Export: Geert Geerkens



Solid and elegant boxsprings Veldeman Bedding has build a solid reputation in the past couple of years with the boxspring collections Velda Metropolitan, Velda Classic and Versus. The sober styling, attention for detail and the wide rage of decorative fabrics are appreciated by the consumer. The numerous dealers and bedding companies see the high quality finishing, the quick delivery and the reliable service as true trademarks for Velda. This year the emphasis has been on the technological developments of Fly and Finesse. Fly stands for innovative Belgian design which shows that a boxspring can be both sturdy and elegant. Because of the floating construction the maintenance is easy. The Finesse does justice to its name and marks the start of a new generation of comfort. This stands for exceptional design and smart technology. This is not a boxspring, this is a dream‌






Vincent Sheppard Industriepark 5 B-8587 Spiere T +32 (0) 56 46 11 11 F +32 (0) 56 46 11 12 @ W

Export: Bart Folens



From paper to chair or seat Vincent Sheppard designs and produces refined Lloyd Loom furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Lloyd Loom, or woven paper, is an unique technique that involves paper wrapped around a metal wire. These strong paper wires are then braided into a chair or seat. Vincent Sheppard oversees the entire production process and is one of the world’s leading Lloyd Loom producers. The head office of Vincent Sheppard is in Belgium, the production is in Java, Indonesia, where 350 experienced craftsmen make the furniture by hand. A Vincent Sheppard-piece has a characteristic design. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand with originality and esthetics. The design department strives to constantly improve and innovate, using only durable materials such as rattan, wood and paper. The result is an eco-friendly collection with attractive looks and excellent comfort. An endless pallet of colours ensures a personal touch for the home. Vincent Sheppard’s collections are exported to over 40 countries and can be found in both private homes and in exclusive hotels and restaurants all over the world. JACK AND ALBERT





Vipack Deken Debostraat 70a B-8791 Beveren-Leie (Waregem) T +32 (0) 56 323 079 F +32 (0) 56 324 004 @ W



Design, production and stock Vipack is a company specialised in wholesale and distribution of ready-to-assemble furniture for young people. The company is focusing exclusively on professional, domestic or foreign B2B dealers. The strength of the company is a continuously developing of new products, following today’s newest trends, this in order to offer a wide range of commercial products with a contemporary look at an affordable price. By keeping a permanent stock level of all products, we guarantee a swift and punctual service to all our customers. Service is a major key to our success. All models have been registered. / Toutes les modèles sont déposés.






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A contemporary look


Affordable and reliable quality. This is what seating manufacturer Varam promises. The wide collection consists of distinctive designs in recliners and sofas. Some things that Varam stands for: comfort, functions, modern, relaxing, quality, good price. Varam has over sixty years of experience under its belt. Varam’s seating has a contemporary look. The company shows itself in the commercial section of the market. The development takes place in Belgium, which guarantees a high level of service.


Complete collection of bedroom furniture In the field of bedroom furniture, Van Houdt is a specialist in the processing of solid wood, especially hevea, oak, steamed oak and acacia. The collection is contemporary, sustainable and the core collection is delivered from stock. Because of the countless possibilities of the sizes of the beds, cabinets and occasional furniture, and the wide range in colours, the Van Houdt collection is very much appreciated by the customer. The producer is always asked to make small changes to personalise the models. Van Houdt, being a flexible organisation, can easily answer these requests. Next to the regular collection, Van Houdt develops models that are sold under private label by bigger customers or retail groups.


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Belgian Furniture 2017 (ENG)  
Belgian Furniture 2017 (ENG)  

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