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The New Fayetteville City Hall & City Center Park construction project is moving swiftly toward the finish line. Flooring and countertops are being installed in the City Hall building while woodworking and painting projects are being completed. Grading and structure work is still underway in the park, and playground equipment has begun to arrive. According to Project Manager Steve Mauro with Comprehensive Program Services, much of the play equipment will be installed in the coming weeks. He says the interior of the new City Hall looks different every day. City leaders are hoping to begin moving employees and departmental equipment into the new City Hall this spring. The park is expected to be open by early summer. In addition to facilities and attractions for all ages of humans,

2 - March 2021

the new City Center Park will also feature a specially-designed dog park located close to a pond. The pond cleverly doubles as a stormwater safety measure, serving the entire City Hall & City Center Park campus. Major renovation work continues on the old gym and bus barn once operated by the Fayette County Public School System. The gym building is being repurposed as a privately-operated event center, and the bus barn will become a dining and entertainment complex centered around a microbrewery operated by Line Creek Brewery.


Main Street Fayetteville staff recently toured the newly-renovated Fayetteville Train Depot, now called “Fayette Depot.” Pictured (l-r) are owners April and David Mowell, and Main Street staff Julie Herbert, Brian Wismer, and Joyce Waits. See more Fayette Depot post-renovation photos at

The Fayetteville Train Depot, after being government-owned for a couple of decades, is once again under private ownership and is more capable than ever of serving the public. Fayette residents David and April Mowell are the new owners since last summer, and they are completing the final renovations to the community landmark in time to open it again this spring. The Mowells belong to the same family who owns Mowell Funeral Home & Cremation Service next to the Depot. “We want to make it available to the families we serve at the funeral home and cemeteries to use it for family lunches and repasses, as well as continuing to offer it to the community for family events and community functions,” David said. Now dubbed “Fayette Depot,” the current building was constructed in 1902 to replace the original, smaller depot, which was built in the late 1880s. The railroad was only in Fayetteville from 1887 to 1939, so the depot took on other uses over time in the 1940s and later. It was moved to its present spot around 1970. The City

of Fayetteville purchased it years later and used it as an event center, Main Street Fayetteville office, temporary city hall, and other things. C. J. Mowell, who is David’s father and who was Fayette County Coroner for over 50 years, founded Mowell Funeral Home with his father Carl, Sr. in 1964. David and his siblings were reared in the residential portion of the original funeral home, which was situated on the same property but closer to North Jeff Davis Drive. When David and April, who grew up in Jonesboro, were engaged to be married, the old Depot played an important role in their celebrations. “I had my bridal shower here 25 years ago,” April said. “I remember telling my father-in-law then that he should buy this place.” Major renovations have taken place inside Fayette Depot, including new ceilings, upgraded bathrooms, floor restoration, historic door preservation, and a new, 1,300 square-foot deck on the west side of the building. “The new deck will allow so much more space for people to 3 - March 2021

spread out and enjoy the party, and more room for outdoor activities,” David said. The Mowells say The Fayette Depot, not unlike their funeral home, will be “a place to celebrate family.” “Funerals are oftentimes sad occasions, so hopefully the Depot will give families opportunities to celebrate the happier times,” David said. “The Train Depot is one of Fayetteville’s most historic and iconic buildings,” said Fayetteville Economic Development Director Brian Wismer, who also grew up in the community. “The City of Fayetteville has looked after it for many years, and we’re happy to see the Mowell Family preserve it for future generations,” Wismer said. The Mowells have received their Certificate of Occupancy, and they have already booked several upcoming events. An open house event is being planned for early spring, with details to be announced soon. Learn more by calling 706-7402112 or visiting


As crews completed the repaving of Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard, City leaders announced the next round of repaving projects that will begin in the summer of 2021. The next round includes Washington Avenue, Long Avenue, Whitney Street, Hidden Brook Trail, Winonia Drive, Mimosa Drive, Carver Street, and Belle Drive.

STATE OF EMERGENCY EXTENDED THROUGH APRIL 6 Governor Brian P. Kemp today signed Executive Order, outlining revised and continued guidance for Empowering a Healthy Georgia. The changes to the Executive Order are detailed below: ▪ Combines the restaurant and bar requirements to hold both types of establishments to the same standards; and ▪ Streamlines suggestions and requirements for Critical

Infrastructure and Non-Critical Infrastructure organizations to remove unnecessary requirements based on existing standard operating procedures for organizations and the ineffectiveness of certain measures; and ▪ Includes 2021 high school

graduates, home study graduates, and GED recipients in previously ordered HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship testing requirement modifications. The provisions in this Order will be effective from March 16, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. until March 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m., unless otherwise noted therein. The Governor’s Executive Orders are available for viewing at


Fayetteville’s elected officials and City staff leaders met February 10 and 11 at City Hall for the annual retreat, which includes a look back at the goals and accomplishments of 2020 as well as previews and goal-setting for 2021. That retreat was followed by a Management Team retreat on

March 2, where departmental and City-wide goals were discussed and action plans were developed. During both retreats, City Manager Ray Gibson led discussions that were guided by reflections on the City’s Strategic Plan, which was published in 2018 and updated last year. The City’s Management Team is now

working on another update to the Strategic Plan. As departmental action plans are finalized, and as updates to the Strategic Plan are published, that information will be shared at regularly-scheduled City Council meetings and in future editions of City News.

CITY ANNOUNCES COURT AMNESTY PROGRAM The City of Fayetteville Municipal Court announced today the launch of the warrant amnesty program. This program offers amnesty to individuals facing arrest and other penalties due to delinquent traffic tickets, city ordinance or misdemeanor violations. With the Amnesty Program, Fayetteville Municipal Court offers to waive contempt fees for failureto-appear. The program begins on April 5, 2021 and ends on April 9, 2021. Also, probation warrants are eligible for the program, but only if they have a cash bond. If the person is willing to accept, then they must contact probation to schedule the date they will go to court and the warrant fee will be waived. The person must contact probation by March 31, 2021. Our goal is to ensure that we have licensed and lawful drivers on city streets. We want to work

with the public to reach these goals in innovative and amenable ways. This program creates an opportunity for people to voluntarily resolve outstanding cases in a fair and efficient manner. The program is available to individuals with citations issued before January 1, 2021. Drivers can sign-up on the court website (, over the phone or in person to receive a court date to resolve their case. Registration ends March 31, 2021, and Court sessions will be held weekdays at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Court will also offer signups for these sessions starting at 8 a.m. each day for same day service. The Fayetteville Municipal Court address is 760 Jimmie Mayfield Blvd., Fayetteville, GA 30215. Note: Defendants who have signed up wanting a guilty plea and wish to just pay can come in and pay in person or pay online anytime during the week of April

5-9; the record will reflect no warrant and a disposition of guilty. Those wanting a Nolo or Pre-Trial Diversion plea will need to be scheduled for Court. Court Sessions will be held on the following days: Tuesday, April 6, at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.; Wednesday, April 7, at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.; and Saturday, April 17, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Signup for the special session on Saturday begins at 8 a.m. Individuals who wish to clear penalties and warrants under this program are encouraged to arrive early. When the amnesty period ends, remaining outstanding warrants will be rigorously enforced. For more information, contact our Fayetteville Municipal Court office at 770-719-4277 or email courtclerk@fayetteville-ga. gov.

COMMUNITY RESPONDS BIG TO LCI STUDY SURVEY, AND THERE’S STILL TIME TO PARTICIPATE More than 1,000 people have taken the “Moving Fayetteville Forward” Downtown Community Survey, which is part of the City of Fayetteville’s Livable Cities Initiative (LCI) Study Project, and time to participate is running out. The deadline to complete surveys is Friday, March 19. Offered initially online, the survey may also be completed on paper and placed in one of several drop boxes located around town. The surveys and drop boxes are found in the Fayetteville City Hall lobby as well as the Fayette County Public Library, Fayette Senior Services, and J. Sam’s Barbershop. Fayetteville Planning & Zoning Director Denise Brookins said she was hoping to see a few hundred surveys completed, but the onethousand mark took her and her team of consultants pleasantly by surprise. “These results show that we’re talking about something of great interest to the people of Fayetteville,” Brookins said. “People are interested in what’s happening all around the city, but they’re especially keen to talk about developments in Downtown Fayetteville.” Presently, the City of Fayetteville is redeveloping a 10-acre parcel that was once the Fayette County Board of Education’s main office and transportation facility. The City is nearing completion on its new City Hall & City Center Park, which will feature the repurposing of the old gym and bus barn left standing on the eastern edge of the site. That’s just one of the major developments and redevelopments happening in Downtown Fayetteville this year. Two other construction projects, both mixed-use, will feature

Survey Box at the Fayette County Public Library a market-driven blend of residential and commercial additions to the Downtown district. Both are expected to break ground this year. The City of Fayetteville has employed Atlanta Regional Commission grant funding and to help pay for its LCI Study Project, which will help the City to understand and manage the development and redevelopment opportunities that lie ahead. A key ingredient of the study was to survey local residents and find out what people think about the way things are now and the way they think things ought to be. From here, the LCI Study committee will analyze survey results as well as data gathered over the last few years through other public engagement studies that came to fruition in the form of the City’s Comprehensive Plan in 2017 and Strategic Plan in 2018. Other public engagement opportunities will take place later in the year before a final 6 - March 2021

recommendations report is drafted and published. Community & Economic Development Director David Rast noted that the long-awaited Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) proposal, which was recently delivered to City leaders in draft form, will be shelved for a few months while the LCI Study continues. “One of the components of the UDO will be to implement the recommendations of the LCI Study, to include land development guidelines and design standards associated with the redevelopment of the downtown area,” Rast said. “These recommendations will be incorporated into the UDO, and then we’ll present it to the UDO Advisory Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and ultimately to the Mayor and City Council.” To learn more about the LCI Study and how you can take part, visit www.


Two more pizza places are opening in Fayetteville in the coming weeks: Anthony’s on the Courthouse Square (above) and Amici in the Town at Trilith mixed-use development located across Veterans Parkway from Trilith Studios.

7 - March 2021

CONSTRUCTION IN THE COMMUNITY Development updates from around Fayetteville Construction locations within the City 6

5 2-4 7


1. The new City Hall & City Center Park are expected to open this spring. 8 -March 2021

2. Trilith Studios (formerly Pinewood Atlanta Studios) continues to add sound stages to its campus on Veterans Parkway.

3. Progress on the Capstone and Central Park buildings at Trilith (formerly Pinewood Forest) continues.

4. A temporary building (right) now accompanies Trilith’s new Town Stage to accommodate a special filming project.

5. Construction and interior work at the Navy Federal Credit Union on Highway 85 North are nearly completed.

6. Marksmen Properties is bringing another office/ warehouse facility out of the ground along North 85 Parkway.

7. The Cube Smart Self Storage building is nearing completion along Highway 314 next to Lowe’s.

9 - March 2021


Burnett Pool Services

720 North Glynn Street, Suite A

Lane Bryant Brands OPCO, LLC

175 Pavilion Parkway

By the Yard

133 Highway 92 South

Ma’at Spa, LLC

175 Bradford Square, Suite C

Car2Kars Brokers, LLC

135 Habersham Drive, Suite B4

Med Afford Express Care Walk-In Clinic

635 North Glynn Street

Crystal Clear Optique, LLC

840 South Glynn Street, Suite 344

Mystic Moon Healing

570 North Jeff Davis Drive, Suite C

Dash Rapid Result Pre-Employment/ Wellness

560 North Jeff Davis Drive

Next Step Counseling, LLC

135-A Bradford Square

Dee Lou Trucking, LLC

110 Habersham Drive, Suite 135

Shei Hauls Trucking Services

320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 257

Distinguished Styles Barber Services & Salon

125 Pavilion Parkway

Skebo Trans Logistics, LLC

500 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 204D

Fayetteville Rehab Solutions, LLC

535 South Glynn Street, Suite 2008/9

South Fayette Pack and Ship, LLC

805 South Glynn Street, Suite 127

First Georgian Roofing, Inc.

320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 200

Sumitomo Forestry America, Inc.

160 Whitney Street

Foak Logistics, LLC

320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 200

135 Bradford Square, Suite A

Gloss Nail Spa

115 Promenade Parkway, Suite A

Talk Time Speech and Language Services, LLC The Grateful Tread, LLC

130 Industrial Way

Hberl Auto Sales, LLC

355 East Lanier Avenue, Suite R

The New You Recovery

135 Habersham Drive, Suite G

Hospice Advantace, LLC

101 Yorktown Drive, Suite 107A

Touring Group, LLC

90 Commerce Drive, Suite B35

I Move Carz, LLC

90 Commerce Drive, Suite B25

Tracy Griffin Foundation, Inc.

500 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 704

Jason Mask & Company, Inc.

155 Robinson Drive

Triple AAA Properties, LLC

190 North 85 Parkway

JB Full Service Auto Repair, LLC

465 South Glynn Street, Unit 1 & 2

Unique Rose Events

116 North 85 Parkway, Suite A

Kingdom Living Ministries International, Inc.

500 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 704

Willis Cleaning Products, Inc.

400 North Glynn Street

Lamak Motorsports, LLC

90 Commerce Drive, Suite B28

The shop on the corner of the Courthouse Square will get another makeover in the weeks to come, this time as a restaurant specializing in Spanish cuisine. It will be a compliment to the neighboring Twisted Taco restaurant, which offers a Tex/Mex menu. 10 - March 2021

11 - March 2021

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