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Fatima E. Mayo

Issue Nยบ1 Jan18

vida [vi¡da] | life synonyms: vivacity, energy, drive, enthusiasm

CONTENTS 1-4 Visiting: Tate Modern 5-8 Magazine redesigning 9-10 Nick Knight 11-14 Images developed via apps: Glitch 15-16 New (fashion) marketing. Case study


TATE MODERN MODERN 23/10/17 On this date we visited Tate Modern. After looking around the different collection displays such as Artist & Society, In the Studio and Media Networking, I found myself more appealed by the things that already resonated with me - whether because they were known pieces or because I had seen them online before. A display that definitely caught my eye - and that I definitely had seen going around Twitter before - was the Guerrilla Girls art exhibit. “The Guerrilla Girls are [intersectional] feminist activist artists”, as it reads in their website. Their main focus is to “to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture.” They definitely know how to make their message come across with their very visual art that goes straight to the point. If fighting for inequality makes you go bananas (pun intended) head to the Level 4 Media Networks collection at the Tate Museum. Or, if you’re not around London, check up their website ( It’s good stuff.


art Another artist worth travelling for is Bruce Nauman. Bruce Nauman is a New York artist whose range includes neon, sculpture, video, photography and drawing. On the next page, you will find two of my favourite displays of his work. On page 3, you’ll see “VIOLINS VIOLENCE SILENCE”, the piece tries to convey a sense of musicality and confusion with the words chosen and how they are arranged. Moreover, on page 4, I’ve chosen “Run from fear, Fun from rear” a very instagrammable and witty piece that you do not want to miss.





MAGAZINE REDESIGN Magazine redesigning sounds like an exciting and fun adventure - doesn’t it? Well, partly, it is. Redesigning a magazine double-spread allowed me to be creative and explore my artistic skills. However, the endless options might seem a bit nerve-wracking at times. For my magazine redesign I chose a little booklet named “Sister” - “A Magazine for Girls”. I chose the page that stood out the most to me and that had a balance between writing and visual impact. Pages 18 & 19 consist of an interview with Hattie Stewart, a London based artist known for drawing on top of magazine covers. I found her to be very inspiring, as she deeply encourages everyone to be themselves and to express that through art - 2018 resolution, anyone?





Want to try your take on magazine redesigning? Or just designing perhaps? Stay with me, I’ll try to guide you. The first thing you need is two pages from a magazine (or just one, or ten - it doesn’t matter) Done? Now just scan your pages, load then onto photoshop and go crazy! Really, that’s it. There is no right or wrong when you’re being creative, just try your best and play with the different tools, it’s not that deep. And if you’re not Pablo Picasso when it comes to getting your way with Photoshop and other adobe platforms, just look anything up on our Lord and Saviour Google and/or its disciples Youtube and But now, if you want a few useful tips, here we go: Be careful of the section between pages, as - if you’re doing a double-page spread - you need to think about the binding that goes there and how your design might be affected be it. You really don’t want your words to be cut up or your images to not be complete. Furthermore, check the image quality! A blurry image is a big no-no, we don’t want people questioning if they’ve got their glasses on or not. If your image is a bit too low quality, head to Photoshop’s [Image - Image Size - Resolution] and write down 300. That should do the trick.




NICK NICK KNIGHT KNIGHT Nick Knight, as most of you might know, is an awarded British photographer and the founder and director of the fashion website He has worked for renowned brands such as Christian Dior, Lancôme, Swarovski, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein or Yves Saint Laurent. You could basically say he is the God of British Fashion Photography, pretty much. Knight is known for always being innovative and tackling new technologies. In his rather extensive amount of work, we’ve taken inspiration from his Diesel campaign, where he used only his iPhone and the Glitch app to create a rather visually impactful display. The campaign consists of a video, animated gifs and still pictures (like the one showcased on page 10)


On the next page, you’ll find (above) Nick Knight’s Diesel campaign (2014) Underneath is Naomi Campbell shot by Nick Knight for V Magazine (2007)


IMAGES&APPS: IMAGES&APPS: GLITCH According to David Griner from, “Glitch Has Become One of Today’s Defining Design Trends”. Glitch is an app that uses image distortion and pixels to edit pictures. But why has it become so popular? Big personalities such as Nick Knight, as I mentioned before, have dabbled into the trend, and even Adidas had a whole Glitch collection of their own. Well, rumour has it that the whole perfectly imperfect theme is what makes it so attractive. Today’s generation, essentially millennials, are well aware of the heavy amount of editing that everything goes through, and they don’t want to be deceived. The appeal of Glitched images is that the changes are so obvious that they cannot be hidden in any way, shape or form. On the next page you can see Sam Skinner getting glitched for Fucking Young! Online. Moreover, check pages 13 & 14 for some original Vida magazine glitched images.







case study

NEW MARKETING Yeezy Season 6 has arrived, and with it, a new advertising strategy. Man Repeller’s Harling Ross wrote that “the seemingly deliberate lack of fanfare stands in stark contrast to the epic media storms of Yeezys past” and she is right. But…what really happened? And why? Days before the release, Kim Kardashian-West, Kanye’s fiancé and alltime partner in crime, was spotted wearing the upcoming pieces. She tweeted and instagrammed herself running errands around Los Angeles, sporting head to toe Yeezy. The very casual theme seems to clash with Kimye’s usual theme, so, why the sudden change? My theory is that they have realised that, after being overly criticised for not being transparent enough in regard to rumours or past product launches, they have realised that people want to relate to the product’s ambassador. And that means jumping out of their $150,000 Tesla and just going to buy some Kit Kat. Seems simple, but it works. Other fashion brands such as Vetements have also jumped on the train of non-retouched, relatable campaigns. The recent campaign for their SS18 collection casts “regular people” sporting a peculiar period pain signature pose. However, this is not their first attempt at changing the game as they announced they were not participating in any fashion weeks until it “regains some meaning”. What do you think? Is this a fashion revolution? And if so, are you ready for it?




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Fatima Ezzeddine Mayo UEL (BA) Fashion Marketing

FT4003 Magazine  

Fatima Ezzeddine Mayo UEL (BA) Fashion Marketing