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Contemporary Art Gallery

ART CONCEPT ALTERNATIVE Vero Beach, Florida Art Concept Alternative, ACA, represents a diverse selection of multigenerational artists working across painting, photography, sculpture, installation and experimental works. Housed at Raw Space, in Vero Beach, Florida, ACA provides an ongoing platform of exhibits, Artist-in-Residence programs, workshops and events that have made a strong impact in the community, strengthening the dialogue between artists and American audiences. Founder Silvia Medina and her team believe in the power of art to inspire and transform lives.

About Silvia Medina, CEO/Art Director/Curator: Born in Cuba and graduated from Havana University with a degree in Latin American and Cuban Art, Medina has over 30 years’ experience in the art field. She is a founding member of the Havana Biennial and the Havana, Cuba Wilfredo Lam Center. Her trajectory is defined by emigration. She served as Executive Director of Sala Mendoza in Caracas, Venezuela from 1996 to 2002, Artistic Director at PagèsEspaid'Art Gallery in Barcelona, Spain from 2002 to 2006, and Intrepid Art Gallery in Vero Beach, Florida from 2010 to 2012. She has curated numerous national and international art fairs and collaborated with major art publications including Art Nexus and Art Districts. About Niurka Barroso, Executive Director: An award-winning photographer, Niurka graduated from Havana University with a degree in Classical languages and worked for twelve years for Agence FrancePresse (AFP). Since 2005, she works as a freelance photographer in Toronto, Canada. Barroso's work exhibited in Austria, Canada, Cuba, USA, and Spain from 1998 to 2017; and was included in several group exhibitions in Canada, Cuba, France, Israel, Mexico, Spain and the United States from 1995 to 2018. She earned the Casa de las Americas Award for Contemporary Photography in 1998. ART CONCEPT ALTERNATIVE 430 16th St. S.W. Vero Beach, FL, USA 32962 artconceptalternative.org/ mailto:artconceptalternative.org/ + 1 (772) 410 9126

Represented artists: Luis A. Hernández | Venezuela Hilda Vidal | Cuba Carlos Pérez Vidal | Cuba/USA Jorge Cavelier | Colombia/USA Niurka Barroso | Cuba/Canada Alejo Santa Maria | Colombia Tutua Boshell | Colombia/USA Pepa Curriu |Spain Evelyn Walg | Venezuela/USA Ileana Collazo | Cuba/USA Lucía Zalbidea | Spain Stella Battaglia | Italy Pablo Lanuza | Spain Willy Pérez | Dominican Republic Consuegra Romero | Spain Eliel Perez | Puerto Rico Ernie Barreto | Cuba/USA Estela García | Spain Alfonso Martin Yebra |Spain Álvaro Peña | Spain Dimensional Box | Spain/USA Lucía Gómez | Colombia/USA Valentina Bilbao |Venezuela/USA Pilar Sagarra de Moor | Spain Art Fair Participations and International Projects: 2018: JUSTMAD9-Madrid, Spain | JUST LX Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair-Lisbon, Portugal 2017: “Caminos Encontrados: From Florida to the World;” Seven-Artists exhibition presented at Sala Museo San Juan de Dios-Alicante, Spain | “Las Formas del Tiempo;” Colombian artist Jorge Cavelier; Verdi_Verd, Espai d’ ArtBarcelona, Spain | Malaga Art Fair, Malaga, Spain | BIFAS-Boston InternationalBoston, Massachusetts | Pinta Miami | Art Basel Miami Week | Wynwood Art District | Miami, Florida

Participating Artists

“We are” | Consuegra Romero | Spain

“I love art. Feeling drawing is feeling the soul of art. Today, the investigation with my artistic commitment is focused in being sincere with myself and with the world we live in, seeking the truth and the soul of drawing, to strip it of superficiality, lies, blinded mediocrity in which we are buried. Furthermore, I'm interested in exploring the ballpoint pen's technique, to ray, blur, dirty, draw and paint, always forgetting that I have a ball-pen in my hand.� - Consuegra Romero Consuegra Romero was born in Cordoba, Spain. From her studies in Fine Arts, she enjoyed learning a great variety of disciplines - drawing and painting becoming the two disciplines she developed in her later works; complimented digital art. Her most direct encounter with drawing began in the summer of 2015 when she was experiencing an existential crisis. This life event created a turning point concerning her experience with art. She began to draw in small sheets, in the room which she had slept when she was a child, scribbling things with what she had available a ballpoint pen. Consuegra’s disturbing figurative work - always rendered in ballpoint pen - is characterized by an unrefined stroke technique in search for a not doctrinally graph; generating an imagery of characters, either gathered or alone, in overwhelming situations. Her work has been featured in Art Daily News International Magazine and Academic Studies: 2006-Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain / 2012- Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, Florence, Italy.

”Somos lo que comemos” | Lucía Zalbidea | Spain

“I feel a strong inclination towards experimenting with all kind of materials: wood, textiles, and objects I find, and sometimes I intervene them; which reflects my career as an art restorer. My artworks explore the course of life, its traces, and invisible marks, and are related to abstract concepts of waiting, memory and time.” – Lucía Zalbidea Zalbidea was born in Valencia, Spain, and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Valencia Polytechnic University. She developed a successful career as an art restorer at the Department of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (P.U.V). Zalbidea is a member of Arteenred Group, and the co-founder of the “Al Marge Espai d’Art” Gallery in Javea, Alicante, Spain. Since 1996, she is CEO of the Aurelia International publishing house. She also taught several courses about her praxis and published several articles on Restoration and Art Techniques in specialized books.

“Bosque andino oro” | Jorge Cavelier | Colombia

“At the age of 14, I was bewildered by the magical process of transforming reality by combining lines-colors in a flat surface. I use the Italian old master techniques for preparing the canvas and select the best kinds of oils suited for the painting. In the installation: “Horizons: Among the Cloud Forest,” the technique of silk drawings and paintings try to evoke that ethereal realm where we exercise the recognition of our universe. Different layers of transparent silk textile add colors, shades of smoky white hues, to create landscapes where the spectator may lose his/her conception of time and space and enter into his/her interior spectrum of soul qualities.” – Jorge Cavelier Born in Bogota, Colombia, Cavelier works in painting and sculpture. After a brief incursion in architecture and a year of painting at New York University, he traveled to study in Italy in the Accademia di Belle Atria di Firenze where he finished his BFA in 1982. Returning to Bogotá the same year he founded Trazo, an open studio where he worked and taught painting techniques. In June 1999, Jorge was kidnapped by the Colombian guerrilla group, FARC. He was released in 2000 and emigrated to the U.S after being granted an “extraordinary ability” permanent residence visa. Since then the artist lives in Key Biscayne, FL. Several of his works have sold at auction; including 'ENCANTAMIENTO,' sold at Sotheby's New York 'Latin American Art' in 2009.

“Moonlight 1” | Stella Battaglia | Italy

“Reflection on the relationship between vision and object, between the two dimensions of the image and the three dimensions of sculpture (2D - 3D) has led me to the creation of works in a wide range of materials, traditional and otherwise, including video installations. The image is taken as a point of departure for a shape that develops through space in a rhythmic, dynamic manner. A sense of motion predominates, and this enters into resonance with the motion of the observer walking around the work”. – Stella Battaglia After working in dance and theatre, Battaglia turned to the figurative arts focusing on the theme of perspective and anamorphosis accompanied by an indepth study of optical distortion in sculpture. Collaboration with the Museo Galileo - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza in Florence has been of major importance. Together with Gianni Miglietta, she has realized installations for various national and international exhibitions and workshops on the theme of the relationship between vision and representation, art and science. She regularly collaborates with the Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze, corso di Geometria Descrittiva. She was called upon by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure for consultation on the perspective used in the bas-relief of the Pulpit of Donatello in the church of San Lorenzo, Florence.

“Mapas de vuelo” Series | Estela García | Spain

“Dragonflies, cicadas, bumblebees, and moths have given me their winds to create my own, so I can rise and take off in flight again. These images, like traces, have sculpted a map of the soul. These images have been made without a camera. The textures have been created directly in the darkroom using a chemical process on large format black and white film.” – Estela García Estela is a photographer born in Almeria, Spain. Graduated from Institut d´Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya (IEFC) Spain in 2007, she also studied Nude Photography with Catalan photographer Manel Esclusa in 2006 and Old Photographic Techniques with Esther Llorca in 2005 at IEFC. Her work has been featured in Art Daily News International Magazine.

Human Woman: The Female Identity Series | Who we are: ”Bleeding Heart, Paper Wings” | Collage on Watercolor Paper | Ileana Collazo | Cuba/USA

“I learned all I needed to about creating art as a young girl in my grandmother's garden - where I sat doing what as an adult I call meditating. That quiet spot became my temple. Many years passed before I began to birth the creations conceived in my early daydreams. I started to write fiction and poetry, and then my mind exploded into a galaxy of colors, shapes, and movement as I started to paint on a variety of surfaces, digitally, and then added photography and digital visual art to my artistic spectrum. My art is representative of the twists and turns we take during our daily lives, and of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us. My work is my gift to the world, and to everyone who falls in love with it. I was born in Cuba, and have lived in Spain, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. I now reside in Miami, Florida, where I work and play at Collazo Art Studio with my artist husband Miguel, four dogs, and cats in the yard. I take photographs - sometimes of all the obvious things that we all see, and others of things we tend to overlook - like items tossed roadside, a section of what I initially see in the frame... - then, I digitally mix and match the images to create the finished work. When I paint, I allow colors, shapes, and movement to guide me to express the language that floats inside my brain.� – Ileana Collazo

“Junco Suite IV” | Pablo Lanuza | Spain

“Over the years, the artistic discourse of my work has developed in the field of abstraction, leaving aside all figurative references to explore the expressive and emotional possibilities of painting. My works are a reflection about the nature of the soul, undressed through successive layers of oil, textures, grattage, which resemble life scars. The chromatic uniqueness of the artworks represents the nuances that we are dragging until we reach our destination. The chromatic uniqueness of the paintings represents all the nuances that we are dragging until we reach the final destination; the human being in his individuality, investigating his mysteries, fears, yearnings, and desires.� – Pablo Lanuza Lanuza, born in Seville, Spain, graduated from the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungria. He works as a painting and drawing teacher in Seville. Lanuza explores the expressive and emotional possibilities of painting through his abstract work. His work has been featured in Art Nexus and Art Daily News International Magazine.

“Two People Running” | Pepa Curriu | Spain

“To begin a new work is like a game and a puzzle at the same time, elevating the color and the shape. This way a new microcosm is built, which can´t be considered finished until it is crafted, balanced and completed.” – Pepa Curriu Curriu started her education at the Sant Cugat del Vallès Art School and graduated from the Barcelona´s School of Art & Design “La Llotja” with a degree in Painting. The artist has been a drawing and painting teacher; primarily exploring many pictorial techniques and media.

An Art Daily News International Magazine Special Editions Publication Fatima Cรกnovas, Editor/Publisher http://www.artdailynewsinternational.com/ https://issuu.com/fatimacanovas/docs/artdailynewsinternationalmagazi artdailynewsinternational@gmail.com +1 305 302 6803

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JUST LX Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair 2018 | First Edition  

Art Concept Alternative Participating Artists Roster

JUST LX Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair 2018 | First Edition  

Art Concept Alternative Participating Artists Roster