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“Because of this, I had often struggled with the insecurity of comparison, wishing my skin was smooth and tan...”


hy do you have boogers all over your body?” Even though these words came from the mouth of a very young boy who seemingly had no social skills, my eight-year-old soul felt the wound deeply. Boogers, spots, a large game of Connect-the-Dots, or millions of holes, are several examples of the many ways my skin has been described. These skin abnormalities are often more commonly known as, freckles. My “angel kisses,” or freckles have followed me all my life and have brought with them, their fair share of insults and insecurities.

sess. The older I’ve gotten, I’ve become more comfortable in the beautiful skin that I live in and I have come to love my freckles. And now I can confidently add that I am amongst the unique. Because of my love of magazines and fashion, the reoccurring theme I have found is that freckles are actually the “must-have accessory” for the runway this Fall. Because of that, many talent and model companies have created searches specifically for freckled beauties, causing women to step up, rep-

resenting their skin with confidence. Thanks to my dad, who had enforced the “no makeup rule” until I was 16, I learned to embrace natural beauty. Many years later, as a 31-year-old woman, I still wear light makeup; never trying to cover up my freckles or smooth out my spotted skin. Maybe you too have the rare mixture of brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. Or maybe your genetic makeup has created another exceptional display of beau-

For many people, freckles are a beauty mark to desire or attain, but like most insecurities, the grass was always greener, or as in this case, the beauty was more beautiful on someone else’s skin. Because of this, I had often struggled with the insecurity of comparison, wishing my skin was smooth and tan like so many of my friends growing up. According to Daily Mail, a study was recently conducted in Ireland, with 2,230 participants, where scientists found that gene IRF4 causes a rare genetic combination. This gene has been found to cause the unique combination of brown hair, blue eyes and freckles— the combo I just so happen to posty. Whatever your skin tone, hair color, eye shape or body type, you are beautiful. We are all masterfully designed and created. Just like a freckle is unlike its neighboring partners, no two humans are the same. How incredible is that?!? We are all incomparably beautiful. So this fall, whether or not you sparkle with freckles, choose to shine brightly and boldly. You have beauty to offer that nobody else has, because you are the only you. - Janae Klatt

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Everywhere I go, I see people. There are people all around--at the airport, the gas station, Disneyland, the mall, Trader Joe’s, the post office, my favorite places to eat, the beach... they are EVERYWHERE. I am not the kind of person that just goes to a place, ignoring all the beautiful lives and faces I see all around me. I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum where strangers are concerned. When I see people, I get overwhelmed. I want to know their story. When I smile, it warms my heart to see that reciprocated. I see these precious faces from all walks of life, in their uniqueness, with their experiences, celebrations, pain, joys and losses and I can’t help but realize that though different shapes, colors and sizes, we are all children of God. Though all may not know they are His, they are. There is a verse in Psalm 119:73 that says, “Your hands have made me and fashioned me…“. We’ve all been fashioned, designed and destined for something great, by Someone greater. If you are breathing, you are fashioned for a specific purpose and this magazine is for you—to celebrate you in your beauty, as you are.

Letter from the Editor

A lot of times when God speaks to me loudly, it’s when He’s being firm on instructions and when I travel. It’s the oddest thing. I hear a lot of people say they don’t hear God speak to them. But if they would just quiet themselves, and ask Him to, He would surely speak. One of these louder occasions took place on a plane from San Francisco to LA. Another time, on an Amtrak train from Oklahoma, to Orange County. And now—from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, He speaks to me … and it is coming in loud and clear—NOW is the time to march to a rhythm of our very own, as we present Fashioned to the world. It’s not that that there isn’t already enough magazines about fashion. This magazine is a little different – we love fashion, but even more than that, we love the people who wear it. What can you expect? In our pages, you can expect to find stories of courage, triumph, tips on fashion, beauty, love, life, faith and relationships, along with encouragement to pursue your hopes, dreams and uniqueness. You can also expect to find our



models and stories to be from people who’ve touched our hearts, and hopefully, they will touch yours. Our heart is that every reader gains joy, courage, strength, wisdom and more as you read through the pages of our new magazine. Where there is reading, there is always mini-chat-series, podcasts and more just around the corner…so be on the lookout for those, as well! As for me, there are still visions and dreams in my heart that haven’t even begun to be carried out; But after looking fear in the face, today that changes. Still by far one of the scariest things I have ever done, I am excited, as it’s the first of many baby steps I am taking towards those things that have been in my heart for too many years. What I see in my heart is big…huge, actually. So, twenty-something years later, I finally put my hands to one of the very things for which I have been fashioned. It is with great pleasure I introduce you to Fashioned Magazine. Fashioned Magazine, meet the world. Loving You Already, Cyndi Galley

September Playlist Music…there’s just something about it that can change the way we feel—for the good or the bad. Well, a little something we know, is that we were all designed and fashioned to respond to music. It’s why a toddler who has never been taught 1. September, Earth, Wind & Fire. You will never tire of the rhythm and brass! 2. September, Kirk Franklin. A great positive version of the above! 3. Flower, Amos Lee. This tune will warm your heart on the very first note! 4. Best Day of My Life, American Authors. Great first day of school song! 5. It’s a New Season, Martha Munizzi. Powerful and prophetic to the core! 6. March On, Mike Gerbrandt. New artist with a LOT of talent. Great album.

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BRITT TELLS ALL... There are a lot of times I have no idea what to wear, so I get on Pinterest and start mixing and matching …or browse through popular clothing stores to see what’s new and see what I have in my closet to make that work!

So when we (FM) got word that this month’s “It” girl was still single and waiting, we thought we’d dig just a tad bit deeper to get into the mind of this fabulous Sandy Blonde Cali gal! What we found in 26-year-old Brittany Treglia (BT), was a simple beauty, with an extraordinary heart and wisdom waaaaay beyond her years! FM: You are the epitome of an 8 to 4 chic working girl – what inspires your work outfits? BT: Definitely my mood. That inspires what I’m wearing. There are a lot of times I have no idea what to wear, so I get on Pinterest and start mixing and matching …or browse through popular clothing stores to see what’s new and see what I have in my closet to make that work!



FM: Denim is coming back stronger than ever. How do YOU like to wear your denim? BT: I actually hate shopping for jeans, so for the most part when I wear denim, I do button-up tops and I’ll wear that with anything. Skirt, pant, shorts…anything! I do have a pair of jean overalls that I love and I have my eye on a jean skirt that I will be buying as soon as I get paid! FM: Your five TOP beauty essentials you can’t go a day without--on your mark, get set…go! BT: Chapstick, Mac foundation, my Chi straightener, my Dolce and Gabbana eyeglasses, and…any nail polish! FM: Anyone who knows you, knows of your love for Disneyland; So Knott’s or Magic?

BT: Knott’s. Magic Mountain scares the heck out of me! FM: Are you afraid of anything? BT: I’m afraid of the dark and don’t like being home alone. FM: When you have a fear, how do you overcome? BT: I call my bestie, Edna. But, I also remember that the Lord has better plans for me, so I’m covered! FM: Best day of your life? BT: The day my brother, Antonio, was born. FM: Single or unavailable? BT: Single. FM: Top five things? BT: Encouraging text messages, Disney, Chipotle, my brother and a good sports story!

really hard. FM: What did you do to get out of that? BT: On the daily what I did to get out of that, was relied on my girl, Edna and my mom. One day I just woke and realized I needed to put my big girl panties on…and that God had graced me for this, and that He was for me and not against me. I was like, “Man up, Treglia.” I decided to choose a different way to look, think and feel about things…that’s the beauty of choice…we think it’s right or wrong. We choose how we

One day I just woke up and realized I needed to put my big girl panties on, and that God had graced me for this...I was like, “Man up, Treglia!”

FM: What causes you to wake up every morning? BT: My alarm clock, for sure! But I wake up because I know I’m created for a time such as this, and I gotta get up and get it done! AND ‘cuz I KNOW either, Edna or Chipotle, will happen somewhere in my day!

FM: What are you passionate about? BT: Young people knowing their worth and what they are designed for… FM: A time in your life when you were incredibly discouraged? BT: Probably about seven or eight months ago, I was completely unsure of who I was, what I was supposed to do and what was even happening in my life…it was just

react to situations and how we feel about things. It was just something I had to learn. FM: Three things you look for in your ideal guy. BT: Strength to lead me, because I’m pretty independent. Humor— either I’m so focused, or I’m a freaking dork! Lastly…Must. Love. Sports. FM: Bucket list? BT: I’d like travel the country in a 1960’s V.W. Van…now that’s a vacation! FM: That IS a vacation! BT: …Heck yeah!

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I am one of those people that really, really enjoy change… New places, new faces, new challenges, new dreams and new seasons energize me! I think what I like most about change is the opportunity for a fresh start, full of possibilities!


God Himself likes change--He made every day a brand new day. Each day is like His reminder to us that we can start over; that regardless of what happened yesterday, today can be different. Each morning that we wake up, we can choose life, we can make right decisions, we can love


greater and we can discover better ways. Life is too short to stay stuck in the yesterdays! Reliving the past or worrying about what happened, won’t change it. It’s good to learn from our past, but it’s not good to let it determine our present or future. There is such freedom in forgetting those things that are behind, and instead, looking to those things that are ahead. That certainly doesn’t mean that the hurt we may feel isn’t valid or deep. Some of us have walked through very hard and painful situations. But it

Life is too short to stay stuck in the yesterdays! Reliving the past or worrying about what happened, won’t change it.

does mean that we must not allow the pain from the past to keep us from finding joy in the present.

years ago that have caused me to live a life of freedom, joy, hope and anticipation of what is ahead!

So how do we let go of yesterday? It is a choice – a choice that sometimes we have to make every few minutes. It’s a choice to ask God to heal our broken heart and to help us move forward. It’s a choice to forgive, even those that don’t deserve forgiveness. It’s a choice to think differently. As a daughter of an alcoholic, I’m so glad I made these choices

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, remember it’s your chance to begin again! Kimberly Dirmann is the Southwest District Supervisor of the Foursquare Church, who also co-pastors The Rock in Anaheim, CA, with her husband, Pastor Jerry Dirmann.

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Talk Sports Like a Guy...Or Try! by Brittany Treglia

ny day, any time, any season--I’d take wings and sports over shopping and sushi. There’s something about the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of sneakers on a basketball court and the resounding chorus of Queen’s Freddy Mercury, “We are the Champions,” that makes my heart beat faster than the wings of a hummingbird. I love sports. Period. Put me in a group of guys debating over the best basketball player in the league and I’ll either slaughter their debate or keep up with their stats and facts. It’s all laughs and comments when guys hear my favorite team, but then they quickly quiet up when I call out the names and throw out winning numbers. Do I like sports? I get updates on the regular, have the ESPN app on my phone and can name the top sports broadcasters in a second. Do I like sports? I guess you could say I started to fall in love with sports my junior year of high school. I remember watching March Madness and setting my heart on Gonzaga winning the whole thing. I can still see poor Adam Morrison on the ground crying when they lost…that’s when I realized, “Sports are amazing!” There is so much more to it than just a bunch of competitive, egotistical men trying to get the ball into a net or hole, there’s heart, spirit and team-work behind it. Now, not every man can handle a girl who likes sports; but many are pretty impressed when you can name drop a few men on their favorite teams. One of my best friends was recently crushing on a guy from her work and she would send me quick texts asking about his team, and what do you her “knowlede made him all the more interested. Now “Fashioned” isn’t designed to

necessarily help the girls attract a man, but let’s be real ladies, even quiet and classy chics can use a little help. I find knowing my sports can be somewhat intimidating, but also super attractive. Here are a few tips to keep you up-to-date in the sports world.

es to follow; ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB, X-Games…whatever your preference, its there. Another key point in “knowing” your sports? Don’t make dumb comments. Most men get really worked up about their sports, so saying that Ronda Rousey can beat up Floyd Mayweather, without really knowing what you’re talking about, can make you look…well, let’s just say “Don’t’ do that.” Lastly, don’t just say you like a team because of their colors…come on, ladies, we have a little more in that noggin than that. You might find, that after all these little tid-bits, you actually enjoy sports. By enjoy, I mean get into the sport—which is a whole lot more than just admiring the men in their form-fitting-baseball pataloons or eating wings during the super bowl.

Do you have Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Perfect. Follow or “like” ESPN. ESPN is always updating and giving reports of the latest news in football. Does your boyfriend or recent interest have a favorite team, or maybe teams is the more appropriate word? Follow their official site, too. This way, you can see when Tom Brady’s suspension is up or whether or not Lebron will stay with the Cavs or take his talents to who the heck knows where?!? Following sports on Twitter is probably the most effective way. This is where I get the 411 on sports, news, and even a little celeb-chatter… it’s all through Twitter. For sports, there are a number of Twitter pag-

Let’s Hear it From the Boys! Poll: We asked the boys if if it was attractive when girls know/like sports... survey said! Yes: 86% No: 12% Didn’t care: 2%

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Chris Genin shares the importance of the boys stepping up to the plate to give their culinary skills a little lift. Photographer: Zach DeWerd



or generations, men have run away from the idea of cooking. Whether it be for friends, family, or even a girlfriend, for the most part, many men) generally do not show a huge interest in such an activity. Newsflash: The only place for a woman isn’t in the kitchen. Men can (and should) be there, too! So, if cooking isn’t just a “woman’s job,” why is it that so many men (not all) are afraid to step up to the plate (no pun intended) where cooking is concerned? Be it for their lady or just to finally eat a flavorful homemade cuisine for a change, to enjoy something more than the basic microwave-gruntand-grub experience, should be the goal...always. rowing up, it seems like I remember guys trying to be the “big dog”, although I didn’t necessarily see this in my own home (my dad, all brothers and my mom), it was portrayed…everywhere else. I’d see it on T.V., in the movies, songs, ads—really, everywhere



I looked. It seemed to me a rare thing to find a man in the kitchen. Now granted, the Food Network wasn’t quite what it’s like today--with the likes of Bobby Flay, Guy Fierri, Alton Brown and the newer Sandwhich Guy’s Jeff Mauro. Even with this line-up of male-studded chefs on the Food Network, most men I know seem to carry the mentality, that if they don’t act tough, don’t bang their chest harder than the man in the cubicle next to theirs or can’t lift enough weight, then they are irrelevant and will go unnoticed. While this is definitely not the case, it could help contribute to a sports-only emphasis, so that guys begin engaging in everything else, except cooking. Don’t get me wrong--sports are great, and I love them as much as the guy next door (maybe, slightly more), but let’s put our skills to the test! For one, they’re fun to play (depending on how much I’ve eaten that day), and thrilling to watch, but the man in me identifies with a great sense of accomplishment in the whole conquer-and-divide thing. But I do wonder, however, if this mindset may hold some back from expressing manhood in new and unique ways, experiencing something amazing!


few years ago I was dating a girl named Megan. Now, something you need to know about me is that I’m a musician; And when I was younger, playing music was pretty much the only thing I knew (and wanted) to do. When I began dating her, I knew I wanted to do something special for her other than write another horrible song. So I decided I would cook a homemade meal for Megan. Kinda has a nice ring to it--Meal for Megan. Back to the story…this was not something I’d ever done before, but I knew it would mean a lot to her, and that’s pretty much all that mattered. So I, of course, got on the internet, in search of that perfect fancy recipes, finally finding something I felt we both would really enjoy. The finished product? Together we enjoyed: A fresh garden salad with zesty Italian dressing, a soft fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, grilled asparagus, fettuccine noodles, coupled with tender chicken, topped with creamy Alfredo sauce and Wisconsin’s finest cheese. Dessert isn’t dessert if it’s not cheesecake. And that’s exactly what we had, because…well, it’s awesome.

“I believe that if every guy at least gave cooking a try, they’d be pleasantly surprised at how much they really enjoy it! “ Chris, being playful in the kithcen. Photographer: Zach DeWerd


hris, get to the point—what are you saying? What I’m saying is two-fold. If you have a guy who doesn’t lift a pot or a pan to make you the dish of your dreams, it might do your palate some good if you encourage him to do so. Who knows, it may help him discover a hidden culinary talent

he may have; and secondly, it would help raise the bar for the male gender as a whole. Cooking’s not only great, it’s FUN, and I think most men would find that being in the kitchen surpasses a joy known to man—possibly even more than the joy of tackling one’s opponent on a football field (at least for some). I am definitely not a master chef, but now I know that I not only have the ability to cook a great meal, but I thoroughly enjoy cooking! Who knows? Maybe an idea for a date could be to take a cooking class together. You may see a side of him that you’ve never seen before and give him an opportunity to play a new part in the relationship. You never know what could come of it…he might just be the next Bobby Flay! by Chris Genin, who by the way is a die-hard Green Bay Packer Fan (we expect nothing less from a guy who lives in WISCONSIN!!)


hange of Heart...

’ve been walking about life somewhat despondent and without direction. It seems like I’ve tried just about everything to fill this void I keep waking up to every morning. By everything, you know what I mean. But if I’m completely honest with myself, I realize that I still feel empty. How is that even possible? may have casually referenced You before, but this time, I am serious. I’ve heard about a God who is real, who is kind, loving and forgiving. A God Who can pull me out of even the darkest of places. God, if you are real, then I take a step towards You and give my life to You. And if You are real, then I accept that Jesus took my place on the cross so many years ago, so that I would come to this place and meet You here. If I’ve ever done anything that has broken your heart, please forgive me. Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. I need You and receive Your forgiveness and love. My heart and life is Yours. Make me new – right here, right now, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. If you read this and would like someone to follow-up with you, let us know: or fill out the “Contact Us” on our web:

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Fashioned Girls, Brittany goods where laughs are graphed by Liz Taylor.

THE PHOTOSHOOT by Cyndi Galley

So the morning began with what felt like record-breaking heat and still, we were nowhere near noon. I quickly typed in into my browser only to find out, that in OC that day, we were expecting a high of 100-deegrees. I feel like I don’t have enough hours in my day—let alone when directing our first photo shoot; However, that day, my personal photo shoot was also scheduled--which generally means getting a blow-out, piecing together the right outfit (from head-to-toe) and of course, getting my make-up done professionally! Now, while this is probably a no-brainer for many in the fashion or fashion-magazine industry, we are so new at this, our magazine baby-bottoms are as smooth as a newborn’s! That being said, hair and make-up for the September issue was what I referred to as “Bring whatcha got and do-it-yourselves, girls!” And because every one of them are what I like to call, “studs“, they were good to go! The call time for the first cast of gals, including this month’s It Girl, Brittany Treglia, was 2:45 pm. And so arrive at 2:45 pm, at our location at 2:45 pm, they did. And then came the rest—an hour later. Most arriving with their make-up done, our afternoon was well-underway, going through wardrobe supplied from Sassy Rack Thrift Boutique ( To say that our photographer, Liz Taylor, had her hands full, would be an understatment, for she took on quite the task and worked her camera better than we could ever have imagined (we had a few different shoots going on at the same time)!



We knew that a party of nine might be a bit much for our fashion shoot, but we all just came to the place where we wanted this first issue to be a party…a celebration of who we are. So, that is exactly what we did. We kept it at nine, all hands were on deck, and away we shot. Despite the heat, the girls remained in extremely high spirits. In fact, if you see smiles in the photos from that shoot, it’s because they were cracking up...and that’s exactly what we had hoped for! A great shoot with a fanTASTic group of girls! Our Fashioned gals aren’t just any girls, these lovelies are beautiful inside and out, they are love, they give back to the world and display confidence— not because of what they wear, but because of who they are.

and Lauren, got the e concerned. Photo-

Fashioned Magazine’s cover girls putting their best foot forward as they strut across the streets of downtown Fullerton. Photographed by Liz Taylor

We were and still are honored to have them kick off the first issue with us, and filled with gratitude to have each one of these beauties partnering with us on our first issue. Thank you to Cassidy Anderson, Regina Cosby, Edna DeLeon, Kelsey Lee Hollenback, Kalan Jackson, Kenzie McKurren, Ashlyn Pike, Lauren Thorneycroft and Brittany Treglia. You are women created to mark our world with all the gifts, love and beauty that is IN you. Because we believe beauty is really at the core and essence of who we are, we were intentional about having our shoot consist of women of all colors, shapes and sizes. Some in the fashion industry might call us crazy. We’re good with that—we are rule-breakers who live to bring life, light and hope to a world so often bombarded with messages of anger, darkness and despair. Our last photograph was taken roughly at about 6:45 pm—just 15 minutes after our end-time-guesstimate. The temp was still around a nice solid 90-degrees, but the sun was setting and though pretty exhausted from a long, hot afternoon of standing, walking and posing for pics under the sun, I’d say our first shoot for our very first issue was a success! Did we learn some things not to do for the Fashioned Girls, L to R: Kelsey, Edna, Ashlyn, Re- next shoot? Ummm...yeah! But hey, that’s the beauty of life--you gina, Kalan (“KJ”), Kenzie, Brittany, Lauren and live AND you learn! But ya better learn, or you’re a fool! Cassidy. Photographed by Liz Taylor.

A Pet-Worker’s Plea for Help! Hi Fashioned Mag, I need a little help in the daily wardrobe department and so thought I’d reach out. I work at a doggy daycare, which doesn’t give me a whole lot of options for going to work dressed cute. Employees are given five T-shirts for our uniform, so I pretty much go to work everyday in jeans and a grey Tee. What do you suggest on how I can go about doing something a little more fashionable at an active job dealing with animals?

-Yvonne J., Fitchburg, WI

FM: Great question! Do you know if you’re able to alter any of your T-shirts. If so, there are a lot of ways to beautify a plain T-shirt! To that, I would add a cute ¾ sleeved black shrug or sweater with black jeans or leggings. Other colors could work, like maybe a dark grey or jacquard draped sweater. Paired up with the right flat or pair of boots (depending on the season), you’re go-

ing to feel so much better! One of the most enjoyable things about work, is the fun in deciding what to wear… now you may have some options! Thank you for emailing us with your question on fashion! Be sure to gram us when you get your outfit together … and say hello to those precious pets at Waggin’ Tails! #fashionedmag

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FALL M Spring came and left us, and Summer is standing strong; But let’s face it, ladies. We know that Fall patiently waits while tapping her pretty little boots on the ground. All so she can unleash her seasonal beauty, and we won’t mind to follow suit! Fall. While I’ve lived in SoCal for over forty of my years in life, I’ve only ever experienced Fall while attending grad school in Tulsa, OK. August had left and before I knew it, I was looking at trees arrayed in golds, reds, oranges, yellows and browns mine eyes had ne’er seen--except for maybe in the movies. That’s when I fell in love. Up to that point, Fall had been but a stranger to me, but in that year of 1997, she and I became great friends!



Like most Falls everywhere BUT in Cali, this turning from warmth into a slight cool, plays the culprit in the unpacking of sweaters, boots, coats, scarves….and more—all in the name of Fall. It’s true that sometimes it isn’t even cold enough to actually wear soft leather gloves, but doesn’t it bring such joy to bring them out and put them on?!? It’s actually my green leather gloves that so often encourage me to travel somewhere other than the Golden State for my holiday vacation in November (I almost always find myself in Seattle). Whether in Seattle, Oklahoma, Madison, Austin or New York (now THAT was one of my chilliest Falls I had ever experienced, and yet, the desire to

Fall causes us to reevaluate our closets from the year before.

MUST-HAVE’S frequent Manhattan, never leaves), Fall causes us to reevaluate our closets from the year before. Rarely can we afford a brand new wardrobe—and at this point in my weight, I certainly wouldn’t do that to my bank account, anyway—however, there are some fun staples we can count on to make this seasonal transition one of the most colorful yet. And this Fall, why not?!?

1. Booties that make a statement. Not all booties need to be mohair. In fact, a growing trend in shoes, and purses, is vegan! Whatever your cause, a bootie that makes a statement will rock any legging, pair of jeans, pencil skirt or A-skirt! These leopard print mohair booties are a personal favorite of mine. Jessica Simpson went right where she needed to go, and I succumbed. Steve Madden makes a

“mad” bootie quite similar.

2. Scarves—you can never have too many. This scarf was picked up at a quick-store fave of mine, H&M. Talk about Fall—the rich oranges, mustard and browns on navy blue, makes this scarf the perfect Fall accessory over a dress, sweater or a comfy denim button-up! If you hurry, you’ll be sure to find a gorgeous scarf in all of it’s rich autumn hues this Fall! A sure place to start? H&M or Nordstrom’s Brass Plum. 3. Denim. Jackets and jeans, skirts and shirts—enough said. With the outpouring of the denim fabric, comes many choices from many designers. Do I love my Hudson and Joe’s Jeans? No doubt about it; And my full figure wears them well! But if I were asked which denim designer had the corner on the market where denim is con-

cerned, my answer? Levi’s, of course. Shredded, boyfriend, skinny or shorts, Levi’s still got it! 4. Baubles, bubbles and bangles! Bold jewelry has come back in full swing and looks like it might be here to stay for a while. So, whether you prefer silver over gold, or rose over gunsmoked, invest in a few chunky pieces for the Fall and see how those baubles will put a little extra pep in your step! 5. Fringed purses. Yes, they were the comeback kid in this last year, and they are here to stay…at least for this Fall season! So don’t be so quick to sell it or to send it off to the Goodwill. Hold on to that bad boy one more season, and watch your Fall outfit go from fun to fringed-fun! (Cont. on page 18)

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6. Sleek leather gloves. Yes, please. Every Fall, I love to get a new pair of soft leather gloves, with a scarf to match. This year’s set? From H&M, and I can’t WAIT to wear them this Fall!

PAIR OF JEANS ...this turning from warmth into a slight cool, plays the culprit in the unpacking of sweaters, boots, coats, scarves and more--all in the name of Fall. 18


7. Aviators. Now, many would say, “That’s a summer accessory.” And you’re right—for the most part, it is. HOWEVER, a lady confidently sporting her summer shades, should do the same in every season! I can’t think of a season I don’t wear them. Even skiing and on the slopes, goggles are intow! 8. Tri-colored and/or patchwork purses. Now who woulda thought that in the Fall of 2015, we’d be running to the store to buy a patchwork purse. My original take on this was, “I’m supposed to wear a purse that came right out of JJ Walker’s world?” But with what I’ve seen, it’s no surprise they are a Fall-must have. In fact, this tri-colored beauty was a treasure found on the clearance rack of Banana Republic WITH a matching wallet, to boot! 9. Hats. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, hats are a given. We were rockin’ our felt hats in the summer—what makes the Fall any different? EXCEPT that, I spotted a GORGEOUS tri-colored felt at Anthropologie. And every day since, I can’t seem to get it off my mind! My personal fave is a Rachel Zoe Black Felt hat and an Indiana Jones’s style felt

that have graced my wardrobe for the last few years. Need a felt? Forever 21 has great prices on trendy hats 10. Cali Must-Haves--Designer sandals. Sorry ladies (girls?), but as much as we love to travel and go into all the fours corners of the world, the fact remains—for the SoCal girl, everyday of the year is pretty much flip-flop and/or open-toe season! That being said, a Birkenstock, or something similar, will fit the Fall fashion menu quite superbly! I grabbed these Leopard Mohair Birkenstock-ish sandals right off the clearance rack at Marshall’s for under $20, so I’m pretty sure you can do the same! Shoe racks are making room for the new! So go out and get you a pair!.


When it comes to talent and humility, youth pastor and artist, Alex Mireles, is right on top. Fashioned Magazine wanted to spend a little time with Alex to get the scoop on her work! FM: Fifty Shades of Grey--What was your inspiration on that piece? Why that title? AM: I had cracked a joke to one of my friends about one of my hobbies, and I knew I had to draw it! I saw it in my head so clearly--it had to be done. 50 Shades of Grey--a bunch of older people in one place. I have this weird hobby. It’s kind of like bird watching…but with people. Older people--whenever I see an elderly person that I would like to draw, I take pictures of them and save it to my phone! They (the elderly) are SO much fun to draw! FM: What is your favorite artwork to create? AM: Stuff that is out of the ordinary so it can make people laugh, smile and feel encouraged. FM: What inspires you to create? AM: Funny puns and things that encourage and make me smile. It takes guts and a relinquishing of any fear of what people think to create. it inspires others to do the same, spreading creativity and bravery, simultaneously. FM: Craziest piece of art you’ve ever done? AM: I was given this huge piece of wood, a sharpie, nails, red paint and a torn Bible someone was going to toss in the trash. I ripped the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) out of the Bible and completely covered the wood the pages. I drew the upper half of Jesus crucified and painted red on His stripes, wrists and head. Lastly, I put real nails in the wrist. This piece gave me a huge appreciation for what Jesus did for me on the cross. It opened my eyes to see that it wasn’t a mere religious story, but an event that took place in history for anyone who will call on His Name & believe. FM: What would you say to encourage someone who may have a stirring to create something artistic? AM: Don’t let fear rule you--be brave and be creative. Those are the people that change the world…and if you mess up, good. That’s a sign that you tried. Now, keep going for it, ‘cause you’ve learned. FM: Anything else you’d like to say? AM: You were fashioned for the very times we live in—to do GREAT things!

Drawing #2 of Fifty Shades of Grey. All drawings will total fifty of the elderly in Alex’ drawings.

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Rachel Fellows is a Freshman at Biola University, in La Mirada, CA.

Going back to school means new experiences and memories. It also means another year of work. - Seth Van Doren, Freshman, UC Berkeley A new school season can be one of the most exciting, yet intimidating things that we face as young people. One of the most exciting things, for me, about going back to school was buying new school supplies!! But on the other hand, the most scary thing about the new school year, is that you are faced with the unknown. Am I really ready for what this year will bring? -Rachel Fellows, Freshman, Biola University The thought of being back at school is amazing. I am so exicted for the opportunities God has in store for me, and the connections with national leaders that will happen this year. I am ready to dive deep into the Word and see Him move in incredible ways. -Michael Oberle, Junior, Life Pacific College



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by Alisha Phalen & Cyndi Galley

There is such a variety of colors in this world--different colors that will catch your eye. Whether it be in a rainbow, the sun coming out, or the myriad of colors of the hundreds of flowers we see, beautiful colors are everywhere. Not only can colors spark different emotions in your life, even moods have been assigned colors of red, green or blue. Of all things in life that bring color, being a woman today, not only comes with different emotions, it brings a whole other element in that I am a woman of color. Though there was once a time where only one color was thought to have been the only beau-



tiful color, it is refreshing to know that with all the hues of skin given to man, being a woman of color, is a beautiful thing. Though there are still places and parts in the world where that might be argued, the bottom line is this: Color is beautiful. It’s why it is in everything we see. It’s important to know, that if you’re reading this, then you, too, are a person of color…brown, white, tan—all colors, all beautiful. Regardless of our coloring or shade, our value and worth should never come from what color we are or aren’t. I remember watching The Help, thinking I couldn’t be more proud of my roots, with all of the strength, dignity and

beauty we represent. It’s heartbreaking to catch glimpses of the reality of all the hostility endured because of the color of their skin. To say that I am grateful for the dreams and courage so firmly placed in the hearts and minds of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is an understatement. What he, and countless others fought for, paved a way for generations that followed. Because of that, every young woman should wear her color with her head held up—a high price was paid. Our prayer is that regardless of your color of your skin, you can be confident and comfortable in your own skin, not trying

to fit into a stereotype of what society says. You have been created perfectly. You look like and are, what you should look like and who were meant to be. Everything about you has equipped you to do what only you have been created to do. If women would take a step (or two) back to see how far we’ve come--regardless of color, age, etc., we’d see (and know) that now is our time! It’s time to get up and shine! Be who and what you were destined to be. Girls, we’re meant to do great things—black, white, yellow, red, tan or brown—we have dreams that only we can fulfill. You are of worth and we believe in you. The time is now…get to it!

My First Time... Paddle Boarding by Jennifer Janae Klatt There are moments in our lives when we decide to attempt something for the first time. Some of these “firsts” are small, seemingly insignificant decisions. Like the first time we try a new flavor of ice cream or the first time we decide to try a new brand of deodorant. But other first time choices have a larger impact upon our story, like our first kiss. No matter where our first time experiences fall on the scale, our lives as young women will forever be marked by firsts. Within this segment, I would like to bravely, honestly and creatively share my moments of stepping out of my comfort zone…for the first time. I hope that my stories bring laughter, hope and a sense of adventure to your own life, so that you may all find the time to try new things, stepping out into the great unknown. So let us begin this wonderful journey together, with my very first, My First Time... As the summer sets, and we transition into the crisp months of fall, I thought it would be appropriate to share one final summer story with you before the seasons change. I have always loved summer, not only because school was on a much-needed hiatus, but also because June, July and August, meant sunscreen, water activities and iced tea. Adventure has always had its place in the summer months; when the nights are long and the mornings warm, there are more hours in the day to find time to play. So that is what I did. I decided to enjoy the summer days and learn to paddle board for the first time. I currently do not live near an ocean. In fact, I live in the mountains, so the closest thing to a large body of water near my house, is the lake. I knew that my experience would be slightly different from the serene snapshots I had seen in tabloid magazines, captured in the ocean bays of the West Coast. But I had heard paddle boarding was a fun activity, not to mention that it was a chic core workout that the Hollywood-elite enjoyed on the weekends, so I thought why not give it a try?! I called the local rental place and surprised my husband for his birthday with a trip to the lake. We loaded up the paddleboards, (which were much larger and heavier than they looked in the pics) and we set off for our adventure. The lake was quiet—only a few small fishing boats on the water. This pleased my heart, because if I was going to fail at this, I would much rather fail in front of a small crowd of strangers. We put the paddle boards in the murky lake water and knelt down with our oars in our laps and pushed off from the boat launch. As novice paddle boarders, we found it surprisingly easy to stand

to our feet. Standing on my lime green board, with my oar in hand, my skin smelling of sweet sunscreen and a mist of sweat, I looked up to soak in my surroundings. As I took in the stunning lake, framed by green trees and clear blue sky, I felt like I had been doing this for years. We quickly realized that we were moving with the current of the wind and water, away from the dock. This made paddling much easier than I had expected, and to my surprise much more enjoyable. After about 15 minutes, we decided to lie down on our boards and enjoy the sunshine and quiet. At this point, there wasn’t a soul around—just the two of us, holding hands and gently drifting with the breeze. Though it was beautiful, it didn’t last long. Shortly after the heavenly calm, my husband’s board began taking on water, making it impossible to balance and stand. He proceeded to fall about a dozen times as we tried to turn around and make it make to the dock. We later realized that the rental board had a sizeable crack on the side and a hole on the top, which we unsuccessfully tried to seal with gum. The adversities didn’t stop there. The lovely and kind current that had gently guided us away from the dock had now become our fierce enemy—an enemy that had joined forces with the gusty wind, becoming a mighty duo, determined to defeat us both. The two miles of the lake we had traveled in a mere 15 minutes, was now taking us three hours to conquer. There were times we would paddle for about 20 minutes only to look ahead and see that we had not moved. But we would not be defeated. There was something that was activated within my core. Not my core muscles, though those were quite sore. It was an internal determination to reach the shore. The boat dock had become the finish line, and I had transformed into a warrior athlete. We were going to be victorious! After two attempts to empty the water from the massive nine-foot board and a total of four hours on the lake, we finally crossed the finish line and had completed our first time paddle boarding. Earlier that day, I had stepped onto my board as a cheerful girl, enjoying the breeze and attempting to resemble the shimmering beauties of the silver screen; Hours later, only to find myself washed up on the shore, sunburned, exhausted and a sweaty resemblance of a woman. As we loaded back into the car, I hoarsely said to my husband, “I hope you had happy birthday?” to which he paused and then graciously responded, “It was a surprise and an adventure, that’s for sure.”

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Our September Issue of Fashioned  

Talk of fashion, beauty, relationships and more...all in this new magazine! A magazine dedicated not only to fashion, but also to the girls...

Our September Issue of Fashioned  

Talk of fashion, beauty, relationships and more...all in this new magazine! A magazine dedicated not only to fashion, but also to the girls...