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MEET MELANIE! 2015's Miss California Teen USA BEVIN BOLD


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Handbags You've Been Waiting For SPRING SYTLE!

Content Volume 02 | Issue 04 | May 2018

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Spring is here. Lookbook of some of our favorite comfy faves ringing in the Spring.


Meet Cover Girl, Melanie Mitchell, 2015's Miss California Teen USA.


So many new handbags, so little time. Take a look at what's on the deck for Summer!

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Gift-Buying Guide!


Who's Rax? Meet Our Creative Director & HerFavorite Fashion Looks


Travelin' Blues? There's still time to get away this May.

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Let's Go Bold. Bevin Bold ... whose Jewelry is so colorful you can't help but smile.


30 34

Spring into fitness with with Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck. Hairstylist, Sharesse Warfel, dresses snazzy making her shopping rounds about town in Clovis, New Mexico.


Volume 2, Issue 04 Editor-in-Chief: Cyndi Galley Director of Operations: Alisha Phalen DP & Creative Director: Raxy Ikari Fashion & Creative Director: Amara Murillo Merchandising Editor: Kyree McField Fashion Editor: Taylor Pike Stylist: Virtuous Arevalos Editor: Micaela Ricaforte Contributors: Bevin Bold, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck, Raxy Ikari, Kalan Jackson, Noemi Lopez, Kyree McField, Kenzie McMurren, Amara Murillo, Chen Ngo, Ashlyn Pike, Taylor Pike, Micaela Ricaforte, Ashlie Villafuerte, Sharesse Warfel Staff: Virtuous Arevalos, Robert Ayon, Raelene Cota, Olivia Couture, Edna De Leon, Isaac Fanti, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck, Raxy Ikari, Noemi Lopez, Kyree McField, Nick McPherson, Crystal Martinez, Amara Murillo, Zowie Murillo, Alisha Phalen, Taylor Pike, Micaela Ricaforte, Lorie Radina, Danelle Soto Cover Girl: Melanie Mitchell Cover Photographer: Reigna Mejia Photographers: Ashley Lord, Reigna Mejia, Elijah Ricaforte, Reigna Mejia Web: fashionedmagazine.com Contact: info@fashionedmagazine.com IG, Periscope & Twitter: @fashionedmag FB: http://fb.com/fashionedmagazine iTunes Podcast & YouTube: "Fashioned Magazine" NB: All images in this publication are either under Creative Commons licence, or used with permission. All opinions expressed in this issue are the writers’ own. Any queries can be made via info@fashionedmagazine.com


& IG: @fashionedmag www.fashionedmagazine.com


A Quick Guide to Buying a Gift for Mom, the Grad ... or You!

Buying the perfict gift for mom can sometimes be a little pressuresome (we all know you want to get that gift that brings a tear to mom's eyes). Mother's Day is here and you still haven't a clue what to get or where to go? No worries. Fashioned's got you covered––our Creative Director, Raxy Aviala, shopped around and made the perfect gift guide to fit the price range of every budget. Enjoy shopping and making your mom smile!

4. Kindle Oasis E-reader $280.00 Amazon.com

1. Miss Dior $102.00 3.4oz. Dior.com

Photo Amazon.com

5. Gold Legacy Necklace $65.00 Markandgraham.com

Photo Dior.com

2. Apple Watch Rose Gold $209.00 Apple.com

Photo Markandgraham.com

6. Bamboo Bathtub caddy $39.95 Houzz.com

Photo Apple.com Photo by Houzz.com

3. Magnolia Table Cookbook $18.00 Target.com

7. Weekender Bag $98.00 Anthropologie

Photo by Target.com

Photo by Anthropologie


8. Agrarian Tool Basket $40.00 Williams-Sonoma.com

Photo by Williams-Sonoma.com

9. Drop Earrings $30.00 Whitehouseblackmarket.com

Photo Whitehouseblackmarket.com

10. Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals $79.50 Loft.com

Photo Loft.com

Cyndi Galley @Cyndi616


As Winter has thawed, Spring has made her brilliant comeback in all of her hues of greens, pink, pink and all-things-color! We are excited about this issue for so many reasons! Firstly, we took first place when Melanie Mitchell, 2015’s Miss California Teen, agreed to being this month’s cover! This girl is beautiful in EVERY sense of the word. She’s down-to-earth, styl-ish, talented, graceful, fun, smart … truly the list could on and on––and rightly so! Our team had a blast joining her on her photo shoot! This issue celebrates a new season––not just because Spring has sprung, but there is a shift that has taken place and now is the time to bloom. Put to rest Winter's traits and residue, and let the past be the past––it’s time for something new! Be refreshed … there are new and wonderful things waiting for you this season. You are strong, resilient and have everything you will ever need to overcome––may what’s in these pages bring you color, joy, peace and hope as we celebrate new life! No matter your circumstances as you read this, there is always hope … always. So don’t. Give. Up. You are called to WIN! Our heart is that you would be encouraged, inspired

and strengthened by what your eyes see and read. Enjoy!

-Cyndi Galley


Melanie Mitchell @melaniemitchell_



Spring Love In expectation of a fun in-studio O.C. photo shoot with Melanie Mitchell, this month's cover, our team, along with some friends of Fashioned, jumped on in to capture some of their favorite outfits for the season––most, of which are extremely casual and comfortable as they are chic. From accessories to lightweight jackets, to pastels, light denim, pleather and lace, these Spring fashion go-tos for our team should be staples in the closet all yearlong. They are as easy to care for and make nice for that last-minute dress-up ... what's not to love?!?

Ashley Villafuerte @avhairchic


Photographers Reigna Mejia and Elijah Ricaforte

Kenzie McMurren @princesskenzington



Kyree McField @kyreecymone


Kenzie www.fashionedmagazine.com


Taylor Pike @taylorcpike



Micaela Ricaforte @micaelaarica



Kalan Jackson @thugasuga



Ashlyn Pike @ashlynpike15



The Crowning Moment ... as told to Cyndi Galley by Melanie Mitchell

Our first time meeting was in Irvine at our in-studio photo shoot. Melanie came ready to work (and play), making you feel right at ease the moment she walked into the room, bringing a cas-n-comfy vibe, supported with the elegance and sophistcation of roaylty. To meet her, you are not only taken by her natural beauty––Melanie Mitchell is more than just another pretty face––this girl captures your heart at the very start with her smile big enough to brighten the darkest of rooms. At very start, you realize you have just met a lovely human with a heart of gold. Crowned Miss California Teen USA in 2015, it is easy to how Melanie Mitchell became queen for a year.

MM: I was very shocked. This was only my second pageant and I wasn't really thinking of going on and winning the next one. I mean I wanted to––I was pretty competitive, so I was like, “I need to win this,” but I had no clue it was gonna happen … I was only 14 at the time. So I went on the compete for Miss California Teen USA and I placed fourth runner up when I was 15 so that was really shocking!

FM: And that was your third pageant? MM: That was my third pageant and then went back next year and won when I was 16 … I just went in with the mindset of just having fun and meeting friends and doing it honestly for the glory of God, so I just Fashioned Mag: What was it that lead you stayed true to who I was and had fun and to even try out for the pageant ... when did when I was down to the final two of us, I that all start out for you? How old were you? thought the other girl was going to win. When they called her name as first runner Melanie Mitchell: I was actually 13 years old up, I literally blanked … everything turned and it's kind of funny how it all started. I was white in my mind––it was crazy. I couldn't wanting to be a model because I'd been hear anything it was like a supernatural scouted by a couple different agencies–– moment … it was insane. I remember I was modeling agencies––and so it kind of bejust crying and before competing I had a came a big pipe dream for me … becoming a thought I could possibly win and so what's model would be awesome––especially being my crowning moment gonna be like? So I 13 years old … I just really wanted to become knew I was going to point to God and I was one and so one time I was in a restaurant–– so taken aback in the moment, I was walkMimi's Café––with my mom and I walked to ing down the runway and I see my mom and the restroom like a model because I walked she’s like (pointing finger to God). I was like, everywhere like that and so later that night “I know … I know … I was going to do that … a woman that I must've walked by came up don't worry … I swear”. I was just a little disto me and asked me and if I'd done modtracted, but it's funny because I have crowneling before or have done pageants … the ing moment pictures of me ugly-crying like walk worked! I told her I wanted to become (pointing finger to God). a model but I’d never even thought about pageants … it had never even crossed my FM: Do you think you might actually run mind. She had just started started this pagagain––something that you might want to eant called Miss Icon, so I decided to compursue? pete for that. I didn't win or place or anything, but I just grew so much competing MM: It's definitely something I’m keeping in and making great friends ... so I went back mind because the opportunities that come and competed for another title that was like when you win a title or even just compete … a local city title and it was a preliminary to they are amazing! I want to compete but it's Miss California Teen USA and I won that. just kind of taking it one step at a time … so right now just focusing on school and muFM: Wow! What city was that? sic––it's something I love to do, but I would MM: Miss Corona Teen Regional definitely love to do in the future … definitely wait until I'm at least 21 though. FM: Were you surprised or shocked? 16

Photograph by Reigna Mejia

FM: With such an emphasis on beauty in the world of pageantry, what would you say is the MOST important thing for contestants (and those smitten by it) to remember?

FM: Our Fitness Editor, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck, has her own YouTube channel–– we’ll be forwarding her link over to you! What would a day in your eating routine look like?

MM: I know it so unds cliché, but I truly believe the MOST important thing to remember is that true beauty comes from within. One quote that I always loved to remind myself of during the time I was competing for pageants was, “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates” -Kate Angell. Also, as a young Christian woman, I always strive to remember the fact that I am beautiful in God’s eyes...and that is what matters most to me <3.

MM: Again, if I am being completely honest, food is a weakness of mine, so indulging in an occasional Double-Double burger with some animal style fries from In-n-Out is a guilty pleasure of mine–– but hey, it’s all about balance, right?! So, in order to balance it out, I try to throw in some fruit smoothies from time to time, and maybe some pork with baked sweet potatoes and Brussel Sprouts?! Whatever sounds appetizing at the time!

FM: What are your TOP THREE beauty must-have's (and who are they by)? MM: Mascara!! Specifically, L’Oréal Voluminous Original (Black Brown...to bring out the brown in my eyes!); Second is Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Stain by Maybelline … I get the color that is called Grey Envy because it has a cool darker mauve-y tone to it that I love!!!; Third .... My “Perfect Brow Pencil” by Anastasia Beverly Hills (color: Dark brown) ... I love using it to not only color in my eyebrows, but also to darken what I like to call my “Marilyn Monroe” mole on my cheek! FM: Who is your personal beauty icon? MM: Olivia Culpo! She was actually Miss USA 2012 and won Miss Universe 2012! I absolutely love her style, so keeping up with her Instagram posts is tons of fun. I also had the opportunity to meet her once when I was Miss California Teen USA 2015 which was awesome! I TOTALLY fan-girled. FM: Do you have a fitness routine? If so, what is it? MM: I absolutely LOVE chilling and don’t have the easiest time getting my booty outside to workout… BUT, when I do, I love taking my best friend’s spin classes since she is a certified instructor at Purple Pedal in Downtown Fullerton! Also, I enjoy finding new workout/yoga videos on YouTube to do at home!

FM: What are your favorite places you've traveled-to-date? MM: I would have to say Nashville, TN and Hawaii! When I took a trip to Nashville this last Fall with some musician friends, I never thought I would fall in love with the city as much as I did. We only stayed for a couple of days, but I became obsessed! Being surrounded by all of the LIVE music, I just felt like I fit right in. It was a blast. I seriously want to visit again sometime soon! My family and I have been vacationing in Hawaii almost every summer since I was four years old. It is always the perfect getaway. If you give me a beach, a sunny day, a blue ocean, and a ukulele––I am a happy girl!! FM: What is some of the best advice you've ever been given and who was it from? MM: Some of the best advice I have ever been given was from my sister when it came to performing or competing in pageants and it was, “You have nothing to prove, but everything to share.” That advice still sticks with me to this day whenever I sing in front of people, because I am reminded of how I believe that if God gives you a gift, He is calling you to share it with others. So, performing for me is no longer about proving myself as a singer, but it is more about sharing the gift that I believe God has given me. (Continued on page 32)



When it comes to style, Fashioned Creative Director, Raxy Ikari, always delivers, so we asked her to share a few of her favorite looks, and what she loved about it.

(Photo below) New York has become one of my favorite cities in the U.S. and this outfit was perfect for exploring the city during New York Fashion Week––it was warm, stylish and comfortable.

(Above Photo) One of my favorite places in California is Joshua Tree. There's something about the desert that makes my heart happy. I love this dress because of how comfortable it is and the fact that it has long sleeves to keep me warm from the cold desert weather.

(Opposite Page) Over the knee boots are my favorite kind of boots during the winter––they always keep my legs warm which is perfect when I want to wear a dress.

by Raxy Ikari






handbag heaven

Whether it's black, made of Leather, a Crossbody, Satchel or a Tote, purses are more than just a way to carry your belongings––they say something about you, your sense of style and have taken on a life of their own. Here are your summer go-to bags from Fashioned's Creative Director, Raxy Ikari––well ... just because.

1. Hexagonal Green Crossbody, Zara. $39.90.

3. Round Straw Bag, Sam Edelman. $148.00.


2. Braided Raffia exterior, Zara. $49.90.

4. Half Moon Straw Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters. $49.00.

Shopping for Summer Chic Straw

5. Structured straw circle white bag, ASOS. $40.00

6. Woven Straw Tote, Rebecca Minkoff. $195.00.

7. Braided Straw Tote Bag, Anthropologie. $138.00.


With Winter gone and Summer not quite here, we searched near and far for the best places to travel in the month of May ... and here's what we found. Why? Travel is ALWAYS a good idea.

You may have missed Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Festival, but between the history and events in The District, the U.S. Capital provides plenty of options for all.

Greece. Enough said. Athens, The Acropolis, and the 2,000 + years history aside, word has it that this Mediterranean hot spot is best visited in May when visitors aren't at an all-time high.

So smack dab in the middle of the week, you all of a sudden have the urge to go on a last-minute getaway! Should it be at the end of the summer? Sooner? Or what about just a few weeks away? Fashioned has combed the earth to list some of our favorite places to celebrate Spring in all her glory! The winners? Washington DC, Greece, Japan, London and The Big Apple. We also fancy staycations from time-to-time, so that, too, made the cut this time 'round. Though Tokyo might not be the Number One chioice for a lastminute trip, it is known for having perfect temperatures in Spring.

It has been said that the BEST time to travel to London is in the Spring with it's lovely temperatures and when flowers are blooming. Spotted ... last-minute airfare from NYC to London for $340 R/T | May 23 - 29, 2018 | justfly.com

You may not make it in time to London for Prince Harry & Meaghan Markle's wedding, but England is a must Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.



Next Stop? NYC in all her glory as Winter melts, bringing in perfect Springtime blooms and outdoor.

Staycation anyone? Hit some of your favorite local spots, saving on hotel and travel, while enjoying shops, eateries and places in your own backyard.

Bike rides through Brooklyn or Central Park make a perfect Spring in NYC.





BeBold ... Bevin Bold!

In love with accessories with a language of their own, we were swooning as we caught wind of pieces made by Bevin Bold, along with her inspiring story of how she uses her love for jewelry-making, to help others. Here are some of her personal faves.

2. A tassel necklace is the perfect Boho statement piece. This oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extra special because the silk tassel is encased in a brass bullet shell, $28;

Photographs by Bevin Bold

1. A soothing color combo of gold, white, and blush is a perfect palette for this gold-dipped crystal prism pendant, $36.

3. This cheerful yellow silk tassel necklace with matching earrings adds the perfect pop of color to your wardrobe. Necklace, $26, Earrings, $17.


4. A gold-dipped turquoise howlite tusk pendant dangles from a strand of metallic gold wood beads with tiny bronze spacer beads in between each bead. So much love went into this piece. Necklace, $32;

More of Bevin!

5. Ultraviolet is the Pantone Color of the year and these tassel earrings are ultra cool! $17.

6. These modern geometric earrings are a favorite among my customers! $14.

Meet Bevin Bold! I n 2 0 0 8 , m y h u s b a n d a n d I m o v ed to n o r t h e r n I r a q t o l i v e a m o n g t h e Ku r dish p e o p l e . T h e s e b e a u t i f u l p e o p l e h a d hist o r i c a l l y b e e n f o r c e d f r o m t h e i r h o mes, l i v i n g n o m a d i c a l l y f r o m p l a c e t o p lace. Mo s t o f t h e m we r e s u r v i v i n g , b u t not t h r i v i n g , a n d d e f i n i t e l y n o t c r e a ting. Wi t h a s u i t c a s e f u l l o f b e a d i n g s u p p lies, I l o o k e d f o r o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o h o l d j e welr y c l a s s e s f o r t h e Ku r d i s h wo m e n a n d children. I t wa s a l wa y s s o r e wa r d i n g t o s e e these wo m e n c o m e a l i v e a s t h e y a l l o we d their c r e a t i v i t y t o e m e rg e . Af t e r f o u r y e a r s o f l i v i n g i n I r a q , we r et u r n e d t o t h e S t a t e s , a n d I k n e w t h e only j o b t h a t wo u l d m a k e m e h a p p y wo u l d be m a k i n g j e we l r y ! P u r c h a s e m y j e we l r y f r o m m y E t s y s hop: www. b e v i n b o l d . c o m - Bevin Bold, Owner, BevinBold IG: @bevinboldjewelry

Fitness to

Last a Lifetime by Kelsey Lee Hellenbeck

Visible results are why we decide to put in the effort it takes to bring them about, so how do we deal with the hard truth that achieving them takes more time than we may want? Here are five very fundamental things I share with those I work with, as well as some thoughts to earnestly consider following them:

on, not only because they lack an effective course of action, but because they aren't taking intentional time to acknowledge their small successes and victories as they go. Be sure you are considering the positive changes you're making on a day-to-day basis. Are you making efforts to get up and move more, drink more water throughout the day, and make bet1) In what condition am I starting from and how far ter choices in your eating? Those are all positive from my desired end goal am I? components of lasting change, so celebrate them by acknowledging that you are moving forward. 2) How long did it take for me to put on the weight that I want off? Something else to be aware of is that you see yourself, everyday- multiple times every day. Gradual 3) How long will it take for me to get this weight off changes aren't always very noticeable, if at all, when safely and for lasting results? you become desensitized to them from looking at yourself daily. Remember, those gradual changes 4) What do I need to change and do in order to that seem insignificant or unnoticeable are what achieve the results I want? develop into that starkingly different 'before' and 'after' photo. If you're moving forward by staying 5) How am I going to stay accountable to what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve intentional day-to-day, the results are in progress, so said I want to do? remind yourself this often, even if it takes referring to your 'before' photo and comparing it to a 'current' Those five questions require total self-honesty, but progress photo every few weeks. We all need entaking a true good look in the mirror and being couragement, and it shouldn't only come from othtransparent with ourselves does not always come ers (such as your coach or family and friends), so easy. In fact, most people have conditioned them- logging your progress photos and measurements is selves to avoid doing so to protect their self-esteem, a great way to deter discouragement. even though it ends up doing more harm than good. Taking ownership over our current circumstances is Ultimately, seeing results takes a well navigated imperative for any kind of improvement (and yes, plan, accountability and consistent, intentional time this goes beyond just health and fitness). So whether - and time beyond just one or two weeks, especially you're just approaching the start of working towards when your desire is to make them last. And time will your health and fitness goal, or you're in a place of pass whether or not we do the things it takes to get feeling 'stuck', make it a priority to set some time to where we want, so instead of yo-yo'ing in circles, aside to really dig into those questions. I encourage you to decide, take action and live your best life in the time you do have, because outside of Once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve tackled those questions, making realis- yourself being positively impacted by doing so, the tic, short term goals leading up to the bigger picture world around you will also be blessed. goal is powerfully helpful in maintaining consistency and deterring discouragement. Many people are Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck is a personal trainer based constantly start-and-go, yo-yo'ing around, frustrated out of Orange County and has a YouTube fitness and without the results they once had their hearts set channel, Kelsey Lee. 30

(Continued from Page 19) FM: Speaking of family, what is something you love most about your mom? MM: Something I love most about my mom is how strong and Christ-centered she is. Her unwavering faith is something that has always inspired me. FM: What role has she played in helping you become the person you are today? MM: Growing up my mom always encouraged me to strive to become the woman that God created me to be, and to constantly grow in my relationship with Him. This has truly shaped the way I look at life, and reminded me of what my purpose is here on Earth... to live my life to glorify His Kingdom. She has also always been supportive of me when it came to music, pageants ... which is something that I am extremely grateful for!! FM: Mom's are amazing ... sounds like yours is, too! What is advice you'd give to someone in need of confidence? MM: The advice I would give to someone in need of confidence is the fact that their worth in God’s eyes is immeasurable ... so you can always be confident in His love for you, as well as the plans He has for your life. FM: He has a plan for everyone ... I didn'tcome to know that until '92. (Smiing) Favorite accessories to wear … by who? MM: I absolutely love rings!! Especially by Stella & Dot! My favorite ring by them is the Stellar Pave ring in silver... it is stunning! FM: Do you have a signature scent? If so, what is it and who makes it? MM: My signature scent would have to be Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works! I have been wearing it probably since I was about 14 years old, but I still love it!! FM: Stick with what's been faithful––especially if you love it! What is your favorite feature? MM: My favorite feature would have to be my “Marilyn Monroe” mole that I mentioned earlier! FM: Is there a feature you had to learn to love and if so, what is it and how did you learn to love it?

MM: A feature that I have learned to love is my height––I am 5’10”. Growing up, I hated being taller than all of my friends...especially all of the boys! But once I hit a certain age, I realized how important it was for me to learn to embrace my “tallness”, and now I can say truthfully that I love being tall! Plus, God must have wanted me to be tall, because He created me that way … so I think that is pretty cool! FM: What does your daily beauty routine look like? MM: You probably wouldn’t think this about me since I am a total pageant girl, but on a day to day basis, I typically wear no makeup with just a little mascara! It took me a long time to finally feel confident and secure in my natural skin, but now that I do...it is such a liberating feeling for me to go all natural! So, I start off my day washing my face with an organic Tea tree oil soap bar, then I put on my Murad Essential Oils and Murad lotion. Next, I throw on a little of my L’Oréal “Black Brown” mascara, and I am good to go! FM: You have the voice of an angel … where can we hear your music? MM: Aw, that is so sweet! I post singing videos on my IG @melaniemitchell_ as well as on my YouTube Channel (just search “Melanie Mitchell”)! I am hoping to release some original music this summer, so make sure to follow my social media accounts to keep posted!! FM: Who are some of your favorite artists? What inspires you about them? MM: I absolutely love Tori Kelly, Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Tori Kelly has been a huge inspiration for me for a while now given the fact that she is a secular singer, but she still professes her faith in Christ openly. She truly has been given a beautiful gift, and I love seeing her share it for His glory! I find that my style has been heavily influenced by Ingrid Michaelson in a lot of ways. She is one of the reasons why I started learning the ukulele a little less than two years ago, and why I love accompanying myself with the ukulele for most of the songs that I write and sing. Her song “The Way I am” is also one of my all-time favorite songs to sing. Sara Bareilles is also a huge

(Continued from previous page) inspiration to me, because she grew up being involved in musical theater as well as singing/songwriting like me! Even though she is solely a singer/songwriter, she composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the musical “Waitress”, which opened on Broadway in 2016. I had the opportunity to go see it, and I was absolutely blown away! Not only is her voice out of this world, but her songwriting skills are, too. Also, she started her career young. She wrote her hit song “Gravity,” when she was only 19, which is my age, so that is super inspiring to me! FM: Okay, so should we be on the lookout for more? MM: For now, I am focusing on writing and recording my original music ... I'm hoping to get some new tunes out soon!! FM: Alright ... here come the rapid fire questions ... Polka dots or stripes? MM: Polka dots! FM: Pizza or pasta? MM: Duh … PIZZA! FM: Pilates or jogging? MM: Pilates. Jogging is a no-go for me (laughing).

after and I remember being SMITTEN by this young guy. He was 19 years old at the time, so I felt too young to say anything to my sister or my family about the crush I had on him. He would come over to my house sometimes to hang out with my sister and their friends, but I never said anything. He ended up going away to college, so I didn’t see him as often, sadly … UNTIL fall of last year! We ran into each other at a Wednesday daily mass service (we are both Catholic). We got to talking, sort of reconnected, and the rest is history! FM: What would you say are three vital keys to a healthy relationship? MM: I think three vital keys to a healthy relationship are good, clear communication, honesty, and a shared faith in Christ. <3 FM: Are there any last words you'd like to leave our readers with? MM: Put God first in your life ... fall in love with Him, and He will draw near to you. Don’t forget that you are a child of an awesome God!! One of my favorite verses comes from Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and He will make your paths straight.”

FM: Polka dots or stripes? MM: Polka dots! FM: Brights or pastels? MM: Pastels. FM: Beach or mountains? MM: Beach! FM: Heels or converse? MM: Ooooohhhh. It honestly depends on the day, BUT I would have to say heels! FM: SO … is there a special someone in your life? MM: Hehe … yes, there is (she says while blushing). His name is Jacob, and we actually met through one of my older sisters! It’s kind of a long story, but to sum it up … it was about five years ago. My sister happened to invite this friend of hers to an outside movie night with our family, and the friend she invited decided to bring Jacob along with him. I don’t quite remember the exact moment meeting him, but all I know is we all went to Yogurtland

(Above) Melanie's moment of humbled victory as 2015's Miss California Teen USA. Photo source: Instagram, Melanie Mitchell; @melaniemitchell_

Fierce at Finding Fashion

Photograph: Charesse Warfel

by Cyndi Galley


Sharesse Sawyer Warfel has much to celebrate as her salon, Fearfully Made, coupled with her fierce thift-shopping skills, has made this New Mexico beauty a hot commodity in Clovis. With the gifting and grace to turn heads with her client's hairstyles ("Before," and "After" photos on following page), Sharesse is a creative entrepreneur to the umpteenth degree. Not a respector of shops (which include the likes of local thrift-shops and boutiques, JCPenny, WalMart, Goodwill and more, here are some of her favorite pairings of her finds. And if by chance you should stop by Clovis, New Mexico, stop on by her salon for hair-raising good time! Her take on fashion? "Personal style is important to me. Rock what makes you feel comfortable, not what makes others feel comfortable." - @sharessenicole (IG)



The Mane Event by Sharesse Warfel

Spring is in the air and with that, love is most definitely in the hair with these fun hairstyles. While we step into Spring we are loving these easy-to-achieve hairstyles with bright and bold colors! Our first two models are both “natural”. Therefore, on any given day you will catch them rocking their God-given kinks and curls. They also like to change it up by doing a blowout and curling their hair. The soft curls were created with a 1–inch Tool Science flat iron from a Sally Beauty Supply store. Whether it be for a night on the town or a special evening with their husbands, they can never go wrong with either of these. Both looks were achieved using two of our favorite products, a “it’s a 10” leave in spray and a bit of Argan oil. (1 & 2) Our third model has very fine and wavy hair. Because she is an on-the-go girl, we wanted to work with her natural texture and elevate the basic ponytail. This was accomplished by taking hair from each side of her head and creating three small ponytails. We then flip the leftout hair once, twice, and three times and she’s done! SprayRusk hairspray lightly and she’s off for a great night with a head turning look. (3)

(1) "Before"


Our last look are for the girls who dare to be noticed! The semi-permanent colors from Joico are so much fun and most importantly you can never go wrong with rich purples or vibrant reds. (4) Also, when it comes to a fro, try to elevate it by pulling it up into a high ponytail with a little fringe left out in the front and for an even bolder statement, add a bright knotted scarf to finish off this fun relaxed look. (4) Be courageous to take chances with your date-night hair styles and color, but most importantly have fun being YOU, wishing for a beautiful May and a fabulous Spring! Fearfully Made Salon; IG: @sharessenicole

(1) "After"





Photograph: Cheyne Jackson



Photograph Cheyne Jackson




Photograph: Elijah Ricaforte


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Fashioned Magazine | Issue No. 15 | Spring 2018  

Fashioned brings out the fun as Spring has sprung, featuring Spring fashion, gifts for mom, bold accessories and more! We've even got the ex...