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WHAT’S GOIN’ ON WITH FASHIONED? We might be brand spankin’ new to the world of publication, but one thing is for sure...we sure like to have fun, no matter where we go! Cyndi and the FM team joyfully welcoming Virtuous in to our Fashioned Magazine family...we scored BIG!

Attending an incredible conference, Propel, in Tulsa, OK.

There is strength in numbers and that means one thing, Fashioned is growing stronger as new team members come on board. This month we welcome fashionista and aspiring stylist, Virtous Arevalos, who is as lovely on the inside as she is on the out...and what’s even more, the girl has got a style of her own that WE JUST LOVE! Here is a lil’ more about this vintage cutie who knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry at the young age of 7! When asked what her favorite piece/item/accessory you feel EVERY fashionista should have, she responded: “I can’t possibly nail it down to one, so I’ll name a few. A red lipstick for sure, because sometimes, or all the time, if you’re me, you just need a pop of color. It’s such a timeless and classic look. Anyone can rock a red, you just got to find the right one for your skin tone. Other essential items would be a little black dress, a statement necklace and handbag.

Social Media Madness: Brittany patiently showing Cyndi how to use Snapchat. @Fashionedmag

Ashlie and Regina enjoying the beauty of Central Park in November.

The top three things on her Fashion bucket list: To own a Chanel Purse, to attend Fashion Week New York and to design my own Disney bound line! Her fashion icons: “Three women in the beauty world that inspire me are Coco Chanel, Zendaya Coleman and Charis Lincoln. Chanel inspires me because she was not only creative but a great businesswoman... Zendaya and Charis encourage girls to be confidant in who they are and show that fashion is just a way to express yourself, not define yourself. Her favorite quote? “There are a lot of quotes I love but one of my absolute favorites is actually from a My Little Pony movie, which some people might find weird, but I don’t care (as she chuckles). “A true princess…leads not by forcing others to bow before her but by inspiring others to stand with her.” I just find this to be such a valuable lesson for anyone that is in any kind of leadership position. A leader needs to encourage those around them, not belittle them. Why ig @vanityisvain? This phrase actually came to me in a dream. It really stuck out to me and I started to think about the meaning of the phrase. I realized that, as much as I love fashion, makeup, and all-things-beauty, in the end it’s meaningless...don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe there is anything bad about dressing up, quite the opposite actually, it’s just that the things that we do to make ourselves beautiful on the outside, have no comparison to the importance of our beauty on the inside. When styling someone or giving them fashion advice, (my goal) is to help that person feel confident and realize that they are beautiful no matter what. Fashion doesn’t create beauty; it just enhances the beauty that is already there. To see some of Virtuous’ fun & fashionable collaborations, check out her ig: @vanityisvain

When Fashioned Gals, Ashlie Allen, Regina Crosby and Kenzie McMurren effortlessly hit the streets of the Big Apple, they wanted to share about their “perfect” November in New York. When asked about the first three words used to describe their trip to New York, Cartel Salon Hairstylist, Ashlie Allen responded, “Style. Fashion. Hair. Concrete Jungle. (Ok, so that’s five). The girls were there to celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday. Allen gushed, “Angie turned 25. Her dream was Time Square for her birthday which was perfect as they city didn’t sleep, giving us great moments of endless photo opportunities and a LOT of shopping...


HELLO FROM CYNDI! Thanksgiving, being thankful, grateful and just plain old being content with the “things” you have is the theme of this month’s issue. While with November, it could be said that it is just a “given,” we really wanted to give what would leave you most encouraged, bright-eyed and lifted up! After going around and around…and around, we thought, “Why REinvent the wheel?” (Though in more cases than not, reinvention is a GREAT thing!) So here you have it –- thanksgiving. This month celebrates loved ones, being grateful, giving and all of the joys that follow. We have much to be thankful for. It’s true. Many of us are a blessed people—even if it is at different degrees. We have a roof over our head, we feed our bellies more frequently than we ought (or is that just me?) and we have a little more than just the bare necessities. There’s the car, the clothes, the MacBook Pro, the iPhone, the iPad, the flat screen, AppleTV, cable, Netflix, Disneyland passes, gym memberships, the décor, the seat-warmers, regular trips to the salon for everything but the all-day massage, though occasionally, that’s there, too! I’m sure for many the list could go on and on. Many of us have all of these things…for some, even more than that. Whether it’s a little less, or a little more, there is much to be thankful for. I love that Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on the blessings, instead of what we are in want of, or what we feel may be lacking. Stop it! What I found interesting is that in terms of the definition, Thanksgiving means, “The act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God. 2. An expression of thanks, especially to God. 3. A public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.” (Thank you,!) Is there any wonder that November causes us to really reflect and think about the abundance we’ve been given? It’s truly a time to be thankful. Now don’t get me wrong, are there things I would LIKE to have? Sure! I’d much rather OWN a home, then rent…but I have a home. And so for that, I am grateful. As for my health, well…that’s debatable, and though I’m working on that, I’m thankful for that, too. Now, while the idea of coming home to a hubby isn’t such a bad thought, I been blessed with some amazing friends! And so until he finds me, why pine over what is not? I’d much rather focus on what IS and be glad that I have it!

enced loss, we want you to know you are not alone and want to leave you with something we hope will warm your heart. There is a proverb that says that laughter does good like medicine, so in dedication of the recent loss of my Beagle, Tulsa, coupled with Thanksgiving, we leave you with this—it’s from, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” one of my personal all-time holiday faves. I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner! All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast. – Charlie Brown Here is to being thankful for what you have, having gratitude and giving thanks. Even though it may be easier to complain, a grateful heart is there inside of you. I know that life isn’t always easy and that some circumstances are more difficult than others. Take a look at the beauty that is around you. The air we breathe, the birds that sing, the sun that shines -- these are all beautiful things that light up the daily worlds in which we live. Give thanks and take delight in the little things. One thing’s for certain--the season for Christmas is already here! So, until then, be thankful, know you are amazing and that you are fashioned for something great! Love you so much! Cyndi Galley

Speaking of being grateful, this month’s cover girl was almost a no-brainer. Edna De Leon is the epitome of what it means to be content with what one has. This girl is grateful for just the basics, and it shows, flowing into every area of her life. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, Fashioned jumped for joy at the confirmation of Edna’s agreeing to be this month’s It Girl. And really, she’s so much more. The girl’s got love that goes for days, so be sure to check out our feature of Edna – her interview will literally leave you inspired! Because we know that sometimes the holidays can be a little difficult for some – especially those who have just recently experi-






FM: What makes your heart beat? ED: I think it’s breaking boundaries with standards and status’ that peple hold... and really letting love be the common factor of everything.


Sitting outside of Starbucks with Edna, she’s dressed in her staple all-black with her eyebrows on fleek and with dark nail polish on point. Tupac graces the front of her shirt and her little sister sits near by, because in addition to everything else she does, the “Sister of the year award” is on top of the list. It’s hot outside for “winter” in Southern California, so she flippantly makes a comment about this “ridiculous weather” as she gets up to buy me a sandwich for lunch. She comes back and hands me a sandwich she thinks will be good for me and tells me to shut-up and just eat it. Before we get into the questions for out interview we toss comments back and forth about the AMA’s that were on the night before, as well as random comments about the best chapstick. As we settle in for the interview, she quickly checks for any notifications on her phone, laughs at a text, adjusts her sunglasses and says “Ok..I’m ready.” FM: This month’s issue focuses on being thankful. Off the top of your head, what are three things you are thankful for? ED: Umm my sisters, ummm omg omg what am I thankful for? I’m thankful for what I have, like your basic needs--my car, my know and I’m thankful that I have clean water. FM: Your job is pretty unique. Can you give me a run down of what it is your company does? ED: So I work for a company called Red Eye. They create a social cohesion between the up-and-in and the down-and-out. So in other words, we have friends in entertainment industry from celebrity status to the struggling artist kindof-thing and we put them in an environment where we are doing community service together poverty places and what not. FM: So within Red Eye, what do you get to do? ED: It’s honesty more of a community effort with the people who run the shin-dig. I play a small role in creating a relation-


ship with volunteers and being present when we go into Watts for youth mentoring. FM: What is your favorite part of being in Red Eye? ED: Definitely Saturdays, where we get to go to the projects and Watts and hang out with kids all day. It’s literally my favorite part. FM: Because we are in the holiday season, what is it that you and Red Eye get to do for the people? ED: With the volunteers we get to create a community of family. A lot of people in the LA area don’t get to go home for the Holidays. We create events and parties for them to come to. For example, we just had our “ugly sweater” party and we are about to have a Christmaska soirée. Thats what we get to do for the volunteers. As far as community projects, we have a party in the projects. Our executive director, Justin Mayo, has a birthday in December, so we have a party in the projects where we ask people to donate gifts for the kids and we give them away. He loves having his party there every year. FM: Not to sound corny, but would you say working in Red Eye has really made you thankful? ED: Absolutely. My first day in Red Eye I went to the projects. Seeing the environment opened my eyes that even in America we have such low poverty-levels. We should think twice before we complain about where we are. FM: I believe young girls are influenced by a lot of people in the media and you seem to work with a lot of celebrities or their reps. Who is someone that you could say gives a positive influence in the media? ED: I love Brittany Howard. She’s the lead singer for Alabama Shakes. They create, I would say, my fave genre of music. But she really just doesn’t care about the standard of beauty and music, and she shows that on the stage. I watched her once on

Jimmy Fallon and I was mesmerized. She creates her own beauty. You know by looking at her she isn’t your typical beautiful girl. But I just love who she is, her confidence and what she portrays. FM: You seem to really thrive in your job. What is a key thing you remember when situations get crazy or hectic? ED: I remember that I always have to be the person that brings peace, regardless of how crazy it is. I remind myself that people come before an event, a situation or whatever is happening.

edna doing what she loves most... hanging out wiht the little ones.

FM: What makes your heart beat? ED: I think it’s breaking boundaries with standards and status’ that people hold...and really letting love be the common factor of everything. So you can run into like anyone with tons of money or nothing, and you ask them “What are you passionate about”? When they start to talk about it, it burns a fire in them. When they start to tell me what they are passionate about it gets me going, and puts me up. So helping people find their passion. Definitely.

will come on the radio? ED: HA! Probably 97.1 AMP radio or KIIS FM. FM: What’s your spirit animal? ED: Definitely Miranda Priesely from Devil Wears Prada. I’m the kind of person that loves to have control over everything--it’s a blessing and a curse for sure. I love that she can control a room, and she’s very bold, fashionable, and almost scary you know? (chuckles) FM: Favorite Thanksgiving tradition? ED: Waking up, my sisters and I get a hot drink and we watch the Macy’s Day Parade. That’s my favorite thing.

“...having “likes” or “followers” shouldn’t validate us...figure out your passion and your drive and let that motivate you.”

FM: You seem to be pretty fashion-forward. Where do you get most of your fashion ideas from? ED: It’s definitely watching people in LA. Just the whole you can walk downtown or sunset and see all these different styles--you get different pieces, you know? Justin Bieber is pretty fashionable, too. I like his stuff. FM: A favorite question we like to ask our “IT GIRLS”…What are your three favorite fashion pieces? ED: Definitely have to have my red lipstick. Black anything - shirts, cardigans, pants, whatever; And my mascara for sure. I don’t go anywhere without mascara on. FM: If I get in your car right now, what

FM: What is your go-to meal? ED: Umm ok...sometimes I don’t have time to eat or I forget, so I always have a Venti iced coffee with soy milk and Sugar in the Raw....which technically isn’t a meal, but it’s what I always have. FM: Most akward situation you have ever been in? ED: (Laughs) Ummm, stink I can’t say that. Well, one time…can I say that? I’ll just switch names out. One time i met this guy and he told me his name and I was like, “Thats my cat’s name!” He was really cute so it was awkward, but like I love my cat and my cat’s pretty cute, too. So….he kind of just awkwardly laughed. FM: You are stranded on an island. (Cont. on Page 14 )



BY TIFFANY DIRMANN So you know and I know you know—those mornings we all have where we have absolutely NOTHING to wear. It can be frustrating and discouraging, usually ending up in a big mess with all of our clothes piled up on our closet floor (thanks to the 45-minutes wasted trying to find the right thing to wear); And then we end up putting on the first outfit we tried on, right?!?!? Imagine if you woke up that morning, looked at your overflowing or neatly organized and purged closet, and thought, “Wow, look how much I have! There are so many people in the world who don’t even have a quarter of this, much less a closet!” So often we need to have a perspective change. Instead of comparing ourselves to celebrities, pop stars or to a supermodel, we should stop and see that there are people hurting and in need right around us. It’s important to remind ourselves of how blessed we are to have the freedoms we do and to have so many privileges that we have. This is the power of Thanksgiving!


Being thankful will change you from the inside out! Rather than looking at yourself in a negatively, focusing on all of your flaws, you can look and say, “Thank you, God, for giving me breath in my lungs, sight to see and ears to hear.” There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for and if you can focus your heart and mind on these things, the power of that will change the world around you. I want challenge us in the month of November, to BE THANKFUL! Say things out loud that will remind you of how good life really is. I’ll leave you with this beautiful quote by Oprah Winfrey… “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.” And with God, the possibilities are endless as to how powerful and effective your life will be to others, and that’s a life worth living! Tiffany Dirmann serves as a Worship Pastor at The Rock, Anaheim, CA, with her husband, Pastor David Dirmann.

Kenzie’s New York in November Fashion finds: Furry Head-Piece, wal-Mart, $5; Black gloves, Target, $25; Checkered coat, Forever 21 (Friend’s Closet); Black Long-sleeved dress, Express, $30; jeans, c2 at mall, $10; black coach boots, burlington coat factory, $35.

Life is too short to stay stuck in the yesterdays! Reliving the past or worrying about what happened, won’t change it.




my first time ... Highlighting my hair by

janae klatt For the last 13-som’n years of my life, I have frequented the hairdresser. I would go for many reasons, ranging from crazy new hair-dos to hair color. One time in particular I remember my hairdresser decided to take my hair fate into his hands. The result? I came home with orange hair, which led to many tears and rigorously trying to wash the horrid color out. But despite my vigorous washing, I continued to look like the comic villain, Poison Ivy, for the following months. Needless to say, I have always loved a good (key word being, good) hair adventure. So it only seemed fitting that I take on a new adventure: highlighting my hair at home. This month’s First Time, is a DIY experience in the beauty category of hair.

To complete the process on the entire head of my thick Scottish mane, took about 30 minutes. So I didn’t keep the foil in for very long. Probably around 15-minutes max on the pieces that I wanted to have a more sun-kissed look. I did place more dye toward the bottom of my hair, creating the “tipped” look that has the roots showing off a darker shade than the ends of my locks. As I pulled out each foil piece, I would inspect my work, grateful that chunks of my hair didn’t follow the foil into the trashcan. Wash. Rinse. Condition. Rinse. Thankfully, I did not need to refer to my YouTube tutor for these steps. Once completed, I began to blow dry my hair. Drumroll please, I flipped my head up to reveal…

Like any good DIY project, the first thing I did—as a true Millennial—was check YouTube for video tutorials. I searched for other brave souls who had tried—some were successful and others failed miserably at self-highlighting. But I came upon a young lady who showed me a step-bystep process, and based on her seemingly normal hair tyle on the video, I thought, “Why not follow her lead?” I purchased the hair product, Revlon Frost and Glow – a highlighting kit found at Target, and a bowl and brush from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I made sure I was fully stocked with foil and began the process. (See Before Pic) I followed the video step by step for the first few strands until I began to feel like I was a beauty-school genius, gathering a shred of confidence with every application of the dye. I continued sectioning out my hair until my head resembled a foilwrapped baked potato (picture below). Stick a fork in me folks, the first step was done.

I did it! I had successfully highlighted my hair! Words cannot describe my feeling of accomplishment. OK, that was a bit sarcastic, but actually I was so grateful and proud that I wasn’t bald or spotted like a giraffe after I finished blow-drying my hair. I looked normal. Again, I wasn’t aiming high; normalcy with a bit of sparkle perhaps, but not the Michelangelo of hair. Mission accomplished! And now I, don’t have to spend a fortune on my dead cells, because for only $6.99 these dead cells can look mighty fine. What is the great moral lesson, you might be asking? Well, let me share with you, my friend. The moral take-away from this First Time experience would be this: You CAN succeed, if you put your heart and energy into finding that perfect YouTube tutorial video first. So may the search be ever in your favor and happy dyeing! I would love to hear about your hair adventures, the good, bad or ugly! Email me at



President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens” to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. This was established while our nation was in the throes of the Civil War. While our language no longer carries the flourishes of King James English, it still holds true that, during times of testing and trial, being thankful can truly provide an anchor for our souls. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, I can thank God for the breath in my lungs, for clean water, and food in my stomach—when there are millions around the world who long to be so blessed. These are just a few of the countless blessings I can identify, no matter what else may


be happening. As I give thanks, I begin to regain perspective, and the pressure and cares that were encroaching are pushed back. I am clothing myself with thankfulness. There is a popular quote that says, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” We understand this in the context of finding contentment in our current circumstances, which is certainly good. Going a step further, the Bible gives us examples of how giving thanks literally makes way for miracles, and Jesus exemplified how we can respond to trying situations with gratitude on our lips, and watch God bring multiplication and blessing. I can remember reading a few stories in the Bible where the disciples found themselves in a bind. In one, there were over

4,000 people who had come to hear Jesus, and they needed to be fed. What you see is pretty amazing. We see His response to seemingly impossible situations—how to feed thousands of hungry men (plus women and children) with the equivalent of a small meal. What did He do? He prayed, gave thanks, gave the food back to His disciples, who gave it to the people. And, did you know they not only had enough, but there were leftovers, too! How many of us need to see a miracle in our lives? What He didn’t do was look at the scant supply He had in front of Him and react as I know I have in the past, saying, “This isn’t going to be enough! Oh man, what are we going to do NOW!?” He gave thanks for what He had and, in doing so, a supernatural increase came.

This same opportunity is available to us! While I feel like I’ve grown through the years in my “gratitude quotient,” I am inspired all over again to give thanks in all circumstances and not only see, but experience the fruitfulness that comes along with choosing to give thanks, instead of stressing or complaining. While fashion trends may come and go, clothing ourselves with thankfulness will never go out of style!

About the Writer: Dyanna Hoage is the administrator for NowGen (infants through young adults) at The Rock, a church in Anaheim, Calif., where she also coordinates the Israel Spring Tour and leads a small group. Additionally, she is a freelance voiceover artist.

regina’s “New York in November” Fashion finds: black coat, macy’s; scarf, h&m, $17; boots, kathy jean, $50; excercise pants, the gap, $25; mac lipstick, “sin”, $17.



(Cont. from Page 7) Would you rather have unlimited wifi or fresh water? ED: ha fresh water FM: Oreos or Chocolate chip cookies? ED: Uhhh, if it’s Chips-a-Hoy, it’s Chocolate Chip cookies. I actually hate the middle stuff in oreos. FM:. What is your description of a perfect day? ED: A perfect day… percent day is getting to spend time with people, including my sisters - which are my world - but like my friends and then the rest of the day being com pletely alone. With a slight interruption for about an hour

talking to you (Brittany) on the phone - hahaha And then when Im alone I would want to read, not be on the computer or my phone, binge watch the Kardashians, you know a mix of everything. FM: Advice you would give young girls today? ED: I think theres this culture kind of rising up, in most people, but mostly in women and young women and its wanting to be known or famous. Its this notion of thinking “If I get more followers or more likes” like having to be known validates you. And in real life having “likes” or “followers” shouldn’t validate us. So I would say figure out your passion and your drive and let that motivate you.

Great Gift Ideas for friends or for you: lauren Conrad’s Book, Beauty, found at Nordstrom,


brittany is fm’s photo director and a contributing wrter for fashioned.



may have casually referenced You before, but this time, I am serious. I’ve heard about a God who is real, kind, loving, forgiving and Who can pull me out of even the darkest of places. If you are real, then I take a step towards You & give my life to You. If You are real, I accept that Jesus took my place on the cross so many years ago, so that I would come to this place and meet You here. If I’ve ever done anything that has broken your heart, forgive me. Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. I need You and receive Your forgiveness & love. My heart and life is Yours. Make me new, right here, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It’s also the best time of the year, in my opinion, to be at the Los Angeles Flower Market. Autumn brings us all of the rich colors like browns, yellows, oranges and reds. It’s the time of year where you can find a variety of unique textures such as maple leaves and branches, giving so much to choose. The above arrangement is an example of some of those amazing colors. The low and compact bouquet consists of Milva roses, burgundy Dahlias, red Alstromeria and brown tropical leaves that have been curled. The glass has been lined with green tea leaf. Roses are in groupings to enhance their emphasis. If you find yourself at your local supermarket or perhaps a Trader Joe’s this season, and you find some cool autumn flowers to work with, choose, at a minimum, at least three different kinds of flowers with color and texture contrast. Try to pick at least one premium flower such as roses, orchids, dahlias, etc., to use as a focal


’ve been walking about life somewhat despondent, without direction. I’ve tried just about everything to fill the emptiness I wake up to every morning. By everything, you know what I mean; But if I’m completely honest with myself, I realize that I still feel empty. How is that possible?

point with the rest being filler. Prep flowers by removing all of the foliage before you put them in the vase. This will help keep your water fresh and your flowers will last longer. If you’d like a shorter, more compact bouquet versus a tall, loose arrangement, you can make a hand tie first and secure it with a rubber band or string, then cutting the stems and placing in the vase. Voila, you have your fall bouquet to enjoy. The great thing about flowers is that once your bouquet has breathed it’s last, you can go back to a flower mart or local grocery store and do it all over again!

Michelle is the owner of Michelle Dorsey Design Studio located in Arcadia, California.

If you said this & want to chat with someone, email us at or fill out the “Contact Us” on our web at www.

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Fashioned Magazine, November 2015, Issue 3  

Read this month's issue of Fashioned, where we share about the power of Thanksgiving, share on beauty tips, the Fall and of course, fashion.

Fashioned Magazine, November 2015, Issue 3  

Read this month's issue of Fashioned, where we share about the power of Thanksgiving, share on beauty tips, the Fall and of course, fashion.