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WHAT’S BEEN GOIN’ ON WITH FASHIONED? NCAA and national TV networks may be getting their game on with March Madness, but this month at Fashioned Magazine, we had a March Madness of our own!

FM’s Editor-in-Chief enjoying a little southern hospitailty filled with grace & charm at Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James in Nashville, TN! For some southern comfort, visit

Tune in to our YouTube channel, as Fashioned Mag’s Beauty Guru and Fashioned Gal, Zowie Murillo, shares tips on make-up, highlighting, contouring and more!

(Photo, left): FM’s stylist, Virtuous Arevalos @VanityisVain selects her favorite Spring must-haves, creating this March-tastic #OOTD. “Suede, the flat mule, half moon bag, bell sleeves, flare jeans and round sunglasses...just a few things to keep you updated on the latest,” shares stylist, Virtuous Arevalos.





Cyndi and Alissa kicking up their boots early March at the Station Inn in Nashville, TN.

So are we seriously March?!? I feel like I was just feverishly wrapping up our holiday issues and now, comes April just around the corner! Every issue has had a special place in my heart and for a different reason. With March comes the love for our cover--bright and shining star, Alissa Griffith. Not only was this girl the real deal, spending some time with this gifted gem, coupled with this southern sweet-spot called Nashville, proved to almost be the time of my life! Then again, I tend to fall in love with the cities and people I leave behind. Austin, New York and Seattle can attest to that! So with this month came the concept of March Madness! With that in mind, what better way to celebrate this month of March and the idea of, “Marching to the beat of a different drum,” than to hear from pastor and speaker, Erin Funk. So often many are tempted to walk to the beat of everyone else’s drum. I know this all to well as I’m often so often the one being referred to as the one who walks (or marches) to the beat of a “different drum.” Though, for me, the phrase became all too stale, I have to say, I have worn that phrase well...and it isn’t one I intend on changing, no matter how frequently I may hear. Why is it important to walk to a sound and rhythm than the rest? I can think of so many reasons. Firstly, there is only one you. You were created and meant to be you, and no one else. Now, let me say this -- there is huge value in learning from teachers and mentors who’ve not only gone before you, but who have done it well. So what I’m not saying is to be so different that you are independently an island from the rest. That becomes dangerous; however, it is important to be true to who you were fashioned to be. I’ll say it, and I’ll say it being true to you, there is such a freedom that comes with it, because you’re not trying to be someone else! Secondly, because only you hear the beat and sound that only you were mean to hear. Heck, some of us don’t even have rhythm, so why look to someone else’s life, looks, sound, gifts or calling...? Stop chasing after what isn’t yours, and begin the journey of you. Just listen to and look to what’s already on the inside of’s beautiful and plenty for you to fulfill! Our guest writer, Erin Funk, so beautifully this principle in her article, MARCH ON. MARCHING is why we asked singer/songwriter, Alissa Griffith, to be a part of this month’s issue in a huge way. Always being who she knows she is, she has stayed the course through the good, bad and the ugly. Her interview is as adorable as it is inspiring! We hope you’ll hear her voice--full of beauty, strength and conviction. You’ll catch a small glimpse of the giant love she is and will feel like she’s become your new bestie!


Anyhoo, we just wanted to share some love with you this month, and have several other features to strengthen and encourage you! We hope that as you read, you are encouraged, have hope, experience joy, knowing that this you that has been fashioned, is already amazing. So until next month, if you don’t already, find a cool church to visit on Easter Sunday and march forward in who you are already fashioned to be...amazing! With much love, Cyndi

March playlist

1. “Tennessee” - alissa griffith 2. “This is living” - young & free 3. “the stars & stripes forever” - johnn philip sousa 4. “One step closer” - alissa grifith 5.“brave” - moriah peters



“Bohemian Rhapsody,” $19.99; Sold at Coming Soon!



AS TOLD TO CYNDI GALLEY BY ALISSA GRIFFITH “I want to give people faith, confidence and security within themselves.” - Alissa Griffith

As she sits facing me sipping her coffee-n-coconut milk, steam rising from her cup, she picks up her guitar and begins to strum. She says to shoot when I’m ready, letting me know it may take her a while to answer her questions—she wants to think them through before responding. Still strumming her guitar, we begin. FM: This month’s issue focuses on Marching forward in who you are! What are three things you enjoy marching in or about? I realize we don’t generally end our sentences with prepositions…ha. AG: I like to march. Period. I definitely have believed in marching to the beat of your own drum. We are all created with individual purposes. No one is created the same. It is our God-given life’s purpose to find our own uniqueness and grow into your person, regardless of what you think you “should” be. Find your own identity—God’s purpose for you. Believe it, and know it…regardless of the obstacles and the way that it may look on the outside. I really really believe in … being fashioned uniquely the way the Lord intended each individual person to be. I believe in each person taking the time to find that, rather than just taking what life gives you. Find that purpose and faithfully moving in that direction. Anything worth your while is no simple walk in the park. Once you know what you’re called to do, you can’t let negative things; obstacles or people get in the way or bring you down!


FM: You’re creative—you’re a singer, songwriter and musician. What do you want to say to the world through and by your music? AG: I want to encourage people to be honest, to allow themselves to feel their own truth. I want to give people faith, confidence and security within themselves. My music’s message, along with the soul and spirit behind, comes from a God-fearing and God-loving woman going through life always with the guidance, love and the backbone of my faith—the only thing that carries me. FM: What inspires you to write? AG: It used to be just purely my own personal therapy and so it was how I coped with my feelings. Now that years have gone by, it’s evolved. But I still write with my personal stuff …it just depends on what kind of feeling I want to give people. I wrote my first song when I was eleven…but now I realize it is a God-given gift and so want to share from that perspective. My way of writing is usually inspiration. I feel like the best songs I’ve written have usually come from a very specific moment in my life. It sometimes comes from the sky – maybe it’s an idea, or a melody. If I think it’s good, I’ll rush to the piano, or my phone… and then when I’m at a recording session, I’ll bring it up and we’ll go from there!

Like this one song came to me when I was in Louisiana (starts singing), “I was riding barefoot in your truck…fa la la la la la la la la la la …”. That was a couple of years ago. We started a recording session just the other day, and we actually began to finish that song. Trust yourself. You don’t really know if it’s any good, but then if you just believe in it and share it with someone, then it can grow from there. But I definitely use my iPhone and piano. Then also sometimes it just comes out. Like the other night, I was at the piano and something came to me. So often a pure expression comes from my own worship time. I sing songs of praise that flow from my heart, which could turn into a song. But some songwriting sessions are very clear, scripted… etc. and that’s good, too…but it’s a very definite. I’d say the best way is to be at peace, open your heart and let the truth fall (Picks up her guitar again and strums). FM: What is it you love most about what you do? WHY do you do what you do? AG: I love singing. I love writing. I love being a conduit of expression and I love getting to tap into someone, affecting them or opening up someone’s heart. I started doing it so young. I was in so many bands growing up and have always believed it was my calling. FM: A main focus of Fashioned is the truth that all are fashioned to uniquely be themselves. You’re a pretty unique individual. Have you ever felt the pressure to conform to someone else’s music, style, etc?

then you’ve got what it takes to win! It’s important to appreciate the gifts you’ve been given, focus on what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have…and certainly don’t bring attention to what you don’t like! FM: Who are some of YOUR musical influences? Other? AG: She blanks, pauses. Her phone rings. Saved by the bell. Okay, here’s the list: Sheryl Crow, Faithe Hill and Janis (Joplin). FM: I can hear every one of them in a combination of your music and/ or your voice’s strength. FM: You know I’m a big fan…”Special”, Tennessee, Picture, You’re Mine…Jailbird…the list goes on and on. When are you coming out with an EP to share the rest of your talent with the world? AG: I am excited to say I have a new producer and will be recording a new EP within the next two months, be on summer tours and coming to a town near you! FM: How many songs have you written? Roughly? AG: Oh…probably 300 (she says casually).

(Continued on Page 18)

AG: I will tell you this little funny story. I’ve only always wanted my life to be exactly how God wanted it to be, even if I make mistakes, so I used to say this prayer, that if I wasn’t supposed to be doing something, that I would get into a car accident or get sick, so that I couldn’t sick. A long time ago, I had a publishing deal that I lost; I was offered the gig in a well-known all-girls group. It definitely wasn’t my style, but because of the money factor, I was actually on my way to sign the contract…until I got into a car accident. It confirmed it wasn’t for me. I didn’t care and I’m still so thankful that happened. Who knows…I mean maybe I could’ve been more successful for a little while…but it was not me. I was in LA, at that time, and all the songs were about being sexy and the bootie. It was then I decided to go Country—it’s the industry that’s closest to my heart, my morals, ethics and family values. When I was seeking and trying to determine who I was or wanted to be, I imagined myself as a 90-year-old looking back at my life and I wanted to proud of the person I was. That definitely helped lead me to Country. So I came to Nashville and began this journey. FM: We esteem women who are comfortable in their own skin. Any words of wisdom or encouragement you can give to someone who isn’t there quite yet? AG: I really believe that the beauty – true beauty – a. comes from within; and b. comes from a girl who knows herself. I’d encourage them to stop comparing themself to someone else, because someone else doesn’t have what they have. I have to do that myself. If you are able to see how beautiful you truly are in your own uniqueness,

“I really believe that the beauty –

OLIVIA COUTURE, ASHLYN– a.PIKE & JENNIFER VARGAS true beauty comes from within; and b. comes from a girl who knows herself.”





Recently at the dinner table with my family I asked this question, “If you could have dinner with five people, who would it be? They can be alive or dead, but they have to be a real person.” The answers were fun and yet they revealed something about each person that chose. When it came to my turn, the answers rolled easily off my tongue, “Aimee Semple McPherson, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey and CoCo Chanel.” Interestingly they were all women and all had something in common—they marched to the beat of a different drum. None of them followed the status quo. They were trailblazers, women with vision and passion for their cause—weather it be equal rights, justice, arts, media or fashion. Each one left a mark in their sphere of influence and left a legacy for generations to come. I felt a connection to these women. I was drawn to their life stories and something about each one resonated deep within my spirit. You see, I had always felt like I didn’t quite fit. In high school, I wasn’t one of the popular girls; I wasn’t the smartest or the most talented and certainly not the prettiest. My friends came from every arena, the jocks, the stoners (yes that is what we called them in the 80’s!), the drama kids etc. I found people who were different than me more interesting than those that followed the crowd. Our conversations were lively and full of opposing views and yet there was a level of respect for our individuality and personal beliefs. The five women that I wanted to have a dinner conversation with, had unwavering convictions that drove them to choose a path less-traveled. What incredible strength it must have taken to stay seated on a bus full of hatred and ignorance; Or what the depth of love and compassion that compelled one to lay her life down for the poorest of the


poor, with no personal ambition or recognition from the world. For a few of them, a passion for change is what fueled them to dive into arenas dominated by men. Undaunted by the backlash and seemingly insurmountable odds, they forged on to follow the picture painted on the canvas of their hearts. I am so grateful for the women who have gone before me, blazing a trail so that I co could stand up for what I believe in, not backing down or giving up, to embrace the fact that I am ‘just a little different’. I have always had a warrior spirit about me, now coupled with wisdom that comes with age, it has proven to be a huge asset to finish the race that is set before me. One of my all time favorite quotes is, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Judging from the volumes written about each of these women, I would venture to say they did not behave the way others thought they should and didn’t necessarily do what was popular at the time. It is important to note here that these women were neither rebellious, nor disrespectful. I doubt they would have the impact they did had that been the case. More than likely they would have ended up strictly in the tabloids and been quickly forgotten when the next victim acted carelessly and made it on the front page! Instead, these women, with faithfulness and hard work are shining examples and history shapers. When it comes to expressing our individuality, I can think of no better way than by what we wear. Yet so many women forfeit this, by dressing the way everyone else is or by what a ‘certain someone’ with a secret has in her store windows! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some In Style, People Style Watch and now Fashioned Mag (wink), but I have a strong

(Continued on page 11)

Kenzie’s trip to New York Fashion finds: Furry Head-Piece, wal-Mart, $5; Black gloves, Target, $25; Checkered coat, Forever 21 (Friend’s Closet); Black Long-sleeved dress, Express, $30; jeans, c2 at mall, $10; black coach boots, burlington coat factory, $35.

Life is too short to stay stuck in the yesterdays! Reliving the past or worrying about what happened, won’t change it.

on Page ) I encourage you to find what makes your heart beat faster and go after it with everything you’ve got. Maybe, just maybe, someone will have you at their dinner table as a party of five. March on history makers, MARCH ON! KENZIE MCMURREN




(Continued from Page 8, March On!!!) sense of who I am and what I like. I look to them for inspiration and deas, and then put me in to the final product. I am comfortable in my own skin and know that beauty is defined by what is on the inside of me, not outside. Therefore, I spend the most time making sure I am a woman with integrity of heart—one who loves God and people passionately, willing to stand up for what is right even if I stand alone. I encourage you to find what makes your heart beat faster and go after it with everything you’ve got. Maybe, just maybe, someone will have you at their dinner table as a party of five. March on history makers, MARCH ON! Erin is a conference speaker, revivalist, pastor and writer who loves God and people passionately. Erin resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and boys, where she enjoys gardening and raising her chickens.

FM’s Directory of Photography, Brittany Treglia, doing up her daily digs so well, we had to share her look and her #OOTD finds! Necklace, Macy’s (Christmas Gift); Dress, Salvation Army (Forever 21, $4). Way to go, Britt!


Hi there, #hairByAshlieA here getting the layered A-line done in my chair! So, are you ready for a hair-style change as we forge into the Spring? Let’s talk about this cut! This cut was chosen by the client who wanted longer length in the front to frame her face, and a shorter length in the back because her thick hair can get quite heavy! We collaborated on the look to fit her lifestyle, maintenance routine, and hair type. I wouldn’t recommend this cut to someone who has tight curly hair because it would take a tedious amount of time to flat iron the front layers and get the back of the head straight. Before we began the cut, we first determined the longest & shortest lengths of the hair. We then proceeded with the hair cut.

The finish we went with a tousled, messy beach wave look. I used a 1 ¼ inch barrel curling iron & wrapped the hair tightly over the top, being sure not to clamp the iron (think of it more like a wand) and only doing the outer layers of the hair and leaving the layers beneath untouched. The reason for that is because her hair is extremely thick and has a lot of natural volume. She didn’t want to create more, but only wanted to enhance the beach waves. Finally, I applied Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum to the ends of the hair and sealed the look with Schwarzkopf Finisher spray. Shake out the curls and.... víola! #ashlieallen #hairByAshlieA Ashlie is a hair-stylist in Orange Couny, CA, who specializes in beauty, haircuts and blow-outs.


spring cleaning for... the soul! PHOTO CREDIT: BRITTANY TREGLIA


KALAN JACKSON Spring is almost here. It is a time for renewal, refreshing, and, may I remind you-CLEANING! I don’t know how other households work, but in mine, spring-cleaning was a requirement. I used to think my mom was a masochist due to her chipper disposition when that time of annual cleaning rolled. As any sane kid would, I hated spring-cleaning. I hated it even more because it meant I had to give up a portion of my hard-earned spring break to scrub floors and de-clutter my room. Although, I must admit, when it was all over, I too felt the elation my mom experienced at the beginning. The junk was removed, our rooms were organized, and the house sparkled with a hint of Mr. Clean. All those years of helping my mom deep clean the house didn’t convert me into a clean freak, but it certainly helped me to appreciate the satisfaction of putting my house in order. This idea got me thinking. Once a year, we routinely clean our house for spring, but how often are we taking the time to put our own thoughts, emotions, and feelings in order? After the aftermath of 2015, I began to see just how cluttered and chaotic my soul had become. When God points out a mess in your life, He doesn’t just leave you alone to fix it by yourself. Instead, He restores you and is so sweet to include some instructions of how to get cleaned up faster. Here are a few cleaning tips given to me for the spring-cleaning of my soul. 1. Get in a quiet place. As you probably already know, this can prove to be very difficult in our noisy world today. When was the last time you were in complete silence for more than 15 minutes? I’m talking about no music, no TV on in the background, no email alerts on your phone. I seldom find myself in complete silence that I haven’t purposely created for myself. There always seems to be background noise or something vying for our attention-whether that be our phones or actual people. Finding peace in the quiet is something worth fighting for. It’s a must for self-reflection, sorting our thoughts and feelings or-better yet-the root behind the way we feel. Personally, I prefer being outdoors, but it is definitely okay to stay in the comforts of your home. The key is to create a change of environment that is relaxing and peaceful. Light some candles, string up some twinkling lights, and most importantly, put that phone of yours on airplane mode!



CHRIS GENIN 2. Allow yourself to cry. Many people know how beneficial laughing is to our psyche, but its counterpart can sometimes be not as welcomed. According to modern medicine, crying is one our best tools for bringing our bodies and our minds into balance. I’ve heard from a few of my peers that they do not enjoy and try to avoid crying as much as possible. Perhaps, they do not wish to be vulnerable with others or themselves. I strongly disagree with this notion. I believe God built the function of crying into our bodies to relieve stress and de-clutter the myriad of emotions that strike us all in a day. I’ve learned to embrace a good cry. At times, I’ve even gone searching for a good cry by picking out a tearjerker on Netflix to get the waters flowing. It never fails because I always feel cleansed after a good cry. 3. Write your thoughts out. This last point was probably the most effective spring-cleaning tip for my soul. We have so many thoughts that swirl around in our heads. They can create a type of mental storm that leaves us emotionally disoriented. Writing down our emotions, thoughts, and feelings not only help us purge the toxicity that lies in our minds, but it is also an extremely cathartic exercise. It is so important to make sure our thoughts reflect God’s. A prophet once wrote that God’s thoughts about us are good; thoughts that lead us to a prosperous future. In essence, our thoughts determine the trajectory of our lives and paint our destinies. When I find myself constantly thinking a negative thought, I will take out my journal and write it down. But I don’t stop there. I will immediately counteract that thought with as many positive statements that declare truths of what God says about me. By the time I’ve exhausted every Bible verse I know pertaining to that area, the negative thought, which so often is a lie, is completely engulfed by the writings that speak of who I am in God’s eyes. These were just a few of the key ways I’ve learned to clean house within myself. He is still teaching me new ways to cleanse my soul and I pray that you learn ways to clean your house, as well. I encourage you to ask Him for the spring-cleaning strategy for your soul. I guarantee that He’ll leave you feeling cleaner than Mr. Clean! Kalan has a B.A. in English, with a minor in Child Development from CS Fullerton. She will soon be working on a Master’s Degree in Child Psychology.

Now Available on itunes March/2016

Meet ... The Brows! by

Jennifer Segovia Whether you want to tweeze, wax, or thread keep in mind that fuller, longer, natural eyebrows are the trend. Never sacrifice your eyebrows’ natural shape by over-tweezing or thinning. You can enhance the appearance of the eye, keeping in mind that eyebrows are defined by the arch, length and thickness. Try these methods to help create the perfect brow. STEP ONE: Start with a base. Use a concealer or cream base, then applying a matte eyebrow powder or powder eye shadow on top of that. You can always go over with a shimmer for a stronger highlight on the brow bone. STEP TWO: Choose either a thin liner brush or eyebrow pencil for shaping and shading. The brush works well to give a softer look to brows with little hair or if you are just filling in a sparse area. A pencil can do the same and even create a more distinct, dramatic look.


STEP THREE: Choose a color. Ideally stick with your natural hair color, but if your hair is naturally dark you may want may want to go a shade lighter. If your hair is blonde, go one - two shades darker, depending how light they are. STEP FOUR: Start at the bottom, inner corner of your eyebrow which should align with your nostril. Follow along the arch of the brow. Follow through past where your eyebrow ends, but not going into the temple area. STEP FIVE: Take your eyebrow brush and brush the brows to blend through for a more natural look, blending in the line though the hairs of your eyebrows. Jennifer is a hair-stylist and blow-out expert who also specializes in beauty and make-up.



’ve been walking about life somewhat despondent, without direction. I’ve tried just about everything to fill the emptiness I wake up to every morning. By everything, you know what I mean; But if I’m completely honest with myself, I realize that I still feel empty. How is that possible? may have casually referenced You before, but this time, I am serious. I’ve heard about a God who is real, kind, loving, forgiving and Who can pull me out of even the darkest of places. If you are real, then I take a step towards You & give my life to You.


A Reason to Blush You know how we girls have our favorite things? While there are a many things I like a LOT, I wanted to share about the beauty must-haves I am crazy about right now. I introduce you to The Milani Eye Shadow: I am in love with this because of the bold colors that Milani has come out with, which are very pigmented and great for any skin type. If you are just experimenting or are an expert, go and try some of these amazing colors and see if you won’t experience a little love…at first try!

f You are real, I accept that Jesus took my place on the cross so many years ago, so that I would come to this place and meet You here. If I’ve ever done anything that has broken your heart, forgive me. Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. I need You and receive Your forgiveness & love. My heart and life is Yours. Make me new, right here, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

If you felt this was speaking to you & want to chat with someone, email us at or fill out the “Contact Us” on our web at We are here for you!

BY ALISHA PHALEN which is great for that extra something after you finish your makeup routine, especially for “strobing” (which we will talk about that at another time). In the meantime, have fun with these colors…there are so many to choose from! Now let’s get out there and be gorgeous for the month of LOVE.

Now, let’s talk blushes, shall we? I also snagged one of Milani’s baked blushes. I had heard about these blushes from so many makeup experts, I had to try them out for myself! After going on a hunt, let me tell you what! I could only find ONE, so I grabbed the very last baked blush and I have to say I was very impressed. I like the very pretty rose color with gold shimmer, which has very rich pigments. I bought “Dolce Pink,” which is ultra pretty—especially for a Valentine’s Blush. What I especially love is the iridescent glow that it gives you,

Purchased at Nordstrom Rack: Urban Decay E/S Primer, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner, “Lush”; L’Oreal E/S, $1. Plum n/p, Walmart.




REGINA CROSBY MCMURREN karmel and& herKENZIE love, rick, out on the town in paris. Fashion & romance

in Paris never looked so good!

We’ll Always Have Paris...

rick & karmel saenz changing it up for the evening. photo by: le secret de audrey March/2016

(I’m a Little Bit Country, Continued from page 7)

FM: You’re serious?

FM: Your top three personal faves of songs you’ve written? What inspired you to write them?

AG: Yes. And also, I’m obsessed with skincare….I love good skin care…and Hourglass concealer. Sephora has great stuff!

AG: Jailbird, Picture…um … I like this new one we just wrote called, “The Good Stuff”…..

For fashion, it’s accessories! Necklaces, some rings, fun shoes and a hat, then you rock! I love a good hat.

FM: The one about the barefoot sounds cute, too!

FM: If you could do anything in a 24-hour period, it would be to....?

AG: Yeah, “The Good Stuff”…

AG: Wake up. Run at the beach. Meet with Jesus, Elvis and then go have an amazing lunch, go shopping in NY – unlimited shopping spree. Sing to a sold out Madison Square Garden…hug my mom, kiss my dad…then go to bed!

FM: How long does it generally take you to write a song? AG: It totally depends … You’re Mine took me 15 minutes. “The Good Stuff,” has taken me over two years. To write a good song, you keep writing until it’s “right!” FM: Jailbird. Quite a moving song—random or personal? AG: Personal. FM: What music is programmed in your car right now? AG: 103.3 – a Country station here in Nashville. Chris Stapleton is in my car right now. I also love listening to the Gospel station out here.

FM: Has there ever been a time in your life when your world was so dark, you saw no way out? What did you do to get out of there? AG: When I look back, I do see a time where I was in a dark and confusing place, though I didn’t know that I was going through that then. I had split ways from a record company I was working with, I was on my own, my mom was selling our house, I didn’t feel like I had a good support system and I was feeling very alone. I was working these 18-hour days, wasn’t sleeping and in a weird place. I can even see it with the songs I was writing. When I look back, I do believe the Lord took me out of that and that’s how I ended up in Nashville. ( Cont. on Page 23)

FM: To say you are fashion forward is an understatement…you rock fashion! Where do you shop and what inspires your outfits? AG: My favorite places to shop depends on my bank account. I usually go with how I’m feeling, but even since I was very young, I always liked to look different, wearing things that others wouldn’t necessarily want to wear. I love fashion and I love vintage so I guess you can say I mix & match cheap finds with classic pieces. FM: Fave pair-o-shoes? AG: I used to love my high heels. My faves are my green suede Marc Jacobs platforms with gemstone in the middle, but now it’s mostly all boots! FM: Songs that takes the gray away? AG: Tom Petty & The Heartbreak’s American Girl. FM: That’s a classic. AG: My Girl (The Temptations) and Shania’s (Twain) Any Man of Mine (Starts singing “Any man of mine…”, while air-guitaring) FM: Beauty or Fashion “must-haves” you can’t live without? AG: Eyelash curler.


“I imagined myself as a 90-year-old looking back at my life and I wanted to proud of the person I was. That definitely helped lead me to Country”.

faux vintage jackets & crossover body purse available at ... Coming SOon!


Last-Minute March Finds for Friends...

lauren Conrad’s Book, Beauty, found at Nordstrom, target or Amazon;

Wear your winter whites while you still can! Even in March. go on...we dare you!


FM’s guest writer, Karmel saenz, puts her fashion foot forward in this gorgeous gown worthy of any red carpet, wedding or prom.

photo credit: le secret de audrey


Check out cassidy’s Cute Outfit... Be on the lookout for this beautiful bride-to-be on our june cover! photo credit: britney nicole photography


(I’m a LIttle Bit Country, Continued from Page 18) FM: A quote you live by? What would you say to young women struggling with self-image and identity?

AG: Tink (Tinkerbell), Pip and Walter. They are a family. FM: How about comfort food?

AG: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. FM: Your toughest critic? AG: (Strumming her guitar) Probably me. FM: A little on the lighter side—heels or flip-flops? AG: Grrrrrr…Heels, but I wear flip-flops more—especially in the summer. FM: Dress or jeans? AG: I mean…I love wearing dresses, but I probably wear jeans more…unless it’s in the summer. (Laughs) FM: In-n-Out or Culvers? AG: (Singing at the top of her lungs) In-n-Out! FM: Beach or mountains? AG: BEACH! (Simultaneously playing one chorded strum!) FM: Bucket list top three items…Go!

AG: Fonuts is a place by my LA house on 3rd and it’s my comfort food, for sure! My favorite is the strawberry buttermilk…they are gluten free, vegan, and baked instead of fried, but they taste better than any treat…I love all foods…Mexican, Indian, Country… FM: What you are pursuing is not for the faint of heart; what are some words of encouragement you can give to someone who has been pursuing their dream, but wants to quit? AG: I believe He wants us to fulfill the desires of our heart. I believe that what you LOVE is what you’re supposed to do, so follow that love—especially if it’s positive. I believe that my journey is on-going and that’s partially why it’s taken me “x” amount of years to be really comfortable with myself in every arena. I think the Lord may have thought I wasn’t ready at the time. He knows me and what I’m capable of…I trust that He is leading me. Even though I’ve wanted to be way more successful. Faith is my bread. It’s the only thing that keeps me going – especially when I’m like “Where is this going?” I pray, hear and know that He tells me to keep going, hold on and to trust Him. So it’s what I do and am still doing. It’s not super easy to live that, but I feel like He wouldn’t have brought me this far to drop me now. For more information about Alissa or to purchase her music, visit or search for her name in the iTunes store.

AG: Paris for a month, Madison Square Garden show and a beachhouse for life! FM: Something you do when you were feeling discouraged to help get you out of the dumps? AG: Exercise! If I don’t feel good, I go to work out class and it helps to clear my mind. FM: Favorite person on earth Who do you turn to when things seem a little tough or Rocky? AG: My mom, for sure.

Alissa with one of her littles (above); Alissa performing, Jailbird, at the Blue Bird Cafe.

FM: Where is your happy place? AG: Anywhere outside … running around with the dogs! FM: Advice on love? AG: Ah…hahaha. Yes, love is the space I try to let lead me in everything I do! As for me…my heart has been ripped in and out a number of times, but it all comes out in my tunes. That is where I’m most honest. FM: You also love animals--namely three little dogs that belong to you--their names?


FIT & FABULOUS...INSIDE AND OUT! BY KELSEY LEE HOLLENBECK It is an all-too-common mistake that the outward image, the superficial appearance, is the primary consideration for a person’s value, or qualificationespecially in regards to how we think of ourselves. At some point in time, we’ve all taken notice of a magazine or movie image and in some shape or form, compared ourselves to it, planting the seed that “maybe we just aren’t enough”- and if only we could more closely resemble that image, we would be. If this rings a bell, or stirs something in your heart, know you are not alone, and this battle is something that millions of others throughout the world truly struggle with; some on such levels that they have contemplated taking their own life. Be encouraged that you are enough, because He who created you made no mistakes. There are a few things to deeply consider when finding a balance in honoring the One who created you, and the temple you live in. We are reminded in 1 Samuel 16:7, “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” A particular shape, size, height, color, weight, charisma or overall “look” does not determine the value or capability of any individual; what does determine their value and capability is who God intends for them to be, what He intends for them to


do, and the condition of their heart. If our life revolves around our outward appearance, or judging the outward appearance of others, we so badly miss the boat that we will never feel fulfilled. Each of us have a certain grace on our life, and are called to live victoriously in it for His purpose; we were not created to compare ourselves to one another and run in circles of insecurity, fear, envy or pride- so why is it that the world promotes such a trend? Because, it is easy to buy into what the world refers to as ‘ideal’, and the revenue brought in by both men and women chasing after that ‘ideal’ drives the financial bottom line of companies throughout the world. People from all walks of life are being destroyed by the lack of knowledge of what is real and what is not, in terms of physical aesthetics, and the drapery of deception our world’s standard deploy through visual media and advertising. We must realize that we are imperfect people, and chasing after the world’s criteria/s of ‘perfection’ is an endless, unfulfilling, empty pursuit. If we desire genuine health (physically, emotionally and spiritually), the confidence that comes with it, and to live as the very best version of ourselves, first things must be put first- “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” –Matthew 6:33. Living with genuine resolve to seek first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) in all things is truly foundational in being free of the lies that ‘self-image’ is-

sues can entrap us in. It is one thing to be aware of deception, but to be armored from its enchantment requires something greater than ourselves; His name is Jesus Christ. When we begin to understand who we are in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), we live more intentionally, and take greater consideration into being good stewards of ourselves, and the choices we make in every area of our lives. Unhealthy, unproductive thinking and habits become a thing of the past, and healthy, productive thoughts, behaviors, and refreshed confidence flow through our everyday lifestyle. Being the best you that you can be entails responsible stewardship over what God has given you, and being responsible stewards of our bodies makes living undistracted by what the world tells us we should be less challenging. The importance of having a healthy and able body goes far beyond feeling confident in our clothes or performing better physically. It allows us to live and operate more efficiently, and effectively, in whatever it is we are designed to do. 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 reminds us that responsible stewardship of our body is vitally important to the Lord, and for the sake of ourselves. 1 Corinthians 6:12 suggests the liberties we have that are not inherently wrong, may also not be advantageous, either: “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.” We should

consider that even thoughts and actions, which may not be considered sin, or wrong, can become sin, and become wrong if we allow them to have power over us. An example being taking days of rest, and enjoying foods we love that may not be beneficial to eat consistently, becoming a routine habit, resulting in laziness and gluttony. Another example is someone who intends to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their daily routine becoming obsessive and driven solely by those activities and the tangible results they produce, rather than being driven by living in a way that honors the Lord. We are once again encouraged to consider the condition of our heart; the intentions of why we do what we do reflect greatly on our relationship with God and our willingness to die to ourselves and live for Him. If we truly live as Matthew 6:33 instructs, we will be able to become the best version of ourselves we can be, and the lie that we aren’t enough, or must meet a worldly criteria to become more, will no longer hold us back.

About the Writer: Kelsey Lee is a health & fitness guru, who has infiltrated the fitness world as wellness coach, personal trainer and Boot Camp instructor. Through social media, her reach has grown globally, being acknowledged from a variety of sources including NY Times and The Examiner. For more information, visit

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Fashioned Magazine, March 2016, Issue 7  

Theming this month's issue with all things March, March Madness, Marching On and more, this month's issue of fashion, beauty and more, is su...

Fashioned Magazine, March 2016, Issue 7  

Theming this month's issue with all things March, March Madness, Marching On and more, this month's issue of fashion, beauty and more, is su...