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If you only knew how excited I was to get to this month--for several different reasons! For one, it is the official launch and kick off of SUMMER! Now, while I am an avid fan of the Winter Season, as well (thanks to Christmas), summer is on an equal plane, and further more it’s my birth-month, not to mention Fathers’ Day! This month’s issue was an electric one for me to put my hands to-and as you read through the pages, you may understand why! Do you happen to remember that precious (and somewhat recently engaged) couple, Cassidy & Hayden? If you even read any of their cute love story at all (February’s love issue), you would have fallen in love with them like the rest of us! This month, I’m ecstatic to share that beautiful Cassidy has graced us as Fashioned’s Cover Girl for the June issue! Sharing in the her wedding-day-must-have’s, you will be encouraged to go out and do the same, even if you don’t have a wedding day approaching (and if you do, then it’s double the treat)! Fashion isn’t all we celebrate! It is our joy to showcase strong women who not only have something to say (really, who doesn’t), but women who really put themselves out there, regardless of the opinions of man, not fearing what others might say or think. She’s that girl. For this reason we were ecstatic to highlight a hip, young woman who is as bold and courageous, as she is beautiful--Stephanie Singer! Being real and raw with our readers, her honesty is so beautifully captured as she openly shares about her story about leaving the LGBTQ life to pursue a new kind of love -- this will be an article you will want to read from beginning to end! Not only that, you can hear her story, capturing Stephanie’s heart on the matter in our upcoming podcast on Fashioned Radio! Did I say podcast? YEP! You can find us on Podomatic, and our iTunes podcast will be up in just a few (so keep a look out on Instagram, because we WILL be announcing it once it’s up and available!) With summer officially here, we were sure to cover some of our “Summer Lovin’” bases, which includes a kick-tail feature with fitness guru, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck! This is both, good news (but for me), bad news, as I’m afraid it’s time for me to get my behind in gear (thanks for the inspiration, Kels)! f you don’t already, be sure to subscribe/ follow her on Instagram, facebook and YouTube for great workout tutorials, healthy eating tips and more! Speaking of YouTube, our fabulous four -- Micaela, Ashlyn, Britt and myself, took the time in the windy city of Murrieta, to film our June host-chat on the importance of dads in our lives! You may have a great relationship with yours, or maybe your relationship between you and your father is a bit estranged. Regardless, check out our Daddy’s Girl chatter and see what these four have to say! BTW, we’ve got makeup tutorials and other goodies on our YouTube channel, so do stop by for a visit! Back to summer! You can’t kick off summer without a fun playlist and some summertime fashion faves! We’ve included some of our picks our beachwear feature will be coming in July ... But don’t let that

keep you from heading to the sandy shores of your nearest beach! With a few other features, we not only covered some fun makeup and accessories, but also fun ways to spruce up your favorite living space! There are many things I enjoy about the month of June, but of the many things this month brings, it is a wonderful time our dads for all they’ve done -- the seen and unseen! We love and are blessed to be your daughters. To those whose dads aren’t around, you are a daughter, to a loving heavenly Daddy. You may not know Him yet, but He sure knows you! Know that you are beautiful, you are one of a kind, you are of worth and you are FASHIONED for greatness! With much love, Cyndi

JUNE playlist

With June comes fun in the sun, dads & grads, long summer drives and singing in the car! What better way to croon to the tunes of June? Get out your shades, jump in the car with friends & enjoy!

1. ”good good father” - housefires 2. “Just the two of us” - will smith 3. ”daughters” - joohn mayer 4. “summer lovin” - grease soundtrack 5. “summertime” - will smith 5. “Better when i’m dancin’ - meghan trainor 6. “isn’t she lovely” - stevie wonder 7. “all summer long” - beach boys 8. “how sweet it is (to be loved by you)” - michael buble 9. “June is bustin’ out all over” - carousel soundtrack 10. “can’t stop the feeling!” - justin timberlake june/2016


CASSIDY FUNK SHARES HER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS FOR HER SPECIAL DAY .. For the most part, we dream of being beautiful brides from the time we are little, playing make-believe with our Barbies; but when that day finally comes, the bride realizes there is a little more to prepping for her wedding day, than just taking a ride in her Barbie Corvette. Recent bride (and Fashioned Mag model), Cassidy Funk shared some of her list of beauty faves as she prepped to marry Hayden Funk, the man of her dreams! FM: Brides-to-be take their time to find the perfect dress to wear the day they say, “I do,” YOURS was gorgeous. What dress did you wear for your special day and why? CF: My dress had all the details I wanted—the lace, the tool, the buttons, the unique back design… everything!! FM: Skincare and beauty treatments are of the essence for any (and every day). Did you do anything special or different to pamper yourself for your special day? CF: Of course…mani-pedi’s with the girls, a good night’s sleep, and my nightly skin secret, bareMinerals Skin Longevity Serum! FM: One of the things a bride takes an extra special amount of time to do is to find the right accessories – what did you end up feeling was your favorite accessory for your special day? CF: I wore the most gorgeous vintage diamond earrings that belonged to my Lola, which is “Grandma” in Tagalog. FM: Make-up – yours looked impeccable all day and night! What make-



up did you use for blush, eye shadow, etc.? What about mascara? Did it keep fresh even between your happy tears? CF: Most of the make up I wore was bareMinerals — a personal fave! Their Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel is my best friend. I went with a mascara that I recently discovered from Sephora called Perversion (Urban Decay). It’s made with honey and other conditioning ingredients that actually make your lashes grow, making them noticeably more full! FM: Hair. Yours went perfectly with your dress. How did you end up with that beautiful style? Why did you go with the hairstyle that you did? CF: Thank you! I chose a swept-to-the-side do for the sole purpose of showing off the back of my dress!

FM: That was a brilliant move. The dress was beautiful and the back was gorgeous! We know how important it is for a bride to have her perfect shoe – what shoe did you pair with your wedding dress? Did you keep those same shoes on as you danced the night away? CF: YES. I went with Steve Madden’s Francia Embellished Metallic T-Strap Sandals. I wore them all day! (Except for pictures I took in the grass, at which point I wore my little sister’s flip-flops, because I forgot to bring some!) FM: One of the things so sweet about one’s wedding day, is your choice fragrance. What fragrance did you wear and why did you choose that particular fragrance? CF: I wore my signature scent, Princess by Vera Wang. Simple and elegant! FM: The saying goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...” What of those did you wear on your wedding day? CF: My Lola’s diamond earrings were my something old, my dress was my something new and I did borrow a friend’s lipstick! I’m not much for traditions but those things worked out! ;) FM: We know it’s important to have the right lipstick so the bride’s makeup stays fresh even with those tender moments; but one of our faves is when you hear, “...You may now kiss the bride.” What lipstick did you go with? CF: My lips were a mix of a nude lipstick, a soft pink lipstick and a gloss. I suggest keeping your lipstick among the few items you carry in your day-of purse! It’s nice to be able to refresh throughout the day, even when your artist is not around. Above: “Radiant, Cassidy primarily attributes her glowing look to bareMinerals .. and saying, “I DO” to Hayden, of course!” FM: Good call, Cassidy! Photo below: Newlywed, Cassidy in the arms of her loving husband, Hayden. How long was this dashing kiss? A bride never kisses and tells! They say it’s bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding – your thoughts on this? CF: I made sure he was nowhere in sight when I arrived at the church! I saw him before the wedding in a video of him opening a gift I sent him while he was getting ready. But he surely did not see me! FM: You had an afternoon wedding. What did your meal day look like leading up to the wedding? CF: Some wonderful friends of mine set up a breakfast bar for all the bridesmaids while we got ready, so we had everything from quiche to fruit to croissants! I nibbled on cracker here and there to prevent fainting but was not hungry at all until dinnertime! FM: We are glad you nibbled to keep from fainting, because your wedding was beautiful and you were a GORGEOUS bride!!!

Photographs: Nicole Britney Photography



YOUR BEST BODY...DOING THE BASICS! Summertime gatherings, lazy days, and balancing a healthy lifestyle and swimsuit baring body can blend together with ease when you stay mindful about picking and choosing where to indulge, when to refrain and remembering to stay active. Feeling great in our own skin starts and sticks with the basics – so keeping them in check (like fueling our bodies with more good stuff than bad stuff, and not becoming sedentary) is an absolute must. • Always eat breakfast, and space your meals around 3 hours apart so your body has a chance to digest what you’ve eaten without overlapping into fat-storage mode. Be willing to tough-love yourself into good self-discipline when the mindless snacking starts to creep up; those extra bites usually turn into caloric surplus and fat storage, so find ways to occupy yourself from getting the munchies between meals. • Stay hydrated by starting the first hour of being awake with at least 16 ounces of water, and drinking more throughout the day and again before going to bed. Depending on your activity levels, 80 ounces to a gallon is a great range to stay in, and your brain, body, and skin will thank you. If you’re in the mood for some flavor, try fruit-flavored teas or infuse your water with fresh or frozen fruit. • Swap the overly processed snack food for fresh produce, and healthy fats like avocado, hummus, nuts and nut butter. Having fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in the kitchen will make healthy snacking easier, and leaves plenty of room to get creative. Try freezing cubes of watermelon and snacking on crisp veggies with a small side of dip or dressing 6


between meals; or create a light and crispy salad with greens, fruit, a sprinkle of walnuts and vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing. • Save the sweet treat indulgences for social gatherings or time with family, and keep your portion sizes in check – splitting desserts or opting for a smaller round of frozen yogurt is your best bet in keeping your waistline and metabolism happy. • Being willing to carve out time to stay active will help you enjoy the summer season without feeling bogged down by beverage and food-laden festivities. If you’re not already into a regular exercise routine, commit to getting outdoors or doing something that gets your heart rate up at least 3 days throughout the week, for 30 minutes or more. A good hike, bike, swim, or brisk morning or evening walk is a great way to soak up the sun and can be a great way to spend time with friends and family. Master these basics and you’ll find yourself enjoying the sun-shine’y season without battling extra bulge or feeling ultra-restricted. Kelsey Lee is a health & fitness guru, who has infiltrated the fitness world as wellness coach, personal trainer and Boot Camp instructor. Through social media, her reach has grown globally, being acknowledged from a variety of sources including NY Times and The Examiner. For more information, visit kelseylee.com or follow her on Instagram: @kelseyleedotcom and on facebook: “Kelsey Lee”.



Everyone has a unique story and journey. Before I can remember, I’ve always had two lesbian mothers, Diana and Diane; and a father. I lived with my moms, but my dad was very active in my life. My father took me to church every Sunday, so I was raised in the church…yet I lived with my two lesbian mothers. Throughout middle school and high school, I only dated guys, but I knew I had samesex attraction. When I went to college is when I started dating, both guys and girls…”.And now, Fashioned presents to you an interview, with Stephanie Singer, founder of “Action to Love”. FM: Did your upbringing play a role into your decision to be in actively gay relationship? If so, how did it? SS: I’d say that moms were such loving people, so even though a lot of Christianity …would hold signs saying, “… gay people are going to hell”, it very much conflicted with my reality of living with my moms. How could these people that were so amazing and wonderful … how could they be going to hell? … I got to the point that I knew I would always have love and support from my moms, whether I was gay or straight and that gave me the courage to explore my sexuality. FM: As a fashion magazine, we platform and share trends on fashion, dresses, heels, accessories, hair, makeup—the fashion works! You’ve described yourself as a “tomboy” dating back to when you were a little girl. What would you say to a girl, who like you, might be considered a tomboy in terms of clothing, but perhaps is only attracted to boys? How would you encourage them to be true to who they are, not being embarrassed about being a little “different” or feeling like they don’t fit in because of what they do or don’t wear? SS: I grew up a complete tomboy. I always was just in athletic shorts, a cotton T-shirt and some pretty fly Nike’s…I guess if you see me today you might find me wearing the same thing. I did go through a definite fashion crisis when I started to discover my femininity. When



that part really started to come out, I thought I had to look like everybody else, so my friends would give me clothes which was really nice of them and they all tried to help me find my style; It took a lot of time and also took a lot of maturing in me to be comfortable in my own skin to know that I am a strong beautiful woman created in (God’s) image, and that it’s okay… that my style is a little … more masculine to society’s standards; But if you just look at me (like today, I’m wearing Nike Khaki hiking shorts with black Nike’s and a black T-shirt), it’s comfortable for me. I like to just be relaxed and feel like if, at any time I wanted to go hike a mountain …. go for a run … sit around with my friends and eat good food and hang out, I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable in my skin and comfortable in my clothes. FM: So they should be comfortable not only in their own skin, as well; but also in what they are wearing and how they dress! FM: You have shared about your struggle with sexuality when you were younger, when did you realize (struggle with sexuality)….? SS: I think … sexuality is attached to identity. I found for a long time – I have had same sex attraction and I also have opposite sex attraction. What I found in my own story … was that for me it’s not about my sexuality. God loves me whether I’m gay or whether I’m straight. God ultimately desires to have a personal relationship with me, and that’s what I’ve been focusing on over the past years, since I started walking with Jesus. It’s not about me trying to “fix” my sexuality, ‘cuz if that was the case then, I wouldn’t need Jesus to restore anything and … it’s not about being restored from being gay or being restored from being with men … it’s about having all of myself. My spirituality and my sexuality are completely tied. You cannot take them apart, and so how can I bring God into the middle of my sexuality and spirituality, and allow Him to restore all things … make Him the decision maker of my life and that goes both ways. Decision-maker means that sometimes there’s a guy that I’d like to date and I can’t. (Continued on Page 16)



A new season has begun—the new season of fun and colorful beginnings. This is a wonderful time of the year where our spaces can also, in a sense, step into a new season to reflect the atmosphere of new life taking place all around us. Our homes are our havens, sanctuaries, and our places of rest and refuge, so why not spruce them up and step up our game indoors, as much as spiritually, and in our daily activities?!?

The quickest and most cost effective way is to search out for throw pillows to place on sofas, beds, chairs and benches throughout your home. Above are several different examples of fun trendy pillows to help spruce up your space and place this spring! These selections will either inspire you or cause you to go out and grab these exact combinations. Either way, may you have a blast stepping into your space this new season!

When I think of Summer, I think of fun, sparkling lemonade, hammocks, flowers—of every kind (which means colors everywhere…reds, hot pinks, light pinks and all the pinks in between, yellows, purples and orange; In many cases, those colors are even mixed together on one single petal. The beauty and fun of Summer is that the colors don’t just end there… have you seen the vibrant blues, light blues, turquoise colors of swimming pools, oceans, and rivers? This translates to one thing ... time to step your living space into something new!

Interior Designer, Jennifer Vargas, has been in the industry for over six years and has decorated many spaces ranging from gorgeous homes, to sets on TV studios, businesses, fancy dorm rooms and more! Her company, Alteza Designs, is a company with a passion to help you unravel “your” story in the form of your own personal space. Whether it be your bedroom, dorm, office, or entire home. With a heart to reach out to orphans, Alteza’s mission is to transofrm, affect, heal and impact people’s lives and spaces with their creations. For more information or questions about Alteza, email: jennifer@ altezadesigns.com and don’t forget to follow this tres chic design company on instgram at: @Alteza_designs

Now...new usually means spending money, and sometimes a lot of it. So, how do we step into our new look without redoing our entire space or




fm’s writer and fashioned gal, jennifer vargas: “When the clouds come in and the air becomes crisp, I love to wear something that makes me feel cozy, yet girly and definitely flowey. I piece together my favorite layered long skirt with my Sam Edelman quilted rain boots along with my soft long draping turtleneck in a charcoal grey; Because pairing up colors should be consistent with the beautiful weather, I’d say this is my interpretation of summer rain in an ensemble.”.



FM’s youtube beauty girl, zowie murillo: “My favorite thing about this look is that it is so casual, yet can be dressed up--just throw some heels on and your set for the night! Totally 90’s, with the choker and adidas which are back in style! I love the vibe to this cas, comfy or dressy style!”

FM’s editor-in-cheif, cyndi galley: “i came across these versatile “shrugs by shelly” and love them! i need to drop about fifty, so with my vigoss jeans, a staple fedora and funky shoes, i can take care of business looking chic and not as frumpy as i feel!”

FM’s team member, sophia sanchez: “I love this outfit because i could realy wear it wherever, while i’m doing whatever! i’m usually on the go, so it’s great to havea “go-to” outfit that is both, comfortable and cute! “

FM’s Writer, Janae Klatt: “Love my boyfriend tees, skinny jeans and cute booties! Throw on some aviators, jewelry and red lip stick and I am good to go!” (more on page 16)


“Rugged Cowboy Boots” by Frye’s; Sold at

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who says pleated skirts are a thing of the past? Back stronger than ever, this pleated staple piece will put an extra pep in your summer work step!

these denim cut-off’s will keep you on your toes, and have you feeling footloose and fancy free! photo credit: le secret de audrey


(Continued from “Personal Summer Faves,” page 11) FM’s photo director & FM Gal, brittany treglia: “There’s something about the whole “hippie” vibe I just LOVE. My favorite part about this dress are the sleeves. The belt helps accentuate my waist so the dress doesn’t make me look too boxy. paired with sandals & bam--instant success!

would come to an end, so I kept it a secret. As an adult … things have changed as I’ve continued to grow in my identity and found more security in it. Then I can say that … attraction isn’t what defines who I am or my identity. I think that is one of the reasons I was so excited to do “Action to Love.” When I found the freedom to be completely myself and (knew) that Jesus loved me, I wanted to share the good news! And the good news is that He came for all of us … no matter how you like to dress, (or) what you like to do … He’s passionately pursuing you, and to me, that’s an amazing God!

(Cont. from “What Love Can Do”, Page 8)

at that point), and so there was no peace at all for me. (Cont. on Page 18)

Sometimes there’s a girl that’s beautiful … that doesn’t mean I should act on it; And so allowing me to hear from Him and be in that personal relationship and allow Him to restore the past ones that … maybe weren’t the best for me. FM: How did externals factors play a role in the struggle?

FM: How at peace were you about your decision to live a gay lifestyle? SS: In culture and in the church, its either you love god OR you’re Gay. And so when I decided, I was going to finally be gay or a lesbian or however you want to put it, and sever the church. It was never that I could have God and be gay … I think that’s really an injustice to people that are discovering their sexuality. I don’t think it’s a choice whether you love or don’t love God, God should be in the middle of our sexuality. We should find if He can’t be, then something’s wrong, and so I believe that just as we are working everything else out in our life, that God should be in the middle of everything … every part of our spirituality and our sexuality; So it was really hard for me to feel 100% at peace because to have one, I had to put aside what was very important to me (which was when I pretty much locked God in a closet


SS: I think when you are really young, society puts boxes and categories on you, so if you’re a “tomboy”, or if you feel a little masculine, you’re gay. If you’re a boy, but you feel a little more feminine, you like to do things like cook and clean, and you don’t want to play sports, then you’re automatically labeled as gay. Unfortunately, I think that ’ve been walking about society’s really done a disservice to people in their identity in finding life somewhat despondent, who they are and where they find their identity … Whether you are without direction. I’ve tried gay or you’re not, that’s not the point. The point is that should be the just about everything to fill decision you’ve made – not because people have told you that growthe emptiness I wake up ing up your entire life because of clothes or things you like. I mean I to every morning. By evlove sports to this day! I’m out there playing co-ed soccer and doing erything, you know what I triathlon training. I’m very active and what I do doesn’t define who I mean; But if I’m completely honam or what my sexuality is. est with myself, I realize that I still feel empty. How is that possible? FM: I love tha! I think as humans, it’s safe to say there is something everyone is ashamed or embarrassed about -- was there a time you may have casually reffelt ashamed because of your struggle? erenced You before, but


this time, I am serious. I’ve SS: I would definitely say absolutely! Growing up it was probably heard about a God who is one of the most secret things that I kept, even though many peoreal, kind, loving, forgiving ple assumed and probably knew—I was just mortified. I was scared I and Who can pull me out of wouldn’t fit in—especially with some of my little more conservative even the darkest of places. friends. I went to a private school and I attended church and the fear If you are real, then I take a step of losing friends over this attraction would have felt like my world towards You & give my life to You.

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f You are real, I accept that Jesus took my place on the cross so many years ago, so that I would come to this place and meet You here. If I’ve ever done anything that has broken your heart, forgive me. Hurting you is the last thing I want to do. I need You and receive Your forgiveness & love. My heart and life is Yours. Make me new, right here, in Jesus’ Name. Amen If you felt this was speaking to you & want to chat with someone, email us at fashionedmagazine@gmail.com or fill out the “Contact Us” on our web at www. fashionedmagazine.com. We are here for you!

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(Cont. from Page 16, “What Love Can Do”

ers; also, you can email me and share your story with me.

FM: Okay, so you didn’t feel 100% of peace in this lifestyle, so how did you find it?

FM: How do you feel about meeting Mr. Right?

SS: I needed to stop relying on people to define me, and I decided not to date so that I could really find who I am and find who I am in my relationship with God. I decided to say yes to anything that I felt like He was saying (or asking) for me to do, and that if I was off or wrong, that he’d correct to me, not punish me because he’s a loving, generous, kind and gracious God and it just took me off on this incredible journey! My journey with God has been so much more fulfilling than going from person to person, Joining into their journeys … And for me that’s what’s changed and that’s what’s changed in me. I found peace in His love and that that satisfies enough for me! FM: What would you say to someone who is living the LGBTQ lifestyle?

SS: I just kind of settled that I’m OK … God is who comes into that area of my heart right now … I’m 31 years old. I love my life, I love my job, I love my house, I love my dogs – – I’ve got a pug named Muffin and I’ve got a German Shepherd named Sunshine; I’ve got three chickens, and two roosters and I love it! Now, if there was a Mr. Right in the picture I’d love that, too, but I guess we will have to cross that bridge when it comes! FM: We’ve gotta ask…what are your top three favorite go to outfits and why? SS: I’ve got two Nike’s--ones a khaki material and one’s a blue color; I love my shorts, because in Missouri, you never know what the weather’s going to be like; and they’re comfortable if it’s hot, and they’re comfortable if it’s raining! I throw in either a T-shirt or a hoodie and shoes. That’s my definite go-to outfit!

SS: What I’d say for anybody who is LGBTQ, is that God absolutely loves you and that you deserve to be treated with dignity, honor and respect; that you deserve to be welcomed into a family of faith believers, into a church where you can serve and worship God and always, always stay open – minded, to ... the journey that God wants to take you, and don’t be scared to go all in for Jesus… Give Him your spirituality and sexuality. The local church is what it’s all about … Being in a community of believers that will love you through the good, the bad, the ugly–-that will support you no matter what you were dealing or struggling with. Find discipleship, find somebody who can teach you about Jesus and just keep loving people and loving God.

Another one would be just blue jeans and a white V-neck T-shirt, along with some sandals. I feel like it’s simple, it’s cute and it’s me! Sometimes I will throw a necklace on and maybe a ring to complement it, but I don’t get too crazy because I’m just a simple person.

FM: You’re the founder of “Action to Love,” an organization that helps to strengthen churches in embracing and understanding the LGBTQ-community. How did this begin for you and how can someone partner with your organization?

FM: Any beauty regimen (s) you’ve got going on?

SS: This organization began when I was in Israel on a tour ... Some pastors were sharing that they (or property) had been bombed, they had been stabbed, but they would not leave, because they were with “their people”. It didn’t matter if they died, they weren’t going to leave…no matter how horrific, they would not leave their people. I asked God, “Who are my people?” And immediately God spoke to me that the LGBTQ Community were my people. It was one of the scariest things I heard from God – (fear of ) being rejected by the church was definitely there, but at the same time, how many people from the LGBTQ community have been rejected by the church? … I was unwilling to walk away from God. I knew this was Him. He said, “I am knocking on the heart of the Church … Would you be willing to go with me?” I jumped in and said, “Yes”! And I’ve been on this journey, have done some pretty crazy things and I still don’t know where I’m going, but I’m all in with God! If someone wants to support our organiation, the website is actiontolove.com. There are some resources on there for pastors and lead-



If I was going to have to do a third outfit (pauses) ... Man! Obviously, I don’t have enough clothes is what I’m realizing through this interview, but I’d have to say my triathlon clothes are becoming my go to outfits and workout clothes –- I like to work out, so some basketball shorts, a cotton shirt, with running shoes on is a third go-to outfit! If I need to go work out, it’s good; if I’m going to the grocery store, it works, too; so that would be my third outfit!

SS: Absolutely not. I’m really grateful for my friends who have style. I would say that on most people’s terms, I don’t, but I think I’m grateful for people who do it. I love style, I love looking at magazines and seeing the different things that people are wearing and doing. It’s just personally not me ... Anytime I can have some sort of blue jeans, it’s a V-neck Tee-shirt—that’s just my style, and it’s either going to be flip-flops or Vans. FM: Thank you, Stephanie, for your honesty, and being real and raw. Your story is one that will continue to bridge the gap and bring hope and healing! We love you for being uniquely you! SS: Thank you so much, Fashioned Magazine! I am so grateful that you guys took an interest in my story and that you take an interest in the people that I love--that God loves! And please, please anyone who’s interested, reach out to me – – actiontolove.com! I’d love to hear your story and I’d love to hear about your fashion! FM: Yes, if you identified with anything Stephanie shared in her story, please contact her through her organization, “Action to Love!” Stay tuned for her story on Fashioned Radio!, our podcast, coming soon!

THAT SUMMER GLOW! by alisha phalen As we all know, summer’s sun is shining strong, and with that comes all kinds of colors and hues—some vibrant and some subtle, yet all colorful! If you would but walk into one of the many beauty stores that help brighten the malls (MAC, Sephora, Ulta—to name a few), you may discover some pretty amazing finds! Maybe you’ve wanted to take a stab at growing in your eye-shadow look or perhaps you’ve worn the same color of blush year after year, and not it’s time for something new. Here are some new makeup items we came across at Ulta and now, are summer-ready and guess what?!? we have a deeper collection with a whole new look! 1. Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called “Smoked” at Ulta ($20.00. This palette is a guaranteed to give your eyes a rich, smoky eye look. Not only that, this bold palette has the most gorgeous colors of deep blues, coppers, grays and emeralds. Perhaps these colors are not hues you would normally wear, but with the official rise of summer,, why not try something different kissed with vibrancy so that your eyes can say, “hello world”? 2. ELF blush palette ($6.00). For those of you who don’t know about Elf (which stands for Eyes, Lips & Face), they have amazing products that will not break the bank. This four-color palette will give you a beautiful color to your cheeks, giving you a fresh new look.

Pictured above: whether it’s to run an errand, or attend a weekend party, carrying these few items in your clutch will help your makeup stay fresh, giving you the all-day (or night) glow you deserve! Below: accessories that keep on giving!


3. Wet ‘n’ Wild Bronzer. This is actually another drug-store brand, which has completely updated their products - and they fly off the shelves! Maybe like me, you don’t normally wear Bronzer, but I loved the color it gives for a glow that you sometimes can’t get from your blush. beauty tip: If you want to add a glow to your look, try substituting this bronzer for your blush to give you a flawless finished look. So now, it’s your turn ... We dare you! Next time you’re at the mall or an over-the-counter store, let your feet take you wear your face wants to go…invest in a few fun palettes and let’s glow all summer long! june/2016

cassidy got married! photo credit: britney nicole photography



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Fashioned Magazine, June 2016, Issue 10  

What better way to say fashion in our June issue, than with summer loving' having a blast, which includes this month's beauty and Cover Girl...

Fashioned Magazine, June 2016, Issue 10  

What better way to say fashion in our June issue, than with summer loving' having a blast, which includes this month's beauty and Cover Girl...