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Content Volume 02 | Issue 1 | September 2016 Fall is Here! We couldn't be more humbled and honored to celebrate our one year anniversary issue with you! This publication has been our heart and joy! We hope you enjoy our Fall Issue as much as we do!

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Couture Corner: Back to school, back to the grind ... Things to keep in mind!


Fall is back in town and that can only mean one thing...it's time to start thinking warm!


Who says you can't find a good man. We not only found one, we found the great eight whose hearts defy the myth that all boys are bad.


Organization ... Back to the Basics!

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Meet Kalan!

Fashioned Magazine's September "It"-girl, KJ, shares on love, pain and the strength that came from within!

Fashion for Fall, Fashion for All! 26 - Fashioned to Be You! 28 - Beauty Review 29 - Fall Fashion 30 - All Work & All Play


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Fashioned Magazine celebrates our first year! It's our one year anniversary and birthday! We wanted to share and celebrate in some of those moments, events and team-members captured on camera! Say cheese!

FASHIONED Volume 2, Issue 01 Editor-in-Chief: Cyndi Galley Executive Director: Alisha Phalen Director of Photography: Brittany Treglia Director of Social Media: Ashlyn Pike Contributors: Virtuous Arevalos, Christina Bellanca, Vanessa Castillo, Olivia Couture, Hannah Garcia, Madison Hoefflin, Kalan Jackson, Janae Klatt, Amara Murillo, Zowie Murillo, Ashlyn Pike, Josie Radina, Lorie Radina, Karmel Saenz, Sophia Sanchez, Brittany Treglia & Jennifer Vargas Cover Girl: Kalan Jackson Cover Photographer: Cheyne M. Jacksoon Photographers: Zach DeWerd, Cyndi Galley, Chris Genin, Cheyne M. Jackson, Reigna Mejia and Elijah Ricaforte Support Team: Regina Crosby, Michelle Dorsey, Cassidy Funk, Edna De Leon, Kelsey Lee Hollenbeck, Kenzie McMurren, Jennifer Morales, Micaela Ricaforte, Maddy Ruiz, Samantha Salazar, Susana Szarko, Liz Taylor, Lauren Thorneycroft & Ashlie Villafuerte Web: fashionedmagazine.com Contact: info@fashionedmagazine.com IG, Periscope & Twitter: @fashionedmag FB: http://fb.com/fashionedmagazine iTunes Podcast & YouTube: "Fashioned Magazine"

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September Issue Contributors

Vanessa Castillo

Kalan Jackson

Olivia Couture

Ashlyn Pike

Cyndi Galley

Brittany Treglia

Madison Hoefflin

Jennifer Vargas


Fashioned's Hello!

Hello From Me To You! What can I say? I was so excited about releasing this month's magazine that I almost forgot to say hey! First off, I can't believe it's already been ONE year since we launched our first issue of Fashioned! It has literally been a whirlwind, but man, has it been AMAZING! Thinking back to when the concept was first birthed, to when we began to get some training wheels on this thing, truly it feels like we've only been doing this for just a few mere months--and compared to Harper's Bazaar and some of the great forerunners of the fashion print industry, we have been. To say that this hasn't been the scariest thing I've ever done would be a lie. Every week I toil with the thought of backing down or throwing in the towel; however, what I see in my heart is louder and stronger. It says to keep pressing onward and moving forward there is a generation who needs the very content that lies within our pages. We don't sell destructive lifestyles, though a few of us have trudged down that dark path before. We strive to bring hope, life, light, joy and purpose, through fashion. We believe every one is born into purpose and destiny, despite the odds and circumstances. It is our heart and joy to share that with our readers and the world, so they know they are not in this thing we call "life," alone. On the contrary. Through the fear, hurt, disappointments in life, there is One who is there...waiting for you to call out and ask for help of the sweetest, purest and strongest kind. It is He, the One Who fashioned you. It is our hope that through our magazine you are not only inspired, encouraged and challenged to do your life as you were fashioned and designed, but that you also experience joy and hope! I had many other things to share and to say about how amazing this year has been, about the features in this month's issue, about the gorgeous hues of fall, the eye-opening interview for singles and of course, New York Fashion Week; however, those things can wait. So, October it is! ;) However, plums, purples and maroons have it this Fall (as does interestingly enough a light-pink-&-yellow combination). In the meantime, remember, there is no other you, so walk in who you are. Who are you? You are lovely, strong, beautiful, intelligent, gifted and important. Don't ever let anyone tell you or make you think differently.

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What I will say are two things: 1) Every individual who contributed to this issue is a gift to us; EVERY feature and story is amazing--please read as truly some of your lives will be changed and never be the same again! and 2) This could not have happened without the team at Fashioned. Thank you for laying it down--I LOVE YOU! To others who have cheered us every step of the way, and to those for even just a few steps--thank you. Most of all, we thank God for His direction, sustenance, provision and for being the greatest Designer of all. For some, you've been our friend for a year, for others, less. No matter the duration, we want you to know you are loved and we are so proud of who you already are and look forward to another amazing year!


Founder / Editor in-Chief www.fashionedmagazine.com








Photographed by Reigna Mejia


1. Take a deep breath. Let oxygen into your system and clear your head. Focus. You can do this. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang. 2. Get some supplies. Granted the campus store is probably going to be littered with freshman loading up on books that cost the same as a week’s admission to Disneyland and lazy seniors still trying to rub last night’s makeup off their eyes. BUT, make sure to get a new pen/pencil, notebook and a pack of fresh ScanTrons. Those are basics that everyone needs, so save yourself the anxiety of asking your new neighbor in ENG 101 for paper, because they only thing you’ll probably get is a stank eye and a ripped piece of notebook paper.


3. Stay hydrated. Girl, you’re going to be traipsing all across campus and working your badass brain like no other. Do your body a favor and keep a water bottle with you at all times, and a granola bar in your bag. 4. READ YOUR SYLLABUS. If there’s one thing you can do to save yourself from a bit of anxiety and embarrassment… read your syllabus. Your instructor didn’t just type that up because they wanted a finger work out. That simple piece of paper will tell you all the secrets of your class and will save you an excuse or too. 5. Meet your teacher and ask questions. Instructors are people too. They also happen to determine what grade you get in your class. A question here and there, saying “Hello!” and “Goodbye.” for each class will go a LONG way. Asking for help will also guarantee you a spot by your side when you have to deal with a group project. 6. Treat yo self. Get that shiny new messenger bag you’ve had your eye on. That to-die-for jacket that you’ve been waiting to go on sale, go for it. You deserve it. - OLIVIA COUTURE

Photographed by Reigna Mejia

“Wait … are we seriously back in school?!” It’s hard to be prepared for the end of summer. We seem to ignore the “back-to-school” commercials in hopes that summer would last another month or two, only to be rudely awakened by class schedules and FASFA checks. Here are some things you can do to ease the blow of the Fall season…



FM's It-Girl!

KALAN GETS REAL From the moment you meet her, you get a sense you may have known her all your life. A cross between Ashley Judd and Alicia Keys, Kalan Jackson, who some call "KJ", could be a bestie or the girl next door, but in reality, this kind-hearted soul is a Kindergarten teacher who wants nothing more than for her kids and the people she loves to know they


FM: Who is Kalan? What is it about you that makes you different? KJ: I like to think of myself as a kind-hearted, complicatingly simple girl ;) lol, who loves Jesus and loves to show others how much He cares for them. I would probably say it's my joyous spirit that sets me apart from the rest :)

are a slave to the opinion of the masses. They will take you on an emotional roller-coaster that you'll be begging to get off.

FM: What are some of the things that inspire you? KJ: I am always inspired when I see someone going full throttle after a dream or mission that's been placed in their heart. People that are passionate about their careers, and visions inspire me to be tenaciuous about my dreams.

FM: What are you most passionate about? KJ: Seeing people (especially my kids) experience the deep, fulfilling love of God.

FM: What causes you to wake up every morning? KJ: My passion to help my kids grow and learn is a major reason why I peel myself out of bed lol. FM: What is your profession? Of course, the root of that passion KJ: I am a Pre-Kindergarten teach- is my Jesus. He was the one who er and my favorite part of the job is placed that purpose and drive in being loved by my kids. At that age, me. Without him, I would probathey genuinely love you without bly still be depressed and aimlessly having to be impressed or bribed. pursuing whims and feelings.

FM: We were thrilled to FINALLY have you on our cover of Fashioned--you are more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside. What would you say are some of the things that contribute to your inner beauty? KJ: Thank you for that sweet compliment! Having inside beauty and good character is important to me. I wasn't always seen as being pretty on the outside. I was actually bullied in school. I think that experience built character and helped me to have empathy for those that are discriminated against because they don't reach a certain beauty standard. FM: You generate a very positive image that goes beyond just being skin deep. Anything you'd like to say to those who make the outward beauty their sole focus? KJ: Looks come and go and the perception of beauty is always changing. If you're constantly investing your self worth in your image, you

FM: A time in your life when you remember being incredibly discouraged--how did you get over that? KJ: It wasn't so long ago when I felt hopeless. At the beginning of this year 2016, I was out of a job, broke, frustrated, and not sure of what I wanted to do with my degree and experience. I got through that time by prayer and believing that something amazing was coming my way. It took five months, but the opportunity to work at the preschool where I am currently presented itself. Never ever let yourself speak defeat even if it looks like you're defeated. A blessing could just be right around the corner.

-ingly tells me that, "It's okay to cry, but crying won't fix the problem. You must get up and do." FM: You do a lot of on-camera work (What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?) KJ: I regularly film a segment for my church's video news. A few days prior to filming I did an intense juice cleanse so the day of the shoot, I had terrible gas. To make matters worse, we were filming in a small enclosed area with no windows and no circulating air. I finally had to fess up and tell my camera man and producer to please open the door so we didn't all pass out. They were both laughing and appreciated that I had the gall to tell them. FM: What is it you love most about who you are? KJ: I didn't always have it, but I love my quiet confidence. FM: Something you recently found out about yourself that was a surprise? KJ: I recently took a personality test and found out that I'm neither an introvert or an extrovert. I'm an ambivert which is somewhere in the middle. (Continued on Page 12)

KJ enjoying some girlfriend time!

FM: What (or who) keeps you grounded? KJ: My mom and grandma keep me in check. They are both such strong women. My grandma lovingly tells me that, "It's okay to cry, but crying won't fix the problem. You must get up and do."

FM: You do a lot of on-camera work (What is the most embarwww.fashionedmagazine.com


FM: What do you do to stay fit and trim? FM: Beauty tips or regimines you can't live without? KJ: I drink plenty of water and I use fresh juices and smooth- KJ: I can not go two weeks without using my exfoliating ies as meal replacements. sea salt scrub. Also, I love peel-off masks! FM: Describe your personal style? FM: Bucket list? KJ: I love unique, comfortable yet feminine clothing--I'm a KJ: I must visit Tahiti and I want to go spelunking one sucker for anything that's flowy and gives that goddess like day. affect. FM: Heels or sneakers? FM: Sushi or a burger? KJ: Sneakers, but I own 30 pairs of heels that I enjoy KJ: I go back and forth, but right now I'm all about poke. I looking at. Lol. would describe it as a type of sushi salad. FM: We are all given 24 hours in a day; what does a FM: Frozen yogurt or ice cream? typical day for you look like? KJ: Frozen yogurt. I don't enjoy ice cream very much. KJ: Right now, I'm prepping my classroom for the start FM: Neither do I! ;) of a new school year, so I wake up, spend the car ride talking to God, spend nine hours at work, go to the FM: TOP beauty essentials you can’t go a day without! library or gym after work, and come home to help eat KJ: 1. Clean and Clear Acne Pads to keep pimples away; 2. my mom's cooking. My Colour Pop matte lipstick "LIMBO"; 3. Frangrance "Chance Eau de Tendre" by Chanel; FM: Your top three songs that get you groovin'? 4. Organic Coconut Oil (too many uses to count); and 5. KJ: I love a little old school so... Outstanding by the Gap Band, Blame It On The Boogie by The Jacksons and Cantu Curling Cream. Cruisin' by Smokie Robinson FM: Is there anything you have been afraid of, but went after FM: I thought you were going to say, "Blame it On the it anyways? If so, what was it and what was the outcome? KJ: Not really, if I want to go after something I'll at least try. Rain!" Whew! Fave desginer? KJ: Vince Camuto FM: Best day of your life? FM: Where do you think your fashion sense comes KJ: The day I spent my 23rd bday in San Francisco with a from? few girlfriends. KJ: I think it comes from my grandma. I would spend hours in her closet as a little girl playing dress up in her FM: Top five things you love to do, see, eat, buy‌ vintage clothing KJ: Hiking, seeing clouds, eating mom's cooking, buying shoes and reading. FM: Your top three fashion must-haves are ... ? FM: Makeup bestie? KJ: A fitted pair of jeans, a fancy cocktail dress & an KJ: My cousin Patricia unbelievably comfortable heels FM: Fragrances that have your name written on them? KJ: "Dot" by Marc Jacobs

FM: Words to live by? KJ: Be positive! Don't quit!

KJ modeling for Gruv Gear. Photo Credit: @thugasuga 12


1. Treat your chill with anything but a boring coat! (Forever 21); 2. Hats are still going strong. Pair your favorite hat with a patterned scarf! (Brass Plum, Nordstrom); 3. Yes and amen to the Overthe-Knee boots that are still slaying your jean-combo! (LL: Banana Republic; LR: Steve Madden).

Photographed by Liz Taylor



Fashion Is it just me or do your eyes also well up with tears as sounds of the National Anthem rings through a stadium? Or maybe you see videos of soldiers coming home to their families and your heart swells with pride, causing you to give a little fist bump with a “YEA! I’m an American!” I love those moments. One of my favorite times is when the Olympics are on. I especially love the opening ceremonies, as each country comes into the arena caring their nation’s flag, wearing big, radiant smiles, taking in the entire experience. It’s a time where nations peaceably come together to compete, all the while encouraging one another—for most. Being a sports fanatic (yes, a fanatic), it’s one of what I so enjoy about sports! It brings people together in a way that words and conversations can’t. It’s actually quite beautiful. As for the Olympics, I love it all—from watching the athletes compete, to winning, wearing their nation’s flag and accepting their medals, it’s a moving moment to watch them cry, proudly singing lyrics to their national anthem being played. Talk about a moment and an amazing experience. Okay, so back to watching each athlete beam with pride as they accept the medal being placed around their neck—ribbon and all. Not only does it leave me thinking, ”DANG,” but it also got me thinking about some of the latest neck accessories taking the shelves by storm! Anybody else have a complete flashback of Cher & Dionne from Clueless with the chokers? I have to admit, though … I LOVE THEM! I wish I had ten of them in multiple colors, but that might be a little overboard, so I stick to one simple color that matches almost my entire wardrobe—black. The thing with the choker, it is the simplest of pieces that makes actually quite the bold statement, adding a soft, yet tough touch to any outfit! I love that I can add the choker to a simple dress or even to a pair of jeans, making the outfit pop and giving a nice little edge to your style. Another popular item that seems to be taking my Instagram newsfeed by storm is a simple handkerchief. It’s back! Any color really, as they add a flair of sophistication along with a bit of a country vibe. The fun thing about this accessory is you could pair a bright handkerchief to a plain outfit, for example a red handkerchief with a white or black dress. Yes, really!! A simple “rule” that I tend to live by—always wear jewelry. Any outfit can be taken to the next level with just a few accent pieces. I mostly wear simple clothes—I’m not a huge fan of patterns or bright colors; and most of the time it’s my necklaces or accessories, adding that final dash to my outfit. One last note: Be sure to dress your lips with a good lipstick, and girl! Walk with confidence. Who knows? You too, may beam with pride just like those athletes accepting their gold. It’s definitely worth a try. -- BRITTANY TREGLIA 14

The Winning Piece



Photographed by Elijah Ricaforte

Boys Tell All


LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS Lets face it. When it comes to guys, we just don't know. "Men--you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em", is one of the many sayings about men, guys, and sometimes, even boys. It's true that some guys can be jerks, but that's not the case for all. How do we know this? We didn't have to look very far to come across some pretty stellar guys. There are still some pretty good ones out there, ladies, and guess what? These guys are attracted to more than just "looks". So, with our back-to-school classrooms and the "coedness" that usually brings, we thought we'd this good batch of guys speak out to get their take on fashion, to hear what they really about girls and more! Are you ready? 16

Zachary DeWerd Madison, WI

Instagram handle: @Zdword Dating Status: Dating Qualities you look for in a girl: A great sense of humor and a kind genuine heart Fashion inspiration: Chris Genin! Your style: It depends on the day & time, but I'd say my style is a mix between street-fashion and classic-gentleman. Fashion Icon: I more-so look at what people are wearing on Instagram and out on the street, then trying my own things based off of what I see. Favorite drink on a hot day: An iced, cold glass of water How you spend your free time: I love to come up with new ideas and figure out how to creatively make those ideas become reality. Whether its an art piece, a piece of furniture, or just a funny video--I love to create new things.



Chris Genin Madison, WI

Instagram handle: @cjgenin Dating status: Single What qualities do you look for in a girl: I like girls who are passionate. They can be passionate about pretty much anything--art, fashion, education, ministry or whatever. I'm attracted to passion! Who's your Fashion inspiration: Zach DeWerd Your style: It depends on the occasion. Mostly street fashion, but I do enjoy dressing fancy every once in a while ;) Do you have a fashion icon: I don't have a fashion icon, but I am usually influenced by my friends and other people around me. Fashion is always changing so I feel like I need to look everywhere for inspiration instead of just one person. Nick Wooster is pretty cool though! Favorite drink on a hot day: Unsweetened iced tea Free time: Music. I love listening to a new record, seeing live music, writing songs, and playing drums. Music is my favorite thing.


Tre Coggins

Instagram: @trecoggins Dating status: Single What qualities in a girl: Cute face, cute smile, uplifting personality & a cute laugh. Smart, What you consider your fashion style to be: Millennial Favorite drink on a hot day: Perrier How you like to spend your free time: Sleeping

Photographed by Elijah Ricaforte

Orange County, CA



Adrian Ceja

Orange County, CA Instagram handle: adrianceja_ Dating status: Single Qualities you look for in a girl: Courageous, funny, compassionate, and is not afraid to go after her big dreams. I’m BIG on the "little things." I like that they ask about how something went without me having to bring it up. Who's your Fashion inspiration: My inspiration comes from many places. I’m pretty observant to those who know how to style themselves pretty well. I may pull an idea from them but maybe not the whole outfit per se. I am a personal trainer, so even the fitness industry is rising in fashion-forward athletic wear (which I love). This allows athletic-wear to be both, comfortable and stylish. I also get inspiration from there. Your style: Casual, hipster street-wear meets athlete; Comfortable and stylish. I wear hats … ALOT. Fashion Icon: I don’t know that I have a fashion icon. But I do get some inspiration from people like Chad Veach and his street-wear mainly.

Izzy Rodriguez Dating status: Engaged! What qualities do you look for in a girl: Alexa! Who is your fashion Icon: Karl Lagerfeld Favorite drink on a hot day: Iced Diet Coke Style: Urban Free time: Hang out with Alexa, watch Netflix, spending time with my sisters & exploring new restaurants


Photographed by Elijah Ricaforte

Orange County, CA

Anthony Rossoni Insta: @rossboss3n1 Dating status: Single What qualities do you look for in a girl: Good personality & down to earth! Favorite drink on a hot day: Coke Free time: Hang out & play video games. Style: Beach bum - punk - business cass

Photographed by Elijah Ricaforte

Orange County, CA



Winston Coggins

Photographed by Elijah Ricaforte

Orange County, CA

Insta: @drifta1 Dating status: Single What qualities do you look for in a girl: Christian, smart, adventurous and spontaneous! Who is your fashion Icon: Will Smith Favorite drink on a hot day: Arnold Palmer Style: Business Free time: Travel, hang with friends, trying out new restaurants & reading

Anthony Freshour Orange County, CA

Instagram handle: @anthonyfresh Dating status: Single What qualities do you look for in a girl: She's gotta love Jesus, she's gotta have a sweet & fun personality and she's gotta have a great smile! Who's your Fashion inspiration: Jyrus Creed Your style: Whatever looks good Who is your fashion Icon: Christian Stark Favorite drink on a hot day: Kombucha What do you do in your free time: I love to go on adventures with friends and journal while drinking coffee.



Photographed by Reigna Mejia





Back to School? Back to Basics! by Jennifer Vargas


ith September having just arrived in the blink of an eye (with October close behind) and all the fun you've been busy with all summer, you may not have had time to get your room/space ready for back to school...BUT fear not, I have scoped out some pretty cool options for you that are functional, cool, and even adorable. Honestly, I believe a key to getting through the year, whether you're in school or not, is to stay organized. And did you know organization can be fun and exciting? Well it is when you have fabulous stuff to put your not-so-fabulous stuff in! Let's take a look.

Pencils, $12 for the set, by ACD Shop on Etsy.

This is one of my favorite ways to put out of sight those "hard to store" belongings in a way that is fun and unique. Not only are you getting organized, but you are also bringing in a decorative way to be organized— it's a win-win! And of course, as shown above, putting in a plant is a great way to bring in "life" to a space that may be feeling a little drab. Just don't forget to water your oxygen releasing friend once a week, OUTSIDE of the bag, and bringing back in when the excess water has drained, just a little side note." Do check out these cool patterns!

Paper bag storage option by Gridastudio on Etsy, available for $6.99 each.


Hold This, Please! Now, you may or may not have a cute little jewelry holder next to your bed, on your desk, or in your bathroom, but just in case you don’t, I found these charming ring plates that I believe any girl would absolutely love! The only problem might be which of the six designs to choose; but I guess we can always grab all six and change them out - yay! Hand-built with hand drawn designs, available for $15.00 by LunaReese at Etsy.

Quite Jar-ring! And now who could resist these charming organizational mason jars?! Not only practical but beautiful, these will hold anything from pencil or scissors, to flowers--how perfect! And you can't have such adorable pencil holders with just any old pencil! (Pencils on page across); Not much to say here because these pencils do all the "talking." Mason jars comes in different colors are available for $30.00 for a set of 3 (hand made item) and come in two different color combinations, all by BeachBlues on Etsy. Current turnaround time is currently 6 weeks.

A Tisket...a Tasket I don't know about you, but I have a love for baskets! I also have a love for easy-to-reach-for pillows and throw blankets for that nice little nap after working so hard on my homework/reading/writing. So, in order to have these easy to reach must-haves organized and ready for me, I use baskets. But of course I want baskets with a unique-ness about them, as well, which is why I just had to share!

Large crochet basket in oatmeal ecru beige by CBendeavors, available for $75.00, and well worth it because it is after-all crocheted.



Lifestyle The moment when your gifts and talents collide with God’s perfect timing, you can't help but sense an explosion that seems to well up from within, as you begin walking in what you have always been purposed to do. It's then when you realize that you were fashioned not only for such a time as this, but you see in part what it is that makes you …YOU! It’s who you already are! Do we realize that our gifts & talents are a gift to us from The One Who fashioned us? So what we end up with, are gifts given to us to help us in what we have been designed to do. Brilliant. Only a Designer can think through such intricacies. Just ask Tory, Marc or Karl.


Once you have an idea of what it could be (and listen, it could be more than one thing), what are the steps you need to take to get there? Who can you meet with to help point you in the right direction? It’s when you begin walking it out, tapping into what is already yours at the perfect time and place, you will experience a joy comes from your life being lined up with who you have been fashioned to be! That's when you have found your sweet spot. It's then, where you find the freedom to be you—because you are the only you there ever CAN be! May you find your sweet spot and be all that your Designer has fashioned you to be! - Karmel Saenz


Photographed by Le Secret de Audrey

I for one know, that it can sometimes be difficult to really think on this, as some talents may more visible to the human eye than others. True, we all have our “God-given-gifts”, but sometimes some are more difficult to identify than others. I think we sometimes tend to make it harder on ourselves than it really needs to be. Some fret in attempt to figure out and declare what our “major” is. Others pace the floor in trying to determine their purpose. What I've found to be true is simple—it's what just comes naturally to you. What are you passionate about? Are you intrigued by medicine? Do you find architecture fascinating? Are you drawn to helping people work out some of their stuff? Maybe you can’t put down your pencils as you air-drum to Estelle … again. If you still can't pin point it, ask your closest friends. Who knows you better than them anyway? Take some time to get alone, pray and then write it down.

Photographed byCheyne M. Jackson



al i r T


o Err

NOW EYE CAN SEE! With all of the rage about new eye colors of the Fall, our editors and team members put these new colors or brands to the test! The verdict?

Coastal Scents, known for their grand selection of eyeshadows, has given us a small taste at one of their new Social Eyes palette. The palette is affordable at only $12 dollars for eight shadows. Our response? We put our samples to the test! Our first shadow is a foiled metal gray color that glides on very smooth, with a great formula which seems to be long-wearing which is perfect for a night look. To pair it, was it’s counterpart— a sparkly black shadow. Unfortunately, the shadow was chalky and had no wear time or pigmentation. It almost disappeared as we blended our shadow. This particular color also had a huge amount of fallout— not something you want in a black shadow unless your desired result is to end up with raccoon eyes! To that, some may say YES! Our take? It’s simply a hassle to deal with—possibly even for the pros, let alone a beginner. We commend them on the selection of alluring colors, but you might want to test it before making this colorful investment. Available online at coastalscents.com and Amazon. -- VANESSA CASTILLO


The Urban Decay “Lounge” Eye Shadow from this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag is a great eye shadow to add to your collection! Why? Its unique, metallic color allows it to look reddish or green/blue depending on the lighting. I prefer using it as a base, but because of the brown undertones, I can also use it in the crease of my eyes to add some depth. It was a little hard to blend this eye shadow because of its creamy texture. But, it stayed on my eyes through a 12-hour day without any primer! That being said, you have my eyes, Urban Decay! I highly recommend Urban Decay’s “Lounge” Eye Shadow, giving it a THUMBS UP! -- ASHLYN PIKE Asanti's Kajal Waterline Eyeliner is everything it's twisted up to, having stood the truest test of all--tears and time. Not only does the liner apply velvety-smooth, but it lasts all day. Pencil-sharpener? No need as this liner is a twist...LOVE! For the eyelining-fashionista who enjoys her larger than life eyes, minus the smear and smudge of even the most popular of cosmetics, Kajal is your go-to, standing quite tall on her own. If you've never given Kajal a try, I'd say you mght be missing out on something quite intense and true. Available at vasanticosmetics.com and Amazon. -- CYNDI GALLEY






"Don't be so quick to toss out "last year" as this season's Fall fashion still includes bold print, denim, leopard, gems and some of those makeup overstock you just recovered!" Makeup: Urban Decay Primer ($5) and Eye-Pencil ($10), at Nordstom Rack. www.fashionedmagazine.com 29


Fall Work and All Play

This page: With colors this fall, the sky is the limit; However this grey-and-tan asymmetrical turtleneck paired with grey culottes is everything! Paired with boots or taupe booties? Why... yes! (Found at Nordstrom); Across (top): Go fun or go home! These fun comfy outfits would be any girl's go-to for school, a low-key night out on the town, or why not a concert? (Forever 21); Across (bottom): These striped shorts with ripped denim vest and Adidas shirt will leave you wishing summer never left! (Forever 21).




Book Review

Finding Love in All the Right Places We score! We finally interviewed, Dr. Shanda Smith, author of "Finding Love in all the Right Places, who shares lessons on love and being single, along with how to keep yourself from going from heartbreak to heartbreak ... to heartbreak, while waiting for Mr. Right to come along. Putting herself on the line, Shanda is vulnerable and transparent, making this book a must – read not just for every single, but also for every married person who has a single friend in their life! FM: What was the inspiration that gave you this title, and thus your book? SS: I remember waking up and I heard the title; Waking up, it was like the Lord was like, "Here is the title." I hadn't started the book at that point, but I knew right away that it was the title of my book, and it just evolved from there. Growing up in a borken-home environment, I remember this old country song, "Looking for love in all the wrong places," ... that was my journey. I had a wonderful mother at home, had a father-32

though I didn't know my biological father. My step-father was in the home physically but was absent emotionally. As an adult, I thought if I could find this one perfect person to love me, then all would be right, filling the whole I had inside me as a child. FM: I've walked that journey--looking for love in all the wrong places and it never amounted to anything, and I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of singles who might say, "If I'm really honest with myself, I have done alot of that, as well."

SS: If all of us single people could just get real -- because it is a natural desire -- to connect with someone and share your life with someone, and have that reciprocated back, but God does have a timing concerning that. In many cases we will jump ahead of God's timing maybe because we see someone who "looks" like they have everything that's on our "list". So on the exterior, it looks like the person has all of the goods ... and you get down the road, and they don't. In terms of a counseling, if it's not

Relationships working, you try something else. Getting my heart broken, being disappointed, expectations not being met – – it wasn't working. FM: Really, what you just mentioned is the path of insanity. SS: Right (laughing)! Doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. It's not working. After the last heartbreak, I had to get quiet. I talk about, "Give up and do something different". You'll never know what you'll find in your season of waiting. FM: Being single, I've had moments where I've walked through not just feelings of being lonely, but also feeling like I'm the "only person," feeling as if nobody else understands. Does your book address individuals in that situation? SS: Absolutely… that's part of that vulnerability you were talking about earlier, because I was embarrassed ... Years were rolling by and I had girlfriends –– one after another –– getting married, or family members getting married and I began to wonder, "What's going on with me? What's wrong with me?" In my 20s I could handle it; 30s, okay; mid-30s, I was starting to feel embarrassed...ashamed that I was still single ... I think now at 45 I'm OK with it, but I struggled with it in my mid-30s to early 40s ... it was rough. FM: In your book you talk a lot about waiting--what are some key things you can share for someone to be successful while they're waiting to find love in that right place?

SS: There is a proverb, "Prepare your outside works, and make it fit for yourself in the field and afterwards build your house." ... God spoke this to me one morning, and I knew what he was saying; there were some things He had spoken to me that He wanted me to focus on ... I was working on my PhD at the time and was in ministry, so my plate was full and I had some things to focus on. One of the things I would say to someone who is waiting, is find out what God is saying to you ... and focus on that. And that's not to say you won't have your moments, but you will find that you walk with purpose as you are on your path of purpose. Whatever He says to you, focus on that – – you come, you hear and you do. FM: I've often heard single people say that they want to do thisor-that, but not until they get married. "I want to travel, but not until I get married. I would love to have this furniture, but not until I get married". When I hear that I just think, "Girl! You may not get married as early as you think!" I thought I was going to get married at 24, I thought my husband was going to give me this great birthday when I turned 30 (laughing) ... didn't happen. And, it didn't happen at 40. SS: It's true. You don't know what your timeframe is. I experience that, too! Just putting your life on hold--don't do that. The other thing, too, is that you can be single and content and have your life be full, so that when God does bring that person in your life, it's just an extension of your already full, content, happy, joyous life ... I'm good and I'm full now – –

with or without. FM: That's right. I've also had people even tell me, "I can't wait till you get married, so that you can be a whole person. I think to myself, "Well, you're married, and you're not a whole person." (Laughing) SS: I think that causes some singles to stumble because they hear that and then those words get filtered in and they begin to respond out of that. It's such a mess. You are supposed to be two whole people. You see, singleness is a gift. It's a gift! Paul knew what he was talking about. In your singleness, you need to take the time to figure out or discover who you are… Who are you as a woman? Who are you as the man? What are your talents? What are your abilities? And my singleness, I get to discover that undistracted – – especially if you have emotional baggage. FM: I've got the Louis Vuitton--baggage of the best kind! (Continued on page 38)

Dr. Shanda Smith, author of "Finding Love in All the Right Places.: www.fashionedmagazine.com



My Fashion...Through the Years Fashioned Magazine's Social Media Director, Ashlyn Pike, interviewed second-yearcollegiate-sophomore, Madison Hoefflin, and that is what she had to say about her journey of fashion throughout her school years.



Some staple pieces that I always have ...good jeans, dresses and tops that you can dress up or down--cute sandals and of course, HEELS!

AP: What do you specifically look for when shopping for back to school clothes?

AP: How do you maintain looking stylish throughout the year?

MH: If I see something that I like in a magazine or on someone’s social media, I’ll try to go out and recreate the look, but usually its whatever I like and find that's cute!

MH: I maintain my style by always coming up with new outfits. If I have a cute top that can go with a skirt, different color pants or a different style of pants I will wear each of those outfits.

AP: What are some keys to putting together a first day of school outfit from clothes you already own?

AP: What are some important pieces to have in your wardrobe at all times?

MH: Some keys that I try and follow when I put together an outfit for my first day of school is: 1) Do I feel good in it? 2) Is it cute; and 3) Is it appropriate for school? I never want to look cute but have to pull my dress down every time I pass by a teacher.

Some staple pieces that I always have are good jeans, dresses and tops that you can dress up or down—cute sandals and of course, HEELS! AP: Trendy or classy on the first day of school?

MH: Classy. I never wore what was “in” on the first day of school. And to be honest, my style doesn’t always go with what’s in. if you feel good in what you’re wearing than own it! AP: What are some of your favorite accessories to wear to school?

er because I didn’t want to get dress coded. I always wore things that looked good and were appropriate. AP: Looking back on your first day of school pictures, have you noticed any changes in your style?

AP: Are you a fan of "bunning it" on a Monday after a long weekend?

MH: My style defiantly grew up with me. When you look at my freshman-year picture and my senior year pictures, I look older. I didn’t stick with jeans and a shirt throughout high school. As I got older my outfit choices became more important and you can tell.

MH: OF COURSE!! Monday’s are yoga pants, sweatshirt and Nikes to school. Mondays are my relaxed days.

AP: How do you dress for those school days that feel like -12 degrees in the morning, but 112 degrees after lunch?

AP: Did your school have a dress code? If so, how did you make that work for you?

MH: Bring a jacket! There were many days that I would wear jeans and a sweatshirt and be dying because it was so hot, but I couldn't do anything about it because I didn’t bring an extra shirt ...or I would wear a dress and it was so cold that I would freeze! Yes -- definitely have a jacket with you at all times.

MH: I always liked wearing some cute earrings and a simple necklace. Simple always worked for me.

MH: My school had a dress code but they were pretty laid back too. Some people would push the envelope with the shortness of their dresses or try to get away with leggings but I didn’t. I didn’t want to have to pull my dress down fifty times that day or hide from a teach-

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Below (L, R): Madison as a Sophomore, Junior; Across: Senior Year








Continued from page 31 SS: I took the season to get rid of that baggage. God did such an amazing, healing, wholeness work in me; If I hadn't allowed Him to do that in me beforehand ... I would've wrecked him (when that person finally comes in my life). Singleness is a blessing – – you just have to reframe it. It's a time for us to get ready and prepare for that other person. FM: Speaking of that other person, you had mentioned in your book, "In order to marry the right person, you have to be the right person." SS: With the divorce rate being so high…it's essential that we become the right person in our singleness for that right person that comes along. And that takes time ... finding love in Jesus was the lesson I had to learn because I was finding love in all these men--which really wasn't love ... but I finally got it! FM: In your book you mentioned Mr. Wrong, Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Abusive ... Mr. Regret –– all of these different titles which I was chuckling at, because I realize I dated each one of those myself! What would you say to someone who keeps finding themselves attracted to all of the types of Mr. Wrongs?

to be these awesome individuals... with the baggage ... that can get in the way, so take the time to unpack, so to speak. Get rid of those suitcases. Also, solidify a relationship with God, with Jesus, because that is the cornerstone. That's the foundation. And I realize that some people reading my book may not have that--maybe it would be a good opportunity to discover who Jesus is. Is he real? Does he love me? Does he really have a plan for my life? ... Yes, He does. FM: The three most important things you want your readers to leave with after having read your book? SS: To become whole, love yourself and solidify your relationship with Jesus. "Finding Love in All the Right Places," can be found at findinglove4today.org or Amazon.com; Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel. A marriage and family therapist, Dr. Smith is a college professor at Liberty University. You can also follow her on Twitter at @findlove4today;

SS: It's important to start paying attention. If you find yourself in those same cyclical patterns and you're dating the same type of person, that should be a little indicator or a red flag that you might need to stop ... ask God why you keep attracting the same type of men? For me personally that's when God began to show me some of the things and issues that were still in me that we're dormant but I wasn't even aware of. So, I had to do the work … and get rid of those magnets so that I no longer attracted Mr. Wrong ... After finding love in all of the wrong places, which were these men, I had a "wake-up" call after getting my heart broken over and over again. I had to stop and think, "OK, what's going on?" If that's you, I would say "Stop." The reality is that if you are attracting that, there may be a little bit of some of that in you. I wasn't aware that there might even be something in me that was drawing Mr. Wrong ... If you continue to involve yourself in dysfunctional, toxic relationships, you are paying a price, because it's taking something from you. Love yourself enough to stop. FM: Your book is intriguing regardless if you are a Christian or not. What would you say to somebody who is not? SS: Whether you are a believer or not, God put that desire in there for us to share our lives with somebody. You still need to love yourself. As short – lived as some of those relationships were, I wouldn't have allowed myself to be involved in those relationships. Get healthy, get whole--Spirit, soul and body. We are created




’ve been walking about life somewhat despondent and without direction. I’ve tried just about everything to fill the emptiness I wake up to every morning. By everything, you know what I mean; Even if I’m kidding myself externally, I still feel empty, alone, sad and hurt. How is that possible?

may have casually referenced You or never before, but I think I’m ready to now. I’ve heard about a God who is real, kind, loving, forgiving and Who can pull me out of even the darkest of places. If you are real, then I take a step towards You & ask for Your help.

f You are real, I accept that Jesus took my place on the cross so many years ago, so that I would come to this place and meet You here. If You are real, then you already know all I want to say. I need You and receive Your forgiveness & love. My heart and life is Yours. Make me new, right here, right now.

If you felt this was speaking to you & want to chat with someone, email us at info@fashionedmagazine.com or fill out the “Contact Us” on our web at www.fashionedmagazine.com. We are here for you!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! We can hardly believe it's already been ONE YEAR! To that we say Happy birthday, Fashioned Magazine! The heart, the grit, the deadlines, the fun, the planning, the prayers, the tears, the shoots, the push, the faith and more! So much has already happened in just one year, we thought we'd celebrate by sharing just a few pics to celebrate the love of our life and the dream-team that has made it all possible!!



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Happy Anniversary!




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Fashioned Magazine, One-Year Anniversary/September 2016 Issue, Vol. 2, Issue  

This month's issue celebrates the beauty of fall and all that comes with a new season of fashion! With September comes back to school, and w...

Fashioned Magazine, One-Year Anniversary/September 2016 Issue, Vol. 2, Issue  

This month's issue celebrates the beauty of fall and all that comes with a new season of fashion! With September comes back to school, and w...