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10 OCTOBER 2010


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Slightly Stoopid’s C-Money and Miles Doughty Hot Spots Girls Talk Health Report Tips to Land that Job!


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editor’s dating note premiere | editor’s note: volume 1 * issue 1 * october 2010

PUBLISHER morgan myrmo

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF megan nuñez

art director kim lalla

fashion editor tiffany knox

staff writers

ozra maliklar, michanande skye cathryn moe


contributing writers

shannon forrester alex mcnair nina salemi ryan versfelt photographers

Bryan Byutas, robert dahey,

Along with the hustle and bustle of classes, the fall semester brings with it the October 2010 issue of Fashion 5.0, San Diego’s premier college fashion magazine. You can count on Fashion 5.0 for all the latest beach-city fashion news, trends, services and beauty products. With the current economic downturn, we know that money is tight. That’s why Fashion 5.0’s team of dedicated experts has brought such a fabulous magazine to you at such an amazing price, FREE!

Michael dyrland, steve leontie, taylor robinson, tony seery, Jared smith, Alexander wegner

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This issue is packed with tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss for dating, school, health and employment. We tell you what works and what doesn’t. Make sure to check out our music feature for an insider’s look at San Diego’s very own nationally recognized sensation Slightly Stoopid. Get the real story with a local vibe from our exclusive interviews with their trumpet player C-Money and frontman Miles Doughty! Also, many San Diego restaurants offer periodic discounts and/or special offers for college students. Fashion 5.0 magazine is committed to keeping you updated on these special deals, revealing the coolest new hang-outs and providing endless entertainment, shopping and dining out opportunities that any college girl would flip for. Enjoy the magazine and we will see you next month!

For advertising inquiries, please email We strive to make a positive environmental impact. we use environmentally-friendly inks and fsc certified paper. you can make a difference with us. please save and recycle this magazine. For contributing writers and photographers, please email sample(s) to or send regular mail to P.O. Box 81367, San Diego, CA 92138. Fashion 5.0 is not responsible for unsolicited contributions unless agreed with the publisher. Copyright 2010 by Fashion World Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

—Megan Nuñez






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Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty and C-Money


An Accessory Haven, a BreathTaking Veiw and One of the Best Breakfasts you’ll ever have...


Fall Fashion Preview in Southern California Style

10 First Date Rules

24 BIKINI WEEK BONUS Meet the man who started it all...




8 Tips on Landing the Job and the Monthly Horoscope by our own Astrology Guru!


Jack Johnson, Flyleaf, Oktoberfest and the Miramar Air Show come to San Diego this month!

The Power of Celery and Facts on the HPV Vaccine

10 OCTOBER 2010


COVER: Photographed by Robert Dahey. Model: Devon Barnes. Jacket available at H&M, $34.95.



m a g a z i n e

SLIGHTLY STOOPID’S C-Money and Miles Doughty

Hot Spots Girls Talk Health Report Tips to Land that Job!






hot spots


PLaCeS to CheCK oUt aroUnD the CoUnty By aLeX MCnaIr

F&m A woman’s outfit is more than clothes on a rack; mix-and-match tops and bottoms can only do so much. Take a look at women and celebrities with style, and what do they all have in common? It’s in the icing: accessories coordinated to give real presence to an outfit and cohesiveness to a wardrobe. Located off of Sports Arena Boulevard in Point Loma, F&M exclusively retails purses, shoes and accessories… all the goodies to take you from good to glam. Accessories can transform an outfit from day to night, casual to classy, and a stop in at F&M can add new dimensions to your wardrobe without taking a toll your bank account. F&m: 3231 Sports Arena Blvd., San Diego 619.523.1624

mOUnT SOlEdAd For a fresh view of all that San Diego has to offer, step outdoors and take a hike or drive up Mount Soledad. From the landmark cross atop the 822-foot mountain, one can take in the sights of beautiful La Jolla, North County, downtown and, on a clear day, the U.S.-Mexico border. Take a date to Soledad Park for a romantic setting, or search for Munchkin Land, a rumored village of miniature houses run by the little actors from “The Wizard of Oz.” For those interested in a scenic workout, cycle up one of various lightly trafficked routes to the top and get a real breath of fresh air.

MT SOLeDaD: 7037 Soledad Park Rd. 92037

BROkEn yOlk On a Sunday morning in Pacific Beach there is one hot destination for the young, beautiful and hungry. With the “we’ve got huevos” tagline and bottles of champagne for less than ten bucks, The Broken Yolk has a rooftop patio bustling with locals. A friendly staff and breakfast till three could make this your new weekend destination. And with some practice, you might even work your way up to scarfing down the dozen-egg omelet Café Special, which is on the house if you can finish it all within an hour! Open from 6 a.m. ‘til 3 p.m.

BROKen yOLK: 1851 Garnet Ave., PB 858.270.YOLK

gOT a hOT SPOT We neeD TO KnOW aBOuT? Send us your pick and we’ll check it out:




student specials

$30 WOMEN'S POWERCUT! With College ID. Regularly $50. Includes Powerdose and Blowdry! Expires 10/31/10.


With College ID. Regularly $75. Expires 10/31/10.


A Woman's Lifestyle Boutique Clothing & Shoes Most Styles $20 - $30

With College ID. Regularly $50. Expires 10/31/10.

20% Off Total Purchase with Student ID


959 Garnet Avenue

Pacific Beach

910 Grand Ave Suite #111 Pacific Beach • 858.483.7772

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dating dating

First date etiquette is no laughing matter...


Here are some simple DOs to follow...

DO Dress to impress…

You can have on a fun, flirty ensemble without being too revealing. Remember first impressions are far more important than we think, and girls you always want to leave a little room to their imagination. If you decide to show off your legs then cover-up your top half with a subtle cardigan or a stylish, button-up short-sleeve blouse. Showing too much skin often gives a guy the wrong impression; you can look chic and receive attention you crave for the right reasons.

A simple guide to win that second date and leave him wanting more By Ozra Malikyar



DO Be very intriguing…

Smile, make eye-contact and act interested. No one wants to carry a conversation with a girl who’s staring at the ceiling or constantly checking her cell phone. Even if you’re getting bored, try to think of a topic that both of you can relate to. Look for common interests, which isn’t difficult after spending an hour with someone. You’ll never know unless you ask questions and really get to know someone… who knows if nothing else, you could end the night making a new friend, and you can never have enough of those!

3 4 5

DO Talk about yourself…

It’s ok to talk about yourself, but remember no one will ask you out for round two if you continually dominate the conversation about how great you are. Let him ask questions to find out more. It’s ok to talk about your accomplishments in school, work and other areas of your life, but remember to be humble. If a guy thinks you are interesting, he most likely will ask you out again!

DO Pick the right place…

Go somewhere crowded that has a fun, cool vibe. That way even if you get bored, you’re in a busy environment that won’t lead to dead silence between the two of you. Save the movies and his place for a later date. Restaurants, lounges, and cafes are good picks.

DO try to Be yourself…

We’ve all heard that “first impressions are the lasting impressions” and “put your best face first,” which for the most part is true. We always tend to get nervous on the first date by thinking we really need to sell ourselves. If you try too hard to impress him, you’ll leave him wondering “what is she trying to prove?” Be fun, interested, and most importantly down-to-earth. Just be you and the night will go smoothly.

Unless you want to go home early, follow these DON’Ts...

6 7

DON’t Talk about your Ex…

There is no such thing as cute baggage! The first date is about getting to know a person on more of a surface level. Avoid sharing too much, he doesn’t need to know about your ex cheating on you with your best friend and how you have trust issues with men. You don’t even need to tell him if you’re looking for a serious relationship or to simply date someone casually. Never jump the gun, telling too much can lead to him running for the hills.

DON’t discuss heavy topics…

Don’t discuss political ideology or religious beliefs. Those two topics are what most people disagree upon during conversation and will often lead to one person feeling offended, if not angry. You will probably get into those discussions much later in the relationship so there is no need to know if he’s a Republican or Democrat in the first hour of your date. Look to have a lighthearted, fun conversation by discussing topics that are less serious, such as sports, entertainment, gas prices, school, family and travel.

8 9 10

DON’t drink too much…

There’s nothing worse than a loud, obnoxious drunk and your date doesn’t want to baby-sit or deal with a lush on the first date. Limit yourself to two cocktails! Getting too intoxicated on the first date makes you look unladylike and can lead to regrets in the morning. Remember, you don’t need to drink to have a good time and you want the guy to think you’re a classy girl who has self-control.

DON’t use your cell phone…

Put your phone on silent and avoid taking calls on your date. Being uninterested doesn’t excuse rude behavior. Constant text messaging, looking at your phone and answering calls while on a date is a clear indication to him that you’re either bored or simply not into him (when in fact you may be very interested). If you really need to make an urgent call go to the ladies room and call whoever you need to, but don’t have a full-on hour conversation with your best friend while he’s waiting.


48% of first dates end with a kiss.

Over 90% of singles say first kisses made them nervous.

When there’s chemistry,

97% of men will call within 72 hours to arrange a second date.

So, ladies, if you haven’t heard from him in 3 days, he is not interested.


of men said they would not waste their time and go on a second date if there was no chemistry the first date.

56% of women would go on a second date and hope chemistry develops.

DON’t offer to pay OR GO DUTCH…

Ladies, this is when we need to be a little old-fashioned. A guy has to pay on the first date regardless of a mutual interest or possibility of a second date. Once you reach date five or six, you can offer, but before that he needs to be a gentleman and do the spending!



music exclusive

Photo by: Steve Leontie

Illustrating the perfect underground success story, Slightly Stoopid’s dual front-men Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Kyle McDonald (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), created their own label, Stoopid Records, in the early 2000’s to avoid signing a record deal and keep their DIY work ethic and freedom away from music industry politics. West coast DUB/Rock pioneers later added musicians Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran (Drums) and Oguer ‘OG’ Ocon (Congas, Percussion, Harp, Vocals) from the B Side Players, as well as C-Money (Trumpet, Keyboard) and Dela (Saxophone) from John Browns Body; solidifying their on stage line up. Slightly Stoopid has built a large n’ loyal fan base, and has soared to one of the most successful independent artists of this decade. The buzz surrounding the group continues to increase with each successive release; their album catalog sales have topped the 700,000 mark and the group continues to fill the most prestigious concert venues around the world. The Slightly Stoopid story can be traced to Ocean Beach, California, when childhood chums Miles and Kyle formed the group in 1995, mixing reggae and punk sounds into one smooth stylistic cocktail. Soon after, late/great Sublime frontman Brad Nowell caught wind of the group, and signed them to his Skunk Records label – while the band members were still in high school. A pair of releases soon followed for Skunk - 1996’s punk-tinged Slightly Stoopid (featuring a guest appearance by Nowell on the song “Prophet” – later covered by Sublime and released on their box set, Everything Under the Sun) and 1998’s surf-inspired cult classic Longest Barrel Ride.

slightly stoopid: Best Southern California band since Sublime, check them out at the Smoke Out Festival in San Bernardino on October 16th.




interview with

MILES DoUghTy what’s your favorite part of going on tour?

MD: Just the madness, you get to hang out with your best friends, play music, see different cities, travel all over the world. It’s not like any other lifestyle.

to explain, just the vibe you get from waking up, and you can hear the ocean, sun is beaming, literally walking and jumping in the water.

when you go on tour, is it more fun or stressful?

what’s your favorite venue to play at?

MD: It’s both – It’s the most fun job you could ever have, but at the same time that much travel kind of puts the grind on you, but it’s still so much fun ‘cause you get to play (music) five times a week.

who did you look up to for inspiration when you were growing up?

MD: A little bit of everyone, from Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Pinchers, Half Pint, Miles Davis, Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue. There’s jazz, blues, hip-hop, punk rock and metal. That’s kind of what fuses everything about Slightly Stoopid.

MD: Red Rocks in Colorado or Winston’s, our old stomping grounds. This place (Winston’s) is fun, you get to get everybody in the hood to come down, but Red Rocks is probably the nicest outdoor venue. It’s built into the mountains up in Colorado, so it’s pretty sweet.

Do you have any last shout-outs?

MD: Just always like to say what’s up, thanks to everyone for making it happen for us, you know.. keep it real!

what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a fan do?

MD: We did a show with The Flaming Lips and this band called Wookie Foot, and all the fans were painted up like different characters like Alice In Wonderland and all this other stuff… to me it was kind of crazy... it seemed like everyone was tripping. It was a pretty wild party to be around. It was like 10,000 people dressed as characters. It was crazy – like out in the forest.

what do you consider your fashion style? MD: I’m from Ocean Beach so I’m just a beach kid, so I don’t know. This is how I dress; I don’t know really what kind of style you call it.

I know you play music all the time. But when you have free time, what do you like to do?

MD: Hang out with friends, family, get in the water, still play music at the pad, mainly kind of relax and unwind. We spend 229 days a year on the road so when we get to be home it’s kind of nice.

growing up in oB, tell me how that was and has that inspired your music at all?

MD: I mean living here my whole life is great. I went to Ocean Beach Elementary, it’s like a few blocks up the street from there this bar (Winston’s) is, for us just the mellow vibe of being by the beach is surfing and skating… kind of goes into our music. A lot of people just don’t understand, if you don’t live by the beach. It’s even hard

TOp phOTO By: mIChAEl dyRlAnd lEFT phOTO By: TAylOR ROBInSOn



music exclusive photo by: tony seery




interview with C-MonEy Tell me about your history with Slightly Stoopid?

C-money: I joined the band a little over six years ago when my former band, John Brown’s Body, was opening up for them. One thing kind of lead to another where I actually related to Miles and Kyle from Slightly Stoopid a lot more. They offered a job and I sprung on it.

By being in Slightly Stoopid, what artists have you played with? C-money: I’ve had a chance to work with artists that have inspired to me to play music. I feel like a kid growing up, wanting to be in the NBA and then getting to play with Michael Jordan! This summer we toured with Cypress Hill. They were on one of the first mix tapes I ever owned. We’ve also been able to share the stage with legends like Snoop Dogg, Stephan Marley, Steel Pulse and Sly and Robbie, as well as young bands that are getting huge right now, like Pepper, the Expendables and Collie Buddz.

Tell me about your tour with pepper. how did you guys decide to work together? C-money: Slightly Stoopid basically brought Pepper over to the main land and got them going. They just exploded from there, and now they have been doing very well. We’ve been playing shows with them ever since I’ve joined the band. They do have a younger crowd, which is great. I know they are digging our crowd and it’s just a love vibe.

what is it like working with Slightly Stoopid? C-money: I think it shows that we’re all hungry for music, and that’s really why we are here. We’re not here to look good we’re not here to do anything but to play music, that’s the bottom line. The rest is secondary, and that’s one thing that out of all of the bands I’ve worked for, Slightly Stoopid is to me ichiban in that category, because they’re open to that. We bring a level of musicianship that a lot of bands don’t, where they’re all concerned about their abs and playing with no shorts on and this and that. We bring a horns section, we bring the old school blues, we bring all this diversity to 15 year old kids that come up to me and say, “Oh my god, I’ve never heard anyone play trumpet like that.”

what projects are you working on for C-Money and the players? C-money: We just got done recording an album that was released on Stoopid Records. The album features some of the great guests from our extended musical family, like Fishbone, G. Love and members of Slightly Stoopid. The album is called Family Business and is available on iTunes.

Any final thoughts? C-money: Support music! The power is always in the people. If you want to trip on the gas and want to trip on the war and this and that, you know this is a people’s world. Now is the time for us to walk to the post office and the dry cleaner, live within our means and live small. We have to get tight with our families; we have to get tight with ourselves. “Solution” (Family Business Album) states, “if the people help themselves, then there will be no bad feelings.” Bottom line, stop waiting for your damn savior to come and save yourself! TOp phOTO By: JAREd SmITh


C-MonEy: Christofer “C-Money” Welter, Southern by birth, began his career in Boston and now resides here in San Diego.




last days of

summer Photography by Robert Dahey Photo Asst: Kyle Ong, Mike Regala, OnWai Lau Wardrobe Stylist: Tiffany Knox Hair: Mike Robinson, provided by A Style Concierge Make Up: Ady Delgado Model: devon barnes


Denim Jacket by Lush, $32.99, Dress by Lush, $32.99, both available at Gloss.

Faux fur vest available at H&M, $34.95. Horse Sweater available at H&M, $34.95. Leggings available at Pink Zone $3.95. 18


Tunic available at H&M, $39.95. Bangles available at H&M, $7.95. Tights available at FOREVER 21, $6.80. “Snick” Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell, available at Nordstrom, $124.95. Bag by Kimchi, available at Urban Outfitters, $68.





Jacket available at H&M, $34.95. Ruffled top by Frenchi, available at Nordstrom, $36. Leggings by Frenchi, available at Nordstrom, $26. Boots by Mossimo, available at Target, $34.99.

Sweater by Rubbish, available at Nordstrom, $38. “Authentic Lo Pro” shoes by Vans, $52. Fedora by D&Y, available at Nordstrom, $20. Rock Necklace by Free People, $28. “Ecopoxy Fiberfish” Skateboard by Dregs Skateboards, $149.95 at all Sun Diego locations.



Blazer available at FOREVER 21, $32. Tee available at H&M, $12. High-Waist Shorts available at FOREVER 21, $17. “Mary Rocks” Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell, available at Nordstrom, $124.95.



You are your best accessory


Choose one. Cannot be used in combination with any other offer.

1/2 OFF Any Haircut FREE Eyebrow Shaping with Any Facial or Bikini Wax Highlight & Cut for $115 with a FREE Eyebrow Shaping

...the Ultimate ME TIME

Are you a student?

10% OFF with student ID

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Bikini Week San Diego, an annual bikini fashion event two years in the running.

Bikini week


Model: Sharona Maria Photo by: Bryan Byutas

fun fact: In 1964, the bikini made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated for the first time. The bikini was modest, brief-style bottoms and a bra-like top. 24


Q&A | Michael Lee:

What inspired you to create BIKINI WEEK? A: Since ASC was staying busy doing fashion shows, we were constantly being asked to help out modeling agencies to create fashion shows with designers. In 2008, I was asked to create a fashion show with a local agency and an Orange County bikini line. The request was for just one small fashion show at Stingaree Nightclub. I was ready to spread my wings and wanted to do more than just a small fashion event. After a bit of research I discovered that a 5-day bikini fashion week had never been done so I just went for it.

What were some of the highlights of BW 2010? A: This year was amazing! We had approximately 200 girls show up for the event (360 signed up but the weather turned bad). We launched and completed a bikini parade at The Hard Rock Hotel and walked all 200+ girls up 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. There were about 50 photographers, multiple news agencies, and several camera crews covering the event. San Diegans had never seen anything like that before. Next year I’ll be reaching out to all of the college girls to sign up and help San Diego get the World Record!

What will you do next year to top BW 2010? A: Primarily I’m focused on pushing this event across the U.S. It’s very important to me that we continue to discover new talent and by doing a national tour, we are on the right track. So if you have cousins, friends, or BFFs in colleges across the country then be sure to get them acquainted with BW because we might be coming through their campuses.


Michael Lee is the creator of Bikini Week San Diego, an annual bikini fashion event two years in the running. He is also the co-owner of A Style Concierge, a salon and concierge service provider located on F Street in the Gaslamp District. When it comes to hair and fashion, the über-creative and ubiquitous Lee is one of San Diego’s top experts. Let his story be an inspiration to you, that one person can make big things happen. What’s your fashion background? A: I started as a hair stylist in 2007 and partnered with one of San Diego’s top stylists, Jeremy Harris, to form A Style Concierge (ASC) Salon & Boutique in 2008. Immediately we started providing styling services (hair & makeup) for regional designers, promoters and hotels. We expanded into styling for LA Fashion Week in ‘08 and ‘09, editorial work for multiple publications and styling entertainers, musicians and models.

Any other major fashion events being planned? A: I’ve partnered with two amazing fashion savvy ladies who recently purchased a historic building in the Gaslamp. They have created DOLCETTI, a new men/women’s fashion boutique. They will host ASC which will have eight styling stations overlooking the cool SD Fashion Chic below. Other highlights of the space will be a huge skylight with gorgeous chandeliers, a built in DJ Booth and an impromptu runway to that will walk out onto the street. Expect this new place to become San Diego’s new Style and Fashion Headquarters.

What else do you want San Diego college girls to know about you and your fashion sensibility? A: I enjoy helping everyone find their style. Our team can create outstanding looks for all special events, as well as personal hair and fashion transformations. I’m always interested in finding more beautiful college girls that aspire to get involved with modeling, fashion crazed students that want to create fashion shows and artistic and creative design minded people that want an outlet for their work. I love San Diego and more than that, I love the people in San Diego. My business is Hair - Fashion - Lifestyle, and I’m always looking for help and to help. So come visit me and let’s chat.







By MICah SKye, L.n.M.t, n.C

They say some of the greatest treasures in life are right under your nose. In this case, check the vegetable drawer in your fridge. Celery is cheap, easy to find and tastes great. It should be very familiar to you as most of us grew up on it. Whether you shop at Henry’s, Vons, Ralphs or somewhere else, put some celery in that basket and try some of our tasty snacks that are sure to please the palate!

5 celery..

ThE nEw CELEBRITy Bring celery to life with these simple snack ideas!

facTs aBouT

1. ThE ClASSIC “AnTS On A lOg” A healthy spread of almond or peanut butter on a celery stalk, topped with raisins. 2. All nATURAl Just throw four sticks in a sealable baggie and you’re on your way. It’s a great fat-free snack.

1. has only 19 calories per serving. 2. lowers blood pressure.

4. Supports a healthy circulatory system. 5. Contains high amounts of magnesium, potassium, and calcium which calm the nervous system.

MeeT MICah... Micah Skye is a nutritional consultant, gourmet chef and yogi. He hosts an international radio talk show called Esoteric Action Radio. Tune in every Sunday from 6 - 8 pm on to hear Micah’s exploration of health and wellness. Feel free to call in about any health concerns you may have!

AnTS On A lOg



3. Reduces stress hormones.


Celery juice is the perfect after workout tonic as it replaces lost electrolytes and rehydrates the body!

3. JUICE IT! Celery absorbs the best in the form of a juice. It goes right into the blood. If you don’t have a juicer, no big deal, most juice bars carry celery and it is one of the cheapest juices you can buy! 4. ThE UlTImATE SAlAd SIdEkICk! Celery is a tasty accent to add to any salad, and most salad bars provide it. 5. ThE mEdITERRAnEAn dElIghT Celery sticks go great with a bowl of hummus. It’s simple, easy, and great for your health.

DID yoU know? Hippocrates, generally known as the Father of Medicine, treated patients suffering from nervous tension with celery juice. 26



hpv vaccine girl talk:

By Megan nuñez

What is HPV? HPV is a virus, called Human Papillomavirus. It is highly infectious and is carried by both men and women. What most women don’t know is that HPV can be deadly. HPV is known to cause cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, genital warts and other cancers. Approximately 11,000 women in the U. S. are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and many don’t survive. Am I at risk? HPV is sexually transmitted, so all women who are sexually active or plan to someday be sexually active are at risk for HPV. In fact, due to the lack of symptoms, HPV is the single most prevalent sexually transmitted infection today. Over 80% of women will have contracted HPV by the time they reach middle age. What if I am in a relationship? Women who have only a single partner or who don’t believe in sex until marriage are at a lower risk than other women. However, unless your sexual partner has also abstained from all previous sexual activity, you are still at risk for HPV!

When should I get vaccinated? The HPV vaccine is recommended for all girls aged 11 and 12, before sexual activity begins. However, because the vaccine is relatively new, today’s college freshmen were not vaccinated as children. The vaccination is a series of three separate shots, and because it takes time, it should be started immediately even if you are not currently sexually active. What if I’m not sexually active? Even if you do not plan to become sexually active, bear in mind that the vaccine is currently approved only for use in women under age 27. That means that someday, if your lifestyle changes and you become at risk for HPV, you may be ineligible for the vaccination at that time. The best way to protect yourself in the future is to get vaccinated now.

What if I am already sexually active? Even if you are already sexually active, it’s likely you haven’t contracted all strains of HPV. The HPV vaccine can immunize you against strains of HPV that you don’t have yet. You can also talk to your doctor about getting tested for HPV infection. Where do I get the vaccine? Talk to you doctor! If you don’t have a doctor or you are uninsured, make an appointment at your college’s health clinic. Colleges conveniently offer HPV vaccinations on campus at little to no cost to you, to help you safeguard your health.



Of women say they read labels carefully, looking for specific additives


Look for specific health benefits such as high fiber, reduced fat and low sodium


Are very interested in buying healthy products at mainstream grocers. A trend that should encourage such retailers to shelf more healthy and organic products.


Believe organic food is better for them, but only 26% will go out of their way to purchase it.


Find that time is the biggest impediment to eating right, followed by willpower and motivation.

How can I protect myself? There are many strains of HPV, and no cure-all exists for all of them. However, the HPV vaccine, marketed either as Gardasil or Cervarix, can protect you from up to 70% of HPV strains, including the most common ones, and therefore drastically lower your risk for cervical cancer.

DID YOU KNOW? The HPV Vaccine hasn’t been proven to be effective after the age of 26, so it’s best to get vaccinated while you can! OCTOBER ISSUE //


close out

8 Tips

4 to landing the job 5

By Morgan Myrmo

In today’s economy the unemployment rate is higher than average. With that being said you really need to stand out of the crowd to get your foot in the door. Follow these eight tips and you will be ahead of the game!

1 2 3

Want the job.

Nothing stands out more that passion and drive. Come in wanting the job and it will show. Forget your problems and focus on what you want. Be positive and everyone will notice. Bonus tip? Practice smiling and shouting “YES!”

Be nice to everyone!

At restaurants it is often your impression to the staff that the manager values first and foremost. If the hostess or bartender says you’re cool, you probably are! Making good eye-contact and thanking people by name on the way out gets you bonus points.

Having a good resume.

Make a clear objective and include the relevant experience that makes you a good fit. One page is all you need! Managers don’t want to read your biography; they just want the important facts. Use a decent email too; “precious667” or “” is not chill!

Nail the interview.

Leave a half-hour earlier than you need for some ontime insurance. Dress conservative but not too casual. Most importantly, feel good with what you are wearing! Know inside that you are a great fit and should get the job.

Be assertive!

With your positive attitude, smile and confidence, make sure and ask the manager all of the tough questions. Nobody wants a boring order-taker that will do whatever you want. Managers want some personality. Let it shine through your questions.

6 7

Assume the close.

After the interview, ask the manager when he or she will notify you that you been hired. Not “if” but “when.” Then ask how soon you will be needed. For example, “After I am hired, when will training begin?” Confidence goes a long way.

Follow-up with the right person.

If you call the next day, don’t rely on someone else to get the message to the decision-maker. You know who you talked to and need to contact that person again. Show that you are still interested by asking “have you made your decision to hire me yet?”


Believe in yourself.

Stay strong whether or not you get the first job you go for. Know that everything is a learning experience. Review what went well and what didn’t. Remember to keep truckin’ and you will find your niche!

fun fact: Over a lifetime, the average college graduate earns almost one million dollars more than the non-graduate. Stay in school! 28



OCTOBER 2010 by Cathy Moe

ARIES (March 21, 22 – April 19) Get ready to reinvent yourself. The depth of which you handle opportunities puts you in a leadership position. It’s all about relationships this month. Who do you see in the mirror before you? TAURUS (April 20 – May 21) Taurus the bull likes to stand firm. You can do this while wearing beautiful earth tones and fall colors. Passion and beauty combine in your relationship sector. You can do this alone or in harmony with love. GEMINI (May 22 – June 20) Travel can happen on the physical, emotional and intellectual plane. You can fly across the country, fall in love and visualize your next success. Travel is a Gemini must! Friends open your heart this month. CANCER (June 22 – July 23) Decisions need to be made, and you are the only one who can make them. But that doesn’t mean you have to be alone when you do it. Ask for guidance and protection, and it is yours, guaranteed. LEO (July 24 – August 23) You are known for being generous. Be aware of anyone who doesn’t appreciate your gifts. Thoughts and ideas balance this month to make all of your classes a breeze. Love is closer than you think! VIRGO (August 24 – September 22) Virgos are sexy in their innocence. You know how to present that image, deeply etched into your heart. Your Sign can be shy, but is powerful even with a quiet presence. New love awaits you. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22) The sun shines in your birthday zone the first three weeks of this month. Prepare to celebrate in style. Whether it’s a romantic evening with candlelight, or music, art and adventure, Venus says you are it! SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21) Scorpios like to appear mysterious. With your penetrating insight, no one will pull the wool over your eyes. However, watch out for romance this month. You may have more than one surprise to enjoy! SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) There are opportunities coming to you from every direction. You won’t be lonely this month! Knowing yourself is the key to making choices that serve you well. Believe in yourself, and take chances. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) Capricorns know the rules, but right now Pluto is breaking them. Your best bet is to love what you have, knowing there is more coming into your future. Treat yourself to ergonomic organizers and hi-tech jewelry. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) Aquarians are perfectly capable of being comfortable this month. Ideologies aside, you are made for the best of everything, whether you wear it or walk beside it. A breakthrough is coming, get prepared! PISCES (February 19 – March 20) Everything is about to change. Don’t base your choices on the past, do what you feel calls you now. You can move forward smoothly this month. Magnetic attractions abound, stay grounded there may be sparks! Meet cathy... Cathy Moe is an international health consultant as well as a writer, lecturer and public speaker regarding astrology. She has been published over 800 times and has done private readings for several well-regarded individuals including Prince Charles of the Royal Family. Cathy graduated with honors from UCLA and currently resides in the state of Hawaii.



dating events

OCT.2010 got something to add? submit your event to October 24: Widespread Panic Harrah’s Rincon Casino, 6:00 p.m. October 28: Gorillaz Viejas Arena, SDSU, 7:30 p.m.


Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre » 7:00 p.m.

music October 1: Carrie Underwood San Diego Sports Arena, 7:30 p.m. October 1: O.A.R. with The Expendables Open Air Theatre, SDSU, 7:30 p.m. October 1: The Beautiful Girls Belly Up Tavern, 9:00 p.m. 21+ October 2: Rascal Flatts Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, 7:30 p.m. October 3: School of Seven Bells UCSD The Loft, 8:00 p.m. October 9: jack johnson Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre, 7:00 p.m.

MCAS » Mira Mesa » 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



thru october 31: the haunted trail Located in Balboa Park, The Haunted Trail is San Diego’s only all-outdoor haunted attraction. It is a stroll through the park, that you will never forget. Experience outdoor terror that is simply too big to house indoors! Runs through October 31. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays except Oct. 26 & 27. From 7:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

october 3: chargers vs. cardinals The San Diego Chargers host the Arizona Cardinals at Qualcomm Stadium.

thru october 31: scream zone It won’t be the same old scares when the ghosts, goblins and ghouls return to The Scream Zone. Friday and Saturday 7:00 p.m. to midnight and 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. october 31: halloween ball Located at the Prado. The highly romanticized gothic setting will be enhanced with over 20 bars and additional onsite restaurants, creating the perfect setting for Halloween Ball entertainment. The Ball starts at 9:00 p.m. fashon 5.0 favor: Save $5 bucks on tickets! Go to and the enter promo code “Fashion” to receive your discount!

october 24: chargers vs. patriots The San Diego Chargers host the New England Patriots at Qualcomm Stadium. october 31: chargers vs. titans The San Diego Chargers take on the Tennessee at Qualcomm Stadium.

misc. october 1-3: miramar air show Featuring the World famous Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds. Friday - Sunday., 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and a twilight show on Saturday evening. MCAS Miramar Air Show in Mira Mesa. october 9: o.b. oktoberfest Come celebrate Oktoberfest in style with several microbrew selections alongside live entertainment from local bands Mike Pinto and Vokab Kompany. 10:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., free shuttle bus every 30 minutes from 710 club in Pacific Beach! october 10: Little Italy Festa Over 120 Italian Food & Crafter Booths, 2 stages of entertainment, a Chalk Painting Event, a Stickball Tournament, a Beer & Wine Garden and all the glamour of Italian Culture, Music and Art. Festivities from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

October 16: Maroon 5 Viejas Arena, SDSU, 7:30 p.m. October 16: The Aggrolites with Stranger Belly Up Tavern, 9:00 p.m. 21+ October 22: Flyleaf House of Blues San Diego, 7:30 p.m.

10/1-3: MIRAMAR air show

10/31: halloween ball The Prado » Balboa Park » 9:00 p.m. 21+

october 13: Drumline Live Drumline Live, a show-stopping attraction brings marching bands to the theatrical stage! Show begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Balboa Theatre.

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