Far Hills Country Day School 2021–22 Back-To-School Plan, Volume 2

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Far Hills Country Day School

2021–22 BACK-TO-SCHOOL PLAN Volume 2

Georgia S. Zaiser, Head of School

We face another challenge as we head down the path toward normalcy. But it’s nothing that the Far Hills Falcons can’t handle.

Dear Parents, We are another day closer to the start of school, which means it’s time for us to share the remaining 2021–22 Back-toSchool Plan updates with you. Of course, it is essential to remember that these updates are subject to change based on any current trends or changes to government mandates. We ask that you remain flexible and patient with us as we all navigate through this ever-changing landscape. If I’ve learned anything in the last year and a half, it’s that we are an incredibly resilient community. We rise up and face challenges head-on. We reach out to each other to ensure that everyone is supported. We lean in when it matters most. When things get tough, we get tougher. What an incredible example to set for our children. I am proud of how our faculty, staff, parents, families, and students have worked together through unimaginable circumstances. We face another challenge as we head down the path toward normalcy. But it’s nothing that the Far Hills Falcons can’t handle. We are so excited to welcome students and families back to campus next week. Until then, be well.

WHAT’S INSIDE 3 Reminder and SchoolPass 5 Quarantine and Isolation 6 Food Service and Activities 7 On-Campus Events


Our plan promotes the safety, health, and welfare of our entire school community. This plan is subject to change as new information becomes available and as government mandates are imposed or lifted.


All students, faculty, staff, and school-approved support personnel will complete the daily health screening via SchoolPass prior to arrival. Individuals who exhibit potential symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to remain at home. You will need to download the SchoolPass app from iTunes or the Google Play store. The daily health screening opens at midnight and is due by 7:30 a.m. for arrival at school. The app will show a green checkmark that signifies the student is well enough to enter school. The parent will show this to the teacher at the arrival car line. The teacher will then let the student out of the car and into the building. Parents are expected to enter arrival and dismissal information in SchoolPass, as well. This includes late arrivals, carpools, early departures, unexpected pickups.

SchoolPass continued

Here are some helpful links to learn how to use the SchoolPass app: App Download and Login Steps. Updating Your Profile. Enabling Push Notifications. Completing Daily Wellness Checks. Adding and Removing Authorized Drivers. Making Virtual Attendance Changes. Making Carpool Changes. Making Activity Changes. Making Early Pickup Changes. Making Late Arrival Changes. Making Absence Changes. Using Drop Off and Pick Up Buttons.

For detailed information about SchoolPass, log in to the ParentPortal and click “My Student.” There, you’ll look for the SchoolPass tile on your Resources page.

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JUMP INTO ON-CAMPUS LEARNING continued Community Compact Every Far Hills family is asked to sign our Community Compact. The Community Compact is available on the Parent Portal and must be signed by all. Anyone who disregards what is outlined in the Community Compact will be asked to leave the building.

Vaccinations On Monday, August 23, 2021, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 253, requiring all Preschool to Grade 12 school personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18, 2021, or be subject to COVID-19 testing at a minimum one to two times per week. This requirement will strengthen protections against the spread of COVID-19, including the highly transmissible Delta variant, to children in school settings, many of whom are under 12 years old and not yet eligible for vaccination. fhcds.org | 4

JUMP INTO HEALTH AND WELLNESS Quarantine and Isolation

This summer, the CDC issued a very important update based on their thorough review of a year’s worth of national data about COVID-19 in schools during the pandemic. The CDC has now issued an exception that Preschool through Grade 12 students are not required to quarantine after exposure in school if both they and the positive case were properly and consistently masked. This means, if one child in a classroom tests positive for COVID-19, but the class followed proper masking procedures, only the student who tested positive will need to be isolated. As always, any symptomatic students will also stay home or quarantine. This exception to quarantine does not apply to employees unless they are fully vaccinated. Quarantine will also not be required post-exposure for individuals who are vaccinated or for those who had COVID-19 within the last three months; however, they should test three to five days after exposure, monitor symptoms, and they must continue to mask indoors.

For the first trimester, our lunch exposure quarantine protocol is as follows: Lower School If there is an exposure when masks are off during lunch and the children are eating outside, the students do not have to quarantine. If they’re eating in the Cafe or Arcadium, the entire class will need to quarantine for 10 days. Upper School If there is an exposure when masks are off during lunch and the children are eating outside, the students do not have to quarantine. If they’re eating in the Cafe or Arcadium, the entire homeroom will need to quarantine for 10 days. The school will work to coordinate learning during the quarantine. This protocol will be reviewed after the first trimester.

Unmasked, unvaccinated exposure will require the standard 10day quarantine with no COVID-19 test, or students and employees may choose to return after seven days of quarantine with proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test (no rapid tests accepted; test on day five or later). fhcds.org | 5


Lower School students will always dine with their class. Upper School students will always dine with their homeroom. Weather permitting, students will dine outside. When necessary, students will dine indoors in their assigned room, either the Cafe or Arcadium. Classes will dine together in designated areas within their assigned room. For example, all Grade 7 students will dine together in the same room; however, the homeroom will be seated together. On Monday, August 30, a communication was sent out regarding menus and ordering food for Preschool and Kindergarten.

P.E. Class

Students Grades 5–8 will change for P.E. class. Students will remain masked while changing. If a student is not comfortable changing in the locker room during COVID-19, please notify Emily Seelaus, Director of Upper School.

Fall Athletics

As of August 31, 2021, Far Hills plans to start the fall athletic season around October 1. Information about this will be on the Parent Portal as it becomes available.

Adventure Trips

All Grades 5–8 Adventure Trips are currently scheduled for the spring of 2022. Honoring the Class of 2021, Grade 8 will participate in a day-trip bonding experience this fall.

Music and Performing Arts

Pending any changes in COVID-19 trends, we plan to bring back performances this school year in the safest ways possible. More information will be available in the coming weeks. fhcds.org | 6

JUMP INTO ON-CAMPUS EVENTS Upcoming Outdoor Events

Upcoming Indoor Events

September 9 Tote Bag Ceremony (Kindergarten and Grade 8) at the Amphitheater

September 8 Parent-Teacher Conferences

September 10 Parent Social at the Amphitheater

September 10 Grade 8 Parents Meeting: Grade 8 Experience and Secondary School

September 21 Grades 5 and 6 Parents Coffee at Head of School’s House

September 14 Back-To-School Night, Grades 5–8

September 23 Preschool, Kindergarten & Grade 1 Parents Coffee at Head of School’s House

September 23 Back-To-School Night, Preschool–Grade 4

September 28 Secondary School Fair at the Amphitheater (and the Athletic Center); limited to Grade 7 and 8 students and their parents

October 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Masks are not required at all outdoor events.

Masks are required at all indoor events.

October 1 Far Hills Pep Rally on the Athletic Field October 4 2021 Golf Classic at Hamilton Farm Golf Club October 13 Grades 2, 3, and 4 Parents Coffee at Head of School’s House October 25 Grades 7 and 8 Parents Coffee at Head of School’s House fhcds.org | 7

JUMP INTO WHAT’S NEXT Where can I find more information? Visit the Parent Portal for updates and back-to-school information. What can I do? Stay informed. Bookmark the State of New Jersey’s COVID Information Hub.

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