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Tuition and Fees and Billing Information

OVERVIEW The Office of the Bursar is responsible for issuing student bills, processing receipts of payments, and responding to student account inquiries. Our office assists students and parents with: • Tuition and fees • Information regarding a monthly payment plan for full-time undergraduates • Important dates including billing dates, payment due dates, and deadlines for payment plan enrollment • Billing Information and frequently asked questions

IMPORTANT TASKS FOR STUDENTS 1. Establish Authorized Users on the Billing and Payment Web Page In order to receive a billing notification e-mail, make payments online, or review account activity, one must be an authorized user on the student’s billing account. Instructions can be found on the Office of the Bursar web page under Billing Information. 2. Establish Proxy Access In order for individuals other than the student to correspond with the Office of Financial Aid or Bursar Office, one must be designated as a proxy by the student. Students can designate a proxy via the my.Fairfield student portal by searching “Proxy Access.” 3. Health Insurance Waiver Domestic students who have comparable, or better, health insurance coverage must complete a waiver for the University every year in order to receive a health insurance credit on their bill. Students will receive an e-mail from the Health Center regarding the waiver process. 4. Monthly Tuition Payment Plan The deadline to sign up for the fall semester monthly tuition payment plan is August 1. This is a semester-based plan which students must sign up for each semester. Please visit the Bursar’s web page for more information.

ONLINE BILLING AND PAYMENT For Full-Time Undergraduate Students All billing is conducted electronically. An email notification with the bill will be sent to the student and authorized user(s). Student Directions to Access: 1. Log on to 2. Search “Online Billing and Payment-Student” and launch the task; this will bring you to the homepage of your student account.

3. The homepage will display the balance due less any estimated financial aid. You will be able to review account activity, retrieve billing statements, and make secure electronic check payments (a routing number and checking account number are required). 4. Students can add authorized users including parents, guardians, and sponsors by completing the following steps: a. Select “Authorized Users” located on the right-hand side of the homepage b. Click “Add an Authorized User” c. Type the e-mail address of the authorized user; answer “Yes” to the questions and click on the “Continue” button 1. The authorized user will be notified by e-mail once this is complete. Users will not be able to access the website until they are authorized to do so by the student.

My Account Current Activity View student billing activity per semester; it is helpful to view activity which occurs after the billing statement is issued Statements Billing statements are generated at a point in time and may not display the most recent activity on a student’s account Use the View Account Activity function to see transactions that occur in between billing statements Payment History View payments made over a period of time Make Payment Make secure electronic check payments. To edit the amount, enter the amount in the box on the right.

UNDERSTANDING THE BILLING STATEMENT Fall semester invoices are generated in early July and payment is due August 1. Spring semester invoices are generated in early December and payment is due January 1. Subsequent fall or spring semester invoices will be generated for accounts with balances outstanding after the applicable payment deadline. Please review the important dates found at for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Tuition Payment Plan •A  ccounts enrolled with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) will see a “Memo” amount on the semester billing statement which equals the remaining amount of the TMS contracted semester value • Login to TMS to make your monthly payment •C  ontinue to check the student account on the Fairfield University Online Billing and Payment website 2. Health Insurance Charge •A  ll full-time undergraduate students will be charged for the Health Insurance Plan on the fall semester billing statement •S  tudents must process a health insurance waiver online in order for the charge to be reversed on their account 3. Memo Items •S  tudents receiving financial aid must accept their Financial Aid Award in order for financial aid to appear on their account; financial aid will not be disbursed or listed as a Memo Item if the financial aid file is incomplete •T  he billing statement reflects credit for one semester’s portion of the financial aid awarded •F  or federal financial aid grant and loan recipients, please deduct the Memo Item(s) amount on the billing statement from the Total Due and remit the difference •Q  uestions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 203-254-4000, ext. 4125 or


Frequently asked questions and additional billing information can be found at For questions or for more information please contact 203-254-4095.

Tuition Fees and Billing Information  
Tuition Fees and Billing Information